Ice Soldiers (2013) Movie Script

Yeah, you can just walk out.
We've got zero visibility.
That's right. Straight ahead.
Don't stop...
- Come on.
- Get ready. Go.
I got it here. Give me a hand,
fellas. Grab that.
- Hi.
- Hey.
What happened?
Soon as I saw them,
I knew they were unusual.
- How so?
- Well, facial similarities...
...skeletal and muscle structure.
It's in the report. One of them
woke up, killed two men.
Would have killed more.
We hit him with a tranquilizer.
Same kind of gun we use
on polar bears.
For security reasons,
I thought it best to stash them here...
...until we can find out
who or what they are.
These two we've kept sedated.
That's the killer one down there.
If it were up to me,
I'd keep him sedated permanently.
I need to examine them.
All of them?
Hey, he got clobbered by our guys
pretty good.
See any signs of bruising?
That's significant.
I'm a medical doctor.
I'm only concerned with your health.
If these guys hit New York,
no one's gonna care about Cuba.
Their passports
are high-quality forgeries.
Antidote for the sedative,
widely available.
Swiss Army, nonmilitary survival gear
and weapons.
Oh, yeah.
A tourist map to New York City.
Maybe they're covert agents
on a secret mission.
- Thank you.
- Maybe they're American military trainees.
Or maybe they're aliens
come to conquer the planet.
For me, what's most important right now
is figuring out what they are.
Who knows about them?
Everyone's so concerned
about atomic bombs going off.
Nobody cares
about some weird guys I found.
You didn't answer my question.
Nobody outside of this compound
has the details.
That's dangerous.
It's all dangerous.
Who knows
what the Soviets are up to?
Those are not normal human beings.
- Juliet, you know why I brought you here.
- To verify what you already know.
I want proof... you can help me make the right
decision about who to report this to.
Give me 24 hours.
...Soviet technicians at the sites.
The hazards to all concerned
of continuing this threat...
...will be recognized.
it shall be the policy of this nation... regard any nuclear missile
launched from Cuba...
...against any nation
in the Western Hemisphere... an attack by the Soviet Union
on the United States...
...requiring a full retaliatory response
upon the Soviet Union.
as a necessary military precaution...
...I have reinforced our base
at Guantanamo, evacuated today...
...the dependents
of our personnel there...
What is it, boy?
...and ordered additional military units
to be on standby alert.
Get inside! Watch out now...!
Get behind one!
Punch him out! Punch him...!
Go get him!
Hey, hey, he)
...months in which many threats
and denunciations...
...will keep us aware of our dangers.
But the greatest danger of all
would be to do nothing.
...path we have chosen for the present
is full of hazards... all paths are.
But it is the one most consistent...
...with our character and courage
as a nation...
...and our commitments
around the world.
The cost of freedom is always high.
But Americans have always paid it.
- And one path we shall never choose...
- Hey.
- ... the path of surrender or submission.
- Close the damn door.
Our goal is not the victory of might,
but the vindication of right. in this hemisphere...
...and we hope around the world.
God willing,
that goal will be achieved.
Thank you and good night.
Hell of a place to die.
We do this right, sergeant...
...we have contracts up the yin-yang
for years.
Let's go to work.
Miss Frazer, this is Sergeant Gibbs.
Colonel Desmond Trump,
Con 7 Securities.
Welcome to Northgate.
I see you've made progress
in getting set up, colonel.
We try to do our best.
I also see you've made sure
no IV Oil logos are on any equipment.
Yeah. As per your orders.
Good starts are important, colonel.
- Let's go meet our benefactor.
- Yes, ma'am.
What's our standpoint?
Yeah, are we good?
How many left?
- It went the other way.
- All right.
Miss Jane Frazer,
director of R&D for IV Industries...
...let me introduce you
to Dr. Andrew Malraux...
...and his associate, Vladimir Lobokoff.
- It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Malraux.
- No. I'm Dr. Malraux.
Oh, I'm sorry.
My report said you're almost 50.
Lobokoff. He gets this all the time.
And don't think about
playing him racquetball.
Plays like a teenager. Also ace mechanic.
We were in Siberia on expedition...
That's all very interesting, Dr. Lobokoff,
but as to our business at hand?
I'm about to start a presentation to team
leaders on the history of our search.
Well, I'll be candid with you, Malraux,
just so we all know where we stand.
I couldn't give a damn
about your research.
You see those test rigs there?
They'll verify whether there's oil.
We can turn politicians loose on natives
and environmentalists for the rights.
That's why we're freezing our asses off
out here in this wasteland.
Oh, God, that's awful.
Well, you can pretend.
- Excuse me?
- You can pretend to be interested.
You see, Miss Frazer,
we're all compromising to be here.
Colonel Trump falsified documents... he could get men and equipment
from his Army connections...
...past Canadian customs
in order to impress his new boss.
Over a drink, ask Dr. Lobokoff
how he managed to download... Russian files
onto my hard drive.
Or me. How I compromised
my moral and ethic duty... a doctor,
covering for an illegal oil operation.
So the least you can do, Miss Frazer,
is pretend to care.
Necessity for your compromises
is obvious. Where's mine?
If the leader doesn't give a shit...
...people may not be as diligent
as they should.
And my project, cover or not... still being pursued
where death may occur.
Deaths, Miss Frazer,
bring unwanted attention.
And anyone on any expedition knows
not to drink the lounge coffee.
You may wanna try some vodka
with that.
It's tolerable.
Dr. Andrew Malraux,
though IV Oil considers your project...
...a convenient cover,
I am fascinated by historical research...
...and I look forward
to your exciting presentation.
Thank you.
Dr. Ditmos Stempky.
In the early '40s, Stempky was doing
genetic work for the Nazis.
Decades ahead of its time.
End of the war, the Russians got him...
...and he disappeared
off the face of the earth.
1958, Varamutska.
A small Siberian village.
Three young men attached to a secret
Soviet science project run by Stempky...
...cut the town's power,
assassinated leaders, assaulted police...
...raped women, destroyed the town.
They disappeared and two days later...
...were found in Stempky's
laboratory awaiting further instructions.
The experiment
was deemed a success.
A civilian plane crashed
about 70 miles southeast of here...
...killing the pilot instantly.
three survivors deemed unusual...
...were transferred here to Northgate.
Government scientists
were brought in to verify...
...if these survivors were Stempky's
genetically modified soldiers.
Unfortunately, before any information
could be gathered...
...the survivors broke free from their cells,
massacred 25 of the base's staff...
...and disappeared into the tundra,
never to be seen or heard from again.
These are autopsy photographs
of the pilot.
The tattoo we discovered had words
from an old Russian dialect.
Dr. Lobokoff was able to trace the tattoo
back to a secret Russian commando unit.
Unit's leaders were extremists...
prove their superiority over the West.
Unbeknownst to Khrushchev
and his government...
...these extremists
had put a plan into action.
The survivors
were highly-trained Russian soldiers...
...with a mission to launch an attack
on New York City...
...during the height
of Cuban missile crisis in 1962.
Imagine, if you will,
the consequence of such an act.
It's imperative I find these three soldiers,
extract DNA...
...and verify once and for all...
...whether or not Stempky had indeed
genetically modified human beings.
Thank you.
Miss Frazer.
I heard the music. Working late?
- Couldn't sleep.
- Yeah, me neither.
It's the sunless twilight.
Anything interesting?
Not really.
Try me.
Your presentation was more interesting...
...than sediment sample reports
and Trump's war stories.
Are you flirting with me?
I thought that was obvious.
I've been creating computer models
of routes the soldiers may have taken.
The science team, they were all killed?
I was paying attention
to your presentation.
All but one.
Miss Frazer, you wanna look
at something else?
- I've got some KGB files here.
- The file that interests me is yours.
Deceased parents, no siblings,
never married, no kids.
You find that interesting?
Advanced degrees in biology,
mathematics, archeology.
Fluent in French,
German and Russian.
Have an uncanny way
of getting into tough places.
I have a sense for people, Andrew.
There's more here
than digging up history.
That's very melodramatic of you,
Miss Frazer.
You know what they say
about scientists.
What do they say about scientists?
I'll save that for another night.
Maybe when we get to know each other
better, you'll share it with me.
I can be a valuable asset.
I'm a believer that appearances
can be quite deceptive.
Said the man who put IV Oil...
...into a place they've been trying
to buy into for decades.
- Come on, bring it up.
- Yeah.
- Steve, you wanna watch it for me?
- Sure.
What did I tell you, professor?
Eleven o'clock, right on the nose.
Yes, colonel.
- Let's do it.
- Start with this.
- Spectacular entrance, Miss Frazer.
- Thank you, colonel.
I'm showing an interest, am I not'?
Every little bit helps.
I'll take that as a yes.
I hope you find what you're looking for.
You mean my genetic soldiers.
That too.
Listen up.
I wanna keep this short and sweet.
You know where we're gonna be
searching, so keep your wits about you.
This weather can change
at any second.
You get lazy, you'll get dead.
Now, check and double-check
your equipment.
- They're yours.
- Yes, sir.
You heard what the man said.
Check and double-check. Move out!
Sergeant, speed it up.
Don't let him get too far ahead.
- Let's bring it up.
- Just give me a minute.
Gonna rest here.
- Is this it?
- Yeah.
Last time I was here,
it was just a wall of ice.
Though I'm certain
they came through here.
How far you think they got?
Not far.
They're up there.
- Sergeant!
- Yes, sir?
Make camp here.
You heard the man.
Black 88, Car 7, let's go!
- Move it! Move it!
- Got it.
Yes, sir.
Son of a bitch.
Look at him go.
The doc says his boys did this
in a blizzard.
Well, if they did,
they're goddamned supermen, huh?
Yeah, tell me about it.
Son of a bitch.
He don't look like he ever get tired,
Not from what they tell me.
At this rate, he's gonna be up there...
...find his piles of bones,
bring them to base camp...
...and wanna go home
before she punches a hole in the ground.
- And she's gonna blame me.
- Oh, you know it.
That son of a bitch is waving at us.
Why wave back?
I got it.
It's supposed to break tomorrow?
Yeah. Put it on the manifest.
It's all right. You got it.
Come on in.
Son of a bitch, man. Aren't you cold?
Not really.
What can I do for you?
- I'd like to look at the daily reports.
- I just finished it up. Have a look.
We've done all right.
We've got base camp established.
Lines of communication and supply
with Northgate.
We're running a grid search.
I'd say to the untrained eye,
we look like a legitimate operation.
It is a legitimate operation.
Well, as long as my people
and equipment aren't put in jeopardy...
...I'm a happy Camper-
Caribou bones.
Sergeant, Malraux back yet?
No, sir, he is not.
It's been a couple of hours.
He's probably up on Grid 12 though.
Should I send a patrol out for him?
No, no, no.
Don't put any of our people in jeopardy.
Besides, the son of a bitch
can climb like a goat. You and I saw that.
He'll show up soon.
Let me know when he gets close.
I want to have a conversation
with Her Highness.
Will do.
- How's it going?
- Four days of negative core samples...
- ... but these things take time.
- Well, you may not have more time.
My latest weather reports
don't look that promising.
Is it serious?
- They've got my attention.
- Stop dancing. What are you saying?
I may have to pull the plug
on your boyfriend's party.
Misguided innuendo noted, colonel.
I apologize.
The weather gets my attention.
Over and out.
Oh, yeah. Yeah. Close... Moving out.
- We can't pull out now!
- My operation. I'll pull out if I want.
I haven't covered half the terrain
I was promised!
Listen to me. You get your shit together
and get ready to leave here in an hour.
Take a look around you.
We got a storm front moving in.
And when it hits,
we'll get stuck in here for a week.
Is Frazer in agreement?
The core samples were inconclusive.
They do not justify any further
financial involvement by the company.
The chopper will be at Northgate at 0900.
Thank you, sergeant. One hour.
- Get them moving.
- You heard the man.
Move it, move it, move it!
Describe the genetic
modification factors.
Okay. Two parts for proof.
Physical examination, x-ray scans...
Second part, most important.
Blood work.
This is exciting.
It's much, much more than I expected.
Dr. Malraux, you don't seem excited.
Maybe you've been searching so long,
and now that the search is over...
It's just the beginning, Miss Frazer.
Specimen Frozen 1.
White male, early 30s.
Winter-issue uniform.
Wool inserts.
Coat, jacket, gloves.
Would you say it's equivalent
to finding Amelia Earhart's plane?
- That's not my area of expertise.
- Definitely not Titanic.
Probably like the ice man they found
in the Alps. There's a spin.
Unless we find something patentable.
Now that would be special.
Con 7 can have the bodies
transported anywhere in the world.
We can even have them clear
Canadian customs if you so desire.
You're thorough.
Expensive, but thorough.
Yes, ma'am.
If there's nothing valuable on the bodies,
we'll notify the Russians.
Let them deal with transportation
for burial.
IV gets a public relations opportunity.
It could open future business.
I'm still on the plus side.
- Storm damage?
- Including storm damage.
As long as we don't overstay here.
I could have essential personnel
and equipment out of here in five days.
Make it four,
and you have my next project.
Four days it is.
Condition of the corpse, remarkable.
Andrew, this is proof.
Let's grab some tissue and fluid samples
and start the lab work.
Let's x-ray before we autopsy.
Look at the bone density.
Even in hands, phalanges,
proximal bones.
This is strength.
I can't wait for the blood work.
We'll be looking at those slides
for days.
I wanna take another shot
at the upper torso.
Make Dr. Lobokoff famous.
Call the colonel.
- What?
- This one is alive.
This one is alive.
Dr. Lobokoff, can you turn that down?
Sergeant Gibbs is watching him.
He doesn't know what to do.
Power goes off, no life support...
...we lose greatest discovery.
Here. It's coming to you now.
Lobokoff, turn it down.
The sergeant sees anything,
he'll call you.
Dr. Malraux.
Lobokoff, tell me, how is it possible
for these men to be alive'?
I thought freezing destroyed cells.
Not these cells.
Stempky, a genius.
Maybe the greatest scientific discovery
in human history.
What does it mean?
Well, it means that we can create cells
not only to destroy diseases...
...lengthen our life expectancy...
...but also to give growth
to more desirable body traits.
Yeah, create soldiers.
That's an extremist vision.
Well, is it? Wasn't the original plan
to mount a terrorist attack on New York?
They are soldiers.
Moral and ethical questions abound.
Why are you concerned about ethics?
Why aren't you? Has anyone considered
what would happen...
...if Russians got their hands on this?
Especially that gang in charge now.
Who do nothing but trumpet about
the good old days of the Soviet Union.
That is a very important aspect
and should not be taken lightly.
Is it not true now
that the genie is out of the bottle?
There would seem to be
no going back.
Besides, IV owns the patents.
Who said that? Who?
- We funded this expedition.
- I knew it.
You stab us in the back
as soon as you can.
No, Dr. Lobokoff.
Protect you. Or do you wanna
take on the Russians by yourself?
No. No. Never.
Again, I want everyone
to think this through.
What better company to protect you
than IV Industries?
- Go on.
- IV will have no trouble...
...keeping wraps on our discovery
as long as needed... tidy up any loose ends.
Our lawyers will act as a shield for you.
The corporation will take the hit
for anything that turns out illegal.
She's right, Vladi.
Working with IV is to our advantage.
Before we make a move,
I'll negotiate deals for all of us.
We have incredible leverage.
You ready to back up those claims...
- ... of shipping the bodies anywhere?
- Tell me where and when.
Give me a couple of hours
to research options.
Doctors will give you a list for immediate
transportation out, and maintenance.
- And I mean everything.
- Asset time, Miss Frazer.
You got it.
- Evening, sergeant.
- Doc.
How is everything?
Pretty damn incredible.
It seems like these boys
are getting stronger.
- That's what I was afraid of.
- I don't know what these boys are on...
...but I need to get me some. Lord knows
I'm still spent from that search operation.
Why don't you take a break?
I'll watch these guys for a bit.
We both know how the colonel gets
about sticking to protocol.
Don't worry about Trump.
I'll take care of him.
All right.
I could use a refill. I'll be back in a few.
All right.
Take your time.
Life support terminated.
What in the hell is going on here?
Goddamn it. Hey!
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
- Back off.
- You're a lot stronger than you look, boy.
Sergeant? What the hell is going on?
He's trying to kill them, sir.
Andrew. Stop it!
Tie him up.
You heard the man. Tie him up.
It's bad.
Did he kill them?
Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
what am I supposed to be looking at?
He doesn't need life support anymore.
Please, can we just get started?
- You can't be serious.
- He's very serious.
It's protocol.
Starting recording.
Now, for the record,
Dr. Andrew Malraux.
Do you deny attempting
to kill three human beings?
They're not human beings.
And if they fall into the hands
of the wrong people and governments...
...heaven help us.
They're getting stronger.
And they're going to escape.
Nobody here denies
we're in uncharted territory.
And there may be risks that under normal
circumstances would seem impossible.
But that does not mean
we take extreme preposterous measures.
Preposterous to you.
These are too valuable
for you to be making decisions.
I want it on the record...
...that I'm not completely dismissing
Dr. Malraux's scenario.
If the specimens regain faculties,
we'll deal with it then.
Yes, if they awaken, we'll just tell them
that the Cold War is over.
Yeah, take them to a bar.
Show them the local talent.
Turn the recorder off.
Dr. Malraux, believe me when I tell you,
this option was not undertaken easily.
You left me no choice.
We'll come back in the morning. By then,
you will have found your senses...
...and realized the great opportunity
in front of you.
Forgive me, my friend.
We must keep them alive.
Let's go, sergeant.
Yes, sir.
You men keep an eye on him.
You heard the man.
Nobody gets in. Nobody.
- Sir?
- Yeah?
I'll have a look at those generators
out there.
All right.
But make sure you've got all the cell
phones. I want that blackout enforced.
Will do.
All right.
You know, the real sticky question is,
what are we gonna do with Malraux?
My gut tells me he still has the potential
to be of great value.
Once his head clears. He's worth
waiting on for a limited amount of time.
Keep him under house arrest until
we leave, then we'll see where we stand.
All right.
Well, I am going to go talk to Lobokoff.
See if I can get that extended manifest.
Now that Malraux, the good doctor,
is under lock and key.
Don't hurt the poor man.
- He's all we have for the moment.
- Oh, I'll try.
Won't be long before we're out of here.
Lobokoff, get that goddamn le...
Well, look at you, huh?
Come here.
I've got a little something for you.
Which way is it?
It's ahead.
All right, stand down.
Full access and complete control
of the property. Close the door.
- Down here, down here.
- Move, move!
Go, go, go!
Round up the hostile!
You got a smoke?
So, what's your name?
Andrew Malraux.
What do you do?
I'm a scientist.
What's your name?
TC Cardinal.
Cree trapper.
I didn't realize you had wild dogs
this far north.
My father told me many years ago...
...white men brought these vicious dogs
to watch other white men.
And where those white men died,
now these dogs wander.
And their great-grandchildren.
They roam this land.
Very bad dogs.
Put this on it.
- What is it?
- Antiseptic.
Johnson & Johnson.
I'm looking for three white men.
You can't miss them.
They're very dangerous.
Murdered lots of people. Thanks.
They do that sort of thing.
Where's the nearest town?
There's a trappers camp
about three days walk from here.
I want you to take me there.
I'll pay you.
I took these guys from Toronto
caribou hunting.
They paid me 500.
I'll pay you 500 plus bonus
if you get me there within three days.
If you don't pay me, I will shoot you.
Your killers came through here.
And they move fast.
How do you know?
Because I'm an Indian.
I've always wanted to say that.
Your men tried crossing here.
They fell.
See where the ice broke?
Froze again.
They probably headed up river.
If there's a crossing, they will find it.
If we cross here, we save a day's travel
and I get my bonus.
Can we make that?
I hope so.
I can't swim.
Trappers camp.
These guys don't like outsiders
on their hunting ground.
Maybe they shot your killers.
Maybe they'll shoot you.
And if they're pissed up,
maybe they'll shoot at me.
I'll go down first. Wait here.
Teach you to mess with TC Cardinal.
You Okay?
Let's get out of here.
Who the hell were those guys?
That was not a normal man.
Are all three of them like that?
Who are they?
The same men your father told you
the dogs were brought to watch.
That can't be, that was 50 years ago.
That's right.
They're genetic freaks.
And they will kill and destroy everything
and anything that gets in their way.
Where's the nearest town?
Oil Town.
How far away is that?
On foot, two, three days.
How many people?
About 3000, maybe more.
Depends on the jobs.
There's a Russian oil company hiring.
I owe you 500 plus bonuses.
Thank you.
Malraux, if you don't pay me,
I will gut you with my father's knife.
Farewell drinks for everyone.
For you and your friend too, huh?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
I go to New York tomorrow.
New York is centre of the universe.
Canadians are slow, Americans stupid.
We don't need war, we buy New York.
Then we control the world.
Send Americans to Russia.
Let them stand in line.
Give me the bottle.
Hey, baby.
Need a lift?
- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna help you kill those men.
- No charge.
- Why?
Just like you. I have to.
- How's that leg?
- Good.
You're lucky you're from a different family
of white men. I didn't think you'd make it.
They're in town somewhere.
Someone must have seen them.
Start here.
- What's wrong?
- I'll stay here. Keep watch.
- I need you inside with me.
- I can't go in there.
When I drink, a demon takes over
and bad things happen.
We didn't come here to drink.
You're right.
Something I gotta do.
- Hey there, lady.
- Hi.
That's him.
They call him ogimaa makwa.
King Bear.
You sure?
I'm looking for three Russians.
They're tall, blond hair.
You like tall Russian men?
- Were they here?
- I see lots of those.
Go away now. You're bothering me.
This Mitka Dorovich's farewell party,
Fly to New York tomorrow.
Once killed a man in a bar
just like this.
Don't make me do it again.
One more time.
Yeah, they were in here,
looking for work with explosives.
I tell them where to go.
- Where?
- Mine. Edge of town.
He knows.
Varamutska. What's that?
It's a small Siberian village
they attacked 50 years ago.
One will try and cut the power,
second will assassinate leaders...
...and the third
will assault the police force.
If we can stop Number 1
from cutting the town's power...
...we may be able to prevent the other two
from attacking. Right here.
Power grid. North Road.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Welcome to Oil Town.
Okay, 'BOYS-
Turn around.
That's not even close
to the craziest story I've ever heard.
I'm just trying to warn you.
You ever heard of polar light?
People come up here, never see the sun.
They go kind of crazy.
See things that aren't there.
Polar light.
I think that's what's happened to you,
Short days and long nights.
You're making a big mistake.
You, where do you fit into this?
He's my guide.
TC Cardinal a guide?
That's a joke. He's a paroled murderer.
He saved my life.
Make that a parole violator.
Stolen handgun's
gonna do that to you, son.
I'm sorry I got you into this mess.
That's all right. I've been here before.
Killed a guy.
Got in a fight when I was drunk.
He was a real asshole.
Then when I was in jail,
I got this tattoo to remind me who I was.
I've been in the bush minding
my own business and then I meet you.
Then they catch me with a gun
in my hand, and three dead bodies.
TC Cardinal.
What does TC stand for?
Thunder Cloud.
It's 8 a. m. Let the record state
this morning's session...
...for open municipal business
has commenced.
Appropriately, first on the agenda
is our soaring electric bill.
It's starting.
Chief, it's the mayor.
- I can't talk to him right now.
- He's been shot.
Come on.
You Okay?
Go get him.
You shoot, I'll drive.
They're catching up.
Hold on.
There are only two in there.
One's missing.
Where is he, Oil Town?
No, his mission was New York City.
Let's go.
Do you know who I am?
Do you recognize me?
A woman scientist examined me.
I remember her.
She never forgot the evil that you are.
I am in you.
But not enough.
You're flawed, pathetic.
A weak man.
Now you die.
It's my father.
He raped my mother.
Juliet Malraux.
She was a government scientist
sent to Northgate to investigate the three.
Her short life
was full of acute physical pain.
And fear as to what I may become.
You're a good man.
Am I?