Ice Storm (2023) Movie Script

Hey, are you okay?
You hit a guardrail.
You need a doctor. You're bleeding.
Here, get in my car. It's running
and it's warm. We'll call for help.
Come on. Come on.
They've been crossing
the entire United States.
The President has declared
a national state of emergency.
REACT is the controversial disaster
response team making headlines for
saving countless lives during the
Mao-Wana Key of volcanic eruptions.
And the SoCal Megaquakes team
is led by genius environmentalist,
Dr. Molly Martin, funded
by billionaire Griffin Richards,
and some say masterminded
by the shadowy David Diaz.
We will conduct an
investigation, not only into Mr.
Richards, but the
entire REACT team,
for both applying data
and creating patterns.
It's only a matter of time
before REACT slips up.
Senator Carlson's war against
REACT is completely unfounded.
Are they helping or are
they doing more harm?
Many are turning to REACto help out once again.
Okay, they did it once, they did it twice.
Could they do it a third time?
The scale of these environmental disasters
has been increasing exponentially.
How do we know they haven't
been making things worse?
People are in danger and
REACT may be at fault.
Molly here? I went around
to the front house, but...
No, she's back here,
just in the office here.
I... I think...
Come on in, you'll find her.
Yeah, it's just around the
corner here on... on the left.
What are you doing here?
Griffin let me in.
Of course, it's his home.
He made some coffee, you want some?
Yeah, I'll pass, thanks.
Oh, okay. Well, if you're here to
see the kids, I can go with them up.
Uh, otherwise we do need to get to work.
Uh, the storms that are
coming inland are much stronger,
and Yolanda and David
are already at the hangar.
Okay, I just...
I've just been in contact with the VA
about organizing Sven's funeral service,
They recovered his body.
Oh, my God.
So, I thought we could all chip in,
along with his benefits, for his memorial?
Of course.
I'm taking care of all of it.
Yeah, you don't know him now.
He's part of the team.
I owe him everything.
Thank you, Griffin.
What are they arguing about now?
It looks like they're
actually getting along.
It's kind of freaking me out.
Given time, it's only 9.30.
Did you know that Clay wants
to start seeing a therapist now?
Really? That's excellent.
Yeah, but we're gonna have to
work together on this as a team.
That was between us.
Clay, sweetheart, please come back.
I got this.
I got it.
Clay, that was between us.
How could you tell them?
Because I know how important
it is to address this stuff,
and because I know
how easy it is to avoid it.
I avoided it.
No, you don't get it.
You don't get it. I'm not like you.
I know exactly what this is like.
No, you don't.
I do.
That's why I know how
easy it is not to do anything.
Mom and Chrissy don't have to
know that I'm damaged goods.
You're damaged goods.
Yes, I am.
You're not damaged goods.
Yes, I am. I'm disappointed everybody.
Hey, look at me.
I could never disappoint you.
I'm so proud of you.
Come here. I am so proud of you.
We're gonna walk through this together.
You, me, and your mom, all right?
We're gonna walk through this together.
So this is how a billionaire lives.
She's even gonna have a rocket.
Yeah, it's a nice rocket.
Well, looks as good as new.
Thank God for redundancy.
You even added some new
pieces that weren't there before.
Well, I might have asked
for an upgrade or two.
For starters, everything's locked down.
What was that?
The storm was over 75
miles away an hour ago.
Well, it felt like it's here now.
Telling on us out there, way too much.
What the hell?
I've never seen hail that big.
Hey, I think it's stopped.
Guys, everything is freezing.
We have to get to the command center.
Okay, the hail storm didn't last long,
but the precipitation is
already increasing in size.
Kristin, can you get me a
knife, please? Yeah, yeah.
What are you doing?
All right, check this out.
See the rings?
This tells us a lot about the
hail stone and the storm itself.
Like, uh, like rings in a tree.
A hail stone is made when an ice particle,
it gets caught in an updraft of a storm.
What it does is it just
freezes over and over.
But when the hail stone falls, it
can get swept back up in the updraft
and it just freezes,
constantly again, over.
And that just makes it
get bigger and bigger.
Until finally, it just hits the ground,
and the rings tell us how many
times it's cycled through the storm.
And the air temperatures,
it just changes each time.
Well, I mean, can they
get bigger than this one?
Air temperatures increases,
the temperatures drop,
a hail stone cycles through and through,
and it just gets bigger as a result.
Dual polar radar echoes show
large amounts of energy here.
Bad news, guys.
So we have more hail coming in.
Those stronger wind echoes are really wide.
David, would you calculate the
estimated hail stone sizes of the storm?
Six to eight inch hail stones, Jesus.
NOA is probably onto this by now,
and the National Weather Service is
probably acting on the same info we have.
Weather service has planes
equipped for hail suppression,
but there are more
fast-moving storms coming,
and they're not going to be taking
off considering their size and speed.
I mean, the FAA is likely
grounding into burning flights by now.
Regional short-term weather models
forecast predict mark lower temperatures.
The mapping system is showing a
downward trend for the next three days.
So it's only going to get colder?
With more wind and freezing fog.
The storm is moving fast.
Hail storms are going to get longer,
dropping stones the size of
bowling balls unless we move fast.
So we suppress the hail,
use cloud-seeding rockets
filled with silver iodide.
Silver iodide?
What's silver iodide going to do?
It's going to attract
water at lower
altitudes within the
storm, where it's warmer.
This way the hail stones don't throw
to the size predicted in these forecasts.
If we don't do that,
then their casualties
will be in the thousands,
and damage is going
to be in the billions.
The size of actual bowling balls?
All right, so cloud-seeding
silver iodide going up.
How are we doing that?
Okay, well, what the rockets do
is they release the silver iodide
at a specific maximum altitude.
And who do we have then?
Yeah, we have your rockets.
We just need to fill
them with silver iodide.
And you have that much
silver iodide just lying around?
Yeah, of course.
One of these compounds is my science lab.
Wait, so you load them
up and launch the rockets
and the storm just disappears?
Are we going to use your rocket?
No, that rocket is a prototype
and we ran some tests.
It won't send you to the moon,
which of course was the goal.
And that type of rocket won't work.
I want you to think
more like small missiles.
I'll go get them ready.
Are we going to launch the rockets here?
Yes, Yolanda will launch them, but
we're going to have to plant these devices.
What do they do?
They're going to tell
the rockets where to go.
Where do we plant them?
We? You're not going anywhere.
I'm going?
Mapping software is
tracking the storm right now.
It'll tell us the best place
to plant the tuning forks.
You're staying here.
Can you tell them I'm going?
Listen, this is a two-person job and
we're going in three different directions.
Yolanda needs to stay here.
The kids have to go.
We can plant two of them ourselves.
No, cloud seeding will only work
in the early stages of the storm.
If we wait any longer and the
storm gets bigger, this will not work.
Well, you are going to need these.
All right, so here's what we're up against.
Snow, I want you to be
on the lookout for whiteouts,
black ice, and hail stones
the size of bowling balls
that are going to be falling
from the sky at 95 miles per hour.
Molly, mapping software is
giving us some coordinates.
Planting spots are going to
be in three separate locations.
Mount Olive, Myrtle Beach, and Fairmount.
Those are all 75, 80 miles from here.
All right, then we're
going to have to move fast.
Teams have two.
Kristy and I will take one.
I'll watch him.
David and I are going to T-bump so
that we can keep an eye on the storm.
I'll drive.
Would you two just take turns?
Here's the tricky part.
You must plant the forks at the
same time for maximum results.
But what if we lose communication?
Right, so everyone's synced to 1018.
It'll take you approximately two hours
in this storm to get to the destination,
another hour to find the spot to plant.
So in exactly three
hours, or 1318, you launch,
unless you hear from all three.
If not, you launch without guidance.
Got it.
These will tell you everything you
need to know about where you're going,
and planting the fork and
arming for triangulation.
Good luck, everyone.
Stay focused and stay safe.
I, Natasha Nakami, solemnly
swear to support and defend
the Constitution of the
United States from all enemies,
foreign and domestic,
that I bear true faith and
allegiance to the same.
That I take this obligation freely,
and that I will well
and faithfully discharge
the duties of the office on
which I am about to enter.
So help me, God.
Congratulations, Deputy
Regional Administrator.
Welcome to Region 4.
Thank you.
Now that the formalities
are out of the way,
brief me on the current action plans.
Excuse me, before you get into that,
I'd like to steal Ms.
Nakami for a moment, so she don't mind.
Can I be blunt, Mr.
Nakami? Of course.
I understand that you have
some sort of special relationship
with the React team
led by Griffin Richards.
Is that... is that
right? I know of them.
Well, then you understand that they
don't have America's best interest in mind.
They are... reckless.
No question, and they can't be trusted.
The thought of Griffin Richards illegally
drilling inside Hawaiian volcanoes
makes me sick to my stomach.
But, sir, you exonerated them.
No, no!
I protected America, do you understand?
You think we needed some
other protracted lawsuit?
No, we got rid of him as CEO, and
that was the most important thing.
Now, I... I need you as my
eyes and ears to understand.
You hear anything, you
see anything, you call me.
That's my personal cell phone number.
Yes, sir.
By the way, congratulations
on the new promotion.
Thank you.
The site is a hospital, the Strand
Memorial Medical Center in Myrtle Beach.
Okay, then we need to let them
know that we're on our way there.
If you could call Yolanda, please.
Yolanda, come in.
Go ahead, David.
Molly and I are about 50
miles up from Myrtle Beach.
Contact Strand Memorial. We don't
want to be held up anywhere with security.
Copy that. I'll let them know
that you're on your way and why.
Great. Thank you. Over.
Hey, do you think you were a
little hard on Dad this morning?
After what he did? Telling Mom
something I told him in confidence?
About seeing a therapist?
Clay, when all of this is over, I think
I'm gonna need to talk to somebody.
Look, I don't need everybody
thinking that I'm a mess.
Dude, we're all a mess, okay?
None of this is normal.
We are literally driving in the snow
to some destination called Mount Olive
to plant tuning forks to launch
rockets into a winter storm.
And now we're stuck in traffic.
Hudson Park.
I remember playing Little
League there when I was 12.
You know this area? Oh,
you grew up here, right? I did.
I'm actually from Wilmington, but I
haven't been to Fairmont since I was a kid.
Have you ever installed
one of these things?
The forks? Yeah.
No, I've never even
seen one of them before.
Trust Molly to know
all about it, though.
She's always been a
gearhead for that type of stuff.
Tell me, how'd you two meet?
Let's just focus on the mission for now.
Oh, come on. Come on.
Did you ask her out, or did she ask you?
She seems like the kind of
person to take the initiative.
Mate, do you know how to install
one of these forks? No, I do not.
We have just over an hour to learn how,
and then we've got
to get the thing up and
operational in the next
22 minutes after that.
This sounded like a
baseball hitting the cup.
It's because they are.
Look at the size of these things.
Look out for size.
Hold the tire. Hold on.
Go for Molly.
What is it? We're about
60 miles from Fanmont.
Caught in some
kind of hailstorm.
Busted up the car, busted
up the highway. We blew a tire.
Look at the size of this thing.
You're right. It's the biggest baseball.
Did he just say baseball?
Eric, is the hail bigger than what
fell back at the hangar? Affirmative.
Yeah, Griffin's holding
one in his hand right now.
It's roughly the size of a baseball.
It's a four-inch diameter.
The hail's getting larger.
It means the storm's intensifying.
They need to get to Fanmont right now.
Eric, how long will it
take for you to fix that flat?
We need you to get back on
the road in less than an hour, fast.
Copy that. Can you imagine these things
getting to the size of a bowling ball?
I'd rather not, mate.
Let's get this spare tire on and get going.
Everything okay?
Yeah, it's just that not everything's
getting through in the tablet.
Clay? Chrissy, come in.
Hey, Mom, what's up?
I just want to check in. What's your 20?
Oh, we're still in the I-40. We got stuck
in some traffic, so we're running behind.
Okay, your father got a flat tire.
He and Griffin were caught in a hailstorm.
How's the weather where you guys are?
Oh, I mean, we're still in the fog,
and it's been snowing off and on,
so that's been causing the traffic,
but other than that, so far so good.
Drive safe.
The other teams are both running late now.
We're gonna be cutting it
close on this launch window.
David, look, when this is over, I
really want to talk to you about reaction.
What's wrong? Nothing.
But... Are you gonna
leave? Leave, no.
Well, then, I mean, this is your baby.
This is your coming.
It's not that.
What is it? Not now.
We'll talk about it later.
Molly, David, come in, please.
We've got a major problem.
Y-Y-Y-Y-Yolanda, what is it?
The Strand Hospital.
We want no parts of this.
They're extremely concerned
that the electromagnetic
forces from the
emissions of the fork
are going to interfere with the
medical devices in the hospital.
Even after everything you explained
we're doing, to their administration?
Yes, I explained that, but the more I
explain, the more adamant their refusal.
They don't know who we
are, and they don't want
us anywhere near the
hospital with those forks.
Okay, but we can readjust the
coordinates to a different launch window.
I mean, the storm's
already growing stronger.
If we wait, we risk the
weather pattern changing
too drastically for the
seating to be effective.
We have to plant the
forks and make this window.
Yolanda, that hospital
is the only location.
We have to find a way to convince
them, otherwise none of this is gonna work.
We're running out of time.
David, I... I have an idea.
Why do I have a feeling this day
is about to get a whole lot worse?
Natasha, that's what we're
actively working to avoid out here.
So you're in the field already?
Natasha, hail stones sizes are increasing
as temperature keeps dropping rapidly.
Eric and Griffin have already
witnessed hail at 4-inch diameter.
Where was this?
60 miles south of Ferment.
And they've seen this
firsthand? Affirmative.
The hail is only going to increase in
diameter unless we can get these rockets up.
Rockets? Did you say rockets?
Oh, cloud seating
rockets filled with silver
iodide suppressed to
reduce the hail stones.
No one is putting rockets in the
air, do you understand? No one.
I know.
FEMA does not authorize rockets.
You need to contact the NSA.
No, no.
We're only planting a guidance system.
We're launching the rockets some 80,
90 miles away from any population center.
Strand Memorial Medical Center doesn't know
who we are and they won't grant us access.
Natasha, I need you to vouch for us
and get permission into that campus.
I'm telling you, this is not
my jurisdiction nor authority.
Natasha, I would be happy to
debate the necessity and value of
our efforts with you, but we
are literally running out of time.
You have the data in front of you. For
once, please, let's work together on this.
I will handle Strand
Memorial Hospital personally.
How much further do we have to go?
We have nine miles until
we're at our destination.
Tell Mom we're almost there.
Mom, come in.
Greeting you, Chrissy.
Yeah, we're almost at
our destination in Mount
Olive, but the wind is
picking up really fast.
Copy that, honey. David
and I are pulling up to
the Strand Medical
Center now, but be careful.
Let us know when your tuning fork is
assembled and be ready and active.
Okay, copy that.
The National Weather
Service has called for
a freeze and wind chill
warning for Georgia,
Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania,
all the way up through New York.
We're looking at temperatures
below 20 degrees by tonight.
And these severe
hail storms are...
they're gonna start heating
more than the Carolinas.
It's 12.42, almost time to launch. Natasha,
please come through with the beam of magic.
May I help you, please?
Dr. David Diaz, Dr. Molly
Martin, we're here to
install the tuning fork.
Can we call the head?'re here to
install what? A tuning fork.
We spoke to someone in administration,
and we also had someone from FEMA call.
FEMA? I don't have anything from FEMA.
Hold on.
Yeah, hi, this is Ross at the main desk.
I got some people here from FEMA.
They said they came
to install, uh, something.
Oh. I see.
I need you two to stay here.
The administrator is on her way down.
Okay, can you please tell her
that this is an urgent matter?
I understand, ma'am.
And she is on her way down now.
Thanks. Come on.
Uh, you're gonna take the
next left in about 400 feet.
Okay, once the flanges are secured
in position to the main antenna,
it could be stretched to full extension,
and the sensor engaged for system book.
Hey, hey, hey, you're gonna miss it. Here.
It's straight ahead. The park should be
on your left in about a mile and a quarter.
Take those instructions with
you, you're gonna need them.
You think? It's.'s 1252.
The wind's still packing up.
Ground must be frozen by now.
Okay, honestly, we're
gonna need to figure
out some way to keep
the tuning fork in place.
Yes, sir.
I'm Erica Rossiter, chief
administrator of the facility.
So, you're here on behalf of FEMA?
Yes, and we don't have much time. We've
already been authorized for this operation.
You're right, something
about the installation of a
transmitter for a weather
modification system due to the storm.
Yeah, a hailstone suppression exercise.
Yes, and we are already in our launch
window. If we could please get started.
I understand. Senator Terry Carlson
called me to explain on behalf of FEMA.
Senator Carlson?
And he feels it best that you leave.
Okay, this is very important.
This is life-threatening. This is really...
And if you stay, I'm going
to have to call the police.
All passed now.
All right, let's go.
Okay, all right. Thank you very much.
Okay, we're in time.
It's 13-7, but we've got to hurry.
See if you can get that
secondary up by the tree there.
Use the slancies to put it in the ground.
We need to get to the roof.
Follow me. I've got an idea.
Excuse me, excuse me.
I need to get this man a wheelchair now.
Okay, I'm first. Here we go.
Fill out this form.
We all have been overwhelmed
because of this storm.
I understand.
I don't think you know who this man is.
Ma'am, can you just please
have a seat? Listen to me.
This is Dr. George Strand.
Do you know who that is?
Please take a seat.
His name is on the freaking house.
He's in the hospital.
Listen, I don't want to make a scene here,
and I don't want to get you in trouble,
but I will do what I need to do if you
don't get him a wheelchair now, dammit!
Thank you!
The tree's scarier than you want to be.
You'd be surprised.
I mean, petroleum plants has nothing to do.
I can't see three feet in front of me.
Where's the edge of the building?
Just be careful, all right?
All right, just... let's pace this out.
Stop here.
All right, let's get this thing built.
We can't miss the launch window.
1312. Only six minutes to go.
I hope no one heard that.
Oh, I hope that didn't go outside
of the roof, but we're screwed.
You know, attach this to the jungle, Jim.
Save this, uh... The pedal can't
act as a giant conducting structure.
A chinny fork is active and operational.
Eric... Eric, your fork is operational.
Your lander, have you heard from
Clay or Chrissy or Molly? Nothing yet.
The launch window is closing.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy there.
You got it? You're steady.
Yeah. Thank you.
Be careful. I got it.
Chrissy, you're eight minutes.
We need to launch. The window's
going to close in four minutes.
I'm all set. Just waiting on
course for Chrissy and Clay.
David, be careful.
This entire room is covered in ice.
All right, let's set this thing set up
and boot the navigational system.
Yolanda, we're setting up the tuning fork.
Boot up the navigational system.
Yolanda, we're getting the tuning
fork operational and ready to navigate.
Uh... Yolanda.
Molly, the launch missile got
buried in the tree branches.
I'm picking it up and preparing it for...
for launch now.
But we only have four minutes.
If we don't launch it by then,
there's a lot of bit of waste.
We're almost ready. Come back.
But that's only two. I haven't heard
back yet from Chrissy and Clay.
Yolanda, you haven't
heard from either of them?
Negative, Molly.
Not since the launch window opened.
Do we crash?
Listen, are you... you're I. Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Are you okay? We're.
.. we're gonna miss the launch
window. We have to hurry.
Come in, Eric.
Yep, right to that I'm here.
Have you heard from Chrissy or Clay?
No, I've been trying them for the
last 20 minutes. I can't get them.
I can't reach them either.
It's almost 13, 18.
We're down to three minutes.
Molly, we're getting
those bowling balls you
were talking about
coming out of the sky.
I'm not sure how much
longer we can be out here.
Okay. Rockets are ready to launch.
Two minutes remaining.
Our tuning fork is active.
Our tuning fork is active and operational.
We have to plant the fork.
It's frozen shut.
Come help me.
Clay, be careful.
Alana, this is Chrissy.
I'm glad you guys are okay.
Just worry about me later, okay?
Clay and I have the tuning fork ready.
Raise your ladder, Clay.
Clay, Chrissy, you read me.
Please, please answer Clay, Chrissy.
Buff, Mom, we made it.
The hail's smaller.
It's just snow.
I did it!
You guys did really good, you know that?
Just wait until you see
something I did with the SUV.
I'm really proud of you both.
Molly, it's David.
I need to talk to you. You're either over.
Yeah, Yolanda,
what is it? Good news.
The cloud's heating. It worked.
Hailstone forecasts have
significantly reduced to normal sizes.
That's good. I'm guessing there's bad news.
There's always gonna be bad news.
Yeah. Weather and pattern took a turn.
You remember the Great Texas Freeze?
The storm in February of 21 hit it.
It killed 700 people, left 5
million with the Al Power for days.
I mean, it sent Ted Cruz fleeing to Mexico.
Yeah, I don't know what you're saying.
We're about to enter a new Ice Age.
We have to break out.
They'll be back to rest, okay?
No, they're not, Chrissy.
Yeah, they will. They'll be back.
They have a little occasion at the turning
forks, okay? They know where we are.
Chrissy, we're in the middle of nowhere,
in a freaking snowstorm,
with hail the size of boulders.
How are they gonna find us?
They'll be back.
They'll be back, okay?
Mom always comes back.
So, do you wanna talk about it?
About what?
You said you wanted to talk to me.
No, not now.
You know, are you thinking about...
I did just wanna make some
changes to my company, that's all.
Your company? Was that ever decided?
What are you saying,
Diaz? Forget it.
Look, Molly, I'm really
sorry about Griffin.
I had no clue about his illegal drilling.
No, I... And you
can't get rid of me.
My name's on half of
the government contract.
David, what are you talking about?
You think it's as simple as making a
call and poof where we're permitted?
No, it takes months, sometimes years.
What did you do?
I did what I had to do.
I got us operational.
I'm the one keeping us together.
Okay, but this is about my kids.
Griffin's going to jail.
Your actions destroyed every relationship
from FEMA to every other government agency.
Whatever you're talking
about, we need to fix.
Wait, Molly, what are you doing?
Wait, is that them?
I think that's the SUV.
Oh my God, it's them! Cool.
Chrissy, come on, sweetheart, come on!
Come on, come on, come on, you got it!
Do you think you have hypothermia?
No, but if you keep us
out here any longer...
We got you, are you
okay? Yes, so warm.
You guys okay?
Did the rockets go off?
Did it work? It worked.
Well, if it worked, then why
isn't the storm dying down?
This way, we just need to get
back to the command center.
What are you doing?
I can't believe I let you
guys come up by yourselves.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Then we're adults?
Mom, we're fine.
Just tell us what's going on.
Okay, okay, okay.
Molly, David, do you read me?
Go ahead, Yolanda.
What's your 20?
We picked up a client, Chrissy.
We're about 35 miles out.
Thank goodness.
Clay? Chrissy?
Thank God you guys are okay.
I never thought he'd be this
excited to head back to a tech rig.
Hey, Molly, do you guys need
to make it back in the hour?
I want David to corroborate some
of the stuff I'm reading here at HQ.
Yolanda, I'm running a volume scan
now, building data imaging models.
David, what is it? These models.
They're... Hey.
Yolanda, let's toggle through.
Jet stream analysis models across
the globe, projected over the fire day.
Copy that.
Have you spoken to Molly?
Yes, everyone's fine.
Clay and Chrissy
are all right? Yeah.
Okay, if I'm too
mind if I... Uh, Molly.
Fine, Clay and Chrissy? Yeah.
Dad, dad, we're good.
Just cold.
That chibi is another story, though.
Maybe next time I should drive.
This would definitely not have
happened if I were driving, okay?
You want a cookie? A little.
All right.
Yeah, you too.
Does that answer
your question? Yeah.
Um, Griffin and I have
just been attempting repairs.
We may have to see if he's
got another vehicle, though,
if we want to go back out again.
Well, I got a fleet of
about 1,500 black Volvo's.
So we've got plenty of cars to
go back out again if we need to.
No one is leaving mobile
command again in this weather.
Molly, we might not have
much of a choice in that.
Well, I am making the choice.
No one is leaving in this weather.
Copy that.
Moisture levels in the front
are continuing to increase.
Now, casting models show a storm
system moving in a steady pattern,
bringing southerly winds and a
35-degree drop in temperature by tomorrow.
Well, it practically is tomorrow, already.
And the day after that,
projections indicate a
further drop of 20 degrees.
That's a 55-degree drop.
Yeah, in less than 36 hours.
So this is NASA JPL atmospheric
infrared-sounding readings
showing frigid Arctic air
moving from the North Pole
to lower latitudes across
the northern hemisphere.
Now, the purple and blue denote the coldest
temps coming off of the polar vortex.
When the polar vortex becomes weaker,
all of the cold Arctic air it brings just
gets pulled down by the jet stream,
allowing it to reach lower
than it might normally would do.
Is that why it's so cold this far south?
Basically, yeah.
I mean, the polar vortex is split off,
and it's just stretched down.
That disruption brings it
with these brutal sub-zero
temperatures that we've
never experienced before.
And all the snow, hail, and
ice that comes with it? Correct.
Multiple storms have
gathered on the jet stream,
becoming both more
intense and more organized.
They're moving in a southerly direction.
Converging massive storm fronts responsible
for plummeting temperatures,
reaching a record low
of minus 80 degrees
within the next 36 hours.
Minus 80? That's insane.
That's like Montana in the dead of January.
Yeah, the record low for
Montana was negative 70
back in the 1950s.
You're telling me that the Carolinas
are about to go into a deep freeze
that we can't even begin to fathom?
Not just the Carolinas
or the eastern seaboard.
Yeah, Yolanda and I have
been tracking the storms.
These wind speeds and temperatures,
accumulation of ice levels
in such short periods of time,
the severity of the precipitation.
We're already seeing
these in these last few days.
The split vortex is branching
out from the Carolinas.
The current severity
of this split polar vortex,
we have 15 hours until we're about to see
multiple parts of the world start freezing
at extreme record temperatures
that we haven't seen in millions of years.
And that frigid air from
the Arctic is moving down,
I mean, way further down this time,
and it's way, way less forgiving.
I mean, we're looking
at precipitation levels
that we haven't
experienced in over a century.
I mean, in the U.S.
alone, we're looking at at
least 30 feet of snow or more
in the Midwest and beyond
branching out from there.
How do we stop it, Molly?
I mean, we have an answer
for this, right? Come on.
We fought volcanoes, didn't we?
We don't have a plan for this.
Do you know 10 times more people die
from extreme cold than
geographical catastrophes?
And that number, it's just rising.
But we've already altered the physical
structure of precipitation with two rockets.
I'm saying why can't we do it again?
The Silver Iodide is limited in its
efficacy, and this is worldwide now.
Yeah, and seeding clouds
for a storm is far less complex
than interfering with
precipitation on a cold storm front.
You know what?
Let's just send more.
How many rockets and missiles
do we have to fire at this storm
to reduce the size
of it? We can't.
Not with the tools that we have.
The temperatures fried the drivers
and the hail stones did the rest.
Even a massive rocket would freeze
before we had a chance to
release any of the Silver Iodide.
That makes sense as to
why the SUV looked like that.
I thought it was just Clay's handiwork.
Chris? Clay?
You okay?
Yeah, we're fine.
I thought so.
I just, you know, had to say it for myself.
We're just happy to be back
here, that everybody's safe.
Well, that's you always thinking
of everybody except yourself.
But seriously, guys, Griffin's right.
If the seeding cloud doesn't work, we
have to find a way to at least delay it.
I mean, Yolanda, run
your stats again, please.
Yolanda, are you good?
Yolanda, are you okay?
Yeah, uh, excuse me.
Be right back.
Do you want to talk
about me? I'm sorry, um.
Yeah, I just, I didn't expect...
I guess, I just...
You and your brother
could have really been hurt.
Or worse.
It's just a bruise, okay?
We're fine, nothing happened to us.
It's just every time I
say another location,
it's another risk.
You know, I feel like I'm just giving
bad news after bad news after bad news,
and we already lost spent
during the mega-quake.
And I should have been there, I
should have been there, but I left.
We needed you safe.
I needed you safe.
I mean, do you really think that I can
trust that mustached idiot David?
Give me the correct data without
you backing him up? No, no way.
This might be too much too soon, but, um...
I don't have a lot of family.
My dad raised me, and, um...
he died when I was 14.
God crush.
He was on his way to pick
me up from soccer practice.
I'm so sorry.
I've been a male for a while.
I just never felt like I wanted
to be a part of a family again.
Too much heartache.
But then, I met you.
And your family, and...
this team... and everything
we've been through,
and it made me realize that I miss
feeling like I'm a part of something.
And... I thought that I
might lose that again.
I'm fine, um...
you should go in.
Yolanda, you're not gonna lose me.
Really? Really.
Okay, so.
what do we know about this storm?
A polar vortex is an
upper-level, low-pressure area.
Cyclonic in nature,
and gaining strength through
differences in temperature.
Yeah, it relies on horizontal changes
in temperature from cold to warm.
Sort of like a hurricane relies on
vertical changes in temperature.
You okay? Yeah, good.
The polar vortex has already split.
Jetstream is moving in the
direction over the Atlantic Basin,
carrying all of the storms with it,
and the other ones,
I mean, moving over the Appalachian
Mountains into the Midwest.
Molly, our nowcast has an update.
Well, when these vortices meet,
the heat from the collision and the
cold from the vortices themselves
are gonna create a vacuum,
freezing Earth to absolute zero.
the vortices are already moving
faster than they have in the past,
so we've got about ten hours.
Is that enough time for
us to even do anything?
Any time left when the clock means
that we have time to come up with a plan,
and we have hours.
Let's just think about
this... scientifically.
Isn't that what we always do?
Very cute, Clay.
Okay, the polar vortex is formed
due to severe temperatures
and the differences between
the poles and the equator.
Right, so what are you suggesting we do?
There's no sunlight in
the polar stratosphere,
making it extremely cold, while
the equator stays very warm.
We replace the sun that's been lost
in the polar stratosphere
with another heat source.
We use microwaves.
Microwaves for heat.
From where? Solar energy.
Yep, that's exactly right.
Heat the cold air,
right where it's splitting
directly from above,
bypassing the polar front
that separates the Arctic air
from the warmer air surrounding it.
Weaken the storm from
within, and the storm dies out.
But when you say from above, you mean...
Geosational orbiters
collecting solar power.
That could very well work.
That's worth a shot.
Hold on.
Are you suggesting that we
heat this storm with microwaves?
From satellites.
It stores solar energy.
And where do we gain
access to these said satellites?
That's the million-dollar
question, isn't it?
Or should I say the
billion-dollar question?
Yeah, you should have
some pals with some
satellites lying around,
shouldn't you, Mike?
We're still trying to determine
if the severe winter storm
is also at fault for the derailment,
and an investigation is underway.
That's Galico.
It transports cargo from New York to Miami.
Where did it crash?
Reports are saying somewhere
near that green worth pass
in an area by the Brock Hill Range.
Looks like they're just blaming the
accident on the frigid temperatures.
While they aren't wrong,
temperatures are falling.
We have to get our plan into effect.
Where are we gonna find
satellites with that kind of capability?
The National Oceanic
Atmospheric Administration
has that access.
No, NOAA is only in the business
of data collection and observation.
They don't have equipment
to do anything else.
NASA and the NOAA had partnered
up to experiment with solar containment.
NEO is intended to prevent
and divert hurricanes,
but that program was shut down years ago.
So do these satellites even exist anymore?
Well, I guess there's
only one way to find out.
We have to contact NOAA.
I mean, they were the agency in charge.
They would have the
answer to these questions.
I don't have any contacts at NOAA.
FEMA, I do.
So they could probably
fast-track what we need.
No. No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm sorry. I'm afraid so.
Hey, how are the volunteer roles
coming along for the phone trees?
Phone trees are up all around the county.
Half the state's snowed in by now.
They're all happy to help.
And no place else to be.
It's the ones with no place
to go that I'm concerned with.
Maybe talk to Senator Carlson.
He's busy with California.
He's not giving this any attention.
Are you serious?
Listen, about the hospital, it happened.
It's fine.
But you were right about the cloud seeding.
Um, thank you.
I'm assuming you're seeing these reports.
This thing has split and is only expanding.
Do you know what we're up against?
If my models are correct, we don't have
enough cloud seeding to even make a dent.
I know, but Natasha,
we have to stop the storm.
I mean, if they don't,
when the board sees
me, the entire planet
will hit absolute zero.
Are you sure?
We've run the models several times.
They're all showing the same thing.
I'm assuming you have a plan?
That's the only reason
why you ever call me.
We need access to a series
of geostationary orbiters
with large capacity
storage for solar power.
FEMA and NOAA always work
hand-in-hand through these crises.
Right. NOAA supplies us with pertinent data
upon which we make critical
decisions about public safety.
That's about the extent of their capacity.
But that data center has
the ability to communicate
with the other U.S.
operational assets in geosynchronous orbit.
I'm not privy to the specifics
of their functioning capabilities.
Okay, then you know what?
Put me in touch with NOAA directly.
We can advise on how to utilize
the existing in-orbit capabilities
with what we have at their disposal.
Okay, let me try.
Luckily, I still have
some international friends.
NOAA can connect with
the satellites as needed.
Thank you, girlfriend.
You're welcome.
It's great.
Yolanda, David, can you guys
come confirm these numbers?
What's wrong?
As the vortices move across the planet,
the cold is increasing
Earth's magnetic field.
Then it's wreaking havoc on
our satellite communications.
We only have 20 minutes to
reach them and implement our plan.
Molly, Natasha, any luck?
Look, we've run the numbers again, and
we only have 20 minutes to make this work.
Okay, NOAA is patched in.
Molly, this is Regional WCM
Program Director Clark Dunfield.
Hello, Mr.
Dunfield? Yes,
this is Mr. Dunfield.
Okay, Mr. Dunfield.
I know that this is going to sound extreme,
but we have been working on a
model where it's showing an ice age.
What? Hold on a minute.
Mr. Dunfield? I don't hear him.
I'm calling Dunfield back. Hold on.
Uh, Molly, there's a problem.
Forecast data, models.
Every facet of the mapping
software is dismantled.
I can't update any of the
now-casting projections.
How is that
possible? I don't know.
It's like the National
Weather Service just
completely stopped
providing any data whatsoever.
Lang, what is it? What
happened? We lost NOAA.
Natasha, what is going on?
We lost the Office of Satellite
and Products Operations.
That's the main communications hub of NOAA.
It's completely frozen.
Okay, but that leaves us relying on
localized radar at best for the time being.
What about rerouting all
NOAA data to auxiliary facilities?
That would have NWS back at
full capacity a whole lot sooner.
OSPO is down. NOAA isn't getting
back up in time for us to stop this thing.
We have no comms
capability with the satellites.
There's nothing we can do. There's no
way to get back up to the satellites now.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for doing
what you could, Natasha.
If you could, please just
continue with the evacuations.
Especially continue
evacuations underground.
We should get to the
hangar, okay? Come on.
Well, it looks like we have a deal.
Congratulations, Dr. Diaz.
This wasn't easy for me.
I don't want this to get out.
This is between you and me, Senator.
Understood. You get to be president of
REACT as long as I get Griffin Richards.
I sent you all the paperwork.
You have enough to put him away.
That's for sure. The deal is complete.
You have my
protection and the U.S.
government recognizes
REACT with you as its president.
Well done.
The ARC star space plane, Mark 8.
It was a prototype we were developing
to reach sub-orbital heights above Earth.
Griffin, can this thing still fly?
Yes, but it depends on how
far up you're planning to go.
We can't move any of the
orbiters into position, let alone aim a
microwave beam into the proper
vectors right in the path of the storm.
Are you asking if we
can launch a flight that will
bring our transmitter
close to the satellites?
Now we're starting to use the same brain.
We're thinking the exact same thing.
Technically, yes.
But we have two challenges.
First, the weather. Mark 8
wasn't designed to sustain
the impact that taking off
from the storm can endure.
If the wind doesn't blow us
off course, the precipitation
could damage the hull,
the tiles, you name it.
And that's if the onboard
electronics don't blow on the way up.
See? You have to see we're
taking this to the max height.
From the bottom of the stratosphere
to the top of the mesosphere.
Okay, well that's the first,
what's the second? Propellant.
We don't have that.
Weather's irrelevant.
And where do we get that?
Well, the train that
crashed was transporting it.
At least that's where it was
the last time I got an update.
Okay, then we just go get it.
We have another problem.
Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine
has a freezing point of
negative 75.3 degrees.
Those containers have
been around there for hours.
Yeah, then we need to move ASAP.
We need to take the React command center.
This thing can make it
through Greenwood Pass in the
storm, and it's large enough
to transport the containers.
Plus, it's not likely to freeze because
it uses the same materials as the suits.
Eric and I will drive up there.
I'm going to.
Nope, you stay here.
You need a third person
to watch the rig while you go
out in the cold and lug
these things back. Come on.
Alright, here's what's gonna happen.
Griffin, Eric, Chrissy, you're
gonna go in the command center.
Clay, David, Yulan and I are gonna
stay here and prep the Mark 8 for takeoff.
Now hold on a second.
This cold is deep.
We're literally lined up to
freeze within seconds as
the core temperatures drop.
That means that everyone, and I mean everyone,
is to be in protective thermal suits.
But we don't have enough.
I'll see what I have.
I was hoping I could get
those papers back of you.
Look, I know we have a lot
to talk about, but if we make it
through this ordeal, I think we
can make it through anything.
Alright, just like we used to
when things were different.
I don't even know what to say.
Uh, you good to go?
Yeah, good to go. Come on, let's do it.
Hey, be careful, okay?
Hey, remember what I said?
You're not losing me.
May I hold you
to that? Go for it.
Could you please just get back here fast?
No one else knows how to buy this thing.
It's been a minute since
I've fallen myself, Molly.
As long as the rocket gets up
there, but... Please be careful.
About this rocket, there's no...
Planet Earth.
I understand.
You've been hitting my lightning.
Hey, Griffin.
What do these containers
of rocket propellant look like?
They are heavy black boxes, but
they may be buried in snow by now.
So, we could miss them.
This is the third time that
I've run a telemetry analysis.
The report keeps showing me a
faulty command or a data systems alert.
What does that
mean? I don't know.
This is more David's department.
How's it going on over here?
Uh, well, Transmit has been reprogrammed.
Now I need to get it
to talk to the satellites.
Space-bound computer systems
are notoriously tough to infiltrate,
but every system has a
vulnerable attack point.
That's my specialty, or so I thought,
but I'm having a lot
of trouble finding the
weakness on the NOAA
internal command network.
Um, I'm supposed to know
what any of this means.
I'm hacking into the US
Geostationary Communications Array,
but instead of porting into the
separate SAT units themselves,
I'm invading the ground station
network so you can talk to all of them.
Okay, sweetheart, just
promise me you're going to
use your powers to prove good
and not evil, okay? I promise, Mom.
Just let me work.
It's a mess out here.
GPS says we're right on top of it.
Visibility is terrible.
Okay, I see it.
Now that is a literal train wreck.
Alright, so how are we supposed to
find these containers in that mess?
Well, we'll start with the train cars,
and no luck there, we'll start digging.
I'm gonna help.
Chrissy? No.
Fine, okay, I'll just stay and watch the
rig, but you guys, please be safe, okay?
Fine, really.
Come on, mate.
What's our stuff called again?
Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine,
they're in the cylinders.
Alright, okay.
Griffin, look out!
Griffin, are you hurt?
I hurt my leg, but I'll be okay.
Let's sit on the ground over there.
This isn't entirely snow.
It's registering as sodium hydroxide.
Chromic acid?
Those are corrosive
materials, they would
have stored those with
the dimethylhydrazine.
You must be close.
Think I've found it.
Chrissy, I'm coming inside.
I'll help you.
I've managed to uncover
two of the containers, but we
need to dig them out, so
they're buried under the snow.
We're gonna hurt his leg.
Are you okay?
I don't know, but we'll fix it
up so we can get through this.
Good, that's great.
Please just let me come with you.
It'll be so much faster if we both do this.
We can get out of here.
Yeah? Helmet, gloves.
Thank you.
Okay, it's over here somewhere.
Dig around the sides so we can
get this bloody thing out of here.
A little more. That's it.
Come on.
Alright, we need the second one.
Have a look around.
Watch out, watch out, look at me.
Hey, look away.
I know, I know.
But there's thousands around here.
Okay, and if we don't get our butts
into here, there's gonna be millions.
Senator, I've done everything
you've asked, alright?
Are we still looking good?
Yes, we have a deal, Dr. Diaz.
I've made all the arrangements.
You're gonna be a hero.
But I still want a cabinet
post when this is over.
Senator, Senator, are you there?
Senator Carlson, can
you hear me? No, I got you.
Griffin, what
happened? It's broken.
One of the rother propellant
cylinders fell over on him.
We've got to get him to
a hospital or something.
Where? The storm shut everything down.
Griffin, I know you're in pain.
One half of the split vortex has
already moved over mainland Europe.
Millions are gonna die
there at sunset tonight.
Which means we only have about
five hours, five hours maximum,
before the vortices meet
and we're at absolute zero.
He's right, damn it.
Markey has to get up in the air or
we failed and that's not an option.
Well, then who's gonna take her up there?
Molly has the coordinates.
She has to go.
I certainly can't fly this thing right now.
Eric, you go.
You have military training.
You know, it's
essentially like a fancy jet.
The rother propellant cylinders
are in the mobile command center.
They're roomy, heavy.
Well, Mom, Dad, we better get going.
We don't have the luxury of a
launch window or a long goodbye.
Of course, they're right behind you.
Molly's aren't comms.
Eric, you're flying this thing right now.
There's really... God,
there's really nothing to it.
Like a glider strapped to a
rocket with 92,000 pounds thrust,
lifting off will be your biggest challenge.
You make it through the weather.
You might just get through this.
You have a parachute.
You come back down,
punch the chute,
drift back to Earth.
I'm afraid that sounds easy.
Let's quickly go through
the launch sequence.
Okay, Griffin, we're in pre-flight.
What next?
If you've done everything I told
you, you're ready for the stuff.
It's ready as we'll ever be.
David, Yolanda, go for liftoff.
Eric, you ready for this?
Sure, ready if you are.
We love you.
See you soon.
We love you too.
Me too.
Oh, that's not good. What is that?
Stabilizer and heat shield is damaged.
Lucky the whole thing didn't fall apart.
You have to tell them.
Let's just get them
stabilized and in position first.
Okay, we're at suborbital altitude.
Time to go to work.
Okay, we're at suborbital altitude.
Getting the satellites into position.
We need to be aimed at the
mesophores and target the highest air
levels of the storm for the
microwaves to have any effect at all.
The vortices are almost touching.
There's just a sliver
over the Atlantic Rim.
The Atlantic Rim? What?
I thought it was the Pacific Rim.
No, the Atlantic Rim, while
often overlooked, is going to play
a far more significant role in
all of this than the Pacific Rim.
They're planning for him.
I have to check that out.
But I thought we didn't
have any data sources.
No, this is NASA Air's infrared
system. We can still see the
vortices and their temperatures.
We just don't have any other data.
All right, I've established
uplink, communicating
with the orbiters, maneuvering
each into position now.
The satellites pack 3919 and 10999.
I'm in control of the onboard
directionals, preparing
to open solar mirror
extensions on our primaries.
Angle metrics intact.
Griffin, I've got an
alarm blaring at me.
What do I do? Stabilizers and
damaged wingtips shot to hell.
If any of these satellites
are even a half an inch off
trajectory, we'll miss the target
point and split of the vortices.
Griffin, how do I
fix this? You don't.
You might want to
start the reentry process.
It might be your only
chance to get back alive.
Eric, two of our primary satellites
just dropped off the screen.
Their coordinates are nil. I've
completely lost contact with them.
Eric, can you find
another one? Eric, I can.
We've lost our main heat
source and satellites. All the other
ones, they're sitting there waiting for
a heat source to reflect into the storm.
Eric, I just lost another
one. I mean, they're just like
falling off my radar. I don't
know why we keep losing them.
All right, if we can talk
to the others, then the
satellites that are nil must
have been destroyed, frozen.
If we lose any more, this is not going to work,
okay? We just don't have enough satellites
positioned over the target of the storm. We've
already lost our primary heat source units.
The reentry parachute, it's huge. It's
silver-lined and it reflects heat and light.
If we can position it correctly,
it can become the heat source.
Then we become the primary.
If we do this, then we
probably don't go home.
You sure you want to do this?
Yeah, because I know you will.
What about the kids?
That's why we're doing it.
Good luck.
It is into position.
I'll tell you when the
satellites are in sync.
They aren't initiating reentry.
What does that mean?
Mom and dad, come in, over.
Mom, dad.
Mom, dad.
Can you hear us?
I can't turn them off. I can't hear
the voice, so I need to concentrate.
Okay, we're in position.
Time to shoot.
They're coming through.
They're not reading us.
The vortices, they're no longer
purple extreme temperature levels.
They're turning blue.
What does that mean?
Molly's plan worked.
The vortices are receding.
Are you sure you knew what we're doing?
No. Hold on, okay?
This is going to be bumpy.
We're getting our control to set.
It's hot.
The shoot can still hold out.
Something's wrong.
Something's really wrong.
What are you doing?
We're going to have to jump for it.
The plane is going to break up.
If we stay on board,
we don't have a chance.
But if we jump, maybe.
They would jump by how much?
The world record for high
altitude skydiving is 42,000 feet.
We're at 44 and dropping.
There's a chance, all right?
I know you don't have much
reason to trust me, okay?
But I'm telling you now, trust me and
I'll spend the rest of my life earning it.
Thank you.
Our EV suits will deploy
parachutes at 10,000 feet.
We'll just try to maintain
a level descent to land.
Got it.
Eric! Okay.
Everything in one piece.
Are you okay?
That was fun, right?
You do it again? Fine.
No, I don't want
to do that again.
Oh, my God.
Are your kids okay? We're good.
We're good.
We're great.
I love you.
I love you to the moon and back.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
It's a holiday.
You've been on the holiday? Hello, love.
Good to see you.
So, we've had a lot of YOLO moments.
But how did you guys
fall 45,000 feet? Like this.
It's not funny, it's not funny.
Natasha, it's so good to see you again.
Hello, how are you?
How are you?
David, Eric, of course.
Good to see you.
It's really good to see you all.
But I'm here on business.
It means we get to save the world again.
Not quite.
Folks, what we did out there was amazing.
Should all be proud of ourselves.
But as new owner of
React, I have some changes.
What? Hold on, hold on, David.
React is my company.
No, not anymore.
David, you can't take something
that doesn't belong to you.
But it is mine.
I signed all of the paperwork.
I did all of the legwork.
And before he died, Senator Carlson
made sure that everything was in order.
What? What?
David, what's going on?
Griffin, your money was instrumental.
You're under arrest.
Don't move.
What for?
You can go back to your do-gooder protests.
You and your family are fired.
What? Yolanda.
I could use you if you want to stay on.
You can't get away with this.
I believe I just did.
Well, I wish I could say it was a pleasure.
That's a goodbye for now.
Let's go.
What are... What are we supposed to do now?
What is going on?