Iceman (1984) Movie Script

Damn it, Shepherd,
close the door please.
Hey, Shepherd, you been out
with the natives again?
Hey! Even Eskimos don't dress like that anymore.
C'mon! C'mon! Let's go!
They're waiting for you! Today, Shepherd!
You know, Whitman's in from Houston,
you better get cleaned-up.
Jesus! What is that smell?
It's me.
Hey! Hey! You been eating walrus again?
- Hey, Shepherd, those Eskimos still lend you their wives?
- Yeah, sure, yeah.
Jesus! "Eskimos lend their wives."?
I'll see ya...
half that shit from the bear's here.
- Mr. Whitman, Brady.
- Where the hell have you been?
- Shepherd.
- What the hell is that?
- What the hell's that smell.
- What's goin' on? When did HE get here?
- What is going on?
- You're going to tell us.
- Well, give me a hint!
- Well, it's something we found in the glacier.
The Glacier!
Well, why wasn't I called?
- You were.
- Before you moved it! What... don't you know regulations?
There was no time. I mean, it could have
shifted, we could have lost it.
We got pictures of the site,
and we got ice samples, all right?
- Well, what is it?
- We're not sure... remember the mammoth?
- Yeah, the ones the Russians found.
- The Russians? When did they find a mammoth?
In 1898, it was a perfect specimen of the
mammoth mastodonis, 400 thousand years old.
Tissue was perfectly preserved,
some of the cells still viable.
So you found another mammoth?
Not exactly.
Viable? What did they do with this mammoth?
They ate it.
Yeah, and I heard it was quite
tasty, too, sorta like buffalo.
Joe, this is Dima, a baby mammoth,
One of thirty-nine recent finds.
The Russians have been working
on this for the last seven years.
They take the cells out of the mammoth,
they try to re-vivify them.
- What do you mean by re-vivify.
- Life, bring 'em back to life.
They insert them into the egg of a living elephant.
- What does that get you?
- Maybe a baby prehistoric?
Or a "malaphant".
Excuse me.
What are your plans here?
It looks like a pretty important find.
How far can you go?
Can you re-vivify the whole thing?
That's not possible. When you freeze,
crystals form, they destroy the cell walls.
If we're lucky, out of the whole carcass,
we'll find just a few cells intact.
Can you put those in an egg?
We're going to look for low level
cell activity, the beginnings of life.
Is that likely?
We don't know 'til we try.
- Wha... what about me?
- You?
I thought you might want to get
a look at it before we take it apart.
- Before what!?
- Before we take it apart.
Take it apart!?
What do you think?
Could've gone another two
inches, gotten a better look at it.
- What do you think it is?
- Mammoth.
We think it's a mammoth.
Nothing, I can see nothing so far.
- Shepherd?
- Yeah.
Damn! It's not close enough.
If we cut on the other side we'll know
exactly which angle to come in on.
This is how we expect
to find you one day, Shepherd.
- Oh, my God.
- That's it, that's amazing!
Look at that, it must
have been frozen instantly.
- What in God's name is he?
- Looks like an Indian.
- Yeah, what kind of Indian, I wonder.
- Cleveland Indian, what do I know, you're the anthropologist.
Is this...?
C'mon, c'mon, Shep, you're the expert.
I don't know, I mean, all we had was pieces of rock,
bone, conjecture, wild guesses, nothing in the flesh.
Well, take a wild guess.
Moderate frontal ridge, look at
those teeth, he's a hunter.
- Sloping forehead.
- How old?
- Hard to tell, adult, twenty, thirty.
- Thirty years?
- Give or take twenty thous...
- Twenty thousand?
Twenty thousand, maybe forty thousand.
You found a god damned Neanderthal.
Dr. Brady, we've got to be very careful...
What do you mean you're going to take him apart?
- We're taping everything, you'll have pictures...
- I don't want pictures, I want him!
- You'll have him... most of him.
- What do you mean most of him?
Well, we'd like to keep all of him here, but we're
probably gonna have to send his brain to Cambridge,
- his spinal ganglia to Berkeley...
- Where does his heart go, San Francisco?
Houston, then there's Sloan-Kettering, there's McGill, King's College,
but most of this stuff stays right here.
Why can't you just wait, huh?
I mean, what... what... who...
Okay, ready to start the thaw.
Dr. Brady.
Dr. Brady, what about the site?
What about others?
- He was alone.
- How do you know?
- My men searched the area, they sent-out probes.
- Well, keep searching.
He came from somewhere, we could find
it, there could be a settlement, a camp.
I mean, this could be very important to us,
there could be another Troy buried underneath it.
Well, where DID he come from?
Which direction? How far? How long has he
been in that ice? How far has that ice traveled?
- You know what you're talking about?
- Yeah, thousands of square miles.
Makes five point five.
Minus five.
These are by P which is Greek to me.
- Minus four point five.
- Okay, thoracic, pumpers are pumping.
- Everyone ready.
- Minus four.
- All systems go?
- Yes.
- Coming-up together.
- What's going on?
The Iceman warmeth.
- Why am I always the last to know?
- Didn't your mother tell you not to be an anthropologist?
- Yeah.
- Now you know why. Maynard, is nothing working?
- Not yet.
- What's the problem?
Knowing where to bang it.
Minus two point five.
- Maynard, is it going to work?
- I don't know.
- Do you wanna abort?
- This is it my student.
No, it's not important.
We go on.
- Threshold.
- Threshold, minus one point five.
- Stand by.
- There go the crystals.
- We have thaw!
- All right, all right, all right!!
- Yowza.
- Prepare for incision.
Plus two point five.
Plus two point seven.
- Clamps.
- Right, right.
Let's connect the hoses.
- Sutures.
- Sutures.
Okay, let's get the skins off quickly.
Plus three point six.
Plus four degrees.
Four point four.
Four point five.
Plus four point...
It looks pretty good to me.
- E.K.G. tabs in place?
- Yes.
- E.E.G. ready?
- Affirmative.
- Tape.
- Tape.
- Bypass complete.
- Two fifty, shooting ep.
- Don't let it.
- Start the pumps.
Frank, hold it right there,
Up maybe a half.
Let's get to the
electrolytes. Read them.
Twenty degrees.
Kill that alarm.
Potassium level 50 mill equivalent,
a php 6.3
- E.K.G.?
- These are thousand dollar circuit boards!
- E.E.G.?
- Flatline.
- Is it working?
- I think so.
Hey, can I get a clo... I can't see his chest,
can I get a close-up on that?
Oh, sure, Shepherd, I got nothin' better to do.
- Make you happy?
- Yes.
- The Denys transfusions were good?
- The artificial blood, no reaction.
- Flatline.
- Start your skin biopsy.
That stiff ain't stiff.
He can relax, which is more
than I can say for some of us around here.
- Is my stuff in your way, Shepherd?
- Oh, sorry.
E.K.G. flatline, E.E.G. flatline.
- Status report.
- E.K.G. flatline.
- Flatline.
- Oxygenation?
- P-O-2 one twenty.
- Twelve point six.
Increase the flow rate 5 liters per minute.
Serum electrolytes?
Rising P.H. six point nine.
Coming-up fast, 15 degrees.
- Now it's dropping, at six point three.
- Nineteen degrees Celsius.
P.E.T. scanner ready?
Ready to go!
Put it up.
What's that funny smell?
Probably Shepherd.
- Cells metabolizing.
- What?
Holy shit, his cells are synthesizing D.N.A.
This is incredible, all his cells are good.
Brady, that funny smell,
sulfur and oxygen... I think.
- Dimethyl sulfoxide.
- Well, could be.
Dimethyl what?
Sulfoxide, DMSO, it's
a universal solvent.
You put it on your finger, it zips right through
your body, you taste it in your mouth.
It tastes like garlic.
It carries other molecules with it.
What other molecules?
- A cryoprotectant.
- A cryoprotectant?
It's a peptide, it's glycoprotein, it's like a... an antifreeze,
it's some substance that prevents crystallization.
It's why his cells are good, he was loaded with this stuff.
Where did it come from?
- Buttercups.
- Buttercups?
That Russian mammoth they found,
his stomach was full of buttercups.
This iceman, maybe it
was something he ate.
Son of a bitch!
What have you got?
Same old thing.
Naw, it's probably a malfunction.
- What's what?
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'm reading something.
Shepherd, please.
- What does it look like, Maynard?
- It's sorta like slow wave activity.
God damn it, that's brain activity.
Cold call.
- E.K.G.?
- Flatline.
Okay, give me an amp of calcium, an amp
of epinephrine, 2 amps of bicarb.
If you think of a tube, let's get a ventilator in here.
- What that mean?
- Probably nothing.
Where's the god damned cart?
- E.E.G.
- E.K.G.
- Four G clear.
- Slow wave, deep cortical activity.
Mid-brain function.
- Who?
- Him.
- Him?
- Him.
These are by P which is Greek to me.
- I have some calcium and epinephrine standing by.
- Twenty watts.
- Stand clear.
- All clear.
- E.K.G.?
- Still force fib.
Another amp, calcium and I have
to have some lidocain standing by.
- What's happening?
- Brain activity.
- Ready and clear.
- All clear.
- V-tach, rate's one-seventy.
- Are you sure about that?
- One hundred lidocaine.
- I got one mil per minute.
- Give me 50 watts.
- 50 watts.
- Charge.
- Stand clear.
- All clear.
- Functional rhythm.
He's alive.
You know, I thought he's have more hair.
- But he looks strong.
- Yeah, I'm sure he had to be.
Can I have a look?
- How does he look?
- Compared to what?
Temp's normal, urine output
100 c.c.'s an hour, B.U.N. normal.
Cardiac output six liters, blood gasses
are good, 12 hours off the ventilator.
Higher cortical activity,
but not like ours.
No, more like Shepherd's.
- Or a premature baby.
- What do you think?
I think he might be conscious,
but I DON'T think he's going to make the Super Bowl.
- Trach.
- Clear his throat.
- I got it.
- Valium, 10 milligrams.
Put it in, put it in now.
Where's the respirator?
Don't panic, everybody just take it easy.
Hands off, hands off.
Heartbeat's okay.
Another valium.
- What is that?
- Kill that band.
Shepherd, what the hell are you doing?
You're not sterile!
Do not touch him!
The electrolytes are still normal,
blood sugar is 80.
Might want to start him on hyper-alimentation,
avoid any chance of hypoglycemia.
No sign of sepsis, the blood
cultures are negative.
Will he live, will he be okay?
- Heart rate hit 200, his blood pressure peaked.
- A massive at adrenergic discharge.
- What does that mean?
- Means we scared the shit out of him.
just what does this mean to us?
- Well, maybe a Nobel prize.
- Maybe as big as Genentech.
- Maybe bigger.
- Bigger than gene splicing?
- Aw, come on.
- Well, extended life, greatly extended.
- Do you know what we're looking for?
- Cryoprotectant.
Do you know why?
You're going to freeze everyone with cancer
and bring them back when there's a cure.
- Yes.
- And then what're you going to do with them?
- I don't think that's the main issue, Shepherd.
- Yeah, they won't know a living soul.
The relatives wanna spend all their money.
Maybe we have waves of freeze-dried
old folks living in Miami Beach?
Ya know, I mean, who are you kidding,
there are too many people in the world right now.
Death is Nature's way of
making room for someone else.
Einstein, Bertram Russell,
Einstein could have finished his theory.
- Aheela could've finished HIS.
- Mozart, Young, Stravinsky.
- Genghis Khan, Charlie Parker, Gandhi, Fatty Arbuckle.
- All right, so who's to live?
Everyone? And who's to decide?
The guys with the money and the power?
They'll stay and keep everything.
I mean, they eat better food,
they drive better cars, and now
they're going to live longer, too?
Shepherd, someday paramedics are going to
carry cryo tanks... someone's dying, you freeze him,
you stop everything until you've got the blood,
or the surgeons, or the spare parts you need.
This is worth much more
than any one man, even him.
- If we were going to hurt him, which we're not...
- He's a man, not a specimen.
A forty thousand year old man who can teach us
about ourselves, tell us how we evolved.
Now that is much more important than
trying to figure-out how to preserve people.
I mean, he's alive,
you're forgetting that.
You can't take him apart, punch him
full of holes and drain all his fluids.
That's our best chance of keeping him alive,
we have to study him in order to save him.
- Can he be moved?
- No.
- Why not?
- It's not just infection, there's psychic trauma.
I don't want a lot of people up here.
If the media gets hold of this...
If the media gets hold of this
they'll be up here by the plane-load.
Yeah, run it by the Johnny Carson Show,
selling Eskimo Pies.
Now, you can't keep him sedated forever,
he's got to wake up, then what?
- What are you suggesting?
- What... you want to find a chemical...
find-out about the man.
I mean, we've... we've got the facilities right here.
- What?
- The Vivarium?
- Yes.
- Ah, you're crazy, what about sterility?
- Wait, it's atmosphere controlled.
- What about the bears?
Screw the bears! What... you said it, Singe,
we have study him and save him.
- And all sorts of animals have been living in there.
- That's their home.
- Just give me two weeks.
- We need the space.
Get him back there!
Get back! Ah!
Who the hell was it that said
my box was locked in this situation?
- What happened?
- He found us.
He's out of control.
He hurts himself, I'm responsible.
No! Don't shoot him!
Don't shoot.
- What's going on?
- He found us.
Get a stretcher!
Hey, Maynard, call the infirmary, get a stretcher down here!
- Oh, God, I had to tranc him.
- You what!?
- I had to tranc him.
- Get him to the infirmary right away.
Just don't stand there, let's help him.
- Not exactly a raving success is it?
- What do you think you're taking him?
- To the O.R.
- Where he'll be safe.
It's... it's too soon to take him out.
- That's with you, you study him whole, they study him...
- It hasn't been two weeks yet.
- Moving-up the schedule a bit.
- Take advantage of the sedation.
But we need more time,
we're just getting started with him!
Don't argue, it's the way things are.
What's a matter with your game?
After what happened upstairs today,
who can concentrate, right, Shepherd?
- Dr. Brady.
- Dr. Shepherd, what do you want?
- I wanted to buy you a drink.
- Not now, Shepherd.
I wanted to see if I could unfreeze you,
check your vital signs.
Bring YOU back to life.
Shepherd, look, it's late.
You want to unfreeze me, get me to
a beach somewhere, get me someplace warm.
- What is that?
- Exhibit A.
No thanks, I've already seen "Debbie Does Dallas".
Oh, that's... that's nothing, this is much hotter than that.
How does he do that?
Very easy to explain... a nerve block.
Beta-endorphins, organic morphines
produced in the brain.
Yeah, well, it's more than that, their flesh doesn't burn,
they're impervious to fire, there's no blistering, no charring.
Yeah, I want to show you something else.
Christ, Shepherd!
See, look, there's... there's no blood,
these people are producing some
chemical that protects their tissue,
prevents charring, stops bleeding.
So, what you're saying is that
our man produced his own chemical?
Yeah, yeah, right! Other life
forms have done it, your fish,
the ardachar, hibernating
animals, maybe he did it, too.
I don't know how, but for whatever reason,
his body stopped producing it.
Maybe his spirit can teach us
more than his flesh.
I'd sure like the chance to find-out.
Okay, I've got men all around the catwalk,
we can get to you in seconds.
Yeah, no guns, though.
- Hey, wait man, but Shepherd...
- No, no matter what, no guns.
Okay, no guns.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
How complete are these precautions?
Loomis can get down to him in seconds.
- Hey, Shepherd!
- Shut up for Christs sake, you're makin' him nervous.
- Charl...
- Chahrehl.
That's your name.
Ch... Charlie.
- Again.
- Charlie.
- Chahrehl.
- Shepherd.
- Shep.
- Sheh.
- Shep.
- Shehp-ehr.
- Shephehr.
- Right!
- Bieh-Tah.
- Bieh-Tah.
- Bieh-Tah.
- Yes, yes.
- Bird.
- Bee... bee.
- Chahrehl.
- Charlie.
- Shepherd.
- I'm dead? This is where I came to?
If we want to communicate with him, if we want to get
a clue to his language, that's what I mean.
- But, what do you mean?
- We have to identify the parameters of the language.
So, we need a linguist, like Professor Chapman,
she's the best there is.
The osmotic movement of the
cryoprotectant through the body,
and more importantly, what occurs with the
place that prohibits crystallization in the cells.
- But the first time we get any hint of it in human...
- It evaporates right in front of our eyes.
Chapman? Who's that?
- From M.I.T.
- What?
- The linguist.
- Oh, PROFESSOR Chapman.
Hello, Mabel!
- Hey, what's that?
- Zaraco, the Gum god of the Zabana Tribe.
Gum is very important to them, I put him
on the head of every file for good luck,
- and I don't lose half of what I use...
- We're gonna lose the picture if we're not careful here.
- A couple of twists.
- Tap! Here we go!
All righhhhhhhht.
- What do you think?
- Quite the little chatterbox, isn't he?
- What's he saying?
- What would you ask if you were him?
Where am I? Who are you? What's goin' on?
- I think that's a fair assumption.
- It's the same things you always ask, Shepherd.
Of course, we'll be more certain
as you two get better acquainted.
- Rock.
- Rah.
- Rock.
- Rah.
- But-ton.
- Buh.
- Button.
- Buh... buh.
- Button.
- Buh-tah.
- That's...
- Buh-tah.
Yeah, two buttons.
- Bone... bone.
- Dehr.
- Dehr.
- Dehr.
- Deh.
- Deh.
- Dehr.
- Dehr.
- Dehr.
- Dehr.
- Dehr.
- Dehr.
- Eat.
- Dehr.
He's as basic and direct as you, Maynard.
Only he seems to have quite a vocabulary.
Searchin' for a heart of gold.
And I'm gettin'...
I've been to Hollywood,
I've been to Redwood.
I crossed the ocean with a heart of gold.
I've been in my mind,
it's such a fine line.
...keeps me searching for a heart of gold.
...searchin' for a heart of gold.
I've been a miner with a heart of gold.
It's these expressions I...
...these expressions for a heart of gold.
And I'm gettin' old.
I want to live,
I want to give.
I've been a miner for a heart of gold.
It's these expressions
I never give
That keeps me searching for a heart of gold.
And I'm getting old.
...keeps me searching for a heart of gold.
And I'm gettin' old.
I've been to Hollywood
I've been to Redwood.
- Scalpel.
- Scalpel.
- Are all leads secure?
- Prepare for liver biopsy.
- Tesna bottle ready?
- Ready.
- Fisher punch.
- Fisher punch.
Get me the specimen bottle.
Hypothermia blanket in place.
Okay, get ready to drop the temperature.
Circulate the coolants.
See if we can't find some of
this elusive cryoportectant.
Why don't you cut his balls off,
you've done everything else?
Get out of my cryo!
It's not your cryo, it's not yours, he's not yours.
E.K.G. is slowing.
- Body temperature?
- 36 Celsius.
Cryoprotectant, there's nothing in his blood.
Diastolic pressure dropping.
I don't believe he's doin' it.
It's too long, it should be cold now.
How much further can we go?
Not much.
Not if you wanna keep him alive.
Cryo negative.
Your killing him!
How's his heart?
It's cold... it's cold.
Hold it there.
There're no signs, Brady.
Not exactly a raging success, is it?
Heart rate still decreasing rapidly.
I didn't do it!
- Need to talk to talk to you, can I come in?
- Right now?
- Not a good time?
- Shepherd, not more tapes!
I need your help... with Charlie.
- You're the anthropologist, not me.
- You're human, arent' you, aren't you curious?
It's not exactly my field,
he's a primitive, it's your job.
It's your job, too, this
isn't just a medical experiment.
You're alienating him, we're losing contact.
You're making it impossible for me to deal with him.
Because every time you POKE something into him,
you take the LIFE right out of him.
Excuse me, Dr. Shepherd, Doctor Stanley Shepherd,
wunderkind anthropologist.
THE Stanley Shepherd, who did a year of field work
with the Malasay Tribe, to study their natural state?
Two months later they're showing up in
Pittsburgh Steeler tee-shirts and playing with butane lighters.
That Stanley Shepherd?
All right, all right, it's my first assignment, I'm young,
I screwed-up once, I won't let it happen again.
Yes you will, so will I, we all do.
I'm probably making every mistake there is.
I've never done this before, and nobody has.
I can't stop the medical research, I wouldn't if I could.
You've got everything you need.
But I... I need you.
You can't have me, I'm dead tired.
No, I need you to come in there
with me, to see him, to be with him.
What do you want me to do, play Jane to your Tarzan?
I've got enough trouble coping with everything as it is.
Shepherd, do you realize...
if Singe really wanted to, he could get this
whole thing stopped dead, that's my problem.
Charlie's inner life, for the moment, is yours.
He's not a problem, he's a man,
maybe that's what you're having trouble with.
I think maybe you better go.
Look, I did... I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.
I... I... I don't know what I mean.
I mean he's not like you or me, but he IS a man.
And contact with a woman, it just might bring him
out of himself, might lead to something, something NEW.
What, what.
The door, Shepherd.
You know, Shepherd, I got stepped-on
by a pony when I was six.
I promise I won't let him step on ya.
- Is it all right?
- Yeah, it's okay.
Well, it smells terrible.
All right.
It's okay, don't worry.
You're gonna be fine.
- Just in the cave, you'll find...
- What!?
The he is.
Take it easy.
Relax, relax, relax,
it's all right.
Put your hand up where he can see it.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
It's okay, all right, all right, all right.
Let him look at you,
let him look at you.
It's all right, it's all right,
he smells fear.
He smells you.
- What's that.?
- That's lunch.
- What do we do now?
- Eat it.
That's what I was afraid of.
- It's kinda like popcorn, you get used to it.
- Oh, my God.
It's all right, it's all right, it's all right.
- What was it?
- It was a beetle.
- What did it taste like?
- A beetle.
- I think I'm going to throw-up.
- No, don't throw-up, he'll take it as a bad omen.
Let him look at you.
Let him look at you, it's okay.
Let him look, let him look,
just go with it, go with it.
Relax, he's never seen anything like this.
He can smell the fear, it's all right.
It's all right, it's okay.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
- Pah-eee.
- Pah-eee!
Mine! Mine!
Sorry, he left, everything...
everything's under control here.
- Very encouraging.
- You're okay.
- What is that?
- I think he made me an offer.
- For what?
- For you.
- Tell him it's not enough.
- No, no.
Pah-eee, mine, no, mine, no.
No, Charlie.
- That looks like a match.
- Yeah, but what is that? Woman?
- Something like it, sounds the same.
- Yeah, it all sounds the same.
But it is a different pitch.
Thought he had a certain grasp of things,
if only he could ascertain sentences.
That's easy for you to say.
That's quite a woman.
She's in very good shape.
- Children?
- Yeah.
- He's talkin' about his family.
- Well, that's a likely guess.
He wants to know where his children are.
How could anybody be so stupid?
- Bieh-Tah.
- Charlie, no!
Get that chopper out of here.
Get that helicopter out of here.
Get it out of here...
- Saeh-Kah.
- Saeh-Nah?
That word with the chopper, it's two words.
Bieh-Tah is his word, Saeh-Kah's the translation.
But it's not Saeh-Kah, it's Seht-Nah,
and that's why he was so mad.
There's an Eskimo myth,
close to one of his.
Wait a minute, Shepherd, you're
telling me that the helicopter... the Bird, the Messenger of the Gods,
but also a trickster.
It's supposed to take you to
heaven, but if you've done wrong,
it takes you someplace else where
you're judged for your sins.
- What sins?
- He let his people die.
- He what?
- I know Charlie, I know him.
I mean, what was he doing out there,
maybe even a magnetic pole flip,
food ran low, no food, no game,
people faced with starvation?
The animals left them to starve, it was because
they offended their Gods in some way.
- This guy was on a dreamwalk.
- A what!?
A dreamwalk. He went out to find this spirit,
to offer himself for return of the animals.
- And that's the Bird?
- The Messenger, the Trickster.
And now that he's seen it, he won't think
of anything else, that's his God.
How long has it been?
Thirty-four hours.
Twelve hours of that weird chanting, and...
now this.
I don't know what to do.
Shepherd, we've got
to be able do something for him.
Shepherd, isn't there
anything we can do for him?
Shepherd, there's got to
be something we can do for him.
Maintenance, report to loading dock.
Maintenance, report to loading dock.
- What's the problem?
- What's the problem? This is my problem.
It's this machine, I told you before but...
All right, that's all it takes.
Any other problems?
Just one other thing.
All right.
- Okay, I'll be right back.
- Good observation.
Don't you ever do anything NOW, Maynard?
Don't I ever do anything now, MAYNARD?
Oh, shit!
Get that thing out of here!
No broken bones.
No apparent head injuries.
Oh, good.
- So, at least our iceman's okay.
- What about Maynard?
Well, the Company's got its lease, you medicos got
a live body, and you... you've got your monkey.
Shut-up!! If you think I'm gonna call it
an industrial accident, you're crazy.
He's not a monkey, he's a human being... like us.
Well, not QUITE like us, we've undergone
a few changes in forty thousand years.
- Not exactly for the better.
- For once we agree on something.
Well, what's that?
Our opinion of modern civilization.
But what I would like to know
is how you expect him to survive in it,
which he will have to do eventually.
What, you think we're going to set him
out on the street tomorrow?
What ARE you going to do?
I mean, how are you going to protect him?
Shepherd, what's happened here is nothing
compared to what's going to happen to him out there.
Okay! That's it! Not another word!
It's over.
Nice try.
But it's over.
What the HELL is he doing back in the Vivarium?
It's not secure!
It's been taken care of,
he's under constant surveillance... now.
We'll stabilize him.
We'll get him on a plane.
We were greedy.
I was an idiot.
Think someone else coulda done better?
There's nothing more I can do, Shepherd.
This guy was on a dreamwalk when we found him.
Let him finish it.
All he can teach us,
you want to waste it.
You can't keep him in the cage the rest of his life.
It's life.
It's not, for him.
He'll die.
None of us want that,
believe me, Shepherd.
What the hell are YOU doing, Shepherd?
What do you want?
He wants your HELP.
Can't help ya.
Maybe we should go and we CAN help him.
The door.
Let's go... Charlie.
Let's go.
Powell, I stopped at the south face.
Do you see anything?
We found tracks.
Do you see Johnson above you?
Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!
Charlie! Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!
Charlie! Charlie!