Ich war neunzehn (1968) Movie Script

Original work: Wolfgang.
Konlhaase. Konrad Wolf
Photography: Werner. Bergmann
Scene: Alfred. Hirschmeier. Bauaufuhrung
Willi Schafer. Giseia Schulze. Peter Wilde
Drama adviser: Gerhard Wolf Guidance
adviser: Anton Ackermann. Nikolai Surkow
Costume: Werner. Bergemann
Dressing: Gunter Hermstein. Inge Merten
Sound effect: Konrad Walle
Edit: Evelyn Carow
Assistant director: Doris Borkmann
Rainer Simon
Executive photographer: Peter Suring
Film: Wolfgang Ebert. Bernd Sperberg.
Edit guidance: Hans Berek. Horns Schmidt
Karlheinz Haarnagell
Darsteller. Jaecki Schwarz.
Wassili Liwanow Alexei. Ejboshenko
Galina Polskich.
Jenny Grollmann. Michail Glusski
Anatoli Solowjow. Kalmursa. Rachmanow
Rolf Hoppe. Wolfgang Greese.
Johannes Wieke Jurgen Hentsch.
Kurt Bowe. Klaus Manchen
Walter Bechstein.
Hermann Beyer. Afanasi Kotschetkow.
Boris Tokarjew. Dieter Mann.u. A
Sleitung. Herbert Ehler
Regie. Konrad Wolf
Damn it! So hard. Get back!
Impossible. So what to do?
Prepare it! We've got to keep on going!
Be quick
Get something under the wheels.
Be quick. You must get some water
"Listen, German soldiers"
Now our broadcasting begins
The war is coming to an end
Put down your weapons
German soldiers
Give up before we catch you
We won't hurt you I'm a German
Title: When I Was Nineteen
German people
The Allied Forces nearly
took all the Europe
All the earth
was surrounded by the war
We look at
the path with German's blood
That's the way to my hometown
I went to Moscow with
my parents when I was 8
All soldiers
We all rush ahead for victory
I grew up in Moscow
My mom lived there
I got many friends there
The war broke
out among all the cities
The war brought
destruction with remnants everywhere
Nearly all days
From elementary school
And then the later life
They are the result of the war
I'm 19
Stand up. No resistance
"April 22nd,1944"
Our army
has already set out 3 days ago
We passed by Berne
What? Where?
-Swiss capital-
"Second lieutenant,"
Hegel report to you
At first
I was alone here when tanks came
No soldiers? "No, neither
Soviet or German soldiers"
How to keep an order? Damn it!
We must keep on going
But the backup forces have not arrived
The backup forces
are all good-for-nothing
"General, report"
Where do
"you come from, second lieutenant?"
"Moscow, general Where?"
"Chohen, general"
"Now, I can't assign Chohen to you"
It was took by Yankees
"However, Berne can be given to you"
Go to issue my order. Be quick
Get on
I am the commander
"Wait for instruction, commander"
Confidential documents
"Come over, girl"
Come on
What are you waiting for?
Someone committed suicide
Your mom?
You live here
I've been here for only 2 days
Do you know
why she committed suicide?
Maybe it will be taken here
Why? The war is over
Do you have any families?
My mom fled away.
I cound not keep up with them
Formal administration will
begin 2 weeks later And then
"Then live, work at usual"
How to live? Work?
Shall I stay here?
Get back?
Or go to Heisen
You're German?
You came from there?
Second lieutenant? Yes
There is a banner on the building
Let me go
Now I can only do this
I hope you will kindly accept
The war made so many
people dead by fighting
I ask for staying with
my colleague in the city
I mean
The house is
not permitted to hang a banner
Listen to me
The headquarters
The first visitor
Wish you a delightful afternoon
I beg for something to be permitted
It will be printed tomorrow?
"Ok, that's it"
Coffee? No
Show you some data
On the advertisement
28 to 33
You're a capitalist? No
Political loser, Borocks
We need a mayor
You act as the mayor
"Me? No, you take it"
I'm too old
You have to take it
What the sign means?
It is my own mark of signature
how many else
others can't understand?
"Do you need help,"
second lieutenant? No
I can help you
I can do it
Turn off
Ok. You may go
Not bad
"Second lieutenant,"
there is a girl
She knows you
Let her in
What happened to her? Your order
What do you want?
Can I sleep here?
"No room, it's not a residence"
I've no places to go
It's not a residence
You speak German?
What do you want?
She wants to sleep over here
Your German is not bad
She is scared
"No, she is afraid of you"
Afraid of our Soviets
Since we
"communicate very well, I tell you"
I'm scared too
That's terror of death
She is also scared.
She is also a soldier?
Yes what?
She asks you if
you are also a soldier
Tell her
I jioned the army not for fun
I jioned it when I got homeless
She said she...
You Germans invaded in that winter
"It was -30C, freezing"
I saw myself many
elders and kids fleed away
Interpret all to her
Germans invaded and
slaughtered in that winter
I don't believe what she said?
She doesn't believe
Because you didn't interpret well
Can't you understand?
"How can you understand, ass?"
What? I did nothing
Why did you invaded into our
nation and committed those crimes?
"I did nothing, nothing"
I did not invade.
We have no relatives left now
You see
She is now really scared
What's up?
Our tank comes over
I get out to have a look
Where should sleep?
There's a bedchamber over there
Take her to there
I go to have a rest
Where have you gone? Stop
Where? What?
Why get back? What direction
is to go forward and back off?
Get out my way
What do you do?
I was appointed
"to be the commander, right?"
I'm the commander
"You're lucky, commander"
"You're lucky, commander"
Be careful
Who's there? Stop
Now report the latest news about the
war The two armies are fighting furiously
The result of it would
give more hurt to the people
The war goes on
"Qith, come to drink a cup of tea"
"Get up, Gecagle"
the pistol is on the stage
Just like
Zekututhif won Napoleon's invasion
"Keep on going, my friends"
How did you come? To have breakfast?
Go to wash your face and hands
Where is the dish?
What dish? The one I gave to yo
The dish I gave to you
No dish
How can they treat
the commander like that?
They didn't know
he's the commander
A consequent
treatment will be soon
Why there's no
elementary treatment?
"April 23rd,1944"
We have already
finished settlement work in the city
Why did you come here?
For what?
We came to take over
"As I know,"
I should go on with my work
Don't you know that tanks
have already entered into Germany?
I work for Berlin
Government of German
I am now the commander here
You are a German?
Pack up you articles
You know all the things here?
What are you talking about?
I'm going
to make a call with my superior
"Sasha, he wants to"
make a call to Berlin to confirm
Put me through on
the headquarters line
This city is
also to be taken over?
To a Soviet interpretor?
I can't confirm it
My task is to take over
the city to superior Soviet officers
You're an idiot
Can we talk about it?
"Second lieutenant,"
Hegel is talking to you
"Hegel, it's you"
"I'm a second lieutenant, Hegel"
No more such silly rubbish!
You're asses
Now listen to me carefully
I'm captain Czickamank
You are?
You are a Fascist
The damned Nazi ringleader's son?
"April 24th,1944 Our tanks converted"
from the west to the south of Berlin
Arrived Sacksonhowth on that day
What did you do to him? He fled
And hided. Any else?
He must be a warehouse-keeper
I have to make it clear at first
What do you do?
You are a guard?
Why did you keep close?
Have you made it clear?
He is not a guard
Do you think that he is a fascist?
I must make it clear
Didn't see that warehouse?
What else did you know there?
Go to have a look yo
What are those things?
It's unnecessary
for us to research
Look at those things
Where did you come? Kyiv
I came from Leningrad
How could you come
from Leningrad? Go to the hell!
There is nothing else
except patients in the warehouse
We left without
administration the first time
we were too late and
it was taken over by other troops
What else can
we say except "sorry"
An executioner
from Sacksonhowth said
We have been killing
with poison gas for 3 years
Can you explain
how to operate? Ok
The vessel
can be operated like this
And close like this
Liquid inpours
Through the second bibcock
Open the vessel
The gas rises
Then the poison gas rises
How long does
it take to kill a person?
A very short time
Ten minutes
Many persons would die
Struggling like this
With flakey sounds
We can see their
painful appearance outsides
See many persons die
How do they come in?
One after one
With hands on the chest
Come over slowly
Then stand here
Stretch their bodies
To be measured exactly
And then the man on
the side begins to read the data
Most of the decedents
belongs to which nation?
"All the nations, most to Soviet"
"Especially the two months,"
September and October of 1941
"As I know, about 13,400 persons"
When? Here?
From 1938
Can you tell
me all that you saw here?
You may go on living here I want
to go anywhere needs me more urgently
You know the duty of my work
But I guess
the problem is not like this
"With Germans,"
you may have more unexpected problems
I have such an experience
Germans want to unify
all nations and nationalities
"To build a united society,"
to build factories
"Enough, Wartin"
What about music
Will you make a fortune
if you kill all of us?
We want to kill nobody
I want to drink
Nazi movement is different
I want to talk
about the history of Germany
Do you understand
the word Latin?
It means the center centralizes
all rights Instruction
of the superior must be obeyed
This is
the theoretic origin of Hitler
They put it
into their own system
Then what happened?
Many people joined
An absolutely obedient system
Then a movement
wave was brought out
It's so natural
Our history was destroyed
like this without any accomplishment
I think personally that the
nation was destroyed politically
But never culturally
You can see
it for you are in Germany
He is also a German
His dad came over by emigration
So knew more about the nation
Even born in Germany he could
not get rid of the nature I said
Soviets answered
with a successful example
A bad dancer always tries
to cover his default of the feet
What it means?
It needs no interpretation
"Play those discs, ok?"
Did you find
the so-called Germany on the book?
I want to find the Germany in life
I don't believe
Destiny cannot be changed
Even for a natural human
People cannot understand
it and so always explore ceaselessly
I have been studying for a long
time how human gets rid of it
The problem is whether we have
the real human history of ourselves
By adopting war?
Maybe it's a simple way
I'm convinced that
there is an outlet of human being
"At last, time and history"
become concise and simple
But we have to face nowadays life
It possible for human
to get rid of power of the god
To gain their own liberation
To struggle against the nature
You know that saying?
I ever had a beautiful nation
But suffered disasters
Falling apart
Now a dream
It's my beloved Germany and German
"My faith, my love and those words"
Shut up!
Stop slop over! Gecagle
"Let me peaceful, ass"
"April 30th,1944"
Now Berlin is
dismissed without any resistance
We have a special task
Give you the last digest
I don't understand
I read it again for you?
"You are going, leaving me alone"
"An order is an order, you know"
I know
"Second lieutenant Hegel, come over"
Put off your coat
Throw it
You forgot the banner
"Qith, bring it over here"
"Thank you, Sasha"
The men to meet the negotiator come
No indiscretion
two negotiatiators come over
No indiscretion
two negotiators come over
No indiscretion
What begin means?
What's up?
We are negotiators
What do you want?
We are negotiators. Open the door
Just like the novel of Shakespeare
I'm the captain stationing here
General Gemey sent
us here for peace talks
I'm interpreter Hegel
I hope you will
not hide any more because
We have already
know by your speaker that
We need all officers
to discuss and then to decide
I hope you can understand me
German military has
its unique administrative system
It's different from your
administrative system
I hope you consider
this matter on our side
My staff has gone
to inform other officers
A nice night
Merely after winter went away
My army life began
from the World War I
Actually it's unnecessary
to talk about that
Tell you officers that
I want to treat them
I think we should believe them
We should believe them
A good idea
Other officials
asked you go to consult together
He asked to go personally
Then we go there
Will they use violence to us?
What? I can ensure your security
He understands
Go on with you idea
Come on
Ok I'm Milet. Laherb
We come to inform you
Our army has already taken Berlin
"Berlin was divided into two parts, taken"
by Americans and our Soviets respectively
Now we take charge of here
I hope you will
cooperate with us peacefully
It benefits both of
us and no conflict happens
You all saw the pain
the war brought to us before
So I hope we can cooperate well
each other to reach our common peace goal
We know there
are many women and children
I hope you think it over
We will report to our
superior about the related matters
We will earnestly deal with it
Some other problems
have not yet been mentioned
We have sent men
the superior to report details
They will
come back soon to inform you
"After they feed back,"
we will take some relevant measures
Credibility of information
is important to us
"According to you,"
why not to come with American troops?
We know that
we should come together
It's elementary
system and principal
How will you deal with
officers after incorporation?
Are you Nazi officer?
What if yes? I didn't say I am or not
You came only to overcome ou
We didn't adopt any
compulsive measures to you at all
Mr. Captain
"Gentlemen, we must"
consider realistic problems
Who can ensure them
the news about Berlin is true?
"One left, the rest also works"
Read it to them
"If you want to surrender,"
according to the file No. 1074
You are to be dealt with a series
incorporation and degation
What has he done?
They went to street
And then?
Drop ladder and they climbed down
Later the adjutant climbed up
Anything else?
The chief
talked with Soviet troops
What did they do?
Gave them something to eat
Went on talking and then waiting
What did he give them?
What's it on earth?
Somewhat like chocolate
What? Somewhat like chocolate
It's true. I know you're great
Nothing else
Thank you chap
You're qualified to wear it
Take an oath
Be loyal to the leader
Come again
Be loyal to the leader
"Ok, chap"
He's better than others
What? What're they doing?
They're discussing
whether to surrender
It's going to be decided
It's up to them
An answer has not been given formally
Anyhow it will be the same surrender
We stationed
here more than one year
It's doomed to be like this
It's like
"the beginning, nothing at last"
What worries is whether
they will be killed after surrender
It's fate and who will believe?
You decide Thank you
It's very simple
and ask them to hurry up to decide
Not simple
Why not simple?
Decide yourselves
The decision has to
take all possibilities into consideration
Now it's time for us to decide
I also hope you
make a commitment over our destiny
Do you understand?
We must decide soon
Shall we come back to report
Go back to the headquarters or?
Have a look at first
We decided
Honored gentlemen
You cannot miss the last chance
You cannot delay
any more or we will take action
Take them back
Berlin is dead
Where to take us? The way back
Stop going
We're waiting to go back
Ask him to take easy
It will be soon to go back
Where are you from since you can
speak both German and Russian?
I was born in Choheon
Really? Then went to Russia?
How long? A long time
We were released after surrender
What else can we do?
What do you think of it?
He's your senior? Yes
Sorry for your waiting a long time
They should be ready
We will cover your eyes
It's the order of the officers
No reason
I don't understand
such a game rule
You maybe not understand
Now you experienced
the gut of Shakespeare
This is the way you are going
See you at Choheon
It's up to the god
"German soldiers,"
there is little time left
There is only one hour
To seven o'clock
"German soldiers,"
it's soon to seven
Only 4 minutes
We have to say goodbye to you
This is my second
hope lost after war
"May,1 st,1944"
"May,1 st"
There is
scattered fight in Berlin
The war has already ended to us
The damned
I go to fetch some water
Come over
Are we back?
Arrived Pasha?
Pull me out
I'm sure it's soon
I heard the familiar tweedle
I feel comfortable
"It's morning, right? Yes"
Do you have a cigarette?
"Yes, do you have a lighter?"
I feel great
Take it out if you have
Several boxes
Dere you are
It's not German tobacco
Out it's strong
I never smoke French cigarette
Too strong
What cigarette is it?
Only after 2 months
I can resume my eyesight
Then I got back home
After Russians come
What will happen?
German friends
In today's program
"May,1 st"
We enjoyed music
Cate and wine
Thanks to Sbaddo
"Let's sit down to celebrate,"
Who are you waiting for?
"Come over, officers"
All officers
The war against
fascists came to an end at last
I express my ovation to you
Take a seat
Let us celebrate...
We drink
Come over
This is second lieutenant
"Hegel from Choheon, German officers"
Are you a German?
Your surname is Hegel?
Do you know Marci. Hegel?
"Yes, he is my dad"
Really? Of course
Really Hegel?
You should know me
I went to your home
With you mom
I don't know
A person
Grows too fast
Come on
You come to say the toast
Give my bless to my mom
"Gecagle, what are you doing?"
"I must tumbled, mom"
It's because you didn't
take good care of yourself
I think
I have tumbled hundreds of times
Because you never afraid of it
You began to smoke at 8
I think I have to stand out
You were still a coward
and afraid of everything at 14
Now begin
"Mr. Inow, I want to talk to you"
I understand your feeling
"However, we hope not"
to talk about politics here
It's good for nothing to shout out
Especially for future
How should
I talk to my child? How?
Child? Yes
I'm a teacher
I'm going
to Kyiv to teach in a school
Teach what?
"destruction of war, and so on"
It's easy to find
"some documents to teach, understand?"
But... how to explain?
Two words Goethe and Auchestwiz
That's our language
These are unchangeable things
Good things
You'd better teach
"May,2nd,1944. our car could"
arrive there and we came back to Sbaddo
Look at this
Many persons were
carried back by troops?
Troops? Any ways else?
You're young. Me too
How old are you? I'm 41
The last generation that works
What do you want to do after war?
I think I can to go to a school
Really? I have a plan to teach
Good idea. Work hard
What are planning to do now?
I hope no more war
So do I. Everyone hopes so
Come on
I ask for a car for you
I have a upset
stomach from yesterday on
Let us drive
All are basking? Yes
Pay me
This isn't an interesting game
Not lucky enough?
Unlucky on playing
"and lucky on love, right?"
Have you seen Yankees?
It's still far away
No Yankees here
He's afraid of his wife who won't
let him in because he's no medal
It's true
He should talk with Yankees
o One more dish? Staff sergeant?
Boring game.
I'll play if we fight
"Well, second lieutenant?"
"No, I've no time"
and have to go to Sbaddo
You sit down
I stayed here for
one week from air raid upto now
Who are those?
We were here from yesterday
New attack was launched
from Berlin this morning
Damn it
We have to let them go there
What should they do?
84mm cannon, 400horsepower
The highest
speed is 34kilometers hour
They're drunk
"Stop firing, we're Russians"
"Retreat, Qith"
"Attention, everyone"
Fell flat
Come this way
Get on the car
I hope nothing wrong now
"May 3rd,1944"
"About 30,000 German troops" hurried
to the west in the morning,2nd, May"
With great casualties
There three branches of enemies
They're moving
arround streets nearby
They're wearing undress
or Soviet uniform stolen
They also use weapons robbed
Among the troops
It's said to have
higher Nazi officers in it
We need no mercy
Take action now
You want to persuade
them to surrender? Yes
You want me to cover? Yes
"I can't help you, pal"
Our men are
stacking up against Germans
You must take my
order into consideration
No matter which method
should try to reduce casualty
Don't let me laugh off my teeth
Germans will also get such an order?
It's not me to persuade you
"Anyhow, I decided"
I stay here
It's peaceful here
I saw no activity up to today
Did anyone come opposite?
She knew nothing
Shall take an adventure?
Put up white flag
It's expensive
We need white cloth
To make banners
We won't fight
We struggle for peace
Ok they're given to you
No problem
What are you doing here?
You're their mother.
Take care of them
Come over
Come over
Gecagle! Germans come
German soldiers and officers
Why do you still
go on with the lost war?
Hitler has already died
No more meaningless resistance
They're scared
Tell them with simple words
"German soldiers, don't leave"
Your best
bet is to come over here
Where are you going? The war ended
They've gone
Play music
I say it again
You discuss each other
I say it again
You discuss each other
Attention. Now decision
Compare the result
of resistance and surrender
Think it over
Put it down. It's not to play
It's not ripsnorting to play
It's time to have lunch
We got to go
Good idea
Come to reinforce
That's the report
Thanks come for your command
What to do with tanks?
Are you going stay here?
All your troops are here? Yes
What's your name?
Lly. Lama
I was obliged to join army
Do you miss home?
Where are you from?
Defeated troops of Berlin
Why not to surrender?
It's too late
Were you unwilling to surrender?
Impossible. I had no choice
but to run with others
"Actually I wanted to surrender,"
but too late
Too late
It's not too late
"German soldiers, come over"
nNow there are more than 100 your
comrades in arms surrendered
Who's your chief?
He wants to meet with an officer
I am one
Captain Rosmath
Captain Czigayo
Not bad. Go on
Others dare not to come.
Let me talk with them on broadcasting
Here you are
Imey. Hama
go on
Come over
Don't delay
We're all here. Come over
Back to Russia?
Then how to deal with us?
Settle down on the spot.
You know it
I just heard of
it and want to confirm
Ready? Yes
No time
They come over
Be ready to attack
They fire
Hide our weapons
Germans fight Germans. Damn it!
Don't neglect Germans lives
"Wait, you bitch"
You all pigs! You all...
I won't forget you! You...
Have you ever
thought of your wife and children?
Your parents?
I can't shoot you! You bitch
You have the heart to hurt them?
Why not to think
it over? Lt' s not bad
This is all that I can do
All passed
Another end
Post this
"letter to my home for me, ok?"
I will
By all means
I was a German
When I was nineteen