Ichi (2008) Movie Script

In ancient times,
troupes of itinerant blind 'goze'
singers roamed northern Japan.
I'd thought you'd be here.
Here's food.
The missus's kindness.
Aren't you the pretty one?
Leave me alone.
You're a blind goze singer
out on her own.
You've known a man.
That's why your troupe kicked you out.
I never know what I'll cut down.
I cannot see.
Haruka Ayase
Shidou Nakamura
Yosuke Kubozuka
Takao Osawa
Based on the story by
Kan Shimozawa "Zatoichi Monogatari"
Screenplay by
Taeko Asano
Music by
Lisa Gerrard
Directed by
It's not that I want a man
just for sex.
You just want someone
to warm you up on cold nights.
A woman who can see
might worry about his looks...
but they don't matter to us.
But if you're one of the goze...
they drive you away
for having known a man.
That rule...
doesn't make sense.
Without warmth...
you'll freeze to death.
Are you listening?
You've slept with a man.
Didn't you?
He's here!
I may be blind, but I'm not stupid!
Leave me the money you promised!
Shut up!
Pay me!
Here's another one.
Hey, boss, this one's gorgeous!
Let's see.
You're a goze, too?
He's asking you a question!
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
Let's have a look at you.
Hold it!
She's not enjoying this.
Who are you?
One passing by.
I beg your indulgence.
Just wait. Wait!
There's no need for blood.
Perhaps this...
might help?
It's worth 10 gold ryo.
It's real!
You think you can buy us off?
We can kill him, take the money
and have the girl!
You are not being fair!
What's wrong?
Curse you, woman!
Why, you...
What is your name?
I should state mine first.
I am Toma Fujihira, samurai of Odaka.
For certain reasons,
I am on a pilgrimage.
But with my 10-ryo note
ruined by saving you...
I must seek employment
and earn some money.
I have enough skill with a sword
to serve as a bodyguard.
'Saved' me?
I would have cut down those men
if you had not.
You laughed! Did you not?
A derisive snort!
Through your nose!
You do not scorn a samurai!
What's wrong with her?
Town of Bito
Miss! I'll show you a fine inn!
Where do men gamble?
The gambling den's a little ways away.
I'll take you.
Can you gamble?
All right? The dice go down.
Place your bets!
They've never heard of him.
Odd? Do I hear 'odd'?
Place your bets!
The moment of truth!
The Banki-to Gang...
Soon I'll be flat broke!
Acting like they own the place!
Don't stand there watching!
You put me off!
Come try your luck!
we continue.
The dice go down.
Place your bets!
Even? Do I hear 'even'?
Any more?
Place your bets!
Even? Do I hear 'even'?
Place your bets!
The bets are down.
Bets are down.
The moment of truth!
Keep going!
Let's do it again!
I don't need a light.
Oh, that's right...
But don't worry while you're here.
I'll take care of you.
My thanks.
I won exactly 10 ryo.
Now my debt is paid.
I've got money now, boy.
Take me to a fine inn.
It's 'Kotaro', not 'boy'!
Hold it!
You bastard!
You played us for suckers!
I did no such thing.
You were cheating.
I would never play tricks!
Give us our money,
and we'll let you live.
I refuse.
If you want the money,
then come and take it.
This time, keep out of it.
He's shaking!
The poor guy!
You have saved me again.
They're down!
Five men with one sword!
Those Banki-to scum had it coming.
A bandit gang.
You wield a fine sword.
I am Toraji,
of the Shirakawa Yakuza family.
Bito is our turf,
and we need a bodyguard.
We'll pay, of course.
How about 20 ryo?
I couldn't...
Not enough?
Well, for a man of your skill...
what would you say
to 30 ryo?
Then it's a deal.
Your name, Master?
Toma Fujihira.
'Toma', stupid!
Kotaro, did you bring
this gentleman?
Well done. I'll buy you
some sweet dumplings.
Miss! Wait.
Is she with you?
Well, I wouldn't say that...
This way, Master.
Let's go.
This way.
You're really something!
You can even beat Banki.
You don't mind him
taking credit for you?
You don't want an inn?
A temple will do.
Come to my house. It's close.
Oh... my father says he knows
a blind swordsman.
I'm back, Dad!
Who's that woman?
A goze.
She's looking for someone.
Are you telling lies
to bring a woman here again?
Well, she's a woman, for sure.
But she's even dirtier than me!
Do you think I'm a fool?!
Don't kill my dad!
He wants a mother
more than anything.
But I'm just no use to anyone.
But enough of that.
In three days...
Lord Kataoka, the Shogun's
will be visiting Bito.
The Shirakawa family
will entertain with a festival...
hoping he'll help
smash the Banki-to.
And among the people
they've invited to perform...
are a kabuki theatre troupe...
and a blind 'draw-and-slash'
That samurai did this?
Does anyone know?
The same wounds
as the other three today.
Back-hand single slash.
I thought only one man
fought like that.
Master! Have a drink.
I should be pouring for the boss.
Please don't be so formal.
And my father Chobei Shirakawa
is the real boss.
With this gentleman here,
we have nothing to fear!
He cut down five
Banki-to men in a flash!
I'm not like Father.
I won't let the Banki-to
walk all over me!
I am Toraji
of the Shirakawa family!
So drink up!
You too, Master.
Ah, Kihachi!
You brought her?
We've been waiting!
You're one beautiful goze.
What's your name?
Ichi, sir.
What shall I play?
Great Master?
No, I know nothing of music.
Just play something.
'Again tonight I sleep alone...
'Imagining being rocked
on my mother's knee...'
No, no, no.
Not like that.
Something with more spirit!
Something to make
this gentleman liven up.
That's it!
Right, Master?
It's me. Toma Fujihira.
Sorry! Have you
been waiting long?
Oh, Coma...
It's 'Toma'!
Toraji-san paid us well.
Did you hear me?
It was a good job.
Wear this blindfold.
Banki seems to have weird tastes.
You greedy cow.
This is business, you know.
Make damn sure
you don't touch his face.
You do, and he'll be
your last 'business'.
You haven't touched your food!
Don't you like it?
No, that's not it.
Since the Banki-to came...
the inns of Bito
have wasted away.
When Boss Chobei was well...
the place was full of life.
But at this rate
the place will die away!
But, Master, if you will just
cut down Banki...
Everyone here
is hoping you will.
So eat your fill,
and build up your strength!
Eat lots.
Lots and lots!
Where's the toilet?
Down the hall.
I can't take it any more.
It's a waste of blood.
We won't know till we try!
We should ask the Magistrate...
to send a force
to suppress them.
Is the entertainment ready?
Of course it is!
But no bureaucrat will help us.
Round up all the nobodies
you want.
They won't be a match for Banki.
It's not that way.
It's down here!
This is Squire Fujihira.
He's very far from being a nobody.
We're counting on you.
May I speak with you?
Banki is not
your regular bandit warlord.
He was a samurai
of good name...
recommended to the Shogun
as an Instructor of Fencing.
So what made him a bandit?
His face was burned.
He is horribly disfigured.
His appearance
was so hideous, they say...
that he was driven
from his official post.
For his looks?
The Banki-to...
suck our blood, neither killing us
nor letting us live.
But we have reached our limit.
And Banki knows that.
So then...
Although as a yakuza
I am ashamed to say it...
I am afraid.
Toraji is a dear son.
I am terrified of losing him.
I wish I weren't growing old.
Quite the guy, huh?
A father like that...
makes you want
to blaze your own trail.
Boss Chobei told me
about this secret place.
Oh, no! I forgot my float.
You wait here. I'll go get it.
Kotaro seems fond of you.
Do you like kids?
I hate them.
They're pests.
They won't shut up.
But they're pure of heart
so you can trust them.
But not the adults...
Not most of them.
You've got a bite.
No, I don't...
Hey, I do!
Well, well, well!
'Again tonight I sleep alone...
'Imagining being rocked
on my mother's knee.'
That song you sang...
How does it go?
'Imagining the face
I've never seen...
'Still, I can never hate you.
'How I want to see you.'
'Still I can never hate you...'
I'd like to hear it again.
Maybe someday.
Will you be staying awhile?
Till my search is done.
I see...
There might be a battle between
the Shirakawa and the Banki-to.
Do you intend to fight?
Well, I serve the Shirakawa...
Stay out of it.
Sticking your nose into things
just brings trouble.
I can't just stand by
while my companions are killed.
You could have helped that girl
they were beating up.
Why is it...
you won't get involved?
When you're blind,
you can't see the border.
Day or night...
Or if the road suddenly ends...
You don't see the line in between.
Everything scares you.
If a man's good or bad...
how can I see to know?
I can't tell any difference.
I can't even see...
if I'm alive or dead!
Not that I really care
if I live, anyway.
Fight me with that.
Better not, Coma.
You're no match for her.
Here goes.
Right on schedule!
The Magistrate will be pleased.
The Banki-to should keep quiet...
while the Magistrate's around.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hit you so hard.
Does it hurt?
So you're better than she is...
Yep. I'm really good.
But only with a wooden sword.
I can't strike with a real one.
Why not?
My father...
taught martial arts
for the Odaka clan.
My mother wasn't killed...
but she was blinded.
And I was never able
to draw a sword again.
No one has ever beaten me
with a wooden sword.
But as the son of a swordmaster
who couldn't draw a real sword...
I shamed my house.
My father began to hate me.
Five years ago,
he adopted his best student
as heir in my place.
And I left on a pilgrimage...
of which I am still trying
to find the end.
But my mother
never forsook me.
She always encouraged me
to become a true samurai.
But when I was 15, she died.
Even when she was gravely ill,
she struggled for life.
Though she was blind,
she never gave up hope.
She desperately wanted to live...
but that was not to be.
I am...
who I am.
The Magistrate has arrived!
So he's not...
the man you seek.
Are you leaving?
I don't care if you're
a Magistrate or not!
You'll regret this!
Are you Toma Fujihira?
Kill them!
What's wrong?!
Now, listen...
You saw nothing.
All is calm in Bito.
It's a peaceful town.
Bito is a fine town!
If you want to keep your position,
say nothing about us.
I swear!
Some bodyguard you've got, Toraji.
Just don't bother, like your old man.
You'll live longer.
Shut up!
the town!
That was a mistake...
We need the Shirakawas
kept alive.
We've done enough.
We're going!
Where's that single slash
the chief was talking about?
Bring this guy with us.
It's not him.
Take me to Banki.
Banki knows a man
who fights in my style.
All right!
It wasn't Toma Fujihira
who cut down our men.
What, you're telling us
it was that woman?
That's nonsense!
See for yourself.
Are you Banki?
I'm not good enough?
I'll kill her!
You guys are hopeless!
Are you here for me?
I want to ask something.
I'm good, you know.
Shut up!
Don't make any noise.
I've seen a man
who fights like you.
He was blind, but very good.
However, before we could fight...
he caught a disease going around
and died.
He was the only one I wanted to kill.
You made total fools of us!
Get lost!
Say something, 'Great Master'!
Dad! Do something!
They'll kill him!
Dad! Dad!
Coma's really good, you know!
Better than Ichi!
He beat her! I saw it!
We'll finish the Banki-to.
No more running away.
We've lost a lot of men.
We need all the men we can get!
'Great Master'...
If you really are that good,
then you kill Banki for us.
Before that...
There's one thing...
I have to do.
Do you hurt?
What was that blind man to you?
Him and me,
we both smelled like outsiders.
You do, too.
We are the same.
We're treated like beasts.
They kick us around...
and leave us to die in the fields.
Lay there...
as long as you want.
And then I'll take
real good care of you.
Tell the missus
I never did anything.
I have no other place.
I want to come back.
I'll save you!
Where's the woman?!
Find her!
After her!
That way!
Who are you?!
Toma Fujihira!
That woman is mine.
You have to rest.
The man...
He was dead.
Your father?
He left me with the goze troupe.
He'd come back sometimes
and teach me to fight.
Now I can never find out the truth.
The troupe drove me out.
I didn't mean to kill the man.
I was completely confused.
I feel nothing.
I wish I was dead.
But I wanted to meet him
before I die...
and ask if he was my father...
You mustn't die.
You mustn't die!
All right!
There's more of them,
but we can still win!
They have more than twice as many
so kill at least two before you fall.
Get in close and fight!
Give me one!
Don't run out on us this time.
They're coming!
Lots of them!
I am Toraji
of the Shirakawa family!
Today we settle once and for all!
This place is of use to us no more.
I'm afraid...
you will join your father.
As of today, you and this place
are finished.
Ichi, are you awake?
Where's Toma?
What's happened?
This is for my father!
Toma Fujihira!
Face me.
Give the woman back.
Where is he?
Did he run again?
I guess I'll have to go.
Go kill him!
That woman is mine.
I will never let go of.
Kill him...
How's Banki?
He's dead.
Banki is...
You must live!
The border I couldn't see...
is slowly coming clear.
One who has fallen...
can never rise again.
Especially one
who reeks of blood.
You I will never forgive.
You can never defeat me!
Big Boss!
Where will you go now?
To Odaka.
Toma's home town?
To put his sword
on his mother's grave.
It seems that I do need a light
to walk with, after all.
With that light, I feel
I can finally see my path a little.
We'll meet again!