I'd Kill for You (2018) Movie Script

(Bird calling)
I'm honoured to
be here today
to celebrate the life
of a great man...
a great husband
and a great father.
The releasing of these
ashes into the sea
represents a
return to home.
Life and death
is a great mystery.
We are summoned to
this world, and then...
called upon
to return,
God's vast plan
and purpose so deep
that our
understanding fails...
and our reason
cannot follow.
Sean, would you like
to say a few words?
I didn't
prepare anything.
(Clears throat)
( Ticket Home
by The Bones of J.R. Jones )
( Man humming )
Summer rain,
won't you come to me?
This man needs your sympathy
And wash over me
And wash over me
I swear I ain't a criminal
Just a man
who needs a miracle
Swing low for me
Swing low for me
'Cause I've been to hell
And I lived to tell
That I ain't going back
No, I ain't going back
The devil's gonna chase me
'Cause I ain't going quietly
I'm gonna tire him out
I'm gonna run him out
I hear the train coming
I'm heading back
to the station
It's my ticket home
It's my ticket home
This man needs
your sympathy
(Birds chirping)
(Insects chirring)
(Birds chirping)
What's up, my man?
Can I help you?
Hey! No,
I'm OK. Thanks.
(Dog barking in distance)
Does Henry Barnes live here?
He used to.
Who's asking?
My name's Sean.
Uh, see, I...
Um, how do you
know my stepfather?
We... we're old friends.
Old friends?
Yeah. Um...
Do you know
where he lives now?
He's out of
town right now.
I'm guessing he'll be back
to LA in a couple days.
You can see him then.
All right. Well...
- Hey! Scott, was it?
- Sean.
Are you nervous?
You look like you could use
a glass or two of water.
(Clock ticking)
OK. How do I say this?
I'm not an old friend of his.
I've never even met him before.
I found this letter on my
car windshield yesterday
when I was on the way back
from my father's funeral.
- Your father's funeral?
- Yeah.
The letter was
written anonymously,
but as you can see,
I have this address
and I have a name.
Apparently, your stepdad
is also my half-brother.
pretty insane!
Tell me about it.
I don't know what
the hell to believe
or who could have
written the letter.
What can you
tell me about him?
Henry? He was a writer.
Um... He even wrote a book
that got published.
But then he fell into
some hard times,
and he hasn't really
written anything since.
he's a drunk.
He's a criminal.
And he's definitely
not to be trusted.
he's a murderer.
He killed a woman.
There was a trial,
but he got off.
If you get involved with him,
I can promise you this:
You're gonna be dragged down
into a world
you don't wanna
go anywhere near.
This is a lot of information
to process at one time.
I should, uh,
get going.
Oh yeah? OK.
Uh, well, it was
nice meeting you.
- You too.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
- All right.
(Car beeping)
(Birds chirping)
Until my dying days
Until I can't recall
my own name
I'll love you
until the Reaper comes to call
Till the memories fade
and our faces start to fall
When the secrets come out
The tide washes away
them all
Until my dying days
Until I can't recall
my own name
When the secrets come out
The tide washes away
them all
He's got a fruit stand
on a street corner
somewhere downtown.
A fruit stand?
I'd never have guessed.
How could you have?
What kind of fruit?
Um, I think he deals
exclusively in mangoes,
but I could be wrong.
I'm just curious:
Why did you tell me he
was out of town yesterday?
I was hoping I could
convince you not to meet him.
But if
you're dead set
on finding your
long lost, evil brother,
I guess I'll
help you out.
- Thanks.
- Don't mention it.
Is this your car?
Yeah. She's a pretty
sweet ride, isn't she?
From what you
told me about him,
I can't picture him
working at a fruit stand.
Well, it's not your
average fruit stand.
"Mango" is a code word for meth.
What do you mean?
I mean he uses the fruit stand
as a cover for his drug sales.
- Drug sales?
- Yeah, Henry's a drug lord.
- What?
- I thought I told you this!
Oh! Well, I did say
he was dangerous, didn't I?
You still want to meet him?
It's your funeral.
(Tires screeching)
OK, I think he used to
work that corner right there,
but I guess he recently moved.
So, how do we find him?
Well, he's got about
5 different locales
that he
circles between,
so eventually,
we should find him.
I gotta warn
you, though:
Once we get close
to Henry's turf,
things might get
a little crazy, OK?
Because he's
a drug lord.
(Horn honking)
Oh, shit!
What's going on?
Don't turn around.
There's a guy behind us
in a red car.
It's Henry's ex-partner, and he
owes him a shit ton of money.
This guy will go after
anyone close to Henry to get it.
- Bloody hell!
- Bloody hell is right.
OK, I'm pretty sure he's
ID'd me. You need to get down.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, I'm serious! Get down.
I don't want him
to ID you too!
How much money
does Henry owe?
Enough to sleep
with one eye open.
Now you think this thug
ex-partner guy is after you?
Well, yeah,
that's what thugs do!
They come after you.
OK, hold on to your
tea and biscuits.
I gotta lose this guy.
- Oh, for goodness' sake!
- Didn't I tell you to get down?
Stop looking back.
They'll ID you!
They? You said one
ex-partner thug guy.
These assholes
always travel in pairs.
(Tires screeching)
Watch out! Ah!
(Sean shouting, indistinct)
Why are you driving
on the sidewalk right now?
Watch out for this guy!
- Don't worry, I got this.
- Ah!
I feel like I'm in
The French Connection right now.
The French what?
(Tires screeching)
Whoa! Be careful!
Stop talking
and duck your head down.
You can come up now.
(Laughing, sighing)
(Both laughing)
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
You're a
sensational driver.
Well, thank you.
Have you ever
been in love?
(Clears throat)
Tell me a secret,
something nobody
else knows.
A secret?
Hmm. Um...
- I...
- OK, fine. I'll go.
I'm killing myself
two weeks from today.
I'm serious.
You're not happy?
Happiness has nothing
to do with it.
Why are you
telling me this?
I don't know. I figured
I should tell someone.
Why would
you do that?
Why do you
care, anyway?
Because I have
a conscience.
Is that the only
reason you care?
(Engine starting)
(Birds chirping)
So, we're just supposed to
hang out for the next two weeks
until you
kill yourself?
I never said
I wanted to spend
the last two weeks
of my life with you.
I'm kidding.
Come up. You still
owe me a secret.
( Playing soft melody )
Your turn
My turn for what?
I told you I was
gonna kill myself
So now it's
your turn
(Inhaling deeply)
All right. OK.
Let me see if I can
beat your secret.
My whole life
is a lie.
I've always had it
all planned out.
I could see it all
in front of me.
And now, I don't know
what that is anymore.
Why do you lie so much?
I've never
been in love.
Everyone has
been in love
At least once
I've been in relationships,
and I've said the words...
but I've never
really meant them.
Not really.
Come outside and
have a smoke with me
I have something
to tell you
The main thing you
need to know about Henry
is he was abandoned by
his father, your father.
And you know who
he was left with?
His alcoholic mother.
She abused the shit out
of him when he was a kid, OK?
Horrible things
went down.
He never got
to meet your dad,
and now, he'll never
get a chance to.
But he still fucking hates him.
You know who
he hates even more?
- Who?
- You.
Well, how do
you figure that?
Your father left him
with his fucked-up mother
so he could start
his new family.
You're everything
he could have been.
You tell him you're
his half-brother,
and he'll kill you.
(Dog barking in distance)
(Sprinkler running)
How do you even know
that he's guilty, though?
I mean, he got off.
Why are you so sure
that he killed that woman?
...because that
woman was my mother.
Here's your smoke.
If you ever see that man,
I don't want to have
anything to do with you.
I didn't know. I...
I'm really sorry.
It's OK.
What makes you so certain
that he killed your mother?
Get out!
I didn't mean
to upset you, though.
Apology accepted.
Now please leave!
- Sean, out!
- OK!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Can I come in?
- No!
I need to
talk to you.
Well, talk.
I don't know how to
say this, other than...
can we
start over?
What I said, questioning
you about Henry...
and your mother...
I had no right.
I don't need
to see him.
I'd much rather
continue to see you...
if that's
all right.
That would be nice.
I want to
take you out.
- Like, on a date?
- Yeah.
Any place in mind
you'd like to go?
- What are we doing here?
- I need a new dildo.
Cool! All right.
Um, you got a lot of choice.
This looks
like a cactus.
Can I help you with anything?
Oh, no. No, no.
We're good.
We're just
looking around.
Actually, I'm looking
for a new vibrator.
Do you have any that
you would recommend?
We have a wide range
of dildos and vibrators,
and, of course,
vibrating dildos.
Vibrators, we have
all your standards:
your egg-shaped, your
wand, your bullet, etc.,
both battery operated
and rechargeable.
Uh, we have your
dual stimulation
to get the Z-spot and
the G-spot simultaneously.
We have ticklers.
We have some
anal beads,
butt plugs
and, oh, cock rings.
Oh, we'd like to
know how those work.
Let me show you.
- This is your cock ring.
- Mm-hmm.
So, when you
bring in your penis,
you can wear this
at different points
to get different kinds
of stimulation.
If you place it at the tip,
that's a good place to start.
Now, if you want some
more testicular sensation,
just move this
on down to the bottom,
and there, the vibrations
go into the balls.
(Cock ring vibrating)
Yeah. That's
really fascinating.
- Thank you so much!
- Absolutely!
Um. I think I'll
get this one.
Great choice!
I'll ring you up at the register
whenever you're ready.
And we have lots of lube
as well, if you're interested.
- Oh, perfect!
- Yeah!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
(Register ringing)
How often do
you masturbate?
I can't answer that.
I'm a lady.
Thank you.
Did you hate waking up
in the morning to work there?
He fell off a roof
while laying brick
on some rich guy's house
in Beverly Hills.
Oh, I'm sorry
to hear that.
( Playing upbeat melody )
One, two, three, four.
Oh, the mountains
you can move
When you realize you
got nothing to prove
Ambling around as though
you're some kind of amputee
You gotta stop
searching for something
To set you free
Love exists outside
of space and time
Soon all your wrongs
Will become your rights
Thank you for
playing for me today.
I know I sort of peer-pressured
you into that one.
It's OK. But you do
owe me now, so be aware.
Well, how can I
ever repay you?
Well, I don't
know yet.
Well, uh, I do have a few
great natural talents.
One of them is that I give
an incredible foot massage.
- Hmm!
- It's a gift.
OK, then. Let's
test your skills.
(Birds calling)
Come on, we're waiting,
my feet and I.
(Opening zipper)
(Both laughing)
You look so nervous!
I thought you
were good at this.
I am! Oh my god!
They're incredibly
cute feet.
Maybe the cutest
I've ever seen.
OK. Thanks,
I guess.
You're kind of
terrible at this.
I know. I just really
wanted to touch your feet.
(Both laughing)
(Both sighing)
You can keep
massaging my feet,
but, um, you're
not gonna kiss me
or sleep with
me tonight.
Oh, that's good,
that's good.
I didn't want to kiss you
or sleep with you tonight.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
( Game On by CJ Ryan )
Tell me, baby,
do you like the way I move?
Come on, get your dance on
We can have as much fun
as you can possibly have
With your pants on
(Clears throat)
(Insects chirring)
(Both laughing)
Let me walk you
to your front door.
It gets really dangerous
here at night, sometimes.
Hold on,
hold on.
Thank you.
(Clears throat)
That... that
was fun today.
Yeah, it was.
Except for the
terribly disappointing
foot-massage fiasco.
Yes, minus that.
(Inhaling deeply)
(Clears throat)
(Inhaling sharply)
What do you
want to do now?
Looks like
we both lied.
You also said you didn't
want to sleep with me.
I'm in a lying
kind of mood right now.
(Inhaling deeply)
I only lie
once per day.
(Sean): Siren Seduction
by Henry Barnes...
"The sight of her heaving bosoms
"caused a torture inside him
he prayed would never end.
"She emerged
from the water,
"her golden locks
wrapped around her body
"like a mermaid
drenched in seaweed.
"She beckoned to him
with her piercing blue gaze,
"and he could feel himself being
pulled into the sparkling abyss.
"He was powerless
against her seduction.
"Could he help it
if he wanted her?
"After all, they weren't
related by blood.
"Could he admit it,
even to himself,
"that he was falling
helplessly in love...
"with his daughter?"
Excuse me.
Are you Henry Barnes?
Depends what mood
I'm in. Who's asking?
I'm looking to write
an article on you.
Look, if this
is about the trial,
a court of law
saw fit to let me go.
I don't do interviews.
It wouldn't be
about the trial.
Honestly, I don't know
anything about that, really.
Um, I'd be more interested in
what you've been doing since.
I really liked
your novel.
You read my book?
Yes. It's
really, um...
Hey, Chris!
How's it going, man?
All right.
- The usual?
- Yep!
Got something for you.
You got something for me?
Yeah, man. You should
come by, have some mango.
It was really
What did you
like about it?
How real it felt,
the characters.
You're my one fan.
I'm sure
that's not true.
Shouldn't you be
in school or something?
What are you, 16?
I'm 24.
I remember
when I was 24.
It all seemed to
make sense.
My whole life ahead of me,
my whole fucking life.
What are you doing?
I'm just taking down
a few notes for the article.
How'd you find out
I was here?
Um, I just got told that
you worked on a fruit stand
on a street corner
in downtown.
So I took
my chances.
I started walking around,
hoping I'd find you,
and, um, here you are!
So, uh...
you gonna buy
some mangoes or what?
I'm OK, thanks.
You don't
like mangoes?
They're OK.
I think you should
lay down some cash
and have one of
these delicious treats.
Fresh off the boat.
Sure, OK.
- I'll... I'll have one.
- Hmm.
Does... does
that cover it?
What else you
got in there?
That'll do. Here.
Eat one. Hmm?
Put it in.
Chew it.
(Footsteps approaching)
- Bag of mangoes, please.
- Yeah.
- The mangoes fresh?
- Absolutely!
How much for a bag?
- $2. Just mangoes?
- Just mangoes.
- You got a sweet tooth?
- Yeah.
All right.
Enjoy! Stay healthy.
Did you, um...
Did you remarry?
You think I
killed her, don't you?
No, I don't.
I don't know
anything about it.
But you read about it.
Yeah, a little.
So, you want
to interview me,
and you don't want to
talk about that?
You said you didn't
want to talk about that.
You fucking with me, kid?
No, I swear!
I didn't do it.
Hi! What have you been up to?
Oh, a little bit of this,
a little bit of that.
What are you doing?
Cigarettes and laundry.
- Sounds like fun.
- Tons.
Can I join you?
Yes, you shall.
Why do laundry if you're gonna
just end it all in a few weeks?
I'm civilized,
and I like clean stuff.
Don't you have
a mother back home
who's worried about you?
She's always worried about me.
Have you told her about
what your father did,
that you have
a half-brother?
I don't know if it's anything
she even needs to know.
It would crush her.
She... she loved
my father very much.
She respected him.
She ever
tell you that,
that she loves
and respects him?
She was in love with him.
Well, love is
a tricky thing.
It can be pretty deceiving.
You never wonder?
Wonder what?
Well, if it
was real or not.
Well, I've been
trying to go through
these moments in my head,
images of my
parents, um...
things my father said
to me through the years,
things he's said
to my mother.
And my mom can't ever
know about this.
Shouldn't she know
the truth about him?
Sometimes, it's
better not to know.
Could you see yourself being
married to the same person...
for, like, 30,
40, 50 years?
So daunting to
think about it.
I can
picture it.
I just, um...
can't imagine
being in a marriage
with someone I wasn't
madly in love with.
Could you hand me my thong?
It dropped next
to your leg.
If you fell in love
with someone...
madly in love
with someone...
would that make life
worth living more?
So, you're saying
if I met this man
and fell deeply, madly,
passionately in love with him
in the next week and a half,
would I decide
not to kill myself?
I'd take him with me.
You coming here
has shaken me up a bit.
But I am glad
you decided to stay
instead of going behind my back
and tracking down
my mother's killer.
Me too.
You again?
I have a, uh...
I have a few more
questions for you,
if you're not
gonna mind.
Hey, man,
why should I mind?
All I got is time!
You want a taste?
I do!
- Oh, that's good!
- Mm-hmm.
Um, I do have a few
questions about your family.
Do they live
around here?
Family. Let's see...
Oh, right, for your article.
Getting personal
now, are we?
I haven't seen my
mother since I was 17,
and, uh, I never
had the pleasure
of being introduced
to the old man.
I'm sorry
to hear that.
Sorry? About what?
That you never got
to know your father.
I'm not!
And your mother?
Why... why haven't
you seen her?
She used to do
the beauty-pageant circuit
when she was
a teenager.
She was a troubled
woman later in life,
something wrong
in her brain.
I feel sorry
for her, actually.
(Inhaling deeply)
(Clears throat)
Do you have
any siblings?
(Clears throat)
Do you talk to
Kate anymore?
You've really
done your homework.
I haven't seen her
in a long time.
How come?
You know how
these things are.
Well, um, don't
you miss her?
Yeah, sometimes, when I'm
lying in bed late at night.
She gave me the
best head I've ever had.
You wouldn't
fucking believe it!
( How Do You Feel Now?
by The Cheeksters )
How was your morning?
- Oh, fine.
- Mmm.
What are you up to?
I'm gonna take a shower.
You want to join me?
I know you, brother
You've been taking
I know you, sister
You're trying to make it
for love
How do you feel now?
(Shower running)
( Kate humming )
Kate, we need to talk.
Sean, come take
a shower with me
Get in here
Get in here
( Kate vocalizing )
Get in here
(Whispering): Oh!
You have, um, really
good water pressure.
That's what you're
thinking about right now?
Amongst other things.
What did you
want to talk about?
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
Why did you stop?
I'm just a little bit
nervous. That's all.
Don't worry so much.
Are you serious?
Hmm. How about I wash
your hair or something?
How about you get
the fuck out of my shower?
What the fuck?
Hey, no, wait!
Wait! Can we talk?
But I need to
talk to you.
- Don't touch me!
- I'm sorry.
Get out
of my house!
- Please!
- Go! Get the fuck out!
- Fine!
- Wait!
- What?
- Drop the towel.
- Are you serious?
- It's my favourite towel.
You are one crazy...
(Children playing in distance)
I'm not
letting you in.
I don't want
to come in.
(Exhaling sharply)
I'm glad I didn't
go and see Henry.
I think if I ever
met him, I...
I would kill him.
I'm gonna go change.
I'll be here,
waiting patiently
for you to return.
(Muttering indistinctly)
"Birds Do the Strangest Things."
Oh! Uh...
- Hey!
- Yeah, hey! Hey.
I need a smoke.
Want me to
roll you one?
Uh, sure.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What's wrong
with you?
Nothing's wrong.
No, I'm just, um...
I was just thinking about
that letter, you know.
Like, who the hell
could have written it?
Do you have, um...
Do you have any idea?
No. I have no idea.
I mean, your guess
is as good as mine.
Hey, I'm hungry!
Let's go get some food.
(Clears throat)
- So, Kate...
- Hmm?
Look, I need to
ask you something...
Hey. I wrote the letter.
You may never
want to see me again,
and I'll understand that.
So, what? This whole
thing's been a lie?
Just let me explain, OK?
Well, tell me!
Enlighten me into your psyche.
- OK, I'm...
- The truth.
- Yes, of course.
- No more lies.
No more lies.
I wrote you the letter
because I wanted to
lure you over here
and seduce you
into falling in love with me
so I could convince you
to kill him, to kill Henry.
What does that even mean?
What are you telling me?
I thought that
if you fell for me
and you knew that
he murdered my mother,
you'd want to
help me get revenge.
Do you know how
crazy that sounds?
Well, now that I'm
the one falling for you,
I can't go through
with it, so...
You are? You're...
Falling for you?
This doesn't make any sense.
Why would you write me a letter
and lure me down here,
but when I get down here,
you convince me not to see him?
Henry's a very
convincing guy.
I knew if you
met him, he would...
You know, you
wouldn't believe me.
Oh, I should
believe you now?
OK, but why me?
Why not get someone
else to kill him?
- Motive.
- Why would I have a motive?
Your recently deceased father
was having an affair
and had a
secret family.
You'd have motive
to want to kill the child
that was a result
of that affair.
I can't fucking believe
that you wanted me to kill him,
or anyone
for that matter.
That man fucking
killed my mother!
- Yeah, I know. But...
- But what?
It doesn't mean you have
the right to murder him.
I mean, OK, he might
have deserved it.
And if that was my mother,
I might want to do the same.
So, what are
you saying?
If you're so set
on killing yourself,
why wouldn't you
just kill him?
Believe me, that was
my first instinct,
to just kill that
asshole myself.
But, on the off chance
that I got caught,
I wouldn't be able to execute
my suicide as planned.
Oh, fuck!
You're insane.
I just want what
he has coming to him.
- I'm gonna go.
- Hey, don't go!
Well, I'm going.
I need to figure shit out.
Please, I'm sorry.
I... I didn't mean to lie to you.
(Door closing)
I feel my brain begin
to swirl and scatter
Haze has occluded my eyes
I know that all this
doesn't really matter
When I'm drowning
in my river of lies
Here comes the battle
for my mind
But will she be cruel?
Will she be kind?
I will no longer live in...
I like your sign.
Thank you. I was hoping
it would be romantic.
Mission accomplished.
You look tired.
Yeah. I couldn't sleep
at all last night.
Me either.
You should quit those,
you know.
Let me have a drag.
How do you think
I'd do in prison?
What a defeatist
You don't think you
can get away with it?
- Let's get out of here.
- OK.
Should we get
something to eat?
(Kate): Have you ever been
to a masquerade ball?
(Birds chirping)
Good morning!
I woke up, and you
weren't next to me.
I thought you'd left.
- You OK?
- I'm fine.
Have you
been crying?
How come?
Wh-what's wrong?
I don't know.
Last night
was so much fun.
Maybe we could do
something today.
We could go somewhere
neither of us have been before.
I... I don't want to
do anything today, OK?
Are you upset with me?
You can go if you want to.
I get it.
You mind if I
just sit with you?
Your mouth
covered in sand
As you washed up
on the beach
You live in
a burial ground
(Inhaling deeply)
( Lyrics indistinct )
Collecting stones
Traded like gold
As you walk
with your two feet
Collecting stones
Traded like gold
As you walk
with your two feet
The devil's sentence stays
The devil's sentence stays
The devil's sentence stays
The devil's sentence stays
The devil's sentence stays
(Birds calling)
(Insects chirring)
(Cell vibrating)
Hey, Kate!
It's Mom.
Are you there? Kate?
Hey! Hey, wake up.
- What?
- I can't sleep.
I need to talk to you
about something.
What time is it?
I don't know.
It's late.
Let's go and get
something to eat.
( Salsa playing on stereo )
(Clears throat)
I was thinking
about what you said,
about wanting me to kill Henry.
What about it?
I want to do it.
Henry murdered
your mother.
The guy
deserves it.
He deserves to die,
and I want to do it.
I want to
do it for you.
Are you fucking with me?
No, I'm
totally serious.
OK, well, why the change?
Don't you agree it's insane?
I mean, you're a lot of things,
but you're not a killer.
Yeah, you're right,
I'm not a killer,
but I've also never felt
this way about anyone before.
People change.
People do crazy things,
things they never could
have imagined doing.
(Siren wailing in distance)
This is what
you wanted, right?
It's what you
were planning.
Yeah, but...
Well, let's just
stick to the plan.
It was a crazy plan.
Well, I'm in
a crazy kind of mood.
You're being ridiculous.
You don't think I'm capable
of going through with it.
I'm not saying that.
I just don't know if...
You'll get caught.
I've got this.
So, how are you
gonna do it exactly?
Shoot him.
- Shoot him?
- Yeah.
You know,
with a gun.
Well, do you
even have a gun?
No, I need to go buy one.
OK, sure.
Go get a gun and shoot him.
(Kate laughing)
Hey, I'm offering up
my services.
I... You're crazy.
(Sean speaking gibberish)
Blah! I'm fucking crazy!
I'm a fucking nutter!
And I'm gonna do it.
Where did you get a gun?
From a shady gun dealer guy.
He even threw in
some free bullets.
(Insects chirring)
Now I just need to figure out
how to execute
the perfect murder.
Sean, have you ever
even shot a gun?
How hard could it be?
This guy said this is
really easy to handle.
It's just a point and
a shoot type of deal.
I thought about using a blade,
but that would be too messy.
You're not serious?
This is crazy!
No. I'm willing
to do anything for you.
You know...
I'm pretty impressed
you actually went out
and bought a gun.
It's kind of bad-ass.
Well, you're
bringing it out of me.
So, what's the plan?
Well, I've come up
with something
totally elaborate and genius.
I'm gonna follow him.
And then I'll corner him in
a hidden alley somewhere nearby.
And then I'll shoot him
in the back of his fucking head.
What do you think?
I think it'll work.
You got any bananas?
No. If you want fruit, go
to the fucking grocery store!
Uh, two mangoes.
Get out
of here. Go!
Jesus Christ!
Are you ready for this?
Ready as
I'll ever be.
You brought the gun?
I've got it.
What about
the gunshot?
When the gun goes off,
people are gonna hear it.
What if there
are witnesses?
That's why you've
gotta be my lookout.
Signal me if you see
someone loafing about,
and I'll back away.
Plus, it's late.
Look, nobody's around.
- You don't know that.
- Yeah, I don't.
But if something weird happens,
I'll improvise.
What about the body?
What about it?
What are gonna do with it
after you've killed him?
Nothing. We're just
gonna leave him.
I don't think there's anything
wrong with leaving the body.
Why are you
doing this?
You know why.
No, I don't.
Not really.
He's leaving.
OK, this is it.
Are you...
(Cocking gun)
Stop! Stop.
What... what
are you doing?
I can't let
you do this!
- Kate?
- Hey.
Look, I lied to you
about everything, OK?
He's not your
You told him I'm
his half-brother?
- Yes.
- Hey, fuck this!
No, don't touch me!
He's just this guy
I used to date.
Henry's your
But the murder trial.
This guy killed your mother.
Well, he really was
on trial for killing a woman.
It... it just wasn't my mother.
You told this guy
I killed your mother?
Yes, OK? Sorry!
This is so fucked up.
Why do you have a gun?
- He was gonna kill you!
- What?
I wasn't really
gonna do it.
I knew that you
were lying to me.
I was just
calling your bluff.
I even did the research
on this guy, on the trial.
Your parents
aren't even dead.
I found the speech
that I wrote
for my father's funeral
in your house.
You've been lying
to me this entire time!
And could everyone
just calm the fuck down!
This thing isn't
even loaded. Look.
That wasn't
meant to happen.
There might have been
something in the chamber.
There's... This was
a mistake. I swear.
You guys are
both psychotic.
I should
call the cops.
No! No, no, no.
Don't do that.
He's right. There's
no need to call the cops.
This is just a big
I'm getting the
hell out of here.
Let's go, Kate.
I'm not
coming with you!
I've gotta go.
Sean. Wait!
(Engine starting)
I guess I'll see you
on the other side.
Oh, what?
The whole suicide thing?
I don't know a lot
about anything,
but I know you're not
gonna kill yourself.
You came to my father's
funeral, though.
That was real.
I'm still trying
to figure out
what kind of a sick
person would do that,
to screw with someone
in their weakest moment.
A really, really
fucked-up person.
You're an original.
I'll give you that much.
No! No, I take that back.
You're a fucking clich!
My whole life is a lie.
Falling for you?
(Exhaling sharply)
(Birds chirping)
(Cell vibrating)
(Birds calling)
(Dog barking in distance)
Uh, hi.
It's me. Um...
Uh, I'm... I'm...
I'm at the house.
Could you call me
when you get this, please?
Uh, thanks. OK. Bye.
Hey! Can I help you?
Oh, I'm... I'm just looking
for my friend Kate.
She lives up
in this house.
Sir, no one named Kate
lives in that house.
What do you mean?
The house is on the market.
No one's lived there
for the last 4 months.
N-no, it isn't.
What are you talking about?
I was here recently.
You've seen me here.
I've never seen you
in my life.
Yes, you have.
You waved to me once when you
were throwing your trash out.
I don't know
what to tell you, pal.
But you got
the wrong guy.
I gotta get to work.
Take it easy!
(Horn honking)
You're here!
You came back.
Just in time.
You moved out?
Yeah. Packed up all my junk
and I'm headed out of here.
I just had a run-in
with your neighbour.
He told me he
didn't know you,
and nobody's lived
here for months.
I paid him a few bucks
to put you on.
You kidding me?
Would you expect
anything less?
You're certifiable.
You are for
coming back here.
You told me one day
that you were falling for me.
Was that real?
I was totally in love
with you at that point.
How can I
believe you?
You can't.
Kate, are you happy?
I've been
happiest with you...
even when I'm sad.
I went to that beach.
I told my father about you.
What did he say?
He likes you.
- Sorry about your dad.
- Thanks.
I still don't,
um, understand.
(Clears throat)
Why were you at
the beach that day?
Why did you
write that letter
and leave it on
my car windshield?
I guess it doesn't
matter why.
I was there at the
beach, taking a walk,
and I stopped to watch
some of the ceremony.
I saw you and thought
you were handsome.
I wanted to
talk to you.
Are you serious?
You couldn't have just
introduced yourself?
Is it strange that
never occurred to me?
Strange? Oh, strange
is one way of putting it.
You really had
me believe
you had a death wish
there for a minute.
And when I came back to your
apartment and it's empty,
I'm expecting to see
yellow police tape
and a chalk outline
of your body.
That wasn't my intention.
I was hoping you would
think I never existed.
I was a figment of
your imagination
brought on by some
kind of psychotic break.
And everything you'd ever known
about this life was wrong.
That was my
very next thought.
Why do I
like you so much?
Being with you
has been amazing
and chaotic...
Being without you,
I felt like I've died,
like a vampire comes
into my room at night
and drains all the blood
out of my body.
( Follow Me Home
by Hannah Telle )
I am waiting for you
And all the lights are low
( Lyrics indistinct )
Sunrise, I love to
follow you home
Sean, I love you.
I'll get you all alone
Time flies
I love you too.
And one day,
we'll be gone
The memory's mine
The burning page is yours
(Kate): Tell me a secret.
Something no one else knows.
OK, fine, I'll go.
I'm gonna kill myself
two weeks from today.
(Sean): If you fell in love
with someone,
madly in love
with someone,
would that make life
worth living more?
I'd take him with me.
Where are
we headed?
We'll know when we get there.
( Dying Days
by Hannah Telle )
Until my dying days
Until I can't recall my name
I'll love you
until the Reaper comes to call
Till the memories fade
and our faces start to fall
When the secrets come out,
the tide washes away them all
Until my dying days
Until nothing else remains
Is it all in vain?
( Lyrics indistinct)
When the secrets come out,
the tide washes away them all
Until my dying days
Until my dying days
Until my dying days
Until my dying days