I'd Like to Be Alone Now (2019) Movie Script

You should just go inside.
I'm not going inside without you.
Well, you sitting there staring
at me while I'm trying to write the card,
isn't gonna make me go any faster.
I just don't think
a card is such a good idea.
For the fourth time, I don't care.
I just think sympathy cards are for
people who don't go to the funeral.
- And we're here.
- I get that, but I just wanted to write something down
and this is better than writing
it on a napkin or something.
Plus it has a picture.
- You might find some idea...
- Just go!
I'm not going.
I'm not going because
I don't want to go inside
and explain to your mom and
everyone why you're here
- and I'm inside...
- Oh, it's that.
Well, you know if you stopped
acting so scared,
then maybe she'll treat
you more like family.
- Really, that's what you think?
- Yeah.
You don't take our relationship
seriously, that's the reason.
- A-ha.
- Oh.
- Would it help if I got out and gave you some space?
- Yes!
- Hey, Lisa.
- Glenn, hi.
- Where is Sam?
- Well, in the booth.
- He's in the car, he's just...
- Hey, buddy.
God d... Hi, Glenn.
- Uh, are you're guys coming in?
- Yeah.
- We'll be in, in a minute.
- Great.
- I'm going inside.
- Okay.
- Hey, Sam.
- Oh hey.
Thanks for coming,
I know Kyle appreciates it.
Of course.
Did you get him a card?
Yeah, it's
an Amazon gift voucher.
20 bucks. It's a sympathy card.
You're kidding. Really?
Yeah, is it not like a normal thing?
There was a whole section
at the gas station. It's fine.
Yeah, if you don't go to the
funeral, but this is your brother.
Yeah, I know it's my brother.
I just wanted to write
something down and like...
This is better
than writing it on a napkin.
- Everyone is getting on at me about the card.
- I'm sorry I mentioned the card.
It's so hot.
Is there food?
- Yeah, I'm so sorry.
- Oh you're so sweet, thank you for coming.
His gonna... Happy...
- M-hm, what's that?
- It's a card.
- Is this a card to Kyle?
- Yes.
Yes, cause Lisa told me about this.
So why are you giving him a card?
I wanted to write something down,
and you know I'm not good with words.
I know, but you don't give him...
And I can't have a conversation with Lisa
for five minutes
without her pissing me off.
Oh great. Did you see her face?
Now I have to go and apologize.
- Did you see that face? That's an apology-face.
- No, no, no.
He doesn't have to apologize.
You don't have to apologize.
I understood.
I understand what you mean.
I get it.
She hates me. She hates me.
Mati, sorry. Do you know where
the paper plates are? Paper plates...
I'll get them, okay.
- It's so sad.
- Like here?
No, it was just out
of nowhere. It's so crazy.
This dip is really amazing.
- Mati.
- Can't believe it's on the towers.
- Sorry, the paper plates...
- Mati.
- Sorry?
- Mati, my name.
Oh I'm sorry.
I can't find them. Do you think there's
another place where they can be?
- Not there?
- No.
Uhm, ah, maybe the garage.
Oh the garage. I know your phone
call must be really important.
Muy importante. But today
is kind of a big grande difficult day.
I'm gonna get the plates
in the garage, okay?
Just stay on the phone. I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to upset you further.
Just, don't tell Suzie.
Eh, the garage door...
- Yeah?
- It sticks.
- Stucks.
- OK, Gracias.
Do you know where Kyle is?
I think he's in the bath.
I think it's time to pay some respect.
Maybe we'll find some more dip in here.
I don't get what
the big deal is about the card.
Well, because you know what
I think that Kyle would like
for you to talk to him.
I know, I'm gonna talk to him,
but this... this is specifically for a
brother to give to another brother.
That is if your out of state
or out of the country,
but you're here in person.
Kyle wants to talk to you
and would love to...
- Suzie.
- Hi, Marcy.
I am so sorry.
- That's sweet.
- I...
- I wo... I really don't know what to say.
- Okay.
If there is something, anything that I can do...
- OK.
- I'm here, okay.
- Thank you.
- Okay,
- Okay, good. Okay, alright.
- Look, eh, why don't...
- Is there food?
Yeah, there's a lot
of food in the other room.
That is not here.
It's better food.
- Oh.
- Yeah, I got desserts, a fish
- a whole chicken.
- Thank you, thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Okay, sure, go.
Come, come on. Let's go.
- Tammy, come on.
- Oh.
- This dip is incredible.
- Oh good. I'm glad you like it.
Thank you.
Look, uh, why don't you
give Kyle a sandwich?
Make him a little sandwich.
He hasn't eaten all day.
I haven't eaten all day.
Well, you know, you can
eat later. I've got...
- I thought you made sandwiches for Kyle.
- Someone's going
through some stuff right now,
if you don't mind.
Hi, Hi.
What's that?
I got a card for Kyle.
Aw, does it come with
a get-well-balloon?
No, obviously not, idiot.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Uh, that door was really
hard to open in the garage.
- You gotta tug it... hard.
- Yeah, I got, didn't I?
I've got the plates
I found the plates, Suzie.
I just couldn't find the plastic cutlery.
Is that also in the garage?
No, no. That's in the kitchen.
That's where
I keep it, so I'll...
I know where it is, I'll go and find it.
No, no, no. I'm gonna find it.
I'll find it. Don't worry about it.
Are you retarded, Sam?
What is the big deal about the card?
I wanted to give my brother
some fricking sympathy.
So I got him
a fricking sympathy card, okay?
That's a good line.
You should put that in the card.
Well, that's why I got the card.
Cause I'm not good with words.
Mom knows.
And sometimes
I don't do good talking.
- Okay, he doesn't.
- Yeah.
Oh fine! I won't give
him the goddamn card.
- Jesus!
- OK, honey. That's a really good decision.
Just why don't you make Kyle
a sandwich, alright?
I didn't actually find
the plastic forks and knives.
You have
a lot of drawers in here.
- Are we the lasts ones here?
- I don't see your dad anywhere.
I mean, he's obviously here.
My mom is here.
I know, I'm just saying that
I don't see him anywhere.
And he's usually pretty easy to spot.
- Is Dad with Kyle?
- No, he actually went to get some beers.
Suzie, do you know how Kyle
likes his sandwich?
I didn't know,
mustard, ketchup or both?
I could use mayo too.
I told you to make Kyle
the sandwich, didn't I?
She wanted to help, so I let her
help. What is the big deal?
First of all, you need to calm down.
I'm fine!
OK, Kyle would like to see you,
but not out of control like this.
I'm not out of control.
And obviously, Mom I'm gonna calm down
and think about things before I
talk to him. I'm not a complete idiot.
I don't know where you ordered
this food from, but this dip...
Are you kidding me about that dip, Tammy?
Enough, already.
- The dip's good.
- It's a good dip.
- That's unfair, she's right.
- Very special.
- You know what? I'll get you some.
- She's correct.
How rude is that, babe?
- What?
- She's just talking on her phone.
- I'm on my phone.
- You're not working, she's working.
Kyles wife and kids died and
she's just talking on her phone
like nothing happened, you know.
She should
be helping clean up or...
She can't even walk properly.
You know, Kyle should really fire her.
You know, I actually saw
some paper-towels in the garage.
I'll just go and grab
a couple of rolls, okay?
No problem.
You did a really nice job
with the backyard, buddy.
It's a great hangout spot.
Hell, I could just pitch
a tent right here and squat.
It'll be like when we were
little, right, Kyle?
I'm gonna look up and see what
a good tent goes for these days.
Oh, why don't you check out one of
those ones that pops up in like a second?
Oh, man is it like
an eBay thing, you think?
Totally. I bet you get
a crazy deal on a used one.
Ooh, Kyle you want in on this?
I bet we can talk them down,
if we buy three.
- You can haggle, buddy.
- Kyle?
- Should we?
- Yeah.
- How are you doing, buddy?
- Hm, you know, good.
Got my five year chip last week.
Five years clean?
That's awesome, man.
It feels more like a thousand.
- Does it get easier?
- Let's just say I'm still thirsty.
Hi, guys! Give me
a hand with the tables, huh?
- How is Jessica?
- We broke up.
Really? Are you okay?
Yeah, definitively we're
not getting any younger, are we?
- Got a lady variety?
- Yes, yes I do.
Oh, sorry, Mati.
Listen, Suzie think it would be
a good idea if we sat outside.
Yeah, I mean since Kyle
is already out there.
He clearly want to be out there. I
thought we would just bring him the table.
Yeah, but he
doesn't want to eat, Mom.
You saw earlier, we gave him
some food and he just let it sit there.
Well, he has to eat.
I mean everybody has to eat.
So why don't you try a little harder?
Are you doing his laundry?
Yes, I am. I'm doing his laundry
and helping him out, so he can relax.
We can grab the tables. I mean, we're
happy to help. That's what we're here for.
Thank you, Glenn.
Sam, can you help out?
Yeah, I was gonna help.
I was just uh,
I was waiting for the guys.
You mean you were busy eating?
- Honey.
- I didn't see you jump up to help, Eddie.
Are they in the garage?
Why don't we just let Kyle come
inside and eat when he's ready to eat.
Doesn't Mati do laundry?
Yes, she does do the laundry,
but I'm doing the laundry right now
because I'm gonna help my son out.
So does anybody have a problem with that?
It's fine!
You talk on the phone.
Okay, so I'm going to go to
the garage and do the laundry
and if anybody would like to
join me, that'd be nice.
- You gotta, Mom you gotta tug it. Give it a good tug.
- Let me try.
God, you know,
I could go around to the garage.
- I had to help Kyle do it once. I just put in the code, okay?
- Okay, do that, please.
- Okay. - Okay.
- Let's not...
But it's not a career, right?
I mean it's just retail.
No, but it's good for now.
I know, but when you want
to get married and have kids
- and buy a house.
- You don't have kids.
I mean, I could have sworn it
was her birthday, September sixth.
Her birthday is the code?
That's gonna kill Kyle.
Oh god, I didn't even think about that.
No wait, it's their anniversary,
zero, seven, two, five. Yes!
How the hell do you
remember their anniversary?
I had to get good with dates,
you know, for the program.
Sober anniversaries and all.
Exiting, huh?
Oh, I take, I take, Senora.
Oh, thank you, Mati.
Are you... Are you messaging
your contractors about your closet?
Do not remodel your closet.
Think we should get some tables?
Maybe you should get some chairs.
You're still cleaning?
Oh, I was on my way to the
bathroom, and I just got distracted.
- Oh, Hank.
- Listen, I'm gonna pick up a few things from the house.
What, you're gonna leave now?
- Yeah.
- You can wait a couple of weeks?
A couple of days, please.
You know what's gonna happen.
You and I are both gonna be sad.
And we're both gonna cry.
And we're gonna create this fake
bond that we both know isn't there.
My therapist warned me about this.
Hey, it might not be there for
you, but it was always there for me.
Eh, you could have fooled me.
Oh god, stop that.
Look, it's just a trial separation.
I'm gonna need some time
to figure some stuff out.
Name me one time in history,
Hank that a trial separation
- ever worked out.
- I know that the timing is not ideal.
Ideal? Are you kidding me?
Are you insane?
Hi, Mom. Do you
know where the tablecloth is?
Doesn't Mati know where
the hell those things are?
Yeah, but my... I was gonna ask
her, but my Spanish isn't very good
and I get frustrated having to pantomime.
Sam, her English is great. Okay, why
don't you try saying tablecloth in English?
Yeah, I would, but I just
thought I'd ask you first.
I... I didn't mean
to interrupt or anything.
Ask Glenn, babe.
Glenn speaks Spanish.
I forgot
that Glenn speaks Spanish.
Did I interrupt,
or is something going on?
- Get the tablecloth!
- Yeah.
She says the tablecloth
are in the linen closet.
There's tablecloth.
- Oh so it's the same in Spanish as it is in English?
- No, no.
It... I know words, tablecloth,
but is a.
I should have just asked her, I guess.
Are you gonna get them, Sam?
- Uhm.
- No, I get, I get.
She got it. She got it.
It's fine. Sweetheart.
I don't really want to get married.
I don't see the point.
I mean you're married, right?
- Unfortunately.
- Is it really that bad?
I'm in the middle of a remodel.
Hi, what are
you guys talking about?
I was just telling Eddie
I broke up with Jessica.
Oh, that's too bad. I liked her.
You know, you're not getting any younger.
- You really should just let me set the table.
- What?
Like first my Mom is on me about
making a sandwich for Kyle,
and now you won't even
let me help with the table?
He's still
just sitting there, huh?
I would love for you
to help with the table,
but Suzie always makes
a comment about me
every time I don't set
the table or clear the plates.
- So this time, she won't.
- No, she does not.
Are you crazy? She doesn't
care about you clearing plates.
Oh, yeah. And she also
doesn't tell somebody
that they have a good heart
right before she insults them.
No, she doesn't do that.
It's a lie.
Oh yes, she does.
That's a Suzie trademark.
- Thank you, Glenn.
- What?
See, someone with their eyes open.
Uhm, hey where did your dad put the beer?
Oh, the second fridge in the garage.
And you want me to... Do you
want me to do... are you sure you...
- No, no I got it, I'm fine.
- Sure?
- Thank you. I appreciate it.
- Okay.
- Tony, I'm just so worried about you.
- Don't push the guy.
He just got single.
He's got to take a little break,
maybe a little on my dating app
with some very young women.
Okay, well I'm just saying
I don't want him to turn into
some pathetic 50 year old man
who's like wearing sweatpants
and has some
smelly dog instead of a wife.
- Ah.
- It's okay.
- What is it, Mati?
- I'm so sorry, Senora.
I no want to disturb you.
But I... I want to say I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for
being on my phone.
I know it's a very
difficult time, very hard,
but for me to, Senora.
I need to talk to my friend because
my daughter, she's coming to America.
And it's a very, very, very...
hard for her to come her. It's
very dangerous here now, Senora.
Oh well, of course. Yes, I see.
So I am really sorry.
- So, so sorry.
- No, don't, don't worry about it, really. It's fine. Okay?
Mr. Hank. Gracias.
Listen, don't you get it?
I don't want to talk anymore.
Don't you think that that's the reason
why I am moving out?
- Okay.
- I got to have space.
Okay, fine.
Then just go.
Oh, Suzie.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
What is happening?
Why is this all happening?
Everybody is so strong.
They have stone faces like,
like none of this ever happened.
I... I don't understand.
Why is everybody just
not hysterical over all of this?
Look. We're getting through it,
'cause we have to.
That's why.
Because we have to.
Why does it always seem so long
- and far away?
- It'll... It'll ease up.
One day.
One day?
- One day just seem so far away.
- I know.
I know, kid.
- Because we have to, right?
- Yeah, we have to.
Okay then.
Let's go and make sure
that Kyle eat something.
Always you with the eating.
Come on.
Hey, anybody want
the last mini sandwich thing?
Come on, Sam.
You know you want it.
No, I don't want it.
You only had nine sandwiches so
far, you need to eat another sandwich.
I didn't have nine sandwiches.
I had seven sandwiches.
- Are you sandwich counting now?
- Just saying.
Why are you so obsessed with
how many sandwiches I have?
Why are you so skinny?
I'm not...
Okay, I'll have the sandwich.
- If it's just gonna go to waste, I'll have it.
- Yay.
- You don't have to have the sandwich.
- I know.
Kyle, how are
you doing on food, buddy?
Did you eat anything?
I'm alright.
I just need a stretch.
Oh, Mati!
Mom, you're gonna explode my ear.
- Oh I'm sorry, Ed.
- I'll go and see where she is.
Ah yeah, Anna would you like to take the
rest of the food home for you and Eddie?
- Oh no, we're good. Thank you.
- Are you sure?
I know what you can do with it.
"I know what you can do with
it." Is that what you said?
Is that what you're saying?
"Oh, Sam is big fatso. I know what
you can do with it, give it to Sam.
Cause Sam likes
all the food all the time.
Cause Sam's big fatty fat-fat." Is
that what you were gonna say, Eddie?
Is that what you were gonna say?
Every time I see you, you do this.
Maybe you can lay off a little.
He got a gym membership
and he's really trying.
Oh, okay.
Why don't you talk
about the closet some more?
So Lisa told me you've got a gym
membership. I'm very proud of you.
Yeah, I only went once, though.
I don't know why she told you
that, cause now I have to go.
I just gonna have
something up the sleeve.
I also noticed that Lisa was the
first to set the table and clear it.
Yeah, I guess.
- I'm gonna go and talk to Kyle.
- Okay.
Hi, buddy.
I think the squirrels are stealing my figs.
See, they grow
on the tree over there,
but then I just see them all
scattered throughout the yard.
You know I am...
I'm sorry about...
I don't even know what to say.
It's like they don't even
give them a chance to get ripe.
They just pull them
off of there and you know,
poof! They're just gone.
You know I... I tried to
put myself in your shoes.
I mean, you know how the other
driver died on impact.
You know, and it's like...
well that's a good thing,
because like it's done.
It's all over.
But then like, if he didn't die on impact,
then at least you'd have someone to hate.
And you know,
there could be a court case
that could distract you from
all the problems, and you know,
but then again it could
just go on and on and on.
Does that... does that help? I mean,
do you, do you think about that stuff?
I love you, buddy.
Did I say something wrong?
That was wrong, right?
I think I'm gonna go inside now.
Kyle, I love you too.
Hey, sweetheart.
How are you doing?
Uhm, listen, uhm, you know
what, I am going to give Sam
all of the deli meat, so he
can bring that home with him.
Because you were never
gonna finish it before it spoils, so...
It just might be a good idea
if I just do that.
Alright, let me just eh...
Boy, this makes a mess.
Just check.
Make sure that everything
has been done properly.
Alright. Put that down.
Let's see if the laundry is
done. Oh good. It's all done there.
Alright, uhm...
So, honey. Uh...
I was just thinking that, you
know, what I can do for you
is pre-make sandwiches
so the bread and meat
and cheese are all together,
and then you won't
have to worry about it.
- No, it's fi... I can make it.
- Okay.
Because if you don't want to,
Mati can do that.
I know. Well, thanks.
Alright well, I'm just thinking
about you and... worried.
- You know it's gonna be okay. I love you.
- Thank you.
- I love you too.
- Still that, okay.
Right, I'll just wait out here.
- Did he lock the door?
- Yeah, he locked it.
Maybe that's a hint.
A hint at what?
That he has depression
and shouldn't be left alone.
- I don't know.
- Look, I should move into the house
for a few days.
I just don't like this.
Mom, if he doesn't
want to kill himself now,
he's definitely gonna want to kill himself
after a few days of living with you.
What the hell
is that suppose-to mean?
It's not nice when everyone
makes fun of you, is it, Mom?
Now you know how I feel.
Keep your voice down
with that suicide stuff.
Are you crazy?
What if his listens to you?
Look, I'm hanging by a thread myself.
- Sweetheart.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi.
- Did you unlock the...
Yeah, I have
a pin in my purse, yeah.
I carry it with me where ever
I go. It's no biggy.
I've had it since you guys
were little boys, so...
Uhm, so uh...
Anyway, I'm just thinking
about you and wondering if
you're okay,
if you needed anything, and...
- No, it's fine, I understand.
- Okay.
Sorry, it's kind of rude.
Honey, I was just wondering...
Would it be okay
if you just stood out there
with us, you know just until we left?
Or I could stay here a couple of more days.
I could even stay a week,
I mean...
- That might be better, you know.
- No, no, I'll come out.
- It's fine.
- I mean, that might be better,
that way we're here if you need anything.
I can...
help you out that way.
Then I'm, boom.
Mommy is right there, you know.
So it might be easier.
- You know, I've got my suitcase in the car.
- No.
- I'll come out.
- I can cancel anything,
because I don't really have
anything interesting to do anyway
so I... Okay, alright, well
just thought I'd bring that up.
It would be nice to, you know...
if you just wanted to talk.
Or we could just sit
and I won't have to talk.
- You know, I don't mind.
- Suzie.
How about we give him a little
bit of space? I know it's...
- Yeah, it's hard.
- I know.
- It's really hard and I'm trying.
- I know.
Did she say anything about me?
About me clearing the plates?
No, oh yeah, she said that she was, like
happy that you were helping out so much.
I told you. She watches.
She watches me. It's like she
has a checklist in her head.
- A checklist?
- Yes, a checklist.
- Are you crazy?
- And one of those things, is to make sure I'm a piece of crap.
- What?
- This is not what we agreed upon at all.
- I understand that. He really was pushing the project...
- This stupid sub-contractor
- just screwed everything up.
- They do construction for a living, what do you
- want me to tell you?
- How hard could it be to build a closet?
You should totally come with me to group
therapy. There's this really pretty girl.
She used to hit it hard. But she,
you know has her five year chip,
has a really good job.
Ain't that stuff
supposed to be anonymous?
Well, I didn't tell you her name.
I mean if you want to meet
her, you can come...
I mean the truth is...
This is new territory for us.
I know he's scared, I know you're scared.
We just got to just try to give
him just a little bit of time.
What the hell is that?
- That's a hammer.
- What?
- I just saw him walk by with it a minute ago.
- What?
- A hammer.
- You saw him walk by with a hammer.
You didn't think that was odd?
Yes, I thought it was odd. I just
didn't know what to do about it, okay?
My god, he's nailing the door shut.
That's pretty obvious.
He just closed the curtains on me.
Is he seriously doing this?
Kyle! Honey,
what are you doing in there?
Honey, why don't you uh,
put that down, okay?
Put the hammer down and come
out and just talk to us, okay?
Honey, please.
Come out and just talk to us.
- Would you do something, please?
- What do you expect me to do?
Well, you're his father,
just say something.
It's the first time that I've experienced
anything like this either, Sue, come on.
Okay, why don't we all just calm down.
We should all just relax and
just evaluate the situation, okay?
What is Kyle doing?
He is nailing the door closed.
What does that mean?
It means
he doesn't want it open.
Is nobody else impressed
by the genius of this analysis?
OK, I think Sam is trying to say that it's
pretty obvious that Kyle wants to be left alone.
So maybe we leave him.
He can think things through.
Okay, so we just leave him
in his room while he mourns,
and he hammers the door shut!
Is that what you want me... 'Cause if
you think I'm gonna not do anything,
it would be the same thing as if
he nailed himself into a coffin.
Jesus Christ, Lisa!
Mom, don't shout at her.
She's just trying to help.
No, It's fine, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said anything.
Honey, come out, please.
I don't know what's going on.
What's happening?
What is he going to eat, okay?
What is he going to drink?
What, the sink water?
Listen, honey.
You're scaring me now.
You're scaring all of us,
so I need for you to just come out.
Okay, I need to see you,
so please,
please just come out now.
Jesus Christ, what is happening?
- Why is he... why isn't he answering?
- It's fine, it's fine.
Come on, Kyle. Come on, it's me.
You can talk to me.
It's okay.
What is that?
- It's in Spanish,
- Glenn!
It's how and when he wants to eat.
They're instructions for Mati.
Like room service?
You do realize the way you talk
makes you sound fat, right?
No, shut up.
He... He can't do that.
He can't just lock himself in a room
and have people bring him food.
Isn't that against the rules?
- Mom?
- Look, it's life, Sam.
There are no rules, come on.
- Come on.
- He can't just...
A whole fridge full of left overs,
and he wants peanut butter and jelly?
You know how I like
PB and J when I'm sick.
Do you think he's sick?
No, I think he wants comfort food.
PB and J is comfort food...
Hey, hey, don't eat Kyle's food!
Why? He has been locked up
in a room for two weeks.
- He doesn't care if I take a couple of chips.
- Hey.
Why don't I make you a salad?
- A salad?
- Yeah.
The yummy delicious salad with
lovely yummy delicious vegetables
that are all so yummy and scrumptious?
- It's very good for you.
- I'll put something on it
- that makes it more interesting.
- A sandwich?
Can you put a sandwich on it?
- Grilled vegetables.
- Grilled vegetables? That's just hot salad.
It's just the same thing.
It's not even a topping.
- It's just the same thing.
- Very good for you.
But just warmer on top of the salad.
Okay, well I'll put it
in the freezer after.
Why would you put it in the freezer?
Because you don't want
hot salat, so It'll make it cold.
But then why
are you doing vegetables?
I'm doing vegetables because they are
good for you and chips are bad for you.
Mati, Suzie is here with the groceries.
Let me help you.
Cute, ah, thank you.
You went all out, Mom.
That's too much stuff for his
fridge. He hasn't got the space.
We have the garage fridge.
- Uh, you want me to go more...
- Yeah, I have a lot more out there.
Well, we'll get it.
- Okay.
- Okay, we'll get it, I guess.
Hey, Mati
I wanted to ask you, uhm...
How is he? How is he doing?
Have you seen him?
- Did you see that? Did you see her push me?
- No.
- Why did she push you?
- She hit my arm.
- She struck me.
- She did not, did she struck you?
She struck me.
Look, a-ha.
You love me, don't you?
Yeah, of course I love you.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I love you too.
And I want to be with you
for a really long time.
I don't want you having a heart
attack at 40 cause you won't eat salad.
Come on, give me a break.
- Really?
- Sam.
Why aren't we married?
- You want to have this conversation now?
- I do.
I wanted to have it two weeks
ago, but you kept pushing it off.
- And you push it off again and this whole thing happens.
- I'm not pushing it off.
And everybody is just always
here around the corner.
This, this is the first private
time we've had in two weeks.
- Please.
- Okay.
I know that you want like a nice
life like my brothers have.
Like a nice house, a second
refrigerator in the garage.
- Coconut water.
- I don't...
Because I do and I want that for you
as well, but we can't afford that stuff.
- Coconut water?
- Yeah.
I don't care about coconut water
or a second fridge,
or any of it. You know that.
I also know that you send me hundreds
of pictures from your Pinterest board of
expensive diamond engagement rings that
I can't afford.
I'm a girl.
I have a Pinterest board.
- Are you?
- All girls have Pinterest boards.
- I don't expect you to buy any of that stuff.
- So what you're saying
is that you will be happy with cubic
zirconia for an engagement ring?
- No, I'm not saying that. That's not what I said.
- You see.
Hi, anybody home?
Glenn's here.
Look, don't get me a fake ring, please.
Don't give me any ring
if it's a problem.
- It's not that.
- I just...
I just want to be with you.
And I hate being on
the outskirts of your family
while everyone
is waiting for you to dump me.
That is not
what is happening here.
- It's happening.
- It's not.
You're crazy, I love you.
- Ahem, hey, guys.
- Hey.
Sorry, all the same, just in
time to help with the groceries.
- Did you get the lock?
- You know what?
You're gonna stand there, or are
you gonna help out with the groceries?
Oh, yeah.
Just daydreaming.
Mati, do you have the eggs?
Yeah, yeah this will work.
- As long as you hide the spare key from mama Sue.
- Hush!
- Suzie!
- Mm.
Wow, not a lot of storage space, huh?
If you know what you want to make for lunch,
we could just leave those groceries out.
Oh okay. Yeah, we could do that.
Uhm, I will get hold of Eddie and Anna
and let them know
that lunch will be here.
Isn't their shift coming up anyway?
Oh god,
she totally forgot, yeah.
You know what, they're not gonna
be able to make their shift,
I was wondering
if you could do that for them?
Anna is with the contractor
and the closet, you know.
Yeah, Yeah, yes. I could find
somebody to cover my shift at work.
Oh, Sam could you contact Eddie and
tell him that we're gonna have lunch here?
Uh, yeah sure. I'll text him.
Are we having some
yummy, delicious salad?
Hey, what's that?
- It's a doorknob.
- A doorknob?
Sam thought that maybe Kyle would
take down the boards he nailed up
if we got him a proper lock.
Nice thinking. Alright, good.
Just make sure
that I have the spare key.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
Mati, hi,
can you make some egg-salad?
Oh, we're gonna have lunch here,
the whole family and Glenn.
Suzie, look eh...
This isn't working for me.
- What? Do you have other lunch plans?
- No, damn it.
I mean, I got to move out.
I mean, I know this has been
tough for you, but...
You've had me
staying here an extra week.
- And Dr. Durman Is telling me...
- Yeah, I'm sure Dr. Durman told you to
leave when things get a little
heavy-handed here, yeah.
I'm gonna
book a room in a hotel.
So, let's see, uh, your son has been
locked in his room for an entire week,
and you're gonna go to a hotel
so you can have some space.
And um, yeah, wow. That sounds
a little selfish, doesn't it?
You know we're
married almost 35 years
and I've behaved, damn it.
I feel like I have been alone
in this marriage all along.
Oh gosh.
You're such a drama queen.
I'm 60 years old.
Why do I still feel like I'm married to
the president of the goddamn PTA?
You get that boy out of his room
and we will talk about anything
that you want to talk about.
I will even go to therapy again,
if that's what you want me to do.
I'm not responsible for everything
that goes wrong in this family,
and neither are you.
I know that. You're right.
But, my god...
You can help
a little bit more than you do.
Alright, look,
if you want to go to a hotel,
and if that's your deal and you
want to leave everything here,
then fine, do it!
But you talk to your son first.
Oh god.
Kyle, come on, buddy.
I can see you.
I'm trying to get him to switch
out the boards for this lock.
Yeah, he's not going for it.
He's just sitting by the door, sulking
with a journal.
A journal, really?
You in there?
Silly question,
of course you're in there.
Look, Kyle I know you don't
want to talk, but just...
Do me a favor, knock twice to
let me know you can hear me.
Look, son, I... I wish I had some
sage advice for you, you know.
But I don't.
I don't know
why this happened to you.
I don't know what the plan is
in the big universe,
or even if there is one.
I wish I could tell you that...
that life was gonna get easier,
and that all the answers to
all the questions that you have
are gonna come.
But the truth is...
They're not.
I'm gonna retire soon,
or so they tell me.
And live the good life.
The golden years.
And I tell you...
I have never felt or been more
lost in my whole life.
It's a crazy confusing maze.
I've started taking naps
like a four year old.
You know, I find myself
at about two in the afternoon
I plop down on a comfortable
chair and I'm out like a light
for an hour, sometimes two.
I don't know.
I can't even pee right.
That coupled with
some physical stuff I...
I got more doctors
putting needles in my arms
trying to figure out
if I have prostate cancer
and here I am just wondering and
worried about if I'm gonna die.
You know, this all goes by
and happens so fast.
You're still in there?
You probably know this already,
but you...
Your mother sent me over here to try
and talk you into coming out of the room.
You know what?
Maybe you found something.
You know, maybe you found a way.
I mean sometimes
in life when things get so bad, you
just want to nail yourself in a room
and tell the world to take a hike.
I don't know what to do for you.
I don't know if this
is working for you...
'Cause me I am...
In all of my years I've...
I never even been able
to scratch the surface of
what you're going through and what must
be going through that sweet head of yours.
The pain. And I do know this...
If you found something
that works for you... If you found
something that will take away the pain...
You do it.
You stick with it and you do it. You
stay in there as long as you want.
I love you, son.
Did he pass you a note?
Kyle wrote a note?
What does it say?
- Is he okay?
- Is it about me? what does it say?
"We know what we are,
but know not what we may be."
How do you know it's
Shakespeare? You don't read.
Since when do you read?
You don't read.
I was Hamlet in high school.
You guys all came, don't you remember?
Hank, I don't have
a good feeling about this.
In Shakespeare everybody dies.
What kind of crazy Shakespeare
have you been watching, Mom?
Well, it's all that
artsy-fartsy stuff
that happens. People die
and they're sad all the time.
He doesn't need to be around all that.
I think he was trying
to make me feel better.
I don't...
You feel better?
You're supposed
to make him feel better!
What the hell has gotten into you?
You know what?
You know what's gotten into me?
Why don't you tell me?
'Cause I know if I wait long enough,
you're gonna tell me exactly how wrong I am
- about everything.
- Guys, guys.
- Calm it down.
- Oh my god.
Okay, so now you're just gonna pour all
of your... your anger and all of your shit
and problems onto our son who is
mourning the loss of his family!
Oh my god!
I can't believe
you would be doing that.
He just doesn't need any of that.
Is that what this is?
Is this what this is all about?
You think he's gonna kill himself.
Don't you say anything like that
ever again, do you hear me?
Do not put that
out there in the universe.
How about
I put this out in the universe?
Kyle! Kyle,
do me a favor, knock twice
so you can convince your mother
that you're not gonna kill yourself.
I'm gonna
hold you to that, Kyle.
Suzie, go and make lunch.
Come on, go and make lunch.
I mean... I mean, is this all
really necessary for lunch?
It's egg-salat
and deli-meats, right?
Yeah, I know.
- When there's a meal and Suzie is around, I just...
- Oh no, totally get it.
- Yeah.
- Enough said.
Cool, trial.
Oh I think that will be
overkill, honey.
Oh, do you want me to get the plates, or
do you want Suzie to see you do that too?
I should really get the plates.
Mm, maybe stare her down and go in
slow motion so she's sure to see you.
Hi, Suzie.
I'm Lisa."
Hey, don't touch that!
Sam, have you ever tried
wrapping a couple of French
Fries in a slice of salami?
Oh my god. How have I never
heard of that before?
Are you sure you're my son?
Hey, does egg-salat
count as salad?
You know Suzie is gonna be so mad
if she sees you're messing with
the food before it's out.
And no, it doesn't count.
Why doesn't it count?
It's high in protein.
It's high in mayonnaise, babe.
- No, I'll get that, Hank, sweet.
- No, it's okay.
Lisa, she's not even here
to see you do all this stuff.
What are you talking about?
Give it a break, kid.
- Looking good.
- Glenn!
How are you?
How is work going?
Yeah, you know. Work in my dream
job again. I'm unemployed.
Got laid of a few days ago.
Pardon me while I take my foot
out of my mouth. I'm sorry.
No, it's okay. It's fine. It
happens, you know, downsizing.
It's really not a big deal.
Wasn't really a career anyway.
It was really
too close to my old bar.
You know, it's all good.
I'm thinking of getting back
into photography, who knows?
- Hey, Eddie.
- Hi, where is Mom?
Uh, I thought she was outside.
- I didn't see her.
- Is Anna coming?
Yeah, she's on her way.
Where are you?
- "Give me a break", that's what he says.
- I wouldn't say it like that,
Give me a break. Everyone knows.
- That's what he says. You're being paranoid.
- Hush!
Sam, have you seen Mom?
Yeah, she was out front, I think.
I just found these pictures of
me and the boys at Disneyland.
Ah yes,
I forgot about that trip.
Lisa, everything okay for the table?
Oh sorry. I was about to put
the glasses on the table.
The glasses needs to be
put on the table, I'm sorry.
- I...
- I do it, I do it.
Thank you.
I don't know why I hugged you.
I'm sorry.
- I didn't mean to hug you.
- It's okay.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- I'm sorry.
Where is she?
Mom, I thought she was
out front checking the mail.
She's not.
What are you guys looking at?
Photos from Disneyland.
Ah, look at this.
Well, we're kicking ourselves
for not having gone on that trip.
Yeah, that was really fun.
Do you remember
we used to go to Magic Mountain?
Yeah, how can I forget?
Your mother broke her shoulder
before she even got on to the first ride.
What? I never knew that.
We didn't want to tell you.
It was your birthday. you were
having fun. She ran smack into a pole.
Oh my god, I didn't
know that. That's insane.
Well, that is your mother.
Is Suzie having
any luck out there with Kyle?
Oh come on. He's never
gonna come out of there
if she doesn't give
him some goddamn space.
Come on, boys.
Suzie, really.
- Come on.
- I'm just talking to Kyle, that's all.
I'm just letting him know.
He, he...
- Oh my god!
- Oh god, I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- It's fine.
- Glenn.
- Yeah.
Am I an idiot?
Oh my god, are you having
a breakdown right now?
- Because I was just gonna use the bathroom.
- Do you know that
I moved for him?
I just left
my whole family behind.
I thought you didn't talk to your parents.
I dropped out of college because
I fell in love with him.
- Weren't you in junior college.
- I just moved all away across
the country to be with him.
- So it was junior college then?
- The thing is, if you ask him,
he'll just say,
"I never asked for it."
You know junior college has this
like open enrollment type of thing
- you just like, lay out...
- Five years.
Five years I'm waiting.
Do you know that my sister is
getting married? My younger sister.
I used to push her around.
She's getting married. And I'm waiting
here like an idiot for Sam to make a move.
I just want to back up a little.
Are you in college now?
Forget about the college.
Glenn, what would you do?
Can you put yourself in my shoes?
What are you, like a size six?
Forget the shoes.
It's just... Look, Hank and Suzie
they have this amazing relationship.
The love that they have,
you don't see it very often.
- I just always wanted...
- I don't want to interrupt you,
but the bladder fairy is kind of waiving
her wand pretty aggressively down there.
Oh my god. I'm so sorry.
Go, I'm sorry.
Uh, Lisa...
When you're not
like riddled with anxiety,
you're amazing.
I wouldn't wait around forever.
I... I thought I'd
just tell you that.
Thank you.
- Bladder fairy.
- Go.
Go, go to the bathroom.
Yeah, uh, where is everyone?
Oh they...
They just went outside.
Okay, well,
I hope we start soon because
sub-contractors are coming
back to the house, and if
they screw it up again
and I'm not there to help...
I swear, I can't keep
living out of my suitcases.
No, that sounds terrible.
A nightmare
you must be going through.
Senora Suzie, it's ready for lunch.
Oh great, yeah,
let's have lunch now, thanks.
And then eventually
if you guys decide to have kids,
you can take them to Magic Mountain.
Maybe bring Kyle along.
Yeah, that'll be nice.
- Hey, Mom.
- Yeah.
Can I...
Can I ask you a question?
What do you think of Lisa?
Lisa, you know Lisa my
girlfriend of five years.
I know Lisa. I know exactly
who you're talking about.
You just have never
brought this up before, so.
Yeah, it's just that it's,
uh, it's been five years.
And you know, I... I love her.
And I think I want to
marry her and all, but uh...
I just don't know what you think of her.
Well, Lisa is uhm...
- She's a good heart.
- She's a good heart.
She's got a good heart, Sam.
Did you notice
how she's gotten better at
setting up the table and
clearing the table and stuff?
Yes, I did.
I noticed that it was great.
It took her a couple of years,
but you know, she came through.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
Wait, uhm...
What do you mean,
it took her a couple of years?
Mom, Anna is gotta get back to the
house to watch the closet get built.
OK, alright,
let's have lunch now, okay.
- Mom?
- Sam, could we talk about this later?
Let's have lunch, okay?
Please don't tease
your brother at this mealtime.
I think we have got some
gluten free stuff in there.
No, I don't.
Okay, we know what that is.
Are you kidding me?
- Hank, why don't you sit at the head of the table?
- No, that's Kyle's seat.
He'll sit there when he decides
to come out of his room.
- But in the meantime you can sit there...
- Sue!
Okay, you're right.
- I love you.
- Uh.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- You don't look fine.
Yeah, I'm fine, just drop it.
Hey, Mom did you see the pictures
of the boys and Eddie at Disneyland?
No. Let me see.
Oh my gosh, look at that.
Look at how big they are.
Aw, that's so sweet.
Hey, why don't, you guys have kids?
- When? Come on, enough is enough.
- When the time is right, Sue.
Well, the time is never right, Anna.
I know we just have a lot of
stuff to finish first, you know.
- Like the closets?
- It's not just the closets, it's a full remodel.
Yeah, I got
the invoices to prove it.
Listen, I just wish we could have
somebody there to watch them
- as they work.
- I can help, you guys out if you want.
I bet your boss would love that, Glenn.
I got laid off,
so I have plenty of time.
- Really?
- I'm thinking about actually camping in the back
to help out with Kyle and maybe
dusting off my old camera.
Oh my gosh, that would be amazing
if you could just take
some of our shifts for us,
and then I could be there
to watch the sub-contractors.
- Yeah.
- What if you build a baby's room?
Oh my gosh, that's
what you should do, you guys.
How about we just let them decide if
and when they're gonna have a child.
- I agree.
- And leave it at that.
- Thank you.
- It's a big life decision.
Sometimes you can just mull over
those big life decisions
and miss opportunities,
you know.
What are you saying? Are you saying
that I'm getting too old to have kids?
Well, you're not getting any younger.
No, no that's not what I was saying.
I was... That was stupid.
You know,
if you put a crib in there,
I can get a crib for you. If you
start that, that will motivate you.
Mom! I'm sick and tired of
hearing about the non-existing baby!
Somebody change the subject, please.
I'll help you out with that.
Your mother and I are getting a divorce.
Seriously, Hank.
Right now? Jesus.
What, you guys are serious?
- Wow!
- How...
How did that happen?
It's been coming for years, guys.
This is how you tell us,
over lunch?
- Yeah.
- This certainly wasn't my stupid idea.
Over lunch, Dad!
Well, you finally found something
that would spoil your appetite?
No, jackass, I just thought
divorce is more of a dinner thing.
Well, it's not.
It's not.
Ha, ha, bam!
- Ah!
- I told, you guys I didn't need any help.
That's amazing.
It has everything you need.
As long as there's
a bathroom nearby, yes.
How much did you say this was?
- Are you gonna get one?
- Pft.
- We should totally go camping.
- No way, we're not going camping.
I was just curious.
Why? Why can't we go camping?
Because we are indoor people, Lisa.
Preferable indoor with central air.
I actually bought a battery-operated fan,
keep it nice and cool I my little casa.
I'll be right back.
- Hey, buddy! Do you want to join me out here?
- Battery operated fan?
It's a nightmare.
I got the camping all set up.
Flies everywhere.
I just never saw the appeal in camping.
Indoor people?
You gotta know what you are, right?
Don't you...
Don't you think it's important?
You know,
take me for instance, you know
I just haven't changed in years. Just
perfectly happy the ways things are.
Just happy to coast.
- No intention of ever growing up.
- No way.
I like chicken fingers too much.
I can't do this.
Are you too hot?
Do you want to go inside?
Get some chicken fingers?
I'm leaving you, Sam.
Wait, what?
I can't be with you anymore.
Oh, Mati. Won't you do me
a favor and just help me get these
few strands out, thank you.
I know you don't really want to
do this, but I really do appreciate it.
- No, it's okay.
- I just can't see them.
- Not really...
- Oh, yeah they should be hanging out.
Not done this in a while.
- Hanging out?
- Yeah, there and there.
You'll see them.
Hank hasn't
been home for three days.
He, uhm...
He's gone and believe me it's not the
first time that we've been apart, but...
He took everything in the
closet, all of his clothes.
It's just strange.
- It's wrong.
- Hm.
I don't know any other word
to describe it, it's just wrong.
- This one too?
- All of it, anything that you see that shouldn't be there.
You know I...
I know I've let myself go a bit.
But it is really hard to keep
a family like this going.
To be in charge all the time.
You must know what it's like.
It's really hard, Mati.
It's very hard, Senora.
Oh my god. I forgot to ask you
about your daughter.
You daughter, when is she coming?
She not coming.
- Why, what...
- No more.
What happened?
got her.
They found her and...
And they got her.
My gosh. Well, can she reapply,
or try again to get a...
It is too much money.
Very expensive, Senora.
Esperanza, my daughter,
she work very hard.
They ask for
ten thousand dollars and...
She found somebody for three.
Ah, but I... I told her it was
very strange. I did not like it.
No good, no, but...
She wanted to come.
And she's very stubborn.
They got her now.
Now she not coming.
She have to work, find a work.
And it's... It's very hard.
I know, I'm so sorry.
Oh, Mati, please.
Go and take a break.
Go, go lie down.
- Okay.
- Sorry, Senora.
No, no, no. Nothing needs
to be done right now.
I can do this another time.
It's gonna be okay.
- We never do anything...
- Are they fighting?
I think they're in the fight.
...to show other people.
I'm gonna
go and make a sandwich.
It's important to me, it
doesn't have to be important to you.
It's important for you
to show other people...
Why can't we just be...
do our own thing?
People treat me
like I'm your friend.
Kyle, honey.
Uhm, I just wanted
to talk to you for a second.
I, uhm...
I haven't kept you up on everything because
you've been in this cocoon of yours,
and I just didn't want to burden you,
but uhm, I think that I need
to keep you in the loop
and you need to know what's going on here.
You're being selfish.
Your father wants a divorce.
I know that's
probably a shock to you.
You're taking this, and
you're judging the whole situation...
Lisa, are you okay?
Fine, Sam, I am selfish.
I am being selfish.
I'll take it.
I'm leaving.
I think Lisa and Sam are breaking up.
- Lisa, wait!
- Sam, don't.
Yeah, Lisa and Sam are breaking up.
What is that?
What's that say?
Is that a note?
Is it a... Is it for me?
I don't know.
"The world is full of light
except where
we cast the shadows."
That doesn't sound like Shakespeare.
Well, I mean it's from
that artsy-fartsy world.
It's not from Hamlet,
- but as far as my knowledge...
- Shakespeare quote "The world is full of light".
What does this mean?
What does this mean?
That we are all at fault?
That we are all to blame?
- No.
- It doesn't sound like Shakespeare.
Maybe it's a Kyle original.
- What?
- Wait, there's another one.
"I think it's a rabbi or something. I
heard it on a lecture I downloaded."
- Is that what you're doing in there? Listening to lectures?
- Kyle.
- Hello.
- Hi, Hank.
Suzie, what are you doing here?
This isn't even your shift.
Oh well, I just stopped by.
Suzie, we talked about this,
damn it.
I know, I was in the
neighborhood. Hank, please.
Look I... I want to talk to you.
I tried calling you,
but there was no answer.
Is there another woman?
Please, I just want to talk to you.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay, so let's go.
What? No, we can do it here.
No, no, no. I just need two minutes
of your time, just two minutes.
Okay, I'm here, so what do you want?
Hank, I miss you.
And I...
I know that I screwed up.
I'm a screw-up, okay.
I'm terribly, terribly sorry.
And I know that I'm controlling.
And I know that I am bossy.
- Wait, wait!
- Can I just...
Do you think this is about you
being controlling and bossy?
- Well, then what is it, if it's not that? What is it?
- Oh god, Sue.
Look, you're an amazing woman.
I mean you're so
connected in the community.
You're busy raising money for
all these different charities,
you're a great mother to these kids.
you're not such a great wife.
So are you saying that
you felt neglected by me?
God... Felt neglected...
You're not there for me.
You've never been there for me.
I feel like I'm complaining,
like I'm bitching,
but I need something more
than just a warm smile,
and somebody who pours a
sparkling lemonade for our guests.
- I can be that.
- Oh come on this...
Listen, this... I can't
turn this around in a day.
Look, I...
Maybe if you wanted me,
you could have taken me.
Maybe that's what it was.
- Take you?
- Yes.
Sue, what did you do with my wife?
I mean, I don't even know you.
Sue, half the time...
Listen to me.
Half the time we never
even have a conversation
unless it's about our kids
or about your stupid friends.
I don't care about
my stupid, crappy friends.
What are you doing?
We never do this here.
You want me?
- You want me in here. Take me.
- This is crazy.
No, I know it's for fun.
- If I...
- What are you doing?
- I just... I'm looking for a toy in my purse.
- What?
A toy, what kind of toy?
It's an adult toy.
- Would you just go along with it.
- Adult toy, what do you mean
with adult toy...
where did you get an adult toy?
I've had it for
a couple of years, Hank.
I can't find it.
Just don't worry about it.
Oh my god. Here get my legs
so I can put them around.
Oh my god, oh my god.
- Oh, oh, I'm sorry, sorry.
- Mati, please close the door.
Suzie, this is... No, no, no, no.
Come on. Listen, we don't want...
This isn't working.
We're not good.
We're not a team anymore.
We're not on the same page.
Stay, please.
Please, I can do better.
Hey, Kyle.
Yeah, so I think I lost your father.
Hm, boy.
This whole family is falling
apart at the seams, huh?
I don't know what to do about him.
I don't know what to do about you.
I just don't know
what to do about anything.
Jesus, this isn't easy.
"We can't help everyone, but everyone
can help someone." Ronald Reagan
Senora Suzie, I'm so sorry.
- Oh don't.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, no, no.
- I should knock, knock.
- No, no, no, no. Don't worry about it.
- I don't know...
No, it's okay, Mati.
Hey, listen, uh...
I want you to have this check.
I want you to
bring your daughter home.
You need to be with her.
- This is too much money, Senora Suzie.
- No, no, no.
I'm just sorry I didn't
give it to you sooner.
Hey, brother.
It's, uh, it's been
a few weeks now, and...
Everyone is starting to worry about you.
I'm worried, it's me. I'm talking
about me. I'm worried about you.
You know, uh...
You know, Lisa didn't come back.
I thought for sure she was just
like blowing off some steam, but...
I don't know.
I just, I just don't think I was
ready to get married yet, you know.
I think I screwed up.
You know, if she died
in a car accident, I'd be...
I'd be crushed.
So you probably
don't want to hear that now.
I'm saying the wrong thing.
Hey, this talking through the
door thing is kind of cathartic.
If it's anything like in confession,
I can see why the Catholics do it.
I'd appreciate more advice, though.
You know, maybe some of those
notes that you send under
could be easier to understand.
You're good with the quotes
though, I'm not good off the cuff.
I actually...
I actually wrote you a note.
I wrote you a little
sympathy card 'cause, uhm...
I didn't, I didn't wanna
botch up our
brother to brother talk, but...
I obviously have.
I just want to
let you know that I...
I love you, brother.
Uh, Mom and Lisa and Eddie
They convinced me not to give it to you.
But you know what? Screw'em.
At least now I know I can say
something and not screw it up, so, uh...
There you go.
- Sam, you're gonna be late for that meeting.
- Yeah, I know.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Okay.
And I think being a teacher,
you'd get the summers off, but...
then they just throw
in things in your schedule.
I can't complain
too much though, right?
You know, if what happened
to Stacey, happened to Lisa,
I'd never forgive myself
for not marrying her.
Knowing that she died...
doubting whether or not I loved
her enough to make that commitment.
I messed up, Kyle.
I really messed up.
You're early.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, Mom said you had a meeting.
Yeah, I know, I didn't
think you were ready before.
Hey, you're early.
Is everything okay?
- You said Sam had a meeting.
- I do.
Where is Anna?
- She's not coming.
- Is it the closet thing?
Well, that's good you're early,
because Mati's day off is today and
we need to get food service going.
Yeah, I'll get my shoes.
- Very good...
- Hey, Glenn.
Yeah, yeah.
What the... Ouch.
Oh. Hi, marshmallow.
Five years, Glenn.
Do you want to toast to a new start?
Jesus Christ.
What's going on?
It's been... It's been rough.
He said no...
He used to read me.
Yeah, and he could always
tell when to... tell me to stop.
And now...
You know.
- Free time is a killer.
- Yeah.
Getting... getting
laid off doesn't help things.
- Maybe I should take that.
- Oh.
I'm finishing this drink.
And if you try to it away from me,
I'm gonna be forced to take you down.
- Ok, you'll sober up tomorrow.
- Yeah, that's a good idea.
- Do you want some?
- No.
Do you want me to
go to a meeting with you?
That would be nice, thanks.
You know, you're better than this.
Thank you for uh,
giving unsolicited advice.
- You mean Lisa?
- Oh, yeah you messed that up royally.
Yeah, I sure did.
- I like Lisa.
- Me to.
Hey, guys!
Where the hell is he?
What the hell are you talking about?
- Maybe we should give them some space.
- Yeah.
- Do you want to go and watch?
- Absolutely.
- Oh, oh, yeah. There we go.
- You're good.
I can't walk that fast right now.
I got you!
- Put that away.
- There you go.
Where have you been, Eddie?
What? I was in the bathroom.
The closet guy
has pulled out the whole wall.
He said you told
them to take it all away.
- Yeah.
- I didn't know you were here, Anna.
Why the hell would the closet
guy rip out the whole closet?
- What's going on?
- We're still trying to figure it out.
It's like watching a reality show.
I can hear you, guys.
- Anna, can we please just step outside?
- No!
No, enough of this.
Okay, what is going on? We've
been working on this closet for months
and then you just suddenly
decide to scrap the whole thing.
We're broke, Anna!
- You're broke, Eddie. What do you mean?
- Mom, stay out of this.
What do you mean, we're broke?
Change order, after change
order, after change order.
It adds up, okay.
And business hasn't been that good.
So I thought
if I gave you a little break,
that maybe you would give
in vitro another shot,
but it's taking too long,
and it's too expensive.
- Wait In vitro, are you two...
- God damn it, Mom!
Yes, we were trying to have a baby!
But it doesn't work, okay!
My sperm is fine, her eggs are fine,
but for some reason they don't mix,
and the doctors can't figure it out.
And all I wanted was a family. It's
literally the only thing that I've wanted.
- I know, we are a family, Eddie.
- No, take the money,
and take the cars.
I don't care about any of it.
I wanted what I had growing up.
I wanted brothers that I love
and I wanted big family meals.
But no, The Universe,
The Universe had other plans.
- And then you, Anna, you had other plans.
- No.
- And you said no.
- No, I didn't say no.
I said that I needed a break.
No, you didn't want to keep trying.
One in vitro test and you were out.
It wasn't just one little
in vitro test, okay.
Do you have any idea what kind
of toll it takes on your body?
And when I miscarried, I just...
I couldn't keep going, okay.
Like I just needed...
I just couldn't do it.
- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- So instead of talking about it,
you drown yourself
in interior design magazines,
and then you spend
all of our money on a closet.
Okay, you know what, we bought
that house so that we could remodel it,
- so that we could make that our home.
- I can't do it anymore.
- And we can have family there.
- Enough is enough, Anna.
- I'm done.
- I thought if we finished the house, that we would...
I'm done!
Aw, he's giving her tissues.
I guess he heard the whole thing.
I think the whole block
heard the whole thing.
Extend your hand to one in need
and the weight you bear
will lift off your shoulders.
Is that a note
that Kyle put under the door?
No, no. Glenn is just hammered.
Oh Glenn, it's been five years.
It was.
And now it's gone.
Crazy how that works, isn't it?
Hey, can...
Why not.
What was I thinking getting married?
Do you know how hard it is to
bring people into this crazy world?
Oh, Sam.
I'm gonna tell you something.
You're gonna get your heart broken.
It's not worth the pain.
How funny would it
be if he forgot his keys?
- That would be awesome-sauce.
- Okay.
Alright, stop it,
you guys. Here.
- Are you gonna call Lisa?
- Yeah.
- Are you gonna try and get her back?
- Yeah.
Go, Sam, go, Sam!
Go, go, go, Sam!
Hey, hey, babe.
Yeah, no, no, it's just...
Just hear me out.
Mati, what are you doing here?
It's your day off.
She is my daughter Esperanza.
Thank you for
bringing me to my mother.
Of course, oh.
Look at you. You're beautiful.
- I'm gonna show her my room.
- Yes, yes.
Yeah, yeah,
okay I'll see you soon.
Hey, Glenn.
Orchids is one of these funny words.
It's a c - h, word,
but it sounds like a k.
Maybe we're pronouncing it
wrong. Maybe it's ortsjid.
I was gonna,
I was gonna ask you for a big pep talk
'cause Lisa is on her way
over here, but, uhm...
I guess it's probably not gonna happen now.
- Hello.
- Hey.
Hey, Sam.
Where is Eddie?
Hey, I thought you had a work thing.
Yeah, uh, Eddie was here,
but uhm...
But he got mad at Anna and left because she
won't have his kids and spend all his money.
- What?
- Yeah, some stuff like that.
You brought flowers.
Hey, that's so sweet.
- Glenn, you're wasted?
- Yes.
But Sam and I are
going to a meeting later.
So much for five years.
On the bright side I'm
profoundly enjoying these ortsjids.
- Orchids, buddy, still orchids.
- Ortsjids!
Hey. Wow!
Who's this?
Oh, this is Esperanza.
This is Mati's daughter.
She jumped the border.
She... Hi.
Hank. Welcome to America.
- Okay, so we'll see you later?
- See you, see you tomorrow.
- Tomorrow, yes tomorrow. Have a great day.
- Hi.
- Bye,
- Mati, you must be so happy.
Yes, very.
Ah, that's.
Have a wonderful time, you guys.
- Thank you, gracias.
- So nice to meet you.
Bye, bye.
Who are the flowers for?
Well, they're for you.
For me?
I missed you.
Now, you have
a funny way of showing it.
Listen, I realized I was wrong, I...
The way I ran out of here the other day.
That's alright, I mean...
Look, I know this wasn't working.
I've known it for a long time.
Now, Suzie. Let me just finish.
Look, I know you...
You have a lot of love to give.
You always have.
I've watched you for decades,
giving that love to our kids.
And I remember when you
used to give me that love.
I also know that I haven't been
good at telling you what I need.
Mainly because I finally
came to the realization that
I haven't been
telling myself what I need.
- Hank.
- Come on, no, no, let me finish.
You know, I... I know we've
been having some trouble.
And I don't know if we can work
this out, I really don't. I don't know.
But what I do know, is that...
That this dark cloud that
has come over this family
and the horrific events
that had just happened,
I mean, they just happened and
I mean, I don't know I...
- Hank.
- Suzie.
I thought it would be good for me to
get some time away, get some space.
I found myself sitting
in that hotel room.
I realized
how alone I was, and how...
I realized it was a mistake.
Now look...
You're crazy.
You never stop talking.
You're overbearing,
pushy, loud!
- But you're also my wife.
- Mm.
You know? And I know that I have
some things that I need to work on.
But I think it's worth the shot
for us to try to work through this.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
- Trial separation isn't all that bad.
- Err.
No, you were right.
It's horrible.
I want to try, Hank.
Good, so do I.
Come on, let's go and try.
Hey, so Kyle does a new trick,
I just discovered
that if you cry really loud outside
the window, he gives you tissues.
- Awesome.
- Well, improvements, improvements.
Yeah, yeah, so you think we should go
outside, and all pretend to cry together?
Uhm, I think we got it in us.
Why don't we?
But we have to console Anna too.
Yeah, I want you to fill
me in on what's going on there.
Come on, come on.
- Cool.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Glenn.
- Hey.
- Can you help me make some sandwiches?
- Oh sure.
- Peanut butter?
- Yeah.
It's twisty time.
Although, I feel like I should tell you
that Kyle walked out of his room
and went into the baby's room.
Jesus Christ, Glenn.
Eat some bread. Sober up.
Hey, Kyle.
Hey, Sam.
I just wanted to lay down
in here for a minute.
You know, Lindsey used
to cry all night long.
I mean all baby's cry, but...
she was
doing some kind of record.
Stacey and I would argue.
You know, "It's your turn now,
it's your turn."
I just wanted her to shut up.
Stacey would like yell at her sometimes.
She'd scream,
"Why do you hate me?"
At a baby.
Thank god for the thick walls,
you know
with all that crying,
she never woke up the boys.
That would have been...
an all together different nightmare.
Took me months...
to figure out all she needed
was just a gentle touch.
Just like this...
I stick my hand in her crib,
put two fingers on her tummy,
she'd go right to bed.
She'd stop screaming.
The house would be silent.
We could all get some precious sleep.
I would have passed out
in here just like this.
My hands in the crib,
I'd wake up with a sore wrist
and a crooked neck, but it was worth it.
It was worth it for that silence.
At night all there is,
is silence.
I think it's the loudest god
damn silence I've ever heard.
It's like a knife.
I would give anything...
Anything for
a hundred sleepless nights.
I guess that my baby would be in her crib.
My boys would be in their beds.
And my wife would be screaming
at me to do something about it.
I'm so sorry, Kyle.
Thank you for your card.
It meant a lot to me.
It did?
You know you're a lot better with
words than you give yourself credit for.
It's getting
kind of weird just lying here
looking into your eyes.
Yeah, yeah it's weird.
Do you want to stand up?
Face the world?
Yeah, I guess it's about time.
Come on.
You wanna say hi to Mom and Dad?
Yeah, are they getting divorced?
- No, they're good.
- Oh.
It's alright.
- Is Glenn drinking again?
- Yeah, yeah, hammered.
You're out..
- Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.
- I've gotta call Eddie.
- Get in here.
- Hi, pop.
Hey, kid.
You finally came out, huh?
So you came.
You asked me to come
so we could talk and... here.
- If it's about stuff that you left in my apartment...
- No, no.
It's not about that.
Well, then what's it about?
Life is unpredictable.
Life is messy and...
It can sometimes be cruel.
We don't get to make
a lot of choices in life,
but there's one thing
that we can choose and that's...
That's who we go to bed with
and who we wake up with.
I want to choose you.
And your face makes me happy
even though there's a big nose on it.
I want to see that face
for the rest of my life.
I love you.
And I can't promise
it's always gonna be easy,
or fun or exiting.
But I can promise that
I will always love you.
Will you promise we'll try camping?
Will I promise we can try camping?
Yeah, I promise.
And if you will
look past this twisty tie
that I'm trying to pass off as a ring,
then we can come up with
some kind of payment plan
for a big fat diamond that
I'll never be able to afford.
Two karat.
- Are you crazy?
- Yes.
Two karats are... crazy.
Yes, that you're crazy,
or yes to the wedding.
Yes, yes, yes.
Yes, yes.
Oh god.
Welcome to the family, Lisa.
- Thank you.
- Way to go.