Ida (2013) Movie Script

Her name is Wanda Gruz.
She is your aunt.
We wrote to her many times asking her
to take you.
But she never did.
Maybe she never got the letters?
She did. Because finally she replied
that she couldn't come.
You should meet her before
you take your vows.
She is your only living relative.
Do I have to, Mother?
Yes, Anna.
You will go to see her and stay there
for as long as necessary.
Are you Wanda Gruz?
- I am your niece.
- I know who you are.
Come in.
Are you hungry?
No, thank you.
Take a seat.
What did they tell you about me?
That you are my aunt.
That's all?
They didn't tell you who I am?
What I do?
Why didn't you come to take me from the
I couldn't. I didn't want to.
You wouldn't have been happy with me.
I'm going.
God bless.
God bless you.
So you are a Jewish nun.
You're a Jew.
They never told you?
Your real name is Ida Lebenstein.
You're the daughter of Haim
Lebenstein and Ra Herc.
You were born in Piaski, near oma.
This is Ra...
And this is you.
We've had our little family reunion...
I must get dressed. I'm late.
What time is your train?
I have a bus in the evening.
Do you need any money?
Goodbye then.
God be with you.
...a whole bed of red tulips...
...planted by socialist scouts
to honour...
...the accused mowed them down...
...with this here sabre...
...inherited from his grandfather...
...a member of Pilsudski's Legions.
Ra had an artistic soul.
I liked adventures.
We were very different.
She was always making things,
from pieces of cloth or glass.
Once she made a stained glass window...
And put it in the barn
to make the cows happier.
This is your father.
Not an interesting type, a bit primitive.
I didn't like him.
Their whole clan was from there.
We were from Lublin.
Because of him she ended up in that hole.
You have to wear this hood all the time?
You're a redhead too, right?
I had a brother?
No, you were an only child.
I'm going to Piaski tomorrow.
I want to visit their graves.
They have no graves.
Neither they, nor any other Jews.
No one knows where their bodies are...
Maybe in the woods or in the lake.
I'll ask around.
What if you go there
and discover there is no God?
God is everywhere, I know.
I'll drive you there. We'll go together.
You're sweet.
You have such a nice dimple.
Three, when you smile.
Men will go crazy.
Do you have sinful thoughts sometimes?
About carnal love?
That's a shame.
You should try...
Otherwise what sort of sacrifice
are these vows of yours.
Praise be to Jesus Christ.
Forever and ever.
You know who lived here before the war?
- Why?
- No reason.
My husband knows...
He'll be back later.
Can we look around?
What for?
Don't worry. We won't steal anything.
I don't know.
Come after tea, around four.
Excuse me.
Could you bless my daughter, sister?
One more, please.
And one for the gentleman over there.
Did you know the Lebensteins?
They lived here before the war.
No, Eskimos.
Ra and Haim Lebenstein.
We had a lot of Jews here.
But those I didn't know. Sorry.
Why be sorry?
Jesus, that's just what you say.
Did you know them?
And another one, please.
And the bill.
Our family used to live in this house.
No Jews ever lived here.
I didn't say they were Jews.
It's my house and my land.
We both know who it belonged to.
Your father hid the Lebensteins
during the war. Where?
In the woods? In some shelter?
I know who denounced Jews
and who helped them.
- Father never went to the Germans.
- I know.
How did they die?
Szymon Skiba, your father.
Where is he?
Don't know.
I know when someone is lying.
I can destroy you.
You have children.
Where is your father?
Don't know.
This is so Ra.
Fancy stained glass next to cow shit.
Here they are...
Good Christians... your neighbours.
Your mates are here.
When did you start drinking?
When I was about twelve.
Listen, you can make things easy
for yourself or hard.
Listen, comrade...
It would easier if
you showed some respect.
You have to let me go.
I have immunity. I am a judge.
Lock her up.
Will you be all right?
Let's go.
They'll let me out tomorrow.
No, I didn't know them.
Jews usually kept to themselves.
Were you here during the war?
I was.
Do you have some connection
to them, sister?
No, nothing.
I'm sorry but this is all I can offer.
- Good night, sister.
- Good night.
- God be with you.
- God be with you.
Thank you.
I hope you will accept our apologies,
- It was for your own good. You were indisposed.
- Go to hell.
Safe journey.
Who are you?
Nobody these days...
But I used to be a state prosecutor once.
Big public trials.
I even sent a few people to death.
Enemies of the People.
This was in the early fifties.
Red Wanda - that's me.
Gone with the wind.
Want a doughnut?
What'll happen when we find this Szymon?
He'll tell us how your parents died
and where they're buried.
That's what you wanted, no?
- Where are you going?
- To Szydw.
So are we.
Where can you get these?
State secret.
What's in the case? A saxophone?
Yes. Alto.
Beautiful instrument.
Male, sensuous.
Do you live in Szydw?
No. We're doing a gig there.
To celebrate the town's anniversary.
And you?
Will you come to the dance tonight?
Might be fun.
Why not.
Not bad, our lad.
Do you know Szymon Skiba?
He lives around here.
Skiba? No.
But ask Marek at the bar.
He knows everyone. Ask him.
- He's not here.
- When's he back?
- They took him to the hospital with...
- When's he back?
Tomorrow. Or later...
God willing.
Maybe he's hiding from us.
- Cold.
- What?
Where is He?
Which one do you want?
Come on, you won't stop being a nun.
Your Jesus didn't hide
in a cave with books...
But went out into the world.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not going anywhere.
Fine, I'll have fun on my own.
C'est la vie.
I thought we were here
because of my parents.
We are.
I loved Ra very much.
You are so similar.
I won't let you waste your life.
Of course...
I'm a slut and you're a little saint.
This Jesus of yours adored people like me.
Take Mary Magdalen...
Let's have a read.
What a beast came out.
What was that you played?
Naima by Coltrane. Did you like it?
Very much.
You're a funny couple.
My aunt and me?
I know.
We only met two days ago.
Where are you from?
From a village. Not far from here.
But I was raised in a convent.
And now I'm Jewish, too.
And I've got some gypsy in me.
So why are you here?
I'm looking for a man who knew my parents.
Thank you.
He's probably still in the hospital.
I'll wait downstairs.
Let's go.
Remember me?
You knew the Lebensteins during the war.
We'd like to know where they're buried.
I'm their daughter.
I'm Ida.
They were...
Good people...
I hid them in the woods...
Fed them...
And then you killed them.
Was he very scared?
The boy.
How did you do it?
With an axe?
I left him with Ra...
And went to fight...
For God knows what.
I hardly knew him.
Praise be to God.
Leave my father alone,
let him die in peace.
Nobody can prove anything anyway.
What happened, happened.
What do you want?
You give up claims to the house
and I'll show you where they're buried...
And you leave us in peace.
See you tomorrow.
I know I can trust you, sister.
Did you find that man?
What now?
You're going back to the institution?
You mean the convent? Yes.
For long?
I'm taking my vows next week.
And you?
I'm mainly trying to avoid the army.
And vows too.
You've no idea of the effect
you have, do you?
And me?
Why am I not here?
You were tiny...
No one would know you were Jewish.
I took you to the priest
and left you there.
The boy was dark and circumcised.
It wasn't father...
I killed them.
We'll go to Lublin.
We have a family grave there.
If that graveyard still exists.
We should find a priest.
You mean a rabbi.
Don't drink now.
It's a long way, I'll sober up.
Will you come to my vows?
No, but I'll drink to your health.
It's a pity Ra couldn't see you.
Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come...
I'm not ready.
Forgive me.
In front of all you sisters gathered here
and you Mother Superior...
I vow chastity, poverty and
Do not despise, Lord,
this heart, repentant and humble.
Do you have a car?
Of course.
Will you drive me home?
Not now. Sit down.
She has such beautiful hair.
But she hides it away.
Comrade Wanda Gruz contributed greatly...
To the creation of a new Poland...
Tenaciously exercising People's justice...
...farewell comrade...
You'll live forever in our memory.
What are you thinking about?
I'm not thinking.
We're off to Gdask to do some gigs.
Wanna come?
Ever been to the seaside?
I haven't been anywhere.
Come along, then...
You'll listen to us play,
we'll walk on the beach.
And then?
Then we'll buy a dog...
Get married, have children...
Get a house.
And then?
The usual. Life.