Idealisten (2015) Movie Script

After World War II, tensions rise between
the Soviet Union and the West.
Denmark is included in the 1951 EU-US agreement on a US military base
at Thule in northwestern Greenland, just below the North Pole.
Greenland at the time is a Danish colony.
Denmark and Greenland in 1957
are declared Nuclear Free Zones.
Based on real events.
It was about 90 miles south of the base...
here, south of Thule airbase.
We discovered smoke and fumes in the cockpit.
Fumes initially.
And we immediately responded to the
appropriate emergency procedures...
to eliminate the smoke and
fumes from the cockpit.
But the fire wouldn't stay out and
the airplane was filling with smoke.
And...I called Thule Airways.
John Haug, Captain B-52 Stratofortress.
Broken arrow with four Hydrogen bombs.
Told them of our difficulties and told them that we would
hit directly for Thule to make an emergency landing.
My first consideration was to
save the crew and the aircraft.
But it came out of control,
to such an extent,
that I had no other choice than to bail
my crew out over the AirForce Base.
Captain, where were you
when the fire broke out?
Were you out there over International
territory or over Danish territory?
I was over International waters,
90 miles to the south of Thule.
This the first time you have been
flying over Greenland in a B-52?
I can't answer that question, sir.
What about the bombs?
The bombs are always...
are always in the back of my mind.
400 in flashlight protest against
Nuclear aircraft in Thule.
B-52 giant aircraft loses
Hydrogen bombs from missile bays.
THE IDEALIS Aarhus, Denmark 1988
We try and I'm thinking of trying to
treat Carl Dinesen with mustard gas.
But as soon as we stop the treatment,
he develops lesions again.
And he gets new lesions elsewhere.
It does not look so nice out.
Could it be radiation?
I was skeptical, but I have to admit...
the six cases of psoriasis and a lymphoma
indicate serious contamination.
So do you believe their illness
is due to radiation?
Ris was responsible for
the security in 1968.
There were health and nuclear physicists.
They were all there.
Six out of thirty Thule workers.
Usually hit just one in 10,000.
But here are six out of thirty
Thule workers and it is too much.
They stood there for safety
during the remediation work...
and for nasal samples.
Ask them about the urine samples.
And just as important...nasal samples.
You also need to think about...
The base command post announced that seven...
repeat seven people are known to have parachuted,
ub the Thule base are.
Three of the men have been picked up.
However four are still unaccounted for.
This is Lieutenant Cole,
I would like to urge everyone
to stay away from the area,
of the B-52 airplane crash, there is danger of
explosion and I urge to stay away from the area.
Now a special announcement to the local
population in Danish and Greenlandic...
The people are forbidden to approach the site.
The plane could explode.
It's strictly forbidden to approach it.
We think that the accident which
occurred over Danish territory...
due to a plane crash with Hydrogen bombs...
brings out very serious perspectives.
Research Center, Ris
Shouldn't we start?
It was at a press conference that
Thule firmly confirmed...
that there was no contamination
by the B-52 bomb crash.
However, it is established that the snow,
that is above the bombs...
and the snow that was below the site,
where they found bomb fragments...
is highly radioactive.
Could the Danish workers have
been affected by the clean-up?
That would surprise me!
There were extensive precautions.
All were through controls first.
And how did such a check take place?
If one's clothes showed traces of pollution,
they were washed...
thoroughly and they got new clothes.
That was it? They were washed?
And when we tested people afterwards,
they were always healthy.
But Plutonium is one of the world's
most dangerous poisons, right?
Only if you breathe or in the bloodstream,
it is very dangerous.
But otherwise you can actually eat
Plutonium without being affected by it.
Was the collected snow tested?
Yes of course.
We found Plutonium in the snow but
they were in microscopic quantities.
So there are some snow samples?
Do you have them here?
No, they are in the United States.
Shouldn't we try to get them home,
so you can study them?
We cannot, it's a military matter.
What do your records say about Carl Dinesen?
We can tell you, what is in the record...
but we can not show it to you,
as it is confidential.
Just a moment.
He passed the control station 15 times.
He had to change clothes,
and everything looks fine.
What did you do with the urine tests?
The urine samples?
There is a signature here on,
that all urine samples shows 0 reading.
When was the last time
urine sample taken?
There was no urine sample
taken on the last check.
It was not?
What about the day before?
The day before...March 13.
No, nothing.
So it has been two days without a urine sample?
Urine tests are not the most important.
Of course not!
And the snow?
The nose and heel test?
What about the nasal samples?
I thought you said it was
dangerous inhaling Plutonium?
I have a lead story.
Do you have the script?
I cut it myself.
Then come with it.
I cut myself, I'm telling you. Out!
They listen to stjyllands Radio.
I take it first touches.
The time is 18 and here is the radio.
Mayor Thorkild Simonsen is back from Shanghai.
Swedish Prime Minister proposes
a nuclear-free zone in Europe.
But first, the story of how employees at
the Thule Base were affected by radiation.
January 21, 1968 crash...
That's not how we do it here.
You go too far.
Relax now.
Danish Thule workers...
Wait! 20 years later you have eczema...
as per Strandgrd Jensen.
You led the cleanup at the Thule Base?
What precautions did you take?
We took urine and nasal samples.
According to your records,
Carl Dinesen's nasal samples weren't taken.
It's an isolated incident,
and not a general picture.
Why did more men fall sick?
We did not find anything wrong.
It's only now that they are sick.
Life at the Thule Base was hard.
You had ample opportunity
to quench your thirst.
So Ris rejects any context?
Is it the Health Board responsibility then?
You may ask them.
Says health physicist
Strandgrd Jensen from Ris.
If any former Thule workers think
they are sick of Plutonium...
then stjyllands Radio phones
lines would be open from now on.
Swedish Prime Minister suggests...
stjyllands Radio, this is Lisa.
Yes, what is it about?
Just a moment,
so I ask you about.
It's Poul Brink.
Knud Nielsen concerning the Thule Base.
I was up there in 68...
stjyllands Radio.
It's Helle.
Bo Madsen. I meet Poul Brink?
It's Jan.
Jorgen Holst. I worked on...
Hello, Poul Brink from East Jutland Radio.
I need to talk to Mads Oerbaek.
Just a moment.
They have not an agreement.
I called because two days ago.
Who did you speak to?
I spoke with a secretary.
It had where appropriate, been me,
and the conversation I do not remember.
You know, I have called several times.
Yes and you have no agreement.
Now I sit over there and wait,
to you getting myself into.
They are fascists! Fucking fascists!
Maybe not always, Stiba.
I mean, not everything is that extreme.
But it is that extreme.
Power makes politicians corrupts and Celian you
have to be naive to trust people to power...
It takes time for a democracy to develop.
You have heard about the...
And Spain is young democracy...
B-52 accident in Spain in 1966...
Yeah, I read about it.
When Americans crashed with Nuclear bombs
off in the coast in Palomares.
That bomb was 16 times more powerful
than the one in Hiroshima.
And Franco, he pretended that it was okay that the Americans
were flying with those kind of bombs over Spain.
It's pure insanity!
And Franco was a fascist dictator.
It's not about being a dictator,
this was just politicians, umm...
You know that I'm very critical.
afraid that...
And always...always extremely skeptical. have grown up in a society
that thinks there can be no evil.
You think that your little smart hole
is safe from the evils in the world.
Smart hole?
You Danes acts as if you were invincible...
but you are not.
You are just very naive...
very naive.
What the hell...
Yes! Just calm down.
Poul Brink? Journalist, East Jutland Radio.
You idiot!
Hey, hey, hey can you get out!
No, I just got here.
It's funny, you go so much up the
case that you didn't even call me.
What you are do, doesn't matter.
Who the hell are you?
Health Department won't talk to you.
Not the way you are going!
Marius Schmidt, Chief Fire Officer
at Thule Base 1968.
I was responsible for both firemen
and civilians when the plane crashed.
I got a medal for my efforts.
For loyal service to the US Army.
I've saved their ass many times.
What is wrong with you?
I fail no one whatever the mess-up.
I cannot interview a healthy man.
Therefore, we must go for a walk.
Yes, yes...
This is Carl Dinesen.
Poul Brink.
You can take an interview now.
An interview?
Carl is sick!
Maybe Health can shelter us!
Aren't you a candidate for Pontoppidan?
And what does he say?
He says I should be scanned.
But there is no money for it.
If I go public, I am finished.
You must do something.
Carl needs to be scanned.
I am a journalist, I make news.
So report this in your news!
Then fucking give me something new.
Can't you see, I am sick?
I cannot use any more sick men.
What are you going to do then?
What's next...
There must be development.
There must be a shift.
A shift? can't help us with shit.
I thought you could help us,
but you just can't.
Good morning, Poul.
Good morning...uh, I need an advance.
You should take it up with accounting.
I need SEK 15,000.
SEK 15,000?
I would like to scan all Thule Workers.
Made an agreement with Aalborg Hospital.
You got a deal?
I know someone, who may help.
It's a good price.
You can tell yourself to let it go.
Why is that?
I don't have SEK 15,000.
It's impossible Poul.
Of course you can...
I'm not allowed to!
Aalborg Hospital, Section South
Knud Nielsen?
Jorgen Holst? Yes
Ken Abildgaard? Yes
Carl Dinesen?
Go that way.
I get answers to the scans in three weeks.
Three weeks?
They scanned 25 Thule Workers.
Pontoppidan had analyzed the results before-hand.
We could use those results.
If the scans prove they are sick,
we can force US to hand over snow samples.
If there is too much Plutonium in the snow,
then we have something!
We can pave the way for a trial,
for the Thule workers.
I put SEK 15,000 myself.
A re-imbursement would be nice.
We don't go for scans, neither do we file for lawsuits.
We disseminate news.
We create them.
A pleasing carol that would have
brought you into the Christmas spirit.
The time is 15 and here is the
regional news with Eva Larsen.
Pontoppidan has posted results of the scans!
He notes that all Thule Workers
exhibit the same symptoms.
The number of seriously ill is surprising.
You owe all Thule Workers
further medical examinations.
You need to run it, Marius!
That sounds great, Poul.
Yeah! Now we can force Health
to conduct a medical study.
OK, talk to him.
Board of Health, Copenhagen
Mads Oerbaek?
I tried to talk to you all day.
So do we have a deal?
I have come in early from Aarhus.
I have the scan reports of 25 Thule workers.
They all suffer from a precursor to cancer.
Isn't the Health Agency responsible
to investigate this occurrence?
I haven't agreed to an interview.
I'll examine them and if it were cancerous...
Then will you check if the Thule workers have cancer?
Yes, yes...
We'll open an investigation into
the remediation work at Thule.
That's not what I asked.
Will you check if the Thule workers have cancer?
Health will launch a checkup...
for all those who worked on Thule Base
between 1968 and 1970.
You're welcome.
You are listening to the news...
State Minister Schlter has given a go ahead
to obtain snow samples from Thule base.
The samples will be included in
the study of former employees...
who believe they became ill
due to contaminated snow.
The delegation will be headed by Mads Oerbaek
from the Health Protection Agency.
Health has pledged in writing that
all workers will be examined.
It's a great day and it's incredible,
that so many have come tonight...
for the first meeting of the Association...
for the contamination that hit the Thule workers.
If it were not for one person,
we would not be sitting here today.
Poul, that would be you.
When I saw you the first time, I thought...
Yes...I don't really remember what I thought.
But come up here.
Poul, I have realized,
that you are one of us.
I speak enough on behalf of all, when I say...
That you have given us back,
dignity and hope.
Come up here.
Come here...
It's fine.
Department of Radiation Hygiene.
Poul Brink, from News 18.
I would like to call on to the department that
collected snow samples for the United States.
You will have to call the Board of Health.
They asked me to call you.
The National Board of Health is working on it.
Call Mads Oerbaek.
Is he back?
Oh, yes.
This is Poul, I know Mads is back.
That will not be possible.
Did you hear it click?
I recorded everything you just said.
I'm just a secretary.
Yes, but a secretary on the radio,
on a serious case is good enough.
Does Mads Oerbaek have snow
samples from the USA?
No, he does not.
He doesn't?
If I disclose something confidential,
would that help me get off the radio?
I am listening.
The snow samples...
they had been at Ris all the time.
It's on our internal memo.
Internal memo?
Yes! Mads was furious at Ris.
Could you fax me the internal document,
so that you aren't on the radio.
Yes...I will try.
Research Ris, this is Irene Hahnemann.
Poul, may I speak to Lars Krogsgaard?
He's not here. Can I help?
The snow samples, the truth?
I go on the air at 6:00 PM...
with or without you.
I am also a journalist.
This is blackmail.
I'll call again...
Call 16 51 70, if you have the answer.
16 51 70, and you could win an LP
or two in our morning show.
Here's what we'll be broadcasting tomorrow.
We broadcast directly from the island.
You can hear more about it tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow, the radio will hear about
the Recycling factory on the island.
Today starts a sorting of an
island of garbage collection.
We'll report directly from the factory.
Lars Krogsgaard from Ris phone.
Lars Krogsgaard?
Lars Krogsgaard.
18 news...Thule case.
A Danish delegation has been in the US...
to retrieve the secret snow samples.
On the phone, we are with health
physician Lars Krogsgaard.
Lars Krogsgaard, you said you have examined
snow samples from the B-2 crash site.
Didn't you?
We were not allowed to.
The Americans would not reveal how
much Plutonium was in the bombs.
So, you have no snow samples as yet?
No, we do not.
I have here an internal memorandum
from the National Board of Health.
It says that we have had the snow
samples at Ris all this time.
I assume you also know,
about this document.
Should I read up?
No, it is not required.
So what you told me a year ago
and now you say, is all a lie?
That isn't exact...
It is true that...
these samples, as shown in the notes
were of a classified nature...
I have no obligation to
say that we have them.
On the contrary, I deny everything,
as long as they are of classified nature.
So the whole journey to the
United States was pointless?
Do you have other secrets,
waiting to come out?
If I had any, I wouldn't reveal them to you.
Says the Health Physician,
Lars Krogsgaard from Ris.
AGF has a new director.
He is expected to take office in August.
Poul, you have done impressive work!
I would probably have set you to a Cavling Prize.
There it is! Yeah.
But how boring it might sound...
we cannot force research results upon Ris.
Am I hearing correct?
Ris has classified snow samples.
You cannot obtain those,
unless the government opens up.
Not when it comes to research.
Nothing can be done, it's with the military.
This is a health issue.
The military got their medical reports.
What happens now Ole?
Let's just wait and see what
the investigation shows up.
We have to stick within our limits.
What is this all about?
We and Danish Radio are in part one.
We have a role to play in case of war.
If there is a war on another,
we become a government mouthpiece.
Well it's practical and benefits us all.
What does this have to do with me?
And who are you in this?
I'm a journalist and security officer at Danish Radio.
I must ensure a balance between
news and state interests...
and balance relationship with our allies.
Security Officer?
Or an Intelligence officer?
No, I guarantee balance.
Goodbye, Bent.
Did you know we had one?
A security officer?
It was as an attempt to censor.
You would think, we were in the GDR.
Could you not hear him?
Hear what?
Whole thing stinks!
Is that it?
Can I go now?
What's wrong?
The wheels don't run as before.
I can come back another time.
No sign of any radiation damage!
That's good, you're healthy.
Everyone received the letter!
Even those with eczema and cancer!
Isn't that because of radiation exposure?
Weren't you examined?
Yes, by a doctor.
He tapped us on the knee and
threw us out after 10 minutes.
I thought we could win this.
We damn will!
We won't!
Don't lose heart now.
I've used-up my pension over this.
Yeah, it's fucking annoying, but it will be fine!
Just takes time!
Someone is trying to stop me.
But it's a good sign.
Now we must arm ourselves with
patience and stand together.
Stand together?
Aren't you getting little sentimental?
Keep quiet!
Stop that!
Why don't you see to your wheel?
Maybe you could help me instead.
Do I get a cup of coffee?
Do you have to?
Maybe you wont!
Then, no.
It sounds like Maggie 'Is back in Town'.
We were allowed to look inside and will
let the pictures speak for themselves.
Tell me, are you following me?
Stay away from the area.
Stay away from the area.
Stay away...
You're scaring me, standing there like that!, no, no.
Everything is fine.
Don't lie to me.
We are about 10 miles away.
Five seconds,4, 3, 2, 1
American Nuclear Testing, Pacific Ocean
During the negotiations on
arms deliveries to Denmark...
we have not been offered nuclear weapons.
If the need so arises,
the Government believes...
that it should not be received.
It's a decision in principle
and Denmark is ready.
We believe that Denmark should not have
nuclear weapons and we stand by it.
And I'll assume, it will be accepted.
It's easy to imagine,
what it would mean for Denmark...
if modern weapons were used against
bases on Danish territory.
Throw yourselves down when outdoors.
A minimum exposure would be the result.
Press your face to the ground and
keep your hands under the body.
Staying outdoors is totally incorrect!
I am shocked!
It's quite terrible.
It's terrible and they should stop it.
This creates insecurity,
when you have small children.
It's a belly-up.
If disaster comes, many lives will be lost.
But if you are at a certain distance
from the nuclear blast...
you have a chance to survive,
if you just do the right thing.
Atom March Holbaek-Copenhagen, 1960
The Soviet Sprenger bombs in the
Western world are an oppression.
When Americans detonate bombs the
world is in turmoil, the east.
Listen, I tried everything for three years.
What...what do you mean?
Well...we had a series of deaths among American sailors
and soldiers who worked on the base in 1968.
Some tried to sue for damages but
the case was dismissed of course.
With what justification?
Well, there's a law that states that the United States
must refund 75% of any compensation that Danish State
would grant the Thule workers in case of an accident.
Wouldn't that amount to small change for you?
Yeah, it ain't about the money for the Pentagon.
The Pentagon doesn't want to set a precedent.
Precedent, how?
If you win a lawsuit, then all kinds
of people will come calling.
Anyone who gets injured while working
for the US military around the world.
That's a lot of people and a lot of money.
It's a NATO treaty, it's called SOFA.
Status of Forces Agreement.
You can maybe get a hearing,
but never a real trial.
Forget about it!
Carl, this is Denmark, at least we can try.
They will go very far to avoid that.
Don't forget you are up against the
government of the United States.
Well, good luck, Poul.
Call me again, if you need any more help.
My name is Poul Brink and
I'm a journalist at News 18.
The time is 10:45 PM and you dropped
me off at the port of Aarhus.
Come in.
This is Orla.
Who is that?
He was responsible for the hangar at Thule.
Sit down.
That's Star III.
They filmed it with cameras
that you see there!
The American officers were there.
Hence the films down in my hangar.
There was an object on the seabed.
An object?
The aircraft flew four bombs.
But it were only three that
broke-up when they fell on the ice.
Did you see this?
What did you see?
I saw the front of a Hydrogen bomb
poking out between the debris.
Where are the shots now?
The Americans took them as well.
They have kept their mouths shut about the Hydrogen bomb
on the seabed for more than 20 years!
What more have they not hidden?
The actual footage of the bomb?
No and that's why I need to goto
the USA and review their files.
Well, that we cannot afford to.
Poul, you are the best journalist
I've been around.
And you should be on this.
Hi! Can I help you with something?
Hmm, I have a few words that
I would like you to search for.
Hmm, ok.
Yeah? What are the words?
Its...B-52 crash.
At Thule Air Base 1968.
Pardon, the wait.
Here you go...
I'm going to leave the rest on the cart, here.
If you need copies of anything...
Just let me know.
Excuse me, uh...what do you mean copies?
If you find something here, document,
that you want to copy and take with you.
I can copy it for you.
There was a fire onboard and...
we had to bail out.
Unfortunately we lost a man...Zvitenko.
Half walking, half crawling,
I made my way up to the hangar building.
So I went over to one of the trucks,
and turned the mirror, looked at my face.
I saw that it was all splattered in blood.
I have to tell you...
that was the best looking face
I had seen in a long time!
Bad as it was!
Would you like a cookie, Poul?
No thank you, coffee is fine.
And, could you please tell me about the bombs?
They disintegrated, like they were designed to.
All four of them?
To be quite honest, I wouldn't...was more concerned,
let her know I was alright, if anything else..
Well, they were crazy times.
I guess there's all to say about that.
Yes, but I would like to know...
about the debris.
Well, there was clean up.
But I...I already left the area.
What about the Plutonium?
I assume it was all part of the clean up.
You know as I...said there's all
there is to say about it, really.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Ummm, I've one more question,
off the record of course
Is that alright?
You weren't patrolling just our side,
Danish territory, were you?
I think, it's time we end this conversation.
The United Nations meets in anger and shock on the morning,
the Russians detonated a super bomb.
As you said he would,
Mr.Khrushchev has exploded his giant bomb...
in cynical disregard of the United Nations.
By this act, the Soviet Union
have added injury to insult.
They broke the moratorium on
nuclear weapons testing.
They have raised atmospheric
pollution to new heights.
They have started a new race,
for more deadly weapons.
They have splurged the humanitarian appeal of the
United Nations and of all peace-loving peoples.
From American Embassy, Katherine E. White...
Secretary of State, Washington...
Secretary of State.
John Leddy.
Possibly, Prime Minister Krag will delay
release for as long as possible...
to avoid unfavorable impact on
tomorrow's National Election.
Rather a nodal crow - x K
Release for as long as possible to avoid unfavorable
impact on tomorrow's National Election.
Leddy Residence.
Is this John Leddy?
Assistant Secretary for European Affairs in 1968?
It is.
It is? Poul Brink is my name.
And I'm a Danish journalist.
And I'm reading about the B-52 crash
at the Thule Base in January 1968.
I may be old but there's nothing wrong with my memory.
What...what do you remember, if I may ask?
Yes, yes.
You remember? was the beginning
a horrible year, wasn't it?
The assassinations of Dr.King and Bobby Kennedy.
And Tet offensive in South Vietnam where we pretty
much got our asses kicked like never before.
Well Sir, I...I've been reading this telegram
from the former American Ambassador to Denmark.
Eh...Katherine E. White.
Katherine!? But she passed away.
Did you know Katherine?
No, no I didn't.
But she writes in a telegram to you that this
crash was initially meant to be kept secret...
due to the upcoming general
elections in Denmark.
Yeah, that's correct.
That's correct?
Yes, why?
Well...we didn't want to violate
our agreement with the Danes.
What kind of agreement?
As I remember, there was a secret agreement
between us and Danes regarding Greenland.
Your time is up.
Please deposit five cents or your
call will be disconnected, thank you.
Sir, would you prefer if we met in person?
Hey there, buddy.
Can I help you with something?
You looking for someone or...?
Well...umm, I have an appointment with Mr.Leddy here.
I'm gonna see your ID please?
So what is your business here, Mr.Brink?
As I said, I hoped I could have
a word with Mr.Leddy, here.
I know all about that,
that's not gonna happen.
Now, it would be best if you just get back in your car.
Drive out of here and don't come back..
You don't tell me what to do.
You got one of two choices...
Either you vacate the premises on
your own or I take you out by myself.
Search of ocean bottom beneath B-52 impact found...
contract to US Navy built...
vehicle used will be two man submarine "Star III".
Star III.
Search for object or missing weapon part
is to be treated as confidential.
What about the bombs?
It was further speculated that the missing...
In view of its ballistic characteristics, may have come to
rest beyond the observed concentration of the heavy debris.
I view of its ballistic characteristics...
Stay away from the area.
Stay away from the area.
Study 5, TV-Byen, Copenhagen
Good evening, News 18.
In Tamil the issue there was increased pressure on Ninn-Hansen.
He denies having broken the law.
But first the Thule case.
A former Thule Workers is now with new information.
Orla Harvesting says Americans
in 1968 used a submarine at Thule.
What were they looking for?
According to Orla harvest an intact Hydrogen bomb.
How do you know it was a bomb?
I worked in the hangar.
I was there when the Americans
filmed the recordings.
What recordings?
The video tapes and submarine operation.
What was on the recordings?
There was a Hydrogen bomb on the seabed.
Could it not be something else?
There was not mistake, I know how a bomb looks!
What do they say to this new information?
Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, Left Foreign Minister
He knows, of course, a lot of bombs,
he worked at the Thule Base.
But it is not easy to distinguish between
Hydrogen bomb and a conventional one.
However, a Hydrogen bomb is quite big,
when talking about the explosive force.
Yes, it's quite big.
It's 73 times larger with four of them,
compared to wiping Hiroshima.
In the case of an air crash...
Hydrogen bombs are designed to
break without a nuclear explosion.
And it is a case also here.
I've been in Washington and
in these two documents...
there is a discussion of
a submarine Star III...
and that they were looking for
a so-called missing object.
What do you think it means?
What were they looking for so much?
Salvaging may have been
for the plane's black box.
If there was a Hydrogen bomb in the bay,
shouldn't it be brought up?
Such a bomb may as well leak.
There was no sign of a Hydrogen bomb.
May I put this question...
May I just point out that I was not the
Secretary of State in 1968...No.
This was done during the Krag administration.
So do you admit of a US recording?
Our American friends hardly
have anything to hide.
So now you say that you will demand
the recordings be handed over.
Yes, of course...
There will be a dialogue with the Americans.
And back to the Tamil issue.
A TV documentary focuses on Erik Ninn-Hansen's
time as Minister of Justice.
He is accused of infringing the...
It's good to see you.
Brink, I'm the Director for
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
You did it brilliantly! Really.
Poul, what do you think will happen now?
Do you think the foreign minister will send
a stack of bomb pictures laying in the ocean?
You got access to documents in the United States,
that even Health wasn't allowed to.
How did that happen?
Health has sloppy.
Where they!?
Or did Americans withheld documents...
Or Health released documents,
other than those censored.
Or they were they released,
after Health's trip to the United States.
Deputy Foreign Minister Leddy suggests
that there was an agreement with Denmark.
He says it loud and clear...of that!
You don't have this source? Can you get him?
I don't think so.
I was chased off by the police over there.
Is he a credible source?
I don't know.
What did he tell you
about this agreement?
I think he talked about it.
You think?
Could there be a natural explanation?
Can he, for example, be senile?
He sounded old.
Is he a credible source?
Who else can confirm the agreement?
US Ambassador Katherine White writing
in the telegram from 1968...
that they will delay publication until
after the election two days later.
But Katherine White is dead.
Yes, it's incredible that they hid an accident?
Why hide an accident?
Yes, but how do you proceed?
I must know whether the bomb is there.
Why did they wait until after the election?
And there's a secret agreement?
What is the relationship?
That is what I want to find out.
Welcome on board!
The Danish Thule Workers raised a request to the US,
in Washington to gain access to the archives.
What was Denmark's role is the Thule case?
Marius Schmidt criticizes Health...
I'll have do the laundry.
Be back in 5, keep an eye on Kristian?
I'm gonna take out the laundry, take care of Kristian.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I've been in the National Archives
and got a pile of documents.
Documents that Health could not get hold of!
When the National Board of Health
cannot obtain these documents...
how can they figure out how
to implement a checkup?
TV news had asked for an opinion...
There you are Kristian!
What are you doing? Huh?
Your little brat, what are you doing?
We were just...
washing our hands.
Premier Johansen is outraged
by the Danish censorship.
It's an example of the official
regime that is in Greenland.
Where in the world do people
otherwise subject to the risks?
The ambassador wishes to speak to you.
Which ambassador?
The US of course!
Because you have done well.
They are noticing you in the right places.
Reach out...
Turn around. Thanks
Mr.Brink, how are you?
I'm good Mr.Ambassador.
I appreciate your coming.
Gosh! You are tall.
Come on, sit down.
Why don't you sit over here, this chair.
Very important people have sat on that chair.
Mr.Moller and Her Majesty, the Queen of Denmark.
To name but two!
Well...that is very impressive people, sir.
It is!
Here you go.
How many Danes fought in the Allied forces during WW2?
Excuse me?
How many?
20? 10? 8?
I think it was a little more than that.
Well they were fighting elsewhere. Weren't they?
About 8000 Danes joined the German SS, right?
And they all went to jail after the war, so?
I just been to Luxembourg, Mr.Brink.
In that tiny country lies the graves
over 16,000 young Americans soldiers.
If our boys hadn't liberated you,
you would still be living under a Kaiser or Stalin.
Sir, why am I here?
You just have to trust us.
But what is this missing object?
Sir, as a Dane, it is impossible to accept that
a foreign power has something secret on Danish territory.
Thule's not Danish territory.
Thule's an American territory. it's Danish territory.
We are fighting for you son.
Give us some elbow room!
The local Eskimos were driven out,
so you could get Thule Airbase.
I think we gave you
a lot of elbow room.
Has anyone told you, you are a very naive man?
You think Mr.John Leddy would have said something else.
If he was allowed.
There is no bomb.
But there may be a bomb.
Or perhaps...half a bomb.
Or three quarters of a bomb.
And maybe these documents refer to something
completely different, what we need to know.
The people of Denmark! Yes.
Oh, I see! So now, you are doing
a story on the bigger picture.
I'm telling a story about a country that was
misled by so called its closest Ally.
Mr.Brink, I think you are
writing a fairy tale...
about a small peace-loving country that
pulled the world over before its own eyes.
It's Poul Brink.
Are you going to let me in?
Poul Brink...
I'm not going to speak
about this anymore.
It does not look good that I and Marius
well able to find the documents.
The archives were not open,
when I was in the United States.
Therefore I'll make up a story tomorrow
on why you did not return.
And the day after.
And every day, until you tell me what you know.
This is the document from Washington,
wherein a missing object is referred to.
No, these are ones I haven't seen yet!
But you do now!
I don't think you're a liar, Mads.
But you look like one.
You were sent to the US to pick up
answers that were already home.
Somebody made an ass of you.
You have no idea what that means.
Why are you not telling me?
Not telling what?
Someone lied and if you keep saying no,
then you continue the lie.
You know there's something wrong here, yeah?
Are we clear on that?
Somebody isn't telling me something.
I don't know.
I'm running the story tomorrow.
I'll be risking my position.
And the Thule Workers continue to die.
Good night.
Sleep well.
Mads Oerbaek charges
Americans of lying.
He sent this fax to me.
It's his own report...
which blames the Americans for
giving him false information.
Let me see.
This is a copy of the same report except...
that the US version point to point
censors the Plutonium amount.
I think this is good.
Mads Oerbaek is sorry about the false information...
and that he misled the government,
the Danish Parliament and the Danish people.
Who the hell censored the report?
The Foreign Affairs Minister.
Foreign Affairs Minister?
Then it's damn Uffe.
It's a lie, a lie, a lie.
Yeah, Yeah.
I tired of all the lies!
Plutonium straight into the sea!
What about the fish?
And Greenlanders...they are the ones messed-up.
I'll call the State Department,
and the Foreign Minister.
You keep writing, Poul. This is good...really good.
After publication of the Tamil report today...
This means that tomorrow I will reach
out to the Queen at Amalienborg...
And on this occasion I hereby
submit my resignation.
There goes Uffe.
Shit, man!
These are the questions you
may ask the Foreign Minister.
You can't be serious.
The Minister does not consider this opportunity...
Let's just stick to mutual points.
I just want some answers.
You as well may!
We're aren't going out in the conspiracy world, right?
But what if, it is a conspiracy?
The State Department has a safe
with secrets, far and wide...
Thank you.
Are we ready?
We go live, now.
Niels Helveg Petersen?
Did you know to your predecessor's
comings and goings?
Yes, a little.
We have been well schooled.
Mads Oerbaek recognized that the United States
wanted to censor the Thule accident back in 1968...
and were looking for a missing object.
Do you have a comment?
We will cut the reaction out
but I would like a response.
It was certainly not what we agreed.
Give me a moment.
The next time you are here, you need to be here!
For I will fire away.
If you do, I'll not speak to you anymore.
You will be shut-off from sensitive topics.
There will be no more stories for you.
Yeah, but we're not talking to you anymore.
We will boycott you.
No more interviews, no photos, nothing.
I think we will stop here.
I can handle this.
I can handle this.
Go on.
Mads Oerbaek confirmed that Americans
were looking for a missing object.
Does this mean that there is still a
Hydrogen bomb on the seabed at Thule?
Absolutely not.
And can you guarantee that?
Yes, I wasn't in Thule in 1968,
of course I cannot guarantee it.
Do you know of a secret agreement between
Denmark and the US about Thule?
No, of course there isn't one.
How do you know?
Well it's just not there.
Americans may well have had other thoughts.
I do not know.
But such things take always
a certain amount of time.
There's been nothing strange
over there last few months.
There was an accident during
an attempted emergency landing.
It was not planned over any country and
the route wasn't shown over Greenland.
So the government had certainty
that no overflights...
or landings occurred and that
no bombs were ever present?
It's clear.
Will you deny that there are flyovers
still with Hydrogen bombs?
Yes, I deny them.
The Americans know our nuclear policy...
I reject that there are overflights on Greenland...
and presence of such aircrafts
with such bombs over Greenland.
It's a matter of principle.
Danish position is indeed active.
We have said that we do not want
weapons and Denmark stands by it.
And I assume, it will be respected.
Poul Brink.
The agreement you were looking for...
I have it right here!
I'm sorry, who are you?
Where are you calling from?
From the State Department.
We gave the Americans, permission to
station nuclear weapons in Greenland.
Prime Minister, Hans Christian Hansen
gave them permission to do so in 1957.
Well...she seemed to be well-informed woman,
from the State Department.
From the State Department!?
Yes, that's what she claimed.
We take on the Foreign Minister again.
Can't take the Foreign Minister with an anonymous call!
Leddy said the same agreement existed!
So now we have two independent sources.
Maybe we can reveal that the last
40 years of foreign policy was a lie.
We must confront Helveg.
We need to maintain cordial relationships!
If Hans Hansen did it, he must have
forced it on the Foreign Policy Board.
It's forbidden by the constitution.
It makes me feel a bit indignant!
If it weren't true, we just run the story.
Others would pick-up and then we drive.
Niels Helveg?
Niels Helveg?
Was there an agreement between
Denmark and USA regarding Thule?
An agreement? I know there was a paper.
A paper?
A paper where Hans Christian Hansen contradicts
40 years of parliamentary decisions...!?
Giving the United States permission to fly
over and store nuclear weapons at Thule?
You have to think about this...
it was a different time.
Did USA take H.C.Hansen's paper?
I do not know.
Are there nuclear weapons in Greenland?
Of course there is not!
Why if it's a matter of course?
We have apparently given permission to do so.
I understand you have to meet
US Secretary of Defense.
Could you ask if they used Hansen's paper?
We have other things to talk about than history.
Do you want to ask if there is a Hydrogen
bomb out there in Thule, which may leak?
I think the matter has been fully investigated.
Yes, investigated.
Could we see Hansen's letter?
Could we see Hansen's letter?
No, you may not.
And why not?
It's in the National Archives.
It's been sealed.
Is it important for the masses,
or is it just important to you?
I think, it is important for the masses.
Most people are only interested
in their children's schooling...
or making their old parent's
room in the hospital...not this.
That sounds reasonably arrogant.
I don't think so.
We have a representative democracy.
We are elected to lead the country.
A country should be managed.
But you think you lead and know everything?
You advocate chaos.
This is television news...
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed...
the secret permission given to US
to carry nuclear weapons in Greenland.
We have been waiting at the National Archives
in a day of rain for Hans Christian Hansen's letter.
Foreign Minister Niels Helveg Petersen disclosed
that the letter was in the National Archives.
The question is:
When will they let us in.
This is the fourth day, and we are
still outside the National Archives.
Danes will have to wait to see
H.C.Hansen's letter of 1957...
for Denmark to station a nuclear power,
though politicians claimed the opposite.
Do you want some coffee?
Well thank you.
Poul...Poul, do you have a moment?
People at National Archives met
all night with the State Department.
The US ambassador has asked the
Foreign Ministry to ban you.
You may read the letter and quote it broadly,
but not in its entirety.
So I need to turn a blind eye?
I'm just saying that you have to see it,
understand it and remember it.
But the more inaccurately you reproduce it,
the better you fare legally.
They are considering bringing in the
Archive Act, Section 25 to the game.
It's an offense to convey letters
that could harm national security.
You can get a maximum of six months
but later you will pay the price.
And what is the price?
The same you pay for espionage.
You'll never get rid of it.
You will be branded a criminal.
Over 100 Thule workers died.
I can therefore risk prison if I say
that the state lied for over 40 years!
Poul, you may stand in front of the National Archives
just like any another activists.
Just think, this is what you should do.
So, I should do nothing?
What will you do?
We want to join NATO, but we don't like nuclear weapons.
He lied.
It was another time.
He still lies.
He made a secret nuclear deal
with the United States...
at the same time that he went for elections
and said 'NO' to nuclear weapons.
If we don't respect the commitment
to a constitutional guarantee...
to mis-inform foreign policy boards
and of course the masses...
Aren't we second to a banana republic?
I want to keep you.
You are one of the most talented journalists I have.
Thanks, but it's just not good for me.
It's okay to choose a good life.
How do you do that in your book?
Select a good life?
Here it is...
You must read and report in abstract,
but do not convey in entirety.
Finally, television news reading H.C.Hansen's
secret letter from 1957...
where in he gave the United States permission to
station nuclear weapons on Danish territory.
There are two copies of this letter:
One is located in the archives in USA.
The second is what we have here.
I shall now read the letter in full.
From Hans Christian Hansen to the
US Ambassador Val Peterson.
During your visit here,
some days ago...
you made some remarks about the possible storing
of supplies of ammunition of a special kind...
on defense areas in Greenland.
I gather that your Government did not see
any problem in its matter which in its...
NATO Meeting, PARIS, 1957
We are here to re-dedicate ourselves to the cast of the
spelling shadows that are being cast upon over Europe.
And it rumors make clear that the purpose
to use that power to dominate the world.
Soviet invasion of Hungary, 1956
We who have endured a past occupation
with harsh conditions...
are amazed and fixiated
by the events in Hungary.
25-50,000 people die in Hungary.
These gastly events have shown,
beyond any shadow of doubt
that the men in the Kremlin are
exactly the same as they were before.
We say to the leading
people in the Kremlin...
that it is in their power
to stop the bloodshed.
Do it and do it now!
The Danish people stand solidly behind this appeal.
Town hall Square, Copenhagen, 1956
Few minutes silence for Hungary.
The recent world political events...
have meant a further strengthening
of our cooperation in NATO...
and by this necessity of cooperation,
made our unity firmer.
Press news on the radio.
The Cold War guns are now targeting Denmark...
since the Soviet ambassador has
handed a letter to H.C.Hansen.
The main points of the letter are as follows:
I must tell you frankly...
that the position of Denmark in the light of
NATO's military preparations...
inevitably attracts the
Soviet state's attention.
The situation will be tapered...
for those who plans for US units with
nuclear weapons materialization.
It is in this context to recall...
that a Hydrogen bomb will cause
destruction of a territory...
with a radius of hundreds of kilometers...
and the events would hardly confine
itself to one such bomb.
The United States government
is entitled to store supplies,
provide for the protection of the area, etc.
And all materials, supplies etc,
shall be permitted entry in Greenland...
free of inspection.
You may not submit any concrete
plan as to such possible storing...
nor be asked questions as to the attitude
of the Danish government to this item.
I do not think that Jogen Moks
wise to any commenton my side.
Signed H.C.Hansen
November 16, 1957.
State Ministry, 1995
We get compensation.
Yes, that what the Prime Minister said.
But that's not a substitute.
They admit they do not know shit.
The state cannot admit it.
The Prime Minister said, it is complex.
The letter could actually have
started a 3rd World War.
That's not what this is about!
Otherwise there will be no compensation.
What kind of compensation will do?
We get SEK 50,000 each.
SEK 50,000? You cannot be serious.
You are been ridiculed beyond all limits.
SEK 50,000 crowns?
None of this leads to something.
Is this the world you want to live in?
We fought.
What are you fighting for? What?
SEK 50,000!?
Was that what you had hoped to get out of this?
Now you are representing a turncoat!
Who allow themselves to behoove the Prime Minister.
And then you come out here and throw
it all on the floor, you idiot!
The truth is out.
Are you listening to what I'm saying?
The truth is out.
You may direct questions to
Marius Schmidt and the Prime Minister.
Subsequently Poul Brink was reported to the police by the
National Archives for violation of the Archives Act 25.
After years of study the prosecution case was closed.
In 1997,Poul Brink was awarded the Cavling Prize
for his book "Thule case of falsehood Universe"
The real drama was that both
H.C.Hansen and Jens Otto Krag were lying.
I never thought I would say this
about the Danish Prime Minister.
It was beyond their intended capability.
They said thry did not have nuclear weapons on
Danish soil, but the US was given permission.
I think I would have liked H.C.Hansen.
We have the same background.
And I know the conditions were
difficult during the Cold War.
But I also think that politicians
mainly did it for convenience.
As a Danish top official said recently:
When you have once told a lie,
one needs to hold onto it.
Poul Brink succumbed to a heart attack during a run in 2002.
He was 49 years old.
Denmark's official policy is to deploy Nuclear Weapons
on Danish soil even in peace time.