Identity Crisis (2023) Movie Script

(no audio)
(triumphant music)
(upbeat music)
Here we go now
- [Announcer] This is
Lopes Insider coming live
from the beautiful Grand
Canyon University Arena
for the Halloween pep rally.
Prepare to get loud.
The Havocs are getting
everyone hyped up tonight,
and lots of students
are dressed in costumes
for the midnight
party in the quad.
Anyone who's anyone is here,
because it's an experience
you don't want to
miss as a student.
Let's paint the town
purple, GCU. Lopes up!
Here we go now
(electricity buzzing)
(alarm beeping)
- Mirror, mirror.
Who am I?
- [Mirror] You are
Madison Montgomery.
(cheerful music)
- How do I look?
- Ooh!
Very evil.
- You should get dressed
up and come with us.
- I can't, but thank you.
Oh no, don't touch that!
It's not ready yet!
- What do you mean?
I just want to
check my reflection.
- Hello, Harper.
- I'm just experimenting.
- It's a talking mirror?
- It's a work in progress.
- Okay.
Mirror, mirror, who's
the fairest of them all?
- [Mirror] Harper, you are
the fairest of them all.
- How did you do this?
- Harper, you look so good!
- Look what my
brilliant roommate made.
Can I have this for tonight?
It goes perfect with my costume.
- Just be careful.
- Watch this.
Mirror, mirror, who's
the fairest one of all?
- [Mirror] Harper, you are
the fairest of them all.
- [Natalie] No way!
This is so fun!
Can you ask it anything?
- Oh!
Mirror, mirror. Will Jake
ask me to dance tonight?
- [Mirror] Luna,
it is decidedly so.
(all squealing)
(cheerful music)
She sees them walking
in a straight line
That's not really her style
And they all got
the same heartbeat
But hers is falling behind
Nothing in this world
could ever bring them down
Yeah, they're invincible
And she's just
in the background
And she says
I wish that I could
be like the cool kids
'Cause all the cool
kids, they seem to fit in
- You know, you can kind of-
- Ow!
I wish that I could
be like the cool kids
Like the cool kids
- Ahoy there, Madison.
Ready for a long night?
Where's your costume?
- I'm wearing it.
- And you're dressed as?
- A librarian.
- (laughs) Funny.
- See you guys.
Hey, can I give these to you?
- Oh, yeah, sure.
Oh, sorry.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- Ow!
- Ow!
- [Cole] Trevor. Let's go, man.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Trevor, bro, come on.
- Happy...
Happy Halloween.
- You too.
Double yikes, Madison. Ugh!
Pay no attention to the
klutz in the corner.
How embarrassing was that?
- You've had your eye on
that boy since day one.
That was your chance
to ask him out.
- Before or after I
cracked his head open?
Besides, what if he says no?
- You won't know
if you don't try.
Go, get out of here.
Go to that Halloween
party with your peers.
I'll cover for you tonight.
- No thank you. Parties
make me nervous.
I never know how to
act or what to say.
- I was shy when I
was your age, too.
But trust me, you gotta put
yourself out there, Madison,
or you might end up regretting
all the things you never did.
- Someday, just not tonight.
- Don't put off for tomorrow
what you can do today.
- You are just full of the
inspirational quips tonight,
aren't you, Henry?
- Why did Dracula
go to the library?
To sink his teeth
into a good book.
Case in point.
The squeaky wheel
gets the grease.
You should be creating
codes, not scanning barcodes.
- I'm not ready.
- Find your purpose, girl.
- But I'm so good
at barcode scanning!
Pew, pew, pew!
(cheerful music)
(cheerful music continues)
(cheerful music continues)
- Your mirror was the hit of
the party. You're a mad genius.
- You made that? Very cool.
(Angela clears throat)
- Genetics is the study
of our inheritance.
The Human Genome Project
was founded in 1990.
The scientific advancements
is equivalent to landing
a man on the moon.
These findings point us to
the creator of the universe.
The genome is evidence
of an intelligent design.
And what better way to
start our study of genes
than by looking at what
plants reproduce in nature?
Who can tell me what
plants reproduce naturally?
Ms. Montomery?
- Willow trees and grapevines.
- That's correct, and if
left unkempt in your garden,
they will grow quickly
and climb every
surface they can find.
- You have the answer right
there. Why didn't you say it?
- [Angela] Willow cuttings
can be encouraged to root
on their own if left in damp
soil or even just water.
- I didn't want to be wrong.
- But you weren't.
- I wasn't sure.
- All right, let's break
out into our groups
and see how our root
clumps are coming along.
This work undergirds our
understanding of cloning
and how it fits with
the genome project.
Assignment 34 is due on the
portal by midnight tonight.
Why haven't you
joined a team yet?
- Oh, I'm working alone.
- Working with a team is
part of your final grade.
- I like to experiment by myself
and make sure everything is
perfect before sharing it.
- All great inventions
came from trial and error.
Scientists have accidentally
discovered one thing
while trying to
prove something else.
You're behind in your
lab reports, too.
- Oh, they're not ready yet.
- They're past due.
Upload them to the portal.
- I just need a
little more time.
- Ms. Montgomery, you
have no more time.
You must get caught up in my
class, or I will drop you.
(melancholy music)
(door creaking)
(keyboard clacking)
(keyboard clacking)
- Good evening, Madison.
- Hey, Henry.
- Ready for a long night?
- I'm gonna start
upstairs today.
- Is everything okay?
- I just need to be alone.
- You know what they say
about the withdrawn book.
Some books just like
to be left alone.
- I'm just gonna take
the service elevator.
(Madison groans)
(elevator clunking)
(ominous music)
(ominous music continues)
(ominous music continues)
(ominous music continues)
(paper rustling)
(machinery whirring)
(ominous music continues)
(Madison coughing)
(ominous music continues)
(ominous music continues)
(paper rustling)
(ominous music continues)
(Madison coughing)
(machinery whirring)
(machine beeping)
(keyboard clacking)
(machinery whirring)
- [Machine] Duplicating.
- No, no no no!
- [Machine] Duplicating.
(cheerful music)
(laptop thuds)
- Hey, Madison.
- Hey.
- A bunch of us are heading
to Life Group. Want to come?
- Maybe next time.
- You always say next time.
- I promise.
- Okay, well, if you
change your mind,
you're welcome to join us.
See you later.
- Bye.
(cheerful music continues)
- Trevor.
- Hey, Corrina.
- How are you?
- Great.
- Looking for a new book.
How about this
one? I can't reach.
- Oh, yeah.
There you go.
- Chivalry is not dead.
- That's one of my favorites.
- Really?
Well, maybe after I read it,
we can go get coffee
and talk about it?
- I'd love to.
(pensive music)
(pensive music continues)
(machinery whirring)
(keyboard clacking)
- [Machine]
Duplication complete.
(pensive music continues)
(Madison laughing)
(fist tapping)
What? It's hollow.
(pensive music)
(pencil scratching)
(pensive music continues)
(liquid dripping)
(keyboard clacking)
- [Machine]
Duplication complete.
(machinery whirring)
(pensive music continues)
(keyboard clacking)
- Perfect.
(machine beeping)
- For our next class,
please have assignment 35,
the science behind what we
see, uploaded to the portal.
Next week, I'll be
choosing students
at random to present your
grapevine experiments.
- Excuse me, Professor
Harris, do you have a minute?
- Yes, of course.
- I wanted to ask,
how do you manipulate
the form of an object to
create a perfect clone?
- Well, we've discovered
we can change genetic code
by altering DNA.
- So you can perfect something.
- Well, I don't think
perfection is possible.
If you change one thing, it
would change something else.
It would set off a
chain reaction that
wouldn't be perfect,
it would just make
something different.
- But you can make
something different,
as in better than the original?
- Well, of course, depending
on what coding you add.
You can code anything
to manipulate its form.
But better is a matter
of opinion. It's
all very subjective.
Take this pen, for instance.
I may want to change
the color to green
because to me, green
is a better color.
But if we went around the room,
everyone would have a
different opinion of what color
it should be based on
their own color preference.
- I would make mine blue.
- Exactly. It's a matter
of opinion, not perfection.
- What's the good of science
if we can't use it
to perfect things?
Isn't that why you're
teaching us about the genome?
To fix human problems?
- Wait a minute, I
thought we were talking
about cloning
objects, not humans.
There is great
precision in creation.
Genesis says he
created people godlike,
reflecting his
nature, blessed them,
saying prosper, reproduce,
fill the Earth and take charge!
I think science is our
way of taking charge.
Understanding the creation
and the created order,
not becoming the creator.
(pencil scratching)
(pensive music)
- Okay.
(smooches) Good luck.
- [Machine] Ready
for duplication.
Duplication complete.
(Madison laughing)
(pensive music continues)
(pensive music continues)
(keyboard clacking)
(machine beeping)
Ready for duplication.
(pensive music continues)
Auxiliary power engaged.
Backup generators engaged.
- No, no no no no!
What am I missing?
(ominous music)
(ominous music continues)
(Madison gasps)
(ominous music continues)
(Madison gasps)
Get down!
No! Where are you going?
- Madison, what are
you doing down here?
- Hi, Henry.
I was just looking
for the breaker box
to fix the power outage.
- Okay, well, it looks like
everything is back on now.
Let's get back upstairs,
it's creepy down here.
- Okay.
(ominous music continues)
(ominous music continues)
(ominous music continues)
(ominous music continues)
(ominous music continues)
- I think so.
How many DNA subunits exist?
- 3 billion.
My name is Madison.
I don't think we've
officially met yet.
- Hello.
- Ooh, strong and handsome?
Perfect combination.
I have a confession
to make, Trevor.
- What? What?
What confession?
- I have a crush on you.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
- You do?
- Would you like to
go on a date with me?
- Um, yeah. Sure.
- Good. How about
the party tonight?
- You want to go to a party?
- Of course I do.
See you all tonight.
- Wow, that was assertive.
I guess my advice worked, huh?
- Put this on! Go!
Go, go, go, go, go!
- Madison?
- Look at the lights!
They're so pretty!
Ooh, so soft and fluffy.
Why did we have to
leave in such a rush?
Isn't Henry gonna be mad at us?
- How do you know his name?
- Whose name?
- Henry, Trevor, everyone.
You know their names.
- Yes, I know everything.
- How did you know
Trevor would say yes?
- I didn't. I just asked.
Ouch! Why did you do that?
- To see if you're hollow.
- Nope, not hollow at all.
- Ow!
- In fact, I'm quite
bright, actually.
I'm the smartest person we know.
But you know that
already, don't you?
Valedictorian, 1580 SAT score,
got into every college
we applied for.
Brilliant, I'd say.
- So you know
everything about me?
- Everything.
- Interesting.
- Your hair is so beautiful.
It's so smooth.
So is mine!
- You have all my memories?
- Yes, because I am you.
Well, at least up
until my inception,
and then now I have
my own memories.
- What's my mom's name?
- Mom. Just kidding, Mary.
- My sister?
- Cami.
- My first cat's name.
- Jerome, and we cried
for a week when he died.
- This is incredible!
- Once we tell everyone,
we'll be famous!
- No! We can't tell anyone!
- Why?
- Because no one can
know that you're me.
(doorknob rattling)
My roommate! Quickly,
hide in the closet!
- I'm not going in the closet!
- Clone!
- Madison, why is
the door locked?
We never lock the door.
What's up with that?
Took me forever to find my key.
(phone dings)
Did you hear that?
I just heard something
in the closet.
- Oh yeah, I'm hiding my
doppelganger in there.
- Okay.
- Your hair is really
beautiful, too.
- Are you sure
you're feeling okay?
You're acting weird today.
- I'm feeling amazing, actually!
Let's go for a walk.
It's a beautiful day.
Let's go outside. I
want to see everything.
Let's go to that party tonight.
- Since when do you
want to go to parties?
- Since today!
- Okay, let me just
get a different jacket.
(cheerful music)
- Have you seen that? So sharp.
I heard it's a really good one.
- Hey, want to dance?
- Oh, no thank you. I'm
waiting for someone.
I was watching you
watch the sun come up
You came.
- Yeah.
- Do you want to dance?
- I would love to.
- Awesome. Come on.
- Okay.
- Does your roommate seem very
different all of a sudden?
Like, she's never said a
word to me before tonight.
Like, ever.
What's her name again?
- Madison.
Yeah, usually she's very
shy, keeps to herself.
- Well, tonight she is
the life of the party.
As a new morning comes
through the windows
We're writing all new lines
Burning right
through the page
Tearing past all the lies
(crowd cheering)
- I can play ping-pong?
We wear our problems
Underneath our clothes
like supermodels
- Thank you.
- You killed it.
- Can I get that dance now?
- No, thank you.
- Oh, come on. Just one dance.
- No, thank you.
- Come on, let's dance.
(water splashing)
(Madison gasps)
- No means no.
Come on, girls. Let's go.
- Hey, you!
You pushed me in the pool!
You didn't have to do that!
- I'm sorry!
- Are you okay? What happened?
- This girl just pushed
me into the pool.
That girl pushed
me into the pool.
I must've hit my
head pretty hard.
- I recommend it.
- I prefer it, honestly.
- Yeah, right? Of course you do.
(pensive music)
(Madison yawning)
(backpack rustling)
(keys jingling)
(door thuds)
(pensive music)
(bag thuds)
(Madison sighs)
- Hey!
- 10 more minutes.
- I am going to
class. Don't leave.
(Clone snoring)
Really? I snore?
Did you hear me?
You've got to stay in my
room until I get back.
I can't have two of me
running around campus.
We have a lot to talk about,
but I can't miss this class.
I'm already getting
my butt kicked in it.
- I know!
(Madison sighs)
(Clone snoring)
- Hey, last night
was so amazing.
- Yeah, I want a rematch
at ping-pong, Madison.
- You really showed Bill.
- Oh, yeah. I don't know
what I was thinking.
- I heard about that.
- It was good.
- Let's get started.
- We're still on
for seven, right?
- For what?
- Our date.
- Oh, right. Yeah, of course.
- Today we're
selecting at random
someone to present
their findings.
Ms. Mongomery.
(students clapping)
- Yay! Madison, that's you.
Go, go, go.
(no audio)
(upbeat music)
Some days I wake
up and I think
I could take anything
they throw at me
Some days I wake up
And I just want to go
right back to sleep
And there's so much pressure
Be smart, be cute,
be nice, be better
Well, I'm just
trying to be me
The whole world
has an opinion
On everything I
do and how I feel
I can't keep up with it
I'm sick of trying
to figure it out
Like I said,
there's pressure
Be cool, be quick,
do it all, be better
- Much better.
What does that even mean
There's a girl in the mirror
And she's not
what you tell her
- I think I'm gonna be sick.
Could I present next class?
- Yes.
- [Student] I love
your skirt, Madison.
- [Student] That color
looks amazing on you.
- You look so good.
- Oh my gosh, that is so cute.
- [Student] We need to hang
out more, you're so much fun.
- [Student] Madison, you
free this weekend? Thanks!
- Looks like someone
is feeling better.
- Huh?
- Because of yesterday.
- What?
- You left work
because you were sick.
- Oh, right.
Yeah. (coughs) Sorry!
- But all is good now?
- Better than ever!
- Oh, glad to hear it.
- Got a joke for today?
- Yeah. The guy who didn't
like The Lord of the Rings.
Didn't know what he
was Tolkien about.
Readers never have any extra
time because they're booked.
- Hey, great party last night.
Are you coming to Life Group?
- Wouldn't miss it!
What do you call a
mountain of cats?
- I don't know.
- A meow-ntain!
(students clapping)
- Very important findings.
Well done, well done.
All right, class,
you're dismissed.
(melancholy music)
Ms. Montgomery.
- I'm so sorry.
- You have so much potential.
You have to be willing to
put yourself out there.
- I know.
- I'm not making
exceptions for you anymore.
- Please, just give me till the
next class. I will be ready.
- This will be your last
chance. I'm serious.
- I promise.
(tense music)
No, no, no!
(tense music continues)
What are you doing
outside of the room?
I told you to stay in the room!
- The room is
boring. I got bored.
- I don't own that sweater.
- I know. We don't
have any cute clothes.
I took it from Harper's closet.
- That's stealing!
- It's borrowing.
- We need to get you
back to the room.
- I'm not going
back to the room.
Look what a beautiful
day it is! I'm alive!
I want to live! I
want to walk around!
- Also, we need to
talk about last night.
- Oh, it was so fun,
and we found out we are
great ping-pong players.
- Yes, but you can't go
pushing people into pools.
- He was bugging me, so I
showed him, don't mess with us.
- That was too assertive.
- No it wasn't.
That's what brave people do,
and you created me to be brave.
- You're right. I do
need your courage.
But no more borderline
assault, okay?
- Okay, but how are
we going to do this
if we can't be seen together?
- I will wear a disguise.
I will continue to
sleep in the closet.
I'll be the one to hide
if you do the things I need
you to do for me, deal?
- Deal! First things first,
we need a new wardrobe.
- Oh no, I hate shopping.
- That's because you've
never shopped with me.
(upbeat music)
This is going to be so much fun.
- I don't know
about this, Clone.
There's a lot of people here.
- The way you dress
says a lot about you.
- I'm studying to
be a scientist.
How I dress doesn't matter.
Besides, my outfits are always
covered up by a lab coat.
- That's not true.
It does matter.
Dressing well says
you're showing up
and you care about yourself
and what you're working on.
Stand up straight
and own the room.
Confidence is a mindset.
There's nothing wrong
with dressing sharp.
Mom always says,
dress up for a test,
you will perform
better, remember?
- You reminding
me of my memories?
Too bizarre.
- Well, I only
know what you know,
so we will need some
help with this makeover.
Come on, let's go!
(door creaking)
(bell jingling)
- Okay, done.
So you'll see that I
accentuated your eyes.
What do you think?
- I love it.
- I love doing makeup on twins.
So who's older?
- Technically me.
Here, try these on so I
can see how it looks on me.
This is all that I dream
A-team every day,
sunshine coming our way
Love the pockets.
Oh, we can never stop it
Oh, doing our thing
Oh, living in a daydream
- Bonsoir, mon amie!
Oui, oui?
- Merci!
- This is so you.
- That's really cute. I like it.
- Hello. Thank you.
- Welcome.
Let me know if you
need to see anything.
- Will do.
- Madison!
- Harper! What are
you doing here?
- What are you trying on?
- This is my room!
Shh! Don't say anything!
- She's unique.
- What do we think
of this jacket?
- Wow, that was fast.
- I love it. It
looks great on you.
- Yeah, I was actually going
to try on the same jacket.
- It has pockets.
- That's the best.
- No way.
- It's really cute.
Should we try these on?
- Yeah, let's go.
- You look beautiful.
- I'll pay for the clothes.
I'll meet you outside
by the main entrance.
- Ooh, this is pretty!
Let's try this on!
- No, we can't!
You need to get outside
before they catch us!
- You look beautiful.
- You do, too.
This night is
all that we have
We can never stop it
There's sunshine coming
our way, doing our thing
I see the lights of your
car, living in a daydream
This night is all that
we have, you're my A-team
- This is my favorite.
- Mine, too. It really
brings out our eyes.
(door knocking)
Good luck!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I got these for you.
- They're beautiful.
- Not as beautiful as you.
- Thank you. Want to go?
- Yeah.
(paper rustling)
(melancholy guitar music)
(chair scraping)
How's this?
- Best seat in the house.
- What would you like?
- Surprise me.
- Okay.
I took a wild guess
that you eat sugar.
- Great choice.
- Whew, glad I was right.
I hate being wrong.
- Really?
Interesting. How so?
- Let's just say I was this
close to going to law school.
I chose science, but I love
arguing the law with people.
I like everything to be just.
Yeah, I'm a big rule follower.
Sometimes it even exhausts
me. I won't even jaywalk.
- I love that.
So upstanding.
But really? You've
never jaywalked?
- Scout's honor. It's
in my genetic coding.
I cannot go against the rules.
- Well, then if
we're being honest,
I've had a crush on you
since the minute I saw you.
- If we're being honest, I
didn't even know you liked me.
But I'm glad you asked me out.
- I just used to be really shy.
- But you're not anymore.
- Nope.
- Just like that.
- Just like that. I
changed my genetic coding.
- That's true.
What we think and what
we say is who we become.
- Exactly.
I decided I didn't want to
be shy anymore, so I'm not.
- Tonight's open mic night,
if anybody wants to
come up and sing.
- Ooh, that sounds like
fun! I'm going to go sing.
- Are you a good singer?
- I have no idea, but
I'm gonna find out.
Do you know After You've Gone?
(melancholy guitar music)
Now, won't you listen honey
While I say
How could you tell me
that you're going away
Don't say that we must part
Don't break my aching heart
You know I loved you
truly, many years
I loved you night and day
How can you leave me
Can't you see my tears
Now listen while I say
After you've gone
and left me crying
After you've gone,
there's no denying
You'll feel blue,
you'll feel sad
You'll miss the dearest
pal you've ever had
- That was so incredible!
- Right?
- I can't believe what
a good singer I am!
My sister has always been the
superstar in that department.
Well, every department.
I can't believe all
the things I'm good at
that I had no idea!
- We're just
scratching the surface
of everything we can do,
now that we are trying.
- Thank you! I'm so
falling for Trevor.
- He is a keeper, and we've
got the next date locked in.
- That I know I'm good at.
It's the only thing I
can beat my sister at.
- You should take
part in the next date.
- I'm not sure I'm ready yet.
(door rattling)
(upbeat music)
It's in the way you
walk, you're talking
I know you want to say
something but you're stalling
Too afraid to make some
mistake when they're watching
Trying so hard to be cool
that you've forgotten
You want to be like them
Go on and act
like someone new
Yeah, that ain't my plan
I like that there's
one me, one you
Why don't we just
be who we are
You know that we're
all shooting stars
I don't want to
be nobody else
The stars align for
me when I feel myself
You can say what you like
Yeah, you might as well
But I don't want
to be nobody else
- Okay.
I guess you're ready, all right.
- Good morning, everyone.
I tested to determine
how long it takes
for plants to re-root
or duplicate themselves.
The grapevine (indistinct) to
create the duplicated leaves
you see at the bottom
here, unlike this plant,
which I used from
traditional growth.
We got an A!
- Thank you!
- Okay, I'm going
to start this off,
and then you are going
to tap in when I say so.
- I'm nervous. What if I
don't know what to say?
- Just follow my lead and
pick up the conversation.
- I think I'm going to
be sick. I'm so nervous.
- I know you are, but you
have to push through it.
Go wait in the arcade,
and I'll come get you
when it's your turn.
(horn beeps)
(cheerful music)
Ready to get schooled?
- Oh, look at you,
all confident.
You know, you're going to
regret those fighting words
once I take you down.
- Oh, really?
- Uh-huh.
My dad is in a bowling league,
and I grew up in the alleys.
- Is he a professional bowler?
- No.
In his mind, maybe, but in
reality, he owns a law firm.
My whole family works for
my grandfather's firm.
- So how did you end up premed?
- I had health issues
when I was a kid.
I spent a lot of time in
and out of doctors' offices.
They were so
amazing to me, it...
It made me want to
become a pediatrician.
- [Clone] I'm so
sorry to hear that.
- It took a lot of tests
and exploratory surgery
to find out it was
a heart defect.
But I got the surgery
when I was eight,
and it's all good
now, all fixed.
- That must have been scary.
- Yeah. It was pretty
awful, honestly.
My mom never left my
side. I always felt safe.
It brought my whole
family closer.
Anyway, how's your family?
What's your family like?
- I live in the shadow
of my superstar sister.
She's good at everything.
She's outgoing.
She plays sports. My
parents adore her.
I'm the quiet, shy one
who hides behind my
science experiments.
- But you're not shy anymore.
- Right. Wait till they meet
the new and improved me.
- Hey, there's nothing
wrong with you being shy.
It's okay. Just be you.
- I'm not really shy.
The truth is, my
sister was a bully,
criticized everything I did,
and it made me afraid
to try anything.
But please don't tell
her I told you that.
- Tell who?
- My subconscious
'cause, you know,
it decided not to
be that way anymore.
- Your secret's safe with me.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm
going to go roll a strike.
Let's see if I still got it.
You know, it's hard to
be this awesome. Sorry.
Get up there, come on.
- That's crazy, I thought
I was good at this.
But this is different. This
isn't candlepin bowling.
- Oh, then you need a smaller
ball. Here, try this one.
- Yes, but first
I'm going to run
to the restroom real quick.
Okay, you're up.
- I'm so nervous.
- I'll be right here
when you need to tap out.
Oh wait, let me tell you
which ball to pick up!
- Hey.
You ready to redeem yourself?
- I'm used to candlepin bowling.
I'm not really sure
which ball to use.
- Right, so just use
the one I suggested.
- I'm so sorry, I...
I have to go to
the bathroom again.
(tense music continues)
- You just got out there!
- I can't do this.
- I'm sorry, I tried to
tell you about the ball.
- It's okay, I just
want to watch you.
- You were doing great!
- No, I wasn't! I froze!
- Well, one of us has
to go back out there.
- You go!
(pins toppling)
(machine beeping)
- You okay?
- Yes. I'm ready to play.
- Let's do this.
Please, after you.
(pins toppling)
- Yes!
- That's a strike!
I imagined something
new, perfect, ooh
My satisfaction, unamused
I'm no fool, was it
all a distraction
Picking rules, so consumed
How did this happen
Maybe it was me,
maybe I'm the reason
Is it all in my head
Give me time, maybe space
You should say, didn't
mean what I said
Took a turn for the
worse, now I'm scared
- Clone?
Maybe it was me,
maybe I'm the reason
Little lover boy
It was all in my head
Running wild (indistinct)
I've created a monster
Felt so real, so ideal
Love so close I
could taste it
Went off road
and lost control
All because (indistinct)
Didn't want it
but I hid it well
Thought about it
but it didn't help
Now I'm losing sleep
Got to wonder
if you even care
But I can only blame myself
Maybe it was me,
maybe I'm the reason
Is it all in my head
- Hi.
- I didn't know we had a
date planned with Trevor.
- I just bumped into him
outside while you were in class.
- But we can't both be on
campus at the same time.
This is happening too much.
- I get stir crazy
waiting around.
- We are gonna get caught!
- But you want me to be out
there doing this for you?
- Yes, we just need to
coordinate our outings better.
- Okay, well, I'm on my way now
to go meet Harper for
lunch in the cafeteria.
Do you want to put on the
disguise and come with me?
- I have to be at
work in 15 minutes.
- Oh, shoot. That's
not my shift, right?
I did mine the other day?
- No, it's my turn,
but you can't leave the
room while I'm at work.
- Don't worry, I'll make sure
no one goes to the library.
- You're here early.
- I wanted to eat before
I started my shift,
and I couldn't really
go to the cafeteria.
- How've you been lately?
You seem so, what's
the word, erratic.
- Erratic?
- Like there's two of you.
(Madison coughing)
- What?
- Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
- Huh?
- I think I know
what's going on.
- You do?
- You're trying to be
someone you're not.
I know I gave you advice on
how to break out of your shell,
but you shouldn't pretend.
- I know, I just wanted
to be liked and fit in.
- But you want to
be liked and fit in
for who you really are.
Have you seen my coat and
hat? They've gone missing.
- Nope.
- Hm, that's weird.
They must have just gotten
up and walked away. (laughs)
(Madison laughs nervously)
- Okay, real quick,
we have five minutes
before Harper will
get to the room.
- Where have you been?
- I just needed
some retail therapy.
I've been so busy,
I'm exhausted,
but everything is
going great, Madison.
Trevor is in love with us, we
are the ping-pong champions,
we have tons of friends,
and we just got us a bunch
of new awesome outfits!
- This isn't working anymore.
- Maybe we should
get me a cell phone.
How cute will this look on us?
- We need to talk about
what we're going to do
for Thanksgiving break.
- Oh yeah, I have a great plan.
- What?
(door rattling)
- I don't want to
go to the closet,
but we need to talk about this!
- I agree. It's
time to tell Harper.
We should come
clean with everyone.
- Madison, the
door's locked again.
You knew I was right behind
you. Why did you lock the door?
- It must have
locked automatically!
Here, let's look at
all our new clothes.
- Ooh, new clothes.
Ugh, that purse.
- You love a houndstooth moment?
- I think I'll wear this.
- I'll wear mine too.
- Matching!
- And then we'll be twinning.
(cheerful music continues)
I love this.
(door thuds)
(Madison sighs)
(melancholy guitar music)
(Trevor singing indistinctly)
Feeling this way
Feeling this way,
feeling that way
- Mirror, mirror. Who am I?
- [Mirror] You are
Madison Montgomery.
(crowd applauding)
- Are you sure?
- It is decidedly so.
- Madison!
- Hi, Mom.
- [Mary] How are you?
- [Madison] I'm looking forward
to coming home for break.
- [Mary] I got us tickets
to the annual fall festival.
- I've got to hold my title as
candy corn counting champion.
- [Mary] Yes!
See you tomorrow.
- I'm counting down the minutes.
- Thanksgiving is an opportunity
to stop, regroup,
and be grateful
for all you have.
It's the last hurrah
before finals, so enjoy it.
I had the opportunity to
read your comment paper
about the regeneration
of the ash tree,
and you really stepped it up.
I'm very impressed.
Would you be interested
in applying to be my
research assistant?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Be prepared after the break
to give a presentation
demonstrating why you're
worthy of joining my team.
- I will.
- I look forward to it.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
(melancholy music)
- Mom!
- Ah!
All right, let's go!
- Clone!
- You look so good!
(melancholy music continues)
- What's wrong? I
thought you just left.
- I just...
I forgot something.
I forgot my phone.
- Here, I'll call it.
- No!
Don't call it. I...
I remember where it is.
- Okay.
I gotta go.
Happy Thanksgiving.
- Thanks.
- Have fun with your family.
- See you after break.
- Yeah.
(melancholy music)
(melancholy music continues)
I'm in a sea of changes
I'm in the car
coming back home
Don't know how
I can hold this
When all we know
has come undone
- Welcome home, sis.
- Happy to be home.
- How's freshman
year treating you?
- Amazing.
- I love your sweater.
- Thanks, my roommate and
I go shopping all the time.
- Really?
- I...
I love college.
I'm the reigning
ping-pong champion.
My friends are awesome,
and don't even get my
started on my sweetheart.
- You have a boyfriend?
- Yes!
College is turning out to be
way better than I
could've imagined.
- You sounded so
blue on the phone.
- I did?
- You sounded homesick
just yesterday.
- Oh, I totally forgot.
I've been crazed.
Here, let me help with the pies.
These are for the
festival, right?
- No.
I don't want you messing
up my blue ribbon pie.
- I'm not going to mess it up.
- You don't know
what you're doing.
You've never made these
pies with us before.
- Because you never let me.
- Of course you can join us.
- Well, she can't touch my pie.
- Fine, I'll make my own pie.
(Clone sneezes)
- Ew.
I liked it better when
you were in your room,
tinkering with your
science experiments.
- Cami!
(cheerful music)
(cheerful music continues)
(cheerful music continues)
(fist tapping)
- Is everything okay?
Aren't you going home
for Thanksgiving?
- Not anymore.
- You want to talk
about it? Come in.
- I have no idea
who I am anymore.
- Well, that is the
age old question.
But you're a
freshman in college.
It's perfectly okay for you
not to know who you are yet.
- I thought I knew
what I wanted to be,
but now I'm not so sure.
- Well, as long as you know
your identity in Christ,
that's the foundation that
you can build yourself upon.
- You know, I've heard
that my entire life,
but I don't actually
know what it means.
- Well, that's why I love
studying the Genome Project.
Our creator gave us
three billion individual
The genome doesn't just
affect our physical body.
It empowers everything
that we are.
- Okay, but what does that mean?
- Purpose, meaning,
morality, the laws of logic.
These aren't physical things,
yet we all possess them.
I think that the heartbeat
of genome is God's love.
Sounds simple, but it is.
He created everything
with such precision,
and then he said,
it's very good.
- But what if I wasn't
created very good?
What if God messed up on me?
- Oh.
He looked at everything he made,
and it was so good.
So very good.
Madison, that includes you.
You're loved. We all are.
So let yourself be loved.
- Thank you.
I'll see you after the break.
- Yes, you will.
- Mm, mm, mm. Here we go.
- Ooh.
- Hey, there they are.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- May the best pie win.
- Which is always me.
- Mom might win.
Where did...
- Are we really
surprised? Candy corns.
- [Mary] Numbers, numbers.
- The annual town karaoke
competition begins now,
and may the best singer win.
- Who will win this year's
coveted golden pumpkin?
- Thank you.
- What are you doing?
- I'm going up to sing.
- You don't sing. Stick
to candy corn counting.
I always win the golden pumpkin.
- May the best singer win.
Do you guys know the
Silvery Moon song?
- What is with her?
- Don't you remember when
you got back from college
and you knew everything
about everything?
- Yeah, but this is
totally different.
- Hope she doesn't throw
up onstage from nerves.
By the light of
the silvery moon
- Is she lip syncing?
- I am seriously speechless.
I want to spoon
By the silvery moon
(crowd applauding)
You're up, Cami. Good luck.
What do you think?
- I think college has
brought out the best in you.
- So you're proud of me now?
Every place I turn,
everywhere I go
Seems like there's always
a lie I'm being sold
Trying to make me into
someone I don't even know
Got to fight to hear your
whisper deep down in my soul
Only you tell me who I am
Your voice of love
Only on your
word I will stand
And won't let go
I'm holding onto
what you say
I'm holding onto
what you say
I'm holding onto
what you say
I'm holding onto what
you say, what you say
I'm holding onto
what you say
With every word you
speak, I come alive
The anchor to my heart
on the darkest night
I'm holding on, holding on
- Shh! Don't make a scene!
- Um, you're making the scene!
- How could you do this to me?
- These are our new jeans!
What is your problem?
- My problem?
- Yeah!
- You went home with my
family for Thanksgiving!
You left me here
alone, all by myself!
You had no right to do that!
- I thought you wanted me to!
- Why? Why would you think that?
- Because you
wanted me to be you!
- Well, yeah, for some stuff!
But not going home to my family!
That was not part of the deal!
- I won us the golden pumpkin.
We are still the reigning
candy corn counter.
I even won us the blue
ribbon pie contest!
I literally made you
stand out to your family.
- I was really looking
forward to going home.
- Oh, I was thinking you
were looking forward to me,
as in you, you but
meaning me, going home.
- What? That doesn't
even make any sense!
- Yes it does. You created
me to live your life.
- Well, now I want my life back!
- Okay, so from now
on, we can take turns.
You go home for Christmas break.
- No, you're not listening!
I want my life back!
- But then who am
I, if I'm not you?
- I don't know.
But I don't want to miss
out on any more of my life.
- Can you do your
life without me?
- I'm not sure, but
I'm ready to try.
- Good. I'll help you try.
- No, that won't work.
You need to make your
own life somewhere else.
- But Madison, I don't
have anywhere else to go.
- You are outgoing,
smart, and brave.
You'll figure it out.
- You can't create me and
then just throw me away!
- As the creator, I
can do anything I want,
and I don't want
you around anymore.
Give me back my phone you stole.
- I borrowed it.
Madison, please.
- Go!
(somber music)
Held in the echoes,
secrets that we know
- Madison, we're
heading to the rec room
for a ping-pong game,
you should join us.
- Yeah, we have a
really big tournament.
Keeping the light on
Righting our old wrongs
Keeping our sights on
Everything we want
We catch our breath
In the middle of it all
- Hey.
- Hey.
- We're headed to the mall
to shop for our
winter formal dresses.
- Come with us, Madison.
You're a style icon and
we need your advice.
- It's not my advice you want.
- What?
- Never mind.
- You okay, Madison?
- Fine.
Like a fever burning
up, yeah, we're on fire
True believer, we're
walking on the wire
I can see it on the
horizon, all our hopes
We can feel it, chasing
the light is all we know
I'm seeing the forest
For the trees,
I'm keeping watch
All that is storming
Waking up and turning on
Keeping the light on
Righting our old wrongs
Keeping our sights on
Everything we want
We catch our breath
In the middle of it all
Chasing echoes,
echoes, echoes
Sun is coming up
over us, it's coming
Crystal visions
- Hey, babe.
Wow, you really stole the
limelight from your sister.
- Huh?
- Congrats on winning the
coveted golden pumpkin.
- How did you know?
- Well, we kind of texted
about it nonstop, remember?
- Of course we did.
- I really missed you.
I couldn't wait to
come back and see you.
- I'm afraid it
wasn't me you missed.
- Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was.
I wanted to ask you to be
my date to winter formal.
- Really?
- Will you?
I'll have the best
girl by my side.
- I gotta go find her.
We catch our breath in
the middle of it all
Chasing echoes,
echoes, echoes
Coming up over
us, it's coming
Crystal visions
Harper, when and where was
the last time you saw me?
- We invited you to the mall.
- The mall?
- Yeah, we invited
you to the mall.
- But it wasn't me, right?
I wasn't there. Was I there?
- Right, you didn't come.
What's going on?
- I have to go.
Chasing echoes,
echoes, echoes
Sun is coming up
over us, it's coming
Crystal visions,
visions, visions, visions
Like a fever burning
up, yeah, we're on fire
True believer, we're
walking on the wire
I can see it on the
horizon, all our hopes
We can feel it, chasing
the light is all we know
Chasing the light
is all we know
Can't stop and I
won't let it go
Chasing the light
is all we know
- [Machine] Ready for
reverse duplication.
Can't stop and I
won't let it go
Like a fever burning
up, yeah, we're on fire
True believer, we're
walking on the wire
I can see it on the
horizon, all our hopes
- There you are.
What were you doing in the
basement all this time?
- I'm in the basement?
Thank you, Henry!
Burning up, yeah,
we're on fire
True believer, we're
walking on the wire
I can see it on the
horizon, all our hopes
We can feel it, chasing
the light is all we know
What are you doing in there?
- You wanted me gone.
I came from here. I was
trying to leave from here.
- I'm so sorry.
You were right, Clone.
I can't do life without you.
- You might have to, Madison.
- Why? What's wrong?
- Maybe it's time to come clean.
- No, then everyone
will find out
it wasn't really me all along,
and I'll lose everything.
Trevor, the research assistant
job, our friends, everything.
I'm always petrified that
everyone will find out
I don't really know
what I'm doing.
And now I really do
have imposter syndrome.
- I...
I won't tell anyone,
if you promise to
tap in more often.
- Yes, deal. I promise.
I want to live my
life, but I need you.
Come on, we have so much to do.
Guess what, Trevor just asked
us to the winter formal,
and we have that big
presentation coming up.
- From now on, I wear this.
- Let's go.
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
- Madison, grab that kid!
They're wearing my clothes!
- Run.
I'll get them, Henry! Whoa!
I'll get them! Don't worry!
(both laughing)
- We should probably
return this.
- I'll return it
on my next shift.
- I'll take your next shift
so you can prepare
for the presentation.
(cheerful music continues)
- Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- [Trevor] You've been really
busy lately, haven't you?
- Yeah, studying a lot and
preparing for my presentation.
- So what are you gonna
do your presentation on?
- Should humans be in
charge of creating life?
- So do you mean beyond
giving birth to life?
- Yes.
We've been studying how plants
clone themselves naturally,
and we clone genes to correct
errors, so if we could,
should we try and
clone a perfect person?
I'm sorry, am I
talking too much?
- No, no, no. Keep going, I'm...
I'm listening. I'm interested.
I'm glad they didn't create
another version of
myself that was perfect.
Otherwise I wouldn't
have gone through
my childhood medical experience.
It made me who I am today.
(somber music)
Is everything okay?
- Yes!
No, I'm so sorry. I have to go.
It's an emergency.
- Madison, your bag!
(somber music continues)
- What are you doing? You
were doing such a good job!
- You just disappeared.
- I did?
- It was really freaky. You
were there and then you weren't.
Something is really wrong.
- I was hoping it
was just a fluke.
- You knew about this?
- [Mirror] Does not recognize.
Hello, Madison Montgomery.
- We have to fix you.
(keyboard clacking)
Okay, quickly, get in.
Hurry, before you
disappear for good!
- Do you know how to fix me?
- No, but I'll try
and figure it out.
- What if you duplicate me,
and there are three of us?
I think it's time
for you to let me go.
- No! Get in the machine!
Fine, after you disappear,
I'll just clone myself
again, and you'll be back.
- But how do you
know it will be me?
It will be different.
You can't keep
doing this, Madison.
If you continue to
recreate yourself,
you'll repeat the cycle and
never be your whole self.
- But I'm not ready.
- Well, it's happening
whether you're ready or not.
- What about Trevor? What if...
What if he doesn't like me?
- The question is,
do you like him?
- I just want a little
more time with you.
- So let's use the time
we do have together.
(somber music continues)
Took the long way round
Look at all you found
Live it up, live it up now
God, we've come so
far, made us who we are
- Do you like this?
- Oh, I love that one.
- Clone!
- We have to try it.
- Yeah?
- Try it!
Come on!
Took the long way round,
look at all we found
Live it up, live it up now
Okay, ready?
You look so sharp.
Go get 'em.
You're gonna be
amazing in there.
- What if I'm not?
- What if you are?
- You know what, maybe I'll
just wait and apply next year.
- No.
You have to push through
and do the hard stuff now.
What's the worst
that could happen?
- That I fail.
- So what?
- And then what?
- You try again.
I'll be watching
from the window.
(no audio)
(Clone laughs)
(pen scratching)
(no audio)
(Madison clears throat)
- Who are you?
Each human has a unique genetic
code that makes you you.
I have parts of me
that only I have
because of my heritage, my
culture, and my experiences.
(pencil scratching)
(melancholy music)
If I pass this mirror
around the room,
it will reveal your reflection.
Everyone has their own unique
genetic coding from birth
that makes them look
the way they look.
As scientists, we
test and prove,
learn and create.
I used to dislike
parts of myself,
thinking I was imperfect
because all I saw were my flaws.
But I've learned that perfection
is not being flawless.
It is actually living
in a state of wholeness
and completeness.
As your research assistant,
I won't be afraid
to try and fail.
I will work hard to share
what I learn with others,
even if it isn't perfected yet.
I know now just because
we can do something
doesn't mean we should.
It is very important
to be responsible
with what we discover
as scientists.
I invented this magic mirror
to remind myself of who I am.
I know now I was looking
in the wrong place.
Who am I?
I am Madison Montgomery.
I am a child of God
and I am very good.
I am fearfully and
wonderfully made.
(scientists applauding)
- Welcome to my team.
(melancholy music continues)
- Madison. Madison.
How'd it go?
- I got it.
- Let's go celebrate.
- I'd love to, I just...
I need to do something first.
- I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.
- See you at the coffee shop?
- I'll meet you there.
(cheerful music)
(cheerful music continues)
Henry, I think you've
been looking for these.
- Where did you find them?
- It's a long story.
- I love long stories.
Tell me on our next shift.
- Actually, you are looking
at Professor Angela Harris's
new research assistant.
- Oh, I'm so proud of you.
That's where you belong.
One more joke before you go.
- Okay.
- What do you call
a vanishing book?
A ghost story!
- I'll miss you, Henry.
- I'll miss you, too.
(cheerful music)
(cheerful music continues)
(phone ringing)
- Hi, Mom.
- Tonight's the big night,
and you look stunning.
Madison, I've been thinking
about what you said
when you were home.
I want you to know that I've
always been proud of you.
I'm sorry if you ever
felt like I wasn't.
- Me too.
- I love you both.
- Bye! Have fun!
(cheerful music continues)
(Madison laughs)
- You look so
beautiful, Madison.
- Ready to go?
- Who is the
fairest of them all?
- [Mirror] Madison Montgomery
is the fairest of them all.
- Ready to go, girls?
Harper, this dress!
(upbeat dance music)
(upbeat music continues)
(upbeat music continues)
We were on the line of
thinking this could be the end
But my heart was a flame
and your wild natured ways
Kept something here alive
Pulling us back
Getting me every time
Was the fight in your faith
an the way that we made
- I'm so glad you asked me out,
because I have the
best girl on my arm.
We were a black
and white movie
Everything moving, but
we were standing still
But now I can see
my life in color
Madison, would
you like to dance?
- I would love to.
Any other way
Larger than life
Look where we are now
- Today we begin our deep
dive into our study on DNA,
what genes make
me me and you you.
Let's get started.
The day that I met you,
it was something divine
You're supernatural
and you don't even try
Who says there isn't
intelligent design
When you've got the
stars in your eyes
Every breath that you take
Every move that
your body can make
Is a wonder, is a sign
That there's somebody
up over the sky
Oh, I know that there
must be a god out there
Oh, just 'cause you exist
You've got me sure that
miracles happen, oh
Just 'cause you exist
'Cause every time
that you love
You bring heaven
down to Earth
I'm singing hallelujah
'Cause I, I know that there
must be a god out there
You don't have to prove
it when I already see
Just being with you
is enough to believe
That you in the universe
is all that I need
So complex and
perfect and bright
Every breath that you take
Every move that
your body can make
Is a wonder, is a sign
That there's
somebody up there
Who thinks I did
something right
I know that there must
be a god out there, oh
Just 'cause you exist
You've got me sure that
miracles happen, oh
Just 'cause you exist
'Cause every time
that you love
You bring heaven
down to Earth
I'm singing hallelujah
'Cause I, I know that there
must be a god out there, oh
Just 'cause you exist
(cheerful music continues)
I know that there must
be a god out there
You've got me sure that
miracles happen, happen
(cheerful music continues)
Something divine
Something divine
I know that there must
be a god out there, oh
Just 'cause you exist
You've got me sure that
miracles happen, oh
Just 'cause you exist
'Cause every time
that you love
You bring heaven
down to Earth
I'm singing hallelujah
'Cause I, I know that there
must be a god out there, oh
Just 'cause you exist
(cheerful music continues)
(no audio)