Idiot (2022) Movie Script

[old Telugu song playing]
M'Lord! M'Lord!
Hurry up.
[Speaking Telugu]
Something terrible has happened.
Yes, my Lord.
You must flee this place.
[Speaking Telugu]
What do you mean?
Maayan and his men are approaching
the palace to steal your riches.
- Yes.
Every second we delay
puts everyone's life in danger.
[Speaking Telugu]
I don't understand. How could this be?
How did they know the entire family
is staying here?
This is not the time to ask questions.
Those dacoits are like
an eagle hunting for its prey.
They will always find us.
Think I'd give away my riches
to these dishonourable people?
No way!
Let's see who comes out on top.
Maayan or Vijayasimha Reddy.
Step aside.
- Don't act hastily.
Where is he?
- My lord!
Maayan is an animal.
He has no emotions.
He won't spare your wife
or the people.
Let's not waste another second.
Let's leave through the back door.
Back door? Maayan and his men
have surrounded the palace.
Oh dear.
I am feeling dizzy.
Don't fear, M'Lord.
We will lay down our lives
to save yours.
If you want to be safe,
hide in the underground chamber.
Underground chamber?
This is not the time to think.
- Hurry up.
Hurry up.
- Come on.
Be safe.
I'm so scared.
- Don't worry, we are here for you.
Don't be scared.
Your lives will be safe here.
Be careful.
- Yes, M'Lord.
Where is Vijayasimha Reddy?
Maayan, get out of here.
Vijayasimha Reddy isn't here.
Thank God.
We are safe.
Show me underground chamber where
you've hidden the women and the gold.
Or you will fall prey
to my sword.
Oh, no.
Why is she worried for him?
Such concern?
I don't hear anything.
Have Maayan's men left?
After several years, our dreams and wishes
have finally come true.
Now, all the riches of Semmanur...
belong to us.
What is it?
Tell us what happened.
we've been fooled.
Those tricksters.
They have stabbed us in the back.
What are you saying?
I don't understand.
I'll tell you.
Sethupathy and Senathipathy
pretended to save us...
tricked us, and trapped us
in this underground chamber.
My love...
Don't worry, sister.
We've left out one life
of the noble family.
Let's find atonement for our sins.
Spare him.
Poor lord.
Lord Pullayar...
You gave my father his intestines,
a liver, a spine, and a strong body.
You gave him everything, but you could
have given him some brains too.
Everyday he's ruining my life
with his stupid village council.
Wonder who will fall prey today.
[Hindi] You fool, don't you understand
what I am saying?
Why are you doing this?
Let me go.
I need to go to Delhi immediately.
Or you will pay for it.
I am an athlete, bloody idiot.
Let me go.
- Stop it!
Instead of admitting to his crimes,
he is quoting proverbs in some foreign language.
The huts in our village have been
catching fire for a while now.
Turns out this scoundrel
was behind all of it.
You scoundrel...
All this time, you claimed that
your womb couldn't hold a child.
And now there's such a big child.
Where were you before this?
Don't make me come there, old man.
I've been calling you,
but you never come.
She is so busy!
Sir, did you see that?
- You never showed me anything to see.
I am not here to resolve your dispute.
Hello, sir.
- Where the hell were you?
We have a dispute and you are here.
- I went to the temple.
You are always hanging out somewhere.
You need to be more responsible.
Sir, he burned down our huts.
What does he get for it?
Oh sure. How about I pay him 500 rupees
and 50 rupees for his bus fare?
What a foolish question.
Look up--
- I am talking here!
His punishment should be unforgettable.
You disgusting fellow.
Give him something like this.
He will never forget it.
Stop it, you drunkard.
You're just a drunk, and you're so cheeky.
But I only eat steamed millets.
But your cholesterol is over 300.
You're being cheeky too?
No, I got myself checked.
I'll sort you out at home.
- Listen, let me go.
I am an Olympic athlete.
- He looks like a North Indian.
What is a North Indian doing
in our lands?
He comes to our land
and burns our houses?
Arthanaari, interrogate him.
Who are you?
A maoist?
The Mafia?
The Taliban?
Or Lashkar-E-Toiba?
[Hindi] I haven't done anything.
Leader, Main-E-Kuch Nakkiya.
That's the name of the organisation!
The organisation must be
nipped in the bud.
That's right.
Hold on, what's your problem?
What happened?
Hold on, sir.
You wretch! Is this why you pushed me
in front of all these people?
Sir, it would be embarrassing
if the crow had shit on you.
Oh yeah? The fact that you pushed me
isn't embarrassing enough?
You could have asked the crow
to go elsewhere.
Leader, we must burn the man
who burned down our houses.
[crowd] : Yes, we must burn him.
Step aside.
Why is the moustachioed inspector here?
Why have you tied him up?
He burned down our huts.
He is an athlete carrying the torch
for the Asian Games.
And you've tied him up
accusing him of burning huts?
He also stole the torch?
Where have you hid it?
Oh no! He always stirs up some trouble
and sits there like a good guy.
Stop it!
The day the police set foot on this land,
this village council has lost meaning.
I shall take leave.
I shouldn't be here anymore.
Why are they blocking my way?
Sir... - It's just a crow.
It's okay!
Settle the issue and come home.
- Okay, sir.
Greetings, madam.
He is my father.
He is the reason for all the stupidity
in our village.
Not just him,
these half-baked fools too. - Indeed!
I'll make sure it doesn't happen again.
Please release him.
Mr. Inspector, can you drop me
at the liquor store on the way?
I hurt my leg.
I can't walk.
I will give you a little something
for your trouble.
Tell him.
- He is my uncle.
He's solid antique stuff.
- Let me see if he can take this.
Regional news...
An athlete who was carrying the torch
for the Asian Games
was accused of burning huts,
tied up and beaten...
in the village of Veerapandi.
Upon enquiry,
it was known that the village
leader Raasu Gounder was behind it.
Heard that?
It's not about a person's name.
They must make a name for themselves.
Now the entire world knows about me.
Have you ever done anything like this?
What's the point of crying now?
You were born without brains.
It's a seed when you plant it,
and rice when you cook it.
Every dog has its day.
My son's time will come too.
You'll get a call from home now.
- What for?
I'll tear your mouth
for these long proverbs.
Yeah, sure!
Come to eat.
Why did you serve me rasam?
That is sambar.
Don't I know what sambar looks like?
Yeah, right. Like sambar
is a long time friend of yours.
Dad, I asked for some money last week.
What happened?
Why do you need money?
Remember I said I wanted
to build my own complex in this village?
Parimalam, I hate it when people
in the family have a complex.
Imagine if there was a complex
in the village!
They will fight it out to see
who is the bigger man.
And I will have to resolve
that dispute too.
So, let's not have any complex.
She didn't mean that complex.
A building complex.
From cinema theatres to clothing stores,
it will house everything.
Underneath the buildings,
cars will be stacked like utensils.
That's a building complex.
Oh, you meant that?
I know what that is.
You could have been more clear.
Accountant, give her what she wants.
Okay, sir.
- What is it?
My husband wanted some money
to do an online business. - Oh, yes.
I need it now.
You don't know our people.
You short change them
and even during a pandemic...
they'd cut the line, climb over people
and come to the front.
And you want them
to come "on line"?
That business won't work out.
- Dad, no!
Online means, the household provisions
can be ordered over phone...
No way!
Everyone can't go around ordering.
I am the one who passes orders.
Come up with some other business.
- Mom, listen to this.
Mind your own business.
Exactly! Do your own business,
that will work.
We can reap the profits too.
I will give you money for that.
Accountant, give her what she wants.
- Okay, sir.
- Yes, Dad.
Sir, 500 rupees...
What? 500 rupees?
The fruit that a tree bears
becomes money only when you sell it.
Do you know how hard it is
to earn money?
You want 500 rupees?
I am not giving you a single rupee.
Oh god.
- Sir...
Here is remaining 500 rupees
after filling fuel.
You never listen to anything properly,
and go around breaking things.
Don't grow up like your grandfather.
The instigator is more guilty
than the perpetrator of a crime.
Account for this broken pot
from his allowance.
Deduct the money with interest.
- Okay, sir.
Some day, he will give it all
back to you with interest.
Catch hold of that bald guy.
- Stop!
He broke it, and you are going
to deduct it from my money?
I'll deduct it from my money.
- Buzz off, idiot!
Hasn't Gounder come?
- Greetings, ma'am.
He's gone to Sulur
on some work.
Oh, good.
It's a good thing
he didn't come.
Ma, people usually put up photos
of themselves.
But he's made a statue of himself.
Looks exactly like him.
We should make a similar one
for your father.
Consider it done.
What does the girl do?
- She is getting ready.
Ready for what?
Is she going out somewhere?
Getting ready to see you.
Why does she have to go there
to see us? We are here, right?
Ma, keep your mouth shut.
What does the groom do?
He eats and sleeps at home.
I'll go and wake him up.
I didn't mean that, son.
What job do you do?
Him? Always some useless job.
Why did you open your mouth?
No one asked you.
Why did you insult my husband then?
- But it's true. He is sleeping!
I will talk this way.
Do what you can.
Do you want him
to watch you two fight?
Let them fight.
I love watching fights.
Ma, do we really have to
find a bride here?
Wait, let's see the girl first.
Oh no, my grandson fell asleep.
Tell the girl to hurry up.
Look at her.
The previous girl we saw
was better than her.
I'm sure Ma won't like her.
- I know.
I like her.
She takes after me.
Sir, how could you be so shameless.
Nothing to be ashamed about.
I bathe with a loincloth
near the well.
- Yes?
I need to talk to him.
- Why should she slow down?
You can talk fast.
I will be able to follow.
She didn't mean that.
The girl's name is Slochana.
We affectionately call her "Slo".
Oh, nice.
What have you studied?
Eighth grade.
Section B in the school on the farm.
Why didn't you study further?
No, my father only studied
till eighth grade.
Studying more than him
would be disrespectful.
Dad, what is this?
Fine, assuming we get married...
when my friends ask me if you are
a doctor, or a lawyer,
or an engineer, or a collector,
what do I tell them?
It's totally your wish.
Tell them what you like.
I won't interfere.
He will give you
all that freedom.
Okay, let me ask you something
from what you studied.
Don't ask him an easy question.
Ask him a tough one.
- He will answer promptly.
Oh yeah?
- Ask me.
What was the vessel in Manimegalai's hands
in Silapadhigaram?
Uncle, shall I?
- I've got this.
It's an old story.
Must be an old vessel.
- Say the answer!
Let's play it safe.
A stainless steel vessel.
Your father was right
to scold you.
There was no stainless steel
in those days.
It's a brass vessel.
- I told you!
- Oh dear.
Okay, do you at least know
the person in that photo?
Who is it?
Ma, it's your uncle
in the army.
Is it your uncle?
Or maybe your cousin?
Dad, I don't want this alliance.
You don't like?
He doesn't seem to know anything.
I don't want to marry such a man!
So you know everything?
I do.
Can you see the moon
during New Moon?
No, I can't.
What's the point of all that education?
You're not special.
Will you please shut up?
Uneducated family.
Who did you just call uneducated?
Do you know who I am
or who my husband is?
How dare you talk like that?
- What do you think about me?
Even a mat made of gold
will have to be wrapped up after use.
A man who can swim
needs no paddle.
A man who can work hard
needs no education.
You don't deserve to marry my son.
Get up, Chinrasu.
- Get going.
You will find a nice cowgirl
for her.
What's wrong with a cowgirl?
I will find him a bride who is prettier
and more educated than you, like a doctor.
This is Smitha.
She is the grandchild of Senathipathy,
32,421st in the global billionaires.
We have a 20 year plan
to kidnap her.
Good morning, ma'am.
Good morning.
Madam, one of the patients, Aarthi,
is getting discharged today.
Her family is waiting in your room
to meet you.
I'll see you.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Good morning.
- Greetings.
Greetings, ma'am.
- No need for formalities.
Please sit.
She means everything to us.
We used to cry everyday, fearing she would
be a mad woman forever.
Thanks to you, she is cured now.
We want to get her married soon.
I was just doing my duty.
Congrats! Advance wishes.
- Thank you.
Thanks, ma'am. See you.
- Take care.
Doctor, I have something to say.
If you won't mistake me--
- Please tell me.
Another life is waiting here,
to take your life away.
It's right here,
circling around you.
Please be careful.
I'll take leave.
What is this, Neelakandi?
Your behaviour is getting stranger
by the day.
Why are you doing this?
What is this?
Who is giving you these
enchanted threads and amulets?
Where did you get these from?
I don't know, madam.
Her activities are scary.
Aren't you a good girl, Neelakandi?
Why are you doing this?
What to do?
It's just her fate, ma'am.
Betrayal caused enmity.
Enmity caused fate.
And fate...
will turn your body lifeless,
for sure.
Madam, this isn't going to work out.
Send her to Erwadi asylum.
They will beat some sense into her.
Don't talk rubbish.
We are professionals.
It's our duty to treat and cure her.
Give me the serotonin injection.
Continue co-operating like this,
and you'll be cured soon.
And you can get out of here.
Neelakandi isn't leaving
without completing her task.
Okay, fine!
You can stay here as long
as you like, okay?
This is the land agreement, sir.
I need Chinrasu and you to sign it.
Sir, that is Chinrasu's signature!
I know it.
He forged my signature on his
school report cards several times.
That was valid, right?
This is valid too.
Fair enough.
Anything you sign is valid, sir.
- Tell them you signed it!
What does the letter say?
It's not like I can read though.
Yes, sir?
Read this out for me.
I can't read it.
Yes, I can't read it.
Come here, boy.
Wonder what stupidity
he'll bring upon us.
Don't dawdle.
Hurry up!
I didn't put you through middle school
for you to tell me you can't read.
I meant I couldn't read it
from there.
What do you see there,
from here?
Coconut trees.
This side?
- Banana plantations.
So you can see that,
but not this?
An educated person should be
able to read from anywhere.
Who are you?
- I am the new school teacher.
But you don't look like a teacher.
A teacher should look respectful.
Take him away and teach him
what a teacher should look like.
Okay, sir.
Why are you still standing here?
- To see more of your stupidity.
What are you murmuring?
- I'll read properly henceforth.
That's more like it.
You should read it from anywhere.
That's a good boy.
Get it?
See, this is what a teacher
should look like.
Makes me want to fold hands
in respect.
Fold your hands.
Do it!
Who is this guy?
I've heard of thick-headed morons.
He's the thickest-headed moron
I've ever seen.
He is my father.
I'm so sorry.
No, it's okay.
You are right.
They say a mad monkey
drives the entire pack mad.
He doesn't stop with being a idiot.
He is turning our villagers into idiots.
I wanted to ask you...
Why did you shamelessly dress up
just because he told you to?
Ever since my childhood,
I always wanted to be like MGR.
A lot of people in Tamil Nadu
share that fantasy.
But no one can become like MGR.
There is only one MGR.
Get it?
Take off that damn hat.
Ladies and gentlemen.
To all the people gathered here
at the Veerapandi Amman Temple Festival...
to watch the kabbadi tournament...
screw you!
Get up!
I barely have enough booze,
and you want me to share it? Give it!
I was just checking the taste.
To the guests on stage...
greetings, sir.
Here he comes.
Veerapandi village's very own--
Greetings, everyone.
Hope you are doing well.
How are you doing?
Don't unfold it.
I will gift it to someone else.
Sir, this is the chalk powder
used to mark the field.
You need to mark the line
and get the game started.
You think an influential man like me
wouldn't know that?
Any white powder on a plate
is sacred to me.
Let's get started.
O Almighty Goddess.
O God.
If I continue bending over like this,
I could become a Minister!
Greetings to everyone.
- Greetings.
Sit down, Chief.
Chinrasu, where are you?
I am hiding from my father.
Where are you hiding?
I am in disguise.
No one can find me.
I called you to play kabbadi.
Not hide-n-seek!
Are you coming or what?
- I will. Keep calm.
Why are you looking at
each other? He isn't coming?
It's getting late.
The four member team from
the village of Veerapandi...
is ready to take on Thanakarai.
The winner of this match...
Ready for first raid.
will get the winner's cup
from our village chief.
Two points to Thanakarai.
Rider out.
One more point to Thanakarai.
Rider out.
One point to Veerapandi.
Fifteen points!
There comes the lion!
One point to Veerapandi.
Side change.
What are you doing?
The liquor store will shut soon, guys.
Two points to Thanakarai.
Catch him.
Two points to Thanakarai.
Rider out.
One point to Veerapandi.
Who is that lone guy
from our village?
He's got no one to help him out?
There he is!
There comes some boy with a mole
to help him out.
Oh, so this is your disguise?
I never saw him
during the warm up games.
Who is this guy?
- Never seen him.
That's a big greeting.
He will win.
I dare you to take him on.
He is our lion.
He is a raging bull.
- Greetings.
Are you doing well?
- I am.
How are your parents doing?
- Doing good, brother.
And your parents?
- Good, brother.
Won't work with me
Shake hands?
Oh, you are so wary?
Come on, brother.
Come on...
the man who is most careful
turns out to be the biggest fool.
See, I made a fool out of you.
We won!
He tricked me.
He is very talented.
I told you, didn't I?
He won the cup for us.
I am so happy.
They say a mole on the right cheek
brings luck.
And now he's made our village proud.
Where did his mole disappear?
Is that you?
You scoundrel.
You disguise yourself with a mole
and trick your own father?
I'll sort you at home.
Oh no. My mole came off.
Leader, wait.
Hand over the cup
to your son.
Give it to that fraud yourself.
Don't be angry, chief.
I wonder what's going to
happen at home today.
Sir, those are Chinrasu's slippers.
Why are you throwing it aside?
You don't get it?
He is no longer
a member of this family.
Dear, I've been watching you...
why are you walking around
like a cat in heat?
Ma, I won.
Sister, I won.
Brother-in-law, I won.
- Stop right there.
You want to roll out a red carpet?
I want to slipper you.
Dad, these slippers
will last another month at least.
They're going to get torn now.
Yes, because my slippers
won't fit you.
Oh god.
Why are you yelling?
Chinrasu has won some cup.
What is your problem?
He didn't just win the cup.
He also embarrassed me.
A true son would never overstep
his father's line.
But today, your son crossed
the line I marked.
Did you cross your father's line?
Ma, it was a kabbadi match.
He marked the line.
I can win only by crossing that line.
Fair enough.
He's got a point.
How is it fair?
The moment he crossed my line..
it's all done.
He is not my son.
He is no son of mine.
Oh dear.
Son, please don't cry.
No one would buy your tears.
They'd start laughing.
He keeps saying he isn't my father
over and over again.
Tell me what my mistake is.
Tell me!
Who is my father?
Like the chaste Nalayini and Seetha
whose purity was brought to question...
my husband and son question
this chaste Parimalam!
Tell me, Ma.
Who is my father?
I swear, he is your father.
You are his son.
Parimalam, he is not my son.
He is not!
You heard that?
Did you hear him say that
over and over again?
Who is it? Tell me.
- I heard it just fine.
He is your son,
you are his father...
I am your daughter, and your grandparents
are playing here
Look at that bald little kid playing.
- What is she blabbering?
I heard everything.
Just fine.
Who has such a terrible ringtone?
Mute it.
Is that supposed to be a situation song?
I am not moving from here
unless I know who my father is.
What are you going on about?
I told you, you are not my son.
You won't move, huh?
Get out.
- Chinrasu.
I'll show you who I am.
- Parimalam, let him go.
I'm stuck between you and your father.
- What happened?
I gave you the money ages ago.
It took you so long to buy some booze?
You deserve a thrashing!
You continue, boy.
Today, my father--
- Come here.
I asked you to get fritters.
You've got dumplings instead!
Can't you tell them apart?
How are you ever going to prosper
like me? You stupid mongrel.
You tell me, boy.
Uncle, my father made an issue today--
- Your father what?
Stop dancing like headless pigs.
Sit down. You continue, boy.
- What the hell do you want me to say?
I've been trying to tell you,
and you are complaining about fritters.
Apparently I crossed his line.
So he threw me out.
He threw you out?
Then let's do it.
Grab the tools.
Uncle, don't act in haste.
- What do you mean?
I am not acting in haste. We have to...
- He will die!
If I don't do it,
I will die, boy.
What are you blabbering?
- What are you talking about?
I want to sell all the old items
at the scrap store...
and drink from the money.
The scrap store?
So my story didn't enrage you?
I need to get drunk
to get enraged.
Oh yeah? Here you go.
The booze is on me.
What about the sides?
- It's on you.
That's on me too!
He says I am not his son at all.
Why does my father hate me so much?
What's the reason?
There is a reason, boy.
I promised not to tell anyone
and kept it a secret for 25 years.
But I'll tell you now.
I'll tell you, boy.
This is your first son.
Sister, you are happy, right?
Hello, brother-in-law.
You wanted your third child
to be a girl too.
But he decided to disobey you,
and now you have a lion cub.
Are you ridiculing me?
- Brother, be quiet.
He resembles you...
Careful, brother-in-law.
Be gentle.
Don't just look at him.
Show him some love.
Or he might do something.
He kicked your nose.
If he can already kick hard enough
to break your nose...
he might crush your spine
when he grows up.
You dare break your father's nose?
I'm not going to raise you
to be a hero anymore.
I'm going to raise you
to be a clown.
I've never heard such a terrible flashback
in my life ever before.
- Aye.
Follow me.
- Let's go.
Son of my grandpa, Lord Sethupathy!
Veerapandi, my lord.
Come out, you turd.
Boy, don't address him
with respect anymore.
Come out, man.
Come out.
Come on, come on, come on.
What's that noise?
- Here he is!
Brother-in-law, a water lorry
was coming in reverse.
So I said "come on" to guide it.
Why haven't you slept yet?
It's really cold out here.
Sister, take him inside.
Uncle, why are you scared?
I'm not.
- Why are you scared of my father?
It's the same thing.
Want me to come down there?
It will take forever.
Jump down from there.
You call yourself a son?
How dare you humiliate our father?
- Well said.
What's his pride even worth?
I am here for my inheritance.
- Well said, boy!
Come on, team.
Did you bring a bag
to take your wealth too?
I forgot to bring it.
Give me a nice bag.
I'll return it tomorrow.
How is it?
Such cheek!
He thinks he is making fun of us.
Saw that?
- Boy...
I'll thrash you with the broom.
- Quiet, it's Ma.
You wet your pants
at the sight of your father.
Respect the guy's age.
How dare you talk back?
You know what would happen
if the guy got angry?
The whole village greets the guy
and respects him.
You don't treat him
with respect either.
You keep referring to him
as "the guy".
I said no such thing!
Uncle, why are you creating a ruckus here
by getting that naive guy drunk?
You think he is a teetotaller?
He finished my drink too,
and left me licking an empty glass.
Why did you drink that piss?
Did you say piss?
Do you know how expensive
that piss is?
A quarter is 120 rupees.
A full bottle is 500 rupees.
They also charge 10 rupees
over that.
And you call it piss?
I am so pissed!
My uncle is pissed...
Drop that, boy.
- One moment.
This is disgusting drunk talk.
Come back tomorrow morning.
And say "Good morning?"
I want it now.
- What do you want?
Inheritance. I get a share of
my grandfather Sethupathy's wealth too.
Give it to me in writing.
I won't.
Fine. We will do the writing.
You dictate it.
We'll write it down.
A will on a cigarette carton?
You look dumbstruck!
You won't write it,
and you won't let us write it?
Then how does my boy
get his share of the wealth?
Chief, running scared are you?
- Dear, don't...
Be a man and talk to me.
Run away, boy.
Brother, you know his temper.
He's gone to get his gun.
Take him away.
He is going to get his gun
and shoot us.
Sister, we can't have your
husband shooting us.
Why don't you give us the gun,
we will shoot ourselves.
We will shoot ourselves!
Dear, let's talk it out.
- He is hiding his gun?
What is this?
Be quiet, woman.
You wanted your
grandfather's property, didn't you?
Here, take it.
I don't want to see you ever again.
Take it and leave.
Don't ever come back.
Let's see if that worthless property
if of any worth to this worthless guy.
Let's go in.
- Take it and leave!
Read every line carefully, boy.
Looks like a drunkard's handwriting.
I can't make anything of it.
They might trick you.
- As long as the property is mine...
We won!
I swear on my mother
I will fulfil my vow
But I haven't taken a vow yet.
What song do I sing now?
You girl in the woods
don't you worry now
A tiger might stand in your way
but don't you lose hope
Who is this guy?
I was expecting a tiger,
but he looks like a hyena!
Come here.
I'm coming, son.
Who is this guy?
Are you going to Semmanur?
Yes, you want a lift?
Get in.
No, son.
I'm here to unravel the mystery knot
that no one else can untie.
This is the most mysterious knot
of them all. Untie this first.
Let's grab a bite together.
What now?
There's a long story behind
the House of Semmanur.
Forget about the story.
Is there enough place to park this car?
Your young age makes you talk this way.
What to do?
Fate is playing games with you.
It's not fate. You are the one
playing games here.
I thought I'd share my food
with you, but not anymore.
No barottas for you.
Do what you can.
Go on, son.
Let me see how you enter Semmanur.
It's been days since our only son
left home.
I wonder where he is.
I didn't even get a phone from him.
Oh, he said he'd send you a phone
from there?
I can't win an argument with you.
So you think you can
win a fist fight against me?
Listen up, everyone.
No one should talk about him
in this house.
Do you think a boy who humiliated
his father will do well in life?
He is going to go mad.
Right, boy?
- Yes, Grandpa.
Doctor, what's the experiment today?
We are going to check if the patients
with mental disorders are cured or not.
We are going to find out by doing an MVT,
that is Money Value Test.
I don't follow.
Why are you dropping the notes?
What if someone takes it?
Only people who know the value of money
will pick it up.
If any of our patients pick up the money,
they are normal.
Oh, superb! - At the same time,
if they don't pick up the money...
it's their sorry fate,
they will remain under treatment.
Get it?
Let's hide and observe.
Okay, doctor.
Come fast.
- Quick, quick, quick.
This guy is speeding ahead
on his bike.
He slams the brakes
and sees the money.
He is taking the money.
Wow, he is cured.
Let me note it down, doctor.
- Note it down.
Is he checking if the note is counterfeit?
What! He is making a rocket.
Bullshit! He is not normal.
Make note of it.
Oh, Pandi!
He's coming down.
He's seen the money, doctor.
I'm watching him too.
He picks it up.
- Yes, he does.
He picks up the other note too.
- He is perfectly alright.
Here he comes.
- Yes, absolutely.
We must discharge him.
Do you expect the boss
to pick up all the trash in the office?
You get paid, don't you?
You go on strikes, right?
You demand bonuses too.
Lazy oafs!
You need to be more responsible
as the manager.
Sorry, sir.
I'll do it.
Repeat after me.
Okay, sir.
Cleanliness pays.
- Cleanliness pays.
Hygiene begets sambar.
Hygiene begets sambar.
Self control...
begets omelette.
Very good.
You get a promotion.
Sir, give me this trash.
I'll dispose it.
I built this huge place. You think
I don't know where to dispose trash?
Get out!
Ladies and gentlemen.
And Doberman.
I'm going to show something
to make you all happy.
What are you going to show us?
Don't be in a hurry.
Just like I saw it and derived pleasure,
I've decided that all of you shall see it.
Oh wow! I can't wait to see it.
He is going to show us something.
Yes, if you let go of this
wonderful opportunity...
you won't be able to see it
for another 50 years.
What's this wonder
you are going to show us?
Who asked you to come
to the front? Go to the back.
I won't be able to see it from there.
- I'll make sure you can see it.
Go there.
All ladies, come this side.
Barfi, you've been saying it all morning.
What are you going to show us?
Calm down, I am going to show you.
I need to wait for everyone.
Is Sheela here?
- Everyone is here!
Everyone clap.
Will she sing me a lullaby?
Will she give me flowers?
Will she come in a chariot?
Will she give me flowers?
Will she sing me a lullaby?
Will she give me flowers?
Will she come in a chariot?
Will she give me flowers?
See, madam.
They create a ruckus everyday and
don't let the other patients sleep.
Go back to your beds
and go to sleep.
Right now.
Good morning.
Everyone is gone.
Do you need special instructions?
Go to your bed.
You go to my bed, woman.
I'll join you.
Saw that, madam? He's been so lewd
ever since he got here.
I'm scared, madam.
- Go on.
Come on.
- Get lost, you monkey.
So, Pandi...
I heard you are messing with
everyone in the hospital.
I will never mess with you.
Why don't you try messing with her?
I can't do that to someone
I am going to marry.
Heard what he said to me?
I didn't say that to you.
I said that to her.
So, we are going to get married?
The wedding is in Holy Kasi.
The reception is in Rameswaram.
And your honeymoon in Mount Kailash?
I have one condition though.
- What is it?
I will choose our wedding clothes.
A blue chequered lungi for you.
And a parrot green nightie for me.
Just imagine us sitting together
at the wedding stage.
Really ugly.
Uglier than you?
Buddy, I just gave out the invitations.
Puratchi Thalaivar and Thalaivi
have accepted the invite.
Dude, they are gone.
The chief guests are already there.
What are you still doing here?
The wedding drums are here too.
Will you blow the pipes?
If madam says the word,
I will blow them alright.
Let me see.
Madam, they are lunatics. Why do you nod
in agreement to everything they say?
Look, Stella...
We must play along with the patient
and that is the way to cure them.
You play along in your way...
my way is a little twisted.
I really like your powder.
You use bleaching powder, don't you?
You agree to everything I say.
I must be so lucky
to have a lover like you.
I love you.
Me too.
Go to sleep now.
Let's get married tomorrow.
Listen, it's nothing...
- No!
Let's give her the injection later.
[Chanting prayers]
Have you served all his favourite dishes?
Yes, I've got everything.
Even if one dish goes missing,
his soul won't rest in peace.
His favourite dish...
a 65 year old hag.
Should we serve that as well?
Shut up, boy.
Priest, here is the ring.
Whose ring is it?
Want to get in a ring with me, one on one?
I'll bash your face in.
Will you please shut up?
Priest, that is my father's ring.
He often said there was a story
behind that ring.
But he left us before
he told us the story.
Why can't you join him
and ask him for the story?
Who is this boy?
My cousin brother.
He is here for his treatment.
Looks like it will take a long time.
- To chant your prayers?
Our ancestral jewel.
This ring is my gift to you.
You will always have your grandfather
Senathipathy's blessing.
Thank you, Dad.
She goes to sleep
right after eating.
Some girl!
Your father gave you grandfather's ring
with a lot of love, but you won't wear it?
We need to do everything
for girls these days.
Why do you handle
the patient so roughly?
Where is Dr. Rajadurai?
- Wait!
How could you carelessly drop the ring
under your cot?
Wear it. - I'll wear it later.
I am late for work.
Wear it, girl.
- Wait, I'm coming.
- Yes, boss?
I'd given you some homework for
Dr. Smitha's kidnap.
Have you completed it?
Very good.
Where's Paruppu?
He asked me
to give this to you.
What's he drawn here?
He says he wants a leave.
I give him some homework,
and he gives me a leave letter!
I'll sort him out
when he comes.
Tell me your idea.
Why are you showing me
a mosquito coil?
I've soaked this mosquito coil
with a sedative.
If we light it...
- It won't burn. It's wet, right?
I dried it, of course.
If we light this up in her room,
she will faint within 10 minutes.
We can nab her
without breaking sweat.
Before which, I'll fire you.
Even I won't fall for this,
why would she?
There is no point
counting on you guys.
I'm going to start thinking.
You said we should kidnap her
when she was in 6th grade.
She finished college, studied MBBS,
built a hospital, and works as a doctor.
What will you do now?
Don't get stressed out, fatty.
If we'd kidnapped her during 6th grade,
her father would have had another girl.
He'd have forgotten about
the girl we kidnapped.
But he can't have a baby anymore.
He's got only one child.
We tell him "your only child"
and milk all his wealth.
That is why I delayed it.
That's a fair point.
There is no one here.
So, you came here
to steal a banana?
You could have just asked me.
Here you go.
Anyway, now that you are here...
use this ghee and make me
a nice ghee roast dosa.
I love it.
Why do you look at me that way?
no matter how you look at me,
you can't charm me.
My heart's only got place
for Smitha.
But... you've got good features.
You are pretty.
Why don't you try to
charm someone else?
Get going.
Leave now.
This crackpot ruined my plans.
Wow! An engagement ring.
She must have bought it
for our wedding.
She stole me with a single glance
Wrecked me with her warm smile
Oh, you long legged lass,
The way you look at me
I hang onto you,
like an eight legged spider
I don't need a name anymore
Call me by your name henceforth
An angel born just for me
Intertwined her life with mine
All the roads lead to your house
All my words sing your praises
How much does my life weigh?
Just as much as you do
The extent of your love
Is the span of my life
An angel born just for me
Intertwined her life with mine
The Baba gesture.
It's very powerful.
Who are you people?
- It's a suspense.
What are you doing here?
[Telugu] Come on. Make it quick.
- Come.
You just got here, right?
Wait, I need to get ready.
You can have some tea
at the shop there.
Order a strong tea for me.
I'll be there.
I need to get ready.
Let her stay back with me.
[Telugu] She is my wife!
What are you saying?
Where did they go?
Where did they disappear?
They just vanished.
When did you get here?
Where is my tea?
- You think this is funny?
We have come from Semmanur
to take you with us.
Oh, right!
Are you real estate sales people?
You should have just told me.
Please don't mistake me,
I don't intend to buy any land now.
I'll let you know when I want to.
You can leave now.
Get going.
- Listen...
Where did they go?
Nowhere to be seen.
[Telugu] We're here.
I told you I don't want to buy land.
Why did you come back? Who are you?
[Telugu] That's a long story.
[Telugu] Your grandfather and his friend
tricked and betrayed us.
They stole all our wealth and jewels.
If you step out wearing such clothes
and jewels at night....
people will steal from you!
You need to be more careful, idiots!
Go away!
Wow, what is this?
They appear,
and they disappear.
This is a really fun game.
Let's try it again.
One, three, five, six, nine...
that's everyone.
Go now.
- Don't take it off!
Very good.
They follow orders promptly.
They seem to be nice people.
Is everyone here?
Everything okay?
Leave now.
- Not again!
They are gone.
They leave promptly.
They are very obedient.
I guess they are educated.
Let's play another game.
Come back!
I can't do this.
Why are you lying down?
- Son...
You are wearing the ring
and taking it off as you please.
Do you know how far Semmanur is?
We are tired of going back and forth.
I love this game.
- I am so tired.
But I want to play.
Let's have fun
one last time?
[Telugu] Don't!
They are all gone.
They will be back.
- Pandi...
It's so late. Everyone has gone to sleep,
what are you doing staying up?
Stella, this ring is--
- That's madam's ring!
If you put it on, you get
to act with a drama company.
Do you like acting?
- I love acting!
Show me your finger.
Let go of me.
Madam! Madam!
Oh no...
Yes, Stella?
Madam, Pandi had your ring.
When I tried it on...
some random people
came and choked me.
I'm so scared, madam.
Please come immediately.
Who has the ring now?
[Telugu] I'll kill you.
[Telugu] I'll kill you.
I am going to kill you.
I'll bloody kill you.
[Telugu] You think you can kill me?
[Telugu] You may scare the others.
[Telugu] But you don't scare me.
[Telugu] Are you Telugu?
You are so naive.
No wonder Sethupathy and Senapathy
managed to kill you.
Madam, don't take that off.
Semmanur is 60 kms away.
I can't keep going
back and forth.
Instead of killing the people
that killed your family...
you are trying to kill anyone
who wears this ring.
I don't even know what to call you!
Call me 'Lord of Semmanur'.
Who are you, miss?
There's a reason why you've come here,
and why I am here.
And in that reason lies a plan.
To resurrect my lover...
I need Smitha's life.
If you help me out with that...
your wishes will come true...
and my wish will come true too.
I need to send the fatso
to the hospital...
I don't know if the girl
has left. - Professor...
we could have worn any costume
to kidnap the girl...
why are we dressed as ghosts?
- Good question!
If we wear some other costume
to kidnap the girl...
the police would catch us
and skin us alive.
But now they'll assume the girl was
kidnapped by real ghosts and close the case.
Oh wow!
You are so smart.
I am brainy, man.
It's getting late.
Where is the doctor girl?
Let's find out what
the other are up to.
Has the girl left?
Not yet.
- Why the hell did you call me?
I was checking if
you were alert.
We just had ginger tea.
We are very alert.
That's good.
Good night.
He said 'good night'
and went to sleep.
But he never goes to sleep
without me.
Thick as thieves, huh?
I'll kick you!
I can't keep staring
at the car forever.
I am hungry.
Let's call them.
It's him!
Has the girl left
from the hospital?
I'll let you know
when she does!
Don't forget about me
because I'm not there.
Get me 2 extra barottas
and 1 half cooked omelette.
I give him some work,
and he gives me more work!
What did he say?
- He wants a half cooked omelette.
I wanted one too.
Single or double?
- Double, please.
Single, and double.
Happy now?
Hurry up.
Let's get into this lorry.
The locker isn't opening.
There we go.
Get in, get in.
Where are we going?
Mate, fresh milk gets spoiled
if you don't boil it in time.
Girls are no different.
If you cut them some slack,
they get spoiled too.
Get in quickly.
- So what?
So you are going to kidnap Smitha,
and marry her.
What about the nuptial thread?
- Here we go.
Turmeric and vermilion.
Hurry up. - Wow.
You play the drums,
I play the trumpet.
Security, don't fall asleep.
Stay alert. - Okay, ma'am.
I need to call the boss immediately.
I'm not asking you anything.
You tell me.
Professor, the girl is leaving.
What do I do?
Wave her goodbye.
But she is in the car already.
- Go in a cab and wave at her.
Follow her, idiot.
- Okay, boss.
Great time for my bike to act up!
Where are you?
Why are you not home yet?
I'm on the way.
I am driving.
Drive safe.
I'm waiting.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
- Okay, be safe.
Okay, bye.
Idiots! Can't you see or what?
Is this how you drive a car?
We can see everything
when we remove our masks.
Hold on for a second.
I'm coming there.
Who are you people?
You don't recognize us?
It's us.
Do you recognize us now?
Professor, she is running away.
Cup her mouth.
Where are you running away?
- Grab her!
Get out.
- Wait, I need to do it with swag.
Who are you guys?
We were supposed to kidnap her!
You lunatics.
They will never be able to catch us.
Get her into the vehicle.
Smitha, it's me.
Why didn't Smitha
wave me goodbye?
Something is missing.
Step aside.
I got it.
- Got what?
There is no driver in the car.
How did we get here?
This is an automatic car.
Maybe it came here by itself.
What is her father's phone number?
It's got 10 digits,
like all cell numbers.
Tell me what those 10 numbers are.
- You should have been clear!
I am not sure if it's a six
or a nine.
Six is my lucky number.
I am going with 6.
[Inkem inkem playing]
- Some scoundrel is calling.
Wait, I'll get it.
The phone is ringing.
Sirgazhi has sung this song
really well, right?
Ask him when he is
throwing a party.
You think so?
- Yes.
Hello, Sirgazhi?
That's my mistress' home-town.
Maybe he moved from there.
Don't change the mood.
The daughter that you raised
with love and affection, Smitha...
is with me now.
- Okay...
He reacted very coolly.
Raise your voice.
- Okay.
Will do.
I kidnapped your Smitha.
I will release her only if you
pay 5 crores.
Why only 5 crores?
Take 50 crores.
I ask him for 5 crores,
and he says he'll give 50 crores.
Fifty crores?
Let me get it ready.
One crore...
five crores...
ten crores.
Here you go.
Ask him for 100 crores!
Hundred crores?
- Yep!
Can he afford it?
- He can.
Son, I had a tongue slip
and said 50 crores by mistake.
I want 100 crores.
I can't give you 100 crores.
You can't?
Yes, how about a single payment
of 1000 crores?
Hold this.
He says he will give
1000 crores.
Thousand crores, right?
No need to count it.
We can give them the entire bundle.
Son, 1000 crores won't do.
I want 2000 crores.
That is nothing.
Take 4000 crores.
Why did you fall at my feet?
Bless you.
Get up now.
He says he will give 4000 crores.
- Ask for more!
This old 1000 rupee note
is invalid!
I can't do squat with 4000 crores.
We want 6000 crores.
I'd even pay you 8000 crores
for my Smitha.
Oh dear! He is constantly increasing
the amount. This lorry won't suffice!
He says he will give 8000 crores.
- What do we do with the rest of the money?
We are getting 8000 crores.
Professor, our throats will dry up
before we count 8 crores.
For 8000 crores, we will need
to borrow some saliva too! - Fair enough.
Fair enough.
I want just 8 crores.
Put it in a sack.
You don't have to come in person.
Send it through your house help. - Okay.
Note down the address.
Dustbin no 65...
Ward no 26
Care of : Kalimuthu.
S. Kalimuthu. Don't forget.
- But we have 10,000 crores.
What do we do with the
remaining 2000 crores? - Hello?
- Tell me.
Want an extra 2000 crores?
This is all you need to do
to become a minister!
He is offering an extra 2000 crores.
- That's too much, Professor.
She said she'd be home in 10 minutes.
She is still not home.
I am scared.
Sir, try calling your daughter
one more time.
No, it's me.
Resides in all of this me.
Lakshmi, Reshmi, Premi,
all of that me.
Now, that me...
through me.
That me. You fool,
you talking to me?
Sir, I've cracked it.
I've heard this voice somewhere.
Is your daughter a spiritual person?
- Yes, why do you ask?
Then she is with Nithi.
- Yes!
Your daughter is in
the country of Kailasa.
Let's go to Kailasa immediately.
Get out, woman.
Sir, you go inside.
- Dear...
Both of you, go in.
What are you saying?
Get out, both of you.
Sir, do you want me to go in
or go out?
Fine, I'm going out.
Sir, what will we do here
if you go out?
Why should I go out?
Sir, I am really confused.
Sir, I don't know what happened
to my daughter.
Sir, please do something.
I am so scared.
I'll do something for sure.
What say, madam?
Thambikottai, stop.
- There he is, Professor.
He's made the drop.
- And he leaves without looking back.
He is a man of his word.
He sent his servant with the money.
- Okay.
That was superb, Professor.
This is a deserted location.
You are so smart.
- Stop.
Don't run into our wealth.
- Get down.
I wonder if its 500 rupee notes
or 2000 rupee notes.
Get her.
- She might wake up.
Built a temple in Kundram
And danced to the beats
Here she comes
Like a loving parrot
We've got eight crores
In a bag
In a bag...
- In a gunny bag.
I've got the money bag.
Put the bag of flour there.
Someone can use it to make barottas.
We've made 8 crores.
Let's treat ourselves to a tea each.
I want juice too.
Professor, how about chips and cake
to go with the tea?
He won't even buy us
cattle feed!
Just because you love it,
I'm not going to buy it for you.
Shut up, you oaf.
Pour out the crores.
Of course, Professor.
- I am a millionaire now.
Not on my feet.
These are just bottles.
Maybe he hid it
inside the bottles?
Like how people hide money
inside their cupboards...
he's hidden the cash somewhere.
- These are just biscuit wrappers.
Let's search.
- Professor, I found it.
You were looking for
a green pair of underwear.
Put it...
- But it's too small for me.
Why don't you put it on?
Is this mutton or chicken?
Professor, want some biriyani?
Leave it.
There is no plate though.
Want to eat from this?
Leave it on the floor.
You imbeciles.
You guys are a real pain.
What are you looking for?
Looking for the 8 crores, Professor.
He's give us a lot,
but looks like he forgot those 8 crores.
Call him up, Professor.
Professor, he's given us 10 rupees!
Call him up and ask about
the remaining money.
You are overdoing it!
Don't stress me out.
I'll get a stroke.
Why do you guys do this?
Grab that flour bag.
Let's leave.
Professor, what do we do if someone
uses it to make barottas?
Pour some gravy and eat it!
Get in, guys.
I want the window seat.
I need to spit out.
Looks like I can't make two dimes
with these fools.
Get in, Professor.
We are late.
The door is stuck. Move it, guys.
- Yes, Professor.
Professor, I see a car approaching
from the opposite side.
Are they campaigning
for the elections at this hour?
Let's ask for 3000 for a vote?
Let me be the candidate.
Yes, it's the flour bag.
Stop the vehicle.
I'm turning around.
- Stop!
Stop, you fools.
Don't yell!
Some 4 guys dressed in ghost costumes
like us have kidnapped her.
They are going into the woods.
- Turn around.
I'll overtake that vehicle.
- Hurry up.
Drive faster.
- Hit the pedal.
Neelakandi, what's going on?
Answer me.
This place looks very mysterious.
Why have you brought me here?
Who are these people?
Why do their faces
look so pale?
Do they have some skin disease?
What do you want?
I want your life.
Trying to unchain yourself from the chain
I chained you with will be in vain.
These games of lock-and-key
by locking your soul in this being!
I have long awaited this day of hunt.
You are doing something weird.
I have a really bad feeling about this.
Please let me go.
Professor, why are we stopping here?
Not even a tea shop in sight.
It's not like he will
buy us tea anyway.
This is exactly why
I never buy you anything.
Get down.
And stop talking!
This is a really quiet place.
Don't make any sound at all.
- Professor, wrap.
Rap all you want.
Oh no, wrap on the jeep.
Oh, you think you are some big shot
who'd only rap on the jeep?
How about I rap your knuckles instead?
Professor, you fool...
the girl's wrap
is on the jeep.
You are right.
Come on.
The girl was kidnapped in this jeep.
And her stole is right here.
I'm sure she is in here.
Come on, darling.
Professor, one for me?
Let's go in.
- Oh, you'll kiss me in there?
Professor, did you notice
these disco lights?
More like danger lights.
Maybe this is some pub?
I hear A R Rahman's voice.
Is he here too?
- Let's find out.
I hear music.
Four little potatoes
and one juicy tomato.
Who is that woman?
- Just look at her walk.
Of course.
Stop, you runt.
Holding a torch like you
are some light house!
I think I've seen that girl
in Melvaruvathur.
You rat, sit on my hip.
What's going on?
Adhimitraaya Dushtaparaaya
Vaayathorandhaayudha Puja.
Let me down.
Make is short like you.
Ayudha Puja.
Ask him for some puffed rice.
- You look like you are pregnant!
Do you want to get
more puffed up?
Tell me.
Invisible evil spirits
inhabit this house.
If you make the mistake
of running into them...
do I have to apologize?
- No, you'll be dead on the spot.
Little one, can you see those evil spirits?
Let us know when it's here,
we will step aside.
Quit talking!
We worked so hard to kidnap
that girl, and you half-glass...
you'd just grab it away
from us?
I'm going to drown you
in my spit.
Take it!
He threw bleaching powder
on my face.
Get him!
Looks like a haunted house.
So many angels,
like some Bharathiraja movie.
Kidnapping the girl from us
was a mistake.
Stealing our idea too
was a bigger mistake.
I need to punish you.
Leave the girl behind and scoot
before I count to 10.
I can't count to 10.
I only know to count till 5.
He is worse than me.
Fine, you should leave
before I count to 5.
And five!
The girl is gone too.
I think you scared them away.
They better be scared!
Professor, let's get out of here.
Come, let's run away.
Oh no, the door is shut.
What do we do now?
All doors are closed.
When all doors are closed,
God opens a door for us.
Is that so?
Just like you said,
God has opened a door.
I thought it was God,
turns out it is a ghost.
Oh no, it is approaching us.
I wonder what it's going to do.
Thankfully it didn't harm us.
This is a blind ghost.
I wonder how many more ghosts
are going to chase us around.
God will never desert us.
- That reminds me...
God created it
Gave it to me
And he said...
Yes, Sekar?
We are trapped in the
haunted Semmanur bungalow .
Semmanur Bungalow? It's right next
to my house. I brokered the deal.
Hang up, I'll come.
And he said
Have a royal blast
And he said...
Oh no!
No matter how hard you scream,
I am not letting go.
Take your hands off me.
- Guess who I am.
How can I do that if you
blindfold me? Take your hands off me.
Then guess who we are.
- But my eyes are closed.
Take your hands off me.
- No wonder we are late.
Want a clue?
A four legged guy.
Dressed in yellow.
Is approaching us.
Who is it?
I don't know.
- You don't know?
You don't know?
I don't know.
- How about now?
It's the guy in yellow.
Man-bun, why did you stop here
instead of a bus stop?
I think we've reached Ooty.
It's misty. Watch your step.
If you'd told me earlier,
I'd have got my sweater.
You foolish godman.
Who are you guys?
How did you get in?
Want a clue?
- No thanks!
Why did you get in?
- They kidnapped Smitha.
We got in because
we are looking for her.
But why did you get in
my vehicle?
What does it say on the back
of your vehicle? - "God will show you the way."
What's your name?
- Aandavar (God).
So we did get into
the right vehicle - Indeed.
Start the vehicle already!
- One moment.
These two lunatics don't know
the bungalow is haunted.
Let's use these people
to free them.
That's enough.
I got it.
Both of us were right.
- Start the vehicle, fool.
It's so cold.
- Get in.
Get in.
Sir, a patient called Pandi
used to say he is in love with the doctor.
I used to scold him too.
But she wanted to cure him
so she used to play along.
Maybe he kidnapped her?
Sir, one more thing.
Two patients, Neelakandi and Barfi,
are missing too.
Maybe those three lunatics
kidnapped your daughter?
Sir, why should lunatics
kidnap my daughter?
Why not?
In the movie Guna, the lunatic hero
kidnaps the heroine
and takes her to Kodaikanal.
Maybe they did the same thing?
Are you saying we should
go to Kodaikanal now?
It's off-season now.
Next month.
But it's holiday season
in Munnar now.
It's famous for its
steam cake and chickpeas.
Sister, is there an empty bed?
Why, sir?
- To admit him.
Sir! - What do you expect?
Talking about steam cakes and chickpeas!
Then why don't you try
barottas and beef curry?
Admit him immediately.
- Out of my way.
I ask him to find my daughter and...
- Fine, tell me what you like.
Sister, steam cake and chickpeas
make for a good combination, right?
Then he is the one who
should be admitted. Not me.
Sir, our MD's word is final.
You get admitted now,
let's deal with him later.
Come, sir.
- Let go of me.
This is how a house should be.
So clean and tidy.
Let's play a game?
You are the mouse, I'm the cat.
No way. You are a cat,
and I am a mouse.
Game started. Catch me if you can.
- The mouse is getting away!
Catch the mouse.
- They left their bag with me!
I wonder what else
they are going to do.
Nothing I can't handle!
where are you?
I am here all alone.
I dare all the ghosts
to come at me.
And then,
you will see my game.
Tell them to come out.
I am stuck all alone.
Oh dear.
Professor, I hear bells.
Oh no, the ghosts are here.
What do I do now?
There is no way out.
I am done for.
I am trapped.
Please don't harm me.
I came to the wrong place.
I swear, I don't ward off ghosts.
I can't even shoo a fly away.
I swear on my village deity...
- Aandavar...
It's me, Sekar.
Sekar, it's you!
- Saw that, professor?
You think this guy is going to
save us from the ghosts?
Did I scare you?
- Indeed...
This is
I've made an offering
to the ghost - my fear.
Now it can't harm us.
- Really?
Aandavar is going to go in
and thrash all the ghosts.
The cat is coming.
Get out of my way.
Step aside.
I am a mouse.
Tell the cat you didn't see me.
Who is he?
- A lunatic.
How do you know?
- I brought him here.
Why did you do that?
- Where is the mouse?
Where is the mouse?
I'm coming for you, mouse.
Stop, you little mouse.
I'm going to beat you up.
Who is he?
- Another lunatic.
You are the lunatic.
- No, I am very sane.
They are insane.
But there is a reason for everything.
We are going to use them
to kidnap the girl.
And get 5 crores.
- That's for later.
First, you need to save me
from this haunted house.
Start your ritual. - I will,
get out of these barber capes.
I will!
Catch me if you can.
Thank god.
The cat isn't here.
Aunty, I am the mouse.
A cat is chasing me.
Don't tell him
I'm hiding down under.
Don't make any noise and get me caught.
Lower the screen.
Aunty, is the cat here?
Where is the mouse?
Where are you, mouse?
I'm going to beat your face in.
Did the mouse come this way,
you make up wearing hag?
Look at your face!
Answer me.
The mouse isn't here.
The cat isn't here either.
Yay, the cat isn't here.
You are caught, mouse!
- Oh, no.
Come out.
Here you are.
Take this.
Take that.
The old hag is getting beaten
instead of you!
Stop running!
I haven't hit you yet.
Do you have any brains?
There is so much happening...
and you are out here
counting beads?
Couldn't you do that at home?
Don't be annoying.
I'll slap you.
Maybe he left in a hurry
when we called him.
Let him count his beads here.
Aandavar, you go ahead
and count.
If I count on all of you...
- You don't have to count.
There are just four of us.
You interrupted my chant.
It won't work anymore.
Your Holiness, my daughter is missing.
Someone kidnapped her.
This isn't the work of a mortal.
What are you saying?
A witch with supernatural powers...
wants your daughter's life,
who was born during an eclipse.
And your daughter got trapped
in her scheming plan.
I hope my daughter's life
isn't in danger.
We need to go there
before the eclipse ends.
The ghosts have started working.
If we want them
to stop working...
we need to make
a blood sacrifice.
- Exactly.
So we need to pour a drop of blood each
onto this.
Will the ghosts stop working
if they drink our blood?
You guys are just a bunch
of loafers without work.
So the ghosts will stop working too!
The boss goes first.
Go ahead.
I am diabetic. Ghosts can't
accept my blood, right?
I'll talk the ghost into it.
Here is your blood sacrifice.
O positive.
Look here. Looks like someone
has performed a ritual.
The lunatics have showed up
instead of the ghosts!
Pray that we find your girl.
O God, I hope I find Smitha.
And I hope he gets a sweet.
Pour this vermilion on the idol
to make your wishes come true.
Bathing the idol in vermilion
makes our wishes come true.
Good things will happen.
People sprinkle chilli powder
only on cut fruit...
but they are sprinkling it
on the turmeric powder!
What do we do
if the ghost licks it?
We will get licked too!
Let's go on a round.
Good idea.
Where did the gust of wind
come from?
I think Smitha must be here.
Is it?
- A lover knows...
Talk of the devil.
She's dressed to charm you.
She is wearing that white nightie
and got a facial done, just for me.
Check out her pearly whites.
It was that smile
which charmed me.
I'm scared, Sekar.
Oh no...
Sekar, where are you?
Answer me.
Oh dear, a ghost!
Oh no.
It's coming at me.
What do I do?
What scared the ghost away?
Did my face scare the ghost away?
I had no idea
I looked ferocious!
Come at me, woman.
Come at me.
Coming forward.
Come on.
Where were you gone?
- We were right here. Where were you?
I just had a fight.
Were you fighting yourself?
- No.
Who did you fight?
- The ghosts.
The ghost?
Indeed! I fought ghosts,
spirits, and phantoms.
You should have seen it.
You missed a rare opportunity.
Fine, my work is done here.
Let me go and release the ghosts.
Where have you trapped
the ghosts?
In a bottle?
- Or a bag?
Or a vase?
- Where?
Those are old techniques.
The latest trend is...
I swallowed the ghosts whole.
You swallowed them?
- Indeed.
How many ghosts did you swallow?
About 7 or 8.
- Seriously?
You are a great guy!
How will you let the ghosts out?
Oh no, he just let a ghost out.
He set another ghost free.
And a third one!
I have another 3 ghosts left!
Are you wondering how Sethupathy
and your grandpa Senathipathy got into that photo?
No, I wasn't wondering about that.
I was wondering how you
got out of that photo.
We are ghosts.
We come as we please
and go inside anything at will.
Is that so?
- Yes.
Let me see if you can
go inside this.
[Telugu] : You dumb child.
Just watch how the whole family
goes into that jar.
[Telugu] : We got out!
We got out!
She closed the lid!
Open it.
Her grandfather Senathipathy
tricked and killed us.
She's done the same thing.
We must make her pay the price.
[Telugu] : Dad, say something.
- Please save us.
Mate, I'm planning to start a party.
What do you think?
I think politics will suit you.
For your height and weight,
you can even become the CM!
All I need to do is start
a party to become CM?
Yes, but you can't
become an MLA.
When others can,
why not me?
What should my party symbol be?
- Slipper?
The second I start a party,
people are at my feet.
Which district are you from?
Poor thing. She is the
first party worker.
So what?
- I think she can't walk.
She came crawling
all the way.
Don't worry, ma'am.
You have the leader.
You must help her.
You think so?
- You need real workers like her.
If you'd just called me,
I'd have come down.
Now you've got blood
all over your face!
Leader, lift her up.
A leader is uplifting the worker.
That says a lot
about the party!
Miss, if we get elected to power...
we will uplift workers like you
on our bare shoulders.
That's our election promise.
You heard the joint-CM!
- You get the first seat in the party.
The moment you got the seat,
you became arrogant.
Imagine what you'd do
when you come to power.
People like you
spoil the party's name.
Don't hesitate, leader.
Time to cut ties.
Right away.
Off you go.
The North is inauspicious.
Go this way.
What are you looking at?
We won't miss this time.
I'll nab you!
You are doing all the handling yourself.
Let me push her for some time.
Your tummy will get in the way.
- Professor, please tell them.
I have a doubt, Professor. She screamed
her lungs out when we kidnapped her.
But now she is so silent.
I got a sore throat.
This is why one shouldn't scream
during a kidnap.
We were quiet, weren't we?
So, shut it!
Shut up, man.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Hurry up.
- Careful.
Mate, it's Man Bun.
They are wheeling away your chick.
Thanks, Aandavar.
You did it.
You brought my Smitha
back to me.
Ask me for anything.
I'll give it.
We want 5 crores.
Why just 5 crores?
Take 10 crores.
He is ready to pay 10 crores!
Ask for 20 crores.
Twenty crores?
I'll give you 40 crores.
He is ready to pay--
- Shut up!
You are that guy, aren't you?
This is the lunatic who negotiated
a deal for 8000 crores and tired me out.
Shoo them away.
You half-baked fools.
There is a ghost inside her.
No chance.
Don't lie.
I am the only one
inside her heart.
Smitha, slap them
with your answer.
Who is inside you?
The ghost? Or me?
Say it, Smitha.
- Don't be scared.
The ghost is inside me.
- Heard that?
You girls take so much pleasure
in dumping guys.
Find a nice tree to hang.
- You heard her. Get out.
Turn around.
Feeling bad, huh? Imagine how I felt
when you lied about those 8000 crores.
I was shocked
when I opened the sack.
What does that ghost have,
that I don't?
Can the ghost play cricket like me?
Can the ghost dance like me?
Why? Tell me.
From what you say, I don't think
the ghost is a guy from our hood.
He must be from some other hood.
I'll smash his face in.
This is a matter of love.
We need to handle this smoothly.
Oh yeah?
- Come...
What sort of a name is 'ghost'?
Sounds like toast!
What's with the weird look?
Are you playing around with me?
Did you just laugh at me?
You want to see me
play around?
Is this Chandrasekar?
- Yes.
Who is this?
I am Mr. Don Sekar.
Are you mad or what?
Why did you tell him your name?
He asked me.
- So you'd tell him?
If he asks you where the girl is,
would you say Semmanur Bungalow?
He never asked for that.
- Semmanur Bungalow?
I know where that is.
Talk to him.
You heard him, right?
Do one thing.
Come to this address
with 5 crores in cash.
I'll give you all the money you want.
Just give me
what I asked for.
How do I believe you
that my girl is with you?
Fair question.
I'll send you a close up
of your daughter.
Then you'll believe me.
- Yes?
Where did they disappear?
Why are you posing over there?
I told her father
I'd send her photo!
He needs to know his daughter was
kidnapped by a gang, and not one person.
Then I have to be there too.
I am the gang leader!
Come over here.
- Aandavar...
Take a nice photo.
Take a close up.
I'll kill you otherwise.
- Hurry up.
Make space for me.
I like to kneel.
Stop fiddling around.
Take the photo!
Don't rush me.
I am taking it.
I'll send this...
Oh god!
What happened?
Do we look good in the photo?
Things are looking very bad.
We should get out of here.
What are you saying?
- Come here.
He is saying something inauspicious.
- There is a ghost inside her.
I don't know who your parents are,
or where you died.
Only if you leave this girl can we
get 5 crores from her father.
Is that so?
- Yes, miss.
To be honest with you...
we don't even have the money
to buy underwear.
If I can be shamelessly honest...
the four of us haven't been
wearing underwear for a while now.
I won't harm you.
- Thank you, miss.
But I want one thing too.
When these four buy underwear,
I am sure they can buy one for you too.
An elastic one with flowers on it, right?
- No, stripes! Shut up.
What? Biriyani?
Steaming hot biriyani.
We are in the woods.
Where do I get biriyani in here?
Sister, two minutes.
She is showing off her thighs
like Raj Kiran!
Even a ghost cleans the leaf
before eating!
Let's get started?
Please do.
Why is she laughing?
One for me.
- I don't need to buy sides now!
Professor, the leg piece
looks really good, doesn't it?
But there are no leg pieces
in mutton biriyani.
I didn't mean the one
in the biriyani.
What is he saying?
You mongrel, are you really ogling
a ghost's legs?
I can only imagine
what a pervert you must be.
Don't ever come near my house.
I'll stab you.
We've given you everything
you asked for.
Will you leave after eating?
Will you really leave?
You shouldn't refuse to leave
after eating.
I'm eating, right?
Don't keep yapping.
Shut up.
- Miss Ghost...
Is this what you call
a chicken laughter?
He warded the ghost away
with biriyani! - The ghost is gone.
How do you know?
- I've seen it in the movies.
When the person faints, they say
the ghost is gone. Like this.
Did you learn that from the movies too?
- Shut up! Am I right, ghost?
You want to hear something funny?
So funny.
You got it, right?
That is all that matters.
Oh no.
What happened?
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Baby, god bless you.
Many more happy returns of the day.
You know how to cut the cake,
but you don't know how to cut your nails?
Pass me that nail cutter.
Show me your hand now.
- Baby, do it.
Don't be so adamant.
I don't want to
scold you on your birthday.
Don't scream. - Looks like you haven't
cut your nails in a year.
Get your nails cut,
I'll give you some cake.
Don't be so stubborn.
If you make me angry,
I'll cut your hair too.
Do you want a small piece
of cake or a big piece?
Thank you.
- Okay.
God bless you.
Good girl.
Barfi, wish the birthday girl.
The cheeks are still wet
from those loving kisses
On her lover's lap
She blossomed like a flower
Where did the mouse go?
Are you hiding there?
Here I come.
You are done for, you rodent.
Did you just burp on my face?
Take this.
You can crawl over the bed
or under it, I don't care.
You are going to get beaten anyway.
Don't roll over me and squish
me into jelly.
[Telugu] Thank god.
We are out.
The mouse gave birth to so many babies
from the beating I gave it?
[Telugu] : We have no idea who you are.
[Telugu] : But you are a god for us.
Fine, I'll spare you.
[chorus] Pandi, Pandi, Pandi...
[chorus] Pandi, Pandi, Pandi...
Sounds like a crowded bus depot!
I have an idea.
Rotate your heads.
If she truly loves me,
she will take a peek at me now.
Come, Smitha.
She will come and hug me now.
Come and hug me, Smitha.
- We need to get out of here.
Pandi, come.
Oh wow! This is such a huge bungalow.
You've never brought me here.
This is the first time
I'm coming here.
My dying father made me promise
I'd never set foot in this house.
Why, what is in this house?
Hurry up.
- Why are we eloping?
I wonder where he went,
leaving the door wide open.
Who is that girl?
Who are you people?
- You heard him.
How can you call your own mother
a rascal?
Aunty, he has forgotten the past.
He hasn't forgotten the past.
He speaks this way because he hasn't
forgotten I threw him out.
Who are you, man?
You look like an oaf.
How dare he call his own father an oaf?
I'm going to butcher you.
Is this how one talks to his father?
- Dear, don't do anything.
I should have just snipped my tubes
after we had two daughters.
Come at me!
You don't know who my father is.
He is disrespecting me again.
- Stop it, I am going mad.
Oh, you are mad?
I should have known.
No problem. She is a lunatic,
she is here to see you.
Oh no, the ghost.
Let's go.
Don't worry, everything will be okay.
- Calm down.
I will sort him out today.
I'll make him apologize at your feet.
- Please do that.
I'm coming.
- Make sure he listens.
If he doesn't listen,
I'll come myself.
Pandi, over here.
Who put the bed upright?
- It was me. Get in now.
I'll sleep here,
you lie down next to me. - Okay.
There are no pillows.
- Quiet!
A boy who pees in his pants
at the mere sight of me...
dares to insult me
in front of women.
I'm coming for you.
But before that,
I'm going to go.
She gave birth to a boy
only so that you can humiliate me.
I'm so angry, I want to
throw hot water on your face.
You insult your parents,
and listen to songs out there?
In some foreign language, no less.
Wait, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
There it is.
[Telugu] : Who turned it off?
- I did!
Who are you people?
What happened to your faces?
Do you work in a lime kiln?
You don't know us.
I know you are a dirt bag.
Who are those two
next to you?
They are jutting out from all sides
like old overstuffed sacks.
[Telugu] : Did you hear what he just said?
[Telugu] : He says we look like
old overstuffed sacks.
[Telugu] : Do we really look like that?
I can't take it any longer.
How long have you been taking it then?
[Telugu] Dad...
I wasn't talking to you.
This is not how
a respectable man behaves.
You bit their lips so hard,
they are bleeding.
[Telugu] : How dare you throw us
out of our own house?
Show him who you are.
- Oh, I will.
Yeah, right.
Don't try to show me what you
showed them! I'll thrash you.
[Telugu] : You crook.
Want me to give you a crooked nose?
Want me to show you?
How dare you
create a din in the house!
That's a record break!
Raasu Gounder breaks records
all the time.
Break him!
You are fooling around
with that girl, huh?
They didn't say this
for nothing...
She is your wife if you marry her.
Mistress if you don't.
So said my grandmother,
over and over again.
I'm coming for you.
Oh no. Please forgive me, miss.
I spat out of habit.
I'm really sorry.
Your teeth are stained.
Do you chew betel too?
Let me give you some.
My husband and son had a huge fight.
He stormed out and came here.
I brought my husband here
hoping they talk it out.
But this boy...
Where did she go?
Looks like she is angry with me.
Fine, whatever.
Your Holiness, I hope my daughter's life
isn't in danger. I am so scared.
The protector of the worlds,
The Supreme Force, is on our side.
No evil forces can harm your daughter.
Be strong and step in.
Quiet, the lunatic is here.
Didn't you teach the girl how to
keep the house neat and tidy?
I'm sure you don't have the time for that.
I'll sort you out.
Chinrasu, come out.
Sorry, Smitha. My leg touched yours.
Forgive me.
So sick!
We didn't even look at each other's faces
when we consummated our wedding.
Look at you two,
like chickens stuffed in a cage.
What are you doing in there?
Come out.
I'm warning you two
to come out.
Come out, boy.
You too, girl.
The ghost...
You haven't married my son yet,
and you are already calling me a ghost?
When you come home, you will find out
if I am a ghost or a demon.
She is not a ghost.
Just a lunatic.
I am a lunatic?
Despite your father telling me
not to overfeed you...
I used to hide eggs and chicken
in your food for you.
Sure, I look like a lunatic to you.
I am warning you,
fall at my feet and apologize to me.
Where did this sack come from?
Oh no. Is that you?
Get up, dear.
What is this, dear?
Just because I called them
overstuffed sacks...
Why is your face all red?
Look at your father.
His face has turned red with anger.
Shut up, you idiot.
Can't you tell the difference between
going red with anger and getting beaten red?
There is a ghost in this house.
You again?
You thought he was a ghost?
He is just an oaf.
Oh no...
Uncle, there is a ghost
in this house.
But Aunty doesn't believe me.
I've been trying to say--
- I'll kill you, woman.
Who is this?
Another lunatic?
Your dad?
- How did you get here?
That makes him my father-in-law.
Sir, your daughter and I are in love.
Please bless us.
Who is this guy?
He is Pandi.
What? Pondy?
- Obviously, can't be Tindivanam!
Why are you interrupting us?
You brainless oaf.
See how he talks to his father.
- We need to get out of here.
Let's go.
- Yes, it's time for the wedding.
What wedding?
- Come, father-in-law.
You can neither run nor hide.
I've cracked it.
We are going to be here
for the next 100 days.
Every week, one person leaves.
Is it clear to everyone?
Can you send me home
after the first week?
What about me?
I have a dispute to resolve.
- [Telugu] I have a dispute to resolve too!
They stand like they are posing
for a group photo.
These are the ghosts...
- Looks like Anand Raj and Urvashi.
You brought only two lunatics, right?
Who are these people?
This is not the time
for questions.
Let's go in and check
what happened.
Oh, you are the Seth family
that makes paan for the wedding?
We expect about 500 people for the wedding.
Make sure there is enough paan for everyone.
Okay, Smitha?
- I don't want paan.
I'm okay with regular
betel leaves and nut. Yeah?
Dear, don't...
- This is not the time to act coy!
Did you just ask them
for betel leaves and nuts?
Those are the ones
who beat me up!
They are ghosts.
[Telugu] You were the one
who killed us all.
I didn't do anything.
- Correct!
[Telugu] : We brought you to this bungalow
as per Neelakandi's plan.
We are going to get our revenge
against you.
We still haven't got the nuptial thread,
wedding dresses or garlands.
And your priority
is to get revenge?
[Telugu] : Shut your mouth.
Save the wedding gifts
for after the wedding.
Looks like you will really drive me mad!
Sethupathy's grandson is a lunatic?
[Telugu] : Their sins will haunt them.
[Telugu] : Until we kill them.
Dear Mr. Ghost...
I know you are saying something.
I don't know what though.
[Telugu] : Your father Sethupathy
and Senathipathy...
[Telugu] : joined hands and killed us
for our wealth, right?
All this fuss for a vessel?
Take it!
[Telugu] : Not a vessel!
What proper tea?
- Ginger tea.
[Telugu] : As per Neelakandi's word,
all of you are nearing your end.
No one can save you now.
No problem.
I will save you.
[Telugu] : This lunatic...
Sir, our parents betrayed you
and killed all of you.
you want to kill these young ones
who have their whole lives ahead of them?
Please forgive them.
- [Telugu] : No way.
What is this?
[Telugu] : This looks like
my baby's locket.
Do you want this locket?
[Telugu] : My child.
[Telugu] : That's the one.
[Telugu] : Is your name Chandrasekar?
Yes, how do you know my name?
Won't I know my own son's name?
[Telugu] : You are my son.
No, I am Senathipathy's son.
[Telugu] : No, you are my son.
My child.
I don't understand
what you are saying.
When Sethupathy and Senathipathy
killed us all...
our baby Chandrasekar
was sleeping in the upper floor.
[Telugu] : Little brother...
He is our boy.
You are my son.
Can I say something
if you won't mistake me?
His knees are so worn out,
he can't even bend.
And you call him your son?
How is this even fair?
They are discussing about
my wedding sweets.
Don't interrupt them, you oaf.
He's been disrespecting me
ever since we got here.
What do you think of yourself?
- He was just joking.
Is she your daughter?
- Yes.
[Telugu] : What is your name, girl?
[Telugu] : Oh, you've named
the girl Smitha Reddy?
[Telugu] : I'm so happy.
[Telugu] : What are you so happy about?
[Telugu] : You gave your word to Neelakandi
to kill your granddaughter, right?
What do we do if she
takes her away?
Who is that Neelakandi?
- I have no idea!
She wants to nab the girl too.
We must act fast. - Fine, let's do it.
This is a herbal bomb.
It emits smoke.
What if it doesn't emit smoke?
- We can get it exchanged.
I need to get you exchanged first!
- Light this up.
Light it up fast.
Who threw this potato here?
Here, boil and eat it.
- It's a bomb!
The herbal bomb is working.
- I can't see anything.
Chandrasekar, where are you?
Look at him enjoy the show
after tossing the bomb!
My daughter is missing.
The holy man's words have come true.
So heavy.
Shove her in.
- Okay, Professor.
Handle her carefully.
She is worth 5 crores.
Okay, get in.
- Quick.
Money, money, money
- Get me some barottas.
Your holiness, my daughter is missing.
I am getting married.
I need to hurry up.
Let that lunatic go.
Let's go this way.
My daughter is missing.
- The groom is here.
Let's get started.
I got you here hoping
you'd save my daughter.
Now that witch has taken my daughter away.
Start chanting.
Start playing the music.
The groom is ready.
- Is he blowing or sucking?
Why is your son sitting there
like a groom?
He doesn't understand the gravity of the situation!
- The bride has gone to change.
She will be here shortly.
Please wait.
Let that be.
With the garland and the conch,
this looks more like a funeral.
Who let this rascal get in?
Tell him to leave.
Get going.
Your holiness, I am scared the witch
will harm my daughter.
Please save my daughter.
Don't worry.
Your daughter will be fine.
Neelakandi has only taken away
your daughter's physical body.
I've extracted her life and stored
it in this glass vase.
What's going on?
The priest, the sacred fire, old ladies...
are you getting married?
Yes, I'm getting married.
You traitor. How dare you marry
behind your friend's back?
There is a life inside it!
I'm going to kill you.
- He broke it!
Oh dear. The life is going away.
Where is the life going?
Stay here, all of you.
I'll bring the life back.
Hurry up.
Neelakandi, I beg you...
please don't harm me.
Please let me go.
I didn't wait all these years
just to let you go.
I waited because I wanted your life.
My life?
Your life is meant to enter another body.
You can't hold onto it forever.
You were born the same second
my lover died.
We need your life.
The very eclipse during which
my man parted me...
the same eclipse is going to occur again
very shortly.
All my dreams and wishes
are going to come true.
We shouldn't waste another second.
We need to go to Neelakandi's location
in the Meghdoot Garuda Hills...
to save your daughter.
- Okay, let's go.
I don't want everyone.
Neelakandi wants her life.
So we need someone who
cherishes her life more than his own life.
Who do you mean?
This great man, of course.
My son?
- You baldie...
I am not a great man.
I am Smitha's man.
Smitha, I've been waiting forever.
- Looks like he is completely insane.
Your holiness, please protect my son.
This ring will help you
in times of trouble.
Wear it.
Bring her back with victory.
[Telugu] : Victory will be yours. Stay blessed.
- Stay back for the wedding feast.
Neelakandi, have you started your antics
here too?
Greetings, madam.
You were checking her out,
and ran into that pillar...
and now you are blaming her?
Do you have no brains?
Why is my Smitha lying here?
Son, please--
- I know.
My wedding is over.
And you are making preparations
for the consummation, right?
Listen up, everyone.
Smitha is sleeping.
Don't disturb her.
Mother-in-law, get me a jug of milk.
And then touch my feet
to seek my blessings, okay?
Wait outside and make sure
no one comes in, okay?
[singing gibberish]
I was eager to see Smitha.
Why did you hold me back?
It wasn't me.
It was Neelakandi.
Are you trying to shift
the blame on Mother-In-Law?
Take this!
Are you going to destroy me
using this lunatic?
You fool.
Do you really need this?
She called you an idiot.
Shut up, will you?
Please understand the gravity
of the situation, son.
When you want to use this girl's life
to unite with your lover...
what's wrong with me trying to use him
to destroy you?
Oh yeah?
Let's see how you do that.
She is mixing flour for barottas,
and he is making twisties with his nose.
I need to cook something too.
I'll be back.
This is right thing to do.
Take this.
You stupid moron.
Don't make me swear at you.
She has started her sorcery.
Decimate it!
I am ready.
- Do you even hear me?
What are you doing?
Saw that, Neelakandi?
Your magic ball
went out of the park.
Baldie, the ball isn't going
to come back by itself.
Go and fetch the ball,
or you won't get a turn to bat.
Mother-in-law, bowl the next delivery.
Why were you laughing?
Did she crack some funny joke?
Let me tell you a joke.
Go back laughing, okay?
Once upon a time...
do you know what the elephant
told the ant?
Son, what was your joke?
It went back in splits!
I never completed the joke.
It just started laughing.
Looks like it's a real crackpot.
Those little demons have started
spinning their lightsabers.
What do we do now?
Are you playing around with the tube-lights
meant for the reception?
Dear boy, we are in danger.
Open your mouth.
Love the costume.
Hit them now.
Hit her, hit her, hit her.
Hit her!
Oh Neelakandi...
It's the Gandiva.
Throw this before she takes aim.
- Oh dear...
You crazy lunatic!
Why did you throw that away?
Because you asked me to.
We need to do something now.
Righteousness has to win.
Only you can do it.
Why are you greeting her now?
I am not greeting her, you fool.
I am praying to god.
Righteousness has to win, right?
So, shut it.
You put the arrow through the heart,
and charmed her, you rogue!
- Success.
I didn't expect they'd be this intimate.
This is the right moment.
is this why you waited
all these years?
Baahubali, you are late for the wedding.
Are you getting cozy with another man
in front of me?
O Lord, what you just saw
was his dirty trick.
Please don't believe this.
They used a ploy
to separate us back then.
They are using a similar ploy
to separate us yet again.
Enough! You shouldn't live anymore.
Well done, Baahubali.
That was a clean cut.
Can you cut open
two tender coconuts for us?
Forget the coconuts...
watch this.
Why are you laughing now?
Both their lives are gone.
Are you mad? Who is going to
cut open the tender coconuts now?
It's so hot.
A tender coconut would have been good.
The eclipse during which she wanted
to make her wishes come true...
has passed now.
Smitha, a lot just happened here,
and you are happily sleeping?
We have a guest from Burma.
Serve him some coffee.
Sir, please wait.
The coffee will be here.
- What?
What just happened?
These two people wanted to
take your life away...
and I sucked their lives away.
All you do is suck life
out of people!
It was you
who sucked that life away?
People are worried there
about the life that went missing.
Why did you take it?
I didn't do it.
It wasn't you?
Was it you then?
Who was it then?
Was it you?
- Who was it then?
There is only one person here
who sucks life out of people. - Who?
It's him.
How was it?
Is it enough?
Let's settle all the dues
at the grocery and the tea shop.
- Yeah, right.
He is all talk.
- Lower the window.
It's a 20 year old plan.
Handle with care.
Over here.
Over here.
- Careful.
Support from below.
That's it.
Hold on.
The rest of us are here.
Where is Aandavar?
We have our 5 crores here.
Who gives a damn about Aandavar.
Fair enough.
Roll her over.
Okay, Professor.
I asked you to kidnap the girl.
Not this piece of crap.
He is not even worth 5 dimes.
Professor, there was a lot of smoke
and we got confused.
When I felt around,
I only found his bun.
I thought it was her,
and nabbed him instead.
I didn't ask you to
kidnap any bun, did I?
Aandavar, when he caught your bun,
you could have opened your mouth and said something.
When I opened my mouth,
someone kissed me.
Who the hell did that?
That's my job!
Was it you?
Did you kiss him?
I am tired of you guys.
What do we do now?
- Boss...
Don't lose hope.
[Tamil proverb] : If you don't succeed,
try again.
Who is our next target?
Rathnasabapathy Udaiyar's relative.
Do you know where he lives?
- I do.
Let's kidnap his daughter
and demand 10 crores in ransom.
He's got three daughters.
Let's kidnap all three,
and get 30 crores.
The math is right.
I want a share too.
- Yes?
Empty land.