Idled (2018) Movie Script

[dreamy, electronic key-board]
[electronic drums & melodic
voice come in]
[lyrics unknown, pop sound &
[answeringmaching]: Please leave
your message.
Hey Aaron, um--
I'm just finishing up here at
the storage.
Just want to give you a
heads up, um--
[[music] somber keyboard]
I'm gonna start heading out
your way.
Yeah...yeah man uh, thanks
again for--
you know--
letting me--
stay with you guys.
Um, hopefully I'm not--
you know intruding, or--
causing any kind of--
trouble with the lady friend
or anything.
but, uh--
yeah looking forward to it
man, uh--
you know I haven't seen you
in a while so it'll be good to--
hang out again--
maybe like old times.
Yeah...that'll be good.
Alright buddy well
I'lll see you soon, alright.
Oh and if you need anything
just let me know, um--
I can,,,pick something up.
Alright bud.
Bare essentials--
[deep breath, smacks lap]
Anthing else--,ss,ss,ss,ssssss.
Numbing anxiety to the point
where it feels hard to breathe.
[Val'svoice]: So how many
people are going to be there?
[Mikey]: I don't know--
[Mickey]: A couple.
[Val]: A couple not a few?
[Mickey]: What's the difference?
[Val]; Oh, okay, no no no, don't
play that game with me--
[Val]: You know there's a
[Val]: Is it a "couple". Or a
[Mickey]: A few.
[Val]: A few, okay. So that's
including us.
[Mickey]: I don't know.
[Val]: What do you mean
you don't know? Don't lie
to me.
[Mickey]: I'm not lying--
[Mickey]: Don't start.
I'm not starting anything--
How many people?
[Mickey]: Ahh, I honestly don't
All I--
I don't.
[Val]: How? How can you
not know?
[Mickey]: Well...because--
Okay, I don't know.
All I know is--
I don't.
: Got that part.
[Mickey] All...I just know that
we're gonna over to her house,
were gonna have drinks--
Okay? I don't know who else
she invited--
[Mickey]: As of right now I know
that it's us--
And her boyfriend--
[Mickey]: And...
[Val]: And the truth comes out.
[Mickey]: What?
[Val]: It's a fuckin' double
[Val]: I knew it.
[Mickey]: I didn't say that.
[Val]: I knew it.
[Mickey]: I didn't say that it
was a double date.
[Val]: Okay you didn't have to
say it because I knew it.
[Mickey]: You didn't know
: At any point in time--
did she ever use the words
"double" and "date" in--
the same sentence?
the same sentence?
[Mickey]: I don't remember.
[Mickey]: I don't remember.
[Val]: How convenient--
And I call bullshit.
[she giggles]
[she laughs]
[Mickey]: I really don't.
[Val]: I think you'd remember
something like that.
[Mickey]: I really don't--
I don't.
[Val]: You're good--
[Val]: You're good at this you
[Mickey]: I don't...just--
it wasn't one conversation--
it was many conversation--
You know, I feel like a jerk
I've been dodging out on her
invites for a while--
[Val]: Alright.
[Mickey]: I feel like a jerk
we're going.
[she puts something down]
[Val]: Well why are you even
dodging out on her--
do you not like her?--
Because if you don't and we go
to this-- -
thing, it's just gonna make it
even more fucking awkward--
What is she, some kind of
annoying person?
[Mickey]: No I like her--
I do like her--
I think she's really cool--
I just--
I don't do well--
transitioning from--
co-worker to buddy.
[Val]: So you're bringing me
along as a buffer?
[Mickey]: I'm bringing you
along because--
her boyfriend Mike is going
to be there--
and in case other people don't
show up--
I don't wanna be the
third wheel.
[Val]: Because it's a fuckin'
double date.
[Mickey]: Maybe--
like what's the big deal?
[Val]: You wanna know what the
big deal is?
[Mickey]: Mmh hmm.
[Val]: Double dates are
You know what kind of people
double date?--
[Mickey]: hmm?
[Val]: Swingers--
And last time I checked we
don't swing.
[Mickey]: You're so stupid.
[Val]: Wha', I'm serious here--
Okay, maybe not about the
swinging thing--
but definitely about the
awkward thing--
Look we're gonna be sitting
there on their couch--
We're gonna be--
gauging eachother--
Eye-balling eachother--
Being awkwardly polite--
[he sighs]
Until we find some kinda
common ground to riff on--
And then that conversation is
going to be short lived--
because you can't base an
entire conversation off of--
one, small, thing--
So that's going to lead them
into --
prying into our business,
asking about--
our family, or even how we met--
and I'm sure at one point
in time--
you and "Vivi"--
[Val': Are gonna go--
[Mickey]: Dude don't put her in
[Val]: Shush!
[Mickey]: Don't put her in
[Val]: Shush--
You two are gonna go off on
a tangent--
talking about the "chisme"
at work--
"oh did you hear what that
person did--"
"oh my goodness can you believe
what that other person said"--
And, I'm gonna be sitting there
with Mike--
trying to figure out what the
fuck to talk about--
and huh--
grrh, I don't wanna--
I don't wanna--
[Val]: I don't wanna be there with
these people.
[Mickey]: Val these are...stop
stop that. These are real
like they're real people--
why do you keep using
quotation marks?
[Val]: They're bunny ears.
[Mickey]: And when did I become
a cliche.
[Val]: Okay, I'm almost done
with my point--
I don't wanna be sitting there
with Mike--
trying to figure out what to
talk about--
because what if he likes
sports, alright--
eh, I don't like sports--
I don't think people should get
paid millions of dollars--
to do something they learned
how to do during recess--
What if I say that?--
I'm probably gonna say that and
it's gonna be fucking awkward--
I'm probably gonna say that and
it's gonna be fucking awkward--
and I'm just trying to avoid--
and I'm just trying to avoid--
[Mickey]: Okay.
[Val]: having an awkward
[Mickey]: Uh huh, okay, okay,
I get it--
I understand--
But we're still gonna go--
Okay? We're still going.
[Mickey'svoice]: Gay 'ol couple
time. It's gonna be good.
[Val'svoice]: Gay 'ol couple
time, alright--
[Mickey]: Gay 'ol couple time.
[Val]: My favorite time.
[Mickey]: It's gonna be
[Val]: Gay 'ol couple time.
[Mike]: Viv.
[Vivi]: Hi!
: Your friends are here--
[Mike]: hey hello.
[Vivi]: Hi.
[Mickey]: Hello.
[Mike]: Don't mind him he likes
to talk tough.
[Vivi]: He's good.
[Mike]: He's-
[Vivi]: He's good.
[Mike]: He's crazy.
[Vivi]: HI.
[Mickey]: Hi.
[Vivi]: So good to see you.
[Mickey]: Good to see you.
[Vivi]: Hi. Oh my--
[Val]: Hey.
[Mike]: That's Rufus. He's--
[Mike]: a little ball of fur.
[Mike]: Come on in make
yourselves at home...ah,
actually I'll take that.
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Mike]: Thank you.
[Mickey]: Awesome.
[door closes]
[Mike mumbles]
[Vivi]: How long has it taken me
to get you guys over here though
[Mickey]: Uhhh?
[Mike]: Too long. Ohp--
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Vivi]: Oh, I'll take that
from you.
[Mike]: I'll go set this
in here.
[Vivi]: Umm, let's--
[Vivi]: you guys go ahead and
have a
[foot steps]
[Vivi]: Here's good.
[Mickey]: Umm--
[Vivi]: just, yeah--
[Val]: Okay.
[Vivi]: Right there.
[Val]: Or, I mean--
[Vivi]: While we, uh--
[Val]: I could...we could stand.
[Vivi]: No, no, no really.
Really. Sit right here.
[Mike]: Naw make yourself at
home just make yourself at home.
[Vivi]: This is a great spot.
[chatter inaudible]
[Mike]: Rufus. Comeon.
[Vivi]: Come on.
[Mike]: Hey Rufus come on.
[Vivi]: Come here.
[Mike]: Come one.
[Mike]: We'll set thing up
in here.
[Vivi]: We'll just be a second.
[Val]: Alright no worries, take
your time.
[Val]: No rush.
[Mike]: Hey you, [toRufus]
your gonna help me set up
the table.
[Val]: There we go.
[Mike]: You're gonna help me
set up the table.
[rag-tag oldies play in the
[Mickey]: Woops.
[Val]: What, what kind of wine
is this? Excuse me.
[Vivi]: Um, vino verde
from Portugal.
[clangs from silverware]
[Val]: Nice.
[Vivi]: I've been taking some
language courses, so--
[Mickey]: Very good accent.
[Vivi]: Thank you. Thank you.
[Val]: Yeah.
[Mike]: She beeen working at
it I get to hear it all the
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Mickey]: The rollering of
the R's--
[Vivi]: So I don't know if you
guys got this but the theme of
tonight is--
[Vivi]: save the planet--
So...for you...
you know--
[Val]: How, does
that work. I'm sorry.
[he mumbles]
[Vivi]: Well I mean like foods
from around the world, I mean
you know like--
[Mike]: She likes to do themed
dinners, it's just kinda like--
[Vivi]: It's just a thing, don't
worry about it.
[Mickey]: I love it.
[clangs from silverware]
[Mike]: It's just something
she does.
[Val]: That's cool...sorry.
[Val]: I didn't mean to sound
like a dick.
[Mike]: No, no it's fine.
No, no not at all.
[Vivi]: Well I mean like we're
all from the world and we need
to like embrace--
[Vivi]: the world as it is and
just like truly save the planet,
you know.
So like we're obstaining
from all water use tonight.
By drinking the wine--
Because you know,
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Val]: Don't bathe in the wine
[Mike]: That would be bad--
[Mike]: Yes.
[Vivi chuckles]
[Vivi]: Is that not a thing?--
[Vivi]: Just kidding.
[Mike]: We'll see how the rest
of the night goes.
[Mickey]: How terrible is this,
do you guys mind if I'm using
my hands?--
[Mickey]: 'cause I can't...
[Vivi]: No, you're fine.
[Mike]: No, no, no. Those are...
purely optional.
[Mickey]: Okay.
[Val]: it''s--
[Vivi]: It was the--
[Val]: Planet...theme...
[Vivi]: you know...the
Asian vibe.
[Mike]: Yeah.
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Mike]: We're going for like a
save the planet, Asian style.
[Mickey]: I feel it...I feel it.
[Val]: Nice.
[Mike]: That's why i have
you know--
[Mike]: the hair tied up.
[Mickey]: that's how come
the hair.
[Mike]: It makes me feel more
[Mickey]: Samurai.
[Val]: Oh yeah--haite.
[Mickey]: Samuri styling.
[Mike]: Arigoto.
[Val]: Mr. Roboto.
[Vivi sighs]
[song changes in the background]
[Vivi]: I'm trying to get that
chick at work to get rid of the
plastic bags. I think that's
really necessary.
[Mickey]: Good luck--
she doesn't budge on anything.--
I wonder if she like--
ever even farts. I don't even
think her fucking...
[Mickey]: I don't even think her
butt-cheeks like ever crack
[Mickey]: So clenched all the
[Val mumbles]
[Mike]: That's an epidemic.
[Val]: Wow...well if you think
about it, I mean ss--
you start kinda feeling bad for
her, it's like "oh man" all
that build up.
[Mickey]: I don't feel bad for
her at all.
[Val]: Oh man.
[Vivi]: It's gotta be rough
after a while.
[Val]: You know what I'm saying.
so it's like, man, it's almost
like I understand why you--
why you hate everyone
and yourself.
[background song changes]
[Vivi]: Okay.
[Mickey]: You suck...everybody
else can do it.
[Vivi]: So--
[Val]: No I can't.
[Vivi]: on a more serious note
I didn't want to be that guy--
[Vivi]: but um-
[Mike]: Oh, here we go.
[Val]: Uh oh.
[Vivi]: how did you meet?
[Val]: Oh shnap...she went
[Mike]: Don't let her be--
[Mike]: Don't let her be
that guy.
[Mickey]: Ahhh.
[Mike]: Seriously, you don't,
you don't have to answer.
[Mickey]: No, it's tot--it's
[Vivi]: I am that guy.
Let it happen
[Mickey]: It's totally cool.
[Vivi]: Let it happen.
[Mike]: Alright.
[Mickey]: how we met
and how we got together are just
two different stories, so like--
[Mike]: Aaaah.
[Vivi]: Two stories!
[Mickey]: Two different stories.
[Val]: For the price of one.
[Vivi]: Two for the price of
one, excellent.
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Mike]: Let's hear your tale
mother goose.
[Mickey]: Well, I mean, one
of 'em really isn't a story
'cause like we met in school, so
it's not that interesting.
[Vivi]: Oh.
[Mike]: Oh, well...
[Mickey]: Yeah...
[Val]: I mean, just because we
met in school doesn't mean it's
not interesting.
[Vivi]: Oh no, I didn't mean it
like that...I just--
[Val]: No, not you--
[Val then mumbles]
[Mickey]: No!
[Val]: Naw like, ye--
[Val]: You know we were best
friends, you know, 'cause we met
in school and what not, you know
we had some "Andy & Ducky" stuff
going on so uh--
[Mike]: Huh.
[Val]: I think it's a little
more interesting than just,
not interesting.
[Vivi]: Alright, that's...that's
that is cute.
[Mickey]: Well I--
[Mickey]: wasn't saying that
it's "not" interesting, I'm just
saying that I can't recall the
first time that I saw you.
[Val]: Hmm, hmm.
[Mickey]: Can you?
[Val]: Yeah.
[Vivi]: I remember the first
time I saw you.
[Mickey]: Oh yeah?
[Val]: Yeah.
[Mickey]: Really?
[Val]: Uh-huh.
[Mickey]: Okay.
[Val]: Yup.
[Mickey]: How-how did that
story go?
[Val]: I'm glad you asked,
'cause um--
[Mickey]: Hmm?
You were standing
from a far and--
[Mickey]: You don't know!
[Val]: the light...
[Mickey]: You don't know!
[Vivi]: Busted!
[Mickey]: You don't know!
Just...come on.
[Mike]: You've been exposed
my friend.
[Val]: Damn it.
[Mickey]: You cannot lie.
[Vivi mutters to herself]
[Mickey]: I will catch you.
[Mickey]: You cannot lie.
[Mike]: You've been duped.
[Val]: She is clever this one.
[Mickey]: I sure am.
[Vivi]: Well okay, but how did
you guys actually end up
together then.
[silverware clang]
[Mickey]: Hmmm--
[Vivi]: I mean like were you
guys best friends first, and
then it just happened--
or were you super shy about
everything and wanted--
I mean did people have to like
make you guys be together or
like, what's the story, tell me.
[Mickey]: Umm...
[Mike]: She's nosy as shit.
I'm sorry.
[Vivi]: I am not! Is that not a
legitimate question to ask
at dinner?
[Mike]: No, it is, it is--
[Mike]: No it's good, it's good.
[Vivi]: I Just--
[Mike]: It's good.
[Vivi]: Ss--
[Vivi]: So, what's the sitch...
[Mike]: Do tell, do tell.
[Vivi]: The sitch! I haven't
said that in a while.
[Vivi and Mike laugh]
[Vivi]: "Kim Possible!"
[more laughter]
[Vivi]: Okay, best friends...
[Val chuckles]
[Vivi]: or super shy about it...
did Valentine's Day happen,
was it a blossoming romance,
like what was the story?
[Val]: And go.
[Mike]: Pshoo.
[Mickey sighs]
[Mickey]: Well--
[Mikcey]: I
[Val]: It's okay. She was
[Mike]: Oh, shit!
[Vivi]: Wait...what?
[Mike]: Wait, wait, wait, you,
you stole her, basicly.
[Mike laughs]
[Vivi]: You were engaged?
[Mickey]: yeesss.
[Mike]: Wow.
[Mickey]: Hmmm...ahh...
[Val]: Yes?
[Mickey]: It was was
[Vivi]: Well then, how did you?
[Mickey]: It-it was--
[Mickey]: Like...
[Vivi]: How did you...
[Val]: How we-didy-we what?
[Mickey]: It was...I was
[Vivi]: Talk, talk.
[Mickey]: It was complicated.--
We don't have we can
[Val]: we can just not, not talk
about it at all...or we can.
[Vivi]: Well then how did you
tell him.
[Mickey]: Well I was nervous...
you know...I just--
when I was engaged I was nervous
I just...I was scared I didn't
where that was going to lead to,
so I just--
[Vivi]: Wait--
how did you tell him...that you
were engaged?
[Mickey]: Ummm--
[Mike]: Uh-oh.
[Val]: Well, we wanna hear it,
we wanna hear it. How'd you
[Mike]: Spotlight.
[Val]: how'd you tell'em.
[Mickey]: Ummm...why...on the
[Vivi]: Is that how it happened?
[Mickey]: Ummm--
yeah, I mean...we of
our friends was having um, a
birthday party--
so, we got in contact, we
decided to go together and--
we showed up and then hardly any
of our friends were there, it
was just a small group of people
so then he and I just kinda
ended up hanging out...the
whole night and--
I don't know. We talked about
[Val snickers]
[Mike]: That's nice.
[Mickey]: You know, we just
ditched the party and--
[Mike]: I like that, that's
[Mickey]: It was a really good
[Vivi]: Classic.
: That's amazing.
[Mickey]: It was real nice.
{Val]: Yeah.
[Mickey]: And then not too long
after that I wasn't engaged
anymore and we were official.
[Mike]: Wow.
[Vivi]: Nice.
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Mike]: That's cute--
you guys are cute.
[Val]: Oh shucks. Oh shucks
you two.
[Mike]: The scandal.
[Vivi]: Best friends man...
[Mike]: That's pretty dope.
Just drive.
[keys clang]
Let's do it.
[car starts]
[keys clang, gears shift,
he sighs]
[plays music]
[[music] "Leave Me in the Dark" by
Porcelain Pale]
[[music] dreamy-pop sound]
[[music] nostalgic, lyrics unknown,
up beat but somber]
[keys jingle, road ambience]
[door opens, foot steps]
[Val]: Alright darlin'--
Here we are.
[Mickey]: Uuugh...
[Val]: Hear you go...bedsy-bye.
[light switch]
[bed squeaks]
[Val]: Aagh.
[Mickey]: Dude...waking up
tomorrow is going to
fucking suck.
[cabinet closes]
[Mickey]: I'm gonna get ready
for bed.
[Val]: Can I tell you something?
[Mickey]: Hmmm?
[Val]: You look pretty.
Quit being a faggot.
[Val]: Ouch.
[Mickey repeatedly coughs]
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[bed squeaks]
[garment hits door]
[clothes rustling]
Hey Mickey?
[Mickey]: Hmmm?
How you doin'?
[Val]: What?--
Fuck you change quick.
[Mickey]: Well, yeah, I'm
going to sleep.
[Val]: Wait hold on one sec--
[Mickey]: Hmm?
[Val]: Sup?
[Mickey]: You're a dork--
It's not gonna happen buddy.
[Val]: Uh, I'm sorry, I couldn't
hear you over the sound of your
uncontrolable lust--
Your loins--
they burn, burn with desire.
Desire for some of this,
and this.
[Mickey]: That's adorable.
[Val]: Yeah?
[Mickey]: Not happening buddy.
[Val]: Well can I at least have
a kiss?
[Mickey]: Yes--
You may have one kiss--
but then I'm going to bed.
[Val]: Okay--
Well I can't promise not to
try for more.
[Mickey]: Then you get nothing.
[Val]: But come on--
We had such a good night, we
had such a good night, we have
to end it the right way--
we gotta end it da wight way.
[Mickey]: I'm sorry babe, I
really am, but I'm fuckin'
drunk and stoned and pissed I
have to get up early in the
[Val]: That's okay.
[Mickey]: Tomorrow night we can
have fun--
[Val]: No, no--
[she groans]
[Val]: No, just one more--
just make-out with me for a
little bit--
make out with me for a little
bit, come on, I promise it'll
be fun, please.
[He kisses her]
[Mickey]: I can't. I'm sleeping.
[Val]: No, no sreeping,
no shreepings--
[kissing her]
you can't sreepings, sexy-time.
[she giggles, he kisses her]
[Val]: Muah, muah.
[Mickey]: Okay...okay.
[Val]: Yesss.
[Mickey]: You're so pushy.
[Val]: Yesss--
Well nothing good comes easy.
[Mickey]: Well thank you for
not thinking that I am easy.
[Val]: Oh, definitely not easy.
[they playfully moan].
[she laughs, he kisses her]
[he snarls and grunts,
she laughs]
[noises and laughter continue]
[Mickey]: No...wait, wait, wait.
[Val]: What, what, what?
[Mickey]: I have to pee.
[Val]: No, no, no. You can
hold it, you can hold it.
[Mickey]: I can't hold it.
[Val]: Yeah.
[Mickey]: If I try and hold it
and we do this thing I'm gonna
pee on you.
[Val]: We haven't tried that
[she laughs]
[Mickey]: fuckin'
[Val]: Don't...don't please.
[he sighs]
[she coughs from bathroom]
[she pees]
[toilet flushes]
[she sighs]
[Mickey]: I'm really tired
I don't think I can do this.
[Val]: Yeah, I had a feeling.
[Mickey]: I'll make it up to
you tomorrow night okay? I'm
sorry. I'm really tired.
[bed squeaks, he sighs]
[Val]: Okay...
[she yawns]
[Mickey]: Good-nite.
[Val]: Good-nite--
[he sighs]
[Mickey]: I love you.
[Val]: I love you too--
Turn off the light.
[she moans, bed squeaks,
he sighs]
[foot steps]
[light switch]
[moody harmonic ambient with the
sound of the passing wind]
[Mickey]: Yeah...It's kinda nice
though. You know?--
[Mickey]: No one else I know
kinda quite has a back-space--
[Mickey]: this wonderous.
[Val]: I don't think I ever
heard anyone say back-space.
[Mickey]: Well it's not a yard--
[Val]: No, why not?--
[Mickey]: You can't call it
a yard.
[Val]: Well, why not?
[Mickey]: Because when I think
yard I think know--
house with like--
[Val]: There's a little bit
of grass.
[Mickey]: Picket fence and--
there's like--
a contained like smaller space--
[Val]: Well you got a fence.
[Mickey]: With a little like--
you know--
with their little plants and
gardens, but this is like--
[Val]: A Back-Space!
[Mickey]: Back---space--
[Mickey]: You know it's
like not--
[Val]: Wow...I didn't know--
I didn't realize you guys were
that fancy, you guys have a
[Mickey]: No we're just--
it's not about being fancy--
[Val]: It's fancy.
[Mickey]:'s just--
[Val]: Oh it's--
[Mickey]: It's a space...
you know.
[Val]: It's fancy, and it's hip.
[Mickey]: If you could go
anywhere where would you go.
[Val]: In the world you mean?--
Or here?
[Mickey]: In the world.
[Val]: uhh--
[outside ambient with cars
passing in the distance]
[Val]: Batman's cave.
[Mickey]: I'm being serious...
like...where would you go--
[Val]: That where I'd go.
[Mickey]: And why would you go there,
why there?
[Val]: Okay--
[Val]: Uhh--
[Val]: I'd go--
[Val]: that's a tough one--
You know what--
I-well-I haven't...I haven't
been to Rome. I-I-I think
it'd be cool to like see
the coliseum.
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Val]: Just, you know, like all
the history...and--
that took place there and
[Mickey]: That would be really
[Mickey]: a really cool place
to go.
[Mickey]: This is total hear say
I heard someone say--
that they--
at the coliseum they--
it wasn't only know--
like gladiator and all that kind
of like live action stuff but
that they would actually
flood it?--
Or something?--
For some--
For another sort of
Did you ever hear anything
like that?
[Val]: No, tha-that's
interesting. They'd flood it,
[Mickey]: Like--
[Mickey]: Yeah, somehow they
were flood the--
[Val]: And then fi-fill it
wtih sharks, and gators--
[Mickey]: Right.
[she chuckles]
[Val]: And then--
d-whole different kind
of battle.
[Mickey]: Yeah I don't know,
I don't know why they would
do that...but--
[Mickey]: it'd be rad to go
there and find out.
[Val]: Yeah...actually
yeah like--
that'd be...interesting,
I don't know why no one like--
[Val]: Hmmm--
[Mickey]: Yeah...
[Val]: Someone probably made
that up.
[phone rings]
Oh cool.
[Aaron]: Hello?
[Val]: Yeah?
[Aaron]: Hey man, where ya' at?
[Val]: I'm almost there. I'm
probably like um I'd say...
fifteen minutes out.
[Aaron]: Oh shit, okay um so
I kinda have some bad news.
[Val]: What happened?
[Aaron]: This jerk-off--
at work...he decided
to call in sick--
so...I'm trying to find
someone that can cover--
so I won't have to work
the rest of the night.
[Val]: Oh shit.
[Aaron]: Umm--
[Aaron]: Yeah so, I'm just
trying to scramble to see who
else uhh is available, but it
shouldn't be long honestly--
Just hang out for a while, uh,
I'll call you as soon as I get
off of work, so I can you know
try to find someone.
[Val]: Okay, oh well okay--
No worries dude I'll figure some
shit out dude, uhm--
yeah, just let me know uh--
let me know wh-when...when
you're out uh no sweat dude uh--
yeah take care of business, do
what you gotta do--
I understand--
[Aaron inaudible]
cool, so I-I'll see you uh later
tonight either way, 'ey?--
[Aaron inaudible]
[Val]: What was that,
ca-yu--you were breaking up a
little bit, say that again.
[Aaron]: Uh just try to find
something to do in the mean-
[Val]: Okay. Yes, yes-yes sir--
I hear you loud and clear.
[Aaron inaudible]
[Aaron]: I will keep you posted.
[Val]: Awesome--
Alright dude.
[Aaron]: Alright.
[Val]: Thanks man.
[Aaron]: Alright, bye.
[Val]: Alright.
[Aaron]: Alrigh, later.
[Val]: Later--
[phone call ends]
["Imaginary Drifter" by
Porcelain Pale]
[lyrics unknown, slow electronic
symphony feel, very nostalgic]
[He takes a breath]
[[music] fades]
[Mickey]: I wonder what you were
like as a little kid.
[Val]: Like a lil-little
[Mickey]: Yeah--
[Mickey]: you know?
[Val]: Well I'm not going to
show you any home videos so...
[Mickey]: Why not?
[chair squeaks]
[Val]: Because that'd be lame.
[chair squeaks continue]
[Mickey]: That'd be fun.
[Val]: Fun? For you maybe.
[Mickey]: Naw It'd be cool.
[he snickers]
[Val]: I'd tell you what'd
be cool.
[Mickey]: Hmmm?
[Val]: You wanna play with some
of my old toys?
[Mickey]: Hell yeah!
[Val]: I have like all of 'em--
Wait right there.
[toys clattering]
[Mickey]: I don't recognize all
these guys, there like from
boy cartoons. I think.
[Val]: Well yeah I was gonna
say...wait okay--
boy cartoons, I'll tell you
what, who's this guy?--
This is girl cartoon--
Girl cartoon world.
[Mickey]: He's the bad guy.
[Val]: In what?
[Mickey]: In "She-Ra".
[Val]: Yea--well why did you
say it so low like you're
ashamed of it?
[Val]: it's a girl cartoon.
[he chuckles]
[Mickey]: I know this guy.
[Val]: What's his name?
[Mickey]: "He-Man".
[Val]: That's not "He-Man".
[Mickey]: That's not "He-Man"?
[Val]: No. You're close,
it is, but it isn't--
That's "Prince Adam"!
[Mickey]: Oh! It's like his
"Clark Kent".
[Val]: Yeah, tha'--
[Val]: Yeah, exactly.
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Val]: Yeah, yeah, yeah...
[Mickey]: Yeah...yeah, yeah--
[Mickey]: Whose this guy?
[Val]: I-I-I don't know--
he's got way too many
arms though.
[Mickey]: He's got way too
many--he's got two chests.
[Val]: That's...yeah some-
something's wrong.
[Mickey]: So it's like--
[Mickey]: When he bro-bumps
somebody it's like...pfff.
[figures collide]
[Val]: Yeah.
[Mickey]: Maybe that's like his
power he's like a master-
bro-bumper or something.
[Val]: Wha-what does he do?
Like-okay this is why girls-
don't have action figures--
Do that again--
[toys clatter]
Do that again, how did he-how
did he fight'em-how did he-
hit him?
[Mickey]: Hey--
[Mickey]: Sup bro!
[Val]: How'd he hit'em
do that again.
[Mickey]: Pffshh.
[Val]: How'd--
[he snickers]
[Mickey]: What?
[she chuckles]
[Val]: He has like four arms--
and you're using his two chests
to like--
[Mickey]: He bro-bumping dude!
[Val stammers then laughs]
[She laughs]
[Val]: That's ridiculous.
[Mickey]: Hello?
[Val]: You-you ah-you-you were
wondering about ah--
about little-little Val.
[Mickey]: Hmmm?
[Val]: Little-lil'boy Val.
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Val]: Here ya' go--
I'm not-thi-this is,
this is the--
middle ground. It's not a, home
video but...
[he presses a button]
[Child's Voice 1]: Gus Gus sing
[Child's Voice 2]: This is Gus
Gus singing "Rollercoaster".
[Mickey laughs]
[Child singing]
[Child's Voice 2]: Rollercoaster
my love--
[Child singing]
Rollercoaster, hooo, hooo--
[Child singing]
hoo, my life is like a
rollercoaster babe, babe--
[Child singing]
I wanna ride--
[Child takes a breath]
[Child singing]
[Child singing]
my love--
[Mickey laughs]
[Child singing]
[Mickey laughs]
[Val stops recording]
[Val]: Alright enough of that.
[he drops recorder]
[Mickey]: That's so cute--
I wanna keep it.
[Val]: That was actually Aaron.
[she opens recorder and laughs]
[Mickey]: That's cool.
[she closes recorder]
[Mickey]: You should probably
keep that someplace safe, you
don't wanna like--
[Val]: Wha-a you-
[Mickey]: tape over it--
[Val]: this is safe-looky-look--
[Mickey]: or something.
[Val]: Look who's gonna-who's
gonna mess with that when you
got all these guys--
like ready to 'ah like--
[Mickey]: Yeah...
[Val]: Fuck some shit up.
[Mickey]: Like 'bro-bump"--
it's the...
[Val]: "Bro-bump".
[she laughs. Figures rustle]
[Val]: That's uh...
[he laughs]
[Mickey]: It works.
[cars passing by]
[music from his memory, up beat
dreamy-electronic rock]
[Mickey]: Dude? What's with the
[Val]: oh...that's nothing...
you're gonna think it's weird.
[Mickey]: Dude, I already think
it's weird you might as well
tell me.
[Val]: Okay, um--
[he stammers]
I just like--
to have different--
you know what?--
I'm just gonna show you, okay?--
for instance--
This is like the main light--
and I have it on you know
for like--
I'm getting ready for work or--
ah-if I come home, you know
just to see shit--
just to see where--
everything is...the lay
of the land--
And then ah--
And this desk light--
not only do I have it for
my desk--
uh, I like to--
just have this one on when
I don't want as much light--
as the other one, you know--
just kinda--
kinda as a dimmer--
You know just chill things out
a little bit more--
and then there's the
Christmas lights...which--
are my favorite, and I really
like how they ah--
um-bounce off of this like
[music] know it just sets
like a really like chill--
vibe you know, just to
kinda unwind and relax--
Oh and uh of course--
our box thingy--
as you like to call it.--
is a "spot-light"--
and I made it--
kinda like ah--
a matte box--
and I made it out of a box--
that I named Matt.
[cable rustling]
[he steps down]
[Mickey]: Dude you are a weirdo.
[Val]: Yeah?
[Mickey]: Yeah--
yuh...but I like it.
[Val]: I try.
[[music] fades]
[Mickey]: Hey weirdo.
[Val]: Hey.
[Mickey]: You okay?
[Val]: Yeah--
yeah...uh sorry--
How way work?
[keys and bag rustle]
[Mickey]: So fucking tired.
[she gasps]
[furniture rustling]
[she exhales]
[Mickey]: Work was so
annoying today dude--
[furniture rustling]
Like this morning I was
literally three minutes late--
and that--
jerk comes up and she's like--
"you're late".
[Mickey]: Dude...It's like
I've never hated someone
so much that I pray--
that she shits glass everytime
that she sits on the toilet.
[Val]: Fuckin'...broken glass.
[Mickey]: Shhhh...Fuuuuc--
Hell yeah! Like she's a
cunt dude, like--
legitimately, like a cunt--
queen of cunts--
Fucking luckily I only had to
deal with her for the first
half of the shift, you know--
That at least had its end--
But then I high-tail it over to
"trabajo numero dos" you know--
and I have to deal with the
"pisa's" in the kitchen--
Fuck, they're like so
disrespectful dude--
like they haven't evolved
or something like--
I don't know who taught
you your manners--
but you're not on the "rancho"
anymore asshole, like--
You know?--
the "cat-calling" man, like--
they just--
They're so disrespectful to
women there--
like they think they're being
fucking cute.
[Val]: What the fuck did they
[Mickey]: They just-they're just
being pervy. They're being
pervy, disrespectful...
[Val]: What do they say to you?
[Mickey]: Being annoying--
To me? You know, it's not what
they say to me, it's what they
say to the other girls, like--
And they just fucking take
it, like--
I mean which is like their own
fault to some degree, but like--
I don't take their shit like--
They push me--
I push'em back--
I'm not-I'm not gonna play
victim. I'm not gonna succumb to
that nonesense you know.
[Val]: Good.
[she exhales]
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Val]: Do you ever like--
say something to a manager
about it?
[Mickey]: They don't, the
managers don't care.
[Val]: That's stupid--
That's fucking stupid--
Like should I fucking go down
there then and fucking talk to
somebody 'cause it's like--
[he grumbles]
That shit make me so livid.
[Mickey]: Hmmm--
[he takes a breath]
[Mickey]: Yeah...get me fired--
you know.
[Val]: Well, I mean--
[he snickers]
doesn't sound like--
you should really even be there
to begin with, so--
maybe I'll be doing you
[he stammers]
why be in that kind of --
you know?
[he sighs]
[Mickey]: I understand your
concern but like I need the job.
[Val]: But you have another
job though?
[Mickey]: Uh-hmmm. And I
need that job too.
[Val]: Why?
[he chuckles]
[she takes a breath]
[he stammers then chuckles]
[Val]: Ok-if you're so
concerned with money then--
sue that place for
sexual harassment--
and there you go--
money problems solved
[Mickey]: uh-hmm--
because it's easy to sue--
and it takes no time--
to do that--
[Val]: Look, I get it's not
[he inhales]
that wasn't the point--
the point is--
it's not worth the fucking
money for you to be--
[he inhales]
putting yourself--
in that kind of environment
day in day out--
you know it's like--
[he inhales]
it makes me feel really
uncomfortable knowing that you
feel uncomfortable being there
at that point, like--
[Mickey]: I mean like--
I-it's annoying, like it's
annoying to see--
as a female, as a latino
like yeah.
[Val]: Right--
yeah, look...
[Mickey]: but like--
[Val]: I know, look I get you--
[Mickey]: I mean--
[they talk over eachother]
[Val]: I get where you're coming
from-eh-ah-trust me--
[Mickey]: like-you're not,like-
[Mickey]: You are hav-you're
hearing it--
on your perspective, like you're
listening to my story and like--
making it your thing. You're
internalizing it.
[Val stammers]
[Val]: Mine-it's not my-it's
your thi-it's still your thing
I'm ss-I'm sorr-I'm ah--
[Mickey]: Well you're clearly
[Mickey]: You're clearly upset.
[Val]: I am, because I give a
fuck, 'cause I care about you--
'cause I care about you,
I see that it bothers you so
it bothers me--
What bothers you--
[Mickey]: So then you--
[Val]: bothers me--
[Mickey]: So it bothers you so
then you tell me what to do--
and you tell me how to
do things--
[Val stammers]
[Val]: I'm not trying to tell
you how to do anything.
[Mickey]: You just did,
like you just--
[he stammers]
[Mickey]: did.
[Val]: I'm telling you
what I feel--
how I feel, how I feel about
your situation--
I feel you should do that and I
don't understand why you don't.
[Mickey]: Like, I feel like
you're telling me what to do--
[Val]: That's it.
[Mickey]: As if I don't already
know what to do like--
I'm not allowed to vent. I'm
not allowed to say anything.
[Val]: Just like you're venting
right now I'm venting right back
it-I mean, it bothers me so
I'm-I'm just venting right
ba-back to ya I-wu-wha--
I ah-OK. I--
I'm just talking, I-I mean
I'm sorry, I-I didn't--
[he take a deep breath]
[Mickey]: Like I don't...I don't
even know what to say man like
I just--
I'm tired...I'm hungry...just
I'm a make dinner.
[furniture rustling]
[foot steps]
[faint music and dialogue
from a movie]
[Movie]: Except maybe I wouldn't
have named our son, Elvis.
[light and fun instrumentals]
[Mickey]: You'd think he'd wear
like a sweat-suit to work or
something you know, he sweats
a lot.
[Val]: Sweats?
[faint dialogue from TV]
[Val]: Then people wouldn't
take him as serious.
[Mickey laughs]
[Val]: Being in a sweat-suit--
like who's this dude
in a sweat-suit--
tryin' ah--
handle some business.
[Mickey]: Right?
[Val]: Who handles business
in a sweat-suit?
[she snickers]
[Mickey]: I don't know-
Russian mafia?
[Val]: Like yeah, like shady
[she giggle]
[she half-laughs]
[she chuckles]
[creeks and hums from the room]
[Mickey]: "Just another day in
the job".
[Val]: Exactly.
[he talks over Mickey]
[Val]: He's gonna have a
cigarette now, watch.
[Mickey]: It's like nobody
offers this guy a fuckin'-
glass of water.
[Val]: Or a-or a s--
[Mickey]: He just like saved
everyone's lives.
[Val]: Or a bourbon or something
[Val]: Like after-after doing
something like that I'd need
a drink.
[Mickey laughs]
[Val]: Be like--
fuck my life--
[Mickey chuckles]
somebody get me a drink.
[dialogue from TV continues]
[Val]: This is-
[Mickey]: I don't know why this
still scares me, it's like--
[creeky noises from room]
[Mickey]: uhh.
[Val]: 'Cause, is it thee--
wait a-wait--
[Mickey]: Think it's my
parents fault.
[banging and creature noises
from TV]
[Mickey]: They use like--
'The Exorcist" as a kid--
like as a form of like--
you know--
spiritual teaching--
like this can happen to you if
you like--
[Val chuckles]
[he talks over her]
[Val]: If you do drugs and
y-you're bad.
[Mickey]: You know, it's like--
[Val is incoherent]
[Mickey]: They're taking over--
and you will die.
[a snarl from the TV]
[Val]: That's parenting 1-0-1.
[Mickey]: Nooo.
[she grunts]
[Val]: Mickey.
[Mickey]: Hmm?
[Val]: The movie's over Mickey--
What do you wanna do now?
[Mickey]: Hmm?--
hhhm, I kinda wanna sleep.
[Val]: Do you wanna stay
the night?--
I can sleep on the couch, or--
somewhere else.
[Mickey takes a deep breath]
[Mickey]: Hhmmm--
[light rustling]
[she takes another breath]
[Val]: I mean you don't have
stay here if you don't want to,
I'm just, I'm just saying
you can.
[Mickey]: No, I mean it's-it's
fine, but is it cool--
if I stay here?
[Val]: Yeah totally. I mean I
wouldn't of a--
you know, offered if it wasn't.
[creeking from the room]
[Mickey]: Okay.
[Val]: Do you want me to go?
[Mickey]: No, I'm not gonna
kick you out of your own room.
[he chuckles]
[Mickey]: Y-you-you can stay
here don't just--
t-don't try anything funny.
[Val]: Pshhh. Mickey please--
[she laughs]
what are you trying to say?
[she chuckles and sighs]
[Mickey]: Good-nite.
[Val]: Good-nite.
[he sighs]
[Val]: We never held hands.
[Mickey]: What?
[Val]: We're gonna sleep in the
same bed and--
we've just never--
held hands--
I just think it's kinda funny.
[Mickey]: We're not gonna do it.
[Val]: Oh-what?
[he chuckles]
[Mickey]: We're not gonna
do it--
[Val]: I--
[Mickey]: So don't--
[she mumbles]
[Val]: Na-I heard you, I--
[he chuckles]
[Val]: I didn't say-I know we're
not gonna do it I'm just saying
that there's like an order of
doing things and--
you know, we're just skipping
steps is all.
[Mickey]: Okay...okay.
[he laughs]
[Mickey]: We can kill two birds
with one stone--
[Val]: O-kay.
[he snickers]
[she sighs]
[Val]: You know we've also have
never made out.
[Mickey]: have to
kill it--
you have to kill it...every-time
don't you--
you kill it.
[Val]: It was a joke.
[she chuckles]
[Mickey]: No.
[Val]: I was kidding.
[Mickey]: Good-nite man.
[Val]: Can I have your hand
[Mickey]: No-o.
[Val]: Please.
[Mickey]: No.
[Val]: Why not?
[Mickey]: Because I'm afraid of
what you'll do to it.
[Val]: That's terrible--
[she chuckles]
[Val]: Why would you say such a
terrible thing?
[she chuckles]
[he inhales]
[Val]: Mickey--
[Mickey]: Hmm?
[Val]: It's late. Let's go
to bed.
[Mickey]: Hmm?
[he half-laughs]
[Val]: Come on let's go to bed--
come on--
come on...come on...come on
come on--
come on...there you go--
there you go--
[she exhales]
there you go...let's get you
to bed.
[fade in children talking]
[talking and reggae music in
[talking and music fade]
[Val]: Hey, can I ask you
something without you taking
it the wrong way?--
I mean in--
all seriousness, can we like
enter this cone of trust type
deal where we--
can just discuss this topic
without bumming eachother out?
[Mickey]: Whoa...
[Val]: It's nothing bad.
[Mickey]: Ya sure?
[she snickers]
[he sighs]
[Val]: You know what, nevermind,
just forget it.
[Mickey]: Just ask.
[Val]: Well I don't wanna ask if
we can't talk about it properly.
[Mickey]: Well then--
ask, and we can find out if
that's a possibility.
[Val]: O-K--
[he takes a deep breath]
[Val]: In the last five years do
you feel like much's changed
other than our living situation?
[Mickey]: A lot--
has changed.
[Val]: Specifically what?
[Mickey]: I don't
our living situation is a
really big one--
like it changed a lot of other
things in our lives--
I don't feel suffocated by--
our environment anymore, I--
don't hate my jobs as much as
I hated my old job--
We're not obligated to
family drama--
anymore, so that's--
those are all big things that
have changed--
You don't agree?
[Val]: I mean--
[he sighs]
yes, no, like--
[breathes in]
for as positive as those things
I just don't really--
feel like I'm seeing any kind of
real progression--
And honestly how positive is--
"oh I don't hate my current jobs
as much as my last job"
shouldn't it be--
I don't hate my job at all?--
I just remember us having all
these goals and stuff--
before coming out here, and then
all of a sudden somewhere
now and then it's like we just
said "Fuck it" and stopped
trying to achieve them.
[Mickey]: I didn't, stop trying.
[Val]: Really? I mean, wha' have
you been doing?
[Mickey]: Wow.
[Val]: Look, don't take that the
wrong way alright, I'm not
trying to attack you.
[Mickey]: Why do you do that?
[Val]: Do what?
[Mickey]: That was a--fuckin'
dick thing to say.
[Val]: Well I didn't mean it
that way alright--
look I'm sorry if I have trouble
wording things properly
[Mickey]: Yeah--
[Mickey]: you do, you do maybe
you should--
[Val]: so don't take offense
to it.
[Mickey]: fuckin' think before
you speak.
[Val]: Oh my god, okay,
let's just--
[Val]: put the breaks there for
a second 'cause uh--
we're getting off the track
really fast and I do not want
to fight with you--
so--can we--
[Mickey]: No, I don't want to
fight with you.
[Val]: Okay, good...Perfect--
well then
[deep sigh]
just hear me out when I...
when I say--
like what have you--
done, it's more like-like what
have we done as individuals you
know to try ah--
get to where we wanna be, I mean
why aren't we where we wanna be--
to begin with.
[she sighs]
[Mickey]: I don't know how to
answer that dude, like--
I feel like we've had this
conversation before.
[Val]: No we haven't.
We haven't had this
specific conversation.
[Mickey]: Well I mean we've had
conversations like it--
whenever you...start--
feeling like "I'm not living up
to my potential" like you start
going into existential crisis
you start coming at me--
you start asking me why I'm not
working on the things that I
should be working on--
or why I'm not helping you work
on the things that you should be
working on--
and it just goes on and on like-
[Val]: I'm not trying to blame
you for my actions or lack
there of--
[Mickey]: Oh really--
[Val]: okay--I acknowledge that
yes I'm not fu-I'm not living up
to my own potential--
and that's my own fault--
I'm not putting that on you, I
just want to know that we still--
have these goals and we're still
working towards them, that's--
the bottom line.
[Mickey]: But like--
how can I tell you--
if you still have your goals,
how can I do that?
[he sighs]
[Val]: Oh-okay. uh-uh fine, well
I mean do you still have your
[Mickey]: Yes.
[Val]: Good--
I mean wha'--
If you don't mind me asking like
what-a-you what-a-you still
trying to do?
[Mickey]: I'm--
I want to do my photography.
[Val]: Really?--
But you like haven't done your
photography in like forever.
[Mickey]: Yeah I'm aware of
and I still wanna persue it--
as funny as that is.
[she smacks the bed]
[Val]: Um-I'm sorry again--
[Mickey]: As hilarious as that
might sound--
[Val]: Okay look no, it's, you--
[Mickey]: you know?
[Val]: look, look, look-fuck--
[takes a deep breath]
[Val]: That's cool I-my bad--
[he sighs]
[Val]: Why, don't you, instead
of like--
you know, try'na do--
you know two jobs, wha--
[Mickey]: Okay--
[Val]: why don't you focus more
on photography then. Why don't
you do that.
[Mickey]: no, no, no, why don't,
why don't you--
not tell me how'd ah--
do things, why don't you...stop
telling me how to--
oh I could do it this way or I
should do it that way or...
maybe like--
why do you do that?--
Like I don't need you to do
that for me--
I know what I want to do
for myself--
I want to do photography--
I wanna do it!--
I have my camera--
I have my laptop--
I have my certificate in
cosmotology I don't have to
depend on other people--
to supply me with looks that I
want for my shoot--
I got my bachelor's degree--
in business management--
I can work out--
a business plan--
for myself--
so I can be properly
Like I've thought it through.
I've lined things up--
[Val]: Right, I've heard that
[Mickey]: I've made an effort--
[Mickey]: I have made an effort.
[Val]: I've-I've heard that
before and--
you know I'm-forgive me for
like everything you just said--
just shows that you have every-
thing at your disposal to--
be doing what it is that you
wanna do--
but you're not doing it and
that's my whole thing--
it's like when is it gonna
[she stammers]
[Mickey]: It--
[she sighs]
When it happens--
It's my thing.
[Val]: Okay, but that does-
that's not--
getting us anywhere you me
anybody like--
"when it happens," what the fuck
does that mean?
[she stammers]
[Mickey]: Okay--
so like--
are you concerned--
with what I am not doing?--
Or are you concerned with what
you are not doing?
[Val]: Both.
[Val]: Eh, am I not...
[Mickey]: I don-i don't know
what to tell you...we're--
I don't know what to say--
what can I say, what can I tell
Like wer-we're gonna have to
figure it out--
Like that's it, that's all there
is to it.
[Val]: Good, alright, well let's
figure it out.
[Mickey]: Okay--
Well we're gonna have to do it
some other night--
[Mickey]: because I have to go
to sleep!--
[Val]: No, no, come on--
[Mickey]: I have to go
to sleep!
[Val]: don't do that, don't run
away from this--
[Val]: don't run away from this,
[Mickey]: I am not running away!
[Val]: I don't wanna end the
night like this--
[Mickey]: you are being a dick
about it!--
I am not running away.
[Val]: Oh my god, oh my god why
can't we just have discussions
without them turning into this
kind of shit.
[Mickey]: Well maybe it's the
way that you fuckin' approach
shit you know--
Maybe you shouldn't come into
things asking me--
"Um, can we enter a cone
of trust--
where we don't bum eachother
like you decided--
you were bummed out already
before it even started--
And then you go around and you
ask me--
"what's changed in the last
five years?"--
Like why don't you just start
the conversation by saying--
"I want things to change"--
Don't worry about what I'm doing
worry about what you're doing.
[his lips smack]
[Mickey]: Work on youself,
I will work on myself--
support me--
I will support you--
Like what the fuck!
[Val]: Look I am gonna work
on me, and I hear ya loud
and clear--
and I am trying to support you,
but I just feel like right now
all I'm doing is--
supporting your procrastination
and it's not really get--
[he takes a breath]
I'm sorry look--
our procrastination, I meant our
[Mickey]: I heard you, like--
[he sighs]
just...just good-nite,
[Val]: That's probably best,
[bed squeaking and rustling]
[Mickey]: And where are you
[Val]: I'm gonna go to the
office, and I'm gonna try to do
something productive.
Is that alright?
[foot steps]
[she sighs]
[rubs the page]
[page turns]
[page turns]
[he sighs]
[pencil strokes]
[slow deep sigh]
[Val's voice]: So--
[Val]: presents?
[Mickey]: Yes--
[Mickey]: but I wanna go first,
give me, give me, give me,
give me--
give me...
[Val]: Okay, okay, okay.
[she rubs her hands]
[car door unlocks]
[car door opens]
[cars pass in the distance
outdoor ambience]]
[car door shuts]
[Val]: I thought you
[She laughs]
[steps, continued ambience]
[he inhales]
there was something I originally
wanted to buy you but I figured
that you already had it, so
thought I'd--
try to be a little more original
and just make something.
[Mickey]: I'm excited.
[Val]: And thus I drew your
pretty face.
[dog barking]
[Mickey]: Awe.
[cars pass]
[Mickey]: I've never been drawn
before. It's really cool.
[cars pass]
[she giggles]
[Mickey]: I'm gonna frame it--
or it's framed already but--
[Val]: Ah yeah, I was gonna--
[he laughs]
[Mickey]: I meant I was gonna
hang it up--
just so everybody can see it,
and that way when you're
they'll be jealous.
[Val]: Oh nonesense.
[Mickey]: Oh shut up.
[she chuckles]
[Mickey]: Oh no, my turn.
[Val]: Whoa, huh?
[Mickey]: My turn.
[Val]: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
that's right.
[Mickey]: Hold that.
[Val]: Okay.
[Mickey]: Oh--
[Mickey]: Keys.
[she gasps]
[Val]: Oh.
[keys jingle]
[trunk opens]
[foot steps]
[Mickey]: Tada!
[Val]: Oh shit!
[Val]: Woah.
[she chuckles]
[Mickey]: Do you like it?
[Val]: Yeah!
[Val]: This is so awesome.
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Mickey]: Yeah?
[Val]: Where'd you find these?
[Mickey]: At a yard sale this
morning with my mom.
[Val]: Oh my god--
these are so cool.
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Val]: What?
[Mickey]: Awe.
[Val]: Thank you so much.
[Mickey]: Yeah--
[Mickey]: no problem, glad you
like it.
[Val]: Ye-ah!
[Val]: So cool.
[Mickey]: One more thing.
[Val]: A-anu-what?
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Val]: Yu-
[Val]: Weren't you the one that
something about--
[item's grabbed]
[Val]: nothing...too--
[Mickey]: Well, I mean, come on.
[cars pass in the distance]
[Mickey]: We got cake.
[Val]: Wha-it-ah?
[Val]: Cake?
[Mickey]: And we got--
[Mickey]: bierz.
[Val]: Hell yeah.
[from memory]
[Val]: Now it's a party.
[Mickey]: Happy unbirthday.
[Val]: Happy unbirthday, cheers.
[dreamy electronic melody in
[Val]: Hmm.
[Mickey]: Hey.
[Val]: Hey!
[Val]: And tada!
[Mickey]: Tada.
[Val]: What ya think?
[Mickey]: It's pretty cute.
[Mickey]: You're very romantic,
I like it.
[Val]: Cool.
[Val]: Good.
[Mickey]: And "matte box".
[Val]: Yeah, yeah. Yeah yeah,
[she laughs]
[Mickey]: Yeay.
[Val]: You remember that guy.
[Val]: Please come-wha-wha-what's
[Mickey]: I got
stuff too I didn't know like--
[Val]: Oh shit.
[Mickey]: To...
[Val]: Fuck.
[Mickey]: But...
[Val]: Ah, like I wanted it to
be a surprise so I didn't tell
you anything. But I didn't--
[Val]: think about that--
[Mickey]: No...I--[inaudible]
[he talks over her]
[Val]: You might--
[Val]: actually get dinner
because you didn't know--
[Mickey]: It's cool, like--
[Val]: Ah, I'm sorry dude. I
[Mickey]: We'll just, have it
later, it's fine.
[she mumbles]
[Val]: Sure?
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Val]: Cool, okay.
[bag crinkles]
[Val]: Come hither.
[she clears her throat]
[Val]: Come and have a seat-ah.
[Mickey]: Oh, haw-haw-haw--
[Val]: Yeah that's right--
[Mickey]: We have a fire going.
[Val]: I figured that you know
it's been awhile since we had a
date night and everything--
[Val]: and uh, oh wait actually
hold on, hold on let me--
[Val]: let me get that--
[Mickey]: You wanna turn
down the fire?
[Val]: No, no no, no let me--
[Val]: let me-let me get this
for you--
[she chuckles]
[Val]: So...please hav-have
a seat.
[Val]: Yu-got-epp-epp--
[Val]: epp--
[she laughs]
[Val]: There ya go--
[Val]: there ya go, kinda--
[Val]: gentleman about it.
[Mickey]: Mmmm--
[Mickey]: Well that's nice.
[Val]: Cool.
[Val]: I thought I'd ah--
[Val]: you know set something
[Val]: to the point where you
can have--
[Val]: a date--
[Val]: and--
[Val]: be in your p.j.'s at the
same time.
[Mickey]: Yeah, uh--
[Val]: So--
[Mickey]: I don't think I'm a
bother with that right now.
[she chuckles]
[Val]: Alright then...well I
[Val]: Oh uh would you like a
beer? I'm sorry, where are my
[Mickey]: Sure.
[he makes a clicking sound]
[Val]: Good answer.
[bottle on the table]
[Val]: Now--
[open's bottle]
[Val]: I don't think you've had
this guy before--
[Val]: So I'd hope you like it--
[Val]: I like it--
[Mickey]: Oh--
[Val]: Oh--
[Val]: Look at you--
[Mickey]: Ah--
[bottles clink]
[Val]: So thoughtful--
[Val]: Catching yourself.
[she chuckles]
[Val]: Cheers.
[Mickey]: Cheers.
[they taste]
[Mickey]: Mmmh.
[Val]: Yeah?
[Mickey]: Uh-huh.
[Val]: Yeay?
[Mickey]: Yeay.
[Val]: Yee-ay.
[she giggles]
[Mickey]: Yee-aay.
[she giggles]
[Val]: Um--
[he chuckles]
[Val]: So...uh shall we?
[Mickey]: Uh-mm, yeah.
[Val]: Ladies first.
[Val]: You get the
[Val]: Except for that one.
[she chuckles]
[Val]: Joking, yeah you can have
that one.
[she laughs]
[Mickey]: I'm gonna grab this
[Val]: Okay good.
[Val]: I will grab this one.
[Val]: Cheers.
[Mickey]: Cheers.
[they laugh]
[Mickey]: Pizza cheers.
[Val]: Pizza cheers.
[Mickey]: oh.
[Val]: Oh, eh-for our homies.
[Mickey]: Nice piece of garlic.
[Mickey, deep sigh]
[Mickey]: Hmm.
[Val chuckles]
[pizza rustling]
[Val]: Mmm-huh.
[Mickey]: It's good.
[his lips smack]
[Val]: Oh yeah I made sure there
was plenty of garlic on that.
[Mickey]: Good job.
[Val]: Mm-huh.
[Mickey]: It's really good.
[Val]: So we're definitely gonna
make-out later.
[Mickey]: Oh yeah--
[Val]: Mm-huh.
[Mickey]: Hard.
[Val]: ah-huh.
[Mickey]: Uh-hmm.
[pizza rustling]
[Val]: I went on a...jog earlier
[mouth smacking]
[Val]: And um--
[Val]: I was doing a lot of
thinking and--
[Val]: I had totally forgot
about that one time when we ah--
[Val]: planned that "unbirthday"
for eachother--
[Mickey]: Mm-hmm.
[Val]: Remember, and I drew that
picture for you?
[Mickey]: Uh-huh.
[Val]: Yeah, that was a nice
night wasn't it?
[Mickey]: I mean I love
the picture.
[Mickey]: But--
[Mickey]: that wasn't the
greatest night.
[Val]: No?
[Mickey]: Nuh-uh.
[she chuckles]
[Val]: Why? What happened?
[Mickey]: I killed it.
[Val]: You did?
[Mickey]: Pretty. much.
[Mickey]: Mm-huh.
[Mickey]: Yeah.
[Mickey]: Remember I got drunk,
I acted like a jerk.
[bottle hits table]
[Val's voice]: I love moments
like these.
[outdoor ambience]
[Mickey]: Hmmm?
[Val]: Like when you're just
hanging out with someone and--
[Val]: you just--
[Val]: bullshit and talk about
random stuff and--
all of a sudden there's a--
but not like an awkward quiet,
it's just--
more like--
still an'--
peaceful an'--
[Val]: I try to store those
moments in my mind like a
so i can draw'em later.
[he sniffs]
[Val]: And I think it's those
they're like the defining parts
of those moments too you know.
[Mickey]: Not really.
[Val]: Let me put it this way--
it's like if I were gonna--
a comic strip--
of this moment--
like on the first page I would
at least three to four panels
just how I view the moment
before actually like
implementing any kind of--
characters in action poses.
[he sighs]
There aren't a lot of comics
that do that kind of stuff.
I think everyone's just afraid
embracing the stillness--
just slowing things down--
I wanna have a lot of--
those still moments--
in my comic.
[cars pass in the far distance]
[Mickey]: Don't you think people
might find that kinda boring
[Val]: Uh--
[he chuckles]
sure I mean--
[Val]: Maybe...but--
[Val]: I don't think that really
matters 'cause--
[Val]: those kind of people--
who'd find it boring aren't
gonna be the type of people that
are going to be into my comic
book so--
[Val]: fuck'em...I don't think it
really matters.
[he chuckles]
[Mickey]: Why is your comic
gonna be like some sort of
hipster exclusive or something?
[Val]: Uhh-um--
[he snickers]
[he sighs]
[Mickey]: Oh fuck--
I'm sorry--
that came off mean--
[Val]: Hey it's cool--
don't worry about it.
[Mickey]: It's fuckin' not--
It's not cool--
[clang in the distance]
[smacks her lap]
[Val]: Are you okay?
[Mickey]: Yeah, I'm fuckin' fine
can we just call it a night?--
over it.
[Val]: Are you alright to drive?
[Mickey]: Yeah I'm not fuckin'
stupid so I think I can fuckin'
[Val]: Yo I didn't--
I mean, mean anything by it--
I was just--
checkin' wit' you.
[bottles clang]
[Mickey]: Yeah--
[bottles clang]
[Mickey]: can you jus' get in
the fuckin' car--
[bottles clang]
so we can--
I just wanna get out of here
[bottles clang]
[Val]: You know what I'll just
[Mickey]: Why do you fucking
wanna walk everywhere? Just get
in the fucking car!
[Val]: I just think you should
just go straight home--
rather than have to drop me off
first is all.
[Mickey]: Jus' get in the
fucking car--
so I can take you home,
let's go.
[opens car door]
[he sighs]
[Val]: Fine whatever.
[closes car door]
[Mickey]: I was drunk, I acted
like a jerk--
[Mickey]: like can we change the
we don't--
I thought we were supposed to be
having a good time like--
[Val]: We are you know I'm, um--
you're right--
[Mickey]: Why are we talking
about that?
[Val]: I-I just--
[Val]: I don't know, I just ah
[Val]: I didn't remember exactly
wha' happened and I guess I was
you know I'm sorry--
[Val]: you're right, you're
[she sighs]
[Val]: pizza, pizza time--
[Val]: What time is it?
[rubs her hands]
[Mickey]: Pizza time.
[Val]: Right--
[Val]: Perfect.
[they laugh]
[Mickey]: Pizza time.
[Val]: Good.
[she laughs]
[television, french dialogue
with somber instrumentals]
[television, music fades]
[Mickey]: You know, don't get me
wrong like you are a really--
[Mickey]: you're a great guy--
[Mickey]: You're my favorite
person in the world but lately
it's been--
being around you--
[Mickey]: like working two jobs
is hard--
[Val]: Mickey you don't have to
work two jobs--
[Mickey]: But I kinda feel like
I do--
[Mickey]: though.
[Val]: Then why do you feel that
way is what llike--
what I contribute not enough?
[Mickey]: It's n--
[takes a breath]
It's not that it's not enough
I just--
[Mickey]: I mean you're
freelance you know like it makes
me nervous--
having a question mark on your
next gig.
[Val]: Wait so like--
[Val]: hold on I mean like--
[he sighs]
So ev-even if-if I was doing
what I wanted to do then--
it would still be the same issue
all artists have like a high
probability of--
of inconsistent income so--
oh my god--
you know what Mickey?--
Ah-I think you're biggest issue
is me--
I'm your biggest problem.
[Mickey]: Huh, that's not what
I'm saying it just--
it would be different--
if you were doing what you
really wanted--
[Val]: How would that be
different, it's the same thing.
[Mickey]: It wouldn't because
you'd be in a different head
that changes everything--
Like I'm really sensitive to the
energy you put out.
[he sighs]
[Val]: But ah--
you know isn't that kinda of ah--
double standard...I mean--
like ah, the other night,
ya know ya-ya come home from
work venting about it in a not
so positive fashion an--
then you snap at me because it
was stressing me out.
[Mickey]: Yeah but that had
nothing to do with me ah--
I walked in you were already in
a bad place you were in ya head
you were being negative.
[Val]: Alright-but I mean
tha-that's besides the point,
you know, it's not like you
yourself were--
talking about the--
tales of--
of happiness--
and joy that you get from the
two jobs that you adore with all
your heart--
[Val]: Mickey? Is-is that why
you're not doing your
photography, like ye--
you're just--
you're scared of--
of inconsistency?
[text alert]
Hey I know you don't want to
hear from me right now--
but you forgot some stuff--
just got home and I'm a bit
but you can get it whenever.
[puts phone down]
[cars pass]
[somber long tonal
[exhales loses breath]
[slow inhale]
[slow exhale]
[inhales and exhales]
[faster inhale and exhale]
[opens car door]
[door closes]
[long synth instrumentals
[cold nostalgic and haunting
[phone ringing]
Cool man.
Yeah, i-I'm just a few blocks
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Alright buddy, well I'll see ya
in a bit okay?
Cool thanks man.
[cars pass]
[deep inhale]
[seat adjusting]
[seat belt fastens]
[belt locks]
[grabs glasses]
[key turns]
[engine starts]
[keys jingle]
[turn signal on]
[turn signal on]
[clicks off]
[engine accelerating]
["Window" by Twin Oaks, lyrics
unknown, soothing, nostalgic]
[light melodic, electronic rock]
[industrial,electronic tones]