Idlewild (2006) Movie Script

All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women
merely players.
They have their exits
and their entrances,
all with
a specific role to play.
Even at a funeral.
I was searching
for my role in life.
You get one shot.
Can't go back
and change anything.
Strange, all these people
showing up to see a dead guy.
Folks from small towns
are always up for a show.
Even at a funeral.
I know because I spent most
of my life in this very room.
Different faces, but always
the same characters.
Some full of regret,
feeling trapped,
in need of something
outside this small town.
That was the day
me and Rooster met.
It was the first time Rooster
had ever seen a real dead guy,
and the first time
I'd ever touched one.
Of course,
Rooster put me up to it.
It was
his Uncle Eddie's funeral.
He was like
a father to Rooster.
He was a classy gangster.
And so was his partner, Spats.
this was your uncle's.
Don't never lose it.
I won't.
How you doing? Are you ready?
We about to have a ball.
I'm your best friend.
They were
high rollers with fast cash...
Go on, take a whiff.
Don't be shy.
...and faster ladies.
And, man,
talk about the ladies.
Talk about the ladies.
Man, talk about the ladies.
See? Pink satin,
just like I told you.
You owe me five cents. Pay up.
Them some sexy drawers!
My father said
Rooster was trouble,
and didn't want me
playing with him
or anybody else,
for that matter.
I pretty much lived
my life inside,
except for the days
I visited my mother.
My Auntie Belle made me
keep up with my lessons.
Pay attention, Percival.
It's right in front of you.
B flat.
Hey, baby.
Stop! Police! Freeze!
Come and get me, copper.
Piano was my thing.
Rooster preferred
singing and gambling.
Praise Jesus. Today is
my lucky day, fellows.
Y'all owe me some money.
Pay up.
Collect my money,
if you know what I mean.
But my Auntie Belle
didn't approve.
Let's get out of here!
That didn't matter
much to Rooster.
He never listened
to anybody anyway.
Eventually, my father started preparing
me to take over the family business.
Thing is, make the deceased
look like they're at peace.
Go on. Go on. Go.
Not happy.
I learned my family business,
and Rooster learned his.
Seventy-five bottles
this month.
That's $48.
Seventy-five bottles
at 62 cents each is...
Boy's too smart
for his own britches.
Good looking out, man.
How the hell am I going to
make it to Biloxi by sundown?
I got an idea.
We can hide
the bottles in here.
Shit. Think he heard us?
I don't know.
Let's go check it out.
Come on.
He'll be awake by 8:00.
We were from two totally
different sides of the track,
with one common ground.
You got to get it
back by 8:00.
I'll have it back. I promise.
God don't make no mistakes.
Ain't nothing slick
to a can of oil.
The records got old.
So did me and Rooster.
All right,
now that's perfect. Okay, now.
Give me a big smile.
One, two...
One more time. And cheese.
That's perfect.
Man, Rooster.
You got a big family now.
Come on, Rooster, you can
smile better than that.
Ain't y'all pretty?
Man, take the picture.
One, two...
Rooster had to
take care of his family,
and I had to
take care of mine.
10:00 A.M. Damn shame.
One, two, three.
Ain't y'all finished yet?
By day, I helped my father
work in the mortuary.
Get that carnation right, now.
Yes, sir.
But by night,
Rooster got me a part-time gig
playing at a local juke joint
where he worked,
That's what we called the place,
but it was anything but that.
How y'all feeling tonight?
Depends on what you're doing.
I don't give a damn.
I'd be your bra right now!
She ain't nothing.
I've been away from home
To join the circus
Man, look at them
hams on that chippie!
Save me
one of them drinks, Taffy.
I'm going to the place
where the crowd gets down
Gets down
I know that there are lions,
tigers and bears
I'll be safe and sure to
call y'all when I get there
Yo, yo, fix me another drink.
Greatest show on earth
Ain't you had
enough to drink?
Shut up
while I'm singing.
Step right up, step right up.
Come one, come all.
What you want
What you need
What you need
Got some coke
Wanna drink?
Got some weed
All that shit
I've got it, yeah
I've got it
I got it
Rene, take your brother.
Well, hush.
I'm fed up
with this, Rooster.
And it's starting to take
a toll on me and the kids.
And we ain't just gonna sit at home while
you romp around every night in this...
Cover them ears.
Zora, for the last time, this
is a respectable business,
and I make good money. Now,
you know I got responsibilities.
That's bullshit.
When was the last time you
been to a real church, Rooster?
You can't even remember, huh?
It's been so long.
I got... You need the
Spirit in your life.
You need to start spending
some time with the kids.
Tell you what.
Why don't I take you shopping
in the morning?
You and the kids.
Would you like that?
I got $100 love over here.
I got $1,000 love.
Your name must be
Bob or David.
You got all that
fucking grease in your hair.
Why don't you
go wash your hair?
Yes, yes!
Greatest show on earth
Get your damn hands
off my bottle.
That is barbecue right there.
What the hell you looking at? I
wish you'd get that song right.
Always drunk.
I should set her ass on fire.
Girl, now what you mad at?
You did good.
That's Monk.
He works backstage,
but no one knows what he does
besides borrow money.
Taffy, you sho' nuff gorgeous.
Love the hair.
Loan me a nickel note, dime
note, two cents, whatever.
Go on, Monk. You still
owe me from last week.
You better pay me.
And that's Ace.
Ace owns Church.
He liked to be
called Sunshine Ace,
but most folks
just called him Ace.
Goddamn Rooster!
Unless they wanted something.
Sunshine Ace! Just the
man I'm looking for.
Listen to me,
you son of a big jackass,
you ain't gonna get nothing
from me but the what for.
The what for?
Yeah, when I put my foot in your ass,
you gonna say, "What for? What for?"
Now move. You're $85 in the
hole! Come on, Sawed-Off.
Rooster! Rooster!
Come on, man.
Man, I hope they don't
start throwing bottles again.
Holy moly!
Rooster's late again.
Y'all jackasses,
play something quick.
Like what?
He ain't even here yet, man.
I don't care what you play.
All I know is I got
a house full of angry people,
and ain't none of these niggers
getting their money back.
All right, Baby Blue,
you're on, man.
One, two, three, four.
Suddenly, I was
forced into the hot seat.
I hated the spotlight.
It always gave me the jitters.
owe us something.
Now I done
paid my damn money!
I told you
to bring the good songs.
You better come
harder than that, sweetie!
This ain't no mortuary!
Keep your hand
on the keys, man.
y'all gonna throw up.
Look at the keys.
Jackass gonna get my club
torn to pieces.
Hi, daddy.
y'all be good tonight.
Mind your mother. You want
to go shopping tomorrow?
Yes. Okay. Go on and give me a kiss.
Bye, Daddy.
Bye, Daddy.
Love you.
How's my tie?
I'll see you in the morning.
I'll be glad when the police come
and bust this place up, Rooster.
And don't you come calling me
to bail you out.
Girl, bye.
Here comes the family man.
Shit. Family man?
More like bow tie pimp.
Late again, as usual.
Oh, hell, man.
He's going to throw up again?
I'm in here!
No, oh, man. No.
Watch out, ladies.
He gonna blow.
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
give it up for
the amazing Rooster.
Evening, ladies.
Sho' nuff looking right tonight. Thanks.
Just gotta do one thing.
What's that, baby?
Don't show so much so soon.
You got to give a man
something to dream about.
That's right.
Okay, Rooster.
Okay, my ass.
Bye, daddy.
Ain't he fine?
Riding so smooth, baby.
I'm as smooth as
a baby's bottom is.
No, he didn't.
That's disgusting.
Thanks for holding it
down for me, boy.
No problem.
In the groove.
Too smooth.
Don't you mess with me.
Crocodile on my feet
Fox fur on my back
Bow tie round my neck
That's why they call me the
gangsta mack in the Cadillac
Nasty Noompsy Nightingale
Fresh in that tuxedo
Cummerbund with no suspenders
My torpedo, your libido
Need to chat Chip, chop
it up, shoot the breeze
I'm your R-O-L-A-I-D-S
Release the squeeze
or release the keys
To the shackles on her wrist
She can tackle some of this
Smack on smack
on some of this, Dick Tracy
Arrest her, book her,
fingerprint your hooker
You took her to the club and
now her body's full of liquor
Off that butterscotch schnapps
and Baileys Irish Cream
She's a damsel in distress
Impressed with stylish things
What you mean? Chip, chop
it up, shoot the breeze
In the parking lot we primp
Crooked booty
to the scene where we...
Crocodile on my feet
Fox fur on my back
Bow tie round my neck
That's why they call me
the gangsta mack
In the Cadillac, yeah
Oh, Lord,
how could it be so hard
To put on a pair of panties Much
less a pair of jeans or the leotards
I got to start
by complimenting you
on your physique
On your physique
You unique, you best believe
I'm gonna skeet once I speak
Spoke, spit, spatter, spat
and I macked her just like that
But it'd take
years of perseverance
and experience to get that cat
So why don't I chase this
Hennessy down with some of that?
On your back, like a cheerleader
missing the final stack
As we strut,
skip the line
through the glass
window glance
We look fine, right on time
As we step in the place
The nursery's crunk,
we've come to play
Oh, everybody's watching
'Cause them furs
just hit the dirt
While them gators creeping
Crawling oh-so-wicked
across that floor
To the VIP where we proceed
to give you what you need
Throw your hands up
if you feel me
Go, daddy!
'Cause you're well-designed
Bow tie!
Like the finest wine
Bow tie!
Feel good to be fly
Bow tie!
So don't you ask me why
Bow tie!
I got the ladies in line
Bow tie!
Come on over here.
Welcome to the Church.
So raise your hands to the sky
Come on, pull up a chair. Just in
time to see your boy do his thing.
Got my eye on business
Don't jive with me,
jive with me
Got my eye on business
Don't jive with me,
jive with me, sucker
Got my eye on business
Don't jive with me,
jive with me
Got my eye on business
Don't jive with me,
jive with me, sucker
Got my eye on business
Don't jive with me,
jive with me
Got my eye on business
Don't jive with me,
jive with me, sucker
Rooster! Rooster! Rooster!
Hey, boy.
Good show there, Rooster.
Glad you liked it.
Rooster, y'all cut a
fool tonight! Damn, girl.
You almost got
my goddamn place torn up!
Hey, Rose. Gorgeous dress.
Thanks for noticing, sweetie.
Why don't you go chase a couple of
drinks while me and the boys chew the fat?
Sure, daddy.
Anything for you, Rooster.
Taste like chitlins.
Looking dapper as ever.
How you been, Spats?
Never bad, son. Never bad.
Got you a little present.
And I appreciate this already.
Hey, Trumpy!
I guess they let anybody
into the Church.
Oh, you taught him
how to speak.
Nice. But the name
is Sunshine Ace, nigger.
Business look good.
I'm impressed.
We got the prettiest girls
for more than 100 square miles.
We're selling more hot sauce than
anybody this side of the Mason-Dixon.
Ain't that right, sweetheart?
It's been like that for the
past three months, every night.
This shit here
sells like canned pussy.
I bet you thought I was gonna
say "hotcakes," didn't you?
Bravo, bravo!
Baby Blue,
you have done it again.
Monk, not right now.
You scared
all the women away from me.
Honey Bun and China!
Don't you know I've been working
on them two broads for three weeks,
and you go and heave right in front
of them, and blew the whole night.
"I don't know, Monk.
He kind of strange. "
"No, girls,
you got him all wrong.
"He's a little incentric.
You're a sad case, man.
Maybe you right.
The word is "eccentric. "
I know the word.
What make you think I want
any of one of these floozies?
Don't you want
somebody worth having?
Ain't nobody talking
about getting hitched!
I just wanna have
a good time.
I know one thing
for sure, Percy.
Better get on
one of these old girls,
'cause nothing will
just drop out the sky!
Damn fool.
Two. Three.
That's what I'm talking about.
Good gracious.
Lord, Lord, Lord.
would you look at that there?
Have you ever...
Good Lord God almighty.
You look like the man
I'm here to see.
No, I'm sorry, ma'am,
I'm just a piano player.
Well, listen, piano player, I just traveled
19 hours from Saint Louis in a coach seat,
and Angel Davenport
don't ride coach.
Angel Davenport?
The Angel Davenport?
In the flesh, honey.
May I make your acquaintance?
Monk S. Dubois.
The "S" stands for Sherman.
What brings you
to town, Spats?
I wanted you both
to hear it from me.
I'm getting out the business.
Come on, man.
What's the play, man?
This ain't no play, Ace.
I'm tired.
If I don't get out now,
I never will.
Business is doing so good
I can retire, give everybody
a piece of the rock.
For the right price.
Good Lord, girl,
you finer than all outdoors!
Shit, girl, you a star!
Of course, we weren't
expecting you till next week.
Well, my show in Saint Louis
finally came to an end.
Three months of back-to-back shows
in that city would wear anybody out.
Now I told my agent, Nathan,
I needed a change of scenery.
He said, "Why not head on
down to Idlewild early?"
Thought I'd come and see what the big
fuss in Idlewild, Georgia, is all about.
I must admit,
so far I'm not impressed.
Twenty-five thousand?
Plus the $1,250 you owe me
from the last shipment.
That's a heavy load, Spats.
Twenty-five large buy you
a direct line to my supplier
and my entire clientele.
Now if I can't
find me a buyer,
then I gotta turn my operation
over to someone I can trust,
in which case,
I become a stockholder
and collect my dividends.
You always been good
with numbers, Rooster.
How about it?
Know what?
Maybe you right, Spats.
I am good with numbers.
I'm going to mull that over.
Like hell you will!
I've got your 25 large.
And I got a big plan that's going to
bring more people in here than ever.
So, if you allow me, I'd
like to make a toast to you.
To fast women, fast money,
and new beginnings.
The hell with that.
To 25 large.
Where is this
Mr. Sunshine Ace?
He sent me a coach ticket. That
was not part of our agreement.
A lady has standards
to maintain, you know.
Well, I'm sure that it... It
says right here in the telegram,
"First class. "
Don't say nothing about
no coach. What does it say?
First class.
That's right. First class.
Right there in bold writing.
So how the hell
did I get coach?
Well, look at
Miss Goody Two-Shoes.
She look better in the
pictures, if you ask me.
Excuse me.
Do I know you?
Hell, no. But if you
fix yourself up a little...
Miss Angel Davenport. Lord.
Don't try it, man.
I just traveled 19 hours
on a stinking train
from Saint Louis
in a lousy coach seat.
I deeply regret that.
Some jackass
didn't follow my orders.
I did exactly what you...
But now that you're here, Sunshine
Ace will take real good care of you.
Just as soon as we take care
of the legal paperwork.
Now I just so happen
to have your contract.
Now, never mind
all this fine print.
Them just the details. Sign
by the "X." Give me a pen.
Here. Right there.
Now that the legal stuff is out the
way, you can have anything you want.
Anything. Just you name it.
White carnations. White
carnations. You heard the lady.
Got you.
And my own dressing room.
And her own dressing room.
Taffy, come here. The rest of
you niggers, get back to work.
Come on, Sawed-Off.
Follow me,
Miss Davenport.
Look at this shit.
I don't even like you, girl.
Get your ass up out of here!
You know,
we can do this another time.
Get your stinky ass up out of
here. You too. What... No, stop!
You didn't even want to loan me
no money? Get your ass out, too.
What the hell is this?
I'm sorry, just... Right
after you, Miss Davenport.
Thank you, Monk.
You welcome.
Bye, Monk.
Oh, Rooster.
Baby, why you make me
act so bad?
Who, me?
Yes, you.
You bad boy.
Guess I kind of inherited it
from my Uncle Eddie.
Got a weakness for fine women
such as yourself.
And that perfume
don't help, either.
One second. One second.
Bad boy.
Let's head over to the garage.
Hey, Ace. Excuse me,
man. I want to... What?
I want to talk to you
about the piano.
Some of the notes
are still sticking and I...
Don't you touch
that damn piano.
That piano is
a bona fide antique.
Jelly Roll Morton brought the
house down with that piano!
If it's good enough
for Jelly Roll,
it's good enough for a
mortician nigger like yourself.
It just needs a little tuning. I mean,
I hit a couple of bad notes, but...
Let me tell you something.
The only reason
why you even here,
because Rooster said, "Please,
"please let my mortician friend
come play the piano at your club. "
That's the only reason
why you here.
Watch your conduct, nigger!
I still got girls.
Bye, Percy.
Never heard of
this one before.
No one has.
So you play piano
and write songs.
Yeah, I play a little bit,
just to pass the time.
That's a creepy car.
Yeah, I wouldn't want to be
caught dead in that one.
That's funny.
You're cute, piano player.
Thank you.
You got a name?
Percival Jenkins.
Well, see you around,
Percival Jenkins.
Hey, Percival. Why don't you take
that phony broad back to the mortuary?
Maybe you'll get you some!
Let me ask you something.
Oh, baby.
Why are
all the good ones taken?
Shit! Goddamn!
The big man. Here, take this
out of here. What he doing here?
Where you going?
Get my panties.
Watch yourself, Spats.
Yeah, yeah. Come on, man.
Get my panties.
You know, I got big plans shaking
from out them trees out there.
That's the only way today's Negro
going to make it in today's society.
It's like something
my mama used to tell me,
well, not my birth mama,
but the lady that raised me.
Bitch, what you doing in here?
I just wanted to
finish up the receipts,
so me and you could spend some
quality time together tonight, daddy.
Right. Right.
I'll tell you what. You go
upstairs, keep the bed warm for me.
Take this with you.
I didn't know
you was gonna bring company.
See you later, fellows.
Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord.
Pussy and money.
If God created anything
better, he kept it to himself.
I've been waiting
on this day, Spats.
I've been dreaming about it.
I didn't know
it was gonna come so soon,
but I ain't about to
let you talk me out of it.
A big man's got to
have big plans.
And this is my big plan.
In a year's time, I can run
for mayor of this goddamn town.
Hell, I just might.
The way I see things,
you work for me now.
You get your
greasy-ass hands off of me.
Relax, son.
He ain't mean nothing by it.
I'm not going to
tell you again.
Say, slick,
what's your fucking problem?
You talking to Sunshine Ace. Watch
your conduct around me, nigger.
Nigger, I don't
give a damn who you are.
I would never work for some stinking,
fat, whore-loving trick like you.
Now, get the fuck...
Spats. Spats.
You know I'm not trying to
disrespect your business, Spats,
and I don't believe in violence,
but I will cut this motherfucker!
Watch your conduct!
Put it away, Trumpy.
Put it away, Trumpy.
You, too, Ace.
No, don't worry, Spats.
Sunshine Ace ain't
cutting nobody today.
Trembling like a little bitch.
I told you to put it away,
Trumpy. We're here on business.
Son, you beginning
to forget your place.
Spats, come get
this half-breed.
Do you hear me, Trumpy?
Yeah, I hear you.
Nigger, you crazy.
And the problem is, I've heard
you loud and clear for six years.
Six long years I've been out
there busting my goddamn conk
for you to keep
your hands clean. And why?
So a piece of shit
like this can get rich?
Put the damn gun down now,
What? This slimy pig
mean something to you?
You really are senile, old
man. You're talking to Spats.
Boy, you about to
get your ass whipped.
You done lost your natural
mind. That's right, Spats.
No, it's quite the
opposite, sir. That's right.
You see, I've watched you
for a long time, Spats.
And you taught me
that when opportunity knocks,
you said
the smart man answers.
Spats! Spats!
See, that was some
really good advice.
Trumpy. Hey, what was
that that you told me?
Trumpy. No, Trumpy.
What was it? Was it, like,
I'm gonna put
the knife down, Trumpy.
Will you shut the fuck up for
a second? I'm trying to think.
Never... I'm going to put
the knife down, Trumpy.
I got it. Never bring a
knife to a gunfight, mother...
A fool and his money...
So this your big plan, huh?
Angel Davenport? A singer?
Hey, fat man,
where is the money?
Let's see.
Fuck you, Trumpy.
The fear of clocks
The fear of time
How's the cost of living?
Ain't got much time left
I've got to funk you now
I take what I've been given
Ain't got much time left
I've got to funk you now
Pastor say, "Be strong"
Ain't got much time left
I've got to funk you now
I ain't got time
Leave me alone
Ain't got much time left
I've got to funk you now
Y'all know
what I'm talking about
No! Go on. Going on, now.
What you hitting me for?
You ain't got no business being
out all hours of the night.
That's the devil's hour.
Here we go. Zora, don't start.
I had a rough night
last night.
Know what? It's Saturday.
Remember you said you was gonna
take me and the kids downtown?
That's just what you gonna do.
Now get your lying, cheating
ass up out this bed. Come on!
Give me the damn cover.
I ain't going nowhere.
Looks like it was over money.
That was nice, wasn't it?
Come on. Come on, now.
Look at all them
pretty ladies right there.
You ain't
off the hook yet.
Let me help you
with that, my friend.
What you doing here, Trumpy?
Driving by. Noticed you was out
doing the little family thing.
Thought it'd be rude if I
didn't stop by and say hello.
What do you want with me?
Last night, old man Spats and
Ace got into a little scuffle.
See, the way I figure, you are
naturally next in line to run Church,
seeing as how you was
Ace's flunky and all.
And since you naturally inherit the
club, you also naturally inherit its debt.
Well, Ace was a month
behind in paying Spats.
So you now owe me
Now who told you
you was in charge?
Who's going to
tell me I'm not?
I mean, you're a smart man.
You got a lot to lose.
Afternoon, Zora.
Mighty nice hat.
Here's $150.
That's all I got.
$1,100 short.
And, by the way, the price of
hooch just went up to $2 a bottle.
Two dollars a bottle?
That's double the price.
Ain't you heard? I mean,
times are hard everywhere.
Yeah, well,
I ain't coming on that tab.
You know, funny thing.
Settle down.
I tripped over these
last night.
Seen Rose lately?
Don't get any bright ideas.
What was that
all about?
Spats got
gunned down last night.
Him, Ace,
both of them stretched out.
Oh, my God.
What you gonna do?
Pull over right here.
I need to
take care of something.
Rooster, wait.
Do you remember how it used to
be in the beginning, me and you?
Before we was married.
When you took me out
to that peach orchard?
We said we was gonna get us
our own orchard one day.
Grow us some peaches.
Raise us some kids.
And look at you.
You're so smart.
You could make
a business doing anything.
We could get out
of town right now.
Take our babies and start
over and start it right.
Zora, I just need
for you to trust me.
Just until I sort things out.
That's all.
Be careful.
Everything will be okay.
Percival. Percival.
Percival, will you stop banging
on that piano and get down here?
Percival. Percival.
We got two bodies down here.
Busy day. Come on.
Put him over there.
Afternoon, fellows.
Mr. Fat Man.
Finally got
stretched out, huh?
They got you good.
They weren't playing,
were they?
But it serves you well.
You shouldn't have been trying to
put me on the spot and embarrass me.
I am that mortician nigger.
But you know what that means?
That means that
before you leave this place,
you have to come see me.
So now who's the jackass?
Man, I ought to wash
your mouth out with soap.
Does your mother know
you talk like that?
I didn't think so.
Guess it don't matter
too much now.
But you can tell me
how in the hell
am I going to get
your fat ass in this casket?
You think this is play time?
No, sir.
You gotta learn to have
more respect for the dead.
Take your job more seriously.
Where's your pride?
Your pride is in your work.
I apologize.
I don't want your apologies.
Just do your job.
Now get this man cleaned up.
And stop playing.
Business is business.
Hey, hey, Rose.
It's me, Rooster.
I see who you is.
What you doing here, man?
Put the goddamn
frying pan down.
I ain't putting shit down
till you tell me why you here.
Is you trying to kill me,
Hell, no.
Now put the goddamn
frying pan down.
It's me. It's Rooster, baby.
Hi, piano player.
So you really do work
with dead people.
Now that would
give me the creeps.
You get used to it after a
while. Doesn't bother me naught.
What are you doing here?
Well, I'm doing
a little investigating.
There's a rumor that Sunshine
Ace got stretched out last night.
Guess you heard, huh?
What you look at me
like that for?
I ain't buying nobody's horseshit
story they shot each other.
Since I'm the only one that can
pin Trumpy to that damn garage,
it ain't going to be too long
before he after me.
So I'm getting out of here, and there
ain't nothing you can do to stop me.
I ain't come to stop you.
I came to say goodbye.
Damn, Rooster. As soon as I get myself
caught in the middle of some shit,
you just gonna up
and leave me like that?
It's gotta be different now.
Oh, now
it's gotta be different.
You know
it's gotta be different.
Just my luck.
So is he here?
Okay, okay. Cover him up.
Just my luck.
Dead as a doorknob.
Now what am I going to do?
I'm stuck in this cow town and it's gonna
cost me $107 for a ticket out of here.
You owe me $107, fat man!
Did you check his pocket?
Oh, I know you ain't gonna skip
out without paying my goddamn rent.
Don't talk that jive to him,
you old battle-ax.
Rose, I'm really sorry
about everything.
Don't you say that to me.
Don't you ever
say that to me.
Well, hey, maybe
you should talk to Rooster.
I think he's going to be
running the club from now on,
and he may have
something for you.
Thanks for your help.
I'll see you around,
Well, well.
What happened?
I followed Rooster
over to this
spot over there on...
Come on.
Come on, Sonny. Spit it out.
...Baker Street.
It was Rose's place.
Rose's place.
See, I told you that fool was
going to lead us right to her.
He sure did, Trumpy.
And then she got into
a cab
with all kind of...
Come on. Spit it out.
... luggage and shit.
Where the hell did she go?
I don't know where she went.
But I followed Rooster
back here.
You must have
a peanut for a brain.
I specifically remember
telling you to follow Rose.
Follow Rose.
I ain't need you to follow
Rooster. Not Rooster.
What am I going
to do with you?
Let me see your gun, Sonny.
Come on, Sonny.
Give him the gun.
Thank you.
Spats once told me.
He said in every relationship,
the person least interested in maintaining
the relationship is going to dominate,
because they won't compromise.
See, Sonny.
No compromise.
In this relationship
right here,
I can't afford to compromise.
Now take it like a man.
Stand still.
Take it like a man, Sonny.
Come on.
Pissed him off now.
All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women
merely players.
They have their exits
and their entrances,
all with
a specific role to play.
Even at a funeral.
Sometimes in a show, a lead
actor's contract expires.
When that happens, an understudy
has to step in and perform,
whether he's ready or not.
Sorry about what happened
with Spats, man.
Sure going to miss him.
Yeah, me, too.
Now I got to run the club,
pay everybody
and sing on top of that.
You'll figure it out.
You always do.
I don't know.
If I don't get killed first,
Zora gonna leave me
for real this time.
She always says that.
You know
she ain't going nowhere.
Trumpy raising
the price of hooch.
He's sucking up
all the profit.
I ain't making a dime.
No, it's all right.
What if you go around Trumpy?
Like you always tell me,
can't find a way, make one.
I need a favor.
I need to borrow the hearse.
Bring it back by 8:00.
God don't make no mistakes.
You ain't said nothing
slick to a can of oil.
Meet you at the house.
Ain't life a bitch?
How you holding up, Rooster?
Never bad, never bad.
That's what Spats used to say.
I can float you for a while,
but you're gonna have to pay me.
And you gonna
have to keep this quiet.
Somebody done told you wrong
Thought I was gonna lay it off
like that there, huh?
If Trumpy get wind of it...
Trumpy ain't gonna hear about this.
Just give me a little time.
Too motherfucking hot
I'm motherfucking cool
Give me a bad word
Okay, I started out alone
'Cause my baby mama left me
Now there's nobody at home
Beginning to feel like
Ms. Jackson done got cloned
Well, it's some real shit and
I'm living it through this song
A moving vehicle
took my family
As I slept out on the sofa
in the Boom Boom Room
I woke up very upset
I throw the covers back and
peek out through the draperies
My daughter, my baby,
my baby mama all escaping me
Like a candle in the wind,
she was my friend
She was my passion, never lied
Therefore we tried
and tried again
But in the end you pay
attention to the pluses
But the minuses behind it
make it seem like you can't win
Throw your neck out,
throw your back out
Oh, hell, no!
All right, I told you not to
do that to... Give me a sec.
What you doing, Cap?
You got one more time, Cap.
One more time.
Throw your back out
Round two, a single parent,
what is Big to do?
Throw a party? Not hardly I'm
trying to stay up out of that womb
Or that P-U-S-S uss, I say uss
Luther Vandross couldn't make a home
out of this house that we smooshed
Smashed, pushed to the limit
Smash and turned it timid
And everyone was suffering,
the house was feeling wicked
What is this, the break room? Get
y'all ass back out there on stage!
I'm sorry.
Oh, God.
Now let's fight for it
You build it up to break it
down and take it from the start
Repeatedly leading a path
that only ends in the clash
Of two stubborn minds,
grown folks blind to the sign
Throw your neck out
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I will cut your ass.
I will cut your ass.
Wait now, wait now.
Come on, brother.
Put that chair down, brother.
Put that down, now. Come on,
look. Okay, work this out. Okay?
Throw your neck out,
throw your back out
Why not come here
and do your job, too?
Man, I got this. You
owe me $74... Oh, damn.
Throw your back out,
throw your back out
KO, knocked out
by technicality
The love has kissed the canvas
Now the whole family
gets mad at me
My daughter don't want me
at her PTA meetings
And then my son, he can't talk,
when I change him he's peeing
I think he's pissed
I can't dismiss the matter of the
fact because he saw me and you argue
Now the energy is coming back
Set an example, a positive
pattern, keep life on track
But I'm married to the music and
committed to the wax, taste and tea
Baby, please,
you make me wanna scream
You're on the team starting first
string so why are we arguing?
Wax, taste and tea
Baby, please
How you gonna leave me without
paying me my goddamn money?
Get him! You cheap
son of a bitch! Get him!
Get him!
Get back here.
Get him, Rooster!
Throw your neck out,
throw your back out
Throw your neck out,
throw your back out
Throw your neck out,
throw your back out
Throw your neck out,
throw your back out
Taste and tea Baby, please,
you make me wanna scream
You're on my team starting first
string so why are we arguing?
Party up in here!
Stirring it up!
Ladies and gentlemen, Rooster!
What's the line?
What's the line?
What's the line, Sonny?
You get to lose.
Put it on the line,
you stuttering son of a bitch.
Get up.
Fuck you.
Oh, my, my.
God damn.
Give me my damn money.
You took all my money,
you stuttering idiot.
Give me my damn money.
Monkey mouth!
Hey, Roo,
you don't look so good.
Oh, you came here
to tell me that?
Well... No, I came here
to borrow some bread.
You know, I owe Ace $85,
but now that he's dead,
my debt is clear. Yeah!
Boy, I feel so good he gone.
Excuse me, but I'm free.
I'm free, baby. I know it.
Your debt ain't clear.
It says so right in the books.
$85. It's right here in the book.
You got one week to pay up.
Let me see.
Man, get off my desk.
'Cause I want my money
and the money you owe Ace.
I won't forget it.
Me, I will not forget. Where
you going with that hooch?
Give me a second.
I'll be right back.
Oh, I don't see a problem.
Well, why don't you
buy me a drink first?
The answer's no,
so don't waste your breath.
Excuse me.
May I have a word with you?
Thank you.
As you may or may not know,
Ace and I had a contract.
And if you take a close look
at this contract,
you are obliged to provide me one first
class ticket to my next destination
which is Saint Louis,
And seeing as how you're now the
manager of this establishment,
the responsibility of honoring
this contract falls upon you.
You know, it don't make no
difference if Ace is dead or not.
Says so right there in the
fine print. Let me see that.
I'll have you know that's a legally-binding
obligation signed by both parties.
You know what?
You're right.
It obliges you to sing.
And it's your first week.
You still want me to sing?
You ain't got no choice. It
says so right here at the top.
"Club owner hereby engages artist
for a period of four weeks. "
In fine print.
As you pointed out, this is
a legally-binding obligation.
Yeah. Well, of course, it'll
take me a little while to prepare.
Don't worry about that.
You on tomorrow night, sugar.
Tomorrow night, you on.
9:00 sharp.
Why, I need at least a week
to get my band together.
Oh, sugar, you look so good.
Rooster, please, have a heart.
I'm not ready.
Come on. Don't be late.
Money in the bank.
No, no, no. I asked you,
is GW actually connected to
Capone's people out of Chicago?
It would appear so.
This music is killing me, man.
Hey, Percy, Jr. Percy, Jr.
What's that you playing?
Working on something new.
Sound like some bullshit.
I mean, you really think the
audience is gonna appreciate that?
Well, Rooster said that I could
play whatever I wanted to play, so...
No, no. Never mind anything
that Rooster say. Rooster
said, Rooster said.
You need to play stuff I like,
okay? Well, what do you like?
I don't like that.
Excuse me.
Nobody likes that.
Can the artists get
a little space around here?
Much better.
Thank you.
My apologies, maestro.
Hi, Angel.
Hey, Percival.
What's up?
I'm on tomorrow.
Oh, that's great.
I haven't rehearsed. I don't
even know these musicians.
It's all right. I'll help you.
I have a great song for you.
I think it fits you perfect.
Check it out.
I don't have a title just yet,
but I think it fits.
Check it out. Here we go.
I've been cool, moving cool
You got it.
Moving cool, moving cool
Hey, hey
I can make a stone-cold
blind man see my way
But when I'm around you
you don't have much to say
You don't have much to say
That's right.
La, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la
What's wrong?
You know, Percival,
you got real talent.
I don't know why you want to waste it
in a silly little town like Idlewild.
Don't you want to see
the bright lights?
I mean, there's a whole
movement going on in Harlem,
and you're down here
watching the seasons pass by.
I'm waiting on a telegram
from Chicago as we speak.
Then I'm gonna hop on over
to New York City.
Honey, I am going
to travel the world!
What about you, huh?
What are you doing working
in a stiff place like this?
That, that's my aunt.
And this is Uncle George.
Who's she?
It's my mother.
She's beautiful.
She was so young.
She was a singer.
Died when I was four.
My father dressed her
for the funeral.
Took him nearly 14 hours
on hair and makeup alone.
Flew in polish from
Saint Louis for her nails.
Spent everything he had
on her dress and her coffin.
So how would I look
laid out on the table, huh?
Come on, tell me.
I don't know.
you wouldn't take much.
You're beautiful.
You really think so?
About the most beautiful thing
I've seen in Idlewild.
But then you're not
from Idlewild.
What did I tell you about
bringing strangers into this house?
This is my house!
Give me that book.
Give it to me.
I was just trying
to show her...
I don't give a damn
what you were trying.
You keep that behavior
down at that club!
Mr. Jenkins,
I think you should just...
Now you take this floozy
out of here right now.
Get her out!
Now! Get her out!
Well, I think I'll be going.
Excuse me.
What is wrong with you,
And you bring her in here?
I'll see you tonight,
9:00 sharp.
All right.
Come on, girl. You're late!
I'm sick.
Sick? Sick, my ass.
Get off the phone.
Hey, I'll talk to her.
Man, she need to come on...
Let me handle it. I'll talk to
her. Need to get her out here now.
Angel, open up. It's me.
Angel, what the hell is going on? Angel?
I'll come in there. We got
a contract. Remember that.
Hi. Nathan, you tell those people
I'm not stepping
a goddamn foot on that stage
until they give me
my goddamn white carnations!
Miss Davenport?
Yes, of course, Angel.
These people sent you
a ticket, coach class.
Coach? A lady has
standards to maintain.
I've been working too hard
to start backpedaling now.
So you get it right,
okay, Nathan?
Yes, Angel.
Get it right.
Excuse me, Miss Davenport?
And who are you, missy?
Well, I'm...
Speak up.
Miss Davenport? Hurry up,
child. I ain't got time.
I just came to tell you
I am such a big fan of yours.
See, I'm actually a...
Oh, Nathan, didn't I tell you to
keep this riffraff away from me?
Yes, Angel.
Now you do it right now.
Get this heifer out of here,
or I'm gonna kick your fat ass.
Right now!
I'm not that fat.
Get your ass out of here
before you get me fired.
Yes, sir.
Coming, Angel.
I'm actually a singer myself.
They want their money back.
Open up, it's me.
I ain't giving shit back.
It's open.
Man, get your girl out.
Come on,
you're going to be great.
Look, Percival,
I'm not great.
There's something I
need to tell you. Listen.
I'm not, I'm not.
The first time I saw you, you
came in here and lit up this joint.
Just like you're gonna do
on that stage tonight.
Come on.
You can do it.
Come on, now.
Let's hear it, baby doll!
Come on, sing, girl. Look out,
she's scared! You're scared!
That ain't no singing.
You flat! You flat, girl!
Cool, moving cool
Moving cool,
moving cool
That dress is too sparkly!
Boo! Get off the stage, girl!
They don't care
if you cry.
Go back to Saint Louis!
Man, she is killing me
right now.
You ain't never lie. She
killing you, Boss. Killing you.
That ain't gonna
work down here in Idlewild!
So far I'm not impressed!
Angel, don't look at them.
Look at me.
Never mind them.
It's just me and you.
Nobody else.
Sing to me.
And one, two, three.
Not again. Come on.
Here she go again.
Here she go.
Cool, moving cool
we got to hear this again?
She's trying to sing.
Cool, moving cool
Moving cool
Moving cool
Moving cool
Oh, yeah
How many times you going
to say "moving cool"?
Hey, hey
All right now.
I can make a stone-cold
blind man see my way
But when I'm around you
But when I'm around you
You don't have much to say
You don't have much to say
Come on, now.
La, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
'Cause baby I am
I am
The opening act
The opening act
The headliner
The headliner
The after party
After party
I am
All that you'll ever need
I laugh about how everybody
sees what I am but you
I thought you would be brave
enough to taste my bitch's brew
I thought I was
dealing with a man
But you're a boy
You're a boy, you're a boy
I can give you everything
you want I can't be your toy
Come on, now.
Oh, no. I am
Now that's what
I'm talking about.
Go, Angel!
After party
I am
I am
Yes, yes.
the headliner
After party
I'm all you'll ever need
Baby, I am
The opening act
The headliner
The after party
After party
'Cause baby I am
Oh, shit, man. Go buy you a piece
tonight. Keep on singing, girl.
After party
After party
I'm all you'll ever need
And some change.
I'm feeling generous.
That's a whole lot of profit.
Especially seeing you haven't
purchased that much hooch.
At least from me, you haven't.
The deal was $1,250.
Plus twenty-five large.
Twenty-five large?
You trying to pinch me?
Pinch you?
If you recollect, on the night
of their unfortunate demise,
old man Spats
had a deal with Ace
for twenty-five large. That
was Ace's deal. I'm square.
You're square
when I say you square.
And so far I haven't
said so, have I?
Look, you inherit the club,
you also inherit its debt.
I guess we have to
see about that.
Won't we?
Sally B. Shelly?
You know her?
Anybody heard of
Sally B. Shelly?
you heard of Sally B. Shelly?
That's nice. Ladies, you
heard of Sally B. Shelly?
Anybody heard of
Sally B. Shelly?
You heard of Sally B. Shelly?
Ain't no damn Shelly in here.
Never mind.
You heard of Sally B. Shelly?
Nobody heard of Sally B.
Shelly? Anybody heard of her?
Monk, Monk.
Yes, Angel.
Who you looking for?
I have a telegram here for Sally
B. Shelly. I'll get it to her.
Thank you, Monk.
Thank you, Miss Davenport.
Now what am I supposed to
do now? What we gonna do now?
Okay, unscrew the flask.
Yep, yep, just like that.
Okay, okay, now turn it up.
Just like that.
Let's drink
and we gonna party.
Thanks a lot.
See, you feel better already.
Now, I'm your boy...
Ow! Now, come on, now.
Please, I take care of you.
Percival, I got it. I got it.
I got it.
What? What?
The job in Chicago.
They want me in Chicago.
Oh, that's great.
Well, they want me to leave in
two days, and I got so much to do.
I gotta pack, I gotta
get my music together.
You're happy for me, right?
Of course.
Well, we gotta celebrate.
Well, it's getting late.
I think I better get home.
You trying to leave here
without us?
I'm tired.
Here comes our Rooster,
Trumpy, just like you said.
Got to go this way.
Got to go this way.
I want that...
It's square, right?
Then give me a sample first.
I wanna kill that snake.
Keep your ass
away from my husband.
I can take it
from here, ladies.
Y'all done
a good deed tonight
and the Lord sho' nuff gonna
bless you in due time.
Now excuse me
while I tend to my wife.
How the hell I keep
getting myself into this?
There goes my ticket
out of here.
Zora, I know. But it
ain't what it look like.
You must think
I'm some kind of damn fool.
Well, I'm fed up.
I know that.
I've half a mind to come over there
and smash her right in the face.
Come on, girl,
let's go.
You got any reefers on you? Girl...
I know so, heifer.
What you need... Did
you see his hand come up?
Hey, Percival.
Hey, Angel.
Huh? Wow.
I didn't realize
it was getting so late.
I'm glad you came.
You got a lot of records. Yeah, I've
been collecting since I was eight.
Rooster got me started.
I love this one.
Cab Cal?
That's one of my favorites.
That is one hep cat.
Hair always fried.
Wearing the sharpest vines
in the city.
One day he's gonna come to
Idlewild, and I'm gonna play for him.
You knew.
You knew all along,
didn't you?
You must think I'm some kind
of fool, huh? No, no. No.
That's great. Angel, you got
it all wrong. I can explain.
Zora, wait!
I was gonna have that cleaned.
I can explain!
I'm listening.
Okay, it's hard to explain.
I know we've been
through a lot.
And I ain't perfect, but I
swear to you, I'm a changed man.
You asked me
to trust you, Rooster.
And that's exactly what I did.
And look at
what I got in return.
I can't do this no more.
It's time for me to start
thinking about me and the kids.
You keep messing around at that club,
and you're gonna get yourself laid out.
And we don't want
to be around to see that.
Y'all say goodbye
to your daddy.
I don't want to go, Daddy.
Eula Mae, y'all go on
with your mama.
You'll be all right.
Come on, babe.
Come on.
So where y'all going?
Over to my mama's.
I'll just meet y'all
over there when I get settled.
Well, I pray they don't
send you over in a box.
Take care, Rooster.
Bye, Daddy.
Zora, no need to be like that.
Come on, now, we got a little baby.
Just had a baby.
Come on, Zora.
How am I supposed
to get to work?
I didn't think
she'd miss anything.
Train tickets and a telegram
were lying on the floor.
So I snatched a few items
and never looked back.
No one saw you?
I guess they were too busy
looking for white carnations.
I auditioned for a talent scout
two weeks before I came here.
I never thought in a million
years I'd get the gig.
Well, you know you got to
go, right? I don't know.
Come on. What do you
mean, you don't know?
I don't know.
You gotta get out there
and make a name for yourself.
And, by the way,
what is your name?
Sally B. Shelly.
Just a name. Not much.
Sally B. Shelly.
I like it.
And soon enough, the rest of
the world's going to love it.
Starting with Chicago.
You really think so?
No doubt in my mind.
Come with me.
They didn't invite me.
I'm inviting you.
We're a team. I sing
best when I sing for you.
I don't know.
I have so much to do
around here.
I have to
take care of my father.
if you don't mind my saying so,
I think it's the other way around.
You need him as an excuse
so you can blame him
for not following your dreams.
Look, I checked the trains.
There's a 9:00
to Chicago tonight.
I'm buying us two tickets.
Now, hold on, Angel.
It's Sally, remember?
We can do this.
I got my whole life here.
Look, tonight's my last show.
We could leave from the club.
What do you say,
piano player?
I'm gonna take that as a yes.
Well, you know,
as the old saying goes,
what goes around,
comes around.
What you know? You ain't nothing
but a stupid-ass flask, anyway.
Stupid? Well, you're the
one talking to a flask.
I got to stop
drinking this shit.
What goes around, comes around
What goes around, comes around
Come on, sing it with me, man.
It's called karma.
What the hell?
Ain't no going around that
one. Ain't no going around that.
You'll have to get out
and tell them to move the car.
What seems to be the problem,
ma'am? Did y'all run out of gas?
No, sir.
Not at all.
These are my grandchildren.
I see.
Couple of months ago,
my daughter run off to Detroit
and left them with me.
We ran out of money
a while back.
We've been
sleeping in this car.
This morning,
this morning, the good Lord
sent me a message.
He told me to drive
and keep on driving until He
told me to stop. And I did that.
And then the good Lord told me
to turn down this here dirt road
and to stop right here.
And then?
Then he told me
to cut the car off
and to wait.
And that's what
I've been doing.
We've been waiting
for almost seven hours.
Waiting for what?
I don't know.
I don't know.
But then you...
Take this.
Waiting for you.
You're the angel that God
told me to wait here for.
I doubt that very seriously,
Thank you, Jesus.
Emily, look.
God sent this. Wait.
Go on. It's okay.
Carry that with you.
You're my blessing.
You're my blessing.
You're my blessing.
Y'all be safe.
Thank you.
Wake up, babies.
You look so pretty.
Like the belle of the ball.
Yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
Save us, Percival.
He's gone mad.
I'm burning up. Save us.
Jump. Jump!
Save me.
Drunk old fool.
You think for one minute
that this girl loves you?
She's trash.
You hear me? Trash!
You don't know her.
I know she's going to leave you,
just like your mother left me.
Ma did not leave you.
She left me. She left me.
She died.
She died.
I'm leaving.
This ain't no place for me.
I gotta get away from here.
I gotta try something new.
Let's just sit down. Let's
talk about this. Now, come on.
Talk about what?
What do we have to talk about?
We never talk.
No, no, no.
Wait. Listen to me.
Listen, Percival.
I don't want you hurt.
You're all I got
in the world.
And I need you.
I'm leaving.
Percival, wait a minute.
Percival, wait a minute.
Percival, Percival, Percival.
All passengers,
next train boarding...
I'd like two tickets
for the 9:00 train to Chicago.
Attention, all passengers,
train's a-boarding. Now boarding.
Make those first class.
15 minutes. Y'all got 15
minutes to get my hooch.
I got to get back
to the Church.
I ain't got time to listen
to no boxing match.
Walter! GW!
GW? Walter?
Three, four,
five, six,
Jack on his knees, seven...
Come on, man,
I got to get my sauce.
Joe Louis charges
across the ring.
He lands a terrific left to Louis'
body. Hits Sharkey with a right.
Jack is waiting,
takes a left to the chin,
a left to the chin, a right
to the head, and he's down!
You high on your own supply.
Three, four...
Good cigar.
... five.
Jack's on one knee,
hanging on the ropes.
Louis from the neutral corner
charges across.
Yeah, Cliff, that's right.
Show him how to do it.
Damn, Bobo, I never thought I'd
get tired of whipping old GW's ass.
A right cross.
Give him a right.
A left to the face. A left
to the eye. A bent right.
A straight left to the face.
And there's the bell!
Ain't nothing like
ringside seats, huh?
I think my friend has
something he wants to say.
Put this out for me.
Thanks for the money, GW.
I done known you
for twenty years, Wilbert.
Six of them you
spent with a great man.
And you're still
a stupid little thief.
I gotta
hand it to you, GW.
You sure got a lot of heart.
But who's the stupid one now,
who's the stupid one now?
You never cease
to amaze me.
Lookie here, lookie here.
Well, well, well.
Good old Rooster.
Nice of you to join us.
Late as always, just like
I predicted, huh, guys?
That's right.
What y'all doing, Trumpy?
What are we doing?
We're having a party.
Hey, fellas, Rooster want
to know what we doing.
What we doing?
What we doing?
Ain't you supposed
to be the smart one?
I mean, that's what
old man Spats always said.
Goddamn, man.
This is starting to get fun.
You know something? Yeah,
that's a lot of fun. I like it.
I had a vision, man.
Started seeing the future.
The funny thing,
you wasn't in it.
To think you had the audacity
to try to shortstop me.
So you just gonna shoot me?
Just like that? Wilbert?
What type of man do you think
I am, man? We old friends.
Hey, Sonny.
Do me a favor.
Shoot him.
Get him, man, get him.
Pull him in here. Yeah.
Where you going?
That's right.
Come on, Sonny.
Cliff, come on.
I got him.
Go, Rooster.
Hey, Bo, that hurt?
You finished, Rooster?
Hold it, hold it, hold it!
Should we end this, Boss?
It's over, Rooster.
Wake him up.
That's the shit
I'm talking about.
Immediate response
to a command.
Hot dang, gentlemen!
Bad boy, right here.
All the dead
all in the world...
You cannot do evil things...
Oh, hell, no!
Where he at?
Shoot him!
Sometimes life
can keep you down
With your face
all in the dirt
Now if you feel
that left behind
Come on.
Need to get up
and go to church
Big, slide into the mode
Time to drop a load
My life is going downhill
like some cardboard in the snow
My bank account is frozen I don't
think that I can get out this hole
Feel like
the figure-four leglock
Like the jury went away and
then they came back deadlocked
I can't move, I can't eat,
I can't even breathe
Can't even buy a decent sack
without the stems and the seed
No trees, no P's, to ease
The stress of everyday living
But homeless people gotta
suck it up wherever they living
The unforgiven or the
unwilling Live a life of sinning
Hey, Rooster! an infant
in the beginning
But what about repenting?
What about the tension?
What about you eating dinner
in the devil's kitchen?
What about repenting?
What about committing
the same sin
Over and over,
again and again?
Why are we here?
Please tell me
What are we here for?
Life is nothing but a dream
So peaceful and serene
Unless you're being evil Then
you're on the devil's team
Well, I receive
what you want to believe
But soon you'll have to sow
those bad seeds
Please, any man can ask
to get a pass
Or a cleansing of sins
to grant another chance
Perhaps another glance of the
light at the end of the tunnel
Talk to the coach
or break out the huddle
Whatever should you fumble
your rebuttal should be subtle
Because he who lives in the
upper room is never gullible
As you survey the syllables
and sentences
The question that I'm merely trying
to pose is as simple as me saying
What about repenting?
What about the tension?
What about you eating dinner
in the devil's kitchen?
What about repenting?
What about committing
the same sin
Over and over,
again and again?
Why are we here?
Please tell me
What are we here for?
Trumpy, get in.
Get the door.
What happened to you, Rooster?
Wait here a sec.
Watch the back.
Don't let him get away.
Easy, daddy-o. Have fun.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Brown, you seen Rooster?
Where's Rooster?
Back your ass up! Back up!
Y'all seen Percival?
Hey, where's Rooster?
Damn. Stupid ass.
Hey, where's Rooster?
I ain't seen him.
Y'all seen Rooster?
Up there.
What's going on?
Rooster, Rooster, Rooster.
Rooster! Where are you?
Wait a minute.
Rooster, Rooster.
Hey, where you been?
I'll tell you later.
Just let me know if you see
Trumpy around here anywhere
Y'all just step back.
Trumpy's right there.
Stop it!
Somebody stop it!
That's right,
Rooster, get him!
That's right,
you get him, Rooster!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Go get him, Rooster!
Oh, he's got a gun!
Whoa, hold on.
That what you want
right here, right?
Give it here.
Hand me my money.
Put it here.
What, you gonna
shoot me again, Wilbert?
You think I'm playing
with you? Don't you do it!
Put my shit right here.
I'm putting it in your hand.
Y'all gonna let him shoot me?
Trumpy, don't shoot him!
Shut up! What did I say?
Percival! Percival!
Drop that shit.
Drop my shit right now.
What the fuck's wrong with
you? Put my money down!
Drop my shit.
What's happening?
Come on, Wilbert.
Come on.
Somebody call a doctor!
I'm out of here, fellas.
Are you okay?
I'm gonna be okay.
You're okay.
Gonna go to Chicago,
see those bright lights.
We'll get out of here.
Got a new song.
I got a new song.
You gonna love it.
She stays alone
Never sheds a single tear
She stays in the coolest moods
Clearly Woman of the Year
She and all her girlfriends
They go out dressed to win
She comes back
to the cooler side of town
But she lives in my lap
She lives in my lap
She lives in my lap
Forever my fiance
She lives in my lap
Don't need no chain
She lives in my lap
I'll get the courage one day
Make me want you
Make me miss you
Make me wonder where you are
Then forget you
Girl remind me
Just who we are
We're oh-so-close
But yet so far
She lives in my lap
I'll get the courage one day
Sally B. Shelly.
I'm a star, remember.
Then I'm gonna hop on over
to New York City.
Honey, I am going
to travel the world!
Well, see you around,
Percival Jenkins.
Percival, it's Rooster. I got
something for you from Angel.
It's Rooster.
Percival, open the door.
Open the door. Percival.
It's Rooster.
Every boy and girl,
woman to man
When you feel you've done
about the best you can
The wagon come join the band
Vibrate higher
I found these at Church.
Come on, man, you gotta go.
You got songs the whole world need
to hear. She would want that for you.
What about you? Man, I
gotta get my family back.
I see you dressed mighty nice.
Just right for Chicago.
Look at you.
God don't make no mistakes.
You ain't said nothing
slick to a can of oil.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women
merely players.
They all have
their exits and entrances,
each with
a specific role to play.
Can't survive
Right in the nick of time
It's always there Funny,
didn't it blow your mind
Powerful, magnificent
and so divine
It's always there
Funny, it'll blow your mind
Angel made her exit.
And I made mine.
Once you're stretched out
in that speacurbox,
it's over.
Can't go back
and change anything.
You got one shot in this life.
What you all doing,
pretty girls?
See, Dad done went
and bought a new Cadillac.
Peaches and cream, peaches
and cream. Y'all like it?
Hi, Dad.
Come on, give me a hug.
Let's go tell your mama.
Something smells good.
What's for dinner?
When it's your turn
under the spotlight,
you've got to
give it your best.
Once you do that, you never
know, life might surprise you.
Martin, you are so fussy.
Here, take your brother.
What is that?
Daddy got a new record.
Oh, he did.
Girl, look at you.
Lord have mercy.
Well, all right.
How y'all doing?
Yes, ma'am.
Looking mighty fine.
I've been around the world
Seen so many pretty girls
But I still get overwhelmed
When I look in your eyes
Been from Maine to Spain
But everything seems the same
I only feel a change
When I look in your eyes
I know you're upper-class
I know you've got pizzazz
Every man wanna kiss your...
And I do, too
Hey, you know what?
I'm so happy to see you.
Well, it was fun
while it lasted.
Hold on. What you doing?
Don't leave me here!
Tell me what's a man to do
to get close to you
I'm just a lonely fool
When I look in your eyes
Don't tell me no this time
If you do, it'll blow my mind
Have you ever seen
a grown man cry?
It's an awful thing
I guess it's time
to say goodbye
But I gotta give it
one more try
I'm only satisfied
When I look in your eyes
Oh, please come home with me
Oh, don't you wanna marry me?
I'm even gonna love your feet
When they stink
How can I?
How can I let you down?
I guess I'm always
gonna be around
I'm simply astounded
When I look in your eyes
Ain't nobody
like my style
I light my fire, yeah
I light my fire,
I light my fire
They blow it out, yeah
They blow it out,
they blow it out
And don't nobody
Gonna feel like that
Monkey's on my back, bro
Now, watch them all fall
Go on, fall
Look out
Nobody wanted to dance
When I had a lot of
time on my hands
Now I gotta lot of
hands on my time
And everybody wanna be
a friend of mine
Whoa, whoa,
I wouldn't mind a friend
The fellas back home
all trying to win
Moon keeps shining
on bootleg bottles
Cops in the street
Keep your feet on the throttle
Selling what they got
I can't afford a model
Yelling "Go, PJ, go"
Ain't nothing idle
Everything is wild, yeah
You can be here, now, yeah
Soon as you turn around
Be in the ground, yeah
Four, five,
six feet underground
And ain't no Bible
at this here Church, no
You won't find God, no
Might meet him first, oh
Oh, God, look out
Nobody wanted to leave
House so packed
that we couldn't even breathe
And ain't no better place
to fall in love
Angel sent from heaven above
Swing down
and come change your life
You might make a baby
Might meet your wife
But watch your thing
that you're gonna say
Deep down South,
there's a little old place
They're mighty wild cats
and they don't play
Don't make me send a telegram
to Rooster, he'll shoot you
Say, whoa, Mammy
Whoa, Mammy
Say, whoa, Pappy
Everybody get up
No, no, no, no, get down
Everybody get up
No, no, no, no, get down
Everybody get up
No, no, no, no, get down
Everybody get up
No, no, no, no, get down