If Only I Could Hibernate (2024) Movie Script

Are you trying to kill me?
Fucking cunts!
I'll kill you all!
Hold him down! Hold tight!
Relax your ass!
It's over. Press it.
Wimpy kid, crying like a girl!
I'll kill you!
Shut up!
I told you to dress warm
when you leave the house!
It's just as cold inside
as it is outside!
Hurry up, man!
The teacher is coming!
I'm almost done!
Fuck, man!
I told you I'm paying
for the skate tonight!
Does he poop?
Settle down!
Hand in your homework.
Pass them from back to front.
Only one of you got an A
on yesterday's test.
Who got an A?
Here's yours, mister.
Teacher! Ulzii and I
have the same answers.
Why did I only get a B?
Hold that B tight, dude!
You forgot the squared sign.
The previous teacher
told us it's not mandatory.
Tell him to take my class.
Shall we play, Mom?
How is he feeling?
Better. The injection
seems to be working.
Good to know.
Ma'am, can I use your water cart?
Can I borrow your water cart?
Oh! Perfect timing!
My brother moved
from the countryside.
Can you unload his yurt?
Yes, ma'am.
Where are you coming from?
Oh really? We're from Chandmani.
When did you move to the city?
Two years ago.
You've been here for a while then.
Come here!
Lift this from the other side!
Where is your hat?
What did you say?
I lost it.
Little shit!
If you need to carry
anything else, call us.
Thank you, kids.
That's not necessary, sir.
Here. Buy some sweets.
Thank you, sir.
Just take it.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, boys.
Give it here!
Give it back! That's my money!
We're going to buy coal with this.
Use your own money!
You put in 5000 and I'll
put in 5000 for coal. Okay?
Give me back my 5000
without telling mom, okay?
Yeah, sure.
Don't touch that! That's mine!
Stop! Go away!
Mom, tell him to stop!
Garig, come here, son!
Get away!
Come here!
Don't bother your sister, okay?
Your nephew's got a mouth infection.
Can you take your father's horse
bridle for a traditional remedy?
Go yourself.
Putting the uncle's big toe in the
mouth is a part of the remedy.
She also asks you
to bring your belt.
Please, just do it.
Your aunt helps us a lot.
You'll spend the night, won't you?
I shouldn't. Mom will be alone.
What do you mean?
Aren't your siblings there?
She hasn't started
drinking again, has she?
No, no.
Come here, son!
Come here!
Alright, I got you.
Just a second, ok?
Say thank you to your uncle.
Say thank you.
Look! What's this?
Come on, now! It's okay!
Listen to your mama!
It's okay, baby! It's almost done!
"Ekhen dom, ekhen dom, ekhen dom!"
There! It's done!
Now, from here!
The horse's bridle will heal
that rash on your mouth.
Ok, now with this, baby.
Just once, look at this!
Say Ah!
"Em dom, em dom, em dom"
We're done! All is good.
It's done! It's done.
What's he doing?
If you don't stay the night,
at least take a bath?
That's okay.
Nonsense! I'll run you
a nice bath, okay?
Stop it!
Just one bite!
Not done yet?
Ok, son!
"Em dom, em dom, em dom"
It's for your own good.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
These are my son's old clothes.
It might fit your brother.
There's more.
If he doesn't wear them
just burn them.
Give this to your mom.
That's okay. There's no need.
No worry. Take a bus with it.
Okay. Thanks.
Actually, I am taking it
to cover your mom's debt.
I already told your mom.
But it's mine.
My father left it for me.
I know, but this bridle
actually belonged to my father.
Bridles are passed from
father to son. You know that!
What are you talking about?
Your mother owes me a lot!
Then get it from her!
How? She doesn't have
two coins to rub together!
Give it back!
You've always begged
and lived on my charity.
Shame on you!
Who begged you?
Don't shout like
your drunk mother!
Fuck you! I'll kill you!
Pay her back.
You don't have horses.
Why do you need it?
Where's the money you borrowed?
Don't you dare!
I buy food for you and it's gone.
Did I buy expensive sneakers like you?
That's not fair!
I worked like a dog doing
construction all summer.
Can't I have just one
nice pair of sneakers?
Plus, I gave you the
rest of my salary, didn't I?
I don't want to be called a beggar.
We didn't beg.
We were getting what we were owed.
When your father was alive,
he sold off his herds
for four autumns to pay
for your aunt's tuition.
Get a job.
When did I teach your
class integral numbers?
It must be taught in 11th grade.
Solve that problem
using 9th grade level math.
Your classmates won't understand.
That's tedious.
Go back to your seat.
Have you ever entered
a Physics competition?
There will be a
competition this Saturday!
Would you like to enter?
No, I won't!
Is it free?
The entrance fee is 5,000.
Won't you apply?
I don't want to.
Suit yourself. You can be
a big frog in a small pond.
Croak! Croak!
I'll kill you!
Croak! Croak!
Did you just break your ass?
It was born broken, okay?
Help me up!
Can't they make the skate blades wider?
Then it'll require
more strength to skate.
Because of friction.
Are you ok?
Can't catch me!
Ulzii, I'm paying for you.
Wow. 1,100,000 tugrugs.
Hiring a woman over 40 years of age
as a janitor in a cosy office.
How does this sound?
Take it, whore!
Let's save it.
Fuck off, cunt!
Here's one!
Looking for a part-time
sales consultant.
Not a pyramid scheme.
Any age!
Sounds good! Should
we call them now?
Helpless bitch!
Fuck it! Fuck it!
Just fuck that bitch!
Fucking cunt!
Looking for a barista.
On the job training.
Bachelor's degree required.
Definitely not this one.
Baavgai! My bear!
Our country needs
thousands of engineers
to become a modern nation
and to have a prosperous future.
I look at you and I
feel hope and optimism,
because your potential is limitless
and the future belongs to you.
To all the teachers and students who
worked tirelessly for this competition,
I thank you and I wish you all success.
Make sure that no one is
sitting at your side or in front.
Please take your seats accordingly.
Don't open the
worksheet until instructed.
Please turn off your phone.
You have exactly 2 hours
to finish the worksheet.
If you finish early, you may
hand in your worksheet and leave.
You may begin now.
Good luck!
Tokyo University.
Nagoya University.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Sharka! Go bitch, go!
Take it! Take it!
Sharka, fucking whore!
Let's go again, cunt!
I'll kick your ass!
Fuck no!
Go! Buy us soda!
I will! Let's just go again.
If you win, I'll buy you a vodka.
Fuck off! You just
want it for yourself.
So what! You got
something better to do?
I want instant noodles.
Deal yourself!
No, you deal!
I want some!
Hey! I want some!
Leave him some!
Stop laughing!
Ten, where were we?
Man, it's too many!
I thought you went to get a job.
I won't be told where to go
and what to do by you, Ulziibat!
Be quiet and just sleep!
Tungaa, prepare her bed.
Who are you to tell me to shut up?
Wait! I can make my own bed!
There's nothing in there!
Why can't you sober up and get a job?
You don't think I'm working?
I scrub stinky toilets all day,
trying to put food on the table.
But they won't even pay me!
What am I supposed to do?
I wish I could die just
like your selfish father.
That bastard!
How could he leave me all alone
with everything on my shoulders?
Sir, got a cigarette?
Here you go!
How do you like the city?
So so...
How was the competition?
I could only finish one question.
Do you know why our
new Physics teacher
quit his job at his previous school?
He had an affair with a
student and got her pregnant.
No way. Says who?
A little birdie.
You listen to little birds?
I'm going back inside.
Come on. Stay for a while.
I'm cold!
Monkhoo! Monkhoo! Monkhoo!
Monkhoo! Monkhoo! Monkhoo!
Monkhoo! Monkhoo! Monkhoo!
Who is it?
He got jealous of his girlfriend,
so he killed her and her whole family.
Then he cut her head off,
and threw it in the place
where they first dated.
He is a psycho cunt.
Is that dude from the south street?
Yeah! That's him!
Last summer, I beat that
faggot on the basketball court.
Can you imagine what
wimpy bitches they were to
get murdered by an ass fag like him?
I wish I could leave this fucking place.
That'll never happen
unless you go abroad.
Have you gone tree cutting lately?
The authorities have
been patrolling the forests,
so my dad's ranger friend
told us to lay low for now.
Hit me up with work, man.
It can be anything?
Men of some repute
Carry on with no dispute
Get your fucking nose
Out my fucking business hoe
If you don't think, you'll sink
If you don't hustle, you muscle
I'm not who you think I am!
We are successfully organizing
the Physics competition
named after honored
Professor Bavuudorj.
Have a gum!
This year's Jury Prize for the
creative solutions in physics goes to
Ulziibat from grade
9B of school number 72.
Good luck!
Well done! Bravo!
May I take a photo?
Of course!
Done. Thank you, professor!
Teacher, do all the students
here go to college abroad?
Not all of them.
The ones who study hard do.
Hello, professor.
So, this is your student?
Yes, this is Ulziibat.
Kids like this don't just
appear out of nowhere.
You are a sneaky one!
Such a creative solution!
Are you preparing any
students for the Nationals?
No, sir.
Start preparing!
If this boy gets a medal
at the National competition,
he gets a full-ride
scholarship to our school.
Hear that?
How is your research?
When are you publishing
your new book?
Not soon enough.
Two of your students
won medals, right?
What happens when you win a
gold medal at the Nationals?
You get a full-ride
scholarship to this school.
What about silver?
50% scholarship.
Did any of your
students win gold before?
Yes. Including me
when I was a student.
Competition problems are interesting?
Yes. They are.
One bag of coal, please.
Garig! Here.
Wow, where did you get it?
I won it at an Olympiad!
What's an Olympiad?
I won a creative solution
award at an academic competition!
Mom! Look! Ulzii won an orange!
That's wonderful.
The competition took place
at this fancy private school.
The gym floor was shining!
The basketball hoop was
practically brand new!
I think I can do it.
I'm going to enter the Nationals,
win gold medal and go to that school.
Do you think you can?
What do you mean?
I can't find work in the city.
I think we should go
back to the countryside.
Obviously! I'm not leaving you here.
What about school?
I just told you I'm going
to enter the Nationals!
I heard there's good
money in picking pine nuts.
If I win a medal,
I'll get a scholarship!
If I earn some money, we
can buy 10 sheep and 10 goats.
If I attend this school,
I could go to university abroad!
And get a real job
and make real money,
and make you happy, mom!
We leave Garig at Tuntuush's home.
You three can live in a
dormitory of village school.
That will give me time to make money.
Mom, are you listening to me!?
I am listening!
But are you listening to me?!
I can't afford to feed
the four of you by myself!
Let it go!
You can come with
us or stay here alone!
I'm not gonna live like a
beggar depending on strangers!
Don't you understand?
What do you mean strangers?
They are your father's siblings!
Dad moved to the city to
send us to a good school.
And now you're taking us back?
This city killed your father!
Living in a village dormitory
and living here is the same.
The three of us will stay.
Until you send money, we
can live on the child welfare.
I wanna go back to the countryside.
No. You stay.
No, I want to go with mom.
No! You listen to me, okay!
I don't wanna go to school!
Shut up!
You want to be illiterate like Mom?
Stop it, brother!
Tell Mom to stop!
You're lying! Mom knows
how to read and write.
No, she doesn't.
Why do you think only Tungaa
and I help with your homework?
Mom, you can read and write, right?
Nasty child!
You are really a nasty child!
I made this for you.
Thank you.
Hey, dumbass!
Try not to wet your bed, okay?
I'll kill you!
The Nationals is no easy task.
It takes hard work and dedication.
Can you do it?
Yes, I can.
To qualify for the Nationals,
you have to place among the
top 9 in the city competition.
You have 3 hour sessions with
me after class 3 times a week.
Sound good?
Why a great teacher like
you working in school like this?
Why not?
This has nothing to do
with you learning physics.
Do you really believe I can win?
I believe you love physics.
I'd like to use food stamps please.
How much do we have left?
25300 tugrugs.
Thank you.
What's your address? Next to what?
Do you need help unloading?
It's fine.
Son, how well do you know the city?
I know it.
Juujaa's niece wants
two sheep in Zaisan.
Luxury Village!
We'll deliver meat
to these addresses.
Crystal town? "Encan" something?
I've never heard of
any of these places.
Let's go to the Sun Residence first.
Turn left here.
No more air pollution!
No more air pollution!
No more air pollution!
No more air pollution!
No more air pollution!
Ma'am, do you know
where Crystal Town is?
It's by Dunjingarav.
Got it. Thank you.
Thank you!
I see. Okay.
I'll wait for you then.
She's coming in an hour.
Do you want to go up
to the Zaisan memorial?
In this cold?
Are you cold?
Want to eat something?
I'm not hungry.
Is the meat from your livestock?
Yes. I sold off all the sheep I
could and butchered the rest.
I left my last couple of cows
with my brother in the country.
And that's that.
My father had a thousand herds.
One bad winter took half of them.
How many children do you have?
I had two sons.
One bad accident took both.
Thank you, son.
That's okay, sir.
No, take it!
Ok, thank you very much.
Rest well.
I got a gig for you. You in?
Dad's rich friend isn't home tonight.
We can easily slip in.
Man, I ain't stealing.
Suit yourself.
You're the one who
said you needed money.
On your face, you got makeup!
I see you in my dreams,
I don't want to wake up.
On my face I got...
Call mom!
Hello? Mom! How are you?
Ask about Garig!
How is Garig?
She said that she left
him with uncle Tuntuush.
Let me talk.
Hi, Mom!
Good. We're fine.
We're going to school.
Yes. Brother bought some coal.
How are you?
Therefore, result of the change
in resistance with the bulb heating,
the straight line of the proportional
relation you mentioned is cancelled.
Got it?
Look at that.
So, one bulb is 1.5, right?
Have some ice cream.
Thank you.
Have you decided what
you'll do after school?
I'm going to make money.
Then you should
become an IT engineer.
Do you like computers?
What do your parents do?
That has nothing to do with
you teaching physics.
You're right.
If you don't understand
something, just ask.
Will humans die if
they don't eat meat?
Of course!
What? Haven't you
heard of vegetarians?
Will humans die if
they don't eat rice?
Then, I'll kill you first!
Erkhemee, too slow!
My hat!
You okay?
Are you cold?
Only girls get cold.
Burning rubber stinks!
You're disgusting!
Ew! Gross!
You're disgusting!
Just go to sleep!
Did you get our child welfare?
I want chips!
Non food stamp items first!
And then, chips?
I want chips!
Will you shut up!
Are these the bracelets
you were making?
Yes, they are.
How much are they?
10000 a piece.
Let's go.
Good luck to the participants of
Physics competition of Ulaanbaatar.
Wow, what's that?
The 9th place in the city competition!
Wow! You're amazing!
To esteemed Ulziibat!
Congratulations for ranking in 9th place
in the Physics competition of
the Capital city of Ulaanbaatar.
You're amazing!
Thank you!
What? What happened?
What's going on?
Hi, Mom? How are you?
I just qualified to
enter the Nationals!
Let me talk to Mom.
Hello, Mom? When are you coming back?
I miss you.
Stop worrying her! She is far away.
How is your work?
When are you sending us money?
Take care of these.
Thank you!
Up or down, who's the odd one?
Water! Ice! Snow!
Up or down, who's the odd one?
Water! Ice! Snow!
Up or down, who's the odd one?
Water! Ice! Snow!
Hurry up!
Lucky us.
Excuse me, do you have
cardboard boxes to spare?
Up or down, who's the odd one?
Water! Ice! Snow!
Up or down, who's the odd one?
Water! Ice! Snow!
Up or down, who's the odd one?
Water! Ice! Snow!
Go! It's your turn!
Wanna play the finger game?
One more time.
Flick me if you catch me!
You cheater!
No brother love in this game!
You lost. That's not fair!
You lost!
You should lose weight.
So what if I am fat.
Ok, flick me.
Let's play again.
That's cool!
Is your mother home?
She went to the countryside.
I only have suppositories for adults.
It's okay.
Do you want to call the ambulance?
They never come.
I'll give him this and go to
the hospital in the morning.
Thank you, ma'am.
Ulzii, I'll come with you.
Why didn't you build a fire?
I'll make a fire.
I didn't have time to buy coal.
You don't have coal?
Do you have wood?
Take a deep breath.
Take another breath.
Take another breath.
Take a deep breath again.
Take a deep breath.
It's 35000 tugrugs.
Could I buy one day's dose?
How much would that be?
I'll take it.
Stealing in daylight?
Are you fucking stupid?
Swipe it at night!
Shut up and come here!
What's up?
Nothing, and you?
Guard him!
Don't slip!
I heard crazy Chimgee's
family kills stray dogs
and burns them instead of coal.
Really? How disgusting!
if you dip a dog in used motor oil,
it burns for a whole week.
It's true.
Dad needs help to cut trees.
Do you want to go?
I can't skip class.
Suit yourself.
Do you know anyone who
wants to buy my shoes?
Are you selling them?
Do you want them?
Too big for me.
Let me try.
Sure. I'll give you a deal.
Are you three okay?
Tell me if you need anything.
If only we could hibernate,
like bears in the winter.
Never get cold.
Never catch flu.
Brother, give me your hand.
What do you think?
Make me one, too.
I'll make you one.
So in the job market,
when the level of the wage increases,
the motivation to work increases.
And when the salary level decreases,
the supply of labor also decreases.
"Skating tonight?"
May I go to the bathroom?
What? Why did they
confiscate your nuts?
Damn it, Mom. How could
you be so irresponsible?
Don't cry, Mom. It'll be ok.
I have to get back to class.
Hey! Where do you think you're going?
My body aches everywhere.
Okay! That's enough, enough.
Mother's phone is not connected.
She probably doesn't have network.
Go see a doctor tomorrow morning.
And if it's okay, go to school, ok?
"Physics courses"
Hey! Move!
Wow! Salad!
Allright kids! Have some dumplings.
You have some coal and wood, right?
Yes, sir.
Stop it!
Stop hitting your brother!
"Teacher Bilegt"
Brother's been skipping class,
working on illegal logging.
I go to school.
How do you know?
You're not in class with me.
Are you going to pick that up?
Is it your mother?
Or a girl?
Nah, man.
Do you regret
dropping out of school?
No, I don't like to study.
Actually it's not
that I don't like it,
but I just didn't understand it.
You like it, don't you?
I bet you wish you
were at school right now.
Don't you want to finish
high school at least?
It's too late for me.
Little shit!
Push harder!
Are you even going to
compete in the Nationals?
Yes, of course!
Skipping sessions and
sleeping in class?
What's the matter with you?
The National competition will
be held in the countryside.
Your expenses will
be covered by the city.
Do you understand?
Understood, teacher.
We have a session today.
Be there!
I will, teacher.
Ma'am, would you like to buy a bracelet?
A bracelet, sir?
Hey! What are you doing here?
None of your business.
What if someone we know sees you?
They'll say poor Demberel's
children are in misery.
It is true that we are in misery.
I am trying to support you by
working and skipping school!
Then you go to class
and I'll make money.
Do you think it's nice seeing you
skipping class and going to the woods?
Let's go!
At least let's sell these bracelets.
No, let's go.
There are only four!
Let's sell them before
we leave, please.
You sell these two.
Promise you won't do this again.
We're out of coal.
Let me worry about that.
Just go to school.
Now, the next rope.
Okay, done!
Let's go. Get in the car.
You're done here.
Why the hell are you here?
You wouldn't understand.
How would I understand
if you don't tell me?
Let's go!
This mountain trees
will soon be gone.
It's a shame to see you
here with these thieves.
What did you just say?
Who the fuck are you?
Fuck off!
I'm his teacher!
Shameless thieves!
If you ever hire minors again,
I'll have you arrested by the police.
That bastard asked for it himself!
Take him. See if I care.
Get in the car!
Come on...
Get in the car!
I am telling you to get in the car!
I don't want to!
You don't know anything! Just leave!
I don't want to have a fucking
pedophile for a teacher!
Get lost!
Go! Now!
Get lost, all of you!
That bastard might call the police.
Let's go, buddy.
I'll go by walk.
Why are you so late, brother?
We were scared!
Brother, I miss Mom.
Why bother missing her?
Your Mom is an helpless drunk!
Plus, she doesn't love you!
No, Mom is not like that.
Mom is not like that.
In the rounded woods
the eagle cries.
What to do with my mother's blessing
who raised my earthly body.
In patulous trees
the magpies sing.
How shall I repay my mother's blessing
who raised my beautiful body.
Who is it?
Welfare agent, coming
from the sub-district!
Where is everyone?
Where is your mom? Are you alone?
So the government provides
free smoke filters to
all the families living
under the poverty level.
You family is part
of the beneficiaries.
Make some fire for the test, please.
He'll show you how to do it.
Put a little bit of coal in now.
We don't have any coal.
Okay. I think it will work.
It's very easy to use anyway.
Look closely. All you have to
do is to plug it into the electricity.
With this filter installed,
the coal will burn totally.
I'll plug it in there.
Watch carefully.
Is there any closer
electricity outlet?
Here is the switch.
To switch on, you have to just press.
What's happening?
Maybe you should press there?
They got their electricity cut again.
Okay, sign here. It's a receipt.
Each filter has got its own code.
Don't give it to anyone else, ok?
Got it?
Tell your mother to call me.
The church will distribute rice soon.
Excuse me, would you
like to buy a television?
Cut his tail and put
it under his head.
So that he'll be a
human in the next life.
Why didn't you tell me you
have no wood and no food?
I hate my mother.
You can't say that. It's a sin.
You didn't have a mother like mine.
You wouldn't understand.
Good or bad, a mother is the most
precious person in the world.
Stay with us with your siblings
until your mother comes, okay?
Cry your heart out, son.
I don't want to cry.
I feel I am going to be
defeated by everything if I cry.
Be defeated? By what exactly?
I am about to become a weak beggar.
I don't want to be weak.
I don't want beg from people all my life.
You won't!
You have greatness in you.
You'll take care of your siblings.
I know you can!
But right now, you need help.
What if it was your
siblings instead of your dog?
I didn't take you
for a gossiping kind.
I apologize.
It's ok. Forget about it!
I'll arrange everything for you
to participate in the Nationals.
It's my pleasure to open the 32nd
National Physics
competition of Mongolia.
in Mankhan village
in the Khovd Province.
Good luck to all the
passionate students who are
gathered here from
all corners of Mongolia.
May knowledge blossom!
Now, I will find the
density of this object,
by using the glass of water.
First, I will measure the
water inside the glass.
6.4 cm.
Now, I'll put the
object in the water.
Let's see how the measurement changes.
Hi, Mom!
I couldn't reach you.
Are you okay?
That's too bad.
If it doesn't work out,
just come back.
It's going to be fine.
Okay, I love you, Mom.
Thank you, sir!
Here you go!
Let's eat inside.