If Something Happens (2018) Movie Script

[soft music]
Morning, Julie.
Oh... hi, Tim.
[Tim] Are you alright?
I have to go. Have a good day.
[Landlord] Reynolds, is that you?
[soft music]
[telephone ringing]
[dramatic music]
Oh, well this comes as a big surprise.
I thought the studio office was
just what you're looking for.
Oh, of course I understand.
But, why don't we take some time
to discuss the deal over coffee?
[dial tone beeping]
Or maybe we could meet over sushi?
[dial tone beeping]
A nice cup of tea?
[dial tone beeping]
Over lunch?
[dial tone beeping]
A drink, maybe two?
[dial tone beeping]
[somber music]
Focus on your achievements
rather than your failures.
You've been successful before.
Keep repeating.
I like myself.
[cellphone chiming]
[lively music]
-Here you are.
How's it going?
Alright, thanks.
Two reds, please.
Alex, how many
times have I told you?
You don't drink.
We all know it, thank you very much.
But if you saw what I'm seeing,
you'd have one.
-Like what?
-You've had a tough day, right?
You mean week.
Well, I've had better times.
Want to talk?
I wouldn't even know
where to start.
Then you need some
serious newsroom gossip.
Favorite subject?
Let's see, Ms. Editor.
Next big trend for the season.
Come on, that's not
what you want to know.
I'll tell you what
you really want to know.
You want to know if
we managed to hire
the country's smartest fashion reporter
minutes before she
signed with a competitor.
You want to know if
we managed to swoop in
on a super-secret,
super-celebrity affair
that would make a perfect cover story.
And above all, you want
to know if I'm considering
that amazingly hot Aussie
intern as my seasonal treat.
You said he's barely 20.
Well, that makes
three yeses in a row.
-I'm only joking.
We're still discussing the cover.
That's better.
When was the last
time you had a laugh?
Put me on your cover.
Meet Julie, not laughing
in three months.
Well... some Mr. Peter
from Scott and Company
is bidding to sponsor a cover story.
Ask him to back your sad case
and you might just make it
especially with that on.
Anyway it's coats next
big trend of the season.
I'll keep that in mind.
We'll see if you do.
I hate you, Little Miss Perfect.
Of course.
If you're going to strangle me
with a coat belt,
just make sure it's a designer's, yeah.
[soft giggling]
[soft music]
[alarm buzzing]
[footsteps approaching]
Someone didn't sleep well last night.
Oh, I [stammering].
Like my yoga teacher always says,
"Hydrate yourself before
you caffeinate yourself."
I'm all right.
Thanks, Lisa.
Listen if there's anything I can do
to help out with the studio office thing.
Seems like a bit of a pain.
[cellphone ringing]
Claire, darling, can I
call you in a minute?
Yes, got a new one.
Gold bodycon, V-neck, open
back spent half my pay,
but he'll love it.
Oh, sorry, darling.
A customer's on the other line.
Tell you all first thing in the morning.
Lisa Rivera speaking.
Good morning, Ms. Summers.
Yes, I have arranged
the keys for you today,
and we can have a viewing.
No, that's perfect.
See you in an hour's time.
Well, you can have this later.
I have a deal to close, see you.
[dramatic music]
You and your yoga.
[soft music]
[computer chiming]
[dramatic music]
How's it going?
Mr. Maleck, I didn't hear you.
Julie, I'm a bit worried.
Anything new these days?
Well, I'm seeing a
potential customer tomorrow.
It's been a while.
Let me know what happens tomorrow.
[soft music]
Focus on achievements.
Avoid comparison.
Eye contact.
Speak slowly.
Like yourself.
I like myself.
I really, really like myself.
I nearly love myself.
I might love myself one day.
I will like
and love and appreciate myself...
one day.
Everyone will like me.
Tim will like me.
Alex will like me.
My boss will like me.
My customers will like me
and the studio office.
Lisa and her yoga teacher won't,
but that's because everyone else will.
[microwave beeping]
Yeah, I understand, but George.
[George] Yeah, I know.
But why has she?
[George] She's seeing someone else.
How's little Mickey?
[George] Well, he hasn't
really got it yet.
Well, maybe it's just a crush.
She might come back.
[George] She's already
seeing a lawyer, Julie.
And I need to get one too.
Don't know how I'll pay for it.
Look just one thing.
Don't tell mom.
[dramatic music]
She doesn't need to know right now.
[George] Mom! Don't tell her yet, please.
[George] Okay.
[dramatic music]
[alarm buzzing]
[doorbell ringing]
Hey, Julie.
It's good you're still at home.
Well, I think this is for you.
It ended up in my
letter box by mistake.
Well, I have to go now.
Nice color.
-Have a good day, bye.
[bright music]
[Landlord] Reynolds, is that you?
[bright music]
I like myself.
[cellphone ringing]
Right, well, you can't deny it.
It does deserve a second look.
You must see it at sunset.
The light that window lets in,
pink and golden.
It's pure magic.
Say 5:30.
I'll be waiting for you there.
I guarantee it'll
take your breath away.
[bright music]
[cellphone ringing]
[George] I haven't spoken to her once.
Not a call in two
weeks, not a single one.
She won't answer mine either.
-Mickey's turning three--
-Well, I'm sure
she'll wanna see him
for his birthday.
[George] She won't.
Well, you know what!
You tell Mickey
something special's on the way.
[Landlord] Well, about time.
Oh, Mr. Moore.
Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore.
You're two weeks late, Reynolds,
and I had to come downstairs
because you've been hiding.
Here this.
That's not enough.
Well, it's not the
whole sum for the rent, but...
you'll have it in the next few days.
We'll see.
And don't make me come
downstairs anymore.
[soft music]
[cellphone chiming]
[cellphone ringing]
-You're coming.
I really don't.
Come on, orange juice is allowed.
I really just need to get some rest.
Is Tim with you?
I wouldn't have answered.
Of course.
So I'll see you soon then, right?
[alarm buzzing]
Come on.
[dramatic tone]
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
[soft knocking]
Eye contact.
Speak slowly.
Mr. K.
Call me, Karl.
So nice to meet you.
Please come in.
So here we are.
Let's take a look around, shall we.
As you can see the property
is presented in an
unfurnished condition,
and the good thing about
that set up is that
you can decorate according
to your business needs.
You're in banking, correct?
Art bank.
I invest in contemporary fine art.
But this is for my
private collection.
Oh, well that's lovely.
Any artists or exhibitions
I shouldn't miss out on?
Any tiny little bit of advice?
I'm currently bidding for
art by Augustus Neville.
Oh, we'll I'll have
to keep that in mind.
Let's take a look at
the view, shall we?
Afraid of heights?
Not really, no.
I do enjoy a good landscape.
I know I couldn't make it
for the sunset.
Your description on the
phone was intriguing.
But before that, what can you
tell me about the front door.
It's a standard security door.
Does this place have
any anti-theft rating
and police accreditation?
I would need to double check on that.
But we can do that later.
For now, let's take a look at the view.
I promise you won't be disappointed.
Isn't it just stunning?
Can't you imagine enjoying
this every single day?
Yes, pretty impressive.
What security level is this glass?
Julie, I'll be keeping
valuable pieces of art in here.
It's a matter of primary importance,
and also, I'll need details
on the fire alarm system.
Well, there isn't one.
But if you just
give me one second,
in here I have.
Sorry, wrong one.
It's here somewhere.
I had a brochure on alarm systems,
but... I think I left it at the office.
It's alright! You can email me that.
Well, if you'd like to come with me
over here we have--
I'm really sorry
I have to go now.
Oh, but you can't I haven't even
shown you the remaining facilities.
Thank you.
I've seen everything I need to.
And you like what you see?
It's too early to tell.
I need some time.
Thank you, Ms. Reynolds.
Please do send through that brochure.
I will.
[somber music]
It's all right.
I like myself.
I like myself.
[soft music]
[alarm buzzing]
[soft music]
They asked for more
time and details.
Sunset didn't help after all, did it?
You haven't closed a
single deal in six months.
Mr. Maleck, can I come in?
[Sam] Of course.
Mr. Maleck, can I please
have your signature.
Good job, Lisa.
Just try and sell the
studio office, will ya?
[dramatic music]
[computer chiming]
[dramatic music]
Augustus Neville.
[footsteps approaching]
Yeah, that was great.
No, about that entree
though that was very good.
My keys?
[soft mumbling]
[chuckling] Yeah.
You're so funny, my darling.
Let's go inside.
[dramatic music]
[telephone ringing]
Augustus Neville's Exhibition.
This is Michelle speaking.
Hello, may I please speak
to Mr. Augustus Neville?
I'm afraid it's too late.
Oh, I'm just calling
to find out about the--
Unfortunate Tragedy.
[soft stammering]
Are you on the media list?
Yes, no, I'm just
calling to find out if--
Then it's too late as I said.
But has Mr. Neville...
Here at Sconci Art Gallery.
-[Julie] I beg your pardon.
-Mr. Neville's Exhibition.
You are calling to get invitation, right?
Actually I...
But you just said... the tragedy.
Unfortunate Tragedy,
that's the name
of Mr. Neville's Exhibition,
and the opening is tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
[dramatic tone]
[alarm buzzing]
Oh, hi, this is Julie Reynolds.
Can you please inform Mr. Maleck
that I won't be coming to
the office today.
[Karl] Karl speaking.
Oh, hi, this is Julie Reynolds
from the real estate company.
[Karl] Good morning, Ms. Reynolds.
I just received your brochure.
Thank you.
No problem, I was just following up
to see if you're interested
in the studio office?
Well, this office is nice,
and I'm sure you'll
find a buyer in no time.
But I'm afraid it's
not going to be me.
I... Honestly, I thought.
[Karl] I'm moving my
business to capital city.
Wouldn't be clever to buy
a property here, would it?
Of course not, right.
Listen I wanted to ask you.
[Karl] Yeah.
Augustus Neville.
[Karl] Yes, what about him?
What kind of person is he?
[Karl] I have no idea, Julie.
I just deal with his works.
Right, okay.
[Karl] Well, goodbye then.
[cellphone chiming]
[lively music]
Sorry I'm late.
Look, rule number one,
never ever apologize.
You're never late.
You're just busier than
those waiting for you.
-Is that wine?
-It's champagne.
Wine then.
Tell me about it.
About what?
What's the matter with you?
I told you, works a drag.
My brother's getting a divorce.
Tim's dating a super model.
Rent's past due.
I mean the real matter.
Hey, do you publish art stuff?
Art stuff.
You know about exhibitions, artists.
Augustus Neville for instance.
Julie, can you please just
tell me what is going on?
I've been getting emails.
Really weird ones...
saying if something happens to someone,
meaning if that person
dies, you'll get money.
-And I do.
Get the money I mean.
Because the person actually dies.
I need another drink.
So how many times?
Well... one died
and now I'm waiting
for the second one.
The first one was Peter Scott.
What, from Scott and Company.
I don't know if it was
the same Peter Scott.
Well, actually that Peter
Scott passed away recently,
but it was a car crash.
-How could someone--
-I have no idea.
And now it's gonna be
Augustus Neville, this artist.
How much did you get?
4,000 next time.
This is mad.
I know.
Who could it be?
No one's following me.
Well, you know that there are
other ways of spying on people.
Like what?
Oh, yeah.
You were right.
This is really good.
Want some more?
Julie, don't be my next cover story.
It's the perfect
property for your needs.
Stylish with plenty of space.
It's just opposite a business hotel.
The shopping mall's nearby.
With excellent access to
restaurants and cafes.
Augustus Neville.
Oh, hi, I'm here for Augustus
Neville's Exhibition.
An unfortunate tragedy.
Yes, one invite please.
No, sorry I mean there's a...
There's been an unfortunate tragedy.
The exhibition is canceled today.
Ma'am, he's dead.
Neville passed away very
unexpectedly at night.
I'm actually
expecting the press.
They'll be here any minute
and I must tell everybody.
Oh, it's alright.
Thank you.
[dramatic music]
[George] Are you sure?
I mean you don't have to.
You'll need to get one of
the best lawyers in town.
I wanna help.
[George] Julie, it's a lot of money.
George, you have
to listen to me.
[George] I couldn't.
Please take it for Mickey at least.
[George] I don't know what to say, sis.
Thanks will do.
I can't believe it.
How can you say that?
Jazz is anything but boring.
Hi, Julie.
Sorry, gotta go.
[cellphone ringing]
[dramatic music]
[alarm buzzing]
[telephone ringing]
-Julie, I need a word.
Oh, of course.
It's the studio office.
I will have to pass the
assignment onto Lisa Rivera.
You understand,
it's taking way too long.
We have to close the deal.
Yes, no problem.
Good, I'll email you a
new project you can work on.
[somber music]
[soft music]
[telephone ringing]
Patricia Ronson King speaking.
Hi, Julie, how's it going?
Listen, I want you to
email me those contacts
of the potential customers
that you last met.
Which ones?
You had a viewing a few days ago.
Someone was wanting to buy.
They're not interested.
I just wanna check
that they haven't
changed their minds.
I don't even think
I kept the number.
-I'm sure you did.
-You're such a diligent agent.
Alright, I'll have a look,
but he's moving out of town so...
Like my painting
teacher always says,
"Don't be an art critic, paint."
You do painting now.
What happened to yoga?
I quit.
It wasn't me.
Do you...
Do you know Augustus Neville?
Never heard of him.
[cellphone ringing]
[Alex] Julie, we need to talk.
You got some newsroom
gossip to share.
[Alex] I think you have.
-What do you mean?
-Augustus Neville is dead.
I don't know anything about it.
You got the money though, right?
Listen, I want to see you tonight.
Who says I have time.
Look, it's either you or my
teen fling's birthday party,
and I'm really not in the
mood for chips and beer.
Fair enough.
Good girl.
[soft music]
Hello, darling.
Now that's what I call a coat.
I'm impressed.
You going out with that guy then?
Not going out, no.
We basically stay in.
I just don't like people to see us.
Saving your reputation?
Saving his actually.
He's really into fluorescent green,
which is...
Listen, Julie, this is serious.
You must go to the police.
I don't think so.
What do you mean?
You've been connected
to two killings,
and you're making money out of it.
You could get into
some serious trouble.
I don't know these people.
I don't know why they're dying,
and I don't know what
this has to do with me.
I'm doing nothing wrong.
Doing nothing is wrong enough.
Don't you judge me.
Come on, Julie.
No one here is trying to teach you
how to live your life.
Well, it's not my fault, is it?
Plus the money's good.
I really need it.
I'm not killing them.
You scare me.
Well, that's some change, isn't it?
[Alex] Right, so you're fine with this.
There's nothing I can say at all
or do to make you
change your mind?
Fine then.
I'm off.
Going to have some chips then.
[Alex] You were nicer without that coat.
[dramatic music]
[alarm buzzing]
[George] Hello, sis.
Hey, how's it going?
[George] Mickey and I
are going to the zoo today.
He's all excited.
That's great.
[George] Yeah, he's getting
the biggest ice cream in town
aren't ya, little
boy, aren't you?
I got your help.
Thanks a lot and I thought
I'll spend it all on Mickey
to hell with anything else.
No, no, George.
You should...
You should...
just get a good lawyer.
It's really important, please.
[George] Listen if I have to
spend a fortune I don't have
it's gonna be to
make my son happy.
I'll send you more money.
[George] No, Julie, don't do that.
I'll send you more money,
and you'll use it for
the lawyer, case closed.
[George] Wow, that's my sister.
Yeah, you guys have a
good time at the zoo, okay.
[George] Yeah, we will.
Patricia Ronson King.
Residence 19.
Street 8th.
Oh, hi.
I'm going to need to book a private taxi.
My name?
It's Block.
Lauren Block.
[dramatic music]
[thunder roaring]
[thunder roaring]
-Hi, Julie.
That's a nice coat.
I bet it's new.
-It is.
Have a good day, bye.
-Hey, Tim.
You like jazz, right?
Yeah, I do why?
I have two tickets
to a jazz performance.
-Would you go with me?
Well, I don't know.
It's something I got as a present.
But my friends think it's boring, so...
Anyway it's excellent seats.
Would be a shame to waste them.
So why not, yeah, let's do it.
I think it's a great idea.
Thanks, keep in touch.
-My pleasure.
[water splashing]
[soft music]
[soft music]
Silver and blue lights
Shimmering through
Shadows in the crowd
One face is standing out
Oh, my
Thoughts are running wild
Dreaming like a child
Dreaming like a child
Reflections of you are the memories
I'm sure they are real
But they can't be
Daydreams again
It's a fairy tale
I'm looking through a veil
Oh, my thoughts are running wild
Dreaming like a child again
Julie, we're the last ones.
Oh, my god.
Nah, it's no problem.
I've seen better concerts too I swear.
I can't believe this. I'm so sorry.
I'm not.
It means my shoulder
is comfortable enough.
Well, the good thing is,
you didn't pay for the tickets.
That's something to be grateful for.
-We must go now.
May I walk you home?
I'm sure you would even
if you didn't want to.
What do you mean?
You know because we're neighbors.
Let's go.
[soft music]
You alright?
You seem a little cold?
I'm all right.
You know, Julie, I know
very little about you.
But I wanna tell you one thing.
Don't try to please everyone.
Julie, you're alright the way you are.
-No, really.
And above all, you have
to be true to yourself.
Then you won't be
false to anybody else.
[soft music]
Alright, well...
-thanks for tonight.
-Thanks to you.
And the next time you get tickets
for the jazz club, just let me know.
You know where I live.
Okay, well thank you.
[door creaking]
[soft music]
I'm a good person,
and I like myself.
[dramatic music]
[cellphone ringing]
[Sam] Morning, Julie.
Oh, Mr. Maleck.
[Sam] Are you on
your way to the office?
I am, yes.
I need to talk to you urgently.
I'll be there as soon as possible.
It's important.
Come right away to my office.
Of course.
[dramatic music]
Let's do this.
Dear, sirs.
I hereby submit
my immediate resignation
as a state agent
for personal reasons.
Kind regards,
Julie Reynolds.
[dramatic music]
I need to tell you something.
I know, but you don't have to.
I sorted it out.
Excuse me, you what?
I've done it myself.
I don't get it.
I've just emailed the corporate
director with my immediate resignation.
You what?
It's all right.
I knew it was coming.
This way it's less
embarrassing for us both.
It's not.
I just wanted to tell you Mr. K
called and changed his mind.
He's been desperately trying
to get in touch with you
to book the studio office.
That's why I called
you this morning.
I needed you to complete the sign off.
You've got it, Julie.
You finally sold the studio office.
Not me, Lisa did.
I recalled it from her.
He's offered to pay you
advanced commission
especially for you.
Bad timing I suppose.
You're leaving then.
I think so.
All right.
I don't know what to say.
That's your final commission then.
[dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
[dramatic music]