III (2015) Movie Script

What's going on here?
I came into the ward to wake him up.
Prepare two grams of chloral hydrate.
After the medicine works,
lock up the patient and
don't let anybody in.
Tomorrow he will be taken
in for leucotomy...
Where is the patient,
how could he disappear?
But the key has always been with me!
Then somebody has a duplicate!
Come to my office when you
start your shift tomorrow.
Forgive me! Please!
NOBODY should know about it.
This has to stay a secret.
Where am I?
Do you think I'll know it?
Yes, it used to be yours.
All this time I wasted
trying to catch up with you?
You'll thank me afterwards...
Close your eyes.
I feel a little uncomfortable not
being able to see anything...
That's why I'm going to
open my eyes in 5 seconds!
Now in four...
I hope the forest will
give my sister back to me!
It's not speaking to me...
That's it, I'm leaving...
Do you remember Fairy?
Of course I do.
She has grown a lot!
You loved her too much,
that's why she run away.
Maybe it's true...
She is living here now... But
we can always visit her.
Of course, it's nice that we
were allowed to leave earlier,
but does anybody know why?
I can only guess: several
guys were absent today
and then the teacher told
us not to drink the water.
But we never did it anyway.
Yeah, the water has a weird smell.
Have you heard that Demian
is going to leave the town with his family?
He is inviting everyone to his place today
and asked me to tell you.
I can't come. I have to stay at home.
That's the second time already
that you aren't joining us.
Mother isn't feeling well.
See you tomorrow.
"For several days mother hasn't gone out,
she has been refusing to eat.
Mirra has stopped talking to me
and I don't know how to explain to her
why this is happening to mother.
The worst part of it
is that I have accepted
we will be left alone.
But she is still alive
and we need to pray for her recovery..."
Please promise to take care of my girls.
As long as they stay here
I will take care of them,
but please turn to God, Anna,
and I will pray for you.
You need to sleep, take a rest.
How is mother?
Sorry your mother isn't getting better,
but I'll keep praying for her.
Thanks for coming.
Nobody wants to help her!
Even the doctor can't do anything!
Maybe God wants to take her
and you should be prepared for that.
God doesn't care!
My home is always open to you.
Thank you.
His belief won't save mother.
Stop it,
he believes it
and we should believe, too.
Now we're left completely alone...
It scares me.
After we've said goodbye to mother,
we should better leave our home.
So soon?
There's little to keep us here,
for what reason should we stay?
You've always dreamed of traveling.
How can you bring this up now?!
Mirra, we won't stay in town anyway.
You see it yourself,
everybody is getting sick.
"I'll do my best to leave
this dark place tomorrow.
I never thought that I would think THIS WAY
about my home,
but it has become so
foreign without mother.
Mirra doesn't want to leave,
she believes we have to stay in the town
and help the sick people.
But mother would have done
everything to protect us.
That's what I'm going
to tell Mirra tomorrow,
I hope she will understand."
Today's service will start with the message
to the Galatians about the
freedom of the spirit.
It says that we shall
not become hostages of the recent events
but quite the opposite:
with freedom
and love, we shall overcome
all of our losses...
Mirra, you promised to listen to the Padre.
Thus, we will start with the fifth chapter:
"You are summoned to freedom Brethren,
only let your freedom not be the reason
for satisfying the meat
but serve each other with love.
God didn't create death
and he isn't joyful about
the demise of the living.
He created everything for existence
and everything there is in the world
is subject to salvation.
So, our soul never dies...
Padre, they need you
urgently at the hospital!
I'll explain it to you later.
Let's go.
Are you OK?
I need to sleep.
"Why is this happening to us?
Now Mirra is getting worse and again,
nobody can tell me how to save her.
Dear God, I know you can hear me now.
Please.. protect my sister.
For the last couple of days
she has been sleeping a lot
and refusing to eat anything.
I'm sure she needs to go to the hospital.
No way.
She needs to stay in bed
and you need to care for her.
The hospital is completely full anyway.
Or you don't want to take the risk...
What if this is not an infection?
You can't leave her alone without help.
Please stay here with me.
I'll show you to the door.
I'm here.
Bring Father Herman, I
want to ask him something.
OK, don't get up.
Did she say you why she wanted to see me?
No, but she's getting worse.
What did the doctor say?
Nothing new...
"Finally Mirra started
listening to Father Herman.
For the first time she
wanted to speak to him.
But I feel she's growing apart from me,
she seems to be doing it on purpose.
This is hurting me even more..."
How is she?
She's very scared.
I think you'd better go to her now.
What happened?
I want everything to go
back how it used to be!
Mirra, you have a strong fever!
Hello, Ayia.
You should have got a
message in the morning.
Yeah, the letter...
So you know that
you should have left the house already!?...
Ayia, you need to go to the hospital
and your sister has to stay here at home.
But who will care about
Mirra, she needs my help.
This is an order,
the infected ones need to be separated
from all the healthy people.
The sick have to stay isolated at home.
I want to stay with her and I'm
not afraid of the infection!
Listen to me, you can't help her anymore!
I'll take you to the hospital now.
' Ayia!!!
Of course, it's wrong to separate you!
You promised mother you
would to take care of us.
Yes, but now I don't know how I can help.
Such are the rules, you need
to avoid the infection.
Father, please don't lock the door.
I'll be back soon.
Where have you been?
I'll take you to Father Herman's.
It's safer there...
Nobody will find us!
I'll help you.
We need to cross the
abandoned part of the town,
hold on, you will feel better soon...
"We'll leave as soon as Mirra is better.
Tomorrow I'll write to our Aunt Anna,
she has always had a room for us."
I need to get some medicine.
If necessary, I'll go to next village,
I have money.
Money will not help us.
How long has she been like that?
Five days.
Please stay with your
sister until I return.
I have to visit another town,
but I feel God will soon
tell us what to do...
it's been a long time since
you've read a book to me.
But I think there are only
religious books here.
Latin Grammar... Ecclesiastica Historia...
Old Testament...
What's this?
This book looks really strange.
What did you find?
"From the shamans point of view,
in a body full of vitality
there is no place for destructive energy
which we tend to call illness."
"Dear God,
you see what state I'm in now.
I'm full of doubt.
I have to keep my secret
so that the uninformed
don't hurt themselves
and the others.
But at the same time I want to help Ayia...
Maria has always been a mother to me
and the girls have been
like my own sisters.
I can't make the right decision
and I am asking for your help my God!"
You're not Mira!
Don't save me...
Save the others!
"I know I shouldn't have taken the book
without permission
but this is like a sign of fate.
It says that any disease can be cured
which means Mirra can be helped too!"
...but she has already become worse.
Please come and visit me.
Yes, I can...
Can I read this book, Father Herman?
Yes you can but not here.
I'll come and see you later.
Let's go...
I have found this book accidentally.
This can help my sister, right?
I understand what the book is about.
We'll talk at my home.
Please, I'm begging you!
I'll tell you everything,
just not here.
I guess you realized that
the book differs from the Church moral...
But you should also know
it is about God, too.
Nobody will find out, I promise!
There is a ritual that opens a door
to the subconscious of each of us.
Behind this door is a whole other world
that is closely linked with our world.
A person's birth
is the essential point
of the world creation.
By overcoming the fear
and recovering the faith inside the person,
it's possible to help even
the terminally ill...
Do you mean you can enter her mind
to find out the reason why she became sick?
It's not that easy.
Please help us,
Father Herman!
What you want to do is very dangerous.
More dangerous than death?
Which you will also be responsible for
if you don't help us!
Please! For Mirra!
You have to know that
only a very close person
or family member can enter the world
of the subconscious.
Your sister has her own
secrets very deep inside
and she will never be open
enough for me to go inside.
But I do know how I can
connect you with her.
"To establish the connection
you need to remember
every detail,
moments of her happiness,
troubles and fears.
You need to understand her world...
and believe in it."
Tell me,
what is it like?
Like sleeping,
but to discover the
reason why she's so sick
you'll need a lot of energy.
Are you sure you are
strong enough for this?
I am, trust me.
Your sister has been sick
for a long time now.
This means her world is full of pain
and might be similar to a nightmare.
The deeper to the bottom of the ocean,
the darker it gets.
"The Kamlanie ritual is
an emotional experience
which involves both the
patient and the shaman.
By making massive effort
and endeavoring heroic
travels to the other world
the shaman helps the patient
change his idea of reality,
including the acknowledgment
of being sick."
You need to start with this.
Don't worry, I'll do the best to help you.
It will hurt a lot, Ayia.
whatever you see you cannot go away.
OK. But you will always be near me, right?
I can only observe.
Close your eyes!
Mirra... Who has tied you up?!
Go away!
She'll come soon!
Who is she?
Look under my blanket...
mother is eating me from the inside.
Why is mother doing this to you?
Because I'm guilty of her death!
I should have helped her!
No! You didn't kill her!
It was fate, we couldn't do anything!
I am ready to share this pain with you!
You have to open the door.
It worked.
I saw what was inside her...
Your amulet...
It was there.
It was guiding me to come back.
Then, she helped you in the same way.
She still has no power.
She is just sleeping now, she needs it.
"These symbols are 1000 years old,
Padre Herman explained it to me.
Long ago,
when he started to serve God,
Padre used to devote himself
wholly to the faith and people.
He helped every citizen,
but the closest person
to him was a little boy.
The little boy was an orphan
and Herman tried to act like a good father.
At a very young 899
the boy developed interest
in spiritual ideas
and Father Herman was sure
that he had found somebody
who can follow his path.
But after some time,
Father Herman had to face the hard fate
that the six-year-old boy had to endure.
He became seriously ill.
For several weeks, the
Padre didn't leave the boy
and put all of his energy into praying...
But the boy died.
For the first time he doubted his faith...
He asked himself: does God listen to me?
At night, when Father Herman got home,
an old man appeared who
had recently visited
the Padre just before his death,
for the Padre to hear his confessions
and give him the Holy Communion.
But how is it possible
that he was still alive?
And so the old man explained
it to Father Herman.
A couple of weeks later
the Padre set out to the mountains
in search of the healing power.
The local shaman told him
not to lose faith
and opened the secrets
of a foreign ancient art - Kamlanie."
Father Herman,
the doctor who tried to
separate us is coming!
Please don't open the door!
I cannot lie, Ayia.
Then don't open the door PLEASE...
Don't run away from things that scare you.
You need to face them.
Do you remember our mill?...
He often brought me hereto please him
Mother didn't know
that he was doing it to me...
The different blood I have inside of me
caused his desire.
I couldn't even imagine...
We loved him like our own dad.
He threatened me that if anybody found out
he would hang me on this hook...
He had power over me!
I'll show you...
They used to live in our village.
They still do but they can't forgive
themselves because of him...
I wanted it myself!
...I wanted it myself...
...I wanted it myself...
...I wanted it myself...
I wanted it myself...
...I wanted it myself...
NO, I didn't want it!
...I was teasing him...
...I was teasing him... I was teasing him.
Don't blame yourself,
he is no longer with us!
He was punished by God!
Don't hurry, Ayia.
Where is she?
I put her on the floor.
She is losing more and more power.
It's becoming harder for
you to come back too.
Yes, but I still have energy.
She doesn't wake up!
Then you still haven't
found the main reason.
She experienced with you
everything you saw.
Going through this is even
more difficult for her.
Let me enter it again.
Don't you need time to recover?
No, I want to help her now!
You have to find her deepest fear.
The books tell that
only killing the heart of her fear
will stop the disease.
If you don't find it she will die.
I understand.
I miss you so much!
Nobody is here with us,
it's only you and me...
I feel so well and calm inside,
Nothing can happen to you here.
To me?
Tell me, what are you most afraid of now?
Of losing my dear sister...
"But the books tell that
only killing the core of the fear
will stop the disease. I have to do it."
Then you're afraid that I might die?
Ayia, stay here!!!
'My knife!
It's not there...
How could she know in her mind
that I was hiding it here?
everything will be soon as it used to be...
I will save you now...
I will kill your fear...
You are wondering whether I'm real
or just part of your imagination?
If I'm in your imagination
then what is my mission here?
And, if I'm real,
then how do I happen to be here...?
Ayia, you may or may not answer me,
I know what's on your mind anyway.
Where's my sister?
Where we left her...
In my house.
Don't you want to know where we are now?
Honestly, I was surprised.
It is a very pure act, Ayia!
And I was thinking
why can't you be part
of MY WORLD by God's will?
Stop being scared
or you will see what you fear the most now!
Once I heard a voice...
it was the voice of God himself.
Everything that happened to me and you...
Please Father Herman...
Listen to me!
My gift is God's will.
The truth is that
he created our world in his subconscious
and allowed the chosen ones
to create their own world as well.
I am afraid I cannot let you go...
Please welcome Ayia!
My children,
you will be Adam and Eve,
the first ones in my new world...
I saw them,
they were laying in the
basement unconscious.
"I'll always be with you.
And I'll be waiting until you come back.
Every day I keep asking God for that...
Ayia, please come back..."