Ijogbon (2023) Movie Script

When the ancestors wanted to
bless Oranmiyan with minerals and wealth,
Oranmiyan requested that
they take the treasure
to Oyo-Oke and bury it there.
Everyone was very happy.
He then took the staff of wealth
and slammed it
into the ground for the great king.
Where is it?
Where did you hide it?
After a while,
bad character,
greed and selfishness
became an issue among them.
Siblings began to hate each other.
Where did you hide it?
Buy soup for your cornmeal!
- Miss Wosila.
- Oh, Principal.
- Sir.
- Come.
Praise be to God.
So, Prince, you now follow older girls?
- You now run after girls?
- Really, Prince?
Let me run.
What is wrong with these children?
Is something wrong with you?!
Ignore them. Let us go.
They came out off nowhere.
These children!
My Bisi, how are you?
I just dyed my hair.
Do you know Jay-Z and P-Diddy?
I copied their style.
It's the hip-hop trend. Yes.
I am taking you to America.
That's what you like
Bisi, kindly let me call you back.
I promise to call back, Bisi.
What I know is that
you have to pass your
exam before you can travel.
I want to pass my exams.
- Idiot!
- Who is that?
Where is my money?
Stay out of this
unless you want to be unfortunate.
Where is my money?
- Ranti.
- Idiot.
What is it?
Bisi, I'll call you back.
I am coming to Araromi soon.
- Brother Kasali...
- What?
Ranti, run!
That's good.
They say "One isn't told
when his misfortune begins,
he just begins to experience it".
Enjoy! You, just enjoy!
That's okay.
I promise, once I lay my hands on you,
I promise, I will curse you
into madness. You mad child.
Wait a minute,
what are we still doing in this town?
Behind those mountains
lies Benin Republic.
A whole new world awaits us out there.
Aren't you tired of this town?
Ranti, do you want to spend
the rest of your life in this village?
Well, I'm leaving for Ibadan to attend
a seminary college, during the holiday.
What did I just hear? Pastor!
Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow.
Shut up your mouth!
There is nothing for us here.
How about the fine girls here?
There are great opportunities
awaiting us out there, Prince.
People are running away. Relocation!
Aren't you tired of this place?
Look, Badinah,
it's not like I'm the one who needs it.
Oby, so you have
washed all those clothes already?
Oby, are you sure those clothes are clean,
or you just dipped them inside water?
You want me to dip
that head of yours inside water!
Please! Don't insult me.
- Then keep your mouth shut.
- That's enough.
Can you carry it?
Is it not wet?
So, you washed all these clothes?
- Good evening, Ma.
- Good evening.
- Hurry up, I don't want my dad to start.
- Oh please!
Who drove a car this far into the bush?
Can you see how big
the tires are? Like that of a trailer.
What would a trailer be doing around here?
- Let's go.
- Wait a minute!
I think it went this way.
- Let's follow the trail.
- Stop.
- Let's follow the trail.
- Let's go.
- Here.
- Yes, that's it.
Yes. Let's go.
- That's it.
- Let's go.
That's true.
How could a car pass here?
What do you mean "there is no snake"?
Ranti, wait!
Do men carry bags?
Broken bottle shards!
I think we should inform the police,
or tell the king.
We need to think this through carefully.
But before then,
nobody should tell the prince anything.
You know he's just a kid.
Let's go.
How much is each one worth?
If they are real, it would be expensive.
Don't you think
the owner will come looking for it?
Nobody is yet to claim it.
Even in school,
we give out lost items
if the owners don't come and claim it.
Look, Ranti!
So, we are waiting for
the owners to come forward and claim it?
Look, Jamiu, stop fooling yourself!
That's your business.
Oby, did you find the roasted plantain?
- I didn't know.
- What is this?
Am I dreaming?
Please, tell me this is a dream.
Calm down!
They are just pieces of broken glass.
Brother Ranti,
it's like you think I am an illiterate.
Look at you!
How do you know what diamonds are?
Brother, be honest, how many are they?
Twenty, in total.
New iPhones!
Shut up! Will you keep your mouth shut!
Stop being melodramatic.
Wait a minute,
who in this town
do you think would know about diamonds?
These are ordinary stones.
No problem,
we will take our business to Ibadan.
Be patient, young man, be patient.
Hold on, do you guys have more?
Chief, do you want
to buy or you don't want to buy?
What's with this rat among you?
Wait a minute,
where did you find these diamonds?
Chief, you ask too many questions.
What's wrong with this cockroach?
How am I sure
you didn't steal these diamonds?
I know what to do,
once I call the police on you
The same police that will come
and ask for the papers
of all the cars parked outside.
Cars that you smuggled
through the Benin Republic border.
Chief, stop playing.
Chief, how much are you
willing to pay us for the four?
No problem.
I will pay 50,000 naira for each diamond.
- What?!
- What?
Five hundred thousand for each diamond.
- Five hundred what?
- Thousand!
Get out of my office!
Get yourselves out of my office!
Let's go, guys.
We'll give someone else. Let's go.
One hundred thousand naira!
Chief, we're educated. We are not stupid.
We cannot be cheated.
Five hundred thousand
for each diamond or we are out of here.
- My darling Bisi
- Rubbish.
You can see
that I am in the middle of a transaction,
kindly reduce your noise.
Please bring the noise down, okay?
Help me put the phone on vibration mode.
Well done.
Let's start from the very beginning.
You see these
diamonds here, they are uncut.
Take it to Ibadan, Lagos or Abuja,
nobody will pay
200,000 naira for these things.
They are uncut!
But looking at your faces,
it's clear that you are in need
of money. You really need money.
Considering your desperation,
maybe I can give you like
- two hundred thousand naira.
- We don't accept at all.
Now, if you do
not accept this offer, you can go.
- Let's go!
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- He is not ready for business.
Look at them, thieves.
Come back here.
Okay, let's do it this way.
If I decide to go out of my way
and try to add one hundred thousand naira
to the two hundred thousand, all together,
it will be three hundred thousand naira.
Five hundred
thousand naira for each stone!
And if you are not interested
No problem.
I will take the four.
In total, it will be
two million naira. Right?
What bank and account
number should I transfer the money?
Why are you exchanging looks?
- We want cash.
- We'll take cash.
You will take cash?
You don't have a bank account?
You don't have a bank account?
Guy, I really need my thing.
I am not feeling like myself.
Can't you see that stuff
you drank is stronger than you?
It's what I need, guy. When I take it,
- it goes through my whole body.
- Yes, that's it.
What were you thinking?
It's not like the yoghurt
that crook sells over there.
I tell you that's what I need.
- Anyway, I'm going to get it.
- That's your problem.
That's your problem.
Your groundnut seller is here.
The visitors that asked for you are here.
- Your Highness!
- Oh, they are here.
- Greetings. Welcome!
- Welcome.
- You may be seated.
- Welcome!
- Thank you, Your Highness.
- Hello.
They say that you are
Mr. Banjo Akiwowo.
That's right, Your Highness.
Good. Let's hear what you have
to say, the chiefs are seated.
We discovered that
while searching for somewhere
to set up our business
because most of what we do
has to do with farming, agriculture!
We discovered that here in Oyo-Oke town,
agriculture is very important.
- Yes, it is very important!
- It's something you do a lot. So,
we thought that if we
establish our company in Oyo-Oke,
we would have quick access to all we need.
Okay. Thank you very much.
- Chiefs
- Your Highness!
what we've been
expecting is finally here.
Let's hear what you have to say.
Otun and Osi, we are listenining.
- Your Highness!
- Then what lyalode has to say.
Thank you.
My people, this is
development for our town.
Here in Oyo-Oke!
Once they start their company,
our farm produce
that lacks proper
storage will become useful for us.
- It won't spoil anymore.
- It won't spoil anymore.
Let's make room
for them. This is very good!
Your Highness,
if what we have been
waiting for finally happens
when it does,
then it calls for celebration.
Let's accept them, Your Highness!
- Let's not waste time then.
- Okay.
Your Highness!
- Mr. Akiwowo
- Your Highness!
we will give you our land.
Thank you, Your Highness.
- Alabi,
- Your Highness!
You will be in charge of this.
Alright, listen up guys.
From today henceforth,
I will be the keeper of the
diamonds we have hidden here in this cave.
Hold on! Why should it be you?
None of us, and I repeat,
none of us should come here alone.
We must come in twos or threes.
Prince, let me see the phone in your hand.
I will hold on to it for you.
- Brother Jamiu, don't cheat me.
- Shut up your mouth!
If it is seen with you, how do you
explain owning such an expensive iPhone?
Lastly, Oby, Ranti,
we need to be on the same page.
We still have a long way to go.
Honestly, it was fun going
on a shopping spree in Ibadan today.
However, let's think of the future.
Reverend is forcing you
to go to seminary school.
But if you go
to Canada, are you listening to me?
Prince, take a look at yourself.
You are young,
bright and you're intelligent.
Do you want to spend
the rest of your life in this town?
Mummy, I am coming!
You must be silly, are you ignoring me?
Where have you been?
I went to get the cassava we stored,
then I went to the trash collectors.
Did I ask you to do it?
Go wash the pestle and pound the yam.
Please wash the pestle!
All you do is jump up and down.
Everywhere one goes, Oby is seen there.
I'm bringing it.
What is this I hear about you
following boys up and down?
Everywhere I go,
it is Oby this, Oby that. All over.
- Me?
- No, me?
Mummy, it's just me, Ranti and Jamiu.
And you are a lady?!
Don't you know you are no longer a kid?
- You are now mature.
- Mummy, stop it!
I don't want to hear anything.
I don't want people to say
that I didn't train you well
because your father is dead.
That's not what I want.
Speak up, let me hear you!
I hope you know
that the legs that walk crooked,
will be seen by crooked eyes?
Come on, pound for me.
Up and down!
Allah hears whoever praises Him.
Allah is the greatest.
Allah is the greatest.
Good evening, sir.
I saved up some money
from working on people's farms with Ranti.
I used the money to get groceries.
- You saved this much?
- Yes sir.
Your Highness!
My dear Akanji, get up.
Where have you been?
I have been looking for you all day.
I was with Brother Jamiu.
- Jamiu's place?
- Yes.
Interesting. You are wearing a cap?
Where did you get the cap?
Brother Jamiu gave it to me.
Now you are behaving
like those fashionable Lagos kids.
- Hope he is teaching you well?
- Yes. In fact, very well.
- And you are concentrating?
- Yes, sir.
Well done.
Who are those visitors?
They are from Abuja,
looking to start a company here.
You saw them?
- Later.
- Come here.
Don't go anywhere without my knowledge.
- Do you understand me?
- Yes, sir.
- I must not look for you, understood?
- Yes, sir.
Let's eat.
Pass the thing to me.
Go on, Ranti.
I didn't see you all day.
Where did you go?
I I was on the mountain.
I was meditating. Yes.
That's very good.
Because, even in the Bible, it is written,
And that is what you need. Do you hear me?
Yes. Ranti.
I am not pleased that you
missed yesterday's choir rehearsal.
It was so interesting.
The tenor singers
sang beautifully yesterday.
I am sorry, Mummy.
I was on the mountain, in a trance.
I lost track of time.
Mummy Church,
this soup is so delicious.
Thank you, Daddy.
All glory be to God.
The money
that you gave us for renovations
The king greets you!
- Ah.
- The king greets you.
Concerning the scholarship,
- I will come to the Palace.
- The king greets you!
- The king greets you!
- Otun,
You've heard. You, Osi
- you with Reverend
- The King greets you.
- You with Reverend
- Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Stand still, the King is coming through!
Stand still, the King is coming through!
Oh, we even have visitors
from Abuja, staying in the palace.
What, palace?
It seems they want
to build some kind of factory here.
- In fact, the King is very happy.
- Really?
And I don't
See, Jam Jam,
I've been thinking about Canada.
Count me in.
Now you are talking.
If I was also an
adult like you, I would relocate.
So what's stopping you, Oby?
Even though
you like Jamiu? Don't just lie.
Keep quiet, my friend. What do you know?
Tolani, I'm greeting you in wonder
Don't even dare me.
Don't stare at me. Greetings.
I didn't see anything.
Bisi, oh, Bisi
With breasts so big
Your butt
Where is Bisi for God's sake?
I'm in trouble! I didn't see anything.
These kids!
Ranti! Where is my money?
If you go!
Hello, enjoy the rest of your day.
Thank your stars you got lucky.
Enjoy the weather. I hope it soothes you.
Chief. How are you, sir?
Kasali, what's going on?
Were you just chasing
the teacher's son and his friends?
They owe me money!
- They owe you money?
- Yes, sir.
No problem, put that aside for now.
I have a job.
I have a job for you.
Chief, I told you not to call me
for jobs like this. I am not interested.
Look here, Kasali,
I am not talking about smuggling.
This is different.
It's a good business, in our town.
- In our town?
- Yes.
- We are not going far?
- We are not.
- Chief?
- Close by.
That's good then. How will we do this?
How do we go about it?
- See me in my office.
- It is settled.
- Don't procrastinate.
- Never!
- I will see you soon.
- Okay then, see you later.
No problem.
I see you.
- Don't waste time.
- Never, sir.
Okay then. Later.
- From where we turned up to this place.
- Yes.
Everything to the point
you're looking at over there.
- Careful.
- Yes sir.
Foreigner, be careful.
- Greetings.
- Well done.
- All the best at the river.
- All the best with your washing.
Well done.
Foreigner, watch your step.
We don't know how big
your company is going to be, hence
the suggestion of going further
because this land goes
farther away from here.
Chief, do not bother yourself.
We are satisfied
with what you have shown us.
You are fine with this?
- You are satisfied?
- We are satisfied.
Okay, he said "what's behind the hills?"
Bushes, just bushes.
- There is nothing there.
- And those,
- those small caves.
- Small caves that people are
Those are caves.
He is requesting that we go there?
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
All of this place
Please, let's follow him.
You mean, we
So, what do I do now? How do I travel?
Emeka, what is that?
- into Europe.
- Europe? What Europe?
I want to go to Canada,
you are talking about Europe.
What's my business with Europe?
You have to take it one step at a time.
Leave Nigeria first,
then proceed from there.
- Pass this way, it is still good, right?
- By that hill there.
I think we should stop here.
I thought we would have
turned back by now.
This is fine, we should stop here.
- Learned man.
- Yes, sir.
This is how it goes.
It still stretches ahead.
the land goes on for miles and miles.
You know what, Chief,
we will take it from here.
So we can take our
time to look around carefully.
We don't want to disturb you.
- The both of you can leave,
- They said you can leave.
- And you?
- And you?
I am the eyes of the king,
they need me here.
Oh, okay.
In that case,
tell your foreigners
not to go beyond these rocks. You hear?
Okay, no problem.
Call me. Oby!
Oby, is that you?
- Alright.
- We will be on our way.
Thank you, Chiefs.
Eh, alright.
Er, like
My job is hard to do.
is that not your best teacher?
Yet she doesn't want to end up like you.
Everyone's destiny is different.
Daddy, are you not tired
of poverty and suffering?
It was the will of Allah.
Daddy! You hardly
go to the mosque anymore,
yet, you blame everything on God.
A gun!
You understand?
Please, did any of you touch my bag?
Someone has been here!
- Jah Elo!
- Elo!
- Jah Elo!
- Elo!
- Jah Elo!
- Elo!
Father! Our king!
- Father! Our king!
- Father!
- Father! Our king!
- Father!
- Owners of these praises, let's go!
- Owners of these praises, let's go!
- Owners of these praises, let's go!
- Owners of these praises, let's go!
Prince said
he saw something in the palace.
That is why we are here.
Prince, tell them.
Do you know that,
the King's guests have guns!
I think I should tell the King.
- Yes and the Police.
- No!
Let me explain to you.
It's obvious they came for the diamonds.
So why didn't they just come
out and say they lost something?
Why pretend they're starting a factory?
Because they are thieves!
They must have stolen the diamonds.
Chief Owonifaari said
they are uncut stones.
If we call in the police now,
they'll seize everything.
Then we all lose out.
Anyhow we want to do it.
Let's find a solution,
I don't want trouble.
God, my life is over.
What is it?
In this whole town,
why would they even suspect us?
- They have guns.
- That's enough!
Go back to your church,
we will talk about it tomorrow.
Go! Go!
- Prince,
- Yes.
Take your phone,
keep it in your pocket in my presence.
Nobody must see it.
I have a headache,
my stomach hurts, I feel feverish.
Ranti! That's enough!
The kings tambourine
Is floating on the water
The kings tambourine
Is floating on the water
The king's tambourine
Is floating on the water
The king's tambourine
Is floating on the water
We see the king's tambourine
Is floating on the water
Foreigner pepper. New, new pepper!
Foreigner pepper New, pepper!
Foreigner pepper New, pepper!
Foreigner pepper New, pepper!
Foreigner pepper New, pepper!
Foreigner pepper New, pepper!
Foreigner pepper New, pepper!
Just do that. Don't want
any forced boyfriend. Just tap...
How are you?
- Prince, so you own an iPhone?
- Prince.
Calm down!
Will be giving it out soon.
Why? What's wrong with it?
Can't you see that it is cracked?
The phone is good, why give it out?
Take a picture or should we take a selfie?
Let's take a selfie!
Bring it,
let me help you take the picture.
- Good afternoon.
- Yeah.
I guess.
Give me a smile.
Thank you.
Let's look at it.
See how beautiful I look on iPhone 13?
Prince, should we come
to collect it at the palace?
Yes, you can.
We will come to collect it at the palace.
Half a million naira birthday gift?
No. It's London-used.
My friends are looking for me.
- My friends are looking for me, yeh!
- Follow me.
Oranmiyan got angry
because the same stones
he brought for the benefit of the town,
is causing chaos in the town.
He then summoned the gods to come take
the treasure away.
Let me just tell you,
What's that?
Come here!
- What was the message he brought?
- Nothing!
- I said, what was the message?
- Nothing, Mommy.
You will kill me.
You will kill me, Oby.
- Jamiu, tell me you hid the diamonds.
- They are gone.
The diamonds have to be here!
They must be here!
Tell me, where did you keep stones?
I only took what I needed to pay
- for my visa application.
- You're lying!
- I am not lying!
- You're lying!
What's your problem?
You heard what that Chinese man said.
If we alert anyone,
they will kill the Prince.
The king has the right to know
that his son has been kidnapped!
Do you know why
the Prince hangs out with us?
Because the king
instructed him to learn from me,
because I'm the principal's son.
How do I tell the king
that am the reason his son in trouble?
We still have nine hours
to find the diamonds,
or the person that stole them.
The diamonds are in the man-bag.
If we find the bag,
we will find the diamonds.
Finding a man-bag
in this town shouldn't be too hard.
And me?
- Where am I searching?
- Go search your house!
- You and who?
- No!
We meet here in three hours!
Ranti, just go into town, go to the mar...
Mummy please,
did you by chance see a brown bag?
No, I didn't! Check over there.
Oby, what do you think you are doing?
You are here without Jamiu.
Is he finally tired of you
following him everywhere like a sheep?
My mother said that
since your father passed on,
you've not been trained well.
Following boys everywhere!
- Latifat.
- What?
- How dare you?
- What?
Are you mad?
You are finished!
- Look, you!
- Look
Stop fighting!
If I get a hold of you
Look, I'll give you a taste of it!
Look, if I set eyes
on you, if you come this way
Leave her! Stop fighting!
- Stand up.
- Who gave you the right?!
- Look, me Latifat, let me tell you
- Try it again!
- You!
- You're pointing?
- Don't fight.
- You!
- God saved you!
- Come back here and try it again!
- Talk to me anyhow. You will see.
- You, come back here!
God saved you today, let me just tell you!
How did you get in?
I came in through the backyard, sir.
You look so dirty.
Where are you coming from?
I am fine sir, I fell.
That's how Samuel was called in the Bible.
How would you hear?
When you are not patient enough to listen.
What is wrong with you?
Ranti, what did you just say?
- Ranti!
- I am not going to any clergy.
Oh my God!
Mummy Church!
Bring it.
- What?
- Where are you going?
It's none of your business,
I am going out.
- I have your money.
- Don't worry about it.
I will kill you!
Jamiu's phone. Thief!
Brother Kasali!
Ranti! My phone!
Where did you find it?
From the same person
that stole the diamonds.
No problem.
Call me. Oby!
That's what I'm talking about!
He was owing me, anyway.
Let me get my money.
This is good fortune.
Why would I know where Kasali is?
He doesn't work for me.
Chief, come on.
We all know
Kasali runs smuggling jobs for you.
Will you keep your mouth shut!
I don't know anything about that.
If you have nothing
better to do, get out of my office!
I have work to do here!
If anything happens to the Prince,
the king and the police will arrest
- all of us!
- Yes now!
What's wrong with her?
That's good.
You will then explain to the police
how you got
the diamonds in the first place!
What is it?
Bisi, I will call you back.
I am on my way to Araromi.
Guys, listen to me.
Let's not waste Chief's time.
Listen, Brother Kasali has this
babe who lives on Araromi Street.
Her name is Bisi, or something.
If we find her, we'll find him.
Let's go!
What was all that?
So, I remembered that
Chief's babe is also Kasali's babe.
- Guy! Are you sure?
- I am sure!
In fact, I am sure Chief
will want to confront them.
If we follow Chief,
he will lead us to Kasali.
- Sure?
- I am sure!
Ranti, I'm sorry I blamed you
- for the missing diamonds.
- Forget about that.
But how will you
stall them without the diamonds?
Don't worry about that.
Hey, wait!
Where is the boss rushing to?
Follow that Benz!
Follow that car!
Help me!
My goodness!
Mr. Man!
What is this? Local magic?
You know, if Jamiu had listened to me
and handed in the diamonds to the police,
we wouldn't be in this trouble now.
Canada? I am not going again.
I am not bold enough.
I'm not going.
No, Oby! What is it with this girl?
- My Kasali.
- My darling.
Strong and mighty.
I am in trouble!
I am in trouble!
I'm in trouble. Chief!
Kasali! I sent you to get the diamonds!
You did, then you held on to it.
You then had
the audacity to snatch my woman!
You this bastard of an ingrate!
Leave me
It will not be well with you.
Chief! May you be unfortunate.
Wouldn't you do the same thing
if you were in my shoes?
Answer me!
- Kasali stop, please!
- Leave me! Don't beg me!
Now you call Bisi.
- Bisi, my lover!
- Oh.
- Before you met Bisi,
- Don't mind him.
- She was already mine.
- Yeh!
- Shut up!
- Bisi, my lover.
- Chief!
- Old man,
you slept on this one! Let me tell you,
- we played you!
- Kasali, shut your dirty mouth!
- You played me?
- Yes.
- We played and duped you.
- Yeh, I'm finished!
- Before you mentioned
- Yeh.
The diamonds,
Bisi already told me about them.
- You say, you played and duped me?
- Yeh.
- Kasali has killed me!
- Leave me!
- No problem Here it is.
- What?
Kasali! Oh, I am in trouble.
Oh! Chief.
I beg you. Oh, my life is gone.
Chief, please.
- Where are my diamonds?
- I don't know!
- Where are my diamonds!
- It's in there.
Kasali has put me in trouble!
Kasali hypnotized me!
Kasali has put me in trouble!
I have shamed myself!
Chief please!
Calm down!
What happened?
What do we do?
Kasali hypnotized me. There is more to it.
- In the house I pay rent?
- Ah.
Kasali hypnotized me! Chief, please!
Well, you are a terrible cook!
Gun! Chief has a gun!
- I knew.
- You knew and you didn't tell me?!
You're not reasonable!
I am looking for my diamonds,
and you're telling me to look underground.
Should I just dig around?
Come meet me right now!
- Mama Oby,
- Your Highness!
- Teacher Owoseni.
- Your Highness!
It's quite late. Hope all is well?
I am here to ask Prince
about Jamiu's whereabout.
- Jamiu?
- Yes.
- I thought he was at your place.
- No, Your Highness!
This is why Oby's mother followed me.
She is yet to see her daughter.
Yes. Since she and Jamiu,
- left my farm this morning,
- Ah.
I have not seen them.
Apologies! Your visitor,
the foreigner, Chinese.
He brought a message
from the Prince to Oby and Jamiu
and they left in a hurry.
I don't know what he told them.
- The visitors from Abuja left early today.
- They have left, yes.
- They are far gone.
- Yes.
But why would the Prince,
send a message to the family
through the Chinese man?
Go check them
at Reverend Canon Sangodoyin's house.
- Quickly.
- They will be there.
Once you can't
find them there, don't wait,
call the Amotekun right away!
- They will be there.
- Now, go!
I will go with Alabi.
Teacher, stay here in case the children,
- come back here.
- Okay, go!
Are you crazy? I said, put it down!
If you don't put it down,
Do you think I am joking?
- Are you sure the diamonds are inside?
- Yes!
You are dead! You are dead today!
You are dead meat.
You are crazy!
I can see that you found your friend.
Where is it?
- Where is it?
- I don't have the diamonds.
My bum!
- Dead body! A dead body.
- Ranti, pull me up.
- Hurry up!
- My bum!
My bum!
Listen, these people
will not let us walk away,
whether we return those diamonds or not.
Let's do this!
- Ranti, take the gun!
- Take it!
- I should take the gun?
- Take it!
Oby, there is no phone signal here. So,
you will follow us
to where they've kept the Prince.
You hear? Let's go!
- Move!
- My bum!
My bum.
I am sorry.
I want my diamonds first!
Brother Jamiu. What is happening?
Where are my diamonds?
- Your Highness!
- Yes.
- Your Highness!
- Peace be unto you!
Peace? What peace are you talking about?
So, the kids are not with you?
We can't find them.
We had vistors.
- We have been in the church all day.
- Yes.
I haven't seen Ranti since Jamiu
and Oby came for him.
Teacher, I heard you sent for them.
Me? Not at all!
I didn't send them
on any errand and I haven't seen them.
Hey, Jamiu.
- But Your Highness
- What?
This is getting
a bit ominous, Your Highness!
So this doesn't get out of hand.
I suspect your visitors, Your Highness!
- Visitors?
- I suspect your visitors, Your Highness!
Oby! If anyone touches my child,
I will use a knife to castrate them.
- What are you saying?!
- What is she saying?!
- Alabi! Look
- Amotekun is here.
- Your Highness!
- Go ahead,
I sent for you.
There is fire on the mountain,
we can't find the kids. Help us!
Alabi already explained it to me.
Your Highness,
don't be alarmed. We will find them.
You must find them! You must!
Where do we start the search?
Mama Oby, be patient.
Let's go pray in the church,
while the men go search for the kids.
- You and who?
- Yeah.
Amotekun, Teacher,
where do we begin the search?
Where do we begin the search?
- Let's begin from the cave.
- Alright.
- Let's go.
- Go!
- Goodbye! Be safe!
- Alright.
- They are going into the bush, King.
- Follow them!
Don't let me hit you with a charm!
Where are my diamonds?
Where are my diamonds?!
Watch your step.
Look, calm down.
There's no road here at all.
- Move forward, walk fast.
- Yeh.
I'm not going.
- Jamiu.
- Sir?
- Jamiu!
- Huh?
If you love yourself,
you had better not be lying to me!
- I am not lying!
- Where are my diamonds?
We buried them here by the Iroko tree.
You see these people, my thugs,
I brought them from the Republic of Benin.
They don't understand English or Yoruba.
The only words
they understand are, kill and stop!
Jamiu, where are my diamonds?
- Jamiu!
- Chief,
I am sure we buried them
- by this tree!
- Then dig!
- Give me my diamonds.
- Yeh.
Pass it to your boss.
- Dig!
- Yeh.
Ah, yeh.
- That's enough, Prince. Don't worry.
- Where are the diamonds?
- I am here guys, do not worry!
- Answer me!
- Just keep digging!
- Don't waste my time!
Jamiu, you are still digging?
I think,
I think it's over there.
You want to play tricks with me!
I will bury you
and your friends alive on this ground!
If you don't find those diamonds.
We're in trouble.
- My God!
- Oh my!
- My eyes will not witness evil!
- Amen.
Watch your step.
Oby, my child,
if anyone touches my child,
I will kill them today!
Are they dead?
- I have my doubts.
- Hold on.
I don't know this one
but I know these two.
These are the visitors
the king hosted at the Palace,
- but one person is missing.
- I said so.
- The foreigner!
- No!
- The foreigner!
- No!
- The foreigner!
- Yes, foreigner.
Yes. He brought a message in my farm
to Oby and Jamiu before they ran away.
The farm?
- Hey.
- They were here,
this is the Prince's bead.
The king gave the Prince this bead.
Let us pray
What's that?
You're praying for these peeople?
These ones?
These people,
may have killed our children!
Then who killed them?
Stop wasting my time!
Where did you keep it?
I've been waiting. They will kill us!
It's enough. Don't worry.
Alright. I now understand
you, right? I now understand you.
You are frustrating me.
Okay. Shoot them.
Prince, no!
I've found it! I've found the bag!
Okay. You brought this
upon yourself. No problem.
Stupid kids! You wasted my time!
You get what you deserve!
Calm down!
- Calm down.
- Look
Look, I'll... Hey, pass this way!
- Follow him. This job is stressful!
- Follow him.
Don't move!
Put down!
Hands up!
Okay, just calm down.
I know you!
Let's share it equally.
Do you see?
- Father God!
- I'm in trouble.
I don't know these
two but this is Owonifaari!
I can recognize him very well!
Listen, the police
have been searching for this Chief.
We heard that
he killed two people at Araromi.
Yes! Even though,
the investigation is on going.
You have started again!
Daddy, where is Ranti?
They've been found.
Ranti is not with them.
Where, then, is Ranti?
I heard the Prince
was shot. And he has been taken
- to the hospital!
- Huh!
My Jesus!
I have warned Ranti about Jamiu severally!
What do we do now, Daddy?
He that dwells
in the secret place of the Most High,
shall abide
under the shadow of the almighty!
Unless Jesus...
It's fine, we work together.
Thank you.
Sorry. So, what happened?
I have no idea!
I think they were after the Prince.
They even stayed in the palace!
We tried to rescue the Prince,
but it wasn't easy.
Everything about
starting a factory was a lie.
They warned us that if we told anyone,
they would kill the Prince.
Chief and the Abuja people
had a disagreement
over money, so they shot at each other.
It was then,
we discovered that Chief Owonifaari
was working with the Abuja people.
You should have seen
the bullets flying everywhere!
Chief Owonifaari killed Brother
Kasali and his girlfriend, Bisi,
because he was going
to report him to the police.
It was right in our presence
Chief Owonifaari ordered his Benin thugs
to kill the Prince.
They would have taken us away!
No! I did not die.
Bulletproof vest.
Chinese magic!
The Chinese man by the name, Ming Ho,
pleaded with the others to release us.
He must not die, please!
At some point,
they shot him because of us.
I didn't leave Beijing
to come all the way here,
for a few stones.
When I go
to the mosque on Friday for prayers,
I will offer special
prayers for the Chinese man.
He really tried for us.
There is God!
You know, the Prince
is like a junior brother to us,
we couldn't abandon him.
Please, have you heard
anything from the hospital?
Is the Prince going to be okay?
Oby, my child!
- Oby, my child.
- Jamiu.
- Did anybody touch you?
- Jamiu.
- No.
- Did anybody touch you?
- Did they?
- Jamiu,
- you will not kill me.
- Do you know you will kill me?
- You will not kill me.
- You will not kill me.
Everywhere I go, it is Oby.
- Everywhere I go, Oby.
- It's okay.
- Oby this, Oby that.
- Look at what you've put me through.
- She doesn't listen.
- Get up.
Oh God.
- She wants to kill me.
- Parent's come close.
Man, don't do that.
They've come. They have arrived.
- Thank you very much.
- Foreigner, thank you!
- Thank you.
- You parents,
let's be sincere with ourselves.
Truly, the Amotekun's duty is to protect.
But, you parents also have your duties.
You need to discipline your children.
Parents often pay
for the foolishness of their children.
The recklessness
of one, inevitably affects all.
- True.
- Because their pain is our pain.
I am saying this so peace can reign!
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
- Thank you sir!
- May God help us.
- Let us go.
- Let us go.
Those children
- Ranti!
- Where did they go?
Where are they?
Dear Lord,
Our God Almighty,
Creator of the universe
God our king
our Father!
Even in the Bible, it is written,
- Amen!
- Amen!
These 19 diamonds finally belong to us.
Wait a minute,
I think we should set aside
four diamonds for the Prince,
- for when he wakes up.
- Of course.
But, nobody must find out what happened.
Remember that's the deal
we have with the Chinese man.
About the Chinese man,
do you think he meant what he said
if any of us break the agreement,
he will hunt us down and kill us"?
What do you think?
Regardless, that was the deal we made.
Meanwhile, I'll hold these diamonds.
Hold on!
Why are you keeping them?
- Ranti, what's your problem?
- You are my problem!
You always act like our boss.
Always making decisions.
- Who put you in charge?
- Ranti!
Ranti, I beg you in God's name
I don't have time for your nonsense!
I have no business with them.
You can keep their diamonds.
But I, Ranti, I want my diamonds!
- Ranti! Leave me!
- Give me my diamonds!
- Just give it to him!
- No, I am not giving it to him.
If people see
it with him, what will he say?
- Ranti is careless.
- You're the careless one!
Oby, imagine!
They were about
to shoot me in that cave and still,
Jamiu couldn't reveal
where the diamonds were hidden!
The same way you play with our lives!
What for? These same diamonds!
Oh, so that's your deal,
I now understand you.
You like Oby! Sorry!
That's besides the point!
I Ranti, I want my
share of the diamonds now!
- And I said, no!
- Give me my stones!
Of how Oranmiyan
blessed this village with treasure.
The Prince lies in hospital,
They bring out the worst in us.
(Subtitle translation by Ayolope Koiki)