I'll Come Running (2008) Movie Script

- [projector clicking]
- [theme music]
- [animals growling]
- [birds screeching]
[Man speaking Danish]
[music plays]
[music continues]
She was standing
In a disco light
And you were standing
Right behind her side
Be careful, she wants
To take some life
With her eyes
Shining like the night
[Man speaking Danish]
- [chatter]
- [imitating animal sounds]
[all speaking Danish]
[music continues]
[Man speaking Danish]
[all speaking Danish]
[growls playfully, laughs]
[Pelle speaking Danish]
- [gun pops]
- [laughs]
[music plays]
[Man] Take it...
[all speaking Danish]
[Man] ...Take it
Take it
Take it
Take it...
[Pelle speaking Danish]
What's the story
with those guys over there?
Um, I don't know,
they're foreign.
Wow, somebody needs
to get laid.
[whispers] Oh, you bitch.
- Hi... Hi.
- Hey.
Is there a problem?
Did you have a problem?
It's your country,
it's in bad taste.
Yeah, I thought The Simpsons
had prepared me for it,
but no way.
Wait-- so we're too much
like The Simpsons?
No, you're more like not
enough... Then you'd be funny.
[scoffs] Well, you should've
seen us in season four.
Ever since then we've been
coasting on our rep.
[speaking Danish]
No, it wasn't funny?
It wasn't really funny, was it?
[music playing in restaurant]
[Waitress] What's the word?
You making fun of me?
Why, is it cutting
into my tip?
No... I just think it's rude
to make fun of people
when you haven't been
properly introduced.
So properly introduce yourself.
[men laugh]
What are you...?
It's my country, my language.
The same rule applies
when you come to Denmark?
- I'm not gonna go to Denmark.
- You promise?
No, but seriously,
what did he say about me?
He said look at you
and laugh...
[whispers] No... Asshole.
...Like he had
said something mean.
- Really clever.
- [Pelle] Thanks.
Do you have anything, like,
before the day after tomorrow?
No, no, no, no...
Not Dallas.
Okay, how much is that gonna be?
I think I'm gonna go ahead
and take that.
Honey, if you could take your
call right outside, that'd be
great, all right?
- Of course, miss.
- Thank you, thank you.
It's, it's Pelle Juul.
[curtain jangles]
So, if I'm stuck, what should
I do with my day?
[all speaking Danish]
[ignition starts, engine revs]
[music playing on radio]
[Young woman] Shut up.
Happy birthday.
[Young man] Support our
teenage drinking program?
Oh, no, I'm sorry, I...
Maybe you know where this is?
Oh, the hostel?
You'll completely get
your shit stolen, dude.
[Young man 2] I don't think
there's a hostel in Austin.
Dude, I don't even know
what this is a map of...
I don't know.
- Where'd you get this map?
- Is there a hostel here?
[Woman] It's on your right.
There's a coffee shop.
It's very simple.
Good luck!
"A coffee shop"?
- You're...
- Shh-shh-shh.
Where are you sending him?
You're sending him
to the Church of Scientology?
- You think that's funny?
- Shh, shh-- they have beds!
- You think that's hilarious,
don't you?
- They have beds.
[music plays]
[Woman] Oh, hey, we're closed.
Ooh, already?
Yeah, sorry.
No, that's okay, thanks.
[door squeaks open]
[Waitress] Hey, Simpsons...
We're closed.
- Hey, yeah, yeah, she told me.
- Yeah.
You know, this isn't the only
Mexican joint in town.
No, but you know...
I can't find my way.
[Waitress] Yeah, and you know,
three Mexican martinis
and you don't know
what planet you're on.
- Drunk.
- Oh, he's coming with us.
Hey, there's this, um, party
if you want to come too?
You know, you can
sober up there.
- Um, did somebody
just bust a move?
- No...
I could've sworn somebody
busted a move.
He's a lost puppy.
I'm just helping him out.
- [laughs]
Is that what you call it?
- Yeah.
Are you coming or not?
- [laughter and party music]
- [indistinct conversations]
Can I have a cigarette?
The whole thing,
"Please, dear God,
just say it's a joke,
say it's a joke,
he's gonna start laughing
any minute."
No, dead serious,
he fucking answers the phone--
- What-- who is this for?
- [Man] Me.
I don't know... I still went
home with him. [laughs]
I figured the worst that could
possibly happen was bad sex,
and fuck it, that's always
a good story.
[Man] Yeah, the world's
a little less interesting
since you got off the market, Tessie.
Yeah, like you'd have a shot
either way, Karim.
[Man] So was it good sex
or a good story?
Uh, it was a...
a good story,
but not for virgin ears.
[all laugh mockingly]
Weak... Weak, weak, weak.
- [All] Cheers!
- [glasses clink]
[Karim] To good stories!
[Tess] To turning 18.
[Pelle] This is a funny way
to sober me up, Lisa.
[Karim] Oh, she wants you good
and wrecked to keep you
in line, man.
Yeah, well, we've all seen
the leash boss lady
keeps you on.
[Karim] Oh!
That woman's not gonna stop
running that restaurant
to give birth.
- [Tess laughs]
- Man alive!
She'd have me breast-feeding
if she could figure out how.
[Man] That's what you get
for marrying the boss lady.
Oh, poor, poor, poor Karim.
[Pelle] I gotta go
to the hostel, seriously.
Man, you're gonna get
your shit stolen.
- Yeah, I know, it's...
- [Tess] No, no, no, no!
He should stay with us.
- Milhouse...
you can have my room.
- What?
- What? Marge, no, I couldn't.
- [all talking at once]
No, too late, already done.
I'm staying with that asshole
tonight anyway.
No, the asshole is staying
with us because you've got
a breakfast shift, remember?
- Mm-mm.
- Remember?
Mm-mm. I don't remember.
- [Man 2] How you doing?
- Good.
You must be that asshole.
Yes, I am.
Milhouse, this is
my brother Eddie.
They're calling me Milhouse.
Dude, you got off easy.
Yeah, these girls got names
for everybody.
What do you two call me?
I don't know... Carl?
[laughter] I'm sorry.
- Snap.
- [Tess] We're out of here.
- No-- where are you going?
- I just got here.
- [Eddie] See you at home, Vee!
- Later, poopie.
[Vee] You know the chair.
It's like, orange,
it's kind of puffy and...
Seriously, you do not have
to carry this.
Oh, oh, and it has, like,
these little legs.
What are you talking about?
Or we can look in the catalog,
you know, then you can help me
the name of the chair,
'cause I don't get it.
It has, like, eight Ls
in it or something.
What is it with you and Ikea?
[laughs] Do you have
no national pride?
Hey, Ikea is not Danish,
it's Swedish.
That's something
completely different.
What's in here, bricks?
- I got it.
- I'll be right back.
[gasps] These bastards...
- They covered my tag.
- [both scoff]
- You got my back, right?
- Yes!
- Keep an eye out
for Chief Wiggum.
- Chief... Chief Wiggum?
- Watch out for the cops?
- Ooh, yes, right.
Mr. Chief Wiggum.
Chief Wiggum.
Man, I don't think I've ever met
someone so into Simpsons.
- I don't know, I don't
really watch it anymore.
- Yeah? Me neither.
- Can you look out for me?
- I'm looking out for you.
"Market forces made me do it."
Yeah, that's one of mine.
[marker squeaking]
Is that supposed to be
political? [chuckles]
See if I buy anything
from Ikea.
I'm totally boycotting.
[crickets chirping]
Thank you.
I like this.
Okay, good night, Milhouse.
Good night, Lisa.
Oh, and Lisa?
Um... Thanks.
Good night.
Good night.
[indistinct music
playing in other room]
[sighs deeply]
Fuck it.
- Hey.
- Oh, hi.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hi. [chuckles]
So, I, uh...
I guess you came
to say good night.
- Yes.
- All right.
You know, this kind of
awkwardness gets
points for style.
- I guess.
- Yeah.
Now, that's a good boy.
My hair, my hair...
Oh, I'm sorry.
[both panting and laughing]
This is retarded!
[music continues]
[both chuckle]
[Man] ...Say there's a place
where I should be sleeping
She said, all my...
[music fades]
[Vee] Wait, um, there's a...
[both chuckle]
[music plays]
[music plays]
If you do that again...
I'm gonna break
your fucking hand.
Oh, well...
I guess I won't be
making your breakfast.
Wait, wait-- you're gonna be
making me breakfast?
Yeah. [whistling]
No ugly, naked men
running around my house.
It didn't seem to bother you
last night.
Last night is not
this morning.
All for you,
my delicate flower.
[both chuckle, Pelle whistles]
[speaking Danish]
[continues whistling]
- Hi.
- Hi.
Yeah, I was gonna
make breakfast.
So was my bed
So when did you get in?
We didn't hear you.
- I didn't want to
wake you kids.
- No, you didn't.
Do you want this?
I think you want this.
- Oh, yeah.
- [laughs]
Oh, nice.
I should've known
you're a fan.
Those bitches are hot.
- Yeah, well,
their shirt sure is.
- [laughter]
Oh, my God.
I love your roommate.
- Tessie?
- Yes?
- Leave him alone.
- No, what?
We were just...
We were talking about bands.
We need breakfast tacos.
No, but he's cooking!
No, don't come back
without the chorizo.
But he was gonna go, like,
all Martha Stewart and shit.
All right, all right.
[music plays]
- I have to go to work...
- Oh, no, no, no.
And Tessie's gonna
come back...
- Yes, but I can be quick.
- Oh, like last night.
Oh, no, not exactly like
last night.
[music plays]
I'm not even gonna ask.
[music plays]
[Woman] We're gonna see
Grandpa at the game.
[Pelle and Vee laughing]
[Tess] You're welcome.
- [Young man] Yo, right here.
- No, no, no, hello!
Not... Are you tailgating
on my lawn?
What was that thing you said
about ugly, naked dudes
running around your apartment?
No, no, really, you convinced
me, you don't have to beg--
- I'm not trying
to convince you.
- Shh-shh-shh.
I wasn't even going...
You and your magic fingers
can stay...
Unless you have
something better to do.
Not at all.
Where you going,
where you going?
Some of us have to work
and I'm already late.
Well, call in-- call in sick.
Dude, we're not all
on vacation.
Oh, but...
But I can stay here.
Well, you can stay here tonight,
but you're gonna have
to fend for yourself.
I can do that.
No, no, no, no...
Where do you send a tourist
around here?
Where do I go to buy a gun?
Or see a hangin'?
Where are the cowboy
What the fuck
is a cowboy battlefield?
I don't know.
Okay, all right.
I'll take off work...
if you shave that crap off
your face.
I'll look stupid if I shave.
You'll be at the cowboy
battlefields if you don't.
I'm not touching a hair
until you're on the phone
with your boss.
Is Karim there, or do I have
to talk to boss lady?
No, I'm sick.
Whatever, whatever,
whatever, okay?
[mouthing words]
Yeah... Yeah.
Hey, tell 'em how many times
you threw up.
Yeah, I...
And the nosebleed,
tell them about the nosebleed.
[mouthing words]
Yeah, I'm sorry,
but I'm gonna have...
And the rash,
don't forget the rash.
Well, I don't know what I'm
doing today, but I'm definitely
not hanging out with you.
You wanted me to shave.
Oh, I did...
But I didn't know that you
were gonna look 12 years old.
I mean, really, in America,
there's laws about where you
can't have sex with little boys.
Come on, feel this face.
No, quit it!
I'm serious!
You're laughing!
I'm serious and I'm laughing.
I shouldn't have messed
with your phone call.
I could have
totally lost my job.
- [chuckles]
- You think I look more
like him now, Lisa?
- It's quite shocking, actually.
- [both laugh]
Do you remember that one
where Lisa sees into the future
and she's getting married and
the night before the wedding,
she's trying on her dress
with Marge, and she goes,
"Well, Mom, I don't think
I should be wearing white."
[laughing] And Marge says...
"Milhouse doesn't count."
"Milhouse doesn't count."
That's so awesome.
You don't think about cartoon
characters growing up,
not in that way, anyway.
It's one of the most truthful
family scenes ever seen
on television,
and it's in a cartoon.
This isn't your lead-in
to tell me about your family,
is it?
- So why are you going home,
anyway? Really.
- What--
Oh, come on, I don't believe
that shit about the Alamo
made you do it.
No... Ah...
No, I'm, uh...
I'm running out of money, and--
Why are you lying to me?
There's really no reason to lie.
Well, it's hard to explain.
[clears throat] I, um...
You know, I've...
I want a home,
but I don't wanna go home.
You know, basically,
I'm just sick of being
a tourist.
For a long time,
I was on this TV show
where we would travel
around the world--
Oh, you didn't tell me
I was getting celebrity nookie.
Oh! [laughs] Well...
Danish kid show
celebrity nookie.
Um, but we would go to,
we would go all over the world
and visit poor countries
and do public service projects
and see if we made
any sort of impact--
How old were you?
I was 15, 16.
It's for kids.
But, no, it could get intense.
Like this one show we did,
we were in Africa,
and I helped a man die.
He had AIDS, and there was
basically nothing
we could do about it,
so I was just giving him water
and helping him, you know,
his family, his wife, his kids,
his village prepare
for his death.
And the whole time they had me
telling him that everything
would be fine if he just drank
more water or got more sleep.
You know, I was lying
to make them feel better.
Shit, oh, I'm sorry.
No, I mean, it's okay.
Fuck, you know?
It's weird.
I don't know, I feel like
I get it, though.
It's like, you get to travel
the world, but wherever you go,
you have to be really
patronizing, you know?
What do you mean?
Well, like the whole thing
about rich white kids
from really wealthy countries
and they go to find
these very poor dark people
and help them find their way
out of the misery
of their lives.
I mean, for a TV show,
it's really fucked up actually,
like if you think about it.
No, no, no, no, no,
we were helping people.
We were encouraging kids
to help people.
- Mm.
- We were trying to--
I'm just saying as Americans,
when we do that,
people think that we're Satan.
That's maybe because America
usually helps people out
by bombing the shit out
of their countries.
Nobody said anything
about bombing anybody.
- Oh, come on!
- I don't, I don't do that!
Let's just... Let's just
change the subject, okay?
What, your political graffiti
is scaring the shit out
of your government?
Fuck you.
And clean that shit off
your face, you fucking asshole.
Hey, hey!
I'm-- I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.
What is this?
It's the Oklahoma game.
- Do you have a camera?
- Yeah.
- [music plays]
- Whoo!
On today's episode of
Save a Primitive Culture and
Feel Better About Yourself,
we discuss the rituals
and romance of Texas football.
[kids shouting]
Even though this sport may seem
really wholesome...
Cold Cokes right here.
- There is child labor.
- [Pelle laughs]
So are you gonna buy a soda?
- No.
- You sure?
You know you want one!
You're thirsty!
[Vee] Like the peacock,
the male Texan adorns himself
to attract the opposite sex...
By painting his body and making
very guttural sounds
in a show
of alpha male dominance.
What the fuck did you
just say?
Was that funny, hippie?
Was that funny?
- [Pelle protests]
- Hey--
[shrieks and shouts]
Don't! Stop!
[music plays]
[Pelle] There must have been
beer in that pool.
[sputters] Or piss.
Can't a man get
some privacy here?
Fuck! Give me that.
- Give me that!
- No!
- Hey! Hey!
- Hey!
Hey, you!
[both laughing]
- What you got right here?
- Oh, my God!
Excuse me, miss.
Hi, I'm from
a civilized country.
I've come to patronize you
for the viewers back home.
No, no, no, no, no-- agh!
No, no, no, no, no!
- [music ends]
- [both laughing]
- Mmm.
- Oh, my God.
[both laugh]
Well... you can go.
But... I wish this could stay.
[sighs contentedly]
- Can I keep it?
- [laughs]
Yes, I wish I didn't
have to go home tomorrow.
Dude, that was a compliment,
not an upgrade
to boyfriend class.
Oh... No, I just meant...
I really don't want to go home.
I feel like a dork.
My best friend, Soren,
he got me this job back home.
And I decided to cut
my trip short.
Well, that's really
grown-up of you.
Yeah... I'm a wanker.
You know, Max and Kristian,
they would have given me
shit forever.
- I wouldn't have met you.
- Oh, come on!
They're your friends and you're
supposed to tell them about
your stupid jobs.
And they're supposed to give you
shit about it.
Well, the thing is...
They really don't like Soren.
He's kind of unpredictable,
and they think he's crazy.
[Vee laughs]
We've been friends
since forever.
Even my parents aren't
so sure about him.
I could tell you some stuff
that would freak you out, but...
[whispers] Tell me.
Well... This one's good, actually.
Um, a bunch of us broke into
a public pool and went
- Skinny-dipping.
- Mm-hmm.
And we got caught.
And everybody's trying to
get dressed except Soren.
He just walks up to these
security guys stark naked
and he starts to chat.
And he's smiling and talking
about crime...
[Vee chuckles]
And all the while, he's getting
this serious fucking hard-on.
Yes, the security guys didn't
like it either and they threw us
in detention.
Nothing serious, just to scare
us because we were kids.
He's great.
I think you'd like him.
So, he's like...
The bart to your Milhouse--
always getting you in trouble.
Yeah... That's funny.
Every time somebody asks him
directions in English,
no matter where they're going,
he'll direct them to
the viking ship museum.
Can you... Teach me how
to ask directions to the viking
ship museum?
Of course I can.
- You ready?
- Okay.
Undskyld, kan de vise mig
vejen til viking museet?
Undskyld... [gibberish]
Something... Skoot.
[mumbling in Danish]
Yes, yes.
Come to Denmark,
you'll get the hang of it.
That's a long way to go
to learn a language
that nobody speaks.
Yeah, it's
completely useless.
It'd be just for fun.
Just like us, Milhouse.
Just for fun.
[birds chirping]
[alarm beeps,
radio playing soft music]
[sighs contentedly]
[song on radio continues]
Hey, hold still!
What are you doing?
In case you need my number.
Only for an emergency.
That's not a number.
- Gimme, gimme, gimme!
- No!
- Gimme!
- No!
Okay, anything but your number.
All right. All right.
What are you gonna write?
Oh, nothing.
Nothing special.
Just, you know...
The names of our children.
[Pelle laughs]
[door slams, ]
[car engine idling]
[trunk slams]
[music plays]
Oh, Milhouse, what was that?
Oh, I'm saving it...
For when you come to Denmark.
[music plays]
Get out of here.
[music plays]
Ooh, lady, you better just
start talking right now 'cause
you owe me so many details.
I'm not telling you shit.
Oh, is that what you think?
[laughs] I'm not!
[laughs] Oh!
Well, I have ways of getting
information when I want it!
So is this normal for girls
to drive cabs in Texas?
I'm a musician.
Have you ever heard of a band
called cock holster?
Come on, gimme the cheese,
babe, come on! Nothing...
You're not gonna tell
me anything? Wow... Wow!
It must be love!
[music plays]
Hey, you're back.
How are you feeling?
You look great.
I feel great, thanks.
You know, sick is sick,
but you know, I'm here every
day and it's just like...
You know.
I know. I'm sorry.
It's all right, go!
Go do your thing, thanks.
[music plays]
Can you turn around?
Did you forget something?
Yeah, I'll bet you did.
[music plays]
[phone vibrating]
[children whining]
Give me that!
Hey, Tess, will you cover
for me?
Yes, but you owe me.
Hey! Hey!
[Man] Hello, am I speaking
with Lisa?
[shaker clatters]
Cool, cool, cool, cool.
Is Tess your real name
or just your waitress name?
Uh, I don't know.
What's a waitress name?
I knew you weren't
a real waitress.
[music plays]
[no dialogue]
[music plays]
[Boy] Hey.
[Vee sniffles]
[Man] So you were the one
that wrote that on his arm?
[Vee] Yeah.
Could I see his face?
No, I don't think
you want that, ma'am.
When the cab was hit,
your friend was...
thrown from the vehicle.
Uh... Unfortunately, he landed
in the road and was hit
by another car.
- [crying]
- I don't think he suffered.
It was pretty terrible, but...
at least he didn't suffer.
Did he go by any other names?
That you know of?
Besides "Milhouse"?
I couldn't pronounce
his real name.
So that's what I called him instead.
And do you normally
go by "Lisa"?
John, they're nicknames.
But you two were dating?
But he had your number.
We just... We just met.
Okay, so you don't know if
he has any family here, and you
don't know how to get in touch
with any of his friends, and you
were never gonna see him again.
Look, do you have any idea why
he might have turned
his cab around...
And headed away from the airport
at the time of the accident?
Veronica, we just need any
information you got, okay?
His stuff didn't come out
of the accident in too good
a condition.
If you have any information
that would be helpful about
why he may have planned to stay
in the country...
Maybe he forgot something.
- Okay, maybe he left something
at your place?
- No.
We'll call the consulate.
It's what we were gonna
do anyway.
It's not a problem, okay?
- Okay.
- Don't worry about it.
Okay. I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm really sorry.
It's not your fault.
Look, I'm really sorry about
him in there, you know?
He's just... It's paperwork.
Officer Hayslip.
Oh, my God.
You okay?
Come here.
It's okay.
I didn't really know him.
It doesn't matter.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You want a cigarette?
- No.
- Okay.
I can get you some coffee
if you need it.
Whatever you need, okay?
Shoot, I mean, if one of
my friends died like that...
I don't know what I'd do.
[tearfully] We weren't
really friends.
Or lovers.
You okay?
[quietly] You want a joint?
I mean, I know I'm a cop,
but sometimes...
That's okay.
Thank you.
It's okay, you're welcome.
I'm gonna go.
You okay to drive?
I'm gonna go.
- You sure you're all right?
- Yeah, thank you.
What a fucking douche.
If he wasn't a cop, I'd
totally kick his ass for you.
I can't report him.
Probably could
have used a joint.
That's not the fucking point.
I'm not gonna get him fired.
I already have a death
on my conscience.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back up, what are you
talking about?
It's because of me he's dead.
If he hadn't slept here, or--
What is this?
Have you been talking
to your mother or something?
Baby, this is not your fault.
He died because of a traffic
accident, not because he had
sex with you.
Vee... Repeat after me.
"My pussy does not kill."
Come on, "my pussy does
not kill."
My pussy does not kill.
[call ringing through]
- [Pelle speaking Danish]
- [beep]
[phone beeps off]
[Tess] How much do they cost?
Why do you have to ask like
that, Tess?
Well, are you gonna have
anything left over for rent?
I wanted to talk
to you about that.
Oh, this is fucked!
You can't do this!
Tess... I am not asking
for your permission.
What is that supposed
to mean?
I already bought the tickets,
and it leaves this afternoon.
Veronica, I think you're
making a crazy, stupid mistake.
Fuck you!
You practically threw
him at me! Tess!
I'm not going, okay?
I'm not gonna go!
You should fucking go.
- You don't need
my permission.
- I'll stay. I will stay!
I'm not gonna be treated
like an asshole for worrying
about you!
- I'm gonna stay, Tess!
- [car starts]
You're acting stupid.
Okay! I'm gonna stay!
[tires squealing]
I'm staying, you fucking cunt!
[music plays]
[music plays]
[music plays]
- Do you speak English?
- Yes, I do.
Do you how to get to...
Gronna-gade? Grenna-giddeh?
Do we have the exactly address?
Yeah, Gronnegade. Fine.
[music plays]
[music plays]
[music plays]
[tries to open door]
[music plays]
Hello, Milhouse's cat.
[cat meows]
[cat meows]
[music plays]
- [door lock rattles]
- [cat meows]
[key clatters]
[music plays]
[cat meows softly]
[door closes, key rattles]
Oh, it's okay.
[Vee's voice] Hello?
- Hello--
- [beep]
[seagulls crying]
[drops fork]
[spits] Ugh!
[phone beeping]
[phone beeps, disconnects]
[faucet squeaks, water runs]
[keys jingling]
[speaking in Danish]
[groans, urinating...
Pelle Juul, V.J.
for MTV Scandinavia.
[toilet flushes]
Oh, sorry...
[shower still running]
Come out or I'll shoot.
- Um...
- Oh, shit...
- Um...
- [speaking Danish]
Pelle's not here.
Okay, you're not Danish.
Um, my name is Soren.
I'm just one of his friends,
giving the cat
some cat food,
but I, I just leave.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, wait. Um--
Could I have my arm
back, please?
- Pelle's not here. He's dead.
- Oh, I'm sorry about that.
I mean, he was a great guy,
and I'm really sorry, but--
You think I'm joking?
It's really fun, you're
a really great actress,
but can I--
- But he's not here.
- Well, fine.
Where are you two-- Pelle?
- It's not funny.
- Pelle, are you in there?
- [chuckling]
- Don't go.
- Pelle!
- He's not here.
Can I have my arm
back, please?
- Please.
- No, no, no.
You know, I'm sorry that I--
that I said
that all American girls
are fat, I'm sorry, but could
you tell me where he is
because I haven't got all day
and it's really not that funny--
- [Vee turns shower off]
- Pelle? Don't worry,
I will find him.
[music plays]
Where could you be? Pelle?
I-- I got him!
Come out, Pelle, come.
[whistles] Come here.
[muttering in Danish]
Can you call the ambulance
please, I found him.
It's like blood all over.
[shouting in Danish]
[shouting] I got him!
I got him!
What the fuck is wrong
with you?
[music plays]
Can you tell me
where he is, please?
[bangs on door]
[quietly] Milhouse was right,
you're crazy.
[banging on door]
Can you stand back
from the door?
Come out.
Come on, this is not funny, okay?
This is not funny anymore.
Will you tell me
where Pelle is, please?
I'm sorry.
There was a car accident.
- Stay away from me.
- I'm really sorry.
You stay away
from me, please?
- I'm really, really sorry.
- Shut up.
There was a car accident
and Pelle died in it.
My God.
[clears throat]
[phone beeps off]
- I'm so sorry.
- [screaming in Danish]
[hits the wall, sobbing]
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
No, go away, go, go away,
please. [panting]
Will you just please go away?
[sobbing] Just please go away.
I don't know you and I just want
you to go away, please...
[softly] Nej, nej, nej, nej,
nej, nej, nej.
Can you tell me how to get
to the viking ship museum?
[Soren continues to cry]
Can you tell me how to get
to the Viking ship museum?
[whispering] I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I don't know what to do.
I really have no idea
what to do.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
[music plays]
[shouting] Soren!
[whispers] Fuck.
[music plays]
[music plays]
[kids chattering in Danish]
Hi... Do you know where
Gronnegade Street is?
No, no, um...
It's Gronne...
Gronnegade Street.
Gronnegade Street.
No Gronnegade Street?
You don't know, okay, great.
[music plays]
[fireworks exploding]
[distant car alarm blaring]
[music plays]
[fireworks explode, crackling]
[music plays]
[Soren] Where did you go?
- I was following you,
you asshole!
- No, no, no-- hey!
I told you to stay.
I told you to stay...
You told me in Danish!
I don't speak Danish,
you fucking...
Ow! [laughing] Sorry! Okay!
- I don't speak Danish!
- [laughing] I'm sorry.
I'm really, really--
- It's not funny!
- No, it's not funny.
- It's not...
- [Man] Hey!
[Vee] You shut up
and leave him alone!
[Soren] Shh, shh, shh!
[Vee] You shut up
and leave him alone!
You better leave him alone!
I was really mad at you
because I said stay
and you left.
- What do we do? I--
- I got fireworks.
You pick one of them because
you was in love with him.
[whispers] You pick one of them.
[both panting]
[Vee] What are you doing?
[fuse hisses]
[music plays]
This one's for you.
Okay, this one is for Pelle.
And this one is for me.
[crackling, popping] And...
For the cat.
[crackling, popping]
[music plays]
[music plays]
It's okay, I could have
the day off.
I don't think I ever seen
anyone so hungry before.
There was only cat food
in Milhouse's apartment.
You know, I know there was
some leverpostej.
- Um, the can in the fridge?
- Yeah.
That was cat food.
[chuckling] No, no, no.
It's, um... Leverpostej,
it's very Danish, traditional--
Cat food.
No, it's not cat food.
You should try to taste it.
- It's really good, actually.
- I tried it. Cat food.
No, it says "leverpostej"
and it--
Cat food.
[Soren chuckles]
[radio plays in the background]
Did you call Pelle
That's what we called
each other.
He called me "Lisa."
It was this really stupid thing
that we did.
I can call you "Lisa."
You two would have had beautiful
children, you know that?
Very, very beautiful children.
- No.
- I don't mean right now, but
if you wanted to have children,
it would have been beautiful.
No, uh, it wasn't like that.
Don't misunderstand me.
I mean, later, if you wanted
to have some kids,
I just think it would be--
- No, like seriously...
- Mm?
All we did was have
a lot of sex.
Yeah? You made love?
No, it wasn't love.
It was sex.
But can I not say that you're
beautiful and Pelle's beautiful?
And I just think that you would
have had beautiful... Children.
So he came to your restaurant
and then he started to flirt
with you?
Maybe he did, maybe it was
the other way around.
Yeah, that's just like him,
you know.
He always makes you wonder if
something is his idea or your
idea or...
You know, this is my fault.
It's my fault that he's dead.
No... It doesn't work
like that.
The cops told me that his cab
was headed away from the airport.
He was coming back to you.
He was in love with you.
Well, if he hadn't loved me,
you'd still be talking to him
right now.
[Woman speaking Danish]
I'm sorry...
[both sobbing]
Maybe we should talk
in English.
Um... I'm really sorry about
your son.
I don't know, I, um...
I just...
He was a really great guy.
Maybe you can both come
for dinner tonight.
[Soren] Yeah, we used to come
here a lot, me and Pelle and our friends.
Just... Picnic on the beach and
bathing naked, that kind of thing.
Do you mean skinny-dipping?
- What?
- Skinny-dipping?
- Eh...
- Skinny-dipping.
It was always his idea.
But he'd make you think
it was yours.
God, that show-off.
Well, actually once...
We all... We broke in this big
house in Risskov...
You know, we found a lot of
alcohol-- vodka, gin, that kind
of stuff-- and we got all really
drunk and then we saw they had
this big swimming pool, so we
took off our clothes and went
this... Skin... Dipping...
Yeah, and then we had a lot
of fun but then the police came
and we were just...
Getting up and just clothes on,
but you know Pelle, he just
walks straight to them, all
naked, and then he starts to
tell about his TV show to this
police officer who knows him
from the television and then he
asks Pelle for his autograph
for his kids, so...
That's, that's how it's like to
hang out with famous people.
You liar!
He told me that story.
It was you, not him.
And you got everybody arrested.
You know, I just thought it
would be a better story if it
was about him.
So what were you talking about
with his family?
I did tell them that you were
more than a girlfriend.
Yeah, that you and Pelle were
gonna get married.
That's good.
What did you really tell them?
That you were going to marry.
- Fuck!
- I mean, I had no choice.
You have to understand.
Hey, hey, hey, hey...
Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off,
fuck off, fuck off!
They wanted
you to leave, okay?
So I had to tell them something
so you could stay.
What the fuck am I supposed
to now, huh?
Hey, hey, they don't know
what you two had, okay?
What the fuck do you know
what we had?
- How do you know?
- Hey, you don't have to--
[both scream]
What did you do?
- Hey, I'm really sorry.
- Fucking asshole.
You know what, get out of the
fucking water, you crazy shithead.
Hey, I'm really...
Are you okay?
[shivering] Oh, my God,
I'm gonna kill you.
Hey, let me warm you!
I'm cold!
[knocking on door]
Lisa, do you think I could
get a...
[music plays]
[utensils clatter in kitchen]
I love salad.
[indistinct] ...But I think
it's good.
[general conversation]
[Mom] So then you traveled
with him and his friends?
[Dad] Instead he stayed with
you for a while?
- Yeah.
- Yeah... [speaking Danish]
Still, it must have been
a surprise after such
a short time.
I mean, did he propose, or was
it your idea to get married?
He got on one knee and popped
the bling-bling.
[Soren] Yeah.
Um, well, he... He definitely
surprised me.
He wrote me this note...
Mm, he did. [chuckles]
A really funny note.
- It was so funny...
- Yeah.
Really funny.
Really funny.
It was much better than
a ring.
We had this, um, this really
huge fight...
Because he never, I mean, he
- never talked about
us to you guys...
- No.
- And then he kind of sprung
this whole... Marriage...
- Yeah, I mean, that is, that
- is so much like Pelle...
Full of surprises and...
- Yeah.
You remember when he gave
you all of these kittens
as a gift without telling you?
Oh, sorry, we all must speak
English when veronica is here.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
We were happy
that he went traveling
and also with his TV job,
But we were missing him so much.
He wasn't here and...
So everything has been
a surprise for too long.
He would get used to being
away and we didn't hear from him
that much.
No, except when there were
trouble or when he needed money.
It's not that I want him...
Wanted him to call me
all the time, it's just...
Yeah, but you know,
we all grow up, don't we?
Yeah, you do.
It would have...
It would have been good to know
what he thought of Texas
and that he had met
someone like you.
[Soren] Cheers.
[All] Cheers.
[glasses clink]
[water running]
I'll start drying those off.
Need some help?
No, I...
I can help.
- No, I don't think
you should help.
- [speaking Danish to mom]
We got it, yeah?
We got it under control, right?
[Boy] Yeah, we got it
under control.
[speaking Danish]
[Vee] He has long hair here.
[Mom] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
he liked that a lot.
It's actually not that long ago.
He wore like, what do you call
it, a horse tail?
[chuckles] A ponytail.
A ponytail, yeah.
This one,
what's he doing here?
Oh, he was on TV
and they threw a cake at him
as a joke on his last day.
You must have been
really proud of Milhouse.
[indistinct voices inside house]
[Soren shivers]
Where you going?
Oh, I thought
you were going to stay.
I think I have to.
Yeah, I might go see
some of Pelle's friends.
They're having a party.
Yeah, I think you're welcome.
But... It's okay.
You say that like
it's not okay.
And why are you just rushing off
like that anyway?
Well, I'm not family...
Like you.
I can't believe
that we're doing this.
But... I mean, can't you see
you make them very happy
in there?
And that's important.
If I could do the same,
I mean...
I just think that it is...
It is very important for them to
know that you and Pelle were
very, very much in love.
- Stop saying that.
- Okay, but then why did you
come here?
I don't know.
I don't know.
So you want to come with me?
Really, I don't know
why you came.
I just know that Pelle,
he was in love with you,
and that's important to me.
I didn't lie for you,
I lied for him.
Yes, I did.
[mom and dad speaking Danish]
Is there something wrong?
No... He just had to meet
some friends.
You have to be careful
with him, Veronica.
Always in this door,
out that door with him.
We've known him
since he was a kid.
He's wonderful,
he has a good heart...
but sometimes his heart
gets crazy too.
Hey, Lisa, I've got
Pelle's show for you.
[tape whirs]
[whispers] No...
[music from TV]
I'm really sorry.
[woman speaking Danish on TV]
I understand.
I can't watch him either...
Not now.
Right now I wish I'd never
let him do it.
He was our little child and
he should be at home with us.
But he got to help people.
Yeah... He did.
He did.
[muffled music and party sounds]
[birds chirping,
distant hammering]
[paper crinkling]
[cat meows]
[speaking Danish]
Hey, Jones...
You think you could help me
with something?
Total secret mission.
[man singing in Danish]
I've got your back.
Come on, go.
All right, give me five.
[singing continues]
Don't tell me you smoke.
I'm gonna tell your parents.
I'm not old enough.
So how do you know
how to roll?
Pelle taught me.
He said it would impress girls.
He said girls like when boys
can do careful things
with their fingers.
Oh, my God!
That must be the best advice
a guy ever gave his kid brother.
What's this for?
Well, you're not supposed to
write on anything with it...
Not mailboxes or light posts
or anything.
[record playing Danish song]
You know, Jones was born
right after Pelle left
for the TV show.
It became easier that he wasn't
there because we had a baby
in the house.
But I think it shouldn't have
been easier.
Well, I guess it's difficult to
explain and understand, but...
But you'll have children.
They surprises you.
I've been missing this record
for years and I wouldn't
have thought that Pelle
would have it.
We used to listen to it
in the car when we was driving
from Copenhagen to here,
and I would sing along,
you know,
just a bit...
Yeah... It's nice.
I like it.
You can have it if you want.
No... No, you keep giving me
all of his things.
They're yours, they're yours.
I mean... I, I wasn't really
with him for a very long time.
I don't...
I understand.
[record continues playing]
[Dad] Well, we should
go back now.
[Vee] I think I just want tobe
here until the funeral.
[Jonas] Can I stay with you?
[Mom] Okay, bye, then.
- You take care.
- Okay.
[knocking on door]
Can I come in?
You know, I... I don't really
want to be alone tonight.
Where are you going?
I'm really tired.
I need to go to bed.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Do you mind if I...
I sleep on the sofa?
I never thought I would be
in a bed with my best friend's
I'm not his girl.
[clears throat]
I'm just the one
that they could call.
Yeah, but you know
what I mean.
[clears throat]
Soren, are you awake?
[whispers] Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, God, Lisa.
Don't call me that.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
[bell tolling]
[tolling continues]
Where is Soren?
I don't know.
[tolling continues]
[tolling stops]
[organ begins playing inside]
Mother wants you
to come in now.
[solemn organ music playing]
[woman speaking in Danish]
[woman continues speaking]
[woman stops speaking,
choir begins singing]
[choir continues singing]
[mother speaking Danish]
Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
[choir continues]
You okay?
No, I'm sorry, I can't...
Who are you?!
[overlapping voices]
You come with me.
[overlapping voices]
[men shouting in Danish]
[Vee] Stop it!
[Mom] Why are you doing
this to us?!
[Vee] I'm pregnant.
[Soren shouts in Danish]
So you thought there would be
a baby?
Do you want that?
I don't want anything!
I want my Pelle!
On the way to the airport...
He turned the taxi around
and he was headed towards me.
And that's when
the accident happened.
He wasn't supposed to be
in love with me.
You should hate me.
Why should I believe
this isn't another story?
When he was with you...
Was he happy?
[Father] There's a flight
in two hours.
It does not go to Texas,
but it will get you home.
Thank you.
We'll send your things.
- I have to go get my stuff...
- There's no time.
[music plays]
[music plays]
Hey, driver?
Never mind.
[music plays]
[tires skid, thud]
[driver protests in Danish]
[Vee] No, it's okay,
he's with me.
I should kick you both out.
[music plays]
[panting] Don't leave,
please... Not yet.
Why didn't you tell me
you were pregnant?
Because I'm not.
Now we could make it true.
And maybe we already did.
Then we could have...
Then we could have Pelle's baby.
You're retarded.
Can you tell him
to turn around?
[music plays]
I have to go home.
Hey, can I have a pen, please?
Stay, please.
So... do you want me
to turn around?
[music plays]
[Pelle's voice]
[music plays]
[music plays]
[music plays]
[Football fan on tape]
Was that funny, hippie, huh?
How funny was that?
[shouts, overlapping voices]
[Pelle on tape] Hey, can't
a man get some privacy in here?
Gimme that! Gimme that!
[Pelle's voice continues]
[music plays]
[Woman] I don't know why
I still don't know
It's over
I don't know why
My heart keeps holding
On to you
And though I try
To let you go
I still want you so
I don't know why
I still don't know
It's over
[music plays]
And though I try
To let you go,
I still want you so
I don't know why
I still don't know
It's over
And I don't know why
I still don't know
It's over.