I'll Love You Forever... Tonight (1992) Movie Script

(liquid pouring)
(heavy breathing)
- [Voiceover] Who do you
want me to deal with?
(disco music)
- Hi, how you doing?
- Pretty good.
Is that your beer?
- Yeah, you want some?
- Yeah.
It's light.
- You don't like light beer?
(clears throat)
- [Blond Guy] Do you
want something to drink?
- [Brunette Guy] Yeah.
What'd you got?
- [Blond Guy] Vodka, coke.
- Take a lot of pictures?
- [Blond Guy] Yeah, that's what I do.
- Man, these are pretty.
I do a lot of work myself.
- [Blond Guy] Photography?
- Yeah.
- [Blond Guy] What photography?
- Huh, oh just models, model shots.
- [Blond Guy] Oh.
- Lot of landscapes and stuff.
God, she's pretty.
- That's Anita.
- You take this?
Who is it?
- Yeah, it's a girl I used to go out with.
- Yeah?
She's blond huh?
I like blonds.
- [Blond Guy] Anita.
- Mm, hmm.
- [Blond Guy] She's beautiful.
- She sure is.
Every girlfriend I ever had was blond.
- (laughs) Really?
- [Brunette Guy] Yeah.
- Every one?
- [Brunette Guy] Mhm.
- Every girlfriend you ever had?
- Yeah.
- [Blond Guy] What's wrong with brunettes?
- Oh you like brunettes?
- [Blond Guy] Well sure.
- Kinda evil lookin' aren't they?
- [Blond Guy] Oh yeah, I like 'em evil.
- Really?
Take a picture of me.
- Take a picture of you?
- [Brunette Guy] Yeah.
- Why?
- Why not?
- [Blond Guy] You're not
(mumbles) I can't shoot cold.
- Take the fucking picture.
(ominous music)
I'm hungry.
Hey, you got any food?
- [Blond Guy] No, I
uh, I actually I don't.
Guess I need to like go
out and get something.
I'm not really in the mood to go out
to tell you the truth.
- Okay, you wanna come to bed again?
- I'd rather go to sleep alone.
- [Brunette Guy] I could slip outta here
real early tomorrow.
I won't bother you at all,
I just sleep on this side of the bed.
- Just feeling weird, you know.
- All right.
- Do you have a place to stay?
- Yeah, yeah, I gotta.
It's kinda far away.
(heavy breathing)
You're so warm.
Look why don't we, why
don't we just go to sleep.
You want serious sleep?
- Yes.
- Okay.
This feels real nice.
- This is relaxing.
(light melancholic music)
(birds chirping)
- Just wanted to say bye.
- Hmm?
You're leaving?
- Yeah.
- But?
- Thanks a lot.
- Uh, yeah sure.
You can uh, you know you can
stay for a few days if you.
(vehicle horn honking)
- Mm, I gotta go.
- You don't wanna stay?
- No it sounds great, it
sounds like it's be a real,
nice, but I.
- [Blond Guy] You gotta go to work?
- Yeah.
- See you around.
- All right.
- Hello, hello?
- [Voiceover] Hello.
- Hi, it's me.
- [Voiceover] How've you been?
- Not bad, how 'bout you?
- [Voiceover] Oh fine.
You have everything you need?
- Yeah, uh, listen, I uh, didn't
get a chance to, you know,
call the other day, your birthday, I
was just really busy and meant to call.
- [Voiceover] Well uh.
- Yeah, so
- [Voiceover] What have you been doing?
- Oh, oh well, just photos.
- [Voiceover] Oh.
- Taking photos.
- [Voiceover] What of?
- Just lots of different things, um,
different people and places.
So how are things with you?
I mean work and stuff.
- [Voiceover] They're fine,
yeah everything's coming along.
- Yeah, that's good.
- [Voiceover] It's busy here today.
- Oh really?
- [Voiceover] Yeah, I, I need to go.
- Oh okay.
Yeah so uh I'll, I'll speak
to you soon and um, um,
oh yeah, uh say hi to mom for me.
Would ya?
- [Voiceover] I'm a little busy right now.
- Yeah, okay.
- [Voiceover] I'll call you later.
- Okay, bye, bye.
(somber light rock)
(dial tone ringing)
(phone ringing)
(dial tone ringing)
- Don't you ever use the front door?
- Why use the front door,
when I can use the back door?
- Right, what're you doing?
- Nothing what're you doing?
- Umm, wondering what's going on.
- Nothing's going on.
- Ah, my favorite stuff in the world.
I smelt it come in.
Everything okay?
- Yeah everything's okay, how 'bout you?
- Fine.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Steve, I'd like you to meet Ethan.
My best friend in the world.
- I'm gonna go get my shirt, all right?
- You got the top?
I best be going.
- No, no, no, what you mean going?
Why don't you stay?
- Nah, I'll take off.
I'll see ya tomorrow.
- Is everything okay?
- [Ethan] Yeah.
- Are you sure?
- [Ethan] Yes I'm sure.
- I'll ask him to leave if
you wanna stay and talk.
- [Ethan] No, don't worry about it.
- Do you want me to give you a ride home?
- Uh, no, I'll walk it.
(helicopter rumbling)
(melancholic jazz music)
(doorbell ringing)
(frantic knocking)
(doorbell ringing)
(frantic knocking)
(doorbell ringing)
I'm coming, God.
What're you doing?
- [Dennis] Just open the door.
- Nothing's wrong.
What's wrong with you?
- [Dennis] Come on pack your bags will ya?
This some new stuff?
- [Ethan] What?
- Pack your bags.
I'm taking you to Palm Springs.
- What for?
- Because you need a
vacation, that's what's for.
These are really nice.
- I don't, I don't have the money.
- I have the money.
And I am going to pay for everything.
- Wait a minute, where did
you get the money from?
- Don't worry about it.
- Where did you get money
for Palm Springs from?
- Don't worry about it, okay?
I got the money, I hustled
around for it and I got it.
Just consider it an
early Christmas present.
- You sure you got it?
- I'm positive, will you
relax for christ's sake
for once in your life?
Now get packed, let's go.
These are really good.
Toothbrushes, shaving
cream, blow dryer, right?
- Yeah.
- Um, okay, I invited Steve.
Remember Steve?
- Yep. (sighing)
- He's gonna be joining us.
Is that okay?
- That's cool.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry I didn't tell you
because I just didn't think
it was important.
Well that's not all the way
true, I knew it was in fact
that it wasn't important, it's
just I didn't think that is
really necessary.
That's not really true,
I just didn't tell you.
- Okay, so uh, let's okay.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Gimme a break, of course
it's okay what the hell.
- Do you have my sunglasses?
- No I don't have them.
- All right I'll be right back.
You guys talk or something.
- Hey, what's up?
- Hey.
- [Steve] You ready for Palm Springs?
- I don't know.
I'm having second thoughts
about the whole thing.
- [Steve] Oh yeah?
Why's that.
- No, I can't wait, it's gonna be great.
You ever been there?
- Yeah.
- [Ethan] Yeah?
Where do you usually hang out?
- Oh uh, over by the
um, what's, I don't know
the name of the place,
it's um, right off of--
- Palm Canyon Drive?
- Is that, yeah I think
that's the name of it.
I don't know the place.
- Do you know where we're staying?
- No Dennis just said that it's,
I don't know he just, he
said a place in Palm Springs.
Says there's a lot to do there.
Stuff like that.
There's a basketball court and stuff.
- Oh yeah?
You play basketball?
- Mhmm, yeah, high
school I played up until
my sophomore year.
- [Ethan] What position?
- Guard.
- [Ethan] Guard, that's the front right?
- Right.
- [Ethan] (laughing) Guard, it's, it's.
- It's the little guy, so.
- [Ethan] Yeah right.
- That's, that's what I play.
But then everybody else
started to grow, I didn't grow,
so that's, I called it a day on that one.
So where's Dennis at?
- Oh went to get his sunglasses.
- So you guys are just pals?
- Yeah.
- [Steve] Pals, or?
- We're just friends.
- Nothing more?
- [Ethan] Yeah we're just friends.
Don't worry about it, come on. (laughing)
What, you want us to be
more than just friends?
- I've got 'em, sorry you guys.
- [Steve] It's about time.
- What's going on here?
Something I should know about?
- [Steve] Just talkin' about you.
- [Dennis] That's what I figured.
Okay, let's hit the fuckin' road.
(groovy jazz music)
- You been before?
- Yeah, yeah, it's a
nice place to get away.
No noise, no traffic, no nothin'
Stop, listen.
- It's really quiet.
I'm gonna take a walk around, okay?
- Well there's some
people I want you to meet.
- I wanna walk around, wake
up, you know, stretch out.
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay.
- We'll be in here.
- [Steve] Mhmm.
- Right through this door.
Come here.
(techno music)
- What's he doing here?
- Shh, we'll surprise him.
Come on.
Sweet dreams?
- Well where's Ethan?
- Right here.
- Long time no see, huh?
- Yeah.
What're you doing here?
- Didn't Dennis tell you?
- No.
- I thought you two would
be happy to see each other.
Wanted to make it a surprise.
You made it.
Well was I right or was I right?
- You were right.
This is definitely the kind of place
where you can really relax.
- Hey Jeff I'd like you to meet Ethan.
- Hi.
So Peter tells me you two had
some wild times in school.
- Yeah.
- Uh, that's the guy I want you to meet.
- Not bad.
- What do you mean not bad?
- [Peter] He means not bad if
you're into the runaway type.
- I thought that was your only type.
- I think you're right.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- [Voiceover] No, no!
- Yes!
- [Ethan] Dennis, hold on.
Hold it.
- Well Dennis sure says a lot
about you, all good things.
- He does?
Good things?
- They're good things, yeah.
- Well, you've known him
for a long time right?
- Yeah, yeah, you have too right?
I mean you're.
- Yeah, yeah.
- And you used to, you two used to date?
- No, no.
- No?
- No, we're just friends.
I never dated him.
We're just fuck buddies.
- Just fuck buddies?
- Yeah, I mean if he
finds somebody he likes,
it's okay, you know?
Or if I meet someone else.
Just no bullshit
- Open relationship, I
guess we'd call that.
- How's it going?
What ya been doing with
yourself since school, huh?
- Nothin' much, the same
old thing, you know?
How 'bout yourself?
- Well, you know, I'm like a diva.
- [Ethan] Oh yeah?
- Yeah I've got a great job, they're uh,
just workin' my butt off though.
- [Ethan] As usual.
- Yeah.
- Sounds like the same old Peter.
- Same old Ethan.
- You enjoying yourself?
- Oh, you know I am.
- [Ethan] That's all that counts.
- Yeah well, that's the main thing.
So, wanna fuck?
- [Ethan] What did you say?
- Well, you know, wanna fuck me?
Is just basically what I was saying.
- (laughing) That's okay.
Thanks for the offer.
- Oh, of course.
- [Ethan] That's all that matters.
- That's right.
(sensual jazz music)
- [Peter] Jeff was off
at a great job in Europe.
- [Ethan] Doing what?
- [Peter] Managing a bar.
- [Ethan] That's a great job?
- It's with a chain of hotels.
And the owner says he can move up quick.
- [Ethan] So is he gonna take it?
Is he going to go?
- I told him I'd help him
start up his own business here
but now, he's not sure
he wants to do that.
Look, uh Jeff, listen, I got some things
I gotta take care of so uh,
I'm really not gonna be around tonight.
- What things?
- Just things I gotta do?
- Well why do these things take all night?
- Because they do.
- Wait, where are you goin'?
- Get your hand off me.
- Why don't you just
hang with us, you know,
have a good time, relax a little bit,
drink some wine and stay up all night.
We'll have a good time.
- Look, I said I gotta go.
(somber music)
- How ya doin'?
- Hey, it's great, how you doing?
- Pretty good.
Mind if I sit down?
- No, go ahead.
- That was a nice barbecue last night.
- Yeah it was a lot of fun.
How you doin' buddy?
- Hey.
- Where were you?
- No where in particular.
- Where's no where in particular?
- You don't quit do you?
- God dammit, where were you?
- Oh, oh I get it now.
You wanna know if I was out with some guy.
- Were you?
- [Peter] No.
- Then why the hell won't
you tell me where you were.
- I don't ask you for a god damn alibi
every time you take off.
Either you believe me or you don't.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
- [Voiceover] The forecast,
plenty of sunshine through today
with seasonal temperatures
by this evening.
The front-running Flyers beat Sabres 14-3
and the Canadians up past Flames, 7-6.
Dan Quinn scored three times,
helping the Penguins pass Jets 8-3.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- So what do you do?
- (laughing) What do I do?
- Yeah, where do you work?
- Oh uh well, Down Century City.
- What do you do?
- Oh just an office
job, just nine to five.
- Big bucks, huh?
- Well, you know, I do all right.
What about you?
- Yeah, I do okay, I do okay.
- What do you do with your time?
- You know, delivery
boy, that type of stuff.
For a big company though, you know.
- Yeah, that's great.
- So where do you live?
- I live uh, Sherman Oaks.
What about you?
- Well is it a house, or
and apartment or what?
- I got a, I got a little place there.
And uh, you know, it's okay.
Where do you live?
- You know, L.A.
- Yeah I get ya.
I couldn't move there, no way.
- [Ethan] How you doing?
- Hey, what's up?
- Not much, nice place huh?
- Yeah, really nice.
You havin' a good time?
- Yeah.
Visiting family in L.A.?
- Well sort of, yeah.
I got some relatives there but.
- So uh, plan to move down here or?
- Yeah, I'd like to.
I think I'm gonna stay here, for awhile.
- What kind of work do you do?
- I'm looking for a job right now, but um,
I'll find a job.
Are you hungry?
- No, I'm fine thanks.
- All right I'm gonna get
a sandwich, all right?
- Hey.
- I can't believe it, I
can't believe you've fallen
for Peter's act.
- Whatever man.
- He's just pretending to be a smart guy.
- He seems okay to me.
- What are you, crazy?
Pay attention, look at him Stephen.
- Nah I don't see what's wrong with him,
he's got a good job, big
house, what's wrong with that?
- Sounds like uh, you two have
been talkin' a little bit.
You're gettin' to know each other,
you're gettin' friendly, huh?
Where are you going?
- I'm kind of tired of playing cards.
- Stephen this is our third hand.
- Yeah well I think that's it for me.
- Don't you wanna finish?
- Not really.
- Come on, sit down, it's not gonna.
He's tired of me.
I can't believe it he's
already tired of me.
(laughs) Don't say a word.
I know, I've said it a
million times before.
Hell I really thought he
was gonna be different.
- Maybe he just needs some
more time to get used to you.
- Well what're you saying,
you saying you think it could work?
- Yeah.
- Lousy liar Ethan.
But I appreciate the effort.
What the hell right I might as
well enjoy it while it lasts.
You weren't sleeping were you?
Wanna go for a swim?
- It's kind of late.
- I know but I'm not tired
and the water's nice.
I really don't wanna swim
alone, I'm kind of drunk.
(sensual saxophone)
- [Peter] Let's go, come on.
Maybe this'll help.
- Ah god.
Are you crazy, get this outta here.
- [Ethan] (chuckling)
You're gonna need two
to snap out of it.
- I'm gettin' too old for this shit.
- [Ethan] Come on man, drink up.
There's a lot of work to do.
- [Voiceover] The forecast
with mostly sunny skies today
with brisk easterly winds.
Expect a high near 52
degrees with a low near 44.
Tomorrow, more sunshine and
slightly warmer temperatures.
- Hi.
- (sighing) No food.
Hey come on what're you doing?
- What's wrong?
- No listen it's serious,
it's serious, just.
Look, I'm flattered okay?
- Just be quiet.
No I'm serious, listen,
listen to me, Steve listen.
Come on (mumbling)
- Just shut up.
- You don't understand.
You're not understandin' here okay?
- I don't care.
- [Peter] No, no, no,
come on, I can't do this.
- You son of a bitch.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Hey hold on a second.
Will you relax?
Just a minute.
- What's going on here?
- [Peter] Nothing's going on.
- Bullshit.
- [Steve] And fuck you.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Just relax a second.
I was tellin' him no, okay?
- Oh bullshit, I saw what's goin' on here.
- He's not lying.
- You just get outta here.
- Hey, come on just.
- Get outta here.
- [Peter] I'll talk to
you later all right?
- You can talk to him now.
- When are you gonna calm down
and let me talk for a minute.
- It's over.
- [Peter] Calm down.
- [Jeff] I turn my back on you
for one minute and you cheat on me.
You lie to me.
- When?
Listen, I have never lied to you.
- What about the business,
you told me we were gonna
start that a year ago.
I don't need this shit, I
don't need your charity.
I don't wanna be paid, get outta here.
- Fine.
I hear you
- [Jeff] Fine.
Fuck you.
I got kings.
- Read 'em and weep pal.
- Wow.
- That's two cases of beer and
one quarter scotch you owe.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Wanna make it double or nothing?
- Why not?
- [Dennis] Your attitude, deal 'em up.
- Get your hands off me, what you doin'?
Get outta here.
Leave my chest hair alone.
- This is all Steve brought?
- Yeah.
- Jeff.
- What?
- Jeff, since you decided I
had something going with Steve,
I felt obligated.
And you know what, it was great.
- I'm glad.
- Good.
- [Jeff] I'm really glad,
as long as you're happy.
- Yeah.
- [Dennis] Hey, hey, hey.
- [Peter] Leave him alone.
- What do you want from me?
- We just, need to talk.
I don't wanna stay with him.
- Where are you going?
Jeff are you crazy, where are you going?
- Hey.
What's your problem, huh?
- Nothin'.
- What do you mean nothin'?
What's, what's going on?
What was that all about?
- Wasn't about anything.
- [Ethan] Give me this.
- To worry about, hey, fuck off.
Let go of it.
Just leave me alone.
- No I'm not gonna leave you alone.
I want to know what you're so upset about.
What're you so upset about?
- I thought that if I got
you and Peter back together,
you and Peter and me and Jeff.
I didn't think there were, I
thought it was a fair trade.
- Right, okay, so you wanted
me and Peter to get back
so you and Jeff.
- [Dennis] Yeah what's so bad
about that?
- [Ethan] So they could
split up so you could get
you and Jeff together?
- [Dennis] Right.
- [Ethan] Is that it?
- Right.
- [Ethan] And so what the
fuck is Steve here for?
Tell me that, what's Steve here for?
- In case, uh, in case it didn't work.
- Oh, in case I didn't work with Peter.
Uh huh?
Come on, what's wrong with me?
Huh, what's wrong with me,
you don't think I would
knock Peter's box.
- I didn't think anyone
was gonna get hurt.
- No one's hurt except for you.
No one's hurt.
Believe me, no one's hurt, no problem.
Sorry it didn't work out for you.
- Listen um, I'm gonna
go walk around okay?
- Yeah.
(phone ringing)
(dial tone)
- [Voiceover] Hello?
(car alarm blaring)
- You know what you did to me.
And so does mom, all right?
Whether you wanna believe
that or not, she knows.
She knows dad.
Don't act like you don't remember
because I know that you do.
I'm not a little child anymore.
You can't lie to me anymore
and I know what happened
and so do you.
You can believe what you want,
you can say what you want,
all right, but I'm facing something.
I didn't know where you were.
- Hey thanks, I've been looking for this.
- Are you gonna stay here tonight?
- Nah, gotta go back to L.A.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- How're you getting back?
- I'm gonna take the bus.
- I'll give you a ride to the station.
- Oh, no thanks, it's not
too far, I'm gonna walk.
Yeah I got some things I
gotta figure out, you know?
- Things'll work out.
Don't worry.
I'll see ya back in L.A., huh?
We'll get Dennis to get
us a couple free drinks.
- You wanna stay around here
or you wanna come with me?
- What do you want?
- I want you to come with me.
- Okay.
- Smells like, um, smells like,
I'm not sure what it smells like.
- What do you want?
- What do I want, what
do you think I want?
- The usual.
- [Dennis] The usual.
You know this place, um,
this place looks awful.
- I know.
Heads or tails.
(drink container opening)
(billiard balls colliding)
(liquid pouring)
(phone ringing)
- [Voiceover] Hey, is Dennis there?
- Uh, yep, yeah, yeah he's here.
Who's calling?
- [Voiceover] He'll know who it is.
- Okay, well, no problem, hold on.
Didn't wanna tell me who it is.
So it's pretty urgent.
- Hello?
- [Voiceover] Hey sweetheart.
- Oh hi David.
- [Voiceover] Where
the hell have you been?
- Yeah I went out of
town for a couple days.
- [Voiceover] You wouldn't
be getting tired of me
though would you?
- What are you talking about?
- [Voiceover] Honey, you know,
you are not getting any younger.
- Hey, calm down.
- [Voiceover] You can not
be so choosy as you think.
- Look, I told you.
- [Voiceover] Don't
act stupid, okay, just,
just pay the rent.
- Listen um, why don't I come over there.
- [Voiceover] You are not worth it.
- I thought we had a deal, David.
- [Voiceover] Fuck the deal we made.
- [Dennis] That's not the
way it's supposed to be.
- [Voiceover] Screw you closet queen.
- I want you to listen to
something, listen to something
really close, okay?
Fuck you!
God dammit.
Mother fucker.
- Who was it?
- Um, listen, I'm gonna have to uh,
stay here for a few days, okay?
- What for?
- Well, 'cause I need to.
I'm in an uncomfortable
situation where I am right now
and I.
- You getting kicked out?
- No, I'm not getting kicked out.
I'm just.
- Well then what's up, what
do you need to stay here for?
I'm just asking a question.
- I don't wanna talk about it.
- No, I wanna know why you're staying.
What, who was on the phone?
Was he your landlord?
It was your landlord.
- Yes, Ethan, it was my landlord.
- Well then what's happening, what?
Ran out of rent or what?
- [Dennis] Nothing's happening
we had a misunderstanding.
- No, we're having a
lack of understanding.
What is going on?
Are you behind on your rent?
- Why're you asking me
all these questions,
I just said I needed to
stay here for a few days.
- [Ethan] You're not being
straight with me, all right?
- I'm not being straight with you?
- No, you're not.
You're not being straight
with me about any of this.
- [Dennis] I was straight with you.
- No you weren't, all right?
We went to fuckin' Palm Springs,
I find out at the end of
the trip why I'm there.
I'm not there because I'm your friend,
I'm there because I'm covering for you.
- We don't have to rehash that.
Did I already apologize for that?
- Fine, you apologized, now I find out
that you gotta stay at
my place, forget it.
Forget it, no, no.
- [Dennis] No what?
- Look, I'm starting to feel
like I'm just doing you favors.
- You're doing me a favor?
- [Ethan] Yeah.
- What do you think we just did?
You think that was, I
did you a fuckin' favor.
- What are you referring to?
- You have to ask that question?
I did you a favor.
Now I need a favor and you're bailing.
- That was not a favor, all right.
That was not a favor, don't
tell me that was a favor.
I don't wanna hear that.
You went over the line.
- You want me to get out?
- Yes I want you outta here.
Get the fuck outta here.
You and your fuckin' favors,
I want you outta here, now.
- Wait a minute, wait a minute.
- Get off the fucking bed.
It's bullshit.
You're bullshit, you're a
bullshit artist and I want you
the fuck outta here.
- You think I fuckin'
need you or something?
- Enough, I don't wanna hear
a fucking word, all right?
I want you out.
Get your fucking clothes.
- [Dennis] Wake up, 'cause I
- [Ethan] And dress
in the fuckin' hallway.
- All right.
- [Ethan] All right,
get the fuck out.
Fuck you.
- [Dennis] See ya.
- Like I could give a shit.
- Forgot my shoes.
I'm, I'm trying to figure somethin' out.
I really need a drink.
- Yeah, I could use one.
- Go down to the bar?
- Sure I'll come to the bar with you.
What else is there to do, huh?
I'll meet you there.
Get the hell outta here, will ya?
Please, leave me the fuck alone.
I'll see ya there.
- Take a picture of me.
Take a picture.
Take the fuckin' picture.
Take a picture of me.
Come on, take a picture of me.
Please, pretty please.
(distant shouting)
- [Voiceover] Boom, boom, boom.
- Thank you.
- See anything you like?
- No, not yet.
How 'bout you?
- I sure do.
I think this time it's gonna be different.
In fact I know it is.
- [Ethan] You really think so?
- Well I won't know unless I
go over and talk to him, right?
- [Ethan] That's right.
- [Dennis] Buy you a drink?
- Oh I don't.
- [Dennis] What, you don't drink?
- No I don't really drink that.
- [Dennis] Would you let me corrupt?
Go ahead.
- Maybe I'll have a little sip.
- I don't want it.
Want something stronger to go with it?
- Yeah, maybe.
What do ya have in mind?
- Do you have the time?
- Um, it's about 10 o'clock.
- Do you know how late
this place stays open?
- Uh, two.
My name's Ethan.
- Hi I'm Roger.
Nice to meet you.
You live around here?
- Yeah around the corner.
- You live alone?
- Uh huh, how 'bout you?
- No, I have two roommates.
- Two roommates?
- Yeah, it's lousy.
- Boy.
- Hey there.
- Hi.
- What's up?
- I'm gonna head home.
It was nice meeting you.
- It was nice meeting you.
- See ya around.
- Take care.
- Okay.
(bell ringing)
(dial tone)
- [Voiceover] Hello.
- It's me.
- [Voiceover] Oh, I'm a
little busy right now, uh.
- Don't hang up.
- [Voiceover] I'll call you later
- Hello?
Yeah it's me.
I wanna talk to you.
- [Voiceover] What is this about?
- About, what about.
About why, why we don't talk.
About why we can't talk to each other,
why I can't talk to you.
- [Voiceover] You're not making any sense.
- Well you never know
what I'm talking about.
I said you never know
what I'm talking about.
It's funny, isn't it.
It's funny 'cause I never,
I never talk to you.
So how can you know what I'm about to.
- [Voiceover] I'll call you later.
- Would you just listen
to me for a second please?
Yeah, me.
I'm not angry, I just wanna talk to you.
I want to, I just, hello?
I wanna just tell you what I think of you.
Yeah, yeah, what I think of you.
Because you sit in judgement of me
but I'm only a reflection of you,
you you're the one who raised me,
I didn't raise you, I didn't
make you do the things
that you did to me.
You did them yourself all right?
And it's not my fault.
Well I hope you're still there
because I'm still talking
to you, okay?
I remember what you did to me even if you
claim that you don't, I do.
I remember what you did to me, all right?
And I'm not afraid to come out
and tell you that, all right?
Because it's not my fault.
It's not my fault that we
can't talk to each other.
Don't you have anything to say to me?
Did you?
- [Voiceover] I can't
change what happened.
Did you hear me?
- Mhm.
- [Voiceover] Did you hear me?
- Yeah.
- [Voiceover] Don't call me again.
- Okay.
- [Voiceover] Can you do that?
- Okay, if that's the way you want it.
I understand.
- [Voiceover] Take care of yourself.
- Okay.
(ominous music)