I'll See You in My Dreams (2003) Movie Script

Trees, trees,
And more trees...
I'm so sick of it!
I don't know what the hell I am doing
in this damned village!
Every day's the same.
But there's something
that I really can't stand...
If there's something
that I cannot stand in this place...
It's these fucking zombies!
Get off me!
-"Get off me"
-Go away!
-"Go away"
-Leave me alone!
Your loss, sweetheart!
So... how many did you kill today?
People say you've killed
more than a hundred!
But there's something
that I just don't understand...
How can you kill something
that's already dead?
Help me! In the name of God...
Let me in!
Mercy... mercy!
For God sake!
Open the door. I don't want to die!
He's been attacked!
They're everywhere!
They're everywhere!
Open the door please...
Mercy! Have pity...
Open the goddamn door!
Thank you Lucio, thank you!
God bless you!
They've attacked me. I was caught
unaware but they didn't bite me!
They didn't bite me,
they didn't...
They didn't bite me Lucio!
The blood is not mine Lucio...
This blood's not mine!
This blood's not mine!
This blood's not mine!
It's not mine!
I hope that if they ever get me...
You'll do the same for me.
Hello honey...
How was your day?
Today I had to kill Miguel.
Remember him?
The Priest who married us...
He got bitten!
Stop it... My husband's coming...
Please Lucio, I swear this is not
what it seems! We weren't...
I love you Lucio!
I love you, you're the one
that I love, I swear!
Lucio, please don't!
No, let me go, no!
Don't Lucio don't!
Open the door! Lucio!
I miss you...
-Stop it!
-Stop what?
-Come on, Sam, leave her alone!
-You... get off!
Stupid whore!
Haven't you heard the lady?
Trying to be a hero, asshole?
I'm not a zombie.
I'm afraid of the dark.
There are some matches
on the table.
Kill her!
Kill her!
Hey bitch!
Come on, come on, let us in!
Open the door!
Open it now!
Dario, open the door!
The blood is not mine...
-I'm sorry Lucio.
Tell him to let us in...
Tell him!
Follow me!
That thing... that attacked us...
-It's my wife!
I don't want to die!
Hey midget!
Are you all right?
What are we going to do?
Trees, trees and more trees...
I'm tired. Every day's the same...
But if there's something
that I can't stand...
It's these fucking Humans.