I'll Take Your Dead (2018) Movie Script

GLORIA: Sometimes it's hard to
tell who's alive and who's dead.
GLORIA: I think most people are
scared of the dead.
GLORIA: Not me. I see dead
people all the time.
This story doesn't have
a picture perfect ending.
Not everyone lives.
GLORIA: And again, after what
I've seen, I'm not sure death
is what we think it is.
So, this it, huh?
I hate this fucking place.
Shit, I thought
it'd be bigger.
DEMARCO: Heard that a lot, huh?
Shut the fuck up.
This place ain't no joke.
I'm not afraid
of no old man.
Then you're a dumb
You don't know the shit
that goes on in there.
DEMARCO: I heard he eats them.
Like, he fries them up,
and shit.
You know why they call him
The Candy Butcher?
Because to him,
blood is sweet.
This son of a bitch has been
bathing in it for years.
I hear Terrance walked
in on him.
He was sewing people together
in the back.
Like Frankenstein shit.
DIAZ: Yeah, so just think
about that before you do
something stupid.
I'm looking for the...
I'm looking for the butcher.
May I ask who wants to know?
No, you may not.
WILLIAM: Gloria.
What did I tell you
about answering the door?
WILLIAM: Go back inside.
Cute kid.
She yours?
Can I help you?
Yeah, I've got some trash,
need taken care of.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
You should call
the sanitation department.
No, no, no, no.
Chino told me what you do,
and I need it done.
This is not a drive through.
Motherfucker, do I look like
I want fries with that?
We good?
It's Lieutenant.
We're settling vendettas.
Don't worry, old man.
There won't be any blood
back on you.
WILLIAM: What's this?
Excuse me?
It's no kids. Look at him.
He's just a boy.
Not no more he ain't.
No, I'm not going to take him.
Look at him.
There's no kids.
That's the rule. No kids.
The rule, we know
the rules.
You're in, and you're going
to do what needs
to get done.
There's no other way out,
old man.
Nah, there is.
Do it for your daughter.
Excuse me?
If not for you, do it
for your daughter.
REGGIE: Like I said,
she's a cute kid.
Look, my man.
So, we good?
Bodies are staying.
The money?
Well, that can go
either way.
REGGIE: We both know you don't
really got an option here.
So, what's their story?
It doesn't matter.
Can I help?
That's enough
for tonight.
Okay, I want you to calm down.
Just calm down.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no.
Don't worry, I'll fix this.
You best hope
he comes through on this.
JACKIE: Yeah, fuck you.
He's going to make things right.
What if he doesn't
come back?
Then we go in
after him.
I'll wake up
and everything is gravy
But I'm here on the phone
with you
The devil...
...down the bend
I'll look out for today
If you don't calm down,
you're going to rip
your stitches open.
WILLIAM: Just stop it.
You're just going to
make it worse.
WILLIAM: Calm down. You've
already lost a lot of blood.
Calm down. Calm down.
Easy now. Easy now.
She ruined Mom's dress.
It'll wash out.
That won't make a difference.
GLORIA: You left blood
on the floor.
GLORIA: You have to be
more careful.
So, what should we do
with her?
Well, just, just make sure
that she's okay.
And then what?
Because I don't like her.
She's just scared.
Mom wouldn't want her here
Well, she wouldn't.
It's fine.
You always say these people
are bad.
What if she's bad,
and she wants to hurt us?
Well, she's tied up.
GLORIA: What if she's dangerous?
You don't even know her.
Mom wouldn't want her...
Well, she isn't here, is she?
You should have let her die.
Hey! Gloria, I'm not a monster.
You melt people
in the back room.
Dead people. Look, if we didn't
save that girl,
we'd be no better
than they are.
You understand?
Okay, Dad.
WILLIAM: If we get finished
early, might be able to have
some ice cream.
WILLIAM: Gloria?
He's here.
WILLIAM: There's nothing there.
WILLIAM: There's nothing there.
WILLIAM: You're imagining things
They're here. I can see them
Did you calm down
a little bit?
I will take the gag off
if we have an understanding.
WILLIAM: Don't question where
you are, why you're here,
when you can leave.
WILLIAM: And don't scream.
Nobody will hear you.
If you scream, the gag goes back
on, and doesn't come off.
My daughter lives here.
WILLIAM: You put her in danger
in any way,
you will wish I let you die.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
I guess not yet.
GLORIA: That's my mom's dress,
you know.
Just don't get too comfortable
in it.
GLORIA: We should get
a few things straight.
This is not your house,
and you're not our guest.
You're not allowed in my room,
you're not allowed to borrow
my clothes, my books,
or my Cutie Pie doll.
GLORIA: You're not allowed
to touch my colored pens
without permission,
and most importantly,
you are never, ever, ever going
to touch my toothbrush.
It's pink and blue.
Just nod if you understand.
Can I touch them?
Your earrings.
They're beautiful.
He can't hear you.
You can have them.
No, I can't.
No, no, no. Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Oh, no. Your father won't
notice. Don't worry.
How do you know?
Men don't notice
things like that.
JACKIE: Come on. Come on,
they're pretty, right?
Oh, they're going to look
so good on you.
JACKIE: This one.
JACKIE: That's it.
Yeah, they're pretty, huh?
No, no, please don't put it
back. Just for a little while.
JACKIE: It's hard to breathe.
Little girl, can you undo
these hand ties?
They really hurt.
My name is Gloria.
Don't call me little girl.
JACKIE: Gloria!
That's a nice name.
My name is Jackie. Could you
undo these hand ties, please?
JACKIE: Come on, just one
of them. Please.
JACKIE: Gloria, come on.
Thank you for
the earrings.
GLORIA: Mom wouldn't want her
here. I don't want her here.
GLORIA: I just wish she
would go.
GLORIA: She doesn't belong here.
GLORIA: All she does is cry
and scream.
Anyways, he thinks bribing me
will get me to like her.
GLORIA: He's mistaken.
They are nice, though.
It's okay. You'll get used to it
here. I promise.
Oh, the lights go down
and the curtains rise
Two lovers stare
into each other's eyes
And the Spanish guitars
sweetly harmonize
On the honeymoon stage
He's a handsome rogue
Like a prince of thieves
She's the best thing
that he's ever seen
Aren't they pretty, Daddy?
WILLIAM: Gloria.
What, what have you done?
Where did you get these?
Jackie gave them to me.
Who's Jackie?
What the hell are you thinking,
giving a little twelve year old
WILLIAM: Jackie.
I need you to go and get
my emergency kit
from the basement.
It's a white, metal box,
and it's right on the left,
near the wall.
The basement?
She's in trouble.
Now go and get it!
Hurry up!
WILLIAM: Gloria!
Put it down there,
put it down there.
Is that going to work?
I'm O negative.
We're going to find out.
GLORIA: Jackie, come on.
GLORIA: Please.
I got, I got something.
You got something?
GLORIA: I don't meet many
good people anymore.
Maybe that's why my dad's
trying so hard to be one.
I think Jackie will be okay.
GLORIA: But my mother's dress
won't. It's stained.
I don't want him to burn it,
but blood leaves a trail,
and we have rules here.
Still, Mom loved that dress.
GLORIA: Daddy says Jackie's
just scared.
I'm not sure why she would be
afraid of us.
We're just a normal family...
normal for me, I guess.
GLORIA: You're awake.
I'm glad.
Careful. You pulled
your stitches out.
By the time my dad found you,
you were really white.
Sometimes I don't know
what's good for me, you know?
I got you some water.
Thank you.
Is that your mom?
Does she know what your dad's
got you into?
She would never let my dad
keep bodies in the house.
Leukemia makes people
really sad. You know?
Yeah, it does.
Those look really nice on you.
I did it this morning.
Yeah, my dad wasn't too happy.
He said I've got to
take them out,
but I wanted to
show you first.
I should go get him.
JACKIE: Wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, no, no, you don't have...
He'll want to know
you're awake.
Yeah, but just wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You don't need to.
Dad! She's awake.
WILLIAM: How are you feeling?
Sounds like you're more
talkative with my daughter.
What are you going to do
with me?
I have no plans
to hurt you.
Then why can't I go?
Well, the people that dropped
you off, I'm assuming
they wanted you dead.
They might not appreciate me
ruining their plans.
JACKIE: Dropped me off here.
Why here?
WILLIAM: That's what people do.
They dump dead bodies
at my door.
Wait. You're him.
You're that Candy Man guy,
aren't you?
The Candy Butcher.
Oh, my God. You're not going to
fucking eat me, are you?
WILLIAM: The group that brought
you, and a couple of others,
thought you were dead.
Others with...
Was my boyfriend with me?
He has a tattoo under his eye,
like a cross.
JACKIE: Did you see him?
What now? What, are you going
to, like, fuck me or something?
If I leave that gag off,
can you please behave?
I ain't going nowhere.
You won't have to stay here
much longer, anyway.
WILLIAM: I'm glad you're okay.
WILLIAM: There you go.
WILLIAM: To sunrises,
and sunsets.
To sunrises,
and sunsets.
One day you're going to be
too old for milk and cookies.
GLORIA: How come?
You're not.
Hey, Dad.
Are you going to miss it here?
Well, we're going to take
the good parts,
keep them up here.
How much packing
do you have left?
Not much.
Hey, Dad.
I was thinking...
That maybe Jackie
could come with us?
No, I don't,
I don't think so.
Why not?
Well, I don't think
she'd want to.
I think she would.
I think she needs us.
Tell me again
about El Paso.
El Paso.
As dawn breaks, the sun peeks
over the mountains,
and casts long shadows
over the desert.
And the clean air tastes
like spring shower
after a long rain.
WILLIAM: And no snow.
GLORIA: No snow.
WILLIAM: How are you feeling?
I'm okay. You sure know how
to sew up a bullet hole.
WILLIAM: My daughter's dolls
give me a lot of practice.
You know, from the stories
on the street,
you don't seem like the type.
I hope not.
It's not my choice.
Then why do you do it?
I didn't want to. It just,
it just happened.
I was, I was married once.
She was beautiful.
Anyway, she got really sick.
One night she was at a
hospital, at the hospital,
and this guy came to my door.
His buddy had gotten shot
in a hunting accident,
and he needed my help.
I did what I could,
but he was too far gone.
And he died right there
on my table.
So, when I tried to call
the police,
the first guy pulled
a gun on me.
They weren't,
they weren't hunters.
There was some kind of trouble,
a robbery gone bad.
The guy held us here for days,
hiding from the cops.
Eventually, his buddy's body
started to rot.
I got this wood stove
in the basement.
I burned his body in that.
JACKIE: What happened
to the guy?
When the streets cleared,
he peeled $10,000 off
the money that they stole,
and he gave it to me.
He said I was on retainer,
and that if I called the police
he'd send his people
after my daughter.
In the end it was actually
kind of a relief.
I was... We couldn't afford
to keep up with the cancer,
I was going to lose this farm.
It was...
JACKIE: Necessary.
Then Abby died.
And the bodies kept coming.
I couldn't do anything.
If I refused, Gloria would never
be safe.
She's seen so much death here.
This house.
She even says that she sees
them sometimes,
that the house is... I have got
to get her out of here.
Alright, so, anyway,
what about you?
How do you do it?
Do what?
WILLIAM: Well, generally, good
people don't come here.
Dead or alive.
You stitch me up, and now
you think you know me?
WILLIAM: I know bangers.
They're all the same.
Drugs, money, death,
rinse, repeat.
Yeah, I don't think you're
the type to be preaching.
You know what?
On that one we agree.
I never killed nobody.
Maybe, maybe not.
JACKIE: What about you?
You cut up people in the back.
They're already dead.
JACKIE: Oh, is that what
you tell yourself?
WILLIAM: I'm doing what I have
to to get by.
JACKIE: Yeah, well, so am I.
We've all lost people, okay?
You think you're the only person
ever forced into a lifestyle?
Dead bodies or not,
you think this is the hard life?
You don't know shit.
You go out there one week,
and then you come
and talk to me about
the hard life.
JACKIE: You don't know me,
or any of the people you cut up.
You have no right to judge me,
or what I do.
I don't chop up strangers
for a living now, do I?
Get some rest.
Do you think Jackie
should come with us?
You know, she's not as bad
as she used to be.
But it's nice to have
her around.
That's very nice of you to say,
but I have to leave.
GLORIA: But yes,
I'll miss you, too.
I don't know
what's wrong with me.
Oh, no. Sweetie, come here.
Come here.
Come here. Come here.
How old are you?
Nothing's wrong with you, okay?
You're perfect.
Don't worry.
You're going to be fine.
You know, I can help you,
but you just need to get
something for me.
Yes, yes, okay.
Open it up.
Open it up, dump it out
on the bed.
It's probably at the bottom.
JACKIE: That's it. That's it.
Now open it up.
JACKIE: You got your period.
Listen, this happens
to all girls. Okay?
JACKIE: If you have any
problems, just come back.
Got it?
Got it.
Thank you.
CARTER: Hello?
Baby, baby, is that you?
Wait, Jackie?
Oh, baby, I need your help,
okay? I don't know
what he's going to do to me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down, slow down.
Where are you?
Are you okay?
I don't, I don't know, okay.
He's got me tied up.
I don't know what
he's going to do.
CARTER: Who, Jackie?
Who tied you up?
The Candy Butcher.
He's real, baby. He's real.
JACKIE: He's real,
and he's here.
Are you sure?
JACKIE: Come get me, okay?
Okay, okay, okay. Calm down.
Um, Jackie, where are you?
JACKIE: I don't know.
Like, a farm, I think.
I'm not sure.
Okay, that's, that's good.
JACKIE: Carter, I'm scared.
I know, baby. I know.
Look, you just,
you got to be strong, okay?
I'm coming for you.
How are you going to find me?
CARTER: I'll find you.
Just, just don't do anything
that's going to piss this guy
off, alright?
CARTER: You promise?
Yeah, I promise.
Okay, now get off the phone
before he finds you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Gloria, baby?
Baby, what happened?
Dad, stop.
Baby, what happened?
Are you...
Dad, stop.
No, don't move.
Let me just...
No, no, no, no, no.
...have a look. Let me just see
what's happening.
Dad! Dad!
Baby, let me just take a look.
Dad! I'm a girl, alright!
It happens!
Oh, well...
Oh, I, um...
Oh, baby. I, uh...
Where'd you get this?
JACKIE: It was...
Where did you get this?!
JACKIE: It was, it was in
my purse.
How did you get it?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I was just...
You were just what, huh?
You were just what?
WILLIAM: What is it you were
just doing?
Helping me, Dad.
GLORIA: She was just
helping me.
Thanks for being
so understanding.
I'm sorry. I was just trying
to help her.
Unless you have some
pads lying around.
She is not supposed
to be in here.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
Thank you.
REGGIE: Yo, wait your turn.
CARTER: You stupid
son of a bitch.
What? What's wrong with you?
CARTER: Yo, bitch,
get the fuck out.
REGGIE: Oh, come on.
No, wait. Wait.
CARTER: Yo, bitch,
get the fuck out!
Hurry up! Get the fuck out!
You deaf?
Yo, why is it that my girlfriend
just called me, Reggie?
You know, because that shit
usually doesn't happen
to bitches already dead.
CARTER: Yo, answer my question
with a question one more time,
motherfucker, and I'll put
a bullet in your head,
you understand?
REGGIE: Yo, chill. Chill out,
buddy. Alright?
I took care of it. She's dead.
I dropped her off at a place.
At a place.
Let me guess, a farm?
It's a farm, right?
Yeah. How did you know that?
Because the bitch just
fucking told me, bro!
Yo, Chino thinks my entire crew
got killed in that hijack.
If Jackie tells him
that I'm still alive,
he's going to know that I took
his money. And if he finds out
about our little side project
here, that's me and you
in that butcher's fucking
bathtub, Reggie.
REGGIE: Well, then I'll fucking
take care of it.
Take care of it like you took
care of it before? Huh?
I will handle it!
CARTER: Just shut the fuck up.
Yeah, it's me, yo.
I need a pick up in an hour.
CARTER: Yeah, bring DeMarco,
too, and yo, bring heat.
Everything you got.
Just hurry the fuck up,
Gloria, Gloria,
look at me, please.
WILLIAM: I just want to say
I'm sorry about last night.
WILLIAM: I heard a gun shot,
I saw you with the...
I really don't want
to talk about it.
Okay. Fine.
I'm just saying, if you ever do
want to talk about it...
Can Jackie come out
for breakfast?
I mean, I don't think
that's a good idea.
Why not?
Because why?
I just, I don't really think
she belongs here.
Then where does she belong?
Would you like some cereal,
It's high in fiber.
Sure, thanks.
You know, I recommend it
with milk.
My dad takes it straight.
I'll try the milk.
Good choice.
To sunrises, and sunsets.
To sunrises, and sunsets.
So, Gloria, what do you want
to be when you grow up?
GLORIA: I'm not sure yet.
At first, I thought I wanted
to be a doctor,
to help people, you know?
Then I was thinking I could
maybe do what my dad does.
Oh! Not that part, just the
raising farm animals part.
But it would just be
a milk farm.
GLORIA: No more death.
Right, Dad?
Dad says when we get to El Paso,
we don't have to deal with
dead people anymore.
GLORIA: Dad says you get to
go home today,
but I'm trying to convince him
to let you come with us.
WILLIAM: Alright, Gloria,
that's enough.
Could you bring your suitcases
down now, please?
I need to speak to Jackie.
When you've finished
your breakfast,
I'm going to take you back
in your room,
and I'm going to give you
a sedative.
When you wake up,
me and my daughter
will be long gone.
You'll be free to go.
But you've got to promise me
You've never seen us before.
The last thing you remember,
you got shot, and you woke up
in a ditch somewhere.
You understand?
The only thing I care about
in the whole world
is that little girl.
I want you to promise me
that you're not going to put her
in any danger.
If you let me go,
I will never speak of you
or your daughter ever again.
You got a good kid.
Okay, I'm ready.
So, you coming, Jackie?
No, Jackie's got a, she's got
a life to live here.
Yeah. I've got a boyfriend,
and I've got to get back to him.
A boyfriend?
I hope he treats you good.
GLORIA: Daddy always says
if you love someone,
you should appreciate them
every single day.
GLORIA: Because you never know
when something's going to
take them away from you.
WILLIAM: Okay, okay. Put the
suitcases in the car.
Now, let's get this
cleared up.
Gloria, come inside.
GLORIA: One second, Dad.
Gloria, now!
Who is that?
WILLIAM: Take Jackie
to her room, now.
Gloria, go to your room.
But Dad, we were just...
Go to your room!
Alright, who's Carter?
WILLIAM: Just don't. Who's here?
What did you tell them?
What do you mean?
He's my boyfriend, okay!
I called my boyfriend!
But he's not here
to hurt anyone.
Please, just let me talk to him!
I just want to get out of here.
You're not the only one.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Hey, yo, Candy.
How's business?
I'm not looking for any,
if that's what you're asking.
Yeah, you never are.
You never are.
(LAUGHS) Why is that? I mean,
we're good customers, right?
Right? I mean,
we pay on time.
REGGIE: So, where's the love?
Where's the fucking love?
Did you receive
a complaint?
Now, that's funny.
That's funny.
Hey, hey, Carter, did you know
that Butch here
had a sense of humor?
Because, you know,
dead bodies,
they can't complain.
I get it.
Then why ain't you laughing?
Huh? You're not laughing.
Hey, Butch, if it's funny,
why isn't he laughing?
Maybe I should work on
my delivery?
Speaking of deliveries,
the last one we did,
three bodies? Two guys,
and a chick?
Was there anything unusual
about that delivery?
Apart from the fact
that one of them wasn't dead?
I'll go get her.
Why the fuck didn't you tell me
she was still alive?
WILLIAM: What was I supposed
to do?
Send you an email?
Just go get her,
and hurry up.
CARTER: We can take care
of this peacefully.
Get it over with.
I'll be in the car.
Daddy, what's happening?
(SCREAMS) Please, please,
they're going to kill me.
WILLIAM: You asked for this.
You made the phone call!
You asked these guys,
you invited them
to my home.
To my home!
With my daughter here!
It's your fault!
JACKIE: No, please!
Please, please!
GLORIA: No, Daddy,
I don't want her to go!
Gloria, go to your room!
Daddy! Stop! Stop!
Please, please!
Hey, there she is!
REGGIE: Good to see you,
Come on, Willy.
Send her on over.
Willy, please, please, please.
You don't have to do this.
Please, they're going
to kill me.
JACKIE: They're going
to kill me.
Don't worry. We'll send her
right back to you.
You promise me my little girl's
not going to die today.
REGGIE: Hey, yo, Butch!
Gloria, go in the basement
and lock the door.
WILLIAM: I'm not going
to tell you again.
REGGIE: William!
Don't go and do
something stupid.
Please, Gloria, baby girl,
REGGIE: You wouldn't want things
to get messy.
Thank you.
Over there. Keep down,
keep down.
WILLIAM: Get down!
Get down!
By the back! By the back
of the door!
WILLIAM: Get out!
Get out!
REGGIE: Hey! Hey!
You motherfucker!
REGGIE: You're fucking crazy!
Who is she to you, huh?
Now shit's going to get
fucking real!
I'm going to take good care
of your little girl, Butch!
WILLIAM: No one goes
in the basement! Nobody!
Hey, yo, Butch!
Found your piggy bank!
Maybe I give Gloria
her allowance.
Who the fuck are you?
REGGIE: Little girl!
What the fuck, Reggie?
A warning, something.
CARTER: You scared the shit
out of me. What the fuck
is wrong with you?
Find the rest.
CARTER: Fucking dick.
The kid's mine.
CARTER: Jackie!
Where you at, babe?
Come on, Jacks.
You lying sack of shit!
Easy, easy! Look, I didn't want
it to turn out this way.
Fuck you!
It's just business.
Yeah, then finish the job.
Fuck, T-Dogg!
What the fuck?
CARTER: Jackie, what the fuck
is this?
You should be dead,
motherfucker! Jackie!
What the fuck?
Little girl.
T-Dogg! Where the fuck
you at?
Hey, Jackie!
Baby girl, sweetie, honey!
Come talk to your daddy's
Come on!
REGGIE: Oh, hey there, Butch.
Let her go!
REGGIE: All you had to do
was give us the bitch.
But you had to go
and be a fucking hero.
So now, hero, put down
the fucking gun,
or I shoot her in
the fucking head.
Okay. Okay.
Put down the gun.
REGGIE: Get on your knees.
REGGIE: Get on your
fucking knees!
Good boy.
REGGIE: Hey, yo, Carter.
We're down here.
Ah, fuck it.
Daddy! No, no!
Dad! No!
Look at me, Butch.
Look at me.
It's okay, baby.
Please, please.
Look at me.
GLORIA: No, no, no, no!
No, stop!
What the fuck?
We've got to...
Can I help?
I don't know
what to do, Dad.
It's okay, baby. It's okay,
baby. It's okay now.
No, no. Jackie!
It's okay, Gloria.
No, no, I can fix you.
I can fix you.
I can fix you, I can.
It's okay. It's okay, baby.
No, no, no. I can do it.
I can do it.
Please, God.
God, please.
Daddy, Daddy.
Daddy, I...
It's okay, baby.
You're safe now.
But you've got to get up, Dad.
You've really got to get up,
No, come on, Daddy! Please!
Come on! You can't leave!
You can't leave me, please!
I promise I can fix you.
Please, just...
Everything. Everything that's
ever been good about me
is right here.
It's right here.
And it always will be.
So, you see, I could never
leave you.
I could never leave you.
Come on.
To sunrises.
And sunsets.
I love you, Dad.
No, no.
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
No! No!
GLORIA: I think people do
bad things for good reasons.
My dad was a good man...
did bad things,
but he did them for me.
GLORIA: Good bye, Daddy.