Illumination (2014) Movie Script

Dr. Clemens: Start from the beginning.
Wesley: I remember being alone.
The thing about loneliness is it consumes
It didn't matter what I did,
I kept drowning in the vast world around me,
Feeling small, misunderstood, detached.
Even when I was with people,
I couldn't help
but feel - alone.
I wanted something more
To connect with someone for five seconds
Something real.
But when you're alone
You can't help but think it's your fault.
And couples... made me sick.
Then one day, when I least expected it...
She came out of the blue.
And everything in the universe seemed possible again.
I could finally see...
My light through the darkness.
Life was suddenly full of... life
But she'd always make excuses
Not to meet my family or friends.
As much love she gave me
I couldn't help but feel she was ashamed
To be seen with me.
Next thing I knew...
I was proposing.
I thought it would fix it.
That maybe then she'd make a point
To meet everyone in my life.
I was tired of being the guy with the invisible girlfriend.
I was already alone in the world once.
Then one day, as quick as she came...
She was gone.
She just vanished.
DR. CLEMENS: But you dated other girls after her?
WESLEY: It was hard at first...
But eventually I knew I could matter to someone again.
Being with Jane gave me some type of confidence.
For awhile, I thought Jane and I were soulmates.
And somehow
I missed my chance
Like those poor people who live their whole lives and die alone.
So I tried to fill the void with every girl I met.
Lied to myself and said it wasn't her.
But it was her...
Wasn't it?
I don't believe it was.
What do you know?
I might be young and in my residency;
but I do know what I'm talking about.
But Jane...
She was the one.
You start school in 2 days.
You will see, there will be
many other women.
But with Jane, quite frankly, a major
component of any relationship was missing.
She didn't want to share her life with you.
True love...
It is instantaneous.
And some people work for perfection.
Others are just riding a broken bicycle
trying to make it to the top of a hill.
But, they never will.
Do you feel better?
Yeah, I guess I do.
Then, it's time
you know the truth Wesley.
Jane did not exist.
She never did.
You were put under a new form of long-term
hypnosis, known as "illumination".
The partly psychotic hallucinogenic
treatment that we rebuilt memories.
You opted to be a part of
the test at a year ago.
To help cope with your loneliness.
So, congratulations Wesley.
Illumination will be a success,
thanks to you.
- What?
- Jane was only part of your illumination.
Your treatment is over now.
Continue on with your life.
Your memory of her will keep
your newfound confidence intact.
I wish you all the best.
So, wait a minute...
Wait a minute...
So Jane, the girl you swore
up and down wasn't real for months.
She didn't exist.
I didn't lie on purpose.
Oh, God...
That's ridicilous, so pathetic.
- Oh, my God...
- You wouldn't understand.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
- You, dick.
Come on...
I'm sorry, okay look.
You were drugged and
hypnotized for a year.
Now what...
But, I feel like I can do anything now.
Now, I guess that's outside of all of this.
Alright. So look, here's the thing.
We're going out, okay?
The next girl try to put that way I didn't see her with my own two eyes, alright?
That's the criteria.
I've been with other woman
since Jane, that's my--
Hey look, I wasn't there, alright?
I'm a little bit concerned.
Okay, can I get a breather?
Look, I still confused...
...about everything just going on.
I'm like... You had an imaginary
girlfriend for a year.
God knows what entailed
when you two were alone, bro...
- #Nasty.
- That's not a #Nasty.
That's #Nasty, #Creepy.
- How is that? - #CreepyNasty.
- It's not creepy.
Ok. Look. We're going out and we're finding you some living, breathing I shot a woman, bro.
I find you a cutie, all right? We'll find you
real honey like, like Beyonce, bro.
Like, #queenbee
- I do like Beyonce.
- That's my boy.
So what's it like now?
Going from that realty again?
Different. I mean normal, but...
...last year seems like a dream.
- But what about Jane? Do you miss her?
- No, she didn't exist.
Oh, come on baby. You can tell me. I'm not gonna get jealous of your imaginary girlfriend.
Yeah, but it's...
It's over now.
I've partied of the VIP section; but,
you know that's a usual: #streetcreepy #party.
Poor guy, he looks so confused,
so adorable.
Yeah, but it is over now.
- Hi, Wesley I need to talk to you.
I spare you for a second, no wonder. - Weird.
Bro, you should shut the hell up already.
- I don't know whatelse to talk about man.
- Dude, talk about something normal.
So, how's it going with him?
He is cute and sort of weird way but cute...
- I thought he's been retarded
or the weird. - That's true.
- I'm thankful.
- Sorry.
I don't know, what
is real to me anymore.
Everything is just so
confusing to me and...
...I mean, to me a giant squid is found
off the coast of Australia 3 months ago.
Bro, what's like that...
Oh, wait.
They actually did happened there.
Go with that.
- Well, I guess I'll talk about the giant
squid then. - Awesome, perfect, thank you.
I saw her.
I saw Jane.
- How?
- She was at the school.
Illumination, appears to be
bleeding through to reality.
Jane does not exist.
What you saw was not real.
One thing that proves that
you and I are real, that we exists...
...and are together.
Illumination side effects of taking
longer to wear off than expected.
He's starting to see her again...
...and it's been two months since
she was gone. What about your patient?
Well, there's definitely some confusion.
That's expected when altering memories.
I meant for me.
Lisa, you are picked
out of the program for a reason.
Come on. You can do this,
explain the situation.
Well, everything was going great.
Their confidence,
higher energy boosted.
They were happy.
Then, once that intense connection came back...
...they rather not remember
the illumination at all.
- That'll be dangerous. We caused
necessary... - I know, I talked to her.
I started to see him everyday.
When I say "hi" to him,
but I know he isn't really there.
Jane, Wesley may be a real person...
...but he's not the same man
you've known for the last year.
You may have taken his image
from wherever you saw it in real life...
...and used it during the elimination.
So he's real?
But his name isn't Wesley.
His favorite color isn't green.
You didn't spend the weekend camping.
You've never held hands.
You've never even met.
So how can I tell,
if it's the real him or not?
He won't know who you are,
if it is the real him.
And if it's the illumination wearing off...
...eventually he'll disappear and any progress
you've made will have been for nothing.
So, that's why either way
it's a good idea to not approach him.
I don't want to get rid of his memory.
You said that was possible, right?
Well, that poses some
ethical issues.
Reversing the process; that
could put you in a comatose state.
Ethical issues, Dr. Miller?
I've been in love for the past year
and now you're telling me I can't have him?
So now...
And I see his face
to look at me.
I have no idea who I am.
And that's how
I'm supposed to live from now on?
- I'm sorry I-- I can't--
- I trusted you!
You told me I'd be fine.
And, I'm not fine.
If I can't have him...
Don't say it...
...I don't want to live.
There it is.
You have no idea how this feels.
Believe me.
I wish I did.
Replacing my memory with the memories of
having a good guy instead...
...seems like a pretty great deal to me.
My past is something
you don't want to remember.
Let alone live through.
You should be thankful.
I've made up my mind.
Reverse the illumination.
If and only if... take a few more days
to think about it.
- Wesley!
- Stephanie...
Hey so, there's a concert in Irvine tonight.
We should go, you and me can... Maybe not have...
I don't think that's a good idea.
I thought we had fun the other night.
We did. It's just my mind's
in a weird place right now, yeah I just...
Okay okay...
You didn't like me, you just said so.
You know, you don't have to
make up some bullshit lie...
...about having this imaginary
girlfriend who you're like it lovely.
- Stephanie--
- Now, just know, just whatever...
I'll miss you.
You probably don't know
what that means.
Take it as a goodbye.
And, if I'm freaking you, I'm sorry;
but, I need to do this for me.
Goodbye Jane.
And, if that's not your real name...
...I'm really sorry for being weird.
I want you to understand...
...that reverse your illumination
could rid you of your own memories.
And could possibly
do irreversible brain damage.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Then, I need you to relax.
And listen to my voice.
She knew what I was saying.
- Wesley, I'm gonna need you to focus...
- I followed her.
She goes to the same place every day.
What if it was all real?
What if... it was really her?
That's... That's impossible.
I need to find her.
I want you to access every
detail of your illumination.
Every sound, color, smell...
...and begin to let them go.
Your first meeting,
the times you fell his embrace...
...his kindness and one by one...
...let them slip away.
I will count backwards from 10.
And when I reach one,
you will no longer...
...remember Wesley.
I will snap my fingers twice...
...and you will have no recollection
of your elimination.
- I love you.
- 9, 8, 7...
- Happy new year...
- 6, 5...
- 4... - Here?
- 3...
Do you know my name?
Dr. Clements.
And what is today's date?
In the 10th...
Do you know why you're here?
We were talking and then...
...about like...
I was alone...
And that's all.
Last year...
...I've been really alone.
That's what you were saying...