Ilo Ilo (2013) Movie Script

Turn around.
Look up.
What happened?
What are you doing?
Stop it, or I'll take you to Principal.
If she sees what you've done,
I'll have my mum lodge a complaint.
Mr Tan, is everything okay?
Good afternoon, Chuan Shipping.
Hold on.
Leng, it's for you.
Your son.
Line 2.
Didn't I tell you not to call my office?
What's the matter?
I'm sorry, MrTan.
I understand.
Okay, thank you.
Lisa, tell Boss I'm taking urgent leave.
What happened?
You'll understand when you have kids.
Close the door.
Still in the mood to play?
How many times have I told you?
Are you a hooligan?
Come here, stop running.
Are you trying to drive me to my grave?
Leave the drumstick for your father.
Have the other packet.
Take this.
Your clothes.
Did you ask?
Yes, I did.
I'll collect the photos from the agency.
Leave out the Indonesians,
we can't speak Malay anyway.
Are you sure about getting someone?
Ah Boy is already old enough.
At least I'll get help with chores.
Like father, like son.
What are you doing?
Keeping stuff.
Boy, don't mess with it.
It's Saturday, aren't you mopping the?oor?
The maid arrives today. If I do
the chores, what will she do?
Please behave when she comes.
Don't embarrass me.
Come in.
My wife, Hwee Leng.
You can call me Terry, Ma'am.
My son, Jiale.
He's very naughty sometimes.
Go on, greet her.
Help Auntie with her bags.
Come on.
Be polite.
You'll be sharing the room with Jiale.
Don't kick up a fuss.
I'm always the one who has to share my room.
You rather sleep in the kitchen?
Where are your manners?
This is your bed, you'll sleep here.
You can put your stuff here.
L've just cleared the space and you've
dumped newspapers in again.
I'll do it, Ma'am.
Don't touch them.
Move these to the storeroom.
Terry, give me your passport.
I'll keep it for you.
Make sure all the papers are kept.
Don't touch my grandpa.
Why are you phoning in the toilet?
It's nothing.
Why did you take her passport?
In case she tries to run away.
Aren't you thinking too much?
What's the date?
The 18th.
Why are you using her passport numbers?
You have other numbers for the lottery?
When you bring it out... must be very careful.
Don't drop it.
Or you might kill someone.
You will need a cup.
- Red or blue?
- Red?
The blue's better. Plastic won't break.
Besides sweeping and mopping every day... need to vacuum the house once a week.
The vacuum cleaner is in the storeroom.
Can you operate this?
Yes Ma'am.
These are my old clothes
that I want to give away.
Maybe you can wear them.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
If you need to call me at work,
my number is here.
But please don't call me
unless it's an emergency.
You can page Sir too,
but he's harder to reach.
Yes, Ma'am.
There's no IDD on our phone.
So no overseas calls.
If you need to call home,
get a phone card.
Place it in the middle.
Boy, stop playing. It's time to eat.
You can sit here.
What's the matter with you?
Don't worry, we don't mind. Right?
Have some vegetables.
Where are you going?
He wasn't this bad when
your father was around.
Why are you squeezing
with us at your age?
I can't sleep.
Be a good boy, go back to your bed.
I want to sleep here.
Can't you see how big my tummy is?
Let's just sleep.
Please put these on.
These are our glass samples.
As you can see... made by older
technology breaks easily.
But the latest tempered glass...
...doesn't break, no matter how you hit it.
- Can I try?
- Sure,go ahead.
Terry, hold this.
Don't mess with my things
if you're not buying.
Boy, come over.
Don't you need to get stationery?
Go with Auntie.
Spend it wisely.
Terry, go with him.
I'm really sorry.
I'll bring you a new sample tomorrow.
Save the trouble.
Quite frankly, my new manager
speaks only English.
Westernized snob.
I understand.
I'll walk you out.
Can I use your phone?
Sure, this way.
What if I sell now?
If I were to hold, how much will I need?
Alright, let's hold.
I'll wire the money.
Stop following me.
Ready to go;
Stay here, I'll 90 Pay-
Excuse me, Ma'am.
Can you please stop?
What's in your bags?
Sorry Ma'am, we'll need to
check those items.
Found it?
Is this the boy?
Do you know him?
Terry, where have you been?
I've been looking around for you.
Sorry. I was lost.
Luckily you came back by yourself.
Otherwise, I'd have to call the police.
Sorry, Ma'am.
You're new here, don't run
about on your own.
What do you want?
Why did you do that to me?
Listen, I don't care if you like me or not.
You don't like me, I don't care.
But your mum employed me.
I'm here to do my work properly.
I am your maid...
...but I didn't come here to be bullied.
Yes, Ma'am.
Can you come to the kitchen please?
Coming, Ma'am.
Don't want it.
Wait... I'll make you some bread.
There goes another.
I know.
I typed the letters.
Karen, can you come in?
The situation is so messy
on the ground now.
Do you think it will affect us admin staff?
We've been working here for ages.
We should be alright.
You've been here longer.
You should be fine.
Back to work.
I know you're inside.
Open the door please.
- .
The whole block will be after you
if you keep pounding like that.
Sorry.The boy was...
First time?
How old are you?
You can work for a long time.
Brought your rosary?
Forget about it.
There is no room for God here.
Thank you, class.
Thank you, Mrs Ong.
Aren't you special?
Your maid picks you up
from the classroom.
Since you're so smart...
...carry my bag.
Yes Ma'am.
What took you so long?
I was...
Is Ah Boy around?
Wait, hold on...
Let me talk to him.
Hold on, Ma'am.
He's in the toilet.
Okay, never mind.
That boy is really lazy.
Make sure he finishes his
homework before I'm back.
Okay Ma'am.
Your maid is calling for you.
Mummy asked you to do your homework.
Mummy says finish your
homework before she's home
Come on.
Leave me alone.
I said come on.
That's enough.
Go up and do your work,
don't be a busybody.
Are you coming or not?
Go home.
Fuck. Courting death?
Taxi drivers these days are just reckless.
Are you alright?
Still playing when your arm's like that?
Tell me. How did you get hit by a taxi?
Terry, I don't want this to happen again.
Yes, Ma'am.
Take care of yourself.
Don't wander about.
Terry, bring him up and
start cooking dinner.
You're not going home?
Take me back to the office,
I have work to do.
The office? At this time?
No thanks to your son.
They must be saying things
about me stepping out so often.
I'll do it myself.
Let me help. Come on.
Let me do it.
The doctor said it mustn't get wet.
I know.
Okay, you go out.
I thought you were very clever.
Why do you need my help?
Shut up.
Be careful, your knee.
You think I haven't seen this before?
I've seen bigger ones.
Your hair stinks.
Your hair's very smelly.
I'll help you wash your hair.
Stop it.
Give it to me.
I'm coming, Ma'am.
Help me.
Later on, take a broom and sweep outside.
I wonder which idiot keeps smoking here.
Can I speak to him?
Your son is already asleep.
Anyway how's your Lino?
Still drinking.
Didn't he stop?
You will think.
I told him that he can
go drink himself to death.
They are all the same.
Really thanks for helping.
I know it's hard for you.
It's harder for you.
We know that.
Still out at this hour?
I was making a call.
Are you okay?
Yes, Sir.
Is there a problem?
Don't tell Ma'am.
Yes Sir.
I'm sorry but we're looking for someone
with higher qualifications.
But I have 15 years of...
I understand...
but you're not what we're
looking for at this moment.
Okay, thank you.
By the way...
how long have you been out of job for?
2 months.
We have a temporary position
if you're interested.
But we pay by the hour.
Don't touch.
The man from upstairs is dead.
You're always full of rubbish.
Don't talk like that.
I'll take you somewhere.
Why are you so clever... know how to come up here?
It's not that I'm clever, you're stupid.
The news said the man jumped from here.
With the View so nice...'s no wonder so many come here to jump.
You think killing yourself is funny?
Come on, let's go home.
You're back.
Have you had dinner?
Yes, I had something.
Isn't it going to be stuffy?
I'll switch on the air-con.
And it doesn't cost anything?
If it wasn't for your father, we wouldn't
have taken the second?oor.
We were thinking he could look after our boy... the end it was us looking after him.
Can you watch your words?
We could have chosen a higher?oor.
But you insisted the second?oor
was easier for the old man.
Father isn't around anymore.
What's the point of making all this noise?
Yes, the noise from the funeral downstairs.
But you are my sister.
You have to look after him.
You are not giving me an option.
Where am I going to find that money?
Damn it.
I will find a way.
Hold on.
You go in first.
Are you off this Sunday?
Yes, why? You want to hang out?
No 'off day' this month.
By the way I need your help.
Help me send this back home.
The address is on the envelope.
Don't you dare take the money.
If it doesn't get home, I'll chop your head off.
You can trust me.
You should try to make
extra cash on your'off days'.
Look around Lucky Plaza.
You might find something.
Kid is calling, got to go.
Don't forget.
Stay outside, Jiale.
Your breasts are smaller
than my Mummy's.
You're always full of nonsense.
This is nice.Try it on.
Where is your mummy?
She's gone to the market.
Nice, right?
Yes, it's nice.
Get up. stop playing.
Still jumping when your arm's hurt?
Have more fish.
It's awful.
Just for you, I got up early to get fresh fish.
Does it really taste that bad?
It's so bland.
Auntie Terry cooks better.
It was me who taught her to cook.
I'm not having it anymore.
Fine, if you don't want it.
Don't grumble when you get hungry.
Haircut or shampoo?
Are you still hiring?
You have experience?
I was a hairdresser back home
for a few years.
We pay four an hour.
But it said five outside.
Well, that's all I'm offering.
But I pay cash.
Can you start right away?
Okay you can start with the basin.
The customer there.
She's the most stingy Pinoy in town.
You're lucky she's in a good mood.
Years ago she had me
starting at three dollars.
Domestic worker?
So what's your plan?
You need to be smart about these things.
We only get a day off each month.
But if you're smart... can try making
some hours on other days.
The key is to not let them find out.
You know... is against the law.
He felt extremely...
Why did he feel troubled?
Is that how you write it? Write it again.
What did you buy?
Sweets. From the Philippines.
This dress looks familiar.
Ma'am, you gave it to me...
the last time.
Oh really?
Very nice.
Terry, finish ironing all of these tonight.
Make sure you finish by tonight.
Sir is going for a business trip.
But Sir is not...
Where is Daddy going?
None of your business.
Still having sweets when it's almost bedtime.
Sir, I'll help you.
I can do it myself.
I can do it, Sir.
I said I will do it myself,Terry.
Go sleep.
I told you to be back earlier.
Now we are caught in peak hour jam.
I was still at work.
How much did you put in the red packet?
Do you have another hundred?
Here... take it.
I don't want my siblings to think we are stingy.
Are we very well off?
Do we need to give that much?
I'm not going to argue with you.
What are you doing?
I'm thinking of starting a business.
With some friends.
Selling bubble tea.
Are you crazy?
Giving up a proper job for bubble tea?
Taiwanese bubble tea
is the craze right now.
My friend has a contact.
It's bound to make money.
You know yourself well.
You are not made for business.
How would I know if I don't try?
Are you as smart as others?
What if you lose all your money?
You are always putting me down.
I'm just asking you to be practical.
I am already out of...
Look at the economy, you still
looking to start a business?
- Why can't you be more...
- Let's drop the subject.
Damn chicken.
You're here finally.
Mother, here is a red packet for you.
What's with his arm?
He's fine, got bumped by a car.
You should wish Grandma.
Say Happy Birthday.
I wish you good health.
I forgot you have a maid.
It's okay. Miss...
...can you add a seat here please?
I'm afraid not.
It'll be impossible to serve the food.
Let her sit outside.
We will order something for her.
But Siti is sitting inside.
My daughter won't eat without my maid.
It's okay for your maid to sit outside.
You will have to sit outside.
Why are you apologising?
Teck, drink with me.
He doesn't drink.
Come on,just one drink.
Brother, it's best not let him drink.
Just one glass.
Just a little.
It's Mother's birthday.
Here you go.
Happy Birthday Mother.
Happy Birthday.
Eat up.
Why did you come out?
They are very noisy inside.
I brought you this.
What is it?
Shark's fin.
Why don't you eat it?
I don't like it. But it's very expensive.
Try it.
Have some.
Don't like it?
No, I don't.
Have it with the fried rice.
Let me tell you, Brother.
I've been in sales for over 10 years.
Give me any product and
I can sell it like hot cake.
I believe you.
What a noisy bunch.
Say bye to your aunt.
Where's your father again?
Go check if he's in the toilet.
Don't forget Jiale's birthday next week.
He's still angry you threw out his Tamagotchi.
Are you done with homework?
Told you not to get so much.
Move those chairs.
Move it. Come on.
Fried chicken again?
Don't you like it?
Don't blow the candles yet.
Terry, help us take a family photo.
Isn't Auntie Terry taking a photo with us?
Who's taking the picture then?
- Pass me the camera.
- Then I'll take one with her.
Let her stand here.
Come here.
One more...
Mummy will take one with you.
Blow out the candles.
Look here. 1, 2, 3.
What about my present?
Here's a red packet.
I'll bank it in for you.
It's the same every year.
Of course.
Is it good?
What's that?
This is for you, open it.
Like it?
You can only keep them in the balcony.
I don't want them running about.
Okay, take it to the balcony.
I'll help you.
Careful with your arm.
Let Auntie do it.
He dropped one into his mouth...
...gulp it down with a full glass of water...
...and soon fell into a deep sleep.
When he woke up the next morning...
...everyone seems to have
disappeared from the house.
Mummy, daddy, even his pet dog, Bobby.
He searched all around.
Upstairs, downstairs, everywhere.
Lim Jiale!
What are you doing?
Hand it to me now.
Stay away from the windows. Move over.
So you want to be a bookie
when you grow up?
What do you want?
Get your parents down now.
My parents are busy.
Then I'll ask the principal to expel you.
Since you're so smart, you won't
need school anyway.
Hand it over!
Hand me the book.
I'll give you four winning digits.
I don't believe you.
Look, 0238 was drawn multiple times.
Practically once every two months.
I'm going to stop after this month.
The old woman is getting suspicious.
Sleeping pills.
Are you trying to kill her?
Of course not.
That's the only way I can get out.
You must be careful too.
You don't want to be sent home now.
Not in these difficult times.
Why are you all dressed up?
Why not?
Where did you go?
You're so nosy.
Let me listen to it.
Do you like it?
Nope.You can have it back.
You don't like it? It's such a nice song.
Wait a minute.
Can you come to my room?
Let me finish frying the fish.
Close the door.
Tell me truthfully.
Yes, Ma'am.
Have you been smoking?
No, Ma'am.
Why did I find a cigarette in the toilet?
I didn't smoke, Ma'am.
Come on, Terry. I've been very kind.
I've been turning a blind eye.
I know you've been touching my makeup
Sorry, Ma'am.
You've the money for cigarettes, right?
If you admit, I can still forgive you.
I swear I'm telling you the truth.
I'm not lying to you.
What's the matter?
Mummy and Auntie are arguing in there.
What's the problem?
Ask her.
What happened?
Our maid was smoking in the toilet.
It's a misunderstanding.
What's this then?
Terry, leave us.
What are you doing?
The cigarette is mine, alright?
Didn't you quit after we got married?
So the stairway cigarette butts are yours?
You made me lose face.
I don't want to speak to you.
Sit down.
Your father never smokes in the toilet.
Were you the one?
Where are the cigarettes?
You hid it under my bed?
Do you want your mummy to fire me?
Stupid boy.
Are there not enough
problems in your family?
I lost a lot of money.
I lost money on stocks.
When did you start dabbling in stocks?
How much did you lose?
It's okay, I'd rather not know.
How much?
Over a hundred thousand.
What were you thinking?
Get out.
I said get out!
Ah Boy's birth date...
...won a small prize at the lottery.
Terry, let Ah Boy eat first.
I'm heading out.
Is it a boy or girl?
It should be a girl.
I have enough of boys at home.
What did the doctor say?
It's just a routine scanning.
What's this?
Are you really that busy?
I'll take you home.
Jiale, here.
Terry, take this. Just follow us and pray.
That's for Grandpa.
You can only have it later.
Grandpa isn't that petty.
Please, Grandpa.
I've given you my pet chicken.
Please help my teacher strike the lottery.
Hurry UP-
What's wrong?
That's the problem with old cars.
Boy, get down and help push.
Why isn't the car moving?
Use more strength.
Wait a minute.
Terry, do you drive?
Yes, Sir.
You drive.
Leng, get in the car.
The second prize is...
And now for the first prize...
Do you feel life is getting tougher?
The economy is in a crisis...
...the government isn't helping,
and your family doesn't understand.
This is the worst crisis we are
experiencing in 10 years.
But what is a crisis?
When the situation gets dire...
...that's when the most opportunities emerge.
To those who are here, I'm sorry.
Because there is nothing
I can do to help you.
Because only YOU can help yourselves!
My parents passed away when I was 10.
From young I learnt to support myself.
I started my own business at 18...
...and made my first million at 21.
But one misstep caused me everything.
When I was 30, I became bankrupt.
My wife and son left me.
But I didn't give up. I was undefeated.
Because I believe hope is within yourself.
If I can do it, so can you.
Madam, please stand.
You are shouldering a huge burden.
You are not one, but two.
Do you feel you're under
immense pressure?
I can tell you are very troubled.
But always remember.
Hope is within yourself.
Repeat after me.
Hope is within yourself...
Say it louder.
Hope is within yourself.
Stand up.
Hope is within yourself.
My maid saw your maid at Lucky Plaza.
So what?
Your Auntie was working as a hairdresser.
She must really love money.
Why would she need the extra money?
Doesn't your mother feed her?
Don't insult my Auntie Terry.
You think your Auntie Terry really loves you?
She only loves you because
your mother pays her.
She is just a maid. Idiot!
Good afternoon, Chuan Shipping.
Mrs Lim?
Oh, Mrs Lim Hwee Leng.
Hold on.
She's very busy at the moment.
She can't take this call.
Would you like to leave a message?
Mr Lim? Sir isn't home.
Where's the boy?
Mrs Davie, here.
And you are?
Where are the parents?
I need to speak to the parents.
Sir and Ma'am are not free. They are working.
Why did you ask the maid to come?
I didn't, she...
- Mrs...
- Davie.
Mrs Davie, can you please
tell me what happened?
This boy...
...I'm sorry, what's his name?
Lim Jiale.
This boy, Lim Jiale...
...actually beat up his classmate in the toilet.
That boy is now in hospital.
Thank God he's alright.
L've just managed to convince his parents... not call the police.
But we have to expel him from our school.
Ma'am, you cannot expel him.
My boy is just 10 years old.
He's a very naughty boy...
...but he's actually very smart.
He has the worst discipline
record in our school.
Mrs Davie, please.
Jiale, say sorry.
It's not about apologising to me.
But I have to show the parents
that I'm doing something.
Ma'am, please don't expel my boy.
Terry, what are you doing?
That's his mother.
Good, finally you're here.
Go out and wait for me.
Mrs Lim, I don't know if you know
how serious this matter is.
Are you driving me to my grave?
Aren't you ashamed?
Why are you dressed like that?
Teresa, I'm his mother, not you.
We, the citizens of Singapore.
Pledge ourselves as one united people.
Regardless of race, language, or religion.
To build a democratic society.
Based on justice and equality.
So as to achieve happiness, prosperity
and progress for our nation.
Discipline... an integral part of our education.
...Is an integral part of our education.
Knowledge without discipline
is of no value to society.
Today, I want to take this opportunity... warn all students...
...that fighting and all unorderly behavior... not tolerated in our school.
Stand there.
Hands on the table.
Bear with it. The principal is watching.
Isn't it painful?
Let's see if you still want to be naughty.
Come on.
Carry me.
- You're a big boy already.
- But my butt hurts.
Don't touch my breast, you dirty boy.
Your hair really has a smell.
How old is he?
Almost 12 months.
You left the baby and
went away to work?
So why did your mother get a stranger
to look after her son?
Your mother.
Shut up.
Okay, wear your pants.
Don't let my colleagues see that.
Why have you come to pick me today?
I have something to discuss with you.
What is it?
I'm thinking of scrapping the car.
Can't you sell it?
Who would buy such an old car?
Look how you're coughing,
I've told you to stop.
How much you think our?at is worth?
Are you nuts?
You're thinking of selling at a time like this?
Where are you going?
I'll reverse.
Leng, aren't you coming for lunch?
You all go ahead, I have work to do.
I signed up for a 10-day course.
I was told you would contact me.
Wrong number?
That can't be right. The number's
from your brochure.
Hope is within yourself.
Shall we not kill the last chicken?
I think I want to keep it.
Then you better learn to take care of it.
Who's there?
Hope is within yourself.
Not sleeping yet?
What's with your leg?
I hurt it accidentally.
Only people that stupid would
fall for something like that.
That's how stupid I am.
Are you okay?
I lost my sales job.
I've been waiting for you to tell me.
Are you on day or night shift tomorrow?
You need to wash your uniform?
I quit.
Can you do it?
I'm always the bad cop
and you the good cop.
I won't do it.
How should I put it across?
I don't care. Figure it out yourself.
Terry, are you sleeping?
Can we talk?
Yes, Ma'am.
Do you want water?
No thanks, Ma'am.
I don't know how to say this.
I understand.
We have something to tell you.
Auntie Terry is going back soon.
Are you listening?
We don't have much money left.
To hire a maid...
What's wrong with you?
Kids are not allowed here. Get out.
I'm buying it for my father.
No, you can't. Go away.
Uncle, can you help me?
Can you help me buy 4D?
Help me buy lottery.
Can you help me buy?
I'll give you money, please.
Please help me.
Where are you going?
Now announcing the top prizes...
Third prize...
Second prize...
First prize...
Still not sleeping?
No, not yet.
Can I have a cigarette?
I didn't know you smoke too.
Boy, are you coming down?
We're leaving.
Airport parking is expensive.
I'll wait here.
Be good.
Don't act like this, please.
Look at me, you're a big boy now.
Are you crazy?
Ignore him. Just go.
Learn to take care of yourself.
You can't smoke here.
This is for you.
Do you want a drink?
You want a drink?
What are you listening to?