I'm a Sharpener (2013) Movie Script

Do you mind if
I smoke during the interview?
Not at all, please.
Camera rolling?
- Let's start with an introduction.
- Ok.
Hello, my name is Harris
Harris Tindall, I'm 28
and I've been living in Paris
since I was a child.
I was born in England.
I do love France but
I have to admit sometimes
I miss London.
It must be in my genes!
What do you do for a living?
I'm a pencil sharpener.
I get it from my father,
who himself got it from his father,
whose father also had
it from his own father.
It's a beautiful four-generation
family tradition.
Let's get to our subject.
How do you adjust a pencil?
You have to fit it to its owner.
The writing is a manifest of
one's personality.
And the temper can
fully express itself
It the pencil is adjusted,
the hand is free.
My father use to say
a pencil is the visible side
of the personality!
What can I do for you?
I feel I could improve
my use of pencils?
Can you write something down?
What could I write?
Our tagline.
We sharp with meaning
you write with sense.
- Is this ok?
- Perfect.
What can I do for you?
I need them to be very sharp.
As always, as sharp as possible.
That's how, I get the best result
with precision.
- It's important to me.
- Alright, I understand.
- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.
Can you write something down?
- The usual tagline?
- Yes.
I've been feeling
a little rigid lately.
I wish I was more.
I always ask myself
tons of questions.
I never know what
to choose from
a white brown, figs or
cereal loaf of bread.
It can last forever.
- I see.
- That's why I'm here.
If my pencils were sharpened
in a more rounded way, maybe
I would become flexible.
Be assured,
you have a beautiful personality.
Can you tell me
about your clients?
Vast subject matter!
Each one of them is unique.
Let's look at
one particular case.
I am supposed to be bound
by professional secrecy.
talk to us within this secrecy.
There is this young lady.
Her writing is full
of grace and neat.
Are you Harris?
I've been told you do wonders.
I hope so. Have a seat.
- What's your name?
- Mankiev
Not supposed to ask a lady's age.
I'll just write 30.
What brings you here?
Hard to tell, it could be chance.
I doubt people
come here by chance.
But in any case
Can I borrow your hand?
Now, can you write something for me?
What should I write?
Whatever you want.
You're probably right,
there is no such thing as chance.
It's a very natural writing,
letters fit together perfectly well
it shows she didn't do it on purpose.
Some people change
the way they write consciously:
They cheat.
She's not like that.
Always sincere
I can feel her fragility
in some alterations of her writing.
Her letter formation rises
and translates her moods.
Sometimes more or less nervous,
rigid or arched.
They flicker as
if each letter could fall over.
What do you use your pencils for?
If what people say is true,
you should have found out.
I think you're a writer.
Good guess! I am impressed.
Wow, gays just get right to it.
I haven't figured out what you write.
To be honest, I
I wonder everyday.
She's been coming here for 8 months
and I have witnessed many
different moments with some distance
happy times.
Sad ones.
I've seen her writing change.
I have traced down
the chart of 8 months of her life.
She is very fragile
and requires attention.
I have to admit you surprise me.
Why is that?
You're always the same.
Week after week, same temper.
What did your father use to say
about pencils?
The visible side of personality.
I want to discover your invisible side.
What about yours?
I'm looking for it.
That's why I'm here.
By chance!
This time it's a valid answer?
Goodbye Harris the Iceberg.
It's as if we were intimate.
I know her so well.
It's difficult not to cross the line
not to go beyond my role
when sharing her life,
Even though I'm not with her.
Thank you Harris.
We may cut some of it.
But it was very beautiful.
I should have used the past
for everything I've just said.
- You seem worried. Everything ok?
- I'm ok.
I should change them.
Time's passing by Harris.
What happens when people change?
I adjust their pencils.
It's normal for people to change.
My pencils help them to move forward.
And when the changes are deeper?
It's beyond my reach.
Did you want to tell me something?
I thought you had something to tell me.
I will change them for next week.
No need to walk me out.
Thank you Harris.
Thank you Harris for your attention.
I love you.
Although I can see
a lot in someone's writing
I didn't pay attention to all the details.
I noticed them too late.
Small changes
weaknesses you avoid
signs you deny.
You noticed all of this in her writing?
Not in her writing.
In mine.
Talk to me.