I'm Dangerous Tonight (1990) Movie Script

(suspenseful instrumental music)
(truck engine rumbling)
(suspenseful instrumental music continues)
(alarm blaring)
All right, all right, hold your shorts!
(footsteps pattering)
(door clatters open)
I got a delivery for Dr. Jonas Wilson.
(machine rumbling)
(eerie instrumental music)
(machine clacks)
(motor whirring)
(altar thuds)
(eerie suspenseful music)
[Frank] What the hell is this?
It's an Aztec sacrificial altar.
During important festivals,
they say the blood ran
from this altar in rivers.
- Very nice.
- Very rare.
Your professor should pleased.
Are you kiddin'?
Sacrifices, rivers of blood?
It's right up old Wilson's alley.
He's a real weirdo,
take my word for it.
(door clatters)
Hey, don't you want me to sign for this?
(eerie suspenseful music)
(light clicks on)
Oh, it's you, Dr. Wilson.
Scared the hell outta me.
It's some sacrificial altar, eh?
Indeed, it is, Frank.
During the annual Corn Festival,
they sacrifice 20,000
victims at a time right here.
Their hearts torn from
their living bodies.
Look, I gotta go, Dr. Wilson, eh?
If you need me, I'll be in my office.
(door slams shut)
(Dr. Wilson grunts softly)
(pad thuds)
(eerie instrumental music)
(pad thuds)
(Dr. Wilson softly grunts)
(eerie instrumental music continues)
(hammer tapping)
(Dr. Wilson softly grunts)
(hammer thuds)
(altar clatters)
(sand trickling)
(altar lid clatters)
(Dr. Wilson moans excitedly)
(audience cheering on TV)
(motor whirring)
(dark ominous music)
(screams echoing)
(audience cheering on TV)
(banging in the distance)
(mace squeaks)
Dr. Wilson?
What the hell's going on out here?
Good lord, what on
earth happened out here?
(eerie suspenseful music)
Oh, it's you...
(Frank screams)
(blow thuds) (Dr. Wilson groans)
(blood squelching)
(intense eerie music)
The primitive mind believes
that certain inanimate objects
are quite literally alive,
that they possess sentience, feelings,
a will of their own.
The New Guinea tribesmen,
for example, endows the sky,
the trees, even rocks, with intelligence,
with a mystical power,
and we call this belief
or doctrine animism.
Now, of course, we are above all this
kind of nonsense, aren't we?
(horseshoe clangs)
(rabbit's foot softly thuds)
(glass shattering)
(students gasping)
Indeed, the wisest among
us, our psychology majors,
tell us it's all in our minds.
I mean, did some malevolent power
just award me seven years bad luck,
because I broke this mirror?
Of course not,
but (knocking on podium)
knock on wood, just in case.
(students laughing)
You've all, no doubt, heard of the tragedy
involving the late Dr. Jonas Wilson.
Wilson was more than a colleague.
He was my close friend.
And his landmark work,
the psychology of the animism,
will be the subject of
your final workshop paper.
(students all groaning)
Let's try to make it a
testament to his genius.
And thank you very much,
ladies and gentlemen.
(bell tolling in the distance)
(indistinct chattering)
(footsteps shuffling)
[Eddie] Amy O'Neill?
- Edward Sadler?
- Eddie.
- Hi, partner.
- Hi.
Can we talk on the run?
- Oh, okay.
- Okay.
Well, we might have a little
bit of a problem here, Amy.
See, the college theater group
is doing "Romeo and Juliet".
You know it? (Coins clattering)
Well, I'm Mercutio,
and I've got a few
thousand lines to memorize
between now and next week.
So, (clears throat)
you're a theater major?
No, no!
Poli sci.
I just thought that theater
arts should be an easy A,
and then they went and
cast me as Mercutio.
You want anything?
- Oh, no, thanks.
- Okay.
The psychology of animism is 1200 pages.
I'm not gonna have the strength
to carry Wilson's book,
never mind read the sucker.
All I'm saying, is that maybe you ought a
find yourself a new partner or something.
I don't wanna hang you up.
I'll read it.
You're kidding?
You would actually plow
through that thing for us?
That wouldn't be fair.
I couldn't ask you to do that.
No, really, it's okay.
Well, if you say so.
How are those lines coming, Eddie?
[Eddie] I got the first
two scenes down cold.
I guess greater miracles have happened.
Are you the girlfriend?
- No.
- No, this is Amy.
This is Vic Morrison, our director.
Victor Morrison.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
[Eddie] So when do we
get to meet this girlfriend
who's gonna help with the props?
Susie and I are history.
I thought I told you?
No, you didn't tell me.
If you'd have told me,
I would have gotten someone else.
(sighs) I don't suppose
you'd like to help, Annie?
Oh, it's Amy.
Yeah, how 'bout it?
He's a desperate man.
I don't really know
anything about the theater.
Oh, you don't have to know anything.
Look at Vic,
he doesn't know anything,
and he's the director.
It's incredibly simple.
We just need someone to find props,
chairs, tables, that kinda stuff.
Here's a list.
It could be a break from reading?
All right!
(dog barks in the djstance)
(engine rumbling)
(car door clatters open)
(insects chirping)
(door slams shut)
(footsteps pattering)
(car door clatters open)
(bags rustling)
(door clicks open)
(door slams shut)
[Gloria] Amy, is that you?
Oh, yes!
You got it!
(box rustling)
(lid thuds) (paper crinkling)
(box thuds) (Gloria gasps)
Oh, it's just beautiful!
Isn't it?
Oh! (Gently smooching)
(footsteps ascending)
(box rustling)
Well, nice of you to come home early.
Did you pick up the fabric?
- Oh, yes.
- Good.
Let's have a look at it.
[Amy] Here it is.
Ah, terrific!
You sure this is gonna be enough?
[Amy] It's what the
pattern book recommended.
Well, you know best.
Can you do it for the
Calloway dinner on Friday?
Oh, Friday?
Yeah, I don't-
Oh, Amy, be an angel,
and say, yes.
(horn honking in the distance)
[Gloria] Mason's here!
I'm gone.
- Bye, Mom.
- Bye, sweetie.
(gently smooching)
Have a good time, honey.
(footsteps departing)
(door clatters open)
Oh, Amy, by the way,
that probate lawyer...
(door slams shut)
What's his name?
(engine revs in the distance)
So, yes, Mr. Simpson, he
called this afternoon.
Oh, what'd he say?
I'm afraid it doesn't look very good.
There's only gonna be a few hundred left
after everything's settled.
(exhales softly) That's all?
Well, you know, it
might've been different
if your mother and father had made a will,
but then that was typical.
So it appears that you're
gonna be staying with us
for quite a while, doesn't it?
I'll probably be late.
You know how these charity events are,
they go on forever.
So be a deer, and feed your
grandmother for me, will you?
I've been so rushed.
(footsteps departing)
Okay, Gram, here's your dinner.
(tray rattles)
(gentle instrumental music)
I've been run off my feet today.
(lid clanks)
(spoon clatters)
The lawyer says
there's not gonna be any
money left after all.
(gentle instrumental music continues)
We're stuck here, Gram.
(car door clatters open)
(door slams shut)
(faint indistinct chattering)
(Amy sighs loudly)
[Male Patron] Sure, let's
see what else is here.
[Female Patron] Okay.
[Salesman] Can I help you, Miss?
[Amy] Wasn't this Jonas Wilson's house?
Yes, it was,
but I'd rather you keep
that under your hat.
The fewer people know
about that, the better.
Well, they must've
read it in the papers?
Do you know what really happened?
Well, the way I heard it,
after he finished off that
poor guard over to the college,
he came home and went for his
wife with an ax right there.
(chuckles) Yeah.
Well, he must've been
completely off of his rocker.
No wonder he did himself in.
Oh, what a waste.
A terrible waste.
Well, you see anything you like?
Oh, yeah, this trunk.
How much is it?
[Salesman] $10.
Well, it's for the school play.
7.50, bottom line.
(money rustling)
Yeah, thank you.
(register dings)
(trunk creaks open)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(Frank screaming)
(screams continue echoing)
(disembodied voice chants indistinctly)
(Mrs. Wilson screams)
(disembodies voice continues chanting)
(Amy gasps)
You okay, Miss?
(trunk thuds shut)
Yeah, I'm fine.
[Salesman] There it goes.
I think that's about right.
- Thank you.
- Good luck to you.
(car door clatters open)
(door slams shut)
(engine turns over and revs)
(phone ringing)
(Salesman grunts)
(phone continues ringing)
(chuckles) No, you're just
about 10 seconds too late.
No, I don't know the buyer's name,
but listen, she said she's something
to do with the theater program over to TC.
(car door slams shut)
(dark ominous music)
(footsteps pattering)
(metal tinging)
- [Barry] No, no, no,
It's cheep, cheep, cheep.
- Okay.
- Cheep, cheep, cheep.
- You ready?
- I'm ready.
Go! (Swords clanging)
(hammer banging)
- Okay.
[Eddie] All right, from,
"Will you pluck your sword
out of his pitcher by the ears?"
"Make haste, lest mine be
about your ears ere it be out."
[Barry] I am for you.
[Romeo Actor] Gentle
Mercutio, put thy rapier up.
[Eddie] Come, sir, your pass a do!
(swords clanging)
[Romeo Actor] Draw, Benvolio!
Beat down their weapons!
(swords continue clanging)
Okay, hold it!
Hold it!
Can we stop the infernal hammering?!
(group laughs)
- Hi!
- Hi!
[Eddie] Any luck?
Not bad.
Do you think this trunk's okay?
Amy, it is marvelous.
You're invaluable!
(trunk creaks open)
What have we here?
(dark ominous music)
This is beautiful!
Try it on.
It's got Mercutio written all over it.
(dark ominous music continues)
It looks great!
It feels great.
Let's do the fight.
[Victor] From "Gentle Mercutio".
You're dead meat.
Yeah, right!
Okay, from "Gentle Mercutio".
Gentle-(sword whooshing)
Hey, watch it!
(Victor yells indistinctly)
Hey, what the hell are you doin'?
(sword continues whooshing)
Okay, okay, hold it!
Pick it up.
(sword whooshing) (Barry grunts)
(sword continues whooshing)
Eddie, stop it!
[Romeo Actor] Hey,
Eddie, come on, stop it!
[Victor] Hey, for god's sake, Eddie!
All right, enough's enough!
(swords clanking)
(both grunting)
Come on, Eddie!
(swords continue clanking)
(intense dramatic music)
So you lose one,
you'll still have one more.
(intense dramatic music continues)
(spirit exhales loudly)
[Amy] Eddie?
What is the matter with you?!
Okay, I'm okay. (Cape rustles)
- Barry, I'm sorry.
- Keep away from me, man.
You are off this show, Eddie!
- I can't believe you guys!
- You're nuts, man.
(footsteps pattering)
(door thuds open) Amy?
(whimsical instrumental music)
(vehicle engine roaring in the distance)
(car door clatters open)
(dog barking in the distance)
(door slams shut)
(footsteps softly pattering)
(doorbell dings)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(knocking at door)
(door clatters open)
Look who's here.
Hi, Mason.
Saw the game Saturday.
You were terrific.
22 Completions over 200 yards.
Don't tell a soul,
but there's a scout from this
certain pro football team
that's been calling Mason every day.
I didn't know you followed football?
I don't.
Are you feeling okay, honey?
Shouldn't you be getting
back to your homework?
Listen, Amy, I know it's my
turn to watch Gram tonight,
but Mason wants to catch a movie,
and I was just wondering
if you wouldn't mind?
I have to stay home and
finish this paper anyway,
and your mom's dress.
Thanks, Cousin.
I'll make it up to you, okay?
So long, Amy.
See you around.
Have a good time.
(door thuds shut)
(bell rings)
It's good to see you too, Gram.
(softly smooching)
(wheelchair clacks)
(eerie instrumental music)
Do you think I should get my
hair cut short like Gloria's?
Maybe it'd make me look sophisticated?
(eerie instrumental music continues)
Something weird happened at school today.
There's this boy named Eddie.
I'm doing a project with him.
During rehearsal, he suddenly went crazy.
He just lost control.
(exhales) Scary to think
what's bottled up inside of us
just waiting to get out.
Funny thing is...
(chuckles) Never mind, it's stupid.
(eerie instrumental music continues)
(Grams breathes shakily)
(object jingling)
(dark ominous music)
(disembodied voice chants indistinctly)
(bed creaks)
(disembodied voice continues chanting)
(dark ominous music continues)
(engine revving)
(gearshift clanks)
Will you call me tomorrow?
(Mason moans)
(Gloria grunts)
Give me a break!
We've been going through
this for three months!
You're driving me nuts!
I'm sorry, Mason.
I don't mean to.
- I really don't.
- Then what?
Nothing, I just...
I just don't want our first time
to be in the backseat of a car.
Know what I mean?
Okay, babe.
Let's go back to my place.
No. (Gently smooching)
Look, I guess I'm just not ready yet.
(Mason exhales loudly)
Be patient with me, Mason.
It won't be long now, I promise.
Really, I promise.
(gently smooching)
(car door clatters open)
(engine starts and revs)
See you tomorrow!
(engine roaring)
(sewing machine rumbling)
(footsteps pattering)
(sewing machine continues rumbling)
What are you doin' up so late?
On what?
That's beautiful.
Keep your hands off it!
(wheelchair squeaks)
[Gloria] Gram!
(dark ominous music)
Get the old lady out of here.
(dark ominous music continues)
(birds chirping)
(rock clanks)
(rocks continue clanking)
"But soft!"
"What light through yonder window breaks?"
How'd you find my window?
I tried all the other ones first.
(rocks clattering)
Buy you breakfast?
Come on, I wanna talk.
Okay, go around front.
I'll be right down.
Come with me tomorrow
night to the Easter dance.
I'm sorry, I can't.
How come?
I don't dance that well.
(Amy chuckles nervously)
[Eddie] Come on!
I'm not exactly Bobby Brown here. (Laughs)
It's not just that.
I have to watch over my grandmother.
Well, can't you hire a granny sitter?
(both chuckling)
What happened to you
yesterday at rehearsal?
(sighs) I don't know
exactly what went on.
DO you?
No, why would I?
Well, you're the psych
major, right? (Chuckles)
I just had this incredible sensation
- that I wanted to-
- To what?
I wanted to hurt him, to humiliate him,
and there's nothing he could do about it.
Then the feeling just, pfft, vanished.
It will never happen again, okay?
I promise.
What happened to all those
props that you were collecting?
I left 'em backstage.
Are you sure?
Because Vic couldn't find them.
Then he didn't look very hard.
I left 'em right next to
the stage manager's desk.
Okay, I'll tell him.
You sure you're not gonna change
your mind about the dance?
Mom's already gone to
go to the Calloway's,
and we're off to the dance.
[Amy] Okay, have good time.
(footsteps departing)
(eerie suspenseful music)
Here's your dinner, Gram.
(upbeat dance music)
Here you go.
- Voila!
- Thank you.
(indistinct chattering)
(upbeat dance music continues)
Excuse me, folks.
Behind you.
(upbeat dance music continues)
(intense eerie music)
(party goers clamoring)
(upbeat dance music)
(intense eerie music)
(upbeat dance music)
How could you do it?!
It's easy, and a one (snaps fingers),
- and-
- You left Grandma alone!
What if she...
- What if she-
- What if she what?
Breaks a wheel?
(upbeat dance music)
(party goers applauding)
(uptempo dance music)
(party goers clamoring)
(intense eerie music)
Watch my drink!
I'm going to the ladies room!
(uptempo dance music)
(intense eerie music)
(party goers clamoring)
(uptempo dance music)
Wanna do it with me, Mason?
Do you gotta ask?
(uptempo dance music continues)
(water splashing)
(gentle instrumental music)
(uptempo dance music)
(party goers clamoring)
(Mason moaning)
(heavy breathing)
[Mason] I'm gonna drive
you outta your mind.
Do it!
Do it, Mason.
(gently smooching) Here.
(Mason panting heavily)
(Amy gasps)
Hey, what's goin' on?
What is it, babe?
What's wrong? (Amy gasps)
What the hell is this?
(fabric rustling)
(uptempo dance music)
I'm sorry, Mason.
I'm so sorry.
I thought your cousin
was the queen tease,
but you're somethin' else!
- I'm sorry.
- Hey!
Wait a damn minute!
Where are you gonna go dressed like that?
(car door slams shut)
(engine revs)
(car door slams shut)
(fabric rustling)
(wheelchair squeaking)
Gram, what are you doing up?!
You should be asleep!
(wheelchair squeaking)
- (Amy gasps) -
(Intense dramatnc music)
(Grams whimpering)
(Grams continues whimpering)
(wheelchair shuffling)
(Grams pants heavily)
Grams, stop it!
(Grams yells)
(wheelchair thuds)
(wheelchair clattering)
(body thudding)
(Amy softly sobbing)
[Paramedic] Watch...
Watch the curb there.
(dramatic instrumental music)
What are you so upset about?
You left Gram here to die, didn't you?
You don't mean that.
That's a hateful thing to say.
(hand slaps)
Since when do you care so much
about other people's feelings?
You leave Gram,
so you can suck up to Mason
the minute my back was turned?
You little slut!
I don't know what got
into you tonight, Cousin,
but understand this,
you go near him again,
and I'll kill you.
(footsteps pattering)
What were you doing out of the house?
I went out for a walk.
A walk?
(Martha sighs loudly)
You're my sister's child,
so I've asked very little of you.
Just to take of your own
grandmother, that's all.
And you couldn't even do that!
If anyone neglected
Gram, it was you two.
What did you say?
Do you think that's
all there is to love,
giving someone a roof over their head?
Gram knew how you felt about her.
She knew she wasn't welcomed here.
Don't you dare talk to
me like that, little girl!
Don't you dare talk to me like that!
Gram felt things,
just like you and me!
But she died,
because she was trying to warn me.
Warn you about what?
(footsteps departing) Amy!
(door clatters open)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(fabric rustling)
(door creaks open)
(door thuds shut)
(dark ominous music)
(Amy softly sobs)
What's happening to you?
(birds chirping)
(car engine roars)
(gearshift clanks)
(door slams shut)
(dog barks in the distance)
(door clatters open)
All I can say,
is I hope more people come to my funeral.
How you doing?
(car door slams shut)
Not great.
Do you wanna go for
a drive or something?
(sighs) Sure, maybe that's what I need.
Can you wait till I change?
(footsteps departing)
(door clatters open)
(knocking at door)
Who's the guy?
He's a friend from school.
I'll bet.
Amy, I wanted to say I'm sorry about,
well, you know, the other
night and everything.
It's okay.
Mason called this morning.
He's really bummed out
about the whole thing, too.
He said he wanted to
take me to dinner tonight
at that new French restaurant
out on the Old Toll Road.
Well, I really hate going so soon
after Gram's funeral and everything.
But Amy, he said he's got
a big surprise for me.
He's gonna propose, I just know it!
That's great, if that's what you want.
Listen, hun, I wanted
to ask a favor of you.
You know that red dress you were wearing
at the dance the other night?
Well, it looked beautiful on you.
And if it looked that good on you...
What I mean is,
would you mind lending it to me?
Oh, just for tonight.
Pretty please?
I got rid of it.
You got rid of it?
Yeah, I threw it away.
You won't do anything
for me, will you, Amy?
You're jealous of me, aren't you?
That's why, isn't it?
(Amy sighs) Isn't it?
Gloria, I threw it out because
it was unlucky, that's all.
I have to go.
See you later.
Threw it out.
I'll just bet.
(door creaks open)
(light switch clicks on)
(hangers clattering)
(door creaks)
(dark ominous music)
Oh, my goodness!
Gloria! (Plates clank)
In a minute.
Stupid cow.
I'm dangerous tonight.
(mellow jazz music)
The pasta was incredible.
Ah, grazie, signora.
How about a big tip for the chef?
(Eddie laughs)
(gently smooching)
(mellow jazz music continues)
What is it?
Did I do something wrong?
No, no.
There's just something I've
been meaning to ask you.
How come you didn't just come out
and tell me you were going to the dance?
You didn't have to lie.
I didn't lie.
At the time, I had no intention of going.
But you did?
Please don't ask me why.
I couldn't believe my
eyes when you walked in.
Something about that
dress you were wearing,
you looked so incredible in it.
(Eddie moans)
Will you wear it for me
some time, just for me?
I don't have it, Eddie.
I got rid of it.
I threw it away.
(Eddie sighs loudly)
Why would you do a
crazy thing like that?
It wasn't crazy.
I was just tired of it, so I threw it out.
Oh, I can't believe it!
I mean, that
- was the most stunning-
- Eddie,
it was only a dress.
You're right, it was only a dress.
Only a dress.
[Mason] You were fantastic.
Where'd you learn all that stuff
- if you've never-
- I don't know.
I guess I'm just natural at it.
[Mason] No, no, no.
(gently smooching)
Hey, didn't you have a secret for me?
Weren't you gonna tell me a secret?
A secret?
Oh, now look who's being the tease.
Oh, yeah!
I got a call from Sam Helmer last night.
Who's Sam Helmer?
Sam Helmer, chief scout for the 49ers.
They're gonna take me in the draft.
(Gloria scoffs)
Well, say something!
This is it, babe!
Joe Montana, Miller Light
commercials, the big time!
That's the great secret?
Well, what about me?
Where do I fit in?
Hey, we'll keep in touch, babes.
(gently smooching)
(Gloria scoffs)
Keep in touch?
While you're running around
with every little cheerleader in the NFL?
What the hell do you
mean, "keep in touch?
Now, I get it.
You thought that...
(Mason laughs)
Sorry, babe, this boy's marrying the NFL.
So that's why you hopped
in the sack with me
after all these months.
I thought it was because of Amy.
I thought you were jealous.
You even borrowed her dress.
You wanna come in, babe?
We could continue our
research in the shower.
In a minute.
(Gloria exhales loudly)
(blanket rustling)
(dark ominous music)
(shower water splashing)
(cigarette puffing)
In a minute.
(dark ominous music continues)
(glass shattering)
Hey, babe, you drop something?
(Gloria grunts)
(lamp clattering)
(Gloria grunts)
(picture frames shattering)
(shower water sprinkling)
(curtains clattering)
(fabric ripping)
(dark ominous music)
(shower door thuds)
So how was she, Mason?
Who, Amy?
I didn't touch her.
I don't believe you.
Then don't.
Close the door, will ya, babe?
So you're gonna be a big
football hero, huh, Mason?
That's what they tell me.
Well, they told you wrong!
(shower door thuds shut)
(shower water sprinkling)
(shower door shuffles open)
(Mason 989$)
(Gloria pants heavily)
(body thuds)
(Mason gasps for air)
(Gloria maniacally laughs)
(body thuds)
(Mason gasping)
Oh, dear, you're about to get sacked,
Mister Super Star quarterback!
(Gloria exhales loudly)
(Mason thuds)
(Gloria sighs)
(shower water sprinkling)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(razor parts clattering)
(dark ominous music)
Our first and last night together, babe.
(dark ominous music continues)
(truck engine rumbling)
So how's our paper coming, by the way?
I haven't had much time.
(seats creaking)
(car engine roars)
(brakes squealing)
(glass shattering)
Oh. my!
(engine revs)
It's Gloria!
What's she doing?
[Eddie] I'm not hanging
around to find out!
(truck engine whirring)
(tires squealing)
(engines revving)
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(metal clanging)
(tires screeching)
(engine revving)
(vehicles clanging)
(tires squealing)
(engines roaring)
(tires squealing)
(vehicle clatters)
(truck engine sputtering)
(engine revving)
(truck engine continues sputtering)
(engine rumbling) Get out, now!
(engine continues rumbling)
(vehicles thudding)
(tires screeching)
(engine roaring)
(gravel skidding)
(metal clattering)
No, Gloria!
(Amy gasps loudly)
Eddie, come back!
Come back!
(dark ominous music)
No, Gloria!
(fire whooshing)
[Eddie] Gloria, for god's sake,
" Stop!
Come back!
Gloria, stop it!
(Gloria screaming) Hurry!
(Gloria continues screaming)
Oh, Gloria!
(explosion booming)
Oh, Gloria!
(birds chirping)
(footsteps pattermg)
(Amy gasps)
(dog viciously growling)
[Professor] Sigmund!
(exhales loudly) Oh,
it's you, Professor.
I'm sorry if Sigmund startled you.
This is Ms. O'Neill.
She's a friend.
Isn't that right, Ms. O'Neill?
(dog whines)
May I join you?
I was sorry to hear about your cousin.
[Amy] Oh, thank you.
[Professor] How's your paper coming?
[Amy] Fine.
[Professor] And what do you
think of Dr. Wilson's book?
(both laughing) (dog whines)
It is long.
I like his final chapter
on religious rights,
though, most people are gasping for breath
by the time they get there.
Have you read that chapter?
Well, it is fascinating,
because Wilson claims
that certain garments
worn in religious rituals
have the power to take control
of certain individuals,
to possess them, as it were.
What kind of garments?
Oh, a cardinal's mitre,
an Aztec sacrificial cloak,
a Zulu shaman's headdress,
that sort of thing.
How did they do that?
Well, the garment acts
as a sort of amplifier.
If there is evil in that person,
the garment draws out
the worst in him or her,
her fears, her weaknesses,
her capacity for violence.
Suppose the person isn't evil, though.
Suppose they're, essentially, good.
Well, then, according to Wilson,
the garment would have
only a marginal influence.
So you mean they could
challenge the garment's powers?
That's not to say that person
would be entirely unaffected.
For example, if they
were sexually repressed,
the cloak might transform them into-
- A whore.
- Exactly.
Mind you, that person
would be in a dilemma,
because they would be torn
between their own natural decency
and the forces of the id.
They might even start to
doubt their own sanity.
They would need help.
A sympathetic friend.
Yes, I can see that.
Well, I'm gonna finish my run.
You looked most striking
at the dance the other evening, Amy.
That was a remarkable
dress you were wearing.
Thank you, Professor.
Good morning.
(upbeat rock music)
(patrons clamoring)
(chair clatters) (Punk 1 grunts)
(chair thuds) (Punk 1 cheers)
(Punk 2 speaks indistinctly)
(Punk 2 laughs maniacally)
I'm going to Red.
[Both] Let's do it!
(Punk 1 grunts)
(Punk 2 laughs maniacally)
[Punk 1] Take this sucker!
Take it out!
(upbeat rock music
plays in the background)
Hey, baby!
Get that cute, little butt back here.
(footsteps pattering)
Oh, I'm talkin' to you, sugar.
No, no, no, no,
you're big, shiny
Mercedes is back this way!
And I got somethin' for ya, honey!
(male gurgling)
Hey, come on, man.
Jesus! (Footsteps departing)
(dramatic ominous music)
(indistinct chattering)
Ms. O'Neill.
Oh, Captain Ackman, isn't it?
Yeah, we talked some
after your cousin, Gloria's-
Yes, I remember.
I wonder if I can ask
you a few more questions?
I think I've told you everything I know.
Can I have a hamburger
with cottage fries, please?
Could I have lunch with you?
I mean, everything looks so good here.
[Lunch Lady] You can't smoke in here.
I have a special
dispensation from the Pope.
You see, Amy, I can
pretty well piece together
everything that Gloria did that night
as you and your boyfriend's statements,
and, of course, there's Mason's body.
The big question is, why would
she do a thing like that?
Maybe she and Mason had a fight?
[Ackman] A fight?
You know, a lover's quarrel.
Gloria strangled him.
Do you know how much strength that takes?
Mason was an athlete.
Strong as an ox.
What the hell he'd do?
Cooperate with her?
After she throttles the
life out of this poor guy,
she castrates him with a razor,
and then 10 minutes later,
she comes after you.
Any thoughts on that?
(indistinct chattering in the background)
Tell me about the red dress.
Can I have one of those fries?
What about the red dress?
Well, it just seems to me
like there's an awful lot of red dresses
floating around Tiverton these days.
For instance, there was a red dress
at your grandmother's accident.
Now, the paramedic's report said
it got tangled in her wheels or somethin'.
And this was the same red dress
you blew away the competition
in at the dance that night?
Yes, I wore the dress.
And your cousin was wearing it
the night she went after you and Eddie?
[Ackman] Well, that red dress
sure gets around, doesn't it?
I lent the dress to Gloria.
You did that a lot, did ya?
You and Gloria
swapped dresses and-
Just dresses.
A death in the family
is a terrible thing.
But two deaths in three days, Amy,
I'd say that's carelessness.
Gotta go.
Now, I'm gonna give you my card here.
I know if somethin' springs to mind,
you're gonna give me a call, right?
Eat your lunch, Amy.
(train horn blares in the distance)
Hey, Joey.
(chuckles) How's it hangin'?
You got a lot of nerve comin' up alone.
How much you want?
Well, now, that depends on
how much it's gonna cost me.
250 per.
[Wanda] (scoffs) Is that including tax?
Yeah, just for you.
But what if I don't have it?
Don't blow smoke in my face, sugar.
We're conducting business here.
You want?
I told you you had a lot of nerve,
but sweetie, you sure are short on brains.
(Joey groans) (skin squelching)
(Joey screams)
(Wanda breathes shakily)
(dark ominous music)
(Wanda pants heavily)
(dark ominous music continues)
(glove box clatters shut)
(car door slams shut)
Hey, Joey,
I guess I'm gonna have to report you
to the Better Business Bureau.
(dog barks in the distance)
[News Anchor On Television]
The state government
and challenges to trackers
to come forward...
- What are you doing up?
Couldn't sleep.
Join the club.
No, thanks.
Jack, there's been a second
drug-related slaying in Tiverton,
and this time, on the Clifftop Highway,
and less than 24 hours
after the first victim's body was found
in a downtown alleyway.
Detective, Captain Raleigh Ackman,
declined to elaborate on
whatever leads police may have
on the two killings,
except that both were notable
for the gratuitous violence
inflicted on the victims.
The Captain is also
interested in questioning
a woman in a red dress
that was seen in the immediate
area after both murders.
(glass shattering)
(eerie instrumental music)
(weatherman speaks
indistinctly on television)
(eerie instrumental music continues)
[Coroner] The deceased's effects
are usually stored in lockers
arranged by code and names.
So my cousin's clothing
should be in her locker?
Yeah, the double entry system
ensures against screw ups.
You see, the relatives get very upset
if you hand them an evening dress,
and the deceased is a truck driver.
Excuse me.
Can I just sign for it?
Yeah, you can sign for it all your life,
it won't do you any good,
'cause whoever busted those locks
also ransacked those lockers!
All right, who was your cousin again?
- Gloria Randolph.
- Randolph.
She died in a car accident last week.
Oh, well, if it happened last week,
I can't help ya anyway!
I was at a convention in Boca Raton!
I wish I was still there.
Who should I talk to then?
My assistant, Wanda Thatcher.
She has been out since
Monday with the flu,
and that better be what she's got!
Why wouldn't it be?
(cabinet drawer shuffling)
The city's drug rehab
program ponder off on us,
a typical bleeding heart,
liberal notion that is bound to
blow up in our-
(door slams shut)
Ms. O'Neill?
(eerie suspenseful music)
(Amy sighs)
(eerie suspenseful music continues)
(footsteps approaching)
It's closing time.
(door thuds open)
(footsteps pattering)
(dark ominous music)
(footsteps pattering)
(bell tolls in the distance)
(footsteps continue pattering)
(sighs) I hate this walk, don't you?
(exhales loudly) Yes, I do.
I've signed four petitions
to get more lights on campus.
I know.
And then they always get bogged down
in one committee or another.
[Amy] This is my car.
Oh, would you do me a favor,
and watch me till I walk to mine?
- Oh, sure.
- Thanks.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
(footsteps departing)
(keys jangling)
(car door clatters open)
(engine turns over and revs)
(engine rumbles) (Amy gasps)
I didn't mean to frighten you.
We have to talk.
It won't take a lot.
You purchased a trunk of Jonas Wilson's
shortly after his death, did you not?
What did it contain?
- Nothing.
- Ms. O'Neill,
please stop the charade.
There was a red cloak
inside the trunk, no?
I had dinner with the Wilson's
on the night they died.
Jonas was very excited,
because he had recently purchased
an ancient relic from a
man in Mexico, illegally.
A relic?
Yes, a sacrificial altar.
He knew that inside the altar,
in a concealed compartment,
there was something of
inestimable value to his theories,
a red cloak worn by Aztec
priests on the Day of Sacrifice.
After he died, I tried to find it.
I searched everywhere, until I remembered
that he always kept his
most prized acquisitions
in an old trunk!
And you traced the trunk to me?
Yes, with ease.
When I saw you at the dance,
I realized what you had
done with the cloak.
But when nothing happened to you,
I put it out of my mind.
Where is the dress now?!
It was destroyed.
My cousin was wearing
it the night she died.
I see.
You must've heard about
those savage drug murders,
the woman in the red dress?
That has to be a coincidence.
[Professor] Do you really believe that?
I have to leave now!
I said, "Do you really believe that?"
You have sensed the power of the cloak!
Imagine it in the hands
of someone utterly evil,
someone more vulnerable
to its power than you are!
I saw it go up in flames!
But if it really exists,
why do you want it, Professor?
What are you gonna do with it?
(car engine revs)
(engine whirring)
- Ms. O'Neill!
(engine continues whirring)
(phone ringing)
Talk to me.
[Amy] Hello, Ms. Thatcher?
Yeah, who's this?
Oh, I've been trying
to reach you all day.
I understand that you
were on duty at the morgue
the night my cousin,
Gloria Randolph, died?
That's right.
[Amy] Gloria was wearing a red dress.
Do you know what happened to it?
It was burned to ashes.
Everything was.
Are you absolutely sure?
Hey, I was there!
I took it off her.
But if it was burned to ashes,
- how could you-
- Who is this?
[Amy] My name is Amy.
Amy who?
(car horn honks)
(phone receiver clatters)
(dial tone blares)
(dark ominous music)
(phone receiver clanks)
(dark ominous music continues)
(freezer door squeaks open)
(door slams)
(brakes squeaking)
(footsteps pattering)
(footsteps continue pattering)
(landlord sings indistinctly)
(car engine roars)
[Amy] Excuse me?
I'm looking for Wanda Thatcher.
You just missed her.
Hey, look!
Let me ask you a question.
You like the green or the yellow better?
[Amy] I like the yellow.
I think it would brighten it up.
Is the landlord in?
You're lookin' at him, honey.
And you know so met hm', you're fight.
The green reminds me
too much of hospitals.
I'm a friend of Wanda's.
My name is Amy.
She may have mentioned me?
Nah, she doesn't talk much, that one.
I lent her a book the other day,
and she forgot to return it.
I have a final coming up tomorrow,
and-You wanna write her a note?
No, I think it'd be too late.
Look, could you let me in her
apartment just for a moment?
I'm sure I can find it.
I guess no harm done.
(keys jangling) Here.
She's in room 402.
All right?
Just turn the lock on the
inside before you leave, okay?
(footsteps ascending)
(door clicks open)
(eerie instrumental music)
(door thuds shut)
(eerie instrumental music continues)
(footsteps pattering)
(whimsical tones)
(ice cream containers thud)
(bottles clanking)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(fridge door clatters open)
(eerie suspenseful music continues)
Hey, you're just in time to catch Amy.
[Wanda] Who?
Your friend, Amy.
I mean, she came back to get her book.
I didn't think you'd
mind me lettin' her in.
She seemed nice enough.
YOU jerk!
I got your jerk!
(door lock clicks)
(Amy gasps)
(door thuds)
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(groceries clattering)
(suspenseful dramatic music continues)
(stairs clanging)
(phone clanks)
(phone dials beeping)
(phone ringing)
When the hell are you coming back to work?
Sorry, Elwood, I'm still feelin' lousy.
Listen, do me a favor.
You got on address there
on Gloria Randolph?
So you're asking me to believe
that this red dress is
somehow supernatural?
Can you hear yourself?
(coffee pot clatters)
Your cousin was burned beyond recognition,
and you're asking me to believe
that her dress survived,
and is somehow, some way,
pulling Wanda's strings?
(siren wails in the distance)
Wait a minute!
Maybe it pulled yours the same way?
This dress digs into the
most secret part of you!
It feeds on any weaknesses it finds.
With Wanda, it's found a home!
It's making her do things
she's only dreamed of doing.
Could it maker her push her
grandmother down the stairs?
What the hell are you
trying to sell me anyway?!
That you're nuts?
I'm not buying it.
You're not gettin' off
that easy, Amy O'Neill.
I done some checkin' on
your grandmother's will.
Seems she left everything to you.
Now, how about that?
$400 and her wedding ring!
I sure made quite a
haul, didn't I, Captain?
(door slams shut)
(drawer clatters open)
(plastic wrapper crinkling)
(drawer clatters shut)
(car door slams)
(thunder rumbling)
(footsteps pattering)
Hey! (Amy gasps)
I've been looking for you.
Are you okay?
(Amy sighs)
You just scared me, that's all.
What's the matter?
What is it?
What happened?
I don't know.
I feel like I'm trapped in this nightmare,
and I wanna wake up, but I can't.
I wanna tell someone, and
I can't do that either.
You can tell me.
I love you.
(softly smooching) -
(gentle instrumental music)
Boy, you picked one hell
of a time to tell me that.
(phone ringing)
Can I call you later, please?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
(phone continues ringing)
(Eddie sighs)
It's Gordon Buchanan!
What do you want?
We have to talk!
The dress is not destroyed!
Are you alone?!
No, I'm not.
My aunt's here.
She's sick.
Can you call me tomorrow?
Very well.
Good night.
(dial tone blares)
Aunt Martha?
(phone receiver clatters)
Aunt Martha, is that you?
(thunder rumbling)
Aunt Martha?
(light switch clicks)
(faucet handle squeaks)
(water rushing)
(glass clanks)
(Amy exhales loudly)
(Amy gasps) (feet shuffling)
(dark ominous music)
(Amy breathes shakily)
(footsteps pattering)
(door lock rattles)
(Amy gasps)
(footsteps pattering)
(both screaming)
(Wanda pants heavily)
You wanted the red dress,
well, you got it, ain't ya?!
And you just got it!
(Amy screaming)
(Wanda pants loudly)
(both breathing heavily)
(Wanda continues panting)
(Amy yells) (statue thuds)
(statue continues thudding)
(knife clatters)
(Amy pants heavily)
(door slams shut) (lock clicks)
(phone dials clacking)
(line trilling)
[Police Dispatcher]
Tiverton Police Department.
You name, please.
Amy O'Neill, 201 Crystal Circle Drive.
Yeah. (Banging at door)
(banging continues)
(wood clatters)
(Amy breathes shakily)
(banging continues)
(lock clicks)
(dark ominous music)
(phone ringing)
(statue thuds)
(whimsical tones)
(phone continues ringing)
(leaves rustling)
(door clicks open)
(dark ominous music)
(Amy pants heavily)
(wheelchair squeaking)
(wheelchair thuds)
(Wanda screams)
(body clattering) (Wanda groans)
(footsteps descending)
(light switch clicks)
(phone dials clacking)
(line trilling)
[Police Dispatcher]
Tiverton Police Department.
Yes, get me Captain Ackman!
[Police Dispatcher] Your name, please?
This is Amy O'Neill.
Please get me Captain Ackman.
It's an emergency.
- Please hold.
- No, don't put me on hold!
- Hello, are you still there?
- Yes, Amy-
- [Police Dispatcher] Captain
Ackman cannot be reached.
What do you mean, you
can't get in touch with him?
Please, it's an emergency!
[Police Dispatcher]
Does he have your address?
Yes, no, he knows the address!
This is Amy O'Neill!
(blow thuds)
(Wanda laughs)
(tires squealing)
(indistinct chatter on radio)
I copy!
I'm on my way! (Light thuds)
(tires squealing)
(gentle instrumental music)
(whimsical tones)
(Amy softly moans)
(gentle instrumental music continues)
(Amy wincing painfully)
(dark ominous music)
(Amy softly moans)
(floorboards creaking)
(Amy gasps)
(dark ominous music)
(Amy breathes shakily)
(exhales loudly) Eddie.
Please help me get out of this dress.
Shh, don't talk.
My god!
I think I've killed someone!
You haven't killed anybody.
[Amy] No, I have!
Her body's downstairs!
No, it isn't.
Not anymore.
Trust me, you didn't kill anyone.
She would have killed
you, if I hadn't shown up!
She wanted to take it from us.
[Amy] You put this on me!
Wear it for me, Amy.
Wear it for me.
It's ours now.
It's just ours.
We can share the power together.
Just you and me.
Oh, my god!
You lied to me!
That's why you went out with me!
Uh-uh, I love you.
I love you, but just think,
just think how much more
we could love each other
with a million volts surging between us!
How many people never live
to feel something like that?
(Eddie moaning)
(gently smooching)
Oh, Eddie.
Good, Amy.
Can you feel its powers
running between us?
(both softly moaning)
We can do anything.
I wanna feel it next to my skin.
I wanna feel it slide between our bodies.
Can't you understand?!
It corrupts like a drug!
It corrupts everything it touches!
(thunder rumbling)
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(whimsical tones)
(door clatters open)
(suspenseful dramatic music continues)
(thunder crashing)
(door squeaks)
(thunder crashing)
(utensils clanging)
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(objects clattering)
(door thuds shut)
(suspenseful dramatic music continues)
(door creaks open)
(Amy gasps) (dark ominous music)
(body thuds)
(thunder crashing)
(Amy breathes shakily)
(dark ominous music continues)
(zipper unzipping)
(car engine roaring)
Damn you!
(clippers snapping)
Eddie, no, please!
Help me destroy it!
(fabric ripping) No!
Eddie! (Eddie grunts loudly)
Please, it's the only way!
Go on, touch it!
Feel it!
It's the kind of power you want?!
I fight it!
I'm fighting it right now!
You can fight it, Eddie!
I know you can!
Fight it!
If you don't, it will use you,
and it'll destroy you.
(Eddie yells) Eddie!
Think about what we feel for each other!
That's the real power, not this.
I love you, Eddie.
(Eddie pants heavily)
(Eddie grunts) (fabric ripping)
(fabric continues ripping)
(clippers clank)
(Eddie sobs)
(insects chirping)
[Ackman] Now, let's run
though that part one more time.
You say you came in the house,
and you saw the deceased
hit Amy on the head with this ice tray?
Yes, sir.
I grabbed Wanda
and I only meant to stop her.
Oh, you didn't kill her.
Forensic says she would have died anyway.
She suffered a subdural
hematoma from the fall.
Hell, it's a wonder she even got up.
God knows what she was running on.
You used what is legally
known as a reasonable force.
I would like to know
why you put her body
out in the shed, though.
I told you, I panicked.
I thought I'd be arrested for murder.
[Ackman] Or something.
(footsteps pattering)
(dramatic instrumental music)
(dark ominous music)
(machine whirring)
You're not gonna hurt anyone ever again.
(indistinct chattering)
(casket thuds)
[Cemetery Worker] There we go.
You all right? (Casket thuds)
(worker clears throat)
(shovels scraping)
(dramatic instrumental music)
(car engine roaring)
(brakes squeaking)
You're the last person
I expected to see here.
You told me she had no family.
No, no, she didn't.
Gotta go.
Nice thought.
(car door clatters open)
(dirt clattering)
- Excuse me.
- Yeah?
I knew her.
Would you mind if I gave
her a little something
she would have wanted?
It's just a little-
Oh, no, go right ahead.
(eerie dramatic music)
(dirt clattering)
(Amy sighs loudly)
[Professor] Ms. O'Neill?
[Amy] Oh, hi, Professor.
With the semester over and everything,
I haven't had a chance
to congratulate you.
Congratulate me on what?
(laughs) On your paper.
I gave it an A.
Thank you.
I can't wait to tell Eddie.
How is Mr. Sadler?
He's okay now.
He did a lot of crazy
things he's sorry for.
His quest for the red cloak?
Well, the cloak's destroyed.
The remnants are dead and buried
along with Wanda Thatcher.
I don't apologize,
no matter how many theories
it would have proved.
No need to apologize.
I would have done the same.
In fact, it's what I intended to do,
if I had a managed to catch up with it.
You know, you are an amazing young lady,
and, of course, you remember
what Nietzsche said?
I'm afraid I'm still
wading through Plato.
(Professor chuckles)
He said, That whoever fights monsters"
should take that in the process
he does not become a monster,
and when you look long into an abyss,
the abyss also looks into you...
You challenged the cloak, and you won.
(horn honking) (engine roaring)
I trust I shall be seeing
you both next semester?
- I think so.
- Good, I'm glad!
Have a great vacation, Professor.
You too.
(footsteps pattering)
Hey. (Gently smooching)
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(shovel scraping)
(Professor grunts)
(dark ominous music)
(Professor breathes heavily)
(dark ominous music continues)
(eerie suspenseful music)
(intense whooshing)
(triumphant instrumental music)