I'm Glad It's Christmas (2022) Movie Script

There's a chill in the air
so crisp and so fresh
That Frosty himself
would be proud
There's a cheer everywhere
for time's drawing close
When loved ones
and friends gather round
It's a feeling of joy
in every girl, every boy
Knowing Santa
soon will be here
It's the time
What a time
The most magical
time of year
See the lights how they glow
On trees as it snows
As shoppers fill up
every street
Faces full of surprise
and such twinkling eyes
On every child that you meet
It's the time we all know
no matter how young or old
We're magically
filled up with cheer
It's the time
What a time
The most magical
time of year
There'll be cookies and cakes
and paper snowflakes
And songs
to be sung every day
There'll be ribbons and bows
and a shiny red nose
Leading the man
on his sleigh
By the warmth of the fire
we'll sit and admire
The stockings
all filled up at last
Decorations of old glitter
silver and gold
Bring back memories
of the past
It's the time we all know
That our love
will always flow
To the ones
that we hold so dear
It's the time
What a time
And it's finally here
Fa la la la la la...
La la...
Fa la la la la la
la la la
La la
Oooh, all warmed up?
Getting there.
Wait, I thought you weren't going
into the office until later?
I'm not, but I'm meeting
my mom this morning
to look at bridesmaids'
dresses, remember?
Oh, that's right.
Well, I really wish I could
be there to help you, but...
Somebody has
a big callback today.
Yes, I do.
Please promise me
you're not gonna put me
in anything that'll scare
all the men away.
- What time's your audition?
- Ah, let's see.
It is at 2:00 PM today.
Which means I need
to catch the 12:30 bus.
Well, someday, you won't need
to commute from Jersey.
You'll be living
on the Upper-East Side.
If you listen closely enough,
I think you can hear my bank
account laughing its head off.
But you're going in now,
so early?
Yeah, I'm opening this morning
and closing tonight.
- That's a pretty long day.
- It's not so bad.
You sure you're gonna
be warm enough?
I gotta protect my voice.
Break a leg.
- Thank you. Bye!
- Bye.
Oh, they changed
my audition time?
Excuse me.
Oh, no, I'm so late.
This is a disaster.
I'm so sorry. Let me help you.
Is there a person
under all this?
I really should get all these.
Yeah, well, I think that's uh...
I think that's most of them.
Yeah, well, most is not
good enough for my boss.
Chloe Bose.
- Ah, Mrs. Berger.
- What are you doing?!
Why aren't you opening
the store!
Uh, I was on my way to the store
and I went to the distributor
and picked up the ornaments
like you asked me to do
and I bumped into this guy...
But it's after 9:00!
Yeah, technically,
it's my fault so...
You know what? I will open
the store. Just, just...
Just hurry up!
Okay, I will.
I'm really sorry.
She seems nice.
Oh, we should probably clean
them off a little bit.
- I think it's fine.
- Okay.
- I should really go.
- Okay.
- Like, right now.
- Okay. Bye.
- Bye.
- Stay warm.
Hi. We will be open
any minute,
okay, I'm just gonna go
unlock the door.
One minute.
Oh, I'm gonna have to count those,
I'm sure there's some missing.
I should take that out of your
pay. But I won't, I'm just...
I'm just disappointed.
- Hi, Jamal.
- Hey, Chloe.
What's going on?
She's not happy.
Yeah, no. She's never happy.
I was walking down the street
and a guy bumped into me
and then I dropped this whole
basket of new ornaments.
Just a minor,
everyday catastrophe.
Good morning. Merry Christmas.
Dashing through the snow
On a one horse open sleigh
'Ore the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is
to laugh and sing
Sleighing song tonight
There you go. Merry Christmas.
Next in line please.
Can I talk to you for a sec?
Yeah. Um, could you...
- Hi.
- Hi.
What's wrong,
Mrs. Berger?
Are the ornaments okay?
It's your singing.
I mean, the customers
seem to like it.
Exactly. It's slowing
everything down.
We have people listening to you
instead of shopping.
I know that Broadway is your
priority and not this job.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
Mr. Davis next door
said you were late
opening three times last week.
Now would you be late
for an audition?
It's just, that guy,
this morning,
and the ornaments
and the distributor...
- Chloe.
- It was a lot.
I don't need excuses.
I just need you to be on time.
Okay. I am really sorry.
Winter's at my doorstep
I can hardly wait
I feel it in my bones
So Christmas don't be late
It's in my soul I know
Since we're in the moment
Let's have
ourselves a holiday
It's Christmas
You can feel
the magic in the air
Yeah, there's light and snow
and this mistletoe
And there's music
playing everywhere
It's Christmas
It's my favourite
time of year
When the bells are ringing
and people singing
It fills my heart with cheer
It's Christmas
Remember, use the serum twice a
day before the moisturizer. Okay?
Thanks for coming,
Merry Christmas.
- Hey.
- Oh, no, the audition.
What happened?
- The monologue was perfect.
- Mm.
- The song was even better.
- Mm-hmm.
Then, they said
I wasn't tall enough.
- Oh.
- Can you believe it?
It was a callback,
they've already met me.
Have I shrunk since last week?
Oh, honey.
Next time, heels maybe?
I am wearing heels.
I'm going to be
in the Chorus forever.
Don't think that way.
It's gonna happen.
You're way too talented.
Santa's gonna deliver you a leading
role this year, I can just feel it.
I hope so.
This Christmas is my five-year
anniversary since moving here.
And the only role I ever booked
was that off, off...
off Broadway production
in a guy's basement.
And the only people that
showed up were his parents.
I meant to come
the second night.
There was no second night.
Merry Christmas.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Ready to go?
- Yeah.
I just have to close out
real quick.
How did dress shopping go?
We couldn't agree on anything.
She really liked
this purple frilly thing.
I said it looked
like a grape tutu.
She said I'm too picky.
So I said...
See, this is why I stay single.
It's just too much drama. But thank you
for not picking out something hideous.
You just haven't met
the right guy. Yet.
Let's go eat, I'm starving.
Okay, yeah.
Oh, no. Am I too late?
Uh, yeah. Sorry,
sir, we're closing.
Even for Santa?
Well, ho, ho, ho.
Well, that's my line, isn't it?
I was wondering if either
of you could help me?
I was in here earlier and had
a gift wrapped for my daughter.
She needs it
for school tomorrow.
Uh, yeah. For sure.
If you stop by tomorrow morning,
we can definitely help you.
When school's open,
you're still closed.
Oh, okay. Yeah, no worries.
I will look for it for you.
It's Christmas,
I can't say no to Santa.
Do you have your receipt,
Mr. Claus?
Bit of a problem there,
I can't find it.
Did one of your reindeer eat it?
Quite possibly.
Don't mind her, she's hungry.
What's the gift?
Oh, it was a paperweight that
said "World's Best Teacher".
Yeah, I know the one.
I'm starving
I'm starving
Oh I'm so hungry
We're going
we're going
- What's the wrapping paper?
- Polar bears.
My daughter just loves
polar bears.
We have Christmas starry night.
- Hmm. Nope.
- Reindeer.
I mean, this looks like
the right size.
- Bears.
- What about cinnamon sticks?
- Bears?
- Okay.
Well, you know what?
Maybe it's in the back.
Well, Mr. Cringle...
Call me, Chris.
If we're stuck here
on your account,
what I'd really like for
Christmas is a cashmere sweater,
a blue convertible
would be nice.
And oh, should I be sitting
on your lap for this?
No, it's not necessary.
I've got to get this off.
It's like a sauna in here,
I'm melting.
Snow bells, snow bells
Snow bells,
snow bells
Ringing the night away
Ringing the night away
Will you excuse me
for a second? Thank you.
Thank you so much for helping.
This is uh...
What's your name?
I'm Chloe, what about you?
Jason. I'm Jason Murphy. Hi.
Oh, my gosh.
- What?
- It's you.
- What's me?
- The guy. From the street.
The one who ran into me, got me
in trouble with my boss.
Oh, that's you. Wow.
I don't recognize you
without the monstrous scarf
wrapped around your face. Wow.
You got in trouble for that?
Yeah. I sure did.
- I'm sorry, you know...
- It's okay.
I was running late and you know
Santa can't keep the kids waiting.
So instead, you mow down a lady
holding a basket full of holiday cheer?
That's naughty, Santa.
Hey, Chloe.
I'm gonna wait outside,
I have to make a phone call.
Please remember
your bestie is starving.
Okay, yeah.
No, I promise, one minute.
We'll find it.
You want me to help?
- Okay.
- Okey dokey. So...
Oh, hey.
What's the teacher's name?
Maybe it's written on the card.
It might be...
You know what?
Beasley, Miss Beasley.
Miss Beasley.
How much trouble did you get
into because of me?
Well, to be fair,
it's not all your fault.
I was late and I had
an audition afterwards.
- An audition?! Huh.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, you're an actor?
- I am, yeah. And a singer.
Wow, that's great.
So where you from?
I'm from Detroit.
I moved her five years ago
to make it on Broadway.
As one does. And here I am.
In New Jersey, in a gift shop.
Five years, hey. It's nothing.
Some people work half their life
to make it. So, yeah.
Thanks for the encouragement.
Oh, hey!
Christmas is saved.
Look at that. Well, at least
for my daughter it is.
Um, we should go.
Christine is probably
freaking out, out there.
Yeah, 'kay.
Oh, thank goodness.
I thought we'd still be here
till New Years.
Have I seen you in anything?
Uh, I've been in the Chorus
a few times.
- Uh-huh.
- And then I had one lead role
in this off, off, off Broadway
play, called Basement Serenade.
Which the director staged in his
mother's Staten Island basement.
Somehow, I must have missed
that one, sorry.
But I've heard you sing.
You're incredibly talented.
Oh, you're just saying that
'cause you got me in trouble.
No, I'm actually not.
I'm giving you my...
professional opinion.
Wait, your professional opinion?
- Yeah.
- Are you in the business?
- Mm-hmm.
- Director, producer?
- Jingle writer.
- Jingle writer?
Okay, interesting.
So jingle writer by day,
Santa by night.
Yes, Santa has just always
been a thing for me.
I grew up in this neighbourhood
and loved going to visit Santa.
And now it's my turn.
It's a bit of a give back,
but it also really gets me into
the holiday spirit, so.
- That's nice.
- Yeah.
Well, it was really nice
meeting you, Santa.
Or, Jason.
I would love to invite you
to have coffee or something.
With me, so I can
make it up to you.
Oh, um...
Yeah. Do you want to help me
take this in?
- Yeah.
- Hi.
Oh. Hi. Um, I'm sorry we're
actually closed for the night.
No, I'm not here to shop.
I actually came here
with a proposition.
- A proposition?
- Yes.
I would love for you two
to come to my office tomorrow.
Both of you.
8:00 in the morning.
Uh. 8:00 AM?
Uh, yeah. That's before
the store opens,
so I guess that works for me.
Does that work for you?
The timing works, but what is
this... what is this about?
What's your name, young man?
Jason. Jason Murphy.
I'm Chloe. Chloe Bose.
Jason and Chloe.
Murphy and Bose.
You make a beautiful couple.
You have a nice rhythm together.
That's wonderful.
I'm looking forward
to seeing you again.
I think you'll be
quite interested
in what I have to say.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Who was that?
Cora Lawson.
I feel like I should know her,
like she's somebody.
This is so wild.
- Hey!
- Hi.
Come on in. Chloe, Jason,
thank you so much
for coming so early.
These are great. Look at all
these great photographs.
- Is that...
- It's the barbershop.
Is it? It's Jackson's
Barbershop. And is that...
Is it the old Five and Dime?
You grew up here.
Yeah. Born and raised.
That is wonderful.
There's so much history
in this neighbourhood.
Especially during the holidays.
This place used to be
pure magic.
Used to be? It still is.
This is gonna be my fifth Christmas
here and it just never gets old.
- Yeah.
- Turning Main Street
into Holiday Lane
has been a tradition
in this neighbourhood
for close to 100 years.
There would be special events
during the whole holiday season.
But that stopped a few years ago
when the crowds started
getting smaller,
today smaller still.
Oh, that's so sad.
It's more than sad.
It's hurting the community.
The holidays used to bring
everyone together here.
Now a lot of stores
are struggling.
I've already lost two of my best
tenants this year.
- Tenants?
- I inherited a few
of the buildings
on Holiday Lane.
My great-grandparents started
the whole tradition
of renaming the street
for the season.
So that's why I always
see you around,
but you never buy anything.
Wait, do you own the gift shop?
Only the building.
But I like to keep
an eye on things.
I remember when our customers
used to line up
and down the sidewalks.
We were a Christmas destination.
Which brings me to you two.
- What?
- I think you can help me
bring that holiday magic back.
Chloe, your voice
is spectacular.
- Thank you.
- It really is incredible.
But what can I, what can I do?
A lot. Last night,
I checked out your website.
If you need a spare
or you're out of air
Roll on to Mike's Tires
Yeah, wow. You really
went to my website.
Wait, that's you?
- Yeah.
- I hear that on TV
all the time.
He's got the magic in him too.
Your jingles are fabulous.
Oh... Thank you. Um.
So, you want us to what?
Bring the Christmas Show
back to Holiday Lane?
Yes, exactly.
And make it a big extravaganza.
Just like it used to be.
Jason, maybe you can write
an original song.
Chloe. You, of course, will
sing like the angel you are.
Yeah, that's so nice.
Is there a problem?
Uh, no. It's just,
it's two weeks until Christmas
and I have a lot
of auditions coming up.
And my boss is already mad at me
for skipping out on work
and taking so much time off.
So, I don't know how,
how I could do it.
Chloe. You're young
and you're ambitious.
That's not a crime.
But if something changes,
let me know.
My door is always open.
It's Christmas
It's my favourite
time of year
When the bells are ringing
and people singing
It fills my heart with cheer
It's Christmas
That's lovely.
Here you are. Merry Christmas.
What happened? Did they think
you were too short again?
No, too tall.
Did they notice
you're wearing heels?
Yeah, it didn't matter.
The usual.
Thank you.
Cheer up. You just have
to keep at it.
All it takes
is one audition, right?
How many more do you have
before Christmas?
That's three more chances
for someone to notice
how awesome you are.
Hey, do you mind if I sneak
out the back?
The back alley is way faster
and I am late, as usual.
Help yourself.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Christine.
- Yeah. How can I help you?
Does Santa need a facial?
Fake beards can be an irritant.
No, I...
I um, actually just want to talk
to you for a minute if I can.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's... It's about Chloe.
Is this really necessary?
My boss has to think you're
a customer. Those are the rules.
Oh boy, what's that?
Don't worry, I'm a professional.
Oooh, it's cold. It's chilly.
Yeah. You said you wanted
to talk to me about Chloe?
Yeah. Yes, I wanted
to ask you,
I mean, it's a bit awkward,
but what's her situation?
As in, does she have
a boyfriend?
Yeah, that.
First, let's talk about
your situation.
I understand
you have a daughter?
Oh, yes, I do.
I have a daughter.
And Angela, her mother and I have
been happily divorced for three years.
She's got a new marriage and a new
baby and we get along really great.
That was a good answer.
Is she single?
Yes. But it doesn't
necessarily mean
she's single for you.
What's wrong with me?
Do you not think she likes me?
It's not that.
It's just,
Chloe is quite particular.
Particular how?
Particular in that I don't
want anyone to hurt her
the way the last guy did.
And I'm not so sure someone
with a kid is the right way
to be jumping back
into the dating pool.
Okay, well, I'm particular
too because I have a kid.
I just can't be letting
anyone into my life.
Whoa, Chloe is not just anyone.
Which is why I wanted
to talk to you about this.
Go on.
Chloe told you about
the Christmas Show, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Well, I was hoping
she would do it
so we would get to know
each other a little bit.
It's a nice idea, friend,
but I'm sad to say,
she doesn't really
have the time.
She's auditioning a lot.
Broadway is her dream.
She's just so talented.
She just needs
the right audience.
Wait, wait, wait. If she sings
at the Christmas Show,
then she will have
that audience, right?
And she'll be a lead singer
which she really needs
people to see her as.
And so many people who live
around here
actually work in the city.
That's right.
Yeah, someone with
the right connections
might notice how amazing she is.
Plus, it will give her
some confidence.
- That's right.
- Right, yeah!
We have to get her
to do the show.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Let's do it.
I can't believe
so many amazing people
are signing up for this.
I told you, there's a lot
of talented people
in this community.
There is.
- Yes.
- Merry Christmas.
Hello, Chloe. We were
hoping you would be here.
- You were?
- Listen, would you mind
putting some of these up?
I don't know if your boss
would mind, but look at this.
I'm sure she won't.
I think she even secretly wants
to be a part of the show.
What does she do?
I don't know. Is firing
people a special talent?
Listen, I'm not sure
that's the right kind
of Christmas spirit, though.
Well, here, you take these.
Thank you so much
for all your help.
Oh, so it's really
coming together, huh?
Yes. Everybody's very excited.
That's wonderful.
But why can't you be part
of it, Chloe? Seriously.
I told you. I...
I have auditions.
I've been thinking. We can
work around your schedule,
so you can do the show
and get to your auditions too.
After all, hearing you sing
is what inspired me
to bring the show back
in the first place.
I so appreciate that,
Ms. Lawson.
In case you haven't noticed,
we would really love
to have you.
Yes, we would.
Okay. I'll...
I'll think about it.
Oh, uh, Mrs. Berger,
I'm sorry, they were just um...
- Ms. Lawson.
- Yes.
You're producing the Christmas
Show, isn't that right?
Yes, I am.
Well, I have you know
that I took tap dance lessons.
So, you're spending Christmas
Eve with Byron's family?
Uh-huh. And Christmas Day
with my folks.
Looks like it's just gonna be
me and the tree then.
Oh, hey. I totally forgot
to ask.
What do you want
for Christmas this year?
Peace and goodwill
for humankind.
And maybe some cute earrings.
I mean, I think you already
know the answer to that.
A lead role in a show.
This is my last chance.
Are you moving to Mars
and you forgot to tell me?
No. Not Mars.
- What?!
- I made a promise to myself
that I wasn't going to spend forever
chasing after something I would never get.
So, when I moved here,
I gave myself five years.
And those five years are up
at the end of the month.
But you could just...
If these auditions
don't pan out,
it is back to Detroit
and dental school.
Just like my dad predicted.
Your dad the dentist?
He's always wanted me to take over
his practice after he retires.
You never told me any of this.
This thing isn't working.
Oh, here.
Maybe this one's loose.
Yeah, I guess I just didn't
want to deal with it.
But I don't know, maybe this
is the universe's way
of telling me it's time
to give up.
What are you talking about?
You're getting married
in three months
and there is no way I can afford
this place by myself.
Oh, honey.
Which is why I'm going to have
to pour all of my energy
into these auditions
and blow them away.
But he likes you.
What? Who?
That guy. Jason.
He came to the spa
and he asked about you.
And he's divorced.
And he's nice.
And I don't know if you noticed,
but he's kind of gorgeous.
I definitely noticed.
And I thought about him too.
- Mm-hmm.
- More than once.
But I don't know.
Starting something
with a new guy when I might be
leaving town for good.
That is as simple as trying
to get this tree to light up.
If I get these lights to work,
you have to have dinner
with Jason.
Uh, okay.
You have yourself a deal.
Oh, that's so flattering.
So, you're basically here
because you lost a bet.
No. No, it's not like that.
It's just really,
really bad timing.
Is it my situation?
Because my ex-wife,
her husband and the baby,
they live a few blocks away.
Angela bounces back and forth
and we all get along
really well.
That sounds perfect.
- Yeah.
- For a kid.
Okay, I need to just say it.
I don't want to make
this weird, but...
- What?
- This isn't a date.
No. This is not a date.
And that's a good thing.
Okay, good.
We're on the same page.
Like I told your friend.
I need to get to know somebody
first and get to know them well
before I let them into my life.
Especially meeting Angela.
It's a big deal for me,
actually. No, not a date.
Not a date.
So, is this like
a job interview?
No, well, even if it were,
I don't think I would get
the job.
You sure about that?
The thing is...
If I don't book
one of these auditions,
I'm moving back to Detroit
after New Years.
And I just want
to be straight with you.
Well, let me be straight
with you.
I know this isn't a date, but...
I like you.
I feel like I'm six.
I feel like
I'm six years old too.
I like you too.
Okay. Now we're getting somewhere.
No. No, we're not.
I just told you.
Just say yes. Do the show
and go out with a bang.
You can sing
whatever song you want.
I'll make sure of that.
See, Cora's made me
music director,
so you can just choose.
You are not what I expected.
I will think about it.
Come one come all
See how they fall
In the air like magic love
Feel it as it's coming down
Snow bells snow bells
Snow bells snow bells
Ringing the night away
Ringing the night away
Snow bells
That was beautiful.
But unfortunately,
we're really looking
for someone just a little older.
Well, at least they didn't say
they wanted someone younger.
No, they didn't.
But at the other audition,
on the other side of town,
mind you, they did.
How do you deal with this?
I'm gonna order another brownie,
do you want some?
Oh, I've already got
a sugar rush so strong
I'm not gonna be eating
for a week.
Yeah. I guess I should
probably stop too.
A dentist shouldn't rot
her own teeth.
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah. It's just after
today's two auditions,
I have one last chance
to make it.
And if I don't,
it wasn't meant to be.
If it wasn't meant to be,
That has to be okay.
It has to.
Don't give up yet. Okay?
Would you mind putting
some of these up?
Here you go. Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hello, Chloe.
Christine, is it?
Good memory.
I know your schedule is packed,
but I desperately need a favour.
If you're not too busy.
Oh, no, I'm just busy drowning
my sorrows in calories.
- Rough audition?
- Two, in fact.
Turns out I'm too old,
too young, too tall, too short.
That's not true. Well, you
seem to be just right to me.
Oh, well, I appreciate that.
So, what do you need done?
I'd love for you
to pick something up for me
at this address.
It's a little sensitive.
- Sensitive?
- I would go myself,
but it's a walk-up
and my knees don't get along
too well with stairs these days.
Mm-mmm, not for me.
Okay, yeah.
I can totally go for you.
You can?! Oh, thanks, Chloe.
Of course. Oh, and what am I
supposed to do with it when I get it?
You'll know.
I guess this is it.
We've been expecting you.
Come in.
Wow, do you live here
or work here?
Well, a little bit of both.
This is my studio
and it's also my home.
Hey! It's our home.
Whoa, excuse me.
Yes, it's our home.
This is my daughter. Angela,
this is my friend, Chloe.
Nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you too, Angela.
So, are you also a musician?
Ah, yeah. I guess
you could say that.
I sing and I act and I dance
a little too.
Whoa, a real triple threat.
- Somebody knows their Broadway.
- Yeah, that's my girl.
So, what about you?
Do you want to sing
when you're older?
No. I think I'm going
into law.
I need a more stable lifestyle.
Oh, that's me.
Oh, it's your mom,
she's downstairs.
Where you going? Get back here.
Nice to meet you, Chloe.
- It's nice to meet you too.
- I love you.
I love you.
Okay, well, she is adorable.
Yeah. She is. Bit of a handful
at times, but in the best way.
Uh, so, Ms. Cora said that
you have something for her?
Oh. Is that how she put it?
What is going on?
I wrote a song
and Cora thought that
you might want to hear it.
- For the show?
- Yeah.
But I'm not in the show.
Oh, that's too bad
'cause I wrote it for you.
So excuse us if our
happiness shows
We got the tingles
from our head to our toes
The only definition is
"you know when you know"
Christmas feels like
fallin' in love
Christmas feels like
fallin' in love
Christmas feels
like fallin'...
In love
So, what do you think?
I hate to say this, but...
- But?
- It's really, really good.
- Really? You like it?
- I do, I love it.
Good because it felt so good
to write it.
To write something that's longer
than 30 seconds.
I mean, you wrote a whole new
Christmas song.
You're like, Mariah Carey.
I'd need a little more glitter
for that, but thank you.
But uh, I mean,
not to be negative or anything,
we have a real problem.
Oh. Okay, what is it?
Give to me. Out with it,
I can handle it.
Your song isn't exactly
in my key.
Oh, that's... that's easy.
I just heard you singing in the
shop and I took a wild guess.
We can just transpose it.
It's a piece of cake.
Wait a minute.
You said, "We have a problem."
Does that mean that
you're doing the show?
Seriously?! Really?
How can I say no now?
I guess we're just gonna have
to call Ms. Cora Lawson
and tell her that
her genius plan worked.
This is going to be
the best Christmas ever.
Are you sure you don't want one?
I mean, they look delicious.
- They are, they are delicious.
- I'm good.
- Yeah? OK.
- Yeah.
Just one. Just one.
Can I just say,
I'm obsessed with your song.
It's like a real song.
I prefer to write a real song,
but jingles, you know,
jingles pay the bills.
Jingle bills, jingle bills
Jingle all the way
Are you always like this?
Are you always this happy?
I mean, yeah.
But I'm extra happy because
of you... and your song.
It's just making
everything easier.
- Easier to do the show or...
- No. Easier to let go.
Let go of what?
The stress of trying
to make it on Broadway.
I've made up my mind and
my little experiment is done,
and honestly, I feel...
I feel a relief.
Do you really have to leave?
Your whole life is here.
Everything is here.
Well, I'm here.
Trust me. I know.
Yeah, I think my time's up.
But I'm going out
with a great song in my heart.
Your song.
Silent Night
Holy Night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin,
Mother and Child
Holy infant
so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
Wonderful, Edgar.
That was amazing.
Decided to visit us show folks?
I decided to stay. I'm in.
All right, all right.
Somehow, I kinda knew.
Because you made it happen?
So, I guess you liked
Jason's song?
I love his song.
Just those two items
for you? Great.
- Hey.
- Hi.
We should get going.
Rehearsal time.
I don't think I can.
Look at the line.
Would you like these
Chloe, we need to rehearse.
I know, but Jamal's out sick
and I can't leave Mrs. Berger
with this Christmas rush.
Thank you. Merry Chirstmas.
All right, next in line please.
Wait, what are you doing?
You don't think Santa knows
how to wrap Christma gifts?
I thought you outsourced
that work to the elves.
I'm a hands-on St-Nick
of all trades.
Okay, you're hired.
- Nice.
- Hi, Merry Christmas.
Deck the halls
with boughs of Chloe
Fa la la la la
That's my name
Tis the season it gets snowy
Fa la la la la la...
Let it snow
Good one.
Dawn we now our
present wrapping
Fa la la, la la la
la la la...
Now rehearsal
no time for napping
Fa la la la la,
la la la la
Here you go.
Merry Christmas.
- That was fun.
- Yes, our last customer.
Let's get to rehearsal.
Okay, yeah, it's time.
Uh, hi. Mrs. Berger,
what's going on?
Chloe, can you do me
a big favour?
Um... Sure, yeah. What's up?
You know what?
You can call me Greta.
Can you finish closing up
for me tonight?
Yeah, sure, of course.
I have to be fast though
because we have rehearsal.
Oh, I know.
Can I tell you a secret?
Sure, Mrs... Greta.
Ms. Lawson is letting me
audition for the show late.
I'm auditioning
for Cora tonight,
right before your rehearsal.
Oh, okay. Well, then you'd
better get stepping.
Yeah, pitter, patter.
Break a leg!
- Have fun!
- Okay, okay.
Tap away.
There was a time
When Christmas was ours
And the coloured lights
Would shimmer like stars
Busy shoppers up
and down
The boulevard
Busy shoppers
up and down
The boulevard
Christmas feels
like falling
In love
Yeah, I remember
how it felt to be young
Magic in the air
for Christmas fun
Just like them butterflies
when you meet the one
Christmas feels like
fallin' in love...
I don't know. I think...
I think this might work better.
Just like them butterflies
when you meet the one
Like butterflies,
and then... one.
Ah, I like that. I do.
Just like them butterflies
when you meet the one
It's weird, I keep getting
these incoming calls
from an unknown number.
It's probably spam.
You should probably take it.
- - Should I take it, really?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Could be important.
Okay. Hello.
Yeah, this is her.
This is Cassandra Rogers.
- The Cassandra Rogers?
- Yes.
Okay, Christine,
you really gotta get more
original with your prank calls
because there's no way
that one of the biggest
producers on Broadway
is calling me personally.
I'm not sure who Christine
is, but no, it's no joke.
My assistant's off today,
so I thought I'd call you personally.
You auditioned for our casting
director last week for
We're Off Again, the musical.
Uh, yeah, I did. But I was
too short or too something.
Well, I watched
your audition video, and to me,
you're too good to pass up.
So, I was hoping you could
return for a second
callback for me personally.
Oh, my gosh! Of course. When?
Oh, let me see. Uh...
It will probably be
after the holidays.
Um, I'll get in touch as soon
as I know when.
Is this the best number
to reach you?
Ah, yes, yes it is. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
No problem. Bye-bye.
That looked amazing.
What was that?
It looks like I may not have
to do root canals after all.
I gotta tell ya
it's not a fella
That's got me all
aglow this way
I want to stop you there.
Is there something wrong?
I thought that sounded beautiful.
Yes, she sounded beautiful.
But listen, singing doesn't
just come from here.
It comes from here.
Oh, of course.
Yeah, I really should be
doing this song
from my diaphragm.
Yes. But more than that.
From the heart.
I think so.
Let me show you. Most people
sing this way, right?
Joy to the world
the Lord has come
Let earth receive her king
That was pretty, Ms. Cora.
Oh, thank you, sweetheart.
I'm very glad you liked it.
But now, listen
when I sing it this way.
Joy to the world
The Lord is come
Let earth receive her King
- Hear the difference?
- From the heart.
Yeah, from the heart. Yeah.
What's funny is that I think
it's actually less
about where it comes from
and more about,
for sure, where it's going.
One of my best teachers
always said that good singers
perform for the audience.
And it's true.
Great singers perform for
something greater than us all.
They sing the song through
the audience on its way up.
Make ya think.
Let every heart
Let every heart
Prepare him room
Then it gets everybody
stirred up.
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and
Nature sing
See what I mean?
That's stage right.
And we call the offstage area
the wing.
- Why?
- Well, because in the old days,
they stored big pieces of scenery
there called "wing flats".
It's crazy. For being
a real estate mogul,
she sure knows a lot
about the theatre.
Yeah. Our Ms. Cora is quite
the mystery, isn't she?
She is.
It's wild to think,
we are gonna be up there
tomorrow night.
With a real audience.
Yeah, yeah. Yup.
So, speaking of... us.
Tell me. What?
So, tomorrow, Angela's gonna
be at her mom's in the morning.
And I was wondering if maybe,
you know, tomorrow night,
you wanted to have...
a dinner. Um.
With me.
If you have time.
Like to celebrate, you know,
your audition and...
Like an actual date?
Yeah. It could be.
It could be.
I really like the sound of
that. And... I really like you.
I just don't know...
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
I don't know what's gonna
happen, I don't know
if I'm gonna get the part
and I just...
I also don't know what the means
for my life and us and...
So, I think it might be best
that we don't start anything
at this time.
Especially with...
Yeah. Yeah, right. Of course,
with Angela in the picture,
and yeah. No, you're right,
the timing is... the timing
is off a bit, yeah.
Okay, yeah.
You turned him down?
Why on earth would you turn
a man like that down?
You know you like him.
He's everything I would ever
want in a guy.
So then why not go out with him?
Because it's just a callback.
I don't have the part yet
and I'm most likely moving
back to Detroit.
Ah, ah-ah. Nope. I forbid it.
Okay, let's say
I do get the part. Then what?
I am a lead in my first
Broadway production.
And I'm gonna be way too busy
for a relationship.
And... it's a huge responsibility.
Or maybe you're just afraid
to get your heart broken again.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
I gotta tell ya
it's not just a fella
That's got me
all aglow this way
In fact the reason
is simply 'tis the season
For Jingle Bells
and Silent Nights
For carollin'
and coloured lights
And everything'll be alright
If we sneak a peek
at Santa in his...
In his sleigh tonight
Yes! Yes, I love that.
- Do you like it?
- Yes. Oh, hey.
Hi, what's up, Jellybean?
Well, Mom texted.
She can't come get me,
she has to work late.
She's a doctor.
Oh, no.
- What is it?
- I gotta find a babysitter.
I have an appointment
with an ad agency at noon.
They heard my stuff though
and they might want me
to write a jingle
for a car company.
Oh, my gosh.
That's big, right?
Yeah. I've never done
a national campaign before,
and I mean, this could be
a game changer.
The only problem is, it's
in two hours from now and...
there's no babysitters
that are in town.
Everyone's out for the holidays.
Dad, I don't
really need a babysitter.
Okay, as much as I respect
your opinion,
I and the State of New Jersey,
beg to differ.
Well, I'm sure there's someone.
This last minute,
it's not looking so good.
- I could watch her.
- Really?!
I think that's a great idea.
Slow down, Jellybean.
I, uh...
Don't you have to work?
No, I'm closing tonight.
Right but it's Christmas,
right? You gotta wrap presents
or go shopping...
Well, Christine and I were
actually supposed to have lunch,
and then there was some
spa treatment emergency,
so I have a few hours.
Any chance you guys have
a cookie cutter some place?
My dad's not exactly
what you'd call a baker.
Me neither.
But this is really simple.
Yeah. But once I had
to explain...
the toaster.
Let's just say all the gourmet
meals are at my mom's place.
Okay, so what do you think?
Christmas balls, two sizes?
So, your dad doesn't
like cooking. What does he like?
Um, well, I think he likes you.
- What's that?
- I said he likes you.
Me? Oh, well.
I like him too.
I knew you liked him,
but do you like him, like him?
Uh, it's a little complicated.
- Oh. Is it because of me?
- What?! No! No, not at all.
The thing is,
is I might be moving back home
to where I grew up.
Where's that?
Well, I hope you don't
have to go.
Me too.
But hey, if I do,
we can still be friends, okay?
And you and my dad get to be
in the show together
tomorrow night.
Best Christmas ever!
Oh, I bet that's my dad
checking in. He's so cute.
Such a beautiful night,
though, for this. I'm loving it.
Oh, hey.
Merry Christmas,
good to see you.
You too, nice to see you.
Oh, I bought that one
for Byron's dad.
What do you think? Is it too
much for a future father-in-law?
The sweater.
Oh, yeah, I mean, Byron,
he's gonna love it.
Good to know.
Since I bought it for his dad.
What's going on with you?
Sorry, I'm just waiting for...
For this call, right here.
Uh, yeah, this is her speaking.
Ah, it's the only time
they can see me, okay.
No, no, no. It's good.
Yeah, no, honestly, I'm looking
forward to it, thank you.
You too. Bye.
Who was that?
- Oh, hey.
- Hi.
Santa's going incognito
in Santa's village.
Don't tell anyone.
We're just doing
some last-minute shopping.
And I'm actually really glad
that we ran into you.
We've got some news.
- Great news, actually.
- Oh, really?
What's the great news?
Do you remember that
prospective client
that I met with?
Well, he's coming here
tomorrow night...
No?! What?
Yes, to our show to listen
to the song I wrote
and with your incredible voice
bringing it to life,
it's unbelievable.
Oh, yeah. I mean,
your song is great
even without my voice on it,
it's perfect.
Yeah, no. With your voice,
I can't miss him.
He's gonna practically
hire me on the spot.
Who knew that this little
neighbourhood show of ours
could be literally
Yeah, so much
life-changing going on.
Anywhoo, I gotta get this one
to her mom's and we will see you
at rehearsal.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Bye. See ya.
Okay. You're gonna tell me
everything now.
And it's gonna happen
over some hot chocolate.
Wait, so what?!
I thought the audition wasn't supposed
to be until after the holidays.
Me too. This should be
the best moment of my life.
This is Cassandra Rogers.
And it's a lead.
A lead that's me.
Yeah, so can't she see you
earlier tomorrow or later?
Or now?
I tried.
Cassandra's in meetings all day
and literally the only time
she can see me
is before she goes
to the airport.
- Airport?
- She's headed back to LA
and she's there through January
for another project.
So it's literally tomorrow
or nothing.
Right when you're supposed
to dazzle Jason's big client
with your incredible voice.
And give Angela the best
Christmas of her life.
And bring back a cherished
Holiday Lane tradition.
Okay, now you're being
a little melodramatic.
It's not like this Christmas
Show is gonna bring world peace.
Besides, everyone
will understand.
This is the big break you've
been waiting five years for.
It's an easy decision.
Excuse me. Are you the girl
with the lovely voice?
The one who's singing in the Holiday
Lane Christmas Show tomorrow?
Oh, yeah, that's me.
I'm Chloe.
Well, I'm Diana
and this is my husband, Levi.
Chloe, I have to tell you
that sometimes I go
into the gift shop
just to hear you sing.
We're really looking forward
to the show tomorrow night.
Thank you.
And it's wonderful how you're
bringing the old tradition back.
It's been a tough
couple of years
and you're really warming
our hearts.
Wow, that's so nice.
We'll see you at the show
tomorrow night.
It was wonderful to meet you.
You too.
Nice meeting you.
Okay. So, maybe not
the easiest decision ever.
Is Chloe here yet?
I saw her earlier,
but no, she should be.
Oh, good. Chloe, you're here.
Now we can get started.
Wait, wait.
I'm sensing a problem.
You okay? What is it?
Uh, this is so hard.
You remember that callback
that I had after the holidays?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Yeah, well, um...
It's actually tomorrow at 5:00.
Oh, so you won't be able to get
back in time here for the show?
I tried everything
and literally the only time
she can meet with me
is at 5:00, so.
Wow. That is such a bummer.
But yeah, it's fine.
Well, Jason, your song
is strong enough without me.
You don't need my voice.
But will you please tell Angela
I will make it up to her?
Yeah. She'll get this.
She'll get it.
This is your shot.
And you've got to take it.
This is great.
Well, maybe I don't.
I feel so bad and maybe it's
just another audition. Right?
Mm. This is a callback.
A second callback.
That means they're already
interested in you.
Yeah, but I've had a lot
of callbacks before.
But this is for
Cassandra Rogers.
I have a very good feeling
about this.
You do?
How can you be so sure?
Because I'm not. I don't...
Chloe. I've made a decision.
I can't let you be in the show.
- You're not gonna let me?
- No.
I'm no Cassandra Rogers,
but I am the producer
of this show.
And the producer is in charge.
So, honey, you're fired.
Well, she's the boss, so.
You leave all your guilt
right here with us. You hear me?
You go. And you knock 'em dead.
Honestly, thank you.
Both of you for
being so good about this.
It's making it a lot easier, really.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- 'Kay, break a leg.
- Okay.
Okay, which one?
I think that's the winner.
I was thinking
the same thing, thanks.
Wait, you're still working?
Isn't that big audition today?
I'm opening the gift shop,
but I will be able
to get out of there in time
because everything
is shutting down early today.
For the show.
Come on. Don't worry about it.
I'm just really sad
because I really
wanted to do it.
That whole atmosphere
was so positive
and so loving, so Christmas.
I had never experienced anything
like that in my entire life.
Well, I mean, you can still
do the show next year.
As long as you're able
to clear your schedule,
Mrs. Future Broadway Star.
Yeah, I guess...
I guess what I'm really worried
about is Jason.
He seemed really upset when
I told him that I was leaving.
I'm sure he'll be fine.
If his song is as good
as you say it is,
he'll get that big client.
For now, you just have
to focus on yourself, right?
Right. I love you.
- Love you too.
- Okay, I'm late.
- Go on.
- Per usual.
- Oh, hi. Hey.
- Hey.
We gotta stop bumping
into each other like this.
Well, I'm late, again.
Yeah, I'm just looking for Cora,
we got some rehearsing
to do this morning.
I have to teach her your song.
So, um, catch you later.
Wait. Are we um...
Are we good?
Are you sure about that?
Yeah. Why wouldn't we be?
'Cause of the Christmas Show.
I couldn't say no.
No. No, no, no. I don't care
about the show.
I'm happy. I'm happy for you.
You deserve this.
This is Cassandra Rogers,
it's a big deal.
I mean, right.
This is your time.
You've been working for this.
So, this is a good thing.
Yeah, no. It is.
It's an amazing thing.
- Yeah.
- Well, I will be there
to celebrate
with you guys after.
Yeah, I don't...
I don't think that's
the best idea.
To stop by.
I think it might be
a little hard.
For Angela.
What do you mean?
I'm so confused. What?
Well, I mean, I think
she's starting to get
a little bit attached to you.
So, this could be really hard
on her when she doesn't get
to see you anymore, so...
Not be able to see me,
what are you talking about?
Because once you get
this part, you're gonna be
in a completely
different universe.
One that doesn't
include Angela or me.
I don't even have the part yet.
Yeah, but if it's not this
part, it will be another part.
I mean you are so talented
that it's just a matter of time
before the world
gets to see this.
Chloe, I could really use
some help in here.
Okay, I'm coming. Can we
please talk about this later?
Yeah, sure.
Not tonight, though.
You focus on your audition.
You too.
I am a new woman.
Sales are up,
the show is gonna be so fun.
Even though my feet
are already killing me.
It has been a wonderful
holiday season.
Thanks to you, Chloe.
Well, you have Ms. Cora
to thank for that.
Well, she said
that you inspired her.
- She said that?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah. Well...
I wish there was a way I could
still do the Christmas Show.
You have bigger fish to fry.
You go and you get that part.
No, no. I will finish up.
You go, I don't want you to miss
the bus to the city.
Oh, my gosh. Thank you.
You're welcome.
Break a leg.
There we go.
Ah, that looks good.
You nervous about tonight?
I'm not nervous...
I'm petrified.
Ah, you'll do great.
Perfect. Looks great.
Let's get inside.
I'm listening.
Oh, that's a great idea.
Yeah, I'm just here
for the callback,
and then I'll be on my way.
Okay, good. Bye.
Here we go.
Okay, folks. This is it.
We're gonna go out there tonight
and you are all going
to kill it!
And can I just say, wow.
Wow! You look amazing!
How about me?
Whoo! Ms. Cora.
You look completely ravishing.
Aww. Where's Angela?
Come with me, I'll show you.
She's seated with her mom,
right there.
Oh, great.
Wait. That's him.
He came. The man from
the ad agency, he's here.
Really? Well, we'd better
get this thing right.
It's starting.
Merry Christmas,
Ladies and Gentleman.
We are privileged
to bring to you tonight
the return of the Holiday Lane
Christmas Concert.
You're gonna see some wonderful
local talent tonight.
And we guarantee to get you
into the Christmas spirit.
But that's enough talking
from me.
Let's make some music.
How about that?
Go tell it on the mountain
Over the hills
and everywhere
Go tell it on the mountains
That Jesus Christ is born
While shepherds
kept their watching
O'er silent flocks by night
Behold throughout
the heavens
There shone a Holy light
So go tell it
on the mountain
Over the hills
and everywhere
Go tell it on the mountain
That Jesus Christ is born
Mmm that Jesus Christ
Is born
Silent night
Holy Night
All is calm
All is bright
Up on the housetop
reindeer pause
Out jumps good ole
Santa Claus
Down through the chimney
with lots of toys
All for the little
one's Christmas joys
Thank you so much for being
a terrific audience.
Wasn't it great to have
this show back again?
One time!
Well, sadly, it's time
to wrap things up, but...
Our last number
is a very special one.
Featuring a wonderful brand new
Christmas song written by...
our own, Jason Murphy.
There was a time when
Christmas was ours
And the coloured lights
Would shimmer like stars
Busy shoppers up and down
the boulevard
Christmas felt like fallin'
In love...
Yeah, I remember
how it felt to be young
Magic in the air
for Christmas fun
Just like them butterflies
when you meet the one
Christmas feels like
fallin' in love
I gotta tell ya
it's not just a fella
That's got me all
aglow this way
In fact the reason
is simply 'tis the season
For Jingle Bells
and Silent Nights
For carollin'
and coloured lights
And everything'll be alright
If we sneak a peek
at Santa
In his sleigh tonight
So forgive me
for this Christmas clich
But this time of year
makes me act this way
A fuzzy feelin'
that just won't go away
Christmas feels like
fallin' in love
I gotta tell ya
It's not a fella
That's got me all
aglow this way
In fact the reason
is simply 'tis the season
For Jingle Bells
and Silent Nights
For carollin'
and coloured lights
And everything'll be alright
If you meet me underneath
the mistletoe tonight
So excuse us
if our happiness shows
We got the tingles
from our head to our toes
The only definition is
"you know when you know"
Christmas feels like
fallin' in love
Yeah! Woo!
- Hi.
- I'm so glad you made it.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, it was close.
Did you like the show?
I loved it.
- Angela?
- Oh, sorry. My mom needs me.
Oh, of course.
Hi, pleased to meet you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So, just got the job.
He's hiring me.
- Yes!
- That's fantastic!
Wait, how are you here?
How'd your audition go?
Uh, it didn't.
You didn't make it?
No, I did. I got to the city,
I showed up,
and then I started thinking
about this thing
that I've wanted more
than anything in my life.
And I imagined
what it would feel like
if I was to get it and not
have you there to share it with.
So, I left.
I left, yeah.
I know you told me not to come
here and see Angela tonight,
but I needed to show you.
Show me what?
How much you mean to me.
I hate to interrupt, Chloe.
Edgar was holding your phone
for you offstage.
- I'll take this
- Thank you.
He said texts keep coming in.
He thought maybe it was
something important.
Uh, yes, excuse me one sec.
Mrs. Rogers?
Chloe, thank goodness.
I'm just about to leave
for the airport.
Listen, I am...
I need to apologize,
I am so sorry
that I didn't make it today.
I had this other commitment.
No, I should be
the one to apologize.
It was unfair what we did to you
at the last minute.
Especially during the holidays.
Listen, I just need to know
are you still available
to do the show?
Uh, yes, of course.
But don't you need to see me
in person first?
No, actually, I think
I've seen enough.
I watched your audition
piece again
and my assistant found
a video of you online.
You were singing a Christmas
song I never heard.
An original maybe?
Christmas Feels Like
Falling in Love?
Great song.
Thank you.
I'm actually standing
next to the guy who wrote it.
Well, tell him to call me.
I might want to hire him too.
So, anyway, you got the job.
So, consider yourself cast,
rehearsals start in March.
Oh, my gosh.
This is so exciting. But are
you, are you sure about this?
Like is this not
the biggest risk?
Chloe, I have been doing this
for a long time.
I know true talent
when I see it.
When you sing, I see your soul
shine through.
It's a rare gift
and it needs to be shared.
And when Cora Lawson says
you're good,
then Chloe Bose, you are good.
Cora Lawson?
I have to go.
I'll get in touch with you soon.
Merry Christmas, Chloe.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you to you too.
Thank you so much.
I got the part.
- What?
- I got the part!
Are you serious?!
That's wonderful.
This is unbelievable.
Is it, though?
I heard Cassie ratted me out.
How do you guys know each other?
When I was your age,
I got a second callback too.
And I got the job just like you.
It was the first show Cassandra
Rogers ever produced.
Come on. You did Broadway
and you just forgot
to tell us about this?
I don't like to talk about all
that. It was a long time ago.
So, are there other things
that we should have seen you in?
I only did the one show.
It was a big hit, but...
Suddenly, I found out
I was pregnant
and I did not want to raise
my baby from the stage.
But when I heard you sing a few
weeks ago, it was a blessing.
You woke me up to try
and bring some of the magic
back to this neighbourhood.
Ms. Cora.
Oh, excuse me.
Uh, okay, wow.
And speaking of wow,
do you happen to know
how a video of you and I
singing your song
ended up online?
Angela was filming us
when we were singing,
and then she posted it and
I completely forgot about it.
Well, thanks to your
genius daughter,
Cassandra Rogers heard it.
- Come on.
- And loves it.
- Really?
- And wants you to call her!
- What, me?
- Yeah.
But about the role,
I stand by what I just said.
I don't want it
to come between us.
I don't want it to be...
It won't.
No. What you did tonight,
for me, for us,
I saw who you really are.
You are your word.
You follow your heart.
I want to see your star
shine the brightest of all.
And I would be honoured to be the
man that stands right next to you.
When I met you,
you made the whole world stop.
I'm gonna love you
and I won't stop.