Im Juli. (2000) Movie Script

Excuse me.
Who are you? What do you want?
Why the hell do you speak german?
-What do you want?
I'm hitching, and I was going to ask you
if I could hitch a ride, thats all. Take it easy.
Fuck! Fucking shit! FUCK!!
Shit! Damnit!
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Shit. Come on.
We gotta get out of here!
Mother fucking shit!
Like one corpse wasn't enough.
Now I'm dragging 2 mother-fucking corpses!!
What did you say?
Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm ok.
-Good. Get the hell out!
I Think there's something wrong with my neck!
-I said: GET OUT!
-Hear me out.
You almost killed me, but I'm still alive.
And you're happy you didn't kill me.
Why not show me a little of that
happiness by letting me tag along?
Come sit up front.
My name is Daniel.
Okay, Daniel.
Where are you from?
My ant lives in Hamburg.
What do you do for a living?
I'm an teacher's apprentice.
-I'm gonna be a teacher.
-A teacher? You?
Shit, really!
You don't look like a teacher.
What do I look like?
Don't know. You look more like a bum.
Going to the south?
-To Turky.
-I see.
Going on vacation?
I'm looking for a girl.
Your wife?
Are you in love?
Cool. Tell me everything.
It's a pretty long story.
We have a hell of a long ride ahead of us.
By using Newton's law
on the problem, we see -
- that speed is the most
important factor.
How fast must X accelerate from
a ramp with an angle of 10 grades -
- to surpass 25 metres of
gravitational power?
-Don't you see I'm busy?
-No idea, old man.
We cant have ordinary class the
last day before the summer vacation!
-What are we supposed to do instead?
-We end it.
-Good bye, Mr. Bannier.
-Good bye, Kira.
Have a good vacation.
He walks past you every day, and
you still haven't talked to him?
-I'm to shy.
-You? Shy?
That's him!
-That guy with the glasses!
-Come on, talk with him!
Hey you!
Come here.
It seems like you can need some luck.
-I'm in more need of a new bag.
-What is this?
-A sun.
-What is a sun?
A ball of gas that the earth,
as well as eight other planets orbit.
The sun light up life. For you,
for her and for me.
-Another word for light is..?
-Another word for light is luck.
-Ah, ok, the ring brings luck.
-You're really smart.
-I'll be a teacher soon.
A teacher? Really?
That's funny.
-What is your name?
-Daniel. Daniel Bannier.
Wonderful name.
-And what is your name?
-I'm July, like the month.
What about the ring?
It's an old maya-ring. The legend
tells us, that the one who carries the ring, -
can recognize luck.
You will soon meet a woman that
also carry a symbol of the sun.
It's only she that can bring you
true happiness.
-How much?
-Don't you like it?
-Yes, but...
Why don't you fight a little for it then?
-Ok, 30.
35. It's all that I've got.
But I really want the ring.
Ok, but only because I like you.
-Thank you.
This is tonight. Stop by.
Thank you so much.
-I'm looking forward to it.
-Me to.
-What was that?
-That was Daniel Bannier.
Yes, I got that, but what's
so special about him?
He's got something deep inside of
him, waiting to be released.
Like what?
-Hey! 1.person, singular, teacher!
-Hello, Kodjo.
I'm going to Jamaica, to drink
cold pina colada, smoke weed, -
- and look for the Kini sisters.
Do you know the Kini sisters?
-Don't think so, Kodjo.
-Bikini and zukini.
-Where are you going on vacation?
-This year i'm staying in Hamburg.
Stay here? Won't you go anywhere at all?
You need some sun.
-The sun shines here as well.
-Could you water my plants?
-Sure, I can do that.
-Morning and evenenings?
Here's my carkeys. Use the
car as much as you want.
Give them water so they can grow!
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
A beer please!
-Excuse me, but is that a sun?
-Is it a sun on your amulet?
-No, it's a moon.
Excuse me! Could I get a....
The next song is a love song.
About love that defies all boundaries.
Hey, do you know of any cheap
places to spend the night?
I'm from Berlin.
I'm not familiar with this place.
No? Ok.
Excuse me, wait just a moment.
I was a little far-off, -
but I just remembered...
that it is a cheap youth shelter nearby.
If you want to, I can show you the way?
-If it isn't to much trouble for you?
-Oh, no, I've got a car.
-That is kind of you.
-My car is just over there.
-I'm Daniel.
-Lovely name. Where is it from?
Are you turkish?
-Do you want me to carry that for you?
-Thank you, it's ok.
-It's not heavy.
-No, but you've been carrying it all day.
-Are you hungry?
It cant be true!
This is Istanbul. Bosporus.
Europe to the left, Asia to the right.
Some times I stand under the bridge
at night, to look at the water.
When the moon shines at the
water surface, it looks like -
thousands of little fish dancing.
In turkish we say -
I've got a date under the bridge
friday at noon.
Aren't you leaving for somewhere?
-Aren't you leaving for somewhere?
-No, I don't think so.
-But everyone leaves for vacation!
-Yeah, I know, but I want to stay here in Hamburg.
Hamburg can be very nice during
the summer. Parks, caf's -
and resturants and all.
And there's the beach!
-Hamburg have a beach?
-Didn't you know? A real beach.
With sand and water, and shells and stuff.
Do you want to see it?
The bill, please.
Yes, well this is the beach.
Not that many shells, but...
-Do you want a beer?
-Yes, please.
Excuse me, could one of you sell me two beers?
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
-Wait! How much do I owe you?
-The best in life is free.
I'm starting to understand
why you don't want to leave.
My sun, my moon, let your rays shine
my sand warm
I touch your skin with my wind
my lips craves yours
your eyes
must never stop looking after me
your lips
must never stop kissing me.
So, your name...Melek,
does it mean something?
-You wear the name well.
-Thanks, but you don't know me.
What about that place
to spend the night?
Do you live here alone?
Don't you have a girlfriend?
-Do you want some tea?
-Yes, please.
It's so peculiar that we met
each other today, since...
I knew that we were going to meet today.
Maybe I didn't know, but just hoped.
It's like you could decide
your own destiny in one day.
I stood there and waited and
waited, for you, and...
So I didn't believe that you
were going to show up.
Then you stood there.
-Thank you for everything.
-The pleasure was all mine.
Good bye, Daniel.
Come to your senses and stay here!
NO! I hate this fucking city!
Yeah yeah, but where are you going?
Where the wind takes me.
-What do you mean by that?
-I just want to get away!
The first car that stops,
decides my destination.
What if the first car is going to Bayern?
Do you want to stay in Bayern?
So this will be my destiny, I guess.
-I'm going to miss you.
-I'll miss you too.
Hey, July.
Jump in, I'm in a hurry.
-Is this your car?
-No, it belongs to a friend of mine.
Where do you want me to drive you?
Where are you going?
Why are you going to Istanbul?
It worked!
What worked?
The lucky ring.
I know it sounds crazy and
illogical, but it worked.
So where is she now?
She flew to Turky on vacation this morning.
Everything I know, is that she'll be
waiting under the Bosporus bridge, friday at noon.
July, she is so....
-By the way, where are you going?
I mean, where are you off to?
-I'm also going to Turky.
To Istanbul.
It's like this:
Every summer, I stand there
where you picked me up -
to leave on vacation.
I go wherever the wind takes me.
The first person that picks me up,
decides where I'm going. You understand?
-You do this every summer?
I've been in the most odd places.
Italia, Spain...
One guy brought me to Afghanistan.
Quite some place to travel to!
You never know where you end up.
It's like buying a surprise pack.
-I see.
-And this year it'll be Turky. Awesome!
I've never been in Turky.
This will be so cool.
It does so once in a while.
One moment.
We could stay here.
In Bayern?
The sky is blue everywhere.
Hei! It's a new day tomorrow, or what?
I'm sorry, but we don't have
two single rooms left.
We have only one single room, with
one single bed. Will that be ok?
- It's only one night. Shouldn't, be a problem, or..?
- Of course not.
July, you took the entire blanket.
Could I get a little piece of it?
You don't seem to be able to sleep.
No, it's uncomfortable and hot and...
-Do you know the spoon-position?
I've heard it's one of the most
comfortable sleeping positions.
Is that so?
OK, who will spoon whom?
You'll spoon me.
Mmmm, it is really comfortable.
Really nice.
We'll head south, through Italia
to Bari, and take the ferry boat to -
Greece, and then to Turky.
We can also travel through Austria,
Jugoslavia and Bulgaria, to Turky.
-It's war in Jugoslavia.
-Oh, yeah.
Or through Austria, Hungary,
Romania and Bulgaria.
That's a real detour. Maybe there's a ferry
boat leaving directly from Bari to Turky.
-I have a problem.
-What is it?
I have very little money.
I can't afford the ferry boat.
That is not my problem.
What do you mean?
What's the matter, don't you
know where you are going?
-Sure we do! Istanbul.
-I'm going to Budapest. Get in!
Now? Are you coming?
-I'm Leo.
-Daniel, pleasure to meet you.
I'm July, like the month.
-July is a beautiful name.
-Thanks. Leo ain't to bad either.
Reminds me in some way of a lion.
I think it has originated from that.
-Are you born in the sign of the lion as well?
-No, unfortunately. I'm a scorpion.
I've got a sting on my tale...
-But you are lion right?
-A july-lion?
-Of course.
-What about your boyfriend?
-He's not my boyfriend...
What is that for?
-That is "Che".
-Yeah, but what does that mean to you?
-What does "Che" fights for?
-For justice.
Yes, but what else?
-For freedom?
-This "Che" represent my belief
in the individual freedom.
Then we have something in common.
-What is it?
-I'll wait outside.
-Don't you want a beer?
-No thanks.
-Don't be a partybreak.
-I'm not!
-I'm going in.
-Good. I'll wait here.
Hey, Leo!
-Ok, this is July.
-Hey, July.
-To beers. You want a large one?
-Sure, I'll keep up.
Were you serious about your belief
in individual freedom?
-That we have it in common?
-Of course I was serious.
-Do you want to come with me?
I mean, do you want to come along?
To the end of the world, perhaps?
I can't.
Do you think he's the right guy?
Would he fight for you?
I'd wish he would.
Let's dance.
Leo, stop it!
What are you doing? Stop it. Leo!
-Leo, stop it!
-Shut up, Paul!
Leave her alone!
-Mind your own business!
-Stop it, or get lost.
-Shut your mouth and sit down.
-Let me go!
-Let her go!
-Daniel! DANIEL!
-Please let her go.
-Didn't get ya?
-I said let her go, please.
-I can't understand.
Let her go!
Hey, come on. Let's get out of here.
Damn, I've never been in a fight
before. I never fight!
My glasses are gone.
I'm a pacifist. I hate violence.
What's so funny about that?
-How should we get away?
-With boat.
-With boat?
Yes, with boat.
Donau runs straight out in
The Black Sea, don't it?
True. And Istanbul lies by
The Black Sea.
-That's drugs right?
-No it's not!
-It's a piece.
-What do you mean? It's illegal.
That is a long story.
Maybe, but that stuff makes you stupid.
-Do you think im stupid?
-No, I don't, but...
It's cool, man.
Trust me.
Do you inhale just like a sigarett?
It tastes good.
It tastes really good.
Like ropes.
Like a ribbon.
It tastes a little like that.
It feels so
-I'm ok.
-You have little ashe on you.
-Ashe, ashe, ashe.
Another drag?
You've gotten the taste for it now, huh?
I once saw a few guys...
My students at school...
They held it in a special way...
Like this, I think.
-In school?
-In school. Fifteen!
-They are idiots.
Everything they can do, I can do better.
Why do you laugh?
Nothing. They way you say
"cool" is so sweet.
My students keep telling me that.
I was wondering what kind of
music teachers listen to.
What I listen to, you mean?
-Yeah, that's exactly what I thought.
-What do you listen to then?
I like the good oldies. Elvis Presley.
What about you?
Do you like oldies?
Sometimes. I must, -
- because every sunday I eat
breakfast at my moms house, -
- and she listens to oldies all day long.
Oldies with coff, msli and peanutbutter,
oldies with everything, -
- for an example...
Blue Moon...
Do you know it?
Nice, or what?
What are you going to do when you find her?
What do you mean?
What are you going to tell her?
I have no idea.
You don't know?
What should I tell her?
Something like...
My love, -
- I've travelled thousands of miles,
crossed rivers, and moved mountains.
I've suffered and endured torment.
I've resisted temptations,
and I have followed the sun, -
- so that I could stand in front
of you and tell you that, -
- that I love you.
Isn't that a little to excessive?
I'm going to get us something to eat.
I'll be right back.
We have a stowaway on board!
Not so loud, my dear.
Please no, please no.
Do you speak german?
-Do speak english?
My name is Daniel.
That's my name.
What's your name?
Like the moon.
Sorry, do you know a place where
we could get something to eat?
Something to eat.
It's a nice place.
Could I order something to drink please.
Like a cola, and just anything to eat.
-Do you speak german?
Well, just anything to eat.
I don't care. Bread or...
We have on simple princible here.
We've got one meny. Eat, or not to eat.
-I'll definitely eat!
Fish, fish is great. Wonderful!
-It was very good.
-Yes, time to pay.
How much?
-German mark?
German, German, German.
So thank you for everything,
but I think I have to go now.
Yes, you see I have a problem.
I have to follow someone.
-It's a girl.
-One more cola? Please?
So you do speak german.
-So we meet again. Give me my money!
-What's he doing?
-Where's my things?
-Who is this?
-I don't know.
-Give me my passport!
-The ring!
-Mind your own business.
Just wait, I'll get you!
Now I should get a hold of you.
Fuck! Why doesn't this shit work?
Hey, you! Give me a push!
Oh, God, oh God.
You're mad!
To the right!
This isn't true!
She's crazy!
I'm gonna redecorate your face!
I'll get you!
Just wait, you asshole!
-I can't hear you!
-Just wait until I can get my hands on you.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
You assholes!
Where are you from?
Border: Hungary - Romania
That is exactly my problem.
I don't have any passport.
No passport, no Romania.
Sure, that is obvious. You have to
have a passport to cross the borders.
But I just don't have it.
No passport, no Romania.
Yeah, I understood you, but
perhaps you didn't understand me.
I really have a big problem,
and I need to go over this border.
I need to go to Romania to meet someone.
It's very, very...
No passport, no Romania.
-Yes, damn.
-I didn't do anything.
I have a big problem!
No pass, nothing, -
- and I must cross. Help me.
- Where is your passport?
Doesn't matter.
Say anything.
Tell them we're married, ok?
This is no problem.
She's my wife.
-The ring... we are married. If she...
-But we aren't married!
-July, please!
-No, we can't lie to him.
Daniel Bannier, do you take me
as your lawful wedded wife?
-Do you, or do you not?
-Yes, I do...
-Then ask me.
July, do you take me as your
lawful wedded husbond?
-Yes, I do.
-Ok, good.
What else?
-The speech first.
-Which speech?
-The one I taught you.
It's a part of the ceremony.
Ok, so...
"My love..."
That's correct, right?
"I've crossed bridges..."
Wrong, huh?
-"I..I've crossed..."
-You don't remember it.
-No, but I will learn it.
I promise you.
Yes, we are married.
I'll go get the car...
When you get married in Romania,
you usually give presents.
Bus, my present.
Raise the bar.
Thank you.
How to we get further?
We could have our honeymoon here.
-I think that I have a better suggestion.
We steal a car.
-Yeah, we steal a car.
-We can't steal a car.
-Why not?
-We're nice people. They don't steal cars.
We could steal the car from a bad guy.
-Him? Is he a bad guy?
-He's a nice guy.
But it's exactly those guys
that beat their wife and kids.
-I don't know.
He reminds me of a friend of mine.
Him. A serial-killer!
-He looks nice to me.
-I get anxiety, just looking at him.
Everyone look like bad guys to me.
You know what you're doing right?
Can you handle it?
-What are you doing?
-It just layed in the car.
Hurry, got damnit.
Hey! Are you crazy?
You're destroying everything!
Trust me, ok?
-Did you hurt yourself?
-No, I'm fine.
Oh damn! Julie!
Don't movie, I think somone is looking.
Fuck, he's looking this way...
Act normal.
-Isn't this romantic.
I've never stolen a car with someone before.
Get a move on this car, so
we'll get away from here. Please!
-Well, what did I tell you?
You're the best.
Tell me, Alin.
Don't you've got a blue Dacia?
That's right.
I think it's getting stolen.
Fuck, they are stealing my car!
"No passport, no Bulgaria."
I've had it with that.
How do you think the Turkish border is?
Probably five times as worse!
Wait a moment, could you back up a little?
-Where does this lead?
-We'll soon find out.
-Look at that.
-This place looks dead.
-That's not what I ment.
-What do you mean?
-That must be Bulgaria.
-Why is it bullshit?
-This puddle ain't the Donau.
I'm sorry, but Donau isn't the border.
-Yes, it is!
-Are you sure?
-Then this could be the border.
Ok, let's assume that this is
the border. So what?
I'll just drive across.
-How do you plan to accomplish that?
-I'll accellerate from a distance, hit the ramp -
- and jump across the river.
-That's crazy!
-We need the car.
-We can manage without it.
-It's wednesday, and we're still not in Bulgaria.
I need the car to be in Istanbul friday at noon.
That won't work if you die.
Have you thought about that?
Sensible teachers don't do this stuff!
Ok, so...
The car is the weight, x.
X weighs 500 kilo.
The distance is 25 metres.
The question is: How fast
must we drive up a ramp -
- with a ten grade incline
to cross 25 metres?
The answer is...
96,41 km/h.
Excellent! Congratulations!
I really pitty your students.
-You could have been killed!
-What if I'd been?
-That's nothing to joke about.
-Why not?
Because I don't like it.
What would you do if I'd been killed?
Probably been happy to finally
gotten rid of you.
What is this?
The border river.
What is so funny?
Really funny, huh?
Really amuzing.
Just hilarious.
-Take it easy.
-No! It's all your fault!
-My fault?
-Yeah, your fault!
-All this shit is your fault!
If I had taken the ferry boat from Bari,
I'd been in Istanbul by now, not here.
Without me, you'd still been in Bayern!
Who helped you across the border?
Who stole the car?
And who sold me this stupid ring?
Without this piece of junk,
I'd still been in Hamburg, and not here!
So head back to Elben.
Read a newspaper or a book!
Go back to your empty and booring life!
You just don't want me to meet her!
The first one who stops decides my destination.
He didn't count.
And that was it?
That was it.
One moment!
Did you really experience all that?
I've experienced all that.
-You didn't make it up?
-Why should I make it up?
-Respect, man.
Where does that awful smell come from?
You still don't got your papers, do you?
-Out! Get out of the car!
-What is that bullshit?
-Daniel, get out of the car!
-What type of bullshit is this?
-You heard me!
-What piece of crap is this?
Out! Both of you!
Come on now!
-He have to go out also.
-I told him to get out.
-I had just told him that.
-He's german.
German, german.
Passport, and registration card.
-I don't have a passport!
-His passport were stolen.
-Tell that to your grandma.
-What is the problem?
-Shut up!
-I told him to shut up!
-Shut up!
-I haven't said a word!
-Shut up!
-You're not going anywhere without passport.
-His passport really was stolen.
What are you? Terrorists, satanists, or what?
-Open your luggage compartment!
-Isa, what...
Open it!
Arrest them immideately!
This is unbeliveable.
Totally unbeliveable.
Now we're doomed!
Forever! And why?
Because I hitchhiked with a guy that
had a corpse in the luggage compartment.
Just imagine! A corpse!
Is it your hobby or something?
-Shut up!
-I won't shut it.
-Don't make me angry!
-Or what? Your pants will blow?
Listen, you dickhead!
Not more than 20 words from you,
from here to Istanbul, ok?
Yeah ok, you can get them right now:
Asshole, asshole, asshole...
The corpse in the car is my uncle Achmed.
He came from Istanbul to visit us.
Uncle Achmed is my fathers eldest brother.
And my father often invited him to Germany.
Five months ago, he finally came.
He got a visum for three months,
and tricked his way to Germany.
He thought Berlin was pretty awesome.
Lots of turkish people in our neighborhod.
At once, he participated in everything,
and really had a great time.
And we, my family and I,
had a great time as well.
My nephews...I've got two nephews,
the boys of my sister.
They dropped out of kindergarten, -
- because when no one else was there,
uncle Achmed looked after them.
You wouldn't believe how
good he was at cooking!
Better than my mother!
Three months passed, and
uncle Achmed stayed.
Then the unavoidable happened.
He died.
Without even saying goodbye.
Heart attack. Dead.
Really stupid.
The whole family gathered and
held a crise meeting.
This had to be kept a secret when my
parents kept an illegal corpse in the basement.
So we decided to smuggle the
corpse back to Turky.
Since I'm the youngest,
and on vacaion, -
I was stuck with this shit.
They are going to ask for his birth certificate.
-You can get it sent here by fax.
-No, they want to see the original.
If I just could have one phone call.
Then I would call my girlfriend.
She could bring the birth certificate.
Isa, my time is running out.
Come on.
Wait! What about me?
-Who was that?
-We'll soon find out. Come on.
The door is open.
So you came all the way here just to
bring your dead uncle to Turky?
Brave, Isa! Bravo!
Osman, give the hero some tea.
I need your uncle's birth certificate.
If I could make a phone call,
I could get it brought from Istanbul tonight.
Show Isa the telephone.
To all passengers:
We'll take a 30 minutes break.
The tea is on us.
Hey! Why are you here?
What are you doing here?
This is unbelievable.
-I'm heading for Istanbul.
-What are supposed to do there?
-That is...a pretty long story.
-Tell me about it. But fast.
I met a girl.
Fell in love.
I'm going to Istanbul to see her.
Where in Istanbul are you going to meet her?
Under the bridge.
Are you sure that she'll be there?
I hope so.
The bus to Edirne is soon leaving.
Please board the bus immediately.
I have to go.
-Aren't you going to Istanbul?
-No, I have to bring something to the border.
That is also a long story.
-Say hello to your boyfriend for me!
-I will.
Did I tell you about my boyfriend?
Don't be late for your bus now!
You made it.
Good to see you.
Where is the girl you were meeting?
My love, -
- I've travelled thousands
of miles, -
- crossed rivers and
moved mountains -
- I've suffered and endured torment, -
- I've resisted temptations, -
- and followed the sun,
so I could stand in front of you -
- and tell you -
- that I love you.
We'll do the old game: The first car
that stops, decides our destination.
May I say something?
I love you.
-I love you.
-Funny, but I didn't quite hear you...
-I love you.
Yes, but I told you that I have
difficulties understanding you.
-That's more like it.
Hey, lovebirds!
Where are you going?
-To the fucking south!
-Ok, get in.
What are you waiting for?