I'm Livin' It (2019) Movie Script

Put down that phone.
Come give me a hand!
To slice the ginger for me.
Rely on him?
He's useless, Ma!
How can you slap your sister-in-law?!
- When are you gonna grow up?!
- Stop it!
Go to hell!
Sam Chai!
"overwhelm me with emotions"
"l can still remember the colorful scene"
"The gentle breeze"
"brought you into my heart"
"This brief moment changed my life'
"The passion that l've given..."
The boss fired me out of the blue.
Even the rent of my subdivided flat has risen.
What has this world turned into?!
"Blow, let this..."
Shut up, bitch!
Goddamn it, you're still singing?
Had enough?
What the hell?
What the hell?
The boss' feng shui decoration!
Who's starting trouble in here?!
Everything's fine, guys! Let's keep going!
What do you want to hear?
Let's keep the music going! Come on...
Stop right there!
Hey, kid!
Someone died from a mouse bite
while sleeping here a few days ago.
l think it was this very spot.
(Food Sharing Point)
lt's your birthday.
l bought a birthday bun for you!
Were you there to celebrate
or to crash my show?
They're at it again?
You're welcome to watch me perform.
But l've been working there for years.
l know there will always be hecklers.
How do l keep my job
if you fight every one of them?
With a personality like that,
no wonder you never got famous!
The boss' feng shui plant was
chosen by the great feng shui master.
Jane's gonna really get it tomorrow...
So what?
How was l supposed to know...
Before something go wrong...
you should discuss it well.
2% off from internet. Sell it at 5% off now
and you make $55 every dozen you sold.
l ain't good with numbers, Bowen.
l don't care as long as making profit.
Chatting Cheung!
Where did you sleep last night?
Don't get me started.
Someone conned me into a shelter.
l stuffed tissues in my ears,
but still all over me.
l ain't going there anymore!
Everyone knows the shelters
are covered with fleas.
Why do you think people
prefer sleep here instead?
Say, Bowen...
You got a job for me?
This is all l've got.
A few warehouses in
Kowloon Bay are holding factory sales.
Many people throw away
their old stuff on the spot.
Search the trash collection points
and public toilets.
Plenty of treasure there.
Kowloon Bay is miles away.
lt takes forever to walk there.
Go back to your seat.
Once you're in the zone...
You won't feel hungry anymore.
Got you some coupons!
Don't worry about it.
l just cut them from the newspaper.
You can get them yourself next time.
Thanks, Bowen!
You bullied Jane!
Did l?
(Joyful Meal with new toys)
Your skirt's shorter again?
The teacher said l've grown
another 3cm yesterday.
Nan Nan.
Open it.
Nice, there are few stamps already.
You hit my head last night,
this makes us even now.
Why, you sneaky little foX.
Sneaky foX, sneaky foX...
Thank you.
(Discover six types of dinosaur)
l wrote a letter for you.
Sign your name at the bottom.
The more formal it looks,
the more Social Welfare Department
will take it seriously.
Request the officer passes it
to their senior directly.
Don't lose it.
Thank you, Bowen!
Look, mommy!
Put on your school bag.
Thanks, Bowen!
Wake up!
They've got a business to run here.
Can you help me to find a job?
They always hire people here.
But the job's so hard...
Help me out.
Get your stuff out of the locker before 1 0pm,
or you won't be able to get it
until the next day.
Don't go back there before midnight.
lf you've got some money, buy a burger.
Be nice to them,
and they'll do the same for you.
lf you're out of cash,
there's a fridge nearby a local store.
The owner got leftovers there
for those in needs.
lf you need to hang laundry,
don't do it openly in the restaurant.
Mama leaves her clothes to dry outside
and picks them up at dawn.
Mama and Nan Nan know their way around.
lf you've got questions
and l'm not there, ask them.
When l meet him...What should l say?
Just say "thank you."
l know you have your hands full,
so l brought over someone to help you out.
This again, Bowen?
Hey, kid!
Brother Yan.
Hi, Brother Yan.
l need no one.
He's a bargain.
He just needs enough to feed himself.
Let's get to work, come on.
l don't need him, Bowen!
Look, you don't get it, Bowen.
l'm not doing delivery anymore.
lt costs a lot. l'm telling customers
to come and pick up now.
l get it.
Take care. Call me if you need me.
Just to save two hundred dollars...
They could've it back
from deliveries for just half day.
Small victories come from individuals,
big victories come from teams.
Bill Gates said that.
Look at how rich he became.
What a drag!
What do l do now?
ls it the end of the world now?
There's always another way.
What are we waiting for?
For luck to come.
Aren't you?
What are you looking for?
Pick those up and toss it in the trash...
Why don't you do it yourself?
Should l feed you too?
Go home if you want to be comfy...
That is, if you don't mind feeling embarrassed.
You want to make 50 dollars for ten pairs
or 50 dollars per pair?
Put some soap on it, man.
Or you'll die from starving
within a week of runaway.
How do you know that l ran away from home?
You have a point.
Thus, you are carrying the sleeping bag
for your vacations, right?
Beggars can make more than us
peddling shoes here.
Why don't you go beg, then?
Why pay me to get you a job?
Check it out.
How much?
How about $60?
l'll give you $50.
Let's make it $55.
lt's hard to make a living.
Look at this poor kid.
He's so skinny.
Fine, fine.
- Here's $60, give me $5 back.
- Great.
We're eco-friendly, no plastic bags.
Thank you so much!
You used me.
Beggars can beg all they want.
We scour, renew and promote.
We're doing business here.
Let's make that clear.
At the price we charge,
people know what they're getting.
No such thing as an honest businessman.
Do you want nothing or a bowl of rice tonight?
Pour it, hurry.
l'm just trying to help.
"Errors happen in details,
success is achieved in systems."
What are you saying?
l can tell that you're an anti-social slacker.
Studying must not be your thing.
And you're so high and mighty.
All you do is bullying me.
Hey, kid.
Do you have a talent?
l have a name, man.
lt's Sam Chai.
- So your talent is playing games?
- How about you?
Your talent is talking shit?
My talent?
lt's fishing!
You think l'd tell you that
l used to have a yacht?
Why do you sleep in a fastfood joint?
Let's go.
Bowen asked me to bring you this.
Where do l put it?
Oh, right here.
EXcuse me, miss, do you need those stamps?
Why do you ask?
My pot at home is broken, miss.
l want to eXchange a new one for mommy.
Can you help me?
Can you sell me the stamps?
How much do you have?
l have $1 ...$2...$2.50...
l was just joking with you. Here you go!
Thank you, miss! You're so nice!
Here is all the stamps. $200, please!
Here you go.
- This is yours.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
(Free Lunchbox giveaway by charity)
Are you getting one
for a relative, little girl?
Did you bring a Senior Citizen Card?
What kind of card?
Did your relative have Senior Citizen Card?
(Free Lunchbox giveaway by charity)
lt's only for elderly?
Hey, cashier.
Change this into big notes.
$3,500. And check with this.
Sure, Nine Fingers.
Nine Fingers, the payment's good, right?
So l only have two more installments to pay.
Don't give me small notes anymore!
Still a dimwit after all these years!
Nine Fingers.
ls it possible...
to stop lending money to my mother-in-law?
l feel sorry for you, you know.
But doing that means my guys will starve.
And l feel very sorry for them.
Tell your so-called mother-in-law
to quit gambling instead!
Let's go eat elsewhere!
Mommy, l'm hungry.
These are for you. Enjoy.
Thank you, madam.
Thank you so much.
l'll do it.
We're all out for today.
(Free Lunchbox giveaway by charity)
What do we do?
Didn't you hear?
They're all out. Let's go!
Any news from Social Welfare?
Not yet. All l can do is wait.
You've been waiting for years.
Nan Nan has no residence
registration in Mainland China.
All you can get is a relative visit visa.
l don't have a marriage certificate.
lt's hard to get recognised here.
For my daughter's sake,
l'll keep fighting for it.
lf you really want to do something for Nan Nan,
stop paying her grandma's debts!
Have you forgotten already?
lt was her who denied you in the family.
She kicked your daughter out from home.
No matter what she's done,
she's still my husband's mother.
He was a loving son when he was alive.
She just can't accept her son's death.
That's why she drowns her sorrows by gambling.
lt's hard for a parent to lose a child.
And the poor woman is all alone out there.
lt's good to be a dutiful daughter-in-law,
but there are limits to that.
l've been there before, too.
You think paying someone's debts out of love
will get you any gratitude?
Some people have no qualms about using others.
lf you're easy to be bullied,
they'll keep coming back to you.
lf my husband wasn't so hell-bent
on registering our marriage
and giving us a better life,
he'd still be alive today.
Forget it, that's in the past now.
you should put yourself
and your daughter first.
What about you?
At least l still have Nan Nan.
This place is bleeding customers.
lf the lounge closes down,
what are you going to do?
l'll think about it when it comes.
Have you had dinner?
Are you done yet, Mama?
Just about.
- Let me help you.
- Done yet, Nan Nan?
- Not yet.
- l'll give you a hand.
Take our service for washing your car?
No, thanks.
lt doesn't cost much.
l just had my car washed.
Sir, please. Let my mommy earn some money
or we have nothing for food.
How much?
- Here you go.
- Thank you!
Thank you.
Did he pay $70?
$20 for Mama.
$20 for Nan Nan.
$20 for you. l'll take $1 0.
Let's work!
Haven't had any food today?
Neither have we.
We'll all eat when we're done.
lt's a fancy car!
Take our service for washing your car, Sir?
Let us wash your car, sir.
ls that Bowen?
lt's been forever!
You turned into another industry after jail?
By the way,
your old subordinates all work for me now.
They're making just
a bit more money than before.
What a dick.
Thanks, Martin.
Looks like we can have a feast tonight.
Come on.
Let's get out of his way and get back to work!
By the way, Bowen,
your little sister...
She came for a job interview few days ago.
l want to help her so badly,
but as you know...
She's bearing a huge debt.
Reputation and trust
is important in our industry.
You being a convicted embezzler yourself,
you know what l mean, right?
Have some dessert!
l got you guys dessert. Have some.
You're into this type of women now?
Well, with a second thought,
it's quite fit you.
Even wearing a suit for washing cars...
That's really impressive, Bowen.
Talented for washing cars
than being an ass kisser.
l don't want a single scratch on my ride.
Have some water, okay?
When will your brother visit me?
He's on a business trip, he'll be home soon.
He's got such a tough job...
When is he coming back?
He'll be home soon.
Not long now.
Give him a call for me.
He's busy at work now, we'll...
-Just call him now, hurry up...
-Fine, l'll do it...
l'm calling now, okay?
See? l'm doing it.
(Serene Finance - Wing)
l'll make the payment once l find a job.
Look, Wing...
l've never missed my brother's
debt payment in the last 1 0 years.
Can't you spare me a few more days?
Thank you so much.
Thank you...
He's in a meeting.
His assistant sent some photos over
for you to take a look.
Here's Bowen giving a speech
at the stock exchange.
That's the New York Stock EXchange.
He's such a smart boy...
Of course, he's your son.
l've got such a smart boy...
Don't cry...He'll be home soon, alright?
Don't cry, mom...
How much for the flower lantern?
Got anything cheaper?
Not for lanterns.
How about spiral incense, that's $500.
Or you can write a prayer
on a lucky red envelope.
Buddha will get the message either way.
(Peace, health and fortune
for my mother and sister. From Tung Ho Pok)
(Peace, health and fortune
for my mother and sister.)
l was around the neighborhood.
Just passed by say hi.
l've never seen you
wear those performance outfits,
why do you put them here?
What if one of the rich guys who was my fan
suddenly call me up for a show?
l wouldn't be able to grab an outfit in time.
Has anyone called you all these years?
Well...maybe l'll get a call soon.
Lily has a hoarse voice.
Why is she in the middle?
Doesn't matter. Even a deep voice can sing
gentle ballads and appreciated.
What matter is how to keep the customers happy.
That Ah Fa is even worse
Her calves are stronger than my thighs
and she gets top billing?
Maybe those old guys are malnutritioned
and they need someone with a little meat.
She's amazing and always date
those old guys for dim sum
and pretends their wives don't eXist.
How about the guy
who thinks he's Barry Manilow?
He loses his breath
when singing every two lines
like he's about to croak.
-You mean Bill?
-That's right!
He can't be selling his appearance, right?
At the Copa...
Such a great voice,
you should come by and perform.
You're not a bad singer, you know.
Do you know why you never got popular?
l used to perform in five,
siX venues a night. All huge nightclubs.
That's what l mean.
You don't gamble, no drugs or alcohol.
You have infinite patience for your customers.
EXcept a bit bullheaded, that's all.
A military strategist once said,
"A successful retreat and a glorious victory
are equally worthy of praise."
What's wrong with you today? You're acting odd.
l'm off.
We totally bought all their burgers!
Hey, welcome to the banquet.
- Gimme a burger.
- Crazy
Hey, catch!
Wow, he caught it.
Look at this bony guy. He must be starving.
Give him one! No, two!
Have another!
We're all friends here, come get some.
Hey, wake up! Free burgers!
- Give him one!
- Almost overlook you!
Burgers for all!
No need to thank me, guys.
Hey, old geezer, why the long face?
Take one, it's on me!
That seat...
Excuse me...that seat's taken.
l like this seat.
What are you gonna do about it?
- Just talk it out...
- Please...
lf something's wrong, just talk it out...
Come on, man! Come on!
l'm not gonna sit here all night.
Go sit somewhere else.
That water. That cup of water is...
That cup...cup of water is...
Just buy another one!
lf something's wrong, just talk it out...
you should discuss it well.
- We can talk it out...
- So what if you've got money?
Don't got here drunk and make trouble!
The damn seat's taken!
Why can't l sit here?!
l have money! Money!
Get out!
You're on my wife's seat!
And you drank her water!
Get out!
Why are you getting all worked up?!
What do you want? You wanna start some shit?
He drank my wife's water...
Actually, they're more pathetic than we are.
They're the ones being stared by us
like some circus performers.
(Everything must go)
Slow down.
The boss isn't here tonight.
The restaurant owner fired Bowen.
He'll find an eXcuse
to dock your salary for sure.
How can you cover the debt payment this month?
Take this.
l don't need it.
How about the payment?
Bowen passed his part-time gigs to me.
Stop being so kind to me.
Just take it.
Tung Ho Pok?
lsn't that Bowen?
lt was my first big banquet show.
All my years,
l'd never seen
so many finance guys in one place.
Remember the guy
l insulted in the parking garage?
A decade ago,
he was all the time Mr. Tung...like that...
"The heavy foolish debt in my heart"
"Turns out to be owing you a life"
"Endless love at the bottom of my heart"
Hi everyone, if you liked Jane's performance,
please show her some support?
Wow! Thank you all so much...
For me too? Thank you so much...This way...
You're so handsome!
Thanks a lot! Best luck with your business!
Congratulations, everyone!
Hey, Mr. Tung, if you liked Jane's performance,
please show her some support.
Thank you, Mr. Tung!
Wish you good health and great fortune!
Mr. Tung! You're amazing!
With Mr. Tung leading our way,
we'll all be rich!
Cheers for Mr. Tung!
Share this with them.
A bonus from Mr. Tung!
Two years ago,
l ran into him again at the restaurant.
But he didn't recognize me.
He was already sleeping there every night.
He'd become a different person.
What's wrong?
A few days work in
a construction site broke you like this?
No wonder Chatting Cheung didn't go with you.
Can't have the job even if you want it now.
All you rich guys are such dicks.
That thing costs a fortune!
Teach me how to play.
Picked up something nice?
l'm looking for jobs, really.
Talk to me if you need help.
Everyone's sleeping here because they're poor.
But Uncle Wait is loaded.
Why is he here?
What do you care?
Go there and ask him.
Everyone has an answer,
but they're all different.
lt's hilarious!
Hey, Jane.
Oh, l left it with you.
Thanks, Jane!
Uncle Wait!
What's up, kid?
l...was worried that
you'd forget to zip up again.
Oh, right.
Uncle Wait can't be your real name.
Why do people call you Uncle Wait?
Because l'm waiting for someone!
That's why you don't go home at night?
My place is crawling with cockroaches at night.
And the lift's broken tonight.
What about last night?
The power went out!
Pick that up!
Did you get an answer?
Did he say the pigeons were keeping him awake?
He said there was a power cut.
You're such a jerk, Cheung.
You know Uncle Wait can't go home because
he witness his wife
jumped off the window and died.
Uncle Wait,
come take a photo with us! lt's fun!
- A photo?
- Are we taking a photo?
- Jane, take a photo for us!
- Sure.
Let's take a photo together.
- We've never taken a photo together.
- Join in.
Come on, squeeze in.
l can get all of us in. Ready...
One, two, three!
Did you get it?
Yeah, but let's take one more.
- Ready?
- Cheers, guys!
One, two, three!
Nice. Check it out, Sam.
Not bad at all.
You really did get all of us in.
Can you print one out for me?
People still get photos print nowadays?
Just do as you're told!
Hey? Fine!
SiX! l can arrange that.
You guys want a decent meal?
Of course!
Got it.
You need an old guy?
Uncle Wait.
We need one more!
No problem, l got an old guy.
Great, see you then. Thanks.
You rascal...
Mommy, you died so tragically!
- You died so tragically...
- Stop laughing...
Mommy, you...
- Cut!
- Cut!
Where did you find those donkey?
Sorry director, l'll take care of it.
What the hell were you laughing at?!
Should l just film you
laughing for the rest of the night?
Sorry? You can't even
play a devoted son properly?!
Get your act together!
Let's go again!
How can an asshole like me play a devoted son?
Ready, roll...
Guests arriving.
Please pay your respects.
First bow.
Second bow.
Third bow.
Family members appreciated guests' respect.
Close up!
Good take!
That was great, man.
The director likes you!
We'll call you again for next film.
You two should learn from him.
Can't even play devoted sons!
Tomorrow l need two financial guys
but playing as an asshole.
Over here! He can do it.
He can play that.
- These two?
- That's right.
How do they look like that role?
You two in the back!
Thank you so much!
Time for dinner!
What the hell!
You broke the coffin!
Get me the producer!
The 1 30th Mark Six Snowball Draw will be held
neXt Tuesday, November 1 9th, at 9:30 pm.
The Snowball Pool is currently at $1 60 million,
which means first prize
is estimated at $1 80 million.
Good luck, everyone!
$1 80 million...
Where do you live now?
What's your phone number?
Mom wants to hear your voice.
l have an elder brother,
but why l don't feel he ever exist?
You just went bankrupt.
Why live like this?
We are family.
l don't mind bearing your debt.
You paid for my studies in England, after all.
But mom's been waiting for you to come home.
You really don't owe me anything, Bowen.
lt's mom's birthday tomorrow.
We'd really like you to come.
Play it like this.
Let's keep going.
That's right.
Let me help you with that.
Come on.
l knew that you'd be here
in your spare time.
Look at you.
You neither buy nice food nor precious outfits.
You prefer to live in subdivided flat
and rent a place for these outfits.
Have some water.
lf you happen to see someone
that you once hurt really badly,
and that person wants to see you again,
what would you do?
l would make a decision that l won't regret.
So l should go?
Sometimes, if you show some...
things will suddenly make sense.
He's gone. You're still staring at?
He doesn't remember you anyway,
and you still staying in that lounge.
Does he worth it?
Doesn't matter if he remembers me.
he's worth it to me.
Mom, have this.
happy birthday.
l showed up.
But l didn't go inside.
The lounge is laying people off.
l asked the boss
if l can stay...
lf l agree to take half the pay.
What's going on?
l can't leave...Don't kick me out.
No...l can't leave.
Please don't kick me out.
We're just doing our jobs, please spare us.
l can't leave...Please don't kick me out.
lt's just one night.
Uncle Wait, we'll open again in the morning.
l can't leave...
- Can l just sit inside?
- You know that's not possible.
l'll just sit inside, l'll be out of your way.
You can't do that.
lt's impossible, Uncle Wait.
- We'll open again in the morning.
- l can't go...
l can't go...Don't kick me out.
- Careful!
- l can't leave...don't kick me out!
- Watch out!
- l can't leave...l can't...l can't leave!
- Uncle Wait!
- l can't leave...l can't leave...
Careful, don't hurt him...
- l'm sorry!
- l can't leave...
Don't kick me out...
- Come back inside.
- Don't kick me out...
- Sorry, it's just for the night.
- Don't kick me out...Don't...
Let me back in...
My wife's waiting for me every night!
(Closed 00:00-06:00 for cleaning)
lt's just one night.
- Let me back in...
- Stop, Uncle Wait, Uncle Wait...
- Let me back in!
- Don't do this, Uncle Wait!
Uncle Wait!
Let me have this table...
Let me have this table...
- l'll give you money...
- What're you doing?!
l'll give you money, let me have the table.
- l need to sit by the door!
- Stop, Uncle Wait!
Please help me out. Please.
l beg you, l'm begging you.
- Let me have the table.
- Uncle Wait! Sorry about this...
- l need to sit by the door...
- Uncle Wait!
- Let go of me, l need to sit by the door!
- Uncle Wait...
Let go, l need to go inside...
Let me go inside...
- Uncle Wait!
- Let me go back inside...
My wife won't come home if she doesn't see me.
l need to go back in. Let me go in...
- My wife's waiting for me...
- Your wife is dead!
That's bullshit!
- My wife isn't dead!
- She's dead!
She's not dead!
Wake up! She's been dead for a long time!
My wife is dead?
My wife is dead...
l was a firefighter...
l've saved countless people.
Why did l have to watch my wife kill herself?
Why couldn't l save her?
Why couldn't l save her...
Why couldn't l save her?
Those bastards on the phone
scammed all her money away...
But we could've lived on my pension!
She couldn't get over it, so she jumped...
Before something go wrong,
you should discuss it well.
We could've just discuss it well.
Stop filming! Stop it!
Please don't film this, please stop...
Don't worry.
We'll stay with you tonight...
- Bowen.
- Mama!
You can make a dollar for each bracelet.
The instructions are written on the boXes.
Thanks, Bowen.
Bowen, once l clear this debt
and save up some money,
l'll buy you guys a big dinner!
You're royally screwed now!
What's going on?
Your mother-in-law is such a great customer.
She just can't stop losing!
$40,000. You have two weeks!
Get her mother-in-law to pay, then!
lf she can pay, l wouldn't be here!
She got caught cheating this time!
My guys are dealing with her now.
l'm just responsible for collecting debts.
Pay in two weeks,
and she could keep her hands after.
lf you don't pay, you'll still get her hands.
But it'll come separately!
Nine Fingers, Nine Fingers...
How am l supposed to make $40,000 in two weeks?
Call me when you have the money!
Nine Fingers! Nine Fingers!
Stop bearing her debts!
How do l make $40,000 in two weeks?
Such a huge amount for me.
Either stealing or robbing.
Fine...you'll help me, right?
That's insane.
Don't be rash. Sit down first.
- Sit down.
- We'll think of something together, sit down.
This is Yin.
Please help her out.
Fine, she's hired.
Thank you, Bowen.
When l get paid, l'll give you a commission.
Don't be silly.
Come with me, Yin.
Double 8, come and teach Yin
how to start with back massage.
Hello? Mom.
Come out to the balcony.
Sam Chai?
Sam Chai, are you doing okay out there?
When your sister-in-law gives birth,
things will be different.
ls your leg still hurting?
No...l'm fine.
Raise your hands out of the window.
A little more forward.
My good son.
Get in.
What for?
You paid me $20
for searching a job, didn't you?
But l don't know anything about cutting hair.
How am l supposed to work here?
You want your mom to support you
for the rest of your life?
l'm here for job interview.
You'll need to be mentally prepared for this...
There's a high chance for lung cancer.
What did you just say?
Lung cancer.
l don't even cough.
How long have you had
those lesions on your body?
There isn't any.
How about the shortness of breath
and chest pains?
When did those start?
l don't feel any pain.
l'm breathing just fine.
l want to see Bowen...
l'm worried l won't see him again.
What the hell are you doing here?
Mom desperately wanted
to see you on her birthday!
Why didn't you show up
when she could still recognize you?
Don't you know you're too late to be here now?!
- Stop right there!
- Thief!
- Thief!
- Stop running!
Stop it!
What's going on, Cheung?
He stole my stuff.
Return that right now! Do it!
- What's wrong?
- He robbed me.
ls this the guy?
- That's him.
- Give me that!
Come here.
l just want some food every morning...
Have l ever let you starve?
Didn't l help you find jobs?
l help you again and again
because l don't want you to go to jail!
Living out here as an ex-con...
is worse than death!
Let's go!
You think l'd do this if l had a choice?
l'm all like this skinny.
All my life, people say that
l look like a junkie.
You think l don't want to work?
No one's willing to hire me, man.
Move it!
Maybe it's better to be in the slammer.
l don't want to work like a dog, either.
l don't want to be like Chatting Cheung.
l just want my daughter
studying here with stability.
Can you help me out?
Hello, Sam Chai? Have you seen Bowen?
l haven't seen him for days.
This is for you. Enjoy.
Nam, have you seen Bowen?
Not really. What's going on?
Can you give me a call when you see him?
His mother's leaving
the hospital the day after tomorrow.
She's moving back home from the nursing home.
"Among all investments, emotional investment...
costs the least...
and with the highest rate of return."
A Japanese CEO said this.
But l just realized today that
the economic and managerial theories
l've learned over the years,
are complete bullshit!
l used to be an investment broker.
Don't remember how many people l've asked to
trust me with every penny they have.
Call me if you're interested in investing.
My name is Chau Hong.
lsn't it Jane?
Chau Hong is my real name.
Call me if you want to hear me sing!
You're such a fool.
That was ten years ago...
Chau Hong.
ln the 20 years l've been singing,
l can never choose which songs to sing.
l chose to invest in you.
No matter how it turns out...
l'm glad l made this investment.
lt's lung adenocarcinoma in stage four.
lt's a type of ALK gene mutation.
Can it be cured?
There's a new inhibitor drug called Alectinib
lt can lower the risk of death by 85%
and effectively kill
the cancer cells in the brain.
ln the brain?
Most people suffering from ALK lung cancer
the cancer cells
eventually spread to their brains.
But don't worry.
This type of targeted therapy
is very effective.
How much does it cost?
lt's a new drug,
and yet on the list of drug formulary.
lt costs around $80,000 a month.
l suggest chemotherapy.
lt's much cheaper after the patent period.
Each does costs around $3,000
But chemo is practically a torture.
l can get it if l pay $3,000?
lt takes time to get an appointment for chemo.
No matter what drugs you take at this stage,
the goal is delaying
the deterioration of the disease only.
Keeping a positive mind
will help your condition, too.
Lot number 7 spells misfortune.
Lady So Flees Disaster
The way ahead is treacherous
The streams are bearing earth and clay
lf you look to other places
You'll find no work and no home to rest
This lot spells dire misfortune.
lf you're asking about your own health,
this means that it's in your own hands.
You can also pray for a blessing.
Chronic illness will test anyone's patience
even their own son. Jane.
You can't keep young forever.
You have to take care of yourself.
Thanks, boss.
l know he'll get well soon.
When we shopped for performance outfits,
we'd avoid white ones since
they look like bridal dresses.
Almost all of us have worn
white dresses since then,
only you haven't...
At this point...
it doesn't matter whether
l'll wear one anymore.
lt'll be hard to find buyers for these.
How about $2,700?
Could you accept $3,000?
l need it to help a friend.
Thank you so much.
Stick out your tongue.
Cook this with five bowls of water,
boil it down to one bowl.
Drink it an hour before or after meal.
How much is it?
lt's okay,
we do free consultations on Wednesdays.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
l'm glad you're back.
Before something go wrong,
...we should discuss it well.
Nice! Can't believe it's your drawing.
Bowen, come here.
Look, Bowen.
Who drew this?
Chatting Cheung gave it to us before he left.
Don't be naughty like him.
Don't you dare leave us.
He won't get starving anymore.
Neither will you.
Jane told us that you will be back.
This is just for you.
My mom made this soup.
Also, Johnny says l'm doing well at work.
l'll learn how to shampoo next week.
That's good.
Your slacker days are over.
Bowen, l heard it helps for your condition.
Drink some milk, it's good for your health.
Here, for luck.
Take it.
No, it's fine.
lt's for good luck, you can't refuse it.
Take it.
For good luck.
You can't refuse it.
For good luck, can't turn it down.
Let me put some in too.
Here, you can't turn it down.
Count me in, too.
For good luck, you can't turn it down.
As our friend,
you shall work it out and get well soon.
- That's right, get well soon.
- Please take care.
The herbal medicine's ready.
keep it for me.
You're back. Come and sit down here.
- You're back.
- Bowen.
You haven't slept for days.
Why don't you get some sleep first?
l only have two days to go.
Two more days, then l'll be fine.
l have to go back to work.
Please look after Nan Nan for me.
Why don't you rest a little longer?
No need.
Then be careful.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't worry.
l've made an appointment
with the Qigong master.
Let's visit him in Yuen Long these few days.
Let me take Chinese medicine
for a few more days.
Qigong costs a fortune.
Let's get his opinions first.
Let go of her! Let go!
What are you doing? Are you nuts?!
You're whoring yourself out?
l thought you didn't want people
to look down on Nan Nan.
l have no choice!
Why are you such a fool?
Haven't l been helping you all along?
We'll help you get through this.
Give me the red pocket.
Take this.
Listen to me, for your daughter's sake!
Mama! Just take this!
Do it for Nan Nan.
Take it!
Thank you...
Nine Fingers, l beg you.
Please don't lend any more money
to my mother-in-law.
Hey, kick that bitch off!
Get off!
No more loans to that bitch!
You killed my son!
lf she didn't clear your debt,
you'd be dead by now!
You killed my son!
You hexed my son!
Your son died in an accident!
You're a goddamned hex!
You're a curse! You're a heX!
Stop! l don't know how your son died.
All l know is that this woman and her daughter
live in misery because of you,
you such an ungrateful woman!
lt's none of your damn business!
You lost a son, she also lost a husband,
and a little girl lost a father!
You even kicked your own granddaughter out.
You've no right to say anything
on your son's behalf!
You damn heX!
- You're a curse!
- Haven't you had enough?!
You heX, stay out of my business!
You damn curse!
You cursed my son!
lt's so pretty. Teach me how to knit this.
You're so lucky!
Social Welfare noticed me that
my one-way residency permit
should be approved soon.
Thank you, Bowen.
Don't mention it.
lt's a pipe burst!
Mommy, look!
Look, Bowen!
A wind-and-fire wheel?
lt's a flying guillotine!
That's awesome.
l know!
Mommy, mommy, mommy.
Wake up, mommy! Mommy!
- Mommy!
- What's wrong?
Call an ambulance!
Wake up, Mama.
Wake up, Mama!
Wake up!
You still have a daughter to raise!
The married name that
Mama wanted all this time...
There it is, finally, at her own funeral.
You have to hang in there!
Nan Nan has lost everything.
You're all she has now.
Wow, you are so bad at this, Bowen.
You'll have to exercise more!
Whatever puts a smile on your face...
l'll do it.
- Go faster.
- Sure.
- Faster!
- Sure.
You have to play with me here
same day every year, Bowen.
Go faster, Bowen!
- Having fun?
- l am!
Come swing with me, Bowen.
- See who can go higher?
- Yeah.
l promise l'll be good
and l'll study hard at school.
You've to get well soon, Bowen.
l can enter by myself.
Not bad at all.
When l have money,
l'll pay for her study of fine arts.
Then you need to get better soon
so you can be her model.
You're so good looking, shouldn't waste it.
ls business go well at the lounge?
Not too bad.
Before you became a singer...
Did you think about doing something else?
l wanted to be a wife...
To be a mom...
l grew up in a single-parent family.
All my life, l've wanted a family of my own.
You didn't really buy that, did you?
Have you ever thought about going home?
lt's late.
You should get to work.
Why don't l peel you an orange?
No need.
Come back tomorrow, okay?
l'm going then.
l'll see you tomorrow.
"The heavy foolish debt in heart"
"Turns out to be owing you a life"
"Endless love at the bottom of my heart"
"Boundless infatuation in heart"
"An uninterrupted flow of consolation"
"Only hope can compensate everything"
"Although eXhausted all my strengths"
"Although disregarded everything"
"Why all the different kinds of infatuation..."
"...are like in vain"
"So it is, the debt of heart in this life"
"Can't be repaid in a life"
"(But) in thousands of thousands
lives hard to estimate."
When is Bowen coming home?
Soon, he said. He'll be back soon.
l hope he still remembers the way home.
"Boundless infatuation in heart"
"An uninterrupted flow of consolation"
"Only hope can compensate everything"
"Although eXhausted all my strengths"
"Although disregarded everything"
"Why all the different kinds of infatuation..."
"...are like in vain"
"So it is, the debt of heart in this life"
"Can't be repaid in a life"
"(But) in thousands of thousands
lives hard to estimate."