I'm No Angel (1933) Movie Script

Right this way, folks!
Gather round. That's right.
You gotta hear me.
All right. You will see a show of amazing...
stupendous and cataclysmic proportions.
Your two bits will do the work of a sawbuck.
From the inside, folks, you're gonna see,
right before your very eyes...
without the aid of cheaters or a microscope...
- Joe, the Turtle Boy.
- That's it, the picture.
Jail me, folks, if I ain't telling the truth.
He walks, eats and sleeps just like a turtle...
but talks the English language
as well as you and I.
And shaves himself with a safety razor.
And as an added attraction folks,
Joe plays the zither.
Believe it or not, folks, he plays the zither.
That's what you'll see when you go inside.
What did you get?
Not much.
Them birds have to work for a living.
These tickers look like a lot of heirlooms.
Look at them.
And that, folks, is only a sample
of what you're gonna see for the one price.
Now look, folks, you've got to give me
your undivided attention...
because I want you to hear
each and every word that I'm going to say.
Over there, Tira, the beautiful Tira!
Dancing, singing marvel of the age!
Supreme flower of feminine pulchritude!
The girl who discovered
you don't have to have feet to be a dancer.
Boys, just push right in there,
you're gonna have a better view.
All right, boys, the lumber. Drag it out!
Pull ahead, men!
If I wasn't a married man,
I could go for you, baby.
No wisecracks, now.
A penny for your thoughts.
Tira, boys! Tira!
Just look at those eyes.
I dig those eyes.
Boys, she can assume shapes
that will astonish a chiropractor!
And next to her
a wiggling worm looks paralysed.
Get the idea, boys?
I can say
without fear of contradiction...
that if Tira had played the town at the time...
Noah would have missed the boat.
You follow me?
Boys, with the right kind of encouragement...
she'll throw discretion to the winds...
and her hips
to the north, east, south and west.
It's the only show on earth
where the tickets are made of asbestos.
And now inside, Tira,
the girl who makes your dreams come true.
Step right up, men.
Does she do her stuff?
You bet she can do it.
Oh, mama!
I know just how you feel, honey.
- Is that elegant or is that elegant?
- Elegant.
They call me Sister Honky-Tonk
I've got the face of a saint
On the level, it ain't paint
Beware of these eyes
I'm a devil in disguise
And they call me Sister Honky-Tonk
Get over dirty
They call me Sister Honky-Tonk
Just play a passionate strain
And I'll be low down again
It's fire and it's flame
So be careful of this dame
They call me Sister Honky-Tonk
I got to scram now
Am I making myself clear, boys?
Tomorrow night at the same time: Tira!
Tira, you're gonna be a good girl
and work them lions tonight, ain't you?
No, I'm gonna be a bad girl
and go home to bed.
- No.
- I'm tired from tossing my hips.
- I know, but...
- Besides the cat act's on too late, anyway.
I'll work them tomorrow night
if you put them on earlier.
Sometime you'll ask me
to do you a favour and I'll...
So what?
- Hello, honey.
- I've just been working on you.
Oh, yeah?
- What have you got to tell me tonight?
- I have your horoscope.
- I hope you got some good news in it.
- Good and bad.
Go ahead, I got my fingers crossed.
You were born in August.
- Yes, one of the hot months.
- It was on the 17th...
under the sign of Leo, the lion.
King of the beasts, huh?
Today is not lucky for you.
I can't complain. So far it's been perfect.
Tomorrow will be very lucky.
But tonight, be careful.
Something told me not to work
that lion act tonight.
You are very wise.
I profit by my experience.
Now listen, honey,
you just tell me about my future.
You see, I know all about my past.
You have a wonderful future.
I see a man in your life.
What, only one?
But this is one very particular man.
He is very wealthy. Enormously wealthy.
You mean a millionaire.
What does he look like?
I see he has brown eyes.
In fact, I see two men.
You don't mean twins?
No. Two different men.
In the near future I see a change.
What, a change of men?
Not yet.
I see a change of position.
Sitting or reclining?
But it's all left me.
I can't help you anymore tonight. I can't.
Thanks, Rajah.
It's all right, I'm in a hurry anyway.
- Give me my thing.
- Horoscope.
Keep this where you may
consult it frequently.
All right, I'll take it to bed with me.
What are you playing me the chill for
all of a sudden, baby?
Because I ain't exactly in the mood.
Seems like I can't put you
in the mood, lately.
I guess you're right.
Barton wants you to get in the cage
and wrestle them lions tonight.
Not tonight. I told Barton.
Tira, you've got to. The show is walking
on its heels in this town.
What's the rush?
You seem awful anxious to get somewhere.
- Pulling something funny, if you ask me.
- I ain't asking you.
I'm asking you.
What do you want to stay
in a hotel in town for?
Why don't you stay on the lot,
same as the rest of us?
'Cause I ain't the same as the rest of you.
I'm sick of people worrying about what I do.
I get about as much privacy around here
as a goldfish.
Getting high hat, huh?
What did you do? Got you a haircut
or have your ears moved down?
It's a wonder you noticed.
Miss Tira.
Come in, honey.
A gentleman gave me this note for you.
What's your name?
My name is Frederick, but they calls me Otto.
All right, honey,
you tell the gentleman it's okay.
Yes, ma'am.
- Who's the boyfriend?
- Wouldn't you like to know?
I tell you, you go mixing up with any guy
and I'll bust his jaw.
I'll break him in two, you hear?
I'll give him the works.
If you ain't careful,
you're liable to hurt somebody.
Take that as a warning.
You take it and bury it,
maybe it will grow lilies.
- I'll see you later.
- The later, the better.
Tira, can I come in?
Come on in.
See, I just felt I had to talk to somebody.
I'm in a rush, but go ahead and talk.
You look terrible. What's the matter?
Everything is the matter, with me anyhow.
- Barton again?
- Yeah.
That guy is a habit with you, honey.
Why don't you step out?
A change will do you good.
- That's what I'm doing.
- What about Slick?
He's all right. If he kept his hands
out of other people's pockets.
What is it gonna get me
hanging around him?
I got ideas.
Somewhere there's a guy with a million
waiting for a dame like me.
Rajah said so.
Tira, you always have such swell things.
How do you do it on your salary?
It's a gift, honey.
Them beads is pretty.
They are kind of pretty.
He gave me them. Genuine amber.
The beads, I mean.
And these here handkerchiefs,
genuine Madeira.
No, he gave me the pillows.
Here, here's the baby.
He gave me them.
And this here sailor,
he gave me this here jade set...
he got in Shanghai, genuine jade, he said.
Tira, they're beautiful.
- You like them?
- Yes.
Try them on. If they do something to you,
you can have them.
Don't mention it.
I'd like to stick around and show you
the rest of my stuff, but I got a heavy date.
I gotta be leaving you.
- Tira, how can I ever thank you?
- Don't.
Why, you look better already.
Say, you're a good-looking dame.
There is a lot of guys
that would go for you in a big way.
Always remember, honey, a good motto is:
"Take all you can get
and give as little as possible."
Don't forget, honey,
never let one man worry your mind.
Find them, fool them, forget them.
Thanks again.
Hello, how's the joints tonight?
Swell, Tira.
Hello, Tira.
This is the first chance
I've had to talk to you.
- When are we going out again together?
- Almost anytime you say, Harry.
I got to see you more often.
- You know, I'm kind of crazy about you.
- Oh, yeah?
- Can't get you out of my mind.
- That's bad.
Better not be thinking about me
when you're up there in the flying rings.
- Something's liable to happen.
- Not a chance.
How about us going somewhere
after the show tonight?
Not tonight, I gotta see my aunt.
Tira, us fellows are worried
about Harry here.
He don't eat enough,
won't even sleep enough.
Love, you know, is bad for an acrobat.
Don't worry. I ain't gonna hurt him.
I only wanna feel his muscles.
Bye, Harry.
I never met anybody
just like you before. You're different.
Anything different always costs more
but it's worth it.
By the way, you married or single?
Married five times.
Five times.
Wedding bells must sound
like an alarm clock to you.
I don't' suppose
you believe in marriage, do you?
Only as a last resort.
What do you do for a living?
I'm sort of a politician.
I don't like work, either.
I like to get around and travel.
Believe me, I've been places and seen things.
I've been things and seen places.
That sort of evens us up, eh?
Sit down.
I didn't get your name.
I don't give my name to everybody,
but it's...
Don't tell me it's Smith.
- Brown. Ernest Brown.
- That will do.
What colour are you eyes?
I don't know.
You like them?
Where did you say you are from?
Don't think I've said,
but I'm from Dallas, Texas.
Dallas, huh?
I see. Pardon me.
Dallas, huh?
There we are.
Dallas, huh?
No one loves me like that Dallas man
Bet your life no one loves you
like that Dallas man.
Kisses sweet like honey
Oh, yeah?
Smiles that big and sunny
No one loves me like that Dallas man
Why, folks, he's got backbone
He's a Texas cyclone
No one loves me like that Dallas man
Why, brother, he's a wild-horse trainer
With a special whip
Gals, you'll go insaner
When he gets you in his grip
Strong arms made for loving
Heat like from an oven
No one loves me like that Dallas man
You just put your heart and soul
in your dancing, don't you, honey?
You've certainly given me
the time of my life, baby.
Don't say "given,"
I don't like that word "given."
Do pretty well for yourself, don't you?
That's nothing.
Ever take a crack at show business?
That's one business I never tried.
You ought to do great in that racket.
In front of the tent, the big boss.
You mean with a cigar?
You catch on.
Maybe I can fix it up with Mr. Barton
to sell you an interest in the show.
Then I can take the leading lady out
all the time, huh?
That's the angle.
We'll talk that over later.
Remember your five wives.
You're the baby that can make me
forget them. Kiss Papa.
Give me a long one.
You ain't the only girl I've ever kissed.
You got a lot to learn even at that.
What do you mean
by busting in here like this?
What are you doing here with my wife?
Your wife?
He's lying, I ain't his wife.
You can't get away with this.
Listen, you're in a tough spot.
Wait, let me get this straight.
You got it straight.
It's gonna be just too bad for you
when I call the cops.
You can't shake this guy down.
Here I am about to promote him
for dough, you come in to spoil it.
Don't give me that.
I get it. You all don't have to talk it over.
I reckon I'm leaving right now.
No, you ain't.
There's a business matter to settle first.
I won't give you a nickel.
You picked the wrong one.
I got connections in this town.
I'll see that you get
what's coming to you.
Now wait a minute.
I've laid out bigger chumps
than you, you mug.
- Now try and get out of this.
- You're in it with me.
As fast as you pick them up, I'll drop them.
Yeah? He ain't doing so good.
You better look him over.
- I think he's croaked.
- Ain't that nice.
I told you them barroom tricks of yours
will get us in trouble.
Come on, we gotta lam.
What? Leave him here in my place
for the cops to find?
I ain't taking any rap
for something you've done.
You like me to get sent up,
so you can have a free hand with the boys.
What a good time you'd have.
Listen, you may be tired of me,
but I ain't tired of you.
There ain't no time for that now.
Get him out of here.
Where am I gonna put a stiff in this joint?
Put him out in the hall.
They can't tell who did it then.
Hey, lay off.
Ain't you got no respect for the dead?
Come on, let's blow.
Is he dead?
He's coming around.
Got a crack on his head.
Wonder how.
Did you people hear any noise?
Sure, I heard a phonograph playing.
That's it. Take it easy, partner.
Got any idea who did this?
It's one of them circus fellows.
- Pick him out?
- Sure I can pick him.
- Say, I've been robbed!
- Are you sure?
I had a diamond that big
in a ring on my finger.
We'll get some of the boys to pick him up
if he ain't left town.
- Can you make the grade?
- Sure.
Right this way.
That's him.
Through the tent.
Move, boys.
That's him.
That's him, men, hurry up.
There he goes. Don't let him get away.
Catch him, men.
You're not going to pull that on me.
None of that. Don't start no riot.
- That's him.
- Go ahead, frisk him.
Come on.
That's it.
You sure?
I can prove it.
Take him along.
- But it's mine.
- It's evidence, give it here. Come on.
- Our phone working?
- Yeah.
- Hello. Give me long distance.
- Long distance?
- Ain't you never heard of it?
- Anything wrong?
Cops picked up Slick for knocking over
a guy and lifting his diamond ring.
He pulled that job here?
Don't worry.
You're safe. It's me that they...
Hello. Long distance?
I want to talk to Benny Pinkowitz.
New York City. I don't know. He lives
around 88th Street and Riverside Drive.
Pinkowitz, I said.
All right, I'll spell it for you.
"P" like in pansy.
I- N-K-O-W...
"W" like in witch.
No, witch!
Dame misunderstood me.
I- T...
"T" like in tomato.
Put them all together, they spell "Pinkowitz."
All right, you'll ring me?
Why are you calling that shyster?
He helped me beat one rap,
and he can do it again.
How're you mixed up in this?
Like an olive in a martini.
That's service.
Hello, Benny?
Benny, this is Tira.
Hello, Tira.
It's all right. You didn't disturb me.
What is this time?
Can that be the truth?
All right, I'll catch the first train out.
Maybe for you, Tira, I can do something.
But as for Slick, I ain't so sure.
Say, have you got any money?
It will take a nice piece of change
to square up everything.
About myself, I ain't asking a nickel.
Don't worry, Benny. I'll have the money
when you get here. Only work fast.
Leave it to me. Goodbye. See you later.
Hey, operator, listen...
I don't accept reverse charges. Yeah.
Bill, you gotta let me have some dough.
You're asking favours of me now?
All right, you win. Give me a light.
If you'd been nicer to me
and worked the way I wanted you to...
why then...
It's either one thing or the other.
You fix me up with dough
or I gotta get out of town.
If Slick goes up,
he's gonna drag me with him.
I want the dough,
and I'll pay you back as soon as I can.
I wanna help around here.
I'm willing to do my share,
more than my share.
I'll work them cats
like they've never been worked.
If it'll make you happy,
I'll even stick my head in the big cat's mouth.
Think it over.
She'll stick her head in the big cat's mouth?
This is big. If she'll do that,
your fortune's as good as made.
The Big Show would grab that act
in a minute.
They've been all season
looking for an attraction like that.
They've been wanting something big.
This is it. Can't you see it?
The 24 sheets, "Dame Sticks
Her Beautiful Head in a Lion's Mouth."
The jaws of death! I mean, it's stupendous!
Don't you realise you'd be a chump
not to cash in on it? Give yourself a break.
If I can't sell that act to the Big Show
in 10 minutes, my name ain't Flea Madigan.
Tell them we can handle them cats
like nobody else.
She's safer in that cage than in bed.
I don't doubt it.
- Tira, I've changed my mind.
- Does it work any better?
I've got your money.
It's a drop in the bucket to what you'll get.
There is a Santa Claus,
but why the great joy?
We can sell the act to the Big Show.
That was a great idea you got.
- What idea was that?
- Sticking your head in the lion's mouth!
Who's sticking whose head in whose mouth?
You! It's marvellous, it's stupendous!
It's lousy.
You can't back out on me.
What do you think I am, screwy?
Sticking my head in a lion's mouth.
Don't make me laugh, I ain't in the mood.
He'll let you stick your hand in,
why not your head?
You're crazy if you don't grab this chance.
It means a fortune.
Think of it, all the dough you can use!
What is the proposition?
The Big Show, playing big cities.
Your name in 1,000-watt Mazdas.
No more worrying, no more doubling,
all the clothes you want.
What good will clothes do me
without a head?
It's a cinch for you, Tira.
Big Boy will never hurt you.
He's young, you'll never have to use
another cat.
The Big Show, playing in all the big cities.
The silk hats, the Rolls-Royce cars...
the clothes, the jewels, the smart money.
Meeting the swells, huh?
Boys, I think you got me sold.
The only trouble with a trick like that...
if it don't work the first time,
you don't get a second chance.
- How much dough you got?
- A couple of grand.
Let's have it.
I may need more later.
Here, sign.
What's the matter, don't you trust me?
I wouldn't trust my own mother,
you know that.
I'll hop that first plane
in the morning and I'll...
Joe, open up this cage. I'm going in.
All right.
Now listen, honey, there's a little something
I wanna talk over with you.
Now this is what you got to do.
- When does this lion tamer appear?
- Few minutes.
- 9:45, to be exact.
- How do you know?
Why, it's here on the programme.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I take great pleasure in introducing to you...
Tira, the million-dollar beauty!
You see her?
She is something special, isn't she?
I'll say, she's fascinating.
Where were you last night?
Give me a peek.
Come on, talk to me.
Come on, get up.
Come on, speak up for yourself.
What's the matter with you?
You gotta be sitting? Get up.
Yeah, you'll end up as a rug.
Come on, you're holding up the works,
you mug.
Come on, get up there.
Give us a peek.
Romeo, what's the matter with you?
Come on, get up there, that's it.
And now, ladies and gentlemen...
for the first time
since Nero threw the Christians to the lions...
you will see feminine beauty,
triumphant and unafraid.
Miss Tira will defy death
by placing her head...
in the jaws of the king of beasts.
Miss Tira!
If them lions don't show some sense,
I'm going down and bite her myself.
Come on, handsome, say, "Ah."
Come on, big guy.
That's it.
Remember my contract, baby.
- That was great, wasn't it?
- I didn't see anything great about it.
Look here, I happen to know
her publicity man.
- How would you all like to go back...
- I'm for that.
Oh, no.
Let's do, Alicia. We don't care
about seeing the rest of the show, do we?
- No.
- And it'll be a lot of fun knowing her.
It's absurd to make such a fuss
over an ordinary circus performer.
- Are we going, or aren't we?
- We certainly are.
Well, let's go.
Very well.
I suppose I must bow
before the general enthusiasm.
Beulah, that's another performance
under my belt and I still got the face.
Bless you, child,
I hopes you always keeps it.
It's my fortune.
When I was born with this face,
it was the same as striking oil.
Yes, ma'am.
You sure do believe in that horoscope,
don't you, Miss Tira?
It tells me everything.
I wouldn't make a move without it.
Yes, indeed, Tira enjoys meeting people.
You'll find her a regular fellow.
She has to be in the mood.
That is, her work is very strenuous
and stars will be temperamental at times.
- Yes, so I've heard.
- Yes.
Excuse me just a moment.
See who that is.
Evening, Mr. Madigan.
May I see Miss Tira, please?
Yes, sir.
Come in, Flea.
- Are you in the mood?
- For what?
Silk hats.
I can get that way.
Okay, Beulah.
Step right in, please.
Thank you.
Just make yourself right at home.
Miss Tira'll be out directly.
That's nice. Appreciate it.
Thank you.
Mr. And Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. And Mrs. Bond.
How do you do?
Mr. Lawrence and Miss Hatton.
Pleased to meet you, won't you sit down?
Thank you.
Won't you sit down?
If you don't mind,
I'd rather wait in the lounge.
Pleased to have met you, anyway.
Now, let's see, where were we?
I was about to say, we really came back
to tell you what a thrill you gave us.
Thank you, I'm glad you liked my act.
It is kind of unusual.
I don't see how you get up enough courage
to thrust your head in that beast's mouth.
I often wonder myself.
It seems terribly dangerous.
It is, that's why I have to carry a rod,
I mean a gun.
I had to shoot a lion once.
Really, was he mad?
He wasn't exactly pleased about it.
Would you be so good
as to autograph my programme?
Love to.
I should think
you dread every new performance.
It is kind of wearing on the nerves.
Of course, I don't intend to do this
all my life.
- Thanks.
- And mine?
I don't believe after all this excitement,
that you'd enjoy being idle.
I'll be doing something.
Say, I've got a great idea.
Why don't you have supper with us?
We'd love to have you.
Thanks, but I've previous engagements.
That's too bad.
- It's been such a great pleasure to meet you.
- Thank you.
Permit me to say,
I think you're perfectly wonderful.
Coming from a woman,
that's a big compliment.
It's been charming to meet you lovely people.
Have a lovely evening.
Good night.
Anyway, you've been awfully kind.
I'll never forget you.
No one ever does.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Swell person, isn't she?
I'm so glad we met her.
How about taking a look at the lion
she works with?
Good idea.
We'll wait for Alicia.
Yes. We'll join you later.
Until then.
Don't be long.
All right.
Beulah, remind me to tell Flea Madigan
to get that blue book in here...
with the 400 in it. So I'll know who's who
and what's what in this town.
Yes, ma'am.
Mr. Lawrence, huh?
Did you have a nice visit
with your lion tamer?
Alicia, she's marvellous.
You really should've stayed.
- Such good fun.
- Nonsense.
I can't see why everybody's
so absolutely gaga about her.
She's obviously a person
of the commonest sort.
Not at all.
Of course,
she would impress the men.
They all have low minds. And she's certainly
low enough to appeal to them.
Alicia, how can you say that?
We all have a right
to our own opinion and I think she's cruel...
and a very ill-bred person.
I've never been so...
I must get out of this place before I scream.
Can you imagine that broad
discussing me in that manner?
Say, I like them brocades.
- Order me six more pair in the morning.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Is you in to anyone else?
- I'm meeting all comers tonight.
Sorry, I believe I left my cane inside.
He says he left his cane.
Come in, Mr. Lawrence. Let's find it.
It isn't necessary, I know right where I left it.
- You got a good memory.
- I ought to, since I left it here on purpose.
You mean you planted that stick?
Had to find a way to see you alone.
I've seen your show three times
and I think you're wonderful.
- You're dazzling, beautiful, gorgeous...
- Wait a minute, take it slower.
What I mean is, let's get better acquainted.
You know, we can have a lot of fun together.
You'll like me when you know me.
I'm not half bad.
If you're half the man I think you are,
you'll do.
- I am.
- Oh, well.
Come on, let's go out tonight.
I'll ditch the crowd.
- I told you I have a previous engagement.
- Break it.
- You'll never regret it.
- No.
I'd love to, but I've got to meet my aunt.
These relatives are a nuisance at times.
What about tomorrow?
For breakfast, lunch, dinner, anything.
Let me see.
Breakfast I have in bed, so that's out.
I don't eat lunch, and dinner...
We'll make it supper tomorrow night.
That's a date, then we'll go out.
I like sophisticated men to take me out.
I'm not really sophisticated.
You're not really out yet, either.
You got me.
Have I?
I guess I'd better be going
before they come in here and get me.
- Tomorrow night, then.
- That's the night.
Beulah, bring me my horoscope.
- Here it is.
- That's service.
That man sure is crazy about you, ain't he?
Crazy about me?
The guy's a pushover for me.
Thank you, Mr. Lawrence.
That will be delivered to Miss Tira today.
We will deliver the card to Miss Tira
on Wednesday.
All right, Miss Tira,
Mr. Lawrence has arranged for the account.
Yeah? Now let me see.
My, oh, my! Look at that.
I always love to be in bright lights
My streets are paved with gold
I found myself a new kind of man
Sing it, honey.
He's mine to have and hold
And how.
I'm in my glory when he's around
Yes, ma'am.
Found a new way to go to town
- Miss Tira, you got something.
- Something not bad, huh?
Not bad?
I've never seen such presents as this here
Mr. Kirk Lawrence done give you.
You sure skinned him pretty.
You only knowed him a week.
Yeah, but what a week!
He's crazy about you, same as all the rest.
I don't see how any man
could help loving you.
I don't give them any help,
they do it themselves.
You do keep me busy
keeping track of your gentleman friends.
I want to make it easy for you, Beulah...
I'm thinking about putting in a filing system.
Yes, ma'am.
Men don't mean a thing to me.
Be careful with that million-dollar foot.
I don't know, but me and men
do pretty well together.
What kind of men do you like, Libby?
I'm just crazy about dark men.
Dark men?
You ought to have a big time in Africa.
Yes, ma'am.
Don't get those nails too short,
or they'll think I bite them.
Miss Tira, I've been under the impression
you is a one-man woman.
I am, one man at a time.
Yes, ma'am.
Fetch me that importation.
You mean this one?
Yes, that Parisian one.
Yes, ma'am.
I play to win the game of romance
With high cards in my hands
But I've been trumped by an ace of hearts
That feeling's oh, so grand
Give me my parasols and fancy gowns
I found a new way to go to town
I'm high
Yes, ma'am.
I'm low
Takes a good man to break me
Sure does.
No man can shake me
Until I let him go
Oh de lum
Come on.
Is it a flash or is it a flash?
That's beautiful.
I know it's beautiful,
but I'm asking you is it a flash?
It's a flash, all right.
- Kind of daring, huh?
- Not for you, it ain't.
That's all I want to know.
If that's that house detective, tell him I'm...
I never will get used to this joint.
- Show the gentleman in.
- Yes, ma'am.
Get me my beads.
You mean that pretty necklace
you just had give to you?
Yeah, the necklace. I will say beads.
- Pretty, ain't it?
- I'll say it is.
I just wonder how much money that costs?
I couldn't tell you right now,
but I have an idea...
It ain't no he, it's a she.
Says her name is Miss Hatton.
- Miss who?
- Miss Hatton.
- Pardon me.
- Yes, ma'am.
So it's you.
You know why I'm here.
Hardly. You see I'm a lion tamer,
not a mind reader.
Then it might refresh you to know
that I'm Kirk's fiance.
Nothing refreshing about that.
- I want to know just what you intend to do.
- What do you mean?
You know you're making a fool of him.
He ain't any different than
when I first met him, not much.
Everyone knows we're engaged
and yet you're deliberately interfering.
I ain't interfering with nothing.
- If Kirk prefers my company to yours...
- No, he doesn't, he only imagines he does.
I'll admit the boy has got a great imagination.
It's perfectly obvious
what your intentions are.
Kirk has lots of money...
Wait a minute.
Whatever you're thinking, you're wrong.
I only like him like a brother.
You ain't got nothing to worry about.
- You're a liar!
- Say, listen you...
a better dame than you
once called me a liar...
and they had a sew her up
in 12 different places.
You're lucky I'm a little more refined
than I used to be.
And if you were as much a lady as I am...
you'd get out of here before I get real sore.
- You haven't a streak of decency in you.
- I don't show my good points to strangers.
I'll trouble you to scram.
Just a minute.
I realise there's only one thing
that will influence you to leave Kirk alone.
How much?
Yes, ma'am.
Peel me a grape.
I can't wait any longer.
You'd better go.
- I'm not going to Texas. That's final.
- You're being ridiculous.
This mad infatuation of yours for this...
lion tamer, will ruin your life
and Alicia's, too.
Don't you worry about Alicia.
You seem to forget
that you're an engaged man.
Jack, it's no good arguing.
I'll handle my own affairs.
- You're gonna continue with this woman?
- Indefinitely.
- You're mad.
- Right.
Leave that where you found it.
Well, hello, baby.
Here I am.
So I see.
When'd did they open
the pearly gates for you?
Yesterday. Glad to see me?
Sure, don't I look it?
- And you ain't sore.
- Why should I be?
You've done the time, not me.
How did you happen to come up here?
The show was laying off this week,
so I looks up Barton.
He tells me what a swell joint you got here.
You've done pretty nice for yourself.
From a tent to a penthouse.
Yeah, this is a great layout.
This is one place
you ain't laying out in, honey.
I guess that sort of means
I don't exactly fit in around here.
I wouldn't say that.
The whole trouble with you,
you got nervous fingers.
I'm all washed up with that.
What are you figuring on doing for a living?
I don't know. I'm sort of up against it.
I thought maybe you might...
Pulling the sob on me?
No, I...
I'll do something for you...
if you promise to keep your hands
in your own pockets.
- Baby, I'd promise you anything.
- But would you keep it?
- Do you want me to swear?
- Never mind, I can do that myself.
Listen, go see Barton. Tell him I said
to find something for you to do over there.
And here, take this.
But don't make a habit of it.
Get yourself some clothes
so you start looking normal again.
Say, you're a pal.
- You know there never was a dame like you.
- Forget that.
Okay, but I just want you to know
I'm still warm for you, baby.
- Maybe I'll be seeing you.
- Make it soon, will you?
Get going.
That guy would show up now.
Excuse me.
- Miss Tira's apartment?
- Yes, sir.
Just say if she can spare the time,
Mr. Clayton would like to see her.
I will if I can remember it,
if not, I'll just say he's here.
Perhaps that will do as well.
Take the gentleman's hat and coat.
I hope I haven't disturbed you.
Not so far.
Anything I can do for you?
Yes, there is,
but first I better introduce myself.
That's not necessary, I know who you are.
I've heard Kirk speak of you.
Good, that simplifies matters.
It's on Kirk's account I'm here.
I see.
Let's sit down and be comfortable about it.
I hope I can come right to the point.
About this situation between you and Kirk...
he's neglecting important business
on your account.
And there's Miss Hatton, his fiance,
to be considered.
She's a novel twist.
Of course, I know you have no liking
for Miss Hatton.
She came in here, got nasty,
I had to put her in her place.
Yes, I heard you had
some slight misunderstanding.
Do you mind if I get personal?
Go right ahead.
I don't mind if you get familiar.
It's all in the family.
Well, then, do you really care for Kirk?
I mean, do you love him?
I don't know. See, my horoscope says so.
I'm afraid I don't understand.
I'm afraid
I don't understand it myself sometimes.
You see, it describes a guy,
I mean, a man like Kirk.
Surely you're not being serious.
Why, I certainly am.
My whole life is ruled by astrology.
What colour eyes have you got?
I don't know.
Well, as you were saying...
You're telling me simply because Kirk fits
some description in your horoscope...
that you'd deliberately break up things
between him and Miss Hatton?
Maybe it would be a good break for him.
Surely you wouldn't let personal dislike
destroy their engagement.
Unless, of course,
you have serious intentions.
What if I have?
I'm afraid that's impossible.
Listen, with me nothing is impossible.
That may be.
But I'm here to tell you, if you're thinking
of marrying Kirk, you better not count on it.
Kirk sent you up here with that line?
He doesn't know I'm here.
I get it. You figure the family honour
needs protecting.
A circus dame would be sort of
a red leaf on the family tree, is that it?
Please understand
that it's been difficult for me...
to come here and talk to you about what you
no doubt consider is none of my business.
That's all right, I don't care.
If someone's got something on their mind,
I like them to get it off.
- You're an unusual sort of person.
- I've been accused of that.
As a matter of fact, I'd much rather have
met you under pleasanter circumstances.
Same here, there's no hard feelings.
Of course not. I shouldn't want you
to feel unfriendly toward me.
I shouldn't want you to get the impression
that I'm just an adventuress.
- I didn't think that.
- What did you think?
I had no definite idea
what you would be like.
I've seen newspaper pictures of you.
Yeah? Ever seen this one here?
There's one of my favourites.
- It looks just like you.
- It should, I posed for it.
- You like it?
- Yes.
You can have it.
No, thanks, I wouldn't want to deprive you...
It's all right, I get them by the hundreds,
frame and all.
Well, in that case...
Won't you stay? I'll ring for tea.
No, thanks, really, I must be going.
You've been wonderful.
You've been kind of wonderful yourself.
Thank you.
Now you'll consider all I've said
and try and bring Kirk to his senses.
I can't promise anything right now, but...
you have started a new train of thought
in my mind.
I'll think it over and let you know
what I decide.
- You'd be doing a fine thing.
- Yeah? Fine for who?
For all of us.
You're kind of unusual yourself.
I've been accused of that.
Now you can reach me there at any time.
And I want to thank you
for the way you received me.
And you can reach me there at any time.
You'll hear from me.
That will be fine.
You fascinate me. You'd better go.
Good night.
Miss Tira calling.
Good. Put her on.
Mr. Clayton?
I've been thinking over
everything you said and...
I've made my decision.
Good. I'm glad you made up
your mind quickly.
I'm very quick in a slow way.
You see I can't discuss it over the phone.
It's got a lot of angles to it.
You better come up and see me.
I'll be glad to.
In fact, I'll come over right away
if it's convenient for you.
Most convenient.
I'll tell you this much...
you're gonna like what I got in mind.
I'll be ready.
- Hello, honey.
- Good evening, Miss Tira.
If anyone should call, I'm indisposed.
Yes, ma'am.
You know what I mean, don't you?
Yes, ma'am.
Come here, dear.
I haven't had you alone all evening
with all those people.
My public.
Let me take a good look at you.
You were wonderful tonight.
I'm always wonderful at night.
Yes, but tonight you were especially good.
When I'm good, I'm very good.
But when I'm bad...
I'm better.
Don't go away, I'll be right back.
No one loves me
like that New York man
You must've had a good time,
you seem so happy.
If I wasn't, you'd know it.
Get me another gown, Beulah.
I've danced this one around all evening.
I gotta give it a rest.
Yes, ma'am. Which one?
- That lucky one.
- Yes, ma'am.
- That guy's got rhythm, eh?
- Yes, I know what you means.
Bring out a couple of drinks
and then you two dames can retire.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
Open up that door.
Here goes my big moment.
Don't stop, honey, you put me in the mood.
It's good to be here alone with you, dear.
I kind of like it, too.
The only thing I've got to be jealous.
- Of course, if I could only trust you.
- You can, hundreds have.
Do you know I'm mad about you?
I could tell you'd be, the first time I saw you.
Say, I must be transparent.
Honey, you're just wrapped in cellophane.
Come on, darling.
- Be serious.
- You want me to?
- Sure I do.
- All right, now I'm very serious.
I adore you.
Yes, ma'am.
How am I doing, Beulah?
You're doing fine, you're doing grand.
I'll do better when you are gone,
you rascal, you!
Yes, ma'am,
I know you will, ma'am.
Great gals, huh?
Honey, I wonder if you realise
just how much you mean to me.
- I've never been so happy in my life.
- You mean that?
I guess love is a wonderful thing.
Yes, I've heard it highly praised.
No one could be
half as nice as you
What have you done to me
You're simply grand
You worked your spell on me
So make your demand
I want you, I need you
Your love must be mine
oh, baby, baby
To have you would be paradise divine
- Move over, honey, and don't stop.
- I'll never stop.
Want you, need you
To call you my own
To have you would be
paradise I know
Please won't you believe me
Darling, you can never guess
how much I love you.
I'll never guess, you've got to you show me.
- Just give me the chance.
- You'll get it.
To have you
I could be your slave.
I guess that could be arranged.
What have you done to me?
You're simply grand
What have you done to me?
You ought to know.
So make your demand
I want you, need you
Your love must be mine
oh, baby, baby
To have you would be paradise
What are you gonna do about it?
What's this in the paper
about you marrying this rich guy, Clayton?
If it's publicity it's great,
and if it ain't, it's no good.
I'm quitting the show.
- You're quitting?
- Yeah, I'm sick of this racket.
I found the right man, I'm gonna get married.
You can't quit.
- You got a five year contract with me.
- Yeah?
Did you ever read it?
It says for a good cause
you could give a two week's notice.
- I'm giving you that notice now.
- But you ain't got no good cause.
Marriage is a good enough cause
for anything.
You can't do that to me
and get away with it.
What's my picture doing by that skunk?
I figured it belonged there.
What do you mean?
Everybody used to call me "The Bull."
You may be the bull to them,
but you're just plain skunk to me.
I got everything set.
You get to the apartment
and see everything's clear.
All right.
But suppose Tira gets back
before we spring it.
I got the chauffer fixed...
so there'll be trouble with the car
on the road.
Now, get going. Every minute counts.
Can't you hurry and get that thing fixed,
I gotta get back.
I'm expecting Mr. Clayton at the apartment.
Doing the best I can, ma'am.
Your best is no good, try your worst.
Yes, ma'am.
Say, where are we?
I thought we were in Jersey.
We're in Jersey, ma'am.
You sure you didn't take
the wrong road and land in Brazil?
No, ma'am.
Come on.
Yes, ma'am.
What do you want?
You're Clayton.
I know all about you and Tira.
But that's all finished.
I've been away, but I'm back again
and she ain't wanting no change.
We're going on just the same as before.
- Get it?
- No, I don't get it.
- Where's Miss Tira?
- She ain't here now.
She knew you was coming
and she didn't want to see you.
What're you talking about?
She didn't like to tell you herself,
so I'm doing it for her.
Ain't that enough?
Yes, I guess that's enough.
This is the right thing to do, Jack.
With a woman of her type,
this would have happened sooner or later.
If you ask me, I think you're lucky.
Maybe you are right.
Frank, get a messenger
and send that at once, will you?
I'm gonna be out of town
for three or four weeks.
In the meantime, I'm out to all callers.
Everybody, understand?
Is that message for Miss Tira, too?
But I understood
you were to be married this month.
We're both mistaken.
Yes, sir.
What have you done to me
You're simply grand
You worked your spell on me
So make your demand
I want you, I need you
Your love must be mine
You sure gonna make a gorgeous bride.
I know I'm gonna make a nervous bride.
I ain't never done this before.
Marriage is a new kind of racket for me.
I've been married four times.
You ought to do well
in the wholesale business.
I don't wanna see anyone but Mr. Clayton.
Yes, ma'am.
That Mr. Clayton is sure a wonderful man.
I'll say he is.
I never knew I could go for anyone
like I have for him.
He made me feel like a different dame.
I ain't just a "Sister Honky Tonk" no more.
You're a lady now.
Thank you.
Some messenger gave me
this note to give you, Miss Tira.
You can go.
This is Miss Tira speaking.
I'm sorry, madam, Mr. Clayton's gone away.
Gone away? When is he expected back?
I couldn't say definitely
but I'm sure not for several weeks.
- Is that the only message he left for me?
- Yes, that's all.
Hello, Tira darling.
How are you?
You look so marvellous.
Come right in, sit right down
and make yourself at home.
Let me look
at that beautiful smile of yours.
You know about me getting married?
Sure. Congratulations.
Too late. It's all off.
Sue the guy for breach of promise.
- The lowlife.
- No, he ain't, Benny.
The first guy I ever really loved.
- I thought he loved me, too.
- What a tragedy.
We start proceedings immediately.
How much is he worth?
Millions? We sue him for damages.
I ain't damaged.
I just want you to sue him
for breach of promise.
I got all the proof you want, letters, wires,
newspaper stories, even my trousseau.
For that trousseau alone we collect plenty.
It's a cinch.
When do you want the case tried?
Let me see.
I go on the road with the show and...
I'll be back in a few months.
- Better start then.
- Easy. Got the case.
Darling, you give me a few details
and I'll serve him with papers right away.
Okay. First, I'll tell you how I met the guy.
But remember in anything I say
I ain't got any real animosity for him.
Of course.
- If I was a home girl, I'd be heartbroken.
- Yes.
Miss Tira, I understand you've had
a rather colourful past.
I gotta admit I've been the love interest
in more than one guy's life.
I don't see what my past
has got to do with my present.
We shall show that
to the satisfaction of the court, I believe.
Nevertheless, the fact remains
that you've been on...
friendly terms with several men.
All right, I'm a sweetheart of Sphigma Psi,
so what?
You must answer questions directly, please.
Pardon me, Judge.
Do you know a man named Wiley...
generally called Slick?
Yes, I know the... The gentleman.
And you recall the man you see there?
If I'm not mistaken,
you mean that Dallas man.
And you are also acquainted,
aren't you, with Mr. Kirk Lawrence?
Yes, I had the pleasure.
And no doubt you recall
those five gentlemen...
seated in the first row
right inside the railing?
Mr. Blake, Mr. Larson, Mr. Willard...
Mr. Foster, Mr. Harris.
I do recall their faces
but them ain't the names they gave me.
Pardon me again, Judge.
It's all right.
That's all, Miss Tira.
Does the plaintiff's attorney
wish any further questions?
I would like to request recess
for about 10 minutes.
Is that agreeable to the defence?
This court's adjourned for 10 minutes.
Why did you admit
that you knew all these men?
I do know them.
You don't want me to commit perjury?
Yes, why didn't you tell me
there was so many men in your life?
Why shouldn't I know guys?
I've been around. I travel from coast to coast.
A dame like me can't make trips like that
without meeting any of the male population.
Listen to me, Tira.
You know me, I'm a smart lawyer.
Give me that much loophole
and I'm through it like an eel.
With what all those guys,
all those riffraffs, pardon me...
going up to the judge and telling
all they know about you and them.
- It's curtains for us.
- You mean we're finished?
Yeah, sure, drop it.
You had enough publicity.
What those guys are gonna tell the judge
won't read so nice in the newspapers.
I ain't gonna drop it.
Listen, Benny, have I a right
to question witnesses myself?
Yeah, sure but...
- That's what I'm gonna do.
- You don't mean it.
Now Mr. Brown, just tell the jury
in your words, what took place.
I was watching her dance
and I seen her looking at me.
I kind of looked back
and she flirted and made a date with me.
So, I took her out for a ride in my car...
and she asked me up to her hotel room
where she was living.
We had a couple of drinks...
and she put on a phonograph record
and we danced.
And while we was dancing, she kissed me.
And how long were you
with Miss Tira in her hotel room?
- Close to a couple hours, I should say.
- That's all, Mr. Brown.
My client begs
the permission of the court...
to question the defence witness herself.
It's a little unusual,
but quite within the plaintiff's right.
She may question the witnesses.
If you please...
the court should warn
the jury not to be swayed...
by any theatricalism by the plaintiff.
The jury in weighing the evidence
will bear in mind the defence's warning.
Lovely tie.
Mr. Brown, aren't you the man
that had the five wives?
And you was married to one
when you were with me, wasn't you?
- Yes.
- Cheating.
You made it sound nasty
the way you spoke about us two...
being alone together in my place.
And you know nothing happened that
you couldn't tell your grandchildren about.
Well, I...
In other words, it was just
a harmless little social date, wasn't it?
- Yeah.
- Okay, I'm through with you.
How am I doing?
Any further questions?
You're excused, Mr. Brown. Next witness.
Mr. Kirk Lawrence.
Mr. Kirk Lawrence, take the stand.
Quiet, please.
Do you solemnly swear
to tell the whole truth...
and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
I do.
Take the stand.
Aren't you well-acquainted
with the plaintiff?
- Yes.
- In fact, you were intimate friends.
Isn't it true that you once seriously
contemplated asking her to marry you?
Now, I understand
that after knowing you only a week...
the plaintiff accepted several thousand
dollars worth of gifts from you.
Such as a diamond bracelet...
Gowns, a fur coat...
That's correct.
And almost immediately
after accepting these gifts...
she became engaged to Mr. Clayton,
isn't that so?
And after becoming engaged she refused
to talk to you, even on the telephone.
Mr. Clayton has more money
than you have, hasn't he?
That's true.
What construction did you place upon
this woman's treatment of you?
In plain words, I felt she simply
played me for a good thing.
Thank you, Mr. Lawrence.
Your witness.
You're not looking to get
those presents back, are you, Mr. Lawrence?
No, of course not.
- I don't expect you to return them, anyway.
- You're right, I wouldn't.
You gave me those presents
because you liked me a little, didn't you?
I didn't ask you for them, did I?
I don't regret giving them to you,
if that's what you mean.
Thanks, I didn't think you did.
Now, you was engaged to marry a girl...
just at the time you started
running around with me, wasn't you?
And you know your fiance
came up to me to see me...
to ask me to break it off with you, don't you?
I heard so.
All right, I broke it off.
So what are you crying about?
Your Honour, this sort of questioning
is most irregular.
The plaintiff, not being
a practicing attorney...
may put her questions as best she can.
Thanks, Judge, you're regular.
I'm doing my best to be legitimate.
That's all with you.
Any further questions?
Defence is ready for the next witness.
Miss Beulah Thorndyke.
They had nerve enough
to call my own maid to squeal on me?
You are Miss Tira's personal maid,
aren't you?
I was, but I ain't sure now.
As her personal maid, it was your duty
to answer telephone calls...
and admit visitors to the apartment?
Yes, ma'am... Yes, sir.
Miss Tira often had
gentlemen callers, didn't she?
Quite some.
During the time Miss Tira
and Mr. Clayton were engaged...
did she have other men visitors?
Not that I recall.
You have a very convenient memory.
That's all. Cross-examine.
Shadow, what are you doing here?
I don't know.
They done subpoenaed me.
- Beulah, tell the boys the truth.
- Yes, ma'am.
After Mr. Clayton and me became engaged...
did you ever hear me talk
about any other man...
or did you ever see me with any other man...
- outside of my manager, Mr. Barton?
- No, ma'am.
Did you ever hear me make any cracks
about Mr. Clayton's money?
- No, ma'am.
- Did you hear me talk about Mr. Clayton?
Oh, yes, ma'am.
What did you hear me say?
- You said...
- Just a minute.
Tell the jury.
- Is that all right with you, Judge?
- Yes.
You said that you never knew
you could love a man like you love him.
I kind of forgot I said that.
And you said you had fallen
so hard for him that it hurt.
Wait a minute.
Answer one question at a time.
I just telling the truth like you told me to.
Yes, but you're telling too much of it.
I ain't never seen nobody
so brokenhearted as you was...
when you and Mr. Clayton done bust up.
That's enough, Beulah.
You're ruining my character.
I object, Your Honour.
This witness' testimony is entirely irrelevant.
I move to strike it from record.
Motion denied.
Any more questions?
You're excused. Next witness.
Call Mr. Slick Wiley to the stand.
Mr. Wiley, Mr. Slick Wiley,
please take the stand.
- Bob, do you have to question this man?
- Of course, Jack.
He'll win our case for us.
She can't laugh him off.
Don't mention the night
I found him at her apartment.
I've got to ask him about that.
That's what I'm depending on.
I don't want you to mention it.
All right, I'll keep it as clean as I can.
When he gets through with Slick,
we haven't got a chance.
Mr. Wiley, you know the plaintiff,
Miss Tira, very well, do you not?
Sure, we've been like that.
During the time...
the plaintiff was engaged
to the defendant, Mr. Clayton...
were you friendly with her?
Never better.
Isn't it true the plaintiff used to give you
sums of money at times for your own use?
Yeah, sure. She was always a good
for anywhere from $10 to a C-note.
Isn't it also a fact...
that you kept personal belongings
in the plaintiff's apartment?
And that on at least once you were seen
in her apartment only partly dressed?
You mean in pyjamas?
Yeah, I always kept two pair there.
Silk ones.
One green and one purple
with yellow stripes.
Mr. Wiley,
did the plaintiff ever suggest to you...
her interest in the defendant
was principally because of his wealth?
Yeah, sure.
She always looked to hook
some guy with a lot of dough.
That's all, Mr. Wiley. Cross-examine.
Where were you
on the night of June 7?
I don't remember.
All right, I'll give you a choice, where were
you any night last June, July, or August?
Come on, make up your mind.
In stir.
That's it, speak up so they can hear you.
He was in stir.
That means, in other words,
gentlemen of the jury, he was in jail.
Tell the gentlemen how many other jails
you been in the last 10 years.
I don't remember.
He can't remember.
And what's this
about you owning silk pyjamas?
You know it's a lie.
You forgot to tell these good people...
the only time I gave you money
was when you got out of jail...
you were broke, and walking on your heels.
You heel.
As for you sitting in my apartment
in silk pyjamas...
you never sat around my apartment
in nothing.
And you know it.
Answer me, did you?
Sure, I did.
- And I was seen there, too.
- Why you...
You perjurer.
I object to the witness
being harassed this way.
Who's harassing who?
I'm just asking for a square deal, that's all.
I'm asking good, honest,
and intelligent people not to take...
the word of an ex-convict
against a good, honest and innocent woman.
I object, Your Honour.
Objection overruled.
You're right, Judge.
There you are.
She's got the jury and the judge
under her arm.
They'll hand her the case on a silver platter.
- Don't be unfair.
- Unfair?
You've got so much money,
you don't mind losing this case.
But my reputation means something to me.
If ever there was a case I wanted to win,
this is it.
I told you not to put the man on the stand
in the first place.
You'll have to take stand and tell your story.
I'll do nothing of the kind.
If you feel that way about it,
why did you contest the case at all?
I'm sorry I did.
If any right-thinking man will believe
what a crook and a jailbird will say...
then there's nothing I could say
that'll make any difference.
I'm through with this guy, Judge.
Do you wish to question the witness further?
Yes. I have a few questions
I should like to ask.
- Mr. Wiley...
- Stop. Sit down.
That's enough. Call it off.
- I'll settle for the amount asked.
- You're absolutely mad.
I don't want it to go any further,
do you understand?
All right, have it your own way.
If you want to make a fool of yourself
over this woman, I can't stop you.
Don't try to.
Your Honour...
my client has requested me,
for some peculiar reason of his own...
to cease contest of this suit.
He's prepared to settle
for the full amount of the case.
How extraordinary.
I'll say it is.
- What is this, Benny?
- Don't ask me, I'm paralysed.
Sounds like a trick.
Does the plaintiff accept this motion
as satisfaction of this suit?
Okay, the plaintiff accepts it with pleasure.
In view of the agreement
between the parties...
the jury is discharged with thanks.
Case dismissed. Court's adjourned.
I'm glad you won your case,
Miss Tira.
That's our pleasure.
Wait a minute. Boys, now, take it easy.
I'll give you all the breaks in the worid
but don't crowd.
Pictures first.
Miss Tira,
would you stand up?
Of course, if it'll make you happy.
Look this way, please.
Wait a minute boys, one at a time.
I'm not twins.
Hold that pose, please.
That's it. All right.
Hold for me, please.
Thank you.
- Will you answer a few questions, Miss Tira?
- Of course.
You've won the case.
What do you intend to do?
Carry on the same as before.
Why did you admit knowing
so many men in your life?
It's not the men in your life that counts,
it's the life in your men.
Do you feel you've done right?
Show me a woman who can do better.
You were right, Judge.
- It was nice of you to come up.
- Thank you.
You've been charming, my dear.
Very charming.
- I'm glad you found that out.
- Of course.
Well, goodbye.
I see you've that hand trouble, too, huh?
- Goodbye again.
- Goodbye.
Juror Number 4.
Yes, I remember you.
You were the one with the nice, kind face.
I know you were for me.
I wanna thank you
for those beautiful flowers.
They were lovely.
And don't forget,
come up and see me sometime.
Mr. Clayton, how is you?
All right, goodbye.
You said things in the courtroom
that led me to believe you loved me.
That you still love me. Did you mean them?
- What difference does it make now?
- All the difference in the worid.
You didn't believe me before.
Because I didn't understand
about Slick being up here that night.
So that's it.
I didn't understand it myself
till I found out it was all a big frame-up.
To keep me from leaving the show.
Then let's forget the whole thing
and go on together.
- You sure you want it that way?
- You know I do.
Sit down.
You're everything to me.
Yes, ma'am.
Bring me my jewel case.
- You're more fascinating than ever.
- I get better as I go along.
Here, Miss Tira.
Got something for you.
I'm glad to know
it wasn't the money you wanted.
You got a lot of other things
it takes to make a woman happy.
I'm crazy about you.
I did my best to make you that way.
Look, darling, you need a rest, and so do I.
- Let me take you away somewhere.
- Would you call that a rest?
- What are you thinking about?
- The same thing you are.
Baby, I can warm you
with this love of mine
I'm no ngel
Oh, let me feel my fingers
running through your hair
I can give you kisses till you