I'm Not Here (2017) Movie Script

[Kareen and Trevor]
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday,
Dear Steve Dear Daddy
Happy birthday to you
Yay! Woo!
[Steve] Who wants cake?
[Trevor] Me!
[Steve] How big?
[Karen] Happy birthday, darling.
[sound of running water
and chattering]
[Karen] That's a big piece.
Someone's gonna be up all night.
[Steve] How are you doing over
there, you need a refill?
[Steve's voice echoing]
Vodka, rocks.
[car approaching]
[car screeches
and hits something]
[distant singing]
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
[phone ringing]
- [Steve on answering machine] I'm not here.
- [beep]
[message] This is the Department
of Water and Power.
This is our final attempt to
contact Steven James Harrison.
If we do not receive payment
by midnight tonight,
the power will be disconnected.
[Karen] Mrs...
[mother] You've got to take
better care of yourself, Stevie.
[sighs] You only get one life.
Don't waste it like I did.
[mother] Well, spit.
[jazzy Christmas music]
Don't you want any sauce?
[door opens and closes,
Hey there, Tiger.
[kiss] What a party, huh?
It was a really big show.
Don't you think, Mom?
He can't drive himself?
His car wouldn't start.
Took long enough.
- It was traffic.
- Hmm.
He certainly had enough
to drink tonight.
Oh, for Christ's sakes,
it's Christmas Eve.
Don't start!
So, he was having
a little bit of fun.
- You too.
- So, shoot me!
You forgot one.
- It's my sister.
- Dried fruit?
Well, I...
It's for
the bomb shelter, I suppose.
I'll put it by my dad's gift.
The fruit with the gun.
Oh, Stevie, sweetheart.
No, no, no, that's bad luck!
Quick. Very quickly throw it
over your shoulder.
- Why?
- Superstition.
No, they say the devil waits
over your shoulder,
- so you want to throw salt into his eyes.
- They also say that Judas
spilled salt all over
the table at the last super.
- Oh Judas.
- Oh Judas.
- Oh Judas! [giggles]
- Oh Judas!
[young Steve's laughter]
[various TV commercials] Most destructive
bubble in the history of human-
itching, or swelling, trouble
breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
mood changes, slurred speech,
blurry vision, dizziness, weakness,
weight gain, irritability
and confusion.
Swelling of the legs,
hands and feet.
Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting
and kidney failure.
Call your doctor if you experience
a persistent cough, pain with fever.
A lump or swelling in your neck. Don't
take alcohol or drugs or operate machinery.
Those who have had
a drug or alcohol problem
are more likely
to become dependent.
Now, my toenail fungus is gone.
And I can go barefoot again!
Speak with a professional before
starting a new drug program.
People compliment me every day
about my beautiful smile.
Call today for a free
evaluation and image scan.
Financial assistance
is available
and our consultants
are here to help you.
They told me my pearly
whites would be...
[clock ticking]
[clock ticking]
[ticking stops]
[phone ringing]
[Steve on answering machine]
I'm not here.
[Mom] Stevie?
It's Mom...
I have some bad news, honey.
Karen passed away this morning.
I didn't know if you knew.
She never remarried.
I love you, Stevie.
I wish you would call.
[sighs] Happy 60th birthday.
Time flies.
[clock falls]
[on TV] Are those who believe
that if you move a grain of sand,
you start down a new path,
and everything before is changed.
There are also those who believe
that love can change the future
if it is strong enough
and selfless enough.
[rewinding answering machine]
[power company]
Final attempt to contact Steve!
Power will be disconnect...
...passed away this morning.
[audience laughing]
[microphone feedback]
I am Steve.
And this is Adam.
Very excited to be here tonight.
It's a wonderful crowd.
A lot of faces I recognize.
Professor Ellison,
thank you for the incomplete.
Thank you, sir.
You look great tonight.
- Uhm, my old chemistry professor, Mr. Dowling.
- Mm.
Thank you for helping me
grow the best weed on campus.
I'm so...
so honored and high right now.
[audience laughing]
- Look, what's with the...
- I'm not worried.
What's with the box?
It's a class I'm taking.
- A class you're taking?
- Yeah.
- What's it about?
- A cat.
- A cat?
- Yes.
Oh, like the The Cat in the Hat?
No, it's a...
a real cat,
with not a hat, in a box.
It's a thought experiment.
- I don't get your thinking.
- Well, clearly.
- [Adam] So, what's the cat's name?
- [Steve] I don't know.
- You don't know your cat's name?
- I don't know. I told you, it's not my cat.
Whose cat is it?
I don't... It's not... it's uh...
The uh, Schrd... Schrdinger.
What? Neighbor of yours?
[Steve] The physicist...
The Erwin Schrdinger.
Ah, your next door neighbor.
- He lived in Vienna.
- Lived?
- He's dead.
- Ok.
Who went first, Schrdinger
or his cat? What's going on?
What's wrong?
Cat got your tongue?
- Ok...
- There we go.
[audience laughs]
Alright. That's actually
a really interesting question.
Because the point is that, uh,
- Schrdinger sealed his cat in a box with a flask of poison.
- Poison?
And if the monitor
detected radio activity,
then the flask would, uh,
shatter and it would kill the cat.
Does PETA know about this?
It's not a real cat,
first of all.
You said it was a real cat.
Well, I lied. It's physics.
I'm confused.
Half the time, the cat dies,
and the other half
of the time, it lives.
And that's a superposition.
It doesn't sound so super to me.
Meaning, the cat is
simultaneously alive and dead,
at the same time.
Like a zombie kitty, cool.
[audience laughs]
It's the laws
of quantum entanglement.
- My last relationship.
- Probability and outcome.
Proba... Probability and outcome?
Yes! Because we know
the probability, Adam.
But in order to find out the outcome,
we have to peek inside the box.
Hmm. So...
- So, it's the observation...
- Right.
- that you would have...
- I see.
...uh, that seals
the cat's fate.
- So, curiosity...
- ...killed the cat.
- [smash]
- [audience laughs]
I gotta go.
So now the real set can begin.
Guys, I'm Adam. How are you?
I'm Karen.
I'm Steve.
- [crashes]
- [Karen] No.
[Karen] Help me. Mm.
[glass shatters]
[Karen] Oh my God!
- [Karen] Oh boy.
- [Steve] This is...
[Karen laughs]
[soft piano music]
Karen passed away this morning.
[door shuts]
[door opens]
[object moving]
[ominous music]
- [gavel bangs]
- [judge] Proceed.
[clears throat]
Your Honor, [sighs]
Mr. Harrison should be granted
primary custody of Stevie.
He's the sole financial
provider, he loves his son,
and has been a very
attentive father.
Your Honor, Mrs. Harrison
is with little Stevie
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Whereas Mr. Harrison
is absent most of the time,
doing God knows what
with God knows who.
Oh, we're all very aware
of Mrs. Harrison's direct
communications with God.
As well as Mr. Harrison's
nightly bouts with the bottle.
A little nightcap
never hurt anyone.
Unless you are a six year old
boy watching his father
pass out in front
of the television every night.
As the court will recognize,
a young boy needs a strong
masculine role model.
Especially in these very
disconcerting times of social unrest.
It is clear that Mr. Harrison's
secretive lifestyle choices make him
unsuitable as residential custodian.
[prosecutor] Your Honor!
We can provide further evidence
if necessary, your Honor.
I don't think
we need to do that.
I'm sure there's something
we can work out.
[judge] That's enough! Stevie!
[judge] I'd like you
and I to have a little talk.
30 minute recess.
[bangs the gavel]
Do you like jelly beans?
Oh, good.
I'm going to
ask you some questions,
and for every answer, I want you to place
a jelly bean in one of these scales. Ok?
This scale
represents your father.
This scale, your mother.
Who usually takes you
to school in the morning?
Remember, put a jelly bean in
this side if it's your father,
in this side
if it's your mother.
Who plays more games with you?
Stevie, do you have a room
in both your mother's house
and your father's apartment?
Which do you like better?
If you accidentally
broke something,
which parent do you think
would forgive you?
If your parents broke something,
which parent would you forgive?
A broken marriage
is hard on everyone.
And it is never,
never the child's fault.
Sometimes things just don't work
out the way we want them to.
Do you understand?
It's my job to determine
what's best for you.
What you want.
I want my family back.
[ominous music]
[water running]
[door squeaks and shuts]
[young Karen] Where are you?
[young Steve] I'm here.
[Karen] I can't see you.
[Steve] There's something
I never told you.
- [Karen] What?
- [Steve] I'm a little claustrophobic.
[Karen] Define a little bit.
[Steve] Panic attack.
[Karen] Now?
[Steve] Soon.
[Karen] Take my hand.
[elevator moves]
We haven't been married 10 minutes
and I already feel trapped.
[Steve] Oh God.
[Steve] Oh my God.
No, just shh, shh, it's ok.
See? Everything's ok.
[elevator clanks]
I hope this isn't a sign.
Oh, thank God.
[ominous music]
[ominous music crescendoing]
Steve, what are you doing?
Let's take the stairs.
[piano music]
- [Adam] Oh my God. Dude, I got it all over my pants, man.
- [laughing]
- Peed my pants.
- I'm so sorry.
[song playing]
Karen, did I wake you?
When were you going
to tell me about this?
You were fired
three weeks ago, Steve?
- I wasn't.
- Stop drinking, or I'm leaving you!
[somber piano music]
[fridge door opens]
[Dad] And the race is on! O-Oh!
- I'm catching up. I'm catching up. I'm catching up.
- Nope. No.
Ah... I'm ahead!
- And Dad pulls ahead.
- Ah, yeah.
[Stevie] Oh, yeah.
Oh, no.
- I'm in the lead!
- There goes Stevie, Stevie's in the lead,
but Dad's coming up strong!
I'm gonna catch... Coming up, Ah!
- Oh, no, Stevie wins!
- I'm the winner!
You're the winner. Good job,
Tiger, you get the prize.
Thank you, Dad.
Here we go.
Because you are
the winner, Stevie.
- Yeah.
- Do me a favor.
Go pop supper in the oven
and get Dad three fingers, ok?
- Ok.
- Good job.
[phone rings]
[Dad] How early?
[Dad] Well, I only get him
once a week as it is.
I will make it up
next week. I was-
I was not fired, I was laid off.
Pictures? For Christ's sakes!
You are not
taking him away from me!
[gags and coughs]
Stevie, are you ok in there?
Yeah, almost done!
No, he-Nothing, he's fine.
[Dad] Fine!
[slams phone down]
Come. Come sit.
Thank you.
I have something.
Is this your report card?
Reading and Literature, A.
Mathematics, B.
Social Studies, B+.
I'm so proud of you, son.
"Stevie is a hard worker.
His comprehension of
the subject matter and retention
are above average. [chuckles]
However, Stevie has difficulty
fitting in with other students
and is easily distracted.
His odd behavior
in social situations
makes it difficult
for him to conform."
[rips paper]
I think that part
belongs over there.
Hold on to the good stuff.
[car honking]
You know
that if I could change...
I would in a heartbeat.
I love you so much, Stevie.
[car honking]
I'm so, so sorry that things
are the way that they are.
Come here.
[somber music]
- [Trevor] Yeah.
- [younger Steve] Wow, look at that,
you're pretty much done, huh?
[Stevie] I'm almost done, Dad.
Looks a little bit like a cobra.
- Where are the eyes?
- It's not a cobra.
It's actually like
a boa constrictor.
Watch out 'cause I'm going
to make it bite you.
Oh no.
If you can see it,
'cause in one, two bite
I can make it... Ah!
[Steve] Ah, I didn't... Ouch.
- I thought it bit me.
- It did.
- This... This is the gut.
- All the gut's all out!
It's going on you, Dad!
Ah, Dad!
- Look!
- Oh, hi, Mom.
[Dad] All the guts came out...
Of the snake, we got,
we killed the snake
- and we were going to paint it, and all the guts came out on us.
- We are and it's coming,
and it's coming.
- [indistinct]
- Oh my god!
[upbeat music]
[water running]
[phone ringing]
[Steve on answering machine]
I'm not here.
[Adam] Hi, Steve, it's me, Adam.
I miss you, man.
Why aren't you at work?
I got fired.
[Adam] I know you don't want
to hear it from me.
Look, I wish
we could talk, Steve.
I just heard about Karen.
[glass breaking,
bottles clanking]
The toilet, Steve?
I know what I did was wrong.
And I'll probably regret it
for the rest of my life.
But I can't keep doing this.
I'm taking Trevor
and I'm going to Dad's.
Don't try
and contact me this time.
[Adam on answering machine]
So, could you call me, please?
[answering machine]
Message deleted.
[merry pop music]
[door slams]
[rattle with pills]
[pouring water into a glass]
I have a headache. I'm gonna
go and lie down for a bit.
[Mom] That's enough sugar.
[radio playing pop music]
[radio] The weather to bring to
you, who else, but the weather man?
And here's the latest
weather report.
64 degrees
with a chance of showers.
[suspenseful music]
[cartoon playing on TV]
It's ok to cry.
I'm alright.
Sylvester was a very good mouse
and we loved her very much.
And although we didn't
have her for very long,
she was still
a part of our family. Right?
So, thank you, God,
for blessing us with Sylvester,
and may she rest in peace.
Do you want to say
a little something?
No? Ok.
Won't she be lonely in there?
Oh, sweetheart.
Sylvester isn't here anymore.
She's already left.
I know it's,
it's confusing, it's...
It's like when a snake
sheds its skin,
It doesn't need it anymore,
so it just leaves it behind.
I love you.
I love you too.
[puts down the gun]
[car engine starts]
[car drives away]
[water running]
[young Karen] The toilet, Steve?
[porcelain shattering]
[young Steve] The point is...
Schrdinger sealed his cat
in a box with a flask of poison.
And half the time, the cat dies,
and the other half of
the time, it lives.
It's a superposition.
[child's laughter]
[Trevor] Dad?
I just stood there...
Maybe if I would have
gotten there sooner...
God, she's slow.
How old were you?
What about, uh you?
You have, you have something?
childhood traumatic?
My Mom died of cervical
cancer when I was five.
Hmm, that's...
Oh, my God, I'm sorry.
I'm such an idiot.
It's ok.
I barely remember her.
But my Dad,
he makes a mean omelet
and taught me
how to hit a curve ball
which is very impressive, so...
- Thanks.
- Busy...
It's a busy night.
- Yeah.
- So, how long did you and
Adam work on the...
- Don't say his name.
- [laughs]
Too long, too long.
We needed the extra credit.
- No, it was good, it was...
- Yeah?
I laughed a couple of times.
That's... that's good.
Mm-hm, the part about, uhm...
- quantum entanglement was...
- Yeah.
Yeah, you almost
made me forget my line.
I'm sorry.
It's uhm...
- It's really weird.
- Hmm?
I just... I don't even know you,
but I want to tell you everything.
Me too.
You know, I wasn't supposed
to be here tonight.
My car didn't start.
So, I was stuck on campus.
Saw a flyer.
Lucky me.
Me too.
[somber music]
[bottle smashes]
I love you.
[whispering voices]
[Steve] Trevor!
Vodka rocks.
[Steve] Trevor!
[Steve] Trevor!
[Karen] Where are you?
[Dad] I'm so, so sorry that
things are the way that they are.
I have some bad news, honey.
[Dad] There's something
I never told you.
[little Stevie]
I want my family back.
[Karen] Maybe it's time.
[child's laughter]
[Karen and Trevor]
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Steve
Dear Daddy
Happy birthday to you
[Karen and Trevor] Yay! Woo!
[young Steve] Tell me a secret.
[Trevor] Happy birthday.
[Trevor] Hello, who are you?
Is there anybody out there?
Is there anybody out there?
[Trevor screams and laughs]
Mommy was behind me! My mom.
- What are you guys doing here?
- Playing scientist. You just startled me.
- Cause I'm a scientist.
- Do you want to show mommy what we're doing?
Ah, I hit her.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
And then this is
what we're doing.
What's the shortest
distance between them?
So, this is what we're doing.
So, I have to tell you
we fold that.
What, another paper!
Yeah, just like that.
And then...
Like this.
- And then you take the...
- You stick it.
- ...pencil.
- Mhm.
Can you stick it better?
I stick it.
And then you...
Poke a hole.
Go for it.
- Wow, that is very, very cool.
- Yay!
- Show mommy.
- And you can also do like that.
See, you can
look through every one.
Oh, I see.
Let me see.
- I see you.
- I see you.
Do you want to get ready for
daddy's big birthday surprise?
- Ok.
- [Steve laughs]
I'm gonna go wash up
for your birthday.
Oh, cool.
- [chuckles]
- Seems just like yesterday when we were changing his diapers.
And now he's pretty much
ready for college.
Not quite.
Your mom called.
What did she want?
Just to wish you
a happy birthday.
You know what?
I'm so happy right now
I might actually call her back.
What was that for?
I'm proud of you.
Life is good.
Maybe it's time.
Are you sure?
I know how you felt
being an only child.
And things are going well.
Let's make it a girl.
Look who it is!
The big grown up man!
[Trevor screams in joy]
Happy birthday, Dad!
- I love you so much! Come on.
- Happy birthday!
Let's go.
Let's go.
- Let's go!
- [Trevor screams].
A snake's gonna get you.
[Trevor laughs]
- [Trevor] Mommy!
- [Karen laughs]
[music playing
in the other room]
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Steve
Happy birthday to You
Yay! Woo!
Happy birthday, darling.
Who wants cake?
- Me!
- How big?
This big!
- Oh!
- Look at that.
- Oh gosh!
- That's a big piece.
- [Steve] Hey!
- Oooh!
- [Steve] There you go.
- Oh, my goodness.
[Steve] There you go.
How about you, honey?
That is very big.
- I stick my hand in it.
- [Karen] Yes, small piece, please.
- Small piece...
- Just a teeny...
- Touching it...
- Oh no!
Is it good?
- Mm-hm.
- Mm-hm.
Here, let me see. You're
getting it all over your face.
There we go.
What faces you're making.
- [slurps]
- You want a refill?
Busy night.
You've got Trevor!
[melancholic piano music]
- [playful sounds].
- [indistinct].
Thank you.
- What'll you have?
- [sighs] Vodka, rocks.
Make it a Shirley Temple,
and a diet coke with a lime.
[melancholic music]
It's been six months.
Eight years.
That's encouraging.
How do you do it?
A day at a time.
And I want to live.
[intense music]
[gun trigger]
[Trevor laughs]
[rumbling intensifying]
[rumbling stops]
[loud rumble]
[soft music]
[heavy breathing]
[man] What happens
when life weighs down?
When there is systemic
Isn't it true? Of course
you may have... [voice fading]
[echoing voices]