I'm Totally Fine (2022) Movie Script

(Birds chirping in distance)
(Vehicles whooshing)
(Car indicators clicking)
(Locket clinks)
(Woman sniffles)
(Pushes car indicator)
Come on and roll with me,
roll with me, let it all go
Come on and roll with me,
roll with me, takin' it slow
Come on and roll with me,
roll with me, let it all go
Here's to all the good time
Here's to all the good time
(Rock n Roll Has Taken Its Toll
by Tony Stevens Band)
You were right, I found out
That leaving you
would make me so sad
(Car whooshes)
(Indistinct lyrics
in background)
(Vehicles whooshing
in background)
Excuse me. Hi.
-Um, may I have a cigarette?
Uh, you wanna bum a smoke?
-Yeah, for sure.
-There you go.
-Thank you.
You know, those things
will kill you, right?
Actually, can I have two more?
Yeah, sure.
-Yeah, that's cool.
All right.
Oh, and matches. Do you have...
-BOB-HAIRED WOMAN: Matches or--
You want cocaine also?
(Both laugh)
-No, I just--
-I'll give you a lighter.
I got a lighter--
-Somewhere in here. Hold up.
Oh, where the heck is it?
(Lighter flicks)
(Phone dings)
Hey, babe.
I know you're
on moon mode this weekend,
do not disturb,
but I wanted to show you
that this mornin'--
(Plays slap bass)
I learned how to slap the bass!
- (Man chuckles)
Pretty cool, right?
Give me a call if you want.
All right. Love you. Bye.
(Car whirs)
(Phone dings)
(On voice note)
Hey, babe, just sending you
a quick voice note.
Uh, you know,
if this is too much,
you can always turn around.
There's nothin' wrong with that.
(Keys beeping)
Oh, come on.
New message.
(On voice message)
Sorry again to call,
but it's been a crazy
past few weeks for you
and I think there's
a silver linin' for you
getting away
for a couple of nights,
you know, somewhere nice.
Okay, I'm going to
leave you alone now.
No more phone calls, for reals.
(Picks and puts down stool)
(Adjusts painting)
(Hangers clink)
(Sets box)
That looks nice.
What are you doing?
(Doorbell rings)
Just start unloading, I guess,
Okay. Thanks, guys.
(Car door shuts)
Uh, yeah. Oh! Hey!
I'm Sandra, the party planner.
Did you want us to set up
in front or around back?
Am I stupid?
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry, I--
I thought I cancelled this.
The-- the party's cancelled.
Oh! No, I don't think so.
No, no, I'm--
I'm cancelling it now.
No, you can't do that.
You are-- you're way past
the 24-hour cancellation period,
Okay, well, I don't want it,
so take it back.
Uh, uh, I'm sorry,
but there's nothing I can do.
There's nothing you can do?
All you have to do
is not do anything.
That's how
you don't have a party.
Okay, legally,
because you missed
the 24-hour
cancellation deadline,
I have to set up a party.
I legally have to have a party?
Uh, I-- I guess I could try
to do something.
-SANDRA: Uh, yeah.
-I guess you could.
-That'd be nice. Thank you.
-SANDRA: So...
What I need to do is
talk to the person
who authorized the payment,
and that would be
Jennifer Martinez.
Okay. Yeah, great.
-Let me get her.
-SANDRA: Okay.
Jennifer! Jennifer!
Oh, that's right. She's dead.
I'm sure you could reach her
if you have a medium
or a shovel.
So, sh-- she was your, um...
We were best friends
and business partners.
We made an organic soda
and we just
-got a distribution deal
to be in stores.
-Oh, that's big!
Yeah, I know, Sandra,
it's very big.
-It's huge.
-SANDRA: Mmhmm.
That's why we rented this place
That's why we were
gonna throw a party originally.
But none of that matters now,
because she's gone.
So, could you please
just cancel the party?
What are you doing?
(Birds chirping in distance)
No, because you missed
the cancellation deadline.
Okay, got it.
You know what?
I'll-- I'll bet it'd be fun if
you threw yourself a party, huh?
I bet your friend would--
would have liked that.
(Pills rattling)
Would you like a Xanax?
-No. What?
-SANDRA: Okay.
Okay, yeah, all right,
I'll take one.
What if I take half?
no, you need the whole one.
-Okay. Thank you.
-SANDRA: Yeah.
(Phone buzzes)
Okay. Yeah, Sandra here.
Just keep setting it up.
it's gonna be a party for one.
Yeah, but we're gonna
just download the...
Hi, I'm supposed to tell you
that the uh,
the trays marked with an M
are for meat, they have meat,
and then the ones marked
with a V have veggie.
Did you get veggie or is that--
I don't fuckin' know.
Just put it in the house.
(Locket clinks)
(Bottle cap popping)
Stupid fuckin' sunset.
To Jennifer.
-(Robe rips)
(Woman humming)
(Ball clunks)
I'm solids. You're stripes.
Look, I'm Jennifer.
That's me.
Do you legally have to
throw a party
Call Sandra
Party attorney at law
(Keys beep)
Oh, bicyclette!
Let's get some cheese
and go to the Louvre.
I'm Emily in Paris!
Goodnight, Milwaukee!
(Shower clunking)
(Insects chirping in background)
Eric, are you getting this?
ERIC: (On video)
Yep, takin' video.
Wooh! Two Rings forever, baby!
Vanessa, what are you doing?
VANESSA: (On video)
I am just making sure.
You're making sure of what?
You already read it!
Just sign it!
VANESSA: (On video)
I know. I am, I am. I am.
Sign it! Sign it! Sign it!
I-- uh-- uh,
look what I'm doing.
The lawyers read through it,
you read through it,
it's all there,
we got a distribution deal.
It's happening.
It's happening.
It'll happen faster
if you sign it.
Okay. All right.
(Vanessa and woman cheering)
(Woman laughs)
(Glasses clink)
Eric, horizontal.
ERIC: (On video)
Uh, yes, I knew that. Sorry.
(Wind howling and trees rustling
in background)
(Lights flicker)
(Fire rumbles)
(Lights zap)
(Birds chirping in distance)
(Opens and shuts door)
(Chugs water)
Yeah. Thanks, Jen.
(Takes deep breaths)
(Plate clinks)
I know this is an odd encounter.
My appearance resembles
your perished companion.
Jennifer continues
and will continue
to remain deceased.
I am simply an extraterrestrial
who has taken her form.
Now that you have had ample time
to comprehend what I have said,
please stop leaving!
(Car indicators clicking)
Eric, I'm coming home.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
what's goin' on?
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
No, I just-- I was, um...
I don't know,
I was inside and then...
I don't know.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
ERIC: (On video call)
your best friend passed away.
It's gonna take time.
You're-- you're processing.
I'm processing.
ERIC: (On video call)
Yes. Yeah, yeah!
You're-- you're--
you're havin' a moment!
Yeah, I was having a moment.
I just don't wanna totally
lose it out here, Eric.
Come on.
Come on, Vanessa,
you're not gonna lose it!
You're like a freak of nature.
Like a total freakin' freak
of nature.
Okay, I feel um, better.
I'm-- I'm breathing at least.
ERIC: (On video call)
Yeah, yeah.
You know, maybe go outside,
take a hike,
get some fresh air.
That might be nice.
Okay. Thank you.
Don't come out here, I'm fine.
Nope, wasn't thinkin'
about comin' out there.
I was thinkin'
about goin' halfway, though.
Eric, I'm-- I'm fine.
ERIC: (On video call)
Yeah. Okay.
But maybe I just
look at hotel prices
just in case.
Honey, stop.
Okay, okay. I-- I love you.
I love you.
(Door shuts)
What were you gonna do?
Key your friend?
(Birds chirping in distance)
You've returned.
Shall we proceed?
No, no, no, no.
I don't wanna go crazy.
(Glass clinks)
I can assure you
my appearance is not a result
of you going crazy.
(Chugs olive oil)
You are watching
your dead best friend
chug olive oil.
This galaxy sun
damages my structure.
We have discovered that oil
provides protective lubrication.
No, I don't want a margarita.
I wanna know what's happening.
Then shall we begin orientation?
Shall we?
Oh, you want me to sit?
Shall we?
Are you just
gonna keep saying "shall we"
until I sit down?
-Shall we?
-Okay, okay.
(Chugs olive oil)
(Bottle clinks)
(Device clunks)
Oh. Okay.
I am
a species observation officer.
Is that supposed to be me?
Yes, and that is me.
On this maiden voyage,
our mission is
to study human subjects,
so that we may have
a full comprehension
of your species.
Why? To kill us?
We have not discovered a benefit
to your destruction.
We will focus on your physical
and cognitive abilities,
as well as other behaviors
and emotive response.
It is similar
to how your species
studies other species.
After 48 hours, I will depart
without having harmed you
in any way.
That's nice.
So, I shouldn't have taken
that Xanax
with a bottle of champagne.
And I probably choked
on my own vomit.
And I died on this lounge chair,
which is why I'm back.
No, incorrect narrative.
Okey dokey.
You must have inquiries.
No, I-- I think I'm gonna go.
Where will you go?
To the hospital.
(Battery beeps)
No, I just charged,
this was at 30%.
That is because of
your device's proximity to me.
My planet is made up
of what you would call
"lightning storms",
which we have adapted to.
Thus, we absorb the battery life
of anything around us
with a battery life.
And we can conduct heat.
(Fire rumbles)
Okay. It's part of the process.
Just you miss your best friend
who died,
so you conjured up
this fucked up-- no offence,
alien version of her.
If I'm truly hallucinating,
then this won't hurt.
-Injury imminent.
-Ow! Mm, ow!
That-- okay, that's real.
That is very real,
which means
I must have blacked out,
started the fire,
and then blacked back in.
Blacked back in.
I don't know. Let me think.
(Jennifer grunting)
What are you doing?
These hair pouches torment me.
They are always there
when I look up.
Have you ceased thinking?
Do you consent to testing?
It's my choice?
Yes, you have control.
Yes. Yes, I do.
It is in my control,
because I am a strong,
powerful woman.
A freak of nature,
some have said.
And I am perfectly capable
of taking charge
of my own mental breakdown.
It's my decision.
So, my decision next will be
to have this margarita.
I would also like to--
oh, that's delicious.
Wait, how do you know
I like pomegranate
and jalapenos?
I have
all of Jennifer's memories.
In exchange
for your participation,
you receive two days
with your dead best friend.
Why did you not lead with that?
My brain.
I will make a note.
For future visits,
lead with memories.
So I can just ask you
anything I want?
You may.
This is good. I like that.
Okay. I'm gonna test you.
What is
Jennifer's favorite color?
Wait, that's a stupid question.
Hot pink.
I mean, of course,
you get the clue from the hair.
In college, I had a pet lizard.
I went away for the weekend
and Jennifer told me
that he died of natural causes.
Is that true?
Jennifer accidentally impaled it
with a high heel.
I mean I have no way of knowing
if any of this is real.
Okay, this is something
I only told Jennifer.
In second grade, I told everyone
that I kissed Tyler,
but the real person
that I kissed
behind the dumpster was--
Cody who smells grody.
Whatever. Fine. I guess I'm in.
It might be fun to see
how unstable I can get.
If this is
what you find to be fun,
then I do hope we achieve it!
So, if you are really an alien,
why was I chosen
as the human subject?
Species observation officers
do not have jurisdiction
over who their subject is.
I was assigned to you.
Oh, sorry.
That is Jennifer's ring?
Jennifer uh, got us these
for my 8th birthday.
I asked all the girls
in our class
to come over
for a slumber party,
but Jennifer was the only one
who showed up.
My mom went hard
for the theme, too.
It was out of this world,
which is why
I am imagining this.
Jennifer mixed syrupy soda
with fizzy candy
and experienced
excessive regurgitation
that night.
Yeah, she--
she puked really hard.
It was probably
more of a positive memory
for me than her.
Jennifer wrote in her diary,
"Best night ever".
Test complete next.
Fifth grade,
we rode our bikes downtown,
got lost, had to call my parents
to pick us up.
And I was grounded for a month.
Tell me which letter you see.
I mean are we--
this is how we're starting?
Tell me what letter you see.
And now?
Jennifer's favorite movie
was Fight Club.
I don't know
where this one's coming from.
Oh, summer boot camp!
We quit June 1st.
(Device beeps)
Subject bladder evacuation speed
below average.
Well, just give me a second.
I can get one more second out.
(Urine drips)
Okay, am I following you,
'cause I'm not doing that.
What are you doing?
Now, I will be performing
an audiometry evaluation.
Please turn around.
Identify where the sound
is coming from.
I don't hear any-- left.
-(Device beeps)
-(Device beeps)
-Right again.
-(Device beeps)
-Both sides now.
-(Device beeps)
-Adult female hearing, average.
What? I was just being playful.
-(Device beeps)
-Adult female being playful.
Okay, what's next?
-(Water splashes)
-Aquatic Agility Assessment.
-(Vanessa grunts)
What are you doing?
I am being playful.
Are you trying to s-- smile?
Am I succeeding?
No. No.
(Water ripples)
-All right, so--
-Like don't suck your bottom lip
under your whole mouth.
(Pulls at her teeth)
What are we doing?
What are we doing right now?
-Aquatic agility analysis.
-Then, let's start. Let's start.
(Water sloshes)
45 seconds.
(Device beeps)
Lung capacity of human female
minimally above average.
And don't you forget it.
No, please do not touch this.
Oh, sorry.
I didn't mean
to touch your recorder thingy.
Why are you still here,
by the way?
Shouldn't you have disappeared
by now?
I am not sure how you have come
to this conclusion.
I said my goodbyes to Jennifer.
I mourned her.
I mean I'm-- I'm good unless--
Oh, is there something
that she needs to tell me
before she can cross over?
No, I am afraid
oxygen deprivation
has confused you.
I am not a ghost.
Shall we do orientation
once more?
No, no. No, no, no.
We're good. We're good.
You're not a ghost. Noted.
You wanna see me do
a cannonball?
Like Jennifer did at the end
of every swim meet?
Yes, which is exactly why I am
hallucinating this scenario.
Your dad came to every meet.
God, he was so embarrassing.
Jennifer's dad never came
to a swim meet.
He did not even know
she was on the team.
He knew.
He just uh, didn't care.
Same for the funeral.
All right, time this one.
(Water sloshes)
(Takes a deep breath)
Do you eat?
It is not necessary
for survival,
but I am capable of doing so.
On my planet,
we receive sustenance
via injection of vitamins.
The human body
is gravely inefficient
at processing nutrients.
It's not
about processing nutrients.
I really like cooking.
Something about it calms me.
It's the predictability
or something.
You mix flour with sugar,
you're gonna make cookies.
Well, there's other steps
in between, but you get it.
Your soda recipe was a mistake.
Not my mistake.
Uh, it was a decent soda
before Jennifer accidentally
put way too much ginger in it,
and then it was just um,
too good to deny.
That's Jennifer.
(Birds chirping in distance)
Hmm. Oh.
You just put the whole thing in?
How's it going? Eating food?
Jennifer's memories indicate
you were a chef,
but the flavors and textures
of that small sandwich
are causing positive explosions
of saliva in my mouth!
That's-- that's good.
Human sense memory inferior
to present experience.
Thank you.
(Chugs olive oil)
(Takes a deep breath)
Shall we continue?
(Device beeps)
What is that cracking sound?
I'm 36.
Elevate your arms.
Move your head
on a vertical axis.
What is-- oh, nod?
Cut my life into pieces
This is my last resort
Yes, that's where this is from.
Papa Roach, middle School.
We were obsessed with them.
(Takes a deep breath)
When we finally saw them
in concert,
oh, Jennifer pulled me
into the mosh pit,
and I immediately
got a black eye.
Oh, my mom was pissed,
but it was amazing.
(Device beeps)
-(Takes a deep breath)
-Jennifer enjoyed that evening
I mean that was
our first time seeing them,
so we talked about it
for months.
It was not
Jennifer's first time.
She saw them the year before
with her sister.
No, she-- no, she didn't.
She did.
No, she, uh...
She would have told me.
She never told you.
Why wouldn't she tell me?
She wouldn't lie to me.
Her memories indicate
she lied to you,
because she felt
telling you the truth
would hurt you.
No, please do not leave again.
No, I just-- I have to pee again
and you already
have that research,
so just stay here.
(Pushes door)
Hey, Megan.
MEGAN: (On phone)
How are you doing?
You know, going crazy.
MEGAN: (On phone)
Yeah, us too.
Hey, tell your mom I said "hi".
MEGAN: (On phone)
I will.
I was actually calling you
to ask you something weird.
MEGAN: (On phone)
Oh, okay.
Um, did you and Jennifer
go see Papa Roach
a year before we went?
MEGAN: (On phone)
Okay, never mind. I...
MEGAN: (On phone)
She told you?
She swore me to secrecy.
It was so hard
not to say anything
when you guys went on and on
about that night you saw them.
When did she tell you?
Um, earlier this year.
Actually, uh,
I thought she was just tryin'
to piss me off.
MEGAN: (On phone)
Vanessa, she literally told me
she would take that
to the grave.
She loved you so much, Ness.
Goddamn it.
I keep thinking like--
I have to go, actually.
(Device beeps)
Subject seems to be in distress.
you scared the shit out of me.
(Vanessa sighs)
What? What are you doing?
We do not have this.
What? Tears?
We do not have crying.
(Device beeps)
This is valuable data.
Thank you.
(Birds chirping in distance)
This is where you hibernate
for six to eight hours nightly?
I hibernate in a jelled capsule
of dioxane.
I awake in three months
feeling rejuvenated.
You look so much like her.
(Birds chirping in distance)
I know.
Everything is exactly the same.
Except for my coccyx bone.
Mine looks like...
Like this.
I wanna show you something.
(Dusts off hands)
(It's a Job by Wolfie's Just Fine)
I can see
that you are waitin'
For my time to come,
but I am lost inside
If I can be that lost
from the inside
How am I alive
Where are you taking me?
Jennifer and I
never got to see our soda
in the store together.
Seeing soda at the store
is important to you?
Everybody knows
how much it cost
Those are uh, Jennifer's.
Child, yes, we are moved
A never-ending smile
With time,
desire is calcified
What's happening?
You are slowing down.
Have we arrived at the store?
No, I'm not slowing down.
I-- uh, my foot is on the gas.
Why is the battery charge
going down?
Are you draining us?
Like my phone?
I thought automobiles
were powered by gas.
(Vanessa sighs)
Not this one. It's electric!
Boogie woogie woogie.
That was Jennifer's favorite
wedding song.
Out. Out of the car.
Damn it. Damn it!
(Vanessa sighs)
Vanessa, how do I get out?
-JENNIFER: Vanessa, how do I get
It's the fucking button.
The button.
Oh. Oh.
(Shuts door)
(Birds chirping in distance)
What is your plan?
I don't know.
I don't know anything
about cars, but oh, my phone.
I don't have my phone.
I don't have my phone!
(Device beeps)
Extreme levels of stress
caused by minor deviation
in plan.
It's not a minor deviation,
we are stranded.
Except for this person.
There are vehicles passing by
that are not electric.
We could ask for transportation.
No, I'm not doing that.
Jennifer's memories indicate
that this will
lure male drivers.
What are you do-- s-- no, no!
Put that down.
Get out of the road.
The only people
who pick up hitchhikers
are murderers.
Thank you.
I should be home with Eric
watching him practice
on his stupid fucking bass!
(Device beeps)
Human has turned anger
onto herself
and Eric's stupid fucking bass.
We're walking. We're walking!
We cannot walk back.
We're walking, that's the plan.
I cannot walk.
Why? Why? Why?
(Skin squelches)
Oh, that's gross.
I have been too long
without oil.
(Vehicle whirring in background)
Oh, shit.
[engine stops]
Hey, y'all need a jump?
Um, no. No, we're good.
Thank you.
you wanna bum another smoke?
Oh, yes. Hello. No, I'm good.
We're-- we're pretty good
across the board, so thank you.
All right.
Nice seeing you again.
-It's fine. Just--
-Okay. All right.
Um, actually,
could I use your cell phone
to call Triple A?
Uh, Triple A is a scam. No dice.
If you need a tow, I'll go ahead
and call one of my friends.
No, no, I think we're uh, good.
This man is offering aid,
which is what we are in need of.
He wants to help.
he wants to help murder us.
Murder is not really my thing.
Mm, I didn't realize
I said that so loud.
Exceptional news!
Is this
one of those computer cars?
Uh, yes,
but don't touch it, please.
-BEARDED MAN: Oh, my gosh!
This is some high fancy crap!
It's actually my boyfriend's uh,
Yeah, he's super strong
and it has a tracking device,
so he knows
where we are right now.
Also, he plays bass.
Uh, he sounds
like a pretty cool dude.
Uh, hey, I got a buddy Marcus
who's a huge nerd.
I guarantee
he could hack this thing
in like 20 seconds.
Umm, I don't think we need a
No, I think we're good.
No Marcus, I think.
I'm gonna go ahead and text him.
-JENNIFER: Vanessa.
What does it feel like?
To be unreasonable.
I'm not unreasonable,
we don't know this man.
You're an alien.
Can't you just beam us up,
I do not know
what is beam us up, Scotty,
but I do not think I can do it.
I am parched.
These are pestering me.
Just leave them alone.
Your eyebrows.
Uh, is this a TV in here?
What are you doing?
Can you watch TV
while you're driving?
No! You can't--
sh-- shoo, shoo, shoo.
All right. Dang!
(Phone beeps)
Oh, hey.
Marcus said his shift is
about to end.
He could be here in 25 minutes.
Vanessa, my skin is boiling.
I need oil.
If he kills us,
I'm gonna be pissed.
25? Is that what you said?
Great. We'll wait for Marcus.
(Phone beeps)
You guys want any Subway?
Um, I don't think we...
I-- I think we're good.
All right,
I'm gonna get cold cut trio.
(Birds chirping in distance)
It's a rad jacket.
Hey, so what's your name?
Vane-- la.
What brings you out here,
I'm celebrating.
What's the occasion?
Do you really care?
We don't have to do this.
Yeah, I care.
A distribution deal.
For what?
My friend and I
made an organic soda.
Organic soda.
Like you put grass in it
or whatever?
What? No, it's just natural
I probably wouldn't like that.
That's fine.
So is the party over?
No, uh, it never started
because of my partner.
They screw you over
or something?
Yeah. She died.
I'm sorry to hear that.
How did she croak?
Hole in the heart.
No one knew.
She had a stroke.
And now, you have a hole
in your heart.
You have a hole in your heart,
'cause you missed a great party.
(Man chuckles)
That's so stupid.
I can't believe
I just laughed at that.
So, did you guys have a clause
in your shareholders agreement
in case of the event
of the death of a partner?
Are you a businessman?
All right.
Uh, no, we didn't have that.
So, what are you gonna do now?
I don't know.
That's not true.
I'm dissolving her half
of the business
and I'm--
I'll own all the shares.
And now you have to
run the whole thing by yourself.
she really did screw you over.
Yeah, she really did.
(Phone beeps)
Hey, Marcus.
No, we're on Highway 51,
at the mile marker, uh-- uh--
Marcus? Marcus?
My phone died.
I-- I just charged this.
I can give you guys a ride.
Hop in.
Do you have seatbelts?
(Truck whirs)
(Truck whirs)
This is good. Thanks.
Hey, as soon as my phone
comes back online,
I'll call Marcus
and have him drop the car here.
Oh, great. Thank you so much.
You've been very helpful.
Yeah, no problem.
She's not comin' back.
What the fuck?
(Tire screeches)
(Truck whirs)
(Door shuts)
Vanessa, did you see the hues
of the sunset on our way back?
I have never seen anything
that beautiful.
(Glass clunks)
They were pink and gold.
It made my skin tingle.
(Pours drink)
(Device beeps)
we have arrived to base safely,
the human
has not yet de-escalated
from previous incident.
Will you stop
with that fucking thing?
Just stop!
This weekend
has been exhausting.
You are draining me
like you drained my car.
Vanessa, I am not supposed
to interfere
with your emotive response,
but I do think
you may be overreacting.
I'm overreacting. Me?
This is not about me,
this is about you.
You drained my car
and you forced us
to go into a vehicle
with a stranger!
We don't know him.
And now,
he knows where we're staying,
he has my car.
We will be safe.
You don't know that, Jen!
I apologize.
Thank you.
We could eat something.
Eating is the best.
Take a sip of--
What is that?
Vodka and tequila.
Okay, take a sip of your vodka
and tequila.
I will create a snack.
(Cutlery clinking in background)
(Glass clunks)
I'm sorry.
I think that that guy just um,
really freaked me out.
And um--
(Door opens and shuts
in background)
(Flicking lighter)
(Water rippling)
Stop it. Stop!
I know you were just trying
to help with that candy face.
I thought
that would make you happy.
Because Jennifer used to do it
for me when I was sad.
You have that memory.
I know, but...
You're not Jennifer, are you?
I am not.
I think in that moment
I just realized that...
Jennifer's never
gonna make me
one of those stupid faces again.
We're never gonna
do anything together again.
We were supposed
to get rich together
and go to France
and Australia together.
Our kids were supposed
to fall in love with each other.
We're supposed to grow old
and go flirt with the servers
for free stuffed French toast.
She's never coming back.
(Insects chirping in background)
You were not going to do
any of that.
You were not going to
grow old together.
What are you talking about?
You were going to
have an argument.
I don't understand.
Can you see the future
or something?
You would have fought.
You would have fought
at this event.
So, what?
We would have fought
at this event
and then
we would have gotten over it.
You would have
never seen each other again.
(Doorbell rings)
You said he wasn't
gonna come back to kill us.
(Doorbell rings)
Do murderers
usually ring a doorbell?
Who is it?
DJ Twisted Bristle!
(DJ vocalizes)
Yo, yo!
Why am I forgetting everything?
Uh, where should I set up?
Uh, we don't need a DJ.
I forgot to cancel you
like I forgot
to cancel the party.
Yeah. I'm sorry.
Oh, okay.
Uh, yeah, no-- no worries. Cool.
Uh, all right.
Jennifer's memories indicate
that DJs are fun.
Yeah, but it's weird
to have a DJ play
for just the two of us.
Oh, I got that song.
Just the--
which one do you wannna hear?
The Will Smith version
or the Dr. Evil
and the little guy version,
'cause I got them both.
No, I just meant that it's weird
to have a DJ play
for clearly no one.
Oh, right. Okay. Yeah, yeah.
Well, if you're worried about
like not havin' a crowd,
I can have my boys here
like in 10 minutes tops.
Absolutely not.
Right, no,
they're probably busy, so yeah.
(DJ Clears throat)
So should I go or...
Have I paid you already?
You did.
You paid me already, but no tip,
I do still need
to study the physical effects
of increased serotonin levels.
I doubt a DJ is gonna
to increase my serotonin levels.
Oh, that's where you're wrong,
because uh, you know why?
I got molly.
Screw it.
Hell yeah!
No, not inside the house.
Just through the back.
Hell no! Yeah.
did you see that jacket?
I did.
Tiny pill with woman's name
causes elation and--
Jennifer stopped doing that.
This body seems to be designed
for dancing.
You're smiling
and it looks natural!
I am getting used to the bones
in my mouth!
Drug, am I right?
I wanna go somewhere else!
(Chugs water)
(Glass clunks)
Do you know about corn?
The food or the band?
Hmm, the food.
I do know some things.
I know that it's on a cob
and you can pop it.
We believe it
is another alien species
living on your planet in secret.
Shit. For real?
It is a theory.
I'm still thirsty.
Can I have that?
Oh, that's awful without bread.
Cut my life into pieces
Is that Papa Roach?
This is my last resort
Did you do this?
Jennifer did,
when she hired the DJ.
She wanted to take you out
on the dance floor
when this song played.
This is my last resort
Do you want to dance with me?
Cut my life into pieces
I've reached my last resort
Suffocation, no breathing
Don't give a fuck
if I cut my arm bleeding
Do you even care
if I die bleeding
Would it be wrong,
would it be right
If I took my life tonight
Chances are that I might
Mutilation out of sight
And I'm contemplating
'Cause I'm losing my sight,
losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me
I'm fine
Losing my sight,
losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me
I'm fine
Nothing's alright
Nothing is fine
I'm runnin' and I'm crying
I'm crying
I'm crying
Cut my life into pieces
This is my last resort
Suffocation, no breathing
Don't give a fuck
if I cut my arm bleeding
Would it be wrong,
would it be right
If I took my life tonight
Chances are that I might
The car is back!
The car is back!
(Both cheer)
I can't go on
Living this way
Can't go on
Living this way
Nothing's all
Play it again!
Begin again! Begin again!
Eric and I wanna get a condo
because it's
like a step above an apartment.
And then we wanna have babies,
and then we wanna go to Japan,
and go to that
Jiro's Dreams of Sushi
or whatever the place is called.
Oh, that's sweet.
Do you wanna go to Japan
with us?
I wanna go with you anywhere.
(Locket clinking)
You left this at my house.
I was supposed to give it back
before the burial.
I'm sorry, Jen.
It's okay.
I want you to have it now.
Are you sure?
No one has ever given me
It feels...
I feel...
I don't know.
I never experienced emotions.
No one on my planet has.
It is believed to be the reason
we are ahead of your species.
Jen, you totally have feelings,
but something about your planet
doesn't let you access them.
Damn. That's some good molly.
Perhaps coming here
has developed emotions in me.
How does it feel
to feel the feelings?
I do not have the words
to explain.
Yeah, I don't know either.
Vanessa, I just remembered
the sun will rise and set again
Yeah. It does that every day.
That is my favorite part
about it.
Yo, yo, yo-- oh, you're asleep.
I'm gonna head out, all right?
Glad you had a good time.
I'm gonna take my mic.
Make sure you like me
on Instagram, right,
at DJ Twisted Bristle.
All right, I left some stickers
out on the table.
You'll find them.
(Shuts door)
(Birds chirping in distance)
Holy shit.
(Opens door)
Oh, my God.
I thought you were gone.
I was for a moment,
but I have returned.
I am sorry if I scared you.
Where were you?
We did not reach the store
so I went and got your soda
from the store.
Here is the receipt,
so that you can see.
(Receipt rustles)
Thank you.
I hitchhiked there and back.
I know you do not like that,
so I went alone.
What are your feelings?
I feel great. Thank you.
I feel happy
that I made you happy.
You made me very happy.
I like that.
Okay. Come on.
I also bought olive oil,
because I noticed
I had depleted your supply.
Oh, it's the house's,
but thank you.
they really marked up our soda.
Can I try it?
Yes, of course!
It's the whole point.
(Drinks soda)
I like the flavor of cardamom.
Uh, Jennifer always fought me
on that.
So, what are we doin' today?
You're gonna make me run a mile,
solve a Rubik's cube?
I have completed my research.
You have?
I finished organizing everything
early this morning,
so that we did not have to work
and we could
spend the day together
before I depart this evening.
Oh, right.
I thought
you were leaving tomorrow.
I leave tonight at 11:32 p.m.,
exactly 48 hours
after I arrived.
Okay, but uh, we didn't meet
till the next morning,
so shouldn't they, I don't know,
start the clock there?
They do not.
Why not?
I do not know.
You know, it's really insane
what you guys do.
You know, you come here
and you-- you torture humans
who are already going through
the worst shit of their lives.
It's not a good plan.
You should rethink it.
I did not torture you.
I would never do that.
Oh, are we not just um, animals
at the zoo to you?
'Cause I thought that was
in the presentation.
You know what?
You guys are like--
you're like--
you're like those people
who dress like pandas
to go into panda cages.
I do not know
who these people are.
They're liars is who they are.
They're lying to the pandas.
I do not understand.
I was truthful to you
about my research.
You are upset.
I'm not upset! I'm just--
I'm a little upset.
I just don't think
that you should go yet.
I must return.
I have completed my assignment.
No, you have not
completed your assignment.
You can't just figure me out
in 48 hours.
That's nuts.
It's less than 48 hours,
by the way, technically.
This is just like you.
This is just like you!
You're always cutting corners!
You're just like this!
Like this.
I haven't seen Two Rings
on the shelves.
All you did was
bring me something
I've seen a million times
and some trash.
I did not think about that.
Yeah, you don't think.
This is exactly why
I didn't take
that distribution deal
six years ago.
You feel guilt?
We could have had this party
six years ago!
We could have been
doing business together
for six years!
And maybe...
What are you saying?
That she would have lived?
Maybe she would have had
enough money
for good health insurance,
and she could have had
a physical,
and they would have
seen her heart.
That would not have
changed anything.
W-- it-- it wouldn't have?
You tell me.
You're the one
who could see the future.
if we had taken the offer,
would she still be alive?
I do not know.
I do not see the future.
I lied to you.
Why would you lie to me?
Why would you do that?
Because you were crying.
Jennifer lied to you,
so you would not hurt,
so I lied to you,
so you would not hurt.
I was emotional.
That is the problem.
I cannot
start feeling like this.
(Device beeping)
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I should have not allowed myself
to get close to you.
(Device beeping)
What-- what is that?
What did you do?
I have some in my superiors
to retrieve me.
They will reward me
for completing my assignment
Reward you with what?
An extra vitamin injection?
Turn it off!
Cancel it!
It cannot be cancelled!
We were gonna hang out!
We have like eight more hours,
that's a lot.
I am sorry!
Jennifer, don't do that, please.
I am not Jennifer.
What are you doing?
(Device beeps)
Your efforts are futile.
Not going home!
It is indestructible.
Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah?
Check this out.
(Device beeps)
No! No!
The device is programmed
to return to me.
That's a stupid thing
for your device to do
and you're a--
you're a stupid alien.
That is the last thing
you want to say to me?
No! No!
I also want to say,
"F you and F your planet!"
(Opens door)
(Slams door)
(Takes deep breaths)
(Plane whirring in distance)
(Door opens)
Wait! No! No, no, no!
What are you doing?
No, don't take her yet.
Vanessa, that is an airplane
from Earth.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
I ruin everything.
I should have just
spent the day with you.
I have regrets as well.
I reacted impulsively.
I wish I had not
summoned them early.
I messed up with Jennifer.
I should have had more fun
with her when she was here.
Said "yes" more.
She loved you, Vanessa.
It is not complicated
to see why.
I know she loved me.
We would have been
best friends forever.
Would you like to hug Jennifer
one last time?
Jennifer is gone.
(Roaring in distance)
They will be here soon.
Are you sure you can't stay?
I am sure.
But now, I look forward
to seeing the sunset
on my own planet.
Now, I have to lose you.
What we once enjoyed,
we can never lose.
All that we love
becomes a part of us.
Wait here.
I wanna grab something,
so you don't forget me.
(Objects shattering)
(Whirring in distance)
Oh, my God.
(Water sloshes)
(Chair clunks)
(Tap runs)
(Glass clunks)
(Water sloshes)
(Ribbon rustles)
(Vacuums whirs)
(Laptop clunks)
(Drags chair)
(Phone ringing)
Hey, sorry,
I missed your FaceTime.
I was practicin' the bass,
but is-- is everything okay?
I was thinking
we should throw a party.
ERIC: (On video call)
A-- a party?
Um, something
to celebrate Jennifer's life.
ERIC: (On video call)
Yeah. O-- okay.
Y-- you sound really good.
Yeah, I'm okay.
ERIC: (On video call)
You sure?
I'm sad, but I'm okay.
(Car whooshes)
Cut my life into pieces
This is my last resort
Suffocation, no breathin'
Don't give a fuck
if I cut my arm bleedin'
This is my last resort
This is my last resort
Losin' my sight,
losin' my mind
Wish somebody would tell me
I'm fine
Losin' my sight,
losin' my mind
Wish somebody would tell me
I'm fine
Nothing's alright
Nothin' is fine
I'm runnin' and I'm cryin'
Cut my life into pieces
This is my last resort
This is my last resort
This is my last resort
This is my last resort
Oh, this is my last resort
Oh, this is my last resort
This is my last resort
This is my last resort
This is my last resort
This is my last resort