Image (2014) Movie Script

Good things happen here.
Bad things too.
Like in all big cities.
This is a shopping street.
All the shops are here.
Over there's the clubhouse. They put on
that play I was talking about.
Eva. Your name is Eva, right?
Over there, do you see it?
The best bar in Brussels.
Most people hang around Midi station.
But this is the place to be.
Hear that?
Brussels' anthem.
We've got used to it.
I can't sleep if I don't hear sirens.
How was it?
Did you get some good images?
There's nothing interesting to see here.
Let's go someplace else.
- Take it easy, we're going.
- Stop the camera!
- Easy, we're going.
- What are you filming?
Put the camera away.
Put it away! Stop filming!
Turn it off!
- Calm down.
- It's switched off. It's switched off.
Stay in the car.
I'll talk to them.
Fuck! Look at their faces.
It's like Jurassic Park.
If they get in, we've got a problem.
- Just stay calm, we'll be fine.
- Stay calm?
For all we know, this is a set-up
and he brought us here on purpose.
- Eh, Joerie?
- Are the doors locked, Eva?
- Who's that?
- Are the doors locked?
They're all locked.
Eva, just... start the car and drive.
- Come on, do it.
- Get out of here.
Don't be scared. It's cool.
- Whatever, dude.
- Don't let him in.
Eva, I'm not kidding,
just put your foot down and go!
- He's trying to get in.
- Hey! Goddammit!
You're lucky I'm here.
Eva, what are you doing?
Ah, a Flemish guy.
Goeiedag. Alles goed? Godverdomme.
- Do you speak Dutch?
- What?
- Dutch?
- Are you crazy? What's the point of that?
- What are you doing here?
- We're filming a news report.
Hold on, hold on. You want to show
the neighbourhoods as they really are?
With Jean-Rachid as your guide?
Yes, last time...
He only appears
when there's a camera around.
- Could you do any better?
- What?
Why don't you show us
around the neighbourhoods?
OK. Deal.
That will be 100 euros.
- What?
- What?
Do you do it for free?
Is it just a hobby?
So where are we going?
Riots in Molenbeek, Anderlecht,
Sint-Gillis, Brussels' hotspots.
Teenage immigrants arrested for theft.
Most criminals come from poor
neighbourhoods where foreigners live.
Moroccan youths.
The suspect is of Moroccan extraction.
...carried out the stabbing.
A group of Moroccan youths
attacked a police car.
The perpetrator is thought to be
a member of a North African gang.
Teenage immigrants arrested for theft.
Witnesses report seeing
a man of foreign extraction.
...of North African extraction.
The murder suspect is probably of
North African extraction.
Ten Muslim teenagers were arrested
for violence this morning.
North African criminals
smuggled drugs via Belgium.
The drug dealers are
of foreign extraction.
Most prisoners are immigrants.
There are relatively more foreigners
in prison.
The man who carried out the stabbing
had light brown skin and ran off...
...of Moroccan extraction.
There were immigrant youths present.
Witnesses report seeing
a man of foreign extraction.
At around 9 o'clock a number of
Moroccan youths threw stones at police.
It is not clear what led to this.
This morning ten Muslim teenagers
were arrested for violence.
The greatest threat to our safety is
the increasing number of Muslim youths.
Water cannons were used
to disperse the violent crowd.
Ten Muslim youths were arrested
for robbery.
Schools and social workers
have no influence on the youths.
A number of teenage immigrants
threw Molotov cocktails.
Cars were set on fire.
Immigrant youths take to the street
to express their anger.
- Hello, ladies! How was it?
- A jungle, man.
- Really?
- It was OK.
OK? It got a bit tricky out there.
Our wannabe war reporter.
In a war you know the enemy.
This is infiltrating behind enemy lines.
Here or there,
what's the difference?
It's OK for you.
They never attack sound guys.
You'd be surprised just how many people
think this is a camera.
Next time we'll get you
a helmet and a bulletproof vest.
And put tape round it
and write "TV" on it.
Eva? Herman is waiting for you
in his office.
I know that. Come on, Peter,
you can't be serious?
We've hardly any budget as it is.
Yeah, that's what I told you.
I told you that.
How was it? Good?
Then we can air it later.
No, Peter, that budget was fixed.
Hold on a sec.
You've had a lot of time already.
- I'm trying to make a good job of it.
- Yes, but you should be wrapping it up.
- Says who?
- We do, the channel.
I thought you were the channel?
You can't complain...
Peter... What are you talking about?
Of course. The media game won't change.
Where did you get that?
I've just found an insider from the area
who wants to show us around.
You've got one week.
No, a budget is a budget.
My viewers demand quality
and quality costs money.
Hi, Eva. What's it like being in those
neighbourhoods? Not too much sexism?
No, I'm not working on a story
about this news team.
Can it go on air later?
- I've got another week.
- What? How did you pull that off?
I know these kids,
they come here every day.
One day they buy from my shop,
the next day they smash the place up.
Move the car, immediately.
Hurry up or we'll have it towed away.
That's it, move along.
We haven't got all day.
- Hi guys, how are you doing?
- Alright.
- Everything OK?
- Yeah.
Good, you're all looking healthy.
You should all be in school.
- It's a holiday.
- Holiday? Which holiday?
Carnival, Easter... St Valentine's Day?
- So arrest us.
- I'll call you mother, Hamid.
Jilali, I'll have a coffee
with your sister after work. OK?
- Wait, wait!
- I don't want you playing truant again.
- Miss, you're awesome!
- Yes...
Why did you take part in the protest?
- No one touches us!
- Those Flemish...
- Not the police, not the skinheads.
- Those racists! The sonsofbitches!
Maybe it's because of you.
Maybe it's because of you.
You, the media.
You're the ones screwing us.
When do we make it onto the screen?
When riots occur, robberies...
No wonder we have a terrible image.
The situation is getting out of hand.
Maybe your boss should be got rid off.
And one of us take his place.
That would change the situation
and the way you see us.
- Did you get some good shots?
- Yes, absolutely.
- Can we be the first to see them?
- Sure, I'll give you a DVD.
Take some background shots
and be sure to record some sound.
- Can I have a cigarette?
- It's my last one.
We can share it if you like.
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
See this neighbourhood?
Do you know what it was like 20 years ago?
- No.
- Exactly the same.
It was crap yesterday
and it is crap today.
And it will still be crap
in 20 years' time.
- Isn't there anyone who can change it?
- You know... there are people who could.
- Who?
- We could, ourselves.
Once we stop messing up,
we'll get down to it.
I'm going to tell you the story
of a kid called Momo.
At 12 he gets up early, bravo
Grown-ups respect him surely
Like him, though
There aren't many, you know
He starts rapping
And gradually slapping
What does he do with is life?
What is it like?
That is it, Momo is 18
He's not called Momo
But delinquent and mean
It's a shame that he
Who was such a sweet lad
Over time Has become so bad.
Sir, that's my seat.
Sir. That's my seat.
- Hey, sir.
- There are other seats.
That is my fucking seat!
- What's up with this guy?
- I don't know.
- Want me to get my gun out?
- Relax, what are you doing?
- There are cameras there!
- To hell with the cameras!
Sir, it's just a joke.
We're not stereotypes.
Wow, Lahbib...
Check out that blonde.
Wow, what a chick!
I'm going to get her number.
- You, with that hair?
- Johnny Depp, brother.
- Bonjour. Can I ask you a question?
- I don't speak French, sorry.
- Where are you from?
- Russia.
Russia? Kalashnikov,
Molotov cocktail, Chernobyl...
- Chernobyl is not in Russia.
- What's your name?
What for?
- For on Facebook.
- Why?
I'm the Moroccan Johnny Depp.
I'm making a movie
about the most beautiful woman
in the world.
One more stop and
it would've been in the bag.
- Hi. Have you been here long?
- I've already ordered an aperitif.
Did you do something to your hair?
- I like it. It's nice.
- I went to the hairdresser for you.
Hamid, give me your best haircut.
You don't think I'm going to cut
your hair like Johnny Depp's?
Lahbib, you will still look like a retard.
Look at that ugly face in the mirror.
That's you, my friend.
Don't listen to them.
They are just jealous.
Samir, calm down.
It is not going to hurt. Come on.
- Where are you from?
- Iraq.
- What's his name?
- Samir.
Samir, look at me.
Are you afraid it will hurt?
Give me the trimmer.
You're right, that hurts.
Give me yours.
Wow, that's cool. It even tickles.
You want to switch?
You take the nice one,
I'll take the naughty one.
- I've had a great evening.
- Yeah.
Thanks for giving me a lift home.
I've heard you've spent a week on
a story about Schaarbeek.
And Molenbeek.
A week for a short report
seems a bit long, eh Herman?
I'm sure she'll deliver.
The problem is that
income is down this year.
We have to be selective about
what we spend our money on.
So a piece that digs deep
is perfect, eh?
Those riots were ages ago.
The viewers will have lost interest.
We need scoops.
I've just gained the trust of
an insider from the area.
Not some social worker. It'll be a story
like you've never seen before.
It's a unique chance to go into greater
depth, present a different image of them.
They've had enough negative coverage.
Can't you show what you've got?
You have enough.
You may have more time
but you don't have to use it all.
Aren't you the boss?
Management can't interfere with content.
Finish it as quickly as possible
and get it on the air.
Joeri and Geert have been put on
another job. You will be too.
I'm making the best thing
people have ever seen.
What you have made
should have been aired ages ago.
I told you she wasn't ready.
My brother.
- I'll pay later.
- You should pay now.
Oh... What's your problem, my friend?
You are not my friend.
Pay for this now.
- We've known each other for ages.
- Yes.
But it doesn't count.
You never pay.
- I always pay you, damn it.
- Always fucking two months later.
- Chill, cousin.
- Chill cousin...
You Moroccans don't respect me.
You think I'm Indian,
I love Ghandi, don't have balls.
- I thought Pakis played cricket?
- I'll show you!
- Want one? They're good.
- Stop this now and pay up.
Stop, I told you to stop.
I told you to stop!
Don't you understand me?
- Damn!
- Calm down.
What? Let's go.
You can keep your fucking crisps.
Let's go.
Tell all your brothers and friends.
Nobody fucks with me!
- Fuck off!
- Fuck you, motherfucker!
Faster next time.
I almost killed him with his own bat.
- We didn't know what you were going to do.
- It happened spontaneously.
- Hello?
- Lahbib?
- Who's this?
- Eva.
Hi, Eva. How are things?
- Good, and you?
- I'm fine.
- Can we meet tomorrow?
- If you want. Where are you shooting?
- I'll be alone.
- All alone? Without your pals?
Yes, with a small camera.
OK, I don't care.
It's the same price.
I thought the 100 euros
covered everything?
We'll see tomorrow.
- 2 o'clock, Etangs Noirs metro?
- Perfect.
- See you tomorrow.
- Right, see you tomorrow.
Wait, wait!
- Thank you.
- OK?
- Who are you here for?
- Willem De Raedt.
- You're the new intern?
- Yes, I am.
Don't stress too much.
It's not a jungle here.
My hair probably looks awful.
No, no, it's... fine.
- I'm Sara.
- Eva.
Follow me.
If a factory like that shut down here
we'd have done loads of items on it.
But it's like you say,
it's not happening here.
- Anything else?
- Dairy farmers are protesting.
You're late.
You'd better have some good ideas.
Is she one of them?
- Willem, this is your new intern.
- Oh yes, hello. How do you do?
This is where all the bright minds gather
to make Herman shine.
I'm curious to see
what you'll bring me this week.
Because according to the last quarter's
ratings, I didn't shine enough.
We've got the European farmers,
the Twitter murder...
- Who's that?
- The new intern.
- Pleased to meet you.
- What do you think of our programme?
- It's fantastic.
- No, honestly.
- I mean it.
- Really?
There you have it, friends.
Herman Verbeeck doesn't only
appeal to older audiences.
Twitter. You're joking.
No one's interested in that.
It started as an argument
between 15-year-old kids on Twitter
and got totally out of hand.
They hired a young guy
to kill the girl.
That'd make a great episode
for a detective series.
There are also rumours about sexual
harassment at the Department of Defence.
- They are just rumours...
- We've got some statements.
- Yes, but is it true?
- No, no. Is it interesting? Next topic.
The Salafi population in Belgium
is growing.
Aha... That's what bothers my viewers.
- You can bet on it.
- It's a difficult group to infiltrate.
Yes, very difficult...
We've tried before but had no luck.
- Where, in Brussels?
- Yes, Brussels, and Antwerp.
It can't be that hard to find someone?
No, a long beard,
djellaba and short pants!
- Why don't you take it?
- No, thanks.
Our star reporter
prefers the dairy farmers.
We tried to interview an imam
from a Brussels mosque once, but...
He'd been imported from Saudi Arabia.
- He just gave a rehearsed speech.
- We got nothing useful.
Just stayed in his comfort zone.
If you want to access that world, you have
to establish trust, a relationship.
Like you in those neighbourhoods?
Those guys will never talk
to someone white, let alone a woman.
- Karim, what do you think?
- It won't be easier for me.
- They'll just see me as a reporter.
- Just try, OK?
- Right, who's taking the farmers?
- I'll do it.
This is where we all pretend
to be working very hard.
- That's Karim.
- We've already met.
- Eva...
- Yeah.
This is Joeri.
Yep, she's on her way to the top.
A promising career!
- He refused two battles, Rohff is...
- But what has Booba to do with rap?
No, stop talking to me.
- You just have to... He can't sing.
- Who can't sing?
Hey, watch out,
Officer Mina may come past.
Alright, thanks, Lahbib.
Booba is the best.
- Who's playing?
- Barcelona versus Real Madrid.
- Which team are they cheering for?
- This is a Barcelona bar.
Who do Moroccans generally support?
Barcelona or Real Madrid?
Choice of team has divided families.
- Everybody has a favourite team.
- But they're Spanish teams.
What's the connection with Morocco?
I never said it was logical.
It's just the way it is.
So who are you going to interview next?
- You.
- Me?
What's in it for me?
- Forget it then.
- Don't you dare?
Are you scared?
Go on, say something.
What do you want me to say?
You want a guide, no problem.
- On the left is...
- Just act natural.
- Lahbib! My friend.
- Hi, what's going on, nigger?
- Don't call me nigger, you faggot.
- Let's say hello.
- How are you?
- Fine. You?
- Such is life.
- Everything's good.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- It's been a long time.
- I've been good. And you?
Eva is a documentary maker.
Can she shoot some footage here?
If she doesn't disturb the clients,
it's fine by me.
- Alright. Thanks.
- Handsome!
Do you see, Eva?
If you want to be respected,
only one thing matters:
The haircut.
So we come here
every two to three weeks.
Moroccans are
the best hairdressers ever.
Our speciality is the layered look.
- Stop it. Do you want my spot?
- No, thanks.
Do people ask for haircuts
from the magazines?
These magazines here are
for people while they wait.
They can look and dream.
Straight, blonde hair.
Blue eyes, pockets full of money.
After a while... boom.
You wake up.
Curly hair.
Only a trimmer can help.
- Do whites come here too?
- Not very often.
- Do you know how to cut this?
- I can cut any style in the world.
You should have blacks
in your magazines.
We all are the same
after all... "Africans".
- So, did you get some good footage?
- Yes.
Are you hungry?
- Enjoy it.
- You too.
If we don't want to be
a hairdresser or a criminal...
we end up working in a snack bar.
- You didn't want to do either?
- Not really.
You mean young Moroccans can
only choose between two jobs?
No. You can clean Brussels' streets.
Or become a tram or bus driver.
- Do you like it?
- Very much.
Three Michelin stars.
So Eva, since I'm the star of your story,
do you want to see where I live?
- Yes, I'd love to.
- Cool.
Here we are.
This is my territory.
I cleaned up especially for you.
Sit down, relax.
- You play the guitar?
- A little.
No, please don't film me.
Why not?
It's really good.
No, it's personal.
It's this neighbourhood.
- It doesn't fit your image?
- No way. You've got it.
So you never play music
with your friends?
I do, gangsta rap.
But Arabic lyric poetry
is for a musht.
A musht?
It's difficult to explain
if you're not from BX.
A musht is like a moron.
- So you are a musht?
- Are you crazy?
I'm going to take you to
a hip hop party, you'll see.
I thought you'd have a cooler hobby.
Like shooting or something.
I have a lot of hobbies.
I'm the coolest guy around, baby.
I can get you a gun, right now.
Whatever you want.
9mm, Tek 9, Uzi...
Even a fucking bazooka,
if you want.
Give me the camera.
- Come on, give here.
- No.
Give here. You've filmed me all day.
But I'm not allowed to film,
is that it?
How does this crap work?
There. There we go. That's it.
Do something.
Come on, do something.
- Shit!
- What? You want some shit?
No, I have to go.
- Are you in a hurry?
- Yes.
You saw the ratings too,
we dropped even further last week.
- It's just temporary.
- But Herman is pass.
It's old school.
You should come and work for us.
Your news team is too small.
Yes, but it's on small channels
that people like you can grow.
We don't have
some old fossil stuck in his job.
Herman Verbeeck is a strong brand.
He's like an airplane
crashing in slow-motion.
That's Herman Verbeeck.
I know he's your mentor, but...
It's thanks to people like you
that he holds onto his position.
- Don't let the bastard intimidate you.
- Thanks for the advice.
But I'm afraid lots of viewers
still like the old fossil.
Come on, let's go say hello.
Are you still working on this?
The week's over.
Is it any good?
You'll be able to shine.
Funny, I almost gave
the story to someone else.
- Why? Wasn't I good enough?
- No, no.
The opposite.
Everyone was convinced
you'd be eaten alive out there.
Because you look like a little angel.
But I knew better.
You wouldn't let go.
Like a pit bull with a bone.
We don't need to win awards with it.
- It's just TV, right?
- Yes, it is.
An invitation to a party. I intended
to give it to Mitch but if you want...
Some important people will be there.
It could be interesting.
Go home.
How are you?
Long time no see.
Are you good?
- How did you get out?
- Oh...
A procedural error, so they say.
Those idiots had to release me.
It's a crap system.
That's all behind me now.
But tell me about you.
How have you been?
What have you done since prison?
- How's your business? Still trafficking?
- Fuck off.
Don't talk to me like that.
Don't you remember who took care of you
when you were out of your depth?
- You owe me respect.
- Don't. Get out of my neighbourhood.
Your neighbourhood?
It's mine too.
Not for long.
What do you mean?
Are you threatening me?
- After all I did for you...
- Everyone knows!
They don't. It's just rumours. Someone
says something, someone else repeats it.
It's just air, it's crap. That's all.
I don't care. If I see you around
here again, you'll regret it.
Don't listen to what people say.
We're friends, right?
You're a picture of elegance.
I see you have good connections
in politics.
It's always pleasant
to have a drink with friends.
And they come in handy, that's true.
What's the point of this reception,
except to get drunk on champagne?
It's called networking.
Show your face, make connections.
Meet important people.
Everything to help your career.
So good work is less important
than good connections?
No, they are equally important.
If you want to make it to the top.
Why did you give me the invitation?
Why do you always ask
such stupid questions?
Because I believe in you, Eva.
But apparently I was wrong.
So now I have to go and socialize
with your rich pals?
Eva, your mum and dad belong
to Ghent's high society.
Don't pretend.
This is your world.
What's the intern doing here?
she does understand how it works.
Networking, sweetie.
It'll be the third time
I've covered for you this month.
- I wouldn't ask if it weren't necessary.
- Yes, OK.
I'll interview those retarded fans.
- Thanks, you're a sweetheart.
- Yeah. But it's the last time.
Viewers think
the programme is old-fashioned.
So you are losing young audiences.
The message should be:
We don't cover hot news,
we are... hot news.
Here you can see the new studio.
There will be big screens everywhere.
And we expect everyone's input.
Strong images, for all coverage.
- More sensation?
- We have to stay in the game.
If something explodes on Twitter
just before we're on air
we should have an item about it.
It should all feel more dynamic.
We need to think about
new presenters.
We're already looking for a co-anchor.
Right, Herman?
- You said in a few years.
- Yes, but the ratings are a problem.
- It's now or never, Herman.
- Have you got a new Verbeeck to hand?
Where is he,
the new Herman Verbeeck?
Doesn't have to be a Herman Verbeeck.
If I don't present it,
the ratings will drop.
We've talked about this, Herman.
- The ratings have been falling for years.
- We're still number one.
You'll stay the lead anchor.
You'll get all the important topics.
It will still be the Herman Verbeeck show.
It's just getting a fresh coat of paint.
- How's it going, man?
- Lahbib.
- Everything's fine.
- Long time, no see.
Come in, come in.
Who's that?
That's Eva, she's making
a documentary about BX.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm the star.
Johnny Depp!
Johnny Depp...
- There's freestyle later on.
- I don't know, man.
Come on.
- Come on.
- No, sorry.
See you.
Neurotic worker, come close
Look at the rich guy dying of an overdose
It's time to stop being pushed around
Stir your conscience,
the world's in melt down.
You want to be here.
Come on, come on!
Give it gas! Give it gas!
No one, or what?
Hi everyone, how's it going?
It's been a while,
but we're still here.
Let them talk.
You and I know.
We move forward, in small steps.
What have we got?
Our childhood dreams.
I've cried, prayed on my knees.
Handcuffed to the pillar.
The street is no movie,
and I did not want this role.
Between the deal
or death and prison.
I took care of my own.
You think it's easy at 16?
To be your own parent?
I had a lot to handle.
I wound up in a bad business.
To each his own method of healing.
Weed saved me.
My eyes can testify.
When my smile breaks, we light up
a fresh joint. Tonight we party.
Pick up your joint, brother.
Tonight we party.
Pick up your joint, brother.
Tonight we party.
The police!
The police can go to hell!
- Thanks for a great evening.
- No worries.
We could have an afterparty
at my place?
No. That wouldn't be
very professional of me.
I'm just kidding.
Right... I'm off.
Have a good night.
Take it or leave it.
We shall see.
- The whole board is behind the plan.
- Peter, you're lying.
We're making a loss.
The big advertisers don't want to be
near your show.
The ratings start going up or
that's it for Herman Verbeeck.
How long since your last real scoop?
And the name Herman Verbeeck was enough
for people to turn on their TV?
And it was all over the papers
the next day.
I think a co-anchor
is an elegant way out.
Stay on for one more season. And we'll
make a programme by, with and about you.
Over my dead body.
You owe me, remember?
You're an angel.
When my documentary is finished,
I'll give you a credit.
- A credit?
- I was thinking maybe a dinner.
It was worth trying, eh?
Did you party too hard with the fans?
That was a bad report.
You don't just let
a bunch of drunks shoot their mouth off.
- Sorry.
- I don't want to hear it, Eva!
Your last few stories have been sloppy.
This is not a regional channel.
- And I have to introduce that crap.
- You looked like you could smell crap.
- Shut up, Mitch.
- Sorry.
You do your job or you're fired.
That goes for everybody.
Do your job or you're fired!
What have we got so far?
Oh man. I'm so glad to be going home.
Yeah. That retirement home
doesn't exactly lift your spirits.
- I think Eva is hot.
- Definitely. Absolutely.
- I wouldn't mind giving her one.
- You'd give anything one.
I'd record the sound.
- I'll film it.
- Yeah yeah.
I still need to shoot some stuff
in those neighbourhoods. Now.
- Now?
- I thought the subject was done with?
I've arranged to meet that police woman.
We get to ride in police cars.
- It's OK for Herman.
- Great.
- And Peter?
- Come on, guys. It'll be interesting.
Eva, it's fine by me.
But I don't want any problems afterwards.
- Please...
- Aren't you a bit obsessed?
- Can I have a light?
- Alright, I can't say no to those eyes.
You're so easy, so easy.
Me too?
Cut it out, man.
Get back!
Let me in! Slut!
No, I'm coming in!
Miss, please be quiet.
We are on standby for the raid.
Don't move!
- OK, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Sure you won't join us?
- No, thanks.
Eva lives on love.
Oooh... Lahbibi.
OK? Did you film some good stuff?
- Yes, it was very interesting.
- I'm on a 30-minute break. Coffee?
- OK.
- Come on, I know a place.
- How come Lahbib has such a reputation?
- He's a legend to a lot of kids.
- What did he do?
- He broke into a police station.
The station at Vilvoorde.
Lahbib knew there was a safe
with confiscated items.
Dirty money, drugs, guns.
One night, he went there
with three friends.
There weren't many police there that
night. Not enough for four armed men.
Lahbib and his friends
quickly overpowered the officers.
When they found the safe,
they needed a code.
None of the officers knew it.
They tried to break open the safe.
It didn't work.
They then fetched an electric saw.
The officers were threatened
the entire time.
They managed to open the safe
with the saw.
Total loot?
Almost nothing.
They took what they could
and ran off.
Kids worship a guy who dares to attack
a police station.
The police were furious.
Catching them had become personal.
Rolling a joint is
like making love to a woman.
You treat it like a delicacy
with limited pleasure.
Slowly, you mix it all together.
You lick and roll tightly.
And after that,
the flame will take you to paradise.
How long did he go to prison for?
He was sentenced to five years
and did three and a half.
He seems so nice.
I can't believe he was like that.
He has a good hart.
He wouldn't hurt a child, or a woman.
But back then he was one of
the most dangerous guys in Brussels.
- Do you think he has changed? Or can't he?
- It's hard to tell...
I believe he's good at heart.
So yes, but...
You can never know for sure.
- Eva speaking.
- It's me. Come back to the car.
They've smashed our window.
I'm calling in a theft.
Goddammit, I don't believe it!
What the hell are they going to do
with a fucking boom?
- I'm off, my colleagues will take over.
- Thank you.
I told you to keep an eye on your stuff.
In this neighbourhood, with those guys...
- How do you know it was them?
- Who else would do it, Eva?
Those two Danish guys over there?
We were asking for it here.
Thought you were allowed to film here?
Or did you pay 100 euros for nothing?
Drive round with cops,
that's what you get.
Maybe this was your loverboy's work?
- Damn it!
- The insurance will cover it.
It happened while we were on the job. Eh?
- Can't we keep this to ourselves?
- What? You're kidding.
What do I use to record sound tomorrow?
My dick?
You'll have to come clean.
What the hell were you doing in Brussels?
You waste my resources,
use my personnel...
And what for?
I told you I wasn't done yet.
You don't get to decide
when something is done!
- You have to do as you're told.
- But you gave me the job.
The job was to spend a week getting
some images for a short segment.
You've now spent more than a month
on some stupid documentary.
Sorry my determination is so unacceptable!
If everyone were like me
you wouldn't have to worry
about your ratings!
Being motivated and being obsessed
aren't the same.
Or did your parents spoil you so much
you think you can do what you like?
- You're talking rubbish.
- I can see right through you.
You'll use anyone to get what you want.
Only one person matters to you
and that's Eva Hendrickx.
You let nothing stand in your way.
Did Peter set you up to this?
Because he doesn't have the balls?
I'm at the top of the mountain.
I can help you climb it
or push you off.
Never forget that.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
- Hey.
- What?
Could you start it and then leave
the room? It's personal.
Lahbib... Don't let me put you off.
Just do your thing.
Come on, do me this favour, please.
OK, I'll push the button
and then go to my office.
Thank you.
- In the station itself?
- The police officer was checking IDs.
- When did it happen? Come with us.
- Ten minutes ago.
- Is he still alive?
- His life is in the balance.
I want all available info
on the shooting.
What happened before it,
any passengers, witnesses.
Listen up... We're live in 5 minutes.
What have we got?
Some commuters saw the shooter.
They say he was Moroccan.
- Official statement?
- North African guy.
- Commuters know what Moroccans look like?
- It's unlikely it was Cubans, eh?
- Do all witnesses say the same?
- No.
A cab driver says
he was Eastern European, Bulgarian.
- The cab driver's nationality?
- Belgian.
- Abel Kader.
- Of course. They cover for each other.
What are the cop's chances?
He's critical.
Doctors aren't sure he'll make it.
This is just in.
It's still to be confirmed
but soon every news team
will have this.
If I show you this,
what do you think?
The first image that comes to mind
following a crime.
- That's a Moroccan, eh Karim?
- Why am I suddenly the expert?
Can you tell the difference
between a German and a Swiss guy?
- I'm a fucking Tunisian, OK?
- North African...
- It's OK to say that, eh?
- Does it matter?
It's just more oil on the fire.
- How many commuters saw it happen?
- Eight.
Karim, I'm not saying he's a Moroccan.
But eight eyewitnesses say
he looked like one.
- The official statement confirms it.
- Based on what the commuters said.
- Not necessarily a reliable source.
- It's worthless.
The justice department is more
trustworthy than some cab driver.
Someone else will
run with the news
and say the shooter was North African.
We can't hold back information
because we're cowards!
But it's much worse if it turns out
the information is wrong.
- Are you sure about it?
- 100%.
We'll forget about the cab driver.
Let's say the justice department
is looking for a man of
North African extraction.
- But we're waiting for confirmation.
- OK.
Let's get going.
Silence. Five seconds.
Good evening.
Tension is rising following
the murder of a police officer.
Shots fired at a policeman.
Violence against cops increases.
Police officers actually attacked.
Aggression towards police officers.
...aggravated assault and battery...
Violence against police officers
has increased in recent years.
Zero tolerance has been introduced.
Youths of Moroccan extraction are
regularly stopped and arrested.
The police are extra vigilant.
Mistrust is on the increase.
Clashes between the police
and teenage immigrants.
The situation is explosive.
This neighbourhood's future is worrying.
There is an angry atmosphere
on the streets of Brussels.
They are overdoing it.
It's several times a day.
It really pisses me off!
Shall we go see what's happening?
Who stole the handbag?
If no one talks
I'm arresting you all.
Was it your friend who did it?
- Was it your buddy?
- We didn't do anything!
It's always the same thing.
You've never done anything.
Do your parents know where you are?
I asked you a question.
- Do your parents...
- It's easy with 13-or 14-year-old kids.
Stop filming!
I don't think I asked for your help, sir.
You're just a wimp
who's acting the big man, eh?
Shut up or I'll arrest you too.
How? You can barely handle those kids.
What's the matter? Am I getting
on your nerves? I can see I am.
You don't have the guts.
- Step back, please.
- For you?
Let go!
Are you OK?
Eva. You're bleeding.
- Hi.
- Hi.
That looks heavy,
where did you shoot it?
In Molenbeek.
That's from today?
Have we got footage of that?
I've got footage of it
for my documentary.
Look at that guy.
You can see right away that he's a thug.
You need to know the context...
I'll leave you to it.
Yesterday, Molenbeek looked like
a battlefield for a while.
A short but violent clash took place
between police and local youths.
We were right in the middle of the action.
Take a look.
Disturbances in Molenbeek again.
What should have been a routine check
turned into...
You went behind my back
and stole my footage.
Was that your footage? It was shot
in Molenbeek, I sent you to the coast.
- You can't do that.
- I can do as I like.
You went behind our backs to get that
footage when you should've been working.
I can do what I want with it.
Be glad you're not fired.
- Do you know what that footage cost me?
- Yes. It's written all over your face.
- Who stole the footage?
- It doesn't matter.
I bet it was that slut of an intern.
Got herself a job now, eh?
Eva, everything is chill.
And you are being difficult.
- Why don't you fire me then?
- You've got 48 hours. Two days.
Not a minute longer, not a second longer.
To finish your documentary
and show it to me.
If you don't,
not only will I fire you
but I will personally ensure
that no news team,
no production company and no channel
will ever remember your name.
You can be as talented as you like
but for the next ten years you'll just be
putting your stuff on YouTube.
Old bastards can be pit bulls too.
You better pray I never make it.
Because if I do, I'll make sure you don't.
Damn, it's my jacket.
Hold this for a second.
Give here.
Is this some kind of joke?
Well done.
Fucking hell! Lahbib,
look at that arse, brother.
I swear on my mother's head,
I'm going to marry that girl!
Lahbib, she's over there, look!
She looked at me, I'm in love.
I'm in love, damn it. Lahbib!
Look at her. I'll seduce her, brother.
Did you have something to do with
Patrick being beaten up?
He's in hospital
and has lost a testicle.
Are there any witnesses?
Nobody, right?
Listen to me, you bastard.
I believed in you
because I thought you could change.
Not one cop has forgotten what you did.
But I knew you weren't an idiot.
I thought you would walk the line.
But the hard part is staying
on the line, sticking with it.
Who do you think you are?
Do you think we respect you
because you grew up with us?
No one trusts you. Do you know why?
Because you are a cop.
That's why no one talks to you.
If you think we respect you
you're naive.
As for that paedophile who lost a nut...
No one's bothered.
What do you know about him?
Got any proof? Something real?
You have nothing.
You just have rumours.
So maybe you just maimed someone
for nothing.
Can I carry on eating, please?
- We'll meet again.
- As you wish.
- What is it?
- It's something I recorded.
- Is this our last interview?
- Yes.
Eva, you film me.
I'm from this neighbourhood.
But at the end of the day
you return to your nice home in Ghent.
When your documentary is finished,
you'll never come back.
But that's no big deal.
I only have one question.
What's your strongest childhood memory?
I never chose this life.
But I had my little brothers.
But no one else. No family, no parents.
How were we going to survive?
So we worked for a bigger guy.
You do what he tells you.
You're not scared of the cops.
You're scared of the bigger guys.
I sold shit, drugs, even guns.
It's easy.
You get a package, an address.
You deliver the package.
You get the money.
Quickly and efficiently, like DHL.
One day, everything turned bad.
I had to get a delivery from a guy
but he had disappeared.
My boss thought he was my pal.
But I didn't know the guy.
They beat me to find out where he was.
One day they found him.
They held him up in front of me,
his face beaten to a pulp.
They gave me a gun.
I took aim.
I closed my eyes.
And bang!
But I'm sure I didn't kill him.
He was still screaming when he was dragged
into the other room. But then...
The noise stopped.
But they were clever.
They had my prints on the gun.
So I couldn't go to the cops.
I can't use this, Lahbib.
Otherwise you'll get into trouble.
Lahbib Farraji, a typical
hardened criminal from Molenbeek.
A hard man who is both feared
and respected.
An anti-hero
who lives according to his own values.
And who doesn't hesitate
to enforce them.
In this world
there is only one question.
If you do the wrong thing for
the right reason, is that a good deed?
- Hello?
- I saw your documentary.
- Oh?
- Eva, it's... explosive.
Congratulations, honestly.
- Thank you.
- Sorry I woke you up.
- I just wanted to tell you.
- That's OK.
This is a game changer.
Has anyone else seen it yet?
- No.
- Keep it that way.
We're going all out with this story.
Everyone has to see it.
Is the rest of your footage on the server?
- Yes.
- Great.
- So tell me, this young guy...
- Lahbib?
What a great character! Amazing.
- What's the suit for?
- For the premiere on Saturday.
- Oh right... I don't think I'm coming.
- You have to.
- Eva, that's your world. Not mine.
- All the more reason.
- I don't have a coat for a suit.
- It's OK, your normal jacket is perfect.
Stop messing about.
I can't wear that jacket.
No, really, it's excellent. Perfect.
OK, where is it?
Can you open the door?
I'll miss my train.
This is not a stop.
It's a red light.
- Go on.
- No.
Go to hell.
Superlatives are not
out of place tonight.
This documentary shows we set the
benchmark for investigative journalism.
No one goes as far as we do.
Afterwards there will be time
for questions, and a surprise.
Enjoy it.
Lahbib Farraji had a reputation for being
one of Brussels' most hardened criminals.
He was repeatedly arrested
for drug dealing.
Eva, you're late...
But it's good you're here.
We'll have to be quiet,
it's already started. Come on.
- What's happened? What did you do?
- I'll explain upstairs.
Come on.
Come on.
What was that about?
Don't make a scene.
What did you do to my documentary?
I just improved your documentary.
Put the Herman Verbeeck stamp on it.
That's all.
You're stealing my work.
Stealing your work...
You work for me.
Your scoops are my scoops.
- Do you know how much effort I put into it?
- That's not the point.
- It is the point.
- No.
You had lost your objectivity.
You couldn't step back from your subject.
The image you created of that guy...
It was just...
You left out a lot of good footage.
His confession, for instance.
That he shot a guy.
- You can't not use that.
- I promised I wouldn't.
Well, I did use it.
It's in there now.
I took aim. I closed my eyes.
And bang.
Come on, you've still got
your whole career...
In the end...'re just like me.
Hello, Eva?
I'm there, where are you?
Hello, Eva. Are you OK?
Eva? What's the matter?
Calm down, please.
- Lahbib, you...
- Calm down, tell me what's the matter.
- Eva?
- You have to help me.
I'm upstairs. Come up here. Quickly.
The world of television is shocked by
the brutal murder of Herman Verbeeck.
Herman Verbeeck, murdered.
The murder of Herman Verbeeck.
Premeditated murder.
The Public Prosecutor...
The man suspected of the murder of Herman
Verbeeck is of Moroccan extraction.
Lahbib Farraji.
Farraji has a criminal record.
Hardened criminal Lahbib Farraji has
numerous convictions for violence.
A journalist is missing,
has disappeared without trace.
Eva Hendrickx.
It's feared she has been abducted
by Lahbib Farraji.
Suspected of Herman Verbeeck's murder.
Footage shows Farraji
beating up a man.
Farraji spent three years in prison.
...notorious criminals.
Lahbib Farraji hated
popular TV presenter Herman Verbeeck.
We should get rid of your boss.
Journalist Eva Hendrickx has been
kidnapped by Lahbib Farraji.
Here we can see suspected murderer Farraji
with the journalist.
It is not known if Hendrickx was
abducted or was an accomplice.
Has Hendricks been brainwashed
by the criminal?
The Public Prosecutor has looked at
footage from Verbeeck's last documentary.
...has not released it yet.
The channel is in negotiations
to show it.
The whole country is waiting impatiently
for the documentary.
It's been six months since we had
to say goodbye to a TV legend.
We are about to show you the long
awaited documentary on Lahbib Farraji.
A unique portrait of the murderer of
presenter Herman Verbeeck.