Images (1972) Movie Script

"In Search of Unicorns...
"a Book for Children."
Chapter 1.
All in a night, spring came...
...rushing from beyond
the ends of the earth...
...and spilling out
all over Umberny...
...its sack full of colors...
...and buds and birds' eggs...
...snails and tadpoles...
...rainbows and newborn animals.
Bees hummed...
...mammoths gamboled...
...meadows rang
with the plighting of troths...
...and deep
in his ancestral cave...
Hero... Fairbeard frisky...
Lord of all Umbs...
...snored and grunted...
...stirred and groaned...
...and got out of bed
to look outside.
"Fiddle-fuddle, Umb.
"A thousand spitting curses!"
Una stared at the carved,
curving creature...
...delicate, questing, perfect...
with arched neck
and a single slender horn.
"Sir Frisky," she cried.
"Sir Frisky, what was it?
"What did I see?"
Hero stared back.
"Why, a unicorn."
Una was trembling
like an aspen...
...pale as a unicorn herself.
Straight past his nose
zoomed 7 enormous butterflies...
with eyes like stars
and bright blue wings...
...and each one was humming.
And then Hero
started to tremble...
...for it seemed to be
him who was humming...
...not with his usual
tuneless hum...
...but a butterfly's humming...
...just as if one
had flown down his throat.
The stone circle
was shrouded in stillness.
There was no whisker of wind...
...but the holy tree
swayed and tossed... if in the grip
of some terrible storm.
Deep sobbing broke
from its trunk... though some locked creature
was struggling to escape.
It was raining...
a sudden, torrential downpour.
Snug in Rose Nest with all
the blinds pulled down...
Amberlash was cozily
entertaining Eggbert to tea.
"This lovely weather
should hold...
"shouldn't it,
Eggbert, darling?
"No one could catch cold,
not seriously...
"I mean, die of pneumonia...
out tonight."
In the pit, the water
rose round Una's ankles...
...creeping up about her knees.
"Oh, bother. Blast!"
She sobbed.
"I bet I'll drown."
the sounds of something...
...came crashing through
the forest, nearer and nearer...
...several somethings.
And then she heard
the snorkeling trumpetings of...
"Hero! Hero!
"Help, help! Get me out!"
In a flash, the Lord of Umberny
was off his steed...
...leaning over
the edge of the pit...
...stretching a long arm down
in the pouring rain.
"It's no good," Una sobbed.
"I can't see anything...
"not even your hands.
"I'm too deep."
- Hello?
- Cathryn?
It's Joan. Can you talk?
Hey, you sound different.
Are you all right?
Yeah. Fine.
You didn't sound
like yourself.
Must be the connection.
You know what just happened?
That son of a bitch
called me just now.
He wants me to pay
some goddamn percentage...
...of last year's taxes...
...because we were legally
community property then...
...or some such bullshit.
Oh, God.
Well, yeah. I had a date
with this guy Howard.
You don't know him.
Only met him last week
at some party or other.
Anyway, he was
sitting right here...
...and I broke down
and just cried...
...and hung up on him.
Then I made a damn fool
out of myself with Howard.
Told him to leave,
that I couldn't go out.
And he... Ouch! God... Damn it!
That cat!
Well, he just stepped right
on my boob.
That hurts.
Joan, is that you?
No. Who did you want?
I was talking to Joan.
Is that you, Cathryn?
- Who's speaking, please?
- Don't you know?
Cathryn! Cathryn!
Are you there?
Cathryn, can you hear me?
Well, what happened?
I don't know.
Must have been a crossed line.
Well, listen.
Are you and Hugh going out?
No. Hugh's got to st...
Hugh's got a business dinner.
Oh. Well, maybe I'll come over.
I'd really like a drink.
What movie's on tonight?
I don't know. I was going to go
to bed, but come on over.
Listen, I promised Judy
I'd call her.
I'll get right back to you, ok?
Ok. Fine.
I'll get right back.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
Is that you, Cathryn?
Yes. Who is it, please?
Do you know
where your husband is tonight?
I said, do you know...
where your husband is tonight?
Who's speaking, please?
You don't know?
- Hello?
- Hello. Alert.
This is a blow alert.
- This is the telephone company.
- Hugh, Hugh!
We're going
to blow out the lines.
Yeah, baby, it's me. Listen.
Listen, I just called
to tell you not to wait up.
I'm going to be later
than I thought.
- What?
- You hear me?
I just wanted to tell you.
Oh, fine.
Do you know
what's black and white...
...and black and white
and black and white? Huh?
A nun falling downstairs.
That's good, eh?
Listen, I'll see you
in the morning.
- Hugh?
- No, it's me.
Cathryn. Cathryn?
Yes? I want to speak
to my husband, please.
That's who I'm calling about...
old Hugh.
Please, will you
put my husband on?
Oh, Cathryn,
I would if I could.
If this is one
of Hugh's little jokes...
...just tell him
I don't think it's very funny.
- Funny, eh?
- Who's speaking, please?
Not funny.
At this moment,
old Hugh is with a girl...
...probably in bed by now... Ambassador Towers...
1334 Commercial Drive.
The telephone number
is 274-9382.
Why are you telling me this?
Why are you telling me this?
I just thought
I'd better tell you...
...if you try to call them...'ll probably get
a busy sound.
I imagine they've taken
the phone off the hook.
After all,
isn't that what you do...
when you don't want
to be disturbed?
I'm sure they don't want
to be disturbed.
Cathryn? Cathryn, can you hear?
Cathryn, I'm talking to you
about your husband...
...about old Hugh.
How was the meeting?
A waste of time.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Jesus Christ, Cathryn.
Why are all the phones
off the hook?
Isn't that what people do when
they don't want to be disturbed?
What if I tried to reach you?
I didn't think
that was very likely.
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
Who the hell would call
at this time of night?
Oh, thank God it's you!
- Jesus Christ, Joan!
- I've been calling all night.
It is 4:00 in the morning.
Is Cathryn all right?
- Yes, she's all right.
- I want to talk to her.
I'll have her call you
in the morning.
Good night. Sleep tight.
Jesus Christ!
About your friends!
I want to get to the bottom
of this phone business.
And I want to know
who you were with.
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
It means I want
to know her name.
What's the matter, baby?
Did someone call you?
Did someone telephone?
Huh? Who was it?
- Who called?
- I don't know. Some woman.
She kept phoning me and...
...telling me about you
and some girl...
Awful things that...
I don't know.
She kept ringing,
and I'd hang up...
...and she'd ring again.
Hugh, it's not true, is it?
Tell me it's not true.
Of course it isn't true.
I can prove where I was
and who I was with...
...if that will make you
feel any better.
But why would anyone
do such a thing?
I mean, she even gave me
a phone number and address.
Now, what was her name...
...this girl I was supposed
to be with?
I just kept seeing you
with this girl.
Oh, Hugh.
I want to go home.
I want to go to Green Cove.
- Can we both go?
- Of course.
- Can we go together?
- Yes.
- Right now?
- In a few days.
I have to square things away,
and then we'll go, all right?
Listen, listen.
There is no one else.
There is only you... Just you.
Come here.
Give me a kiss.
Give me a kiss.
Cathryn? Jesus Christ!
What's the matter, baby?
Are you all right?
What happened?
You scared the shit out of me.
Are you all right, baby?
- What happened?
- No, I just have...
What are you yelling so for?
- I just had a dream.
- A dream?
What kind of dream?
Cathryn, I have got
to know what's happened.
- Leave me alone!
- All right.
- I don't know!
- All right.
All right.
Now, I'll call George.
You just stay there and rest.
I'll call George, and he'll
take care of everything.
Then we'll drive out
to Green Cove.
It will take us
a couple of hours.
We both need a rest.
The beginning.
"Long, long ago"...
wrote Ancient,
the wise historian... big, slow, spidery writing...
"the most heavenly spirit
of the universe...
"tossed from her finger
like an emerald...
"the fair land of Umberny.
"Very far down through
the reaches of the sky...
"it fell...
"to sink into the heart
of the great continent.
"To Umberny's north lay Goll.
"To Umberny's south lay Gonn.
"To east and west...
"to east and west...
"a great many other lands lie...
"but none is as fair
as the land of the Umbs."
It's beautiful.
I love it here.
There's a covey of quail
down there.
Right down there,
between those trees.
Umbs, as you probably know...
...are very small people...
quarrelsome, peaceful,
jealous and kind...
...cowardly, brave,
happy and sad... man-children have been
since the dawn of time.
They live in caves or little,
stone, conical houses...
wear thick, furry bearskins...
...hunt and fish and farm...
...and paint wonderful things
on the walls of their caves.
But one thing you can never
tell about an Umb is his age.
Some are born looking old...
...others you'd think
are 5 or 12...
...can very well turn out
to be 300.
And as nobody in Umberny
can count...
...nobody bothers a bit.
"I do believe...
I do believe I can begin"...
...the wise old historian
...and he shuffled across
to a shelf stacked up...
with pieces of fresh bark...
...and pots and pots
of mammoth blood...
...shuffled back
with his fresh sheet...
...and dipped his quill again.
"In 59310,
here at the Umbs'...
"spring had fallen overnight...
"rushing from beyond
the ends of the Earth."
You don't mind
going down alone, do you?
- No.
- Light a fire.
I won't be long.
You've got the keys, don't you?
Who's up there? Who is it?
Hugh, the chim...
Hugh, the chimney's on...
Jesus Christ, Cathryn!
Open the flue!
You didn't open the flue!
Turn off the gas.
Turn it off!
Have you... Turn it off.
It's not off.
Wait. Here, Cat.
Let me... There.
Open the window.
Here, let me get that.
Jesus Christ.
Were you upstairs just now?
- What?
- Were you upstairs?
Of course not. Why?
Why did you ask me that?
I must be imagining things.
I just thought...
I heard somebody moving about.
It's impossible.
Hugh, I did hear something.
What are you trying to do...
smoke him out?
I heard something, anyway.
I'll have a look.
Maybe some animal got up there.
Got him.
Got him.
What a chase...
down the hall...
...into the bathroom,
into the bedroom...
...then the linen closet.
That's where
I first saw the spoor.
A couple of elves
riding his back.
Got them, too.
Two in 1 shot.
We'll bury them
after dinner in the back.
What's for dinner?
Spaghetti and salad.
Forgot the wine.
I put out 4 bottles
of the whiskey.
I know.
I was using them
with the fruit and the cheese... a setup.
Forgot them.
It doesn't matter. You can
get some when you go into town.
Spaghetti without wine... like a ship
without a rudder...
...and tomorrow is another day.
Wait a minute.
Gonna try for those birds
one more time.
Hugh, didn't we have a colander?
- A what?
- A colander.
You know, that pan
with the holes in it.
Did you take that home?
No. I've got one at home.
You mean, we own 2 colanders?
Find it?
No, but you'll never guess
what I did find.
This must have been here
since last summer.
Remember when John and Sherry
came up for the week...
...and brought
a whole case of it?
Now, that's really the luck
of the gods, isn't it?
Where did you find it?
Behind the deep freeze.
Did you find the colander?
- Do you really need it?
- What?
The strainer thing.
I'm sure glad
you found the wine.
Like I said...
...spaghetti without wine... like a ship
without a rudder.
Will you be long?
Oh, my God.
And Hero saw...
...a perfectly oval,
sea-green stone... bigger
than a linnet's egg.
"Oh, my goodness!
It can't be," he cried.
But it was.
Thinking stones...
...even in Umberny...
...are terribly rare
and hard to find...
...for they are magical.
They can help you
in the smallest ways, like... reminding you how many pies
you had for tea or...
Things really don't change,
do they?
You always looked
on the dark side of life.
Or where you left your spear.
Who is he?
Your husband?
Or with big things
like dreaming up a poem.
What's his name?
Henri? Duc?
Or did you
find another French lover?
This is not happening.
This is not happening.
I will not let this happen.
He has taught you games.
Like you used to say...
...or tell myself...
"I'm not really
making love with him.
"That will make
everything all right."
You are dead...
...and you have been dead
for 3 years.
You can't be here.
I won't let this happen.
Do you know...
...every time we meet,
you actually used to act... it was the first time...
...and I could never
have made love to you.
Shut up! You're dead!
I am a ghost.
Do I scare you?
My God!
You weren't on that plane.
You weren't
in that crash.
Somebody took your place.
Somebody else died, not you.
You put me on the plane,
You stood behind a post
and blew me a little kiss.
You were afraid
someone would see you...
...and it would get back to him.
Why did you do it?
All right.
Hugh will be here
in a moment...
...and then we'll see
who's here and who isn't.
He will think you're crazy...
...if he comes in and hears you
talking to yourself.
Come on.
Come on, Cathy.
Let's go upst...
Oh, God!
My, my, my.
The ghost bleeds.
What did you do that for?
You could have killed me!
Oh, my God.
Did you bleed like that
on the plane?
You're ruining the chair,
you know...
...floor, everything.
Ah, shut up, please.
God. My goddamn gun.
Caught my hand
in the goddamn breech.
Sorry to make such a mess,
but this goddamn thing...
- Hugh, let me look at it.
- No, no, no.
It's all right, dear.
No, that's ok.
I'm going to take a bath
before dinner.
Goddamn it!
I've cleaned it up.
Cold water,
rub gently. Right?
You taught me that.
Remember my bed...
...that time you miscalculated?
Shut up.
You have a filthy mind.
Did you really think
you were pregnant?
I was. I was pregnant.
For 5 days.
It was more than that.
It was much more than that.
I was pregnant for weeks.
You were 5 days late,
that's all.
And you want to know something?
You can't get pregnant.
That's a lie.
There's nothing wrong with me.
There's nothing wrong at all
with the tests.
It's Hugh. It's not me.
There's nothing wrong with me.
No, I don't suppose...
...there is anything wrong
with you physically.
What do you mean by that?
Just what the words say.
That's all.
You're trying to say I don't
want children, aren't you?
Cathy, my love...
...listen to me.
First, you never were pregnant.
- That's not tr...
- Second...
...if you had been...
...making love with me
that afternoon...
wasn't about
to make you lose it.
Third and mainly... wasn't just me...
...lying on that bed.
It takes 2... tango.
- Right?
- Well...
...let me tell you something...
Monsieur le Playboy.
All I ever wanted
from you was a baby.
That's right.
I wanted a baby.
I wanted a baby
for Hugh, for me...
...for our marriage.
I am not a cheater.
I did not cheat.
You'll just see...
What are you doing?
Cleaning the blood
from your mortal wound.
You dripped.
Did you call me just now?
I thought I heard you
talking to someone.
You did.
Who? Is someone here?
I was talking to myself.
I do quite often.
Where did you get that?
In the cupboard. It's been
around for a long time.
It's my puzzle.
I had it when I was a child.
- Oh, yeah?
- Move over.
What's it of?
I don't remember.
Got you.
That's not right.
No, that's not right.
How's your hand?
What? Oh, it's all right.
Do you think we ought to go
and do the shopping?
Yeah. I made a list.
I'm going to leave
in a few minutes.
- There.
- You put down wine?
I think you ought to get
some steaks or something.
Yeah, yeah. I made the list.
It's all there.
Does this one go in here?
Here? No.
You know, do the edges first.
It's easier.
That's cheating.
And put all the yellow pieces
together in a pile.
Hey, Hugh!
- What?
- Don't you want me to come?
No, no, darling.
I'm ok. I'll get it.
Go back inside. Shut the door.
Close the door.
What is the puzzle?
Is it yours?
Deeper than the mammoth hunt...
...deeper than
any of her unicorn treks...
Una went into the forest.
She was catching hints
of animals she had never seen.
Eyes like yellow coals
gleamed out of thickets...
...a horny tail rose from a bush...
...and all about her
in the dying light...
...teeth snapped like scissors.
Now and then, a snake
slithered across her path...
...or she fell into the footprint
of some giant beast.
Screeches, chatters, snorts,
and running feet...
...vied over the drip, drip
of sodden branches...
...and her own feet made
barely a sound on the leaves.
"What exactly is a soul?"
They were sitting
round the fire...
waiting for the fish
to roast on sticks...
...and Hero said, "Bother.
"Surely everybody knew
about souls.
"Well, a soul is...
"A soul is..."
Not for the first time
since the day he had found it...
Hero wished
more than anything...
...for the thinking stone
to be in his hand.
"Might it be a sort of slipper?"
Said Una.
"Yes, a slipper.
A slipper or a sapling...
"or a bird or a fish
or even a tiny ewe?"
"You see, a soul... A soul...
"A soul makes you like dawn
or trees in my poems...
"and pipes and bells
and shells...
"and birds in spring
and unicorns. It..."
What are you doing here?
Go away.
Get away.
I don't want to see you.
Go away.
- Hugh.
- Yeah?
- Are you alone?
- Guess what I found.
I mean, avocados.
- Oh, marvelous.
- Come on down.
God, the food here
could feed an army.
- Who helped you carry it in?
- Guess.
But you said
you were alone.
I lied.
- Come on, Hugh. Who's with you?
- Close your eyes.
- Who's with you?
- Close your eyes.
I've got a surprise.
Marcel. How are you?
The old fart really
looks terrific, huh?
Ran into him
at the gas station.
His car broke down. I thought
I'd ask them to dinner.
I've got a real
surprise for you.
I don't think I could take
any more surprises.
Come on out, honey!
Don't you see the resemblance?
That's Susannah.
That's my little girl.
It's taken me a hell of a time,
but I've got her up here...
...for a whole year.
Come on. Give Cathy a big kiss.
If you won't, I sure will.
Let's go down to the boathouse.
Susannah, I've heard
so much about you.
Shall I take your hat and coat?
Scotch and soda
for everyone...
...or shall I make
one of my famous marts?
Whiskey's fine for me.
Nothing for me, thanks.
Come on, you old fart.
Have one of my vodka marts.
You're so tall and pretty.
Thank you.
- How old are you?
- 121/2. How old are you?
13 and 1/4.
Do you like jigsaws?
Yes. I saw that one
when I came in.
Cathryn, where's the vermouth?
Then maybe
you can help me with it...
'cause I'm stuck.
What's it of?
I don't know.
20 birds.
Covey of quail down there... know, but I got...
I cannot get near
the damn things.
I've tried twice now.
You never will
at this time of year.
There's a piece here
that doesn't fit.
I'm gonna put it in.
And I'll put all
the yellow pieces together...
...and all the green pieces...
...and then we can look
in the yellow pieces...
...for the best piece.
That's a good idea.
You could do the edges.
That's cheating, though.
It's not. We've got
to do it sometime.
I know, but if you
do the edges first... makes it easier.
I don't think it's easier.
I think it's a difficult puzzle.
All right. You can do the edges.
Son of a bitch. I don't
think I have any vermouth.
Hugh, can we
make a fire in here?
- It's freezing.
- Yeah, just a second.
Son of a bitch!
Where's the vermouth?
You make the fire.
I know where it is.
I'll get it.
Son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch.
We don't have any vermouth.
Yes, we do. I have some here
in this cupboard.
I got a new bottle.
Son of a bitch.
Oh, no. I know where it is.
I wonder how he got custody.
I can't believe
her mother would just...
...give her up just like that,
especially to Marcel.
- What... You...
- Who is he?
I've never even
heard of him before.
- He follows me?
- Look here, will you...
I found the bottle.
You want it? Take it.
- I'm sorry.
- Cathryn? What happened?
- Are you ok?
- I dropped the bottle.
I just dropped the bottle
of vermouth.
Son of a bitch, Cathryn.
Are you crazy, Marcel?
For God's sake!
Oh, look at him.
He's gonna kill me.
Like to throw you
on the floor...
...and take you right here.
My God. He's my replacement...
- Hugh?
- Or at least one of them.
Would you marinate the steaks?
Sure. Hey!
Get back to that fire,
you old crotch.
- Well?
- What?
- Where are they?
- What?
The steaks?
I don't know.
You did the shopping.
I didn't get any steaks.
Oh. Well, what are we going
to have for dinner, then?
- Spaghetti and salad.
- Spaghetti and salad?
Spaghetti and salad!
I was just kidding.
I got the steaks.
Can't you take a joke?
- Where are you going?
- Upstairs!
Go away.
Please leave me alone.
Oh, Susannah.
I'm sorry. I thought
it was my husband.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Of course. It's in here.
I don't know
if I put any towels in.
Oh, yes.
Dinner was over.
Only the nuts roasted...
3 years I've been trying to get
custody of the child...
...and I finally did it.
Christ knows what it cost.
When I first
came up here to paint... never occurred to me that
that adoring wife of mine...
was screwing everything
she could find.
It took me 2 years
to find out what was happening.
I caught her red-handed...
"I expect you're longing
to hear the rest...
"of the history," he said.
With a friend of mine, too.
I'd be most enormously grateful
if you didn't interrupt.
That's when I came
up here for good...
...and that bitch got a divorce.
You think she'd let Susannah
come up to me for the summer?
Very carefully...
...he took the thinking stone...
...from his pocket.
No way.
So I put detectives on her.
That's right.
A year and a half,
I had her followed.
Back with a rush...
...tumbled all the things he'd
learnt in his history class.
It cost me a fortune...
...but I got the lot...
...tapes, pictures...
...year-and-a-half's evidence
with 16 different men.
No ounce of fear,
no dream of future...
God knows how many we missed.
Takes me around
to question...
...friend or foe...
Talk about the 1,001 nights
of Sodom.
I've got my own dirty book...
...and last month,
I threw it at her.
I said, "either I get Susannah
for a year now...
"and then every summer
after that...
"or I take the whole
damn thing to court."
Susannah's awake.
All right, darling?
You've been asleep.
Your father's here.
Did you take a nap, baby?
It's late for little girls.
Come on.
I'll take you out to the car.
Shouldn't we...
Hadn't we better wake him?
Let him sleep.
Open the door.
Grab the rest of her things.
You stay asleep now, baby, huh?
Bring those things.
Help me with the door here.
You stay asleep, now.
That's right.
In you go.
There you go.
That's it, now.
Where the hell
do you think you're going?
I'm going inside. I'm cold.
What's the matter with you?
They're both asleep...
Marcel, what the hell
do you think you're doing?
For God's sake!
That's better, you bitch.
You listen to me!
Just stay away
from me, you hear?
I love my husband...
...and that's what
I'm going to do from now on.
I've been sick. I'm sick!
But I'm going to go in there,
and I love him...
...and I'm going to show him
I love him!
I'm going to just
go in and tell him...
...and just keep away!
Wake up, Hugh.
Wake up. Hugh, I need you.
Wake up, please.
- They've gone.
- Oh, yeah?
Talk to me.
Make love to me.
Make love to me.
Sit with me here, please.
Stay with me
and make love, please.
I need you.
God, I have such a crick
in my neck.
Hugh, please.
Don't go.
Hugh, don't go, please.
Stay with me.
Put out the candles
before you come up, huh, baby?
Come on. Come in here.
There was a lot of traffic.
- Cars and...
- Go on.
Sit down.
Beautiful windows.
- Fire.
- Do you like it?
- It's lovely.
- Look at me.
Look at me.
- Could I have...
- Look.
Could I have a drink?
Do you want a whiskey?
Yes. Shall I get some glasses?
Do you have any?
I have some.
You don't want anything
to drink... Any wine?
I didn't say I would
definitely come here.
You knew you would come here.
Please, Marcel.
Don't be so rough.
Have you been here long?
Come give me a kiss.
I'm cold.
What do you mean, cold?
Do you want a drink?
Yes. I think I'll have
some of this wine.
- Hi, baby.
- You're back soon.
I didn't expect you this soon.
I was at the office,
and I was thinking about you...
Hugh, I'm a little cold.
I'll just close the window.
Aren't you cold?
let's get some champagne.
It's a marvelous idea.
I'll get some glasses.
But not downstairs.
Right here.
Don't give me a baby.
I want a baby.
Cathryn! Cathryn, baby...
What's the matter?
Are you all right?
What is it, baby? Jesus.
- I saw! I saw...
- What?
Did you have a dream, baby?
Come back to bed.
Come on, now. Come on.
Come back to bed.
Hello! Anybody home?
- Coming!
- You left your door open.
Morning, Marcel.
Hope we're not late.
I had a hell of a time...
...getting out of bed this morning.
- Good morning, Susannah.
- How about you?
Oh, I feel marvelous
this morning.
I'm just making some breakfast.
- Would you like some?
- Just coffee.
what about you? Breakfast?
No, thank you.
She's been up since 7:00.
Made her own breakfast
and everything.
You're daddy's big girl,
aren't you?
Why don't you
go outside and play?
Oh, isn't it a little cold?
It's not cold...
...but I'd rather stay
and do the puzzle. Can I?
Yes, of course.
You know where it is.
Hugh will be down in a minute.
What got into you last night?
Maybe I should have said "who?"
Yes, I am a little jumpy.
Just leave me alone,
will you, Marcel?
We're in here.
Boy, did I sleep last night!
It's the fresh air, they say.
- Sure you wouldn't like an egg?
- No, no. Just toast and coffee.
Well, whatever it is...
I'd like a steady diet of it.
You like cream
in your coffee, Marcel?
- Black for me.
- What did you do with Susannah?
I brought her. I thought
I'd leave her with Cathryn...
while we went out
after the birds.
Terrific. Hey...
You know how
to catch a polar bear?
You cut a hole in the ice.
Put some green peas
around the hole.
When the bear comes up
to take a pea... kick him in the ice hole.
You must be happy
to be spending a whole year...
with your father.
I am. I hardly ever got
to see him before.
But I love my mother, too.
Well, of course.
She still loves
my father, too...
...only she won't act like it.
I guess men are that way,
and you have to accept it.
What way?
They just don't stay in love
very long.
My mother has lots
of boyfriends...
...and they never last very long.
My father and mother
were divorced.
I grew up in Green Cove
with my grandfather.
- I never saw him.
- Never?
Well, hardly ever.
I wasn't as lucky as you.
Are you my father's girlfriend?
Of course not.
What a funny question.
I'm married.
But you were kissing him
last night.
I wasn't. Perhaps I was.
But that's because
we're old friends.
My husband and I haven't
seen him since last winter.
Know what I'm gonna miss
the most while I'm up here...
...for a whole year?
- What?
- Jenny.
Who's Jenny?
She's my friend.
She's 2 years older than me...
...but we're best friends.
Daddy says
maybe she can come down...
...and stay with us for a while...
when her school gets out.
That will be nice.
But I'll bet her mother
won't let her.
I bet she will.
Have you asked her?
No, not yet,
but I bet she won't.
She never even lets her
sleep over...
...or things like that.
Well, I bet this summer
she will.
Why don't you ask
your father to ask her?
If she can't, though...
will you be my best friend?
Of course. I'd love to.
Trade secrets and everything?
There's nothing I'd like better.
Look. A dog.
Isn't he pretty?
It's cold. I think I'm going in.
Can I stay out
and play with him?
Yes, if you want to.
I love you.
Yes, I love you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Well, Archie, you seem to have
found a friend.
- Is he yours?
- Yes.
Didn't I see you
walking down...
...from the top up there?
Yes. It's nice.
Do you live here?
It was fantastic last night.
I'd almost forgotten.
Ignoring me
isn't going to do any good.
I just want to talk
about last night.
Look at me. You'd just
as well talk to me.
That's what
you've got me here for.
It was fantastic last night.
You could call it an orgy.
What do you know
about last night?
I was there, wasn't I?
You weren't there.
You weren't anywhere.
You haven't been anywhere
for 3 years.
You're dead.
Maybe so...
...but I know something now
I didn't know then.
I know why you never
responded like you...
Shut up! You're dead!
Now, just stay dead.
You want me dead?
Make me dead...
with a gun.
Yes. Shoot me... your bird... 1 of 2 shots.
It's easy.
Take it.
Go ahead.
There's a good ghost, then.
Are you all right?
Oh, I feel so silly.
This gun just went off.
I was putting it away,
and it went off.
That's very dangerous...
...having a loaded gun about.
Gave me an awful fright.
I've absolutely shot up
my husband's camera.
And it certainly
made a loud noise.
You know, guns aren't made
to fool around with.
You could have killed someone.
I know.
Well, I'm glad
it was only a camera, then.
Come along, Archie.
Bye, Archie.
Poor Rene.
I mean, Hugh. Poor Hugh.
Deep as a well
came Ebony's groan.
Out of Una's breast
shot a tiny blue bird...
to the sacred bonfire...
where it hovered
and spun over the flames.
It was Una,
Una who felt the pain... flames scorching her heart.
She knew that
the little blue bird...
...had always been part of her...
...lodged inside her
since she began.
But the pain of being without...
was more than she could bear.
"Oh, my soul.
"My soul.
"Give me back my soul."
Do you want anything else?
No, thank you.
This is the first time
I've ever had a tomato sandwich.
- Do you like it?
- Yeah.
I'm not going to be able
to finish this puzzle.
There's too many pieces missing.
They should be there.
I know where they are.
Did you find it?
Yes, I did.
I'm going upstairs for a bit.
- You frightened me.
- No kidding.
Where's Hugh?
How the hell should I know?
I think you'd better get out
of my bedroom.
You really got to get rough now
to make it work, haven't you?
Susannah's downstairs.
She'll hear you.
Not me, but she might hear you,
so shut up.
- Bastard!
- You started this.
You ought to finish things
you start.
Oh, you bitch.
That's better.
So you do remember last night?
Last night?
You remember last night?
Just as long as you do.
You know what you are?
You're a schizo...
One minute fighting
like a tiger...
...and the next
all love and kisses.
You just don't
understand about women.
Some women,
but I understand you.
Oh, yeah?
What the hell
happened down there?
Who shot off the goddamn gun?
The gun!
Who shot off
the goddamn shotgun... the goddamn house?
It wasn't loaded,
that's for sure. Who loaded it?
I don't know.
I just picked it up...
Well, I have never in my life...
...kept a loaded gun
in this or any house.
Jesus Christ!
It looks like someone...
was shooting skeet
in the dining room.
Well, I didn't load it.
Well, you shot my camera.
I told you, I didn't load it.
Well, why were you
handling it, anyway?
- I was putting it away.
- Why?
Because everywhere I go,
the bloody thing...
...gets in the way.
It's a wonder I didn't
blow my own head off.
I didn't load your goddamn gun.
I wouldn't even know how.
You were the last person to use
it, so it must have been you.
I'm sorry, baby. L...
It just scared
the shit out of me, that's all.
I shouldn't take it out on you.
I'm sorry.
Do you know what the butcher
said when he dropped...
...the meat cleaver on his arm?
"It won't be long now."
Jesus Christ, Cathryn!
I'll tell you a secret.
I was getting bored
with that camera, anyway.
Forgive me?
Jesus, it's hot outside.
Where'd I put my slippers?
Oh, there they are.
Hugh, did Marcel
come back with you?
Yeah. He must have
beat me back... 15 minutes.
You mean, he's here?
He's been here in the house?
He crapped out
and drove the car back.
I walked down the ridge.
I still haven't got
those goddamn birds.
I'll tell you something.
He doesn't know his ass
from third base...
...about hunting birds.
Get yourself decent.
I'll make some drinks.
Hugh, will you ask Susannah
to come up here a minute?
Yeah. Susannah!
- Annie Oakley wants to see you.
- Who?
Oh, never mind. Cathryn.
Did you want me?
Yes. Did you finish
your sandwich?
Yeah, a long time ago.
- Is your father here?
- Yeah.
These boots of mine
are so scuffed.
I was having a rest
a little while ago...
...and I thought I heard
somebody coming upstairs.
- Was it you?
- No.
Oh, then it must
have been him, then.
No. He's been downstairs
with me since he got back.
We were doing the puzzle.
That's funny. I could have sworn
I heard somebody.
You sure he didn't come up here?
Absolutely not at all?
- All right.
- Is that all?
Yes. I'll be down in a minute.
We finished the puzzle.
It was of a house...
...and tiger...
...and a...
Yes, I know.
Don't come!
Go back!
Go back!
I can't hear you!
Go back!
Baby, is that you?
Jesus, I thought
you'd never get back.
- What's this?
- What?
Oh, yeah.
Listen, George called...
...and he's going to be
out of town...
...and the McKenzie thing
has come up... I'm going to have to go back
for a couple of days.
I can make the 6:15 if we hurry.
How could George call?
We haven't got a phone.
I know we haven't
got a phone, Cathryn.
I live here, too, you know.
I mean, how did he get through?
He got through... calling Andy at the bar...
...and Andy took down
the message...
Andy gave the message
to Charlie...
Charlie got in the Land Rover...
...and drove out here
and gave me the message...
...and I gave Charlie a fiver.
Any more questions?
So, I get to stay here
all on my own.
That's absolutely great.
That's terrific.
Cathryn, wait a minute.
Cathryn, go upstairs,
pack your things...
I don't want to go.
I want to finish my book.
Better yet, I'll call George...
...and he'll just have to
change his plans.
We haven't got a phone.
Listen, honey. I really would
worry if I left you here.
Yeah? Since when?
All right. Ok, Cathryn, you win.
Hugh? Hugh, I'm sorry.
- No, no. Really...
- Hugh, I'm sorry.
I really want you to...
I want you to go.
- Promise?
- Yeah, promise.
I've got plenty
to do here, really.
- Really?
- Yep.
So listen, darling. I'll try
to wrap it up in one day.
I'll be back by Friday,
no matter what.
So you meet the 7:45, all right?
What if you get
through by tomorrow?
If I get through
by tomorrow...
I'll give old Charlie
another fiver...
...he'll kick over the engine,
and he'll drive me home.
Hey, what's the difference
between a rabbit?
What's the difference
between a rabbit?
Nothing. One is both the same.
I love you.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
Come on out.
How'd you get rid of him?
I just thought him away
like I thought you here.
Why did you
disappear this afternoon?
I was ready for you.
I'm here.
That's all that matters.
Do you have to be so rough?
Aren't you going
to get undressed, too?
Hero lay amongst his chalk
and paints.
Over him, the finished canvas...
...of the Goddess of Plenty
smiled down.
He smiled, too, in his dream.
Long legs carried him
over valleys...
...and streams and hills.
And then far ahead,
upon a plain...
...he seemed to see a burning,
fiery bush.
On and on, he ran towards it...
...till his face tingled
with its warmth...
...and as he reached it,
Heavenly rose out of the flames.
"What are you chasing here?"
"My heart's desire," he said.
"Run on.
"Run on and find it"...
Heavenly cried.
Gave my love a cherry...
That had no stone...
I gave my love
a chicken...
That had no bone...
I told my love a story...
That had no end...
I gave my love...
- Good morning. Hi.
- Well, good morning.
Weren't you afraid
of being caught in the rain?
No. I don't think
it's going to rain.
Besides, Archie
needs his exercise.
I'm just making some coffee.
Would you like some?
Thank you, no.
I must keep moving.
I try to walk at least
3 hours every day.
He seems to smell your dog.
I don't have a dog.
Oh. Then you're
just a nosey parker, Archie.
Archie, come on.
Come here. Come on, Archie.
Good boy. Good-bye!
Why, you horrid...
You naughty dog! Go on!
Out, out, out,
you dirty, dirty dog!
Go on. Go. Go. Go!
Shoo! Shoo!
Did you walk all the way
from the house?
Of course.
That must be about 5 or 6 miles.
That's not far.
Does your father
know you're here?
No. He wasn't in
this morning.
- He wasn't?
- No. He was gone when I got up.
I thought
maybe he might be here.
Here? Why should he be here?
I don't know.
I just thought he might.
But you saw him last night?
Want to go for a walk?
You did see him last night?
Answer me!
What time last night?
After midnight, I suppose.
He woke me up when he came in.
He was drunk. Why?
Is something wrong?
No. L...
I was driving my husband
to the station last night...
...and they said in the village...
...that some man
had driven off a cliff...
...and I just thought...
...for a moment...
I'm sorry I frightened you.
Do you want to come in
and have some tea?
I wonder who the man was.
I probably got it wrong.
I'll put a kettle on.
can I ask you something?
When you were my age,
did you look like me?
A bit, but I was prettier.
Because I think
when I grow up...
I'm going to be exactly
like you.
Don't you get lonely
up at the house...
without your husband?
No. No, I'm quite used to it.
I used to spend a lot
of time there as a child...
...and my grandfather
wasn't always there.
Sometimes I spent days
and days on my own.
What did you do?
Oh, I used to go for walks...
...tell myself stories... in the woods.
When I'm alone, I think.
I do that.
That's when I really get afraid.
Did you ever ask your father
about having your friend up?
- Jenny?
- I don't need to.
You're my friend now.
Yes, I am.
But what would you do
if I went away?
Tell myself stories... in the woods.
I'd make up a friend.
You bring the ketchup?
Look, Dad is cooking steaks.
You have to come in. Please?
No. Really, I can't.
I have something
very important to do tonight.
But he's going to be mad.
Bye, Susannah.
Bye, Cathryn.
- Hey, where is she going?
- She didn't want steak.
I got steaks.
I got Valpolicella, too.
Hey, where are you going?
What am I going to do...
Jesus Christ, Cathryn.
Let me in, Cathryn!
What's the matter with you?
Why didn't you stop?
Why didn't you pick me up?
I was afraid.
I wasn't sure it was you.
Well, for Christ's sake,
open the door and let me in.
For Christ's sake, Cathryn.
It's me!
I know it's you...
...but I found out
I can get rid of you...
...just like I got rid
of Rene and Marcel.
I can get you
out of my mind forever.
Cathryn! What are you
talking about, Cathryn?
I love you!
You don't.
Hello? Yes, it's me.
Yes, I'm fine. No. I'm fine.
Everything's fine.
Listen, I'm driving in tonight.
I'll be about 31/2 hours.
Wait up for me, will you?
No, no, I'm fine.
I'll let you know...
everything's worked out.
I love you... won't be long.
One day, she came out
of the forest.
Oh, the hills
that fell away at her feet...
...the sky...
...a whole blue sky
like a mat of cornflowers... and stillness and silence.
The sea.
And then her arms dried,
and her mouth...
...crystals in the sun.
"Had she seen it before?"
She said.
Una did not remember.
She turned
back to the land again...
...and saw on the beach
through her tears...
...a unicorn pawing
in the moonlight.
You see, Cathryn?
It was easy.
Go away!
I killed you!
Not me, Cathryn.
Not me.
"Unicorn," Willow whispered...
...and she stretched up
her arms to it...
while tears
streamed down her cheeks.
"Unicorn, good-bye,
and thank you.
"Thank you for being mine."
And the unicorn dipped its horn
till it touched the snow...
...and watched them gallop...
...away, away...
...down the lane, out of sight...
...and it turned and ran swiftly
into the forest.
And then Ancient picked up
a nice, fat volume...
...and put it on the table...
...and in big, spidery writing,
he wrote...
"In Search of Unicorns."
The end.