Imaginary (2024) Movie Script

I'm sorry
we couldn't finish our game!
It's okay!
It's okay.
It's okay!
Your friend is never
coming back.
Please wake up.
Jess? You okay?
Should we call an exterminator?
What I need is a new therapist.
Yeah. Another one.
I just thought
they were stopping. You know?
Was starting to feel lighter.
Finish the book.
it's this apartment.
The move.
All the stuff with my ex.
It's just too much stress.
Hey, we don't have that much
to tie up here.
Let's just go.
What's a couple days early?
The house isn't ready, babe.
They're not even
finished painting.
Who cares?
I can keep the girls
out of the way.
My dad's stuff is everywhere.
There's no storage
at the assisted living place.
We still need to deal with that.
Come on. It's your happy place.
It's not the worst idea.
Your kind of love, darling
Is the love for me
In your arms, darling
Look at Mommy!
Pick it up, baby.
Your kind of love
Give me a kiss. Give me a kiss.
Oh, baby
Pop the bubbles, baby.
Is the love for me, oh, yeah
Come on. Come on.
Oh. Oh. Oh.
We're good?
All of my life
And no one
Hey, I see you.
What you...
Your kind of love
Your kind of love
Give your love to me
Your love for me
In your arms, darling
It's so big.
Maybe Dad will let me
get my Maltipoo now.
How great for you.
Did you draw all of these?
I must have.
You didn't get in trouble
for doing art on the wall?
I guess not, if I kept doing it.
My grandma, who I moved in with
after my mommy died,
she used to always say
that I turned every wall
in her house into a canvas.
That must have started here.
Your grandma sounded nice.
My mom is too...
when she's not sick.
I'm sorry
they're not done painting yet.
I wanted this house
to be a blank canvas
for you and your sister
when we moved in.
I like the drawings.
Then you should add to them.
Want this to be your room,
Sorry, but I already
promised Alice
I would help her pick a bedroom.
I'm thinking the big one
at the end of the hall.
Without the creepy
coloring-book walls.
Oh, and cool stepmom move.
But "Ali-Cat,"
that's kinda our thing.
Oh, no, no, it's fine. You know?
That's our thing.
Taylor gives me a hard time,
I pretend
it doesn't crush my soul.
Oh, thank you.
Where did you find that?
In one of my dad's boxes.
How does it feel being back?
I mean, I know I was happy here.
Have a video to prove it.
But the actual memories
are so fuzzy.
Well, you were only five
when you left.
I don't remember anything
from that age.
Really, I just want this
to be great
for the girls, you know?
I don't wanna screw it up.
I want them to know I love them.
Well, the thing with kids is...
is that you just give out love,
and you trust that they feel it.
Even if they usually give you
jack shit in return.
That sounds awful.
Yeah, well, it is what it is.
You'll get the love back.
Just not how you'd expect.
I can't believe you get
to draw and do fun stuff
even though you're a grown-up.
Me neither.
Simon kind of scares me.
- Yeah?
- He's icky.
You should kill him.
Characters who do bad things
aren't all bad.
Simon the Spider helps Molly
be a better millipede.
They gave you
so many prizes.
Unfortunately, those don't
help with deadlines
or when you can't think
of what to draw.
Maybe you need a break.
We could play a game instead.
Of course we can.
Sixteen, 17,
18, 19, 20!
Ready or not, here I come!
- Hi, Colin.
- Jess! How's it going?
Good, good,
just getting settled.
-Am I getting something soon?
Yes, you'll still
have the covers by Friday.
Why are you using
that funny voice?
Who left you all alone
down here?
Jessica can be forgetful
Do you have a name?
Chauncey? I like that.
There we go, Chauncey.
Safe now.
I'm hungry too.
Alice? Is it my turn to seek?
Hey, sweetie. I'm so sorry,
I got a work call.
We can still play if you...
I found someone else
to play with.
Okay, well, maybe later?
I tried, yeah I tried
To forget that old life
'Cause you're all
that I carry, I know
I'll be the one that'll
hold you forever your life
Be my voice and a fire
in the heat of the night
Out of the ashes
Out of the ashes,
we'll be found
Burning down
You good?
Yeah, just strange lady
staring at my window.
Oh, Old Bag Patterson?
Ah, she's lived here forever.
I think she tried
to buy your house.
She's probably just pissed
she didn't get it.
Yeah, well, she can have it.
You know, it's not all bad.
Hey, you ever want
a tour around town,
my rates are cheap.
Well, what are you gonna
show me?
Well, there is a bar
that doesn't check IDs.
- Oh.
- Good to know,
I always forget mine.
Hi, ma'am, I'm... I'm Liam.
Nice to meet you.
You know, Taylor's only 15,
so maybe you could take a tour
of the mall instead.
No? How about minigolf?
Laser tag?
Please stop talking.
Chuck E. Cheese?
Taylor, I'm...
Look, I was just joking,
I wasn't trying
to make you feel bad.
Nice, Jess.
I know you can eat breakfast
for dinner, Chauncey,
but you can't do dinner
for breakfast.
What are you doing?
Come here. She's talking
to her imaginary friend.
I love you too, Chauncey.
That's cute.
You know, I had one
when I was her age.
His name was Mr. Tough.
He knew karate,
and he could make bombs
out of anything.
So, your imaginary friend
was a terrorist?
Come on.
Every kid
has an imaginary friend.
You didn't have one?
I don't think so.
after everything with her mum
and all the sessions
with Dr. Soto,
it's just nice
to hear her laugh again.
What's up, buttercup?
You should be in bed.
You want me to read you
a bedtime story?
Oh, no.
I'm playing hide-and-seek
with Chauncey,
-he'll be looking for me soon.
Okay. I know a spot, come on.
Well, he'll see the lump
I'll make.
Not if you're smooshed
between us.
Careful, careful, careful.
-Now sit down.
-All right.
You hear that?
Someone's coming.
It's Chauncey,
he's gonna find us.
Just listen
for his rumble tummy.
He's always hungry.
Wait, what was that?
I didn't hear anything.
Maybe it's Mr. Tough.
-Mr. Tough.
You know
who Mr. Tough... I told you...
No, you didn't.
I don't remember.
Yeah. I told you...
No, you didn't.
You did not. So tell me.
When I was about your age...
Why would you do that?
Why would you do that?
Hate you both.
We do make a great team.
- Oh, my goodness.
- I'm sorry.
Jessica, I didn't know
you would be such a scaredy-cat.
I wasn't.
- I wasn't scared.
- Yeah, yeah.
I don't know if she's gotta
toughen up a little bit.
Another night
without bad dreams?
Operation: Relocation worked.
"She never ever knows
"what she'll find
behind each door.
"Behind this door,
she found more doors.
"So many doors
in Molly Millipede's Mansion.
"Molly needed to pick one."
I don't wanna read anymore,
I'm scared Simon is going
to try and catch Molly again.
You think Simon
is just scared too?
Of losing Molly?
Is that why he chases her
through all those doors?
He misses his friend?
Hi. I'm playing a new game
with Chauncey,
and I need something happy.
A scavenger hunt list,
that's fun.
It's kind of top secret.
Chauncey says you're
not allowed to play with us.
I didn't see anything.
Something happy.
Something happy.
Sweetie, it's time for bed.
Would you like some tea?
One sugar or two?
That's too sweet for me.
I'm so glad you came.
The biscuits are my favorite.
Would you like a scone?
Oh, my God, Max.
So cute, she's having tea
with her imaginary friend.
It's a donut from England.
Across the pond
they pronounce it "scon."
She's a total daddy's girl.
Your dress is so pretty.
Thank you.
She says he's right behind you.
Stay away from her!
Mom! Mom!
Mom, Mom!
Hey, are you okay?
There's something here.
I need to protect my girls.
Her name's
Samantha Dooley. Um...
She's my ex-wife
and the girls' mother.
How did she find out
where we live?
Your oldest daughter admitted
they've been texting.
Dad, I am so sorry.
I shouldn't have texted Mom
and I know that,
but I thought
she was doing better so I did,
- but I...
- It's okay.
I just thought she was better.
It's okay, it's okay.
I thought she was better.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
You weren't scared?
When Mommy was in my room,
Chauncey made her look...
really pretty for me.
He said he might do that
for me sometime.
Make these disappear.
I have scars too.
And I'm gonna have them
my whole life.
But that's okay. You know why?
Because they become
a part of who you are.
A part of your story.
And it's okay to feel scared.
but I really wasn't scared.
I have Chauncey.
He keeps me safe.
He told me you'd understand.
He said you had a friend
just like him.
I'm so glad
you're here, Chauncey.
Chauncey protect Alice.
Chauncey loves Alice.
Is that...
Doing Chauncey's voice.
I think she's soothing herself.
I don't know.
Maybe that's what she needs
right now? After tonight?
She's a strong kid.
She's gonna be okay.
Let's go to bed.
Sleep well, Chauncey.
I don't want you
to ever leave me.
Never leave Alice.
Never ever.
Guess who's working
on a Simon the Spider book?
The publisher liked the idea
of telling the story
from Simon's point of view.
What do you think?
Simon doesn't seem
so scary anymore.
More... mmm...
I like it.
Can I have
another paint brush, please?
-It's for my game.
- Here you go, Chauncey.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Mmm-hmm.
But don't you wanna sign
your artwork first?
I use a little bitty brush
to do that.
Like this.
-Thank you again, Jessica.
-Have fun!
Are you absolutely sure?
I can still bail on this tour.
Things are good, you know.
Taylor and I
are finding our stride,
Alice is in a better place.
Thanks to you.
You're helping them
find their happiness again.
You are too much.
Bye. Bye.
Take me with you.
Look after your sister, okay?
It's gonna be great.
And I need this time with them.
Bye, Dad!
Love you guys.
- Love you, Dad!
- We'll miss you!
I just love your art.
Thank you.
I don't believe we've met.
I'm Gloria.
I was your babysitter.
Years ago.
-I'm sorry, I don't remember.
-No, no, of course.
You were so little
and you moved away so quickly,
I never got a chance
to say a proper goodbye.
-I'm a writer too, you know.
Lovely. What do you write?
Oh, nothing as creative as you.
Just, um, scholarly volumes,
- Not big sellers.
- Oh, please.
You were such
a creative little girl.
I'm sure your stepdaughters...
-Yes. Yeah.
-Are the same.
The younger one, Alice,
she's very creative.
She even has this brand-new,
uh, imaginary friend.
If you can even call it that,
it's a stuffed animal.
I'm not sure if that counts.
No, of course it counts.
So, Alice is just like you,
You were always drawing
and inventing new games,
and playing
with your imaginary friend.
You almost, sometimes,
had me convinced
that he was real.
Well, uh, thank you
for the kind words
about my books.
I'm sorry I was being
a bit of a Chatty Cathy there.
It's fine.
What are your grandkids' names
so I can get them
some signed copies?
Oh, no grandkids. No kids.
I'm just your fan.
Your dad was too, you know.
I understand he was unwell
after your mother died.
But you should know
he would devour your books.
Read, right up there
on that porch.
Just lost in your stories.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to bring up
such a complicated subject.
No child should ever have to
go through what you did.
Hey, Jessica.
I'm hungry.
Can you please
make me some lunch now?
Patience, sweetie.
Miss Jessica and I
were almost done talking.
Chauncey's hungry too.
Maybe he'll eat you for lunch.
Oh, you think so, do you?
Oh, I just love
children's imaginations.
What I don't love is
when they get so violent.
You gonna make Alice's lunch
or am I gonna have to?
Oh, my God.
Duty calls.
Um, well,
it was nice to meet you.
I'm sure I'll be seeing you.
Somebody smelled
the brownies.
You want one? Two?
Can I have some for Chauncey?
-He's always hungry.
-He's always hungry.
I know.
Thank you.
Hey, uh, I think I'm gonna
head out for a bit.
Could you watch Alice?
You got it.
The nurse told me
you started a new medication.
They seem optimistic.
I brought your old camcorder.
Your movies are so cool.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Jessica
Happy Birthday to you
Blow out the candles!
I just, I don't understand.
I know we were happy once.
How could you just...
You know? I'm your baby girl.
How could you let them take me?
Oh, good, you're here.
Did you bring my dinner?
You're not my nurse.
He's supposed to be here
with my food.
Yo, Ali-Cat, whatcha doing?
It's for my scavenger hunt.
I thought bugs freaked you out.
That's why Chauncey
put them on my list.
He said I needed to show him
how brave I could be.
Don't tell Dad or Jess,
but if I can finish my list,
Chauncey will take me on a trip.
To the place he's from.
Tell you what, Ali-Cat,
you have fun with your friend,
and I'll have fun with mine.
Your babysitter's here.
Come on in.
All right.
We're not supposed
to have strangers over.
Wait, cool.
Is that a jar of bugs?
Hey! Those are for Chauncey!
her imaginary friend.
Her Bing Bong.
-From Inside Out?
-Oh! Pixar.
Give them back now.
I'm doing my scavenger hunt,
so Chauncey will take me
where he takes all his friends.
So, your imaginary friend
has his own imaginary friends.
Can I hang out with him too?
He's not imaginary.
And he's not your friend.
Don't touch my stuff again.
So, while Alice plays her game,
we could watch a movie
or something?
How about "or something"?
"Simon had the worst
of intentions.
"Waiting for the lights
to go out.
"Lights out."
I should head back to the house.
What house?
Our old house.
I moved in with my husband, Max,
and his two girls, remember?
Jess, that you?
Yes! Yes, Daddy, it's me.
Nobody'll believe me.
I looked into their eyes.
To tell 'em where you went.
You disappeared.
Daddy, I didn't disappear.
I went to live with Grandma.
You know that.
Stop that.
Stop with talking at CB!
You were always talking at CB!
Daddy, what's CB?
A radio? What...
Your CB! Your CB!
Daddy, stop! You're hurting me!
Okay, okay.
He's all right now. He's fine.
You okay?
Sorry, I... I should go.
...guess you can't be
all that bad, Mr. Zombie.
My name...
You have a name?
What is your name?
Are you sure
you don't want one of these?
Last time I took this stuff,
my left eye saw 12 seconds
into the future.
Nah, I'm good.
Just watching the movie.
Hey, who wants a drink?
Dude, no,
my dad's gonna see that.
Ooh, yes.
All right.
Just fill it up
with apple juice.
He'll never notice
the difference.
Okay, just go upstairs
to the bathroom and just...
I'll get a mop
and you grab the towels, okay?
- Okay.
- Go now!
I know. I don't like him either.
Maybe you should eat him.
Hands off my stuff.
God damn it!
Be cool.
You're just tripping.
Never touch Alice things.
I know that's you, kid.
Oh. Ah.
What are you doing?
Is that Alice's blankie?
No, Taylor.
What are you doing?
I've had a really long day.
I come home and find your son
giving Molly to my 15-year-old.
I'm sorry, this isn't Molly.
This is my allergy medicine.
Get back to the house,
you idiot.
What are you gonna do?
I'm so sorry.
Taylor, I am really trying
to trust you.
Just no more guests
without my permission, ever.
I already said I'm sorry.
How many more times
do you wanna hear me say it?
I swear that that was not me.
But I don't know why Liam
-would've destroyed your...
-I don't think it was Liam.
Or you.
Hey, kiddo.
I know
you're not really sleeping.
I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier.
Come on, sweetie.
I get it.
What happened,
that should never have happened.
And I know you're angry with me.
I get angry too sometimes
and rip up my own paintings
when I wanna feel something big.
When I need to feel
something new.
But it's never okay to rip up
someone else's stuff.
When I was little,
after my mom died,
my dad, uh...
they said his brain got sick,
and he stopped acting
like himself.
And one terrible night,
he got really angry.
And they made me
leave this house.
Leave the happiest place
I ever knew.
And you should never
have to say goodbye
to the things you love.
So, I just need you to know
that none of this
is your fault, okay?
None of it.
You deserve to feel safe
and loved.
And I thought because
of what was taken from me,
that I could never
be a good mom.
But then I met you,
and your sister,
and, ooh, honey,
the way I love you both
made me think
that maybe I could...
Hmm. I'm nervous.
You promise it won't hurt?
You okay?
Let me see. Let me see.
You're okay.
-You're okay.
-I'm sorry.
-It's okay. It's okay.
-I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
Why would you do that?
Why would you do that?
-I'm sorry.
-Why would you do that?
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
No, Max.
I'm telling you
it wasn't an accident.
Baby, I'm scared.
I have never seen Alice
like this before.
And Taylor, God,
I don't even know
where to start.
I'm sorry.
I thought I could do this.
I really did.
I just wanted to give 'em
a safe place, you know?
To be a good mom.
Passable mom, at least.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm not able to...
- Hey, hey, hey, Jess...
- I don't know.
Don't say that.
Don't say that.
You've been amazing.
You've been
the best thing in their...
Dr. Soto,
please come in.
I'm happy to be here.
I'm looking forward
to reconnecting with Alice.
that's good to hear.
This has been a...
-It's been a lot.
-I understand.
There are so many things
outside of Alice's control
right now.
Creating an imaginary friend,
or what we call a paracosm
is her way of finding stability.
I should've
put my foot down earlier.
Not encouraged her relationship
with Chauncey.
You made the right decision.
It's important
to honor Alice's truth
because if we don't,
we might not get
to the bottom of this.
-Where shall I set up?
Please, right here.
I'll be ready for Alice soon.
So good
to see you again, Alice.
Jessica told me
you've been spending time
with a new friend.
Can Chauncey be here with us?
Of course.
Where would you like
Chauncey to sit?
So, why don't you tell me
about Chauncey?
He loves me a lot.
He's always hungry.
My favorite thing is his eyes.
I can see anything
I can imagine in them.
But then he asked you
to do something.
Something that hurt you, right?
Chauncey said
it was part of the game.
That's right.
The scavenger hunt.
But does that seem like a game
a good friend would
want to play?
Chauncey doesn't want me
to talk about that.
Nobody else was supposed
to see the list but us.
I understand.
Maybe you should tell Chauncey
how he made you feel.
Go ahead, Alice.
That really scared me.
I didn't wanna hurt my hand.
Just for fun.
But I told you
it made me scared.
Chauncey need Alice be brave.
Chauncey keep Alice safe.
I just wanna go back
to having fun.
Like we did before.
No, no go back.
New things to see.
Never-Ever. Never-Ever.
Let's pause there, Alice.
You said that you loved me.
Nobody love Alice.
That's mean.
Chauncey not mean.
Fake mommy mean.
Fake mommy will leave.
You're lying!
Fake mommy always leave.
Only Chauncey love Alice.
Okay, let's explore
these thoughts, Alice.
Why do you think
Jessica wants to leave?
Fake mommy bad,
fake mommy cruel,
fake mommy hurt true friends.
That's not true. Don't say that!
Let's talk about this anger
you're feeling towards Jessica.
Maybe we shouldn't
play together anymore, Chauncey.
Maybe we shouldn't be friends!
No, no, no, no, no!
Let's take a time-out, Alice.
Stupid doctor say anything
to Alice mom, I hurt you.
And your three
ugly granddaughters.
I need to ask.
Has Alice taken up
any new hobbies lately?
I'm sorry, no. I don't think so.
Can we talk privately
about next steps?
Of course. Uh...
Would you check on her?
I'll be up in a minute.
Chauncey's mad at me.
Will you stay with me, please?
It's okay, Ali-Cat, all right?
You're just gonna get comfy.
You're gonna
take a little nap, okay?
On our session today,
Alice brought up something new.
Something that she called
the "Never-Ever."
This reminded me
of another paracosm case.
A patient I encountered
over ten years ago.
Tell me more
about Randy Rabbit.
Randy is my best friend.
He loves me.
Did he also
tell you to do that?
It's okay to tell me.
He said not to say.
That you'd never understand.
Never ever.
Luis went missing
a week after that.
The police never found him.
He vanished.
I read many cases,
missing children,
children with extreme paracosm
who caused them to detach
from their families
and leave home, just like Luis.
He said not to say.
That you'd never understand.
Never ever.
Did Alice draw that?
Those other kids
you were talking about before,
the ones who disappeared,
they all had friends
they played with too?
That's it.
I gotta destroy that bear.
What bear?
Chauncey. Alice's stuffed bear.
The stuffed bear Alice brought
into the study?
I don't understand.
What is this?
Take a look for yourself.
Go ahead, Alice.
that really scared me.
Yeah, and she put it down
on the sofa there, right?
And your three
ugly granddaughters.
There was never any bear.
No, I...
It's a donut from England.
Across the pond
they pronounce it "scon."
Jessica, are you okay?
Where would you like
Chauncey to sit?
Hey, um...
You've seen the stuffed bear,
What? No. He's imaginary.
That's what
imaginary friends are.
Hey! Those are for Chauncey!
I'm scared Simon is going
to try and catch Molly again.
- Can Chauncey be here with us?
- Of course.
Is that you?
Where are you?
Can I ask how long
have you been seeing this bear?
Since we moved back.
There's been a lot of change
going on recently,
maybe an incident
from your childhood
that you're dealing with.
But that doesn't explain
why Alice is seeing it too.
Kids are very intuitive.
Far more than we think.
There are documented
cases of children
having the same dream
as a parent.
My suspicion is that
whatever is going on with you,
Alice is tuning into.
I have a colleague
I think you should talk to.
Call him.
Take care.
There you are.
I'm not supposed to talk to you.
Dr. Soto said you weren't real.
Chauncey real.
I'm sorry.
Sorry I said I didn't wanna be
your friend.
She was just here.
She was asleep. I...
Make burn. Fire.
I can't do this part.
I'm sorry.
Okay, well...
the basement.
Jess, what's wrong?
What the hell is this?
We need to keep looking.
No one's seen her
at all tonight.
The police are looking.
We'll find her.
You keep trying
to make everything better,
but you are only
making it worse.
I mean, none of this
even makes sense.
She was sleeping in her room.
People do not just disappear.
"You disappeared."
What are you talking about?
It was something
that my dad said. I...
I didn't understand
what he meant.
I thought he meant when
I moved away, but... Okay.
This is gonna sound out there,
but I think that my childhood
imaginary friend
and Alice's are the same.
And I think the way
that Alice just disappeared,
-maybe I, maybe...
-Just stop!
-Just stop, Jess!
-I know it sounds crazy...
-My sister is missing.
And she didn't disappear.
She ran away
because you forced your way
into our life
and screwed everything up
trying to be this perfect mommy.
Well, guess what, Jess?
You're not needed.
Taylor, I've been...
I'm going
to walk the block again.
Maybe I'll see something.
Oh, wait.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I know that Alice is missing,
but this is about Jessica
and what happened
when she was a child.
I wanted to say something
when Jessica
first moved back here,
but it was clear
she didn't remember.
Maybe she didn't want to.
But after Alice,
after tonight...
I'm sorry
it's such a mess.
I don't entertain many guests.
But look... look at this.
Look at this.
Jessica drew that for me once.
What does this
have to do with Alice?
Well, when Jessica was little,
she would
talk about a trip
she was going to take
to a secret place.
A place just for her
and her imaginary friend.
Yeah, I thought it was just
kid stuff until...
well, until the last night
I sat for her,
and I saw something
I couldn't explain.
Jessica opened a door.
A door that leads
to the same place
that I believe Alice went.
After Jessica moved away,
I became consumed
with understanding
what I'd seen.
It became my life's work.
My obsession.
You think Alice
was abducted by a spirit?
Every culture has a name for it.
Entities that tether
to the young.
The Spanish call it "El Cuco."
The Trinidadians, the "Jumbie."
We call them imaginary friends.
You're saying Bing Bong is real?
I know that sounds odd.
People don't believe
in otherworldly things.
Until they must.
Kids, on the other hand,
all have imaginary friends.
Most of them are benevolent.
Helpful even.
Benign projections
from an entity
in the spirit world.
And the connection
with the child almost always
fades naturally over time.
But sometimes
when the child is separated
from her imaginary friend,
in an unnatural or sudden way,
the trauma can cause the entity
to hunger
for the child's imagination.
Friendship isn't ever one way.
Imaginary friends thrive
off of a child's creativity
and imagination.
It feeds that hunger.
Jessica's creativity
was especially
vibrant and powerful.
When their connection
was severed,
her friend's hunger
turned violent.
So, Bing Bong is bad,
and he has Alice?
The friend that Jessica
was separated from
didn't just disappear.
He waited in that house.
And his name is not Bing Bong.
It's Chauncey.
Isn't it?
Taylor, please,
you have to believe me.
What happened to Alice
happened to me too.
Actually, I know it did.
My dad kept
repeating it.
"CB, talking with that CB."
I thought he was delusional.
You know, ranting about
some radio I had as a kid,
but he was saying the name
of my friend.
It was my childish way
of saying Chauncey's full name.
You know, the name I gave him.
Chauncey Bear.
You told me all about CB.
And you showed me the list
that you made together.
I thought it was make-believe
until you went away.
To the Never-Ever.
I think that the entity
who was projecting
the teddy bear image,
when he realized
that he was gonna lose you,
he tried to bring you back
to his realm,
where he could keep you forever.
How could you forget all that?
Because I was five?
Because I'd just
lost my mother to cancer.
Now this thing took Alice
because I abandoned him.
So, how did you get back here
from that place?
How do we get Alice back?
I think my list is the key.
I can only read
half of that.
Those are so faded.
They're the same.
We're seriously doing
a kid's scavenger hunt
to open a doorway
to a magical spirit world?
-My sister is missing.
It's not about the actual items,
it's a benediction.
It's about how far
you're willing to go
to prove your devotion.
A paintbrush,
something that burns.
There was more to Alice's list.
Back side.
It was something
that makes you mad,
that makes you cry.
I got the mad part
and the crying part all in one.
The last few items were
something that scares you,
something that
you'll get in trouble for,
and something
that makes you hurt.
Want me to send a bitchy text?
It needs to hurt. Really hurt.
You cut your arm.
And Dr. Soto's former patient
cut off his thumb.
Alice tried to impale herself
with that rusty nail.
That night
when you went in,
you begged me to come with you,
and I wanted to,
I wish I had,
but I was scared.
I'm so sorry
that I let you go in alone.
I should have been braver.
he opened the door
for you once before.
I'm sure he'll do it again.
Something that hurts.
There's a first aid kit
up in the hallway.
I need you to go and get it.
Jess, no!
If we, uh...
when we make it home,
we need to come
through this door.
Stay back.
If anything happens,
you'll have to get us out.
Remember what you felt like
when you were that kid,
that creative kid.
You were lonely and scared
and missing your mom
so terribly,
and wanting a new friend
to love and to protect you.
Take you away
from that deep pain
that your father
couldn't help you with.
Take you away
to somewhere better.
I... I...
I don't understand.
We followed all the steps.
No, it has to work.
We collected all that dumb shit.
Maybe you missed something.
No, try again.
Try again, Jess.
You have to fix this.
I have to fix it. I do.
Why do I always
have to fix your mistakes?
Jess, I was...
You're the reason
Alice is missing.
You were supposed
to be watching her.
-Stop, I...
-She's your sister.
She needed you,
but you're so self-absorbed,
you couldn't be bothered
to notice.
You're selfish, Taylor.
Just like your mother.
Something that hurts.
The ritual needed pain.
Real pain.
Hurting your hand wasn't enough.
Hurt you more to say it.
Fuck, that was brutal, Jess.
Taylor, get out!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Holy shit!
Is that how we got here?
Someone help me.
It's our only way out.
The scissors.
You need to get out now, please.
No. She's my sister.
It's my fault she's gone.
You were right about that.
So, we can look together
or I'll find her on my own,
but I'm not going back
without her.
Fine, just stay close,
all right?
All these years,
everyone said
that my books
were the nonsensical ramblings
of a crazy old lady,
but now, now I know for sure.
It's incredible!
A kingdom of our imagination
that can be whatever
we want it to be!
So happy for you. Really.
Who is that?
You can't have her!
I'm sorry
we couldn't finish our game.
It's okay.
It's okay!
It's okay!
He gave up everything
to save me.
He looked into its eyes,
its soul,
and he saw
the combined imaginations
of millions of children.
He wasn't strong enough.
It destroyed him.
It caused a cognitive break
with reality.
He went in to rescue me.
Faced that thing
and sacrificed his sanity.
Uh, where did Gloria go?
What are you doing?
No. Oh, my God.
You trapped us.
Your father should never have
let you leave.
Oh, it's okay, it's okay.
The entity,
it's been telling me to do this.
It wants us here. All of us.
I watched you go in
all those years ago
while I was left behind, alone,
abandoned by you,
abandoned by him.
And now,
none of us will be left alone.
This is what the entity
promised me.
A place where
you leave pain behind,
and where you leave...
where you leave
suffering behind,
and it's a place of joy,
of endless possibilities.
Jessica, you didn't come back
to your old house by accident.
Deep down,
you missed him, didn't you?
-Was that...
-A Maltipoo.
- Like Alice wanted.
- See?
See, Alice's imagination
is everywhere.
Think about it.
All the ways that kids
play and dream
come to life.
We can be young here.
We can create anything.
Be anything.
We'll be happy here.
All of us. Forever.
We have to go.
We need to find Alice.
I don't think that scissors
are going to stop that thing.
Not just a thing. Chauncey.
And he'll kill us all
to keep Alice here.
Get out!
We have to go. Now.
You're not her.
I've been here too long.
Chauncey's coming for you.
Come on. Come on.
Never ever.
Never ever. Never ever.
Never ever!
-You all right?
-I think so.
We stay together
unless I tell you to go.
-Promise me.
-I promise.
This way.
That's the number of our old
apartment in the city.
This is what
it looked like years ago.
Before I moved in.
I'm going to check her room.
Alice! Hey.
it's time to go. Okay?
But I have
everything I want here.
I have my new room
in my old apartment,
lots of presents,
and a puppy!
And now you're all here.
My sister and both my moms.
Keep away from her.
You don't have
to feel threatened.
You can all stay.
Sweetie, she's not real, okay?
She's imaginary.
Oh, but you should honor
Alice's feelings, Jessica.
I can help you become
the perfect mom
to these two perfect girls.
Alice, Taylor, it's time to go.
How? The blue door is closed.
Don't fight it.
You're breaking them!
I told you
she'd try and spoil it.
Jess, what are you doing?
Imagination has power here.
But we can use it
to make something new.
Sometimes we create
by tearing things apart.
Don't mind them, sweetie.
-She's being bad.
We love those books.
You should never
have to say goodbye
to the things you love.
Come on, Alice.
It's fun.
Alice? Sweetie?
It's working.
Why would you wanna
leave your mom?
I'm ready to go home.
Alice, it's time.
Okay, let's get out of here.
You can't have her.
She's mine.
Go! I'll be right behind you.
This is crazy.
We can't leave you.
He'll never stop
coming for Alice. Go!
Go on.
Okay. Run.
Alice is gone.
It's over.
You can't have her.
Please, please, please.
Please, please. No.
Jess, come on!
Come on!
Come on, Jessica.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
"That was the end
of the old story
"and the beginning
of a new one.
"So what happens when a spider
finally catches a millipede?
"Maybe not what you think.
"Simon had been chasing Molly
for so long
"that he'd grown old.
"He had no breath
left in his lungs to speak.
"So instead, he wrapped her up
"in his eight arms
and hugged her.
"Which is a spider's way
of saying,
"'I've loved you all along.'"
I know what you did for me, Dad.
How hard it must've been
all these years.
I'm sorry
you went through that alone.
I never really
said thank you, Jess.
I know I could be hard
to deal with.
But you never gave up on me.
And you showed me
I didn't need Chauncey.
I'm strong on my own.
I'm still here.
You said
you'd never leave him.
You lied.
Did you really think
he'd let you go...
Alice was just the bait.
That's why he waited for you.
Your imagination
was too strong.
It fed him.
And now you will never leave.
If you do,
he'll come back for Taylor,
for Alice.
If you love them,
his is how you save them.
You could be happy here.
I'll stay.
Just leave them alone.
Let them live.
You're mine, finally.
Forever ever.
Forever's over, asshole.
Let's go!
Come on. Okay, come on.
Go! Go, go, go.
Please don't go.
Okay. Come on.
-We gotta go.
-No, no!
That is not enough.
Help me.
- Paint faster.
- Okay.
Cover up the edges.
No! No!
- Jess, come on!
- Come on!
- Come on.
- Come on.
-Alice, get back!
-Come on, Jess! Come on.
Don't look into its eyes!
Jess, please don't look!
Fire magic.
Alice still...
my friend?
You were never my friend.
Never ever.
Oh, my God!
Come on!
Come on!
- Are you okay?
- Uh-huh.
-The house! We have to stop...
Let it burn.
I see it too.
There you are.
Rufus ran off on his own!
Sure he did, sweetheart.
Come on, let's go sit.
Should we try the next hotel?
Great idea.
Okay. Let's go.
Can we eat soon?
Rufus is getting hungry.
Imaginary friends
don't get hungry, sweetie.
But he's not imaginary.
Okay. All right.
Chauncey, Chauncey
Pal that you are
He's the kind of bear
Who really cares
and helps you feel okay
Chauncey, Chauncey
Pal that you are
He's by your side
And grinning wide
Now it's time
To play...
Chauncey, Chauncey