Imaginary Friend (2012) Movie Script

My baby is very special, and she is
going to be a famous dancer.
Isn't she beautiful?
Come with me!
It's nicer in here.
Won't you please sit down?
Isn't this just lovely? It's so
nice having tea with you.
My name will be Daisy, and
let's make your name...
We're best friends. Best friends, forever.
He didn't have the right to do that.
- I don't know, but maybe it will...
- What the hell are you talking about?
Maybe, it will, what?
- Please.
- Maybe, it will be better in the morning?
Shut up! Shut the hell, up!
Did you take your pills?
It's alright. We'll be alright.
What did you say?
Nothing, daddy.
Don't you lie to me.
What are you doing?
He wasn't very nice. He scares me, too.
I wish it was just you, and me.
You don't have a little friend!
Wait! Tom!
Emma! Emma!
Honey, you're all wet.
Well, good morning to you, too.
Honey, I'm suppose to be
observing you some.
I'm fine, stop worrying.
Well, that's what I do.
I worry about you.
Well, why don't you come
in and save me?
You're missing all the fun.
- Good morning, Molly.
- Dr. T, you're in early!
You're first appointment isn't until 11.
Yeah, I was just going to
do a little reading...
And I always enjoy keeping
you company.
Remember, I'm off at noon.
Oh, I've got my whole day
planned around it.
Where are we going first?
Well... Where do you wanna go?
I don't know. Well... it's just...
it's just so exciting.
I mean... It's a special day.
It's gotta be perfect.
I think it will be totally perfect.
- Let me know if you need anything.
- I will, I'll be right in there, OK?
And, I'll be right out here.
Do you want to talk about it?
I think that sometimes, we
all have those feelings.
It can be very difficult finding out
who our true friends are.
But we all need someone we
can rely on heavily.
And this is what this is,
right? This is a trust issue.
Sometimes, it's OK to push people
away, to not let them in.
It's not selfish.
You have to put yourself first.
I think we've made good progress today.
Good morning. How's are you sir? How's
Mrs. Turner? I haven't seen her in ages.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean...
No, no, no, I'm sure she'd like
to know you've asked.
- Please give her my best.
- I will.
Now, I understand you want a transfer
from the trust to your checking account?
- That's right.
- Easily done, as always.
Good, good to hear.
Alright, let me just
pull up your file here.
Uh.. Uh... Nothing serious,
just a formality...
But ah... your power of attorney
has expired.
What? I don't know they could expire.
And without it, you don't have any
authority to access the trust.
I ah... ah... have expenses. I have daily
expenses that need to be taken care of.
I mean, this... this... is exactly the
type of thing that upsets Emma...
...she likes to know that things are going
smooth, without complications.
I understand, but her attorney is going to
have to take care of it.
- So, I need to talk to John?
- Yeah.
It's always good to see you, Tom.
Good seeing you.
The trust has stringent rules...
...all I can do is apply them. I'm bound
by her fathers will. We all are.
Of course.
I'm sure you know, that Emma is very
grateful for everything...
you have done for her,
and for her family.
Her parents were my first clients.
I was shocked, which is an
understatement, when all that happened.
And Emma is like a daughter to
me. It's my only active file.
Brad, I must go see her.
I can't just issue power of attorney...
without being sure she's capable
of signing it.
She's very capable, and she's doing a
lot better these days.
- And the doctors would agree?
- Yes, of course.
You... you should know, that she wants
this done, as quickly as possible.
- Yes, yes, of course.
- Good.
How was your day?
Um... um... fine!
Fine. Yeah, I just laid down, now.
Here you go.
I'll make dinner for us tonight, OK?
Yeah. Veggies on my half.
"Mike's Pizza, can I help you?"
No... it can't be.
Aaaahhh!!!... Aagghh!!
"You OK? What's going on."
Honey? Emma, what happened?
Make her go away.
Make who go away? Huh?
I don't need her. Tell her... tell
her, I don't need her.
Sh... sh... there's nobody here,
it's just us.
It's OK. It's just me, and you.
Did... did you hear her?
Tell me... tell me, you heard her.
I'll go get you a sleeping pill, OK?
No... No, no, no, I don't want
any more pills.
They're not helping.
I told you that.
Well... what options do you have?
You can't stay here, locked up in this
house, your whole life...
...with your imaginary friend.
They said they heard a scream, and
then you hung up the phone.
It's really nothing. But my wife, she...
I have to see her, sir.
Yeah, yeah, of course. Come on inside.
Cancel Unit 7, I'm 10-13, this location.
She's... she's upstairs... I just...
She's taking anti-psychotics.
It's suppose to help with these
hallucinations that she has.
You're a doctor, I suppose?
- Yeah, that's right. Dr. Turner.
- Officer Page.
Come on upstairs.
Hey... hey... hey. Come here.
Hey, it's OK.
It's alright.
She's OK.
It's OK, babe.
Don't feel badly, it must be tough.
Well, it's tougher for her.
Does she see dead people?
I wouldn't know. I don't see,
what she sees.
Oh, right, yeah.
It's just I had this guy once, totally
freaked out, seeing dead people.
- Right, be safe.
- Bye.
- Hey!
- Hey.
I'm sorry I freaked out, last night.
No, don't worry about it.
I though we said that living with
you was boring, right?
We're going to be OK.
Alright? We'll get through this, I promise.
Now, don't forget about tonight.
Dinner reservations are at 7.
You'll be, OK.
Are you ready?
...You know, I think I like the
red one, better.
Maybe, put your hair up too.
It's shows off your beautiful face.
By the way, I think you look, great.
I'll be downstairs.
To the beautiful birthday girl.
Thank you.
There's a whole world out here. And
I want to experience it with you.
I really think that we should do stuff
like this more often.
Just, give me time.
I... I... can do this. I need to
do this for me.
For us.
Oh, my God!
Oh, God!
I'm... I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm just so tired...
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK.
Did you see somebody you know?
Can we... can we go?
Honey, you bring those everywhere.
Everywhere I take you.
I'll go get the check.
Yeah... No, we're done here.
Yeah, we've got to cut it short.
Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm... I'm sorry. I can make it up to you.
Don't worry about it, OK?
Let's go inside.
Oh my God!
A little something I planned for you.
- You're sweet.
- Happy Birthday, babe.
- Hi.
- Emma.
Look, don't get me wrong, buddy. I just
heard she isn't feeling too good....
- ...been staying inside.
- No, she's fine.
Yeah? Peg says she hasn't been
outside in ages.
That's an anxiety issue.
- That's got to drag on you?
- No.
No... No... marriage is all about patience.
Your Practice is all about patience.
I could have told you about patiences.
Um, should have been a doctor.
No, you've should have
finished high school.
Good point.
- Excuse me, one second.
- Um hmm.
- Every thing's perfect.
- Yeah?
Yeah. You did a fantastic job.
- Thank you.
- No, thank you.
You kidding? I couldn't have
never done this without you.
Not true. You think everyone is
enjoying themselves?
I think so.
Where you in on the surprise?
Absolutely! I think you have the
most awesome guy ever.
Yeah, I do.
- You OK?
- Can she be more obvious?
Oh, please. She's my new assistant.
She was like, all over you.
She did a lot of work putting this whole
thing together, alright?
You should thank her.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, what's wrong? What's wrong?
- She was here!
- Come here.
It's alright, I'm right here.
Every thing's fine, she's OK.
I'm telling you, I'm telling you, Brad,
someone was there.
Alright, she's not here right
now. Look at me.
- Shhhee'ss.
- She's not here now, OK.
Thank you, Michael.
I can't believe you're doing this right
now. The house is full of people.
How dare you treat me like a child,
in front of everybody!
That was not my intention, OK?
Look, I'm doing the best I can right
now, OK? But this is really hard.
These hallucinations that you're having
are becoming more frequent.
Oh, really? What about you and Molly?
You're being paranoid. There's nothing
between us. That not the issue right now.
Then what is the issue, Brad?
That you're not well enough to cope!
You bastard.
Do you remember me?
I was Lilly, and you were...
...Daisy. Yeah...
You're very beautiful.
We played together.
We would run outside...
You're my friend. You helped me...
...when your Dad got mad. When
he yelled at your Mom.
We were best friends.
We still are.
I was your secret.
You're still my secret.
Let me be with you, OK?
It's me, Emma, I'm the person
you've always trusted.
You're not... You're not real.
I'm as real as you want me to be.
...I don't need you...
...I don't want you.
I'm really sorry.
...I lost my temper.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
I'm sorry.
I know this is hard for you.
You sure liven up the party a little.
Get some sleep, come on.
Emma, these images...
...these dreams you had as a child... real do they seem?
As if they weren't dreams...
You could talk to her?
Yes, we would play together.
And, when would she appear?
Whenever my Dad yelled at
me, or hurt my Mom.
Whenever I was alone, and I
needed a friend.
And, would she appear after
your parents died?
When you Father killed your Mother,
and then killed himself?
I wondered why my Father didn't
kill himself first.
I don't want to falsely diagnose this. You
have to know I'm not judging you.
I'm here to help you.
Do you have visions now?
The same little girl, I assume?
Are you embarrassed by me?
I mean if I were like ugly, or scary,
or bleeding from the eyes.
That would be different. I'm not.
That's the great thing about
an imaginary friend...
...I can be whatever you want me to be.
You want... you want something
special for dinner tonight?
I'll make dinner.
- You OK?
- I'm fine.
Is... is there someone here with
us, right now?
I've actually had a really good day.
Did you take your medication?
Brad, I'm fine. This is nothing.
It will go away.
Nice. "It will go away?" Now
I'm just a "it"?
By the way, I am loving this dress.
What did you say?
Emma, Emma, come here, come here.
Listen, this is the worst it's ever been...
I don't think you have this under control.
Don't you dare say that.
I can not give you the help
that you need.
Then don't, because this is not helping.
What... what I need, right now,
is some support.
And all you seem to want to
do is commit me.
Nice support. Screw you.
What do you want?
I'm here because you want me to be.
Then make me go away.
Not working, is it?
You need me.
I here because you can't
make it without me.
You're very good.
No, I mean it.
You're really talented.
Where do you get your ideas?
Where they've always been. In my head.
Everyone thinks I'm nuts.
Are you?
- What?
- Nuts.
That's funny.
My imaginary friend wants to
know if I'm nuts.
I can't believe you cooked.
Don't be so mean.
Well I... I just don't know what to say.
Well, you could start by saying that...
...I'm a great chief, and you love me.
Emma, you're a great chief,
and I love you.
How original.
You seem like you're in a better mood.
Your medication must be working.
Yeah, I've had a great day.
It's not just about the medication though.
No, it's only because of the medication,
Emma. You can't do this alone.
I'm not.
Ah... God, you're awesome.
So are you.
How's Emma doing?
- I'm surprised you asked.
- Why? I don't hate her.
Um... Yeah, I need to get this.
Yeah, I've been trying to get hold of you.
Yeah, well we need... Emma needs the
power of attorney signed.
That's great. Yeah, I know she'll really
appreciate your help...
...Jonathan. I'm going to call her up right
now and set something up, alright?
Bye, bye.
See, my Mom was afraid to scream,
because she didn't want to scare me.
So, did she leave him?
Sort of, he killed her.
Em... That must have been
so hard for you.
It's alright.
I'm sorry.
Your touch is just like I remember.
You OK?
I'm fine. Why do you always ask me
that? I'm your wife, not a patient.
Because I care how you feel.
I just want to know that
you're doing better.
I'm better.
How are you still having hallucinations?
Your medications are suppose to be
helping, but it's not, it's not working.
I'm fine.
Yeah? I think you're just too
scared to admit it...
...because you're afraid of what
that might mean.
Shut up and take it, while you can get it.
You can do it.
He always says I may embarrass
him. I'd freak out in public.
That's why you're going
out without him?
You're gonna prove him wrong.
I would like to prove him wrong
about a lot of things.
Go on, it will be easy.
Maybe some, right?
No, you don't need me.
You can do this.
I know you can.
"God, it's like
talking to a moron!
"I asked you one simple question, one
simple thing. In one ear, out the other.
"Call the restaurant, make a reservation.
"God damn it, Grace, I asked
you one simple thing!
"Can you get anything right?"
Mrs. Turner? It's been a long time!
I've been away, but it's... very
nice to be back.
Well, it lovely seeing you again. I
never forget our best customers...'re a... still a size 2.
- Uh...
- I have always admired your figure.
So, come on, let me show
you a few things.
I've always wanted to cut it for so
long. What do you think?
I love it.
Uh, I just... I had so much fun!
It's been so long since I could go out...
...I mean, he told me I couldn't
go out, so I... I guess I believed him.
Why did you always listen to him?
Because he knew what was best.
...I mean, he always said he knew
what was best for me.
Well, I think you would that
better then anyone.
Well, he's the doctor.
Well, maybe the medication the other
doctors have you on is really working.
Maybe it's giving you the strength.
No, no, no, it's you.
You being here, is what saved me.
You've made me realize, how
strong I can be.
How strong I have to be.
I mean, Brad's answer for everything,
comes with a child proof lid.
Maybe he's wrong this time.
Maybe, he's always been wrong, and
I just needed... realize that.
Can you be friends with something
that exist only in your mind?
I have been, my whole life.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How was your day?
- It was great. I went shopping.
Do you want to eat on the patio?
- You went to town?
- Yeah.
Who'd you go with, your special friend?
No, and please don't say it like that.
You want me to get better,
and I'm really trying.
Yes, I do. I want you to get better.
He should tell you how good you look.
- These feelings you're having...
- Because you look great.
- They're delusional.
- Nice nails, new hair...
- They don't exist.
- Tell her, Brady.
When was the last time
that you saw her?
You told me to take control
of my life, right?
And, I'm doing that. I'm doing what you
said, I'm doing everything, you've said.
He is a bit of a pill pusher, isn't he?
- Yes.
- Yes, what?
Yes, I'm taking my medication.
I love your new hair cut, by the way.
Oh, booze with medication.
What a good doctor.
I talked with Jonathan, he's coming
over tonight.
He's gonna get the power
of attorney signed.
I don't understand why
there's such a rush.
It's no big deal, it
will be done quick, OK?
And, I spoke with Dr. Kent.
- You didn't tell me that.
- I'm telling you now, OK?
He wants to try a new medication, and...
But he wants to do it while your
under observation.
I can't influence his decision, alright?...
He's coming to his conclusion based
on what he's seen.
And he's a good doctor. I think
we should trust him.
We're all doing the best that
we can to help you.
But these visions of yours...
We've got to get rid of them. You
have got to get rid of her.
Emma, you look lovely.
How have you been?
She's been very good. She's getting
better every day.
You would say that?
Yeah! Yeah, I am feeling better.
Brad's been "Mr. Supportive", he's
the pillar of my life.
I hope so.
Alright, do you still feel that you
need power of attorney?
So that Brad can access the trust?
Well, it's what my father wanted, right?
Yes, that was his wish.
My mother's money, and yet my father
still controls it from his grave.
Doesn't seem right, does it?
- You still have access though, right?
- Oh, yes!
All accounted for, as you know. It's
always been that way, Emma.
Great! Alright, where do I sign?
Oh, If you don't mind my asking, what
happens if we divorce?
You're fathers will is very clear...
Your mothers estate is to be held in
trust, for your use, in your lifetime.
Should you divorce...
That nullifies access, and triggers other
clauses in your fathers will.
You will be given a one time payment...
...the balance to be bequeath, as
per your fathers instructions.
As long as you two stay married, you
will continue to live in luxury.
Your father was a stickler for the
sanctity of marriage.
As are we, um...
...I don't see how that could
ever be an issue.
Then, that's perfect.
Um... Her name is different, that's
not her last name.
That's her name. For the trust.
It's always confusing when people
have two last names.
There it is.
That was easy, right?
Sometimes our imagination
never grows up.
We're stuck with what protected
us as children.
It's like Santa Claus never ages.
He's just always old.
Have you been taking your medication?
Yes, I never miss a dose.
Even after what I prescribed, your
still having visions, right?
I... I mean, sometimes...
...but it's... it's... it's getting
better everyday
I know it is.
What about the episodes?
Your husband is very concerned, he has
told me everything he has observed.
He says you're having some
very intense delusions.
Things are still out of balance.
What are you writing?
Brad said you have had episodes
of harming yourself.
I have not. Why would he say that?
Emma, I was there when you smashed
the glass in the kitchen...
and cut yourself with the shards.
Brad said he found you at the
bottom of the pool.
That was an accident.
And I... I... I enjoy swimming...
...and I enjoy the silence of being
underwater. I always have.
You think you might could spend
some time with us at the hospital?
You can't do this to me.
There is nothing wrong with me.
I'm sorry.
I don't know if I can agree with that.
This is tough, Brad, I'm sorry.
I trust your judgment. That is
why I came to you.
I can't imagine what you're
going through.
She doesn't deserve this torment.
You've been very good to her.
She's my wife, you know?
She's everything I have.
I love her very much.
And she talks to this friend, this
vision? You've heard her?
Yeah, she... she denies it, but
it's very obvious.
Prepare for the worst, and hope
for the best, my friend.
I've really appreciate all your help
with this transfer...
The other thing I will need from you is a
recent trust statement...
for Emma's records.
Well, I'll have to provide that directly
to your wife...
...the new power of attorney doesn't
really grant you full access.
I didn't know that... um...
Unlike the expired one, this isn't
really a full power of attorney... you can make withdraws, but any
other information is confidential.
Well, who else has full authority?
- Except your wife?
- Yes.
Her attorney, of course.
I was actually helping him with
some transactions yesterday.
Really? He was... he was
in here yesterday?
I didn't know, I didn't have full
power of attorney.
I'm sure this is just a
misunderstanding. Mr. Turner?
God, that feels so good.
I think I should do with a little less
work, and a lot more play.
It's funny how all your old patiences
like to keep in touch.
Let's see how the good doctor is doing.
He's doing just fine, right now.
My God, you're beautiful.
Thank you.
So, did you enjoy it?
Did I enjoy what?
You haven't been with your
wife in months...
...I mean, physically, at least.
You enjoy screwing both women
in your life, don't you?
You know, I will say that...
...there's something different
about her lately.
Well, it seems to be working, this...
...whole "let's drive my wife nuts"
project. It's a huge success.
Oh, yeah, it's definitely working, she...
She's a lot more lucid...
I thought she would be, given
all the medication she is taking.
Got you something.
So beautiful.
No, no, no...
Don't be an idiot. She's home.
I'm not doing this at her house.
- Let's go to your place.
- No.
You really love this role of
yours, don't you?
Yeah, I'm a sadists at heart.
That's why I love you.
I don't want to see her hurt.
Keep in mind, you're not the cause,
you're just the means.
This woman needs to be in a hospital
where she can be treated.
It's horrible to talk about her like that.
No, you have no idea what
I've been through.
I'm talking years of her kookiness.
God, you can be mean.
I don't want to embarrass her,
I'm here for her to see me...
not to destroy her.
Just remember...
When she's gone, you and I will have
nothing to worry about.
We won't have to hide, we can access
her trust, anytime we want too...
Her, and I will be married only in name.
What compassionate feelings.
I should've just killed her.
You don't have the balls for that.
And if you did, you would get nothing.
Her attorney would make sure of that.
Yeah, I can take care of him.
I agreed to help you freak
her out. But that's it.
When I was little, my Mom
taught me to fish.
Because I love the water so much.
I just love how it... held you.
You're whole body...
...and when your head is under...
It's just so quiet.
Nothing to bother you... alone. safe.
You don't want to be admitted, do you?
He can't force you.
You don't know him.
He has the doctors convinced,
and it's up to them.
Well, I guess if you go, I'll be there too.
No... no... you can't.
You can't get rid of me that easily.
I have to get rid of you.
How dare you come in here
and accuse me.
How else do you expect me
to react, Jonathan?
There has been a number
of withdraws...
and you are the only other
person with access.
That is none of your business.
The only reason you ever had access
was because of Emma's illness...
You had better be careful of what you
say, and to whom you say it.
You should have read that power of
attorney before you signed it.
You will excuse me now, thank you.
I'm sure your wife will do well here.
We have a very good facility.
I hope to get the right combination
of meds, get the visions under control...
Beyond that, there is no guarantee.
You know that better than anyone.
You need any help with anything?
No... no... she's been calm, lately.
There is one more option.
You know, Brad, that an out patience
model is still a possibility to start.
She's... she's acting out at home.
I just... I can't be there for her as
much as she needs.
I feel guilty I didn't admit her sooner.
I'm not expecting miracles, just do
what you have too.
Whatever it takes.
"Hi, leave a message, and I'll get
back to you. Thanks."
Hey, it's me, um...
...trying to a hold of you.
She's all set...
...she goes in the morning. Just alerted
the hospital. Call me back, OK? Bye.
"Hi, leave a message, and I'll get
back to you. Thanks."
Hey, ah... where are you? I'm um...
heading home right now...
but I'll be over later to
celebrate, OK? Bye.
Looks amazing.
As do you.
To freedom.
OK, um...
Freedom from what?
She's gone.
I know you said to take the
medication, and...
I have, everyday.
But, I have been able to deal
with this in a better way.
I've got rid of her.
I did what you said.
And, um... What did I say?
Well, you told me to deal with my
problems, to fix my troubles.
So, I did.
You know, my visions, my
imaginary friend.
I don't need any more help.
I did this, all on my own.
The new me.
...well, um...
...she's gone for awhile, or...
No, no.
Gone forever, silly.
So, she's not here, now?
She's... she's not in this house?
Oh, God, no. She couldn't be.
Why is that?
Because, I killed her.
Are you OK?
It's not everyday that your wife tells
you that she killed somebody.
Well, I didn't kill "somebody",
I killed a vision.
And you know what? Let me tell you,
It was unbelievably liberating.
Um... really, just a weight
off my shoulders.
Monkey off my back, kind of thing.
So, you... you killed her in your head?
That is what your saying?
I told her she had to go,
and she wouldn't.
So we argued in the pool,
and then she stupidly...
stupidly followed me inside, so...
...I got to thinking, how do... how do you
kill a person who's not actually there?
Well, that's... that's why we're
getting medical help...
...that's what we've been trying to
accomplish this whole time.
Brad, I know you don't think that me
being admitted into a hospital...
is going to actually cure me.
I mean, I know that's what you want...
I know that's why you
were in such a rush...
to get everything done with Jonathan.
But, now I had to get her out of
my imagination...
by more than just closing
my eyes. I mean...
That's just silly.
I had to force her out. Stop
her from reappearing.
I had to believe she's really gone.
Do you want some more wine?
Killing her seemed so real though.
That's good, right?
I mean, I had to visually see her die in
order to get rid of her forever.
And I did! I did! I saw it happen.
I saw her die, simple as that.
But it was so weird...
I mean, everything about her,
just seemed so real.
I mean the way she smelled.
How she felt to my touch.
The way she bled.
Yeah, she really bled.
You know... but I had dreams
like that as a kid.
I did, when my Dad killed my
Mom, and then himself.
Those same dreams came over me...
So livid. I mean, I could see his body
laying there, covered in blood.
It was as if, I did it.
Like I was the one who killed him.
It was me, you know,
getting back at him...
for everything he did.
It's strange.
Brad, I can see it now, so clearly.
I mean... It just... all makes sense.
Emma, um...
...I need you to tell me exactly
what you did.
Well, I got her into the shower
with me, and I did it there.
Come on.
Come snuggle.
You know, I'm really glad that you and
your friend worked things out.
It's just us, now.
Why did you go upstairs?
I... I was just checking out
the crime scene.
It wasn't upstairs, silly. I finished
her off in the cellar.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!
What the hell have you done?
I just told you. Come on.
Join me.
You really killed her?
Figuratively speaking, Brad.
No, no, I saw... I saw the blood.
- What? You could see blood?
- Yes, I could see blood.
Oh... I wouldn't think you would
be able to see it.
I mean she was my imaginary friend, or
vision, or whatever, you want to call it.
If you really killed her, where is she?
What did you do with the body?
I buried her...
- I did it for us, Brad.
- Where?
Where did you bury her?
You're starting to scare me. You acting
like I actually killed someone.
Just you get up, and show me
where you buried her.
I thought you would be proud of me.
What have you done?
I'm going inside, it's cold.
"Hi, leave a message, and I'll get
back to you. Thanks."
Brittany, please, call me back as
soon as you get this.
"Brad, this is Keith. Your
wife isn't in yet."
Yeah. No. Yeah... no... she'll... she'll be
in there, she's just not ready yet.
Everything has been arranged. She is
coming in, isn't she?
Yes, just not... not today...
...but um, she's not ready, we
need more time, OK?
Is everything OK?
Yes, everything is fine.
"Hi, leave a message, and I'll get
back to you. Thanks."
You were looking for this? It still works.
Listen, I've been thinking about it, and...
I trust that you know what's
best for me, so...
I'm ready to go to the hospital.
I'm... you know... uh...
...about the hospital. Let's, let's,
let's, wait awhile.
Just a couple of days, um...
What are you saying?
You know... you... you... said you
got rid of her, right?
And, um...
...let's just see what happens with that.
I don't know if the hospital is
what's best for you...
...right now.
I can't tell you how happy that makes
me feel to hear you say that.
- Great.
- I'm so relived, really I... I...
You know, maybe... maybe we could go
somewhere. Just the two of us.
Spend some time together.
Thank you, for giving
me another chance.
I'm really fine.
Yeah. No... yeah, we'll be fine.
Mr. Norman...
Mr. Turner, Ms. Jackson will be
helping you today.
No. No, I... I... I... just need to make
a quick withdraw from the account.
Emma, and I are going away
for the weekend.
Our tellers help our regular clients.
I'm a old customer. I just need to make
a withdraw from the trust account.
Yeah, that account? It's closed.
That's client information.
What do you mean the account
is closed? Who closed the account?
Tell me who closed the
account, Jonathan.
Get your hands off me! Who
closed the account?
- Brad, are you OK?
- Not now, Molly!
Just please leave!
Dr. Keith is on the phone.
He said that he...
and Dr. McQueen are waiting to
hear about your wife.
God damn it, Molly! I said,
not now, now now!
What happened?
- Did you close the account?
- No, of course not.
Why would I do that?
Something is happening. I... I...
went to the bank
and they said the money was gone.
So, I went to Jonathan's office...
...and he was gone, too. I think he
has taken our money...
...and I think he has left. I was driving
home and then I saw her...
...I saw her, and I saw her,
and she was there...
...I think the two of them are working
together to screw us out of our money.
She doesn't exist.
Listen to me.
I... I think they planned this thing out
from the very beginning, alright?
Brad, you're not making any sense.
Let's go get you cleaned up, OK?
And you'll feel better.
Come on.
Oh, my God!
What happened?
There was blood... there was
bloody footprints here.
What are you talking about?
Oh Shit.
Hello, Brad.
She was just here.
Brittany! She was just here.
I just saw her!
Why are you calling her Brittany?
Because that's her name, Emma.
- What do you mean "her name"?
Look! Look! See? See the blood?
- See? See the blood?
- What are you talking about?
- What?
- She's here!
Come on!
Can I help you?
Yes, uh... uh... my key code won't work...
I'm... I'm trying to get into my
friends apartment...
...Brittany Riceton, 410?
We've got no "Brittany Riceton" mister.
410 is occupied, but not that name.
No, no, no, it is. I've been here a
dozen times. What are you saying?
Will you please leave?
- You don't understand.
- Leave now, or I'll call the police.
- You're not understanding...
- Leave now!
I'm looking for a patience file, OK?
Her name is Brittany Riceton, I can't find
her file. Where did you put it?
- You don't have a patient with that name.
- Yes, we do, yes, we do.
She came here a few years ago. I treated
her. Don't talk to me like I'm stupid.
What's going on?
He wanted me to find a patient
named "Brittany"...
- Wait, wait, wait...
- That wasn't her name, it was...
...Rachel Featherstone. She had
multiple personalities.
What's happening to you?
Emma's worried about you. She
said you're acting strange...
She sounded good.
She sounded really good.
Come on.
- Are you OK?
- Yes, I'm... I'm fine.
Emma, thinks you're depressed.
No, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm... I'm
perfectly healthy.
Alright, I can't... she's the
one that's screwed up.
We all know that. That is exactly what
I've been trying to prove.
She says that you've been
taking the medication.
Come on!
If there something nagging at you
Brad, it's serious.
I'm fine, OK?
There's nothing wrong with me. I'm,
I'm, I'm perfectly normal.
It doesn't look that way.
What are you trying to do to me?
With what?
the bank... Brittany?
What's wrong with you Brad?
There's nothing wrong with me.
You know, maybe you need to take
something, to calm down, really.
Brad, the doctors could help you.
I'm not the sick one.
- Maybe you need a little time for leisure.
Every thing's fine. Everything was
working out so perfectly.
I had everything planned. You ruined it,
you ruined it, just like you always do.
And then you killed her. Why did
you have to kill her?
I just did what you told me...
Well, he's taking this well.
I don't think we'll have any trouble
getting him committed.
Did you see to all the
changes in the condo?
Yeah. The funny thing is that he was
the one who told me to...
get rid of my other personality
in the first place.
That's a nice little turn.
- We've called the police!
What'd you say?
Who's in there with you, Emma?
Open the door, Mr. Turner!
Every thing's fine. She's just having
another one of her episodes.
Open the door!
I would like to see Mrs. Turner.
Will you call her down for me please?
I need for you to sit down, now. NOW!
Central, Unit 7, requesting back
up at 1216 Alva Drive.
You don't need to call for back up.
I don't know, a while, I guess.
He says he sees a vision...
...a woman. He's says he calls
her "Brittany"...'s very strange, and he says she is
covered in blood, and she's dead.
You don't see her as well, do you?
No. No. I mean he's imagining
these things...
He sees things that can't be real.
Was he on any medication?
I've seen him take pills, yes.
I don't know what they are, I assume
he gets them from the office.
When he first burst in, did he attack
you? Did he physically assault you?
Oh, no... no, he's never done that.
And he was calling out... for this
imaginary person he says he sees?
And no one else was here?
No, I've been home alone,
until he got home.
Do you feel safe in the house with him?
Yeah, I mean he scared me, but...
he would never hurt me. I mean, he
loves me. He tells me that.
Well, we'll... we'll drive by a
couple of times tonight.
You let us know if you need anything.
Thank you, so much.
- Hey!
- Comfy?
I just feel so weird, I...
I don't know what's happening to us.
I'm so sorry.
It's my fault.
I just wish I had been healthier.
No, no, no, don't say that, OK?
You're doing the best you can.
I love you.
We'll figure this out, OK?
Ahhh, aahhhh, ahh!
Come out!
Come out!
I just saw her!
I was lying on the coach. She came in
and tried to touch me.
She was just there.
Brittany, was real, OK.
She was a patient of mine, and I was
having an affair with her, OK. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but I loved her, I'm sorry.
You sick bastard.
You're not a very good doctor.
You never were.
Now you listen to me.
What you did was kill a real person.
She wasn't in this sick little head
of yours, she was real.
- So am I.
Don't you lay another hand on her.
What's wrong, Brad?
She's right there.
But, you said she was real...
...and I killed her. Now your telling
me she's "right there"?
Damn it...
Emma, look at her, look at her!
She's right there, look!
- She can't see me, Brad.
- Look! Look!
It looks like you've met your match.
What's the matter, Brad?
Are you seeing things?
Am I dead?
- Brittany.
- Who's Brittany?
My name is Rachael.
Ah, it's just you and me Brad. I'm
the only one here.
You're having visions. You're seeing
things that don't exist.
I love you.
I love you so much, you're so beautiful.
Oh, Brad. You can't love
a female manifestation.
She's not real...
But, I'm real. What you're
seeing is a delusion.
Brad, I want you to get better, but...
...she doesn't exist.
Don't... don't... stop saying that...
...I can see her, she's right there.
You have to get her out of
your mind, Brad.
Because this nightmare has
ruined both of us.
It's taken everything we have.
Free yourself from her Brad.
I'm really here, Brad. I was
your patient, remember?
You helped me get better.
You really helped.
You need to do what I did, Brad.
You have to get rid of the visions.
Otherwise, this is going to tear us apart.
- No...
- I'm the one you love.
I'm the one you want to be with.
It's only in your mind, Brad.
And if you kill it... will be gone forever.
No, I don't want to do that, please.
It will never come back.
- Kill her, Brad.
- Please, don't make me do that. No.
Kill her.
What time did he get here?
Had you met her before?
Where you ever a patient of his?
Did you see him kill her?
No. He came at me with the knife,
and he said had to kill her.
- Who?
- I don't know...
He said there was a woman, I
didn't see anyone.
And this is the woman he said that
you had killed?
I know it's very strange.
He had said that he had seen blood,
and I had killed her...
...and then he said she was here.
Did you see a body?
No, he said she was buried
in the garden, but...
There's no one there. I just don't know
what he was thinking.
I know what I saw. Why
are you doing this?
He kept saying how sick you were,
and it was him all along...
...we just never saw it.
So, what happens now?
Court ordered committal.
He won't get out for a very
long time, if ever at all.
For you, it's worst then him dying.
- He's just there.
- Thank you.
Is at OK if I just say "goodbye?"
Nice try.
He got exactly what he deserved.
- Thank you, for everything.
- No, thank you.