Imagine I'm Beautiful (2014) Movie Script

Hi... I called about
the apartment.
I forgot.
Shit, hang on.
Come on in!
You know I'm just showing
the apartment, right?
Yeah, I just got here.
Bathroom; Kitchen;
Living room;
My room;
Empty room.
Sorry about that.
I'm Lana!
It's nice.
Yeah, um...
so, I don't need any references
and I won't run a credit check.
That's what you
said on the phone.
So here's the room.
I used to use it
as an office but...
so you said you
just moved to the city?
From where?
So do you have a job or what?
No, but I'll find one.
And I can pay
the security deposit
and the first month's
rent in cash.
Are you a serial killer?
That's been happening a lot.
I have NO idea what
they're doing up there.
Okay what?
Do you want the room?
Are you a serial killer?
Look, my ex-boyfriend
just moved out
and Friday's the first
of the month
and the woman who came
to look at the room
yesterday had a ferret
who took a shit
on my couch so...
if you want the room,
it's yours.
Uh, yeah.
You probably shouldn't
be carrying around
this much cash in New York.
I'm really excited
to live in Brooklyn.
You know this
is south Brooklyn,
it's not like Williamsburg
or, whatever.
I've wanted to
live here my whole life.
So, are you an actress?
Yeah... uh...
make yourself at home.
I'll be in my room
if you need anything.
Good morning.
Do you not work?
You didn't say
you were a smoker.
I'm not.
Excuse me?
Uh... I wanted to interview
for the waitressing job?
Are you the owner?
Hey gorgeous,
sorry to keep you waiting,
it'll just be two more seconds.
Oh, no, Tommy, take your time.
Do you think it's going
to be a really big problem
that I don't have any
waitressing experience?
Nice dress.
Thank you.
Where are you from?
Uh, Utah.
Your shoes are amazing.
Aww! Thank you!
Good luck with the job.
Hey Utah?
How long have
you been in the city?
Five days.
Well, a bunch of us
are going to be
hanging out on the
lower east side tonight.
Maybe I can introduce
you to some people.
Come into my office,
young lady.
Ten o'clock.
Text me.
Oh, uh, Kate?
No, I'm Lana.
I just moved in.
Oh, I am Joe, the super.
I'm so, so, so sorry.
Could you turn down the music?
Oh, yeah.
It's uh... yes.
I'm sorry.
Somebody call.
Yes, I'm sorry.
No problem, just somebody call.
- Okay... thanks.
- Geoff here?
He moved out.
They get married?
I don't think so.
Oh, she have baby?
Oh... okay.
Turn it down.
Okay, thanks.
Can you turn down the music?
The super came;
Somebody complained.
Hi Natasha?
It's Lana.
We met at the
restaurant earlier?
I'm at the address you gave me.
Uh... so call me!
Okay, bye.
Club's there.
Oh, okay.
Oh, Natasha!
It's Lana!
Lana, hi!
Hi! It's good to see you!
Are you okay?
Yeah, no, I'm fine,
it's just fucking Tommy
bailed on me, asshole.
Oh... um, this
place looks cool.
Yeah, it's amazing, right?
I thought you
said ten o'clock...
So how are you?
Did you meet anyone
in New York yet?
Oh, no.
Um... I thought you
were going to introduce me.
He looks like he
wants to get to know you.
Oh, yeah.
We're on the list.
How's it going?
We're going in here.
DJ's lame.
We're headed out.
Oh yeah?
Where you headed?
Hey guys,
I'll catch ya later.
Yeah, have fun.
Why don't you get us a cab?
Wait a minute,
I thought that we were...
You look so hot.
I'll call you!
That's a beautiful dress.
We could go back to my place.
Yeah... uh...
What's the matter
with your mouth?
I just get jaw tension.
You should relax.
Rough night?
Are you alright?
It's 7am.
I have job interviews
all day but I'm going
to be home tonight.
Just so you know.
Hi Natasha, it's Lana.
I just wanted to make sure we
got home alright last night.
I would love if we
could hang out sometime.
Okay. Uh, call me.
Would you move your
stuff out of the kitchen?
I need to make dinner.
Just give me like...
twenty minutes.
Could you do it now?
I'm really hungry.
Hello, Mom?
Oh my God.
Oh my God!
What did you do?!
Are you okay?
No, they took my purse,
and I can't find my keys!
I don't know where I am!
Why don't you come over?
I don't know where you live!
Yeah, no, no,
I'll text you the address.
I thought they took
my purse but...
then I found it again!
Come on in.
It's okay.
I'm so sorry for
coming over like this.
It's just, I don't think
that I have my keys.
Hey, what are friends for!
Oh God. God!
What is that awful music?
Oh, um...
I'm sorry, I...
I took some Molly.
I feel like shit.
It's okay.
I'll take care of you.
Let me get you some water.
Can I use your bathroom?
Oh yeah,
it's the door on the left.
Oh, no, no, no,
it's not that one!
Holy shit, man,
are you burning yourself?
Who the hell are you?
Who the hell are you?!
She's my friend.
You need to get her
the hell out
of my apartment!
It's my apartment too.
Hey, what's your name?
Hey, Natasha,
get out of my apartment!
What kind of psycho
tries to burn them self?
Get out!
She's clearly really fucked up.
You can't say that!
Chill out!
I'm so, so, sorry about this.
I got her in a cab.
You have awesome
taste in friends.
Just throw them out,
they're really shitty anyway.
I saw the razor.
Look, you don't
want to get into this.
I lost my mom.
Right before I moved
to New York.
She killed herself.
I have another job interview
today but I'll see you tonight?
I got a job.
At a chocolate restaurant.
Let's get you into bed.
You scared me!
You cook.
Do you?
Geoff, my ex, did.
He was a really good cook.
Did you, uh... put me in bed?
That's embarrassing.
It's fine.
I saw your photos.
You're very talented.
Please stay out of my room.
I was putting in bed.
Do you still take pictures?
Why not?
I don't think my
camera still works...
I don't even know where it is.
You mostly paint now?
Oh... no.
I'm not a painter.
That was me just...
wigging out.
Those deserved to be
thrown up on.
I really can't even say
how sorry I am about that.
They were terrible.
You're a better photographer.
You should have some of this!
Mop up that alcohol?
What do you do now?
Um... I'm a financial
Or... was.
It's complicated.
I've always wanted
to have my picture taken.
What do you...
No, I mean, for real.
I think that when
you see a photo of someone,
you can kind of tell
who they are.
So, why do you need
a photo of yourself?
Oh my God.
I've been living off ramen and
takeout since Geoff left.
Mmm... thank you.
You can't just stay home
for the rest of your life!
Your mom won't stop
calling me because
you won't even
return her phone calls.
Why is she calling you?
That's not the point!
I think maybe
it will be a good idea
for you to talk to someone.
Oh, who... someone?
You... someone?
No, like...
Just because I don't
want to be with you
doesn't mean
I need to see a shrink.
I love you.
We can still be a family.
I just want you to be okay.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...
You must be?
Lana, we met before.
Can we just talk about this?
I don't know what else
there is to say.
Look, just call me
if you need anything.
Enjoy the croissant.
It was nice to meet you.
He seems nice.
You want a croissant?
What are you doing up there?!
Maybe I do need therapy.
Therapy's where people
send you when they
can't be bothered
to help you themselves.
Who said that?
No one.
You know he's
actually really great.
He's really fucking nice to me.
I'm supposed to be
going to work but...
I can call out.
No... don't do that.
It's not your job
to take care of me.
I'm really sorry
about your mom.
That must have
been really shitty.
Hang on.
There wasn't really
anything wrong with it
but they did clean
up the lens a little bit.
What is all this?
It's just a couple
of things I picked up.
They're for you.
Lana, this is way too much.
I have a job now.
Yeah, as a hostess.
I make good tips.
You don't have to use them.
No, no, thank you... very much.
I was... that was really
sweet of you.
You're my first friend
in New York.
Are we friends?
I'm sorry.
Let's go on an adventure.
Bring your camera.
You always wear that scarf.
My mom used to
have one just like it.
Do you mind
if I ask what happened?
You don't have to...
It's fine.
I came home one day
and the house was quiet.
It was weirdly quiet.
when I got to
the living room...
she was there.
You found her?
How did she...?
She slit her wrists.
Do you miss her?
All the time.
Who keeps calling you?
Someone I don't
want to talk to.
From home?
My mom.
You don't like your mom?
Uh, she made me
grow up in New Jersey.
Let's go get drunk.
Don't you want
to experience reality?
Not really.
This is my favourite place
in the whole world.
You're a really nice person.
You don't meet too many
of those in New York.
I think you're nice too.
You must be the new guy.
The one we always hear
banging around up there?
We're 2B?
I'm Massi.
This is my room-mate, Lana.
Do they only let beautiful
people live in 2B?
Yeah, there's a
clause in the lease.
Well, if you ever
need a cup of sugar,
you know where to find me.
Do you want some tea?
Thank you.
You photograph very well.
You're very pretty.
They're very beautiful.
That should be your job.
How far along were you?
You were gonna
have a baby, right?
How did you...?
The super said something.
Five months.
What happened?
Um... I...
I started bleeding, um,
a little bit.
And then I started
bleeding a lot and...
then, by the time
we got to the doctor's
the next morning,
there was no heartbeat and...
and... then they had
to take it out.
I'm so sorry.
Shit happens.
Were you trying?
No... no.
You guys were gonna
get married?
Why didn't you?
What is this, 20 questions?
I don't know.
He got sad.
I got mean.
I wouldn't have sex
with him anymore
and it just kind of...
Fuck him, you know.
It's okay, it's okay...
it's okay, it's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay... it's fine.
Hey, it's fine. It's fine.
It's okay. It's okay.
I couldn't remember if
you liked your eggs
totally cooked,
or a little runny.
You're all dressed up?
Where are you going?
Back to work!
Yeah, I emailed my
boss two days ago
and he's letting me come back.
Oh, thank you!
I thought you
were going to think
about going back
to photography?
Oh my God.
That doesn't pay the rent.
But you hated that job.
Um, are you working
at the restaurant tonight?
Shall I come meet
you after work?
I might be late.
Why don't I bring home
dinner to celebrate?
No, no, I'll do it.
Thank you.
Get your shoes!
How'd it go?
It was boring.
I brought home dinner.
I liked him first.
I'm so sorry.
I was joking!
God, why would I do that?
Have you seen him?
I think a lot of people would.
You liked him
and I slept with him.
I met him once in the hallway.
I can move out if you want.
Why would I want
you to move out
because of some guy?
You're not moving out!
Are you sure?
I don't have to see him again.
See him again!
I mean, I'm not going
to be responsible
for fucking up your
relationship too.
He's nice.
He has his own wine company.
A hot foreign guy
with his own wine company.
I mean, he sounds made up.
Now this sauce is
almost perfect.
We have the garlic,
the tomatoes,
the onions.
I forgot the cheese!
Okay, add a little cheese.
Smells great.
Mmm... mmm...
Come eat!
I'm fine.
Have a good night.
I didn't mean to make you sad.
I know, it's just,
Geoff and...
I can stop if it's too much.
No, no, no,
it's just me being dumb.
Can we hangout tomorrow?
You crazy girl!
That's a good thing,
like nobody else.
Why is everyone I work
with such a douchebag?
It just makes me want
to punch everyone
in the face all the time.
I wish you'd stop smoking.
I'm not smoking,
I'm quitting.
Don't be mad.
I called him.
I got his number
off your phone,
I'm sorry,
I called him.
Why would...
Come on.
Come on in!
I can't be everything
for you, Katie.
I don't want you to be sad
about me and Massi.
You love him!
Do you still love her?
Well then you have to try!
Can you believe her?
Just talk about it.
We're having a picnic
on Saturday...
you should come.
Why did you leave Argentina?
Things were messy there.
What are you thinking
so hard about?
Do you miss your family?
I've got you now.
Move in with me.
With you?
And Kate?
And leave that whole two-bedroom
that I have all to myself?
Let's not mess this up.
I like being around you.
Where's Geoff?
He left.
You shouldn't have called him.
Why not?
It's none of your business.
It's some of my business,
you're my friend.
You deal with your shit;
I'll deal with mine.
Yeah, that was going
so well for you before.
I'm just trying to help.
He's coming on Saturday.
So, do you bottle
the wine yourself, or?
No, we just import it.
Wow, that's really cool.
It's something to do.
Can I have a grape?
Geoff is a great
graphic designer.
Oh yeah?
Not really...
I work at a coffee bar
in Williamsburg.
He's good... that's how we met.
Freshman year art class.
Yeah, okay, don't
get all sentimental on me.
Katie's an amazing
She is!
I guess we're the only
ones without any talent.
This may be the best
day of my whole life.
Of your whole life?
Will you just come here?
I'm not having sex with you.
I know, will you come here?
Could you at least try?
There. Happy?
What do you want from me?
Just talk to me about it.
Maybe it will help!
Is it going to change
what happened?
I'm sad too.
You keep saying that
like I don't know that.
I know you're sad.
It was awful.
But you gotta get over it.
You get over it!
I'm trying!
We could have another one!
I don't want another one!
Geoff, do you want to know
what I felt like when I lost it?
Our daughter?
I felt relieved, Geoff!
I felt relieved that it
wasn't going to be born
and mess up my life!
I have to go.
See you later.
What is wrong with me?!
It is going to get better.
I mean, I thought
I was getting better!
I can't have sex with
my own boyfriend.
He understands.
Yeah, well, he's only going
to understand for so long.
I thought...
I thought maybe it
could work again,
but I don't know.
I'll see you later.
Let me come with you.
No, I just need to be
by myself right now.
Where's Kate?
She went for a walk.
Rough day, huh?
Yeah, we've been
having a lot of those.
Do you want some wine?
What ya got?
Mmmm, well, I have Massi's.
I cannot pronounce it
but I'm sure it's amazing.
She hates me.
I don't think she
meant what she said.
I think she probably did.
We would have been
shitty parents.
You would have loved her.
You probably think
I'm a total loser,
hanging around with this girl
who doesn't want me anymore.
She still wants you.
No wonder she was relieved,
she got out of marrying me!
Look at me, I've never really
tried to do anything
and I'm pretty sure
I'm going bald.
I think you're pretty great.
You're just saying that
because you know I'm right.
She says she's going to her
parents' in New Jersey
for the night.
She'd rather spend
the night in Jersey
than with me.
I guess I'll go.
I rented Sharktopus.
Kate and I were going
to watch it but...
if you're interested?
Bad movies pair very well
with expensive wine.
That was awful.
I don't even know
what just happened.
God I get so hot
in this apartment.
Yeah I know,
I used to live here.
Oh. Duh.
So how's this city
working out for you?
I love it.
She still doesn't
want to have sex.
I know.
Sorry. Shit.
You don't want to
hear about this.
It's fine.
It's not even about the sex...
it's just...
I just want...
I just want her to
like me again.
Did Kate tell you what
happened to my mom?
I'm really sorry about that.
Do you think
I'm beautiful, Geoff?
You don't have to lie about it.
No, I do.
I do.
You could have me
while you wait for her.
While you're waiting
for her to get better,
you could have me.
No, look...
she loves you!
I don't want her to lose you!
So just take me
while you wait for her.
Lana, what...
You don't want me?
No, no... it's...
I'm not sure.
Imagine I'm her.
How long has it been?
What about Massi?
We're a family.
Families do whatever
they have to
to take care of each other.
Just imagine I'm her.
Call me Katie.
Good morning.
You waited.
That's really nice.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
Do you hate me?
We'll figure it out.
I'm sorry I've been
such an asshole.
It's okay.
You were always
pretty much an asshole.
I love you.
I love you too.
I gotta get to work.
I just wanted to make sure
you got home okay.
It's all gonna be okay.
Hey, can I come up?
Kate won't be home until seven.
Yeah, I know.
Hi, can I come in?
I just want you to know
I've never cheated
on anyone before.
I'm not the kind of guy
who does that.
I know.
Is this okay?
We're going to have to
tell Katie, you know.
It'll be okay.
Buh buh buh buh buh bah!
Happy birthday!
Oh my God.
No one has made me
a birthday cake
since I was like 15.
Nice job!
Okay, I have an
announcement to make!
Let's have a toast.
So... when I moved to New York,
I had just lost my mom
and I was really sad and lonely
and then I met Katie
and she was evil.
And she was nice.
And now I'm not sad
and I'm not lonely.
It's true.
But, I know that
there's been one thing
that's been really hard for you.
And I know it's been
hurting you a lot
so... Geoff and I have
started sleeping together.
I don't mind, and this way,
you can take as much
time as you need.
What are you talking about?
I mean, I know it's a bit
of a surprise but...
Are you serious?
You're sleeping with him?
Only until Katie gets better.
For how long?
About a week.
A week.
I thought you knew!
You thought I knew?
You were sleeping
with my girlfriend!
And I just didn't care?!
How many times?
Answer me... how many times?!
Stop it!
That is no way to behave!
I think you should go!
You're just going to sit there?
It doesn't mean anything.
He's your boyfriend.
Could you just go stand
in the fucking hallway
or something?
Yeah. Sure.
How many times?
In my bedroom.
Is it good for you?
I'm not going to answer that.
Does he make you cum?
Stop. This way, you don't
have to worry about it.
He's not going to go
looking for it somewhere else
and you don't have
to do it until you're ready.
Come here.
Kiss her.
Kiss her.
Let's go get a drink.
Do you want to come?
Did you have a nice time?
We did.
We had a nice time.
I just want you to be happy.
I'm fine.
I've been going to
our park a lot;
I've been thinking about you.
I'm sorry you're dead.
I miss you.
I'm gonna go for a walk.
Do you want me to come?
Sorry... I'm sorry.
I thought you were someone else.
Wait, did you call me Lana?
Yeah, I'm sorry,
I thought you were my friend.
I have a daughter.
She's run away.
I'm sorry... I...
Do you know where she is?
Who are you?
I'm her mother.
Her mother's dead.
I'm not dead.
I'm sorry... did you just
come here from Utah?
I live on the upper east side.
Oh, hey.
I've been calling you.
What is she doing here?
You told me your
mother was dead.
She is!
Lana, don't say that.
My mother is dead!
I watched her die.
Hello Lana.
It's nice to see you.
Lana, please, open the door!
It's your mother.
What's going on?
What's he doing here?
Your mother would
like you to come
see me again.
I just want to talk to you,
honey, just for a few minutes.
Please, just open the door.
sweetheart, it's me!
Stop it!
I do not know who you are!
I'm Dorothy Bower.
I'm your mother!
You're Lana Bower!
We'd like you to agree to an
inpatient program.
Is that true?
Dr. Whitaker, I have
been so much better.
Stop it!
You're lying now!
This is what you do!
- You...
- Dorothy...
Does she know?
Did you know that
this is what she always does?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Yes, you prey on people
until you become
everything they need!
Isn't that right?
You will do or say anything,
just as long as people
love you and think
you're perfect!
Help me!
You have to help me!
Oh yes, my perfect little Lana!
That's not true!
Then what is true?
I tried to have her committed.
I don't know what else to do.
How about it?
She's right.
Dr. Whitaker.
I think it probably
is best if I go with you.
That's what you want,
isn't it Momma?
Do you think I'm beautiful?
Can I at least
spend one last night
in my own room?
That'll be fine.
I'll expect you both
at 8am tomorrow.
I called about the apartment.