Imagine You & Me (2016) Movie Script

They say the way to
true love is like a puzzle.
Every piece of event is already planned.
And those moments that almost happened
that you regarded as trivial,
something is already in them.
Good evening sir,
do you have your ticket?
Uh...Yes, I do.
-Here it is.
-I received 100, sir.
Your change, 75 pesos.
Thank you. Please wait.
Every coincidence
is already set.
I believe that all things in this world,
or in this universe, rather,
is happening because there is a reason.
Everything happens for a reason.
Thank you.
You know, we've been friends
for a long time now, right?
I've also been meaning to tell you
about this for a long time now
but I get discouraged.
At last, he is going to confess
his feelings for me.
I get scared. I feel bashful toward you.
But Gara,
I'm ready now.
This is it! This is it!
At last, I will have a babe!!!
This is it! This is really it!
I will have a babe! This is it!
This is it!!!
Gara, I'm gay.
Girl! What the heck, Gara?!
Are you OK?
-You're gay? As in?
-Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Homo. Gay. Fag. Queer.
However way you put it, yes, that's me.
Gara, I'm embarrassed.
How can I tell you, especially since
you're close to Mom and Dad?
What if they know? I'd be...
But Gara, I'm ready now.
I'm ready to come out.
I'm no longer afraid.
You know why?
Because of him.
It's OK.
Late? It's OK.
You know it like a book, huh?
Gara, this is...this is Rudy.
-My best friend.
-I'm Rudy.
Did you get mad?
-Why would I get mad? I'm OK.
-Maybe later on...?
You know, let's just share...
You're jesting with me again.
Twin watch? Yeah, you're right.
You're unlucky in love!
Unlucky right away?
Madam, is there no talisman for bad luck
so that I can be lucky with
my love life even once?
-Are you kidding me?
Heck, if there's a cure for that,
then there'd be no more brokenhearted.
No one would be fooled.
All would be happy in love.
Isn't that right?
But no!
You know, those men,
they bring with them bad luck!
In which you did everything!
You did their laundry!
You ironed their clothes!
Your very soul, body,
you gave it all to them,
but they would still
make a fool out of you!
Then, you would see them,
there at a fishball stand,
eating and flirtingthere at Baclaran!
Those animals! Animals!
H-h-hold on! Is that
your past or my future?
Miss, listen to me.
You're unlucky in love.
But no.
I don't want to think that I'm unlucky.
Maybe the one for me just
hasn't really arrived yet.
And I know that he's just here.
Somewhere out there.
-Gara, your jacket. It's cold there.
-Oh, thanks, dad.
-Dad, take care of our garage, alright?
-Bye, Gara.
Goodbye. Goodbye. Be safe.
Gara, just a small saving,
when you return,
the garage would be booming.
Good heavens!
And my souvenir, alright?
Leave those souvenirs to me, dad.
-For our dreams.
-Yup. Yup.
Bye, Gara. Take care.
You get bigger, alright?
Gara, Tabebeng wants you to have this.
-Our list of billing is already in there.
-Billing already?
Gara, don't forget the bag
that I want you to buy, alright?
Just leave your bag to me.
It's my gift for your Graduation.
-As long as you study hard.
-I will.
My, my. Don't worry, Gara.
Leave her to me. I won't neglect her.
I'm holding you to that.
Where is Tabebeng now, Arnold?
She's with Kaye.
Oh, she's already here. Already here.
-We bought this for you.
-For you.
So that you won't get
hungry on your journey.
Tabebeng is so sweet.
Kiss first, kiss first,
before Auntie leaves.
I will miss you. Be good, alright?
I will.
I'll be going now.
Oh, Mom.
-Bye-bye, Auntie Gara.
-Mom, take care of yourself, alright?
-You take care.
-I'll miss you, Gara.
The garage, dad; and mom.
-Gara, post in FB.
-Picture of Italy, don't forget.
-No problem.
Kaye, take care.
Tabebeng bye-bye.
One more kiss. One more kiss.
Kiss to Auntie.
-I love you, Auntie.
Take care you all!
You take care, alright?!
-Arnold. Goodbye, brother.
-Take care, alright?! you!
-Love you, Gara. Pray, pray.
-Take care.
-Love you, Gara.
-Love you. God bless you.
Are you still there?
I feel like there's nothing more to do
But to laugh
Is it still there
The memories?
The only thing that's left
To the both of us
Let's no longer spin each other around
All the things are already clear
There is also no need to force things
You don't need to speak anymore
I've already seen all of this
Being insinuated by your eyes
Thanks to you anyway
I've already seen all of this
Being insinuated by your eyes
Thanks to you anyway
Excuse me.
Hello, Jenny.
Hey, Gara, how are you?
I'm OK, you?
-I'll be going first. I'm in a hurry.
-Take care, alright?
It's so steep.
Wait, wait...
I can't do this.
No, I can't.
I'll just walk it down.
It's so beautiful here.
-Good morning, Sir.
-Good morning too.
I am Gara.
-Pleased to meet you. I am Maurizio.
-Pleased to meet you too.
-Please wait here.
Gara is already here. She's the one
who's gonna take care of Molly.
Thank you very much.
-This is Molly.
She's the one you're gonna take care of.
Good morning, Molly. She is cute.
Very cute.
Should I be jealous?
Molly is choosy with people.
It seems she fell in love
at first sight with you.
The dog gives me more credit then,
to fall in love with me at first sight.
What do you call those again,
pulled out lines?
Please pardon me.
I only pull out as a force of habit.
I don't intend to. Just a little.
You're funny.
I'll leave you then.
You two have fun, OK?
You're so cute.
How are you feeling now?
I'm feeling a little weak, Uncle.
I'll call Dr. Abelli if you want.
Never mind, Uncle. Don't worry.
We have already talked.
Let's go to the park.
Let's go to the park.
Let's go now to the park.
We will take a troll.
Don't be envious. Don't be envious.
When at work, focus.
How can I focus when
I see things like this?
My Prince Charming will come too.
Hello! Good day to you!
Good evening!
Guys, let's all have
dinner together, alright?
I cooked.
Gosh, Shi-Shi, sorry. Maybe next time.
I have a previous engagement.
Why? Is that a new racket?
My gosh, no. You remember the guy
I've been telling you about? Santiago?
Yes, why?
The Brazilian?
Gosh, we have a date.
Sis, we're already a couple.
You're already a couple?
Haven't you just met recently?
Oh dear, ask her how
they become together.
Oh my God, he kissed me on the lips!
Why did he kiss you?
Because he's thankful
to the watch
that I bought for him. Why?
Mutual Understanding?
What are you, juvenile?
-Are you a teenager, sis? Huh?
-Well...sort of like that.
No. MU. Miss Unrequited.
Your words are so hurtful!
How about you, huh?
Be honest with me. Are you
not crazy about that Val fellow?
Oh, sorry. I don't love him.
I'm only after his body.
His body is revolting!
But now, we're seeing each other
because he wants to see me.
He's already begging to see me.
-Yes, it's like that.
-God! My Shi-Shi is so beautiful.
She's so beautiful!
-So beautiful. Perfect.
-I inherited if from you.
-My face is so small.
-It's so thin, isn't it?
What about you?
-Alone again.
As usual.
I'm OK. No big deal.
Nothing I can't handle.
Tell the truth!
I'm really OK.
Besides, my Romeo will
keep me company tonight.
-Too long. Let's go.
-Let's get out of here.
You are too much!
Take care, alright?
Of course. We're always safe.
"My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
"My love as deep;
"the more I give to thee,
"The more I have,
for both are infinite."
"O Romeo my Romeo"
When are you going to arrive?
What do you need?
S-Sorry, I thought you were someone else.
That's my bag!
You really are so despicable!
You are so despicable!
He's got dimples.
What's this?
Oh! We have the same favorite songs.
Though we are far apart
I will do everything
Just so you have
This love that I offer you
This song
Is my song for you
Hope you feel it
Even if our world is opposite
What the heck! Are you stupid?
Get out of there!
You're wasting my time! Hurry!
I beg your pardon.
As if you're tall!
I'm going to step on you!
Oh my God!
Look at that face!
Oh my gosh, Gara. I have a feeling
that he will be your first boyfie.
Oh for heaven's sake!
Beware of handsome men with white skin.
They're players, the lot of them.
Why so against it?
You don't know,
he may be her soulmate.
My goodness, I will just be
returning a bag, soulmate already?
So, have you tried calling
the contacts in his phone?
There is one that I have called.
Name is Raymond.
Said he's Andrew's chum.
Said he'd message Andrew
to say that I have his bag.
-Oh. So, Andrew is the name of cutie boy?
-What else did his friend say?
-Goodness. I didn't ask that much.
What for? I will just be
returning his bag.
I know you.
I also know that tone of your voice.
And you know, I feel that
you are already falling for Andrew.
Tell the truth!
No, I'm not!
No. Here, just watch this.
I have this ring.
Can't wait for my baby to say yes.
This is it.
This is it.
Oh. He's got a fiance.
It's because you're being importunate.
Good morning.
It's Graciana Malinao, madam.
I'm here already!
You can do it. You can do it.
Like I said, I can't do it.
Oh! Looks like you are not watered.
Never mind. I'll be back for you later.
Sir Leonardo. Good morning, Sir Leonardo.
Chairs need to be in proper order.
Is this OK? OK.
Fantastic! No dirt.
Oh! Why are these askew? Won't do.
There, there.
There, there.
Something's wrong.
Aunt Terry!
-Good morning, Auntie!
-Good morning, Gara!
Auntie, I brought a souvenir for you.
You brought dried fish?
Amazing! Amazing!
Oh my God! You are such an angel Graciana.
Uh, Auntie, it so happens that
what you're cooking
is ourVangie, Winona and Ifavorite.
I was wondering...if you know?
If you don't mind.
Hey, Graciana, there's
no need to act cute.
Just bring your Tupperware out.
Uh, Auntie, why are you cooking
Sir Leonardo's favorite?
Is it his birthday or
your wedding anniversary?
Uh, death anniversary.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it. I'm just OK.
It's already been two years
since he's gone.
Uh, Auntie, if it's already been
two years since he's gone,
and if it's his death anniversary,
why are you still cooking his favorite?
I was on my way home
from Venice at that time.
I called him on the telephone.
I told him that I would cook his
favorite pasta when I came home.
He said he would abstain from eating
so that he could eat all of
my cooking when I arrive.
But when I arrived,
he was already dying.
Poor man. He died
with an empty stomach.
That's why I've been cooking for him
in his every death anniversary.
Oh! I have a guest.
My stepson is here, alright?
My goodness, Auntie! Why didn't
you tell me you have a guest?
All right, I'll be cleaning then.
Clean the rooms first.
Uh, leave the guest room
for the meantime, alright?
Because there issue
of privacy with my husband's son.
Got it, Auntie.
-All right. I'll be heading out first.
-Thank you.
Auntie, my you-know-what, alright?
-My request. Auntie.
-Yes, yes.
Thank you.
My dearest Andrew...
If the letter is not yours,
do not read.
That's what I said.
It's so tiresome.
Why is there no one calling yet?
Why do dimples only appear when you smile?
Why is there no dimples when you are sad?
Why is that so?
In case I was late
And you let go
Even if our feet have different steps
I will still come along with you
What's happened with the two of you?
Why do you seem sad at the park?
Nice phone, huh?
Am I imagining again?
Are you not an imagination?
Are you real now?
-You're not an imagination?!
-What imagination? Are you high?
Hi to you too.
What are you doing here?
I'm the housekeeper here.
And why do you have my phone?
That's the point. It's a long explanation
but... How should I start? Uh...
Well, you can start by
giving me my phone back.
What happened was...uh...
I was at the park the other day.
Then, I saw you.
Looks like you were
waiting for someone, right?
Then, I...
I just saw you.
I wasn't looking at you, alright?
Then, there's a lady who approached.
-So, you stood up.
-Hello, hi, yes.
-I was at your station two days ago.
-I-I reported my bag was stolen.
-I found the thief.
-Hey, it wasn't me.
-She's here...
-Wait a second!
-in the house where I'm staying.
-It wasn't me!
-Yeah. Apparently, she works here.
-Hey, it wasn't me!
It wasn't me you're looking for.
-It wasn't me!
What the heck! Cut it out!
-It really wasn't me!
-Get off me!
My God! What are you doing to Gara?
Andrew, what are you doing?
Auntie, she's the one who stole my bag.
I'm not the thief, alright?
I just saw you both. Then you went
after the snatcher and I followed you.
Really? If you're not an accomplice,
why did you follow?
Is this true?
I am just poor, yes.
I need money.
I came to this very faraway country,
I suffered to be away from my family
even if it's very lonely here,
so that I can earn money.
I'm doing everything.
I clean houses,
I take care of the elderly,
I even take care of animals,
to earn money so that I may have
something to send to my family.
But no matter what happens, I won't steal
because my parents
did not raise me as such.
Andrew, it's been almost a year
since Gara became my housekeeper.
I trust her.
There may be some logical explanation
I have already been explaining
to this guy for a while now!
What? If you like, call your friend,
that Raymond Esguerra
to tell you the truth.
If what you're saying is true,
where is my bag?
It's at my place, of course!
What do you want, that I'm
bringing it everywhere I go?
Don't worry, I will return it
to you completely intact.
Hello, Raymond.
-Yes, it's already with me.
Embarrassed, are we?
Because you're so arrogant. Accusing.
-Thank you. Bye.
-What did I tell you?
Wait a minute, Andrew.
Are you going out?
I cooked your father's favorite.
Let's have lunch first.
I told you not to bother cooking for me.
Am I wrong, Auntie?
-What? You're welcome, alright?
-OK, OK. Enough.
The arrogance of this guy!
As if he's handsome.
-You only have dimples, you know!
-OK, OK.
I'm ready.
is gonna be watching this video,
this happens only once.
I have this ring.
Can't wait for my baby to say
You need carbs.
Because of the intensity of what happened
earlier, your energy would be drained.
What on earth was he craved with during
pregnancythat son of Sir Leonardo?
With vinegar?
He may have dimples but
he's got the behavior of a dog.
And he doesn't know how to
show respect even to you.
I'm sorry. Have I said anything?
As you already know...
Because until now, he feels that
I'm just a caregiver who
took advantage of his father.
That man is so judgmental then.
It's OK, Gara.
I am not angry at him.
He's just going through something.
But going through something
isn't a justification, madam.
Whatever that is, if the attitude is bad
-One moment, Auntie.
Wait up, Auntie, I will come back.
I said no to your proposal
not because I don't love you
but because I got scared and confused.
It feels like we're
rushing a lot of things.
Do we even love each other
enough to get married?
If you still feel the same way
about me one year from now,
let's meet at the place
where we first met.
If you don't show up, I will understand.
If I don't show up,
please also understand.
So we can both move on with our lives.
Too many billion people
running around the planet...
What are the chances that Andrew is
your master's stepson? Oh my God, girl.
I really think that he was born for you.
My goodness, no.
I would rather have
a boyfriend who is kind
than someone behaving like an evil spirit.
Evil spirit, you say? Tell the truth!
Haven't you mentioned that
he is going through something?
What something?
What else. He's brokenhearted, of course.
He cannot move on from his
girlfriend's rejection to his proposal.
So that's why the shout-out is like this.
You're already friends in FB?
It's because Vangie asked
me to search for him.
What is that?
"Everything must end here in Como."
What does that mean?
Everything must end here in Como.
He's going through something.
-Because he's brokenhearted.
-Because his proposal was rejected.
And now,
"Everything must end here in Como."
My goodness, sisters!
-Are you serious, suicidal already?
What else is the meaning of that? It says
"Everything must end here in Como."
Take a look again.
-You wouldn't know, he might just be-
-Let's hear it!
-Or maybe-
-Getting somewhere?
-You see, all of yourself is confused.
What a pity. He's so cute.
Sir, here is your bag.
Check the contents first before I go.
It's absolutely complete, alright?
Even your ball pen with no ink,
it's there.
And all of your coins were cluttered
so I put them in a coin purse.
Don't mention it. You're welcome,
you're welcome. That's yours now.
Go on. That's yours now. Keep it.
It contains 36 euro and 85 cents.
That would be 1,953 pesos if you would
convert that to 53 pesos per euro.
And there's a pouch there
containing shards.
What are those?
Uh, ok, I guess they are all here.
Are you sure?
It'd be troublesome to be accused of
again, especially since I wasn't raised
I understand. I know now
that you are not a thief
because your parents raised you well.
And I wasn't raised an ingrate either,
especially to those who
are being kind to me.
Thank you.
And I wasn't raised not used to say
sorry when I hurt others' feelings.
Don't push it.
How I would like to hit you
on the back of your head.
You're annoying.
Remember Gara: He's going through
something. He's going through something.
Don't push it. OK.
What if I push you here?
Don't push it?
Of course, he's irritable.
He's brokenhearted after all.
What is this?
Oh my!
Maybe it's true that
"Everything must end here in Como."
Where did he go?
You're looking for someone?
Hi. Oh! Oh! Fa-Fancy meeting you here.
Why are you here?
Are you stalking me?
And why would I stalk you?
What do you feel -
that I have a crush on you?
Even if I have a crush on you,
never have I stalked any man before, OK?
And besides, do you o-own this place?
Do you h-have your name on it?
It-It doesn't seem so.
Wouldn't it be possible that, uh,
it's just a coincidence that
you are here and I am here.
Um...I'm just taking a stroll.
So you're just taking a stroll?
Yes. It's nice here. Right there.
Do you see? Do you see that? It's nice.
In fact,
I'm going to take a selfie.
See? Here.
Nice. Your background is a wall.
It's nice, don't you think?
Because in the Philippines we
don't have this kind of walls, right?
Stop following me.
OK? Stop.
Just a second.
Are you OK?
Is it any of your business
if I'm OK or not?
I still say it's nice.
One more.
-Good morning, Auntie.
-Good morning, Gara.
Auntie, how's your ill-tempered stepson
who's going through something?
Still upstairs. I was waiting
for him to come down
so that we could have breakfast together.
Auntie, it's already 10 o'clock.
He's still not coming down?
Oh, Aunt-Auntie, maybe...
Auntie, doesn't Andrew have a history of
Of what?
Is Andrew the type of person who gets
easily sad and is always depressed?
Is he not like that?
You know...
even if he's surly toward me,
I'm just understanding him.
It's not easy what he's gone
through with his parents.
He's just 3 years old back then
when his parents separated.
Leonardo caught Andrew's mom
having another man in the Philippines.
They fought.
Leonardo would've wanted
to file for child custody
but the woman disappeared. She left
for the Philippines carrying Andrew.
My poor husband.
He never saw his son ever.
And Andrew was brainwashed by his mom.
That Leonardo was the one
who cheated because of me.
He just went here when Leonardo died.
Our lawyer had people look for him.
He was the only son.
He just met his girlfriend here.
-Ah! Is...Is she Isay?
I knew they went home to the Philippines
but I don't know what happened after that.
Uh, Auntie, I don't mean to pry,
but...I will still pry nevertheless.
I have a strange feeling
about that Andrew.
Gara, I can't understand you
if you won't tell me.
Andrew? Hang himself?
Auntie, I saw on his facebook:
"Everything must end here in Como."
-Auntie, what he said has substance.
Good morning, Andrew.
Uh...Come, come.
Uh, let's have breakfast first.
I have to go out first.
Where are you going?
Uh, what are you planning to do?
I have to go to Parco de Tremezzo.
I need to do something that
I should have done long ago.
Oh, and
one more thing,
thank you
for everything.
-Didn't I tell you?
-Why is he talking like that?
Oh my God! I will follow him, Auntie.
-Call the police, alright?
-Yes, yes.
Don't jump, please. Hold on.
Stay there. Ouch!
Wait for me.
Time out, Andrew. Don't jump.
Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch!
Andrew...Andrew, I know you're hurt
about what happened with you and Isay.
She may not...She may not
agree to your proposal,
but that's not a reason
to destroy your life.
Whatever you say, there are so
many others who care for you -
your family, your friends.
Aunt...Aunt Terry.
Aunt Terry loves you.
She's concerned about you.
So please, don't jump here, Andrew.
OK, so you're not a thief.
Just a gossipy woman.
Tell me.
How did you know everything about Isay?
How did you know that she
didn't want to marry me?
And how did you read my post
that "Everything must end here in Como"
if you are not a gossipy woman?
Wait, alright?
I was interfering with your suicide.
Don't change the topic.
Tell me.
Will I die if I jump there?
Take a look.
Oh, it's shallow.
But Andrew, the water is cold. What if
you acquired pneumonia or caught a cold?
Don't jump please.
We're just concerned about you.
I don't need your concern.
It's none of your business
with what's happening with my life.
If I'm angry, if I'm sad,
if I want to commit suicide,
you don't need to care about that.
You are not part of my life!
And you mean nothing to me.
I'm sorry.
May I take a look at your foot?
Never mind.
I'm a medical student.
I just want to see if there's a fracture.
Does it hurt?
Come on. Tell me.
Does it hurt?
There's no fracture.
But you need cold and hot compress
until you get home so that it won't swell.
I'm not suicidal.
Let's go.
I brought a car.
I'll drive you to your place.
No, thanks. I'm OK now.
Come on. So that your foot
won't be strained from walking.
Come on.
Are you OK?
Yes. I'm just OK.
You seemed possessed a while ago.
Nothing. Nothing.
Though we are far apart
I will do everything
Just so you have
This love that I offer you
This song
Is my song for you
Hope you feel it
Even if our world is opposite
Wherever you are
I won't replace you
You are the only one
Even if you are heaven
...our eyes
Where have you been?
Why only now?
Oh, how long have I searched for you
Oh, how long also have I dreamed
To be with you
Oh my love
Promise I won't
It's you or nothing at all
It's you or nothing at all
It's you or nothing at all
Me, is there something wrong with me?
I'm down on my knees
Why can't you just believe
And you know
Who looks more possessed
between us right now?
What's it to you if I want to
dubsmash? Are you envious?
It's OK. Join me. I'm OK with that.
Wait. Do you really know
all the songs on my playlist?
Oh. So you're the only one allowed
to like those kinds of songs?
Starting now, no one will
touch the phone, alright?
-No one will change the songs, OK?
Hands off!
Just kidding.
You are too agitated.
-Just joking. Just joking, just joking.
-Hands off.
You're so serious.
Hey, hey! You said hands off.
- I cannot accept
-Hands off. Don't touch the phone.
- That you will disappear from me
-Don't touch it.
It's so painful to hear
That you don't love me anymore
- Stinging and sharp pain
-Stinging and sharp pain
- What it brings to my emotions
-What it brings to my emotions
- I can no longer live in this world
-I can no longer live in this world
- If you will disappear from my side
-If you will disappear from my side
It's starting.
Hashtag insecure
-Hashtag vain
-Hashtag acting cute also
-Hashtag acting cute also
-Hashtag you're so annoying
-Hashtag you're so annoying
-If it's only possible
-If it's only possible
-Not to see you anymore
-Not to see you anymore
-But what can I do?
-But what can I do?
-But what can I do?
-You are my neighbor.
-You are my neighbor.
You're good at sing
Oh. What are those stares for?
He just escorted me home.
-Your wound, Gara
-No, I'm fine. You can go. Thanks.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
I'll be going then.
-Sorry for what happened earlier, alright?
-OK. Take care.
-Andrew! My gosh!
-Andrew, wait!
Hello. You're welcome here.
-Come, come inside. Come on.
-Come inside.
Let's welcome him in the house.
Let's join us, Andrew.
Let's join us. Come on.
Have a seat.
-Come here.
-Sit in the middle.
Are you feeling cold? Do you
want something to warm you up?
-Here you are.
Hashtag insecure
-Hashtag vain
-Hashtag vain
-Hashtag acting cute also
-Hashtag acting cute also
-Hashtag you're so annoying
-Hashtag you're so annoying
-If it's only possible
-If it's only possible
-Not to see you anymore
-Not to see you anymore
-But what
-But what
Hey, Andrew, can you
sing, please? Come on.
-Actually, yes, I noticed.
-Sing, please.
-You've been drinking for a while now but
-No, thanks.
-you haven't been singing.
-Hey, Gara!
Come, sit there, hurry, sit beside Andrew.
-We've been singing for a while now.
-Yes, that's true.
Our throats are already sore.
-Come on. Your turn to sing. Go!
-Sing, please.
No. I'm not in condition.
What is this, Grand Finals?
Not in condition?
So, are you gonna sing or not?
-Shh! Don't scare him.
-I'm not scaring him.
Hear this.
My grandfather told me that you can
know a person by his choice of songs.
-We want to know you.
-Yes, we do.
-Come on, Andrew.
Sing, please.
-Come on, please?
-Sing, sing, sing.
Sing, sing, sing.
-Sing, sing, sing.
-Sing, sing, sing. Bang!
Sing, sing, sing. Andrew.
-Sing, sing, sing.
-Come on!
-Sing, sing, sing.
Oh! He's gonna sing!
Hey Gara!
Gara, your eyes, Gara, mind them.
-They're too...there.
-It relieves the pain, doesn't it?
-Why not remove all?
Remove them all, Andrew!
-Oh! Oh!
He needs a little liquid courage.
This guy's something of a downer.
It's depressing.
If this one gets possessed
again, it's up to you both.
-It's your fault.
Dizzy from moving in circles
Nothing to hold on to
You're the one who restrained
This body of mine
Even if our feet have different steps
I'll still come along with you
Doesn't matter if we trip
And both of us tilt
Uh, girls.
Thank you.
Thank you. You're such a happy company.
Gara, I'm sorry.
Forgive me about earlier.
As you already know, I'm just
going through something, right?
Poor thing.
Sorry. Hope you forgive me, alright?
Thank you.
Thank you. Sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'll be going now. Sorry guys. Alright?
K. Take care, alright?
Oh! Oh! Gara.
Are you all right?
How can you drive home?
I can take care of myself.
-"Take care of myself"?
-Take a look at yourself. You're so drunk.
-I am not drunk.
I am not drunk.
Where's the-
Where's the bathroom?
You know, both of you
are to blame for this.
What if he throws up inside the bathroom,
who's going to clean it up?
-You know what, I just realized
-Gosh, I just remembered
-I have a meeting with my babe tonight.
-I have a date tonight.
We're supposed to have left.
-Fine. Be like that.
-Let's go. See you later.
You know us, we are kind.
When we say things, we do them.
-No. Be like that.
-Time to go!
-Because we're kind, we don't
-want others waiting for us. Right?
-No. Fine. Just leave me
Oh my goodness, I may really
have a fracture because of you.
Hello, Aunt Terry?
Yes, Andrew's here.
My God! He's too drunk.
I'll just send him home tomorrow.
Yes. I'll take care of it.
It's because Vangie and Winona
encouraged him to drink.
I'll take care of it, Auntie.
Oh, dear. Why drink
if you can't handle it?
But in fairness to you, you look
kind when you're asleep.
And your dimples are out.
I'll leave you there.
Doofus cleaned.
So he's got manners after all.
Sir Maurizio?
Miss Clarissa!
Molly, where are you?
Molly, where are you?
Miss Clarissa?
Miss Clarissa!
Sir Maurizio?
Miss Clarissa?
Shall I call the doctor?
Sir Maurizio?
-No no no. No.
-Be careful. Be careful.
Careful, careful, careful.
Have a glass of water first.
Why don't you want to go to the hospital?
I don't want to die in the hospital.
That's what happened to my parents
when they had cancer.
And they made me promise that
I won't let the same thing happen to me.
no chemos,
no hospitals and
no doctors.
I'm dying, Gara.
I've already accepted it.
you're still so young.
Like, you still have many dreams.
And how about Molly.
Are you OK, Gara?
I just remembered the movie "Hachiko".
The dog there,
he goes to the train station everyday
to fetch his master.
Then, when his master had gone,
Hachiko still goes there everyday,
waiting if
his master would come,
if his master would arrive.
I guess that's where we
differ from our pets.
At least, we...
we were capable of moving on.
Aunt Terry!
Thanks for taking care of Andrew.
Still irritable?
I'm not sure.
But somehow he mellowed down.
Hey, you're still not telling yet about
what happened at Parco de Tremezzo.
My goodness, Auntie, big scene!
As in! I really thought
that he would jump.
Here's how it goes:
I kept on shouting there.
Then I tripped, but of course
I got back up again.
-Keep quiet.
Why? Is it now forbidden
to recount a story?
Have I said anything?
What are you standing there for? Let's go.
Huh? Is there a chair?
Where? I'm not seeing it.
Take a day off today. Accompany me.
Yes. Of course. Go with him.
I just want to make it up to you.
Coffee. Ice cream. Lunch.
Whatever you want.
Do I need to plead?
Is it free?
If it is free, you should have said so
sooner so that the discussion is over.
Auntie, bye!
Bye! Enjoy yourself!
I'll admit to you...
I locked myself for about a year.
I should have been in
residency, but I stopped.
I just needed to vent my anger.
And you were the one
I had let it out on that day.
And somehow,
I'm already OK.
What is that?
Part of my moving on.
Good for you.
Because...don't you miss your old self?
Because I saw your
pictures on the cell phone.
You were just smiling. Your
dimples were out as well.
Like, life is all about being happy.
Like that.
Today's a new day.
-Ice cream parlor.
Let's go?
-Good morning!
-Good morning!
So, what flavor do you want?
You made me your punching bag
with your hatred against the world
and all you're asking me is 'flavor'?
I deserve flavors.
Uh, that one.
And can I have also this one.
And this one.
And also this one.
And that one.
-And that one.
-Three only.
Tastes good!
I still miss the ice cream
in the Philippines.
Of course.
You may be shocked when
I tell you that
I am NBSB.
I won't be shocked if you're NBSB.
What do you mean you won't be shocked?
Are you saying that I'm ugly?
Um, you're busy. There.
You're busy with your work.
You're busy with your family.
Am I right?
Good answer.
I'm just waiting.
Just waiting.
Maybe my love life was just caught in a
traffic jam or just got delayed in customs.
Maybe so.
But you may not know, one day,
like that,
you may be one of them.
-Oh my!
-You will bring your date here.
And you may not know,
your first kiss may be here.
Goodness, no! I don't plan to date here
and have my first kiss.
There in Verona.
What's in Verona?
The ultimate
romantic place for all lovers.
How Romeo and Juliet
loved each other endlessly.
When the Romeo of my life arrives,
there's where I will bring him,
to Juliet's house.
-Romeo and Juliet.
As in...
"Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare?
Why is your countenance like that?
Their love story was so pure.
What version of
"Romeo and Juliet" have you read?
It's so tragicthe love story of the
both of them. They both died.
Maybe so.
For others, it's tragic.
But for me, no.
Because for me, their
love story had a happy ending.
Because they died loving each other.
They died having found
their meant-to-be's.
Not everyone is given
that chance, you know.
For me,
it's much tragic if you never
even experience how to love.
In which
you died never even meeting the
person that was meant for you.
Want some?
That's not enough for you.
Oh. Don't worry, I'm not offering.
You buy there.
I'm the one who paid for that.
Yes. Did I say I?
Here. Thank you.
Just a second.
Yes, Andrew?
What are you doing here?
Didn't I tell you don't follow me?
Why are you following me?
Didn't I say don't ever come here?
I told you I'm done.
I'm done, Andrew. We're through.
What do you still need from me?
What do you still want from me, Andrew?
I'm just looking for Gara?
Gara is not here.
Went to church.
Went to San Giacomo.
And finally, Lord,
please don't forsake my niece, Tabebeng.
Hope she grows cheerful, kind,
and capable just like her Auntie Gara.
Oh, Lord...
By the way Lord,
thank you for all the rackets
You gave me, alright?
Hope it stays on for,
You know, for the economy.
Oh, and...
and Lord, sorry, this is the last,
this is really the very last.
I hope
my Romeo would arrive already.
I've already been waiting for so long.
Is he still not ready?
Well, in any case, You know
the right time more than anyone.
But Lord, if it would happen earlier,
it would be much better, alright?
That's all.
Thank you. Amen.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
I wouldn't ask too much from You
because I know
that You are already tired with the
many prayers of someone here.
Would you look at that!
Karma is very fast.
You are the one following me now.
Uh, are you doing anything
later after your work?
Don't worry, I won't invite you.
Then why are you asking?
Why? Do you want me to invite you?
Depends on where you will take me.
Where do you want to?
Leave it to me.
-Hello Federicka!
How are you?
-Welcome. Please be seated.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
-Are you OK here?
-Yes, thank you.
...then I saw that there are
Filipinos eating here too.
I just tried.
The food are delicious
-Hello, Gara, nice of you to drop by!
-Hello, Mama!
Happy to see you again.
Me too, very happy.
Your boyfriend is so handsome.
No, Mama. He is not my boyfriend.
I don't believe you.
And why am I seeing love in your eyes?
What did she say?
Uh, she said, uh,
she would prepare our meal.
We haven't ordered yet.
Don't worry about it.
Leave it to Mama Mia. Have faith.
Thank you, Mama.
I see you are good at Italian.
Not really.
Let's see you stay here and work.
I should be the one
better at Italian than you.
Ah! Because of Sir Leonardo?
Why don't you teach me
Italian instead then?
What is the Italian for kind?
How about capable?
What about beautiful?
And you?
What about twitterpated?
None. None, none.
None. I guess there's no
translation for that word.
That means
-Tagalog is still different.
-Of course.
-It's still different.
-It's still different.
And there really is no twitterpated.
None. They don't really have it.
-Nothing, nothing.
Here, I brought appetizer
so that you can start to eat.
Thank you.
Taste this cheese, it's our specialty.
Taste it.
Does it taste good?
Yes, it's delicious.
Let Gara taste it.
-Hurry up.
-No, Mama.
Come on. Hurry up. Let Gara taste it.
What did she say? What is it?
-Feed her. Feed her.
-She said that you feed me.
-Go on, feed her.
Do it like this. There!
-There, that tastes good. Do you like it?
-Fantastic Mama.
That tastes good.
But you are so handsome.
You really are so handsome.
So beautiful!
So beautiful!
One... Two... Three...
All my life I was searching
All my life I was seeking
For someone I can truly call my own
Then you arrived all of a sudden
Without a warning,
it was you that I saw
Without a warning
At least, you haven't yet
experienced true heartbreak
because you haven't been in love.
Hmpf! It's not just in love life
a heart can be broken.
I was heartbroken when
my father told me that
I need to stop my studies
because we don't have the money.
But I am thinking only one thing.
That is why glue was invented,
so that no matter how broken a thing is,
it can still be mended.
Regine. Whoo!
This is fun!
So how?
How- How are you able to do that?
That's just how it is.
-I can stretch my face.
-How's it like that?
You know
If your
If your face doesn't return back
to the way it was, I just don't know.
Oh my goodness! If I went home
to the Philippines next month,
I'm sure you would miss this face.
Let me see again.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Hold for a moment, alright?
Hold that smile of yours.
That. Don't move. Don't move.
There. See.
This is the smile that
I have long been waiting for.
The smile that is piercing deep down
to the bone marrow. Take a look.
See. Right?
This looks much better
with you and me.
Much better, right?
Uh...thanks, alright?
Thanks for accompanying me back.
Take care on your way home.
There are many cars...
Take care.
-Take care, Andrew. Uh...
-Your phone?
Thank you.
-Hey! The one you're staring at may burn
with you staring at him so much.
Wow, excuse me. I just
began staring right now.
Oh, really!
You just stared now?
-Just now!
-Are you not staring at that every day?
Before you sleep, do you not
put that under your pillow?
Tell the truth!
Don't kill my vibe, OK?
You see! You are twitterpated.
Down to your backside.
Your backside is swirling. Your
twitterpatedness is there! there!
Stop teasing me!
Oh, let me see.
-Stop teas
You're in love
That's the way
It should be
We want you to be happy
I'm beginning to be afraid.
Of what?
She's worried Andrew is
just using her for rebound.
-It's not like that.
-How would that be rebound?
He hasn't seen his ex for a year.
Isn't he just moving on now?
He's just moving on now. Just now.
Then, it's perfect timing for Gara
because he's already moved on
and then she entered.
That's no longer called rebound.
What's the matter with you?
-Is that how it is?
-But girl,
I feel this is really is it.
He's the one.
The one who'd be your first boyfriend!
Your face is so small!
Surrender Bataan.
Surrender Bataan and tell us afterwards.
-Tell the truth!
-You're naught-
You're naughty.
-No, I'm not.
-Let's just eat. My goodness!
Naughty? What about this?
Let's just eat.
Let's think he's this.
Oh my! 'He's this', says I!
Look at you!
Good morning, Andrew!
Do you want to have breakfast first?
Join me?
Yes, thank you.
Auntie, are you OK?
Yes, I'm OK.
Uh...I'm OK. I'm OK.
Thank you.
Auntie, there's something
that I want your permission for.
Is this about Gara?
You know, Gara,
she loves just like me.
She will give everything.
Take care of her.
Take care of her.
I will do that, Auntie.
Let's eat.
-So this is the famous Adobo?
I've been missing out.
Molly is so fragrant...
Molly is so fragrant now!
What did you tell him?
I told him that you're not here in Italy.
You did the right thing, Uncle.
Molly. So fresh. So fragrant.
Just taken a bath. There.
Oh! Wow! Classic.
I remember.
I played Juliet in high school.
"O Romeo, O Romeo.
Wherefore art thou, Romeo?"
I guess you made a beautiful
Juliet then, didn't you?
Oh, thanks.
Oh. Sor-sorry.
You and your boyfriend look good together.
Goodness, no.
He's not my boyfriend.
Just a friend.
And there's no way for me to tell if
he's already moved on from his ex.
When will you return to Manila?
Three days to go.
I'll be going home.
I'll be leaving Molly.
You'll be here for the meantime.
I will miss you. I will miss you.
Pardon me.
I am late.
I fetched something from Jenny.
Are you really leaving?
I'm afraid so.
God, if you only knew how
excited I am to see my family.
That's why I have a surprise for you
before you go back to the Philippines.
Where are you really taking me?
-Where are we now?
-Just wait.
Here we are.
Why are we here?
Didn't you say you wanted to go here?
Yes, but
I said here's where I wanted
to have our date
and have our first kiss
with my boyfriend-to-be.
Why are we here?
Why don't you close your eyes.
-Go on. Close them.
Then imagine yourself with someone.
Who are you imagining yourself with?
Who do you want me to imagine?
Excuse me, excuse me.
Let's just go here.
There. No more people.
"My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
"My love as deep;
"the more I give to thee,
"The more I have,
for both are infinite."
I will be your Romeo
and you will be my Juliet.
Let's go, Molly.
Good morning!
Good morning!
Good morning!
Oh! Good morning!
The breakfast of this two!
You, you, you. Does your mother know? You!
Good morning, everybody!
Stay in love!
Oops! Molly, wait, wait.
What caught your attention?
I've been writing my goodbye letters.
Do you know that dogs,
when they are nearing their deaths,
they leave their masters.
I didn't know that.
They say they leave
so that they cannot burden them.
That's why they're the
only ones sacrificing.
Is Andrew included in those
goodbye letters that you will send out?
You're Isay, right?
You saw our picture, right?
Why didn't you tell me the truth?
It's my life.
I have no obligation to you.
To me, there's none, Isay.
But to Andrew, there is.
We're already through.
For a long time now.
To you, all is through.
But to Andrew, not yet.
He still has many questions
What's the point?
Is something going to change?
Will it cure my leukemia?
I'm still dying.
Is- Is that why you go away?
You left him because of that?
Think whatever you want.
But I ask only one thing:
Don't tell Andrew about
me or my condition.
I deserve my privacy.
It's my life.
So don't mess it up anymore.
Don't you think you're too selfish
to leave Andrew without him knowing?
I'm dying, Gara.
Don't you think I have
the right to be selfish?
Clarissa is Andrew's ex?
My God. What kind of fate is this?
That is what I've been talking about.
I was afraid this time would come.
I wasn't prepared to face this.
Not at all.
Hey Gara.
Do you have plans on telling
Andrew about her ex?
That's the right thing to do, right?
Why would you still tell Andrew?
What if he gets back
together with Clarissa?
God, your Romeo is already here.
He already came into your life.
Would you still let him go?
Today is your departure, right?
Maybe we need to leave now
so that you can prepare as well.
It's OK, Clarissa.
I'm not in a hurry.
Are you sure?
I am sure.
Absolutely sure.
What's wrong, Gara?
Clarissa, I'm sorry.
I know I promised you but
I can't do it.
I can't let Andrew and you
not meet. I'm sorry.
He will arrive today.
He doesn't know that we're together but
he's coming.
Clarissa, I'm sorry.
How dare you do this to me, Gara?
Clarissa, please.
You and Andrew need to talk.
You need to meet.
Andrew loves you very much
and I know you need him.
Why? Because I'm about to die?
No, Clarissa.
Because you are for each other.
-I'm sorry.
-You don't understand, Gara.
Clarissa, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What is the meaning of this?
Andrew, the reason...
the reason that I called you here
is because of Isay.
For the two of you to meet.
For you to talk about things.
Andrew, Isay is sick.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm- I'm sorry.
Isay, is it true?
Tell me the truth.
All this time.
All this time, you're just here?
Please tell me.
Isay, please.
Take me home now, Uncle.
Isay! Isay!
Please, Andrew. You cannot
talk to her. Not right now.
You knew?
You knew everything?
How did you get acquainted with Clarissa?
Why didn't you tell me?
Andrew, I didn't know
that she was your ex.
And you expect me to believe that?!
What do you want me to say?
That I have known for a long time?
That I kept it?
That I kept it because I already
love you? Is that how you think?
Is that how selfish you
think of me, Andrew?
I know you're angry.
But I also know that you want to see her.
You want to talk to her.
You don't know how I feel right now.
I've already accepted it.
Leave me be.
Because I was just used by fate
to let you and Isay meet again.
I'm just a piece in your puzzle.
Go to her.
Her sickness is worse.
And even if she doesn't want to admit it,
she needs you.
I'm really sorry, Andrew.
Yes, it's true.
I'm sick.
It's terminal.
Is that why you left?
Because you were sick?
I wasn't diagnosed yet when I left.
You were so sad when I met you, Andrew.
Your father died without
having even seen him.
You're always telling me that one day soon
you want to build your own family.
Because you never had one.
So when you proposed to me,
I didn't know
if you want to marry me
because you really loved me
or because you loved the idea
of having a family with me.
But more importantly,
now I know,
that I didn't love you
enough to marry you.
I know that you're already happy.
You were never that happy
when you were with me.
You're meant to be with someone
who makes you smile like that.
Why's it like that?
Why did Santiago still left me?
Am I ugly?
You know, you're not ugly.
You're just fat!
You eat a lot! You eat all of
the food of your grandfather.
Wow wow wow!
You're such a good friend.
You know, just a bit more.
I'm just telling the truth, you know.
You're luckier, you have closure,
but our friend, none.
Because you are so stubborn!
We told you not to tell
Andrew about Clarissa!
See what you did to yourself!
You will return to the
Philippines in tears!
I'm just OK.
Rather than be an obstacle to them both.
I think I cannot forgive myself for that.
Even if you love Andrew?
That's the reason why I did it.
Because I love Andrew so much.
You know, you,
you truly are MU.
Miss Unlucky.
Maybe he's not really
the one meant for me.
But you don't know.
You don't know, maybe there's another...
another one reserved for me.
Maybe just got caught in a traffic jam or
maybe just got delayed in customs.
Come on, Gara, pick up.
Please pick up.
Please pick up.
Yes, what do you need?
Uh...It's Gara. I'm picking her up and
I'm accompanying her to the airport.
And why did you have to?
Didn't you get back with Clarissa already?
Isn't she the one you really love
and not our friend? Isn't that right?
Wait, wait. It's not what you think.
Clarissa and I just talked.
Where is Gara?
Not here. Said she would
take the bus to the airport.
She's brokenhearted.
It's your fault.
Go now go!
Walk out the door!
Run to her!
You might still catch her.
I feel sorry for him.
The doctor said that
the chance that you wake up
is slim.
I said I know you.
You won't give up easily.
You will fight.
You are the one who taught me all I know.
That all problems
have solutions.
And all of the failures
have their ends.
Gara, I'm begging you,
please don't break my heart like this.
Please listen.
You already mended me.
You already mended me.
Gara, please.
Gara used to tell me
that the way to true love
is like a puzzle.
Every piece of event
is already planned.
Every coincidence
is already set.
Those moments that almost
happened that seem trivial,
something is already in them.
That's exactly what happened
with our love story.
Every moment
is gradually completed
one piece at a time
until everything fits together.
And everyday I will thank God,
because in this love story,
He didn't take Juliet
from Romeo.
"My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
"My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
"The more I have,
for both are infinite."
I have something to show you.
This is the first day
of the rest of our lives.
Come. Let's go there.
-Oh, I have something to tell you.
-What is it?
I love you
Graciana Malinao.
I love you more
Andrew Garcia.
Let's go?
You probably thought that
I've forgotten, haven't you?
Just yesterday
Our love is so tender
You even said your love is everlasting
Just yesterday
We said our vows
You even said that you won't leave me
But why now are you confessing
that you have another love
And you even said that
you love him more than me
My heart is bleeding
because of what you said
I want to beg your mercy
Plead to you, persuade you
that you love me again
I cannot accept
That you will disappear from me
It's so painful to hear that
you don't love me anymore
Stinging and sharp pain
What it brings to my emotions
I can no longer live in this world
If you will disappear from my side