Imitation Girl (2017) Movie Script

Hey, hey guys.
What's up.
You got the stuff?
Alright, oh, baby.
What'll it be?
Alright, that
looks good, how much is it?
That's all you want?
Mmm, 20 bucks.
20 bucks?
I got 17.
17, alright, that'll do.
Thanks, man.
Alright, man.
How'd it go?
You know,
she sat on my face, which
was this complete surprise
but I think, in the end,
it's gonna be kinda special.
minutes everyone.
Hey, baby.
You should really
lock the door, Jules.
It's a bad habit.
Hey, Margueritte.
How much do I owe you?
Oh, um,
it's three.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
You can come
out with us later, if you want.
Oh, okay, yeah, maybe.
Somebody should really cast
me as your mother in a scene.
Reality, you know,
young guy, teenager,
some mother daughter action.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll bring it up to Larry.
Have a good day.
What, are you
covering for Theo?
Do you ever think about
starting your own bar?
I don't know,
don't you want to?
Not really, no.
I think you'd be good at it.
Yeah, maybe I would.
I don't know, that's
something I'd have
to think about, you know?
Plus, I'm pretty happy with
the way things are right now.
You know?
Rough day at work?
Oh, come on, don't be sulky.
I'll be
sulky if I want to.
Are you alright?
Are you okay?
Tub, sink, toilet.
Are you
gonna finish that?
No, you want it?
You were really good
in your scene today.
So were you, Shy.
I had to pee the whole time.
Well, you looked great.
Excuse me.
Are you Richard Harrison's
daughter, by chance?
Oh my god, Mrs. Phan.
I thought that was you.
Hi, Dorothy taught me
piano for several years,
way back when.
Oh, Julie Harrison.
Oh, I almost didn't
recognize you.
It's me.
Are you still
playing the piano?
You had quite a bit of
Richard's talent, as I recall.
I never stopped.
I play from time to time,
when I have time.
Oh, I'm glad to hear it.
You know, we're holding
a competition this month
for the conservatory's
line up for next year.
The conservatory?
That's right.
I would love to
hear you play again.
You did the Chopin
"Prelude", right?
Why don't you bring it in?
We'll see what you got,
you are Richard Harrison's
daughter, after all.
It's an entrance competition?
right, for next year.
I'll do that.
Oh, good.
It was very nice
to see you, Julie.
I hope you're taking
care of yourself.
She seems nice.
Mrs. Phan, Mrs. Phan?
sorry, when?
Oh, of course,
it's on the 21st
at the conservatory
on 7th Avenue.
Okay, great.
I'll add your name
to the list and you can
check in at the front desk.
We start at 9 AM, okay?
Thank you.
See you.
Look after her today?
I have to go to class.
Just look after her today, okay?
You know,
things with my wife just
haven't been the same
but then out there on the field,
goddamn it, I saw you
and I knew, I want you.
I wanna be in you.
That's your line, Julianna.
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, can we take it back?
Alright, take
it from my wife, Brian.
You cool, Jules?
It's okay, go ahead.
Things with my wife
just haven't been the same
but then I was out
on the field today
and I saw you and
I knew right then,
I fucking want you, god.
I wanna be in you.
I've never been
with a man before.
Will it, will it hurt?
I'm gonna go
straight for the end zone.
great, great, great.
And you cut...
With these mirrors,
it's difficult to tell.
You are aiming at
me, aren't you?
I'm aiming at you, lover.
Oh my god, it's so cold.
Girl after my own
heart, what's your name?
My friend's call me
Shy Girl 'cause you know,
I'm a little shy but
my real name is Annie.
I like that.
What do you do, Annie?
Well, I'm a
performer, actually.
Mostly a dancer.
Wow, that's cool.
I work in finance.
It's very exciting.
That is exciting,
what kind of finance stuff?
Hash fund trading,
my firm has about 100 million
in assets under management
and we like to exploit
whatever opportunities
we can find in the market
to get the highest
active return or alpha.
How do you do that?
Do you have a half an
hour for me to explain
it to you?
Two Macallan's on
the rocks, please.
It's all arbitrage strategies,
we look at everything we
can from stocks, bonds,
mutual funds...
Thank you.
I know where I know you from.
Triple Exorcist, right?
You're that girl, you're
the possessed girl.
Satan, guide my cock.
my cunt.
You were so hot in that.
Do you wanna split a cab?
Yesterday, I wasn't
quite myself.
I like this body
and I think I like whiskey.
I think I like it too.
Sorry, this is all I've got.
Thank you.
I need coffee.
Do you want me to go get some?
Oh no.
Are you sure?
It's fine.
I'm sorry.
Not exactly a
breakfast of champions.
That's okay.
You live here by yourself?
Uh no, with my boyfriend.
Things have kind of been...
I actually have to go.
I want to see you again.
Would you like that?
yeah, I would.
Fuckin' fruity loops.
It's Karen.
Oh hey, come on
up, door's open.
I'm sorry, I just
got back from a shoot.
I'm early,
it's okay.
Okay, you can sit down,
I just need to
freshen up real quick
and then we can go.
No problem.
Okay, can I get you something?
I'm fine.
A drink?
Okay well, there's the
bar, so help yourself,
if you'd like and
I'll be five minutes.
There's no rush,
don't worry about it.
Oh hey.
You selling this?
What the
fuck are you doing?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
what the fuck, stop
it, stop it, stop it,
what the fuck!
Are you fucking kidding me,
what the fuck is wrong with you?
Calm down.
What the fuck,
you fucking psycho.
What the fuck, are you
gonna fucking pay for this?
You should
be thanking me.
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
Get the fuck out
of my apartment,
get the fuck out of
my fucking apartment,
get the fuck out, get
the, fuck you, fuck you!
You fucking psycho, fuck you!
Fuck me, fuck!
It's not that I'm
angry, Max, believe me,
this shit happens
24 fucking seven,
it's just I'm disappointed,
consistently disappointed.
Look, the freelance
life is about the A's,
affordability, affability.
You're definitely available,
you're a part time
fucking bartender,
you were affordable,
when you delivered
and didn't cost me
an arm and a leg
having to make up for
your incompetence.
I know, I'm really...
Shut the fuck up, I'm
gonna let this one go
because it wasn't that
much fucking shit but
I'm going to politely ask
you to step the fuck up
because you're hardly
my employee of the month
right now, capeesh?
So, I got another gig
for you because I'm Saint
fucking Nicholas, okay?
Great, awesome,
thank you so much, Lou.
I appreciate it.
Let's go.
I won't let you down, man.
I'm sorry, Max.
I didn't know.
It was a stupid thing.
I didn't mean to
fuck anything up,
you have to believe me.
Well, you did.
Ow, fuck!
Oh, fuck!
Excuse me, do you know
where the bathroom is?
Please take a seat.
What is that?
Oh, it's my music.
You're not off book?
It's alright,
Julianna, continue.
Thank you, Julianna.
Fuck, fuck.
Julianna, how
you feeling today?
I'm fine, Larry, how are you?
Great, great, great.
So, we wanna try and
get this in one take,
okay, for the experiential guys,
kind of a choose your
own adventure thing.
So, you're on a school trip
with the football team.
Can I ask you a question?
Do you remember why
you got into this?
I mean, instead
of anything else,
'cause it was easy,
'cause of the money?
I can't remember
why I got into it,
instead of anything else.
I guess I just found me,
you know, in the path of least
of resistance or something.
It's so simple,
what we do.
It's... it's so,
it's so boring.
We don't bring any
beauty into this world.
It's just sex, we don't
bring anything of ourselves,
it's just bodies.
You know what,
you're being silly.
Julianna, you're good at this.
Now, I don't know about
bringing beauty into the world
or whatever the hell else,
but you are good at this.
Most people don't have the
time or energy to think
about bringing beauty
into the world but you,
you are lucky.
You're good at something
and people enjoy it.
You know, it's not an awful
way to spend your life.
I've been doing it
since I was a teenager.
All I'm saying is,
it's not so bad.
Things with my wife
just haven't been the same
and I saw you out on the
field and I knew, I want you.
I want to be in you.
I've never
been with a man before.
Will it... will it hurt?
You're Julianna Fox.
I don't have a twin.
I've seen you, looking
at me in the mirror.
I've been looking
for you, for your face.
You've already got it.
You're a strange people,
unique in this universe.
I hope you know that.
I've seen you as well.
My not twin, my ether,
the other of my selves.
I've seen you through
the looking glass.
Would you like to see
what's on the other side?
Do you want some water?
Thank you.
I'm tired.
Such a strange thing.
A body that grows weak, why?