Immaculate (2021) Movie Script

-Cocaine, ecstasy?
Nothing else?
Only heroin.
Every day?
How much do you use daily?
It depends.
Make an estimate.
Two or three bags.
When did you take the last dose?
On Saturday.
Did you ever overdose?
I fainted once.
Nobody took you to the hospital?
How do you administer your doses?
With a syringe.
-Did you ever use
someone else's syringe?
Withdrawal symptoms?
What do you feel?
Sweats and chills.
Any pain?
How did you start using?
With some friends.
What friends?
Some friends.
From school?
Why are you not telling the truth?
I am.
Then say he got you into this.
Stop defending him.
Who is "he"?
She had a boyfriend
who got her in this state.
And where is he now?
Now he's in prison.
The police took him...
So she came back home.
Now we can take care of her.
Did this boyfriend of yours
say he loves you?
Would you offer heroin
to someone you love?
I don't know.
I've never been confronted with this.
Would you give someone heroin
knowing the risks?
Maybe you want to change career.
Maybe you want to start selling drugs, no?
I wouldn't do it with strangers.
So only with your loved ones?
My situation with Vlad was different.
He said he loves you
and then gave you heroin.
Maybe it was fortunate
that he got arrested.
Maybe it's a chance for him now,
being in jail...
Maybe he manages to quit,
to turn his life around.
It's a chance for him.
You know what
you are right now?
This is you right now.
This is your brain.
This small piece.
The rest of it... just wasted brain.
Is this how you want to
pass your baccalaureate exam?
Let's get to work, shall we?
How long should she stay here
to be safe?
Three to four weeks.
Depending on her recovery.
And do you really think
we can solve this issue?
What I see in here...
are far worse cases.
Daria is lucky.
She has your support.
She has a good education.
She has a whole life ahead,
doesn't she?
It's just... at school
they don't know about this.
We'll say it's depression.
Your phone?
The girl's phone,
she's not allowed with one.
-You didn't tell me I can't have my phone.
-I didn't know.
How will we speak then?
I'll ask the doctor.
Give me the phone.
I need it.
I will keep it safe until you get out.
This is your bed.
Arrange your things here.
If you need anything,
ask the nurse on call.
-Thank you.
-Fine. I go now.
-Thank you. Goodbye.
Sorry, I'm so sorry...
Morning, morning.
I'm Cat.
-What do we have here?
-I'm Daria.
I'm Chocolat
Meet the boys.
Dorel, nice to meet you.
-I won't eat her.
-Leave her alone.
I swear on my cousin's life,
don't take this hard,
but you're the kind of girl
I'd hustle easily on the streets.
No knife, no nothing,
you know what I mean?
Yeah, 'cause you're such a wiseguy.
You idiot!
You shut up.
You're not the type to hang out
with junkies and thugs...
-You get it?
-Like you.
Yeah, like me, like you.
So do you shoot up for real?
What else, you idiot?
What a dumb question.
Where do you hang out?
-In Colentina.
-Colentina... Got it.
Do you know Romic?
No, because I don't live there.
I live near the University.
-Her folks are loaded.
-Come on, enough!
Wait, man, I'm just curious.
Do you mind?
-She doesn't mind.
-Leave the girl alone.
-Let's see.
-You're all over her.
Damn, she got blue blood.
You're lucky to still have veins.
He knows better...
You must be a newbie.
When did you start?
About a year ago.
-And you started injecting straight away?
-How old are you?
What a shame...
Hey, leave the girl alone.
Why are you all over her?
I'm just curious.
I ain't never seen a junkie like you.
Take it easy.
She's sick for real.
And I'm well?
We're all sick in here.
-You're sick in the head.
-Shut the fuck up.
Do you have a boyfriend?
You think you stand a chance
with this girl?
What? I was just asking.
Stop asking. I'll ask.
Tell me, you got a boyfriend?
I'm her boyfriend.
-Wait a minute!
-I'm her boyfriend.
Are you crazy or what?
-You crazy!
-Get the fuck out!
Come on, leave!
Get out, you're driving me mad!
Are you insane?
What's with this ruckus?
Look how lively you are!
You don't feel sick anymore?
Mrs Angelica, I feel so sick,
you have no idea!
I see, that's why
you're getting all worked up.
Leave the girl alone.
Flori is coming!
Wait a minute.
-Flori is coming!
-Why did you steal?
-I didn't steal it!
-I found it in your hand.
Let him be!
He didn't steal anything!
Why did you steal?
Get out!
Come on!
Come on!
Flori is coming!
Get out and never come back again!
Just get out!
Look at him stealing my lipstick!
Why are you stupid and steal stuff?
-Who stole it?
-Don't ever set foot here again!
Open your mouth.
-Open your mouth so I can see.
Like this, big, big. Like this.
Take this one too.
If you have any pain tonight,
I'll give you another one.
Any trouble sleeping?
I don't think so.
You know...
Is it possible
to receive phone calls here?
Phones are not allowed in here.
Who do you want to call?
Your mother?
Don't worry, it will be alright.
It's hard until you get used to it.
Time flies in here,
you'll see.
Call the next one in.
Come here.
Come on.
Come on, I won't eat you.
-Come here.
Come closer.
Are you a virgin?
Did you ever see
people having sex?
Your mother?
Your father?
When you see this,
you stay quietly in your bed. Got it?
And not a word to the nurses, OK?
This is my room.
When I say lights off, it's lights off.
When I tell you to leave, you leave.
-Say it for fuck's sake!
-I got it.
What are you doing now?
Why are you sitting on my bed?
Are you hitting on me?
Isn't that so?
Go to your bed then.
Come on in,
I'm not going to eat you.
Come in, take a seat.
Why are you so scared?
Can I get you something?
I have everything here.
Sausages, seeds...
Have some white chocolate,
it's very good.
Come on, help yourself.
Don't be shy.
Thank you, but it's late
and the nurse might come.
Don't worry.
We won't be bothered.
We'll just chat for a while.
You know who I am?
Didn't the boys tell you
who's in charge around here?
I heard you're looking
for something.
Can you help me?
I can help you, but why should I?
I just need to put
my SIM card inside.
I just want to check my messages.
What's in it for me?
I'll give you all my money.
How much?
800 lei.
Do you think I'd risk my health
and future for 800 lei?
Money has no value for me in here.
Can't you see I have everything?
I'm not lacking anything.
Think some more.
Something else.
Look what pretty eyes you
How good you look.
So what will it be?
I don't know, you tell me.
A kiss.
A kiss and the phone is yours.
I have a boyfriend.
I really don't mind.
I won't tell him.
Will you?
Ask me something else.
I don't want anything else.
Anything except this.
What about a hug at least?
A friendly hug
to celebrate our acquaintance.
Can you please give me the phone?
What phone?
The phone.
You think I'd risk it all
for a lousy phone?
So you don't have a phone?
So no phone, no hug?
You offend me.
Are you crying?
Why are you crying?
Why are you crying?
I won't touch you anymore.
You can go to your room
if you want to.
I felt strange doing this.
I continued buying syringes for him.
But I was trying to convince him to quit.
But he didn't want to.
Finally he said that...
If I accept to be with him...
He'll give up heroin for me.
So we started being together.
But he didn't quit.
He kept on shooting up.
One day he told me the truth.
He was convicted
and was waiting to go to prison.
He didn't see why he should quit
before his arrest.
I understood him then.
I was a mess.
I even stopped going to school.
I just wanted to spend together
all the time we had left.
One day when
he was about to shoot up...
I asked for some as well.
Don't worry,
you'll quit together now.
Him in prison and you here.
Didn't you say your folks won't
allow you to be together?
When I get out and pass my exams,
they will accept it.
I also have a girl
waiting for me outside.
When I feel sick, at least
I know she's waiting for me.
Yeah, right.
The one waiting for you...
is Skinny Cristinica.
I would never get out of here
if I were you.
For real.
What the fuck?
Let him speak.
Come on, lil' Victor,
tell us your sorrow.
Her parents don't approve either,
but she's waiting for me anyway.
So I understand how he feels
because I'm like your man
and you're like my woman.
That's why I know how she feels.
How many years did he get?
Three, if he behaves well.
What good behaviour?
What if he does something wrong
and gets even more years?
It's not worth waiting for him...
How do you know?
-Have you been to prison?
-No, but...
I'm just giving her
a piece of advice.
It was the same with the guy
who got me hooked on dope.
Because of him
I ended up here.
You blame him
for giving you dope?
Did he force the needle
up your vein?
Make a fucking comparison,
Daria wanted to help this guy.
And she wants
to save herself for him.
-What is so hard to understand?
-I do understand.
-I just wanted to give her some advice.
-Go fuck yourself!
OK, let it be.
You wouldn't wait for your man
if he went to prison?
Would you wait for me
or not?
-I would wait for you.
-Shut your bitch up, man!
I said I'd wait,
what the fuck more do you want?
Why are you getting so worked up?
Leave me the fuck alone, OK?
-I just said it's not fair.
-Come on, shut up already.
-What do you mean it's not fair?
-It's not fair.
Maybe it's not fair,
but it's beautiful.
This girl wants to wait
for her man for four years.
To be only his.
-It's not fair, but it's beautiful.
-Yeah, OK.
-Is it beautiful or not?
-It is, you're right!
OK, then shut the fuck up!
I'm starting to feel sick
because of you.
Listen to me, brothers!
This is true love!
Even a dog needs love.
You can turn around now.
-Come on, turn!
Who's first?
I am!
Miss, do you have
anything illegal on you
besides these beautiful eyes?
Careful with your hands there!
I'm the boss here!
Step aside!
-Come on...
-I'll show you how it's done.
I couldn't find anything.
Please spread your legs,
spread them!
Let's see, maybe here inside.
Here? No.
No, you tickle me.
What an intellectual cop...
Chanel, come here.
-I'll do it, you fool.
-You have free access.
She said it to you!
-What about the socks?
Daria, open your mouth.
Your mouth!
More, more!
Move your tongue up.
He's like a gynecologist.
I can't find anything.
She swallowed them!
No way! She wouldn't let us
search like fools.
You never searched
her pockets.
Yes, genius! So stupid of us not
to search the pockets.
-What about the nose?
-Her nose?
There's nothing!
You can make a stash
in your big nose.
I can store plenty here.
Keep searching!
-Did you find it?
I don't know.
I give up.
-You give up?
Should I show them?
Show them, my dear.
You show these losers.
I can't believe it!
Look at this!
Look! Both of them?
She fooled us!
How did you think of it?
When the police van
stopped to search us,
he kissed me
and put the heroin bags in my hair.
I didn't even know about it.
What a sneaky bastard!
Is my girl smart or what?
That's my girl!
Extremely smart!
Have you been in many prisons?
I can't even start counting them.
How do you visit someone in prison?
The visits...
When you go to visit Vlad
you have to transfer him some money
so he can buy whatever he needs.
So hustlers will sense his value.
For now you'll probably
have closed visits.
What do you mean "closed visits"?
You see him behind glass.
And talk through a phone.
You can't touch him or kiss him.
He's labelled as junkie.
After a while he will get open visits.
On visiting days
you put on a short skirt,
some high heels,
then you can kiss and touch.
He can also ask for a conjugal visit.
What's that?
They give you a room where you can
get lovey-dovey with each other.
Nobody will bother you.
You'll be like kings.
-Can we really do this?
It's not a big deal.
But you have to marry him.
So we get married in prison?
He has the right, he's allowed to.
I'll teach you what to do from
now on.
You're like my sister now.
We're like two drops of water.
You're clear, I'm muddy.
I don't know.
I didn't think about it lately.
I couldn't think about it.
When you don't know,
choose philosophy.
You dropped out.
But it's not a bad school.
At least they let you read.
Or you can study psychology
and specialise in addiction.
You know,
sometimes I envy my classmates
who only study for finals
and prepare for college.
So you want to be normal.
People usually want to be special.
But you'll never be normal.
You want to say that...
I'll never fit in
and will always be a nerd on heroin.
Is that right?
Are you sure you don't mind?
I'm sure.
I told you already.
I just know that everybody
wants more pills.
But you're the exception.
Don't get me wrong,
I'm extremely grateful.
I just want to understand.
You're still on a low dose.
Mine is at 16 already.
And you don't feel sick?
I want to feel sick.
What will you do when you get out
if you feel sick?
I'll shoot up.
You don't mean it.
Yes, I mean it.
If you're in withdrawal
and shoot up,
the effect is stronger.
Why are you so shocked?
Because you came here
knowing that you'll shoot up again.
So what?
It would have been better
to be unaware like everybody here?
It's a pity you don't want to stop using.
How come?
You have such a brilliant mind.
You could achieve great things.
You could solve world problems.
I think you are going to stop using.
How do you know that?
I know for sure. I trust you.
Wanna bet?
Aren't you afraid?
You are afraid.
No, I'm not.
See? You're afraid.
I'm not afraid.
-You're lying.
-I'm not.
You can't get it by kissing or touching.
I know.
But I have a boyfriend.
Everybody's afraid.
I'm not afraid.
I would kiss you if
I didn't have a boyfriend.
But if your boyfriend had HIV,
would you still sleep with him?
If we use protection, yes.
You're crazy.
I'm not.
And I'm sure you'll find someone else
who's not afraid.
You're brave.
I'm not.
So you're afraid.
You're the one who's afraid.
Get her, get her!
Daria! Don't let her go! Daria!
Don't let her go!
Don't let her go!
Daria, come here.
Move your bum for me!
Because I'm going through hard times.
My head is aching!
Little Daria!
I won't mock such a sweetheart!
Are you alright?
Is it your first day?
Aren't you going to pee?
Isn't this what you
came here for?
Didn't your mother teach you
not to talk to strangers, Daria?
-Did you go visit him?
How was he?
He looked like shit.
What do you mean?
He's thin as fuck.
Angel, why don't you come
when I call you?
I was...
Who's this?
Costea, a friend of Vlad's.
Oh, live long, my brother!
Vlad's friends are my friends too.
How is Vlad?
He was stabbed.
What the fuck?
By whom?
We took care of the fucker.
My brother, stop being so cocky!
I have my guys in Rahova prison.
One phone call
and the whole house is burning.
Tell me who it was.
We're covered.
It's no use getting worked up.
Is this from him?
What's Vlad saying?
It's a secret.
You know how these things go.
Don't worry, he'll hang in
Prison is not as ugly as people think.
If you know how to make friends,
it can be more beautiful
than freedom.
Wonderfully said...
You have the soul of a poet.
Tell Vlad I'll take care of her.
I'll do anything for a brother.
But you don't need to worry
about Daria anymore.
Maybe you have your own woman
to take care of.
Welcome, brother!
We play some poker later?
I'll wait for you in my room.
Daria, come to your senses.
Stop being so naive.
You think I'm stupid?
No, I'm sorry you got upset.
That's how it is.
People forget about you
when you are in the slammer.
I didn't forget you.
Prove it to me then.
Get discharged.
How can I do this?
Easy. You go and tell them
that you want to get discharged.
If I ask to get discharged,
they won't give me methadone anymore.
Very well. You don't need it.
Like this you quit everything.
You know how sick I felt?
Do you think anybody gave
me methadone here?
And you know I feel
much sicker than you.
My parents will get upset.
Let them get upset for fuck's sake!
What will I do?
Tell me
what you are going to do tomorrow.
I'll tell the doctor
that I want to be discharged.
OK, now give me Costea.
Some guy, Dorel.
Cat and three gypsies.
Can you manage them?
Take care of her...
I'll let you know when it's solved.
Check what she does...
She'll be in her room.
I'll call you tomorrow.
All right, bye!
I have nothing against you.
I couldn't care less
what you are doing here and with whom.
It's your own business.
I do understand you.
You're sick.
You're alone
with all these hyenas here.
You don't understand because
you don't belong to this world.
But, Daria...
They fool you
when you least expect it.
Do you get it?
I thought you're not coming anymore.
What happened yesterday?
Did Angelica catch you?
What's wrong?
If it weren't for these pills,
we'd never see each other.
It's not true.
I was just thinking of dropping by.
Is it right that your boyfriend
sent this guy to spy on you?
You mean Costea?
Vlad sent him with news.
There was no other way.
He wants to control you.
He was worried.
And that's why he has
to control you?
Do you think this is how
a woman should be treated?
Let's do something together
one of these days.
You want to play a game?
You want to read
something together?
Let's play mime.
I know you want to.
I'll come to your room.
I'll go first.
You want to get up?
Come on, get up!
Spartac, you promised me
I won't stay long.
And I'm not letting you?
Get up if you want.
I'm letting you go.
You can't get up?
Get up.
Am I keeping you?
Look at her!
As if I'm not letting her...
I'm not even holding her.
OK, angel, go now.
We'll see each other in the morning.
Take care.
What are these?
To help you with the sickness,
because you came here for me and Vlad.
Take back your pills.
Do I look like I'm sick?
Aren't you a user?
No, I have other preferences.
So how did they let you in?
I just used now
so it can show in my urine.
-Can you hear me?
Where are you?
Still here.
The doctor was out of office.
I can't go out.
Fuck it!
I have to wait for her
to come back.
When is she coming back?
I don't know.
Can't someone else get you discharged?
Fucking hell.
Do you still love me?
Do you love me or not?
Do you regret meeting me?
You wouldn't have been there now
with all those junkies.
You would have been better off
without me.
It's not true.
Stop saying this.
I miss you.
Me too.
Will you come to visit me?
When is the visiting day?
Costea will bring you.
Make me a package, because
I don't eat the food here.
I will bring it.
Do you love me?
Tell me you love me.
Say it then.
I love you.
Me too.
I'll call you tomorrow.
What's Vlad giving you to stay here?
You are too curious.
It's better that you don't know.
It's just a small business.
Just like you tried with me.
What do you mean?
You gave me the pills so I wouldn't tell
Vlad you don't want to get discharged.
I want to,
but the doctor is out of town.
Bullshit, you're not tricking me.
Why don't you want to get
out of here?
I want to...
But my parents won't approve.
Don't worry! I won't tell him.
What did Vlad tell you about me?
He said you are special.
How do you think I am?
I don't know. Different.
What do you mean different?
-Avoid that!
-Take care!
-Get her!
Come on, Radu!
Come to me!
Come to me!
No, don't let her get away!
This is it! Come on!
-Tickle her!
-Chocolate, come here!
-What is it?
-Just take a bite.
You like it?
What if they catch us?
They won't.
Chocolate is standing guard.
Thank you,
how did you get it?
Ain't I cool or what?
I didn't know what you like.
So I got you several kinds.
This is with hazelnuts...
This is with...
God knows what.
Come on, take it.
-I can't anymore.
-Take it, take it.
Take it,
we have to get rid of the package.
I can't anymore.
Just a bit more.
Take this one too.
I can't.
I'm getting sick.
Just a little bit.
It's almost all gone.
Take it, take it.
We almost finished it.
I can't eat anymore.
It's good, right?
When we get out,
we make a care package
and go visit Vlad.
And what if Vlad...
-If what?
What if he doesn't agree with this?
Why wouldn't he agree to it?
How do you know what he thinks?
I put him in contact
with my gang in prison.
He will agree for sure.
He trusts me.
What do you want to do?
I have to go now.
Please stay, I feel sick.
I have to go to sleep.
You won't stay with me
when I'm sick?
I'll stay a bit longer.
Stop kicking!
-Stop kicking him!
-What? You want him?
Fucking tell me!
I'm not leaving!
I don't want to!
I just don't want to leave!
Calm down, please.
I'm not leaving!
Don't you get it?
I'm not leaving!
-No, no, no!
-Wait, wait!
We're not going to hurt you!
Spartac, who's your brother?
They'll take you back to prison!
What's with this scandal?
Mrs Stnescu...
I don't want to go.
Let him go and we talk.
Spartac told me he was
defending you from Costea.
Is it true?
So you were kissing him willingly?
Whose phone is this?
I don't know.
If you lie to me again,
I'll call your parents.
Who shit a phone in my toilet?
You, Costea or Spartac?
-I was in the toilet.
-Why did they fight?
-I don't know.
-Spartac went crazy for nothing?
-Costea did something.
-Maybe Spartac went crazy.
Spartac didn't go crazy for no reason!
I don't believe it!
Is he coming back?
Do you think Costea is coming back?
That fucker is not coming back
for sure.
Spartac trashed him.
Not here, idiots,
you're going to hit us.
Take it, stupid!
-Chocolate, give me the towel!
-Come and take it.
OK, take it.
Enough, my head hurts!
You never came,
as you promised.
Forgive me, please.
Can you forgive me?
I'm really nervous about getting out.
It's normal.
But you'll see...
It's going to be OK once you're out.
How do you know?
Because I know you.
You promise me
you won't shoot up?
Thank you for everything you did.
You were very good to me.
Thank you from all my heart.
I want to wait for you outside.
May I wait for you?
-May I?
Where are you?
Come on, already!
How are you?
I'm good.
I thought they kicked you out.
Let's sleep. I'm wasted.
Come with me.
What do you want?
I want to speak with her.
Do you mind?
So why are you not speaking?
Asshole, it's my room.
I'm visiting.
-For how long?
For an undetermined period.
Costea, it's her room.
Isn't this your room also?
Go now.
What if somebody comes?
No one will come, they moved out.
I don't feel well.
Not here.
I don't feel good.
What is it?
You don't want to?
I do,
but I feel sick.
I'm sorry, I feel sick.
In what way?
I'm having withdrawals again.
I can't do anything
when I'm feeling sick.
Look at this fool.
Hey, professor!
Where's Daria?
-Who's there?
-It's Emanuel.
Are you in love?
Fuck off!
-I also understand love and affection!
Nothing is more beautiful than pure love.
What's with this show?
Call her!
She's not feeling well, man!
Don't know, man!
She has something in her throat.
-A dick!
She choked with a dick
and lost her voice!
I'll smash your heads!
What's with these bad jokes?
Costea fucked her! Spartac fucked her!
I even fucked her myself!
Why are you being stupid, man?
Leave me alone!
OK, I'll call her.
Call her, man!
We'll call her now, but...
But please don't kiss her on the mouth!
-Daria! Daria!
She doesn't want to come.
I told you.
Hey, she's here!
She's here, she can hear us!
Get the fuck out!
-Get out!
-Get out, you bitch!
You can suck my dick!
What the hell are you doing here?
Come on!
-Wash your feet with it.
Come out.
Daria, come out!
Come out!
Fuck you, asshole!