Immediate Family (1989) Movie Script

Don't you think you're going
too fast?
I'm going 35 miles an hour.
If you didn't want to come,
you should have said.
I wanted to come.
You don't like going to
children's birthday parties.
- I like it.
- I know you find it painful.
It's not painful.
Watch it!
Some people should not be allowed
to have children.
Tell me another story.
What is that?
It's this talking computer-chip toy
I bought for Carrie.
It was probably activated
when we stopped.
- What a great present.
- Yeah? Watch. Kids hate what I buy.
Either she has 12 of them,
or only babies play with it...
...or it gives her nightmares. Watch.
Judy. Judy.
- Hi.
- Hi.
It's great to see you.
Hi. I'm Michael. Remember?
- Oh, we met...
- We met at the house one time.
- The house worked out perfectly.
- Oh, great.
Hi, Ruth.
Linda! Linda! Lin!
- Polly.
- Hi.
Oh, God! I'm so happy you're here.
- Sure. Do you believe this shindig?
- No.
I mean, I remember
my 6th birthday party.
My mother invited three
of my friends.
We each got a little Dixie cup
and a basket of M&M's.
- I thought you weren't gonna come.
- Changed my mind.
I'm glad.
Hey, Eli, don't chase Jason!
- So, what's new, Lin?
- Nothing.
No? What about with Nathanson?
I spend two weeks
whacked out on fertility drugs...
...two weeks depressed it didn't work.
Where's my lunch?
Who wants to be my lunch?
Please! I wanna be your lunch!
It's great you guys got married.
You gave her a really pretty ring.
This is a gorgeous ring.
You and Lewis kiss.
Two points.
High five!
I felt fine for the first two trimesters.
I played tennis three times a week.
Doubles, but a good game.
Then I started having contractions.
They kept me in bed until I delivered.
I thought I'd lose my mind.
But it was worth it.
Oh, I'd say so.
- Watch. Kristin, how old are you?
- Two.
- And what city do we live in?
- Seattle.
- Who's the father of cubism?
- Picasso.
John taught her that.
- Who?
- Picasso.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah. I'm okay.
- Eli, come here!
- No!
- Eli!
- No!
- You sure you're okay?
- I'm fine.
- Why are you bringing him back?
- No!
You hit her! And you apologize
to Linda. You hit her in the head.
I'm sorry. It was an accident.
- Yes, well, accidents...
- What is it? Why are you yelling?
- He smashed Linda with a baseball.
- Eli, what are you doing?
- You're turning him into a brat.
- Why am I turning him into a brat?
That's what I'd like to know.
You guys, I'm fine. Okay?
Please don't make a big production.
You knew I was going
to watch the Seahawks game!
- You were going to watch the kid.
- Okay, fine.
I'm fine. Honestly, I'm fine.
Don't give me that.
I work all week.
Picasso. Picasso.
Picasso. Picasso. Picasso.
This one's from your brother Paul.
Look. It's an ostrich.
- That's great.
- Thank you.
And this one is from
Linda and Michael.
Happy birthday, Carrie.
Oh, look. It's a Talking Teddy.
- I have this toy.
- It's okay. You can exchange it.
This one is a better one.
- My daddy bought it for me.
- Come on, say thank you.
I have this toy already.
That still hurt?
- Where?
- It's right here.
- Better?
- It's a little better.
It's the middle of the month.
I have to go to the doctor tomorrow.
We're not supposed to.
Remember when we used
to make love to try to get pregnant?
At least now when we do it,
it's for fun.
We make love for fun,
and we make babies in a jar.
I hope.
- Good night, sweetheart.
- Night.
Ellen, leave!
Ellen, get out of here!
Scat! Get!
- How are you this morning?
- Fine, Jeff.
Mrs. Spector, come in, please.
- Good morning, Dr. Nathanson.
- Morning, Betty.
Get your programs!
Only $2.00.
- You see? Perhaps you...
- If you're lonely, he's very lonely.
I used to play football.
Did you know that?
Group tackling.
Would group tackling work for you?
No, really, I would like to be tackled.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Linda Spector.
- Mary Ann Taylor.
- This is my client, Debbie Browning.
- Debbie, come in. It's so wet today.
- This just came on the market?
- Yes. It's a wonderful family home.
They've raised six children here.
You have children?
Four. The eldest goes
to college this year.
You look like a college girl yourself.
I want to show you this little girl's
room. It is precious.
Wait till you see it.
You won't believe it.
I would have killed for this as a girl.
Isn't it sweet?
What is great is that the children
have their own separate wing.
There are three more bedrooms
with adjoining baths...
...and the children have plenty
of storage for toys and clothing.
It would make a charming sitting
room. This is the master bedroom.
Double size, with that same view
you have from the living room.
Underneath the carpet
is good hardwood.
You have the option
of taking up the wall-to-wall...
...and buying one of those
Swedish accent rugs.
I'll be right back.
I have to use the powder room.
When she comes back,
I will show you the powder room.
But let me show you this
wonderful walk-in closet...
Come on, stop it!
That's a good dog.
- Hello?
- Polly?
- Hi.
- What are you doing?
Well, as a matter of fact...
...I have to run and pick up Eli
at the shrink right now.
Can I call you back?
- Yeah, sure. I'm home all night.
- Okay, great. Is something wrong?
No, nothing. I had a lousy day.
Felt like talking. I'm fine.
- I'll talk to you later.
- I'll call you later.
Okay. Bye-bye.
This is Anna and Larry.
We can't come to the phone,
so when you hear the tone...
...leave your name and number
and we'll get back to you.
- Kathy?
- Yes.
- It's Linda Spector.
- Linda Spector! You're kidding!
I was just thinking about you.
Some friends are selling their house.
I was gonna give them your number.
You were? Well,
I was thinking about you.
That... That's why I called you.
Oh, it's been months.
It has been months.
So, Linda, are you pregnant yet?
Come on, so what?
So you got a little ploughed
for once in your life.
It's no big deal. It's all right.
Yes, it is.
Come on, maybe I'll have a couple
of dozen drinks too.
Tell me what happened.
Don't cry, Linnie.
She can't come to the phone, Polly.
She's in the shower.
Yeah, I'll tell her. Bye.
It's called "open adoption" because
you and the birth mother meet...
...before the child is born.
It's a relatively new procedure.
And it really works.
Either I'll have a referral...
...or in certain states
I'll help you place an ad.
You say you're a couple
who wants to adopt a child.
A loving and happy couple.
If the mother
is from out-of-state...
...then we have to work through
the Interstate Compact.
The natural parents sign
relinquishment documents...
...and you pay the legal
and maternity expenses.
There will be court hearings
and placement interviews.
You'll need photos and resumes.
It's hard work, but when it's
successful, you get a baby.
Get a baby.
It's all in here.
You know, the way I see it,
giving birth is nature's way.
Adoption, that's God's way.
What exactly does that mean?
"Adoption is God's way."
- I think that's pretty self-evident.
- Well, I don't get it.
Giving birth is biological.
Anyone can do it.
We can't.
He's really very intelligent.
He's just acting obtuse.
I don't know why.
I'm losing my spontaneity.
Spontaneity has nothing to do
with parenting.
I'm going for consistency, patience.
Here we go.
What's wrong with this thing?
"After graduating high school...
...I attended Cornell College
of Veterinary Medicine...
...where I was awarded the Leon
Reiner Prize for canine surgery."
Okay, so, what did you write?
It's just kind of an idea.
"We are Linda and Michael Spector.
We have been married 10 years.
We would like to adopt a child.
We live in a lovely home
in a safe neighbourhood.
We would provide a loving, healthy
environment to raise a family."
It's not bad.
Hi, Ellen.
No! Please, Ellen, no!
Ellen! God! Bad dog!
Ellen, no!
God! Ellen!
I have a collect call
from Lucy Moore.
- Will you accept the charges?
- Who?
Miss Lucy Moore, calling
from New Lanceville, Ohio.
- Will you accept the charges?
- Yes. One minute, please.
- Will you accept the charges?
- I will.
Go ahead, please.
- Hello, is this Linda?
- Yes.
I'm Lucy Moore. I got your name
from Susan Drew.
Yes. Hello.
- Hi.
- How are you?
Fine. Thank you.
No, come on! No!
Stop it! Out! Go on!
- Get out and stay out!
- I beg your pardon?
Sorry. I was just talking to our dog.
She's wonderful. We love animals.
I like dogs.
So how are you?
Fine. Thank you.
I mean, the pregnancy
is going along well?
I think so.
- Have you been to an obstetrician?
- Yes, ma'am.
I'm due in three and a half,
four weeks.
Thank you for calling.
- You getting off?
- No, no.
Let me see...
Have you had any history
of serious medical...
...or psychological illness
in the family?
I don't think so.
My mom died when I was 7.
I don't think she had any serious
history. It was a car accident.
And I live with my stepdad
and my stepbrother and stepsister.
There's nothing wrong with them,
except their personality.
I never knew my dad,
but I hear he was Irish.
And handsome.
And the baby's father.
Do you know much about him?
Yeah, I know everything about him.
He's my best friend in the world.
Lucy, I've never done this before.
If there's a right way,
I don't know it.
So why don't we just talk
to each other for a while?
Let me tell you something
about us, okay?
- Hi.
- What did she say?
She wants a baby. She and her
husband tried, but no luck.
- Their house is right by the water.
- Really?
With some of these people,
it's like they're going down lists.
Half the time,
they're not even listening to you.
They ask all about my family
and don't tell me about theirs.
She was kind of different.
- That is great.
- I was nervous.
I never expected anybody
to call this soon.
She was so great.
So straightforward. So clear.
I tried to communicate warmth,
and I made an idiot out of myself.
- And I know she hated me.
- Complete idiot?
That's unusual for you.
Look what I found.
This belonged to Michael
when he was 6 months old.
- Mildred Cantor made it for him.
- She died of pancreatic cancer.
She made that before.
So, what do you think about
your son and me adopting a child?
- My heart is so full.
- She has to loosen her bra.
I have to loosen my bra.
This girl, will you meet her?
- Face to face?
- Face to face.
Used to be different.
Used to be adoption was
about a child needing a home.
Now it's about a couple
needing a child.
She called me. I'm not
kidnapping somebody's child.
She knows your number? Aren't you
afraid she'll turn up at your door?
No. She's afraid you'll turn up
on her doorstep.
Esther, you're going to make
a wonderful grandmother.
I'm ready.
If she doesn't like us,
it wasn't meant to be.
So I guess we approach it like that.
- Are you joking?
- No. Why?
Sampson Lurie.
- I'll put you through now.
- That must be her.
Sampson Lurie.
Please hold.
Come on in.
She seems very committed
to doing this, so don't be nervous.
Linda and Michael Spector,
Lucy Moore.
- How was your trip?
- It was nice.
We went through
the Rocky Mountains. They're big.
- Make yourselves comfortable.
- Thank you.
- Can I get coffee or tea?
- No, thank you.
- Coffee, please.
- Coffee, please.
How about you, Lucy?
A Coke. Diet Coke.
I'll be right back.
- Ever been to Seattle before?
- You comfortable at the motel?
No. Yes.
The motel's real pretty,
but I've never been here before.
So have you decided
if you want a boy or a girl?
Well, I don't think we really care.
My sister has two boys.
My mom would love a granddaughter.
Little boys are wonderful too.
- I don't know. What do you think?
- I think what you think.
I hate being pregnant.
All that stuff about it being magic
and all. I don't have any magic.
I just have swollen feet
and a big, wide butt.
And I can't stop burping.
My mom had hair like hers.
Lot of girls back home
about that age have babies.
My mom was 17 when she had me.
She was 24 when she died.
A lot of people out here
have abortions?
Yeah, some.
Do you think people
who do that are bad?
No, we don't think they're bad.
- Would you ever do it?
- I'm trying to get pregnant.
I'm sorry.
That was a stupid question.
You know, I thought about it
for a while, but I didn't want to... here I am.
- I hope I didn't eat too much.
- I didn't think you ate anything at all.
Probably because I talked too much.
I do that when I'm nervous.
Oh, God!
It's kicking me to death.
- You think I could feel it?
- Yeah. Sure.
Where? Right here?
- There.
- God!
Feel that?
I really felt something.
That's amazing.
- You want to?
- Yeah.
I was a nervous wreck.
Wouldn't you be?
- No way.
- Right, Sam. You never get nervous.
Did you take my Guns N' Roses
tape? I can't find it.
No. I didn't take Guns N' Roses.
Look on the shelf.
So when do you see them again?
She says the doctor's gonna give me
a sonograph tomorrow.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- What's that?
- It's like this x-ray, you know...
...they give women when they get
older. To see if it's retarded.
- Or a boy.
- Cool.
I'll call you when I find out.
You hope it's a boy?
It doesn't make a difference to me,
but they might not take it if it ain't.
- What the hell are you eating?
- Tostitos.
All right, 4:30 will be fine.
Yes, we'll call and confirm.
Okay. Thank you.
Hearing the heartbeat was incredible.
Most amazing was the sonogram.
God, it made me want to cry.
I saw the whole baby. You see
his little head, his little legs.
I even saw his fingers.
He was sucking his thumb.
- You're sure it's a he?
- I saw his penis.
Do you care about
what sex the baby is?
I do now that I know
he has a penis.
Yes, I'll put you through.
Sampson Lurie.
Will you let them take the feedings,
or do you want the baby?
They can feed him.
Will you consent to being moved off
the maternity floor after delivery?
You'll be on the surgical unit
for the duration of your stay.
You can visit the baby,
but the staff will be instructed...
...that this is an adoption, and the
decisions will be made accordingly.
Do you understand that, Lucy?
- It's gonna be their baby.
- Yes.
Yes, I understand that.
- Hello, Linda?
- Yeah.
Lucy. Hi.
There's nothing wrong, is there?
Is there a mall or something
you could take me to sometime?
- Because I need to buy a present.
- Sure.
Sam's coming.
- Who?
- Sam. My boyfriend, Sam.
Okay. Why don't I pick you up
around 10:30 or 11:00?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Great.
- See you then.
- Thanks.
- Bye-bye.
- Sam's coming.
- Sam?
The father.
Which one do you think?
I was going to suggest that one.
- Just like Michael's, right?
- Just like mine.
Right. I'll get this one.
Down. Get down. That's a good dog.
You must be starving.
Come on. Come on, girl.
Look around for a while,
and I'll get us something to eat.
You don't have any water.
Sorry, sweetie. Good dog.
Nice bedroom.
Nice and cheerful.
- That's a flowering plum tree.
- Is it?
I don't know much about gardening.
You gonna put the crib
over here?
Well, I was thinking of putting it
over here to keep it out of the drafts.
In the spring, this tree is gonna be
covered with all these pink flowers.
Be nice to wake up to pink flowers.
You do this. Punch
a lot of holes in the lemon.
You put it in the cavity
of the chicken, and then you roast it.
It gives it a really nice flavour,
and it's very easy.
It's probably very boring
to hear about.
Put it in there for a while.
- Would you like some carrots?
- Yeah.
You and Michael have been
married for 10 years?
Well, actually, it's 11.
December 15th.
So how do you do it?
How do you stay married that long?
You're asking me the secret
of a good marriage?
Well, no, you don't have
to tell me secrets.
No, no, no.
I don't know. I guess respect
and affection and a lot of laughs.
And a sense of yourself.
And only one person
gets to be crazy at a time.
Right now it's my turn.
They're so cute.
Like little doll records.
- I used to love dolls.
- Me too. Not all girls like them.
Not having a Barbie
was a tragedy of my life.
You had a good life.
- Could you put this on?
- Really?
I have all my mom's old records.
She loved Van Morrison.
Yeah, sure.
They hated the weather here, so
when Dad retired, they moved to L.A.
We visit them every January.
- Ever seen any movie stars?
- I saw Cary Grant.
He was in a plumbing store. I was
with my sister. He looked incredible.
And I saw Fred Astaire in Hollywood.
- Groucho Marx.
- Groucho Marx in Westwood.
Most celebrities die shortly after
being recognized by Linda.
How about you?
I don't get caught up in that thing.
Honey, how about when you
saw O.J. Simpson?
- The Juice?
- You saw him?
- That was a kick. Come on.
- And Jabbar?
- Jabbar!
- You notice a 7-foot-tall guy.
- You followed him to the men's room.
- I did not follow him in.
- We happened to have...
- He leapt up.
What time is it?
- It's 9:00. Why?
- You miss the game?
- Yeah. No, no, I didn't, I taped it.
- Are you going to watch it later?
Maybe. If I have the time.
I like to watch sports...
...but my life doesn't depend on
seeing the game.
- I'll watch it with you.
- Yeah?
My life does depend on it.
Going long for Paul Downey.
- It's intercepted. Come on.
- Intercepted! Run, run...
What is he doing? What?
He's standing there!
- Bring him down. All right!
- Watch your back!
- Charlie, my man!
- First and goal.
Instant replay. Slow-mo.
Give it to me.
That is my kid brother, Jeffrey, when
he was 2. And the dork is me at 12.
- Is that you too?
- Yeah.
That dog is Ellen's grandmother.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Where is that?
Is that Woodstock?
No. No, that's actually right outside
of Cornell College.
In Ithaca. It's where we went
to school. It's very different now.
That's a nice house.
- Isn't that great?
- Yeah.
That was my grandmother's, upstate.
I spent summers there as a kid.
I have some great memories
of that place.
- You know your whole history.
- Well, I know about that house.
When you're adopted,
you probably wonder.
- Is that your mom?
- Yeah.
She's pretty.
This is my friend Kristin
and her son Tony.
This little jerk used to live across
the street. He'd throw onions at me.
This is my great-aunt, Nina.
She's a chemistry teacher.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We're just looking at my pictures.
This is my stepsister and my
stepbrother. Celia and Bobby.
Cute, huh?
This is my cousin Alice. She's dead.
She died a couple of years ago.
That's my cousin Dennis.
I don't like his wife
so I cut her out of the picture.
- This is my best friend, Michele.
- Let's see.
She cut her hair.
This is my mom. That's me.
I don't know who this is.
God, I gotta clean out my wallet.
And this is my stepfather, Jerry.
And that's his new truck.
He's real proud of that.
And this is Sam.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- This is Sam.
- Hi.
- How you doing?
- This is Michael and Linda.
- Hello, Sam. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Welcome to Seattle.
- Yeah. It's nice.
- Yeah.
- This isn't the best part.
- Yeah, what's the best part?
- Me.
Shall we? Why don't
you get in the back, Lucy.
Hold on, sweetheart.
I'll get that for you.
Thanks, sweetie.
- Nice. Five.
- Five. Yeah.
That's gears we're talking about?
Five speed?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Five.
Turbo. You got good taste in cars.
You get one point for that.
We're being graded.
Jesus! Jesus Christ!
My finger!
- Jesus!
- Do something!
Oh, my God!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Bad joke.
- He always does that.
- I was kidding.
I thought we'd go to the beach, Sam.
Yeah, Sam never saw the ocean.
I went every summer when I was
little. It's where my dad could relax.
- How about some sounds?
- Sure.
I got a Clarion. How many points?
Sam, Lucy didn't tell us much
about your background.
Yeah, well, there's not much to tell.
I had one.
So, what business
are your parents in?
They're not in a business.
They're in a job.
It's okay, Sam.
I told them everything about me.
My mom has worked in a bakery
since she was 12.
- That sounds interesting.
- Yeah, well, it's not.
And my dad, he's...
We gotta tell them about our lives.
In case the baby needs a transfusion.
My dad worked in a factory that made
cabinets. But mainly he was a drunk.
There are a lot of people
with drinking problems.
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Well, he was a pretty mean drunk.
Most are. But some people
are also cheerful when they drink.
The last time he got real drunk,
he hit a guy at the plant.
He used a metal pipe or something.
- What happened to the guy?
- He went to the emergency room.
Sewed up his head.
But he died anyway.
You don't mess with the old man.
He's bad.
- A murderer.
- You don't know that.
He killed somebody.
Does that make him a senator?
Could our families take scrutiny? We
got heart disease, cancer, suicide.
They're not sure.
It could have been an accident.
Linnie, it was suicide.
Nice clean ocean you got here.
Well, wait long enough,
a whole wardrobe washes up.
Where are the waves?
Come on, baby.
- They really love each other.
- They seem to.
Why are they giving up the child?
They're doing it for us.
They want to raise a child, but we're
nice and we ordered baby furniture.
- I haven't ordered it yet.
- Well, don't tell them that.
- Lucy tells me you have a dog.
- Yeah. Ellen. She's a big mutt.
I love dogs.
When Lucy and I have our baby,
we're gonna get a dog.
Not this baby we're giving you. The
one we'll keep someday. Our baby.
- Is anyone thinking about lunch?
- Yeah. That's a good idea.
It's not just a record store. They also
sell musical equipment.
It's a good job because I'm gonna be
a musician. Lucy's probably told you.
Actually I am a musician.
I write and play keyboards.
If that doesn't work out, I can work
as a roadie and learn producing.
A lot of great bands come
through town.
Red Dog was in. He took my name
and said he might call me back.
Red Dog is a road manager
for a lot of bands.
I probably should move to L.A.
Or New York to be real successful.
But Ohio's where my roots are,
and you write what you know.
After today,
I might write about this restaurant.
Write about the prices.
$11.00 for some shrimp. With heads.
When Lucy and I first talked
about keeping the baby...
...I said, " No way, I haven't made it
yet." I mean, it's a big responsibility.
They wake up at night. Sometimes
more than once. You gotta be there.
Have you guys thought
all about this?
Why not?
Since the ocean was a hit, what do
you say we see the mountains?
Could we borrow the car?
I'm a good driver. I really am.
We only have this one day. It'd be
cool if we could just take a drive.
You could say no.
I'll tell you what.
I'll drive you home. If you don't
like my driving, the deal is off.
- Take it easy.
- Thank you.
Okay, let's have it.
- Your most paranoid fantasy.
- I don't want to talk about it.
They disappear with the baby
and the car.
Stopping only to rip off a few
convenience stores with a shotgun.
- Am I getting close?
- I don't appreciate this, Michael.
And we end up on Geraldo Rivera as
the most gullible couple in America.
- Wow!
- Yeah.
I'm glad I came to check them out.
I feel better about the whole thing.
- You didn't come to check them out.
- I sure did.
You came here to see me.
Well, to see you
and to check them out.
Do you think I'd let you give my baby
to just anyone?
Your baby?
You never called it that before.
- What did I call it?
- The baby.
Yeah, the baby that's yours and mine.
It's their baby.
I know that.
Don't you think I know that?
Scratch my back, would you, babe?
Yeah, a little higher.
Beautiful, yeah.
- What's that?
- It's a present.
- It's beautiful. I love it.
- You like that?
I'm bummed.
I didn't even get you anything.
You brought yourself.
- They're here.
- They're back.
That's what I just said.
- Hi.
- Welcome back. Hi. Hi!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Nice car. Great city.
- You guys look really happy.
You probably thought
we weren't coming back.
No, no. No.
Your attention, please.
This is your first call for passengers
to Portland, Sacramento, San Jose...
...Los Angeles and San Diego.
Now boarding in Bay 4.
- Hey, thanks for everything.
- We didn't do much.
You're taking good care of her. She's
scared, no matter what she tells you.
- We'll watch out for her. Don't worry.
- I think you'll be excellent parents.
Just one little piece of advice.
- What's that, Sam?
- When this baby comes... matter what he does,
just don't hit him with anything.
You can count on that, Sam.
- Take it easy.
- Take it easy.
Bye, Sam.
- Well, good luck, Linda.
- You too.
Attention. This is your final call
for those passengers for Spokane...
...Butte, Fargo, Minneapolis and
Chicago. Now boarding in Bay 15.
Your final call for those passengers
to Spokane, Butte, Fargo...
...Minneapolis and Chicago.
Now boarding in Bay 15.
- Hi.
- You okay?
Why don't you sleep over
at our house?
You probably don't want
to be alone tonight.
Well, I guess I could.
It's not like they're waiting up for me
at the motel.
Come on.
Try to get some sleep.
I will.
- Night.
- Night.
Come in, Lucy.
I feel something.
I know. I hear what you're saying.
Okay. I'll tell you what.
Go and call him. That's right. I know.
Hi. Excuse me.
- She's pregnant. Expecting. Now.
- Name?
- Michael.
- Lucy Moore.
- Doctor?
- Dr. Samuels.
- Could we do this later?
- Due when?
- This minute.
- November 2nd.
- Is this your first baby?
- Yes.
What will you ask next?
Sign? Sagittarius.
- Are you registered here?
- Yes. This is redundant.
- Can we get on with it?
- Who are you?
- The parents.
- Miss Moore's?
The baby's parents.
Come on, Lucy. Push, push!
Push hard. Push hard.
That's it. That's it. Good. Good.
- Keep pushing.
- Come on.
- Good. Give me a pant. That's it.
- You're doing great.
- That's it. Good. Good. That's it.
- That's good.
- Keep panting.
- Three. Four. Five...
- It won't be long now, Lucy.
- Six. Seven. Eight...
- That's good. That's good.
- Good. Nine...
- That's right. Keep pushing.
- Ten.
- Okay.
- Now, lay back now.
- We're almost there.
- You're doing just great.
- It's almost over. It's almost over.
- Okay.
- All right, Lucy.
- Okay.
- Here we go.
- Okay.
- Count backwards.
- One more contraction. Big push.
- Ten, nine, eight, seven...
- Big push.
- It's coming. It's coming.
...six, five, four...
- Here's the head.
...three. The head.
- There he is. Hold it. Stop pushing.
- Oh, my God!
Here's the baby. There he is.
- You have a beautiful baby boy.
- He's a linebacker.
He's so beautiful.
He's so beautiful.
Would you like to cut the cord,
Mr. Spector?
- Yes.
- Good. Okay.
- You want to hold your baby, Lucy?
- No.
Hi. How you doing?
Pretty wild, huh?
Did you see him at all?
I can't believe anybody else
has ever had a baby.
Something that big comes out of you.
It's weird.
You were so brave.
I saw you there the whole time.
That really helped.
I guess we won't be talking
after I go home.
There's no rules.
We probably wouldn't
feel comfortable.
But I'm gonna miss you.
Hi, sweetie.
They want us upstairs.
- You gonna feed him?
- They said something about him.
- I'll see you later then, okay?
- Okay.
I'm gonna miss you too.
I'm glad he turned out good.
There were only supposed
to be four people.
There are only four people in here.
But there are eight beds.
How do you feel?
- Pretty good. I'm on drugs.
- You deserve them.
Yeah. I do.
You should get some sleep.
Hey, you should be smoking a cigar.
Proud father.
- Look at him.
- He's so beautiful.
Look. And he's so small.
Of course he's small. He's a baby.
Why don't you sit down,
and I'll hand you the bottle.
- Come on, guy.
- I'll be back in a while.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
- There you go.
- Look at that!
Makes it real, doesn't it?
- Could you please move that here?
- Yeah, yeah, that's better.
- That's going to be his view.
- That's perfect.
I was gonna put it at that wall,
but Lucy said we should put it here.
Because in the spring that tree will
be covered with little pink flowers.
- Okay, you just take it now.
- Come on, Willy.
- There he goes.
- Come on.
Come on. There he goes.
There he goes.
- Keep your hand up.
- So we don't get air in the bottle.
There he goes. Look at that.
- God!
- He's got big hands, doesn't he?
Yeah, he's a strong little guy. Look
how he's taken to the bottle. Look.
- Hi.
- Hi. He sure can put it away.
Yeah. God.
- Are they taking good care of you?
- Down there everyone's sick.
Excuse me. We can't have
visitors during feeding.
She's not a visitor.
- I'm sorry...
- She's family.
Thank you.
What do you think
of the name William?
- Just hope they don't call him Billy.
- No. We'll use Willy.
That's kind of cute.
Hey, Willy.
I told her I'd stay, but she won't go.
- You have to leave too.
- Momma!
I have company now. Go, all of you.
I need to rest.
We're worried about you.
- You want some Jell-O?
- Okay.
That's good. With a healthy appetite
you will be well soon.
I'm not sick.
I had a baby.
A boy.
Why aren't you with him?
I tried to call you.
I'm sorry.
I never expected to feel this way.
I'm not sure that you've
thought it all through.
- I was up all night.
- Lucy, when people have a baby...
...they get depressed after.
It's called postpartum. Remember?
I don't have that.
Where will you go?
Back where I come from.
Lucy, how are you going
to take care of him? Huh?
Sam will help me.
I'll do it.
Would you say something to her,
She can't. She's too sad.
We're all sad, Lucy.
But you know who's going to be
the saddest of all?
His name's Andrew.
I can't intercede. You know that.
May I have your attention? This is the
first call for Denver, Kansas City...
...Indianapolis and Cleveland. Now
boarding passengers in Bay 21.
It's great for kids because
I can't think of a better location.
There's a very good school
about a block away.
There's a park and a camp
about a half-mile away.
Unless you wanted
an amusement park in the street...
...I don't think
there's a better family home.
- It really is beautiful.
- How flexible is she on the price?
I think she'll be reasonable.
- Could we take one last look inside?
- Sure. Yeah.
Go see the built-ins in the master
bedroom, they are unique.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
The contrast in these pictures
is terrible.
Can you get this man in here
to fix this machine once and for all?
Sorry. It's a bad day.
And who belongs to this person?
She's not sick, sweetheart.
She's gonna have a baby.
- Turn that garbage off.
- Don't have to.
- You're an asshole. Turn it off.
- Look at that shit you watch.
- Cut it out!
- No.
You're gonna wake your father.
Bobby, turn that down!
What, are you deaf?
Robert, turn the goddamn
thing down.
Yes, sir.
- Sorry.
- I had to get up anyway.
Are you driving to Yuma tonight?
Yeah. I'll be gone four, five days.
Want breakfast?
- Could eat.
- Scrambled eggs okay?
Yeah. Whatever's easy.
I'm in a meeting now. Can I check
my calendar and get back to you?
Fine. That would be fine.
And thanks for letting me know.
Where were we?
She's 22 years old,
and she already has a son.
So she knows what's involved
in raising a child.
And she is 5'10". Brown eyes.
Brown hair.
A high-school graduate. Likes
water-skiing and horseback riding.
- Due when?
- I don't want to be here.
- I'm sorry. When?
- We shouldn't have come back.
- What month did you say she was in?
- Seventh.
These are human beings.
They're not interchangeable.
I don't think Linda meant
to say that to you.
She knows you're helping.
I can't sit in another hospital
and go through that again.
Please, for chrissake,
don't attack me for being strong.
- Can I smoke? It's okay?
- Sure.
- I really wish you wouldn't.
- I'm not asking you.
Hey, baby,
I was just coming to get you.
- Yeah.
- How's my little boy?
Could you take him?
I had to get out of there.
- We weren't gonna make this a habit.
- Come on in, Lucy.
Sammy, listen.
- We can't take this on right now.
- I know that.
Oh, God.
He does look just like you.
I'll see you later, Ma.
- Don't smoke around the baby.
- Why not? You do it all the time.
I do not blow smoke in his face.
So, what's wrong?
I got into a fight with Reeger.
Three days ago, I tell him,
"I gotta leave early today."
I'm getting ready, and he goes:
"Can't leave. Robertson's sick."
I go, " I got something important
to do."
Did you tell him
about me and the baby?
No, I told him to go fuck himself.
What did he say?
What do you think he said?
He fired me.
Oh, God.
I don't have to tell him
about my personal life, do I?
- You gotta apologize to him.
- Forget it. No way.
I'm a musician!
You're not a musician. You're
unemployed. We need the money.
- I had a job I liked.
- Five dollars an hour.
I was making contacts.
I had a future.
- Then you decide to do this.
- I decide?
I quit the job,
and work at a scrap metal yard.
But I do it.
Ten dollars an hour.
I'm a responsible guy.
But I'm not gonna take crap.
I'll sweep up,
but I won't eat shit.
White stuff came out of his mouth.
He spits up a lot.
Kind of looked like that robot in Aliens.
Could you get me a cloth diaper
out of there?
Okay. Could you clean that off?
- Could you get the diaper bag?
- Diaper bag, yeah.
I'll apologize to Reeger.
Tomorrow, I'll go to him.
Tonight I just want to be with you.
Okay, Sam.
- So, what do you think?
- It looks very...
- You know what I think?
- I don't have a clue.
- I think this is all for the best.
There are so many things
we still have to do.
We couldn't go on a vacation
like this if we had kids.
They don't allow kids
in these fancy resorts.
You know another thing?
Don't laugh...
...but I've been thinking
about going to law school.
I've always had a feel for the law.
I'm gonna enroll in some courses.
What am I talking about?
- It hurts.
- I know.
Why do you think this happened,
that we couldn't have children?
It just turned out that way.
I would have wanted him
to be just like you.
As long as he looked like you.
Just like you... every way.
Here's to you, Mr. Keefer.
If you wanna do anything
about it, I'll be outside.
I'm a lot drunk er than you are,
so it'll be a fair fight.
Humphrey Bogart week
will continue on KKHY...
...after these
important messages.
Dial 1-800-Loan-Yes.
Did you enter
the car insurance bill?
Ellen, come. Ellen, come on.
Come into the den. Good girl.
What a shocker, huh?
Come in.
It's okay.
- We're not gonna stay.
- We could stay for a minute.
We can't do right by this baby.
Lucy says you once loved him.
Is that still true?
Yes. That's still true.
- You wanna see his little room?
- We've been through this, Lucy.
We're staying at the same motel.
We'll wait until you send us
the papers, then we'll sign them.
- I gotta go to the bathroom.
- Lucy!
He belongs here.
Read it for him.
Read it for yourself if you want.
And tell him I loved him.
You know, if he ever asks.
Dear William...
This is the hardest day of my life...
...because in a few hours,
you and I will say goodbye.
I don't expect you to understand
what I'm doing.
Someday, I hope you can.
And I sure don't expect you
to forgive me.
But someday, I hope you will.
I thought I could be a proper mother
for you now, but I was wrong.
And I was wrong about Sam
being ready to be a dad.
But tonight, for the first time
in a lot of months...
...I'm sure I'm doing right.
This way, I know you'll get
the love and care you deserve.
And I know Michael and Linda
will be wonderful parents... that they have the baby
they dreamed of.
I hope Sam and me
will find our way too...
...because we're good people.
And in my heart, I really feel
that God will love us all.
Bye, Willy.
Okay, okay. Now we're okay.
No! Hold on.
Five minutes, okay?
Done by (c) dCd / January 2014