Immortal (2019) Movie Script

Hey, how are you today?
Makes you wish you could
run faster, doesn't it?
- Shut up,
I run faster than you.
- Whatever,
you know you want him.
Ew no, I don't, gross.
- Come on, the way he wears
that whistle around his neck?
- Ugh.
- I wish I was that whistle.
Sorry, Mr. Shagis.
Sorry, Mr. Shagis.
- Cause that's the
difference between fiction
and literature.
One has deep meaning,
symbolism, allegories.
While the other
is just going for
a quick thrill, cheap
laugh, or sucker punch cry
to get those emotional
reserves kicking enough
to make you feel
like the 20 bucks
you plopped out to buy
the book was worth it.
Now, they're both fun to read.
- I think we have a
really different opinion
of what fun, is Mr. Shagis.
- What do you like to read,
Do you read at all?
- I mean I, I follow a
lot of people's feeds
online and stuff.
- And while we could
debate the literary merits
of a Twitter feed, I
think the snarky giggles
you're getting
from your classmates
is enough to render your
position on the matter futile,
wouldn't you agree, Mr. Rudolph?
Yeah, whatever.
And ducks a burn.
- Why did they make
people even represent
stuff like that, though?
I mean, how's that even work?
Isn't it kind of stupid?
Ah ha.
Forgetting for the
moment that you suggested
that a great literary classic,
like ''Lord of the Flies''
is stupid,
you have a valid point.
Why use an allegory?
Why represent characters and
worlds as something else?
Why don't just say
what you wanna say outright?
Kyle, you got an idea?
Why would an author
use an allegory?
- So guys like you can
get a job teaching it.
- I'll let you have
that one this time,
since you're going through
such a tough time at home.
What are you talking about?
- Well, I assume since you
haven't taken a shower
this week, that the water
company cut you guys off.
Yes, Jamie.
- Maybe they write
allegories because
what they wanna
talk about is taboo.
Even further than taboo.
What if it's illegal?
What if it's dangerous?
Can you imagine why someone in
an Islamic extremist country,
where they stone people for
drawing pictures of Mohammed,
might wanna write in code, when
they're talking
about religion, huh?
Anybody else.
Yes, Jordan.
- What if like, their
point is hard to make
or not something people
agree with, too quickly
and they need to, I don't
know, like paint a picture.
Very good.
That's a great point.
If you're saying something that
everyone agrees with already
then you're just preaching
to the choir.
But if your theme goes
against the grain of society,
you might wanna
ease into it slowly.
Okay, Mr. Shagis.
But like how does
the author even pick
who's going to be what?
- All right, everyone,
close your eyes.
Close your eyes or you
get a F for the day.
All right.
Imagine Apple, as in the
company that does the iPhone.
Imagine Apple as a person.
How old would Apple be?
Anybody, shout it out.
26, definitely under 30.
- Sound about right
to everybody?
Okay, what kind of car
would Apple drive?
A Tesla.
- Yeah. And what religion
would they be?
Apple's definitely an atheist.
Where do they like to eat?
- Whole Foods,
and sometimes Chick-fil-A.
Open your eyes.
Does everybody see about
the same kind of person?
- Yep.
- All right.
- Now think of
the car company Ford.
What kind of person
would Ford be?
Some old guy.
Watch it!
I drive a Ford.
Coming up on
the rebound, good timing.
Everything has an identity.
And identities
have personalities
that can manifest as people
with ease.
And it works in the reverse.
Take Chelsea.
- Blonde, fit,
odds on favor to win
every track meet
she runs in,
if we were a novel, what
could Chelsea represent?
Freedom, a better life.
The American Dream.
Big shoes to fill, Chelsea.
- Mr. Shagis.
- Yeah
- If Piggy in
''Lord of the Flies''
is supposed to represent
science and intellect,
why is he so annoying?
Oh, exactly!
Yo I mean, he's like this fat,
little obnoxious dude
who always had something
to say that ruined the party.
I was rooting
for the other boys to kill
him myself half the time.
That's a great point.
Why is it that
we paint good guys
in such infuriating clothing?
Every hero with a conscience
has some debilitating
physical deformity or a
self-confidence problem
while the evil, Satanic
torturers of the literally world
get to wear capes
of leather and,
have shiny, jet black hair
and drive great cars.
What do you think it says
about us as a society?
That the bad guys
are always more fun.
Think about that question,
we'll pick this up on Monday.
I'm not keeping you from
anything urgent, am I?
No, I was just
going to run some laps.
- You know, your mom asked
me to keep an eye on you.
- With your dad.
- I really wish
you wouldn't do that.
Yeah. Um...
Forgive me but, uh,
I saw Mr. Jacobs
grab your shoulder.
- You had something
on your face.
Something that said
it wasn't a welcome touch.
Chelsea, if you've got
anything on your mind
this is a safe place to talk.
He's a good coach.
I don't doubt that.
It's just that...
we don't really have
money for college and,
if I...
if the story everyone remembers
is me getting my coach fired,
who wants to recruit
that on a scholarship?
- Did he--?
- Can we just drop it?
- Have you told anyone
about this?
Just a couple of friends.
But, it wasn't like
rape or anything.
He just grabbed...
Jesus, I shouldn't have
said anything.
It's okay.
Monday morning,
we're gonna file a report
in the office.
We have to.
We really don't.
Listen to me, Chelsea.
The guys who do this
will always
have something
they can hold over you.
That's why they do it.
Because they think they
can get away with it.
You understand?
You're an amazing runner.
You get good grades.
Firing or not,
you're gonna get
a full ride to a great school.
Do you hear me?
Meet me here an hour before
school on Monday, okay?
Have a nice weekend.
- Yeah I feel good,
it was a good practice.
Ms. Jensen!
- Good luck this weekend,
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Take care of yourself.
You guys too.
There's my girl!
Great practice today, Chels.
Great practice.
Hey, hold up a second.
Where'd you park?
I'm in the front lot.
- All right,
let me walk you to your car.
- Oh, it's fine,
it's really--
- No, no, no,
it's no trouble.
You're over there?
- Uh yeah, but, I gotta-- I
can use the walk to cool off.
- I'll tell you what,
hop in my car,
I'll give you a ride.
I'm good.
No, it's not trouble.
- Come on, come on, go on.
- No thanks.
See you tomorrow, coach.
Bright and early.
Feel free to scream.
There isn't a soul
around for miles.
And don't worry, this
primitive little weapon,
isn't really my cup of tea.
Meant more as a precautionary
deterrent than anything else.
- Why are you doing
this, Mr. Shagis?
You know, it's funny...
Everyone asks that.
The truth is, you don't even
know what I'm doing just yet.
Sure, you have an idea
that it's dangerous.
But, the details escape you.
You have to admit,
this is the real world.
There are no allegories,
no symbolism,
no archetypes-- just people.
You know, one thing ''Lord
of the Flies'' got right,
there is a savage beast
inside all of us,
even a normal old guy like me.
Especially in a normal
old guy like me.
In fact,
it sits dormant in our minds,
growing with silent
rage at every indignity
that life doles out to us.
You know what that beast is
most concerned with? Survival.
And when you take away
the possibility of death,
that fear goes with it.
But, we'll get to that
in a minute.
Stand up.
Oh, right.
Listen, I'm gonna cut you free.
Don't do anything stupid,
like trying to run
or take a swing at me, cause
then I'll have to shoot ya.
And you'll ruin the fun
for both of us.
You understand?
You can answer.
You can speak.
Tell me you understand.
I understand.
Get up.
It's fully charged.
Now there's a four mile radius
dead zone around us.
So you'll have some sprinting
to do before it will work.
But once it does, you're
pretty much home free.
Now, we've been driving
all night, by design.
And you probably have
no idea where we are.
Don't worry, open up the battery
compartment for a second.
Yeah, those are your latitude
and longitude points.
You can give those
to any 911 dispatch.
Or tell your mother,
and she can tell them.
She can call it in,
whichever you prefer.
Either way,
they should be able to come
find you pretty quickly.
Go ahead, close it back up.
You know,
the sport of it all,
as I said, gets diluted
if you resort
to semi-automatic firearms.
Modern weaponry in this
country is just so idiot proof.
It gets frustrating.
When a six-year-old
can pull a trigger
and slaughter
half of his classmates.
There's a sign
that safety precautions
- have become secondary.
- What is this?
- This is my small
arsenal of weaponry.
All of which, I assure you,
take a modicum of skill
or even craftsmanship
to operate
with any kind of effectiveness.
- And in the spirit
of full transparency
I should mention that
I've take the liberty
to wire up a small handful
of booby traps
at various points
along your escape route.
But it's very much probable
that if you pick some
circuitous path
that avoids them all
, you'll be good.
For it be
''A thick a forest indeed.''
- Mr. Shagis,
I just wanna go home.
- You know, you're the first
student I've brought out here.
The pedagogical
relationship definitely
adds an element of
tension to the situation,
don't you agree?
In truth, I thought about
you in this regard before.
I didn't have a scapegoat.
But when I saw Mr. Jacobs
lay hands on you
and your eyes
go deep in despair,
I'm sure
your blabber mouth friends
will obfuscate the issue
as they jabber on
about how he got
handsy that one time.
Please, please.
Guess now is about as
good a time as any.
Earlier, when we were
discussing the savagery of men,
you may recall
I mentioned losing
the fear of death
with the possibility.
As it happens, I
discovered one rainy night,
when I was hit by
a speeding car,
that I have certain
resiliency to the transition
into the next world,
whatever it may be.
I should have died
right there on the spot.
But a few minutes passed
and I came to again.
Not much had changed, except
my outlook on the world.
I thought it might
have been a fluke
but suffice it to say, there
were some other occurrences
and, eventually
I began to experiment.
I took notes and I got
to the place you see now.
Armed with
the knowledge of timing
and having honed my skills
as a hunter of men.
Now, in a moment,
I'm gonna raise this gun,
to the side of my head
and pull the trigger.
The bullet will rip
through my temple,
taking particles of bone,
brain and skull
with it as it exits
on the other side.
I'm telling you this,
because it may frighten you.
You might assume
that I am dead
but I assure you,
you'll have anywhere
from three and a half
to four minutes' time
before I come to again.
My wounds will heal
and I will begin
to hunt you in the forest.
I would suggest using that
time to get a head-start.
Think of the blast
as the starter gun to a race.
People have made
the mistake of trying
to come up with a clever
plan but I assure you
you won't think of
anything in the few minutes
you have that
will likely save you.
You can't be serious.
- Additionally, if you
try to take my weapons,
I'll be forced to use
the more
primitive firearms
I have hidden.
And they have
significantly more aim
and effectiveness,
so you'll only be
hurting yourself
in the matter.
Are we clear on everything?
Any last questions?
Why me?
Oh, sorry.
Uh, I thought
that was obvious.
You run fast, and I was
up for a challenge.
- I had higher hopes
for you, Chelsea.
To say that your
performance was lackluster
would be an understatement.
- Oh, please, Mr. Shagis,
- Maybe I wasn't being fair
with all these booby traps.
It really shouldn't
be this easy.
What did you do?
- Well, this changes
the game now, doesn't it?
I'm out of control.
You're gonna have
a great life.
The life I never had.
Full of joy, and wonder
and excitement and love.
You gonna be strong, wise.
You're gonna be happy.
Just kicked,
did you feel that?
- You always were
quite the sweet-talker.
- No more than
a normal user, I guess.
I mean,
it goes out occasionally,
but I got nothing
but static.
Like, the guide isn't
even coming on.
Can you send someone out?
Yes, the box is on.
Oh, shit!
Thank you.
What are they saying?
- Got agitated, said I
wanted to watch the game,
told them I wanted
it fixed immediately.
- But they don't come
out on Sundays, right?
- Well, apparently they
have a couple of guys
circle the area
on weekends now.
But the gal said
they're backed up
so they're gonna try
and fix it remotely.
- They still might
come out today?
- It's no big deal, we still
have time for everything.
- Babe, what if today
is not the right day?
Don't do that, we just have
to bump up our schedule.
- Baby's not due for another
few weeks, we have time.
Yeah, still here.
Hang on, let me check.
Look, I gotta adjust
something on the box,
you know I have to play along.
But when I'm finished,
we have breakfast together.
Yeah, I'm walking over.
There are other ways
to survive.
We can file for bankruptcy,
there's food stamps,
we can buy our clothes
at the thrift store.
Eat pasta
until things get better.
There are other ways to do this.
Everything happens for a reason.
It's only money.
There's other ways to get by.
Things will pan out.
This is happening, Vanessa.
I'm not okay
with just getting by,
especially with the baby.
I'm not gonna be some shit
father who tells his kid
he can do whatever he dreams
and not provide him
a means to achieve it.
I'm gonna be a better
father than that.
I know.
If you don't want
to do this, that's fine,
I will do it on my own.
I will make it work
without you.
End of discussion.
I don't wanna have this
conversation again, we clear?
Good, let's play out our day.
Everything has to
be just like a regular day.
I take out the trash
and catch
the neighbors
on their morning run.
Hi guys.
Make small talk about
the weather, and ask them
if they have
cable issues too.
They're gonna
talk about the baby.
While I'm outside,
you're doing the laundry
and I do some light gardening
like I normally do.
And right about then
I'll get my weekly car wash.
Just a normal Sunday.
Now listen,
I've left some notes.
Some things to give the
baby for different stages
of its life
in our safe deposit box.
Whatever happens,
do not open it
until that insurance
check clears, all right?
You're the only
good thing that's ever
happened to me,
you know that, don't you?
That's what you keep saying.
It's true.
And you deserve a good life.
Both of you.
What the hell?
He just showed up.
- Unbelievable.
- Yeah, he said
there was a cancellation
in the area
and he just popped by.
- Oh, he just popped by?
How long has he been up there?
Not long, like 10 minutes.
- How am I supposed to
fall off the godddamn roof
trying to fix the cable
if it's been fixed?
I think I found it.
May I?
Yeah, please.
You must be Gary.
That's me.
- I'm just gonna check
on the laundry real quick.
That's a great idea.
- All right,
you're back in the game.
Some faulty wiring,
normal wear and tear stuff.
That's great.
- Jenetta over at home base
said you were
trying to watch the game,
I hear that.
What game
you trying to watch?
Right there.
- I don't really like to
talk about it, superstitious.
Maybe I should be more
superstitious, man.
Quit talking about my games.
I'm at the bottom
of every damn pool.
- Really great that you guys
come out on weekends now.
- Great for you,
not so great for us.
But you gotta provide
for your family, right?
- Yeah, you, you know
what Hank, hang on a sec.
- Ah, no man
- No, no, no.
I insist.
- We're not even
supposed to, brother.
- I promise not to tell
anyone if you don't.
Thank you.
Told you-- he loves
his football.
That's me.
- There's no
football game on today.
- Not, no, no, not
American football, soccer.
Football, I love the passion
behind those commentators,
really gets me going.
Hold that for me.
I imagine you got a lot
more stops to make, huh?
- Well, like I was
telling your lady,
you guys caught me
at a good time.
I had a cancellation so...
I was able to squeeze you in.
Next one is
an hour-and-a-half away.
- So if something happens
you can't come back?
Yeah, you should be good.
there's an online survey.
Every good rating helps,
if you like the service.
Unless a kid hits a baseball
right into your dish,
you're cool, man.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's okay.
My stupid belly.
It's a boy.
Just thought you should know
because I know
and I just...
Boy, huh?
He's gonna be super tall,
he's already so big and tall.
That's good.
That's good.
I love you.
I'm pregnant.
He did it.
He actually did it.
I know, I can't
believe it either.
No, I did exactly
what you said,
I was just, I just tried
to force him to not do it.
And it just made him
wanna do it more.
I know, I know.
I just wanted to call
and hear your voice.
Babe, it's going to be
the three of us,
you, me and the baby.
I can't tell you
how excited I am.
We're gonna be a real family.
Okay, I got to go.
I got to get back
in the right head space.
I love you too.
911, what's your emergency?
- Oh my God,
there's been an accident.
My husband!
- I think he's-- you have to
come, please. Please come.
Ma'am, are you in danger?
No, it's my husband, he fell.
He's outside, I don't know,
there's so much blood.
Oh my God, he's not moving.
Please, you have to come.
- Is your address
still 3848 Goodland Avenue?
- Yes, yes, just please hurry,
he's in the backyard.
- Okay ma'am,
we have people on the way.
You have to come, please!
Are you okay in there?
No, no, it's too soon.
Okay, okay...
911, what's your emergency?
I'm going into labor.
But it's too early.
- Ma'am, did you
report another incident
at this location
a few minutes ago?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
but something's wrong.
The baby...
- Ma'am, ma'am, we already have
medics on their way,
but I need you to stay
on the phone with me
and tell me
what's happening.
- Oh, my God,
oh, my God,
I can feel the baby's
head crowning.
- Okay, deep breaths.
Keep breathing.
Okay, keep breathing.
Are you sitting down?
Okay, good.
I need you to get on
your hands and knees,
can you do that for me?
- No, no,
I gotta call my...
Ma'am, are you there?
Medic, hello?
All right.
Just a reminder, as much
for me, as it is for you.
We have to be
on our best behavior, okay?
This is not a film set,
we're guests here, okay?
Well, this isn't intimidating
at all.
- We can take as long
as you need.
And once Jacqueline here
gets you all dolled up
in makeup,
you'll wanna show off
those big beautiful eyes
on camera.
Ted, just Ted.
Right, Ted.
We spoke on the phone.
- Alex, right?
- Yeah.
So, we'll need you
to get makeup too.
It won't take very long,
maybe five to six minutes.
We'll get you in the chair
after your wife.
She should be 45 minutes
or so, you know,
women and their makeup.
- Can I offer
you guys any coffee?
You guys takers for coffee?
Sure, thanks.
- There's some great
advantages to scheduling...
otherwise unknown events.
Like when Mary was pregnant,
we scheduled a C-section.
I was able to carve off
some time from work for me.
So that we could do
the nesting thing.
- How many kids
do you guys have?
Oh, I, um...
it wasn't a successful
- I'm so sorry.
- No, that's okay.
Dying is a lot easier
than making a life anyway,
or at least more fun.
We jacked up
some credit cards
on a bit of a world tour
vacation, courtesy of VISA.
- That's brilliant.
Where did you guys go?
- You name it,
we went there.
Spain, Italy,
all the European hotspots.
- Then we headed
down to Australia.
And we bopped over to
New Zealand.
By the time we was finished,
I thought
that I could handle both
accents pretty well.
But then, of course, I lost it
by the time we got back home.
- He thought
he could imitate the accents.
It was terrible, it was
really embarrassing.
Don't tell him I said that,
he still thinks he blended in.
- She was always the one
who took care of me.
Made me soup
when I was sick.
Drew me a warm bath,
to ease the stress from work.
It's funny
how the tables have turned.
- Some days on our trip,
I just had to stay in bed.
But he was a trooper,
he never complained, not ever.
We have lived here
for over 20 years.
- It's funny how the--
how the wood and the drywall
can become part
of your identity.
Gosh, I don't know.
You learn tricks
along the way.
No matter how mad he gets,
I know Mac and Cheese
with crunchy breadcrumbs
on top will win him over.
- She makes literally,
the world's greatest
Macaroni and Cheese.
- Sounds like you two
are really in love.
- Yeah, we sure are.
- Yeah, we sure are.
So, it's your turn.
Just a couple taps of powder
and we'll be ready to roll.
I'll grab the pot.
- I'm sorry,
this is just weird.
Totally normal.
Just look at me.
We'll have a conversation,
the two of us.
Try to pretend the camera
is not even here.
Can you tell us about
what it was like
when you first were diagnosed
and when that was?
- Well, a couple of years ago,
I started to have these
ridiculous headaches.
They were...
I mean, I've had migraines
in the past,
but this was much worse.
And nobody
believes you at first,
they just tell you to throw
back a couple of ibuprofen
and you might as well
be eating M&M's.
- So Ted, same thing
as Mary, try to pretend
the cameras
aren't even here.
Tell me what was going
through your mind
the first time
you heard the diagnosis.
- I hear a lot of people
in their 20s and 30s
who go through this,
talk about all the things
they want to tell their
people that they love,
and I just never had
that experience.
My husband and I don't have
that many close friends,
and, not much family
to speak of.
So my first thought...
- I went through all the
different stages of grief.
I mean, denial
lasted for a while.
And then you...
you pour yourself into all of
these experimental procedures.
But I think that's technically,
part of the negotiating stage.
I mean, I'm not sure.
- I guess my first thought
after the panic settled in
was, if I had known
this was coming
I would have eaten
more hot dogs.
You have to be there for them.
And you have this urge to,
to read up on things
and become a nurse of sorts.
And that sense of normalcy
that you once shared...
I'm sorry.
It gets sacrificed
really quickly.
Really quickly.
Pain is a strange thing.
At its core,
it's there in your body
as an alarm system to tell you
if there's something wrong.
But if there's no cure,
no fix for the pain
there's no effective
way of turning it off.
You can't just tell your
body, I know I'm dying,
so, calm down.
- The truth is, every pill
you take has a side effect.
And it may dull the pain,
All of a sudden
you're not able to go
to the restroom, normally.
you have to take another
thing for that issue.
And then that leads
to another issue.
And the whole time
you're trying to...
keep track of time
and figure out,
well, it was three hours
since the last one.
She hasn't been able
to hold anything down.
- Do you feel
an obligation or,
perhaps a responsibility
to fight?
Yes, yes I do.
I've been fighting
for several years
and most of that time
on an undiagnosed.
And truth be told,
I've give up several times.
But it just keeps
doing its thing.
Sucks the life out of you and
then manages not to kill you.
- What is your response to
most of the states in the US
still outlawing physician
assisted suicide?
- Well I don't see how,
if somebody is in pain,
agonizing, paralyzing,
lingering pain
that doesn't go away
after a few minutes,
a few hours, a few days.
And if somebody has the
solution for that pain
and they deny
that person the solution,
how is that not torture?
I can't understand it.
I don't see the difference.
- My response?
"Fuck you." How's that?
Am I allowed to say that.
If that's how you feel.
Yes, it is.
I'm sure there's a nicer
way of saying that,
but it would weaken
the point.
I appreciate that.
In full transparency,
I don't think
I'll be able to use
that for the edit.
Okay, how about this.
The suffering you feel,
makes you forget about time.
It's so overwhelming that
the concept of the future
is lost on you.
And a moment of pain,
intense pain,
becomes an eternity.
So ask yourself if you,
if you had to choose between
an eternity of pain
or dying on your own terms,
what would you choose?
Can you use that?
We can use that.
All right.
- So, did you get
everything you need?
- Yes, we did,
it went really well.
She was great,
you were both great.
- So, how long does it take
to put this thing together?
A week, at most.
I'll send you both
a link when it's ready.
Oh, she won't be around then.
If I'm not being too bold,
may I ask when?
We had planned for today.
Something about today
makes it so much more real.
Tell me about it.
- I'm sure you're aware there
are spousal support groups,
and our foundation runs
weekly meetings you could--
- I've done the research,
I've read all about it.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- All right
if I say goodbye to Mary?
Of course, yes.
It's okay,
this is what I want.
You guys are really brave
for doing this.
It doesn't feel brave.
Feels like we've run
out of options, really.
- Well, I just meant
being on camera.
A lot of people
are gonna see this.
Makes a difference.
You know, our last piece
had over 10 million views.
Wow I didn't realize that.
Sir, it was an honor
to meet you and your wife.
- She's pretty special,
isn't she?
Yeah, she sure is.
- Thank you for sharing
your story with us.
- No, thank you
for helping us share it.
- Ted.
- You forget something?
- You said it was today.
- Yeah.
- Do you want me to stay?
- No, no, no.
It's not about what I want.
Mary has been real specific
about it being just us.
And I'm okay with it.
Look, I'm gonna be
right around the corner.
Like five minutes
from here, really, so,
you just call me
and I can just come over.
I'll be so close, please.
Pain steady now?
I'm ready, honey.
Are you sure?
You want another cup of tea,
a piece of your favorite cake?
It's time.
I'll go get everything.
I love you.
Oh, I love you too.
You're gonna be okay.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll be okay.
You deserve this.
Are you, ready?
Yeah, I'm ready.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait a minute.
What, what is it?
- Can, can you just
explain to me how it works?
Honey, you said
you didn't wanna know.
- I changed my mind,
I do wanna know.
I wanna know
how it works, okay?
I put the bag over your head.
Completely over my head.
That's right.
I put the bag over your head,
and then I secure it
at the base
with a rubber band
to prevent any oxygen
from coming in.
And what about the gas?
You put a hole in there?
- No, I just slip it
underneath the bag's opening.
The rubber band will
hold it in place.
So, how long does it take?
- The body has an
involuntary urge to breathe.
And with no oxygen
in the bag,
me pumping the gas in,
should be
a matter of seconds they say,
till you're unconscious.
A second?
It could take a minute or so.
It should be painless.
That sounds nice.
- I heard that,
people found like this
look like they went
Oh, God!
What I put you through, making
you read about all this shit.
Oh, it's okay, baby.
I'm just blessed
to have had you in my life,
all to myself,
for all these years.
The bag.
Okay, sweetheart,
breathe out all of your air.
There's somethings wrong,
I can breathe.
Oh, oh, Ted,
what did you do?
What did you do?
What happened,
what the hell happened?
Oh, God...
Come one, come on,
come on...
Oh, Jesus!
Oh God,
I hope it happens fast.
Oh... what?
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
Oh, no, no...
No, don't leave me,
don't leave me alone.
Hey, Mom.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Thank you, Mom.
- I hope it's not
too early, honey.
- No, no it's not too early,
I was just
going for a walk before work.
Where are you walking?
I'm at the park.
No I'm just, thinking
about birthday stuff.
Getting older, being single,
what it all means.
- I hate when you worry
like that, sweetheart.
I know.
You know, I was actually
thinking about that story.
Remember that time
Dad took me here
when I was really little?
Oh, God!
Hey Mom, it's me.
Sorry my phone died.
I guess I forget
to plug it in last night
before I went to bed.
You scared me honey,
I couldn't
call you back.
I know, Mom, I'm sorry.
Are you at work then?
No, I'm back home.
I decided to call in sick.
I'm gonna take a,
you know, day for myself,
maybe watch a movie
or something.
- You should make
yourself a nice breakfast.
You always loved a good
omelet on your birthday.
I wish I were around
to make it for you.
Yeah, me too.
Fifteen to four.
Yup, right on schedule.
It was when the grave
diggers started their path,
that strange things
began to take place.
Are you the guy
I spoke with on the phone?
Yes, we spoke on the phone.
When you said you had
the license plate
I thought that meant
you wrote it down
or you took a picture
of it or--
Does that make a difference?
So where should we uh...
Table's fine.
- The car is registered
to a Sonia Isaacs.
She bought it three years ago
with her husband Chuck's money.
He's a litigation attorney.
They've been married six years,
no kids.
They vacation, mostly in
tropical places, twice a year,
recently Bora Bora.
She volunteers
at an animal shelter.
She's on the board
of a charity.
She was pulled over
for a DUI
but her husband
had it dismissed.
Might be the reason
for the crash.
I just wanted an address.
- If you just wanted
the address,
you wouldn't have called me.
You could have got the address
with a couple of clicks
and 20 bucks.
I wish I knew that before
I paid you your fee.
- I guess the word
"information" means
different things
to different people.
I guess it does.
- Look, before
you get buyer's remorse,
I'm gonna give you
a bug kit, here.
What is this?
- All you need is a little bit
of double sided sticky tape,
you just stick it under a
desk or a chair or whatever.
The battery lasts
five to 15 days
depending on how much audio
you have to be disseminated.
So how does thing work?
Do I have to get
a receiver and be parked
outside her
home or something?
No, no, no.
This is basically
a simple cellphone.
There's a little opening here,
where you have a SIM card.
It's prepaid.
You can get it at any
convenience store or online.
When it hears conversation
it calls you,
and you just listen in.
That's all you have to do.
You gotta be shitting me.
- Here, I've already programmed
your number into it.
I turned it on.
Say something.
Okay, testing one, two, three.
You should hear my voice now.
Is it coming through okay?
Well, that's terrifying.
- What I would suggest,
is that you put it in your contacts
with a name that
you're gonna remember,
so when it calls,
you'll pick it up.
- What else do you have
that I might need?
I have everything.
Do you have any questions?
Yeah, these lock picks,
are they tough
to learn how to use?
- Just takes a minute.
Plenty of videos online
that will walk you through it.
Anything else?
Can you get me a gun?
What kind?
I don't know.
- When you figure it out,
give me a call.
Chuck, did I tell you
about the garbage disposal?
No, what?
They didn't fix it?
So the warranty guy quoted us
around $430 to fix it.
Is he insane?
You can get a brand-new one
for 80 bucks.
Come on, Chuck,
I'm not in the mood.
I'm just not
in the mood tonight.
you're never in the mood
when we start,
but when we get into it,
come on.
I know, I know,
but I'm just really tired.
What's the matter?
Did you sleep funny
in your neck?
Hey, can you take
a look at my car today?
It's making a noise.
What the hell am I gonna do? I'm not a mechanic.
Do we really have to go
to that stupid fundraiser?
Why can't we just
send a check?
Cause I'm on the
board and I have to go.
Can I at least
expect to get laid
at the end of the night?
I think we could
make a deal.
Come on, you said.
Do you have any
idea how exhausted I am?
For our next vacation
we should
try something different,
like Greece.
Baby, did I tell you what Anna
said to me today?
I swear if I have to deal
with another one of these
stupid in-house council
jerk offs.
I really like
this new trainer at the gym.
I love you so much.
Oh, baby, I love you.
Oh, that's so good.
You love me?
Stop it, stop!
Stop it,
like serious, seriously.
- Would you mind locking
the deadbolt, please?
Actually, why don't you
raise your hands up for me?
You can just let the mail and
the keys fall to the ground,
that's okay.
And the deadbolt.
Won't you come over here,
have a seat
on the couch, get comfortable.
That's right.
Husband Chuck
will be home in a minute
or two right?
I just wanna have
a little chat
with the two of you
then I'll be on my way.
Do me a favor, close the
door behind you and lock it.
What is this?
You don't have to get hostile.
Everything is okay, Chuck.
Everybody is calm,
especially me.
Just lock the door.
Come on in here, have a seat.
Nice and slow.
Now for everybody's safety,
I need to make sure
you keep your hands
where I can see them
at all times.
On your knees is fine,
be comfortable.
Is this about money?
Is that what you want?
- You probably
don't remember me, do you?
Poor choice of words, I
should have said recognize.
Last time you saw me
we didn't exactly meet
and probably... I don't
think I was looking too hot.
- There are no drugs
in this house of any kind.
- Chuck, I appreciate what
you're trying to do there,
but it would
really be a big help
if you could just stay
quiet a few more minutes.
It would really
speed things along.
Your wife, Sonia,
hit me with her car
a few weeks ago.
Right outside the park.
I was just walking down
the street, she ran me over.
It was my birthday.
- Honey,
what's he talking about?
- Yeah, I figured
she didn't tell you.
It hasn't come up
in any conversations.
But she forgot about this.
Now the hit, I can forgive.
I'm guessing that
was an accident.
But, after that
she got back in her car,
turned on the engine
and drove away.
Leaving me there
to die in the street
like I was
some kind of roadkill.
- You don't look
like you're hurt?
Yeah, that's the thing.
I thought I was dead.
Or at least about to die.
And then, don't ask me how,
I felt just fine.
Only I haven't been able
to eat or sleep since then.
And I know that sounds
like an exaggeration
but I mean it quite literally.
When you don't eat or sleep,
your days get pretty long.
I find that nothing really
affects me anymore.
I don't have any ambition,
or drive
for anything at all.
Except balance.
Is there anything I can do?
I bugged your house.
Wanted to get to know the two
of you a little bit better.
You'll find a microphone thing,
taped to the back
of your nightstand.
I gotta say, you two have
a pretty great, normal life.
Like the kind of life I'd wished
I had, before all of this.
You were just never
going to tell him.
So I had to.
That's why I'm here.
To let him know
exactly who he's married to,
a murderer.
Yeah, I think,
that's all I have to say.
Don't do anything stupid.
Are you okay?
Of course
we're going to the police.
- But I ran him over Chuck,
I did.
I ran him over
and I just left him there.
- Sonia, you saw him,
he's fine!
- No, he's neck
was snapped, okay.
It was broken,
it was clearly broken.
You were probably drunk,
you don't know what you saw.
I wasn't drunk, okay.
I do, I know what I saw.
Well he's fine now, okay?
We're going to the police.
We're gonna report this.
He had a gun
in our house, Sonia!
He could come back.
So I'm gonna go
get the bug, all right,
you get the license plate.
A gun, Sonia!
Go start the car, I'm gonna
call Jim from the DA's office.
Yeah Jim, it's Chuck.
Look, I've got a little
issue and I need to come
into your office
and talk to you about it.
No, I can't tell you
over the phone.
No, I can't.
- Oh, my God,
oh, my God!