Immortals (2011) Movie Script

All men's souls are immortal,
but the souls of the righteous
are immortal and divine.
My oracle ... what vision did you dream?
Titans... unleashed.
By whom?
King Hyperion.
He seeks the Bow of Epirus to rule over mankind.
We must pray.
When this world was still young
long before man or beast roamed
these lands,
Immortals: The War gods
There was a war in the Heavens.
Immortals, once thought
incapable of death,
discovered they had the power to kill one another.
Lost in this war,
was a weapon of unimaginable power:
The Epirus Bow.
The victors declared themselves Gods.
While the vanquished were renamed Titans
and forever imprisoned within the
bowels of Mount Tartarus.
Eons passed,
Mankind flourished...
..And the great war receeded from memory.
But the evil that once was...
...has reemerged.
Hyperion is here. He comes for me.
We must go now.
GREECE, 1228 BC.
Stop! You cannot enter here. This is sacred ground!
Sacred for whom?
What do you want with us?
Where is the virgin Oracle?
Defile this house further and
you will risk the wrath of the gods.
The Gods...
The Gods? Go ahead, call upon them.
Pray... Ask for their help...
Pray to the same Gods
who idly stood by
as my wife and my children
were stricken by disease.
I too have cried to the Heavens
for help.
But instead of mercy,
I was met with silence
and the retched sight of my family
suffering like animals...
...until their deaths.
Your gods will no longer mock me!
I will release the Titans.
It's not too late
to end this madness.
Salvation can be yours,
if you wish it.
Let me enlighten you, Priest.
I will end the reign of Gods.
Kolpos Peninsula
You wield that axe well, Theseus.
Maybe some day,
we'll see you use that same determination to find a wife.
- Are you conspiring with my mother now?
- She worries about you.
There is no need to worry about me.
You know being a warrior is not just being able to strike your opponent down with a sword.
It's finding good reason to draw your sword in the first place.
I draw my sword
to protect those that I love.
- What about the others?
- They turned their backs on me.
The weak, the defenseless?
Whose going to protect them?
Be careful, too much worry will make you an old man. - LOL
Last lights for the Holy Labyrinth!
Let the ancestors rest in peace.
Another accident?
Theseus, maybe one day you will join me in prayer.
Ask the Gods to grant me grandchildren
before I'm too old.
Mother, the gods are children stories,
My spear is not.
You know, mother,
It takes more than lighting candles
to make babies.
Besides the priest wears a ridiculous hat.
- Mother, stay here.
- Theseus...
Fellow Helariks, It is with great concern that I stand before you.
The Heraklion king, Hyperion,
has seized the Sybelline monastery.
He is only a day's march from here.
We must to evacuate this village immediately!
Quiet, please!
Villagers! We stand no chance!
We stand no chance!
He is delirious from battle.
We ask every man, woman and child
gather your belongings,
and leave for Mount Tartarus.
Seek refuge behind the safety of the Great Wall.
There, you will be protected.
Anyone that needs more time,
the old, the infirm,
will be escorted in a days' time.
Get ready for departure!
You're with the wrong party.
- Is this not the caravan traveling to Tartarus?
- It is.
But you will not be traveling among us.
- Go in the morning with your own kind.
- My kind?
Peasants & undesirables travel tomorrow.
My kind's blood is the
same color as yours.
Should I spill some to prove it?
What happens here?
This bastard
and the whore mother... FIGHT!!!
Fall back!
- Put the sword down!
- I will not!
- Kill him!
- Try and he dies first!
What is it that you want, brother?
It seems as though my kind
travel in the morning.
I want them to have a proper escort.
Move again, and I will bury this in your skull!
- What's your name?
- Theseus.
Now is not the time for violence Theseus.
Let him go.
Only if I have your word
the rest of the village will be protected.
You have my word.
I will leave capable men for the caravan tomorrow.
- Kill this traitor! - I will not have a spectacle!
Restrain him! Get him outta my sight!
Save your blood lust for Heraklion veins, Theseus.
Join our ranks.
You have been trained well.
I had a good teacher.
I could use a man of your skill at my side to defeat Hyperion's legions.
Why would I serve you?
You would have so easily abandoned us...
Let's go, Mother.
Lysander, you are no longer part of this army.
Relinquish your shield and your spear and remain here
to travel with the peasants tomorrow.
- But you saw him...
- It is done.
See you later.
Where are your things, old man?
Are you not prepared for the march?
Such odysses were meant for the young people and expectant. Not for a worn out old goat like me.
Please reconsider.
You know staying here is suicide.
If the Heraklians show up
at least I'll be spared a slow death.
From what I understand, indecision is not their style.
You are mad.
Just tired...
It's not living as such that's important Theseus.
It's living rightly.
They fight with a ferocity
unlike anything I've seen.
Almost as if they could see in the darkness.
It's always suited them.
You speak as if they are not human.
There are human.
They're Heraklians, they bleed just as we do.
The only difference is they fight for a belief
which allows them to kill without restraint.
That is why they will win.
- I thought Helios ordered you disarmed.
- He did.
Reveal yourself...
Reveal yourself.
- Father...
- Athena...
- Zeus...
- No need for formalities.
None of the other gods are looking? Are they?
When you walked through here just now,
you actually looked like a father...
...or maybe a grandfather.
We must tread carefully here,
heed the law.
None of the mortals on earth should witness us in our immortal form.
But father, you've come dangerously close.
You have been influencing the boy Theseus for years.
It is one of them,
never as a god.
Only as his friend.
Why him?
He does not fear danger.
No pain, defeat or ridicule.
He fears only the failure to defend that which he holds so dear.
His loved ones.
If there is one human who can
lead them against Hyperion,
It would be Theseus.
But it must be his choice.
He defected. He wants to meet the king.
You are a defector from what I understand.
- Yes, my king.
- I am not your king.
But... I wish you to be.
But you are a traitor by definition, are you not?
What would I want with a traitor? In my midst.
I can you tell of a village, that lies unprotected,
where you can gather young women...
I have plenty of women.
- Slaves and weaponry...
- I have plenty of weapons.
What I want is the Epirus Bow.
Like this monastery, I have moved every
precious stone you people have worshipped upon...
...and I have yet to find it.
Have you ever met a Sybelline monk, traitor?
The monks of his order are unwavering in their obedience to the virgin oracle.
With the right prodding, the
Oracle can see where the bow rests.
Couldn't she Monk?
Tell me where she is.
I know your faith, Monk.
Sybellines are forbidden to take a life under any circumstance.
Even their own.
You have no choice
but to tell me what I want to know.
A monk can be made to talk with or without his tongue.
Give him to the beast Make him tell you where the oracle is being kept.
- Do you have any children?
- Not yet.
A man's seed can be his most brutal weapon.
For generations, your people
will stare into the eyes of their sons
and they will see my likeness.
I will be remembered in every glance,
every smile, every tear that is shed for eternity.
But before your baptism,
Understand that you are not drawn here
to my flame... on instinct.
You're here because you are a coward.
and the world does not need anymore cowards.
So I shall do this world a great favor.
And mark you as one of us.
And rid you of the ability to populate the earth.
Although you will not hear them,
Your forefathers weep in their graves.
For the future of their bloodline
ends with you here tonight.
Old man?
Old man!
Your anger moves you Theseus.
You must learn to master your emotions.
Rhythm, Theseus, rhythm.
- Noooooooooo! - Huh?
Witness hell!
Not him.
Give him to the jailer.
He can work in the salt mines.
His pain has just begun.
Hyperion's legions show no mercy.
They have destroyed every holy shrine in
their quest for the Epirus Bow.
It is only a matter of time before they find it.
I've noticed their king takes the greatest
care with women that carry a child.
And personally sees to their slaughter.
He ventures to eradicate the Hellenic future.
They honor no rules of engagement.
At least, thus far.
Effective? Cowardly.
That may be,
But the Hellenics have yet to adapt.
- And until they do...
- Isn't it time to intervene Zeus?
How can you stomach bearing witness such atrocities
whilst doing nothing?
I obey the law!
No God shall interfere in the affairs of man.
Unless the titans are released.
If we are to expect mankind to have faith in us...
then we must have faith in them.
We must allow them to use their own free-will.
And what if they unearth the Bow?
If any of you come to the aid man
or otherwise influence the
affairs of mankind as a God,
the punishment will be death.
- Who are they?
- The Virgin Oracles!
The Heraklians must have found the temple.
- You don't know of them?
- I don't.
I wouldn't mind knowing them all for a night.
When cloudless skies thunder,
stand fast!
- You are a thief?
- I am a thief my lady.
Were it not for these chains,
I would steal your heart.
Tonight, we must flee this place.
Whichever is strong enough to fight,
- And that man there.
- He didn't even go for the water.
He won't make it to morning.
Just be ready.
Stay apart!
Get inside!
Stay alive...
My Oracle...
You were presented with vision.
What have you seen?
Slave by the water.
He is touched by the Gods.
If he embraces Hyperion,
all of Greece will be destroyed.
Summon the guards.
Only one of them is the true Oracle.
They say that she is pure...
The others are there
to protect her identity.
The virgin Oracle is blessed
with visions of the future.
- If she were to be violated?
- The prophecy would be corrupted.
What a waste...
- Halt!
- Keys!
We'll take care of guards. Run!
You should get some sleep.
You know I am stronger than I look.
I'll be fine.
Perhaps you have trouble sleeping...
..Because you are haunted
by your visions.
A warrior who reads minds...
Some people do consider my visions to be a gift.
A gift?
How can they be considered a gift?
You can see the future,
But you do not have the power to change it.
Why would you do such a thing?
You risked your life
to save a complete stranger.
Only faithless man would ask such a question.
My mother was woman of faith.
And her Gods were absent when she needed them the most.
As was I...
So we both mourn?
You, for what has past,
and I, what is to come.
What happened to them?
I gave an order for them not to be touched.
They tried to flee, my king.
Seven of our best men were killed in the struggle.
Seven of your best men,
killed by women?
I wish to know where the Epirus Bow rest.
Which of you can tell me this?
Which of you is the true Oracle?
If I am forced to search you out by other means,
you will experience disomfort.
Discomfort unique to your gender.
So you tell me
which one of you is her.
I am the one you seek.
No, it is I.
I am the one you seek.
The other one said the same thing.
They all claim to be the Oracle.
- The other one?
- Yes, my king.
- The other one? What other one?
- There were four of them.
One of them escaped...
..With a group of slaves
from the watering hole.
- Mondragon?
- Sire.
Find the one that escaped.
Bring her to me alive!
The Dark seas...
These waters are thick with oil.
- and the boat?
- It's a Heraklian merchant ship.
Our best bet is to ambush it
and head south.
- South is not our journey.
- Well it is for me.
From what I hear,
the women down there can get to the meat of a Malakian chestnut with only their tongues.
Shall you and I test the limits of that desire, my dear?
The gods have given me vision.
Yet all you do is dream of your appetites
I would rather follow my appetites
than to follow
hallucinations of a harlot.
- She's a high priestess.
- It doesn't matter to me?
A priestess or whore, I'm heading south.
Was it something I said?
Well friend? What will it be?
South with me,
Or will you follow... the lady?
I'm taking that ship north
to Hyperion's camp at the monastery.
Your saviour sounds a lot like a mad man to me, Your highness.
Personally, I would rather fight with a madman, than against him.
Are you minding this?
That is the mortal your father so extolls, is it not?
And he is with the Oracle.
Poseidon, if Zeus were to suspect you,
we will come to your defense.
I thought you said this was a merchant ship!
I guess I was wrong!
The sea has forever been an
unpredictable domain...
When the cloudless skies thunders, stand fast!
- We have to jump now!
- Stand fast!
You knew that wave would save us.
What I see is only a glimmer
of what may come to pass.
Your actions & desires shape what lies ahead.
What else have you seen?
A body wrapped in a shroud, on a rock.
You holding the Epirus Bow and...
embracing Hyperion.
Impossible! I would not embrace
He killed my mother.
Your mother?
Was she given a proper burial?
No. She still lies where
Hyperion cut her down.
Then you must bury your mother.
Her faith demands it.
- I do not believe in the gods.
- But she believed.
She believed, Theseus.
You must return to your village.
- Have you found the Oracle?
- We did my lord.
But our men were lost before we could recover her.
A storm swept them to sea.
And the Oracle? Did she survive?
She travels towards Kolpos with the slaves.
She could be leading them to the Bow.
Send the beast to Kolpos.
We will go to Tartarus.
- Mondragon!
- Sire...
You stay here.
Set an ambush in the pit.
I'm sorry
I couldn't protect you mother.
But I promise you our family name
will not die with me.
Hyperion's legions are
gathering at Tartarus.
That is where Hellenes will fall.
That future is not set.
But likely.
It will be a slaughter.
You have no faith.
That is true, Darius.
But not always.
When I was just a boy,
I prayed to the gods for a horse
The gods never answered me,
so I stole one instead.
We are surrounded by heathens!
It's alright.
It's alright, Theseus.
What happened to me?
Your arm. You were poisoned.
Where are the others?
They're putting Darius body to rest.
She was right.
For all those years, I doubted it.
I doubted their existence.
Your mother's death
was not in vain, Theseus.
It was fate that brought you back... for the Bow.
With that in your hands Theseus,
it will bring Hellenus victory.
You were right, Theseus.
My visions are a curse.
I want to see the world
through my own eyes,
and feel with my own heart
and to touch with my own flesh.
Hey monk!
I did some "shopping" last night.
Good weapon, huh?
Good to see you're still alive.
- I was worried that cow got the best of you.
- He almost did.
She saved my life.
Looks like she did more than that.
Just because you have that bow,
doesn't mean I'm gonna treat you any differently.
Good. We march to the monastery.
We have a war to fight.
Mount Tartarus
The faithful believe the Titans are still buried deep within the mountains.
The Great Wall is the Hellenecs only hope
against your army.
Originally, there was a dam,
but the Hellenecs have since adapted it.
No one could have anticipated
the enemy you have become.
How many are there?
How many have made it here, Your Majesty.
I'm not sure.
- How many?
- I'm not sure, Your Majesty.
- 800.
- And the gate?
weighing over 12 tons.
It was designed to be
impenetrable, your majesty.
Have you known of a gate
designed to be anything but?
Go be of service somewhere else.
Where is he?!
I thought Hyperion was suppose to be camped here.
We should continue.
Tartarus is another two days
along this ridge.
What is that sound?
Stay down! Stavros, help me!
Stay down!
My sisters!
My sisters!
They're in the bull!
No! My sisters!
I am the Oracle!
- I am the Oracle.
- I'm also looking for.
I am Oracle...
Theseus! They are still here.
Wait! Monk!
It's a trap!
Do not stop until you reach Tartarus.
The horses will run
until their hearts give out.
Hyperion will soon have the Bow. Leave!
Forgive me, Father!
I only broke the law
to protect the mortal.
No God will ever again come to your aid!
You are on your own!
Do you understand, mortal?
I have faith in you, Theseus.
Prove me right!
Lead your people!
The horse I prayed for when I was a boy.
What is wrong with them?
They're dying.
- Where are the men?
- They have yet to return, sire.
What does the sign on the bird tell you?
The Gods...
- They came from above.
- The Gods?
They appeared
and laid waste to the men, my king.
The Gods...
They protected the slave who
travels with the Oracle.
The Gods fight on their behalf, sire.
If the men hear of this,
there will be panic.
I know...
In peace,
sons bury their fathers.
In war,
fathers bury their sons.
Are we at war, father?
I have important information
for the Council.
Theseus! I know this man.
Let him through.
I hope you've come to join the fight.
Where's the army?
Tell me about the slave.
He's from your village, is he not?
- Answer me!
- Yes.
He was a peasant.
As was I.
- Forgive me, Your Majesty. I meant no...
- Quiet.
And his family?
His mother was raped
by some villagers.
Nobody would marry her.
He was a bastard.
And his name?
- Theseus.
- Very well. I'll talk to him.
Helios tells me
that you have information useful to us.
Hyperion is in possession
of the Epirus Bow.
- The Epirus Bow?
- Yes, the weapon forged by Hercules.
I heard the same stories you did as a child.
Gods in living in the clouds
and Titans buried in rocks...
Listen! I was a disbeliever
just like you are.
But the Epirus Bow exists.
I understand that there are many Hellenecs
who put great faith in the myths and the gods,
but we in the Hellenac Council do not.
They are metaphors son,
nothing more.
We are a society of laws
based on negotiation and reason.
If you try to negotiate with Hyperion, you will be the death os us all.
If I were to accept your council,
Theseus from Kolpos, what would it be?
Seal the gates
and prepare for war!
We have Happolyt battalions returning,
We can not seal the gates.
No one will return!
We are the last!
I'm sure you'll understand
if I do not accept the advice
of an alluring palm reader
and her peasant lover.
Sir, a Heraklian envoy approaches.
There, you see? No ruler
wishes for war.
They only wish to be taken seriously
at the bargaining table.
Alert the Council
and prepare a delegation.
Remain still,
or we will be forced to fire upon you!
extend your arms outward!
He bears the olive branch
of peace.
My king wishes to speak
with the one called Theseus from Kolpos.
Hyperion's envoy desires a word with you.
Like the vision.
He sends for you with arms open.
- Seeking an embrace of loyalty.
- Phaedra...
Have you never been wrong?
We can't protect you beyond this gate.
I am Theseus!
Come closer.
I have a message for you.
Don't risk it.
At worst, you lose a peasant.
- Better?
- Yes.
Why do you cover your face?
All are equal in
Hyperion's midst.
I myself am only a vessel for
of his demands, nothing more.
- And he ask me by name?
- Indeed he does.
And how does he know it?
Theseus, there is little the king
does not know.
He knows that you have no father, and like him,
you were cast aside by your very own people.
Does he know of my rage?
Does he know that I live only to see
his blood on the end of my sword?
Does he know that he butchered my mother?
Now that, he's seen your face, he knows.
You wouldn't make it.
Embrace me, Theseus.
They will never give you a say at their table.
But you could sit at the head of mine.
Long after this war is over,
My mark will be left on
this world forever.
The sun will never set
on my blood, Theseus.
This is what I offer you, immortality.
Deeds are eternal, not the flesh.
The Gods may be on your side, but tomorrow...
..I unleash the Titans.
- What was discussed?
- Seal the gate.
- What were his demands?
- Seal the gate.
He is Theseus?
- That was him, wasn't it?
- I was that close!
I don't know if I can do
what Zeus asks me.
By doubting, one comes to truth, Theseus.
The gods chose well.
Sir! There is movement on the front.
What is he holding?
A Bow!
Fall back!
Do not go back! Hold!
Listen to me!
Who are you to tell us what to do?
I am nobody to tell you what to do!
I am Theseus, a good man.
One of you,
I share your blood
and I share your fear!
But to run now,
we offer our souls
and the souls of our children
to a terrible darkness.
Hold! We must stand and fight!
Their numbers count for nothing in the tunnel!
Stand your ground!
Stand your ground!
In formations!
Just because they have scold
their faces and scarred their bodies,
does not mean they are braver or stronger than we are.
They are cowards!
They hide behind their masks!
There are human and they bleed like you and I.
Listen to me!
Stand your ground!
Fight for honor!
Fight for the man beside you,
fight for those who bore you!
Fight for your children!
Fight for your future!
Fight for your name! Survive!
..For immortality!
Let us write history with Heraklian blood!
King Hyperion...
We can negotiate.
I see no reason to...
Where are you?
Theseus of Kolpos!
- Where is your king?
- He is not king!
Stavros, the shrine!
Theseus, I'm right behind you!
Phaedra! Stay in the shrine!
I got the Bow!
I got the Bow!
I'll hold them back!
- Stavros...
- Get out!
I got the bow!
I'll hold them while I can!
Get out of here, now!
Which one of you comes for me huh?
None of you
will not leave this place.
Leave here!
This is no longer your fight!
Find Hyperion!
Die with your gods.
Do not forsake my kind.
What does it feel like knowing...
..knowing that there will be no memory of you?
I've won.
My death, will make me
a legend.
And my deeds...
..Will go down in history!
I'm writing your history.
Do it!
This is your last embrace, Hyperion.
Look at me!
Look at me!
I am the last thing...
..You will ever see.
Witness hell!
All men's souls are immortal,
But the souls of the righteous
are immortal and divine.
Once an faithless man,
Theseus gave his life
to save mankind,
and earned a place amongst the gods.
They rewarded his bravery
with a gift:
a son, Acamas.
Don't be afraid of your visions, little one.
- What's your name?
- Acamas.
A strong name...
I knew your father.
He was a very brave man.
..It will be your time.
My time for what?
The fight against evil
never ends, Acamas.
War is coming to the Heavens.
And your father will be there.
Fighting for your future.
- How quickly he's grown!
- I know.
Who was that son?
Just an old man...