Impact Earth (2015) Movie Script


News of the impending meteor strike
has caused widespread
panic across the nation.
Reports of mass looting,
riots, and fires
have been triggered by warnings
issued by a NASA scientist
that the world may end
if this giant asteroid hits the planet.

Traffic has ground to a halt
as people try to flee to safety.
All main arteries in and out
of major metropolitan areas
are literally parking lots.
[MAN] Find security, find Tim Harrison.
Stop him in the parking
lot if you have to.
Stop Harrison before he leaves.
Don't let him get away.
Hey, hey!
Hey, wait a second!
Stop! Hey!
Damn it, come on!
- Hello, Clay.
- What the hell were you thinking, Tim?
Did you really expect me
to sit on my hands
and let half the
southeast go down?
I'm sorry, not on my watch.
It wasn't your decision.
NEO has protocols,
you know that.
My protocol is saving lives.
Your job is to track asteroids.
Not to report an unsubstantiated
impact probability to CNN.
Clay, we're talking a "five"
on the Torino Scale here.
This thing's as big
as a football field
and traveling forty times
the speed of sound.
The public has a right to know.
At what cost?
You've started
a widespread panic.
Cities are on
the verge of utter chaos.
There are reports
of looting and rioting.
I ran the data ten times.
Your data could be wrong.
A good algorithm never lies, Clay.
Especially mine.
All right, you know what?
That IAU report was confidential.
You violated National Security.
This is National Security!
Right here, right now!
You know, instead
of arguing with me,
maybe you should go home
to your family.
You know what, Tim?
It's out of my hands.
All right, tell me how bad it is.
The porosity composition...
Damn it.
You ready, baby?
- I'm so scared.
- It's okay.
- We're gonna be okay.
- Okay.
Come on, buddy.
Daddy, is the sky really falling?
Well, part of it is, buddy.
But by the time that happens,
we're gonna be safe, okay?
Here we go.
We have so much more
stuff upstairs.
We haven't got time for that.
What about Mike and Teresa?
They've got seven hours to
get out of the impact zone.
Can you strap him in?
How's that? Is that too tight?
A federal warrant has been issued
for the arrest of NEO
scientist Tim Harrison
for violating National Security.
His report of a Doomsday...
Okay, he's asleep.
If this is the end, I'm so glad
we're together as a family.
We're gonna be okay.
But I wouldn't want
to be with anybody else.
It's so beautiful out here.
Yeah, Herb likes his solitude.
He has a much better view
of the stars out here.
He's eccentric.
Yeah, he is.
But Herb's basically
just a regular guy.
Like me.
Yeah. Just like you.
[CHUCKLES] Except that
he's a billionaire,
and has a satellite company.
And a fallout shelter.
[WOMAN ON THE RADIO] The government
has issued warnings for everyone
to try to seek shelter
underground wherever possible.
[MAN ON THE RADIO] The asteroid
has caused widespread panic
throughout much
of the United States.
Herb, we're here.
We're continuing our report
on a giant asteroid
that will impact Earth
within the next thirty minutes.
Thanks for this.
Hey, you're my little
brother, you know?
Ah, Stella,
even under these circumstances
you look ravishing.
You're so sweet.
Remember Herbert?
You're not my dad's brother.
Well, actually, Herb is what
they call a "big brother".
Yeah, well that's you know,
because your-your dad
didn't have a big brother
when he was growing up.
- I've got this, I've got this.
- Thank you.
I have it.
Yeah, we better
get underground now
because in about eighteen minutes
these puppies are gonna
light up the sky.
Should be quite a show,
Okay, bear with me.
I'm still doing some construction.
Yeah, yeah, hand me the weapon.
Alright, good.
Ah grab your gear,
I'll figure out where to stow it.
See, I got these bedrooms are
still a work in progress.
This is nice, Herb.
It's bigger than I expected.
Yeah, I call it the Waldorf.
Uh, kitchen in there
and store room.
And this is kind
of general living,
or will be general living
area, rec room.
You gotta use your imagination
of course, but...
And here is Mission Control.
I repeat, take shelter and stay there.
Asteroid C816 will be entering
Earth's atmosphere within seconds.
This is a live NASA space feed.
Impact should occur in
approximately three minutes.
Here we go.
What's going on?
It's a damn meteoroid cluster.
I must have misinterpreted the
porosity and composition data.
We're now going to Dr. Clay Adams,
uh, NASA's Director of NEO,
The Near Earth Object
Observation Program.
Dr. Adams,
can you explain
what just happened?
[DR. ADAMS] Yes, this supposed
killer asteroid was nothing more
than a group of meteoroids
bound together by gravity
most of which will burn up
in our atmosphere
long before ever reaching Earth.
And those that don't?
There will be limited fallout,
although hardly
the national catastrophe
that had been
erroneously predicted.
[HERB] Oh, now they'll
have to discredit you
to cover their own
bureaucratic butts.
[REPORTER] So you're saying Earth
is no longer in any danger?
Earth was never in danger,
which NEO had asserted
from the very beginning.
People would be wise
not to scare the public
with such claims in the future.
I regret the untold consequences
caused by the needless
alarm that was sounded.
Everyone's gonna be okay.
- Okay, thank you Dr. Adams.
- You're welcome.
Unfortunately, though,
that's not the case.
Reports of looting and rioting have
apparently left three people dead.
- Oh, my God.
- We will have more information on that
- Oh, my God.
- when it becomes available.
Tim, you made the right call.
NEO had no idea they were
dealing a cluster.
I would have made
the same assessments
if I were in your shoes,
and that's the truth.
What does this mean?
Meteoroids enter Earth's
the atmosphere every day.
Thousands of them.
Most weight only a few milligrams,
so we don't even notice.
In fact, astronomers estimate
that over seven hundred tons
of space debris land
on this planet every week.
But little, if none of it,
comes from Bode's Galaxy.
Now why is that? Hmm?
Because it's too far away?
Wrong for two hundred dollars.
Anyone else?
Too close to the sun?
Wrong for three hundred bucks.
Come on, people.
Hello, texter in the third row. Hi.
Any answers?
The reason is because
it's a black hole.
- Kinda like you.
Knowledge gets sucked in,
nothing ever comes out.
At least I'm not teaching
at a second-rate college
'cause I got fired from NASA.
Glad to see you're actually
doing some sort of homework.
And yes, I was fired.
But by disparaging
this college as second-rate
you're not only insulting me,
you're insulting the rest
of your classmates
who all have very good grades
because they're not texting in class.
Another one bites the cosmic dust.
A reminder, the natural universe
can be a very dangerous place.
All right, that's it.
More on this tomorrow,
it's good stuff.
Now get outta here.
You're in a mood today.
Or is this just what happens
when you're java deprived?
All work and no coffee
make Tim a dull boy.
I ran out again this morning.
I'm still trying to work
on how to shop for one.
Hey, you were single
once in your life.
Don't remind me, Julia.
Still not worth letting Mr.
Texter get under your skin.
You know, maybe it's
just this time of year.
You're always mopey in May.
Me? Mopey?
Tim, I have been your T.A.
for three years
and your doctoral student for two.
Oh yes, May.
The month the proverbial
asteroid hit the fan.
Uh, and don't forget...
Shut off the lights
and grab the computers.
Thanks, you're the best.
I know what to do.
- Julia.
- Hey, Ian.
What are you doing here?
I'm really hoping I can get you
to join me tonight at the lake.
There's gonna be
a big bonfire, music.
It's gonna be a blast.
I'd really love it if you
came along with me.
I'm sorry, I can't.
My head is all wrapped
in my dissertation,
I've gotta input some new data.
And if I were there I probably
wouldn't be much fun.
All right. You know,
one of these nights
you're gonna come out with me
and we're gonna
have a great time. Deal?
Deal. Have a good time.
Julia, what are you doing here?
I have a dissertation to write.
And my roommate likes to party.
This place is quiet
and not Starbucks.
What's your excuse?
The department wants me to
publish if I want tenure.
I thought this might
be a good time
to start to reclaim my reputation.
Besides, I hate working
from my apartment.
- Well, if I'm interrupting...
- No, no.
I- I like the company.
Just keep it down over there.
I'm actually, I'm glad you're here.
Do you remember those two
NEO's I've been tracking
the last few months?
You mention the acronym
Near Earth Object
and I just stop listening.
It's better for my career.
Understood, but given you
are my academic advisor,
I need you to take a look at this.
If my calculations are correct,
and both asteroids maintain
their projected paths,
the gravitational pull of Venus
could nudge a smaller asteroid
from its current trajectory.
Asteroids get diverted all the time.
Well true, but this would
cause them to collide
redirecting the larger asteroid,
Triton Z32,
towards Earth.
It still seems like a big "if".
What makes you think
they're PHA's?
Oh, I ran all the probabilities.
Here, they're on the next page.
Triton Z32's almost four
kilometers in diameter.
That makes it half the size
of the asteroid
that killed off the dinosaurs.
If something that big hit,
it'd decimate the Earth.
I know.
And nobody's even tracking it.
I checked all
the online databases
for NEOshield,
Spaceguard, and NEODys.
And they're not on
the Sentry Risk Table?
Then your calculations
must be wrong.
If your theory
is even remotely possible,
someone has to know about it.
You know that nobody,
not even NASA,
can, can track every
rock in the sky.
Walk me through your hypothesis.
No. Uh, I'm just running a
little late, I'm on my way.
Yeah, okay.
Damn it.
I've got Nick,
I completely forgot.
I'm gonna have to fly.
I'll take a look
at this later, okay?
- Hey, buddy.
- Hey, Dad.
I guess you forgot,
just like Mom said.
Forgot? No way.
We got a date every
Wednesday night.
You think I'd blow off
my best bud?
Just got a little
preoccupied with work.
All right, what are we eating?
- Your call.
- Burgers.
Burgers, again?
Is that all you eat?
All right burgers it is.
That's Cygnus Xone, right?
I see you've been keeping up.
Some nights before bed I, uh,
check out your telescope.
Yeah. Reminds me
that you're still here.
You know, Herbert gave me that
telescope when I was thirteen
and he was Chief
Technologist at NASA.
You can have it back
if you want.
No, that's okay.
My apartment doesn't
have much of a view.
You can say that again.
So, is your mom still seeing Peter?
He's okay.
He's not you.
Well, it's been a long time
since I've been me, Nick,
which is why I don't blame her.
You know, your mom
was so proud of me
after we first got married.
She loved telling people
I worked at NASA.
Especially your grandpa,
who, truth be told,
wasn't my biggest fan.
Though he did come around.
You know what, I don't think
your mom even knew
what I did at my job.
But that didn't matter.
What mattered was
that she trusted me.
That I'd given her a future.
That I'd become someone that she
could always be proud of.
And in one day that all changed.
What I wouldn't give
to take that day back.
It's not like mom loves
Peter or anything.
Oh, and what would you
know about love?
Hey, I got game.
Oh, you do, do you?
I might even be able to
give you some pointers.
Is that so?
I mean, when you start dating.
And how do you know
I'm not already dating?
'Cause you still haven't
signed the divorce papers
and it's been almost a year.
Mom wanted me
to remind you again.
I haven't forgotten.
All right,
so same time next week?
If you haven't got anything on
this weekend, give me a call.
We can hang.
Did I just say that?
I'm sorry.
- Bye, Dad.
- See ya.
Hey. Your first class just started.
Oh, crap.
It's all right. Um, I can take over.
Not that.
It's your dissertation.
What? You-you-you think that...
It's remarkable.
I ran the numbers. I really
think you're onto something.
I'm gonna need a second opinion.
Can you get over to my class
while I make some calls?
Yeah, um thank you.
Don't thank me.
I really hope you're wrong.
So do I.
So what do you think?
Well, I must say, her findings
are very compelling.
Pretty impressive when you
consider that she's only
a 25 year old T.A.
I will, however, run my own
calculations for myself.
But I certainly hope this Julia
isn't attractive as well.
Why do you say that?
Well, brains and beauty,
that's a rare combination.
And it's always been
my weakness. [LAUGHS]
Not that you're Julia's type,
but you don't even have
time for the ladies.
You said so yourself.
But I can always dream,
though, can't I?
Well, I'm sorry
to disappoint you,
but Julia is definitely
easy on the eyes.
I knew it.
Say no more.
And since I'm out
of the picture,
I guess you should
you know uh...
Thanks. we're just friends.
Still Stella, huh?
[GRUNTS] Listen here,
if Julia is correct,
then we're facing an impact
event that could destroy
most of North America.
And be a global catastrophe
for the rest of the planet.
So you need to alert
the NEO, Tim.
You know I can't do that.
At least not yet.
Well, what are you going to do?
You ca... you can't sit on
all this information.
I'm gonna call in a favor.
From whom?
- You, big brother.
- Hmm?
I need more proof
before I go to Clay.
The weather satellites
don't show me enough.
And yours is the only company
that can get me a clear view
of the asteroid
belt's Region Nine.
Uh, now, now, hold on there,
Timmy boy, hold on.
Do you know how much it costs
to reprogram a satellite?
I mean, we're talking about
disrupting cell phone service
for thirty million people.
Not to mention,
I have stockholders and-and
a Board of Directors
that I must answer to.
Herbert, you won't have
a Board of Directors
if this asteroid hits.
Yeah, by God, you're right.
What are you doing?
I um,
I miss this part of my life.
Do you want to come in
and say goodnight to Nick?
Is that okay?
Hey buddy.
Oh, sorry, Dad.
Watch your mouth.
What're you doing?
Turning my dumb TV
into a smart TV.
Well just be careful,
this stuff's expensive.
Don't worry, Dad,
I know what I'm doing.
Okay, Mr. Fix It.
So what brings you
over here tonight?
I came here to see you.
And I gotta talk to your mom
about something important.
If it's about divorcing,
she still loves you, Dad.
Hey, I live with her.
I should know.
You okay?
No offense, but it seems like
you're on another planet.
Okay, Nicky,
you gotta go to bed.
Can I talk to you
for a second, outside?
Goodnight, Dad.
Goodnight, buddy.
Goodnight, Nicky.
[STELLA] Stop.
Are you hearing yourself?
You don't work for NASA anymore.
No, I'm aware of that.
Do you remember,
because I remember.
You lost your job,
we almost lost this house.
You almost went to prison.
Yes, yes I remember.
And I stood by you
for all those years,
even when you didn't
stand by yourself.
And you got booted.
Now you're a professor.
Just be happy with that,
can you?
Please don't do this.
Please don't.
Please don't do
this to our family.
Do you want to be that guy
and be blamed again?
I can't change you,
Nick can't change you.
Only you can.
And this is about you.
This was never about me, Stella.
It is.
You spend so much time
looking up in the stars
that you forget about what's
important right here on Earth.
Sign the divorce papers, Tim.
Couldn't sleep?
Something like that.
Me either.
Anymore from Herbert?
Not yet.
I'm hoping to hear
from him tonight.
I have to say, he's very
impressed with you.
And Herbert doesn't
get impressed easily.
Well the guy's a genius.
By age four he'd read the entire
"World Book" encyclopedia
cover to cover.
And by seven
he'd written a paper
on Newton's Law of Gravity.
Hmm. That every object has
an attractive force.
The closer the distance
Yeah, all that.
I'm sorry, that was so
completely inappropriate.
No, it was fine.
It was nice.
I like you.
It's okay. You-you don't
have to say anything.
I- I like you, too.
It's just...
I know, your situation.
It was a weak moment.
Let's just forget it ever happened.
That's him.
Hi Tim.
Oh, and I suppose you're Julia.
Hi. I've heard so much about you.
It's nice to finally
meet you in person. I mean...
And I've heard so much about you.
Excellent work, by the way.
And uh, also you are as beautiful
as Tim has described you.
You said I was beautiful?
And uh, that you two
were merely friends.
So just to let you know,
I'm available.
Well I will be sure
to remember that.
So, did your satellite turn up
anything in Region Nine?
Unfortunately, yes.
It appears that uh,
Julia's data is correct.
We've got an eight
on the Torino Scale.
It's bound for earth kids.
How fast and how far away?
Uh, it's 30 kilometers per second.
Almost 7.7 LD's.
That's less than
seventeen hours away.
Did you just figure that
out in your head?
It should arrive
approximately 8:15 tonight.
Expect showers from that
smaller asteroid,
which'll get here a hell
of a lot sooner.
Hundred of Bolides
will light up the sky,
which well you know, would be
something to see in our lifetime.
But I hardly think
that we would survive it.
Who else knows?
No one.
It won't be a secret for long.
Nor should it be.
Why don't we alert NEO?
[GRUNTS] I suppose they
wouldn't take Tim's
warning seriously.
They'll probably treat it
as a rumor just to stay ahead
of the story, you know.
Yeah, Herbert's right.
Clay won't confirm anything
publicly until he has to.
Julia, I'm so sorry to meet you
under such grave circumstances.
But I do think you
two should get up here
before the word gets out.
You do not want to
get caught in the city.
What about your Impactor?
Oh, we'll talk about
deflection solutions um,
if there are any,
when you get here.
But, you know,
in the meantime, get going.
And God speed.
Yeah, see ya.
I understand your
reluctance to contact NEO,
but why wouldn't they take
Herbert's warning seriously?
About five years ago he designed
an Impactor to steer away a NEO.
He spent millions
of his own money
and hundreds of millions
of NASA's.
But the AutoNav system
and control software
were rife with glitches.
It never worked.
And he's never really
gotten over it.
They launched?
Yeah, it's-it's up there
in orbit somewhere.
What do I tell Stella?
The truth.
She's not interested in the truth.
At least not mine.
This is not the time
to focus on that.
I gotta swing by my place
and get some things.
You get what you need
and you meet me at my...
Stella's house in an hour, okay?
What are you doing?
- It's four o'clock in the morning.
- It's happening again, Stella.
- Hello.
Is this Director Adams?
Who is this?
Uh, you don't know me.
Uh, my name is Julia Waters,
I'm a graduate student.
How did you get this number?
Go back to bed, sweetie.
It's nothing.
Hi. My name is Julia Waters
and I'm-I'm not
asking that you believe
what I'm about to tell you.
Even if you do,
I'm not sure what can
be done except-
except to just hold
each other tight and-
and say all the things that
you've been holding back
because, there's not
a lot of time left.
At approximately 8:15 tonight,
the world as we know it
may cease to exist.
An asteroid, half the size of the one
that killed off the dinosaurs,
will hit Earth unless somebody
can find a way to deflect it.
Nobody can predict the amount
of damage that will occur
because we've never
experienced something
of such great magnitude.
If you have anywhere
to take shelter, then do it.
I- I don't know
what good it will do,
but we've gotta try.
I can't force you to go,
but Nick's my kid, too,
and I'm gonna keep him safe.
No matter what you do
or don't believe.
What if she's wrong?
She's a T.A.
She's your assistant.
She hasn't even done her dissertation.
Then you have nothing to worry about.
I'll have him back in three days.
Stella, I checked out her data.
So did Herbert.
I know you don't want to hear this,
but unfortunately she's correct.
Suit yourself.
Why are you being so stubborn!
No. Nicky, this is between
me and your father.
Please, go back to your room.
And I'm between both of you.
Whatever you think about Dad,
he wouldn't be here right now
if he wasn't sure.
Stella, I know how you feel,
but I'm asking you
to trust me on this.
You already used up
that trust card.
Please Stella,
I'm-I am begging you now.
If not for me, for our son.
For this family.
We're not a family anymore.
That's the point, isn't it?
I am done discussing this.
I'll get it. Come on, buddy.
Pack a bag.
Take only what you need.
Is everyone ready?
What is she doing here?
I don't remember your ex-wife
being so pretty.
The two of you still look
like you kinda go together.
Looks can be deceiving.
Maybe not as deceiving
as you think.
It should take us about five or
six hours to get to Herb's.
Hopefully we don't run
into too much traffic.
My dad said you were the one who
figured this whole thing out.
Oh, I can't take all
the credit for that.
Well you should.
It was brilliant work.
Well, I did learn from the best.
Why are you taking
Highway Eleven?
It's not even rush hour.
There's no traffic.
- I thought the back way would be safer.
- Safer?
Yeah, once the story breaks
every road in this state
will be grid-locked.
Then we're stuck.
Excuse me, you've never
been to Herbert's place.
Your point?
You don't know
what you're talking about.
Come on, Mom.
That's not cool.
Highway Eleven
takes an extra hour.
And if the rain comes, then the
river's gonna wash the road out.
That's funny.
All I see are clear skies.
Fine. I'll take the Interstate.
Thank you.
All right, show me what you have.
Sentry prioritized the object
for impact analysis
and automatically
added it to the queue.
La Sagra then reported
a collision of two NEO's
that occurred
near Venus last night.
And this is the first
time we're aware of it?
No. M.S.F. in Huntsville has
been tracking Triton Z32
and Julius 19 for years.
But we never paid much attention
because neither posed a threat.
Well, and now?
The collision possibly
created an impact scenario.
Possibly or probably?
We're triple checking
the orbital computations
and risk estimates,
from what it seems like,
Triton Z32 is now veering in
the direction of Earth, though.
How close?
Well, we estimate the asteroid
will pass within
four hundred thousand miles.
Though we anticipate meteoroids
from Julius 19
to go terrestrial.
Where could they hit?
We need to know so we can
avoid mass panic.
We're analyzing all the data
- to determine potential impact sites...
- Director Adams.
- Yeah, just a second.
- You need to see this.
My name is Julia Waters and...
What the hell is this?
- ...I'm not asking you to believe...
- What the hell?
...what I'm about to tell you.
...except to just hold
each other tight and,
and say all the things
that you've been hold...
You have like,
two hundred thousand hits.
On your video.
You're famous.
What's he talking about?
I uploaded a video so that
people could prepare themselves.
Julia, you shouldn't
have done that.
People deserve
to know the truth.
And you know, Stella, they have
families, just like you.
Or, I don't know, maybe you
don't care about anyone else's
except your own.
Of course I do.
You just don't want
to have pandemonium,
chaos, looting,
and possible death
on your shoulders, either.
By the way, you don't know
anything about me.
Oh no?
Actually, for the past
year and a half
all I've heard about is you.
Why can't Stella forgive me?
Why won't Stella give our
marriage a second chance?
- Why can't Stella...
- Julia.
I know a lot more than
I want to know about you.
Well I know a lot
about you, too.
What's that supposed to mean?
I know you've had a thing for
my husband since undergrad.
No, it's true. I see the way
that you look at him.
This was a bad idea.
Let me out of the car.
Julia, don't be ridiculous.
You're being irrational.
No, I'm sorry, you guys are,
you guys are all a family.
I'm not. I don't belong here.
I'm not letting you out on
the side of the road,
so just forget it.
Well, it's not your decision,
so just let me out of the car.
All right, stop.
Nobody's going anywhere.
And I'm done listening to any
more crap from both of you.
Now we're gonna be stuck
in this car a long time
and in Herbert's bunker for
God knows how much longer.
So you two better
start getting along.
'Cause we're stuck
with each other.
You understand?
Are we clear?
Yeah. I guess.
Now we need to get some gas.
You didn't fill up earlier?
This road trip was kind of unexpected.
Let's see if there's
anything on the radio.
[REPORTER] A video posted
on social media
warning of a giant asteroid
hitting the planet
has gone viral
and the public is starting
to panic.
NEO has yet to make
an official statement
confirming or denying
the potential threat.
Police departments
in several cities
have warned people
to stay inside
as stores are being
looted and robbed
by mobs of people fearing
the end of the world is near.
Dean Dugan?
That would be me.
Agent Grimes.
We spoke on the phone earlier.
Yes, Sir, good morning.
Your warrant?
What's so important in Professor
Harrison's office that you need this?
Unfortunately, I can't divulge
that information, Sir.
National Security.
What can you tell me about
Tim Harrison?
Well, he's been with the
university seven years now.
And Julia Waters?
She's been his T.A. ever since.
Agent Grimes, Tim Harrison is a
trusted colleague and a friend.
The students love him.
That's good to know.
The man is up for tenure.
FBI? National Security?
It just doesn't make
any sense to me.
I can't imagine Tim would be
involved in anything illegal.
Check everything.
Computers, files,
even the damn trash.
You want anything?
Coffee. milk, no sugar.
I know.
I need to know
the last time anyone saw
Julia Waters and Tim Harrison.
Fine. Whatever you need,
Agent Grimes, we'll do.
- Hello?
Julia, it's Ian.
What the hell is going on?
The FBI are in Dr. Harrison's office.
They've got search warrants,
guns, everything.
Listen, I can't talk right now.
Get someplace safe, okay,
preferably underground,
and stay there. Okay?
That's what I'm doing.
- What are you talking about?
- Just do it.
I gotta go.
You be careful.
It's gonna be bad for awhile.
Who are you calling?
Peter. I was going to
tell him to be careful,
but I can't get through.
Is that okay?
FBI just searched your office.
- What?
- Yeah. We gotta get there fast.
Something of such great magnitude.
That's her, ain't it?
If you have anywhere you can
take shelter, then do it.
Yeah, that sure is her.
Hey, I bet they're going
somewhere safe.
Hey, take what we need
and let's boogie.
I don't want them getting
too far ahead of us.
I'll grab some beer.
Come on, boy, let's go! Come on!
Elaine, I need you with me.
- Alex, come on.
- What's going on, sir?
We got a call coming
in from the FBI.
Apparently they've tracked down
who this woman is on the YouTube video.
Go ahead, Agent Grimes.
We've removed Julia Waters'
video from the web.
But it's gone viral.
FBI is taking them down
as fast as they're uploaded.
So far, almost half
a million views and counting.
Julia Waters.
She called me at my house last night.
When I asked how she got
my number, she hung up.
Who is this woman?
She's a graduate student in
Astronomy with an IQ of 157.
I met this woman
at a conference last year.
The lady's a supercomputer.
Her dissertation is on asteroid
impact avoidance.
Her advisor is your former
employee, Dr. Tim Harrison.
Tim is involved in this?
Well she recorded
the video on his computer.
I'd say that's an affirmative.
Several news organizations
have contacted the agency
to verify the story.
Apparently they received a mass
email from an unknown source
with details of the impact and
it's from Harrison's IP address.
This is either payback, or
a feeble attempt at redemption.
Whatever it is,
we can't stall much longer.
I'd say you got about an
hour before a network
runs with the story.
Then all bets are off.
Well we better issue
a statement now.
I mean, that way NEO looks like
we're on top of the situation.
You're gonna find them
and arrest them, correct?
Dr. Adams, is what
they're predicting true?
There's a high probability.
Then why would I arrest them?
I'm gonna spend whatever time
we have left with my family.
What'd he say?
The damn world's about to end.
[REPORTER] NEO Director, Clay Adams,
has issued a statement
confirming the possible
impact from Triton Z32.
-People are encouraged to seek shelter
underground, if possible...
Hello, Herb.
- Where are you?
- Just passing Rolling Fork.
You gotta drive faster.
The first meteors are starting
to enter the Earth's atmosphere.
How much time do we have?
Not enough.
[REPORTER] Meteors have entered
the Earth's atmosphere
and destroyed hundreds
of buildings.
The amount of casualties
is unknown
but expected to
be in the thousands.
This is just the precursor
to the big one.
It looks like the end is near
unless something can be done
to stop this.
God help us.
They've broken the sound barrier.
Where are they?
I don't see anything.
You will soon enough.
Drive faster!
Everybody hold on!
- Nicky!
Hang on!
Oh, my God.
Dad, look out!
The meteors, they've stopped.
You mean, we're safe?
Don't bet on it, son.
Dad! They're getting closer!
Hold on!
[STELLA] Ouch.
My door is stuck.
The car won't start.
I'm gonna call Herbert,
get him to pick us up.
Everybody grab your stuff.
Nicky, you okay?
Yeah, fine.
Damn it.
The network's jammed.
How about you?
I'm getting the same thing.
Yeah, I got nothin'
on emergency either.
Word must finally be out.
- Oh my God, am I bleeding?
- Yeah.
What are we gonna do?
All right, my GPS
is still working.
If we cut through these woods,
there's a trail
that leads close to Herbert's place.
What? That's 20 miles away, Tim.
Hey, but we might not
ever get through by phone,
so we don't really
have another option.
Plus, this trail shaves
off about eight miles.
Nick, that's 12 miles you
gotta walk. Can you do it?
I can do it, Mom.
It's gonna be like five or six hours.
We gotta go.
Can I hold the knife?
Let's go.
Do you want to take a break?
No. Nicky's fine.
Are you sure? Okay.
So, how'd you get into astronomy?
Well I was kind of a geeky kid.
I was always more interested
in books than toys,
and planets than people.
Why are you so surprised?
- 'Cause you're like totally hot.
I shouldn't have said that.
Hey, it's okay.
You know a girl can't
hear enough compliments.
Especially from a cute young man.
Looks like our son has
a crush on your T.A.
Yeah, he could do worse.
Julia's a good person.
She's a good friend.
And I needed one
after I moved out.
I'm sure you did.
Oh, come on.
I mean it.
How much further?
I don't know.
Maybe nine or ten miles.
We gotta keep going.
[REPORTER] As cities continue
to be pummeled by meteors,
The White House
has been evacuated.
All government employees
have been sent home
to be with their loved ones.
The President is en route
to a secret location
where he will monitor
the situation.
All right, listen up, people.
That was the White House.
They've evacuated the President
to his Emergency Operations Center
along with his entire Cabinet.
They're preparing for the worst.
I think it's time we did the same.
If any of you have loved ones
you need to get home to,
I understand.
I thank you for your service.
I'm not leaving if you're not.
We need to come up with a
deflection campaign, fast.
Let's see.
Yeah, that's their car.
You think they took
to the woods or the street?
There's a bunch of caves up that way.
That'd be a place to hide. Come on.
They got a plan, right?
I mean, we're not just
walking in the woods.
You heard her.
They know exactly
where they're going.
Still on the trail?
We still got a chance.
It's taking a lot longer
than I thought.
You want a drink, buddy?
Thank you.
Still no reception?
Herbert doesn't know
if we're dead or alive.
He's not gonna give up on us.
What was that?
What'd you see, Nicky?
Get down!
Is everybody okay?
What was it? Was there
anyone out there?
No, I just, I found this.
What is that?
It's candy. I'm sure it's
from somebody hiking.
Can I see it?
It's still sticky.
It's not old.
We're not alone.
Okay, let's not get too dramatic.
Let's just keep moving.
The best option would be
a kinetic impact
to ram the asteroid
out of its orbit.
Unfortunately, we don't
have time to deploy
a spacecraft that can do that.
Then we agree.
A nuclear solution is the only
alternative at this point.
Only as a last resort.
I think we're past that, Clay.
Richard, there is
a chance the missile
could split the asteroid in two,
only making things worse.
That's a chance
we'll have to take.
I feel like we're being watched.
Or stalked.
It's definitely creepy out here.
Stay close to me.
They're close.
Come on, guys, let's go!
Come on, let's go.
Can you see it? No, come on.
Come on! Tim!
Where the hell do you
think they are?
It's gonna be dark soon.
What do you wanna do, huh? Stop?
Get down on your knees,
pray for salvation?
All I'm saying is, they
might be so far ahead of us,
we might not be able to catch up.
Then you turn on around
and go on back.
I'm seeing this thing
through to the end.
Now let's take a quick break.
All right.
Catch our breath.
If we don't make it
to the fallout shelter,
what'll happen to us?
What do you mean?
From the impact.
Will it, like, vaporize us?
Nobody is getting
vaporized, okay?
We still have time
to make it to Herbert's.
I just wanna know
if I'm gonna feel any pain.
I promise you that you
will not feel a thing.
As long as it doesn't hurt
I'll be okay.
Hey, we are all gonna be
just fine, okay?
Even if it doesn't feel
like that right now.
You know what?
Sometimes people, they have a
way of just knowing some things.
And one thing that I know,
I'm gonna see you grow up.
All right, guys, we should keep moving.
Hold up, hold up.
All right, come on, let's go.
Why don't you walk with Daddy,
keep him company?
All right.
Thank you for talking to Nick.
I don't know what
to say about all this.
You're really good with him.
I misjudged you. Sorry.
It's okay.
- I judged you, too.
I only heard one part of the story,
and it was the side I wanted to hear.
You love him, don't you?
It's okay, you can tell me.
Why are you asking me this?
I guess I'm just thinking
that if something happens,
that it's I don't know.
You're good with him, I'm
sure you're good with Tim,
I'm okay with that.
Thank you.
You know, Tim could never love
me the way that he loves you.
Hold on.
Whoo! Hey there.
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
You need something?
Same as you.
To live.
Hmm. I don't understand.
I heard your boy talking about
a fallout shelter on some farm.
Thought you might let
a good Christian man,
like myself, come along.
Well, you must've
heard wrong, mister.
- Oh?
- There is no shelter.
Yeah, you-you misunderstood.
Yeah? Then where y'all headed?
We aren't headed anywhere.
We're actually
We're-we're just lost.
He wasn't talking to you.
You sure don't sound lost.
You sound like you're lying.
Listen, we're just trying to
find a safe place to shelter
before this asteroid hits.
Out here in the middle of nowhere?
You must think we're really stupid.
Hey, shut up, Kirk.
Here's some supplies,
just take whatever you need.
Supplies? I don't want supplies.
Hey, listen.
Hey, don't touch that knife.
Or the next one
that moves gets shot.
Now why don't you lead us
to that farm of yours?
Come on, pretty boy.
- Ahh.
- Go ahead, get it.
[REPORTER] Police are warning
of roving gangs
that are looting and burglarizing
homes and businesses.
Go on.
What the hell?
Who the hell are you!
And how'd you
get through that gate?
I smashed the gate down
with the truck.
Don't you realize that the world
is coming to an end, man?
You've got five
to get outta here!
- Two!
- We have to help each other!
- Three!
- We have to help each other!
- Keep moving.
- Geez.
- What?
- Hey.
We should be out
of these woods by now.
I thought you knew
where you were going.
Do I look like Daniel Boone?
Who's Daniel Boone?
He's a fur trader with a...
What's that?
Everybody get down!
- Come here, come here.
- Get me out!
- Get me out of this!
- Come here, come here.
Get me out of this!
Ah, you're bleeding bad, buddy.
Hurry, pull me out!
Sorry, I can't do that, old friend.
What do you mean, you can't?
Get them to do it!
And then what? You want
them to carry you?
There ain't no time for that.
And you know we can't slow down.
Not with that asteroid coming.
Come on, you can't
just leave him.
What do you care?
That means more room for us
in that fallout shelter,
and more food.
Now keep moving.
What, are you stupid, girl?
No! No, don't shoot him!
Don't shoot.
You don't have to worry
about him anymore.
[JULIE] You guys, we have to go.
We have to go now.
- What about him?
- Well, he's hurt.
Just follow us, come on.
- Edee!
[EDEE] Right here.
Come on!
Instead of threatening to kill us,
you should have offered to help.
When your buddy wakes up,
you better hope he helps you.
Please don't leave me!
You all right?
Yeah. You?
Sam Desser.
- This is my daughter, Edee.
- Hi.
Tim Harrison.
- I'm Stella.
- Hi, I'm Julia.
This is our son, Nick.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
What are you guys
doing out here?
We drove in from Clarksville.
We heard there were
a bunch of caves out here
that might be a good place
to hole up for protection
from what they say is coming.
But we couldn't find any.
We'd been out walking for hours.
That's when we came upon y'all.
So those candy wrappers were yours?
You guys should join up with us.
Where might that be?
A place that's safe.
Is there room for us?
Yeah, you saved my life.
Herbert's got this really cool farm.
- You've been there before?
- Lots of times.
Herb's not answering.
Come on.
Come on, guys, we made it. Let's go.
Oh my, God! Herbert!
Are you okay?
- What the hell happened?
It takes more than a few looters
to keep ol' Herbie down.
Try not to talk, Herb.
I thought you were dead.
We had a car accident.
Had to hike through the woods.
We didn't get any cell reception.
[SCOFFS] Well, you see,
if your phone carrier
used my satellites this
wouldn't even be an issue.
Yeah, okay.
Well this is interesting.
The two most important women in
Tim's life together at last.
- He never stops, does he?
- No.
For God sakes, who are these two?
Sam Desser.
This here's my daughter, Edee.
The asteroid!
The asteroid!
How much time we got
left on the clock?
Less than two hours.
Well, let's go!
We gotta, we gotta
follow it! Come on!
Sam, help me get him up.
Stay close.
Easy, easy.
- You're okay, Herb.
It's a hell of a lot nicer than
the last time we were here.
Yeah, well I figured if I spend
any amount of time in here,
it should have
all the comforts of home.
Easy. Easy now.
Stella, see if you can
find a first aid kit.
I'll grab him some water.
What can I do, Dad?
See if you can get a TV, buddy.
- Get some news.
- Okay.
Tim! Tim!
I gotta get you up to
speed on my project.
Just try and relax right now, Herb.
Let us take care of you first.
Is Mission Control still
in the same place?
It's really bad.
Like, he might have
internal bleeding,
maybe broken ribs.
Find him some food.
A protein bar, some fruit.
He needs to be alert.
We might needs his help, okay?
Hey, how is he?
- I got him some water.
- All right, good.
Here you go.
Oh, thanks.
You all right?
Just need some scotch and
a little bit of ice, okay?
Yeah, I could use some
of that myself.
What was that?
Sam, we're 30 feet
underground, okay?
We're safe.
How does he get
fresh air down here?
It's a filtration system
vented to the outside.
This place isn't
big enough for all of us.
Hey. Look at you sitting up.
Want some food? Apple.
This'll make you feel better.
Come on, Herb.
You gotta eat, babe. No?
Dad, you might want to see this.
[REPORTER] We understand
NASA plans to launch
a nuclear missile at Triton.
Actually, this is a joint
operation in conjunction
with all the military branches.
[REPORTER] And the chances of success?
[DR. ADAMS] Well nothing's
a hundred percent.
But we're confident this
detonation will be successful.
They're actually gonna explode
a nuclear warhead in space.
Hundreds of times
using computer models.
It could easily fragment the asteroid
and cause a multiple impact scenario.
Are there any chances of nuclear
fallout if something goes wrong?
This government loves
to show off its bombs.
There's always that contingency,
although highly unlikely,
given the strike zone is outside
the Earth's atmosphere.
NEO Director, Clay Adams.
Thank you for your time.
What the hell was that?
Just a meteorite landing close by.
It's nothing to worry about.
Let's just take a deep
breath and remain calm.
He's got an entire command
center down here.
With his money, what do you expect?
Okay, we need a direct satellite feed
so we can see what's going on
versus what NASA wants to show us.
- Wanna go play some pool?
- Yeah.
How long do you think
we'll have to be in here?
Two or three months.
There's enough food to
last us that long?
Not as long as before.
This place is really
meant for five people.
Having you and your dad here
kinda changes things.
What do you mean?
We might have to ration food,
and definitely water.
Go get Tim.
Herbert wants you.
Nick, hey, Nick.
Do you wanna just cool
it with the balls, buddy?
It's just getting
a little annoying, okay.
Okay. Gotcha, Dad.
How are you doing, Herb?
- The bugs.
The bugs?
- What bugs?
- Yeah, the bugs.
I fixed 'em.
My Impactor.
What do you think
I've been doin' up here
for the past four years?
So it works?
Well, theoretically it does.
I haven't tested it yet, but...
I don't see any reason
why it shouldn't.
Tim, I'm in!
Let's see.
Ooh, you've got a fever.
- It's beautiful.
I wonder how long it's been
traveling through the universe.
Millions, billions of years.
Now we'll never know.
Yes we will.
We're gonna survive this, Julia.
All of us.
I'm saying that ever
since your mother left us
it's been me and you.
We've taken care of each other,
and we're gonna continue to do so.
I'll do whatever it takes
to protect you.
But these are good people.
We don't really know
these people, Edee,
and they don't really
know us, okay?
We don't know
what they're gonna do
when the food
and the water runs out.
We don't know that they
might not throw us out.
I'm not gonna take that chance.
They won't do that.
We don't know.
Look, Edee,
I just want to take care of you.
We're gonna be okay.
Trust me on this, all right?
- Trust me.
- I'm not doing it.
you have to trust me.
What's going on?
We need to wake him up,
I need his help.
Okay. Herbert?
Here, hand me those smelling...
Come on, Herb.
You with us?
No time for napping.
- Sorry.
- Oh, I don't know.
I'm feeling kind of rough.
I thought you said
you were tough.
Why don't you stop the whining?
You're spunky.
I like that.
Herb, I've got a plan,
but I need your help.
All right, what are you
thinking, Tim?
This is Earth.
Here is our asteroid.
- We launch your Impactor into...
- Oh, no, no, no.
It won't work.
The Impactor's not
powerful enough to change
the trajectory of the asteroid,
which is way too big.
I know. You're right.
So we crash the Impactor into
the densest Earth Trojan.
Slingshot it into Triton,
altering its trajectory.
Right now all we have
to do is nudge it.
Yeah, and due to the distance,
by the time it reaches Earth,
it could possibly pass us by.
It might just work.
It has to work.
Hey, we'll we've got 45 minutes
until they launch a nuke,
so we gotta do something.
All right, I need to call NEO.
Julia, you gotta find
the right asteroid
to crash the Impactor into.
Level with me.
Is this gonna work?
It's all we got.
Oh, come on,
answer the damn phone.
I'll bring the Impactor online.
Yeah, and relocate one
of your satellites.
We're gonna need eyes up there.
[SIGHS] You know,
if we can pull this off,
you'll really make
a name for yourself.
Yeah. And you'll
redeem yours, too.
- Hello?
- I need to speak with Clay Adams.
He's kind of busy right now.
Well, this is kind of urgent.
Who is this?
This is Tim Harrison.
Clay and I used
to work together.
We don't have much time.
It's imperative you tell
Clay to abort the launch.
Abort the launch?
I have a safer
way to deflect Triton.
He's not gonna wanna hear that,
especially coming from you.
Listen, just get him to call me.
Clay knows the risks of sending
a nuclear warhead into space,
no matter what
those generals tell him.
Just get him to call me,
he has my number.
- How are we doing, Julia?
- This takes time, Tim.
That's something
we don't have much of.
I know. You don't
have to remind me.
Please tell me
you're doing better, Herb.
Uh, the Impactor's online.
I relocated SATelle seven
to view Region Nine,
and that should be coming
up just about now.
Here's what we have to do.
Once Julia's determined
the correct asteroid,
we set a collision
course for Triton.
Yeah, and then we uh,
back time to establish when,
we launch the Impactor
for maximum kinetic impact.
It's not gonna work!
This is crazy!
Everybody out!
Get away from there!
Herbert, move!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sam!
- Everybody outside, now!
- Sam, calm down.
- I am calm!
- Let's go, move it!
- Daddy!
Get outside, Tim!
- Daddy, what are you doing!
- Edee!
If you force them all outside
they're going to die!
A lot of people
are gonna die, honey.
But Nick and his family
took us in!
They didn't have to do that!
We're the only family that
matters right now, Edee.
Just like always.
Now you'll understand
when you're older.
- Stay away from me!
- Edee!
Sam? Sam, please, put the gun down.
Sam! Listen to me.
We can stop the impact from here.
You need to give us that chance.
It's not just about us.
It's about the whole damn planet.
No! It's about me and my
daughter and enough food
and air for us to survive!
I'm sorry, you've gotta go outside!
Get outside now!
- Sam, I have to get that.
- No.
It's probably the guys from
NEO calling me back.
Don't touch that phone!
Sam, I'm gonna get this phone.
- Don't touch it!
Hold on.
Damn it, Sam!
Tie him up!
Tie him to a chair or something!
Come on.
Here you go.
Hey, Nick, we need
a new monitor in here.
We gotta have eyes, buddy.
All right.
Help me, Edee.
Hello, Clay?
What the hell is going
on there, Tim?
What do you want?
Clay, you need to
abort the launch.
You know I can't do that.
Then why did you call me back?
Because secretly you're
hoping you don't have to
launch a nuke into
outer space, that's why.
Only the president can
cancel the launch,
and there are a lot of other
people over my head.
Clay, you and I both know that
this is nearly as dangerous
as the asteroid itself.
All right. You tell me
what you're thinking
and I'll make that decision
whether to make those calls or not.
All right. Hear me out.
Come on, Mr. Fix It,
let's go, hurry up.
Delay the launch?
Are you out of your mind?
Tim's plan could work.
Look, Richard, you know we're
not a 100 percent certain
the nukes can destroy
the asteroid.
Just see if you can
buy him some time.
Clay, wasn't it you
that fired this guy?
Yes. And I was wrong.
- Done.
- Good job, son.
I've got it.
It's Perseid 715.
According to VIRTIS it's one
of the densest out there,
- being an iron meteor.
- Perfect.
What are the Cartesian coordinates?
Mr. President, do you trust me?
I need thirty seconds, Sir.
All right, it's show time.
Julia, get me the projectile parameters.
Diameter is 1,247 meters.
Density, 3,000 kilograms
per cubic meter.
And the impact velocity?
Fifty-one kilometers per second.
Sixty-two degree impact angle.
There's another news report on.
You two keep doing
what you're doing.
Untie Sam,
he's not a threat anymore.
[REPORTER] All right, we got
some new information in
from NASA just moments ago.
Although there were rumors
about canceling those nuclear missiles,
- those were not true.
- Damn it.
NASA has no other
contingency plan.
Lift off will be in 17 minutes.
Triton is...
Are you all right?
I'm sorry.
- How are we looking?
- Well it's gonna take six minutes
for the Impactor to hit Perseid
and another minutes
for Perseid to hit Triton.
Gives us minutes to change the
trajectory of the asteroid.
Well that's great, except
the nukes launch in 17 minutes.
We gotta go now and knock
Triton off its course
before they launch.
Just pray that it works.
Okay, I'm recalculating.
Entering launch codes...
The propulsion system's
not responding.
We've got 14 seconds.
Have some faith, little brother.
Eight seconds!
Nick? Are you okay?
Three seconds!
Tim! Light 'em up!
Okay, let's get you up.
- Nicky? Stay with your mom, okay?
- Okay.
It's working.
It's gonna hit too late.
There's not enough velocity.
Nah, don't worry, kiddo.
We'll just amp it up a little.
We're blind.
It destroyed your satellite.
Well, there goes three hundred
million dollars.
I hope it was worth it.
I'll punch up the radar screen.
Triton will be in our mesosphere
in six minutes, twenty seconds.
You sure this was a good idea?
But we didn't have a better one.
Come on, Tim. Get this right.
What's happening?
That's Triton. Its-its
projected path is red.
And-and that's Perseid.
The Impactor did it.
Well, we won half the battle.
Launch time is two minutes and counting.
If Tim's plan works,
you be ready to abort.
I am.
It's got 30 seconds to make contact
before Triton enters our atmosphere.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
Come on! Hit that
giant son of a bitch!
Abort! Abort!
Cancel the launch!
It did it.
Oh, my God.
It did it!
I knew you'd do it, Tim.
All right, let's go.
Everybody up to the house.
I need a scotch
and I need it now.
- Let's go.
[CLAY] Tim, you did it.
Hello, Clay.
I'm sorry I didn't trust you.
A good algorithm never lies,
Clay, I told you that.
We're safe and that's
all that matters.
Tim, I want you back at NEO.
If you'll have us.
Let me get back to you on that.
I always knew that you were
gonna save the world.
Yeah, I'm a regular superhero.
I almost ruined everything.
It's okay, Dad.
Brains and beauty.
Hey, you know, I could use
someone like you in my company.
Is that a proposition?
It's just a job offer, kid.
Just, just a job.
I'm so proud of you.
We should all be proud of ourselves.
We all did this.
Thanks, Dad.
[NICK] Whoa.
[TIM] Nicky, look at this.