Imperfect Quadrant (2016) Movie Script

Where's my fucking money?
Ooi! Ooi! Ooi!
For Fuck's sake!
We got get out of here
Get in
So when do we get our cut?
You know the deal Bella,
The money needs to be cleaned
and transferred.
That should takes times.
Until then?
What? We just supposed to make do
with what's in our pockets?
I can't.. I can't...
What the fuck did I just say,
What the fuck did I just say?
I wouldn't
Thanks, Sexy
Come on Hon..
Lets go have some fun.
I said, Let's go, Lizzie
And, why?
Why, why, could you do that?
The last thing we need is the
two run around splashing our
cash around.
It's fuckin' stolen
They will be fine
Come on. Bella's smart. Not
going to let anything stupid
And Lizzie..
Bella can control Lizzie
The only way you can control
her is with a fucking bullet.
You don't mean that
You got to be kidding me!
They getting out of control
Three dead bodies
Three fucking dead bodies
I'm only thinking about what's
best for us.
How you do it?
Hmm.. you don't worry
I'll handle it
What's wrong with her?
She had a big night
Stopping? Why are we stopping?
Don't be a crackhead!
Why are we stopping?
Because I need to have a piss!
Is it alright with you?
Get out of the car
Get out, fucking car, Lizzie
My God...
Don't you fucking move
Shut the fuck up, Lizze
Did you think you can get
away with this?
Did you think you can kill us?
Kill me?
We trusted you
Say something
You.. fucking Bitch!