Imperfections (2016) Movie Script

- Miranda and
Cassidy, we're ready for you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi, girls nice to see you.
This is Mitchell
from the network.
- Hey, guys, let's take
this for a spin, okay.
So, Miranda, your character
is kind of a hipster
but sort of brainy but
still sexy and approachable.
Cassidy, you're reading the
landlord whenever you're ready.
- I'm sorry one second.
I thought I was reading Hannah?
- Did they give
you the wrong sides?
- No, it just says mid 30s.
No, never mind.
It's totally fine just give
me one second to look it over.
- Just gonna be a minute.
- Yeah, I know.
- Okay, got it cool.
- Okay, perfect
whenever you're ready.
Slate first.
- Hi, I'm Miranda Delonge.
- Hi, I'm Cassidy Harper.
- Fired, for what?
- Look I need to talk
to you about something.
- Okay.
- I need to borrow $1400.
- Are you bananas?
- They're gonna
kick me out of the apartment
if I don't pay the back rent.
- I thought you were
gonna get a roommate.
- I interviewed
Craigslist people.
One of them had a tarantula.
- Isn't Ray's name
still on that lease?
- I have not talked
to ray in months.
- Well, I don't have it.
- Okay, well, then do
you have some boxes
cause I'm gonna need to
sleep under a bridge,
and I hear if you make
a mattress out of them
that keeps you from
getting frostbite.
- Do you think I have some
secret vault someplace?
- You know I will pay you back.
- Oh, I know for a
fact that you won't.
How are you gonna pay
for next month's rent.
I think that you should
come and live with me
until you can save
up some money.
- No, absolutely not.
- Alright, alright
there's a liquor store
across the street
I'm sure they have some boxes.
- Why are you being
so awful to me?
An artist's life is like
this sometimes, mom.
- Do you think I'm so fulfilled
working in a perfume counter?
By four o'clock my
right eye is twitching.
You know what's
gonna happen to you.
You're gonna end of
marrying the first
hairy slob who comes along
who can pay your bills.
Is that what you wanna
be, somebody's concubine.
- You know what forget it.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
But just until I get
my shit together.
Can I have a little
cash just for now
just for walking around money.
- You're welcome.
- Are you going out?
- Yes, he'll be here any minute.
- Who?
- A guy I've been seeing.
I met him at the gym.
- I thought you went to curves?
- I switched.
It smelled like soup, all right.
No cigarettes.
- You are too trusting.
You don't know this guy.
What if he's another
Dan Danielson.
- The guy with the parrot?
He was okay.
I can't believe
you remember him.
- That bird was aggressive.
Just please will you stay
in well lighted areas?
- Hello.
Okay, tell him
I'll be right down.
There is a low fat stir
fry in the freezer.
Listen just I want
you to stay here,
and I want you to think about
I want you to think
about your future, okay?
Does this look okay?
- Yes, you look hot.
- Okay, okay.
Alright don't wait up.
- Ugh, gross.
- Hey,
I didn't think
you'd still be here.
- I fell asleep.
- Yeah,
I can see that.
Feeling better?
- I feel wretched.
How was your date?
- It was nice.
I actually have some
good news for you.
- Am I getting a new daddy?
- The man I was out
with he has a business,
and he's hiring so.
- Oh, dear lord.
- Oh, come on,
Cassie, it's a job.
- What does he do?
- He's in the diamond business.
- I don't wanna be a saleslady.
I don't know anything
about jewelry.
- You are so ungrateful
forget the card.
- No, no, no I'll go.
I'm sorry thank you
I appreciate it.
- You should go home.
Get some sleep.
You look terrible.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, ha, what?
Don't you
- Alright, man, come on.
- Shut up, shut up.
- Okay guys, guys, guys.
I'm gonna get.
- I'm gonna get.
Guys, guys, guys, I'm gonna get.
I'm gonna get.
- Sit down.
See you're running, but
I know where you work.
Alright so why waste all
of that effort tell me?
- I don't know.
I freaked out.
- Well, I'm gonna assume
that if you had my money
this little track meet
wouldn't have happened.
- Look I need like
three days, okay, okay.
- Listen when I agreed
to loan you this money
I explained to you, you
were actually borrowing
it from my employer.
Now I assumed you were
familiar with his reputation.
- Please explain
to Lil pop that I...
- no, no one needs to
explain anything to pop.
Someone needs to explain to you
that our repayment
schedule is inflexible.
Ask your friend Hiram how
pop feels about excuses.
- Hiram Gladstone?
The zoo thing?
Pop was the one that tied
him up to a wolf habitat?
- Well, do you
like animals, huh?
I'm adding two points a week.
- Come on.
- Yes.
I don't appreciate being
made to run in these clothes.
- Fuck.
- No hurry just come
in whenever you feel like it.
- We open yet?
God forbid what'd you have to
answer the phone or something
I'd never forgive myself.
We open at 10.
- Hi, hi, I'm looking for Barry.
- What can I do for you?
- I'm supposed to hopefully
start working here today.
- Right, sorry.
- Hi.
- Sorry, come in.
- Cassidy.
- Alex.
- I'm supposed to ask for Barry.
- Yeah, that's my father.
He'll be out here in
a minute to act weird
and make you feel uncomfortable.
How much do you
know about the job?
- I know that this
is your address
and that I was supposed
to be here at 10.
I'm early that's good, right?
- Yeah.
Well, it's not complicated.
Basically we have to
take these stones,
and we get them to other
shops in the neighborhood
as discretely as possible.
We used to use a
big security firm,
but they kept getting robbed.
It was actually gangs of
Columbians who specialize in it,
so now we do what
they did 50 years ago.
We hire a pretty girl
that no one would suspect,
and she just puts
them in her pocket
and takes them where
they need to go.
- Well, that sounds dangerous.
- It's not.
- Well, what happens
if I get robbed?
- Well, you just give
it to them right away.
Don't fight we have insurance.
- How do you know
you can trust me?
- I don't, but we
have insurance.
- Hey, you must
be val's daughter.
- Cassidy.
- You're gonna be great.
What a beautiful girl you are.
- Why thank you.
You know, you have
an amazing voice.
Have you ever considered
trying to do VOICEOVER work.
It's actually very lucrative.
- Thanks but I have
enough disappointment
in my life already.
One thing you can't
dress like that.
- Like what?
- You look like Stevie
nicks and everything
but that's not what I want.
Jeans, simple.
- Okay, got it.
- It's easy misdirection
like the magician at a
kid's birthday party.
Get them to look at the
little birdie up here
take their wallet
with the other hand.
- I should mention I'm
gonna need to leave
from time to time for auditions.
I'm sort of in demand right now.
There's actually a cop
show that I'm up for,
but I'll keep you
both in the loop.
- I'm sure we can figure it out.
What about the
insurance company?
- I left a letter
on your desktop.
- There's no letter on my desk.
- On your computer desktop.
- We keep having
this conversation.
Efficiency every
dollar you waste
adds another day until I retire.
Do good tell your mom I said hi.
- He seems okay.
- Yeah, he's a doll.
Anyway when you're
not schlepping around,
you can be here helping us
with doing filing stuff.
I actually have a
delivery for you right now
if you're up for it.
Yeah, you'll be going to Hatoum,
which is 224 south Wabash.
So just put this in your
pocket just be cool.
- That's it.
- Yeah, we already
had you bonded.
Just sign here.
- What happened to the last girl
that did this job?
- She was killed in a robbery.
- What's in the envelope?
- Two diamonds.
- Worth how much?
- About 23,5.
- Shit.
- Why don't you come
right back here afterwards
I have another delivery for you.
- Okay, here I go wish me luck.
- Vaya con Dios.
- I like your earrings.
Is that tourmaline?
- Sorry me no English.
- Here, here, here, here you go.
- Thank you.
- Okay, ba-bye.
- Yeah, that's really it.
I just bring the stuff to
the other stores in the area.
When there's no deliveries,
do a little computer stuff.
Easy peasy Japanesey.
- Well, try to pick
up a few things.
You know learning a trade
that could be really
great for you.
- I have a trade thank you.
Gross look at this picture
that Tanya just
posted to Instagram.
It's actually sad.
- Is that the quantum leap guy?
- Uh-huh.
- Man, she's really
doing great, huh?
- Please she
did like one commercial.
- Well, it's a start.
- I'm actually thinking of
going back out there myself.
It'll be different this time.
I'm in a much better
place emotionally.
- You really wanna subject
yourself to another
best defense.
- One time eight years ago
we are still having
this conversation.
- Well, it's a
legitimate question.
Alright we can talk about
something else fine.
- So you and Barry
are you like serious?
- I don't know.
We've only been on a few
days, but I like him.
Yeah, he's funny,
and he listens to me, he does.
You know he's not just waiting
until the next time
he has to talk,
and he's old fashioned.
He always grabs for the check.
- I thought a modern woman
should always pay her own way?
- No, it's to
emasculating that way.
Yeah, it makes it hard for
him to be the aggressor.
- Oh, god, mom, please stop.
- You know sometimes
it would be nice
to get a little support
from you for once.
- You're right.
Tell me about his
dick is it thick?
- What?
- Veiny.
- What get that
out of your mouth.
- Come on, Valerie,
can we please
get the fingerprints
on the glass?
It looks like somebody's
been eating ribs over here.
- Sure, Wendy.
- Dude, you gotta
get out of here.
- No, I am not starting
from the bottom again.
I've got nine years
till social security.
If I don't die from
inhaling Shalimar,
I'll be fine.
- Here's the stuff from Meyer,
and I already filed the
stuff from Algonquin.
- You've got this down.
- Well, I did go to college.
- What'd you study?
- Theater.
- I don't think that counts.
- The fruits of your labor.
- Thank you.
Barry, Barry, are you
sure this is right?
- What did you think
it was gonna be?
- Well, we never
actually talked about...
- well, now you know
see you tomorrow.
- Sorry.
- This is pitiful.
How am I supposed
- saving for
something important?
- Hey, will you teach
me something about
I don't know this stuff?
- What do you wanna know?
- I don't know.
Show me the difference
between diamonds.
- Okay.
Come over here.
Stay here.
- Fucking FICA.
- Now each part of the
diamond has a name.
The top half is
called the crown,
the bottom is the pavilion,
the point at the
bottom is the Culet,
and then the flat part on
top is called the table.
- How much is this one worth?
- This is a five caret diamond
ideal cut, hearts and
arrows, gs-1 color
retails around 180.
- Dude, seriously you
guys have that much money?
- It's all credit.
We get stones in on memo.
We sell what we can,
and we return the rest.
If my dad could
liquidate and retire
believe me he would.
- I gotta say it just looks
like all the other ones.
Maybe a little bigger.
- No, it has no inclusions.
Those are the little flaws
that interfere with the light
that passes through the diamond.
- I don't approve of that
kind of perfectionism.
I think flaws
should be embraced.
- Yeah.
- If I ever get engaged,
I hope my fiance gives me
a ring that's all flaws.
- Well, as long as
he buys it from me.
I should put this back.
Would you mind getting that?
- Why butch Cassidy Harper,
as I live and breathe.
- What are you doing here, ray?
- I'm interested in some
expensive and vulgar jewelry.
- Hey, hey, hey
is everything okay?
- Who the fuck is this then?
- That's my boss.
- Who the fuck am I, man.
Who the fuck are you?
- Look at this a tough guy.
That bat better have
a little gun in it.
- Ray, you need to go.
- No, no, no let him stay.
I pushed the button
for the alarm.
The cops will be
here any minute.
They'd love to kick
the shit out of him.
- Ray, I work here.
Why would you come here?
How did you find me?
- I don't know I saw you
walking downtown this afternoon.
I sort of followed you.
- What the fuck, ray?
Do I need to get a
restraining order?
- No, of course not I would...
Sorry, Cass, really.
I'm sorry I just
wanna talk is all.
Will you call me?
- Go.
- Okay, sorry, sorry,
boss man not her fault.
I'm an idiot.
- She said go.
- Okay, sorry, Cass.
Sorry, Cass.
Please call there's some
stuff I need to say, okay.
Okay, I'm leaving.
It was good to see you.
- I am so sorry.
- Not your fault.
- I don't need my
radioactive life
contaminating your
office goddamn him.
- Look it's okay.
Really, really it's no big deal.
How about we go get dinner.
I'm starving come on I'm buying.
- You don't need to do that.
- No, I want to.
I'm gonna go get
my coat don't move.
Stay here.
Believe me I'm not
hanging around here
waiting to take over
the family business.
Forgive me but I'm aiming for
something higher than that.
I've got a couple things
going on right now.
- Yeah.-
Some businesses I'm
trying to start up.
I'm actually working on
something huge actually.
I wanna tell you about it,
but you can't talk about it
especially with my dad
and your mom too I guess.
- No, of course.
- I was in the
Caribbean last year,
and I went to this
island called Dominica.
They make this
incredible rum there
like insanely delicious.
The legend is, is that it
even helps men, you know
- get raging boners.
- Basically.
- Does it work?
- Yes.
- Liquor and boners sound
like the kind of thing
old white dudes
would be really into.
- I know right.
- Can you get the
eagles in there somehow?
- Look if this thing takes off,
I could be sitting on
a giant pile of money
like a fucking fortune.
- Okay, but
- but customs seized it
at the airport because
the secret ingredient
wasn't exactly legal.
So I've got 80
cases sitting in a
homeland security
warehouse at O'Hare.
- Oops.
- Yeah.
I talked to a lawyer
who says he could help
but he wants 15,000 up
front as a retainer,
and then like another
80k to get it approved.
Every dollar I could borrow
went to buying this shit.
I need more than just taking
a little bit out
of each pay check.
I need a score.
- Oh, a score.
You're gonna knock over
a 7-11 or something?
- I wanna talk to
you about something,
and I want you to know
that you can say no
and I'm not gonna get mad
or fire you or anything.
But I have a way that we
could make some serious money.
But it's shady.
- I'm not necessarily
opposed to shady.
- So let's say you're
making a delivery,
and let's say you get robbed.
Well, the insurance
company pays out the loss,
and the business
doesn't get hurt.
- Okay.
- But let's say
when you get robbed
instead of giving the robber
the stones you were carrying
you give him some dummy package.
He thinks he's
getting the stones,
but he's actually getting fakes.
- And I keep the real ones.
- That's right,
and then I sell them
and we split the money.
- Couldn't we just
say I got robbed
and do the same thing?
- These insurance people
they don't fuck around.
It has to be real.
We need a police report,
hopefully an eyewitness.
If you get caught defrauding
an insurance company,
it's no joke.
I'm talking orange
jump suit time.
You don't get to play
tennis in Wisconsin.
But if the robbery is real,
then nobody is
defrauding anyone.
The robber just gets
something that isn't valuable,
and the insurance company
pays out such a small amount
that it's just like a
blip on their radar.
It's virtually a
victimless crime.
Here's the thing though
I need you to get robbed.
I mean I could hire
somebody to do it,
but then we would
have to cut him in.
Plus he could get picked
up for somebody else
and then he could rat me out.
We gotta minimize our risk.
- Couldn't I just
be super obvious
when I'm making my
deliveries or something?
- That would take too long.
It's gotta be somebody who
knows what you do for a living,
is a little sketchy,
and would maybe break the
law to make some extra money.
- Oh, my god ray.
- How much of a dirt bag is he?
- No, no, no, no
he wouldn't do it.
- Why what does he do?
- He's a pretty
unsuccessful drug dealer.
- I can see why he wouldn't
wanna mess with that.
- He likes me.
He's not gonna rob me.
- How hard can it be for
a professional actress
to convince a drug dealer
to do somebody immoral?
I like that.
- I gotta say you don't
look much like a handleman.
- Well, truth be told I'm not.
My dad changed our name when
he got into the business
so people would take
him more seriously.
We used to be the Campbells.
- Seriously?
- Yep.
- How could you let him do that?
- I was like two they
didn't consult me.
- This is
oh, my god, oh my god
this is totally gonna work.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm gonna make it happen.
I'll call ray in the morning.
Maybe I try to make
him think that if
he had money I'd take him back.
I'm not even sure that's a
lie to tell you the truth.
- Will that work?
- Ray's a fuck up,
but he loves me
and apparently I am
a terrible person.
- I don't think
we should do this.
Just not right now, okay.
I just think we need to
keep our heads on straight
keep clear headed
right now, okay.
I'm not saying no at all just
just not now, okay.
- Yeah, totally.
Thank you for dinner.
- Yeah.
Hey, I'll be there
in 20 minutes.
How much do you have?
This is a fake.
Chain is brass, this is glass.
Real, ish.
- What do you mean "ish"?
- That there's a ton of flaws.
Actually it's a
really shitty diamond.
- Thank you, thank you.
I know what the
word flaws means.
How much?
- 400.
- No.
Let's do 800
unless you'd rather
go down to the tip top
and talk to Lil pop directly.
- You take all the cash
and just give it to him.
You don't put any
in your pocket?
- What happens on my end is
none of your fucking business.
- Look how long we've
been doing this?
You and I we make decent
walking around money
out of this arrangement
or it doesn't work.
Don't be greedy.
I'll give you 550,
but that's it.
- Damn, what they say
about your people is true.
- That we're excellent dancers.
- No, that's farfetched.
- Okay, 1650 including
the bracelet?
- Yep.
It's 10:30.
- Alright thank you.
One of you go get
the car, please.
- They got a bathroom I can use?
- No, hold it.
- Come on man be a fucking pro.
- There's a bathroom
right down the hall.
- I'm teaching them a
lesson in self-control.
- This is 2600.
- I must have contracted
some exotic parasite
that affects my hearing.
- Look I can't buy all
this stuff and pay you,
and but if you give
me until Friday,
I can do both.
- Alex, look you realize
you're only paying the points.
You're even touching
the principal.
- Spare me the
economics lesson, okay.
- You stupid little, bitch.
You know, you have
some terrible manners
for somebody asking for a favor.
Alright see now I
have to go to pop
and ask him to be patient
because you're a
spendthrift motherfucker.
Dude, you are
setting yourself up
for a conversation with a person
with a more limited
vocabulary than mine.
- So, I run back inside and
grab a box like a shoe box
and put a t-shirt
in the bottom of it
and come back outside
and gently lift this
little guy up and
put him in the box.
I should remind you that I'm
fucking terrified of birds
like Tippi Hedren
level stressed.
- Yeah, I remember
when that pigeon
chased you off the bench.
- Anyway, so I gently
lift this little guy up
and put him in the box
and he is so small.
I mean he weighed like
nothing, like colored air.
Then I have this swell of love
like a father's love for it.
So I lift the little guy up,
and I put him in the box.
I bring the box inside and
put the box by the window
with the sun shining on it,
try to warm him up a bit.
I'm feeling like Saint
Francis all heroic.
I look up the number for animal
control I think it's called.
I tell them I've
got an injured bird
that flew into my
window and of course
yes, you can have that.
Of course they think
I've gone gorilla tits
and they tell me there's
nothing they can do about it.
Just make sure he's
in a safe place,
and he'll either get
better or he won't
which means, yeah, of course.
So I go back inside and
go over to the window,
and the box is empty.
What the fuck?
That's when I hear
this noise like this
this like low growling
noise like.
I forgot Joe has a cat Mortimer.
Manky little thing stays
under the bed all day.
Swear I've seen him
twice since I moved in,
and Mortimer is batting
this poor little bird
around the apartment like
- oh, god.
- Jimmy fucking Conners
whack, whack, whack.
So I run over to get
the cat off of him,
and trip on Joe's poncey
fucking skateboard
and bang my arm on the radiator.
Now that's how I did it.
Fractured wrist.
- Poor buddy.
- He was pretty badly
hurt to begin with.
I probably just
hastened his demise.
- I meant you, dummy.
- Yeah, well, patron
Saint of last causes.
- Long shots.
- You know that thing's been
expunged from my record now.
- Come on, man.
- Get of me.
Fucker, don't you put
your hands on her again.
Apparently he got his
vision back in that eye,
so that's a bonus.
Yeah, 60 hours of anger
management it actually helped.
Apparently my anger is
borne out of frustration.
- What about art?
- I've made some stuff.
- Yeah.
- Working mostly construction
almost full time making
decent coin for once.
In fact, your eggs are on me.
- I actually got it covered.
I have a new job
too as you know.
- Yeah, sorry about that.
What do you do there anyway?
- Can you keep a secret?
- No.
- Well, then I'm
not gonna tell you.
- My hand to god.
- Alright I am a runner
for a diamond importer.
- No way.
What exactly is that?
- Well, I basically
walk around downtown
by myself delivering diamonds.
- You're kidding no security.
Do you carry a pistol?
- Just me and my wiles.
Anyway they're
insured out the WAZ.
First sign of danger I'm supposed
to drop the stuff quick.
- Jesus.
- I don't know I feel
like I should get a friend
to stage a robbery keep
the diamonds for myself.
God knows I could use the money.
A little financial
stability would solve like
98% of my problems.
- Well, if you get caught
I know three shitty lawyers
and an excellent bail bondsman.
- You're late.
- I'm early it's
eight minutes till.
- Are you sure?
Am I fast?
- This thing gets
its time from space so.
What do you got for me today?
- Three this morning I don't
know about this afternoon.
- Okay, I'm gonna need
to take an early lunch.
I have a 11:30 audition.
- I'm sorry these hours
too taxing for you?
Should I have another
courier standing by on salary
in case you have
scheduling problems?
- What's the matter?
- I have a audition,
a really big one.
- What do you care?
- Well, just tell me
how it's gonna work
now that we're in
second position
to the young lady's dreams?
Are you gonna be
schlepping stones again?
Am I gonna be doing this
and running around
like a Vilde Chaya?
If our creditors show up today,
I'd be in an audition of my own
at the bottom of
the Chicago river.
- It's her lunch hour.
What are we running
a plantation here?
- Big shot.
- Thank you.
Here you are you're
going here first
722 state street 12 floor.
Hey, come here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So how'd it go did
you talk to him?
- Yeah, I just had
breakfast with him.
I laid the foundation.
- Just the foundation?
- Well, it's in motion
I can't over sell it.
- Okay, take this.
- What's this?
- It's the dummy stones.
It's called Moissanite.
It's really hard to tell the
difference even for a pro.
- Well, what am I
supposed to do with it?
- Keep it in your pocket at all
times always every delivery.
When he finally decides
to take the bait
or had somebody else
do it our whatever,
then you give him this one
and you swallow the real one.
- Swallow it?
- I'm kidding.
Anyway just keep it on
you in different pockets.
- I don't need it yet.
- No, I want you to
get in the habit.
You never know when
it's gonna come, okay.
Let's practice.
Stick them up.
I'm serious stick them up.
Give me the stones.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- That's the real one.
- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is.
Look from now on always
keep the real one
in your right pocket.
- Okay, sorry.
- We're not gonna have
multiple shots at this.
Get your head in the game, okay.
Sorry I'm being a little harsh.
- Okay.
- Okay, let's get out.
I don't want him to
suspect anything let's go.
- No.
- That's not it.
- Hold on a second we're gonna
need more energy than that.
Considerably more.
- Yeah, bring it on.
- So do it again.
- Yep, anytime you're ready.
- And now.
- What time did your husband
come home that night?
- Does she look like a cop?
- No, way too hot.
- Yeah.
- But she looks
like she parties.
- Yeah, I think
she probably does.
- You do right?
You party a little bit?
- Sorry.
- So let's see some of that.
A little of that
energy bring it up.
- You're among friends.
- Yeah.
- Do this with energy.
- What time did your husband
come home that night?
- Yeah I don't know.
- I do.
- Yes.
Your mother's making
me lasagna tonight.
You gonna join us for dinner?
- No, don't worry I'll be
out till at least 11 or 12.
- Owe you one.
See you in the funny pages.
You, I need those tax forms
for October by tomorrow.
- Yep.
So warm, isn't he?
What are you up to tonight?
- I'm actually
going out with ray.
- Nice.
You gonna dial it up a bit?
- I told you I'm working on it.
- You know I have to
admit I'm not thrilled
about the idea of you
going out with him.
- Well, it was your idea.
- Yeah, well, a lot of
my ideas are fucked.
- I thought we
weren't doing this?
He's downstairs I gotta go.
- Have a terrible time.
- What is that?
- What this hat?
I think it belonged to my uncle.
- No, dummy, that thing
you're leaning against.
- Oh, that.
That is a finely
tuned automobile
that I recently acquired.
- Holy shit you bought a car.
- In fact I did.
Told they call it a Cadillac.
- How, where?
- That lot on Cicero with
the big inflatable eagle.
- Low credit, no credit
that commercial is so
fucking depressing.
- And yet their open
mindedness about credit
histories is everything
they said it was.
- How much?
- Never get in.
- It's comfortable.
- Yeah, but I think a fat
person used to drive it though.
It's a bit lumpy over there.
Look I have to admit
purchasing this
automobile has left me
a bit of cash poor
at the moment.
I intend to show you
what an excellent
cheap date looks like.
- Bring it on.
- You should probably
put you seat belt on.
I learned to drive on the
other side of the road.
- This place is incredible.
- Yeah, isn't it.
My old roommate
Jeremy had an eel.
Came here with him once.
- I don't understand the
idea of a fish as a pet.
It's not enough action for me.
- That's you all action.
Actress by day, diamond
courier by day also.
How was work by the way?
- Fine.
I can't believe they
let me walk around
with that kind of loot.
I did a delivery today
of a stone that
was worth $55,000.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Shit.
- Yeah, just
walking it around in my pocket.
Can you imagine what we could
do with that kind of money?
- And there're stories
of people getting robbed
all the time.
- Yeah, it happens all
the time apparently,
but I'm just supposed
to give up everything.
Don't fight, don't run.
- Jesus.
Please be careful.
If anything happen
to you I'd just...
Maybe I could do some
body guarding for you
pro Bono of course.
You know just follow you around
discourage anyone
getting froggy.
Or I could just carry you
around in a baby Bijorn
nothing like weird or anything.
What's that for?
- You're being nice.
- I'm not sure.
- You said anything I pick.
- This look transitions
well from day to evening.
- Oh, god, it was awful.
I mean she was so happy
when she first got the part.
I mean she told everybody.
Of course we had this
huge going away party.
- So what happened?
- Well, the last day of shooting
she had this giant scene, right
I mean big monologue
lots of words.
She couldn't get out
of the make up chair.
I mean she just froze,
completely paralyzed.
- That's awful.
- Yeah,
and the producers were
screaming at her agent
and she could hear them.
I mean it was a disaster.
- Do you have a
nine volt battery?
- Oh, um.
- Thank you.
- I also have a
light in the bathroom
that's too high for me.
- Let's do it all.
- Okay.
Anyway we finally got
enough Valium in her
to stumble to the set
but it was a mess,
and then of course I mean
when they picked up the
series they recast her part.
- That must have
been tremendously difficult.
- Oh, god she was devastated.
Then she had to come back here,
right, and face everybody.
You see I think
that's why she can't
give this whole acting thing up.
I mean she's gotta save face,
and she's gotta prove to
herself that she can do it.
Plus I don't think she
even knows what else to do.
- No, I meant difficult for you
seeing your kid in that
kind of pain struggling.
I had to pull Alex
out of little league
because it was
making me anxious.
I threw up in the dug out once.
Kept getting struck out,
he was a poor fielder.
He did get hit by
a lot of pitches.
- You don't talk about him much.
- He hates me.
- Oh, he does not.
- Yeah, he does.
- When his mother died I kind of
overcompensated with
the tough love thing.
My pop was a second
rate auto mechanic
with a short temper.
We didn't talk
about feelings much.
- You're being hard on yourself.
Every parent feels
things like this.
You know, he knows
that you love him.
- Either way he's
grown, he lived.
Now I get to figure out
the rest of my life.
- So what's on the agenda?
- I've got plans.
Small plans.
- I like plans.
- Good.
- You know I think
Joe might move out soon.
I know you're real happy
on your ma's couch and all.
- Ray.
- I know, I know I get excited.
- It's nice.
I don't mean this to be shitty,
but it really seems like you've
done some growing up in
the last couple months.
- Thanks.
You know I had this
counselor at anger management
who said, "start acting like
the person you want to be
"and soon you'll
become that person."
But that's terrible advice.
I think acting like the
person I wanted to be
was what made me
such a shit head.
I trapped myself
into believing that
I had to be the person that the
18-year old me thought was cool.
But it turns out the
18-year old me was an idiot.
- You were just
trying to be cool.
You're an artist.
- Yeah, I love
making stuff I do.
But I think what I
wanted more than anything
was to be different than
normal people somehow.
You know to get noticed like,
"ooh, isn't that what's
his name over there?"
Just need to be busy.
Busy's happy.
- Yeah, you're right.
I care about all that
stuff too it's so stupid.
- Can I ask you a question?
Are you still getting
those panicky things?
- A lot lately I
should get some pills.
- Nah, forget that.
I mean I know a guy obviously.
There's this thing
I've been doing
when I get mad or
punchy whatever.
It really helps.
I made it up you wanna try it?
- Is it gross?
- No, shut up god.
No, sit Indian style.
- Not cool, paleface.
- Christ sit in the style
of people from India, okay.
Now close your eyes.
No laughing, no laughing.
This is serious.
- I'm sorry,
okay, okay, okay.
- First, try to be very small
like a marble of energy
floating around inside your body
then shrink to a speck of light.
Now here's what I tell myself.
You are a tiny germ
on a dirty rock
spinning at a
1,000 miles an hour
and orbiting a star.
That star is just one
of hundreds of billions
in a milky way,
which itself is one of
hundreds of billions
of galaxies in the
known universe.
You do not matter.
No one is watching.
You are free.
- That is the most
depressing thing
I have ever heard.
- No, it's great news
you're inconsequential.
You can do whatever you want.
Think about it in the face
of all that nothingness
what is there to
be worried about?
What other people think?
Fear and anger are ego problems,
but you, you don't not matter.
No one is watching, you're free.
You do not matter
no one is watching.
You are free.
- Why are you up so early?
- I'm a working man.
I work in exchange for money,
that I use to procure
both goods and services.
- All right services.
You're such an asshole.
- Listen steal
anything you like.
I wouldn't eat what's
in the fridge though.
It's really more
decorative than anything.
- Of course, okay.
- Bye.
- What?
- Nothing, shut up, god, bye.
- Are you alive?
- I'm fine that's
why I'm calling.
I'm sorry I didn't come home.
- You're a grown up.
But it'd be nice
if you'd called.
- I'm apologizing.
- Would it be intruding
if I asked where you are?
- Yes.
But I'm at Ray's.
- Uh-huh.
- I don't know, mommy,
he's made lots of changes.
Honestly I'm really happy
when we're together.
- The only thing
I want is for you
to be happy when you're alone.
I wish I was.
I get so sad when I'm by myself.
- Me too sometimes.
- The truth is that everyone
and everything else
is just fleeting.
It's just a blurry
landscape out the window
of a speeding train.
- Geez, it's not that bad is it?
Can't I be on the
train with you?
- Yeah.
Yes of course you
have always been my
traveling companion.
- You remember that time when
we took the bus to Madison
and I threw up on
daddy's over coat?
- God, he was so
mad at me that day.
I wouldn't let
him bring a flask.
- You never talk about him.
- I don't think
about him that much.
I mean he was only in
my life for eight years
and he's been gone for
three times that, wow.
- That's so weird.
- Kind of wish he was
around now though.
Be fun to have something
to look forward to
or someone to look forward with.
- You have lots to
look forward to.
- Yes, and so do you, sweetie.
I mean, Cassie,
you are so bright.
You could be anything you want.
- I told you I'm going to la,
and I told you I'm
up for that cop show.
It could be a really big deal.
I'm making it all
happen you'll see.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
listen I gotta go because
my cereal's getting gloppy.
Okay, I love you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Hey, Julie, Bob said
you wanted to see me.
- Yeah, I have some bad news.
- Shit.
- I'm sorry, ray.
You're a real hard worker, but
the local's busting my balls.
- I'll join the union
I tried twice already.
- I'm sorry.
If I need some extra hands,
I'll give you a call.
But right now I don't
have anything for you.
- Well, that's
just fucking great.
I'll go stand outside home depo.
- Good luck, ray.
- Hi, morning.
- Hey, morning.
How was last night did
you make any progress?
- I don't know
isn't your dad here?
- He's out.
What do you mean you don't know?
- We need to find someone else?
- Why?
- Well, he's not going for it.
- You're supposed
to convince him.
- I tried.
- Yeah, I bet.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- You're wearing the same
clothes you left in last night.
- That's none of your business.
- What about la?
You come up with some
other career plan
I don't know about?
- I can't make him do it?
- Yes, of course you could,
but you don't want to
because you like him.
- I'm sorry I have feelings
for you, Alex, I do,
but ray and I have
a lot of history together.
- Please, alright
don't flatter yourself.
- Look we can still
figure it out, right.
It just can't be ray, okay.
- It's not okay.
What are you bringing
to this arrangement?
If you want a piece of this,
you're gonna have
to do something.
I know that's not your thing...
- fuck you.
You don't know
anything about me.
You know what take that back.
- Couldn't he be
setting you up right now?
He could just have some
dope waiting for you
right outside that door.
- No, no he
wouldn't do that to me.
- So you say but he's
not gonna warn you
if he is gonna do it, right.
It's possible.
- Your girl
still work at Tartuffo's?
- No, she works down
at jeweler's row now.
- No, shit, I'll
keep an eye out.
Take care, bro.
Let's get out of here.
- Shit.
- It's possible, right?
- Technically.
- So just hold on to it.
Okay, you never know.
But you have to be ready
every time you leave.
This is gonna work, Cassidy,
but you gotta have faith, okay.
Hey, will you meet me somewhere
somewhere where you won't
see anyone you know?
Where's that?
- Fuck pop.
Anything that's worth real money
he takes to Canada through
sault Ste. Marie himself.
He's got some guy in Toronto
who fucking resells it in China.
- No, shit.
- I was told there was
opportunity for growth.
I was told that this
was an organization
that likes to promote
from within, you know.
No, there is no organization.
It's just one old ass
thief with tuna breath
just getting over on reputation.
It's time I start to
look out for myself.
I'm not doing this when I'm 30.
- Alright, let's do it.
I'll give you 25% of
whatever I sell it for.
- Hell no.
You'll give me 50.
- That's ridiculous.
- No, we aren't negotiating.
- Fine 35, but you have to
wait for my go ahead, okay.
We gotta make sure that
she's got enough on her
to make it worth it.
- Maybe I should just
rob her on my own
keep the diamonds and tell
you to go fuck yourself.
- You wouldn't do that.
- Yeah, why not?
- Because, well, for one
you would have no idea
how to sell a lose diamond
without getting arrested,
and, secondly, because
despite your job
you're fundamental
an ethical person.
- Sorry for just barging in.
- Are you kidding me you
have an open invitation.
I'll get you a key.
- I had to get out
of the apartment.
Barry is there like
all the time now.
All he does is
drink warm club soda
and swear at the local news.
- Do you want a drink?
- Yeah, I'll take
a beer if you've got one.
- I think I have
a few Daisy cutters.
- At least they're going
away for the weekend.
It'll be nice to have the
place to myself for a few days.
- Who?
- Mom and Barry.
He's taking her to lake Geneva.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
- Does that mean we
get to play house?
- Oh, god, dude I cannot handle
being at my mom's anymore.
- Please come here.
I'll leave you be.
You can stay in the other room.
Just give a knock when you
want some action or whatever.
- We have to eat, dummy.
How much money do you have
in the bank right now anyway?
- Plenty.
- It's the cops, pussy.
Let me in.
Yeah, yeah, well if
you quit, what's up.
If you quit being a
big giant baby about it
maybe I'll get you some too.
No, but don't wear those
espadrilles alright they're gross.
What's good?
Hey, sorry, so I
can't really hang out.
I just came to grab...
- this is Cassidy.
Cassidy, this is
my friend Cosby.
- Hi.
- He's Irish.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
Sorry, fucking around.
So I just came to
pick up my stuff.
- The tools.
- Yeah, the tools.
- Yeah, one second.
- I'm putting up a spice rack.
So just probably
the screw driver
and the shears and other shit.
You know what my friend Stephon
he was just saying
that he was actually
thinking of doing some
remodeling as well
so do you think that
you have any tools
he could borrow.
- I cannot believe this.
I am an idiot.
So much for the new you.
- Cassidy it's not
what it looks like.
I got fired.
I'm sorry.
You want money.
You want to go to la I'm
trying to figure it out.
I'm not sitting around
feeling sorry for myself
pretending some lottery
ticket's about to come in.
- I'm sorry.
I don't share your
protestant work ethic.
Selling Adderall to tweakers
is really inspirational.
- Cass, I didn't mean...
- I'll see you later.
- Yikes.
Hey, do you really have
that Adderall though?
'Cause the Ritalin
gave me the squirts.
- Hey, honey how you doing?
- I thought you were
going to lake Geneva?
- Just finishing
a couple of things.
- So what do you
got for me today?
- I got one just
give me a minute
to get the package together.
- Is this is the
silent treatment?
- Just working.
- Westermann.
- Westermann?
- Where's that?
- On Harrison just
this side of the river.
Hustle they're expecting you.
I gotta get going.
Alex, do not forget the alarm.
- What do you want from me?
- Nothing, okay.
There are people who
actually do shit,
and there are people
who just talk shit.
Go make your deliver, please.
Vikram, hey, what
are you looking for?
Three quarter caret let
me check the inventory.
- This is Cassidy.
- Cassidy, it's Bettina.
- Hi, Bettina.
- Get over to Sullivan
callback for the cop show.
- Right now I haven't
even seen the sides yet.
- Arlene Thompson
is only in town for one day.
- I'm kind of in the
middle of something.
Can they see me this afternoon?
- You can go right now,
or I can send someone else.
- Yeah, of course I'm listening.
Okay, okay I'm on
my way thank you.
- Thom and
Arlene, from the network
this is Cassidy Harper.
- Hi, thank you
for having me back.
I'm really excited
about the part.
The script is great.
- Okay, Cassidy, slate
whenever you're ready.
- Hi, I'm Cassidy Harper.
- So you're the new detective?
- Yeah, name's Donahue.
- Says here
your name's McDougal.
- That's right.
- So which one is it?
- Well, it's both.
Donahue McDougal.
- Oh, that's some name.
Read your file.
- Sorry, an Irish cop, right?
- I read your
file 10 years in Narco.
- Yeah, there
isn't a junky on the Westside
that I don't know on
a first name basis.
- Well, let's go
meet your new partner.
- Copy that.
- Thanks, Cassidy.
Nice job.
- Seriously nothing
from you guys?
Is that what you had in mind,
or were you I don't know
thinking of something else?
- That was fine.
- I'm very sorry
to interrupt your important
conversation over there.
- Cassidy.
- Honestly, honey,
I think we are
looking for a different type.
- Like 26, big tits, veneers.
- Cassidy - good
choice, brave choice.
Let me guess is the
partner a black guy
about a retire or
a Saint Bernard.
- Okay, I'm so sorry.
- Should we call security?
She's too old.
- She's fine she's just
- fuck you.
- Whoa, that's a first.
- Hi, Bettina.
- What the fuck
were you thinking?
That was a network
television show.
- I know I was out of line,
but they were really rude to me.
- Who are you the
queen of Sheba?
You know what I
think we're done.
- What are you saying?
- I mean it we're through.
- Come on, Bettina,
this is my career.
- Oh, honey, be
honest with yourself
what career are
you talking about?
Other than the pilot
which we know how that went
you have booked an industrial
and a radio commercial
in five years.
I mean you gave it a shot.
It didn't happen.
It's time to move on and do
something else with your life.
- No, please, please
you are over reacting.
I will go back there right
now, and I will apologize.
- Tell them I'll be
there in a minute.
I'm sorry I've gotta take this.
It's time to move on, honey.
Good luck to you.
- Sorry I had to make a stop.
I'm like five minutes away.
I'm almost there
I'll explain later.
Fuck you too.
- Give it here.
Got it I got it.
- Stay right fucking
there and count to 50.
If I see you look,
I'm gonna come back
and put a bullet in your head.
- One,
Somebody help me.
Help me.
- We'll just take
some time maybe
something will come back to you.
- Hey, you okay?
- Ms. Harper, here's my card.
Just call me if you can
think of anything useful.
Let's catch these
assholes, okay.
Feel better.
- Thank you for
being so nice to me.
- Thank you, officer.
- So what happened?
- These two guys beat me up
ripped my pocket off.
I didn't have a chance.
- Dammit.
You were supposed to be ready.
- They want me to
stay overnight.
They think I have a concussion.
- Is your mom coming back?
- She's not answering her phone.
- Yeah, neither is my dad.
Look I have to ask you.
Do you think the
guys were with ray?
- No.
He wouldn't let anyone hurt me?
- How do you know for sure?
Were they white?
Were they black?
Someone knew, right?
Someone knew what
you were carrying.
- I had a plastic
bag over my head.
I couldn't see anything.
What do you want from me?
- Everything okay in here?
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'll keep trying your mom, okay?
- Can I call somebody
for you sweetie?
- Alright now I wanna
see some bodies.
Let's go.
There it is.
Get them legs together.
Get them legs together.
Good, good.
What are you doing here?
How'd you find me?
- I have an Internet connection.
You're not in the CIA.
Now tell me you
have my diamonds.
- Yeah, Alex, I don't have
time for this right now, okay.
- Well, make time.
- Do you think you can
just come up in my house
and start barking
orders, do you?
Boy, I have 20 third
graders waiting in a gym
for me to teach them karate,
and any one of them
can beat your ass.
That's right.
Now imagine what I could do?
- Just tell me you have
my diamonds or not?
- Alex, you have until tomorrow
to get pop's money, okay?
What is this?
You wanna be a gangsta?
'Cause you 'bout to find out
what real gangsta
shit looks like.
- Cassidy, Cassidy.
Oh, shit.
- Visiting hours are over.
You can't go down there.
- I'm looking for
Cassidy Harper.
- And you are?
- Her husband.
- Okay, well, she's not married.
It's family only and
visiting hours are over.
- I'm her brother then.
- No, sir
people are sleeping.
It's family only.
- Cassidy
- family only, man.
- Cassidy.
Oh, Jesus Christ that's awful.
- Family only
you can't go down there.
- Please, sir, fuck off.
- I'm here.
I got beat up.
- Fuck.
Are you okay, your arm?
- I'm okay.
Broken wrist,
maybe cracked ribs,
this thing on my head.
What time is it?
I don't know 9:30.
Tell me what happened.
- That means two
and a half hours
till my next pill
that is some bullshit.
- Easy, easy, easy
lie down, lie down.
Can you remember what happened?
- Yeah, two stupid boys
pushed me into the alley
and ripped my pants.
I love those pants.
- Okay, it's okay.
What do you need?
An extra blanket or something?
- Look at us we're twins?
God, who's gonna
take care of us, huh?
We're all broken up.
- I will you just relax, okay.
I'll take care of everything.
- No, no we need a grown up.
I'm sorry about before.
Are you mad at me?
- No, of course I'm
not mad, stupid.
- I'm tired.
- Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
- Couple of broken ups.
- Okay, visiting hours are over.
You can come back tomorrow.
- Good morning, sunshine.
How you feeling?
- Dreadful.
What time did you get in?
- Couple of hours ago.
I'm sorry, baby, I didn't
even check my phone
until almost midnight.
- You didn't need to come.
I'm fine.
- Right, I'm gonna be
gettin' hot stone massages
while you're here
in the hospital.
How's the arm?
- It hurts.
- Want me to go out there
and do the Shirley MacLaine?
- Yes, I will pay you
five bucks, please.
- Barry's beside himself.
He thinks he's responsible
which told him is nuts.
He wants you to know that
of course their insurance is
gonna take care of everything.
He said he'd pay you until you
get back on your feet again.
- That's nice of him.
- He's a good man.
In fact I have
some exciting news.
So Barry last night
says to me that he is
really ready to retire,
and he wants to go down to
fort Meyers as soon as possible.
He's asked me to go with him.
- What did you say?
- What do you mean I said yes.
- Just like that you're gonna
spend your golden
years with Barry?
- I am gonna go to
Florida with Barry,
and I'm gonna make a real
life for myself, yes.
- Do you love him?
- I think I could.
- So you're settling?
- You are too old
to be so naive.
It's all settling.
There are no rich princes.
Nobody ever becomes an
astronaut or a ballerina.
I mean listen to me
for once, please.
All you have to
do is you have to
find some way to be
useful and maybe loved
and find somebody
that maybe you can
share some laughs with
that's all there is.
Cassidy, what's so terrible
about having a regular life?
I'm gonna go down to Florida
and I am going to sit in the sun
until I look like an old shoe,
and you're gonna
see how happy I am.
It's gonna be okay.
- We never let a runner
go out on the street
with that kind of inventory.
- I'm supposed to
hire an armored car
for three stones?
- When they're worth
$482,000 you are.
They're never gonna pay
us you know that, right?
- They have to pay
us it was a robbery.
She got beat up there's a
police report and a witness.
We're insured on courier
transactions up to a half million.
- It's fishy as fuck.
- The hell with it I don't care.
- Excuse me.
- I'm retiring I'm moving
to fort Meyers with Valerie.
- You're kidding.
- This is as good a time as any.
If there's a business
left, it's all yours.
I wash my hands.
- You can afford to retire?
- I do not need much.
I found a little place.
- If the insurance company
decides not to pay off?
- Then you're gonna need
a job, but hello Florida.
- Maybe I should just stay home.
- Come on.
It's Judy's 60th birthday.
She's gonna be crushed if
you don't go to her party.
Look it is a broken wrist.
Ray is perfectly capable
of keeping an eye on me.
- Through three
inches of plexiglass.
Hello, Raymond.
- Hello, Ms. Harper.
- No, call me Valerie.
- Yes, mom, you can me ray.
It's actually my whole name ray
no middle name either.
I think my parents could
only afford a few letters.
- How you feeling, champ?
- Like smashed assholes.
- That's a powerful
image, honey.
Okay, ray, thank you so
much for being on duty.
She gets her next pill at 7:30.
She does.
- Happy to be of service.
- Alright I won't be late.
- I'll say hi to
Judy for you, bye.
- Bye, mommy, make sure
somebody walks you to the taxi.
- Okay, bye.
- Go lie down I'm on the case.
- Hold on what
happened to your cast?
It's not time yet.
- I'm fine only one
patient at a time.
- Are you okay?
It's so scrawny and pale.
- Yeah, I get that a lot.
- Hi.
Right now?
Okay, yeah, calm down shit.
Okay, yes, yes I will come.
I'm on my way alright bye.
Hey, what's the
deal are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- You sounded pretty upset.
- Well, I've got problems.
- Well, tell me what's going on?
- You remember the rum?
- Yeah.
- Well, the guys that I
borrowed that money from
are coming to collect.
- I don't get it you
need me to be a witness
or something when you
give them the money?
- I don't have the money.
I need you to tell me if
they're the ones who jacked you.
- Hold up.
I got put in the hospital
over some money you borrowed,
and now you're gonna put
me in middle of it again.
- I'm almost positive
that's not what happened.
- I didn't see them you
selfish motherfucker.
I had a fucking grocery
bag over my face.
- Yeah, but you
might be able to tell me
if it could be them
just based on size
or voices or whatever.
- I am leaving.
- Look they're gonna
be here any minute.
You wanna run into
them in the hallway.
- I cannot believe you
did this to me, Alex.
- Look, this could
be it, Cassidy.
I might be able to get our
money, and it could be a lot
like way more than
what we thought.
You're an actress, right?
Put your game face on.
- You are an ass wipe.
- We need a signal.
If you think it's them, then
cross your arms like this.
- Where do you get this shit?
- Okay, be cool, and
get them to talk.
Okay, get them to talk, so
we can hear their voices.
We need to be sure.
Okay, come on.
- Who's this?
- Cassidy.
- I see, Cassidy, could
you excuse us please?
- No, I don't think so.
- Hey.
- I'm Cassidy what's your name?
- Malik.
- Malik, where you from.
- Atlanta.
- I got the worst case
of food poisoning there.
What about you what's your name?
- Quincy and I'm from
Delaware pretty lady.
- I don't have your money.
- Then why am I here then?
- He is really an enigma.
- I'm not giving you a nickel
until you give me
my goddamn stones.
- I already explained I
don't have anything for you.
- Okay, quit fucking around.
You think I'm some
kind of trick.
You can just run game on me.
- Alex, it is not them.
- Are you sure?
- Wait not who?
- What the fuck
is going on here?
- Dad, take your friend
and get out of here now.
- I have business
to take care of.
Cassidy, what are
you doing here?
How's your arm, honey,
you should be relaxing.
Take her home, Alex.
- I'm okay just a little sore.
- Who are these people?
- This is Quincy and Malik,
and I don't know who
this handsome devil is.
- He works for me.
- Sorry pop I didn't
know you were gonna be here.
- Wait a second.
Lil pop is white.
- You're funny.
Anthony didn't tell
me you were funny.
- What are you doing
with my father?
He has nothing to do with this.
- What are you talking about?
- Anthony makes
collections for me.
- You borrowed money
from a gangster?
- Excuse me.
- No offense.
Why didn't you come to me?
- I have a better question.
What are you doing
showing up here with him
in the middle of
the goddamn night?
- Business.
- Here hold on to that.
What happen to your arm?
- Broke my wrist.
- You're the Schlepper.
Those idiot Mexicans
beat you up?
- Excuse me.
- Get her out of here.
I can't have her talking to
her mother about my business.
- What kind of business
do you with that guy?
- Has it ever occurred to you
that I know what I'm doing?
- What's going on right now?
What's in the envelope?
- It's like you've
learned nothing from me.
Keep your mouth shut.
Say you understand?
- I don't understand at all.
- Sweetheart, it'll
all be over soon.
Let daddy work.
- We're gonna settle
this right now.
What does he owe you?
- 36.
- How much of that is juice.
- It's about half.
- You're taking
my kid for a ride?
- He's a grown up it's business.
- Call it 22,
add it to your end.
- You set me up.
You had some guys beat me up
and steal the stones?
- I'm sorry, honey, please
don't tell your mom.
They went way overboard,
but it had to look real.
There's gonna be plenty
of money for everybody.
- Did you know about this?
- What do you think?
- I think maybe I
should call the cops
and report an insurance
fraud that's what
I fucking think.
- Don't do that.
No, no, put that away.
- Yeah, pop, pop.
- Arty, arty.
- Okay, okay.
- You're annoying me now.
- No one's going
to the cops, okay.
Everybody just stay calm.
- You setting me up, Barry.
Don't insult me.
You're giving me
$.60 on the dollar.
Take the stones and go.
- I'm gonna take the
stones, and I'm gonna go.
- Okay, please don't hurt me.
Please don't hurt me.
Please don't hurt me.
- Come on.
- Aren't you
forgetting something?
- I don't think so.
Anthony, am I
forgetting something?
- I don't know, pop.
- Arty, we've been
doing this 30 years.
I've always been
straight with you.
- In the end you gotta
take people at their word
even though it doesn't work.
I knew it.
- Shit, god dammit.
- Oh, my god.
- Who's this asshole.
- He's my boyfriend.
Oh, my god.
- I'm calling an ambulance.
- Put the phone down.
- Okay.
- What you're gonna
shoot everybody start with me.
- Pop, we need to go now.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I need an ambulance to
5 south Wabash 10th floor
a man's been shot.
- Arty, you've always
been a stand up guy.
Leave me that bag of money.
- Your kid's even
anybody else who wants
to keep waking up
in the morning better
keep their mouth shut.
- What the fuck have I done?
- Ray, what are you doing here?
- I woke up and you were gone.
I thought you might
be meeting him.
I didn't know this was
whatever the fuck this was.
- It's about the robbery.
- He set you up.
- You don't know
what you're talking about.
- That's not true, ray.
- You think we're
fucking stupid.
Think we're some fucking idiots
who'll believe whatever
shitty lie you come up with.
You set her up.
- Hey, asshole, we
were setting you up.
Yeah, me and Cassidy we were
gonna pin you for the robbery,
and then we were
gonna keep the stones
and we were gonna
split the profit.
What do you think about that?
- You were gonna steal from me?
- Cass.
- It wasn't like that, ray.
- What was it like?
- Anybody in here have a weapon?
- No.
- I wish.
Alright we're clear.
What happened here?
- We were working late,
and these two Columbian
guys came in with guns
and Cassidy's boyfriend
surprised them.
They shot him and they took off.
- How long ago?
- 10 minutes.
- You get a look at these guys?
- Yeah, black
sweatshirts with hoods.
Red bandanna on one of them.
The other one had some
kind of wrestling mask.
It was blue with yellow
lightening bolts.
- How do you know
they were Columbian?
- They were speaking Spanish.
- Raciest.
He's a raciest, officer.
You should probably shoot him.
I won't say anything.
- I'm riding in the ambulance.
- Family only.
Family only she's
not in my family.
- Ray, this is not
what it looks like.
- You know what your problem is?
You lie to yourself constantly.
Just be honest for once.
You don't give a shit
about me and you never did.
- That's not true I love you.
- I don't care what anyone says
you are a good actress.
- It's all fucked.
I've ruined it.
I really love your mother
you know that, right?
We make each other laugh.
Might seem like a small
thing to you but it matters
especially when you can
see the cliff up ahead.
We weren't gonna
be rich or anything
just enough to keep some
groceries in the refrigerator
buy some sun screen
maybe get a little shack on
the beach and sell t-shirts.
Now I get nothing.
God dammit.
They'll carry me out of that
office in a plastic bag.
- This was your whole
retirement plan?
You have no other money?
- It's gone I worked
my ass off to pay off
30 years worth of debt,
so I could give you the
business in the clear
now I've got Gornisht.
If I don't find 32 grand
before day after tomorrow,
I lose the condo in fort
Meyers and the escrow money.
All I wanted to do was
give my son a business
make your mother happy.
- You're so noble.
When you hired two
guys to break my arm,
were you just thinking
of everybody then too?
- Let's not forget you two
were planning to rob me, okay?
Don't act like you're better
than me neither of you.
Let me out here.
I'm sorry, honey, I'm sick
about, but it had to look real.
Now can tell you mom
about it if you want too
but you're gonna be wrecking a
good thing really good thing.
I don't know how in
the hell I'm gonna
tell her about Florida.
I'm sorry, but it
had to look real.
- Are you gonna tell her?
She'd never forgive him.
- The department store
where my mom works
has that white ugly
fluorescent light.
Nobody looks good in
that light, nobody
I think they do it on purpose,
so that you hate
yourself and buy make up
or a new dress or something.
Anyway I was there the other day
and I saw her hand in that light
and see those little
blue veins under her skin
she's gonna be an old lady soon.
Cannot leave her there
behind that counter
taking shit from people
for the rest of her life.
I have to do something
not just talk about it.
Your dad is no prize, but
it's a way out at least.
I can't let it evaporate.
- Where were you?
- I went out.
- I come home to an empty house.
You don't even
answer your phone.
- The battery is dead I'm fine.
- Where's ray?
- Mom, what do you want from me?
- There is something
going on what is it?
Whatever it is you can tell
me and I want the truth.
- What'll you have?
- I'll take an old style.
- Coming up.
- Where's your bathroom?
- Down at the end on the right.
- You do not matter.
No one is watching.
You are free.
You do not matter.
No one is watching.
You are free.
Would you tell pop I need
to talk to him, please?
- Excuse me.
- Little pop
tell him he has a visitor.
- I don't know who that is.
- Tell him it's the Schlepper.
- What the fuck
are you doing here?
- Did you flip the stones yet?
- What's it to you?
- I have information that
is very important to you
but I expect to be compensated.
- How about you
tell me what it is
and I'll compensate you
by not cutting you up
and putting you in a dumpster
behind a hotdog stand.
- I posted a picture online
of me sitting at your bar.
Local news loves
a dead white girl.
You wouldn't mind
a few reporters
and cops around here would you?
- You're so clever.
- I'm trying to do you a favor.
- Why because my gun felt so
good up against your head.
We're best friends now.
You think I'm a fucking idiot.
- Your friend Barry
put me in the hospital
as a prop for the
insurance company.
You think I'm gonna
just say no problem
go get a waitressing job?
You give me $5,000.
I save your ass and fuck
him over at the same time.
- How about I give you a $100
if I think the
information is useful.
- 5,000 cash in
the next 30 seconds
or I walk out of here and
you take your chances.
- Get back here already.
Alright Jimmy Olsen
let's have it.
- Barry handleman is working
with the federal government.
They have audio recordings
of you discussing the price
and video surveillance of
you receiving the stones
in the office.
- Why the fuck would he do that?
He's the one who ripped
them off to start with.
- Well, one of the Columbians
got pinched by the ins
and rolled over on him.
Barry got arrested for
insurance fraud and conspiracy
so he gave them to you.
- No chance.
- You're gonna cross
in sault Ste. Marie
and sell them them in Toronto.
That's interstate something
and international
diamond smuggling, right?
Here's the real pisser.
The stones he gave you
were fucking fakes anyway.
- You're full of shit.
- It's your funeral.
- What's this?
- She's telling me a story.
She says Barry's working
with the government
and the stones are fake.
- That's nonsense they're real.
- How do you
know you're an expert?
- Well, I sell jewelry
of uncertain Providence.
I have methods to ascertain
if a piece is a fake.
- Methods, sounds serious.
- Look, can I take a look?
- So what do I do cut
glass with it or something?
- Look my keys cut glass.
First, breathe on it.
If it stays fogged up
for more than a second,
it's a fake.
- No, it's clear.
- Okay alright
that's a good sign.
Let's see try this.
- Is this the garbage test?
- Lay that stone down
on its flat side.
Okay now if you can
read the newsprint
through the stone, it's a fake.
- No, I can't see shit.
- Let me see it.- Back up.
Yeah, looks real to me.
Go head let her see it.
- Are you sure that's even true?
- Absolutely.
Alright now hold
it up to the light.
You see that sparkle?
Now anything can sparkle, right?
But how you can spot a fake is
that it has no flaws at all.
Now do you see any little spots
any little marks in the middle?
- Maybe down in the pointy part.
- Let me see it.
No, I still don't see shit.
- Right there
that's a real diamond.
- Man, you don't not what
you're talking about.
- Get her out of here.
Amateur hour's over.
Get my money back.
- We had a deal.
Are you fucking kidding.
- No he's not.
- Welcher.
- You're hurting
my feelings now.
- This is some bullshit.
- Sure is turn around.
- Dude, I can make
my way out all right.
- You can.
- Yeah, yeah I can stop
fucking following me.
- Ask her to stop
fucking following me.
- Hey, hey your
boss is an asshole.
- Don't listen to her
keep fucking moving.
- Nice job.
- Yes, of course it is.
I think we're good.
- Yeah, I'll see you tonight?
- Yes, also you better tell Alex
that I want my end
in a briefcase.
Okay, I'm a businessman
with me like that.
- Yes, sir, yes, sir.
- Okay.
I know have a good one.
- That's my money.
You understand that, mine?
But I'm gonna let you hold it.
You're gonna buy that condo.
You're gonna put my mom's name
on the paper work next to yours
and you're gonna send me a copy.
If you try anything shady, Barry
anything at all, I'm
gonna call the cops
and I'm gonna report you for
insurance fraud, Kapiche?
- I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
What about pop?
- Just stay away.
He thinks you're in
witness protection.
- What happens when
he comes looking?
- He got two stones.
He's walking away with
a boat load of money.
He's not coming after you
especially because he thinks
the feds are watching.
- I know him he'll just
come to the office.
- The movers are gonna be
there tomorrow morning.
I'm returning the stuff on memo
and selling the rest to Hatoum.
Looks like there's
gonna be 8500 left over.
Congrats, you made
a profit old man.
- Keep it.
I'm just sorry
that's all there is.
I wanted to leave you set up.
- Your guilt is present enough.
- You're welcome.
- I put that one who put this?
- Yeah, but
- I didn't put that.
- If you put these two boxes.
- Give me this it's
gotta go in back now.
- Well, okay, fine I
don't think it's open.
- Open the door.
- I don't have the
keys you have the keys.
- You came down without the key.
- I was just thinking about
all the hours I spent
looking out this window
wondering what was
gonna happen next.
- Well, now you know.
- Well, goodbye.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Alright, dad, okay.
- Okay, thanks.
- My girl, I love
you so, so, so, much.
This is gonna be great.
- See you.
- I'll call you
when I get there.
- Please do.
- Can we go I'd like to make
it to Memphis by nightfall.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah
thus it begins.
Okay, goodbye, baby.
Goodbye I love you so much.
Oh, my gosh I'll call you as
soon as I get there, okay.
Alright don't forget about me.
Call a lot, a lot.
- Put your seat belt on.
- Crazy kids.
- So when are you leaving?
- This afternoon.
Just cleaning up a little
so she gets her
security deposit back.
- You have enough for your trip?
- Uh-huh, even got a
month's rent left over.
- We didn't get rich did we?
- Not yet.
Maybe I'll see you in
fort Meyers at Christmas.
- Yeah.
- Look excuse me, sir, can you
just hold on for one second?
Excuse me.
- I don't understand.
I have the rest of
the money right here.
I'm getting out of
this goddamn city,
and I just want to pay it off.
- Man, I'd love to take it
but it's already been paid.
I sold a broad a corolla
like three days ago,
and she paid off the whole note.
- You saying some random
stranger paid off my note.
- Maybe you have
a secret admirer.
- Bullshit I'm a grown man.
It's my debt I'm paying it off.
- Okay, well, you have
to go pay her yourself.
She left a forwarding
address for the title.
It's in California.
- California.
- California.
- They're ready for you.
- Hi, come on in.
You can have a seat.
- Hi, I'm Marilyn.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Alright you can start
whenever you're ready.
- Hi, I'm Marilyn Tracy.
Doctor, have the lab
results come in yet?
- I'm afraid
I have some bad news.
- God, my poor baby.
- It seems your husband
contracted a parasite
while he was in Africa.
- Well, that explains it.
The sweating, the hives.
- We may have to
consider a transplant.
We need a donor, and
we're running out of time.
- Doctor, I have an idea,
but he can never know.
We have a son.
- Thanks so much, Marilyn.
- Thanks bye.
- She was good I liked it.