Imperial Dreams (2014) Movie Script

[distant siren blares]
This is you coming home.
Nothing's changed.
[helicopter circling]
[young men shouting]
You can't splash back into the projects.
You gotta slide in.
[siren blares]
No ripples.
They don't give you a parade.
- [light snoring]
- Mom.
'Sup, little man?
You know who I am?
When you go to school,
we got to get you new clothes, right?
- Yes.
- What kind of clothes you like?
- Um...
- We gotta get you some Timbs.
- Nice jeans.
- Yes.
And some... some yellow sh...
And a yellow shirt.
A yellow shirt?
And get some Timbs shoes, too.
[men chattering and laughing]
- Nephew.
- Yeah, man.
- [Fat Rat] What's crackin', Bambi?
- What's up?
- Good to see you, man.
- Hey, man, likewise.
Well, you strong.
[both laugh]
- God bless you.
- No doubt, man. You been all right?
I'm good, man.
You know what it is, business as usual.
What's up with my mom?
I don't know. He needed watchin'.
She his grandmama.
She was the only one around.
Now I got my sister-in-law, you, your kid.
It's a damn hotel.
Unc, thank you for taking care of Day
while I was away.
I appreciate that, loved one. For real.
Thank you, man.
You take care of Uncle Shrimp, man,
Uncle Shrimp will take care of you.
You take anything you need.
Fat Rat will hook you up
with a little pistol or something.
- I'm good, man.
- Yeah?
- Thank you. Yeah.
- Hey, take Gideon's room.
- Yeah. Where he at?
- Ah, he ain't doing too good.
That boy dodgin' cops.
He got a lot going on.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
But you know what?
Let's talk about that in the AM,
all right?
- [laughs]
- That's cool.
Come on.
- You got a girl?
- Yeah.
[clippers buzzing]
What's her name?
Boy, you ain't got no girl named Asia.
What you been doing all day?
[distant siren blares]
"The hood is the cruelest of prisons."
"The most unusual of punishments."
"You're born into it."
"Like those poor niggas in North Korea
who have to serve time
for something their granddaddy thought."
"They don't even have to build walls
to keep people in."
"And when you're born in prison,
you don't know what to do with freedom."
"No matter how shiny they make it."
What, you in here jacking off?
Reading bedtime stories?
- G, man.
- I love you back.
I love you, too, man.
I told them niggas you was getting out,
I heard Delano
was hot as a motherfucker, man.
You know how it is, Cuz.
Man, that shit was inhumane, man.
Ah, it don't matter. You in perfect time.
Man, niggas been coming through here
shooting, Cuz.
I need your help.
I got a book I'm writing.
Trying to take care of Day. You feel me?
I respect that, man.
Man, what the fuck is that?
What? Oh, it ain't nothing.
Damn, G!
Fuck, man!
You gotta go to a doctor with that, right?
I ain't going to no doctors, Cuz.
The police looking for me,
for this shit that turned into a shoot-out
a couple of nights ago at a...
at a party, man.
We gotta take the bullet out.
[rap music plays]
[bullet clatters]
We good, Cuz?
Yeah. We good.
[Gideon sighs]
[Bambi] Hey.
Give me that.
Go to your room.
What the fuck are you doing?
Man, I don't need the cops
coming back here looking for you.
Pops, ain't nobody see me come back here.
No one.
Ah, nigga, you gonna be fine.
Bambi, you know what? Come here.
Let me holler at you for a minute.
Listen, I got a real easy one for you.
I got a car load of OxyContin
need to be up in Portland by Friday.
What'll we say, four racks?
That'll set you up.
[scoffs] Across state lines?
It's very low-risk.
[Gideon] Pops.
Let me owe you a few dollars,
until I get on my feet.
Gideon, can you lay low?
Can you do that, huh?
Call me if you need me.
Love you, nigga.
I know this is fucked up.
But I'm working on
getting you out of here.
And go to Victorville.
I heard it's real safe out there.
They got good schools.
All right, go to sleep, OK?
Good night, Angel Boy.
[engine revving]
That's where your mama is.
We'll go see her later.
All right.
[man] Hey, hey, hey, Bambi.
- I ain't seen you in a while.
- Yeah, man.
What's up?
Just chillin' with a feelin', you know.
Hey, word to the wise, though.
There was a killing last night so,
you know, you want to stay in and...
stay inside as much as possible,
and, you know, be safe.
- All right.
- I'll see you in the third.
- All right.
- Be good, man.
- Yeah.
- OK.
I see you got them new lights.
Oh, yeah, you know it.
Just a little somethin' somethin'.
[disguises voice] It's the LAPD.
Please open up.
[Day giggles]
Come on. Get your ass downstairs!
[Day] Come on, Wayne!
[banging continues]
- [laughs]
- Oh, shit.
[Bambi] Oh, man!
- Are you back for good?
- Yeah, I'm back.
- What's up, little man?
- Oh, my God. What's going on?
- For real?
- Looking all grown up.
- Man, I'm trying, man.
- Yeah.
Yeah, come inside, man.
Good to see you, and your big-ass head.
[laughs] Come on, man!
I ain't little no more, man.
[Bambi laughs]
- You reading Latin?
- Yeah, I'm working on it.
- What's that?
- Oh, man, I got a...
partial scholarship
to study business at Howard,
so now I'm just raising enough capital
to pay the difference.
That's beautiful, man. Congrats.
I got loans, grants.
Nigga, man, I maxed them all out.
I still need to come up with some money,
What's up with the suit?
- A nigga's got to look the part.
- Oh.
You know?
[Bambi snorts]
You seen mom?
She still a mess?
I knew you'd get published,
but a short story in McSweeney's,
from jail?
Now, that's next level, bro.
- You gotta sign it for me.
- For sure.
I'm proud of you. Like real talk, man.
Thank you.
Listen, man. Um...
Can me and Day stay here?
What do you think?
You gotta ask Gramps, but I doubt it.
Look, man, I understand your predicament,
but the housing authority doesn't allow
any convicts or parolees
on these premises.
Just for a few days,
till I get on my feet.
What if they have an inspection?
We all get caught, we all get kicked out.
- It's not worth it, Bambi.
- Man.
Welcome home, dog.
They say I bang
They never toy with me
Royal from the crown
To my fuckin' feet
They say talk that talk
Walk, but please avoid the streets
Lock the jaw, lock the door
Avoid the speech...
Bambi Jones.
[door buzzer]
What were you in for?
Assault with a deadly weapon.
You know you got flagged by the detectives
in the Watts projects, right?
I need to know where you at at all times.
I need for you to get a job ASAP.
If you can't figure it out,
I'm gonna start crawling your ass,
which is a violation,
which means I will issue a warrant,
and back in you go.
But I just got out.
Do we understand each other?
Now what you gonna do?
I'm trying to be a writer.
You know, teach these kids
not to make the same mistakes I did.
Yeah, positivity and all.
Well, that's all good, but...
you need a job...
that pays.
[wind howls]
[PA] Bring in the prisoners.
[guard] Fifteen minutes.
Do not pick up the phones
until the phones are turned on.
I will advise you when they are turned on.
Do not touch the phones.
Phones are on.
- [woman] Hey, baby.
- [Day] Hi, Mom.
[woman laughs]
- [woman] How you been?
- [Day] Fine.
- [woman] Yeah?
- [Day] Yep.
[woman] Can you make me a drawing
to put on my wall?
[Day] Yeah.
- [woman] I miss you.
- [Day] I miss you, too.
What you been doing?
I've been working.
Working? You got... Working?
- [Bambi] No.
- Oh, OK.
Your daddy being good to you?
- Yes.
- He better be, or I'm gonna get him.
I have a picture of you
in your kiddie pool.
Remember our kiddie pool?
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
- You look fat.
- We'll see how you look when you get out.
How you holding up?
I can see the roof of Shrimp's house
from my cell.
If they gave me my stamps on time,
I wouldn't be in here.
- Stop.
- I had to put food...
Stop. It's recording.
What's wrong with you? Stop.
I'm just trying to help us.
It's cool.
- How's your mom?
- Same, I guess.
Some county facility,
hooked up to machines,
breathing for her, feeding her.
It's good that Unc came through
and let Day stay there.
- You know, since you've been in here.
- Watching him for three weeks ain't shit.
You know, now I'm back...
he wants me to help him.
Bambi, you just got out of jail.
Be strong.
As smart as you are,
you could find something else.
You got a son to think of.
[guard] Up!
- You hear me?
- Yeah.
- Take care of Day.
- I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna handle it.
- You...
- [line cuts out]
I got you. I will.
[slams phone receiver]
Day, say "I love you" to your mom.
Bye, Mommy.
[rap music blares]
You wanna go to Shrimp's?
[sighs] Shrimp, man.
You know he offered me a job?
Four grand to drive a car to Portland
and not look in the trunk.
I need three grand for school
and I'm good, bro.
I've still got a couple of weeks
to get it, so I'm not tripping... yet.
I've been turning in my applications
everywhere, man.
- It's dry as hell.
- [siren burst]
[Bambi] Shit, man.
Fucking Hernandez.
[siren burst]
[Hernandez] Welcome home, Bambi.
Been a long time.
[chuckles] Your kid recognize you
when you got out?
Know anything about that kid
who got killed on south side of Imperial?
- I've been out 27 hours.
- How about your cousin, Gideon?
Are you covering for him
like you covered for your uncle?
I don't know shit.
What about you?
Are you affiliated?
[Wayne] Look at me, man.
Do I look like I'm in a gang?
You look like a bright,
intelligent young man.
Why the fuck are you with this guy?
He's my brother, man.
Why don't you do something
like join the army? Get out of here.
This bright kid's on his way to college.
Well, come on, college boy. You can go.
- What about my brother?
- I said go.
- Just stay chill. Be cool.
- Yeah.
[female officer]
Get a booster seat for that kid.
Don't let me catch you fucking up again.
I... I didn't know.
- You got any rock?
- What are you doing, Ma?
- [fridge door slams]
- Come on.
[mutters] God damn.
- What did Mom say?
- She didn't say nothing.
Man, I told you.
[footsteps shuffling]
So when you wanna go to Portland?
I need somebody I can trust.
Can't do it.
You know what? I know writing, you know,
makes you feel cultured and all, man.
But, I mean, what good is it if you don't,
you know, help out your family?
You know what I'm saying?
I'm more than happy
to clean up around here.
I'm trying to find a job
so I can pitch in on the rent.
[cutlery clatters]
It's not that.
I need some real help around here.
No, nigga. Get your ass back over here.
You're a grown-ass man.
You wanna live here?
You're gonna follow some fucking rules.
- It's too rich for my blood, man.
- I don't give a fucking shit, Nephew.
It's either go to Portland...
or fuck off.
- I'm not running no non-profit here.
- Come on, man.
Hey, you know we don't have
nowhere else to stay.
I'm telling you.
When I wake up in the morning...
if you ain't ready to contribute,
I don't wanna see you...
I don't wanna see that fucking kid...
and I don't wanna see
that piece of shit-ass car
you got parked on side of my house!
Niggas gotta earn around here!
Now, you write that shit down.
Wake up.
- You can stand up, OK?
- All right.
Are you awake?
Go grab your pool.
I'll be gone
I'll be gone
I'll be gone
I'll be gone
Days pass
For now I remain
But one day the time will come
When I will see, no longer stay
Can no longer refrain
Days pass
For now I remain
But one day the time will come
When I will see, no longer stay
Are you all right?
- Yes.
- You good?
- Yes.
- All right.
You're gonna get sick of me reading to you
all the time, but I'm gonna do it anyway.
- All right?
- OK.
[glove compartment opening]
"He was on the way from church,
five years old,
that he saw his first dead man."
"A loud deacon."
"He knew everything about Jesus
and nothing about blackjack."
"Then, suddenly...
he was Sunday quiet."
"'See how easy it is to change things?'
my uncle said to him."
"'This is power, my boy.'"
"He knew then
that no daddy was Superman..."
"and no baby mama was Wonder Woman."
"That shit was bullshit."
All right.
Lay down.
It's time to sleep.
All right. You comfortable?
- Yes.
- I love you, OK?
Good night.
Different meaning to power.
Different meaning to power.
Fish and baloney and sausage.
And then... an egg.
And I like hamburgers.
Onion, tomato...
[Bambi] What are the odds
of a single father getting a job?
[woman] Let's get a copy
of your driver's license.
I'm still in the process of getting that.
Without you being able to drive,
it's gonna be real hard to find you a job.
- I can work here.
- [laughs]
I can clean the windows. I'd do anything.
We don't have any positions.
You gotta start with the license.
But you should come back,
use the computers.
Things do open up.
All right, thanks.
Dad, horses!
Come on, we gotta go to Gideons.
How do they expect me to get rehabilitated
when they won't rehabilitate me
in the first place?
Man, you need to be writing.
That's what you need to be doing.
Use that to get Day up out of here.
All I need is eight bucks an hour,
some food, a place to stay.
Then I can think about getting a computer
and all of that.
I got you, man.
When you write about this,
you make sure you keep it 100.
Cos fuck all this.
Running, hiding.
I'm tired of it.
Day, go find yourself five rocks.
You all right?
Them Brandy Heights niggas is after me.
Nigga, everybody out there chilling,
And out of nowhere, these niggas
pull out heat, get to bustin'.
I'm heated.
What the fuck do you think I'm gonna do?
I bust back!
I hit a kid, Cuz.
A fucking ten-year-old kid.
Look at Day, man.
[Gideon] Day.
Come here, man.
- You got some rocks, Day?
- Yeah.
[PA] Now serving A051
at window number six.
Your problem is you owe over 15 grand
in child payment support.
How does that make sense?! I only got $85.
Mister, don't raise your voice at me, OK?
How was I supposed to pay child support
when I was in jail?
I can't issue you a state driver's license
if you don't pay this outstanding amount.
- That's all.
- Wait.
I gotta get a job to pay child support.
To get a job
I have to have a driver's license,
but to get a driver's license
I still need to pay child support.
- I'm confused by it as well.
- Right.
It's a messed-up system.
There's a website that you can go to.
Wi-Fi this and Wi-Fi...
Look, I don't have a computer, man.
You're gonna have to help me out on this.
Well, why don't you go to Social Services
and tell them about it?
You can get your child support payments
either reduced or annulled over there.
My baby mama didn't file
for no child support.
She didn't file for it.
She's on AFDC.
The county files child support for her.
So you can't give me my driver's license?
No, sir, I cannot.
All right. Thank you. Come on, let's go.
[Gideon] I got your laptop.
[engine revving]
Hey! Hey, G!
Hey, G, get the fuck out of here, Cuz!
Brandy niggas are coming in the car, man!
Hey, come on, man! Niggas in the car!
Hey, come on! Leave that shit!
[engine revving]
[tires squealing]
Come on, Son.
[engine revving]
[gang member] Go, go, go!
- [doors slamming]
- [engine revving]
[siren approaching]
Come on, D, man.
[distant siren blares]
- It's gonna be OK.
- OK.
[mutters] Fuck both those niggas, man.
Fuck both those niggas.
My fucking nigga, man.
He OK from last night?
I don't know.
Oh, Deacon. This is my brother, Bambi.
Oh, blessings, brother.
I'm guessing you two aren't twins.
- [laughs]
- We have different fathers.
Well, take some food home.
We've got plenty of leftovers.
Yeah, thanks.
Oh, uh... Deacon, can I ask you something?
Is there any way you can give my brother
some hours? He's a hard worker, sir.
I'd love to help, but we're just not
getting enough events lately.
[Wayne] OK, thanks.
But if anything changes, just let us know.
At least, man,
we'll go to Uncle Shrimp's
and we'll pay our last respects.
All right?
I was thinking.
When this all blows over, do you think
it's cool if we ask Shrimp for a loan?
He's gonna want something in return.
We could split the money, man.
We ain't doing it.
[siren burst]
[soul music playing over stereo]
- I love you.
- Don't go.
Look, you're cool here.
- Love you.
- I love you, too.
[Shrimp sniffs]
Are you all right?
[Shrimp] I should have told Gideon...
how hot these motherfuckers are
when they hit you.
You know, that's the real pain.
The heat...
when they inside you.
That burn.
Fuck this, man.
Let's go get these motherfuckers.
[breathes deep and exhales]
Yeah. Nigga, what did you do?
Did you go soft in jail?
It's just not me no more.
It's not me, loved one.
[sniffs] Right.
[gun chamber spins]
[loading bullets]
[engine revving]
- [gunshots]
- [tires squealing]
- [screams]
- Hey!
Hey. Shh.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
It's OK. It's OK. I got you.
I got you. I got you.
[screaming continues]
Day. Day, I got you, man. I got you.
It's OK.
It's OK. Shh. Shh.
You call your son Angel Boy...
cos in the bricks, the softer the name,
the harder the man.
But Gideon was hard.
You were hard.
And your daddy was hard.
And look at us.
Deceased, derelict, departed.
And you swear...
Angel Boy won't end up a savage.
Dead, smiling on a T-shirt.
He won't work the corner.
He won't work the curb.
He won't want to be the emperor
under this dark Imperial highway.
Because monarchs are not elected
around here.
They're made with a gun.
And they reign only until it rains...
all over.
[Wayne] I was reading up
on self-publishing, right?
Maybe we could convince one of these
big Baptist churches to back you.
Give you some up-front money
for speaking engagements or something.
Man, I'm sleeping in a car with my kid.
I need an apartment first.
Bro, we need something, man.
Man, get a credit card or something.
- Man, I tried.
- Try harder.
They denied me.
Look, for now, will you just
look after Day for a few hours?
I gotta go downtown. I have some business.
Book business.
All right.
Can I help you?
Yeah. Is there anybody
I can slip some pages to?
Oh, we can't accept unsolicited materials.
I got printed in McSweeney's, page 44.
You should check that out.
Uh... It's loosely based on my life.
My parents weren't around, so I was raised
by killers and thugs at my uncle's house.
Crazy, right?
When did you start writing?
I taught myself while I was in jail.
I've been in and out since I was 12.
I had to write to stay sane.
OK. Um...
Look, I can't promise you anything,
but um... leave your pages
and make sure you keep your contact info
on them and I'll see what I can do.
The e-mail's good, right?
- Sure.
- Yeah, I got it in there.
- Here's the office info.
- All right. Thank you.
You got a sister's name. You part black?
Thank you, Janine.
[Wayne] Here he comes, ma'am.
Are you Daytone's father?
Yeah. What's going on.
I'm Miss Price
from Child and Family Services.
I was called out
on a parental-negligence case.
Your son was outside alone
and cut his arm pretty badly.
The police had no idea who to call.
- [Bambi] Are you OK?
- Yeah.
I hope his being unsupervised
isn't normal.
No, ma'am.
Well, I have to file an official warning.
I take it this is where you live?
Well, call me.
We have resources if you need any help.
Thank you.
I'll make sure he's properly supervised,
I promise.
Good. I'll be checking on you.
Yo, my bad, Bro. I-I was on the phone.
He was outside playing.
All of a sudden,
that Social Services lady just showed up.
What was you thinking, man?
This is the last thing I need right now!
They give these warnings out
to scare people.
Wayne, you fucked up, man!
Relax, Bro.
That's my son!
I was trying to help you out, dumbass.
Get the fuck out of here, man!
Man, you get the fuck out!
This is my place!
You just don't get it.
You think cos you wear a tie
it's all good?
So I should worry about what you think?
Nigga, go back to your car.
I got a home.
Oh, OK.
- I ain't fuckin' with you.
- You ain't gotta fuck with me.
Yeah, best believe that.
Come on.
Come on, man. Come on. Come on.
[Bambi] Sit back.
[Day hums]
Will you stop? Stop. Stop.
[Day continues humming]
Hey. Stop.
[Day continues humming]
Hey. Hey.
- Hey.
- [humming stops]
What do you want?
What do you want?
Cos you gotta figure that out.
Now, sit your ass down.
Come on.
[Day's mom] All this shit
is getting on my goddamn nerves.
[Bambi] What?
Being in here.
There's not shit to do.
What happened to his arm?
Oh, he got into some next type of shit.
What do you mean? You ain't watching him?
What you been doing?
It's just a cut. He's good.
You fucking them ratchet bitches?
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- What the fuck is wrong with me?
- What's wrong with you?
- Are you OK?
- Why are you changing the subject?
- I didn't come here to fight, OK?
All right.
You see that kiddie pool?
- She saw the pool.
- [Day] Yeah?
They're releasing non-violent offenders
in a couple of months.
I ain't holding my breath.
I'm running out of options out here.
What's that mean?
Sometimes a nigga
just has to do some shit.
You know what I mean?
Let's go.
What's up, Cuz?
What's good with you?
Shit, chillin'.
Smokin' on this motherfuckin' weed, man.
What you got goin' on, nigga?
- What you got poppin'?
- Hm?
What you got poppin'? You up to something.
I ain't up to nothing.
Good to see your ass.
I ain't seen you in a minute.
Let me hit that, man, real quick.
All the time.
[Fat Rat] The fuck is that?
Nigga, that's Gideon's gun, right?
[scoffs] So?
Probably got a couple
of young bodies on it.
I ain't fuckin' with you, nigga.
You loaded as a motherfucker.
All right, loved one. It's cool.
You should go in the back, nigga.
You trippin'.
You need to toss that motherfucker
in the river.
[men chattering]
[Shrimp] Thank you
for sending your brother over here.
He been sitting here
telling me how interested he is
in doing some driving for me.
Go to the bathroom.
Go wash your face and your hands.
I don't know why he's here, dog.
If you need somebody to drive,
it shouldn't be him.
This nigga ain't built
for this line of work.
- Chill out, man.
- Man, you out.
Both of y'all, shut the fuck up.
I run this.
- He's a civilian, man.
- He's a grown-ass man is what he is.
Go put on that suit. Come right back.
I appreciate you.
You think you hard? You ain't hard, Cuz.
Bambi. On some real shit.
You'd rather live in that car...
than help me.
It's not that, man. I just...
I need a regular job.
Can you hook me up?
Now you think you can just come in here
and ask for favors any time you please?
You know what?
Homey, you hang around.
All right? Clean up the place.
And while you at it, clean yourself up.
OK? Here. You're looking homeless.
[door opening]
You went against my word, man.
Man, get the fuck out of my face, man.
[Bambi] Want some? Huh?!
[Fat Rat] Hold up! Watch out!
Watch out! What y'all doing?!
- You lucky I don't fuck you up!
- [Fat Rat] Chill!
Yeah, that's the real Bambi I know.
- You ain't know.
- It's my business.
Stay the fuck out of it.
I know you niggas better not be in here
breaking up my shit.
You're talking all that bullshit,
and this is what you teach him?
- [Wayne] It's cool, it's cool.
- Yeah.
That's cool.
We doing business, or what?
Hungry-ass nigga, huh?
Come on, let's go.
Tanya back there asleep.
When she wake up,
make sure she don't steal nothing.
It still hurt?
All right.
I remember when you were born...
and your heartbeat had that murmur
just like mine.
Damn it, Tanya.
You had your chance to be my mother.
I'm gonna always be your mama.
Need help with Day?
[rap music blares]
Hi to the haters, hi to the haters
I hop up in that six
Vroom, vroom, see you later
Try and catch me if you can
Catch me if you can
I be in that vroom, vroom
Try and catch me if you can
Sayin' hi to the haters...
See, nigga.
I brought him back in one piece.
- Go park your ass in there.
- OK.
[Wayne] Success.
[Shrimp] Yes.
[grunts] Oh, shit.
[woman giggles]
[Wayne] Shrimp, sorry to bother you.
I need you to front me a few grand
for school.
All right.
Do you know what?
You earned it. Ten bucks.
OK, do you know what?
If you wash it... I may eat it.
You've got to marinade
and wash that motherfucker.
Just lick a crumb.
No, man. That's not enough, man.
I can give you 15% interest yearly,
or even quarterly,
but I need you to... I need that money.
Fifteen percent.
This nigga think this shit a game,
huh, Rat?
- [snorts]
- Know what I'm saying?
[woman giggles]
All right.
All right, nigga.
You leave for Portland in an hour.
Fat Rat gonna tell you
what hotels to stay in.
All right? And you hide them pills
in that floorboard.
You ain't going nowhere.
Damn. You know what?
I'm trying to be lovable and, you know,
we trying to...
And, nigga, if you wanna get naked
and go outside and fight, we can do that.
Watch your mouth, man.
- Go wait for me in the back.
- All right.
[Tanya] Hey, hey, hey.
- [laughs]
- Yo.
Hold up. Now, what the fuck do you want?
Well... ain't there some other
arrangements we can make for my boy here?
[Shrimp] How?
It's a party.
- You wanna do something?
- Yeah. I do.
- You wanna do something?
- Yeah.
All right. Hold up.
We're gonna do something.
Here you go. I got you.
[music plays]
Show me the goods first.
- Come on, man. Don't do...
- Shut the fuck up!
Stand your ass up
and show me them titties.
All right, I got you.
Let me see what my brother
bragged about all these years.
[Shrimp laughs]
What's the betting?
Tanya. Tanya, stop. Stop.
You know what? I run this.
Whoa! Man, what the fuck you got going on?
This way. Come on, Day.
Come on. Come with Nana. Come on.
- Right.
- [Shrimp] Oh, fuck.
- [Fat Rat] Put that shit away!
- Shut the fuck up, nigga!
- It's like that?
- What you gonna do, Bambi? Huh?
- I've got you.
- That's G's shit.
Do it, nigga. Come on.
Y'all niggas put me back in this shit.
Y'all niggas put me back in this shit.
God damn.
- Pull the trigger!
- Wayne, come over here, man!
Get out of here, now!
Come on, nigga. You pulled it, use it.
Pull the trigger!
Fuck, man!
You all brought me back in this shit!
Wanna see me, nigga? Wanna see me?
Come on, let's finish it!
I've gotta go get my son.
Pull the motherfucking trigger!
Pull the trigger!
Pull the fucking trigger!
[bottle shatters]
Yo, Bambi!
Where you going, man?
Daytone. Tanya.
[siren burst]
[Hernandez] Stop!
- I'm going to my girl's house.
- Put your hands on your head now!
- Right now.
- Get your hands up.
Why you running so hard?
Man, I don't know. It's dangerous not to.
Is that how you wanna play this?
Get on your knees.
- Now.
- Man.
[police radio chatter]
Y'all gonna arrest me?
Cos I didn't do anything, man.
[mutters] Where the fuck
are you taking me?
[Hernandez] Recognize these guys?
I think they might recognize you.
- What's up, fellas?
- Hey, come on, man.
They look like they're ready
to party with you, man.
We know Gideon killed that kid.
Now, we know that you know
who killed Gideon.
- Any of these guys look familiar?
- I don't know, man.
Point him out.
- I don't know.
- You don't?
Come on, man. What the fuck?!
Don't know nothing?
- Throw his ass out, Hernandez.
- You don't know?
- We know what to do with his ass.
- Get out.
Look, man, a crackhead took my son.
I've been running, trying to find him.
Out of all the niggas in the hood,
y'all pick on the nigga
trying to do the right thing.
Come on!
Y'all niggas are supposed to help me.
She took my son, man!
Throw his ass out to me, Hernandez.
What were you thinking?
Free to go.
That car of yours looks pretty lived in.
It's not the best place for a kid.
[distant rap music and chattering]
Is Tanya here?
- What's up, man?
- Is Tanya here?
Yeah, she's here.
[rap music blares]
[woman humming]
What you doing?
Protecting him.
- Are you OK?
- Yes.
- Are you hurt?
- No.
[Tanya sobs]
Are you OK?
Get yourself cleaned up, Ma.
[gun cocking]
Close the door.
- Uncle...
- Yeah, I know.
I raised your black ass.
How dare you...
hit me in my face...
and hold a gun to my fucking head?
I ought to blow your fucking head off
right now.
Then what, loved one?
What about Day?
You know what, nigga?
There are reasons...
why we are...
the way we are.
So, what, nigga?
I'm the bad guy in this story?
Just keeping it real.
I had to raise you to be a soldier...
cos that's the only way
you was gonna make it out here.
But I gotta go my own way.
Why are you so motherfucking hard-headed?
Yeah. [chuckles]
In the hood,
you carry truth in your heart...
while reality stays stashed outside.
Your heart says, "Don't kill."
The hood says, "Kill."
Your heart says, "Think before you act."
The hood says, "React."
But you're all alone when one of those
reactions lands you behind bars,
going over every little thing
in the darkness.
And it's easy to recognize your truth
in retrospect.
What's hard...
is being true in the moment.
Even if it kills you.
[mouse clicking]
Come on, get down.
Give me ten. All right?
- Yeah.
- Go down from ten.
One, two...
[Day grunts]
[laughs] Oh, damn!
You know how he's gonna do
when he's 18, man.
You gonna be a beast!
You good. You good.
You good. You good, Day.
- OK.
- Yeah. Good work.
Why are you so happy, man?
- That Janine girl.
- Yeah?
Sent my stuff to some agents, man.
- I got a shot.
- [laughs]
- Beautiful, Bro.
- It's crazy. Crazy.
[vehicle pulling up]
Hey, man, we gotta talk.
What now?
Remember Miss Price?
From Child and Family Services.
Mr. Jones, can we have a moment?
You lied to us.
We know you don't live in these projects.
We've got evidence of you
breaking our policy
by allowing Day
to be in several unsafe situations.
Hi, Day.
You remember me?
Where do you sleep at night?
Being homeless doesn't help your case.
Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to remove
your son from your custody.
I can take care of him.
Mr. Jones, Day needs to be in
a stable environment right now.
Take these.
- Uh... I've got some relatives.
- Then we can meet.
- I have relatives.
- Then we can meet.
We have family.
Are y'all really gonna do this now?
Are you really gonna fucking do this now?!
- He can stay with my grandfather.
- Fuck!
Day, come on, baby.
- You see this?!
- This is bullshit.
- He's gotta go.
- Y'all are doing this?
He's gotta go. I know you hate this.
I know you hate this, but maybe
it's best for you if you're alone.
OK, I got you. Miss Price?
I just want you to know,
I would do anything for my son.
What do you need me to do?
What do I have to do for my son?
Let's just keep in close contact
about your relative taking custody, OK?
Because that is an option.
But right now, he has to come with me.
All right. I...
I just need a moment with my son.
Just a moment, all right?
Go ahead.
God damn.
Hey, man. Um...
Dad ain't gonna see you for a while,
all right?
But I... I'm gonna visit you, OK?
All right.
Be a man.
Read them books, all right?
I'm gonna see you real soon.
I love you, man.
I love you, too.
- You're good?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
All right.
Come on, Day.
You'll get him back.
- Yeah.
- Huh?
You'll get him back. You'll get him back.
- [whimpers]
- You'll get him back.
Hernandez, you see this, man?
You see this, man?
- Is this what you wanted, man?
- It's not what I want.
Come on. Come on.
Why don't you get in?
Imagine this.
You half wake up.
Take a breath.
It feels good.
You go to swing your legs off the bed.
Then you realize...
they're gone.
The pain is physical.
That's what it feels like...
when you lose your kid.
An old lifer once told you...
"All men suffer loss."
But you know now
that not all losses are the same.
Only the ones that stop you from
ever fighting again make you a loser.
Make you go back to what's easy.
What you know.
Do you get Day this weekend?
Yeah, I get to take him out
Monday morning. Wanna roll with us?
Yeah, love to.
[Wayne] Can you believe I'm leaving for DC
next Tuesday?
Living in dorms.
All the other losses
just serve to strengthen you.
Prepare you for what's ahead.
- [Wayne] Is this where he lives?
- Yeah, he's in that second building.
And you're just thankful that Angel Boy
inherited your fighting spirit...
to help him navigate his foster forest.
And though this loss is devastating...
you know... that in time...
you'll both be baptized as winners.
We may not have
A decent home to call our own
And we may not
Oh, no
Be remembered when we're gone
But we have
We have
We have
To call our own, own, own
And every time
Oh, yeah
We can't hurt to see our way
But just remember
Always remember, baby
That tomorrow is another day
But we have
We have
There's no doubt about it, baby
We have
To call our own, own, own
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah
There may be time
When we feel like we'll have to cry
But just remember
Always remember, baby
We can make it if we try
For we have
We have
Listen, baby
We have
To call our own, own, own
To call our own, own, own
To call our own, own, own
To call our own, own