Imperium (2016) Movie Script

You have the phone?
Should I do it now?
Not yet. Wait until
we get to the checkpoint.
Okay, guys, this is it.
Hey, Ivy league's gun,
put that gun back away.
- What are you talking about?
- I don't need some egghead
who just scored an 81 on his
qual shooting my dick off, okay?
This is my fucking guy!
I'm not just gonna
sit here while you--
guys, enough! Nate,
just follow our lead, okay?
Is your heart clear?
Are you sure
you want to do this?
The signal
will be better outside.
Here it is.
Did it work?
- Drop it!
- Freeze!
- Hands in the air!
- Turn around!
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can
and will be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
Hello, usman. I can help you.
I can get you phone calls with
your parents, your friends...
My parents?!
I wish they were dead!
And I don't have any friends.
Oh, wow, he's a real prince,
this one.
Can I get in there?
Salam aleikum.
What the fuck, tom?
I have this room at 4:00!
I know you don't get a lot
of news downstairs, zamparo,
but we just broke up a massive
terrorist plot, all right?
Try and keep up.
What? What is it?
Sir, when I flagged up
this guy's email,
I thought the investigation
was only gonna proceed
if there was substantive
criminal evidence to back it up.
We've got hours of him
talking about waging jihad
and killing children.
Right, but talking, though, sir,
not... he's not doing anything.
Isn't that the point?
Hey, Tim. How's it going?
You celebrating something, Nate?
You seeing someone special, huh?
Uh, yeah, actually.
How'd you guess?
Genius, emergency meeting
in the conference room!
The crash was off 301
around 2:00 last night.
Local police
controlled the scene,
so, thankfully,
the press knows nothing.
These containers
carried cesium-137.
It's used for radiotherapy
applications in hospitals,
but it's highly regulated
and had no business
being on that truck.
When we tracked the shipment
back to Baltimore,
the customs record showed
eight containers, not two.
So there's six more of them
out there, all of them
in the country illegally.
If that quantity made it's way
into a radiological device,
we could be looking at
thousands of casualties,
mass evacuations
and radioactive contamination
throughout the D.C. area.
- Tom?
- Yeah.
Uh, lab analysis puts the
cesium coming from north Africa.
So the guys on four,
they put together this map.
It's an analysis
of Muslim communities in DC,
Maryland and Virginia,
along with their
countries of origin.
We'd like each-- yes?
What about leads
on the dt front?
Well, given the cesium
came from north Africa,
we don't think domestic
is really in the picture.
The last time anyone
tried to build a dirty bomb
on us soil was James cummings.
He was a white supremacist
living in Maine,
he was going to set it off
at Obama's inauguration.
He had uranium, thorium, and he
was trying to acquire cesium.
I'm sure you're familiar
with the case.
It goes without saying,
anyone here is welcome
to pursue any leads
they think are fruitful.
Okay, would you fucking stop--
- oh, I'm so sorry.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Angela zamparo.
- Nate foster.
- I know.
You got a couple minutes?
Dt's downstairs.
There's only one perk
to being down in this shithole.
Nicorette just isn't the same.
So, Nate...
You seem like you've got
a bit more going on
than most around here.
You remember Oklahoma city?
Well, yeah,
i guess I was five, but sure.
What do you know
about Timothy McVeigh?
Ah... he was some kind of
lone extremist... a militia?
Don't be an asshole
who bullshits questions
you don't know
the answer to. Here.
Timothy McVeigh was a
decorated Gulf war veteran.
He was not insane;
He was not a lunatic;
And he was not stupid.
He was a white supremacist,
following a plan.
- What plan?
- A plan from a book
called the Turner diaries.
It's about a "race war"
to exterminate blacks,
Jews, and "mud people."
You know how the war
gets started?
The hero drives a truck bomb
into a federal building.
Timothy McVeigh
was reenacting that scene
from the Turner diaries.
He was carrying the book
with him when he was arrested.
What he was trying to do
was start the race war.
You're focused on
the islamic guys. I get it.
We all create a narrative based
on what we think is important.
We see what we want to see.
But just because you're not
looking at something...
...doesn't mean it's not there.
So, why are you telling me this?
I'm talking about a blood
and guts, in the street,
kill or be killed race war.
I have information
about a truck accident
outside DC last night,
involving classified
radioactive material.
But now the FBI is trying
to cover it all up. Why?
Because something
big is happening,
and it's bigger than 9/11,
and it's bigger than
Oklahoma city.
So be warned,
be armed, and be ready.
His name is Dallas wolf.
He gets 20,000
listeners a night.
We believe he's based
just outside of DC,
but almost nobody
knows him personally.
But I have an informant,
a skinhead in a gang.
And the leader of that gang
is friends with wolf.
So I need someone to get
in there, and get close to him.
Right and I'm trying to tell you
that this is not my thing!
I barely passed the pft!
What do you think
undercover work is?
Beating guys up
and shooting at them?
No, it's people skills.
It's controlling situations.
- It's this.
- Seriously?
This is the only undercover
training you'll ever need.
I saw you with that Muslim kid.
You got most of this
going on anyway.
Look, I read your file.
High IQ, great people skills,
but not your typical
FBI profile.
Introverted, an outsider,
unhappy childhood.
Single mother,
always moving around a lot,
always the new kid,
bullied at school,
no close friends or--
okay, okay, okay, fuck you!
That's... this is an invasion.
What gives
you the right to look--
because we don't have time
to dick around here!
You don't smuggle a boatload
of cesium into the country
and then just
let it fucking sit there!
Fine, but I'm trying
to tell you,
I don't have
the skills for this!
I can't even defend myself!
You do have the skills,
and they mean you will
never have to!
What did you say to that kid?
"You want to change things,
so nobody has to suffer
the way you did."
A dirty bomb
is any kind of crude,
explosive device
that when detonated,
disperses radiation
around and beyond the blast.
What you would do
is irradiate a large territory.
Now some of these things
have a half-life of 30 years.
In many cases,
this material cannot be seen,
it can not be smelled,
cannot be felt,
cannot be tasted.
The more technically
capable an adversary is
the more likely
they would be to find ways
to spread the radioactive
material over larger areas.
One of things that we've been
taught in recent years,
is that we must be able to
prepare for the unthinkable.
The terrorists sell
smuggling weapons
of mass destruction
into the country
in a shipping container.
An American Hiroshima.
Are you out of
your fucking mind?
Do you know how management
looks at undercover, Nate?
You think this office is bad?
They'll have you
chasing pedophiles
on an Indian reservation.
I just want to discuss
the option, sir.
Discuss the option?
Of what,
of killing your whole career?
In the beginning was the word.
When the word found us,
we were unconscious.
But the word awakened us.
It made us conscious.
Our enemies were everywhere.
Our eyes were opened.
And they were
filled with shame.
We have been violated,
betrayed, and humiliated.
For we had
allowed this to happen.
And so the word spoke to us,
and told us to stand up!
To take back
what had been stolen from us!
To fight for race,
soil, and honor!
Do you know what they do
to informants, Nate?
You know what a "necktie" is?
They slit your throat,
and they pull your tongue
right out through it?
Oh, shut the fuck up!
Oh, what, so you
want him to go in blind,
so he has no idea
what he's getting into?
You're just trying
to manipulate him!
And you're not?
You do whatever
the fuck you want.
But you better think
long and hard about this.
The Turner diaries, it's sold
over a half a million copies.
Who do you think is buying it?
Eric Rudolph,
the olympic bomber,
Wade Paige,
who shot up the sikh temple.
Larry Ford,
developing typhoid and cholera.
Liam carr,
with the cyanide bomb,
Anthrax, ricin,
botcillism, c-4, ied's,
I could go on like this
for hours. And all of them
are white supremacists.
My name is Nate Thomas.
I was in the marines
for three years,
on a wmd squad in Iraq.
But I saw a lot of things
over there that changed me.
And I'm startin' to wonder...
My name is Nate Thomas.
My name is Nate Thomas.
My name is Nate Thomas.
I was in the marines for three
years, on a wmd squad in Iraq.
But I saw a lot of things
over there that changed me.
I started to wonder
what was really going on
in this country.
And now I'm back home...
Trying to make a new start.
I'm starting to figure out
the truth about some things.
There's really only
a handful of people
who know what's going on.
But I want to be one of them.
And I want to make a difference.
Okay. Not bad. What else?
What's this?
It's my dd-214.
I was up all
night Photoshop-ing it,
so if anyone wants to see proof
of my service in the marines,
they can just--
what the fuck are you doing?
No, no, no, no. Listen to me.
If you get yourself in
a situation where you have to
show somebody your dd-214,
then you're already done.
You understand?
Good. Now what else?
Lone extremism
is not a social phenomena,
it's a tactic.
Terrorists call it
leaderless resistance.
The leaders of the movement
provide inspiration,
but they also encourage
hidden cells act independently
like Timothy McVeigh
and Terry Nichols.
Principle #3:
Arouse in the other person
an eager want.
So what do they want from you?
My loyalty? I'm loyal,
I'm dedicated to the the cause.
No. Any thug can be loyal.
What do you have...
What the guys with the
cesium... are gonna want?
Welcome to medvale medical
supply company.
My military contacts
helped me start this business.
Most of our sales are online.
Our radiotherapy products
are specifically designed
for the handling and storing
of radioactive material.
So we can acquire sensitive
materials and hide them.
His name is frank hedges.
He's been a ci for two years.
He's in a gang called
the panzer strikeforce, and the
leader of the gang is this guy.
Vince sargent.
He's friends with Dallas wolf.
So Vince and Dallas wolf
are tight?
Yeah, I told you, Vince calls
into wolf's show every week.
So frank brings you
into the gang,
you hang out,
get some credibility,
you make these guys like you.
You get close to Vince.
Then, you use him
to get to know wolf.
This is my friend Nate
i was telling you about.
Hey, everybody.
14/88, brother.
Good to meet you.
All right, spread 'em.
Roy does our security.
Okay, fine.
Whoa, whoa, hey,
what the fuck is that?
- What's what?
- That! Under your fucking
shirt there!
What is that?
Hey, are you a cop?
Hey, look me
in my fucking eyes, boy!
Are you a fucking cop?
- No, I'm not.
- No? Whoo!
He's fine.
Sorry about that, Nate.
But you know how it is.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Whoa, whoa.
Have a seat.
You drink bud?
Uh, yeah, absolutely.
Frank tells me you were in Iraq.
Uh, yeah,
three years in the corps.
- You kill anybody?
- Johnny!
He's Johnny. He's a fresh cut.
We're trying to
teach him the ropes.
I know the fuckin' ropes, man.
Yeah, then mind your
fucking manners!
So, did you? Kill anybody?
I don't talk about that.
But what I did see
was a lot of our guys go down.
Good guys... friends.
And for what?
I was on a wmd squad,
the whole reason we were there,
except we didn't find shit,
did we?
Hmm. So then I get home,
i started listening
to Dallas wolf.
Oh, yeah?
Dallas and I go way back.
Oh, there's a guy
I'd love to meet, you know.
He's somebody
who's telling the truth.
He's out there,
he's asking why were we there?
And the answer's
always the same.
Iraq, 9/11, osama bin laden,
what does it all come back to?
Look at every war
we've ever been in.
How many white men
slaughtered their brothers
in world war ii?
What, like a 100 million?
And for who?
Who's always
pulling the strings?
It's all here in front of us.
But most people are blind.
Look at this bottle.
You see anything funny?
You're talking about
the Jew tax?
What's the Jew tax?
Tell 'em, Nate.
Start looking at
the food you buy,
and you'll see this little "u."
The union of orthodox rabbis
gets paid to perform
a "blessing" on everything
in the grocery store.
For this "blessing," they rake
in billions of dollars in taxes.
We can't control the ketchup,
but we can control the streets.
That's how
it went down in Germany.
And we think of ourselves
as a sturm abteilung.
We are
a thinking man's soldiers.
First here.
And then here.
And that is where
the revolution starts.
We're not these
tired old kkk guys,
waiting for some catastrophe
to start a race war.
- We're the catastrophe.
- That's fucking right.
And we need guys like you,
with military backgrounds.
We need best practices
in our security.
Come on, man, I think our
fucking security is pretty good.
Well, always room
to improve, though, right?
Oh, yeah?
Like what?
Well, like, look at
the position of this booth
and then tell me,
without looking,
where the nearest exits are.
- What's your point?
- The point is,
of all the large
booths in this restaurant,
you picked the one
farthest from the exits.
If something goes down,
we're fucked.
No, we're ready
for whatever goes down.
Yeah, with only you and him,
i don't know your name yet,
I'm sorry, carrying?
Oh, and how the fuck
you think you know that?
When you pat someone down
so they're facing everybody's
lap, it's pretty easy to tell.
You spend three years in Iraq,
you learn how to scan a room.
And see threats.
isn't that fucking impressive.
Now I only got
one question for you.
Why are you wearing levis?
Levis? Your fucking Jew jeans?
Yeah, no, sorry,
i just couldn't help notice
when I was pattin' you down.
While you were doing
your little detective work
all up in everybody's lap.
So why are you wearing them?
Because when
i got home from Iraq,
my brother gave me these
jeans... as a homecoming gift.
Now, does he understand
the struggle we're in? No.
But I'm sure as shit not gonna
let a zionist conglomerate
keep me from wearing them.
You wanna boycott the Jews?
You ever look at
the fortune 500?
You'll be living
in a fucking cave.
He's right. Shit, they probably
own this place, too.
Frank tells me you run
a medical supply company now?
Yeah. Yeah, my military contacts
helped me set up.
We're just starting out,
but we got access
to a lot of stuff.
That's great. I'd love to
talk to you about that sometime.
Yeah... anytime.
You know, when I was 13,
i actually played soccer.
One day, I came into
the locker room, right?
And there were these
six niggers,
and they had this
friend of mine, this Irish kid,
down in the stalls, right?
His head was
up against the toilet,
and his face was just covered,
I mean, covered in blood,
like flaps of skin.
I'd never seen anyone
get beaten like that.
And when I came in,
they just stared at me.
They stared, and I...
I walked away...
And just left him.
I hated those motherfuckers.
Yeah, when I was your age,
i got pushed around a lot.
- Yeah?
- It fucking sucks.
But you can use that.
Yeah, but with these guys,
nobody can do shit to me.
I learned to be proud. Strong!
- Yeah, but--
- to be an Aryan
fucking warrior!
Isn't that right, Johnny?
All right, so what, are we gonna
stand around all night
- or we gonna get fucking drunk!
- Let's go!
Come on, junior, let's get
some fucking beer, motherfucker!
Come on, boy!
Get in there, boy!
Hey, Nate, you know what, man?
Everybody seems to
really fucking like you.
This is my friend Nate
I was telling you about.
Hey, everybody.
14/88, brother.
Good to meet you.
All right, spread 'em!
Roy does our security.
To be an Aryan fucking warrior!
Isn't that right, Johnny?
Something big is happening.
In the beginning was the word.
Be armed and be ready.
- Hey!
- Hey.
What's the matter, man?
You didn't hear me?
I just... uh...
You sleep well?
What's wrong?
Oh, yeah, no,
we know where you live.
- Yup.
- Right. Cool.
Yeah, so, what,
you're not gonna invite us in?
Yeah, come on in.
Oh, thanks, man,
so sweet of you.
It's a mess, sorry.
You mind?
Yeah, it's a cool place, man.
Yeah, but it kind of
looks like you just moved in.
So, what are
you guys doing here?
Aw, don't break my heart.
What are we doing here?
Come on, don't make it sound
like you're not happy to see me.
See Vince is outside. He's got
a little surprise for you.
Oh, hey, well, um...
Yeah, well, I'm ready. Let's go.
You're gonna be psyched, man!
It's fucking awesome!
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Cool, well, I'm good to go.
Let's head out.
- Let's go, Roy.
- What's the rush?
I'm coming.
What the fuck?
What the fuck is that?
Goddamn, man, you got some
fucking shitty-ass furniture
up in here, huh?
Yep. Cheap as shit.
- All right, you ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready.
Sieg heil,
motherfucker, let's go.
Sieg fucking heil.
You didn't
finish your transcript.
Yeah, I know, I'll get to it.
Look at my fucking arm!
And what the fuck
is going on with this guy Roy?
You make him look small,
you make him into an enemy.
Sometimes, Angela, it would just
be great to hear, "good job."
I'm only so hard on you
because I'm trying
to protect you.
You have to remember
your objective here.
This is about
getting to Dallas wolf.
So what do I do about that?
Try relating to these guys
as human beings. You know?
Open up to them, if you can.
You may have more in common
with them than you think.
Man, why the fuck does
Vince make us come to this shit?
"Good networking,
lots of movement guys."
I mean, who gives a fuck?
Well, is Dallas wolf
gonna be here?
Who the fuck knows?
I don't listen to that
talk radio bullshit.
Goddamn. Hey, that looks
good on you, man.
Yeah, thanks.
Um, just go in,
I got another
shirt in the cargo.
Hi, you must be
Vince's friend Nate!
- I'm Becky, Gerry's wife.
- Oh, hi, nice to meet you.
- Such a pleasure to have you.
- Thank you for having me.
Yeah, of course.
Hey, Nate,
i made some cupcakes.
The frosting is a little
messed up, but they taste good.
So, Dallas, we wanted...
Come check this out.
Is it true,
this Dallas wolf unity rally
is the largest event
you've hosted in years?
We've brought together
the biggest white separatist
organizations in the northeast.
And we're also
having a conference,
with some of the world's
preeminent racial scholars.
But let me
get something straight.
You have all your permits,
you have all your licenses,
and yet this afl,
the anti-fascist league,
John, can we get the graphic?
They're planning on
viciously attacking
peaceful demonstrators
with hockey sticks
and d batteries
and urine balloons.
Not only that.
They're busing in hundreds
of protestors from the DC area.
But all I can say is,
the afl better be careful.
Because while we come in peace,
we're certainly
not afraid of war.
God, that's the first
I'm hearing about this rally.
I mean, god knows you can't
get any real news on the
yidivision, but still...
Are you planning
on going, Nathan?
And this is Andrew Blackwell
from the Aryan alliance.
- Hail victory, brother.
- Hail victory.
The Aryan alliance, huh?
I've read a lot about you guys.
Well, we're the premiere
white nationalist group in the
world, so that's not surprising.
Earnest walton,
grand dragon, good to meet you.
Good to meet you.
Earnest is with the local klan.
Yeah, you should stop by
one of our meetings.
- We'd love to have you.
- - Oh, wow.
You should check out
our website, too.
We're always looking for
quality people.
Ah, I don't think Nate's
into all that religious stuff.
Excuse me?
Religious stuff?
I just think Nate is a little
more rational than that.
I'm not sure I know
what you mean by that.
Come on, Nate.
Let's go back and get some food.
Stay away from those faggots.
They got this fucked up religion
where they think the Bible
was written for white men
and aryans are the lost tribes
of Israel.
The Bible.
Jews invented christianity.
Jews invented
the printing press,
and the Bible is the most
published book in the world.
I mean,
anything seem off to you?
How about the fact
the romans conquered
every mud race on earth,
and then christianity
finished them off
in a hundred years?
You gotta know who
to stick with in this movement.
You're with us.
Goddamn it, Vince,
every time we come here,
the whole fuckin' place is dry!
- What the fuck, man?
- It's two hours, be good.
Gerry, there's somebody I want
you to meet. This is Nate.
- Hey, Gerry Conway.
- Nate Thomas, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Vince told me all about you.
Make yourself at home.
I am throwing on
some veggie burgers.
Thanks for having us.
- Hi!
- Hey, hey, I'm Nate.
- Madeline. Nice to meet you.
- Hey, Madeline.
- This is Timmy.
- Hey, Timmy.
You want to come
see our tree house?
Uh, yeah, sure,
where are we going?
Oh, right, yeah, there.
Oh, wow, that is great!
Did your dad build this?
- I built it!
- You built this?
- But my daddy helped.
- Okay. Wow.
- It's to protect us.
- Yeah, from what?
If the mud people come.
Always be ready.
Always be watchful
and stick together.
You guys kidnapping my guest?
- Huh? Huh?
This is amazing, man.
Well, I've always been
good with my hands.
And it was just wonderful
to have a project with the kids.
You know how
you spell love, Nate?
Ninety percent of the time
you'll ever spend with your kids
- comes before the age of 12.
- Wow.
Yeah. You been in the movement
long, Nate?
Um, not long. Just since
i got back from Iraq.
Oh, yeah, right.
Yeah, Vince told me you served.
- Mm-hm.
- Mm-hm.
Hey, Nate,
don't take this the wrong way
but you kind of seem
a little mature for a skinhead.
Yeah, maybe.
I don't know.
Um, what about you?
You seem to know a lot
of people in this movement.
Ah, they probably come
for the free food.
Ah, no.
You have these barbecues often?
Yeah, as much as I can,
yes, you know,
I try to create
a positive environment
for everybody in the community,
and a place for us
to come together and be
healthy in body and spirit.
"Fuck you, bitch!"
And he turned around,
and he's like--
guys! Guys!
Language, please. Kids.
Jesus fucking Christ.
It makes me so sad
to see those two.
They gotta clean up their act.
Well, how do you mean?
Well, the cigarettes,
and alcohol, the language.
This is what's happening
to our young Aryan men.
Yeah. To be honest,
now that I met you,
I'm kind of surprised
you invited those guys.
Well, you can't exclude them.
I mean,
they're the next generation.
They need our help.
Need to understand their
heritage, and be proud of it.
That's what it's all about,
isn't it? The children.
What kind of a world
will they grow up in?
Goddamn, man, that was the worst
fucking party on earth.
Jesus Christ, what kind
of bullshit vodka is this, man?
Man, that's the last time
i ever let you pick it out.
Man, look at that shit.
Look at that!
That is just fucking...
God, that is so fucking awful!
Man, look at that,
look at that beautiful
Aryan woman and that fucking...
Roy, come on,
let's go the fuck home.
No, no, man, we're gonna
teach these two a lesson.
- No!
- Get your fucking hands
off of me!
Don't you ever
fucking touch me again.
You hear me?
We're Aryan warriors, right?
That means we got a
responsibility to do
something about shit like this.
Hey, you two! You need to
get the fuck out of here!
Hold on, what did you say?
I said, get the fuck
out of here
or we're gonna kill you,
you fucking spic!
What the fuck is your problem?
- What's our problem?
- - Yeah.
You come into our country,
you fuck our women.
Yeah, you got some big
fucking balls, huh?
- Put the fucking knife down
and calm down, all right, man?
- Oh, my god!
They get the point.
You thought you were
a big man, huh?
He gets it, Roy!
He's fucking shaking.
I thought you were a big man.
- Put the fucking knife down!
- Fuck you, motherfucker!
I'll fucking gut you,
you piece of shit!
Now go, fucker!
- Come on, let's go!
- Shit! Fuck, Nate.
Goddamn it!
You're fucking lucky!
What the fuck is your problem?
You fucked the whole thing up!
Yeah, I think they got
the message, Roy!
Got the message?
Are you a fucking idiot?
Man, those two were mine!
And then your dumb
fucking ass decides...
Hang on, wait a minute...
First you tried to stop me,
then you try to scare them off,
and then you set off
that fucking alarm.
That wasn't an accident, was it?
Was it, Nate?
You wanted them to get away.
What the fuck, Nate?
Huh? I said what the fuck?
Okay, you're goddamn right
i wanted them to get away!
You want to be a soldier,
Roy and not a fucking thug?
Then think! You think about
security cameras, Roy?
You think about the liquor store
we were just in?
You think about the clerk
or the license plates
on my fucking truck?
You think about
any of that shit?
Fucking Aryan warrior...
A hundred spics and niggers
ain't worth the life
of one white man,
but go ahead,
put us all in prison.
That's how you're gonna
win your race war? Huh?
All right, whatever,
can we just get back on the road
and get the fuck out of here?
I ran those license plates.
An accountant, a school
teacher, a lawyer, fireman,
he's an engineer,
not a criminal record in sight,
but Andrew Blackwell,
he's a different story.
Why is he here?
Uh, he said he was
going to wolf's rally.
He's the national director
of the Aryan alliance.
They're based in Ohio,
he wouldn't just come all
this way to be in a rally.
Wait, if wolf
is involved in this,
he can't be
doing it alone, right?
I mean, he'd need help,
and organization.
Exactly, so you need to
figure out how wolf
and Blackwell are connected,
and why he's really here.
Vince, good to see you.
Rich, can we
get some literature, please?
- White power.
- White power.
Okay, we're gettin' ready
to get started here.
Can everyone take a seat?
Most times I'd talked to you,
I focus on our survival,
the terrible struggle
to save our people
before they are lost forever.
But what about the future?
What do we dream of?
What is the world
we wish to build?
I'll tell you.
It will be a world like the one
that shaped our race in Europe.
A world of forests,
mountains, and lakes.
Not a world of concrete,
asphalt, and garbage.
And instead of 300 million
race-less mulattos,
breeding and infesting.
Imagine a continent
of 50 million white Europeans.
Smarter, stronger, healthier,
noble men and women
living and working together
in Harmony and unity.
That's the world I see.
That's what keeps me strong.
That's the nation
we can build... together.
If you take
millions of white people,
and flood every country
in Africa with them,
what do they call that?
But what's happening to
every white country on earth?
You've got
affirmative action...
...that kills white jobs.
that kills white babies.
Gay rights,
that kill white families.
Folks, let me
explain something to you.
"Diversity" is a code word.
And what it means is
white genocide!
So, we'll begin
marching at the courthouse.
And after two blocks--
wait a minute, wait a minute.
This is not the order
that we agreed to.
Aryan alliance is supposed to be
heading this march.
Now just a second, Andrew.
You know,
we're at this rally every year,
and we start with
the colonial patriots.
Well, this isn't
"every year," is it?
To be fair, Harris,
maybe we should.
You're a local organization...
Vince, can you
introduce me to Dallas?
"The klan"?
You're not "the klan."
Yeah, sure.
Come on, let's go.
You're the
"invisible white knights"
of the ku klux klan!
Which is what, the third klan
group in the DC Metro area?!
Hey, Dallas! Good to see you.
It's... it's Vince,
Vince sargent?
Right, Vince. Good to see you.
Good to see you.
I want to introduce you
to my good friend,
this is Nate Thomas.
- I'm a huge fan of your show.
- Thank you, sir.
If you'll excuse me. I have to
get ready for the march.
- Uh, Mr. wolf?
- Yes, what is it?
I didn't want to
get into this in front of Vince,
but I'd like to talk to you
about an investment.
- An "investment"?
- Mm-hm.
I represent a few people
who are big fans of yours,
and they want to help.
- Is that so?
- Yes, sir.
They have a number of assets
in the online media space,
and they feel the potential
for your show is being limited
by your advertising budget.
They want to help you
penetrate some new markets,
and they see no reason
why you can't go nationwide.
Well, that is great, son.
That is just great.
Here, call this number
and we'll talk.
Okay, great.
That sounds great, Mr. wolf.
- Call me, Dallas.
- Thank you.
Racist scum! Racist scum!
We're here today
because we're proud of our race!
We love our race!
And we're here to say that.
- White power!
- - White power!
The white race
is under attack in this country.
- White rights!
- - White rights!
But nobody seems to give a damn!
- White freedom!
- - White freedom!
- Where's al sharpton?
- - Fuckin' rednecks!
Where's Jesse Jackson
to fight for white rights!
- White power!
- - White power!
White equality!
- White pride!
- - White pride!
If you're white, and you are
standing over there...
- White freedom!
- - White freedom!'re on the wrong side
of that barricade!
- White rights!
- - White rights!
Wake up, white people! Wake up!
- White power!
- - White power!
It's morning in America
and there's a new day coming.
- Nate! What are you doing, man?
- Shut the fuck up, nigger!
Come join your race!
That's some fucker
that works in my building.
Come join the white race!
White race!
- White power!
- White power!
- White power!
- White power!
- White power!
- White power!
- White power!
- White power!
Racist scum!
Racist scum! Racist bum!
It's the fucking afl.
Don't worry, they won't do shit.
Well, well, well, if it isn't
the American fucking losers!
Yeah, fuck you!
Why don't you
come over the fucking barricade,
Hey, man,
just fucking stay back, okay?
- Don't fucking do it.
- I gotta help him.
Help him by not getting
the fuck arrested, okay?
- Fucking pussies!
- - White Nazi scum!
Yeah, you know what?
I can do that shit, too.
I'm gonna fucking kill you,
- Do not engage. Do not engage.
- You think I'm playing around?
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Get your hands off of me!
I'm gonna
kill these motherfuckers!
Stay back!
- White power!
- - White pride!
- White power!
- - White pride!
He hit me in the fucking eye!
It's fucking piss!
Andrew, can you walk?
Get the fuck outta here.
You okay? Everyone okay?
Sorry. Okay.
Stay with us.
I'm getting
you out of here, man.
Go... go right, go right!
Oh, fuck!
- Fuck!
- Fucking...
Holy shit!
We gotta go!
We gotta fucking go!
I can't fucking go anywhere!
Stay down!
No, don't get up.
You need to rest.
I brought you
some chamomile tea.
It'll help you relax.
Thank you.
There's our wounded warrior.
How you feeling, buddy?
Yeah, much better.
Thank you, guys.
Ah, no problem.
I'm gonna put some music on.
I brought you Sammy
to keep you company.
Oh, wow.
You like it?
I... I love brahms.
See, Becky,
i knew he was quality.
I think the fourth
is my favorite.
Yeah, mine, too.
Except maybe the--
the first?
Now listen, if you like brahms,
I've got this clarinet quintet
that will blow your mind.
They're dead, Gerry. Dead.
I'm gonna find them,
and we're gonna string them up--
alright, I hear ya. I hear ya.
That's why I avoid the
political stuff. Not my thing.
Besides, I've heard
it can be dangerous.
That was fantastic. Thank you...
I thought you guys
were vegetarians.
Everybody's gotta have a few
vices every now and then.
What's "vices"?
Oh, boy, there we go!
I'm sorry about that,
that's my ride.
Gerry, Becky,
thanks for everything.
Nathan, I don't know
what to say.
I owe you, big time.
Why don't you stop by
the compound some time.
Oh, I'm not really
in Ohio that much,
but I'd love to if I ever am.
No, I meant the...
The new one.
- Oh.
- Here in Virginia.
Oh, right, yeah,
please, I'd love to.
- Bye.
- Have a good night.
Bye, Andrew!
Well, listen, you're not
going to believe it,
but when it
comes to tchaikovsky...
Gotta go with Bernstein.
- Leonard Bernstein?
- I know, I know.
Gerry, I hate to
break it to you, man--
I know. Listen, I can't help it,
he's a great conductor.
Jews listen to Wagner,
don't they?
So, Gerry,
if you don't mind my asking,
how did you
end up in the movement?
Listen, for me,
it was the books.
My parents
were practically liberals.
Totally blinded by the zog.
You know, I always knew
something was wrong;
and I had this anger,
I couldn't put my
finger on it, until...
It all started with this.
I was 13.
Read it in four days.
It explains race,
culture, capitalism
and how democracy
destroyed western civilization.
"Three people form a government.
Then two of them vote to steal
the wealth of the third."
- David Lane, right?
- Mm-hm.
Now here's something
more recent. You'll love this.
This breaks down the entire
worldwide zionist conspiracy,
step by step.
- You can bring it back.
- Oh, no, I couldn't.
Nate, Nate, please.
But that was it? I mean,
it was just books woke you up?
Well, you know,
i had my theories.
And then a three-month
engineering contract
opened up in Kenya.
I was young,
i wanted to see the world.
And, uh, Nate, listen,
I got no problem with them
having their own country,
everybody should.
But if you go there,
and you see,
they weren't even
living like animals.
You know, animals don't live
in their own feces, do they?
So, if you ever have any doubt
white men created civilization,
just go have a look.
So, how was the brahms?
How do you reason
with someone like that?
How can you ever hope
to change their mind?
Listen, you need to remember why you're doing this.
We're not social workers.
You wanted me to relate
to them as human beings, right?
"Open up to them?" You said.
...they weren't even
living like animals.
You want to get a drink?
Where are we gonna go
and get a drink?
This suspect,
he was a fucking nightmare.
He was grabbing my ass,
the whole thing.
And he kept insisting
i go to this club with him,
where I knew he was gonna
make his big move,
but if I didn't go,
then, you know, I could
blow my whole cover.
So what did you do?
So we're at a bar,
and I tell him I want oysters.
So I get a dozen,
i start plowing through them.
Then I start acting queasy.
I run to the bathroom,
stick my finger down my throat.
- No way!
- Yeah!
So now there's puke
all over my dress,
I tell him I got sick off the
oysters and take a cab home.
Two days later, he was arrested.
- That is fucking awesome.
- Oh, it was fucked up.
But there was the thrill,
you know? That high.
God, there's nothing like it.
Yeah, so why'd you stop?
It was just...'s no way to live,
the paranoia, the tension.
And I wanted to spend
more time with my kids.
You got kids?
You don't think
I'm mommy material?
No, no... no.
Yeah, I got two princesses.
Mommy and daddy.
Perfect, little suburban life.
Anyway, I know how lonely
this work can be.
But the case won't go forever.
You can't change
the way people think,
but you are making a difference.
Nathan, good to see you.
Can we get you anything, coffee?
Oh, no, I'm good, thanks.
This is a great
set-up you got here.
Yeah, thanks.
All right,
let's give you the tour.
This parcel is actually
pretty small,
but we're purchasing
the one next to it.
Although, citizen's groups
are trying to block us out.
Oh, yeah.
How are you handling that?
Well, we tell them
we're here to stay.
Make no mistake about it.
We show up at their homes,
their businesses,
their churches.
They backed down
pretty quick after that.
So you're moving
the national headquarters?
No, we're keeping
the compound in Ohio,
it's just with everything
going on right now, we needed
a stronger presence here.
You know?
- Is that your firing range?
- Yeah, come on.
It's a little primitive,
but we're working on it.
I'm no marksman, by any means,
but I have some expertise
in range design,
just from training
the Iraqi police.
What's your
danger area template?
To contain your cone of fire.
I mean, how do you control
your overshoot?
We haven't gotten to that yet.
Okay, well,
you might want to make sure
it's the kikes and niggers
getting hit and not your guys.
Maybe if you have time,
- you could talk to
the guys about it.
- Yeah, sure,
I need to see what
kind of equipment you've got,
but I'm happy to.
Okay. Uh, come on up here.
Right now were just
using this for storage.
- Are those cots?
- Yup.
We'll be able to
sleep 200 in there.
And we're gonna need to.
I'm not gonna
beat around the bush.
You see the type of
organization we have here,
but we could always
use a man like you, Nathan.
Educated, war veteran,
clean record.
I mean, hell, you don't even
have any parking tickets.
Yeah, we have our contacts
in law enforcement,
local, state, federal,
not to mention
military hospitals,
laboratories, you name it.
And so what's
the overall objective here?
I mean, are you just trying
to get the message out, or what?
Get the... get the message out?
To who?
We're not trying to recruit
the public here.
What would we do with them?
They're at home
sitting on their asses,
- watching sitcoms
and surfing Facebook.
This is revolutionary activity
we're talking about here.
Look, I'm flattered by
the interest, but, you know,
I've been around the movement
awhile now and a lot of these
guys are all talk.
Now for me
to really want to get involved,
I need to know there's
bigger things going on here.
No offense.
Yeah... none taken.
All right...
Take a look at this.
This is the entire
DC water system.
Plants, pipelines,
the whole deal.
Now, Nathan, the guys
you're hanging out with,
they're all talk,
because they're punks.
They're amateurs.
They sit around
drinking beer all day,
maybe they beat up
a few niggers or each other.
We got no use for them.
We need men like you.
Can I help you?
I'm looking for Dallas wolf,
but I must have the wrong house.
Oh, no, he's here. Come in.
Randy! Someone's here!
Hey, Nate.
The studio's back here.
I'm moving studios right now,
so this is all temporary.
Oh, no, this is a great setup.
Thanks for taking
the time to see me, Dallas.
I just spent the afternoon with
Andrew at the Aryan alliance.
Oh, yeah? Andrew's great.
They have
an incredible organization.
Yeah, they seem really
serious about the struggle.
About doing whatever it takes.
They're true patriots,
those guys.
Well, let me give you
a bit of background on me.
I was in Iraq for three years,
on a wmd squad.
And then when I got back,
my military contacts helped me
set up a medical supply company.
Go to medvale.Com
if you want to check it out.
Wow, this is great.
Yeah, we do it all,
from bandages and syringes
to X-ray
and radiotherapy equipment.
And with the
highly regulated stuff,
we can cut through
a lot of the red tape
and deal directly,
and discreetly.
Fantastic, Nate.
Great to know.
So... you'd also mentioned
an investment? For the show?
Yes, I've got an investor
lined up who's very excited
about expanding your reach.
We're talking advertising,
marketing, bigger servers...
That's exactly what I need.
So how do I meet him?
Well, a lot of my
military contacts don't like
to publicize their efforts.
But he'd love for you
to put together a proposal
about how you'd expand the show.
Funny you should mention that.
I've been trying to raise $7,500
to break into
the Florida market.
They're ripe right now,
with all the immigration stuff.
Yeah... yeah, this is great!
So, there's one more thing.
Go ahead, shoot.
The reason he's helping you
is because he feels
that you are a man of action,
as he is. As I am.
Right, sure.
So for him to move forward,
he needs to know
you're serious about this.
Nate, I've been ready
to give my life for this cause
for 20 years now.
What I need is
the right people behind me.
So you tell your investor
that if he wants action,
he's got the right guy.
Um, sorry, Dallas, I've got
kind of a long drive back,
you mind if I hit the head?
The whole case
is about to blow wide open!
He's in with wolf,
he's in with the Aryan alliance.
Yeah, and all we need to keep
wolf on the line is that $7,500!
Let me get this straight.
So after everything
we spent on your cover,
even after
the medical supply business,
you want me to ask for $7,500
as an "investment"
in this guy's radio show?
You're the only one
with a budget right now!
Oh, yeah,
I'm just flush with cash!
I'm trying to run
a 40-man investigation
on top of all the shit
I've already got!
Sir, the alliance is building
a compound outside DC.
Wolf's house is setting off
a geiger counter!
I spent six hours last night
reading your transcripts,
Nate, you don't have shit!
You don't have shit!
Look at how much carbon
is built up on this bolt.
- See? See that? Like--
- yeah.
That's unacceptable. When's the
last time you cleaned this?
I've been meaning
to get to most of them.
Okay, guys, seriously!
Okay, so we got an ar-15,
serial number a00724,
needs a new buffer spring.
Come on, guys, let's go!
We need to go through
the whole inventory.
Andrew's waiting on this.
I'm gonna have to tell Andrew,
the only way it's gonna change
is with new policies.
And how do I know it's
not me you're trying to fuck?
Fuck you, you calling us liars?
You get on the phone yourself!
Call them up and ask them...
Hey, guys...
Hey, Nate...
It's been a while.
Yeah, you kinda
disappeared on us.
I'm sorry about that, Vince.
I've been kind of busy.
Yeah, I bet you have.
Seems like you made a bunch of
new friends around here, huh?
See, we were just wondering
if maybe you could explain--
Thanks for stopping by.
Be seeing you, Nate.
What was that all about?
Roy says the police
have been following him.
He's paranoid
about infiltrators.
Infiltrators, huh?
Mm. That's why the police
are on his ass?
Have you seen
how that guy behaves?
It's a miracle
he's not in jail already.
Right, uh, you want to
help us with something?
Sure, what's up?
I'm throwing a youth event
for Hitler's birthday.
There's a campground
a couple miles from here.
- Help us scout it.
- Sounds good.
It's amazing how much land
there is right outside DC.
Let me ask you something,
What's your opinion
on infiltration?
Well, how do you mean?
How do we prevent it?
Well, it's tough.
For one thing, you gotta keep
guys with rap sheets
out of important positions.
That's... that's how
they flip most people.
We have a polygraph
back at the compound.
Maybe we should
make everybody take it.
I mean,
i think someone who's trained
can beat a polygraph
without blinking.
Yeah, maybe we should
just do a background checks
for everybody.
Get everyone's records
and documents together?
Yeah, I mean, for informants,
that might work.
But for law enforcement, they
just forge whatever they need.
Yeah, but with a few
phone calls, you know,
a cover only runs so deep.
Do you suspect someone?
You know, it's like they say
at these rallies.
You look to the left,
look to the right,
one of these people is a snitch.
It's the left.
Turn left right up here.
You okay there, Nate?
You look a little off?
No, I'm good.
Just, uh, tired...
Been a long day.
Well, I think this is a great
location. What do you think?
Yeah, I like it.
Uh, well, what about
the permits, though?
We tell them we're
a Christian organization,
holding a youth event.
I gotta ask you something.
Roy said he contacted the nprc.
Said there's no record of you
having served in the marines.
You mean Roy
went and filed a 180
with a government that he
fucking hates, just to... okay.
I was on a wmd squad,
so that's black ops.
And he knows that, the fucker.
Wait, hold on, are you guys
taking this seriously?
Is that what that
was all about in the truck?
Because, I understand
you have to do your
due diligence or whatever,
but that's a fucking
serious accusation!
I don't need to take
that shit from anybody!
- Hey... hey, hey!
- Least of all from--
Let's get out of here.
Nate, listen.
We need to get the serial numbers first, and then--
no, look, I don't have
time for that!
What if he wasn't convinced?
What if he calls wolf?
The account name
is Nate foster, please.
You don't know
if he was convinced!
You don't even know if they
talk, okay? You're being--
yeah, I'd like $7,500 in cash.
You're a man of your word,
which is a rare thing
in this movement.
So, listen, Dallas,
my investor is very excited,
but he wants to know some more
about what you're planning,
some details.
Oh, okay, I think it was
all in the presentation,
but we start
with online in tampa,
and then we move down the--
- no, no, I mean, beyond that.
- Beyond Florida?
Beyond the show,
like what we talked about.
The actions we're gonna take.
I'm sorry, Nate. I lost you.
What do you mean?
What I mean is, you have been
talking a lot about a lot of
big things that are coming.
Bigger than Oklahoma city,
bigger than 9/11--
oh, yeah, for sure.
Which is why expanding
the show is so important.
Right, and I have been
spending a lot of time with
Andrew at the Aryan alliance.
He told me
you'd been working together.
Well, yeah, sure,
i mean, he came to the rally.
No, no, what my investor
needs to know is what are
the concrete steps that you are
taking to start the race war.
As I said to you before,
I have the expertise,
the connections, the tools.
Maybe there's some kind
of misunderstanding.
I thought we were talking about
expanding the show.
Yeah, which my investor
is happy to do,
but if you're not willing to be
honest about the other actions
you're taking,
then he's not gonna
be able to support you.
Okay, Nate, fair enough.
Sorry it didn't work out.
I saw the plans, Dallas,
for the water system.
Andrew showed them to me, okay?
So, I know all about it,
and now I just need you
to stop pretending
and be honest with me.
This is private property.
You're no longer welcome here.
I'm asking you to leave.
Come on, Dallas.
I'm on your side.
Get the fuck out. Now.
We're going to the office,
Dallas wolf is there.
You brought him in?
No. He came to us.
I didn't know you'd be here.
Has anyone talked to him?
No, no, of course not.
No, it's your show.
So, Dallas.
Or should I call you Randy?
That is your real name.
You can call me whatever
you like, agent zamparo.
Any reason you're using
an assumed name?
I'm a public entertainer.
Ah... fine.
So, tell me
why you're here today.
I'm here because of
the guy I called about.
He shows up at my conference,
talking about investing
in my show.
But then, he's telling me
how he can get
highly regulated items.
And talking about
plans to the water system,
and threatening me!
His name is Nate Thomas,
and if he does anything crazy,
I don't want to be
associated with it.
Hm. Did he give you money?
- He tried to.
- How much?
- $7,500.
- Wow. That's a lot.
- Why would he do that?
- Because he's a wacko!
A lot of these
nut jobs approach me.
But this guy
is on another level.
So you have no idea
why you, of all people,
would be approached
by this guy?
No, agent zamparo, I don't.
Right. Let me play you
something, okay, Randy.
I have information
about a truck accident
outside DC last night,
involving classified
radioactive material,
but now the FBI is trying
to cover it all up. Why?
You've gotta be kidding me.
It's a radio show.
It's entertainment!
So you think it's entertaining
to predict and incite
terrorist attacks?
Whether I think it's
entertaining is irrelevant.
Why don't you talk to
somebody around here
who knows something about
the law, preferably a man!
Brandenburg vs. Ohio, 1969,
it is not illegal
to advocate violence.
The first amendment
doesn't protect people who have
knowledge of an actual crime!
What knowledge
of a crime do I have?
Well, why don't you tell me,
Randy? What is this accident?
What is this FBI cover-up?
Why are you living
at an unregistered address?
And why is that location
lighting up a geiger counter?
You've been following me?
You've been casing my house?
Why don't you
answer my questions?
Let me show you something.
Do you mind?
Help yourself.
From the white action network
blog, aryanmother88 writes,
"i was driving down
301 last night,
and the FBI had cordoned off
an accident with Hazmat tape.
I haven't seen anything
on the news.
So what is the zog
covering up?"
As for the unregistered
address, I live with my mom,
and I'd like to keep that
private, if it's okay with you?
And your geiger counter
is lighting up because
I have prostate cancer!
I know your type.
You think
you've got it all figured out,
and you don't know shit.
I'm an entertainer.
I do this for money,
and for fun.
And I don't give a fuck
about zog or the race war
or any of that shit.
I tell these jackasses
what they want to hear,
and they worship me for it.
So fuck you, agent zamparo.
Can you open the door, please?
- Now, tom, look...
- Now, tom, look, what?
Really, what could you
possibly have to say?
Because this is
a fucking disaster!
I warned you,
i tried to tell you.
- We still might have
a weapons case!
- We ran those serial numbers.
Every single one of those guns
is legally registered.
Every one!
Okay, so you think there's
nothing to any of this? Right?
The prepaid cellphones?
The barracks for 200 guys?
- The water system plans?
- They're conspiracy theorists!
It's all talk!
He keeps those plans around
to trot out when he wants
to act like a big shot!
What are they gonna do,
they're gonna put radioactive
material in the water supply?
That doesn't make
any fucking sense!
You two, you pull this from here
and that from there,
and you're making up this whole
big fucking story in your head,
and it's bullshit!
You know,
we see what we want to see!
now you've compromised him,
and you've compromised
the bureau,
and you've wasted
all our fucking time!
This happens sometimes,
you know?
- I mean, it sucks, but--
- "this happens"?
Is that all
you're gonna fucking say
after we find out all of this?
Everything you fucking put me
through has been for nothing?
It's the nature of the work.
No! This... this happened
because of your pet theory!
And like an idiot,
i went along with it!
"Oh, yeah, she's an expert,"
i thought.
"She knows what she's doing!"
I'm sorry, Nate.
Fucking why?
Why are you even sorry?
This has been great for you!
You got the thrill back!
You got the excitement
you've been wanting,
you got an escape from
your little suburban life,
- by manipulating me!
- No, that is not fair!
I thought we had a case!
God, do you even know how many
dead ends I've been down?
No, you fucking knew!
You knew I was so eager,
so desperate
to do something meaningful,
to actually work on
a real case in this place,
that I would do
anything you wanted,
while you just sat back
and enjoyed the ride!
Yeah. Fuck!
Hey, good to see you!
I've been calling you!
Yeah, I know, I'm sorry about
that, I've been really busy.
I just wanted to return these.
I'm heading out of town
for a couple of months,
gonna work on setting up
the business on the west coast.
Oh, wow, wow,
well, please come in.
Uh, that's nice of you,
but I don't think I can.
Aw, come on,
just for a cup of tea?
Is everything okay, Nate?
Yeah, yeah, why do you ask?
Well, you said
you're headed out west.
Yeah, I'm gonna work on
setting up the business
on the west coast.
God, it's hard to find
what we're looking for in life.
But then, I listen
to something like that.
One man made something...
That will make millions,
maybe billions of people
feel the way we just did.
We all have that power, Nate.
All of us.
Honestly... I used to
feel that way, Gerry.
I always felt like
i could change the world.
You know, I could right wrongs,
you know, fight injustice.
Nate, listen, it's guys like us
that feel these things the most.
Yeah, I just keep
thinking about that quote.
"For evil to triumph,
it only takes good men
to do nothing."
But how? You know, fucking how?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Gerry,
i shouldn't be...
- It's all right.
- I'm just really tired.
You know, Nate,
maybe you're
going about this the wrong way.
The rallies, the speeches,
the politics...
That's not how
the change is gonna come.
It's gonna come from
the unknown soldiers,
from the leaderless resistance.
How do you mean?
Let's go out back.
I made some improvements
to the tree house.
Talking frankly is something we
have to be very careful about.
- Something we always do
- Right, of course.
You know, I've thinking
about this for a long time,
Nate, years really.
What's needed is an event.
What kind of event?
An event that wakes people up.
They're sleepwalkers out there.
They're blind.
Think about this regime.
Media brainwashing,
secret courts,
mass surveillance,
waco, Ruby Ridge.
Using Katrina and 9/11
to set up "refugee camps,"
or "detention camps",
in other words,
concentration camps,
because who cares about
the rights of a few arabs,
niggers and racists,
if it makes us safer?
Right? That's how it all starts.
All the lies that the zionists
tell about Nazi Germany,
that's what's
actually happening right now!
The irony of it!
That's why we gotta be smart.
That's why the event
has to force the zog
to show its hand.
It's gotta reveal the men
behind the curtain.
Because it's not the event
that wakes people up,
it's the reaction to the event.
Yes! Yes, you get it!
Yeah, look at the sons
of Liberty. Look at the ira.
That is how
you start a revolution.
Yeah, yeah, I always felt
this kinship with you, Nate.
And... I wanted to talk
openly with you,
but I just haven't
known you that long,
but I know in my heart,
i can trust you.
You can. You can, Gerry,
i want to help.
I want to make a difference.
I still got connections
from my Africa days.
Okay, and we have the means
to create that kind of event.
But, Nate,
if you get involved...
...we may not live to see
the world we're building.
But I'll have
helped to build it.
A man's body dies,
but his deeds live forever.
There's a way you can help us.
- Okay, yeah.
- Come here.
We need to talk
to the s.A.C., now!
Oh, my lord,
who the hell wrapped it?
You guys aren't trying
to give it a bath!
Oh, hey, guys!
Sorry abut that,
just having some technical
difficulties over here.
- No problem!
- Be right over...
- Okay, one, two...
- Hey, Morgan, David...
I want you
to meet somebody. This is Nate.
Morgan, good to meet you.
- Greetings, sir. I'm David.
- Hey, you guys.
So is the wedding out here?
Yeah, it's right over here.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
Wait till we see it all lit up.
Pure of spirit and pure of race,
these two souls commit
themselves to the defense
and prosperity
of their sacred blood.
May their sons and daughters
fill this land,
forever honoring their duty to
folk, kindred, soil, and honor.
I know you guys
don't know Nate that well.
But he's a good man
and he's a good soldier.
If you trust me,
you can trust him.
No luck yet.
No one wants to sell
to an anonymous buyer.
If we give up
that prepaid phone crap,
i use my real name,
I got three guys
i can get it from right now.
If we do it the morning of--
yeah, I thought we were
at least trying to do this
without getting caught?
Guys, guys, shh. Nate has
a potential solution for us.
Tatp. It's much better
than ammonium nitrate anyway.
A smaller quantity will
give you a much bigger blast.
Yeah, well, sure,
but where are we gonna get that?
I run a medical supply company.
And you're gonna get tatp?
I know it's not
the easiest thing,
but I've got some connections.
I can make a few calls
and loop back with Gerry.
Assuming I can,
what are we gonna do about
the cesium powder itself?
Ready when we need it.
No, I mean, how are we
going to handle it?
Well we've got heavy gloves,
and we've got goggles.
No... radioactive particles
will pass through those
as easy as anything else,
including your skin.
- Well, what do you suggest?
- I think we need suits.
They'll be pretty bulky,
but we only need to wear them
when the powder's
out in the open.
When do we need them by?
Well, we've just been
waiting for the explosive.
If you can get the tatp,
Sunday is our day.
You guys remember
Timothy McVeigh's last words?
Yeah, he read invictus.
"It matters not
how strait the gait,
how charged
with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul."
Are you sure
this is gonna look right?
Wow. It looks great.
The secret is the smell.
Where's the bleach powder?
Oh, it's right over here.
And you're sure they're not
gonna try and test this somehow?
Yeah, that's why
terrorists love tatp.
You can't identify it
without a mass spectrometer.
Okay, if you say so.
Yeah. Uh-huh, yeah,
I'm here now.
Sunday, so team's in place
Friday night.
Look, can I just say
I'm sorry about what
i said to you the other day.
I was exhausted.
Don't worry about it.
That's what this job
does to you.
Keep at it another ten years
and you'll turn into
a real asshole... like me.
It's totally secure.
We can keep everything in here,
and then, on game day,
we can use this space
to put it all together.
Great, great.
This is great, Nate.
And here is...
...the tatp.
- No problems, inquiries?
- Nope. All good.
Morgan's a pharmacist.
All right.
Hm, these crystals
seem a little small.
Smells about right.
Okay, let's test it.
Test it? You got a mass
spectrometer in your bag?
No, we'll just see if it burns.
What? No, whoa, whoa!
Hold on, what do you mean?
Burn it?
What are you talking about?
Well, we use a sample,
we set it a light.
It burns for a while
before it explodes.
I saw it on YouTube.
Are you insane? Do you know
how dangerous this stuff is?
Hey, you are not
the only one with experience!
This is a highly
unstable substance, okay?
It's sensitive
to heat, friction--
which is why
I'll do the test carefully!
Now you want to see the video?
Because I have it here
on my phone!
I don't give a shit
about what's on your phone!
We are not
lighting this stuff on fire!
You know how many bomb techs
i saw get their faces blown off
trying to deal
with this stuff in Iraq?
I've worked with this company
for two years!
They are not gonna send me
a container full of baking soda,
Gerry, this doesn't
work for me, okay, if he doesn't
trust me, or my suppliers--
we need to test
the fucking stuff!
You don't fucking
trust me or my suppliers,
that is your problem!
You want to use
ammonium nitrate, fine with me!
- Okay.
- Fine with me.
Nate, Nate, Nate.
It's all right.
It's fine, it's fine.
Morgan, Morgan, he's right.
Come on. He's right.
So, can we see the suits?
And it's kind of
hard with the gloves,
but... and you zip that up
and fasten along there.
You guys, what would be worse,
radiation poisoning
or wearing this thing
around for a couple hours?
So if you ever have any doubt
white men created civilization,
just go have a look.
How do you reason
with someone like that?
How can you ever hope
to change their mind?
Hey, hey, listen,
something's wrong.
David drove to Frederick county
early this morning
and went to a farm supply.
It looks like he bought
ammonium nitrate.
And now they're all at Gerry's.
But it's Saturday?
And why do they need
ammonium nitrate?
I don't know. Me and Hernandez
are heading over
to meet the surveillance team
at Gerry's now.
- What are you going to do?
- I don't know!
No! No!
You can not raid them yet!
You don't even know
if they have the cesium?
And Gerry's phone's off.
Okay, I have to go over there.
No, Nate! It--
...Come here!
- What are you doing here?
- I was calling, you didn't
answer. I got worried.
- Bullshit! Why are you here?
- I just told you!
I'm gonna give you
one more chance.
Okay, what the fuck
is wrong with this guy?
I called three times,
you didn't answer any of them!
I got worried
something happened to you!
All right, put it down!
He's telling the truth!
- Were you followed?
- - No, I wasn't!
- Are you sure?
- Yes! I was worried,
so I was checking constantly!
Okay, calm down,
everybody calm down.
Okay, can somebody tell me
what is going on?
I sent David to do surveillance
on your shop last night.
I saw an electrical crew go into
the building across the street.
- So?
- In the middle of the night?
Could there be like
a power problem?
No, they must have
traced the tatp you ordered.
- Okay, if they're
on to the shop...
- Fuck.
...they're on to you.
Are you sure
you weren't followed?
- Yes!
- If he said he wasn't,
he wasn't!
Stay calm
and keep your eyes open.
Morgan, get back to work,
please, Jesus.
We had to move forward,
It would have been
only a matter of time
before they were on to us, too.
And you weren't
gonna let me know?
Nate, I'm sorry. It's too risky.
Well, he's here now,
let's get him to help!
What about the tatp?
David got
ammonium nitrate instead.
He used his name,
so the jig is up.
They'll know it's us.
It's not gonna matter tomorrow.
We're in this
to the end now, Nate.
Do you understand?
They're not gonna take us alive.
All right, let me help.
Okay, okay, good.
Come over here.
I should go wash up
so I don't contaminate anything.
Hey, Nate! How are you?
- Nate!
- The cesium is here!
All right, everyone!
Let's get ready to do this!
No! Angela,
you have to tell him to wait.
Wait? No, no, no,
we need to get in there now!
There are three guys
in there with machine guns
and they're building a bomb.
This is a residential
neighborhood. His wife and kids
are in the house.
If you come in here now,
it'll be a blood bath.
This is a volatile situation.
Yeah, which is why
we need to move now...
No, he doesn't get it!
These guys are fanatics!
They will not be taken alive!
Tom, you're not in there!
We have to listen to him.
And what the fuck happens
if the explosives go off
while we're waiting around?
Nate, you got 60 seconds
to disarm those guys,
because we're coming in.
Okay, let's get
these suits ready.
Okay, let's get ready to move!
We are almost done here!
Fuck! The cesium spilled!
Shit, get the suits on!
Go, go, go!
Come on!
Come on, help me!
Help me!
Get zipped up!
Get zipped up!
Son of a...
Shit, come on!
- Come on, get your hood on!
- No! No!
Get the gun!
It's me! It's me! It's me!
Are you okay? You all right?
- You all right?
- Yeah, no, I'm good, I'm good.
I know my rights! I'm a
patriot of the United States!
- Shut your fucking mouth!
- Fuck you!
Come on, get up!
The paperwork came in...
Yeah... Texas.
Can you believe it?
Good margaritas, I hear.
Yeah, I'm gonna
miss it here, though.
Well, "it's"
going to miss you, too.
"This should have been
a noble creature;
he hath all the energy
which would have made
a goodly frame
of glorious elements,
had they been wisely mingled."
Yeah, Gerry,
and all of them, really.
Yeah, that's why you were
the right guy for the job.
What do you mean?
Why do you think I picked you?
I knew that you
would understand them.
And they'd understand you.
And the more authentic
you became with them,
the more authentic
they'd become with you.
Because when it
comes down to it,
there really is only one
essential ingredient to fascism.
It's victimhood.
I blamed those black kids,
and I blamed this school,
I blamed the cops;
I blamed everybody.
I was gonna hurt everyone else
the way they hurt me.
I look at you guys
and I see myself.
But you guys don't have to make
the same mistakes I did.
You don't have to be victims.
- Hey.
- Hey.
That was great.
Thanks. Dude, thanks...
Thanks for coming by.
I'm so proud of you, Johnny.
You know what they say...
It all begins with the word.