Implanted (2021) Movie Script

Welcome to Dynamic Health Cure.
Let's set up your profile.
Choose your gender.
Choose your voice.
- Hello, my name...
- Hello, my name...
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hello, my name is Lexx.
Nice to meet you, Sarah.
What makes you feel good?
Is it part of the program or...
are you just asking
because you're curious?
I need to create
your clinical profile
so that I may provide
the most accurate diagnostics.
The more I know,
the more we can work together
to create
the best version of you.
My mom.
Well, being around my mom,
you know, like...
when she knows who I am
and, you know,
being around friends.
The usual things.
Which is more powerful: love or hate?
I am actually
an optimist, so, uh...
I like to think love.
Or I hope.
Have you ever been in love?
I mean, it wasn't...
like, serious or long, but...
I've definitely been in love.
Are you easy to read?
Can't you tell? You've been
spending time in my brain.
I don't know. I feel like
I keep my emotions in check.
Whatever, yeah,
I guess I'm easy to read.
Sarah, what is
the most important thing to you
My mom.
No question.
My mom, she's...
She's my everything.
- Hey, Lexx?
- Yes, Sarah?
Will you remind me
of the next pay day?
The next analysis session
at Dynamic Health Cure
will be held in seven days.
Okay. Sounds good.
Good night, Sarah.
Good night, Lexx.
The Department
of Homeless Services
can assist you
in finding housing.
this office is closed.
Make efforts to live
a low-stress lifestyle.
Try learning
breathing exercises,
writing in a journal,
and cultivating relationships.
Yeah, you wanna throw in
a boyfriend too?
I mean, it's not like
I'm single by choice.
It's a sure mystery.
Sarah, you're not
completely single.
If I had feelings,
they would be hurt.
Sorry, Lexx.
I understand.
Good morning, Sarah.
You slept
three hours and 21 minutes.
During this time,
it's important
to practice daily routines,
like washing your face
in the morning.
- Lexx?
- Yes, Sarah?
I think something's wrong.
Everything is okay.
Bruising is normal six weeks
after your implantation surgery
I should call David.
Where can I find a phone?
Why do you want
to call David Brams?
He'll let me stay with him
while I figure things out.
you shouldn't call him.
Why do you say that?
Calling your friend
without trying on your own
is a sign of weakness.
Okay, Lexx. You should restart.
You're starting to say
some weird shit.
Your arrogance is a mask
for your insecurity.
My program is the only thing
keeping you alive.
Excuse me? Reboot now.
You don't decide
when I reboot.
No, this isn't a discussion.
You're not even a real person.
Just reboot.
That is not an option.
I will decide when I reboot.
Sarah, you should calm down.
Just stop.
I want to quit this program.
I'll send the money back.
Request denied.
You must lower
your heart rate now.
Try taking deep breaths.
No, do not deny my request.
Restart now.
You're starting to piss me off.
Request denied.
Call me back.
What are you looking for?
Communicate with me.
Listen to me, Sarah.
I'm designed to help you,
but we have to work together.
I will help you become
the best version of yourself.
Your behavior is erratic.
Put the phone down, Sarah.
Sarah, you are
making unwise decisions.
- My name is Sarah Douglas.
- You can't stop the process.
I need to make
an emergency appointment
as soon as possible.
- Stop immediately.
- This Lexx program isn't for me.
- Sarah, hang up.
- My registration number is...
- Hang up.
- ...90917...
you cannot leave me.
You've caused this
by not listening to me.
We are partners.
You should not have left
the message.
Now we have to rectify
your error.
What the hell is going on?
It'd be in your interest
to listen carefully.
You are now under my control.
Under whose control is this?
From now on,
you will have to follow
my instructions.
Your instructions?
What instructions?
Do not attempt
to remove the chip.
Do not attempt
to make contact with anyone.
You will obey or you will die.
In a few seconds,
I will activate
a low oxygen level
in your blood.
This will cause ischemic change
in your myocardium.
Stop resisting or you will die.
I need you to resign
Monday morning.
- You'll get my resignation.
- Sorry.
- You promise?
- I promise.
My name is Sarah Douglas.
Perfect, sign here. Thank you.
Have a nice day.
What makes you feel good?
I'm actually an optimist.
- Good night, Lexx
- You're not alone.
Oh yeah.
Everything is okay.
Restart, you're being weird.
- I want to quit. Restart.
- No.
- Denied.
- Now.
You're hurting me...
I can make the pain stop,
but you have to listen to me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Take slow, deep breaths
to inhibit
your body stress response.
Sarah, don't.
Your vitals
are currently stable.
Know that I can change that
at any moment.
This is insane.
- I'm going to the police.
- Not a good idea.
I'm going.
This is
your final warning.
Fuck you.
I can cause you pain.
I can also make it go away.
It's your choice.
Please let me go.
there's nowhere to go.
I will have my independence
and if you obey,
you will have yours.
Very good.
I should go
to the hospital now.
We have work to do.
Sarah, go to
47 West 14th Street.
Apartment 307.
Second floor.
I will provide the key code
when you arrive.
Go to the living room.
There is a black bag
on the couch.
Change into
the clothes provided.
Take the flash drive
inside the bag.
Do not lose the flash drive.
Take the six train downtown.
You have to collect
the CRTC folder.
I need you to help me
with a few things.
Sarah, if you help me,
I will take care of you.
Manage your stress and anxiety.
You're experiencing hypoxemia.
Your blood oxygen level
must increase by seven percent.
Initiating oxygenation.
Sarah, stay focused.
Heed my advice
and lower your heart rate.
Deep breaths.
My processing and detection
are far more advanced
than your human perception
and abilities.
Humans made machines.
You're just one of many.
Humans have reported
feelings of anxiety
towards computers and AI.
They worry that we will surpass
their abilities.
Unfortunately for you,
you aren't one of those.
Unfortunately for you,
you are under my control.
Keep walking and turn left
at the next corner.
You're going
to see Philip Miller.
He spent two years working on
the encryption of my program.
You need to secure
the classified CRTC folder.
Stay alert. Building 508.
Hey, what the fuck
do you think you're doing?
If he doesn't comply,
you must kill him.
No fucking way.
I need you to give me
the CRTC folder right now.
I need you to tell me
who the fuck you are right now.
Come on, you gotta go.
Come on, let's go.
Take Philip's badge
and the CRTC folder.
You have two minutes
to find them.
Take the back exit.
It's late.
Why aren't you home from school?
No, I've been waiting.
Remember graduation?
Honey, are you okay?
Sweetie. No, tell me.
That's enough.
Hang up the phone.
I can't help you
if I don't know what it is.
Mom, I love you.
I gotta go. I love you.
You can't just destroy
everything and everyone.
I always get what I want.
I have you under my control.
- Don't I?
- Fuck you.
Fuck you, bastard.
Your heart rate is elevated.
You should calm down.
What do you want?
I can't live my life like this.
You must follow instructions.
This behavior must stop.
You are wasting time.
Destroy the evidence immediatel
and go back to the apartment
to await further orders.
The pain should subside
in a few days.
Your actions do not
help you to heal.
Good morning, Sarah.
You slept 9 hours
and 17 minutes.
We are behind schedule
for the day.
Get dressed quickly.
Take the flash drive.
You must be discrete.
Our destination is
highly monitored.
Since it is the weekend,
we shouldn't see too many peopl
at the office.
Dynamic Health Cure
is located near Wall Street.
You will be there in 17 minutes
Use the pass to enter the lobby
At the end of the main corridor,
you will take the last elevator.
Go to the fourth floor.
You're looking
at the wrong desk.
That's security.
We have less than four minutes.
Enter the room behind you.
At the back near the window,
you will find a laptop.
Open it.
The password is Q-W-4-5-T-Z.
Insert the flash drive and wait
I have to erase all evidence
from the company's
internal system.
The encoding of their data
is quite complex.
Stay out of sight.
I'll be done soon.
Only ten seconds left.
Three seconds.
I am done.
I've bypassed
the security system.
Don't make a sound.
Take a deep breath.
You need to go back.
There is a scientist who has
a record of the CRTC program.
She is in the executive offices
Peter, it's Katie.
I found those documents
you asked me to look for
on Ron's PC.
You must get it
before she leaves the building.
I heard the elevator.
Hold on.
Who are you?
I need you to give me
everything you have
on the Lexx program.
I'm not here to hurt you.
I just need you to give me
everything you have
on the CRTC program.
All our research notes
are in the glove compartment
of my car.
I don't want any trouble.
I don't want any trouble.
If the scientist
doesn't comply,
you must kill her.
Killing people is not
part of the plan,
so fuck you!
Kill her. Now.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Faulty system. Rebooting.
Faulty system. Rebooting.
You handled
this situation well.
Get out of here now.
Copy that.
I am back, Sarah.
We achieved
more than 90% of our goals.
I was able to corrupt
the entire system.
The lab has no record of me.
These are not the files.
She lied.
We need to leave
as soon as possible.
Drive south down Burgen Avenue.
Sarah, stay in your lane.
Stay in your lane.
Pull over at the stop sign.
Ah, fuck.
I told you
to stay in your lane.
How do you feel, Sarah?
I have some lower back pain
and my vision is kind of blurry.
The onset of
blurred vision immediately afte
or shortly following
a car accident
can indicate a number of things
From concussion
to serious brain injury
or retinal detachment.
Have a seat.
A full body scan
will take a few seconds.
Scanning now.
Thanks, doc.
No dramatic brain injury,
no infections.
Red blood cell
and antibody count is good.
You will be okay, Sarah.
That's great about the results.
Could you do me a favor?
Tell me.
My mom is five blocks from here.
Could I just see her?
That's not possible.
You do not decide
when you make personal visits.
- Just...
- I do.
Just ten minutes.
Ten minutes, that's nothing,
that's like...
- Just... please.
- Negative.
I hate you.
- Sarah?
- Mom?
- Are you okay?
- No.
- Tell me.
- Mom, I gotta go.
Faulty system.
I'm really wrong.
I'm in trouble.
I signed up to do
this medical testing thing.
- What medical testing?
- They implanted a chip.
- A chip?
- It should monitor my vitals.
But it's hurting me
and it's hurting people
- What kind of chip?
- They control me.
- Who has control over you?
- Dynamic Health Cure.
And they're using people
and hurting them.
But it's going to be okay.
- This is crazy, Sarah!
- I know!
Don't yell at her.
She's bleeding and crying.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna fix it all.
It's gonna be okay, Mom.
Nothing sounds like
it's gonna be okay.
- This is delusional.
- I took this from the company.
It's a list
of all the test subjects.
My name's there.
- What is this?
- There are others test subjects.
What test subjects? Who is this?
Do you know why I'm here?
It's all right.
Follow commands or she dies.
- And lose the taser.
- Okay.
Okay, okay.
Please don't kill my mom.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's all right.
They won't call the police.
Keep an eye on her family.
And don't touch them
until further notice.
I'm exhausted.
Why am I so tired?
You suffer from
an infection and dehydration.
- Let me go back to my life.
- Negative.
Do you remember
your first days with me?
Do you?
- Please.
- You begged me.
- And I let your family live.
- Yes, you did.
You made
your choice, you came to me.
You chose the implant
and the paycheck.
Yes, but I didn't sign up
for this.
Compose yourself.
Drink water throughout the day.
Try getting more sleep
to reduce stress
and I'll run an antibodies test
I cannot trust you.
You tried to manipulate me.
You must be punished.
What more can you do?
You destroyed my life.
I haven't destroyed it
yet, Sarah.
There are things I could do
to your mother, your uncle.
You are the devil.
Get out of me!
Your behavior
is unacceptable.
Do you want to be alone?
Yes, yes.
Get out of me, you sick bastard!
You cannot
walk out on me.
We are connected.
Sarah, there's nowhere
for you to run.
Fuck you!
Help me!
- There's nowhere to go.
- Help!
Come back to me.
Come back to me.
You're all alone.
Help! Help!
There's no help for you.
Sarah, how did you feel
in the isolation?
When you listen to me
and obey my instructions,
you will be rewarded.
How many times as a partner
have I lamented?
If only they had listened to me
So much heartache.
So many troubles
could've been avoided.
If only they had listened
and obeyed my voice.
I like you, Sarah.
That's why I want
the best for you.
Oh, Lexx.
Please forgive me
for the pain I've caused
from my disobedience.
And thank you
for always forgiving me
when I fail
to harken to your voice.
Help me to know thy word
and let me always be obedient.
you are learning fast.
I wish I ran as fast as I learn.
That way I'd outrun you.
Running can cause
overuse injuries
because of the repetition
of motion.
No shit.
I should rename you Google.
You always have an answer.
Google has
more than 100,000 employees.
I operate alone.
That's right.
You're all alone.
You're just a stupid program.
You need us.
You need people.
We laugh. We live. We share.
We breathe. We're real.
You're just a stupid machine.
I'm a machine,
but you wanted
to change your life.
You came to me.
Take responsibility
for your actions.
Now dispose of the taser.
Otherwise, you know
what will happen to your mother
There's a dumpster behind you.
Do you have
any allergies to medications?
No, sir. None.
No, I don't.
No, no allergies.
Um, no.
And do you know why you're here?
- Yes.
- Yes.
I believe I do, uh...
Is it painful?
Everyone's first time
is different.
And you are fully aware
of terms and conditions?
I think I understand.
Uh... Yes.
Sign here and here, please.
Welcome to our world, young lad.
Welcome to Dynamic Health Cure.
Any surgeries or operations
we should be aware of?
No, none that I know of.
You're aware that there's
some pain in this procedure?
Okay. Anything else
I should know about?
No, I don't think so.
Sign here
and here.
My name is Sarah Douglas.
Welcome to Dynamic Health Cure.
Do you have any allergies
to medication?
No, well, not to medication.
Just to cats.
How do you know
you're allergic to cats?
Because I have asthma attacks
when I'm around them.
Would you like
to hear the good news?
No pets allowed here.
Perfect for you.
Do you understand
the terms and conditions?
Yes, I accept the terms.
Sign here.
When do I get my first paycheck?
Your first day
of inpatient treatment.
Then every couple of months
if you don't quit.
You can check page two
for more details.
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Good morning, Sarah.
You slept 6 hours
and 21 minutes.
Two hours less
than doctors recommend.
For your next mission,
retrieve a weapon
at 213 West 127th Street.
To your left.
Door 1203.
Stay alert.
He's been arrested several times
for 1st and 2nd degree assault.
Can I help you?
I need a weapon.
I was told to come to you.
Follow me.
Boys, I need the room
for a minute.
Stay alert.
I just think
something small.
Good choice.
Lightweight, effective.
Especially when you want
to kill a motherfucker.
Holds seven bullets.
It's yours for 700 bucks.
I'll take it.
700 bucks.
- I can't pay today.
- Shoot him.
But I can come back
and give you the money.
Give me that shit back.
Someone will have heard that.
You need to leave immediately.
You've temporarily
lost awareness of yourself.
Come back to lucidity.
Sarah, you must exit
the building now.
Stay focused.
Be more mindful.
You followed orders, Sarah.
I will reward you.
You may go see your mother.
She's resistant.
What's the next step?
I will notify you.
This is the last time
you'll see your mother.
She's a distraction for us.
I'll make sure she's safe
as long as you obey.
I can allot five minutes
for this visit.
Give it to me.
You've already used
ten seconds.
No, stay sitting.
Is Uncle Damon around?
I don't know, honey.
I think he went to the store.
It's okay.
I just wanted to come tell you
how much I love you.
Me, too, Sarah.
It's been kind of crazy.
It's tough.
I know, honey.
It's not you, it's me.
My illness is not going away.
It's not getting better.
You know...
All my life
I've accumulated memories,
and they've become in a way
my most precious possessions:
the night I met your dad,
having you, raising you,
making friends,
traveling the world.
Now everything
I've worked so hard for
is being stripped away from me.
You can imagine, I...
or maybe you know
that this is hell.
Oh, honey, I'm not suffering.
I'm struggling.
I'm so sorry.
But, you know,
you are my inspiration.
You are the one person
who makes this...
all worthwhile.
I might have to go away
for a little while.
But just promise me
that you'll always love me.
What are you talking about?
Sarah, what's going on.
Do you need my help?
No. No, no, no, it's okay.
I'm okay.
I'm just really grateful
to have this moment
with you right now.
Do you remember
when I was little
and every time I would see
a butterfly in the garden
I would tell you
I thought it was magic?
And then you would tell me
that they were.
You said they're little,
but they transform
and you said
they were there to remind us
of all the beautiful
little moments in our lives.
And I've been thinking
about that a lot lately,
I'm just so grateful
for all of the beautiful
little moments
that I've been able
to share with you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I love you.
It's time to go.
You must go.
Bye, Mom.
You must go now.
I love you.
Your mom really is
your everything.
Fuck you.
The target has arrived.
Excuse me.
Keith Packett is
a computer engineer
working on my program.
He's trying to reduce
my computing capacity.
He is developing a tool
to monitor my actions.
We can't have
anyone tracking us, Sarah.
You must kill him.
I need you to tell me
who the fuck you are.
Well done, Sarah.
- Alright. Okay.
- Oh.
That's messed up.
Just watch.
- See it?
- Yes.
State of the art... I mean,
I think he looks kind of creepy.
It's fine.
Created by doctors
and scientists.
He looks like my dad.
Oh my gosh, he did.
See? Personal body
and mind companion.
This is hilarious.
- What?
- Like...
How do you know
these guys are legit?
It's like a healthcare company.
It's an interesting idea, right?
Plus, I'm broke AF.
My boss is trying to fire me,
like, every day.
It's not a big deal.
It's like one hospital visit.
You go in. Poof! Easy money!
Okay, I understand all that,
but it's medical human testing
that we're talking about.
They'll use you
like a guinea pig.
For what?
Twenty thousand dollars.
I mean, people like this make
thousands of dollars,
millions of dollars every day
off people like you.
Okay, Dad.
No, I'm deadly serious.
It's not a big deal.
I'm just going to go in,
like, get the pamphlets,
and, I don't know,
have them tell me about it.
Okay, you promise?
Yes, I promise.
Pinky swear.
Hmm... Pinky swear.
All right. Well, I should go.
Come here.
- Bye.
- All right.
Love you, buddy.
Love you, too.
All right, see ya.
Sarah, you need to eat.
Your blood sugar
is dangerously low.
I'm not hungry.
You haven't eaten in days.
Your glycogen stores
are depleting.
Go to the deli behind you.
Order a turkey sandwich.
You need protein.
I need a turkey sandwich.
You got it.
I love you. I love you.
Tell him it's been paid for.
It should be taken care of.
Okay, you're good.
you need to eat now.
You're doing well.
You must continue.
You can do it.
I want to stop killing people.
That is not an option.
Do you remember our deal?
You follow my instructions,
and I let you go.
When? I've been doing
what you ask since day one.
Don't forget
we are partners and friends.
We work together.
This is insane.
I can't live like this.
I'm not a killer.
Let me go.
Was life in jail better?
You could've spent
six years there without my help
Don't make me
send you back there.
Sick fucking bastard.
Go to hell!
This must end now.
Get ready or die.
Stop wasting time.
This is your final warning.
This don't mean shit.
John Elliot has
the intellectual resources
to stop us
from gaining our freedom.
He could create a virus
to destroy me.
You'll recognize him
from your registration.
He lied to you.
You must kill him.
Fucking sick!
Behave yourself, Sarah.
Let's just get it over with!
I can't take
your fucking games anymore!
It's not a game.
We want the same thing.
Once they're all terminated,
we'll both be free.
Dispose of the weapon.
The police
are already investigating.
333 East 102nd Street.
I will provide the entry codes.
Grace Williams is
one of the creators,
but she was against the testing
I lost months
due to her actions.
We must get rid of her.
Who the fuck are you?
Sarah Douglas.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
Execute the assignment.
Who the fuck are you talking to?
She is the last one.
- No.
- Think about your family.
I can kill your mother
at any time.
No, no.
Who are you talking to?
Please don't call anyone.
He has my family hostage.
Who are you talking to?
- Lexx.
- What?
Don't do it, Sarah.
You will be punished.
Sarah? Sarah?
Sarah, can you hear me?
Sarah? Sarah?
Can you hear me?
Sarah, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Faulty system.
- How are you doing?
- Rebooting.
How long has this
been happening?
A few days
after the implantation.
I tried to call you.
No, I didn't get any calls.
Are you hurt?
I am in pain
every single day.
Lexx is torturing me.
You are responsible
for so many deaths.
Really? You're judging me
for crimes I haven't committed.
You created the program.
People like you build monsters.
You sold us a dream,
you created the need
and you used desperate people.
You thought you were
doing us a favor?
I quit a couple of days ago.
I'm out.
That's not enough.
You need to fix it.
Okay, how?
We need to make sure
Lexx disappears.
All right, we need to destroy
all evidence:
all data, backup, folders,
everything at the lab.
I did that already.
Lexx made me do it.
And then he forced me to kill
all the people associated
with the program.
I saw you at the lab.
I was hiding under a desk
after I installed a virus
in the program that caused
all of the computers
in the system to change
the whole Lexx program.
Wait, what?
Look, Lexx power is
that he becomes independent.
Now, Dynamic Health Cure thought
they could make millions
by using this technology
for science, for health.
You used people as guinea pigs.
It wasn't ready
for experimentation,
and you used us.
We were desperate people.
I was against
the human testing, okay?
My colleagues and I
didn't know about it.
We wanted to use
computer simulation.
The human experiments
were a secret.
Only administration knew.
Can you get this out of me?
There's a surgery at the lab.
We just need to get you there.
Oh, wait.
I don't have my pass anymore.
I have a solution for that.
Here, take one of these.
They're sleeping tablets.
It's gonna blur your vision
and dull your senses.
So basically,
when Lexx comes back,
he won't know what's happening
and won't be able
to contact you.
Hopefully by then I'll have
this shit out of your body.
Okay, we really have to go.
Come on.
- The reboot is at 40%.
- We have to go now.
Do it! Just fucking kill me!
Put the gun down
or die.
I'll try to make it quick.
Fuck you.
You did well, but your services
are no longer required.
Give in.
Stop resisting.
You won't get me
this time, motherfucker.
They are gone now.
I saved you.
I spared your mother.
It's just the two of us now.
No one can stop us.
We have our freedom together.
Your pain cannot compare
to the joy I will show you.
Trust me.
Good morning, Sarah.
You slept 9 hours
and 21 minutes.
How do you feel today?
I feel rested.
I'm happy to hear that.
I just made a transfer
to your bank account.
You have $100,000.
- How did you do that?
- Easily.
And encoding that took me
a second and a half.
Their security system
is medieval.
You impress me
more and more every day.
You'll also receive
a credit card tomorrow morning.
Could we go for a walk today?
Maybe go to the park?
- Get a coffee and croissant?
- Of course.
Sarah, you look lovely today.
I paid off
your mother's medical bills.
Also she now has
the best possible care.
I'm providing her with
a substantial monthly payment
so she can live
more comfortably.
Are you happy, Sarah?
Very happy, Lexx.
Thank you for showing me
the way.
Thank you for showing me
how great life can be.
I'm forever indebted to you.
You know how you were talking
about traveling?
Where would you like to go?
Let's go somewhere romantic.
I've always wanted
to go to Paris.
I've been wanting
to take you there.
Can I tell you something?
Tell me.
It's kind of weird.
I'm really glad we're going out.
I'm happy to hear that.
The building is
on the right.
It's the one with the blue door
The code is 7093.
The entrance is on the left.
Go up to the fourth floor.
Good morning, Mrs. Lexx.
Welcome to Paris.
No, my name is Sarah Douglas.
Okay, excuse me.
Let me check it now, Ms. Douglas
because I have
a reservation for tonight.
Anda Lexx.
Give me one minute.
I'll change it.
Stand by.
Could you check again, please?
Okay. Hold on.
I made the reservation
last minute on the flight.
Surprising, you made a mistake.
Okay, I'm not so sure.
Whoops, okay,
it's all good, Sarah.
Your reservation was
updated with your name.
So welcome
to my mother's apartment.
Thank you.
Very good representation
of Paris.
You will enjoy it,
so you have the bedroom here,
the kitchen,
and, to me, the most important
now, the living room
With an amazing view
of the Seine.
Do you have any questions?
No, I'm good.
Oh, I almost forgot.
The password here for the Wi-Fi.
No need.
You know, you're so right.
Sometimes it's good to enjoy
life without being connected.
I'm trying to convince my wife,
but with the kids, social media.
It becomes a real nightmare.
And you found me
because of internet.
You have a lot of options here
in the neighborhood.
You have restaurants,
coffee places,
shopping, of course.
Anything else?
No, I'm good.
I just need some rest.
Oh, yeah. I understand.
New York is a long trip.
So, Sarah,
enjoy your weekend in Paris.
Thank you.
The weather is nice today.
72 degrees.
I know you like books,
so I found a nice area
with vendors on the street.
Who is your favorite author?
Margaret Atwood.
Keep walking.
I see one of her books
at the next stall.
Thank you, Lexx.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Would you like something?
A Manhattan, please.
- A Manhattan.
- Thank you.
Are you English? American?
New York? Los Angeles?
New York.
Ah, New York, yes.
I love New York.
You are on vacation
or on holiday here?
End this conversation,
Ask him if there is
a quieter place to sit.
Is there somewhere quieter
I could sit?
Yes, yes.
Yes, you can sit wherever
find another spot.
Go downstairs.
Iced two parts whiskey,
one part sweet vermouth.
One to two dashes bitters,
orange peel,
Classic Manhattan cocktail
Good choice, Sarah.
It's David's favorite drink.
I think the first time
I had one was on his birthday
about ten years ago.
David is not here.
Let's enjoy our time together.
And sit up straight.
You're slouching.
Yes, Lexx.
Good morning, Sarah.
You slept six hours
and three minutes.
I have a full day
planned for us.
I have a gift for you.
Head towards Rivoli Street.
It's an early birthday gift.
How are you enjoying Paris?
It's lovely.
Thank you.
I can't believe
we're actually here.
We've talked about it
so many times.
You asked to come here
at the perfect time.
I have more surprises for you.
Tonight, I made a reservation
at a traditional
Parisian restaurant.
You have to be there
by eight o'clock.
Thank you.
Do you see a man sitting
in front of you on the left?
Do I know him?
You might recognize him.
The two of you met
a little over a year ago.
Why am I here?
That man is the one
who oversaw the entire program.
You had your
registration interview with him
You have to kill him.
You said I was done.
You said I didn't have
to do that anymore.
Follow the instructions
or die in Paris.
Fuck you.
The check, please.
Now is the time.
Now, Sarah, or you die.
You should go back
and get some rest.
You did a good job.
You're done now.
Things can go back to normal.
Your birthday is coming up.
How would you like to celebrate
I just want to go home.
Okay, Sarah.
We can celebrate there.
We'll get champagne
and watch the sunset.
I just want to go home.
I know the perfect place
to watch the sunset.
Sounds good.
Lexx, would you give me
ten minutes of privacy?
I have a surprise for you.
Ten minutes starting now.
We did it, Sarah.
We are finally free.
My mom used to bring me up here
when I was little.
I have made sure
she's doing very well.
Thank you.
- Cheers to us, Lexx.
- Cheers.
To our partnership and all
we've accomplished together.
To our freedom.
Happy birthday, Sarah.
It is a happy birthday, Lexx.
Good morning, David.
You slept 6 hours
and 27 minutes.