Impulse (2023) Movie Script

Shut up!
Don't you wish you had a cock...
this big?
Yes, goddess.
But you could
never have a cock this big
because you are
a weak little man.
I know. I'm weak.
What are you doing?
Please, goddess. Let me have it.
You want me to let you suck it?
Yes, I wanna suck it.
You know,
the more successful a man is,
the more a little bitch
they really are.
So you want me
to let you suck it?
Yes, goddess,
please let me suck it.
Because I'm a little faggot.
Only if you show me
how deep you can go.
Okay. Okay.
Kiss it.
Open your mouth.
You were given every opportunity
to cooperate with us.
What's that?
Doesn't look like
travel and leisure to me.
Yeah. You know all about
travel and leisure,
marrying a rich girl.
What's the latest
with Pizzagate 2.0?
I'm just trying to do
some actual reporting.
Well, if I were you,
I would take it easy
on those late night
4chan binges.
Starting to wear on your face.
Do any of you
wanna guess why I'm here today?
Let me ask you a question.
Find that interesting?
Not so much, huh?
How about now?
Is that interesting?
Still not doing it for you.
Let's keep omitting.
How about that?
A big "fuck you"
right in your face.
You bet your ass that
gets your attention, right?
Makes you feel something,
doesn't it?
That's all it takes
to write an effective headline,
which most of you in this room
have already forgotten.
Middle finger was always there,
right there.
But it didn't get your attention
until it removed
the surrounding context.
And then it became something
else entirely, didn't it?
That's how you write a headline.
It's just a small
piece of a hole.
And your job depends on
finding the middle finger.
Getting rid of the rest.
Just find the middle finger.
Here's your headline.
I grew up in a house that had a
black anthill in the front yard.
Red ants in the backyard,
black ants in the front yard.
My dad gave me a jar one day
and he said,
"Put a hundred black ants,
a hundred red ants in the jar."
And we sat 'em on the counter
and we looked at 'em,
just watched 'em.
And then he said,
"Now pick up that jar
and shake it violently."
Those little fuckers
started killing each other.
Let me answer the question.
What am I doing here today?
I'm here to tell you
to shake the goddamn jar!
Or I fucking will!
-Hey, babe.
-Hey, feature hubby.
What are you doing here?
Well, I was in the area meeting
with the florist and I thought
I'd stop by and drop off
some samples and surprise you.
Cute presents from you, babe.
And I will check these out,
but I really gotta
get back to work.
The boss man is in, and...
just really not
the best day to drop by.
Oh, okay.
Sorry, I was just right here,
so I thought it'd surprise you.
No, no, no.
Don't be sorry. Okay?
It's-- I totally understand.
Okay. Well, have a great day,
and I'll see you at home.
-Okay. Love you.
-Love you more.
"I love you."
"No, I love you more."
Mr. Henry, sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted to say
thank you, sir,
for bumping me
from local to national.
Who are you?
I'm David Gilligan.
I just got promoted from
local to national daytime,
and I just wanted to say
thank you, sir.
Well, I didn't hire you,
so there's no need to thank me.
Don't fuck it up.
Well, of course not, sir.
I've been working
my entire career
for this kind of opportunity.
'Cause I'll tell you
something, snowflake.
It's hard for a white guy
to find a job these days.
I'm joking.
You-- you-- you got me.
-Get out.
-Yes, sir.
Death and dues.
Dues and death.
Death and dues.
Dues and death.
Death and dues. Dues and death.
Death and dues.
Dues and death. Death and dues.
Dues and death.
Death and dues.
We are rejuvenated by
the blood of the innocent.
With this bounty of blood
we set for renewed
with vitality and strength.
We know not of mercy
because it is losers' virtue.
Bow your head.
I present you this scarf,
Michael Turnbridge.
Although you will wear it
for many years,
I look forward to the day
you spill blood of your own
in service of our mission
and earn your red scarf.
When that day comes...
Zane will welcome you
as his son.
So I just tried
to put River to bed, right?
And you know what he said to me?
He goes, "No, Daddy,
I want Sofia to read me
my bedtime story tonight."
Really? He did?
Oh, yeah. He did.
You know what else he said?
He said, "Daddy,
why doesn't she read to me?
Does she not love me anymore?"
You sure didn't add
that last part for effect?
I mean, it might
not have been his exact words,
but he said to some extent.
Come on. You know he loves
when you read to him.
I know, babe.
And I love reading to him too.
But I have so much work to do.
Like, work-work,
or obsessive-side-project work?
It's not an obsessive
side project, Ben.
It's called
investigative journalism.
Investigative journalism.
That's right.
Okay, let me-- let me
ask you something.
And I'm not trying to be a dick,
so please don't
take this the wrong way.
What makes you think
that you're gonna
tie these crimes together
before the police?
Yeah, because cops are basically
the most intelligent people
on the planet, right?
All I'm saying is
if you look hard enough
at anything for long enough,
you will find dots to connect.
But that doesn't necessarily
mean that they should.
So you actually think
that an escort
is capable of all of this?
Killing ultra-wealthy men
for a and
some pocket cash? Really?
Crashing hotel
surveillance systems,
using VPNs
to communicate with victims,
DNA splattered everywhere
but no priors?
This is some high-level,
extremely organized
political or corporate warfare.
Have you ever seen this?
Take a $20 bill...
...and you fold it into a plane.
You can see
the Twin Towers on 9/11.
All I'm saying is
you're gonna find anything
you look hard enough for.
Please be careful.
Are you ready for bed?
I want bedtime stories.
I know, sweetie,
but I'm so busy.
I have so much work
to do tonight.
How about your dad
reads for you tonight
and I'll do it tomorrow.
-I promise.
-Why not tonight?
Did you know that
you're the cutest boy
in the whole world?
Okay. Pirates or dinosaurs?
"And there was a little dinosaur
named Jack."
I said drop it!
Drop it!
I said drop it.
Uh-uh. Stay.
Go get it.
Who's a good boy?
I'm a good boy.
You deserve a treat.
Yes, goddess. I'd love a treat.
-But only one.
-I promise.
You know, you listen so good
for being such a dumb dog.
Please, goddess,
can I have another treat?
One is not enough for you?
Never is.
Turn around.
One more time.
Wiggle your tail.
Not that tail.
Okay. You're being a good boy?
Do you want a belly rub?
Yes, I'd love a belly rub.
You know, you deserve
that other treat now.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
You're the real treat.
Time for W-A-L-K.
How badly do you want it?
So fucking bad.
Are you sniffing my ass
to see if I'm friendly?
You forgot so quickly
what Zane did
to make you a movie star,
didn't you?
You bite the hand that fed you.
Bad dog!
You're so fucking hot.
You taste so good.
Should we go back home?
I-- I can't tonight.
I can't tonight.
- Why?
- Mmm--
Why are you being so weird?
-Why are you being so weird?
Nothing. I think I just saw
a colleague of mine.
So what?
Because it's-- it's--
it's unprofessional for me
to be out drinking late
when I have work in the morning.
Is that your car?
-Yeah. It's right there.
-Get in.
What's up, man?
Here, it's for you.
No, it's all good, bro. Keep it.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah. It's all set.
-Thank you, sir.
-All right, man.
The details remain unclear
but what we do know is
authorities have not
ruled out foul play.
As the story unfolds,
viewer discretion is advised.
It appears that action star
Wendell Pierce
was involved in extreme
deviant sexual behavior,
commonly known as BDSM.
He was allegedly found in
nothing but thong underwear
and a dog collar
around his neck,
which is most likely
the cause of death
due to strangulation pending
an autopsy in coroner's report.
Pierce is survived
by his wife Bethany
and two little girls.
Our hearts go out to them.
Stay tuned for additional
coverage on Channel 8
as details emerge
surrounding this tragedy.
-Top of the morning.
What's new?
Are you sure?
I don't know. You tell me.
Your hair is naturally
on the darker side. Huh?
Excuse me?
What didn't you understand
about the question?
So you came over here
to question me about my hair
not being naturally blonde?
What did you do last night?
Why are you being such a creep?
I am being a creep?
You seem really tense
over a couple simple questions.
I'm not tense at all.
So where were you last night?
I didn't tell you?
I was at the salon.
Dyeing my hair.
I'm serious.
Where were you last night?
I went home,
I had dinner with my family,
and then I came
back here to work.
Is that okay with you?
You came back here last night?
I just told you, to work.
I thought I saw you
downtown last night.
You know I don't go out, so.
Hmm, yeah, 'cause
you're so innocent, right?
I feel like some people,
especially in HR,
might find this to be...
A feminist quick
to pull the harassment card.
And if you were Black,
you'd be saying
I'm a racist too, right?
I have work to do.
What, you didn't get it
all done last night?
While you were here?
Whatever you think
you're onto about me
is a waste of time.
So just drop it.
I don't want you going
too far down the rabbit hole.
It's starting to
wear on your face.
What's up, man?
You decided
you wanted your change?
-Nah, it's all you, bro.
But I was hoping
you could do me a favor.
What's up?
I need the security footage
from out front
when I was here last night.
something happen to your car?
No, no. Nothing like that.
I mean, I'm not mad at all.
I-- I just need the footage.
Wish I could help you,
but I don't really have
nothing to do with that.
I get it, and I'd be happy to--
Yo, look,
I would love to take your money
and give it to my man
who works at security,
but the footage is gone.
Ah, cops have it
from the actor that died.
-No backup internally?
-Between me and you...
look, they don't even have it.
The cops was here all morning.
the camera system was down.
They think it's on some real
life Jason Bourne type shit.
I did not tell you this.
You didn't tell me what?
I-- I just said,
"You didn't tell me what?"
I wasn't here now.
My man.
Uh, last question.
Do you recognize
this chick from last night?
She's got, like,
short, darker hair now, though.
Uh, nah, I didn't see her here.
take a closer look.
Yeah, bro.
I don't recall seeing her here.
I wish I could be more help.
-All right. Thanks, man.
-All right.
Our problem in Australia
has been resolved, gentlemen.
Thanks in large part
to the excellent work of Theda.
You stand before us
only for the grace of Zane.
Man of unparalleled pragmatism.
He spared your life because he
saw the value in training you.
He blessed you
with this opportunity,
and with each mission completed,
our confidence in you grows.
Theda, please step forward.
Repeat after me.
-I'm an eager servant.
-I'm an eager servant.
I will always do
what is asked of me.
I will always do
what is asked of me.
I'm humbled by the sacrifices
made by the great men
who surround me.
I am humbled by the sacrifices
made by the great men
who surround me.
Now bow your head in servility.
Accept this scarf.
And now let's head back upstairs
and enjoy the party.
Superstar has arrived.
-What's good?
-You're late.
No guns, right, guys?
Now quick pat to make sure.
Yo, that's my phone.
I ain't with that.
you're gonna have to be,
'cause it's in
everyone's best interest.
Yours too.
Got a little
welcome gift for you
in the other room from Zane.
Can you show these guys
around the party, please?
Yes, sir.
Damn. Okay.
You boys don't fuck around
when they come to hospitality.
We don't fuck around
when it comes to anything.
I see.
Hey, get yourself settled.
All right?
But don't leave us waiting.
Say less. I appreciate you.
Let me get a little preview.
"Bad Bitches Ain't Good"
is literally my favorite song.
-Is that right?
Let me help you with that.
Turn around.
Bring that ass over here.
- Yo, bro!
- Yo, chill.
Man, give me a second.
Open the fuckin' door, my nigga.
Yo, nigga,
what the fuck is wrong with you?
My nigga, you got me fucked up
bringing me to
some Epstein Island shit.
What Epstein island shit?
You see what the fuck
I got going on in here?
I would tell you
to come outside, but,
dude, this shit
is fucking disgusting.
Damn. On God like that?
Shit like
a fuckin' horror movie.
I ain't no nigga
to be dying first.
All good, guys?
-Nah, not really.
-Not really?
Nah, nah.
Every-- everything good.
Come on, man.
Let's get this party started.
Yeah. Wanna party?
What's the theme
behind all this?
I don't know. It's a little
get-together to honor a friend.
Come on, man.
Like, what's this all about?
Look, I'm typically not
one to make assumptions,
but I have
a very hard time believing
that you don't know
exactly what this means.
I ain't tripping.
But I'm gonna just have to
give you all that money back.
And what if
we don't accept that?
I mean, shit, that's on y'all.
I'm sure
you gentlemen are smart enough
to gather these
aren't the type of men
that you want a problem with.
Yo, my man, we get down too.
Don't be saying like shit that.
Can you hang tight
for a second, then?
Let me see
what I can do for you?
Trust that you won't
do anything unwise.
He's saying
he's super uncomfortable
and they're trying
to get out of here.
Not good.
I love this song.
Tell him they may leave.
But he must personally
apologize to Zane,
and it'll be an insult to us
to send the money back.
Got some great news
for you boys.
I've been given permission
to allow you to leave so long as
you personally apologize to Zane
and make it right.
And they have made it very clear
that it would be an insult
of you to send the money back.
Got it?
-So we're good.
-All right, then.
I'm sorry to see you
leave so soon.
Man, I-- I...
No need to explain.
And you and Zane,
you really seemed
to hit it off, huh?
I mean, look at you.
Old pals having
the time of their lives.
Here you go.
Little souvenir from me to you.
-Nah, I'm cool. You can keep it.
-I have my own copies.
Show the gentlemen out.
Theda, this is your aunt Alonya.
Say hi.
- Hi.
- Hi, Theda.
You're so cute.
How old are you now?
Theda, your aunt asked you
a question. Answer her.
You're so tall
for only four years old.
-What do you say, Theda?
-Thank you.
Why don't you go inside?
I have a present
in there waiting for you.
I really wish
you would think about this.
Alonya, I want you to
stop talking and listen to me.
Don't tell her
I'm not coming back
until she feels happy
and comfortable in here.
-She needs her father.
-This is the only way.
Thank you.
Governor Hughes,
he checks all the boxes.
You know, he's a--
he's an army vet that, uh...
understands brotherhood,
smart, studied law.
He's like a fucking
American success story.
You know, poor Black kid
that climbed up the ladder.
Perfect little family.
I mean, his wife
drives a fucking minivan.
I mean, how great is that?
Passionate, you know,
anxious to be part of the chain.
I think he's perfect.
I think he--
I think he, uh--
He's like a Starburst, you know?
He's not too soft,
not too hard, you know?
Perfectly fuckin' molded.
And that all
could be a good thing
or a bad thing.
We got anybody
that's close to him?
I can have
Maxwell arrange a dinner.
-They are well-acquainted.
-Okay, good.
Make sure you have
Theda waiting for him.
He's a squeaky-clean governor
with an image to protect.
He's not going to
go up to a hotel room.
So we'll do it at the house.
We got a chef.
We got cigars. We got girls.
Don't worry about Theda.
She's gonna do her fucking job.
God fucking damn it!
Don't ever get old, man.
It fuckin' sucks.
Yeah. All right.
after dinner, he's gonna know
that we're gonna make him
the president
of the United States.
Let's get it done.
Hey, man.
Hey, how you doing?
Can you please do me a favor?
Can you export office
security footage from the office
from Monday night
around 8:00 p.m.. to 1:00 a.m..?
-Okay. Sure. No problem.
-All right.
Everything okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I-- I just don't wanna make
any false accusations
against anyone,
but I'm pretty sure someone
from the overnight crew
swiped my headphones.
- I hate it when that happens.
- Right?
Yeah, well, I can put it
on a thumb drive for you.
Perfect. Thank you.
I'll bring it over later today.
-You're the man.
-You're the man, Dave.
Okay, now inhale to lengthen.
Again, inhale to lengthen.
Deep inhale.
Relax. Let it all go.
Again, deeper.
And let it go.
Now find the line of energy...
articulate your vertebrae,
and send the energy
out through your fingertips.
And release.
Surrender to the pose.
Hey, hey. What's going on?
Don't fucking touch me!
Okay. Calm down.
I'm just-- just talk to me.
Don't ever fucking
tell me to calm down again.
-Okay. What is wrong?
-My man, we got a problem?
We're good. This is my fiance.
We're just working
through something.
Hey. Hey. Are you okay?
-Dude, can you just fuck off?
-Fuck off?
I was just trying to help you.
All right?
Clearly you're a crazy bitch,
so he's the one
that needs some help.
- Just-- Hey, hey.
- Fuck you!
I'm gonna break
your fucking face off, bitch!
-Please, please. Hey, hey, hey.
-Control your dog, bro.
-What the fuck is that?
-All right, thank you.
Thank you.
You're no help at all.
Would you bring us
another bottle
of bourbon, please?
You gentlemen really can drink.
I always told my mother
that joining a fraternity
wasn't a total waste of time.
Oh, what a fraternity it is.
25-year-old Rip Van Winkle.
We're drinking
a schoolteacher's salary
over the course of dinner.
Thank you, darling.
Hey, come on.
I'm a public servant as well.
- You're a public servant?
- Yes, sir.
- That's what you are?
- Indeed.
I don't think so.
I think you're being too modest.
I guess
I'm a public servant too.
-Is that so?
-Yes, sir.
I could be anywhere
in the world right now,
but I'm not.
I'm right here.
And do you know why?
Because of this man.
He believes in you.
He thinks you're it.
The next Barack Obama,
if you will.
A great unifier for our country,
these divided states of America.
A man we most desperately need.
You know,
William Shakespeare said that,
"All the world's a stage..."
Each man and woman
merely players...
with entrances and exits.
And during the course
of every man's life...
he'll play many parts.
What part do you think I play?
Well, you strike me as
the kind of man that...
plays whatever part he wants.
Not exactly.
The director.
I own the whole fuckin' theater.
From one public servant
to another.
To you, Governor.
To the next president
of the United States.
I think this is the beginning
of a beautiful friendship.
It was really great
to meet you, Governor.
- Likewise.
- Thank you for coming.
You know,
I must confess, when, uh...
Maxwell asked me to consider you
for our little fraternity
that, uh...
I was a bit concerned.
Publicly, to me,
you present as
idealistic and hardheaded.
And that for me is
poor qualities for a president.
Rather, they belong to,
you know, the beautiful,
perennial losers
such as, uh, Mr. Sanders.
There's no such thing
as a fair fight, Governor.
We fight to win.
I want you to reassure me...
I'm investing in a winner.
Well, I didn't come
this far...
to only come this far.
I believe that.
Gentlemen, I, uh,
appreciate the candor
and your shared belief
in me as a candidate.
But I should get going.
All right. Well, very well.
But, uh, you must promise
to let me throw you
an event before the primary.
-I really couldn't impose.
-No, no imposition.
This house is free.
It's yours to use.
It's like my frat house.
Wow. Okay. I, um...
I might have to
take you up on that.
Terrific. It's settled, then.
Theda, show the governor
around the grounds,
make sure he finds
our humble place suitable
for one of his benefit dinners.
And see him to his car
and make sure he has a bottle
of bourbon to take with him.
That's really okay.
I'm afraid I insist.
We're friends.
They say you're
going to be the next president.
That's the plan.
You've got my vote.
You don't even know
what I stand for.
I do.
And you should never
talk yourself out of a sale.
Smart girl.
Plus, you're very handsome,
so that helps.
Thank you. I've been told
it doesn't hurt the cause.
Do you want to hear
my real estate agent pitch?
Of course.
And last,
we have our master bedroom--
oh, I meant the owner suite--
with interiors by ,
which has been
optimized with flow.
With private foyer,
allowing a gentle entrance
and an added layer of privacy.
This suite boosts
14-foot ceilings,
panoramic views throughout,
and an open-concept bath
with relaxation.
So how did I do?
Ten out of ten.
So do you want it?
'Cause there's
nothing I wouldn't do
to help convince you.
Oh, you are very good... this.
you have no idea how good.
Did I mention
the camera shoots 4K?
You fucking set me up?
Just enjoy it.
You're already fucked.
-Hey, bud.
-Hey, Dave.
Don't mean to interrupt.
I just wanna remind you
about the footage I requested.
Oh, yeah.
I put it on your desk
the other day.
But I never got it.
Are you sure?
I don't think so.
I'll check again.
How do you get any work done
sitting next to her all day?
Oh, was she there
when you dropped it off?
Oh, yeah.
What a beautiful specimen.
Yeah, she's really hot.
Hey, you think she's single?
I gotta get back to work.
I'll let you know
if I still can't find it.
All right, Dave.
-You are the man, Dave.
-You're the man.
The man.
Babe, what's wrong?
You know Sofia from work, right?
The blonde Russian slut that
sits next to my future husband?
Yeah, I do.
Blonde slut?
What are you talking about?
Why are you,
like, defending her?
You're seriously mad
that I called her a slut?
I mean, isn't she?
I-- I have no idea.
Well, why did you bring her up?
You remember a few weeks ago
when Wendell Pierce
was found dead in a hotel
with the whole BDSM thing?
Yeah. What about it?
Well, I was there
at the hotel that night
and I saw her there.
-It was right after the murder.
-Wait. Whoa. Whoa.
You went to a BDSM party?
God, I have one,
one threesome with you,
and now you're going to
BDSM parties?
No! No. Chill.
What the fu-- what
the fuck are you talking about?
I was at the hotel bar
with Bryce
because he just
closed a huge deal.
So I met up with him
and some of the guys
for drinks after work
to celebrate.
Yeah, exactly, the night that
you called me to tell me
that you're working late
and canceled dinner with me?
-That night.
I did work late that night.
Well past dinner. So just relax.
Okay, the guys
were out celebrating,
so I decided to have one drink
with them on the way home.
-That's it. Okay?
So I'm waiting
for my car at the valet.
I saw her leaving the hotel
the night of the murder,
wearing a black wig,
knee-length black leather coat,
and black leather boots.
Okay. So I was wrong about her.
She's not a slut.
Just a fucking whore.
Maybe, but that's not the point.
Okay? She has this--
this obsession with this
Illuminati occult type of shit
that she's always reading about
and asking me weird questions
at work about our boss.
And she thinks
that he's involved
with this secret society
that runs the world, yada-yada.
But I realized she's trolling.
-How is she trolling?
-She's part of it.
She's an assassin
for whoever the group is.
Think about it.
A movie star
ends up dead at the hotel
and the surveillance system
goes down that night?
Convenient. Right?
Security systems
malfunction all the time.
Coincidences do happen, David.
No, they don't. Not like this.
So I went up to her
at work the next day.
I said,
"What'd you do last night?"
She says,
"I went home for dinner
and then I came
back to the office
to get some extra work done."
So I found the security footage.
But sure enough,
she was at the office
during those hours.
Okay. Well.
Obviously you mistook
one whore for another.
It's really
not that complicated.
Why do you seem like you're so
obsessed with her or something?
Babe, I am not obsessed
with her at all.
I could give a shit about her.
I know it was her
leaving the hotel that night.
I need you to be
really honest with me here.
-Are you doing cocaine again?
-Are you serious?
You sound like
a coked-out lunatic
spinning conspiracy theories.
Wow. Thank you for
the cuntish low blow.
But no, I haven't
done drugs in years.
So let me be completely
fucking clear with you.
I know it was her
leaving the hotel that night.
Okay, you are really
starting to freak me out now.
You literally seem like
you have lost your mind.
Maybe that's it.
Maybe I've lost my fucking mind.
My name's David
and I've lost my fucking mind.
Hey, everybody!
Good afternoon, everybody.
You know, I truly
appreciate all the hard work
and all the hours you've spent
on the election reform bill.
I am incredibly proud
of each of you.
And with that said,
out of respect for all of you,
our team,
well, I feel compelled
to share with you first
that I will not
be signing the bill.
I know many of you
have questions,
and I will be fielding questions
from the press court
and I will field questions
from any of you
at a later date
that have not been addressed.
Keep up the great work.
Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
So it's just
back to work as usual?
Are you guys okay with this?
You don't just work
so hard on something for months
that you fundamentally
agree with,
and then in the eleventh hour
you decide,
"Hmm, as a matter of fact,
I'm actually not gonna support
a reform bill that I initiated.
Oh, and before I go,
fuck you all
and keep up the great work."
This is insane!
Jake, just breathe.
I'm just as upset as you are.
But right now is not the time
to let our emotions run high.
No, no, no,
this is exactly the time
to be letting
our emotions run high.
You know that this is a game.
This isn't new to you.
This isn't just playing
some political game, okay?
This is bullshit,
and I'm not biting my tongue.
What if he's running
for president?
What if he wins?
He's clearly trying
to work across the aisle
for some reason,
and we have to trust that.
With all due respect, Sara...
I wouldn't give a fuck
if he was making
a presidential run.
This is fucked up.
I am not sure if you know,
but I was given credentials
for Governor Hughes's
press conference today.
It's the first I've heard of it.
I actually wrote an editorial
on election reform for Vox,
and I guess the producer
just thought of me.
I don't know, I thought
maybe we could drive together.
Get on the same page.
Yeah, sure.
With that being said,
I'm sure my decision to exercise
my gubernatorial power of veto
may come as a surprise.
And with that, I open up
the floor for questions.
Governor Hughes, what do you
have to say to your constituency
that are disappointed
in your decision?
That I have carefully considered
and weighed all options
of the issue.
But this was not made in haste.
After much deliberation and...
it is clear to me that
despite legitimate concerns
of voting integrity,
inclusion is paramount.
Next question.
Assuming you're running
for reelection,
do you think that
this will cost you votes,
or are you positioning yourself
for a presidential run
as a moderate?
I have no idea
how voters will react.
I hope they will continue
to believe in me.
However, no decision I make
is dictated by party pressure.
Especially during
such polarizing times
when any sole decision
can alienate an entire group.
As an African-American man,
was this last-minute
change of heart
influenced in any way by
the notion that voter ID laws
affect people of color?
My concerns have always been
to serve the people
who've elected me.
All of them.
I believe that
certain issues transcend race,
and I believe that voting...
is one of them.
Do you not find voter ID laws
to be a form of racially
motivated voter suppression?
Voter ID laws
can unintentionally make it
nearly impossible to vote
for disenfranchised
or marginalized people
such as the elderly,
people with disabilities,
and now folks
living in severe poverty,
most of whom
happen to be people of color.
All right, we're 25 seconds out.
Add "discriminatory"
to the chyron.
- Where do you want it?
- In the fucking chyron!
So it reads,
"Governor Hughes blocks
discriminatory voter ID bill."
Okay, got it. Yeah. Just--
Yeah. It's the chyron. Just...
We're going live in
five, four, three, two...
In an unexpected turn of events,
Governor Hughes
called a press conference today
to announce
that he intends to veto
the discriminatory voter ID bill
that he was scheduled
to sign into law tomorrow.
The veto comes
as a devastating blow
to the Republican Party
just months before
the state Senate race.
Voter ID laws have long
been proven to discriminatory
by disproportionately
affecting people of color
in a desperate attempt
to maintain power
in disenfranchised communities.
Stay tuned for more to come.
That's all the questions
I have time for today.
God bless and thank you.
Way to go.
So you work for Maxwell?
Yeah, I do.
Thank you so much
for taking my questions.
Did he put you up to this?
No, not directly.
You know, it's a big corporation
and I've actually never had
the pleasure of meeting him.
Don't play dumb with me,
you Russian whore.
What's done is done.
Excuse me?
You think I wouldn't
recognize you in a blonde wig?
In a pap suit?
There is a special place in hell
for women like you.
-Governor Hughes said that?
What, was it, like,
a big scene or something?
Is-- Did anyone else hear?
No, it wasn't
a big scene at all.
Room full of people
and no one heard.
And you wonder why I said
I won't talk to you about it.
I'm just trying to
wrap my head around it.
Seems a little absurd,
you gotta admit.
No, what you're doing is
implying that it's not true
because I'm the only one
that heard.
Is that unreasonable?
You just told me
that the governor
called you a Russian whore.
Well, he did.
Sofia, I love you.
I think you are the smartest
and kindest person that I know.
But after the yoga thing
the other day, and now this,
I think that it's best
that you get back into therapy.
It was working
so well for you before--
-Now you're having
dissociative episodes again,
and I just--
You had to bring it up, huh?
I had one meltdown
and now you're gonna bring it up
every chance you get.
It's just a suggestion.
I don't try to understand
what's going on in your head.
I'm sorry.
You're probably happy
I had that yoga incident
so now you can paint me
as this mentally ill girl
who's obsessed with
her conspiracy theories, right?
Not trying to do that.
Maybe Sofia is fucked up,
Dr. Kingston was right.
Then we'll manage it together.
But you gotta start
taking care of yourself, okay?
Because you've been
burning the candle at both ends
with all of this
bullshit down here.
It makes sense that all
of this is hitting you at once.
-Makes sense?
Sofia. Sofia, no, no, no.
Hey, where are you going?
Honey, you've been--
you've been drinking.
Hey, sweetheart, sweetheart,
just come back
in the house, please.
Hey, hey, hey.
Sorry, Mr. Ortega.
Women are complicated, huh?
Yeah, I know.
Good evening, Governor.
Can I help you?
Um, yeah, I'm just trying to
find a place to turn around.
No, back out.
Hey, sweetheart. I, uh, gotta
stop into this event real quick,
so I'll be home late. Okay.
Governor Hughes,
it's great to see you again.
Celebrations are in order.
Thank you.
I've recognized you from before,
but I didn't catch your name.
It's great to see you again.
-Your name?
-I don't have one.
My dick is so big,
it's gonna need it.
I swear to God.
- Oh, hello. Hello.
- Okay. Okay.
- Hughes! Hughes!
- We're so glad you're here.
- All right. All right.
- Governor Hughes!
- Okay.
- My man. Hey, how are you?
- Welcome.
- All right.
- So fuckin' proud of you.
- All right.
You did good. You know that?
You did really fuckin' good!
-The star of the night!
-You're the fuckin' big--
And people really believe
what he had to say.
-I certainly hope so.
-I believe it.
-We appreciate it.
-You did. They did.
Come on.
Come on, baby. Come on in.
By the way, we got you
all the way to the fucking top.
Because the winners
write history books, my friend.
Who writes history?
The winners
write history books.
- We do.
- Yes!
- Whatever it takes. Hmm?
- Yeah.
What, uh...
what is the meaning of all this?
He's asking about meaning.
What meaning?
Well, because I kinda feel like
you guys are taunting me.
What are you doing?
You're not a governor right now.
You're not a politician.
You're just
playing a politician.
Enjoy yourself.
You're one of us.
We got you, brother.
It's as if you're saying
that all politicians are whores.
Okay. You got me.
Oops. Secret's out.
They're whores, but that's
not their primary symbolism.
Their primary symbolism
is that they're ours.
They're our whores.
And we do whatever we like
with 'em. Go ahead, baby.
Know what I do?
These girls come,
I set all their fuckin' outfits
in the other room
and I let them pick.
They go in, they're like,
"I wanna be a fuckin'
elephant whore."
Or "Oh, I think
I'm more of a donkey whore."
You know why?
'Cause people love the illusion
of choice, Governor.
But there's no such thing,
'cause we control it all.
These girls,
at the end of the night,
they're gonna be whores,
and they're gonna be naked.
And for sure, 1,000%,
they're gonna get fucked.
It's not what I came
for tonight, gentlemen.
What have you come for?
What's the matter?
You like boys?
You want boys,
I'll get you boys.
You want girls, I'll get you--
You want kids?
I'll get you kids. I'll get you
whatever the fuck you want.
To talk business.
I wanna talk about
that path to the White House.
Fire these fuckin' girls.
All right, we'll talk business.
-All right.
-Ladies, thank you.
Listen up. Listen up.
Listen up. Listen up. Listen up.
Governor Hughes is here,
and he's gonna be
the next president
of the United fucking States!
I am extremely happy.
This is a cause
for a celebration.
Today was a great day.
It was a very
crucial victory for us
in maintaining
our voting operation.
And it's because of this man
right here, Governor Hughes.
Let's give him
a round of applause.
I mean, loud!
But let me be the first
to welcome you with open arms.
We are extremely happy
for you to join us.
This man...
is a great man.
He's a man of principle.
He's a family man with a wife
and three lovely children.
I believe it's three,
isn't it, Governor?
Ah, for the good part.
The governor may be a great man,
but he's not perfect.
So for those of you
who were concerned
about my decision
to bring him in so quickly,
let me assure you
that he has plenty of incentive
to remain trustworthy.
Isn't that right, Governor?
Oh, come, come, come.
Oh, so nice to see you.
What a nice surprise.
It'll be so much easier
to keep in touch
if you just let me
get you a phone.
Don't worry about me. I am fine.
In fact, I am great.
Look at you, huh?
How-- how are you?
I'm okay.
Just been busy with work.
And, uh, Ben,
a-- are you still with Ben?
How is that going?
Sorry, so many memories.
Ben is good.
We're actually
getting married next year.
Oh, I'm so happy for you.
-Thank you.
I-- I make you something to eat.
Something to drink. Yes?
Oh, I'm fine.
I'm fine. Thank you.
Oh, yes. Was long ride.
You look tired. Come, come.
We talk about
these things tomorrow.
-I was going to bed anyway.
- Sounds good.
- Okay.
You lied to me.
Where-- where is this
coming from, Sofia?
We haven't seen
each other in a few years.
Have you ever had a friend
come up to you and tell you
they recently seen you
somewhere where you weren't?
I-- I can't say that I have.
How about a total stranger?
Have you ever had
a total stranger come up to you
because they think
they fucked you?
I remember now.
When I used to
ask you about her...
you said she's just
an imaginary friend, right?
And to be a big girl,
you have to let go
of your imaginary friends.
You made me think
that I was crazy.
Nobody knew about
my twin sister...
but you did.
I'm so sorry, Sofia.
I was only trying
to protect you.
From what?
Your father...
is a very bad man.
He's still alive.
He is part of a very powerful,
dangerous group of people
that controls everything.
To become a member,
you must sell your soul.
Tradition dictates that you must
sacrifice your firstborn
as tribute.
that was you.
Your mother die
from internal bleeding...
complications of childbirth.
Your father, my nephew, Nikolai,
he could not live
with a constant reminder
by raising your twin.
So he pay to have
an infant stolen
from the hospital nursery.
Once you girls
were about four...
he realized he could not
hide you forever.
So my sister cared for Theda...
and I took care of you.
Nikolai was concerned
that if he did not separate you,
that you would help
each other remember too much.
That eventually you would
encourage each other
to dig into the past.
I did the best I could by you.
I fucking knew it.
I could feel it in my bones
I wasn't crazy.
And now that you know...
you go live your life.
Too late.
I feel like I'm having
more fun than you guys.
How do we change that?
What is it, Governor?
Look, I understand
how this works.
-You do?
-Yes, I do.
But there are things
that I can't do.
I gotta draw the line here.
Well, I understand there's
things that you can't do,
but this is something
that you can do.
You're just telling me
you won't do it.
I mean, there's
a pretty clear distinction.
Zane, we are not always
going to see eye to eye.
Now, I delivered on
the voting reform bill.
I'm a team player.
This is too much of an ask.
What do you mean we're not
always gonna see eye to eye?
That we are not always
going to see eye to eye.
It is natural
to have disagreements.
That's part of doing business.
I-- I see what you mean.
You know what? I think I got
a pair of shoes older than you.
this is-- this isn't necessary.
- I can't hear you.
- Help!
Kinda hard to see
eye to eye from here.
Pull-- pull-- pull.
You wanna come up?
Pull me up. Pull me the fuck up!
You wanna see
eye to eye with me?
Please, please, please, please.
But you said you didn't
wanna see eye to eye always.
You said it was
part of doing business.
-I understand.
-You sure?
-Yes, yes, yes, yes.
-All right, bring him up.
Pull me up. Yes, yes, yes.
Now you listen to me,
you little motherfucker.
You don't need
to see eye to eye with me.
There's only one person
that has eyes,
and that's me!
Now you put that fucking
announcement out by Friday,
or I'm gonna put
your little sex tape out
and have Maxwell start
the pressmen calling
for your resignation.
Do we understand each other?
Are we on the same page,
Have a nice day.
I love the way you negotiate.
I wanted to have you
all together today...
to make good on
the offer I extended
to answer any questions that
may not have been addressed
at the press conference.
So if any of you have...
any questions?
So when exactly did you
change your mind about this?
Just seems
a little out of the blue.
I understand. Uh...
although it may
have felt sudden...
it wasn't.
I know I'm not gonna
get a straight answer from you.
So truthfully, I don't
even know why I'm asking.
But who got to you, man?
'Cause there is no way
you make a decision like that
in the eleventh hour without
being compromised, right?
So what do they got on you?
y'all might think I'm crazy...
but he would've
stopped me by now
if I wasn't telling the truth.
You may also be wondering,
"How am I so sure?
Why am I so angry?"
See, I can tell by
the looks on y'all faces,
you're thinking,
"What are you doing, Jake?
You are never gonna get
your recommendation letter."
But the reason I'm so sure...
is because
I'm the only person in this room
who comes from where he does--
the hood, the armpit of America.
And yet here I am.
I don't work my ass off,
harder than anybody here,
in the governor's office
participating in democracy
in a meaningful way.
Do y'all even have any idea
how goddamn insulting it is
to assume that people that
come from where I come from,
that look like me,
are too dumb or too poor
to get an ID?
Hell, we not even talking
about a driver's license.
We talking about
a free identification card.
The reason this country
is so divided
is how can anybody trust
in our leaders?
I mean this with
the utmost respect, sir.
You have become everything
that you claim to despise.
And I swear to God...
it breaks my heart.
Good luck, Governor.
-What up?
-Not much.
-You coming?
You coming to Governor Hughes's
press conference today?
I guess not.
I didn't even know about it.
Aww, back to the minors.
No pushback, no snide remark?
David, I've been going
through a lot lately.
So I don't wanna
get into it with you.
Look, come on.
I'm just fucking with you.
Look, I like messing with you.
You're the only one
in the office
that doesn't have
a stick up their ass.
I'm credentialed plus one.
-Do you wanna come?
Mmm. Yeah. Why not?
Good afternoon.
Thank you all for coming
on such short notice.
It is with tremendous...
...that I stand here
before you today,
not as a leader...
but as a cautionary tale of...
corruption and greed.
Your leaders...
the people actually
governing you...
you've never heard of,
and you never will.
So, democratic process
is a well-crafted
and sensible distraction.
That is how power is maintained.
Through leverage and--
and-- and special interest
that-- that--
that stoke up tension
and-- and...
it caused division.
I fell victim to it myself...
because I sold out my office
and violated my oath.
'Cause the drug of power is...
more tempting and addictive
than heroin.
And, um...
to maintain that fix, you'll--
you'll do things that
you never thought you could.
So to my wife, Leslie...
and, uh, our three
wonderful children...
you-- you-- you are
e-- everything to me,
and I love you.
if you are...
watching the TV...
please, turn it off.
Yeah, I got it.
Yeah. Well, what up?
I got some bad news.
What is it?
Governor Hughes just shot
himself in the face on live TV.
He did?
Fuckin' dramatic.
How do you wanna spin this?
A lot of
mental health awareness.
Set up a hotline, a chyron 24/7.
Say how awful it was,
that it was
a preventable disease,
and, you know,
discredit him, every turn.
You know, the usual shit.
All right, I like it.
Remember to gather his devices
and get them wiped.
-Of course.
And the wife,
she's gonna have
a very unfortunate car accident.
Wait a week
till the shit blows over.
So you want it with
-or without the kids?
-Oh, with the kids.
We're not animals.
All right.
Here's to seeing
eye to eye, I guess.
Okay. The bag?
All right.
-Say goodbye.
Bye. Have a good day.
-Love you.
-Love you too.
-Love you.
-Love you.
-Love you.
You shouldn't have followed me.
If they saw you,
we'd both be dead.
Why don't you just run away?
Run away?
To where, Mars?
They run the whole entire world.
Politics, banking, media, tech.
It's called shadow government.
How did they find you
and not even know about me?
I was sent to our aunt Alonya,
you to her sister Mischa.
When I was 15,
Alonya died in a car accident.
Niko always kept an eye on us
from a distance.
After she died,
he came back for me,
and it was one
of the worst days of my life.
He helped take care of me
for about one year.
Things seemed okay.
he was being considered
for number one
in the organization,
and they put him
under surveillance.
That's when
they found out about me.
And he admitted to offering
a false sacrifice as tribute.
He said the death of his wife
was too much to bear.
They were furious,
but understood his position.
They didn't let either of us
off easy, though.
All of them took turns raping me
for hours and hours.
And Niko was made to go last.
That's when they branded me
with their emblem.
Now I have everything I want.
Except my freedom.
That's a lot to process.
Even for a journalist.
Don't even think about
writing about this.
Your boss, Maxwell,
he's one of us.
If he finds out,
he would have us
killed immediately.
Let me show you something.
I knew it was bad,
but not this bad.
It's worse.
But you get the point.
We have to do something.
Not bad.
Don't you mean,
"You look so sexy, goddess"?
I can't wait to
get those fuckers back.
Why do I have to be
the one to go?
I'm a ghost
and you're a civilian.
If anything happens to you,
it can't just
get swept under a rug.
Plus, they need to see you
to know that
Niko lied all along.
What if they don't believe me?
Show them your neck.
No branding.
They'll know immediately.
They'll just kill me.
They won't.
Then they'll rape me
like they did to you.
Maybe if you were
15 years younger, they would.
Listen, let's make them
cannibalize themselves for power
and the whole thing
will crumble.
Divide and conquer.
Then use blackmail
as collateral.
Straight out of
their own playbook.
Remember the day
you came up to me at the office,
you asked about my hair and
then you asked about downtown?
Yeah. What about it?
You weren't wrong.
-You didn't see me.
You saw my identical twin
named Theda.
She killed Wendell Pierce
at the hotel that night.
She's property
of the organization
that Governor Hughes
was talking about
before he shot himself.
This is some wild shit.
Feel free to go
through all of that.
It has the full story.
Even the video of my sister
having sex with Governor Hughes.
Just don't let Madeline
catch you jerking off to it.
I don't want her
thinking it's me.
Why are you telling me
all of this?
In case you get killed?
Yeah, kind of.
You're the closest thing
I have to a friend there.
Okay. I'll take care of it.
Oh, and one more thing.
Maxwell's a part of it,
so nothing in-house.
Be very careful.
So glad you roped me
into all of this.
Thank you
for doing this for me, David.
I don't know why,
but I feel like I can trust you.
Yeah. Okay.
Whatever you need.
-Hi, babe.
Ooh, what is this?
So I wanted to surprise River,
and I got him an Xbox.
That's very generous.
Except he doesn't
need that, but--
I know he doesn't need it.
But he's such a good boy
and I love him so much.
-And I know I don't
tell you this all the time,
but I love you too.
I love you.
Oh, I love you so much.
Okay, go get him.
-All right, I'll grab him.
-All right.
Oh, River?
I think somebody's
got a surprise for you.
- Whoa.
- Whoa. What is that?
River, I know
I never told you this,
but I grew up without
my real mommy too.
I know it's hard for you.
But I love you,
and I'll always be here for you.
- Do you wanna open it?
- Duh!
An Xbox? You're the best!
I can't believe
you got me an Xbox.
Thank you.
You're sure you want to
go through with this?
I'm positive.
We only have one shot at this.
I know.
I'm ready.
I'm gonna cut the power
at 9:00 p.m..
You'll have only ten seconds
before the backup generator
kicks in.
Be ready to take the shot.
What if I miss?
Did you see the news
about Governor Hughes?
I saw.
So much potential
down the drain.
It's a shame.
You did well.
Thank you.
He could have been
such a great asset to us.
-What is it?
I could see you were
mad about the video.
To play that video
wasn't my idea.
I wasn't happy either.
It's fine.
Just business.
Tonight is a very special night
for our organization.
On these rare occasions...
we're fortunate enough to
gain a brother through blood.
I'm moved by the sacrifice.
And I welcome the tribute
with open arms.
please step forward
with your offering.
Thank you.
Repeat after me.
"My name is Zachary Manning
and I'm here to offer tribute."
My name is Zachary Manning
and I'm here to offer tribute.
"I have no reservation
or remorse.
In fact, it is my pleasure
to offer this bounty
and blood of my firstborn."
I do this free of
any reservation or remorse.
In fact, it is my pleasure
to offer the bounty
and blood of my firstborn.
"All I ask in return
is for my brothers
to welcome me with open arms
and to never forget
the sacrifice I made
for their prosperity."
All I ask in return...
is for my brothers...
to welcome me with open arms...
and to never forget
the sacrifice I have made
for their prosperity.
Will we ever forget
the sacrifice
made by Zachary Manning
on this evening?
We will never forget.
I said, brothers.
We'll never forget.
Zachary, please walk
your son around the circle...
so the tribute can be inspected
before we accept your offering.
Now, when all the brothers
inspected the offering...
are there any
that reject this offering?
it is my pleasure
to accept your tribute...
and to present it
to our ruler, Zane...
to be sacrificed at his hand.
Why the fuck did you do that?
They have everything.
What? What do you mean?
All the fucked-up shit
that you've done
and record each other doing
as blackmail...
I have all of it.
It will all come out
and then it's over for everyone.
Why would you do that, Theda?
I'm not Theda...
I'm your other daughter, Sofia.
The one you hid
from all of them.
You're all pieces of shit.
But at least
you live by a code...
which is more
than I can say about you.
Sofia was my firstborn.
Okay, buddy.
Okay. Ah! Yes, yes, yes.
Go, go, go!
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Yeah! First place.
First place. Ugh!
How are you so good at this?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
That's-- No, that's not what I--
No, it's not what I said at all.
What the fuck you doing?
Let me call you back.
I know what happened with Sofia.
All of it.
I can help you
track down the twin.
But I want in.