Impuratus (2022) Movie Script

[brooding music playing]
[music intensifying]
[music fades]
-[dog barking]
-[wind chimes chiming]
[Clayton sighing]
[grunts softly]
[ominous music building]
[Alice] Clay.
-[music stops]
-[Alice] Clay.
Everything okay? It's early.
Everything's fine.
Um, I'm sorry. I was--
Tried to be quiet.
[sighs] I smelled coffee.
Come here. Come here.
[groaning] Oh, that light.
Yeah. Let me get that.
-[Alice groans]
Mm-hmm. Yeah. [sighs]
Oh, you working already?
Yeah. Early start today.
An early start means
an early finish, right?
-That's the idea.
-Oh, good.
You've been so busy.
You worked
right through Christmas.
I'm sorry, honey. I'm--
I know. Uh, I'm sorry, honey.
Just bear with me, okay?
Don't worry about us.
-You have something new?
-Carl took a call
from the father of a woman
that was killed in September.
So, I don't know.
It could be something.
Oh, could be something
is good, right? [chuckles]
-I haven't hit a home run yet.
-[scoffs] Well...
You're a swell
police detective, Clay.
You've solved everything
that is solvable.
Just have faith
in the rest, huh?
Why is Charlie's photo
like that?
Oh, I-- I-- I put him down
when I-- when I work in here.
I don't want him
to see these things.
[Clayton groans]
What is it?
Take your pick. [chuckling]
I mean, there's a lot
to choose from these days.
It's bad. Tell me.
[Clayton sniffles]
Was it Charlie's accident?
The Spinozi case...
and his birthday,
Charlie's accident all
on the same day, years apart.
I just need to get
through today, that's all.
I just, um, I don't--
I don't understand
the world anymore, Alice.
And, um, my problem is
I don't care.
I only meet these people
after they're dead.
Whatever it is
I can or can't do,
doesn't matter
to them anymore.
I just can't keep this
near me anymore.
Well, maybe you don't need
to understand it.
Maybe you just fight it.
For what's in your heart,
you fight it
and you do it
for those who can't.
In the back of my head,
I, um, I find myself
waiting for, um,
a genuine act of kindness
from anyone
to put
the same amount of effort...
into helping someone
that it takes
to slaughter someone.
Alice, I need to rediscover
my faith in people
or discover a new job.
It's-- it's just eating me up.
It's eating me alive.
Well, why don't you spend
the day with us?
[Alice chuckling]
Ana would love to have
her daddy on her birthday.
I mean,
they're calling for snow.
We'll make snow angels.
I'll make hot cocoa,
brandy for us.
Does that sound good?
Well, that sounds better
than good. It sounds amazing.
So Carl can wait
till tomorrow.
[Clayton grunts]
I can't wait for you
to see what I got her.
Well, no more bunnies, huh?
We're heartbroken
since Mr. Pete.
[laughing] No more bunnies.
But, um, I have to go
into work to pick it up.
You should stay home, Clay.
I promise I wanted
to take your advice, Alice.
[Alice chuckling]
[paper rustling]
[Clayton clears throat]
"With all I've gotten
wrong in my life,
I must've done something right
to have you in it.
You'll always be
my everything."
[paper rustling]
"Happy birthday, sweet pea.
Love, Dad."
[paper rustling]
I need to get my badge.
-It's upstairs.
-You'll always have us.
Just find your way home.
I will.
[brooding music playing]
[geese honking]
[coughs, clears throat]

Like [indistinct], mister.
Let it go.
[engine starts]

[engine stops]

[high heels clicking]
[television playing
in background]
[Clayton] Excuse me.
-Can I help you?
I'm Detective Clayton Douglas
with the Allentown
Police Department.
I was on a call
with a Doctor...
Uh, Dr. Heisi-- Heisinger.
Dr. Heysinger, right?
Heysinger, yes. Correct.
And, um, well, the--
the line went dead on the call,
so I thought I'd, um, drop by,
um, on my way home.
-Sign in, please.
Yes, a Detective Douglas
from Allentown.
Yes. Right away.
Straight down the hall,
stairs on the right,
room 215 towards the back.
-Towards the end.
Firearms are not allowed
in the building.
You're going to have
to check that in here.
-State law does not allow
armed officers
in psychiatric hospitals.
Except under extreme
circumstances, of course.
Would you care
to see our state code?
-Maybe refresh your memory.
[bullets rattling]
[keys jingling]
I'm assuming that is secure,
Oh, impervious.
[safe clattering]
[keys jingling]
-[receptionist] He is waiting.
Stairs on the right,
room 215.
Got it. Got it.
Sorry. Thanks.
Oh, what a bitch.
[record whirring]
[knocking on door]
Come in.
-Dr. Heysinger?
Come in, please.
Detective Douglas.
[clears throat]
Allentown Police Department.
We spoke--
We spoke earlier today.
Pleasure, Detective.
I was hoping you'd stop by.
-Thank you for coming.
You must be a mind reader.
I wish I was.
I thought they took
a wrecking ball to this place
a decade ago.
Almost did.
Now, neglect
is her wrecking ball.
[Clayton grunts]
This hospital has always been
plagued by looming doom,
underfunded and forgotten.
Socialites send us
their unwanted,
not their donations.
I know certain politicians.
We are able
to keep the lights on
as long as
we accept the special cases.
[Dr. Heysinger chuckles]
Too soon for an end
of day drink, Detective?
Those will be
some hot politicians
you have in your pocket.
Uh, Governor Pinchot is, uh...
biggest wet blanket
on booze.
Hmm. Special case here.
Um, to be frank, Doctor,
I stopped by...
on my way home.
Um, you sounded
somewhat distracted,
um, agitated
and, um, I don't know.
Something told me to--
Something told me
I should stop.
You're good
at following hunches?
Excellent at following hunches.
Lousy batting average
after that.
Not to, uh,
rush with the pleasantries,
but there's an ice storm
bearing down on us
and I wanna get on the road
to outrun it if you catch me.
[door buzzing]
We have a patient here
named Daniel Glassman.
Does that name
stir up anything?
-Daniel Glassman?
Um, I don't think so.
Who is he?
Where do I start?
To oversimplify it,
he's the most...
deranged and mysterious man
I've ever met.
I'll assume that's
really saying something.
[Heysinger chuckles]
Because it's really
saying something.
I'm a puzzle enthusiast.
I seek out challenges.
this man is beyond challenging.
He's beyond most things.
I'll admit pride...
keeps me
from transferring him
the hell out of here.
There are appearances
that must be kept.
[Heysinger] Oh, that too.
Well, being loyal
to the nightmare of your choices
is something I've mastered.
That too. Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Civil War, huh?
Wow. Old timer.
Not many of those guys left.
You sure you're not familiar
with the name Daniel Glassman?
I don't think I am.
Um, what's his story?
It reads like a love letter
straight to the devil himself.
-[record scratching]
-Oh, this must be wrong.
"Presumed killed in battle
near Chambersburg
and then found in a barn
in Stroudsburg 21 years later."
21 years later.
How does this happen?
Yeah. Peculiar, isn't it?
Lemme run out this way.
[clears throat]
-Seems to me...
-[door buzzing]
...he deserted his position...
saw his buddy killed,
then headed for the hills.
Um, lived under a false name,
drifting from farm to farm--
it's the same work.
Not unheard of.
I read thousands on both sides
deserted the war.
Cunning deduction, Detective.
Uh, the punishment
for deserting is, um,
is death in most cases.
I'm sure once they located him
in Stroudsburg,
he queued up the crazies.
State hospitals are better
living than the state prisons.
I can assure you...
his condition is no act.
I'm a miner, Doctor.
I'm conditioned to drill.
And in most cases,
I have found
that people will say
the damnedest things
to avoid what they have
coming to them.
And that is
how this rings...
for me.
So, why did you
really call me?
To arrange the meeting.
He wants to confess.
Okay. To what?
Not entirely sure.
He likes to play games.
[liquid pouring]
...he prepared
a confession for you.
[Clayton clears throat]
Please inform Mr. Glassman,
out of no disrespect,
but we have to schedule
something like that.
[clears throat]
Doctor, I stopped by
because there was something
in your voice that seemed off,
and you look like
you need a sabbatical.
But outside of that,
everything seems normal.
And despite
how great your whiskey is,
I have a birthday party
to attend
and, uh, I'll ring a--
I'll ring an officer
in a-- a day or so and he'll...
mediate and, um,
transcribe the confession
and someone
will be in touch with you--
Again, again... [chuckles]
very understandable, however...
you're missing
a crucial piece of this puzzle.
[Clayton sighs]
Okay. Yeah.
Tell me. Tell me.
He specifically asked for you.
Clayton Douglas by name.
Clayton Douglas.
Clayton Douglas. Over and over.
How can that be?
I was hoping
you'd have that answer.
I never heard
of Clayton Douglas
until he mentioned you.
Past three days...
he's been scribbling
your name.
[paper rustling]
Wanted me
to contact you today.
Specifically today.
Said today was special.
Is today special to you?
Something of that nature?
[Heysinger clears throat]
you don't owe me anything...
but I sincerely believe
he's harboring a negative
force that has actually--
That has actually
destroyed him.
And somehow its power
is keeping him tied
to this decayed life
he desperately wants to leave.
I've done all I could
for the man professionally.
I have nothing more
to offer him.
This, whatever this is...
may be the key.
Or you are the key.
I don't know.
Can I express
something to you...
in complete confidence...
between two gentlemen?
Yeah, go ahead.
I would very much like
to bury this man in the morning.
If you could spare
just a few minutes...
to play this out.
Follow me.
-[siren wailing]
-[distant screaming]
[Clayton] Is Glassman
given access to newspapers,
radio, current affairs?
[Heysinger] No.
Total isolation.
Perhaps someone on your staff
is feeding him news.
I can assure you
that is not happening.
What's left of my original staff
refuses to be around him.
The newest staff
doesn't even know he's here.
My assumption is
you two crossed paths years ago.
That's not it.
I'm just not pinning his name.
[indistinct murmuring]
A former case perhaps.
I would remember that.
I'm sure you would.
[keys jingling]
-Bear with me. This way.
The main building we just left
houses our offices
and several areas
dedicated to social activities.
The rest of the complex,
the dorm rooms and such,
are kept restricted.
[distant wailing]
Sublevel passageways
allows us to move
without disrupting
the patients.
[Clayton] What causes
mental illness anyway?
Uh, that's the question
of the decade.
[Clayton chuckles]
Despite what we claim we know,
all we have are theories.
The most popular being
a type of blockage.
We regard
human psychological states
as an energy system,
in which blockages
in the flow of thoughts
such as repression
or suppression,
for example, will result
in disease or illness...
expressed as mental
or emotional loss of balance.
Can anyone lose their balance,
and how would you know
if you had?
I think everyone
runs the risk to some degree.
That's my opinion.
How out-of-bounds
is this Mr. Glassman?
Off the charts.
I should have these engraved.
[ominous music playing]
What's this?
His room. Well, part of it.
-He's in here?
-[wood creaking]
-[Heysinger chuckles] Please.
[footsteps shuffling]
[Heysinger] These sounds
can be a bit unnerving.
You can leave your coat
and file here.
[Heysinger groaning]
Go ahead, Doc. Say it.
It's easier
if you just see.
Okay, come.
[key clicking in lock]
[door rattling]

Has he said anything
to you?
He keeps a-whispering.
What's he whispering?
For a priest.
My God.
Is this a joke?
Who is this man?
Why is he down here?
I may still be
learning protocol,
but I certainly know
this isn't in your handbook.
will be explained in time.
Did he wake up?
Anything happen?
He's catatonic.
What in the world
would happen?
You'll excuse me.
Sister Rose, please wait.

[Heysinger] Sister Rose.
Sister Rose, please.
Please wait.
Sister Rose, please. Please.
I haven't finished
my daily rounds, Doctor,
and I'm completely
behind schedule.
I had Nurse Byers
finish your rounds today.
Byers seems to be
a fine nurse, however--
That she is.
However, she cannot provide
the spiritual guidance
these people need.
For most of them,
it's a vital part of their day
that should not be
I agree.
But they'll have to wait
until tomorrow for that.
Bottom line.
Who is that man?
He's someone
who desperately needs your help.
And I need
your help and advice.
[Rose sighs]
[Heysinger sighs]
I've seen a total
of 11 dead bodies in my life,
and I bet the farm right now
I'm looking at number 12.
He can hear you.
-[Daniel groans]
It's time.
[Daniel heaving]
He has difficulties.
It's easier
for him this way.
-Good evening.
-[Daniel groans softly]
-Good evening, Mr. Glassman.
-[Daniel heaving]
I'm Detective Clayton Douglas.
-Have we met?
-[whispering] No.
The reason I ask
is I understand that you wanted
to share something with me.
[Daniel heaving]
[Daniel groaning]
-[whispering] Papers.
-[Clayton] Papers?
A few months ago,
Mr. Glassman worked
with a nurse
on drafting his confession.
-[Clayton] Mm-hmm.
-This is the result.
[Clayton] Wait.
Is this the first time
you're seeing this?
That's right.
And you don't know
what's on those papers?
I do not.
The nurse didn't report to you
what's in those papers?
She fell ill the day
of its completion, so no.
She did not disclose
its contents.
Which nurse is this?
[Clayton] Hold on.
I'm sorry, but after
what you described upstairs,
you didn't have a tiny bit
of curiosity to take a peek?
[Heysinger sighs]
My heart's racing
if you wanna know the truth.
Of course, I wanted to look...
but respectfully waited
as requested.
Mr. Glassman
wishes that I read
the confessional
only at this moment
in your presence.
He requested these circumstances
down to the day.
If you'd be so kind
to indulge it...
we'll get you off
to that party in no time.
Would you like
to take a seat?
Well, this is getting better
and better every second. Yes.
So, um...
let's do it, let's--
let's get on with it.
[Heysinger] Excellent.
Page one.
"Orphaned at a young age,
I have learned to be alone
and at most times
preferred it.
A calloused wall
that wards off heartbreak.
However, when--
However, when the war broke,
I volunteered myself
to the Pennsylvania Infantry
under the Union Army.
More than ever in my life,
for some reason..."
[Daniel] ...I finally needed
to be around people.
"...needed to be around people."
[Daniel] Never once putting
a thought towards killing them.
But alas,
that's what war is.
Tasked with safeguarding
a stretch of railroad supplies
north of Chambersburg,
my small group of men
were ambushed and slaughtered.
Barn animals have been granted
better considerations of death.
-[gunshots firing]
-[Daniel] Left for dead,
we were left
for the vultures.
[gunshots firing]
[explosion booming]
[horse neighing]
[gunshots firing]
Over there on the road!
[ominous music playing]
-[man grunts]
-[man] Watch your back!
-[gunshots firing]
[gunshot firing]
[gunshot, explosion]
[gunshot firing]
[music intensifying]
Just take it easy.
[indistinct], soldier.
[Daniel speaks indistinctly]
-[bayonet stabbing]
-[Daniel shouts]
[gunshot ringing]
[Daniel gasps]
[gunshot firing in distance]
[brooding music playing]
[shouting in pain]
[breathing heavily]
[shouts, groans]
[Daniel groaning]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[wood creaking]
[eerie music plays]

[Daniel] I'm not sure
he'd have me,
but I had made peace
with the Lord.
Better or worse,
I was prepared to walk with
And then someone dragged me
into that godforsaken house.
At first I remember feeling
my prayers were answered.
"...feeling that my prayer
was answered.
What a fool I was."
Can I see that, please?
Can I see that?
Oh, wow.
Pretty hard to read this, huh?
[Heysinger] Yes, it is.
You're doing a great job.
Thank you.
[Clayton] Well, I'm gonna let
everybody in a little fact here.
And that's-- and that is
there's nothing to confess.
War is death.
People kill people.
That's unfortunately the job.
There's no way to be held
accountable under the law.
That's a burden
for other souls to shoulder.
-I mean--
-[knocking on board]
Daughter in danger.
What does that mean?
What does that mean?
Hey, mister.
[Daniel groaning]
She'll die.
What are you trying
to do, pal, huh?
That's it! [Clayton grunting]
[Heysinger] Detective!
Detective, please!
Detective, please.
-[Daniel maniacally laughing]
-In the hallway, Doctor.
If you please, in the hallway!
[Daniel laughing, wheezing]
[Daniel wheezing]
My God, man.
What's with your aggression?
When did Glassman arrive here?
What year?
40 some-odd years ago,
Not long after I took up
head doctor here.
Really, that long?
-That long, yes.
-All right.
Who is he?
No bullshit fairy tale.
As I mentioned, he's simply a--
No, he's not
just some wacko pluck
aimlessly roaming fields
in Pennsylvania.
This man had intent.
Malevolent intent. What is this?
I-- I don't think
you have a grasp on his mental--
On his what?
If this chump
is what you call off the charts,
you need a new goddamn chart.
Look, I want a list of everyone
that has ever interacted
with Glassman.
-It's just me.
-Just you?
There you go again.
Mostly doesn't mean just you.
Mostly means other people.
Who else has had contact
with that asshole?
A few nurses,
but just with basic needs.
Nothing significant
that supports your theory.
He briefly had
a room upstairs when he arrived,
but he was moved down here
soon after.
I'm telling you someone here
has fed him everything about me.
Please let that marinate.
Someone here
is targeting my family
and has this maniac thinking
he knows me.
I'm inches from sealing
this dump up so tight
they'll need
to mail you sunlight.
Do you understand
the implications?
This facility
will make the papers.
And the appearance
you're desperately
trying to preserve will vanish.
I'm gonna sit down
with every person in here
until I unearth this trickery.
All right. All right.
What do you need?
A list of every soul
who's worked here
living or not.
-It'll be a few minutes.
-You have ten.
All right.
[raspy breathing]
[Rose breathing heavily]
[loud raspy breathing]
-[Daniel grunts]
[Daniel laughing, wheezing]
[door slams shut]
I got it, Detective.
Everyone including the janitors.
Mm-hmm. [chuckling]
[paper rustling]
What was the name of the nurse
who typed up this confession?
Uh, Betty Ackerman.
I remembered
after seeing her name.
-Betty Ackerman.
-Nice gal.
[paper rustling]
You know who the Spinozis were?
Not at all. Who are they?
Entire family was butchered
by an axe in their home
January of 1898, this very day.
I think
I remember reading about that.
Uh, just horrible.
The husband did it,
or he was never found,
something like that.
Well, their only boy,
a man at the time,
went missing before the murders,
and his father
and grandfather went missing
30 years before that.
Oh, that's right. That's right.
That is unusual.
Um, my very first case.
-Never cracked it.
Yeah, but today was special.
Well, you're damn right it is.
But it's very strange for him
to know
or even mention the Spinozis.
How would he know them?
Well, it wasn't him, I mean,
Daniel was in here
nine years before that.
That's some very
quick head math there, Doc.
[chuckles] I should have been
an accountant.
I should have been a butcher.
-[both chuckling]
-I got questions.
Now, shall we?
[suspenseful music plays]
[Heysinger] Daniel?
[Heysinger gasps]
[Clayton laughs]
Where's Sister Rose?
Sister Rose?
You're bleeding.
-Why are you on the ground?
-Am I?
-I'm okay.
-[Heysinger grunts]
Thank you.
I've never passed out before.
You feel okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
-[Heysinger] You okay?
-I'm fine.
Don't get distracted
by the theatrics.
Glassman here knows
how to stage a show, okay?
[raspy, rapid breathing]
[Heysinger] Detective?
Huh? Oh, go ahead.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
"Besides losing
my only friend that day,
something worse happened.
Something similar
to the eerie stories
I heard about the Bell family
in Tennessee.
Something not from here...
rotten and evil.
If I could have just one,
one wish in my life,
I would've chosen to lay down
with my friend in the grass..."
[Daniel] ...and die.
And if that was denied,
for heaven's sakes,
I would at the very least
have chosen to walk
the other damn direction
in those woods.
[water dripping]
[Daniel] Excuse me. Excuse me.
Which hospital is this?
[groaning in pain]
Oh, God.
Oh. Oh, no. No, no.
We had a terrible time
getting the bleeding to stop.
-Please. Please remain still.
Please remain still.
How did you find this place?
Do you remember
how you got here?
I need help. Are you a nurse?
Are you a nurse?
Oh, my God.
Thank the Lord that you're here.
I don't--
What do you mean? What?
I prayed for help
and God answered.
-He said--
-[Gabe] That's enough.
Won't you put some coffee on
to cook for us,
please, my dear?
Not-- not the okra.
The good beans
to soothe our fallen soldier.
We must be careful not to become
comfortable with this man.
Do you understand?
Yes, I understand.
[Gabe] I am reminded
to repair this roof
only when it rains.
[Daniel grunting]
I've recently read
an announcement
which describes the suffering
soldiers, most malnutrition.
[Daniel grunts]
The worst of which succumb
to feeding on fallen horses.
Is that true?
The atrocities,
policies we impose
upon ourselves,
will they never end?
Is it ever enough?
It's as if
all of God's creations
are made to suffer
and that these times are...
I fear
you're in a great deal of pain.
Please. Please, do you have
anything for the pain?
[Daniel groaning]
This is not a hospital.
This is my home.
-This is my home, sir.
I need-- I need to--
I need a hospital.
-You need-- you need to move me.
-There is no hospital for miles.
-Come on.
-You need move me!
[crying] You need to move me.
[Elsie] What is happening?
He's having spasms.
Please, dear,
fetch a cold compress.
Please, please.
Go! Get them quickly.
-Relax, relax. Breathe.
The mend will burst.
You cannot move like this.
You're doing yourself no favors.
I can't stay. I can't stay.
I can't stay.
I can't stay. Stay. Stay.
[Daniel wheezing]
Please, sir, breathe.
That's it, son.
-[breathing heavily]
Breathe and breathe.
God gives you peace.
[fire crackling]
[Daniel coughing]
How long?
How long have I been asleep?
Two days.
I can't feel my feet.
What did you give me?
A home remedy therapeutic.
The last of it, I'm afraid.
I need to send word...
to my regiment.
I have details I need to relay.
The Confederates
are moving towards Chambersburg.
And-- [groans]
I beseech you, sir,
abandon such thoughts.
You should know
right off the start that...
this house does not condone
the war efforts of either party.
While we do have
an opinion on such,
we are against violence.
That's good.
Me too.
We are a home of worship...
and of harmony,
or at least...
that we try.
And as with any
harmonious relationship,
it requires certain conditions
and efforts from everybody
of which I have two of you.
The first, do not spit
on the good Lord's name.
I have heard terse words
from your mouth already.
It will not be tolerated.
Please refrain.
The second...
no names.
We are not meant to be friends.
Do not mistake our hospitality
for anything more
than respect of life and of...
So you have our promise
and our fervent prayers
that we'll put forth
all efforts in your mending.
And when you are able...
you'll be able to walk
away from here.
And that is all.
That is all
that is requested of you.
Please, I need to send word
to my regiment.
You do not!
There will be
no regiment on this land.
Make no mistake.
Not one soldier will step foot
on this property,
nor know its whereabouts.
How you ended up here
still mystifies me.
But as you are here...
your back was fairly torn open
by the bullet.
But we found nothing foreign.
You're of good fortune
that it...
seems to have just grazed you,
missed your spine entirely.
It would seem that
luck has smiled
favorably upon you.
[Daniel groaning] Yeah.
I feel very lucky.
Now, if you could send word
to Chambersburg.
Chambersburg is not near here.
At least call for a doctor.
Doctors and priests
are few and far between.
As I've said,
it is just us and us alone.
[cork squeaking]
[Daniel] What is that?
[Gabe] When the war broke out,
I had the foresight
to get some
general provisions of service.
Breathe easy on that
for comfort.
-[Daniel breathes deeply]
-[Gabe] Easy.
-[Daniel exhales]
-That's it.
Let us leave him.
Are you a religious man?
I have my moments.
Take comfort in knowing
that we will be your Bible.
If death is to come to you...
let her be swift.
[raspy breathing]
[wind whistling through trees]
[door creaks open]
[footsteps approaching]
[raspy breathing]
[bed squeaking]
-[bed squeaking]
-[Daniel] Leave me, witch!
-[Daniel groaning]
[Daniel panting]
[Gabe] This is madness!
Foolish thing!
You will not go in there!
I won't have it!
[Elsie] You need to believe.
Things are different now,
-[Daniel groans]
-[indistinct arguing]
-[Elsie] I can feel it.
-And what of it? Huh?
[indistinct] ...a precious
things are at peace right now,
The Union Army
may be looking for him.
Bold of you to believe
to even have one soldier,
let alone the entire army here.
I won't have it!
Is that all
you're worried about?
Keeping the army out of here,
You know the Proctor name is not
in high standard right now.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
[sobbing] We need help.
We need help.
We cannot do anything more.
[Daniel groaning]
[bell ringing]
I see you found the bell.
I, uh,
I need to use a lavatory.
And I think
you have squirrels in here.
[Daniel groaning]
[Daniel panting, groaning]
What is it?
I won't survive like this.
I just can't.
It's too much to bear.
I'm afraid
this is the best we can offer.
[Daniel] A doctor then?
Can you send for a doctor?
Animal doctor, anyone?
First light,
after the hunt,
I'll fetch one.
[Elsie] Get some sleep.
Heaven help us.
[Daniel] The old lady.
Tell the old woman...
to leave me alone.
Bury me
near the dogwood tree, please.
May God look after you.
[footsteps retreating]
I felt my body shutting down.
I knew I was dying.
"So did the Proctors.
[Heysinger and Daniel]
I was going to be buried
in that yard someplace."
[Daniel] As Jesus suffered
on the planks of the dogwood...
[Heysinger] "Hopefully,
-near the dogwood I spawn."
-...I must be buried there.
[Clayton] Boy,
that's some story.
Snake oil salesman here, folks.
I'd like to know
how you survived all these years
after you were stabbed
and shot in the back
without medical care...
urinating blood.
What are you?
A miracle or something?
Crafty storyteller
is more in line.
[Clayton chuckles]
Any thoughts out here?
Sister, is this man a miracle?
There are many forces
at work here.
Most certainly...
a divine miracle.
Well, I'm simply not qualified
to bestow
that label on anything.
[Clayton] Hmm. [laughing]
Lazy answer, Sister. Lazy.
Who is then?
Who is qualified? Who?
-A priest.
-I'm not buying it.
I'm not buying it.
I am not buying it, Glassman.
None of it.
Too fantastic.
What's the point of all this?
Surely you're not suggesting
Mr. Glassman has fabricated
all of this?
To what end?
[Clayton] Exactly
the right question, Doctor.
To what end?
He wants to clear
his conscience.
[Clayton] I don't think so. No.
Why do you have your filthy
little fingernails in me, huh?
That isn't a confession, is it?
You're a clever man, Glassman.
But guess what?
So am I.
So am I.
I wanna talk to the person
that typed that, Doctor.
I need a moment
before we continue.
[water trickling]
[suspenseful music plays]

That's not what I asked.
Are you tuned into this?
You know,
my father coined a phrase.
You seem to be leaving
the ranch...
-which means--
-I can guess what it means.
And I can be saying
the same to you.
Stupid phrase.
Like, I feel better
when I'm not around him.
As if he's toxic, contaminated,
as if that's even possible.
That's my clinically
tuned in response.
Hmm. The nurse who typed this--
-where can I find her?
I told you...
she fell ill.
[water splashing]
[demonic voice] Rose.
[loud bang]
Um, the window broke.
I-- I think some ice hit it.
[tense music plays]
Ronald, could-- could you just
maybe come down here
and-- and take a quick look?
-[raspy breathing]
[muffled banging]
[light buzzing]
Listen, I understand
what you're saying,
but, uh, I need
this Betty Ackerman's address
or the hospital she's at.
She's the keystone
in this entire mess.
Well, that won't be possible.
She passed.
Passed? What does that mean?
As in dead?
-As in dead?
-As in dead, yes.
Well, well, well,
that's a fascinating,
surprising development, doc.
-[banging on pipe]
-How exactly did she die?
A colleague found her collapsed.
She couldn't be revived.
Died of natural causes.
Advanced cancer.
It was her time.
You know, here's what's firing
off in my head right about now.
Why you didn't share this
the 3,000 times
I asked about Betty Ackerman?
I didn't want to muddy
the situation.
You're trying to dodge me.
You're trying to dodge me.
What are your true
intentions here, huh?
Is any of this real at all?
Oh, there you are.
We need to stop.
We're not up for this.
I-- I need to make
a telephone call.
Everything all right?
-You're shaking.
-Listen to me.
There is something
going on here.
I don't know for sure,
but I can feel
an entity among us.
With every word you read,
it's opening
a gateway of some sort.
I need to telephone
the archbishop right away.
-[Heysinger] Lines are down.
We're cut off.
Then we must postpone
all of this.
I urgently need to inform
my superiors
about what's going on here.
Sorry, we're not postponing
a damn thing.
I'm getting
to the bottom of this nonsense,
and I'm getting
to the bottom of it tonight.
I can feel it.
Don't you understand
what I'm saying?
We have to stop.
It's not what it says it is.
[electrical crackling]
Hey, doc, how many more pages
have we got left to go?
Ten pages at most.
What you're searching for
is not in those pages,
What I'm searching for
is in this goddamn hospital!
You have a spiritual duty here.
Even the smallest effort
will carry him off.
You're the only one
who can do this.
That's not Daniel
inside that room.
You look deeper.
He's there.
Let's continue.
[Daniel grunts]
[raspy breathing]
Let's continue.
[speaking Latin]
His soul is impure.
[suspenseful music plays]
"No doctor ever came.
By this point,
things have gotten worse
at the house.
Things were starting to happen
that I could not explain.
At the very least,
I started to understand
why I never heard
the morning birds.
I've begun to think
that this house
resided at the dead center
of the worst..."
...blackness known to man,
An evil staked its claim here.
Buried real deep.
I can't shake the feeling of
Constant dread,
constant eyes, constant hate.
Something wanted me dead.
-Dead. Dead.
-[horse neighing]
[screaming in distance]
-[screaming in distance]
-[horse neighing]
For the love of God,
somebody attend
to the poor child.
[screaming continues]
[Daniel groaning]
[Daniel groans, sighs]
I'm going mad.
This is-- this is how it starts.
[eerie laugh]
[loud bang]
[Gabe] Soldier.
Are you in distress?
The door.
Is there something
blocking the door?
Can you walk?
-No, I can't--
-There's nothing blocking it.
[Gabe] I'm coming!
[eerie voice] Soldier.
-[Daniel breathing heavily]
-[loud banging]
[door rattling]
[banging on door]
What's-- what's happening?
[eerie laugh]
Hey, what are you doing?
[Daniel] Hey.
Hey, what are you doing?
Goddamn it! What's happening?
[bell clatters]
[thump, floorboard creaking]
-[footsteps approaching]
-[bell weakly ringing]
[footsteps continue approaching]
[running footsteps depart]
[bell ringing]
[Gabe] I'm coming.
[screaming, distant]
[footsteps approaching]
You screamed. Are you in pain?
Weren't you just up here
trying to get the door open?
I've been on the hunt.
What's happened?
I-- I-- I found this
on the stairs.
Is-- is everything all right?
Dinner will be ready soon.
We'll have a plate for you.
Let's let him be,
give him his privacy.
You people are--
you people are crazy!
You hear me?
I'm getting out, goddamn it!
Jesus Christ, I'm getting out!
You tell that old hag
that I'm leaving!
[crickets chirping]
When Johnny comes marching
home again, hurrah
Nobody can believe a word
he said, hurrah
[door creaking]
Can I please
get a glass of water?
It's hard to swallow, it hurts.
[floorboard creaking]
Is anyone there?
[floorboard creaking]
For the love of God,
what are you?
[breathing raspily]
[eerie music playing]
I don't find this amusing,
you hear me, witch?
I'm a soldier.
I'm trained to react.
Where are you?
[witch laughing]
To hell with this, I'm leaving.
[groaning in pain]
Okay, okay, good.
You're not dying here.
You're not dying here.
[breathing heavily]
One more week or so and I'll go.
One more week.
[breathing heavily]
[breathing raggedly]
[bed legs scraping floor]
[Daniel grunting]
[Daniel groaning]
This got ripped open bad
last night.
What were you doing?
Just wanted to feel my feet
on the floor.
To be honest, I thought
I was gone for it then.
So it's a step forward,
wouldn't you say?
You tore open
weeks' worth of healing.
How is that a step forward?
I think so.
I'm just...
How long have you lived here?
I'm not supposed to have
personal conversations with you.
I need something
to occupy in my mind, just talk.
All right.
All my life.
I grew up here.
This is my parents' home.
That's nice.
I briefly moved away
with my husband,
but when my father died,
we moved back.
I'm-- I'm sorry.
I'm-- I'm not supposed to have
personal conversations with you.
I'm sorry.
I-- I just-- I cannot.
[groaning] It's okay, Elsie.
How do you know my name?
It's okay.
I know all your names.
I hope that doesn't bother you.
I guess not.
-Does Gabe know?
I don't want this to be trouble.
I won't-- I won't bring it out.
It's our secret.
[sighs] I hate secrets.
Nothing good comes from them.
Me too.
Sometimes they're necessary,
aren't they?
How did you find out?
I'm terribly clever.
Listen, I just-- I just
wanna mend up and be on my way.
Who's Bishop Talbot?
I don't know him. Why?
I keep hearing his name
whispered in my head.
Don't know him.
Means-- means nothing.
I keep hearing
coming somewhere from outside,
I think.
What's going on here?
Sounds like a child.
[voice breaking] It's my--
it's my daughter.
She's sick.
-Very sick.
-What ails her?
[sobbing] We're--
we're at a complete loss.
I-- a doctor...
came out here a long time ago,
and he said that...
there's something wrong
with her mind.
That there's nothing to do
but to keep her comfortable or--
or committed to a hospital.
I don't want
to place blame but...
[sobbing] hurts
to have thoughts like this.
But I can't think
of any other answer.
When we moved back home,
my-- my mother fell ill, and--
And when my daughter was born,
she got worse, and...
And one day my mother took
a walk through the woods...
to get a kindling, and I was
so busy tending to my baby,
I didn't realize just
how much time had passed.
And when she finally came home,
she was...
she wasn't herself.
Uh, from there she got worse.
She was just...
foul to all of us.
Foul words,
foul acts, even a foul smell.
And Gabe and I didn't...
we didn't know it at the time,
but she must have been too sick
to be around a young child.
On her third birthday...
my daughter started
getting sick as well.
Well, Gabe says they have--
they have good days.
Days they seem like themselves.
That should give comfort.
No, I'm sorry.
Those are--
those are the worst days.
They're the hardest because...
that's when
they become aware enough...
that they are in pain
and misery and hell.
And they never have
good days at the same time.
My-- my daughter
will be good, and then my--
my mother will be sick
and so on, back and forth.
The doctor...
that examined your daughter,
can you get him here?
He's dead.
I see it now.
I mean,
your arrival was by chance.
I have to accept that...
you're stuck here
with the rest of us.
If the crying is bothering you,
I can ask Gabe
to board up the windows
or move your bed
across the room.
That elderly woman
I keep seeing...
that's your mother?
I beg your pardon?
The elderly woman
that comes in here.
Who is she?
I don't find this funny,
There is no way you can be
talking about my mother.
There's someone
that comes into my room.
Please stop it, sir!
This is not funny.
I find it rather hurtful.
Hurtful? In what way?
My mother is a cripple.
She hasn't walked
since she got sick.
So you see,
there is no way in hell--
There is-- is no way
she was in this room because
she hasn't walked in 13 years.
Then it--
it must be someone else.
Is-- is there
anyone else in the house?
I shouldn't be talking to you.
Listen, Elsie, I--
Stop using my name.
For Christ--
Hold on, hold on.
Everyone's buying this?
Witches and curses? Come on now.
This is how it starts.
Look, these are
the delusional anecdotes
of a twisted
and fragmented mind.
We can't trust
anything on those...
[coughing] ...on those pages.
All right?
Let's get to the point, okay?
Just get to the point,
just cut to it.
How do you know me, huh?
[clears throat]
And what do you really want?
What do you-- [coughing]
You all right, Detective?
I-- I need some-- [coughing]
I-- I just need
some air or something.
[coughing] Time-out, excuse me.
[Heysinger] We're--
we're almost finished.
we're almost finished.
-[Clayton coughing]
-We're almost finished!
Where are you going?
[violently coughing]
[wheezing laughter]
[Heysinger] Detective,
I need to tell you something.
I need some air.
[violently coughing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[gasping, groaning]
Oh, this is--
[sighing] Son of a bitch.
[suspenseful music playing]
She took 'em.
Son of a...
Goddamn nonsense.
Who types like this?
There it is.
What in God's name
are you up to, Heysinger?
Oh, come on, give it up.
-Lock that door right now.
Lock this door right now.
Just lock it.
[lock clicking]
Okay, look, um, I wanna
see his old room upstairs.
All right, go.
-[keys clanking]
-[lock turning]
[Rose] Oh, Lord.
We've had this room cleaned
a dozen times, maybe more.
It kept coming back
so we've sealed it off.
[Clayton] Mm-hmm.
Now the entire hospital's
on track for ruin.
Shine it under here.
What is that?
Doctor, has anyone else
ever stayed in this room?
We don't even use it for--
for storage, obviously.
If there is anything
you are withholding from me
about this man,
now is the time to fess up.
I told you everything I know
from my professional
Okay, from your nonprofessional
perspective, how about that?
That perspective doesn't hold
under the weight
of logic or science.
Well, at this point,
if you told me this Glassman
was the goddamn Easter bunny,
I'd be willing to listen.
Nothing what I'm about to say
will make much sense.
Try me.
He wasn't transferred
from Pittsburgh.
-He was banished.
It seems to anyone who spends
a significant amount of time
next to him falls ill and dies.
Pittsburgh didn't want him
for fear he was contaminated.
I took him in because--
well, because.
Contaminated with what?
[Rose] The devil.
Okay, um, did he ever have
any visitors?
-You're joking.
Who was the nurse that typed up
the confession again?
Nurse Barbara Ackerman.
I thought you said,
um, Betty Ackerman.
Right. Betty.
Yes, but who is that?
I've never heard of her.
Long before you started here.
You said the confession
was just completed.
I should've
at least heard of her then.
I never said the confession
was just completed.
How long was she exposed to him?
Longer than I have?
Much longer, I'm sure of it.
I monitored your time.
You're safe.
How do you know that?
How can you measure any of this?
You asked me what I'm hiding.
The truth is,
I'm completely terrified of him.
And I want him out of my life.
I want him dead.
And I'm thoroughly
ashamed of it.
So, he is cursed.
He is the curse.
[Rose] We need a priest.
I keep hearing that. Why?
It's not from here.
And you must understand
that I'm not in a position
to directly help
Daniel in ritual.
I-- I can't even listen
to his confession.
Only a priest can do that.
I only joined the sisterhood
to become a nurse
so I understand skepticism.
But if I can make
just one point,
it's that we need
a Catholic priest.
do you actually believe...
in the devil?
You bet I do.
Well, nobody's getting in
or out
till they bring us bulldozers.
Let's finish this.
I don't feel
anything will change
when we get to the final page.
There'll be no
heavenly beam of bullshit,
no miraculous miracle.
I'm framing this whole deal...
in two different ways.
First, Betty Ackerman
was delusional in her own way
and gave the trickster
my name, my daughter's name...
and my history.
Then carved my name
into his torso.
That's right, Doctor.
I saw the photographs.
What's the other way?
The other way?
Is that our good doctor here...
is part of the whole party
since the beginning.
[Daniel guttural screaming]
Oh, good God, what was that?
Let's go, come on, let's go.
[ominous music playing]
[Daniel roaring, shrieking]
[Daniel roaring]
Here we go.
"I was trying to believe
this was a family of witches,
devil worshipers,"
blah, blah, blah, blah.
"...mental condition"--
no kidding,
"deteriorated faster
than my physical condition.
Distrust is all I felt
for these people."
Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Oh, brother.
Oh, there's more of these
strange capitalized letters.
D-E, D-E-N-D
on these first few pages.
Can you keep track of these
for me, sister?
There's some more.
I'm expecting more.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
[Gabe] I don't know!
What you want me to do?
I'm doing everything I can.
Leave my daughter alone.
Who are you to do this to us?
What have we done to you?
-[Elsie sobbing]
-Elsie, I'm sorry.
I don't know what to do.
She's cutting herself.
Looking at me in the eye
and cutting herself blatantly.
I can't stop her.
[Elsie] No, let me go see her.
[Gabe] No, you can't see
her like this, you can't, Elsie.
It's not even her.
It's not Gail anymore.
I don't know what's happening,
and I don't know what to do!
[Elsie sobbing]
I don't-- I don't-- No!
-What's happening?
-[strange creaking]
What's happening, is she hurt?
-[Gabe] Yes, she is.
-[Daniel gasps]
[Danial screaming]
[witch, indistinct]
You're from nowhere, boy.
You'll see
when you're [indistinct].
We're not finished.
[laughs, speaking indistinctly]
[Daniel groaning]
[distant screaming]
-Stand back, what are you doing?
-No, no, no, no!
[Elsie sobbing] Let me see her,
let me see her!
You can't, you can't,
listen to me!
There's nothing to help her.
There's nothing I can do.
-[Elsie] Let me go see her.
Please, let me see her.
[Gabe] I'm so sorry. I don't
know what happened to her.
Let me go see her.
Go get the sheets.
I need the sheets.
[Elsie sobbing] Gail,
Gail, I'm here, Gail!
-I want the sheets!
[Gabe] Get my Bible, quickly!
Get my Bible.
No, you can't.
You can't, she-- she's done.
That's not your little girl.
Go, go quickly.
[Elsie] Okay.
[Gabe] Elsie, quickly!
[Elsie] I got the sheet.
How is she doing?
-[strange creaking]
-How's my baby?
[Elsie sobbing in distance]
[Gabe] Listen to me!
[house rattling]
[objects clattering]
[glass breaking]
[male voice shouting]
[Daniel] What in God's name
is happening here?
You should be sleeping, soldier.
I should say the same to you.
Fair enough.
I can't imagine how anyone
gets sleep in this...
dreadful place.
There's something
terribly perverse here.
Your daughter.
What ungodly sickness
has she contracted?
My heart...
breaks for her.
She seems...
We're all lost here.
I can't imagine how you keep
your own daughter...
locked in that place.
Not by my hand.
I don't understand.
She's a prisoner
of an evil entity.
What do you mean?
First I thought
it was atonement.
God has the most excellent
sleight of hand.
At least,
that's what we're taught.
And now?
And now there is no God
anywhere near this house.
You see,
this is our punishment...
of the rawest form.
What on earth for?
I suppose
we won't know that until the end
when we make confession.
And as confessions go,
I must confess
the truth to you, soldier.
You'll never leave this place.
You are never
going to leave this place.
To hell with this place.
Your name is Gabe Proctor.
Your wife's name is Elsie.
-Your daughter's name is Gail.
-My name--
-Silence! Daniel Glassman!
-Yes sir.
-Daniel Glassman.
-See, you know me.
You know me now.
I'm not just some burden.
You know who I am.
Please don't give up on me.
Just put me on your carriage
and get me the hell outta here.
I'll take my chances on the side
of the road if I must.
Our daughter murdered
our priest in this very room.
At last, now I have
your attention, don't I?
I vowed never
to speak this story, but--
but I see it fit now.
I had invited
Father Spinozi over
to do a simple blessing
of our home.
No mention was
given of the oddities
and the infirmities
of my precious daughter, Gail.
But upon meeting her
just once...
14 other visits were spawned.
Finally, Father Spinozi...
allows to my wife and I that...
our daughter, Gail,
is possessed...
by an evil entity.
And she must...
be exposed
to an exorcism to remove it.
An exorcism, can you imagine?
Catholic ritual
that squeezes and wrings out...
every essence of your soul
except for that...
which is the very purest.
He said that...
if it didn't kill her,
that it would cure her,
and that she'd be under
God's love and protection
for the rest of her life,
forever and ever.
Of course, we'd have done
anything for our daughter
at that point,
and we-- we agreed.
Father Spinozi...
learned that this evil...
preys on weakness of the parents
to get to the child.
That's how it overtakes
a family.
Through the parents.
You can imagine our shame.
My shame.
He also...
allowed to me the name...
of this evil, of which...
I will never allow
to cross my lips
as long as
I'm on this earth.
So he performed the exorcism,
he and his nephew.
And while
this madness took place,
the shouting, the banging,
the profanity,
and then silent, nothing.
And I came
through that door...
hoping to see my little girl
leap into my arms.
And I saw...
Father Spinozi
laid out on the floor
with a gaping hole in his neck,
his throat torn out,
strewn across
next to the body.
23-year-old man,
strong, married...
father to be.
I took their bodies,
drug them out
to the deepest parts
of the forest
where there's a stone well,
and I...
buried those bodies
deep in that well...
so that their secrets
of the horrors
that they had been exposed to
here would never be known,
not even to their families
who know not
what had happened to them,
what became of them at all.
And that...
whatever that was...
was not my daughter.
That could not be
my little girl.
So I keep her
confined in a shed,
so that she will not break
her mother's heart.
Why are you telling me
these lies?
Because it is the truth.
I cannot believe this truth.
You're a devout man.
Why has God forsaken you?
He can mend all of this.
I don't know.
I only know you showed up.
Perhaps this is not about us
but about you.
And so I must ask you
a very important question,
Daniel Glassman.
Do you have a child?
My blessed wife was right.
He sent you.
you're our savior.
You are here...
to cure us.
You and you alone,
a warrior,
has been sent from above.
You are here to do
what I neither have the courage
nor the strength to do.
-And you must.
-No, I can't.
-I can't.
-You must do it.
That is why you've been sent,
Daniel Glassman.
Gather yourself, man.
-Please don't ask me.
-Gather yourself.
must listen to me.
You must be ready to do this.
Do you understand?
You need to do this for us.
You must be focused.
No missteps.
Aim straight.
Shoot to kill.
This is my family
we're talking about.
There can be no--
there can be no wounds.
You must do this.
I'll supply you the means.
Send us back to the good Lord
from whence we came,
Daniel Glassman.
This is your destiny.
You'll be a witness for him.
For everyone to tell
what you've seen and heard here.
Everyone who follows the truth
will hear your voice.
-[Daniel sobs]
Good faith.
[exhales shakily]
[groaning, shouts]
[groaning, gasping]
I don't wanna be here.
[loud banging]
[groans] No!
I have your breakfast.
Coming in.
-[tray clatters]
[sobbing] Oh, no. Oh, no.
Oh, Gabe! Oh, Gabe! Gabe!
[Elsie sobbing]
Do something. Oh, God.
Oh, God.
what has happened to you?
Oh, God!
[Daniel gasping]
Stay away from me!
-Stay away from me!
No! No! [sobbing]
[Gabe weakly] Please...
finish it.
Make it swift
for all of us, please.
I'm with-- I'm with child.
I'm sorry, Elsie.
This is what he wanted.
[Daniel groaning]
[grunting painfully]
[footsteps from upstairs]
[child screaming outside]
[suspenseful music playing]
[screaming outside continues]
[screaming outside continues]
[Gail sobbing] Dear Lord,
help me to remember the cross
that you carried for my sake
so I may better carry mine.
[indistinct] this evil to you.
For the forgiveness
of its sins
and-- and for the salvation
of its soul.
Lord, please--
please help me, Lord.
[screaming] Amen!
-[horse neighing]
-[Daniel grunting, panting]
[gasping and grunting
-[horse whinnies]
My name's Daniel Glassman.
I'm with the 90th
Pennsylvania Infantry.
I'm here to help you.
Can you hear me?
Where are you?
[grunting, panting]
[voice whispering indistinctly]
[Gabe] Daniel...
don't miss, Daniel.
you must [indistinct].
This is my family.
This is my family.
Don't miss, Daniel.
Send us back to God.
[voice whispering, indistinct]
Back to God!
Back to God!
Don't miss, Daniel.
This is my family.
Send us back to God.
-[Gail] Daniel Glassman.
-[Gabe's voice] Back to God!
[Gail] This is my family.
[Gabe's voice] There is no God
anywhere near you.
[Gail] Send us back to God.
God forgive me!
For the love of God...
What is this insanity?
[Heysinger] I told you.
Think, think,
think it out, Clayton.
Think it out. How does it fit?
How does it fit?
It doesn't fit.
It doesn't fit.
How can it be you?
How can it be you?
You were already here.
There's no way
you killed the Spinozis.
The missing kid...
-he jumps back and forth.
[Heysinger] He uses the kids,
the missing Spinozi kid.
Oh, come on. That's insane.
-[Rose] Devil.
The letters spelled
"devil in Daniel."
He said you were next.
You and your family.
He's been saying that
for years.
Tell him, Daniel.
Tell him.
[Daniel] Oh, please Lord,
help me.
There is no sun
where it's from.
Don't let
the darkness through.
Daniel, could you explain
what you meant?
Earlier you spoke about
the Spinozi boy.
You said you used
the Spinozi boy
to kill his family, how?
[young Daniel voice]
Oh, Thomas he was so nice.
I thought I could save him.
Christ in heaven.
He has had his hand
around her neck for years.
[eerie laugh]
It affects everything.
Your son's death,
your dark emotions.
What are you saying?
What are you saying to me?
Leave this place! Run!
I brought you the detective.
[Daniel groaning]
[young Daniel voice]
Elsie Proctor and her mother...
Gabe Proctor and Gail...
Emily Spinozi...
Gretchen Spinozi,
Meredith Spinozi...
Alice Douglas,
Clayton Douglas and Anna.
Saints of God,
come to Daniel.
Come to meet Daniel,
angels of the Lord.
Receive his soul and present him
to God the most high.
May Christ--
may Christ take hold of you,
take you to himself.
May angels take you
to Abraham--
[Daniel roars]
[high-pitched ringing]
[Daniel roaring]
[tense music playing]
[Clayton] Glassman!
You were lying, Glassman.
If that's who you really are.
[evil Daniel] Clayton Douglas.
Clayton Douglas.
God only knows, or cares.
No. Stay where you are
or I'll drop you.
Clayton Douglas,
son of Kevin...
[demonic whispering] Kevin.
...the one who quits.
[chuckling] Oh, I can taste you.
Stay back.
I know you, son.
-I know your soul.
-[demonic voices echoing]
-Blackness. Rot.
-[demonic voices echoing]
-Just like mine.
-[demonic voices echoing]
You know your wife knows
what you did.
-[demonic voice] She knows.
-She knows what you did.
[demonic voices echoing]
Killed your boy, crippled
your daughter with your rage.
She doesn't love you.
[demonic voices echoing]
What you did to your boy.
-[demonic voice] Sin.
Jesus doesn't love you.
Only I love you.
I know you.
It was an accident.
Head caved, disemboweled,
neck snapped...
crushed red ball.
Your rage killed your son.
You killed your son!
Jesus doesn't love you.
[demonic voices echoing]
Only I love you.
I'm-- I'm not it, Glassman.
Yes, you are, my son.
Jesus doesn't love you,
she doesn't love you.
God loves me, you fucker.
[young Daniel] Don't kill it.
That's what it wants.
Go. Go home, please.
Just run. Just go home.
It'll take your family
if you kill it.
Please, please.
You have to run.
You have to run.
[disembodied screaming]
-[Daniel growling]
[indistinct demonic whispers]
No! [groans] Oh, my heart.
Don't let this happen.
Don't let this happen.
[sobbing] Help me.
Help me.
[female voice] [indistinct]
I love you.
[Clayton groaning]
[shout turns to scream
turns to roar]
[wind chime jingling]
[Alice] No.
I've been trying all night.
[sighs] Can-- can you just--
can you just have someone go out
and look for him?
No, you don't understand.
I think he's stranded out there.
Yes, yes.
He went to work yesterday.
He was there all day.
No, he never made it home.
[exhales sharply] No.
He's still not home.
Why aren't you
understanding me?
Can you please just send
someone out to look for him?
No. I know
how bad the roads are.
Don't you have any trucks?
Just get out there, please.
What do you mean he quit?
Hi, daddy.
[Clayton] No!
Anna, I love you.
-[Anna] Daddy! Daddy! No!
[Anna] Mommy.
[sobbing] Oh! Oh, my God!
What happened?
[Anna] He just came in
and he just shot himself.
[Anna mumbling]
[both sobbing]
[wind whooshing]
[eerie laugh]
Back so soon.
The detective beat you.
He won.
I told you.
I told you.
And I'll win the next one
and the next one and the next.
You're staying with me.
-[eerie breathing]
But I sincerely believe
he's harboring
a negative force.
That actually empowered me.
A life without purpose
is a waste of it.
It took the devil
to lay its hands on my
to awaken mine.
I would allow it
to swallow the flies
until this spider
is too large to ignore.
No longer can it stay cloaked
within the faithless.
This is God's work.
[Rose whimpering]
It's okay, Daniel.
[sobs] Let it go.